Mobs of Equestria

by nekoknight7

First published

What do you do when Minecraft mobs come to Equestria? Call the guards? Kill them? Not Lyra.

When Creeps the Creeper, Andy the Zombie, and Jess the Endergirl, mess with a command block they travel to Equestria. Good thing or bad?

Mobs of Equestria

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It was a beautiful day outside in Mineland. Outside the huge walls of the lands, were monsters. 3 in particular. One green with no arms, a frown with his empty eyes and mouth. He was a boy who liked to pull pranks. Even though he has no arms, he can do stuff with his mouth. The other hiding in the shadows of a tree. A green-skinned zombie with a blue shirt and darker blue pants. This little boy liked to follow his BFFs around. He usually is the friendly type, but when someone messes with his friends, he messes them up. The last a tall black girl. Though she was 2 blocks tall she was only a 10-year-old girl. She always wore a yellow ribbon, and a piece of string tied around her waist where she kept stuff she collected. She had purple eyes. Right now she was mushing up a dandelion to make dye. She was a creative monster who likes to do what some of the humans do. They were all just staring at the walls that separated them and the humans.

"Hey Jess?" the creeper said to the Endergirl.

"Yes Creeps?" she asked.

"Are we just gonna be here all day? I was going to team up with my big bro Creepy, but now we're here looking at the wall."

"I don't mind." the Zombie said.

"You don't mind anything Andy!" Creeps said. Then they saw a block thrown above the wall. It landed directly in front of Jess. It had a stone button on the top.

"What's this?" Jess asked.

"Don't touch it!" Creeps said. Jess got up, and put the dye in a bottle. "Jessie I'm serious!"

"Can you stop calling me that!"

"Well don't press the button." She ignored him, and pressed the button. In an instant, she disappeared.

"Where'd she go?" Andy asked.

"Only one way to find out." Creeps said. He walked over to it, and smashed his head on the button. He disappeared like Jess. Andy got scared, and followed suit. Jess, Creeps, and Andy appeared in what appeared to be an apartment.

"This looks nice!" Jess remarked. But when she got up, she realised something. "Creeps?"

"Yes?" he asked.

"What are you?" He looked at himself, and noticed it. He had 4 legs that were green. Black eyes, and black hair.

"You look like a girl." Andy said. He changed too. He had no clothes, and dark green skin. He had gray hair and green eyes. Then both stared at Jess.

"What are you staring at?" she said.

"You!" both said. Her ribbon was still there, but instead of a being tall, she was black and regular sized. But what they were staring at were her eyes. Still purple, but her pupils shined beautifully. Both couldn't take their eyes off of her. Then a mint-colored pony with mint and white striped hair came. When she saw the three, she just stared at them.

"Who are you?" she asked. All got up on their legs.

"I'm Creeps." he said, "This little guy is Andy, and the girl is Jess."

"What are you doing here?" she questioned.

"We don't know!" Jess said, "One moment we're monsters the next, we're...this!"



"Let's here the story. Oh, and I'm Lyra." The friends told Lyra everything.

"Then we come here." Andy finished.

"So we have no home." Creeps said.

"And no materials." Jess complained.

"You can stay with me and Bonnie!" Lyra offered.

"Bonnie?" Creeps asked. Then a yellow pony with black and pink hair curled up. She saw the three, and stared in awe.

"Who are these?" she asked.

"These are Andy, Jess, and Creeps Bonnie." Lyra introduced, "They're homeless. Can they stay?"

"Well, we do have an extra room." The three cheered, and the two led them to the room. It had a bed, a table with a lamp on it, and plain white walls.

"Thanks!" Jess said. The two left, and the three decided to see who sleeps where. They all had a staring contest, and it was decided. Andy gets the table, Creeps gets the floor, and Jess gets the bed. They looked out, and saw it started to get dark. Lyra and Bonnie came to them.

"You guys good?" Lyra asked.

"Yeah we're fine!" Creeps said. Bonnie nodded and they left. Even though they usually sleep in the morning, they felt so tired that they just slept. But when Jess was about to fall into slumber, she noticed Andy kept moving around.

"Andy?" she said. He got up, and looked at her.

"Yeah?" he asked. She got him, and laid him on the bed. "What are you doing?"

"I'm not gonna let you stay uncomfortable. You can sleep with me for the night."

"Thanks. Jess?"


"Will we be here forever?"

"Maybe, but we have Creeps, Lyra, and Bonnie."

The next day

Jess got up, and saw Andy leaving the room with Creeps. She also got up, and went out. There she saw the 4 having breakfast.

"Hey Jess!" Bonnie greeted.

"You know?" she said, "Maybe it won't be so bad here."

"This'll be cool." Creeps said.

"So I have a problem." Andy said.

"Oh yeah!" Lyra realised, "Bonnie, Andy will burn in sunlight." Then Bonnie went to her room, and went out with a brown fedora, and brown coat. Like what a detective wears. She handed it to Andy, and he wore it.

"It fits!" Bonnie remarked.

"This life I can live with." Creeps said.