Submitting to the Great and Powerful

by Budget_Player_Cadet

First published

Trixie demonstrates the latest mesmerizing addition to her magic shows to Starlight Glimmer.

"When I stamp my hoof, you will awaken, and find yourself feeling… very obedient.“

Ever since she had seen Trixie's last show, Starlight Glimmer had been curious. No, not curious. Mesmerized. She couldn't get it out of her mind. She'd been on the giving end of mind control quite a few times, and always wondered what it felt like. So perhaps it's no surprise that she eventually found her way to Trixie's door. After all, it's just a visit between friends.


Contains: Hypnosis (duh), mild spanking
Content Warning: Chapter 2 is a hypnotic induction intended to lead you into trance. If you do not consent to this, you don't miss much by skipping it.

Thanks to TheTownCrier for proofreading.

Great and Powerful

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“When I stamp my hoof, you will awaken, and find yourself feeling… very obedient.“

A simple sentence Starlight Glimmer couldn’t stop thinking about as she hesitated, her hoof raised in front of the trailer’s door.

“Go ahead, tell the crowd who your master is.”

The words from the show rattled through her brain as she built up the courage to knock on the door.

For Luna’s sake, she thought to herself, She’s your best friend, you shouldn’t be worried about this.

And yet… She hesitated. She was sweating, and she didn’t quite know why. Why was she freaking out so much about hanging out with her best friend, who just happened to be a capable hypnotist?

Oh. She knew exactly why.

“Starlight Glimmer?”

Her internal monologue was somewhat rudely interrupted by a blue face peering out of the window.

“Oh! Uh, hey Trixie,” Starlight said, as she at least somewhat convincingly faked a smile. “Didn’t expect to run into you here.”

“In front of The Great and Powerful Trixie’s home?” Her eyebrow raised slightly.

”The great and powerful Trixie is my master, and I will obey.” The stallion's voice was flat and muted.

Starlight watched Trixie disappear from the window, and open the door. “Would you like to come in? Trixie is always happy to have one of her friends as a guest.”

”The Great And Powerful Trixie is always happy to take on another mindless subject.”

“Well, are you just going to stand there, or…?” Trixie called out from inside.

Startled, Starlight roused herself and walked through the door, into the dusty little caravan. “Sorry, just a little… lost in thought.”

Starlight shook those thoughts from her head. She was just here to visit a friend. Just here to visit a friend…

Trixie grinned. “Tends to happen around me. People are simply enamored by my power.”

“Hehe… heh. Yeah.” Her giggles seemed more nervous in her ears than they needed to, and she shifted her weight on her hooves sheepishly.

If Trixie noticed, she didn’t show it. Instead, she joined in the giggling. Her horn lit up and turned on the small stove in the corner. “Well do come in. Sit down! Can Trixie offer you some tea?” she spoke in a much gentler tone.

“Yes, I think I’d like that,” Starlight said, taking a seat at the tiny table up against the far wall. The caravan was small and slightly dusty, but it had a homely feel to it, from the single bed scrunched in the corner to the miniature kitchen to the shelves packed to overflowing with various knickknacks from Trixie’s career as a stage magician. She gazed over to see a beautiful jade stone on a gold circlet, and wondered where Trixie had found a piece of jewelry like that.

Starlight sighed gently as she watched Trixie fill the kettle, unsure what to say. “So how’s your week been?” she asked softly.

Trixie chuckled to herself. “It’s been a great week. Ponies are really taking to the latest version of my show,” she sighed contentedly, setting the kettle onto the stove. “Last night Rarity was kind enough to bring a few of her friends from Canterlot… After The Great and Powerful Trixie... suggested it to her.” She laughed again, softening her tone somewhat. “And I’m glad to see you in the audience as well. Not that this is as dangerous as jumping into a Manticore’s gullet, mind you, but it’s nice to have a friend in the crowd.”

Starlight giggled softly. “It’s a good show.”

“Just good?” Trixie pressed, raising an eyebrow in a smirk.

“Oh, great and powerful Trixie,” Starlight moaned in faux awe, “Your show was the most magnificent feat of magic I’ve ever seen!” She giggled, and then reassured her friend, “Jokes aside, it was very impressive.”

Trixie turned up her nose and harrumphed, “I should think so. Study magic hard, young Glimmer, and maybe someday you will be as Great and Powerful as Trixie!”

Both mares shared a laugh.

Trixie pulled the whistling kettle from the stove, and poured a cup of peppermint tea for each of them.

Starlight took a spoonful of honey from a jar on the counter, and mixed it into her tea. She took a sip, and sighed, “That’s really nice."

“Thank you,” Trixie replied. “So… How have things been?”

“Embarrassing, to say the least,” Starlight grumbled. “I was supposed to do a bunch of friendship lessons, and when they didn’t go the way I wanted them to, I decided that mind control was the right answer…”

She couldn’t help but notice that Trixie was badly trying to hide a laugh. Since when was that so cute?

She continued, “Twilight was not pleased. She read me the riot act, and then I had to spend the whole week making it up to my other friends. Friendship lessons are hard sometimes. I should be glad this stayed between us, and didn’t say, get passed on to the cops. Non-consensual mind control is sort of super illegal.”

Trixie stopped trying to hide her laugh, and leaned back in her chair, chortling.

“It’s not funny,” pouted Starlight.

“It totally is, though,” retorted Trixie, her mane flipping back and forth as she continued to chuckle.

“Okay,” grumbled Starlight, “It is a little funny.”

“Between that incident and you brainwashing that whole town, I’m starting to get the feeling you have something of a fixation on mind control.”

Trixie giggled and sipped her tea, as Starlight choked and spluttered on hers.

Once Starlight stopped coughing, Trixie levitated over a handkerchief. “The Perceptive and Wise Trixie does occasionally pay attention,” she said, smirking at Starlight Glimmer as she wiped her muzzle. “I saw you swaying back and forth at my last show during the induction.”

She leaned in close enough for Starlight to feel her breath on her ear.

“Is that why you came here, Starlight? To let me into your mind? To let the great and powerful Trixie control your essence, own your being, and have So. Much. Fun with you?”

Trixie stepped back, unable to keep a straight face. Her raucous laughter filled the room, but failed to cover Starlight’s breathless gasp and soft moan, and three words, barely spoken above a whisper...

“Yes, Miss Trixie.”

As Trixie’s laughter quickly petered out, she glanced at Starlight.

Starlight wondered what she was thinking. Blood rushed to her face, and couldn’t stop biting her lip. She tried to laugh it off. “Hehe… Yeah… Funny…”

Trixie tilted her head and blinked. “Oh dear, you’re serious,” she breathed, eyes widening.

All Starlight could do was sink her head in shame.

A hoof beneath her chin raised it again.

Starlight peered into her friend’s eyes, trying to gauge her reactions, the pit in her stomach growing. “I didn’t mean…” she started, but Trixie cut her off.

“Now now, no need for that,” Trixie chided, letting her go and chuckling. “If that’s what you’re into, that’s what you’re into. The tolerant and accepting Trixie is certainly not going to shame you for something she enjoys so much. Although it is a bit…” She paused for a moment, mulling over her choice of words, before she continued. “…Unexpected.”

“Yeah… Sorry to dump that on you, Trixie.” Starlight sheepishly replied.

Trixie waved a hoof. “Think nothing of it. Trixie didn't mean to pry.”

She paused for a moment, apparently thinking, before saying. “Trixie would be willing to entrance you, though. Just for fun,” she added, a little hastily. “A little trance between friends, nothing wrong with that.”

“Really?” Starlight asked, no longer hiding her eagerness.

“Really. Trixie is actually glad her friend is interested in hypnosis,” she said, relaxing significantly. “She wasn’t sure she’d ever find someone outside of her stage shows, and that’s always so… impersonal. ”

“I’m just glad you don’t think I’m a total weirdo,” Starlight said, sighing lightly.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Trixie grabbed her hoof and pulled her forward slightly. "Sink into my eyes," Trixie whispered in her ear, and before Starlight could even process what she had said, their eyes met, and Starlight couldn't help but stare into the deep, dark, azure globes.

“Trixie doesn’t think you’re a weirdo,” Trixie spoke, in a much more measured, slow tone. It felt… Calming. “Just keep staring into my eyes. This is fine, there’s nothing wrong with what you want, and Trixie would never shame you for any of this. Just take a nice deep breath, and as you exhale, let all that worry out. Just let it all out, don’t let it bother you.”

Starlight did as she was told, almost without thinking. She seemed to melt into Trixie’s words, and took a deep, calming breath. There was something wonderful about it; something pleasant about staring deep into her eyes. Starlight felt like she could lose herself in them if she wasn’t careful.

“Relaxing, isn’t it?” Trixie asked, her voice warm and comforting. “Do it again.”

It felt so nice to just stare into Trixie’s eyes and breathe like that. Starlight nodded in assent and again took a calm, deep breath, pushing all the concerns and worries she had from her mind, just as Trixie had told her to.

“Tell Trixie what you’d like to do. Don’t be shy. You can trust Trixie. There is no shame here.”

It seemed so easy for the words to just pour out of her, like there was nothing holding back her thoughts. “I like being thoughtless. And mindless,” Starlight continued. “Completely being under someone else’s control, letting them shape my thoughts and emotions… I love that feeling.” Her breast was heaving. Did she really just admit to that? She felt her face blush.

Trixie giggled. “That can be arranged. It’s nice to hear a subject so… forward about her desires.”

“Well… Yeah,” Starlight giggled. “You did say no shame.” She continued, “I also like to be given binding instructions, the stronger the better…”
She paused and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, to Trixie’s apparent bemusement, letting all of her worries flow out of her, just like Trixie told her too.

Breathing in again, and returning Trixie’s gaze, she finished, “…Especially on how to touch myself,” she exhaled, giggling softly to herself.

Trixie chuckled along with her. “Feels good to get that off your back, doesn’t it?”

“Oh, you have no idea,” Starlight groaned, laughing softly. Her eyes were still fixated by Trixie's. “I can’t believe I just said that!”

“Trixie can,” Trixie said. “The Great and Powerful Trixie has her ways of being compelling. Still staring into my eyes, are you?”


“It’s easy, isn’t it? Just keep doing that. No reason to stop, is there?”

"No, Trixie."

Not that Starlight wanted to. Trixie’s eyes were like deep, dark pools, so easy to stare into, so much detail in the iris. It seemed to go on forever, as though she could just sink right in...

“That’s right. Just stare into Trixie’s eyes. Tell me… What are your limits? What do you not like to do while in trance? What parts of your mind should Trixie avoid touching?”

Starlight paused for a moment, mulling it over, never breaking eye contact. “I don’t want to involve my old home. Or the things I did before Twilight took me on as her pupil. ”

“Very good,” Trixie said. “Trixie won’t. You're safe here with me.”

It felt like her words were molasses in Starlight’s ears, sweet and sticky. “Thank you, Trixie.”

“Well then… Let’s begin in earnest,” Trixie intoned in a soft, unwavering voice. “Close your eyes…”

The Induction

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Trixie spoke, in measured, low, lilting tones.

"Lean back. Get yourself nice and comfortable.

You've been so busy, and you deserve a chance to relax.

Let me show you how.

Follow my instructions, focus on my words...

...And Trixie will guide you deep into a lovely, relaxing trance.

Doesn't that sound nice?

Let's start with a simple breathing exercise.

Slowly, gently take a long, deeeeep breath.

Just count to three as you do.

Breathe in through your nose...

...1, 2, 3...

...And let out out slowly through your mouth...

...counting down from three this time.

...3, 2, 1...

Breathe in...

...1... 2... 3...

Breathe out...

...3... 2... 1...

Breathe in...

...1... 2... 3....

Feel how relaxing that feels.

Breathe out...

Even just this simple thing, controlling your breathing, feels kinda nice, doesn't it...

Now, on your next breath in, I'd like you to find a thought that bothers you.

Could be some minor annoyance from the last few days, or maybe some lingering doubts about the hypnotic trance Trixie is putting you in.

As you inhale, just... bundle that thought up, get it all wrapped up in your breath...

...Then just breathe it out.

Push that thought out of your mind. Just let it vanish from your mind.

All gone?

If it is, just say so.

Very good.

Feel how, as you breathe in, the empty space in your mind starts to fill with relaxation.

Feel how good it feels. How pleasant it feels to let your mind become more and more calm and relaxed.

Keep breathing.

Nice, slow, gradual breaths.

Focus only on my words, and Trixie promises that she can help get rid of all that nasty stress.

Now, on your next breath, just...

...Do it again.

Find a new thought that bothers you, wrap it up, and breathe it out.

Let it disappear from your mind.

And as you breathe, just keep on finding new thoughts that bother you...

...And pushing them out of your mind.

You'll find that before very long...

...You can't find any more thoughts.

And your mind will be completely empty, and completely filled by a calm, pleasurable relaxation.

Just stay here until they're all gone, each breath doubling your relaxation.

If you can't find any more, feel free to say 'all gone' to yourself.

Very good. You're doing an excellent job.

So blank, so calm...

So nice.

Do you enjoy how good it feels to relax like this?

Just let my words into your mind. Let them flow in, and hear them inside your head.

Let them bounce around your skull, and feel them enter you. Every word makes you more at ease, more relaxed, more serene.

Open your mind to me. It's so easy to do. Let my words carry you into a deeper relaxation, a deeper trance.

And it does feel good to hear them, doesn't it? You like my great and powerful voice inside your head. Heed it, and we can have a very good time together.

Now, Trixie wants you to picture something for her.

Picture an old country farmhouse in a field.

The gardens are tended, the paint is nice and new.

It feels like the kind of place you'd go to visit your relatives for a reunion.

The kind where one might spend Hearth's Warming Eve around the fire, or throw a wedding party...

One of those places that just feels like... Home. That makes you comfortable to be in.

Inside this house, picture a staircase. It can be marble, or wood; it doesn't matter. Maybe there's a carpet on it. I bet it's your favorite color.

You are standing at the top of this staircase.

And at the bottom of that staircase, there is a nice, comfy feather bed. Downy and warm. Just exactly what you need to relax even further.

And you know it's going to feel so good to fall into it.

You can imagine yourself going down those steps, towards that lovely bed. You can grab the railing if you'd like. Every step you take, you're going to feel more and more relaxed, and fall deeper into trance.

Ten. Going down, feeling a deep relaxation...

...Nine. Going deeper still.

...Eight. With every step, feel your relaxation intensify

...Seven. Down, down you go.

...Six. Feel yourself sinking, relaxing, letting your body drift, focusing only on these words

...Five. Deeper and deeper, falling deeper into trance

...Four. Your conscious mind cannot follow this deep

...Three. Just let it go, leave your subconscious to listen to my words

...Two. Everything just feels so tired, you can't wait to fall into that lovely bed.

...One. One more step, you feel your body so tired, so ready to drift off...




See yourself fall into that bed. Your body feels so heavy. Let your thoughts drift away completely, focusing only on my words, and how good it feels to relax.

Let my thoughts fill your subconscious.

It feels so good to let go.

It feels so good to give up control, and just sink down into utter relaxation.

You like giving up control, don't you?

That's why you came here. That's why you came to me. To give up control, and to let someone else control you, because giving up control to a great and powerful goddess feels so good.

Let my words sink into your mind, as your body becomes heavy. Let me into your mind, welcome me in, and I can do wonderful things.

Do you understand?

If you do, go ahead and nod your head. And as you do, feel a nice, pleasant, tingling warmth spread through your body. It feels good to be under Trixie's control, and she is good to those who accept her power.

Now, hold this warm, relaxed, receptive state in your subconscious.

Whenever Trixie tells you to sleep deep, dreamer, you will focus on this state, and you will feel this relaxation fill you, as you breathe deep and relax.

If you are not in trance, and it is appropriate and safe to fall into trance, you will return to this wonderful place.

If you are in trance, it will send you even deeper into blissful relaxation.

And you like it when Trixie tells you to sleep deep, dreamer, because it feels so good to feel relaxed like this.

Sleep deep, dreamer, and let me into your mind.

You don't need to think, just relax into that fluffy bed, sleep deep, dreamer, and let me do the thinking for you.

Let all that fluff into your mind.

Let it rub all the sharp edges off your thoughts, leaving you wonderfully relaxed.

Let it push out any thoughts you may have.

Fluffy, fuzzy, floaty mind... Just floating away.

Sleep deep, dreamer.

It feels so good to lose control, doesn't it? Imagine how good it must feel to give it to someone else.

From now on, whenever I preface a command with "The great and powerful Trixie commands", you will find yourself drawn to that command.

So long as it is safe and appropriate to do so, you will feel compelled to, and want, to do it. Even when you aren't fully relaxed, if Trixie gives you such a command, you will heed it, and it will feel very, very good.

You won't even think about it. Your subconscious will take over, and you will obey the control Trixie has over you.

And when you have finished your command, you will feel so good, knowing that you have done as The great and powerful Trixie has ordered you to do, and knowing that you have pleased me.

And your mind will remind you how obedient you were, and how good it feels to be obedient.

Don't you like pleasing me?

Such an excellent subject.

And because you're such an excellent subject, when I ask you a question, you'll promptly and accurately answer, won't you?

And you'll refer to me as "Miss"?

Just nod if you agree.

Very good.

Now, in a moment Trixie will bring you up out of your trance.

When she does, you will find that whenever you speak to her, you will end the sentence by barking like a dog.

It'll happen automatically. You won't even think about it. Just like you won't think about barking on command.

You won't know why it happens, but you'll find it very funny.

In fact, you're going to take any knowledge of that command, and wrap it up, nice and tight.

Put it in the back of your mind, behind a door marked "unimportant".

There's always more important things to think about.

And of course, when I tell you to stop, you will.

Now, Trixie will count from 1 to 5.

With each number, you will start to rise up from your trance.

And when you reach 5, you will awaken, feeling wonderfully relaxed, happy, aware, and fully understanding what happened to you, and how much control The Great and Powerful Trixie has over you.

And you do love that control, don't you?

1. Thoughts slowly returning.

2. Mind piecing itself back together, bit by bit.

3. Slowly rising up, eyes open.

4. Letting the exhaustion leave you.

5. Fully awake and aware, feeling wonderfully relaxed and happy."

Deeper and Deeper

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"So, how do you feel?"

Starlight blinked, shaking the last remnants of trance from her head. It was as though her mind had been on a tilt-a-whirl, then stuffed with cotton candy. Everything felt... floaty. Like she had just woken up from a wonderfully relaxing nap.

She yawned, stretching a bit in her chair. "Wow, that was really nice. Bark!"

Shocked to attention, she covered her mouth and giggled a little bit.

"What was that? Bark!"

"The Great and Powerful Trixie knows what she's doing," Trixie said, chuckling softly to herself. "I may have left a little post-hypnotic instruction in your mind. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, Miss Trixie. Bark!" She blushed and giggled. "Why am I barking? Bark!"

Trixie smirked predatorily, and explained, "Because Trixie left a few things inside you. Things like obedience. And Trixie likes the sound you make when you bark like an obedient little puppy. Now be a good girl and bark."

"Bark!" Starlight covered her mouth, giggling.

After a moment's pause, she released her hoof from her mouth, sure she wouldn't bark again, and said, "It's weird... But I like it, Miss Trixie. Bark!" Starlight couldn't help but break into peals of laughter. Her mind felt so odd, like at once that she wasn't quite all there, and that there was something new and foreign as well. Like words and actions were being pushed onto her body without her input or control.

She basked in the fuzzy feeling for a moment, before Trixie spoke again.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie commands you to walk over to the bed and lie down on it, then stay there."

It was such a queer feeling. Her legs moved before she had even fully processed what Trixie had said. Something other than her conscious mind had taken control, and even as she tried to take control back, she felt her legs moving inexorably beneath her.

Trixie must have noticed the expression on her face. She smirked. "Why are you trying to resist? It's so much more pleasant to just give in. You can stop barking now."

The words were like treacle in her mind, and as her legs moved entirely of their own will, she accepted it, and let Trixie's words deeper into her thoughts. "Yes Miss," she murmured, although she didn't feel like she said it - just like it didn't feel like she was making her legs lie down on Trixie's bed. It happened automatically, and she was just along for the ride.

And as she did, she noticed just how right Trixie was. It did feel good to give in. Her whole body felt... warm. A pleasant warmth spread through her, and one thought passed through the treacle of her mind - not her own thought, but a pleasant visitor nonetheless - I am a good, obedient girl, and obedience feels good. It swirled through her mind, pushing other, less important thoughts out of the way. Thoughts like resistance. Thoughts like fear. Thoughts like embarrassment. The dopey grin on her face widened.

"Good girl."

She sighed. Just hearing those words felt so nice.

Trixie stepped up to her. She ran her forehoof along Trixie's cheek, down to her chin, and lifted her head up to gaze into her vacant eyes.

Starlight felt that pull again, her mind gradually slipping into Trixie's eyes. She leaned into it.

"Good girl."

This time, she let out a soft gasp. As lost as she was, the words called to her mind, reminding her of her place. She wanted to stand up, to get closer to those beautiful, deep eyes and soft fur... But even more, she wanted to obey. So she stayed where she was.

"The great and powerful Trixie commands you to feel pleasure anywhere she touches," Trixie demanded. She smirked at Starlight, and ran her hoof along her cheek again.

Heat blossomed beneath her skin. She could feel her blush, and beneath that, intense pleasure, as Trixie's hoof left a trail of tingling sensations running down her cheek... Her neck... Her back...

"Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes, miss," she replied, her monotone cracking somewhat as Trixie's hoof found a particularly tense spot on her back. It loosened immediately beneath Trixie's ministrations, soothing the muscle and softening the skin.

"Every part of your body the Great and Powerful Trixie touches is becoming so sensitive," Trixie cooed. "So arousing. So soft, and warm." Her hoof traced a lazy circle above Starlight's back, and as Starlight whimpered beneath her ministrations, she continued, "Let the erotic feelings flood through you. Let them become more and more intense. The Great and Powerful Trixie is sharing her erotic energy with you, and it feels so good, doesn't it?"

Starlight's moans left little room for disagreement. She barely managed to force out a gasping 'Yes, Miss'.

"And you know that, awake or not, Trixie's words have power over you..."

Trixie's hoof slipped lower, gliding down her rump until it rested right above Starlight's tail.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie commands: head down, rump up, tail flagged."

Starlight gasped as her body complied, her hind legs springing up, while her forelegs folded beneath her. As hazy as her mind was, she still felt a pang of embarrassment as her tail flagged up, giving Trixie a clear view of her marehood. Despite that, the words rang, first through her mind, then through her mouth. "Yes, miss." Her mind wished for her to comply, and so, she would comply, shame be damned. It felt too good to not do it.

Trixie left her field of view, retreating behind her with a husky chuckle. "Trixie wonders how great and powerful this will feel," she said, much to Starlight's curiosity.

Her curiosity was quickly sated as Trixie's hoof brushed the fur of her left inner thigh, drawing tiny circles along her skin, leaving rings of fire that begged to be touched. She progressed bit by bit, closer and closer to the top, to the revealed core, and Starlight whimpered with need.

Words ran through her mind. Trixie's words. Great and Powerful.

"Every touch leaving you more and more aroused, horny, needful. Every touch poisoning you with passion, and forcing your mind further into submission."

And she did fall further into submission. It felt so good to fall into submission, particularly as Trixie's hoof got so close to her swollen marehood...

...And passed it by entirely, drawing wavy spirals down her other leg, only increasing her desire. She tried to move, but she was bound in place, helpless. It was torture.

Starlight let loose a desperate, horny whimper. "Please, miss."

Running through her head, along with the heat Trixie was sharing with her, came more words. "Every touch I give you, your body becomes more and more sensitive. More and more like your entire body is a marehood. And your marehood feels far better still."

It was true, of course. Trixie's ministrations were making her feel more and more like a sex object. The sheets against her face were like a piece of silk being rubbed along her dock. Trixie's gentle touches were forcing more sensual, powerful, sexual energy into her body, and the more she received, the more she desperately needed.

"You're so aroused. There's so much of Trixie's sexual energy inside you. It's combining with your desire within your loins, like a balloon filling up, bit by bit with pure pleasure."

Trixie leaned in close, to where Starlight could feel her breath on her ear. A throaty whisper. "Can you imagine how incredible it would feel if that balloon popped? Focus on that thought for a moment."

The thought ran laps around her fuzzy, empty mind. She could feel it. Her core was coiling up like a spring, building and building the arousal from Trixie's ministrations. She could feel it quite clearly as Trixie nibbled and licked her ear, and continued speaking.

"But you can't cum. Not without the Great and Powerful Trixie giving you permission. Good girls don't cum until they're allowed to. Do you want to be a good girl?"

Starlight answered in the affirmative. And Trixie kept touching her. She felt the maddeningly arousing touches along her legs, up her thighs, on her cutie marks... She felt her whole body grasping desperately for that release, as she clutched the sheets and moaned.

"The pain will fade very quickly, to be replaced by a deep, glorious pleasure. Which you will thank me for."

Before Starlight could even take a moment to wonder what that meant, she felt it.


Trixie's hoof slammed down on her rump.

Like a bolt of lightning through her, she felt the ripples from Trixie's harsh spank flow through her body, and almost melted. The pressure within her built up again, as she felt first the stab of pain, then pleasure crash over her like a tsunami. She desperately wanted to let go, to give herself in to the torrent of pleasure, but more than that, she wanted to be a good girl. And... "Good girls don't cum until they're allowed to," Trixie's words helpfully echoed in her mind.

Instead, she merely gasped out between moans, "Thank you miss."

"Good girl," Trixie growled, as she slammed her hoof down again, coaxing moans of pain and pleasure from Starlight.


"Thank you, miss." A little harder to get out this time.

"Good girl," Trixie roared. Tracing quick circles along Starlight's cutie mark, her voice becoming more and more intense, she spoke, "You want it so badly, don't you?"


Starlight struggled to speak through the pleasurable moans. "Thank you, miss."

"You feel that energy just filling you up, and you just want it to burst, don't you? Just want Trixie's voice to push you over the edge."


"Thank you, miss!" Her legs were spasming beneath her. Her ass stung,

"Are you a good girl?"

The strikes paused, waiting for an answer. Starlight gasped for breath. Her flank burned from the pain of the strikes, but far more than that, her loins burned with intense pleasure building and boiling within her. She nodded desperately into the bed. "Yes miss!"

Trixie's voice took on a cruel, mocking tone. "Then you can handle a few more."

As the beating continued, Starlight didn't even notice her tongue flopping out and drooling on the bed. All she could focus on was how good it felt, how wonderful it was, and how much fuller and larger the ball of pleasure within her was getting. She didn't even have to think to hear herself moaning, "Thank you, miss," after every strike.

"Becoming more aroused. Becoming 10 times more aroused." Trixie tugged roughly at Starlight's tail, and struck again, this time far closer to Starlight's dock. The sensation was unbearable.

"Such a good, obedient girl. I think you're good and ready, aren't you?"

Starlight moaned out something vaguely resembling, "Yes Miss Trixie".

I'm going to let you cum," Trixie grinned. "Five more strikes..."


"Four... You want it so badly."


"Three. Such a wonderful subject. Triple your arousal..."


"Two more, hotter and hotter, harder and harder...."


"One more. Feel that ball of pleasure within you. It's full to bursting. It'll burst on the next strike. I'm going to give you the orgasm you so badly want. Are you good and ready? Do you really want to cum?"

Desperate, gasping, Starlight forced out, "Yes Miss Trixie!"

Trixie moved to where she could look Starlight in the eye, and gave her a nasty smirk. "The Great and Powerful Trixie commands: beg."

The words came out, slow and unstead at first, but gaining speed as she spoke.

"Please, Miss Trixie, I need to cum. I really really need it! I'm so desperate and horny and want it so badly! I've been a good girl, haven't I? Please, Miss, I need to cum!"

Trixie's smirk widened. "Good girl." She pulled back from Starlight.



Starlight's eyes rolled back in her head. She saw stars as the pain rushed through her body, so sharp, so fierce, to be followed immediately by...

"Cum for me."

The pleasure surged through her body. It was as though the hypnotic rope that tethered her to the edge of the cliff was finally released, and she was finally allowed to fall over the edge, to sink into the sea of pleasure. She could virtually hear the pop as the balloon of pleasure burst, spreading those intense sexual feelings through every part of her, to every part of her body Trixie had touched, rocketing pleasure through her. Her body twitched and spasmed, her fluids leaking onto the bed below. Her legs wobbled, but refused to collapse beneath her. She gasped for breath, screaming in pleasure. Trixie was saying something about how good it must feel, and how long it would last, but Starlight's conscious mind didn't hear any of it - all she could feel, her entire world, was the release of orgasm crashing through her.

And it kept going. Her entire mind was drowing in pleasure, every instant dragging on in bliss. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she knew she should have stopped cumming by now, that she should have come back down. But the far greater portion of her mind was lost in hypnotic pleasure, the bliss pressing forward, going on and on. Her mind fell into bliss, and the last thing she could feel running through her mind before she vanished completely was, "I obey."

"...4, take a nice, deep breath, and 5, all the way up, thoughts returning, feeling wonderfully relaxed, refreshed, and satisfied."

Starlight blinked. She was lying face-down in a bed. She shook the last remnants of trance from her head, noticing a warm forelimb over her barrel. She looked to the side, and saw Trixie cuddling up to her. It was as though her mind had been on a tilt-a-whirl, then stuffed with cotton candy. Everything felt... hazy, and warm. Like she had just woken up from a wonderfully relaxing nap. She wasn't sure what was going on, but it felt nice. There was a dull, throbbing pain in her flank, but as Trixie stroked her back, it receded somewhat, leaving a lovely tingle. She leaned into it, closing her eyes and nuzzling up to Trixie.

After a moment, Trixie spoke.

"How do you feel?"

The memories came flooding back. Her mind, like a toy in Trixie's hooves. Being manipulated. Spanked. Forced to cum until her mind vanished completely. Her cheeks took on a much deeper shade, and she giggled to herself.

Turning to Trixie, she laughed. "I feel amazing," she chuckled, beaming. "Thank you so much, Trixie!"

"You are very welcome. The Great and Powerful Trixie does enjoy toying with the minds of lovely mares like you."

Starlight took a deep breath. "Phew! That was intense, though. I couldn't resist, even when I wanted to."

"Trixie knows," Trixie said, matter-of-factly. She sipped her tea, and grinned. "And that's just the first session. The more we do, the more powerful it becomes." She paused for a moment, and smiled warmly at "Would you like to do it again, Submissive Starlight?"

Starlight's eyes glazed over; her mind followed suit. The words came as though spoken by another. "Yes, oh Great and Powerful Trixie, you command and I obey."

Her thoughts came back an instant later. She stared at Trixie, and they both burst out into laughter.

"Good girl," Trixie said, gently stroking Starlight's mane and smiling sweetly. “The Great and Powerful Trixie is going to have so much fun with you. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Starlight didn’t even have to think about her answer.

“Yes, Miss Trixie.”