Star Wars: Order 66

by Hoofed_Writing

First published

The clones have turned and the Jedi are being slaughtered.

This is a MLP StarWars crossover during the Order 66 period. The mane characters are Ink Quill (My oc) Quillian Inkheart (Quillian Inkhearts oc) and Nova (Zyrahs oc) and although not named LyraAlluse's OC is in there

To clear up a few things I first must say that there is a bit of racism.

Unicorns are force sensitive
Pegasai are Nobility or special troops. ie ARC Troopers
Earth Ponies are citizens and common Clone Troopers

If you guys like it I could make this into a series tell what you think about it.

The Jedi fall

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My hoof beats rang through the halls as I ran. I could still hear the four words that played over the intercom "initiate order sixty-six," at first we were confused but then clones turned on me and the others. I managed to jump out of the way and run into the nearest hall just as they open fired. After that Order 66 made sense, it was to eliminate all Jedi on sight.

Star Wars: Order 66 (Pony Edition)

Currently I was running to the hanger my only hope for survival. In there I could grab a star ship and flee to the nearest Jedi temple.

As I ran through the endless halls I reached out with the force hoping that some Jedi was still alive. From what I could gather most of the Jedi were dead or had already fled. As I rounded a corner I heard a soft pew that could have come from only one thing ; a blaster. I dive, crashing into the floor winding myself as a blaster bolt sizzled over my head nicking my mane. Looking up I see theres only one and it's an earth pony, lucky me. I hop up and run at the clone using the force to accelerate myself. As I near the clone I jump forward crashing my shoulder into his chest knocking him sideways giving me time to run.

I kept running for the longest time dodging blaster bolts and searching for Jedi before a huge problem revealed itself. As I peeked through one of the open doors that lead into the hanger I gasped. Inside there was a battalion of Clone Troopes lead by 3 ARC Trooper captians who where giving out commands like they were candy. Pulling myself back I try and think of a way out of this. Knowing that by now all the key points in the base where controled by clones, it would take some seriously heavy fire power to get through them. I knew what I had to do, yes, more running and force searching. With a sigh I push off the wall and turn tail to canter down the really long hall way.

The silenced had been slowly killing me for some time, as I ran sending out the force every once and a while still looking for my fellow Jedi. Sometimes I would see a clone but luckily for me they didn't see me. Well right untill I ran right ino a squadron of them.

We stared at each other for before the ARC captain broke the silence.

"Get him!" and with that he and the rest of the clones powered up their blasters and started to fire at yours truly.

I fell back on my haunches from surprise as the blue tinted death lasers sped towards me. I managed to roll of to the side as the bolts hit the wall behind me with much vigor. But before I could react there was a bright silver flash and a hum that I was way too familiar with as the ARC Trooper's head fell to the floor and his body slumped after it. Standing next to the dead clone was the Jedi historian Quillian Inkheart.

We locked gazes for an instrant as he posed like this was some action movie. It didn't last long due to the fact that one of the clones started to aim for him.

"Look out!" in this dire situation I had to use a technique that I rarely ever used ; saber throw. Grabbing my lightsaber using the force I unholster it and fling it forward. As it soared through the air homing in on the clone the purple light blade was revealed and sliced the clone right down the middle ending his life.

After the little dispute was ended we both sheathed our sabers and finaly greeted each other.

"Its nice to see somepony who isn't dead or trying to kill me," I chuckled at Quillians remark.

"Same here, I'm getting pretty tired of runing from these damned clones," after saying this I look up and down the hall to make sure no clones had heared the commotion and were here to check it out.

Even though we where alone I shoulder Quillian and march forward going down the hall "We should keep moving down the halls," he simply nodded his head and followed my trail.

As we aimlessly wandered the halls we started to hear the clopping of hooves. We turned about to see an ARC trooper heading straight to us. Both of us pulled out and activated our sabers ready to fight the lone trooper.

Before I could run out to face the trooper head on Quillian thrust out a hoof to stop me, "wait! -" I looked at him quizzicaly "- that isn' an ARC that's a NUL." I look at the clone to see. And sure enough the clone was a NUL Trooper and not an ARC.

The NUL slowed to a canter and greeted us "Thank the heavens you're alive," both Quillian and I sigh in relief see it was a rampet.

Seeing this gave me a brilliant idea, "And just the same for you, follow me," I run off and the two just follow with out question.

I lead them to the hanger and stoped outside the door. With a hushed voice I tell the two thers my plan, "here is what we are going to do, NULy here will take us -" I point my hoof at Quillian and me "- To that ship in there saying that we are wanted by the empire,"

The two chewed over the plan for a few moments before Quillian spoke up, " So I get to be a prisoner?" I nod my head and he rolls his eyes.

It took longer for the NUL to respond but when he did it was a simple shrug and then he pushed us into the hanger.

Our shouts brought the attention of all the clones in the hanger who trained their guns on us.

"Hold your fire these two are for the empire!" I was happy to see the NUL was truly on our side.

The first to respond was one of the ARC captains " Oh yea, says who?"

I swear that if our partner here didn't have a helmet on we would have seen the biggest grin ever, "Why NUL -0012 of coarse," All the clones in the room droped everything and gave a salute.

"Sorry sir, we will get out of your way sir," I'm so happy that the chain of command wasn't messed up.

So all three of us managed to get on the ship safely and when we closed the hatch we all took a deap breath. "Thanks NUL," and with that we left dock and went into hyper space.

* * * * *

As we escaped the jaws of death NUL grabed his helmet gave it a quick twist and lifted it to reveal...her face?!

Both Quillian and I qauked at the sight she simply rolled her eyes "What never seen a female clone before? By the way I'm Nova," we stood there in shock for a while before answering.

"Um...I'm Ink Quill and this is Quillian Inkheart," as soon as I finished my sentence we jumped out of hyper space to find ourselfs at a lustful green planet, surrounded by the empire fleet. A few moments later we get a holo message from a pony who was hooded calling out for help but I knew who it was... my master.