The Dusk Side of Nightmare

by SonicBlitz18

First published

When Dusk gets kidnapped by seven vengeful mares, they meet his darker side under the full moon.

Dusk Shine has always been a good student to Princess Celestia, he cared about his friends, he saved Equestria on several occasions, became the first Alicorn prince of friendship, and now has his own student. But he has a dark secret: a dark family secret that he kept from all of them. When he tries to suppress the demon in him, he gets knocked out by seven previous villainess mares who wants revenge for their past defeats. Too bad they kidnap him on the wrong night and the demon he tries to suppress is unleashed. Takes place after the events of season seven.

Proofreader/Editor:Frankie2, Helljumper206, Phoenixcolt45

Characters: Dusk Shine(Rule63 Twilight), X Multiple Mares.

Fetishes: Transformations, Tentacles, Huge Insertions, Light Cum Inflation, Paizuri(Boobjobs), lactation, BDSM, slave master relationship, impregnation, rough sex, pregnant sex.

Prologue: A Dark Awakening (Edited)

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Celestia's sun shined brightly over the horizon, the streets of Ponyville were littered with friendly faces from different ponies as they went about their day, minding their own business. Some were shopping, colts and fillies were in school, others had jobs like one stallion in particular, who was in his castle currently rearranging his library. His name was Dusk Shine. Currently in a purple tuxedo, he had a new shipment of advanced spell books he planned to donate to Mayor Mare and a donation of 120,000 bits for the renovation of a new school for Ponyville. His assistant Barb, and his personal student Starlight Glimmer, were helping him out in his library.

"Okay, that's the last box." Said Barb as she spread her reptilian wings out, glided down to the ground and set the box of books down. She was wearing a white blouse with blue jeans and a pair of sneakers that Rarity made for her. Starlight climbed down a ladder wearing blue jeans with a red blouse and hoof sandals. She carried a box in a lavender aura with some books.

"Yeah, I'm glad that's over." Starlight said as she set the last box down on the ground.

"Thanks again for helping me do this guys." Dusk said as he fixed his tie.

"No problem. I'm just glad we were doing something nice for the school." Starlight replied as she stretched her arms out.

"Well, I had a lot of old books that I hardly read anymore, and this should inspire more fillies and colts to read more often." Dusk added as he used his magic to bind a spell on the twelve boxes worth of books, which allowed Barb to use her fire breath to teleport them to Cheerilee's school. The group then walked out of his library.

"Are you trying to be as generous as Rarity?" Barb joked.

"Hey, all of my friends rubbed off on me" Dusk chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head. As they continued talking, Dusk suddenly stopped and groaned, as his body burned and seized up in immense pain. Barb and Starlight looked towards Dusk with concern in their eyes.

"Dusk, are you alright?" Starlight asked.

"Y-yeah...I'm fine... Just a little sore." Dusk panted as the burning only got worse.

"You don't sound like you're okay Dusk." Barb added as she walked closer.

"I-it's okay, I just… need some rest." He said as he backed away from Barb. Barb then noticed that his right arm was a darker shade of purple.

"You sure? Your arm isn't suppose to be that shade of purple." Dusk then tried to cover his arm.

"It's okay… I'm fine… just had too much sugar, that's all."

"Probably. Do you need us to bring you anything?"

"No I'll… I'll be fine." Starlight and Barb were pretty worried about Dusk but they eventually agreed with his decision. "Hey, how about you both take the… rest of the day off? Tell the royal guards that as well." He said to both his friends.

"Are you sure you'll be fine on your own Dusk?" Starlight asked, still a little worried about Dusk's condition.

"I'm sure I'll be fine..." Dusk responded as he started sweating.

"Okay, can we at least help you to your room? You still don't look so well." Starlight requested. Dusk was about to say something but groaned instead, as the pain got worse for him.

"N-no it's okay. I just need some m-medicine' that's all. I-I'll be fine..." Dusk stammered as he quickly ran to his room, leaving both Starlight and Barb confused. Dusk locked the door and flinched as another surge of pain coursed through him. Dusk looked up in his mirror and winced when he saw his pupils become slitted and his eyes turn from purple to red for a brief second before reverting back to normal.

'Crap... It's happening again.'Dusk thought to himself, realizing it was that time of the month. His dark secret he kept from his friends, his assistant, even from his student. 'They can't know what I really am.' Dusk said as he prepared to contain what was trying to escape from his body.

-Everfree Forest-

A silhouette of a black shadow roamed through the dark forest. It stopped at the old ruins of the Castle of the Two Pony Sisters and wandered inside. Six other figures seemed to have been waiting for the silhouette in the center of an old corridor. The shadow then took the shape of a mare as tall as one of the princesses.

"You all know why we are here?" The figure spoke in an ancient demonic tone towards the other six figures.

"Yes we do." Another female voice was heard but had more of a demonic monochrome.

"Revenge on a certain unicorn colt for out past defeats."

"He's actually an alicorn now, so don’t underestimate him."

"So his magical skill has increased since we last met."

"Indeed they have. Despite my last two attempts at conquering Equestria, his friends always got in the way. I even had a run in with his student."

"Really? Maybe we should use his student as a bargaining chip to get him to surrender his magic and the Elements of Harmony's Rainbow Power to us."

"I'm afraid we can't do that, even if we wanted to. The elements and their friends are on their way to Canterlot for a private party hosted by Celestia, so they are currently out of our reach."

"But Dusk isn't going. He stayed behind and he's all alone in the castle. Gave me an idea of something to add to our plan." One voice said, making the other shadows turn towards it.

"Care to explain?"

"Well instead of kidnapping one of the mares to lure Dusk, what if we kidnap Dusk and use him as a bargaining chip against Celestia?"


"We'll hold Dusk and harvest his magic, while informing Celestia and the other princesses to surrender all of Equestria to us, if they want him to be returned safely." An assortment of agreement from the group was heard.

"Then it's settled. We take Dusk as our hostage and all of Equestria will be ours."

-Castle of Friendship: 7:00pm-

Dusk waited for the last of his guards to leave the castle before he set his plan in motion. He drew a rune circle in his room and several candles were placed in certain parts of the circle. Dusk hung his tuxedo up in his closet. The only thing he had on were his blue boxers. After he made sure his wings were enclosed, he used his magic to create special symbols, to suppress his demonic side, along the circle. He groaned as another surge of pain suddenly coursed through his body again.

"Almost done..." Dusk said as he poured more of his magic into the sealing symbols. He was so focused on his spell, that he didn't hear the noises coming from the next room. The shadowy figures snuck in through an open window that Dusk had left open. He felt tired from using most of his magic, but he knew it was worth it. His magic surrounded the circle and now all he had to do was step inside. Sadly, things took a turn for the worse, as he felt something tap his shoulder, more like somepony. As he turned around, his face met with a frying pan, knocking him unconscious.

-30 minutes later-

"Ungh my head...What happened?" Dusk woke up groaning from having his face hit. He tried to move, but he felt his hands restrained. He looked towards his arms to find them chained to the wall. 'What the fuck?'

"Finally awake are you?" Said a female voice from in front of him. He turned around as seven figures stood in the shadows. Dusk couldn't help but notice that the voice felt familiar somehow.

"W-who are you?" Dusk stammered as he struggled in his bonds.

"Think back to your past victories against us." Another figure spoke. Dusk was scared but still confused.

"Still confused eh?" Said another figure only this one stepped out of the shadows as her green slitted eyes opened in the darkness. Dusk gasped as he recognized one of the villainous mares he and his friends defeated. Her black fur was shining in the dim light. Her slim yet curvy body was hugged by a tight green dress that seemed to show a little too much cleavage. The dress ended close to her knees showing off one of her toned legs. Her four limbs had a few holes and her long green mane was bound back in a tail, her wooden crown resting comfortably against her horn. The final tease was her green high heels.

"C-Chrysalis?" Dusk stammered, surprised at seeing her… then he became angry. He tried to use a spell but something was blocking his magic.

"Inhibitor rings, truly a great creation." Chrysalis teased.

"So you're back for revenge?"

"That's right, but this time I'm not alone." She smirked.

"What? You’re planning to invade Equestria again?" Dusk asked and all Chrysalis did was laugh at his question.

"Despite no longer having a loyal hive it’s only a minor setback. But like you, I have friends." Chrysalis then took a slight step back and the other figures stepped from the shadows. Dusk's eyes grew big as he laid his eyes on six other mares. One wore a jet black dress similar to what Chrysalis was wearing, but it ended at her lower legs. It had an opening on her right leg. She had ebony like fur with a mane and tail style similar to Rarity's but a darker shade. Her hip revealed her cutiemark that carried dark diamonds and her icy blue slitted eyes glared at Dusk. She had high heels as well, but hers were jet black.

"N-nightmare Rarity..."

"I'm so glad you remember me darling." She spoke in a rather saucy tone.

Dusk looked at the other two mares next to her. Clad in dark blue armor, designed more for sex appeal than protection, adorned her black-coated form. Her midriff was bare, as were her hips, which allowed her Cutie Mark to be seen. A blue metal bustier covered her chest, a blue metal codpiece covered her crotch, her hands and hooves covered by stylishly armored gauntlets and pauldrons. The mare next to her had the same armor design but her gauntlets and pauldrons were a silver color. She had red slitted eyes and her sclera was green with purple smoke. Her horn was red, she had a coal black mane with grey coat and her cutie mark resembled dark crystals, almost like a small nest sprouting out.

"Umbra and Nightmare Moon!"

"Rather interesting to see you in your underwear, you whelp." Umbra said as she walked over to Dusk and used her armored hand to scratch Dusk's right cheek. He groaned as his cheek slowly dripped blood.

"And they aren't the only ones here." Another feminine voice spoke up. He met them during his time in the otherworld behind the mirror. One had a luminous vivid orange mane with bright yellow streaks. Her eyes were a raspberry color, and her coat was a pale apple green. She had her dark purple blouse, dark purple shorts with pink jacket, fingerless gloves, fuchsia leggings with purple triangles and dark purple boots with golden spike anklets. The second one had a light arctic blue mane and tail with moderate persian blue stripes tied in a ponytail. She had the same colored eyes as her friend but her coat was pale blue. She wore a dark purple collared shirt, with pink skirt, wore spiked pink wristbands, and thigh high sneakers. The third one had moderate mulberry eyes, a pale coat with a light grayish fuchsia color, and her mane and tail were a moderate purple with light aquamarine streaks tied in pigtails. She had a pale green shirt with a dark green jacket with the sleeves cut off, purple jeans, a belt with a star buckle, violet boots, and black wrist bands.

"The Dazzlings?"

"Aria, Sonata and Adagio. Nice to see you again Dusk." Adagio cackled. Dusk looked behind Sonata to see her holding a frying pan behind her back. Dusk was furious at seeing the cookware, then noticed from how he was chained up that he could clearly see Sonata's creamed colored panties. He then started blushing.

'Why is she wearing those anyway?' Dusk thought to himself. Dusk was soon shaken from his thoughts as he felt the wind knocked out of him when a fuchsia colored hoof kicked him in the gut. He wheezed and looked up in pain to see an angry Aria Blaze glaring at him.

"The fuck are you staring at pervert!?" Dusk flinched at the comment. He then noticed that he had a hard-on. Aria then ground her hoof on his member, causing him to groan in agony.

"What was that for?" Dusk groaned, causing Aria to grind her hoof harder, causing him to groan louder in pain.

"That's for letting your eyes wander where they shouldn't." She growled as she causes more pain to Dusk's pelvis.

"That's enough Aria, we need him intact remember?" Nightmare Moon stated. Aria reluctantly removed her hoof from Dusk's pelvis. Dusk heard her grumble the words 'lucky bastard' as she walked back to her group.

After recovering from the pain, he started asking questions. "You were in the Mirror World, how are you here? As a matter of fact, how are all of you here? Umbra was destroyed and the Nightmares aren't supposed to be able to have physical forms without a host."

"Umbra brought us back here." Sonata chirped.

"How is she, Nightmare Moon, and Nightmare Rarity back?" Dusk asked a little annoyed.

"I had little to salvage after your student made me lose my kingdom. I swore I was going to get revenge on her as well as you and the rest of your friends. After dealing with her, perhaps I’ll turn the rest of your friends into broodmares and have you as my personal… servant, that would have to follow my every command. Unfortunately, I had to recover from my losses and had to stay hidden in the shadows to scour all of Equestria for anything to use as a temporary source of food until I was strong enough to capture and feed on the emotions of ponies again."

"Why didn't you--?" Dusk got slapped across his muzzle by Chrysalis before he could finish his question.

"Don't interrupt!" Chrysalis shouted in his face. "Now where was I? Oh yes. I spent most of my time studying the Crystal Empire and found a cavern to hide in as I spent my time collecting as much love as I could from the Crystal Ponies. One of the things that I came across was a red crystal shaped like a horn. I could not figure out anyway to use it, so I tossed it with the rest of the used or useless junk. All of a sudden, a dark aura surrounded the crystal and soon spread through the cave I was hiding in. I felt my strength fading as a black shadow began to emerge from the crystal, and I was growing weaker as much of my energy that I harvested was being drained. Once the aura dissipated, a grey unicorn, who I would soon learn was named Umbra--"

"Queen Umbra!" Umbra interjected to correct Chrysalis.

"Queen Umbra." Chrysalis amended, "Too weak to do anything, I laid helpless as Queen Umbra blocked all exits with black crystals and lifted me off the ground by my throat. She demanded to know where we were and I told here that we were in the lower catacombs of the Crystal caverns. She then dropped me and proceeded to use some… colorful language to describe what she wanted to do to the Crystal Princess and some dragon."

At that, if anyone was looking at his eyes, they would have seen them go red, but only for a second.

"Upon thinking about it," Chrysalis continued, "I seemed to have remembered the whelp of a dragon that was your assistant, and proceeded to describe her. Queen Umbra demanded to know who and where she was. I told her what she wanted to know, plus a little bit extra."

Umbra continued from there. "Like the dragon being your ward and that Crystal Princess was your in-law. I originally wanted to go after them immediately. However, I soon realized that would be easier said than done. So we made an alliance to combine our might and strengthen our forces, and bide our time for the perfect opportunity to grab you, your dragon, or that usurper to my throne. But to do that, we needed to move closer to our quarries."

"So we chose the long abandoned Castle of the Two Sisters." Chrysalis continued. "While scouting to make sure there would be no surprises, the few changelings that stayed under my command, until recently, found two unusual items; a black diamond and a piece of armor with a dark crescent moon."

"I immediately sensed a dark presence in each item. With the proper spells, I was able to--"

Nightmare Moon gave a loud exaggerated yawn. "Can you just wrap this up? I am getting bored."

"Oh, I can do it!" Sonata volunteered, before Adagio covered her mouth. "Nevermind her, continue." Adagio said.

Umbra growled while looking at Nightmare Moon. "Fine!!" She yelled, "Why don't you wrap this up?!"

"Very well," Nightmare Moon then proceeded to summarize the rest. "Me and Nightmare Rarity were revived by Umbra and when we fashioned a makeshift portal to look for more allies, we found these former sirens--"

"Hey!" the Dazzlings interjected in unison.

"--after which we were able to break Starswirl's curse on them that prevented them from returning to Equestria, and here we are." The dark alicorn continued as if she wasn't interrupted.

"What do you all want from me?" Dusk groaned in anger and pain, wondering what they were planning. Umbra then walked over to him and grabbed his face.

"Well for starters, revenge for our past defeats." She responded. As she walked away, with a sway in her step, back to her group, she continued. "But we're also going to use you to help us conquer all of Equestria." She stated while smirking.

"And why would I want to help you do that?" Dusk asked, causing Chrysalis to cackle.

"We will be siphoning your magic to increase our own. We will also be using you as a bargaining chip to get the princesses to surrender Equestria to us. Plus without you, they can't use your Rainbow Power. Nopony would be able to stop us."

"How do you plan on siphoning my magic? You'd need a specific rune circle to do that." Dusk added. The villainous mares chuckled at his response.

"You practically did that for us." Moon stated, as she pointed to the red circle Dusk created. Only the rune symbols were replaced. Dusk was now nervous as he just remembered why he had that circle there as he felt another surge of pain course through his body.

"We'll have to wait till tomorrow. He just used most of his magic to make this rune circle for whatever reason." Chrysalis pointed out as Dusk started to struggle in his bonds to try and get loose.

"Don't even bother, they're magic chains. We even had a fail safe put in to keep you from using your magic to escape." Nightmare Rarity teased. "Not to mention that we placed an invisible force-field around your castle.”

"You guys siphoning my magic isn't what I'm worried about right now!" Dusk stated. He groaned as the pain throughout his body got worse.

"What are you trying to pull, you whelp?" Umbra growled. Sonata then noticed a set of sharp fangs growing in Dusk's muzzle.

"Uh...are his teeth suppose to look like that?" She asked, getting the attention of her siren sisters. The other four heard her as Dusk writhed in agony as his body burned in immense pain.

"The fucks wrong with him?" Aria Blaze asked as they all looked at him. Dusk soon opened his eyes to reveal that they became red and that his pupils were now slitted.

"The fuck was that?" Adagio asked as Dusk began to undergo his transformation. The seven mares watched in awe and confusion as a black aura suddenly surrounded him. After twenty seconds, the aura that surrounded Dusk began to dissipate, and he slumped to the floor. All seven mares then noticed that his body grew at least an additional two feet in height, his wings and coat grew a darker shade of purple, his hooves turned black, and his hands became a set of sharp black claws. What made him stand out the most were the two sharp horns that appeared on the sides of his head. He stood up, broke the chains off his arms, and cricked his neck, groaning slightly as he looked behind him.

"Well, this is a rather interesting surprise." Said the new figure that now stood before the seven villainous mares.

"Is that suppose to be Dusk?" Sonata asked the others, who were just as confused as they were.

"It doesn't sound like him. His voice sounds demonic." Chrysalis pointed out.

"I assure you that I am Dusk Shine. Just in a different form. One he prefers to keep hidden." Dusk stated, as he licked his lips for what he had planned for his corral of playthings.

"What form is that anyway?" Umbra asked. Dusk then smirked.

"I'm afraid you'll have to catch me to find out." He chuckled while looking the group, just before he vanished right before their eyes?

"Crafty little weasel!" Adagio growled.

"Split up. If he finds a way out of the barrier and goes to Canterlot, our plans will be ruined." Umbra barked and they all split up to find their target. What the pursuers were unaware of, however, was that they were now the prey, and Dusk was stalking them as he lurked from the shadows.

"Decisions, decisions. Who do I go after first?" Dusk said to himself as he flexed his wings slightly. He was in another room at the time.

"They all have well developed bodies, especially Umbra and Nightmare Moon." He pondered for a bit until the sounds of rapid hoof steps came running towards him. He turned himself invisible as the door to the room he was in opened up. Three figures appeared in the doorway.

'The Dazzlings… so you all came looking for me, have you?" Dusk thought as he listened in on their conversation.

"That little bastard!" Aria yelled as she punched a nearby desk.

"Didn't think we'd be looking for him." Adagio stated.

"Um girls..." Sonata spoke up causing Adagio and Aria to look towards her.

"What?" They both said in unison. Sonata tried to speak up, but couldn't find any words to say.

"N-nevermind. It's nothing." She said earning annoyed expressions from her sisters.

"You do realize we need to find that little prick to fix our amulets right?"

"If you aren't going to help us, then just wait here. We'll find him." Aria and Adagio then left their distraught sister in the room they were in.

'You didn't have to yell at me. I just have a really bad feeling.' She thought to herself as she slumped on a random chair, tears starting to stream down her pouting face.

'Well, that wasn't very nice of those two now was it?' Dusk thought to himself as he pitied Sonata. Pity was soon replaced by lust, as he smirked and licked his lips. Sonata was now alone and ready to become his first acquisition. 'Don't worry Sonata, I plan to make you feel all better before this night is done.' He chuckled to himself as he slowly crept up behind Sonata Dusk.

Taming the sirens: Moonlight Sonata

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Sonata Dusk sat in a chair sulking to herself due to her sisters yelling at her earlier. She couldn't help but get a bad feeling about what Dusk turned into. 'I've seen something like that somewhere before.' Sonata thought to herself, unaware of the predator creeping up behind her. Something soon clicks in her mind. "Wait a minute..." she said to herself, "the black aura, his horns, black hands, and slit eyes.... Oh buck....he's a-Aaahhn!" Before Sonata could finish, she yelped as a pair of clawed hands roughly groped her sizable bust. She blushed cherry red as turned her head and found a smirking Dusk behind her.

"Why hello Sonata." Dusk said as he massaged her soft mounds, causing her to start moaning involuntarily. Her body tensed up from how roughly he was groping her. "I must admit, that's a rather interesting dress you're wearing. Makes you look very sexy." Dusk whispered, as he trailed kisses along her neckline. Though her moans were becoming more frequent, she still managed a well placed elbow to the stomach, Dusk grunted as he let go of Sonata. She shied away from him, as she covered her chest in embarrassment, her face somehow redder than before. Dusk just shrugged off her blow and looked up.

"Well that wasn't very nice." He said as he cricked his neck and gave Sonata a blank look.

"W-w-why were y-you f-feeling m-me up?" Sonata stammered as she tried to understand what just happened.

"You seemed rather upset after your sister's outburst towards you, so I thought I could make you feel better." Dusk said smirking while walking towards her.

"By groping me?" She said while she was backing away as Dusk got closer. She flinched as soon as her back was literally against the wall. Dusk was now staring face to face with a shaking Sonata. His ruby red eyes locked with Sonata's raspberry ones. Sonata was frozen in fear, not knowing what Dusk was going to do next. When Dusk's left hand shot up, Sonata flinched, closed her eyes and turned her head. After a few seconds passed and Sonata felt nothing, she opened her eyes to see Dusk smiling. He brought up his other hand and gently caressed her face.

"I guess I was being rather vulgar from my previous actions, but I want to make you feel all better. Forget about your mean sisters for now." Dusk said while staring into Sonata's eyes while his started to glow. Sonata's body started heating up, mostly around her nethers, she started panting, and her muscles were relaxing slightly as she looked into Dusk's eyes. "You do know what I am, don't you?" Dusk asked his prey, who was panting as her loins started to burn and secrete her feminine juices. Her face was flush as Dusk held the arms of his prey.

"W...what did" Sonata could barely find any words to say as the burning in her loins grew worse.

"I might as well tell you what I am. I'm an incubus." Dusk said and locks lips with her. Sonata flinches as Dusk's tongue moves throughout her muzzle. She couldn't describe how slick his tongue felt against hers. Her body felt like it was going to melt as her body felt sluggish and her eyes slowly droop. She could feel his tongue gliding against her teeth and even going down her esophagus a little tasting every inch of her mouth before breaking the kiss leaving a small bridge of saliva between them. Dusk lifts her face till their eyes locked with each other. Dusk had more of a fixed gaze while Sonata eyes were glazed over by lust, almost as if she was hypnotized.

"Can you hear me?" Dusk asks her. She only nodded in response. Dusk smirks, knowing that Sonata is now under his control. "Good, now let's see if we can find you something more comfortable to wear." He adds as his horn glows in a dark purple aura. Sonata's original attire was surrounded in the same glow as his horn. Soon her previous attire was replaced with a white collared shirt, a brown skirt that barely ended at her knees, kneesocks and hoof sneakers. Her uniform was rather skimpy since her shirt wasn't buttoned up all the way giving Dusk a nice view of her bountiful cleavage. Her skirt was rather short as it would show off her butt and toned legs with a simple twirl.

"There, don't you feel better?" Dusk asks Sonata as he trails kisses down her neckline. Sonata couldn't say anything as her moans increase in volume. His hands feel and explore her supple body. Sonata couldn't really do anything to fight back as she felt her shirt unbuttoned letting her soft triple D's free from their clothed prison revealing her dark blue nipples. Sonata eeps as Dusk's hands cup her soft flesh domes massaging them like dough.

"You truly are a naughty mare, not wearing a bra." Dusk teases as he sucks on her left nipple while pinching her right one. Sonata bites her lower lip to try and muffle her moans as he tweaks and teases her sensitive nipples. Sonata soon grits her teeth as Dusk has both nipples in his muzzle. Playing, dragging his forked tongue along her soft flesh. Her breathing turns into heavy pants as his teasing went on for a few more minutes. She could feels her nethers grow even wetter as she grinds her thighs together.

"Mmm, such naughty sounds you're making." Dusk teases as his abuse continued. Dusk then bites down on her nipples slightly. "!!!" Her entire body twitches and she moans loudly as a familiar sensation in her lower parts drenched the floor. Dusk stops what he's doing and notices a large puddle form under her. He looks up towards a panting Sonata and smirks. Sonata's legs were wobbling and he knew she would fall over soon.

"Well now, that's quite a mess you made... Cumming from having your tits teased, such a naughty mare." Dusk says as his hands run down her waist and gropes her flank. She yelps from how rough his hands were against here.

"Hmm?" Dusk feels her more and notices something peculiar. He kneels down and lifts up Sonata's skirt to reveal that she wasn't wearing any panties. "Well this is a surprise. First no bra, now no panties? You truly are a naughty mare." Sonata face burned bright red from hearing this as more of her feminine juices seeped from her burning marehood.

"N-no, don't look at it...." She begged but fell on deaf ears. Dusk presses his muzzle into her dark blue marehood and took a whiff of her scent. He smirks and dives his tongue into her marehood. Her body shivers as his tongue dances around her folds. Sonata bites her lower lips to try and muffle her moans, almost hard enough to make it bleed as his tongue glided against her g-spot. Her head wanted him to stop, but her body was saying otherwise as he was hitting all of her sweet spots. Her sweet nectar tasted like sweet blueberries the more his tongue dance around her marehood. Sonata's mind was beginning to go blank from the pleasure she was receiving. She was trying her best to fought back, but the more she did, the more her marehood would leak. What Dusk does next makes her scream in ecstasy. He bites down on her clit slightly.

"!!!" Sonata let's out a throaty moan and she drenches Dusk faces in her marecum. Her body shudders in pleasure as Dusk drank what she offered and relinquished it with pleasure. After 15 seconds, Dusk pulls away from Sonata's marehood and she slumps onto the floor panting. Her body was soaked in sweat as she layed on the floor panting. Dusk licks his lips and smirks as his prey now layer helplessly in front of him.

' did he...' Sonata thought to herself panting from the assault she just endured.

"You have quite an interesting taste Sonata." Dusk says as he removes his boxers. Sonata was still panting, but opens her eyes slightly. What she saw in front of her made her eyes get big. Dusk was in front of her naked with an 18 inch stallionhood in between his legs. He seemed well hung with plum sized balls. His stallionhood throbbed in anticipation and she couldn't stop staring at it as her marehood leaks in excited. Her brain was telling her to look away, but she couldn't.

"You appear to be left speechless, would you like to know how I taste?" He asks Sonata who started drooling the longer she stared at his impressive length. "Hmph, I'll take that as a yes." Dusk smiles as he channels his magic to turn the desk into a bed. He then wraps Sonata in a lavender aura and places her on the bed. Dusk sits on the bed and pulls Sonata close to his member.

"Shall we begin?" Dusk tells his pet and she begins stroking his impressive shaft.

'It's twitching... How is he so big?' Sonata thought to herself as she strokes his shaft. Sonata was slightly dazed by the strong scent he was giving off. Her senses were clouded by lust as she continued stroking his shaft. Dusk yanks on her mane slightly causing her to look up.

"You could try using your mouth dear Sonata." Dusk orders her. Sonata couldn't really say anything since she didn't really know what he was capable of. She looks down towards his throbbing member, opens her muzzle, and drags her tongue on his throbbing stallionhood. Dusk's stallionhood twitches again as her tongue drags along tasting every inch of his stallionhood. Sonata starts to suck on his tip slightly and bobs her head up and down. Dusk moans slightly showing he was pleased with her actions. Every two minutes, she would take another inch of his member while massaging his hefty balls.

'Why does he smell so sweet?' Sonata asked herself as Dusk surprisingly didn't have a strong musky scent, but a rather sweet scent. Her marehood burned with desire as she sucked on his length. She soon feels a weight on her head. She looks up to see Dusk smiling, but his smile soon turns sinister.

"I thought of something else we could do." Dusk adds as he grabs hold of Sonata's head and forces her down onto more of his member close to the point where she was deep throating him. Sonata eyes shrank to pinpricks and she nearly gagged when his stallionhood hit the back of her throat. She was struggling to breathe with how big he was. Tears stream down her face as she tried to push back to at least try and breathe, but as soon as she was at the tip, Dusk would push back forcing her back down on his stallionhood. Sonata's eyes rolled to the back of her head and she looked ready to pass out. Dusk notices this and pulls her off of his manhood. Sonata coughed rather hard as she breathes in her precious air and his stallionhood was slick with her saliva.

"Guess I took that a little too far." Dusk says to himself as Sonata struggled to breathe. Her chest would rise and fall slightly each time she would breathe in precious air. Dusk then smiles as he picks up Sonata, and throws her onto the bed. She landed on the bed with a light 'eep!' and looks up to see Dusk on top of her with his stallionhood in her blushing face. His member sticks out in between her supple bust and thrusts his hips slowly.

"Mmm...your body feels amazing Sonata." Dusks moans as he starts moving his hips as the slickness of Sonata's mouth and softness of her breasts on his member felt amazing to him. He would increase the speed of his thrusts thrust after 20 seconds. Sonata panted as Dusk's circular tip would bump her lips. Sonata moans from the feeling of his thick member moving in between her soft bosom, and with how rough he was being.

"Feels good, does it not?" Dusk smirks. Sonata blushes at his comment and turns her head towards the right. She really couldn't find any words to say, nor could she deny how good he was. Her made was wet just thinking about it. She has never seen this side of Dusk Shine before. When she first met him, he seemed rather nerdy when she first saw him, but seeing him as a stud surprised her greatly. Dusk soon groans and his movement speed increases. His hands roughly grope her soft flesh.

"Wait, are y-you going to cum?" Sonata asks.

"So perceptive. But I want to use those beautiful lips of yours to finish up." Dusk smirks.

"W-what are you- glulp!" Before Sonata could say anything, she felt a weight on her head. Dusk forces her head onto his member and her mouth took in his girth without warning. Tears streamed down her face as Dusk speeds up his thrusts as his moans increase in volume. Sonata moans came out as gurgles from having Dusk's stallionhood hitting the back of her throat and sliding between her chest.

"Mmpfh! Here it comes. Try to swallow it all." He groaned and after another five minutes, Dusk lets out a throaty moan and releases his thick demon cream.

"Mmmpgh!" Sonata gurgles and groans as the first shot filled her mouth and puffed up her cheeks. Shot after hearty shot of his seed followed suit as she tried to swallow what he offered, but he was releasing way more than she could handle. Some of it started spewing out of her snout. Dusk let's go of her head and she coughing rather hard as she breathes in precious air.

'That.... That jerk...' Sonata thought as she was now panting as her face and chest was drenched is Dusk's thick cum. Some of his seed was still in her mouth and she swallowed what was there.The thick smell lingering on her body was heavy.

'Celestia... I'll get addicted to him if this keeps up.' Sonata thought to herself in a panic. She soon flinches as a clawed hand grabs both of her arms and she gives off incoherent moans as another clawed hand grope one of her her sizable breasts from behind her.

"So how did I taste?" Dusk asks as he gives her right melon a rough squeeze making her give off carnal moans.

"P-please....s-stop....." She begged while moaning from having her body used as a plaything. She scrunches up her legs as she feels something wet travel down her legs. 'Oh no, I'm leaking.' She thought in a panic. Dusk's hand soon travels down to her marehood and teases her slit. She 'eeps' as his hands despite both being claws were very gentle.

"I haven't even taken your marehood, yet you're completely drenched down there." Dusk says as he teases her more.

"W-wait! You can't-" Before Sonata could even say anything, Dusk's fingers went further into her marehood, and he push into something blocking him from going any further. He then hears an audible pop from her marehood. "OW!"

"Hm?" Dusk was now confused. Sonata eyes were closed and her teeth were grit in pain. Dusk then soon feels something warm travel down his hand. He pulls his hand away from her marehood and finds blood on his fingertips.

"Well this is a surprise. A virgin siren." He says with a smirk as he licks the blood from his fingers. "Don't sirens lure travelers as their personal servants with their song?" He asks as he turns her around to where she was facing him. "Or you've never felt the touch of any male in your life?" He adds prompting Sonata to blush and turns her head away from him. She couldn't deny that she was a virgin her entire life. Dusk smiles as his right hand reaches out and turns her head to make her face him.

"Tell me something, are your sisters virgins as well?" Sonata's eyes turn to pinpricks as she flinches at that question causing Dusk to smirk. "I'll take that as a yes." Dusk adds as he forces Sonata onto her back. Dusk spreads her legs and grinds his phallus onto her wet marehood.

"P-please...let me go..." Sonata begged as his hands traced along her body. Dusk then leans forward to where he was in front of her blushing face. He then whispers something into Sonata's ear.

"Don't worry, you'll feel good after awhile." He then lines his stallionhood with her marehood and pushes forward into her tight velvet cavern. Sonata whimpered as his massive package stretches out to the shape of his stallionhood causing her to grit her teeth in pain. Her legs clung to his back holding him close. 'Buck, it hurts.' She thought.

"Mmph!" Dusk groans as he feels the sheer tightness of Sonata's marehood. She was gripping around his large stallionhood. "Mmm... You're marehood is clenching me like a vice." Dusk moans as he looks into Sonata's teary eyes.

"P-please....s-stop...." She begged not wanting this to go any further.

"Afraid I can't do that, but don't worry. I promise you'll feel good after awhile, so I'll start off slow." Dusk then starts thrusting his hips back and forth from her cunt, grunting continuously as he became lost in the pure ecstasy of Sonata's marehood. He found it difficult to resist increasing pace as her inner wall held down tightly, practically milking his cock at the slightest movement, completely overwhelming him. Sonata's whimpers and groans of pain turned into moans of pleasure as she felt the huge rod that was Dusk's cock impaling her insides, slowly building up the euphoria.

"Starting to enjoy yourself?" Dusk ask his prey who had trouble speaking in between pants.

"W...what do mean?" She asked. His thrusts were becoming more fierce causing her to yelp.

"You don't even realize what your doing do you?" He smirks leaving Sonata confused. "You wrapped your legs around me ten minutes ago." Sonata looks behind Dusk and notices her legs were wrapped around his back. Her cheeks flushed red as Dusk leans closer towards her face.

"Don't try to deny that you're enjoying this. As of tonight, you're my mare." Dusk adds with lust in his tone. Sonata was going to say something, but was silenced by Dusk as his tongue enters her mouth. Her eyes grew big as his tongue dances in her mouth showing his dominance. He increases the speed of his thrusts as he pounds into her quivering marehood. Sonata's groans and moans were muffled by Dusk's grunts and his forceful tongue. Sonata tried to force him off but her struggles were getting weaker and weaker as his endeavors continued. Dusk soon breaks the kiss leaving a small string of saliva between both ponies.

'He's....turning me....into his...plaything...' Sonata thought as they were both at it for thirty minutes, but it felt like hours as they continued to go at it. Sonata's perky chest bounced with each thrust Dusk gave her, and his thrusts increase in speed with each passing minute. Sonata's tongue hangs out of her mouth as she soon felt something from her marehood coming out. Sadly it was cut short as Dusk suddenly stops and pulls out. Sonata moans in confusion and disappointment.

"Wh-why did you pull out?" She asks her eyes half glazed as she looks at Dusk.

"Well during our fun, you weren't being honest. There was also that incident when you knocked me out." He added while casually wagging his cock in front of Sonata. "I would like you to bend over and apologize for you actions, spread your marehood, and say ' I'm a dirty little mare.'" Dusk added. Sonata's eyes were glazed by list as she looked at Dusk's still hard girth. She wanted it, she NEEDED Dusk Shine to fill her drenched fuck hole with his load, bloating her womb to the point of breaking. She soon turns around and bends over, spreading her soaked marehood.

"I'm sorry for what I'm done. Please stuff me with your thick cock and rut me like the slut I am." She said completely driven by lust. Dusk smirks as he grips her shuffle flank and aligns his stallionhood with her marehood. He leans to her right ear and whispers;

"So glad you finally admit." With his words, he penetrated her wet marehood in one thrust. Sonata arches her head back and lets out a throaty moan as his tips broke through her cervix entering her womb. His stallionhood left a noticeable bulge in her stomach. Her tongue hung out of her mouth as Dusk thrust his hips back and forth. His grunts, Sonata's carnal moans, and the sounds of wet fur smacking against her jiggling butt echoed throughout the room. Sonata bit into the bed sheets to muffle her moans as she got louder the more Dusk pounded her marehood.

"Feels good doesn't it?" He says in between grunts as he nibbles on her ears and adds onto her pleasure by groping her supple breasts causing her to arch her back and yelp. Sonata couldn't really say anything as she was lost in pure bliss and ecstasy from the pleasure she was feeling. They were at it for what felt like hours and Dusk felt a familiar sensation coming from his swelling balls. Sonata was far behind as her velvet walls began to tighten around his shaft.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum soon." Dusk grunted as his thrusts increased in speed. Sonata wanted it. She NEEDED Dusk to cum inside of her and fill her womb to the brim.

"Inside, do it inside me! Fill me up!" She begged and Dusk grinned. His thrust now turned hard and deep as his member was practically hitting Sonata's womb. Sonata panted and her nails dug into the railing of the bed. Dusk soon grunts as he felt himself getting close. Sonata's tail constantly swished back and forth and Dusk got a sly thought. He bites down on her tail giving it a firm yank.

"Aaahhhahhh!!!!" Sonata screamed at the top of her lungs as she cums hard. Her walls clench around Dusk's shaft like a vice. Dusk follows with a heavy grunt and unloads his thick hearty were from his cantaloupe size balls. He paints Sonata's insides with his thick spunk, relishing in the feeling of his ejaculate filling her up to the brim and plugging her entrance. Dusk's endowment continued to pump more and more cum deep inside Sonata's womb.

"S-so...m-much..." Sonata moans in both pleasure and pain, feeling her stomach and womb expand with the sheer amount being pumped inside her. Within seconds, her stomach was swollen to the size of a basketball. Sonata soon goes limp and lays on the bed unconscious.

"Mmm, that was a rather wonderful experience Sonata. Hmm?" Dusk soon notices her unconscious form as he slowly pulls out of her. Her eyes were glazed over and had what looked like small hearts in them. Her stomach was swollen as her womb closed up sealing in Dusks baby batter leaving her a quivering mess. But she didn't care as she the happiest look on their face.

"Guess it was too much for her that she passed out." He says to himself. He looks towards his erect stallionhood and notices that he's still hard. "I really can't have more fun with you unconscious now can I?" Dusk soon channels his magic and a black collar with pink hearts around it appeared in his hand. He clasps it around Sonata's neck.

"Tu es à moi maintenant et pour toujours. My Moonlight Sonata." He whispers into her ear. Dusk soon kisses Sonata on her lips, but his tender moment was soon interrupted when the sound of a door opened behind him. Two figures walked in and look in utter shock as they see Sonata unconscious and Dusk on top of her. Dusk recognizes the two to be Aria Blaze and Adagio Dazzle.

"Sonata?" Adagio asks confused.

"The fuck do you think you're doing asshole!?" Aria shouted as she had a bat in her hand.

"Sheesh, spoil a perfectly good moment will ya?" Dusk says in annoyance.

Taming the sirens: Breaking Aria In

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-Five minutes ago-

"Where the flying fuck is he?!" Aria shouted while smashing a lamp in frustration. She and Adagio were still looking for Dusk Shine after he disappeared in front of them and the other mares with a vendetta against him and his friends. So far they had no luck, even after leaving Sonata behind.

"Relax Aria, I want my amulet fixed as much as you do, but getting angry isn't going to help us find Dusk. Since he's low on magic, he has no way of defending himself against the seven of us." Adagio boasted with one hand under her chin, while she sat on a desk with her legs crossed.

"That may be true, but that doesn't explain what he just turned into back there." Aria Blaze added as she sat onto a random chair.

"I'll bet it was just an illusion Dusk made to try and scare us. How would we know if it was real or not?" Aria was about to say something, but paused for a bit. Adagio did have a point, it could've been an illusion spell to distract them. "But then again, we had his horn blocked off with an inhibitor ring." Adagio added.

"Does it explain why it shattered when that happened?" Aria added.

"I don't know. Maybe it wasn't as strong as we though or he wasn't as tired as we thought he was. Look, we have been searching for the last half hour or so. Maybe we shou--"

Adagio is interrupt by someone screaming. It only took a moment or two to recognize the voice.

"SONATA?!" Both sirens exclaimed at the same time as the screaming continued.

They started running back to the room they left their fellow siren in. Along the way, Aria picked up a bat.

"What the hell is a bat supposed to do?" Adagio asked while they were running.

"To beat the hell outta whatever or whoever is making Sonata screaming like this." Aria replied.

"You do realize that he could probably snatch it out of your hands with his magic, don't you?"

"At least I'm going in with--"

"Shh!" Adagio interrupted Aria with as they were getting near the door. "Do you hear that?' She asked.

"Hear what?"

"Exactly! The screaming stopped." Adagio responded with urgency in her voice.

The sirens got to the door, worried about what has happened to Sonata. They opened the door, hoping that she was still alive. What they didn't expect was to see a bed in the room. A bed with Sonata laying on it with her ass in the air, her stomach looking like she just got done with an all-you-can-taco-buffet after stuffing herself for at least an hour, her tongue hanging out of her mouth, and a very glazed and happy look on her face. Over her, was Dusk, still in his 'illusion', placing a black collar on her neck.

"Sonata?" Adagio asked, confused at the sight before her.

"The fuck do you think you're doing asshole!?" Aria shouted as she readied the bat in her hand.

"Sheesh. Spoil a perfectly good moment, will ya?" Dusk said in annoyance.

"I'm gonna fucking KILL YOU!" Aria shouted as she charged at Dusk with the bat in her hands, aiming for his head. She swung her bat only to hit nothing but air, as Dusk vanished from their sights once again. Adagio hurried to Sonata's unconscious frame. She noticed that her eyes had hearts in them as she held her close.

"He is so dead!" Aria growled as she angrily clenches the bat in her hands.

"This doesn't make any sense." Adagio said while she laid Sonata on the bed. "We had him in our grasp and this happens?" Adagio asked, turning to Aria.

"Yeah, well even though Sonata was always an airhead, she didn't deserve this! I don't care about getting our amulets fixed anymore. I just want to break that stallion's face and crush his pelvis till (or until) he begs for mercy!" Aria added while smashing a table lamp.

"Then by all means...try." Said a voice startling the two former sirens. They turned their heads to find Dusk standing in the doorway of the room they were in.

"YOU'RE SO DEAD!" Aria shouts, swinging her bat at Dusk again, only for him to back step. Aria tripped slightly and what Dusk did next shocked both mares (or former sirens). He bites down on her neck, causing her to yelp. When Dusk let her go, she pushed away from him as blood trickled from his two short, sharp fangs.

"D-did you just fucking bite me!?" Aria stuttered in anger and confusion, as she felt her neck and felt what seemed like blood dribbling down her neck.

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." Dusk smirked. Adagio was both shocked and confused by what happened.

"What in Tartarus are you?!" She asked while she reached a hand out to Aria. As soon as she did, the room started to turn dark. Both mares looked at Dusk. He had a devilish smirk on his muzzle as his horn illuminated. Soon, both mares were separated from Sonata.

"How in Tartarus is he doing this?" Adagio asked Aria. They just now noticed they could no longer see Sonata. Adagio was about say something else when she felt something pull at her leg. Aria felt the same thing as both mares looked down. Horror struck both of their faces, as they saw a multitude of black hands pulling them into what looked like dark portals.

"What the fuck is this!?" Aria shouted as she and Adagio were each being pulled into a black circles (or pools) directly under them. The sirens struggled to move increased their descent into the void. Dusk soon appeared with a devilish smirk.

"You'll both find out." He says as both mares sink.

"YOU BASTARD!!!!!" Aria shouted as both mares disappeared in the void.

-Aria Blaze-

"Ungh, my fucking head... What happened?" Aria asked herself as she regained consciousness. She looked around to find herself in what appeared to be an empty room.

"Damn it, it was probably another illusion..." She said to herself as she looked around the room. Her hoof kicked something solid and looked down to find the bat she was holding. "That asshole isn't getting away with this."

"Says the mare trapped in one of my special rooms." Said a male voice from behind Aria, causing her to flinch. She turns around, but couldn't see where the voice came from.

"Where in Tartarus did that come from?" She asked herself, turning back around.

"Hello." Said Dusk, appearing in front of her.

"What the fuck?!" She yelped and jumped back in surprise as Dusk appeared in front of her.

"Why so jumpy?" He teased while he sat in a makeshift chair as he angered Aria. She got up while clenching the bat in her hand.

"You're fucking dead for what you did to Sonata!" She yelled at him, readying her bat for a swing.

"Quite a foul mouth you got there. You ever think about taking anger management in the mirror world?" He said, adding fuel to the flame.

"Just shut up!" Aria yelled while charging at him. She swung at Dusk once again, only to swing at air as Dusk turned into a purple mist and moved behind her.

"You're just making it worse for yourself." He added, only angering her more.

"Shut up and stop fucking moving!" She yelled as she continued swinging at Dusk only to miss each time. For two minutes she couldn't seem to hit him and it only frustrated her more. During that time, he continued to taunt her as he dodge her swings and she would grow angry as Dusk taunted her. She didn't realize that Dusk was toying with her.

"Will you fucking stay still?!" Aria shouted angrily at a smirking Dusk who sat on a makeshift cloud.

"You know, being angry isn't good for your complexion." Dusk added, teasing her further.

"SHUT UP ALREADY!!" She shouted, charging at him again, only this time he wasn't moving. He just sat on his cloud. Aria thought she was going to smash his skull in, only for her to stop, as a sudden surge of pain coursed throughout her body. She slumped to the floor, groaning, as she landed in front of Dusk.

"What's...going" She asked, panting as the burning continued around her nethers. As she felt her marehood leaking slightly, she heard Dusk chuckling to himself. "Ungh....What's so...fucking funny?" She growled to herself as Dusk got up from the cloud and knelt beside her.

"It looks like my little trick is taking effect." He said smiling.

"What are you taking abou-" She started off but stopped as she remembered when Dusk bit her neck. "The fuck did you do to me?" She asked her anger boiling. Dusk turned his head to face her again and all he did was open his muzzle and flick his fangs.

"When I bit you earlier, I released my aphrodisiac venom in your bloodstream. I didn't release a lot of it, so that's why I toyed with you until it took effect." He added smirking. Aria was pissed at Dusk, but she was even more pissed for falling for such a silly trick.

"You, son of a-!" She yelled trying to get up, only a surge of pain stopped her. She pants as she lays in fetal position unable to do anything.

"That's not gonna help. The more you try to move, or if you even think of trying to attack me, the more it burns." He said while he stood up, and he removed his towel letting his heaving stallionhood stand out. Aria was taken back by his size as she never seen anypony get this big before. She started to look nervous since he looked like he could break anymare just from his glare.

"Wh-what are you gonna do with that?" She asked in a mix of fear and anger as Dusk's throbbing member lurched forward, a bead of precum leaking from the tip. Dusk's response was pulling Aria up by her mane and staring into her rebellious eyes.

"Well after that punch to my stomach, not to mention trying to crush my balls earlier, I'm going to show you a world of pleasure through pain." He added while licking his lips. Aria was about to say something when she felt something metallic clasps around her arms. "What the fuck!?" She exclaimed as she looked at her arms and saw them in metal arm cuffs that were connected to chains. The chains magically hoisted her upward until she was barely standing on her hooves. Aria wanted to use her legs, but the feeling of metal clamping around her ankles, stopped her from doing so. Two chain anklets bound her to the floor, preventing her from trying to break free.

"These should keep you from trying anything funny." Aria looked at Dusk, as her anger built up. She wanted to murder Dusk.

"Let me go, or you're gonna regret it!" She yelled, struggling to get out of her bindings. Her struggles ceased when the familiar burning caused her nethers to grow wet. She blushed red, rubbing her thighs trying to hide the wet dampness forming in her jeans. Dusk walked up to her, until his face was directly in front of hers.

"I'm afraid I can't do that Aria." Dusk replied, as his left hand shoots up to caress her blushing face.

Aria groaned as Dusk was feeling her face while his other hand began to travel south. Aria used this as an opportunity and bit down hard on his left hand. Dusk grunted in pain, as he pulled his hand away from Aria, who grinned when she saw that her bite drew blood.

"Serves you right, asshole. Once I get out of this-" Aria didn't get to finish her sentence as a shockwave from Dusk silenced her. He looked up and the glare from his ruby red eyes sent chills down Aria's spine. The look of anger in Dusk's eyes made Aria start to get nervous and scared.

"I tried to make this pleasurable for the both of us. Even going so far as to nulling some of the effects of my venom when I caressed your cheeks, It seems that you too dumb or stubborn to realize that I am in charge." Dusk growled, his hand healing from Aria's bite mark. Before she could say anything else, He set off another shockwave, the force of this one ripped off all of Aria's clothing leaving her naked, and know way of hiding her fluid leaking from her marehood. Her face burned bright red as her soft CCC cup breasts were out in the open. Dusk then vanished from Aria's sight once again.

"Where the hell did he-?" Aria didn't finish her sentence again as she heard a creaking sound behind her. She turned her head to find Dusk smiling, while holding something in his hands. Her blood runs cold when she sees that he had a black leather whip in his left hand.

"Well Aria, since you want to act like a little bitch, I'm gonna treat you like one." Dusk said as he pulls his left arm back and brought the whip down on her back.

"Aahn!!!" Aria yelp, feeling the icy sting of the whip as a red lash was shown on her back. She grits her teeth in pain and turns her head, giving Dusk an angry glare with tears in her eyes. "What the buck, you asshole! That hurt!"

"That's the idea Aria. I tried to play nice, and you wouldn't comply. So now I have to play rough to make you mine." Dusk adds. "I actually wonder on how much you can endure."

"Don't fucking joke with-" Aria didn't get to finish her sentence as Dusk wraps a ball gag around her muzzle.

"I'd suggest keeping that foul mouth of yours shut." Dusk said, swinging the whip on her back once again making her give off a loud 'Mmph!' sound. Dusk was clearly enjoying himself as he brings the whip down on Aria over and over again. Aria was in pain, but felt her marehood leak from excitement. More of her juices flowed down her legs the more Dusk abused her for 10 minute and her muffs became soft moans. He raises the whip again, with another loud crack. Aria naturally flinched, closing her eyes when she heard the whip. When she felt nothing, she looks behind her and sees Dusk smirking. He then removes her ball gag.

"Are you actually getting off from this?" Dusk asked her, noticing the trail of her marecum trailing down her legs. "Is the bitch siren Aria, a masochist?" Aria's eyes grew big and her face burns red.

"I...I'm not...a maso...chist..." She said panting. She soon feels his broad chest against her back and felt his hands groping her waist making her tense up. His right hand turns her head to where she was facing him.

"You don't have to lie to me. The face your making gives you away." Aria was about to say something, but was silenced as she felt her lips invaded by Dusk's lips.

"Mmph!" Aria was surprised by the sudden kiss as she tries to get away from him. Her struggles grew weaker as Dusk's shows his dominance as his tongue invades every inch of her muzzle. Dusk's hands travel along her sensitive body, groping her modest bust and her rather soft flank. His claws dig into Aria's soft flesh and she gives off pained moans. Her marehood started burning as her juices secreted and running down her legs. Dusk breaks his kiss with Aria after a few minutes leaving her eyes slightly glazed over yet her face still carried a defiant expression.

"I see you still have fire in your eyes. I like that." He grinned while grinding his malleus under Aria's wet marehood.

"I'll....kill!" Aria pants as she struggles to try and get loose.

"You really have a foul mouth Aria. Maybe this will shut you up." He said with a menacing thought in mind. Aria was about to say something, but was cut short when she felt something poke at her back door.

"W-w-w-what're you doing?" Aria stuttered wondering what was poking her.

"Gonna see how long you last. With how much of a bitch you were acting earlier, let's see how you like taking it up the ass." Dusk's flared head started leaking a beak of precum from his tip. His member was nicely lubed from Aria's leaking fluids.

"Don't you dare!" Her plea was on deaf ear as his flared tip started to push forward in her asshole. "Don't you fucking da-!!!!!!" Aria didn't finish what she was about to say when she felt her asshole stretched opened and moaned loudly as she came, hard. Her body spasmed as her gushing fluids came like a waterfall as she drenches the floor and she arches her head back and her tongue hangs out of her mouth. Her entire body twitched and her ass was currently in pain from how big Dusk really was. His member makes a noticeable bulge in her stomach as he groans at how tight she was.

"Mmm. I must say Aria, your ass is amazing. It's so tight but at the same time feels amazing." Dusk moans as his hard member was being clung to like a vice. "How does it feel having me inside of you?" He teases, playfully nibbling on her right ear.

"You....j-jerk.... P-pull it out." Aria groaned from the pain in her ass. "Why...does it much?" Aria asks. Dusk once again chuckles confusing Aria. "D-did you have....something with me?"

"I can use my venom in many ways, not just for sensitivity."

"W-what?" Dusk soon leans forward and whispers something into Aria ear.

"I can make you feel pain if I want to as well. So let's see how much the Masochist Siren can endure." Dusk soon bucks his hips forward. Aria's ass felt like a lead pipe was shoved in and had no way of getting out. Her face was a mix of pleasure and pain as tears streamed down her face. Dusk clearly wasn't showing any mercy as his thrusts increased in speed and Aria's ass was growing looser to Dusk massive meat pole giving him easier access.

"I must say, your ass is amazing." Dusk compliment the nearly dazed Aria who was still bound. "Every time I pull away, you asshole would tighten around my shaft. Truly marvelous." Aria tried to say something, but only grunts and gurgles came from her every time his member struck her insides. Her mind began to grow blank as Dusk tried to break her for the past 30 minutes. He soon grasps Aria's face and turns her to where she was facing Dusk. He carried an evil smirk as he admired his handiwork.

"How're you feeling?" He asked her. Aria couldn't find any words to say as she was dazed from the constant pounding her ass got. "I think it's time I made you mine." Dusk adds as he uses his magic to undo Aria's bindings and pulls his length out of her ass. He slumps on the floor with a thud and she now lies in a fetal position. Her anal passage was left gaping from how big his stallionhood was. Aria was left panting, completely exhausted from Dusk abusing her. She didn't even have time to rest when Dusk braces her back against the wall of the room, had her sore legs spread by his magic, and his hardened member grinding her drenched slit. Her arms were gripped by in Dusk's magic and he had a firm grip on her legs.

"N-no more....p-please..." Aria begged him.

"Sorry, but this is where I make you my mare." Dusk once again leans in close to Aria's ear and whispers a few final words spelling her doom. "More specifically, my bitch." With that, he lines up his stallionhood with her marehood and in one thrust, he buries himself deep in Aria's marehood. She lets out a cry of pain as she felt her hymen tear apart from Dusk's girth. Aria's eyes were clamped shut, a few tears stream down her face and she grits her teeth in pain.

"Guess Sonata was right about the siren triplets being virgins." Dusk chuckles to himself when he sees the trail of blood leaking slightly from her marehood.

"W-wait....Sonata....told you...we were-?" Dusk silences Aria with a finger.

"I already know what you're gonna say, so let me answer your little question." Dusk adds wiping the tears from her eyes. "She didn't have to tell me. I ask one little question after I took her virginity, she flinched at it. That was good enough of me." Aria eyes showed fear as Dusk now had her where he wanted her. She was about to say something, but is silenced by Dusk lips as he kisses her and bucks his hips forward. Aria didn't even have time to react to the kiss as Dusk's demonic tongue wrestles with her tongue. Dusk thrust into her marehood relentlessly and her mind was long gone by then as Aria's eyes were glazed over by lust. Dusk soon breaks her kiss with Aria and increases the speed of his thrusts.

"Fu....fuhaa....ghua.." Aria was left panting as her moans increased in volume for almost half an hour. Every time his pulls his member back till the tip was still in, he would slam his hips back in making a member shaped bulge inside Aria. His hands travelled along Aria's body, mostly around her round butt cheeks. Aria would give off a pleasurable yelp whenever Dusk smacks her ass. It wasn't long when a need was growing in Aria as Dusk's member was hitting the back of her womb. Dusk soon starts slowing down and Aria was confused as to why.

"W-why're you....slowing down?" She asked.

" want me to speed up?" Dusk adds teasingly.

"Y-yes..." She admitted wanting Dusk to finish. Dusk expression said he wasn't really convinced. He pulls out of Aria and she gives off a moan of disappointment.

"W-why did y-you pull out?"

"You didn't sound so convincing saying that you wanted it badly." He added smirking while wagging his erect stallionhood in front of Aria's dazed face as he did Sonata. "You want to prove you want it? Then lay on your back, spread your legs and admit that your a masochist bitch." Dusk adds wanting to see her reaction as her face now had a look of need. Aria clearly wanted it, and she was soon spreading her legs for him.

"I-I'm a masochist bitch! Please give me you cock and punish me!" Aria finally admitted and Dusk was pleased with her confession. He reenters her warm love cavern and presses his body onto hers and she locks her legs behind Dusk back. Dusk resumes his pounding in Aria's marehood and his coconut size balls slap against her bubbly ass. He gives her a few good spanks causing the surprised mare to gasp and moan from how hard he spanks her.

"Turn around and brace yourself against the wall. I'm gonna fuck you that way." Dusk added pulling out of her wet snatch for the second time. Aria did what she was told and turn around and braced herself against the wall. She even wiggles her rear and spreads her marehood for him.

"Please punish me master Dusk." She added even lifting her tail revealing her soaked love hole. Dusk smiles at Aria's submission and grinds his phallus on her flank.

"Alright, but I won't be holding back." Dusk finished his sentence by aligning his thick maelluss with her marehood and thrusts his hips forward. Aria let out a hoarse like moan as she felt his girth push past her cervix and enters her womb. He pounds her marehood and even gives her ass a few good spanks. Her cheeks were red but it didn't stop her from enjoying it as her marehood would tighten around Dusk's monstrous shaft.

"Feels good doesn't it?" Dusk asks her as his thrusts increase in speed. His balls letting out a gurgling noise as he awaits his release. "Where do you want it my little slut?" He asked his still dazed slave.

"I-inside.... Do it inside! Fill me up!" Aria begged him. She was also on the verge of her climax for the third time today. After a few more hard thrusts, he grabs ahold of Aria's swishing tail, giving it a firm yank, and she gives off a throaty moan as his coconut cumtanks release their pent up payload through his equine shaft and into Aria's marehood. Dusk groans as her velvety walls clamp onto his equine shaft eager to milk him dry. Like with Sonata, Aria's eyes roll to the back of her head as her stomach bloats up like a water balloon.

"Well Aria, your 'groan' tells me you seemed to have learned your lesson." Dusk grunted as he released another round of his thick cream inside of the now unconscious Aria. He soon pulled out of her abused marehood and let go of her tail, letting Aria slump on the floor near the wall. Her cervix closed up leaving all of Dusk's seed trapped inside.

"Now then," Dusk said as he channeled his magic and the same type of collar he put onto Sonata appeared in his hands. The collar disappeared and materialized around Aria's neck. Now that she was marked, he knelt down to complete the ritual.

"Tu es à moi maintenant et pour toujours." Dusk whispered his final phrase in her ear. He snapped his fingers and watched as Aria's exhausted form woke up. She had heart-shaped eyes, just like Sonata.

"Can you hear me Aria?" Dusk asked his new pet.

"Yes, master." She said in a daze.

"That's what I like to hear." Dusk spoke as he kissed her again. She lost track of how long Dusk made out with her, but she didn't care. She welcomed the kiss without a care in the world, and his forked tongue dances inside her mouth.

"Alright, let's rouse your sister Sonata, shall we?" Dusk added after ending his make-out session with Aria, causing her to lightly moan in disappointment. Dusk snapped his fingers again and Sonata appeared behind Aria. She woke up and looked towards Dusk with a rather dopey smile on her face. Her stomach was still bloated from when Dusk was through with her, but he was going to deal with that shortly.

"Master." She said in a lust filled tone. "How may I service you?"

"Don't worry, you'll both be servicing me soon, but I need to take care of you first." Dusk said with a smirk on his face as his horn lit up. Aria and Sonata felt their stomachs deflate from the filling their new master gave them.

"Aw, we're not full anymore." Sonata whined, looking at her flat stomach that was once bloated like a beach ball. Aria felt the same way as she looked at her stomach.

"Don't worry, you'll both feel full again, but now we need your sister Adagio to pay us a visit." Dusk added as he, once again, snapped his fingers, making a throne appear. "I want her to feel the same pleasure I gave you girls." He added, as he took a seat on his throne, allowing his throbbing member to lurch forward as precum dribbled from the tip. His new slaves looked at his throbbing erection, completely mesmerized. The longer they stared, the wetter their nethers became and the more drool that ran down their muzzles.

"But, you can both service me as I summon her here." He commanded, as he stroked his massive length. Both mares obediently crawled over to Dusk and greedily licked along his thick shaft.

'You're next Adagio Dazzle. I'm gonna take my sweet time with you.' Dusk thought as he planned what he was going to do to his next victim.

Taming the sirens: Adagio Dazzle The Milkmare

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"Ungh, my head." Adagio groans as she wakes up. She cricks her neck slightly as she looks around the room she was in. She couldn't see much since it was still pitch black in the room.

"Where am I?" She asks herself as couldn't really see much since the room she was in was pitch black. "Wait a minute." She said to herself. She soon catches on to what happened earlier. Adagio remembered when she and Aria heard Sonata scream and rushing to her aid. They found Dusk over her and her stomach when she was done with Taco Tuesday and both mares being separated.

"That...that bastard!" Adagio was pissed when she remembered what happened. "You gonna fucking pay for what you did to Sonata." She grumbles to herself as she kicked a pebble that was on the ground. Sadly there's no rest for the wicked. She took a good five steps forward, before the sounds of moving rope could be heard. Before Adagio had time to react, sets of long ropes appear from the shadows and began tying up her limbs.

"What the fuck!?" Adagio yelled as she struggled to try and get loose, but the ropes pull her into the direction from whence they appeared. The harder she tried to pull, the harder the ropes pulled on her. She was being dragged on the floor through the darkness until she found herself bound in a rather sultry position where her limbs were tied up. She struggled to get loose, but her ropes were not going to loosen up anytime soon.

"Great, if things weren't crappy enough. First Sonata gets raped by that bastard, I get separated from Aria Blaze, and now this!?" She yells to herself as to whoever had arms and legs bound in tight ropes. She soon tired herself out and stops struggling as the ropes wouldn't budge even an inch. A low chuckling could be heard, causing Adagio's ears to perk up. "W-who's there?" She stuttered as the chuckling soon turned into a slight laughter. The laughter sounded masculine, but she flinches when a pair of red eyes soon show themselves in the darkness.

"Who are you? Why're you doing this?" Adagio asks her captor.

"Oh come now, have you forgotten me already?" Said the voice from the shadows. Adagio immediately recognized the voice, her rage fear replaced by anger as to who it was.

"Dusk, you bastard!" She yelled, struggling in her binds.

"Don't bother. Those ropes of mine have you bound tight, so there's no use in struggling." He said as his body started to reveal itself in the darkness. Adagio was able to see his body stand out more in the shadows, but what she was looking at left her with a mix of fear, despair, frustration and helplessness. Dusk finally revealed himself sitting in a makeshift throne with his right hand under his chin. Both of her sisters Aria and Sonata were on their knees, licking his throbbing stallionhood like an oversized lollipop. Both mares carried a lust induced daze on their faces, Adagio's anger at her boiling point.

"First Sonata, now Aria? What did you do to my sisters you monster!?" She shouts toward her captor once again struggling in her binds. Dusk wasn't fazed by her calling him a monster.

"That's enough girls." Dusk said to both of his slaves and they stop licking his shaft. Dusk then gets up from his throne and walks over to a scared yet angry Adagio. He caresses her right cheek, while Adagio carried a look of disgust.

"Don't touch me, you pervert!" She shouted turning her head away. Dusk chuckles at her reaction and stands up, his throbbing erection in front of her face.

"Funny, that's close to what you sisters called me before I claimed them." He quipped. Before Adagio could say anything he vanishes from her sites for the third time.

"Bastard! Where are you!?" She yelled. The only response was the sounds of love making made by her two sisters. "What's wrong with you two? Snap out of it!" She yelled towards her sisters. They didn't respond to Adagio.

"Don't bother." Said a voice from behind Aria startling her. She turns her head to find Dusk behind her rubbing her shoulders. "They're so lust dazed that they can only hear my voice. But don't worry--" Dusk remarked with a sickening smile. "You be joining them shortly." Before Adagio could say anything, she felt something yank on her wrists. The ropes that had her limbs tied, she soon felt herself hoisted in the air by her arms towards the ceiling. She yelps as she finds herself hoisted up in the air, completely helpless as she finds herself dangling from the air.

"Bastard! Let go of me!" She shouted struggling in her binds trying to get away from Dusk but to no avail. Dusk appears behind Adagio again and she starts to get nervous when Dusk starts rubbing her shoulders. He then leans into Adagio's ear and whispers his final sentence.

"If you're done trying to delay the inevitable, just relax and enjoy what I'm going to offer." Dusk starts off by rubbing Adagio's shoulders and began working his way down. Adagio squirmed and gave off involuntary moans as her captor moves from her shoulders and trailed kisses along her neckline. "Now now. Don't be like that. I haven't even got to the good part yet." Dusk quipped as his clawed hands groped her C-cup breasts. Adagio's face began to turn a nice shade of crimson.

"Wonder how you look without your top on." Adagio heard this and started to get nervous as she began to struggle in her binds again. Dusk pokes one of his claws onto the center of her purple shirt and slowly drags it down. The sounds of tearing could be heard as her shirt was now ruined and revealed a black lacy bra underneath. Adagio gave off another involuntary moan as his clawed hands grope her breasts through the fabric.

"I must say, you're not bad." Dusk said teasing her by licking along her neck.

"You'll regret this, you bastard!" Adagio retorted, but starting panting as his hands massage her modest breasts. She couldn't hold back her moans and soon felt herself getting hot down below. She notice this and was about to say something, but Dusk stops what he's doing and rips off her shirt.

"Hey, that shirt wasn't cheap!" She yelled rather upset. Dusk chuckles.

"Perhaps you should worry about what going to happen next rather than your shirt, dear Adagio." Dusk remarked as he soon started fumbling with her bra.

"! Wait don't--" Whatever she was about to say fell on deaf ears as she felt her bra come a loose.

"What're you so nervous abo--- Hm?" He finally notices why she didn't want him touching her bra. His eyes were on her chest as her modest breasts started to expand. Adagio began panting as she felt her breasts grow from a size c-cup to an impressive g-cup in mere seconds. When they stopped growing, her breasts were literally the size of basketballs. She also had white swirly pasties covering her nipples. Dusk soon carried a devilish grin on his face.

"So you had a magic bra on this entire time?" Dusk remarked, giving her new melons a good squeeze. Adagio couldn't hold back her moans with how rough he was being. Dusk massages her malleable breasts like dough and could feel something sloshing around inside. She soon feels something between her legs as Dusk starts grinding his thick girth where her marehood is.

"Stop it! Don't touch me!" She shouted, but it only made her captor squeeze her breasts more. She felt helpless at this point when her marehood began to leak from excitement. She felt her panties grew damp and her nipples began to harden from her pasties as Dusk continued to tease her breasts. He does notice the sound that they were making. Almost as if a fluid was inside of them. He smiles in response.

"You and your sisters each have something unique about each other." Dusk said as his stallionhood gave a few twitches and beads of precum erupt from his equine malleus. "You seem to have a rather impressive rack, Aria has a nice ass, and Sonata seems to have a little bit of both."

"I...don't need to...hear this....from you..." Adagio panted trying to hold back her moans.

"I'm actually intrigued by the noise you're breasts are making." He remarked and Adagio flinches in response. Dusk notices this and has an evil grin plastered on his face. "Let's see if we can get these pasties off."

"N-no....p-please..." She begged but it fell on deaf ears as Dusk gets from behind Adagio and slowly peels of her pasties. Adagio wanted to say something, but Dusk presses his body onto hers and he kisses her on her lips and his tongue enters her mouth and he works his magic. Adagio's moans were muffled by his kiss as his tongue dominates her mouth. She let out a pained mewl as both of her pasties were gone allowing her rosy nipples to poke into his chest. Dusk soon pulls away from a blushing Adagio and licks his lips in anticipation.

"Honestly, why would you try to hide a body like this?" He asked her. Before she could say anything, he notices something leaking from her nipples slightly. His smile grew sinister as he takes her left breasts into his mouth. He sucks on her nipple, making her moan, and some warm and sweet entered his muzzle. He pulls away from her breasts and licks his lips. "You lactate milk." He smiles as he savors her creamy milk. She tasted very sweet, a mix of raspberries, grapes, and blueberries danced along his tastebuds.

"T-that's none of you business...Aahn!" Adagio retorted, but Dusk gropes her breasts causing her to moan again.

"Keep in mind I control what happens hears, but I actually wonder how you taste down below. But in the meantime--" Dusk adds as he looks towards Aria and Sonata who were still making out on the bed.

"Aria. Sonata." He called their names catching both sirens attention, causing both mares stop kissing each other.

"Yes, master?" Both mares spoke in a trance-like state. Dusk uses his magic to levitate both mares to where he was standing.

"You both seem to be rather thirsty after our fun together, but luckily--" He remarks groping Adagio's breasts. "Your sister Adagio has something to quench your thirst." Aria and Sonata then look at their sister Adagio and notices her breastmilk leaking out. Adagio became nervous as both of her sisters started drooling the longer they stared at her breasts.

"Y-you can't do this to me!" Adagio shouted towards Dusk and was trying to talk some sense into her sisters. Dusk them turns her head to were his red ruby eyes were directly facing her scared mulberry ones.

"I told you, as long as those collars are around their necks, they can only hear my voice. So just sit back and become lost on your pleasure." Dusk remarked and he turn to her sisters. "Have at her girls." Dusk told Aria and Sonata and both mares crawled on either side of Adagio and taking one of her milky breasts in their muzzles. Adagio couldn't hold back her moans as she felt her breasts being sucked on by her sisters. She thought that it couldn't get any worse, but she soon felt something, more like somepony remove her skirt. She looks ahead of her sisters to find Dusk holding her skirt in his hand.

"W-what're you doing?" She asked, but let out another moan as her sisters not only suck on her breasts, but would massage and squeeze them draining her of her excess milk.

"Well, you're sisters are tending to your top half," Dusk remarked as he get in between both sisters and cuts the ropes that had her legs tied. "so I was going to tend to your lower half." Dusk adds and spreads her legs to reveal her golden dripping snatch. He begins eating out her marehood, and Adagio's moans soon grew louder in volume as she felt herself being stimulated in three places at the same time for the last five minutes. Dusk's forked tongue wasn't missing a beat, as his tongue tastes every nice of her marehood.

'It won't be long now before you're mine Adagio.' Dusk thought to himself as he tasted her tangy marecum as he knew she wasn't going to last much longer. Adagio felt her senses slowly fading away being replaced by lust the harder she tried to fight back. Dusk soon pulls away from Adagio's marehood, a string of saliva slowing parting his lips.

"Enjoying yourself Adagio?" He asks wiping his muzzle of her juices.

"D-don't...fu....fuhaa....gah!" Adagio couldn't form a simple sentence after Dusk's assault on her quivering nethers and her sisters assault on her tender breasts that were becoming sore from their constant sucking.

"So lust dazed that you can't form a simple sentence?" Dusk chuckled as he gets up from where he was kneeling. "Aria, Adagio, that's enough." He commands to both sirens and they stop sucking on Adagio's breasts. Adagio was trying to catch her breath from the assault she endured from having her body molested. She glares at Dusk, tears of pleasure streaming down her blushing face.

"Still defiant I see." Dusk chuckled as he eyed her helpless frame.

" get a kick out of...raping mares?" She panted trying to get her bearings as more of her juices flowed down her legs. Dusk chuckles and walks over to his prey and caresses her rose red cheeks

"Oh Adagio, you call it rape, I call it a way for my slaves to be what they truly are." He adds and makes Adagio get on her knees. Before Adagio had any time to react, she felt something warm and thick graze her muzzle. She was greeted with the sight of Dusk smiling down at her, and his massive length. His malleus reeked of sex, and it lurches upwards, and a bead of precum leaks from his tip. "Rather than use that mouth of yours for talking, why not use it for something else?"

"You expect me to--" Adagio didn't get to finish as she felt her the back of her head grabbed by Dusk and he forces her down on his throbbing member. "Gluk! Mmph!" She groaned as she felt his tip hit the back of her throat without warning. Dusk let out a low moan at how soft the inside of her mouth felt. Adagio let out pained moans as she struggles to breathe. Adagio felt as if she was choking on a leadpipe with how big he was.

"Mmph! Gluk! Gurk!" She grunted as tears of pleasure and pain streamed down her face as she tried to push away, but Dusk was far stronger than her as he kept a form grip on her head as he forced her further on his pelvis. He continued to force Adagio on his malleus for another few minutes, but notices that she stopped struggling. He looks down and finds out that Adagio looked ready to pass out from her gagging on his stallionhood. Seeing as she had enough, he let's go of her head and pulls his stallionhood out of her mouth.

"I guess I may have taken that too far, but I have to admit, you're a tough mare." He said as Adagio was still coughing and gagging as she struggled to breathe from his assault on her muzzle. Adagio was fighting a losing battle as her marehood leaked further juices as this dragged on. "I think it's time to skip the foreplay" Dusk smirked as he gets behind Adagio and grinds his still hard malleus in between her legs. Adagio was helpless as Dusk's hands travel along her body. Mostly around her breasts as he squeezes her sense give nipples giving off pleasant moans.

" more..." She begged, no pleaded for him to stop.

"Let me guess, you're a virgin?" He asked her. Adagio flinches at his question.

"Y-you knew?" She asked in a panic and Dusk carried a devilish grin as he aligns his stallionhood with her marehood.

"You sisters told me you were all virgins. More their body language told me." Dusk remarked as he licks her neckline. Dusk then leans into her left ear and whispers just one sentence: "Now, you're mine." Adagio's blood runs cold when he said this. Dusk thrusts his hips forward and breaks her hymen with one quick thrust into her marehood. Adagio screamed in pleasure and pain as she felt her virginity taken. It was so sudden, she end up cumming in front of her sisters. Her walls tighten around his thick shaft as her juices drench his member.

"Mmph! You're tighter than your sisters. Hm?" Dusk notices Adagio's condition as her head was arched back, her tongue hung out of her mouth, tears streamed down her face, and her eyes hung to the back of her head. Dusk smirks and turns her head to where she held her dazed face. "Did you just cum?" He asked her. Adagio couldn't say anything, her face was a mix a pain and pleasure as Dusk caressed her blushing face.

"Looks like I finally broke you." Dusk said as he gives her breasts a firm squeeze and her fruity milk squirts out. She grits her teeth and gives off a pained moan when she feels his claws on her breasts.

"Aria. Sonata. Leave us alone for now." Dusk said and both slaves do what he says and back away from their master. "Alright Adagio, as of right now, you're mine." Dusk said as he thrusts his hips forward, pounding her quivering marehood. Aria and Sonata were back with making out with each other again when they felt that they weren't needed right now. Adagio grunted whenever Dusk thrusts his pelvis into her marehood. The sounds of moaning sex, was the only thing that could be heard as dusk increases his speed every few minutes. Adagio's pained grunts soon turned into pleasured moans as Dusk does try to make it pleasurable for her by car reading her soft flesh and trailing kisses and licking along her neckline. Dusk gives her ass a few good spanks every now and again, but he soon slows down his thrusts and Agadio started moaning in disappointment.

"Why...did....did you...stop?" She asked panting while looking at Dusk with lust in her eyes. Dusk smirked as he knew that he was slowly corrupting his prey.

"Don't worry my dear Adagio, I was just going to untie you." Dusk remarked. With a simple snap of his fingers, Adagio felt her wrists being untied from the ropes and slumps on the floor. She laid on the floor in a fetal position as she tries to recover. Her loins were still burning, and were aching for Dusk to fill her aching marehood with his thick manhood. "Now hold up one of your legs and beg for your master's cock." Dusk said while swaying his cock in front of her blushing face. Adagio drooled the longer she stared at his rock hard stallionhood. Dusk had devilish grin as he eyed her glazed look. Adagio couldn't think straight and couldn't hold herself back. Obeying her new master, she lies in her right side and lifts her right leg while looking back at Dusk. "Please master...stuff me...make me...yours..."

"As you wish." Dusk said as his slave finally submitted to her carnal desires. Dusk gets on his knees and aligns his thick manhood with her quivering marehood. Adagio let out a hoarse moan as she felt her insides stretched again. Dusk bucks his hips forward and starts of at a steady pace while holding one of her slender legs.

"Yes!” she cried out. Her massive breasts bounced against her chest, her nipples long and stiff and aching.

“Yes! Oh Celestia Yes!" she moaned, as Dusk hilted his length inside her and reached around to kiss her, fondling her breasts madly as his balls slapped against her sense give clit with each thrust. Adagio moaned wildly as she felt his monstrous cock hitting the back of her womb on each thrust. After another ten minutes, Dusk grew bored of this position and pulls his length out of her. Adagio moaned in disappointment after she slumped on the floor, her loins still aching for a filling.

"Don't worry my dear," Dusk said to Adagio as he lies on his back. His cock glistening with Adagio's marecum as he beckons her to come over to her. "I just wanted to try a new position. Now, Adagio please your master." Dusk commanded. Adagio couldn't hold herself back at this point and immediately did what Dusk asked. Adagio crawls over to Dusk and gets on top of him, grinding her burning marehood against his monstrous length. Beads of precum slowly leaking from his flared head as he playfully gropes her firm buttocks right on her cutiemark. She spreads her marehood again and gropes his length as she slowly goes down on his shaft. Dusk as one for going slow, but he was done playing games. He grabs her ass, and without warning, and his hips met hers with a meaty thwack. The impact sent her boobs bouncing crazily over her chest as his plump, overfilled nuts rippled and sloshed. Her stomach bulged obscenely as Dusk's shaft pushed its way inside of her, making its own room when even her gaping cunt proved too small to contain him.

"Mmph! You marehood is truly amazing. No matter how many time I re-enter you, it always remains tight." Dusk moaned as he felt Adagio's velvet clamping down on him like a vice as her wet cunt desperately tried to coax his stallionhood of his thick seed. Dusk hands soon go from Adagio's ass to her breasts as he gives them a firm squeeze causing more of her milk to squirt from them. Not wanting her milk to go to waist, he leans forward, and takes on of her nipples into his muzzle and gulps down her sweet milk.

"Oh Celestia, suck me more!" Adagio moaned as Dusk drank more of her milk. It was soon becoming too much for Adagio. Dusk constantly playing with her supple body, her bouncing on his thick shaft, she felt herself getting close again after twenty minutes. Dusk wasn't far behind her as he felt his coconut sized balls swell up wanting to release their hearty contents in their eager target.

"Please master....finish inside me....Make me cum!" Adagio begged. Dusk carried a devilish smirk as he admired his new slave's submission. His clawed hands reach behind Adagio and grope her rather soft flank. She bit her lower lip and gave off a pained yet pleasurable moan as she felt Dusk's clawed hands dig into her soft supple flesh. He slams her hips down faster than before and her moans start to become pure screams. She also felt Dusk thrusts his hips upward as he timed her bouncing with his thrusts making the perfect symphony. Dusk had his hands right on Adagio's cutiemark as he massaged her flank. Adagio pressed his face into her chest. She wanted him close when he would cum inside of her. Soon afterward, both individuals hit their respective peaks.

First was Dusk as his balls lurched as they spilled their depths inside of her. Shot after shot of his hot, thick load splattered against her insides; soon enough, she was entirely flooded with his cum, and her belly was beginning to swell with the sheer deluge of jizz erupting inside of her. Adagio arches her head back as her velvet walls clamp down on his monstrous shaft, desperately trying to milk him of every last drop of cum he has in his fat flesh orbs. Dusk grunted as he felt himself releasing more than he normally would have as he burst another heavy load in Adagio's already expanding stomach. He finally felt spent and Adagio slump on the floor allowing his cock to slip out of her marehood. Dusk smiled as he looked at his new slave. Adagio's tongue hung out of her mouth, hearts appeared in her eyes, and she carried the happiest look on her face as her sisters did. Dusk sits up and caresses Adagio's lust-dazed face.

"How does it feel to give into your desires Adagio?" He asked her as he snaps his finger making the same black collar with pink hearts appeared in his hand. Adagio looks into Dusk's demonic eyes as she weakly tries to get up. But she gets on her knees and gives Dusk her answer.

"It feels wonderful master." Dusk was pleased with her response as he places the color around his new slave's neck.

"Perfect answer my dear Adagio. Tu es à moi maintenant et pour toujours." Dusk spoke as he left his mark and Adagio was now one of his new slaves. "Let's join you sisters shall we?" Dusk added and Adagio nodded as she followed her master. "You can stand up you know." Dusk added noticing that she was still crawling.

"I would if I could master, but I can barely feel my legs." She added.

"Don't worry my dear, I can easily fix that." Dusk spoke as he snapped his fingers and Adagio started to regain strength in her legs again. He also deflated her stomach allowing her to walk more easily.

"There, all better." He added but noticed Adagio's expression go to a frown. "Now what's wrong?"

"I'm not full anymore."

"Don't worry my dear, I'm nowhere near done yet. Aria. Sonata. Come join us." Dusk called out to both of his other slaves. Both mares heard their names called and eagerly joined their master and their sister.

"Now girls, line up, and get on your knees with you asses facing me." Dusk commanded to his slaves while stroking his hardening shaft.

"Yes master." All three sirens did ask their master commanded and they have their flanks facing Dusk and they look at him with lewd eyes wanting to be stuffed by Dusk's lead pipe once again.

'I'm gonna take my sweet time with you three.' He thought as the room echoed with lust filled moans as Dusk bucks his new slaves.

The Royal Sleepover and Dusk's next move

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In a room in the Royal Palace, a small number of females are gathered for a sleepover. At the moment, they were all sitting/laying down in a circle, eating snacks, lounging in their sleepwear.

“Thank you again for allowing us to have our little get together here in Canterlot.” Rarity said to the princesses in gratitude. She sat on a luxurious red couch, other than everypony who would sit Indian-style, while dressed in an almost see-through black lingerie. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing anything else.

“You should thank Pinkie for having Barb sent me a scroll asking to do so.” Replied Celestia, who was wearing a white fluffy robe that just barely covered her modesty.

“I can’t believe you actually did that.” Groaned Starlight, dressed in a half T-shirt that shows her midriff along with a pair of cloth shorts.

“Welcome to Equestria, Starlight.” Rainbow commented, barely containing her laughter, as she floated in the air. She just had on a black sport bra and a pair of light blue boy shorts.

“And you said you wanted to have a slumber party but had no place to slumber.” Pinkie happily stated.

“But calling the princess to--” Starlight didn’t get to finish as Pinkie was suddenly in her face with a very serious face, glaring at her. The only part of her body on the floor were her hands, the rest of her was perfectly parallel to the ground.

“No party will EVER get cancelled if I have anything to say about it!” Pinkie said menacingly. Her breast fully exposed due to her shirt, that barely covered her breasts in the first place, slid to her shoulders. Pinkie suddenly felt herself being pulled by her tail and made to land on her bare flank in her yellow thong.

“Simmer down there Pinkie,” Applejack said, “you’re scaring the poor girl.” She was wearing a shirt tied around her ‘girls’, as well as a pair of red boy shorts, that barely cover her supple rear.

“Well, you definitely scared me.” A tiny voice spoke from inside a sleeping bag.

“Is she always that jittery?” Asked a confused Moondancer, who was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, while trying to hide her pink high-cut panties.

“YES!” Everypony answered in the room before going into a fit of giggles.

“Well, I, for one, am happy to be back here. I was really surprised to receive an invitation.” Sunset Shimmer stated, while wearing a fiery-red bra and panty set. “And I’m sure Twilight would thank you for letting her come...if you can keep her from admiring this place.” Sunset remarked as Twilight (who was still trying to get use to her new wings and horn) eyes wandered around as she looked at the interior of the castle. She was even more amazed that her principals and her elder stepsister were also princesses of Equestria. She learns her male counterpart crossed into her world before and helped saved it twice. She was actually interested to meet him.

“I also, the Great and Powerful Trixie, am humbled and honored to being invited as well.” Stated the showmare wearing her trademark hat and cloak, along with a blue bra and panty set that were a couple of shades darker than her fur color.

“Excuse me?” a shy yet enthusiastic Twilight Sparkle, wearing a black sports bra with a pair of pajama bottoms, said as she returned her attention to the group.

“I was just wondering male faring?”

“He wasn’t doing too good when we left.” Barb answered, wearing a Tshirt and pair of cargo shorts.

“How so?” Asked Cadance, who was wearing a robe almost identical to her aunt Celestia's but pink instead of white.

“Well, he looked like he was in pain. We tried to make sure he was okay, but said he just needed some rest.” Replied Starlight

"Not only that,” Barb added, “but he not only gave us the rest of the day off put the guards as well.”

“Oh my!” a worried Fluttershy said, crawling out of her sleeping bag, wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and a pink thong. “I hope he’ll be alright by himself.”

“Indeed.” Said Luna. She was wearing a black lace bra and panty set that was almost see-through. “Weird happenings can occur during a full moon, so cauti--”

The sound of a cup and saucer shattering on the floor interrupted Luna and bought everypony’s attention to Celestia. "Oh dear,” Celestia quickly stated as she used her magic to clean up the mess. “I think I need some air. Please, excuse me.” Celestia quickly teleported out of there, leaving everyone confused, and Luna quite concerned.

"Okay, now Princess Celestia is acting weird." Barb remarked as she took a sip of her soda.

"I'm sure my sister is fine." Luna added to Barb's statement.

"That is rather surprising though." Rarity added as she used her magic to pass around a tray of cucumber sandwiches for her friends. "She seemed rather nervous when she left."

"You think something big is happening tonight?" Asked Sunset Shimmer.

" if. I doubt anything would be happening tonight." Rainbow Dash continued as she opened a bag of carrot chips. She then get a sly smile. "Besides," she said she as she crept up behind Sunset,"If us time to ourselves, but to play some naughty games." She finished her teasing with a firm slap to Sunset's butt, causing her to yelp.

"What the heck Rainbow Dash!?" She shouted, her face a nice shade of crimson.

"Relax Sunbutt, I was just messing with you." She giggled.

"Yeah, clearly. And don't call me Sunbutt." Sunset growled, which only caused Rainbow to start laughing. Frustrated, a blushing Sunset went to sat away from the hysterical pegasus.

"Aw, learn to lighten up. I was only--" RD got cut off when a lightning bolt zapped her behind, causing her to yelp and jump towards the room's chandelier." What the heck was that?" She asked shuddering like leaf. She frantically looked around until she spotted a smirking Princess Luna with her horn glowing. Next to her, was a blue cloud with small sparks jumping around it.

"T-that was so not funny." RD stuttered while blushing from embarrassment.

"It was just a joke Rainbow Dash, lighten up." She teases, as the other girls started laughing at RD's misery.

"Yeah I get it. I'll lay off." She groaned floating back down to her seat.


Celestia walked out the balcony outside her bed chambers. She tried to calm herself as she looked at the full moon under a starry night sky.

"I pray that I am wrong. If what happened with Dusk, happens again..." She paced around the balcony remembering the last time her former student's dark side emerged.

"No! I won't let history repeat itself. Not again. But what can I do?" Celestia pondered, "I don't want to scare everyone and reveal Dusk secret if everything really is alright, but I can't take the chance that he's not." Celestia continued pacing, know if she doesn't get to the others soon, they will start asking questions she doesn't want to answer.

"I GOT IT!" She exclaimed, immediately covering her mouth at her volume. She walks over to Philomena, her pet phoenix, and roused her from her slumber. "I am sorry for disturbing you, but I have an important task for you." Philomena did not look too happy, but listened anyway.

"I fear something could be wrong with Dusk, but I don't want to raise any alarms in case I'm wrong." Philomena perked up, as if waiting for further instructions. Celestia quickly jotted down something on a small piece of paper and tied it to the phoenix's leg.

"Take this note to Ponyville--" Philomena gave a very loud squawk at hearing this. "I know that it's far, but I need to know if Dusk has his situation 'contained'. "This tiny scroll," Celestia then lit her horn, and the paper around the her pet's leg glowed, "will teleport you back to here to my chambers. If nothing's amiss, just rest here. If not, come to me as soon as you come." Philomena gave an unhappy chirp. "Okay, I'll get you some exotic fish." Philomena peeped happily and flew off. "I just hope that Dusk is alright." Celestia thought to herself as she returned to the other mares and their slumber party.

"Hello girls, I'm back." Celestia spoke in her angelic tone, catching the other's attention.

"Hi Princess Celestia, what happened earlier?" Barb asks.

"I just felt uneasy about something, but I got worried over nothing. That's all." Celestia added.

"Are y'all sure Princess Celestia? Y'all seem kinda worried about something." Applejack added noticing Celestia's nervous expression.

"Don't worry about it my little ponies. Let's just enjoy the time we have now and enjoy our little get together." She added hoping to drop the conversation. Luckily, Pinkie Pie just happened to change the subject.

"How about we play truth or dare?" She asked everypony while randomly pulling out an empty beer bottle from her poofy pink mane. Twilight and FlutterShy had deep blushes on their faces at they both knew where games like that led.



"Oh come now Pinkie, that game is so childish." Rarity added. But Rainbow Dash wasn't having any of that.

"You scared Rarity?" She teased causing some of the mares to go 'ooh' around Rarity.

"I'm not scared, I just find-" Rarity was cut off by Applejack as she placed an arm over her shoulder.

"Come on now Rarity, it's been kinda borin' just sittin here talkin'." Rarity wanted to say something, but couldn't really find any words. Plus in a sense, Applejack was right.

"I have to agree." Cadence added taking a sip of her punch. "I'd rather not sit here all night without doing something fun."

"Alright, let's just get this over with." She sighed giving in.

"Yay, I'll go first!" Pinkie said with glee as she set the bottle down and gave it a good spin.

'I pray to Faust that Dusk is alright.' Celestia thought to herself as she planned on enjoying the rest of the night with her sister, niece and her friends.

-Castle of Friendship-

"Aahn!! Yes!!! More!!!" Adagio moaned as Dusk thrusts into her marehood begging him to let his thick cream inside of her. For the last three hours (which was stupid on his part), Dusk has been bucking the sirens relentlessly. Aria and Sonata both, their stomachs bloated to the size of basketballs again, were currently making out with each other. Their hands traveled along each other's bodies while waiting to get another filling after their new Master was done with Adagio. At the moment, his newest sex slave was standing with her back against the wall as Dusk continued pounding her. As she clung on to his back, her nails dug into his skin. The harder he bucked his hips, the deeper her nails dug into him. His member was practically scraping at her ovaries as he hit the back of her womb. Adagio moaned as Dusk thrusted into her marehood, begging him to release his thick cream inside of her.

"You're getting bigger inside of me master." Adagio moaned. Dusk soon groaned as he felt his balls gurgling, as they started to swell up for another thick release.

"Take my seed in your slutty body." Dusk remarked with a smirk as he suckled on Adagio's milky breasts. She instinctively held his head in place letting her new master drink as much milk as he wanted. She and her sisters had only one purpose in life; pleasing their new master in any way he commands. Nothing else mattered. Dusk soon groaned, as he released another massive load into Adagio's womb. Adagio let out a throaty moan as Dusk released shot after shot of semen inside his slave, while the muscles in her tunnel tightened around his shaft, desperately trying to milk him of every drop he had. After a few more squirts, Adagio slumped in his arms.

"Aw, and it was just getting good." He quipped as he pulled her off his stallionhood and placed (or threw) her on his makeshift bed to join her two sisters. Aria and Sonata noticed milk leaking from their lust dazed sister's tits and both mares took one of Adagio's breasts into their muzzles.'s Dusk admired their little scene, but his mind wandered elsewhere. He still had a changeling queen, two powerful unicorns, and an Alicorn to deal with.

'Alright, now who do I go after next? I have four more mares to tame, but it's six hours till sunrise. Not to mention they could use their magic to hinder my movement.' Dusk thought to himself. He then turned to look at the siren sisters. 'I'll have bigger problems if they find these three in their current state.' Noticing his distress, Sonata stopped sucking on Adagio's left breast and she looked at her master with concern.

"What's wrong master?" She asked.

"There are four other mares I want to please, but I have so little time to do it. Plus they all have access to powerful magic, so I'm at a loss." Dusk stated walking around his slaves. Sonata observed her master with her heart-shaped eyes, waiting for him to give her another helping. Dusk pondered for a bit on what to do, until he remembered when he was captured a few hours ago.

"Sonata," Dusk called, causing her ears to perk up, "tell me, what did you use to bind my magic previously when I was captured?" He asked her.

"We used a magic inhibitor ring, but after you transformed, it was destroyed. But we had 4 more just in caseous first one failed master." She answered cheerfully.

"And where are these inhibitor rings?" He asked. Sonata turned around and pointed towards Adagio's littered remains of her clothing. Dusk was confused, but used his magic to levitate Adagio's skirt towards his hand. He then reached into Adagio's pockets and found four inhibitor rings.

'Clever girls.' Dusk thought as he held the rings in his hand. A devilish smirk soon formed on his face, as he clenched his fist with the rings in hand. "Too bad it was all for nothing, and now I have the edge." He added as he opened his hand. The rings that once carried a green color with black shards now carried a black color with red heart shaped shards.

"Let's see them use their magic now when these are placed on them." He smiled to his slave admiring his newly enhanced inhibitor rings. "Why thank you for telling me about this Sonata." Dusk said while caressing Sonata's cheek. She cooed in response from his praise. "I think you deserve a reward." Hearing Dusk say that caused her ears to perk up even more. "But I need to do something first." He added. When Sonata's ears drooped slightly, Dusk caressed her cheek. "Don't worry, I'll be back for you three very soon." Dusk assured her, as his red eyes glowed brightly. Sonata flinched as her eyelids grew heavy. Before she slumped to the floor and Dusk levitated her sleeping form onto the bed, where Adagio was still having her teats sucked by her sister Aria.

"Aria. Adagio." Dusk called getting their attention.

"Yes master?" Both mares replied simultaneously as they sat on their heels on the bed. Their heart-shaped eyes focused on their master.

"I have to go for now." He said and like Sonata their ears drooped in sadness.

"Y-you don't want us anymore?" Adagio asked dishearteningly.

"Please master don't leave us." Aria pleaded, as both mares clung to his legs. They looked up at him with pleading eyes not wanting him to leave. Dusk placed his hands on both of their heads and smiled.

"I never said I was abandoning you, I just need to go and tie up a few loose ends. Then I'll come right back." He explained, prompting his slaves to relax and let go to his legs. "If you girls wait patiently till I get back, I'll reward all of you." He added as he knelt beside them.

"Of course master."

"We will wait for you."

"Good." He replied as his red eyes glowed again. Both mares became drowsy and soon fall asleep. Dusk levitates them onto the bed with their sister. He then leaves the room, closing the door behind him. 'Now, to hunt down the other four mares roaming my castle looking for me.' Dusk thought to himself, smirking as he walked among the shadows 'til he reached one of the many room doors. He turned on the light(s) as he entered his bedroom. He found a desk with a few chairs and a bench with a cloth on it. There was also a large king size bed on the far right of the room with an open window next to the bed. He walked toward the window and looked outside to see the full moon.

"Perfect. I still have time to go after the mares-- Hm?" Dusk stopped himself when he saw a small shadow that blended into the moon. The figure looked distinctively bird-like and it was flying towards the castle. Dusk hid in the shadows of the room and waited for whatever was flying towards the castle to land. It soon perched onto the window sill. Dusk peeked from his hiding spot and noticed what touched down. Celestia's pet phoenix Philomena flew onto the window sill looking around to find Dusk.

'That damn bird!' Dusk thought angrily when he saw her. She spoiled his fun last time when he had a mare alone. She ratted him out to Celestia, who showed up just as he was about to claim a mare. But soon, a wicked smile formed on his face, when he thought of the perfect way to get even with her. 'There's an old saying that payback's a bitch. Now you will know my pain.'

Bonus Chapter: To claim a Phoenix

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Philomena was currently looking for Dusk as she was tasked to do by Princess Celestia, her caretaker. Her thoughts drifted back to what Celestia had promised her. She practically smiled when the thought of exotic fish filling her belly. Celestia promised that when she was done, the scroll on her leg will flash and she'll be back in her little cage asleep. Her daydreams of delicacies were interrupted when she suddenly bumped into something. She let out a low peep as she looked around to see what was blocking her path. When she looked up, she wished she hadn't. Above her was a demonic form of Dusk, looking down on her with a sickening smile on his face.

"Why hello Philomena. It's nice to see you again." He quipped while his horn glowed illuminating his magic. Now knowing why Celestia was so worried, Philomena's first instinct was to fly out of the room and warn Celestia. However, something was preventing her from doing so. "Sorry Philomena, you spoiled my fun last time I was out, and you won't spoil it this time." He added, smiling as to what was happening. Philomena looked down and, to her horror, realized why she couldn't move. A strange rune circle glowed below her, preventing the poor phoenix from moving. She squawked angrily at Dusk, but then remembered the note on her leg. She tried to summon her phoenix fire to activated it, but Dusk was prepared and casted a sleep spell on her at the first sign of Philomena trying to summon her flame. Philomena tried desperately to stay awake, to summon enough fire to activate the note. Unfortunately, the spell was too strong and she soon slumped to the floor. She heard Dusk say, just before she faded into darkness.

"Finally, now I will have my revenge."

-20 minutes later-

Philomena woke up with a splitting headache. She tried to open her eyes and sit up, only for her headache to get worse. Slowly, she tried again. This time she was able to sit up and look around. She saw that she was on a bed in one of the castle's bedrooms. As she scanned the room, for some reason, she started to get a sick feeling in her gut.

"Sleep well?" Asked a demonic voice coming from behind her, causing the phoenix to turn around. Dusk was behind her sitting on his bed, admiring at his new prey. Philomena tried to stand up to get away, only to stumble on the floor.

"Relax, your new form will take some time getting use to." Dusk stated. Philomena was confused. What did he mean by 'new form'? Dusk simply chuckles. "Try looking in the mirror." He remarked, pointing to the right from where he was sitting. Philomena then turn her head to where Dusk was pointing and had a look of horror and dread on her face. Her body was morphed into that of an anthropomorphic being. Her wings were still there, as were her talons, but she now had hands, her wings were on her back, she had a flank and bust size that reminded him of Sonata. Her body was also covered in red feather-like fur.

"W-w-w-What did you do to me!?" She shouted but covered her beak when she heard words coming out of her mouth. "How am I able to speak?"

"It took me a good couple minutes, but I managed to get you to speak properly. Everything else was mere child's play." He spoke as he stood up, his erection standing proud. When she saw how big he was up close, Philomena gasped and immediately backed away.

"Get away from me, you monster!" She spoke as she tried to use her phoenix fire. Sadly it only came out in puffs of smoke. "Wha-"

"Lose something?" Dusk taunted as he held out her phoenix fire in his hands so she could see that she had no defense against him. "I took this out of you after I knocked you out. Won't be anymore surprises out of you this time. Also that little note on your ankle from earlier--" Philomena then looks at her left leg to find the note that Celestia gave her was gone. "That's right. Had a feeling Celestia sent you and I sent it back to your cage. So she won't be getting in my way like last time." Philomena stumbles over herself as she crawls away from Dusk as he slowly walked towards her.

"N-no! S-stay away!" Philomena stammered as she had nowhere to run from her captor. Dusk right hand reached out to Philomena, causing her to flinch and close her eyes. After not feeling anything for a few moments, she decided to open her eyes. Only to see her captor's ruby red eyes staring into her golden ones, scaring her more than she already was.

"Try to relax Philomena. I won't hurt you...much..." Dusk spoke in his demonic, voice sending chills down Philomena's spine.

"And I'm s-suppose to trust you?" Philomena stuttered with as much defiance as she could muster.

"Oh come now Philomena, I only want to make it enjoyable for the both of us." He added as unknown to his new captive, he readied his fangs.

"That's still doesn't make me feel any better jerk." Philomena was meaning to make things difficult for the both of them. Dusk wasn't going to have any of that. He was going to take her whether she liked it or not. Philomena had no idea what Dusk was going to do next.

"Fine. If you're going to continue to make things difficult, I might as well have fun breaking that stubborn resistance of yours." Before Philomena could react, Dusk sank his fangs into her neck,releasing his aphrodisiac venom into her bloodstream. Philomena screamed in pain as she pushed Dusk off of her. She covered the spot on where he bit her and she stares back at Dusk in shock.

"Y-you jerk! Why in Celestia's name did you bite me?" She asked him as trails of blood ran down her neck Dusk simply chuckled at her question.

"Oh don't worry, you'll know what happens in a few seconds." He remarked. Philomena was confused by his response, but her thoughts were soon cut off when she felt an intense burning sensation down below. Her eyes shrank to the size of pinpricks when the burning suddenly grew worse.

"W...w...what" Philomena could hardly speak as her breath became hitched in her throat. She slumped to the floor in a fetal position and started fingering herself. She couldn't stop moaning as her folds started secreting her juices.

"So I was right. With you being a pheonix, my venom seems to react faster in you blood." Dusk smirked with a lick if his lips. Philomena continued to squirm as her burning intensified. She panted as her mind was slowly clouded by lust. She weakly looked up at her captor as he slowly walked towards her.

"N-no..." She weakly protested as Dusk knelt beside her, caressing her soft cheek.

"Don't worry, you will know the pleasures of any female I've tamed, like the sirens." Dusk remarks as he finally kisses Philomena. Her lips were much different from a mares since she technically has a beak like the gryphons. Philomena moaned weakly as Dusk's demonic tongue danced and twirled inside of her mouth. The experience was much new to her as she tried her best to resist him. Dusk had other ideas for Philomena as his right hand started glowing a dark purple aura and his fingers glided against her burning birdhood. Philomena shuddered and mewled in Dusk mouth as his fingers flicked at her vaginal walls feeling her velvety insides sending waves of pleasure up her spine. Dusk keeps up his tongue work for a few more minutes, before he breaks the kiss with Philomena, forming a bridge of saliva between them. Philomena was left nearly breathe less from Dusk's kiss. Her vision was slightly dazed from the kiss as Dusk stares into her golden eyes.

"Let's see how sensitive your new body feels shall we?" He cooed as his hands groped and kneaded her rather ample bust.

"S-stop it..." She pleaded but fell, on deaf ears as Dusk massaged her soft velvet like breasts in his hands making her moan and coo in pleasure. She couldn't hold back her moans as they suddenly grew in volume as she desperately tried to resist Dusk's temptations. Dusk hands soon travel further down and Philomena gets a surprise kiss from her captor and she found herself wrestling with his demonic tongue again. He teases her now soaked henhood that was leaking from arousal thanks to his venom coursing throughout her new body. She squirmed in Dusk's arms as her lower regions were much more sensitive than normal. His fingers feeling inside her velvet walls and teasing her sensitive clit that was winking at him. After a few more minutes of teasing, he finally breaks his kiss leaving Philomena once again panting as she struggled to breathe. Seeing as she was ready, dusk stands up and his hardened shaft was directly in front of Philomena's blushing face.

"How does your feel, my lovely songbird?" Dusk cooed as he caressed he right cheek. Philomena turned her head not wanting to look at Dusk's shaft but she soon felt herself wrapped in a magical aura. Philomena didn't even have time to react as she felt herself thrown onto Dusk's bed landing on the soft mattress with a low moan. She looks up to see a smirking Dusk on top of her and she flinched when she felt something long and hard against her birdhood. She looks down and blushes bright red when she sees his massive girth grinding against soaked slit.

"N-no...p-please..."She protested weakly. Her mind was telling her that he wasn't going to fit, but her body was saying otherwise as she grew wetter the longer she looked at his stallionhood. Dusk soon leans forward to where he was directly in front of her face.

"Don't lie to me. You're just it itching to feel me inside of you. Beside's-" Dusk adds as he leans towards Philomena's left ear and whispers a simple sentence. "I'm going to skip the foreplay just for you, and her to the real fun."

"Wait don't-!!!!" Philomena tried to speak up but Dusk's member pushed forward in her warm wet cavern. She let out a squawk of pain as she felt something give way in her new birdhood. Tears streamed down her face as Dusk stallionhood inside of her. Dusk groan at how tight she was compared to the sirens losing their virginity. She was much more constricting like a vice causing precum to leak from his shaft like a faucet. Philomena unintentionally wraps her legs behind Dusk's back from how painful it was as blood dribbled from her henhood.

"Damn...your much tighter than the sirens when I claimed them." Dusk groaned as her vagina was still clamping down on his shaft. He sees that Philomena was still squirming under him and she had her eyes closed tight from the pain throughout her body, so he decides to caress her cheek and wiping the tears away.

"It...h-hurts... out..." She groaned as she felt nothing but pain down below.

"Try to may hurt right now, but you get use to it as time goes on." Dusk stated. He did wait for Philomena to stop shaking like a leaf as she was still trying to get use to his size. Her eyes were still closed so she didn't see what Dusk was doing next. She felt Dusk's hand over her stomach, but she didn't notice him leave behind a little surprise just slightly above her new henhood.

Philomena gripped the bed sheets tightly, her face a mix of pleasure and pain from having her hymen broken, as Dusk continued plowing her. Dusk loved the feeling of how tight her insides were constantly gripping around his cock. Philomena still carried a pained expression on her face from his thrust, so he decides to have a little fun by using his demonic tongue, licking around her body. She squirmed when his tongue was gliding all over her body. Her moans were becoming more frequent as he continued playing with her new body. With how Dusk was molesting her, Philomena was fighting a losing battle. Her mind starts going blank from the ongoing pleasure she was receiving and her birdhood started becoming more loose giving Dusk raging stallionhood easier access to her velvet like insides.

"Finally submitted have you?" Dusk asked Philomena noticing her expression change. Philomena heard her named called as she stared into Dusk ruby red eyes.

"I....I....I'!" Philomena could hardly say anything when she was completely lust induced. She didn't even realized that she had her legs wrapped behind Dusk's back the entire time.

"So even when you're lust induced, you can still fight back?" Dusk chuckled as he starts to move faster. Philomena felt something from her loins that she hasn't felt before. Something that was in need of release. After a few more minutes, there was a bright flash, and Dusk stops what he was doing and pulls out. Philomena looks at Dusk with want and need as her loins continued to burn.

"" She asked still panting. Her body felt much hotter than normal and the burning in her loins grew much worse. Her birdhood was practically aching now. She squirms on Dusk's bed but that wasn't helping as the burning grew worse as she moved.

"Still waiting on you to submit to your desires my dear." Dusk remarked at Philomena's response. Philomena wonder why she wasn't relieved until she saw something glowing below her. She looks down, and just above her henhood was a purple rune circle with strange symbols resting on too if it.

"Wh....what...did..." She asked panting as she wasn't sure what it meant. Dusk covers his face with one hand and simply laughs at her response.

"It's a little spell I put on you fifteen minutes ago during that kiss earlier. Basically, I decide whether you get off or not." He retorted stroking his length in front of Philomena's blushing face. His stallionhood was still slick and was glistening with Philomena's fluids. The longer she looks at his package, the more her nethers leaked. She couldn't take much more of Dusk's teasing and her new body wanted, no, needed relief. Dusk notices her drooling, panting face.

"T-that's not f-fauuugh!" She tried to speak only to moan in response. She wanted; no she needed relief from this burning sensation she was feeling throughout her body.

"You deserve everything your getting from me after you spoiled my fun dear Philomena. That one unicorn mare with the glasses, I almost claimed her as my own, but you stopped me." Dusk remarked crossing his arms glaring at her. "But I'm a fair stallion...." Dusk then kneels down and caresses Philomena's right cheek.

"Just admit your desires to me, beg for you master's cock, and I'll relieve you of your pain." Dusk spoke in a relaxing tone, but it also carried a sinister smile. Dusk then sits on his bed and opens his legs where his thick equine shaft stood in the air. His stallionhood smelled of her juices and streams of precum leaked from his tip. Philomena continued to stare at his monstrous spire as it showed a few bulging veins around it. Philomena grew wetter the longer she stared at it. Her entire body was on fire from the venom that Dusk released in her bloodstream, not to mention the seal he put above her birdhood wasn't helping her either. The burning in her body grew too much for her to handle. Philomena eyes grew lust dazed as she spread her legs apart revealing her drenched flower to Dusk.

"I-I'm sorry for being such a bad girl....take that monster of a cock and fuck me like the slave I am!" She finally admitted as Dusk soon found that he finally broke her. Dusk surrounded her in a dark purple aura and levitates her where she was above his stallionhood. Without warning, he slams her down onto his stallionhood, and she lets out a hearty moan.

"So glad you came to your senses my dear." Dusk remarked as he channeled his magic removing the rune from Philomena's henhood. Philomena let out a lust filled moan as Dusk equine shaft caused her to feel full again. Dusk had a firm grip on her ass as he thrusts his hips upward into Philomena causing her to bounce on his pelvis. She grips Dusk shoulders for leverage as she felt his massive girth hitting her cervix. Philomena moans in pure bliss as Dusk gropes and massages her ass and teases her backdoor. He locks lips with the whimpering Phoenix. His demonic tongue bearing Philomena's tongue into submission. Philomena couldn't care less at this point. Her body was on fire and she needed a male's lust to sate hers. She wanted to feel his searing hot seed inside of her womb.

"M-more...Master! Fuck me more!" She moans in delight and starts timing her bounces with Dusk thrusting and the sounds of her juices flowing on his shaft were all that could be heard in his room. Dusk was pleased with how well she submitted, but he wasn't finished yet. Philomena yelps as he turns around and forces Philomena back onto his bed. He then lets her really have it as he pounds into her relentlessly. Philomena pants and whimpers as she grips the sheets if his bed, and tears of pleasure streamed down her face.

"Glad to see you turned over a new leaf my dear." Dusk smiled kissing Philomena again. She was lost in pure bliss. Her mind was blank from utter lust as Dusk increased in speed. He felt his coconut sized balls swelling as pressure built up inside. Philomena could feel her new master getting bigger inside of her. The fire that was still inside of her by Dusk was still burning. She wanted; no she needed for Dusk to cum. She wanted his seed in her now.

"Please master, make me yours! Impregnate me with your thick spunk!" She begged from her master as her legs wrapped around his waist.

"Well, since you asked so nicely, so be it." Dusk remarked pounding her quivering birdhood and her walls started tightening around his shaft. The feeling of his pounding stallionhood wrecking her new form was too much for her. Dusk let out a few more grunts until he finally let out a low groan. Philomena's tongue hung from her beak and her mind when blank as there was nothing but darkness around her. The feeling of being stuffed with Dusk's masculine seed was all she was feeling as her body spasmed and her stomach expanded to the size of a basketball. Her vaginal walls clamped down on her master's shaft when he penetrated her cervix and she released a heart filled moan eager to get more if her master's cum. Dusk buried himself deep into her birdhood as he pumped more of his thick spunk inside of her. He pulls out of her at the last second stroking his length letting the rest of his spunk drenches Philomena's face and chest in his cum. A few more light spurts and Dusk finished himself and admired his handiwork. Philomena carried the happiest look on her face and laid passed out on Dusk's bed.

"That adds another lover to my list." Dusk remarked as another collar materialized in his hands. He crawled on top of Philomena and caressed her right cheek. He finally clasped the collar around her neck and the crystal hearts glowed with their magic. "Tu es à moi maintenant et pour toujours."

"Well, now that that's taken care of, I now have another problem. I have about five more hours before my conscious fades and that weaker half of mine surfaces again. And I have four more mares to please, what to do?" Dusk said to himself as he pondered on what to do. There were still four mares that were out looking for him. A thought then popped into his mind, causing another sinister smile to grow on his face. His shadow expanded and splits itself into four other shadows. Each shadow began to have more depth to them. Soon, they solidified and turned into exact copies of himself.

"There are four mares roaming around in my castle." He told his duplicates. He then handed each one of magic inhibitor rings. "Find them, place these on their horns, then proceed to buck them into submission and unconscious, or at least a hypnagogic state. Afterwards, immediately bring them to me, so I may collar them. Now go." The clones melted into the shadows to do as Dusk commanded. He then turns to Philomena.

"Time to wake up my feathery slut." He commands. Philomena's heart-shaped eyes immediately pop open and she scrambles to drop to her knees before her new master. "How may I serve you, master?" Philomena asked as she looked right at Dusk's member drooling.

"What is your purpose in life?" Dusk asked.

"To service my master anyway and anywhere he pleases. To offer any and all of my orifices to you. And hopefully, to bear your children, my lord."

Dusk chuckled darkly at her response. "Stand up and follow me. It is time for you to meet your fellow sex slaves."

"Yes, my master." Philomena stand up and followed Dusk as he led her to the room his left the sirens in. Once they arrived, Dusk opened the door to see his three sirens still asleep from his spell.

"Time to wake up, girls." Dusk told the sisters as he snapped his fingers. They snapped awake, saw Dusk, scrambled off the bed, and sat on their heels before him, looking up at their master with their lust-filled, heart-shaped eyes.

"How may we service you, master." They echoed in unison, hoping to be ravished.

Dusk couldn't help but smirk before replying, "I would like you three to meet our latest addition." He then looked to Philomena, "This is Philomena. Philomena, meet Sonata, Adagio, and Aria."

"Pleasure to meet you all."

"Welcome to our master's harem." They replied.

"Now that the introductions are done," Dusk commented, "let's get to know Philomena... very intimately. Oh, I did say something about a reward, didn't I?"

At this point, all females in the room proceeded to cheer gleefully as Dusk closed the door behind them.

Taming Nightmare Rarity: A Werewolf's Howl

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One of "Dusk's" copies roamed around his castle, staying in the shadow as he was trying to find one of the four remaining mares that were looking for the original.

'Now, who will be my next target?' "Dusk" thought as he pondered on who he would find. Four mares with powerful magic roamed his home, and he was going to enjoy who he would find regardless. His thoughts were cut short when he heard the sound of hooves walking in his direction. He decided to blend in the shadows as he looked in the direction the hoof sounds were coming from. It turned out to be a rather upset Nightmare Rarity.

'Well, whom do we have here?' "Dusk" thought as he slowly trailed behind her.

"Another empty room.....just perfect." A frustrated Nightmare Rarity huffed as she left another room. It has been hours since she and the other mares split up to find Dusk. She had been looking in different rooms for hours now, and I'm sure the other mares were getting frustrated at not finding Dusk. Each empty room that she found only seemed to get her even more frustrated.

'Honestly, how hard is it to find one little Alicorn?' She thought to herself as she found herself in another empty room which appeared to be a guest bedroom. She had to admit, since his castle was rather big almost like Canterlot castle, it was easy to get lost. 'I need to calm myself. This stress is not good for my complexion.' Nightmare Rarity thought to herself as she sat on the guest bed. She pondered her next move as she slowed her breathing. This emphasized her impressive bust as it rose and fell in her jet black gown.

'Hmph....I guess I can just wait here awhile. If the others happen to find our little Alicorn, it will surely save me the trouble.' She thought as she relaxed on the bed, unaware of the predator that was currently looking at her through a crack in the door.

'This is almost too easy.' "Dusk" thought as he drank in the form of who he was looking at right now. The dark unicorn Nightmare Rarity's slim, yet curvaceous body rivaled that of Princess Luna's. The v-neck of her gown barely contained her bountiful double-H cups. Especially, with the amount of cleavage that was showing. The slit on the right side of her dress showed off one of her toned legs. "Dusk" loved the way her ass jiggled while he was trailing her. Dusk had to be careful though. Despite not being an Alicorn she had very powerful dark magic.

'Let's see...She is too strong to just take and break like he did the Dazzlings and Philomena...' "Dusk" pondered as he looked around. Seeing that the only door he was looking into was his escape, this room wasn't going to do him much good at all. No, he needed to lure her into another room, but first, he had to figure out the best way to work his magic on Nightmare Rarity. A sinister grin formed on his face, as he remembered a rather unique spell involving his aphrodisiac venom. He needed to find a more suitable room in order to set his plan in motion. He wandered about for a bit until he found a rather large room with a queen-sized bed in the center.

'She won't stand a chance.' "Dusk" thought, as he channeled his magic, laying his little trap for Nightmare Rarity. Now he just needed to lure her here. 'I might as well give her what she's looking for.'

-inside the guest room-

"Dusk" returned to see Nightmare Rarity hasn't moved since she sat on the bed and grew bored of trying to find him. She had no idea that the huntress has become the prey. He changed his shape to look like his weaker side, quietly stepped back a few paces, and started walking loudly towards the room. Nightmare Rarity was rubbing her hooves while still sitting on the bed.

"I am most definitely getting a hooficure once this is over. Perhaps I should also have one of my new slaves, Rarity, make me a new dress... maybe an entir--" She was pulled from her musings when she heard hoof steps heading in her direction. She was about to stand up and investigate when a certain male Alicorn snuck into the room.

"Okay, I think I lost them." "Dusk" said playing off his little disguise while taking a seat in a random chair. He knew Nightmare Rarity was behind him, but he wanted her to think she had the upper hand. Nightmare Rarity was at first shocked, but smiled devilishly as she couldn't believe her luck. Dusk practically walked into her fingertips, meaning that her plan with the other villainous mare will go into fruition. She got up from the bed quietly inching herself over to her prey.

"I still can't believe that illusion spell worked. Okay, if I can stay out of their sights and regain my strength, I can get to my friends and let them know what's going on." He added. He soon felt a cold gust of wind somehow blow through the windowless room.

"I'm afraid you won't get that chance, darling." Nightmare Rarity spoke in her calm, elegant voice. "Dusk" pretended to jolt when he heard her voice. He turned his head around and found a smiling Nightmare Rarity behind him. He jumped from his chair and crawled backwards towards a nearby wall. He pretended to try and spark a spell from his horn only for it to fizzle out, causing Nightmare Rarity to chuckle.

"What's the matter? Used up all your magic breaking free and casting that illusion, hmm?" She asked with a sly grin.

"H-how did you find me?" Dusk stuttered.

"I didn't have to do anything, darling." Nightmare Rarity teased, walking over to a scared-looking "Dusk". Her right hand reached out making him flinch but he eased up when she caressed his left cheek. "You practically walked right into my lap, so don't blame me if you were unlucky." Nightmare Rarity chuckled, unaware of "Dusk's" plan. "Dusk" then seemed to drop his scared look and regain his composure. "That little stunt you pulled earlier on us won't happen a second time. We're going to have to keep a tighter leash on you once I take you back to where the rune circle is."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." "Dusk" remarked to a smirking Nightmare Rarity. "Dusk" then lit up his horn with a magical force as he put his plan into motion. A bright flash illuminated the room catching the dark mistress off guard. She yelps as she is temporarily blinded by the light. "Dusk" then made a beeline for the exit. Nightmare Rarity regained her sight after a few seconds, just in time to spot Dusk running out the door. She knew that if he got away now it would be a pain to find him again. She chased after him and tried to grab him. "Dusk's" plan was working like a charm, as he finally led her to the room that had his trap. "Dusk" turned around and pretended to be scared like he realized he had nowhere to go. Nightmare Rarity soon materialized in the room following, in her mind, her soon-to-be captured prey.

"Looks like your little trick didn't work, and now your trapped." She teased while walking towards him. "Dusk" continued to act scared, until she grabbed him by his throat, then he started chuckling. "What do you find so amusing? I've caught you." She asked him a little irked by his reaction.

"On the contrary-" He spoke as his trap activated above him. The door behind them closed and the room started to fill with a pink-colored gas. "I've caught you." Nightmare Rarity panicked as she breathed in the gas and started coughing. She threw "Dusk" to a nearby wall, causing the young Alicorn to grunt. She continued coughing, worried about what was going to happen to her. After a few moments, the gas started to dissipate. Once she stopped, coughing she looked at herself to see what happened. After not feeling anything for a few moments, she looked up and glared at a chuckling "Dusk".

"ENOUGH OF YOUR DAMN TRICKS!" She shouted as she teleported in front of "Dusk", lifting him by his neck and looked dead in his eyes. "You keep trying my patience and I'm mere inches away from breaking your bones." She threatened. This only caused him to actually start laughing. "What's so bucking funny?"

"Because that wasn't a trick, that was my trap." He replied.

"What are y-!!!" Nightmare Rarity didn't get to finish her sentence as she felt her body start burning up from the inside. She struggled to keep "Dusk" in her grasp, but she let him go as she dropped onto the floor to her hands and knees. She laid there panting as the burning grew worse. "Dusk" just stood over her laughing.

"I can't believe it took you so long to notice." He added as he watched Nightmare Rarity squirm. He then dropped his disguise and revealed his demonic incubus form in front of his new plaything.

"W-w-what...d-did" She asked panting as she felt her nethers dripping through her panties. "T-that...wasn't...poison...or an...illusion...was it?" She asked as she curled up into a fetal position. "Dusk" knelt beside her.

"That's right. As to why your body is heating up, that was an aphrodisiac gas I released from a thurible that I hung from the ceiling." He explained pointing to a censer that was hanging from a chandelier. "Now, I think it's about time we had our fun, don't you?" He added as his right hand reached outward.

"Y-you...bastard...don't...touch me...Mmph!" She groaned as she felt the heat throughout her body getting worse. She tried to channel her magic to try and release the gas from her body.

"Now, now... can't have you using your magic to try and escape, can we?" "Dusk" taunted as Nightmare Rarity felt something metallic being placed on her horn.

"What did you-" She didn't finish her sentence as her body felt as if it was molten lava. Her marehood practically screamed at her for release as the next thing she knew, she lets out a throaty moan and her feminine juices drenched her soaked panties and slowly made a small puddle on the floor.

"Well now, it looks like the new inhibitor rings I duplicated from the one Adagio had appear to be stronger than I thought." He said to himself as Nightmare Rarity laid there, blushing bright red and panting on the floor. She slowly looks up and glares at her captor as he circles her like a predator.

" Tartarus...did" She asked him, panting as the burning wouldn't stop.

"Well the new inhibitor ring I placed on your horn responded to the gas that was in your system, and amplified it ten times over." He explained while groping her soft flank and giving it a good spank causing the dark mare to yelp with a mixture of pleasure and pain. She lifted and turned her head and glared at him. "Dusk" then caressed her right cheek. "Each time you try to use your magic, the effects get worse. So if you don't want to make a mess, you'll do what I say." He remarked with a sinister grin.

"Bastard! I'll...get you...for this..." She panted unable to do anything as Dusk continued to grope her ass. She still had her clothing on and "Dusk" only wore a pair of boxers that did little to cover up his bulging crotch. He was going to lose them soon, and his new slave was going to lose her clothes in a few moments. He was going to savor every moment of this.

"Funny you mention that. I remember Aria Blaze telling me the same thing, before I made her my bitch." "Dusk" adds spanking Nightmare Rarity causing her to yelp again.

"D-don'" She panted as "Dusk" continued to grope her soft ass and his hands travel up to her breasts and give them a few gropes and squeezes. Nightmare Rarity felt disgusted having to be molested by who she and the other mares in the castle were going to capture, but she was too aroused to even do anything thanks to the aphrodisiac gas in her body and the inhibitor ring on her horn intensifying it.

"Mmmh...your body" "Dusk" moaned as he felt his member twitch in his boxers the longer he felt up Nightmare Rarity's body. His member was practically poking her ass and he made sure she felt it. Nightmare Rarity blushed as she felt how big he was from the bulge in his boxers. He was practically sinking into her but cheeks.

"You feel me...don't you?" He asked the darker mare who was blushing bright red. "You want me inside of you....don't you?" He adds grinding his crotch against her soaked marehood.

"Y-you...bastard! D-don'" Nightmare Rarity panted, trying to be defiant but the aphrodisiac in her body was making things difficult. Sadly she wasn't going to be defiant for long when he was done with her. What surprises her next, "Dusk" stops groping her and slowly backs away from her.

"W-what' doing?" She asks as she looks at "Dusk" and saw that he was smiling.

"I was getting bored just teasing you, so it's time I made things a little more....interesting." He added the last part with lust in his tone while staring at Nightmare Rarity's ass.

"" She asked as she felt his eyes staring at her ass.

"Maybe a little shape shifting." "Dusk" added leaving Nightmare Rarity confused.

"What do you...." She didn't get to finished when she looks back at "Dusk." He started groaning and growling as his body started to change shape. The bones throughout his body shifted and molded as his muzzle, claws, and fangs grew longer, forming a rather long snout, his fur grew bushier almost turning pitch black. His hooves started splitting apart as sharp clawed feet appeared and his tail started growing out more. Nightmare Rarity's cat like eyes shrank to pinpricks when she saw Dusk's new form he practically looked more monstrous that he did before. His membranous wings were still behind his back as he gave them a good flex before walking over to her.

"" She asked him as he just smiles.

"I'm half demon my dear, and demons can change their shape depending on the environment." "Dusk" adds as he picks up Nightmare Rarity by her neck and throws her onto a nearby bed. He pounces on top of her as she could only look back in fear as he raises one of his clawed hands over her head.

'H-he's...going to kill me!' She thought as she closes her eyes not knowing was going to happen next. He swipes his claws downward and a loud smash was heard. A few seconds later she felt nothing, so she slowly opens her eyes.

"M-my gown!!!" She screams as she looks down to find her jet black gown torn to shreds exposing her curvaceous body to her captor. She covers her her exposed chest and marehood in embarrassment, or at least she tried too. "Dusk" turns her over on her front where her ass was facing him exposing her moist her moist marehood. He had both of her arms behind her back in one hand, while groping her ass in another hand. "D-don't...look" She begged not wanting this to go any further.

"I'm against that isn't an option my dear." "Dusk" growled in a sinister tone. Nightmare Rarity was about to say something until she felt something long and hard grinding against her butt. She looks behind her back, and her eyes get big. Her gown wasn't the only thing that came off, his boxers were also torn to shred revealing his monstrous package. His new package became much bigger than his previous form, a large knot the size of an apple rested near his testicles. Speaking of his balls, they grew from the size of coconuts to the size of bowling balls.

"W-what're...y-you...going to do....with that?" She asked stuttering. "Dusk" only smiles at her and yanks on her mane pulling her towards him where his eyes meet hers.

"Takes a guess dear..." He adds grinding his length on her soft buttcheeks.

"Y-you must be insane! I-I'm not taking that.....that thing!" She exclaimed as he looked like he could break any mare with his size.

"Not like you have a choice. Depending on what form I choose, I tend to lose some form of self control. So unless I sate my desires as well as yours, you're pretty much out of luck." He adds as he begins to prod the entrance to her marehood.

"Th-that thing won't fit in me!" She pleaded, but it was too late. He pushes forward, and she feels her hymen give way to his monstrous length. She screams as his massive shaft forces her marehood to take shape of his new stallionhood. Nightmare Rarity felt her hymen give way and blood dribbles out from her marehood. Her body spasms as she grits her teeth in pleasure and pain. "Dusk" groans as his stallionhood feels inside her marehood. She was as tight inside as Philomena as she was clamping down on him without letting go of him.

"Fuck, your tighter than the sirens." He groans and Nightmare Rarity hears and slowly opens her teary eyes. Her tongue drags itself along her neckline as she groans in disgust of her captor. "This may be more fun than I thought." "Dusk" adds slowly pulls out of Nightmare Rarity until the tip was still inside. He then bucks his hips forward causing Nightmare Rarity to grunt and moan. A mix of pleasure and pain as "Dusk's" wasn't letting up. His thrust were slow yet steady, but he was very rough with her as he pounded her quivering marehood into submission. Nightmare Rarity struggled to try and get loose from the monstrous form of "Dusk", but he proved to be much stronger than she was. She felt his claws digging into her flesh as he bucks her senseless.

"Y-you..bass...ta...aaugh!" Nightmare Rarity couldn't hold back her moans as he pounded her like a wild animal.

"What's wrong?" "Dusk" remarks as he leans in close to where he was within earshot of Nightmare Rarity. "Are you losing yourself from how good you feel right now?" He teases giving The darker mare a hard thrust causing her to yelp. She bites down on the bed sheets as she felt his massive balls slapping against her clit and he made sure she felt it.

"B...bastard...I h-hate you..." She responded still being defiant.

"Do you really hate me? Or do you feel that you can't find love because of your actions?" "Dusk remarked as he slowed down his thrusts thus confusing a dazed Nightmare Rarity.

"W-what're you-!" She didn't get to finish her sentence as "Dusk" grips her slim waist as falls backward making the darker mare gasp. "Dusk" pulls out of her marehood, leaving his pelvis wet with marecum, flips her over and turn her around to where she was upside down with her legs draped over his broad shoulders. "N-now what're you doing?" She asks frantically as his nose plants itself into her deflowered marehood.

"Well, I think it's time I had a little taste of your ripe flower." "Dusk" replies and his tongue into her marehood. Nightmare Rarity flinched when she feels his long slimy appendage enter her dark flower. His tongue danced around her marehood. Her juices tasted of raspberries and grapes as "Dusk" ate her out. Nightmare Rarity could only squirm and moan as "Dusk" continued to eat her out. She had no means of escape as his muscular arms had a firm grip on her toned legs. It got worse for her when she felt his tongue circling her cervix. "Dusk" wanted to tease her more just to see how much Nightmare Rarity could take. It wouldn't be long before she cracked, and it would all be over. "Dusk" long tongue teases the entrance to her womb and he made sure Nightmare Rarity would feel it. His tongue soon enters her opening and she let out a pleasurable cry. Her entire body spasms as her vaginal walls tighten around his tongue and thus letting her feminine fluids drench his tongue. "Dusk" simply dranks what she offered relinquishes it with pleasure, pulling away from her marehood with a smirk on his face.

"Delicious. You're evil, yet irresistible." He remarked as he looked at the state she was in. She laid in a fetal position as her marehood was left drenched. Her body was soaked in sweat as she barely had any energy to move. She weakly looks up at "Dusk" who wasn't finished with her yet.

"N-no...more...p....please...." She begged, but that wasn't going to happen since "Dusk" wasn't finished with her yet. Especially since his throbbing erection was still standing proud. He glares at her with a sinister smile on his face. "Dusk" then has Nightmare Rarity in the anvil position and spreads her legs revealing her drenched slit, grinding his thick phallus into her abused hole. "Dusk" only smirks as he leans towards her right ear and whispers:

"You and I both know that's not going to happen." Those very words spells her doom when he plunges into her marehood and rails her like crazy. The sounds of wet fur on fur, Nightmare Rarity's carnal moans, and "Dusk's" wolf like grunts echoed through the room. "Dusk's" massive length slams into Nightmare Rarity's marehood and her insides were becoming looser as her captor had his way with her. Her moans grew in volume sounding more like carnal screams as she felt her mind completely clouded by lust. Her voluptuous breasts bounced with each thrusts as the sounds of lust echoed through the room. Nightmare Rarity's conscious already faded as she wanted more. She wanted "Dusk" to please her even more than what he was doing right now.

"More!!! More, you brute!!" She begged, "Dusk" noticing her expression changed and now he had her right where he wanted her. Seeing as she was long gone he gives her what she wants and increases the speed of his thrusts penetrating her cervix. Nightmare Rarity could see the bulge his massive length made in her stomach as "Dusk" toyed with her. After another ten minutes, "Dusk" let out a low growl and her pushes forward where the knot locks in place keeping him deep inside of her. His massive balls letting out a low gurgling sound. Dusk then leans forward and grips both of Nightmare Rarity's arms in one hand and her tail in the other.

Nightmare Rarity was close herself as she felt pressure build up in her loins. She knew what he was going to do, but she didn't care. She wraps her legs around his back wanting to get every drop he was going to offer. "Dusk" let out feral growls as his thrusts became slow and hard as he was close to relieving himself. A few more thrusts later, followed by a sinister howl from the demonic "Dusk" he gives her arms his back and yank on her tail. Nightmare Rarity let out a hoarse moan as "Dusk" yanked on her tail. Her walls tighten around his shaft and "Dusk" releases his pent up load inside the darker unicorns womb. "Dusk" was still cumming and she felt her once flat stomach balloon out fairly quickly. "Dusk" growled each time he stuffed her womb with his thick fertile seed. Nightmare Rarity's eyes rolled to the back of her head as she looked ready to pass out as her stomach bloated up to the size of a beach ball. They basked in their afterglow for a good 30 seconds before "Dusk" finally pulls out of the twitching mare.

A thick line of his semen connected his phallus and her marehood before he pulls away from her. His seed slowly seeps out of her abused marehood, but Nightmare Rarity didn't care. She had the happiest look on her face from the intense pleasure she just experienced. "Dusk" then reverts back to his previous incubus form and notices his new slaves' unconscious state.

"Heh....looks like I over did it a bit." He chuckled to himself picking up the unconscious mare in his arms. Considering her size and the added weight to her stomach, lesser stallions would not fare so well in carrying mares like Nightmare Rarity. "Dusk" carries her as if she was a delicate feather. "No matter. I can at least carry her back to the original Dusk." His final words as he snaps his fingers and a portal opens up in front of him. Holding an unconscious Nightmare Rarity in his arms, he walks through it retiring to the original Dusk.

Taming Queen Umbra: Minotaur Threesome

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"Crafty little bastard...."Queen Umbra growls as she finds herself in another empty room unable to locate her purple Alicorn. Three hours of searching as she already grows beyond frustrated. 'You better hope that I don't find you first Dusk Shine...' She thought to herself as, she left the room unaware of the lust filled predator stalking her.

'Even being gone for one-thousand years, you still have such a beautiful body Umbra...' Dusk thought as he ogled at Umbra's ass, as it jiggled with each step she took. 'Heh, I might as well give her what she's looking for.' He thought as "Dusk" stayed close behind his next plaything. He held his special incense in his hand and waited until Umbra was in another room.

'Let's see, how do I approach her?' As he was thinking to himself, he bumped into another figure. Startled, he faced his opponent ready to strike... only to find another one of Dusk's clones in front of him.

"Well, this is ironic." The second "Dusk" spoke to his twin.

"Shouldn't you be roaming around to find one of the other mares?" "Dusk 1" remarked, annoyed at his copy for stalking his prey.

"I was drawn in by her beauty as you were." "Dusk 2" remarked back to his copy.

"Then we appear to be at an impasse on who gets her." "Dusk 1" remarked, sneering at his copy.

"Actually I was thinking we share her." "Dusk 2" added, confusing "Dusk 1"

"What do you mean?" He asked "Dusk 2", who then whispered in "Dusk 1's" ear. "Dusk 1" grew a large smile when "Dusk 2" was finished talking.

"You're serious? She's into that type of fetish?" "Dusk 1 asked his clone to which he nods.

"Alright, I'll agree to your terms." "Dusk 1" added with a sly grin. "It will be interesting when we have the bitch queen on her knees begging for it."

-Guest Bedroom-

Queen Umbra growled to herself as she once again found another empty room, unable to locate her lost prey. For Chrysalis's plan to work, they needed Dusk to be in the same room with them, and it wasn't going to work if he was out running around the castle. She slammed her armored fist on a nearby dresser in annoyance and sits in a nearby chair. 'We had in Tartarus did we lose him?' Umbra thought to herself sitting in the chair with her legs crossed and her arms crossed under her H-cup breasts.

'I swear Dusk Shine, if I find you, I will make your life a bucking nightmare.' Umbra then continues to think of ways to torture Dusk for his little escape attempt earlier and a few ways of probably breaking him. 'Hmm, maybe I could break his little friends right in front of him, probably crush his spirit by sending him to my realm of fear when I take back the Crystal Empire, or possibly-!' Her thoughts were immediately cut off when the door in front of her slowly creaked open. In response, she turns into a dark black mist to camouflage herself in the shadows. The figure walked in slowly, closed the door and turned on a nearby light switch.

"Good, nopony's here..." Umbra recognized that to be Dusk's voice. She didn't know whether to be angry or be happy since "Dusk" practically walked into her lap. 'Sadly somepony is here you little fool.' Umbra thought to herself as she slowly crept up behind her soon-to-be captured prey. "Dusk" was unaware of who was stalking him right now, but that's what he wanted her to believe.

"All I have to do now is stay hidden from them and get my strength back, then I'll figure out a way to contain them until my friends and the Princesses get here." He said to himself sitting on the bed, pondering on what to do next. Sadly, he couldn't think for long as something metallic clamped around his right arm, causing him to jolt. He turned his head to the right to see a metal cuff on his arm. He was about to struggle until another metal cuff clamps onto his left arm.

"Oh for Celestia's s-!" He didn't get to finish his sentence when metal chains attached to the cuffs roughly dragged "Dusk" towards the wall. He hit the wall with a low grunt. He tried to move his legs only for metal cuffs to lock onto his ankles, locking them in place onto the wall. He struggled to move, but neither the cuffs nor the chains would budge. "Oh give me a break." "Dusk" said to himself as he found himself trapped with no means of escape. A feminine, yet sinister laugh echoed throughout the room as Umbra revealed herself from the shadows.

"Well, isn't this a familiar sight." Umbra said to her captured prey as she walked over to "Dusk" with a sway in her step. "To think you'd be dumb enough to walk right into my lap." She added while getting close to "Dusk". Once she was close enough she caressed his right cheek with her armored hand... followed by her scratching his cheek enough to draw some blood.

"Ow!" "Dusk" yelped pretending to be in pain knowing he was going to escape in a few moments.

"You have no idea how hard it was to find you in this wretched castle-" Before "Dusk" could even react, an armored fist collided with his stomach literally knocking the wind out of him. He coughed as he struggled to breathe while Umbra ground her fist into his stomach. "Especially with that little stunt you pulled back there." She added with venom in her tone, glaring at her prey. "Dusk" pretends to struggle and tries to draw out his magic only for his horn to fizzle out with small sparks.

"It seems somepony still hasn't quite recovered his magic yet. Such a shame." Umbra snickered at "Dusk's" pitiful display of trying to free himself. She pulls her fist away from his stomach and caresses his scarred cheek.

"Normally, I would torture Ponies for wasting my time to the point of death, but we need you alive for our plan to succeed-" She added, pulling something out from between her breasts. "Dusk" soon felt something metallic on his horn, but he was too angry at Umbra to even notice what it was. "And this new inhibitor ring will make sure that you won't pull any more tricks." She added with a sinister grin.

"You and the others won't get away with this Umbra..." "Dusk" said, pretending to sound scared. This only caused Umbra to glare at him, and once again, knock the wind out of him with her armored fist. This time she hit him hard enough to make him cough up some blood.

"Bear in mind that we already have, Dusk." Umbra remarked while grinding her fist into "Dusk's" bruising stomach. "Once your magic is drained, and our own magic reaches new heights, we'll move onto the princesses as well as your friends." She added, her crimson eyes glaring into "Dusk's" eyes. "No pony would dare to oppose us." At this point, "Dusk" started chuckling to himself. "Why are you chuckling, have you finally gone mad?"

"That's not the reason dear Umbra. I'm afraid by the time I am done with you and your posse, ruling Equestria will be the furthest thing from your mind." "Dusk" remarked with a smirk. His remark only seemed to agitate Umbra. She was about to punch him again, only for someone to grab her wrist. Imagine her surprise when she turned her head to find another "Dusk" behind her.

"What the-!"

"Surprise Umbra!" "Dusk 2" taunted. Umbra didn't even have time to react as a surge of electricity coursed throughout her body. Umbra groaned in agony as she felt herself growing weaker with each passing second.

"Argh!!! Y-you bast-! Agh!" She groaned as "Dusk" let her go and she dropped to the ground.

"Too easy." "Dusk2" chuckled as he looked towards Umbra who could barely move.

"W-what did me?" She growled. "I thought all of your guards weren't here." She added. She was annoyed at being ambushed. She was surprised at being ambushed by a demonic clone of "Dusk Shine".

"They aren't here." After "Dusk2" removed the suppressor ring. "Dusk1" stretched his limbs and groaned as he popped a few bones.

"By the way, those punches you landed only tickled me." "Dusk1" teased. This only angered Umbra more and she tried to stand up. She was barely able to get to her knees. Whatever these copies did to her, had weakened her severely.

"I!!" She stated as she charged her curved-red horn with dark magic to try and purge whatever was done to her. The feeling of metal clamping down on both of her arms stopped her. She looked down, and noticed her arms were bound in the same chains she used to bind "Dusk1" earlier. Her arms were then magically yanked up towards the ceiling.

"YOU LITTLE BASTARD!!" she bellowed, as she tried to conjure another spell, only for something to block her magic. When she realized something metallic was placed on her horn, her blood ran cold, knowing what it was.

"Too slow, Umbra..." "Dusk2" teased, enjoying how the dark queen was now helpless before him and his twin clone. Umbra glared at both clones angrily, but she was more angry at herself for how easily she was captured. Seeing as her legs were still free, she lifted one and tried to kick one of the copies, only for "Dusk2" to grab her leg without even looking. "Dusk1" gripped her other leg and looked at her with a smirk. Two more chains with metal cuffs came from the floor and bound her legs forcing her to kneel on the floor. Now she was truly at the mercy of "Dusk's" clones.

"Oh, how the tables have turned." "Dusk1" said while caressing' Umbra's right cheek. She snarled at the two clones as she struggled to get loose from the chains, but they weren't budging anytime soon.

"Unhand me, or I'll see to it that your soul is forever tortured in Tartarus for this!" She yelled still struggling in vain to get free. A swift slap to her face from "Dusk1" caused Umbra to cease her struggling and yelp in pain. "WHAT THE BUCK!!?" Umbra yelled, only for "Dusk1" to slap her again. Only this time, much harder than before, leaving a red handprint on her right cheek. She glared at the one who slapped her and "Dusk1" looked right back into her ruby eyes, smirking. He cupped her face as she grit her teeth.

"I'm afraid you're not in a position to make threats here Umbra." He remarked, disappearing and reappearing behind the dark mare. "Especially since I'm going to pay you back for earlier." He continued. He started groping the underside of her breasts. Umbra, of course, blushed angrily in response.

"You bastard! What do you think your doing!?" She yelled, as her body tensed up from his touch.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm having a little fun with you." "Dusk1" replied with a sly grin. He found the clasps that held her armor together, and started unhooking them, letting her armor fall, piece by piece onto the floor, showing off all her voluptuous curves. Her crimson eyes shrank to pinpricks as she was stripped by her enemy. She was seething with rage, wanting nothing more than to kill "Dusk."

"Well, even after 1000 years, you still have such a wonderful body." "Dusk1" commented as Umbra's dark nipples began to harden from the cool air. Both "Dusk" clones admired her curves and knew they were going to have a lot of fun with her.

"I will have your phallus cut off and fed to Cerberus for this!" She yelled as her scream echoed throughout the room. "Dusk1" had enough of her outbursts and decided to takes things a step further. He pulled out two syringes from behind his back. Each syringe was filled with a strange pink liquid.

"I think it's time you got an attitude adjustment." "Dusk1" remarked in a sinister tone. Before Umbra could make a quick remark, she screamed in shock and in pain, as she felt something stick into her butt and neck.

"W-what did you stick in me?" She asked confused. She gets her answer when her body begins to heat up intensely. Her heart rate increases slightly, and she felt herself getting wet down below.

"Don't worry, you're going to know soon." "Dusk1" remarked with a sinister grin. Umbra was about to say something, but her breath became hitched in her throat and the burning soon became unbearable.

"Wh...what...did me?" She panted, barely able to get a sentence out.

"I just stuck you with a little something to keep that foul mouth of yours in check." "Dusk1" remarked in a sinister tone. He then gave her well-toned ass a good slap. Umbra gasped and let out an incoherent moan from the stinging sensation she just felt.

"Wh-what was that?" She asked, a deep blush across her face.

"That injection I gave you just now, was a special strain of my aphrodisiac venom." He added casually waving the two needles in front of her face. "Much stronger when mixed with the right herbs. A simple touch and you'll be like any other mare in heat." Umbra was frustrated, but couldn't do much from the burning sensation coursing through her body.

"You bast-Aahn!" Umbra didn't get to finish her comment because "Dusk1" slapped her ass again, much harder this time, leaving a big red hand print behind. He grabbed her by her chin, forcing Umbra to look into his eyes.

"Here's how it's going to work Umbra. Every time you say something insulting, we punish you." "Dusk1" remarked with a lust in her eyes. "Dusk2" then forced Umbra to look at him. "Do what we say, you'll be rewarded." Umbra looked at them with pure hatred in her eyes, even as the burning in her body was getting worse despite her best efforts to try and fight it off.

"Dear twin of mine, I want to make things a little more interesting." "Dusk2" spoke up, getting "Dusk1's" attention.

"What do you have in mind brother?" "Dusk2" walked up to his twin and whispered his plan into his ear. Whatever he had planned seemed to perk "Dusk1's" interest because a sickening smile formed on his face. "Really? Alright, we'll do things your way." He added. His twin then created another rune circle behind them.

"What's that for?" Umbra asked both clones. "Dusk2" knelt beside the darker unicorn mare and looked into her ruby-red eyes with a sickening smile.

"Let's just say that our transformation will leave that nice ass of yours sore for the next few weeks." He replied, causing Umbra to flinch. Both clones then stepped into the rune circle, causing a bright flash to blind Umbra for a few seconds. Once the light faded and Umbra's vision cleared, she's shocked by what she saw in front of her. Instead of Alicorn clones, she saw two rather muscular, bat-winged minotaurs. Both "Dusk" clones were also sporting the longest and thickest hard-ons she had ever seen in her long-lived life. She didn't think it was possible for a phallus to be this huge.

"This is how we're going to make things interesting, while we break you."

"Y-you bastard! Get away from me!" Umbra yelled, once again struggling to get loose. "Dusk2" spanked her ass hard, causing her to jolt in both pleasure and pain. She looked back at him with a death glare, only for him to smirk in response. "How...dare you.... violate me....this way?"

"Your first time feeling so helpless, and you don't even know how to react?" "Dusk2" ridiculed, hotdogging his massive length in between her soft buttcheeks. "Dusk1" was stroking his member while licking his lips in anticipation. Umbra noticed this and glared at "Dusk1" as he placed his erect cock in front of her face.

"If you stick that anywhere near my face, don't think I won't bite it off." She threatened, not being intimidated by her current situation. Her glare was replaced by shock when "Dusk1", once again, slapped her. The force of each slap increased each time. This one actually stunned her. She groaned as she was roughly grabbed by her charcoal mane and made to face "Dusk1's" sneering face.

"I thought I told you, we're the one's in control." He growled, as he yanked her mane harder causing her yelp in pain. She let out another yelp that was a mixture of pain and pleasure when she felt her tail yanked from behind by "Dusk2".

"I suggest keeping those threats to yourself..." He remarked then paused as he leaned towards Umbra's left ear and continued in a whisper " ...unless you really want to feel pain." Those words sent chills down her spine.

"I...I'm....a queen.... can' me...." Umbra panted as her feminine juices dripped from her fold down onto the floor. "Dusk1" stroked his enormous cock, letting a bead of precum drip from its tip.

"Former queen. Now... you're our plaything." He stated, letting go of her mane.

"Y-you...bast-!!!!" Umbra didn't get to finish her next insult when "Dusk2" was done wasting time. He aligns his thick phallus with her marehood and pushes forward into her wet tunnel. Her juices made for a nice lube as his stallionhood met with her womb in one thrust. Umbra let out an incoherent moan as her marehood was stretched to make room for "Dusk2's" cock and in response, he juices flow out of her marehood and she nearly faints from the surprise attack.

"Fuck....she even tighter that the sirens." "Dusk2" groaned as her velvet insides cling to him like a vice. He was surprised that she wasn't bleeding from her marehood. "Does she not have a hymen?" He asked his twin.

"No dear brother, she just hasn't had any fun in the last thousand years." "Dusk1" chuckled as she caressed the near unconscious Umbra's right cheek.

"It's been awhile for you, hasn't it?" "Dusk1" remarked, rubbing where he slapped her previously. Umbra was mid-dazed, but she glares at him.

"I....swear....I....will...kill you...." She said, trying to bear with having what felt like a large pole inside of her. Her marehood was still clinging to his phallus and she was surprised at his size. His tip was kissing her cervix and his girth was almost halfway in. ' he....this...bucking big?' She thought to herself. Her insides soon relax and she soon loosened up around "Dusk2's" monstrous girth.

"You've never felt anything this good, have you Umbra?" "Dusk2" chuckles grinding his cock inside of the former queen. She moans in response, but turns her head to glare at him.

" think...this you?" She panted, still giving him the death glare. She lets out a pain yelp when "Dusk1" yanks on her mane, forcing her to look at "Dusk1" who now had a smirking look.

"What's funny about claiming a mare as part of my demonic harem?" He replied, confusing the dark unicorn.

"" She asked trying to keep a straight face, but the venom in her body only seemed to make her hornier.

"That's right." He smirked, his erect cock throbbing in anticipation. "Open your muzzle. I'd like to feel those lips of yours around my cock..." He added, letting go of her mane and his thick mass was in her face. "....but if I feel your teeth, I'll truly make you feel pain." He threatened, causing Umbra to flinch. For once in Umbra's life, she was actually scared of her situation. The constant surprises both clones had, she wasn't sure what they were capable of. She had no choice but to comply. She opens her muzzle and tack about an inch of "Dusk1's" length into her maw.

"There, was that so hard?" "Dusk1" teased, petting her head. Umbra was very much annoyed being treated as if she was some dog. "Dusk2" waited for her pussy to stop squeezing his dick like a vice for him to move. After a few seconds, her pussy loosens up and “Dusk2” starts off with slow and easy thrusts. Umbra licks “Dusk1’s” tip as she takes another inch of his thick malleus into her muzzle. “Dusk2” was playing with her other hole while thrusting into her marehood. Her plump ass, while not slapping against his pelvis, jiggled after giving it a few spanks, causing the darker mare to let out pain filled moans mixed with pleasure. Umbra was pissed for being degraded in this sort of fashion, but her mind was slowly being clouded by lust as "Dusk2" continued to pound away at her quivering marehood.

‘ is’ She thought to herself, taking at least three more inches of “Dusk1’s” cock in her muzzle. She lets out a muffled moan as her marehood was slowly taking the shape of "Dusk2's" colossal cock and she soon feels a weight on her head and looks up to see “Dusk1” was looking at her with a sinister smile. She was going to pull up from his length, only for “Dusk1” to force her head down onto his member. Her eyes got big when more of his thick girth was forced down her throat. Her jaw was hurting and she felt like that she was going to pass out.

“You got tight just now.” “Dusk2” pointed out when he felt her marehood clench onto his girth. “Are you actually getting off from this?” He remarked, massaging her plump rear, making her give off incoherent moans of pleasure. She looks back at him when she feels her butt massaged by his hands. She hated to admit it, but it felt really good. She was never touched this way before.

“I see somepony is finally getting into it.” “Dusk1” said making the darker mare jolt and look back to him. He pulls his stallionhood from her muzzle and starts coughing as she breathes in precious air. She looks towards “Dusk1” after finishing her coughing rant.

“W.....what'” She panted. The sound of metal unlocking were heard and she felt her ankles free. She looks down to find out that the metal cuffs around her ankles were detached. She was about to ask why, but let out another moan when she felt “Dusk2” pull out of her soaked marehood.

“Fuck....she's tight.” He remarked stroking his still erect dick as it leaked precum from its tip. "My dick's even stiffer than before."

“What’s this about?” She asked her captors who turn to each other and smirk. “Dusk” kneels in front of her legs and spreads them apart, revealing her dripping snatch. “W-what're you doing?!” She exclaimed and her cheeks turned rosy red. She felt her mane pulled from behind her, forcing her to look in the other direction. Her crimson eyes looking into the ruby eyes of “Dusk2”.

“Don't be so worried about him my dear....” He remarked, with his throbbing cock dangling in front of her, still slick with her fluids from earlier. “....besides, I want to have fun with that mouth of yours.” Before Umbra could say anything, “Dusk2” shoves his length into her maw. Her eyes grew big as she felt his girth hit the back of her throats and force its way down leaving a large dick shaped bulge in her throat.

Meanwhile, “Dusk1” wanted a taste of her dripping flower and sticks his tongue into her dripping snatch. She let’s out pleasured moans as she feels his tongue gliding inside of her vaginal walls, tasting every inch of her marehood, lapping up her sweet blackberry flavored nectar while stroking his length.

"So......sweet...." "Dusk1" moaned as he continues to tasted her juices. Umbra continued to squirm as she never experienced this before. Back when she was still the queen, she never experienced this kind of pleasure. No matter what slave she brought to her chambers, she was always frustrated, unsatisfied, and had her Crystal slaves beheaded or beaten. Now, she finds herself being bound by "Dusk" copies and feeling pleasure her slaves couldn't give her. It took her about 15 minutes to finally deepthroat "Dusk2's" monstrous shaft, nearly gagging as it throbbed and twitched inside of her throat. His coconut balls slapping against her face and he mercilessly throat fucked her. He roughly kneaded and massaged her bountiful breasts as he rammed his thick cock in her maw.

"Dusk1" was done eating out the former queen and decided to go on to the main event. He pulls his muzzle away and sits up. His throbbing erection leaking precum from excitement awaiting to wreck anymare it came across.

'Fuck...what's he doing now?' Umbra thought to herself as she no longer felt "Dusk1's" tongue in her marehood. She flinches when she felt something long and hard grinding against her marehood. She didn't even have time to react as he plugged her marehood in one thrust causing "Dusk1" to groan. She let out a muffled moan and her entire body jerked and spasmed, riding out an earth shattering orgasm. Her walls clench down onto his thick malleus, and her marecum floors out like a waterfall. Her twitching didn't go unnoticed by both clones. "Dusk2" groans and decides to pulls out of her muzzle.

"Well now, I think we did a number on her." "Dusk2" remarked, his cock still slick with her saliva. "Dusk1" pulls out of her wet tunnel and grinds his thick shaft on her marehood looking at Umbra with a smirk. She looked like she was going to pass out, after nearly gagging on "Dusk2" monster of a cock.

"Time to wake up dear." "Dusk1" chimed, yanking on the dark queen's mane. She let out a groan and looks up at "Dusk1's" smiling face. Despite being dazed, she managed to weakly glare at him.

"" She panted, still dazed from her earlier torture.

"Well now, somepony is still dazed....." "Dusk2" remarked, snapping his fingers, undoing the clasps on her arms. The sounds of metal hitting the floor was heard as Umbra's body went limp. She was still conscious but she barely had the strength to move her limbs. Her body ached from his eye was abused, and she still felt as if she was on fire. "...I was hoping she last a little longer. I still haven't cum yet." He added in annoyance.

"B....bastard....I...I'"Umbra weakly protested, trying to lift her arms, only to have her arms being tied behind her back with a magical rope. She turns around to find "Dusk2" standing behind her with a smug look.

"You know what I think...." He responds, whispering in her right earlobe. "....back when you see ruler you could never experience pleasure like this." Umbra flinched when she heard this. "Did you ever wonder why?" He teased, grinding his length against Umbra's ass. She flinched when the thick organ touched her skin once again.

"W....why...?" She asked weakly and "Dusk1" decided to finished his clones sentence.

"They always feared you Umbra." He remarked licking along her neckline, and grinding his hips against her pelvis. Umbra let out another moan after he napes her neck. "The always feared that you would kill them if they didn't satisfy your ongoing heat. But when you were dissatisfied or sexually frustrated, you had them killed anyway." He added, nipping her neckline, and groping her flank. "Dusk2" was groping, kneading and massaging her bountiful breasts.

"But I'm not afraid of you." "Dusk1" remarked with a sly grim. Umbra was about to say something, but was silenced when she felt her lips pressed against "Dusk1". She couldn't push him off with her arms bound, but she almost didn't want to push him off. Her body somewhat relaxed, as she slowly melted into the kiss.

"Look at it this way Umbra. Even if you manage to break free and kill the original..." "Dusk2" remarked, his flathead tip teasing her lower hole. "'ll never experience love or pleasure like this again. You'll forever be sexually frustrated with nopony to please you." He remarked with a sinister smile. "Dusk1" finally breaks his kiss with Umbra, leaving the once proud queen breathless. Her dark face burned bright red from anger and arousal.

"But if you surrender yourself to us..." "Dusk1" began, roughly groping her rear, and sucking her nipples slightly, forcing the dark mare to moan in response. " can have as much pleasure you can receive....and then some..." He whispered the last part into her ear. "All you have to submit...." Both copies said simultaneously. Umbra's body was burning from arousal. Both from the musk of both "Dusk's" massive cocks, and the venom coursing through her. Her mind was hazy, but her body want relief. She opens her muzzle and whispers two words.

"I....submit.... Please..... claim me as your pleasure slave...." Both clones were pleased with her answer. Umbra arched her head back and lets out a heartfelt scream when she feels both members plugging her lower holes at the same time. Both males move their hips in and out of her slowly, letting the lust filled mare get use to the monstrous lengths. She crossed her legs behind "Dusk1" and could feel both males balls slapping against her cunt and ass as their speed increased every thirty seconds. Umbra feels her mane yank from behind, but couldn't protest as she felt "Dusk2's" lips pressing against hers. Her tongue was beaten into submission as his demonic tongue traveled down her throat, tasting every ounce of her mouth. "Dusk1" was sucking on her teats while he and his twin were bucking her senseless.

After breaking the kiss with the former queen, They alternated between positions for about thirty minutes taking turns with all of her holes as they turned the former queen into their submissive playmate. Umbra's tongue lolled out of her muzzle as felt all of her thoughts lost from her mind, succumbing only to pleasure as she felt both her pussy and ass taking the shape of both demon cocks in her body.

"Looks like somepony is finally enjoying themselves." "Dusk2" remarked noticing her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

"What do you say we finish this?" "Dusk1" remarked, pulling his thick malleus from Umbra's quivering marehood. "Dusk2" does the same and Umbra moans in disappointment, having the empty feeling in her body. She turns to both males with a look of want and need. Her loins burned of desire as she wanted them to finish what they started. "Dusk2" smirks, as he and his clone now have the former queen right where they wanted her.

"Lay on top of me." "Dusk1" Demanded from her. Umbra was lust driven, but she does what he asks when she straddles her hips onto his pelvis. She follows up by spreading her drenched marehood onto his manhood. Her hips slam down onto his manhood and she lets out a heartfelt moan feeling his thick malleus kissing her cervix again. "Dusk2" was next as his stallionhood was pushing forward into Umbra's puckering ass, and she practically screams when his member plugs her backdoor in one thrust. Her amazon body shudders in pleasure as his hands grasps at her soft flesh. "Dusk2" then leans forward and whispers one question into Umbra's ear....

"Who is our little bitch queen?"

"I....I''re...little...bitch....queen...." She whispered. She yelps with a mix of pleasure as "Dusk2" yanks on her tail.


"I'm your little bitch queen." He yanks onto her tail much harder this time, not that she wasn't enjoying it.

"Scream for us."

"I'm your dirty little bitch queen!"

"Good." Both males soon start thrusting into the former queen and she was enjoying every minute of it. "Dusk2" had her arms grips behind her as well as her tail, while "Dusk1" gropes and massages her ass while pounding away at her marehood. Umbra's moans turned into carnal screams and both "Dusk clones let out feral grunts of pleasure as they pounded into her holes without mercy. Umbra could no longer think straight. She no longer cared about Chrysalis' plan. She was soon going to be Dusk's sex slave for life.

"F-fuck....Gonna cum soon..."Dusk1" groaned, feeling his stallionhood throbbing and twitching in Umbra's marehood.

"Dusk2" wasn't far behind as he felt the same effects from being in Umbra's tight asshole. Umbra could feel their stallionhoods slamming into her body with each thrust. She was getting close as well as both of her lower holes start to tighten from the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling. Both "Dusk" clones started to let out louder more feral grunts as their speed increased. Umbra panted, wanting them to fill her to the brim with their thick baby batter till she couldn't walk. She feels her mane yanked on by "Dusk2" and he forces her to look at him.

"Where do you want it my little cocksleeve?" He asked, with a sickening smile. Both males kept up their speed and Umbra wasn't going to last much longer. But she stayed conscious long enough to give him his answer.

"I-inside! Shoot it inside of me! Stuff me with your seed until I can't walk for months!" She begged. Her lower holes grew tighter and her face grew with need for him. She wanted; no, she need him to cum inside of her. A few more hard and feral thrusts from both males soon sends her over the edge. Both clones let out a feral groan and hilted themselves deep inside of Umbra's love tunnels. Umbra lets out a pleasurable cry as everything around her went black. She felt "Dusk1" push past her cervix as he released a thick torrent of his thick seed into her womb. "Dusk2" wasn't far behind as he let loose a jet of his thick spunk into her tight ass. Umbra cums herself as the final tail yank caused her lower holes to tighten and milk both clones for everything they had inside of their coconut sized balls. She finally passed out and her stomach continued to expand from how much seed both males were pumping inside of her. It took them about twenty seconds for their dicks to stop throbbing and they pull themselves out of the broken queen. Their dick leaving her holes with a loud 'pop' as they watch their seed slowly leaking out of her gaping areas. Umbra didn't really care anymore. She now layed on the floor satisfied for once in her life.

"That adds another mare to our list." "Dusk2" added while opening a portal back to the original Dusk.

"But how do we explain to the original that we both had to subdue one mare?" "Dusk1" asked his clone, as he tried to carry the passed out queen. "Dusk2" saw him struggling so he helped him carry the poor mare.

"Hey, you were having trouble when I came to save your sorry ass. She was harder to handle since she was a former queen."

"Guess you're right." "Dusk 1" sighed in agreement as both males disappeared with their new playmate.

Taming Nightmare Moon: A Dragon's Fury

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"You have to be fucking kidding me!" Nightmare Moon shouted, finding another empty room. It has been three hours since Dusk Shine escaped and there was still no sign of him anywhere. In her frustration, she was stomping hard enough to actually leave hoofprints with every step she took. 'That little runt is wasting my time, as well as the other's time. He'll pay for this.' She thought, as she walked around to find another room, hoping that was where her prey was hiding.

'Aw, why so angry Nightmare Moon? It doesn't suit such a beautiful figure such as yours.' "Dusk" thought to himself, tailing Nightmare Moon's balloon-like ass as she walked around, looking for her soon to be captive. "Dusk" smirked as his eyes drank in every curve of her body. Her breasts were easily a JJ-cup, and her height and ass rivaled that of Princess Celestia's. "Dusk" followed her as he was thinking of ways to ravish her until she was left a drooling mess. 'And truly such a beautiful body indeed.' Nightmare Moon growled and smashed a nearby table into a pile of chipped wood, as she grew more frustrated. 'A rather strong one as well. I may have to use a special I've been wanting to try out.' He thought as he stayed in the shadows for a while until she entered another bedroom. "Dusk" then entered the room next door where he planned to lay a special trap for her.

"Let's see how she'll handle this once I try out my next phase." "Dusk" said to himself as His hand glowed and set up a spell that slid along the doorway. He then sits in a nearby bed and turns himself invisible, waiting patiently for his prey. He could over hear Nightmare Moon next door to him as she let out another frustrated growl. She actually felt her slam the door behind her and head towards the room where "Dusk" was hiding. He was expecting her to open the door, maybe even slam it open. Instead, she kicked it in and off its hinges.

'Somepony is pissed.' He thought as he eyed her further. The way her well rounded supple flesh bounced around as she walked. Despite her wearing armor, it was more focused on sex appeal rather than protection, of which was a fatal flaw on Moon's account.

"Again an empty room." She growled, kicking over a nearby chair, that crashed and shattered into a nearby wall. "How elusive is that little runt?" She was about to leave when she felt something land onto her neck. "What the-Argh!" That was all she could get out before she felt something bite down on the nape of her neck and latch on. She started to thrash about in a panic, trying to shake off whatever was biting her. She eventually calmed down and managed to shake off what looked like a decent-sized purple snake after she scraped herself against the wall. The snake, vanished in a puff of smoke after she flung it to the floor.

"Stupid reptile." She said to herself as she brushed herself off. She felt the two holes on her neck and something leaking out of them. She thought it was blood, and was going to do a quick heal spell when she heard.

"Aw, that wasn't very nice." Nightmare Moon froze in place when she heard that voice. She turned around to find a strange mist appearing in front of her. It slowly materialized into the shape of a pony and she glared when she realized who it was. "Fancy meeting you here, Nightmare Moon." "Dusk" said in a calm tone with a sinister grin.

"Looks like I caught you, little twerp." Nightmare Moon said with a smirk. "You've wasted too much of our time already." Her horn glowed a dark-blue aura and "Dusk" felt his body surrounded by magical chains, and then dropped on the ground. "If it were under normal circumstances, I'd have your eyes gouged out and fed to demonic dogs." She threatened while picking up "Dusk" by his neck. She pulled an inhibitor ring from her mane and placed the metal trinket around "Dusk's" horn. Nightmare Moon then tightened her grip onto his throat drastically reducing his oxygen intake. "But we need you alive at the moment, so consider yourself lucky."

"That doesn't really make me feel any better about the situation." "Dusk" said, trying to keep calm, despite his lack of oxygen, until his little trick took effect. His calm demeanor only seemed to agitate Nightmare Moon further. She threw the male Alicorn into a nearby wall, hitting the wall with a loud grunt. Nightmare Moon walked over to where he landed, and glared at him with a menacing scowl.

"Let me be clear with you little runt." She growled, pulling him up by his neck "I have a lot to be angry about every time I look at you." She began. "Ever since you and your little whorse friends defeated me, separating me from my other half, I've been struggling trying to restore my magic to revitalize myself. That was when they found me and my younger sister."

"You're referring to Umbra, Chrysalis, and-- Wait a minute. Nightmare Rarity is your sister?" "Dusk" asked, quite surprised at that revelation.

"That's right." She added, dropping him on his ass. “And yes she is.”

"Take it easy, would ya?" He groaned in response. Nightmare Moon just scoffed at him.

"You're so lucky we need you alive. With your magic increasing our own, we will be unstoppable." She cackled. "After that, you won't be of any use to us." "Dusk" just laughed at her in response.

"What's so fucking funny? You should be afraid of me." She growled, glaring at "Dusk" who was still chuckling.

"I'm just amazed at how a mare like you has such an amazing body," He responded eying her curves from top to bottom. "but you have the temper of a little filly." That ended up setting Nightmare Moon off. She clenched her armored fist in anger and slugged “Dusk” right in the mouth drawing blood from his muzzle.

"I am this close to ripping your spine out and shoving it up your ass!" She shouted as she had had enough of his constant laughing and insults. She picked him up by his neck one last time and decided to choke him until he passed out. All of a sudden, she suddenly froze in place and let go of "Dusk" and slumped to the floor. "Dusk" was now laughing his ass off at her, wiping the blood from his muzzle.

"W… what… is… this?" She panted, clutching her chest in pain. "You... little... Bastard. What... did.. you... do to... me?" She curled up into a fetal position while on the floor as secretions started to leak from her burning marehood.

"Oh Nightmare Moon," "Dusk" began, transforming back into his incubus state. The shockwave was enough to shatter the chains that bound him and he removed the inhibitor ring from his horn. "you're just making this too easy."

"Y-you shouldn't be able to use magic!" She exclaimed. "The inhibitor-"

"Suppresses pony magic… not demon magic..." "Dusk" said, immediately cutting her off.

"Demon magic? Is that...what you...used...on me?" She asked, trying to understand what was going on. "Dusk" simply chuckled in response.

"It's not what I did my precious Nightmare Moon... It's what my little friend did to you not too long ago." He said pointing towards the spot where the snake vanished earlier.

"D-did that… snake... have… something… to do… with what's… happening… to me?" She asked. She tried to stand up, but the burning throughout her body suddenly grew worse the more she tried to move. "W... what... Is... this?"

"Oh… that's just my aphrodisiac venom running in your blood stream." "Dusk" said kneeling right beside Nightmare Moon, and caressed her cheek. "This type reacts depending on the adrenaline level in the blood."

"You… Bastard." She growled, but she caught up with what "Dusk" said to her."A… adrenaline?" She asked rather confused.

"That’s right." He answered, scratching her face, leaving a small mark on her cheek. "Anger wasn't really helping your blood pressure now was it?" He added with a smirk.

"Bastard… y... you'll… pay… for this." She panted. She suddenly felt pain all over her body. "Wh… what… is this?" She said as she could barely move.

"I told you… the angrier you get, the worse the venom reacts." He remarked then added, “But I think it's time I had a little fun with you." "Dusk" remarked licking his lips.

"D-don't touch me." She threatened him while trying to get away from him. Her threats fell on deaf ears and she felt her ass groped by "Dusk".

"Bear in mind, that you don't scare me, my little slave." He added licking her neck. Nightmare was beyond pissed after hearing that word. She was blushing, but her face seethed with rage.

"I'M NOT YOUR SLAVE!!" Her horn is surrounded by a dark blue aura and she turned her head around and blasted "Dusk" into a nearby wall… or rather, he crashed through it, landing into the next room with a loud grunt. He groaned as he got up from the rubble, just in time for Nightmare Moon to pick him up by his neck once more. “I WILL FUCKING TEAR YOUR HEART OUT YOU LITTLE BASTARD!!” She shouted in her Royal Canterlot voice. She raised her armored fist to punch him again, only for her to suddenly drop “Dusk” onto the ground again. The burning in her body got so bad that she let out a very loud and very long moan as a puddle of her own juices dripped down her legs and onto the floor. Her body shook to the core as she rode out her orgasm. She dropped to her knees and sat on her heels in her own puddle of juices. She sat there, panting with her arms hanging limply to her sides. “Dusk” stood over her with a devilish smirk.

“You forgotten already, didn’t you?” “Dusk” remarked with a light chuckle, cricking his neck from Nightmare Moon’s constant choking. “The angrier you get, the worse it becomes.” He added as he pulled out a metal ring from his mane.

“You… bas...f-fuck…” She could barely get any words out of her body. Before she knew what happened, “Dusk” clasped the ring around her horn.

“There. Won’t be having any more magical outbursts from you.” He declared, chuckling slightly. Nightmare Moon had never felt so degraded in her life. She felt helpless. Powerless to fight back.


“Try to relax…” “Dusk” remarked while getting behind the darker alicorn. “You just experienced your first orgasm…” He explained, while licking the nape of her neck.

“M-my...first...what?” She asked panting. It wasn't long before she heard the sound of something unlocking behind her. “W-what do’re...doing…??”

“Trying to help you loosen up.” “Dusk” remarked, undoing the clasp that held her armor together. The top part similar to Umbra’s fell off leaving her massive midnight breasts exposed under the moonlight from the open window. He then reached down for the clasp that held the lower part of her armor. Both ponies heard a light click, and Nightmare Moon felt her codpiece removed.

“Bastard! How dare y--Mmph!” Nightmare Moon tried to make a threat only to be silenced by “Dusk” when he pressed his lips onto hers. She was taken aback by his kiss as his demonic tongue tasted the inside of her mouth. After a few seconds, “Dusk” pulled away from a shocked Nightmare Moon and licked his lips in satisfaction.

“Hmm...Sweet, yet spicy at the same time.”

“W-What the fuck was that for?” She asked confused, after pushing “Dusk” off of her. She slowly crawled away from him, as she tried to cover her enormous chest.

“Quite a reaction from you.” He teased. “I’m guessing that was your first kiss?”

“M-my first what?” She asked rather shocked. She was soon pushed down to the floor by “Dusk” with the Incubus on top of her. “Get off me...” She told him as she struggled to get loose. “How is he stronger than me?” She softly asked herself.

“It’s not that I’m stronger my dear,” “Dusk” playfully responded, causing the mare to flinch in response. “You’re so horny right now, it’s hard for you to focus.” He then kissed her again, and she started to thrash about in shock. His demonic tail teased the entrance to her marehood and another bolt of pleasure ran through the darker Alicorn. “Dusk’s” hands sooned snaked their way up to her breasts and he gave the soft melons a light squeeze. Nightmare Moon’s moans were muffled in response since her lips were still invaded by “Dusk’s” lips. His tongue invaded every inch of her muzzle, gliding against her sharp teeth, even traveling down her esophagus a little. He pulled away from the dazed mare and her eyes looked almost lifeless.

“W...wha…?” She struggled to speak from what happened. It was as if she was under his influence.

“You really are a virgin.” He remarked as his tail stopped teasing her opening. He looked behind him and saw that her marehood was already soaked. “One kiss and you’re not only left breathless but you’re drenched down there.”

“…” She felt her ass being groped by “Dusk”, right on her cutie mark. She jolted in response to this as his hands, despite the claws he had, massaged her flank as if it was puddy. She moaned incoherently trying to fight off her growing lust, when “Dusk” suddenly stopped massaging her ass.

“I think it’s time we put that mouth of yours to good use.” “Dusk” declared. He soon got on top of her and sat on her flat stomach.. Nightmare Moon blushed furiously after seeing his new equipment up close. When she was still a part of Luna, she has seen a few stallions that were not on the small side, but “Dusk’”’s member was unreal. He looked to be as thick and as long as a monkey wrench. It was already dribbling precum like a leaking faucet as his member rested between her massive bust.

“Wha...what’!” NIghtmare Moon is cut off as she felt the tip of his length enter her muzzle without warning. The saltiness of his precum sat on her tongue.

“I’m pleasuring you right now, so I’d like you to do the same.” He demanded. “Gonna warn you right now...If I feel your teeth, we’re going to have a problem.” He remarked with a serious tone.

Nightmare Moon really didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. With the venom in her system, she really couldn't do much as she struggled to even move. Dusk began to thrust between her breasts and let out feral grunts as he played and tweaked with her nipples. Nightmare Moon’s muzzle was muffled with his dick in her mouth. Beads of pre leak from his member as he throatfucks Moon. Moon was having trouble breathing since she has never taken anything big her entire life. Then again, she’s never done this in her life. She felt herself getting wetter, allowing “Dusk’s” tail to go deeper into her marehood.

“Fuck...your breasts...feel like...heaven…” “Dusk” groaned as he was getting more aroused as he continued to massage and thrust in between her breasts, but he was being rougher the more his arousal grew. She let’s out muffled moans of pleasure from being pleasured in two areas at the same time. She endured this humiliation for ten minutes until “Dusk” started to let out feral grunts of pleasure. Nightmare Moon didn’t even get a warning as he suddenly bursts in her mouth. Her eyes grow big as what felt like a gallon of jizz suddenly rush her mouth. The thickness of his spunk flooded her mouth and she struggled to even breathe with how much he released. He noticed her struggling, so he pulls out of her mouth and jets of his spunk splatter against her face and coating her chest and stomach in a thick layer of musk.

“Well, that was fun.” “Dusk” remarked stroking his length. He gets up from Nightmare Moon with a satisfied smirk, but she had a disgusted look on her face. Nightmare Moon was going to spit out what was in her mouth, but a dark purple aura around her muzzle prevented her from doing so. She looks up to see a smirking “Dusk” formed a seal around her mouth.

“Swallow, and I’ll undo it.” He demanded, tightening the seal on her mouth. Nightmare Moon just glared at him as he literally coated her with enough spunk to make a face mask. Seeing as she had no other choice, she had to force herself to swallow the large lump in the back of her throat. She grimaced as the salty taste of “Dusk’s” semen stayed on her for awhile.

“There…..Happy?” She growled opening her mouth showing that she swallowed his load.

“Good. Now was that so hard my little nightmare?” “Dusk” remarked with a sly grin.

“H-how can one p-possible cum this much?” She asked angrily, yet confused from the sudden amount that he released.

“I’m half demon. So what if I can be a little ‘excessive.’” He remarked pushing her down on the floor. She lets out a yelp in response to the sudden push. His horn suddenly glowed, and a bright flash later, she was cleaned of any excess cum coating her body.

“….bas...tard…” She panted, still unable to fully speak from the venom in her system.

“Thank you…” “Dusk” remarked in a sarcastic tone. He didn’t care what she thought of him now. It was only going to be a matter of time before she was his new playmate.

“I wasn’t--Mmph!!” She gets cut off when “Dusk” pressed his lips against her muzzle once again, and his hands travel along her curvy body. She groaned and moaned in response, hating how good he was. Nightmare Moon needed a way out of this situation. The kiss lasted for about fifteen seconds before he pulled away from her lips, leaving another string of saliva between them.

“Stop...doing...that…” She panted.

“This is boring.” He said getting off of Nightmare Moon, confusing her.

“What are you on about?” She asked.

“I mean it would be boring to try and take you as I am now.” He added.

“What are you…” “Dusk” suddenly backed away from Nightmare Moon, confusing her further. Her confusion suddenly turned to shock. “Dusk” suddenly started growing larger, and more menacing. His fur coat hardened into refined scales. His hands and hooves turned into sharpened claws. His muzzle formed into a snout and a puff of smoke emitted from his nostrils. His wings grew slightly larger, making him even more menacing than before. He open his mouth revealing sharp fangs that could easily crush a diamond. The final teaser was his demonic tail solidifying and becoming draconic in nature. What shocked, and frightened Nightmare Moon the most,were his newly formed ‘Twin Dragons’. Yes, “Dusk” now had two monstrous cocks, that were quite a bit bigger than before. The tips were pointed with what looked like a hook at the end, the entire thing was covered with barbs from just below the tip to the base, and his balls were now almost the size of watermelons.

This was what I was referring to.” He growled standing over Nightmare Moon. “Now things will be a little more… interesting.”

“Y-you expect me to take those!?” She inquired, shocked as “Dusk’s” massive cocks throbbed in anticipation. She tried to crawl away only for “Dusk to grab her by her ankles and hoist her in the air upside down. “Let, go of me!” she shouted balling her fist and punching “Dusk” in his snout. He wasn’t even affected by her armored fist and just locked eyes with Nightmare Moon, with a sickening smirk on his face.

“And what was that suppose to do?” He taunted, licking her face, causing her to gag in disgust. She was going to punch him again, only to feel her arms wrapped by his reptilian tail.

“You swine! Don’t you dare!” She yelled. She soon felt her legs being spread apart. “Dusk” then opened his jaw, revealing a set of sharp teeth. Nightmare Moon soon felt something long and slimy poking her marehood. “Fucking Bastard! Don’t you da-!” She didn’t get to finish her threat when his tongue entered her marehood and broke her hymen in one thrust. She screamed in her royal canterlot voice as she also came hard. Blood and her juices dripped from her marehood as she twitched in her arms.

“Heh. I didn't think you scream that loud.” “Dusk” remarked as he had her right where he wanted her. “I’m lucky I soundproofed the room earlier.” He dove his tongue deeper into her marehood and tasted her sweet insides. They reminded him of mangos mixed with blackberries. Nightmare Moon continued to squirm and writhe from the pain of having her hymen broken from his tongue alone. She continued to groan and squirm, but it slowly subsided to pleasured moans as his tongue continued to taste her insides. After five minutes, of tasting her he finally pulled away from her marehood with a satisfied grin on his face.

“How did that make you feel Nightmare Moon?” He asked with a knowing smirk. Nightmare Moon just looks at him with a glare, but her face was red with embarrassment and arousal.

“I...don’t...feel..any...thing…” She panted, still trying to be as defiant as possible.

“I thought you would say that.” “Dusk said, smirking in response. Before she could even ask what he meant, she felt herself flipped over onto her front, and thrown onto the bed. He jumps on top of her pinning her arms behind her back with his tail, and her legs spread apart. “Guess I’ll have to make you admit it.” He then aligns his twin dragons with her lower holes.

“B-bastard….those won't fit…” Nightmare moon groaned trying to break free from his grasp. “…”

“Sorry…” “Dusk” remarked leaning into her face. “...but I’m want to see your reaction when you admit to being my little cum-slut.” Nightmare Moon’s face turns pale as her fate was now sealed.

“You’ll rip me in Ha---Auugh!!!!” She couldn’t even finish her sentence when she let out an ear splitting cry as both of her lower holes get plugged by his Twin Dragons. NIghtmare Moon’s body shook to the core, as she rode out another earth shattering orgasm. Her lower holes clenched down onto “Dusk’s” Twin Dragons and she drenched his lower half into her juices that flowed from her marehood like a waterfall. She arched her back as well as her head, and let out a pained moan from having her insides stretched outward.

“ really know how to cling to me... hmm?” “Dusk said, but noticed Moon’s reaction. “Did you actually pass out on me?” he remarked, seeing as she slumped on the bed passed out. Her eyes looked as if she was dead as she was showing no reaction. “Dusk” wasn’t having any of that, so he yanks on her tail hard enough to wake her up. He did this about three times, until NIghtmare Moon woke up with a pained yelp. This caused her lower holes to tighten around his shaft again making his squirt a few globs of precum into her soaked marehood.

“ tail?” She panted, trying to catch her breath.

“Well I’m not going to have to pass out on me…” He growled hoisting her up to where her back was pressing into his scaly chest. He grip her toned, and his claws gripped and massaged her massive chest making her groan in both pleasure and pain.“....especially when we’re getting to the fun part.”

He then starts thrusting his hips upward, causing the darker mare to yelp in both pleasure and pain. Her well endowed chest bounced up and down from his strong and forceful thrusts. Each one sent a ripple of pleasure and pain throughout her body. Her cat slit eyes teared up as both her marehood and ass felt they were on fire. Both of “Dusk’s” twin dragons left an impossibly large bulge in her stomach, making them look as if she was stuffed with two large logs.

“Ready to admit it yet?” He added.

“N….ne...never…” Nightmare Moon panted. She groaned when “Dusk’s twin dragons slammed against her insides pushing them upward. She felt as if her stomach was turning inside out from how forceful he was.

“I thought you would say that.” “Dusk” remarked. He suddenly pulls out of her. His lower cock sleek with her feminine juices. Nightmare Moon slumps on the bed groaning and panting. She could only feel pain from her lower half as both of her holes were left gaping and sore. She soon felt herself flipped onto her back forced to face her captor. “That only makes it more fun for me.”

‘Why haven’t the others heard me scream? They should’ve been here by now.’ Nightmare Moon thought.

“That’s because I sound proofed the room earlier when you walked in.” “Dusk” remarked.

“Wha?” She said in confusion.

“Had you screamed when you were outside, you probably wouldn't be here right now.” He added, his tongue licking at her face.

“No more…” She begged, for the first time in her life. His dual pron malleus was still rock hard. His balls were churning.

“No….” He growled realigning his twin dragons to her sore holes. “I’m done holding back.” He reenters her marehood and ass, and Nightmare Moon let out an ear splitting cry as she is once again stuffed beyond extent after “Dusk” was balls deep into her. He resumes his thrusts, and locks lips with the darker mare. His draconic tongue beating her equine tongue into submission and she couldn’t scream with her mouth currently invaded by “Dusk’s” slimy tongue. Time passed as “Dusk” mercilessly pounded her holes and her juices made a nice lube so she wouldn’t provide much resistance as before. Her breaths became hitched in her throat every time “Dusk” pounds into her quivering marehood. Nightmare Moon was starting to lose it. She didn’t want to admit it, but “Dusk’ was hitting her sweet spots. He suddenly breaks her kiss to take a look at his prey’s face. She looked to be dazed.

“You say you hate me, yet your expression says otherwise?” He remarked, grinding his hips against hers.

“…” All Nightmare Moon could do was moan. She could barely speak from how good it felt.

“You don’t even realize what you’re doing do you?” He remarked, slowing his thrusts.

“Wh...wha…?” “Dusk” soon leaned towards her ear.

“You’re clinging to me.” He whispered. Nightmare Moon started turning pale. She looks behind her captor and he was right. She had her legs bound behind him, with no means of letting go. “Dusk” pulled away from her ear and stared into Nightmare Moon’s cat slit eyes. “That’s right. Before you even know what happened, you started clinging to me with those long legs of yours.”

“T….that...doesn’t...mean...anything…” She tried to argue. “Dusk” just gropes her ass, but his claws dig deep into her flesh, making her groan in pain.

“Lying to me will only make it worse.” He growled, while licking his lips. “Especially since you’re body is being honest with me.”


“You a typical tsundere mare, Nightmare Moon.” He remarked. “A type of mare that says she doesn’t like it, but her body reactions say otherwise.” His claws dug deeper into her soft velvet flesh making her squirm under his toned body. “You constantly deny what’s happening to you, yet in reality, you’re happy with having someone who isn’t afraid of you.”

“Th...that’s...not...true…” She panted.

“Really then?” He remarked, leaning in front of Nightmare Moon’s face with a devilish smirk. “Then you won’t mind if I did this.” “Dusk” then pulls out of Nightmare Moon’s abused marehood and plothole causing Nightmare Moon to let out a pained moan.

“B-bastard….what're... you...doing?”She asked panting. She felt an intense burning in her lower holes and it only seemed to get worse.

“Well, since it’s clear you’re not being honest with yourself,” “Dusk” teased waving his twin cocks in her face. “You obviously don’t want me to finished.” He then proceeds to walk away.

“Bastard! You can’t just leave me like this!” She yelled, but groaned as she tried to get up only for the burning to freeze her movements.

“Well, you won’t admit your true feelings, so I guess I’ll just leave things as they are.” He remarked. He was about to leave when he felt something grab his tail.

“You’re...not leaving me… like this…” She moaned trying to drag him back into the bed. She barely had the strength to even move him an inch. “Dusk” simply smirks seeing the once proud Nightmare Moon in the state she was in.

“Beg for it.” He demanded.


“Admit that you’re my little cum-slut, and beg for it.” He remarked, waving his twin cocks in her face. NIghtmare Moon’s body ached from the constant state of arousal she was in.


“What was that?” He asked.


“One more time my dear.” “Dusk” remarked but this time rubbing her marehood with his tail. That sent Nightmare Moon over the edge as she finally lied on the bed on all fours, and spread her cheeks apart revealing her dripping snatch and tight pucker hole

“Take those fat cocks of your and fuck me until I can’t walk!” She finally shouted as her eyes carried the same heart shape as his other herd mates

“Seeing as you asked so nicely, I’ll let you pouncing on me slide.” He added with a smirk while groping her ass, causing the darker mare to moan in response. He aligns his twin dragons too her lower holes and his pelvis smacks against hers causing the darker mare to scream loud enough for her voice to echo through the room. Her marehood and ass tighten around his shaft as her marecum splashed against his pelvis, causing the draconic “Dusk” to groan in a mix of both pleasure and pain.

“Fuck.... now we’re getting somewhere.” “Dusk” growled in arousal from how Moon’s marehood and ass suddenly got tight around his twin dragons. He waited for her marehood and ass to loosen up before he got to the fun. After about ten seconds, he grips both of her arms and starts thrusting his hips forward. Nightmare Moon’s breasts swung and the sounds of her ass smacking against “Dusk’s” pelvis with her sweet moans were music to his ears. She bit into her sheet to muffle her moans as “Dusk’s” thrusts gotten harder and faster. His claws dug into her arms, but she didn’t care.

“Let’s make this more interesting.” “He growled as she stopped his thrusts. Before Nightmare Moon could ask why he stopped, he grips her waist and shifts his weight taking the darker mare with him, and he was now sitting on the bed, with Nightmare Moon sitting on his pal. “Bounce for me my pet.” “Dusk” ordered her, as he gripped her toned thighs. He thrusts his hips upwards and times them with her bounces as her ass slapped against his pelvis.

“Aahh! Fuck!” NIghtmare Moon moaned from feeling both of his thick rods pounding away at her insides. “Dusk's” claws soon snaked their way up to her mammoth breasts, and massaged her titflesh as if it was puddy in his hands. He tweaked and teased her sensitive nipples making her mewl in pleasure. Her moan soon turn to carnal screams and “Dusk” let out feral grunts as his thrust became harder and faster as time passed. “Dusk” soon felt the familiar feeling in his balls and his twin cocks started to pulse in her marehood and ass.

Nightmare moon gasped as he gave his final lurch upward, her nails nearly digging deep into the scales on his neck and was immediately met with a sensation that was entirely incredible. The moment she felt the first thick rope of his load splash against the inside of her womb, something shattered within her mind. While she couldn't place it in words in how to describe it, she knew exactly what it was that had broken in her.

Moon screamed in utter bliss, nearly using her Canterlot voice, as “Dusk’s” climax brought about her own, her walls clamping and pulsing on his members, milking him for all his worth. Her scream soon trolled off to loud squeals, then loud moans, as “Dusk’s” groaned and continued to fill her. She shuddered with each pulse of his cocks as they pumped load after load into her, her eyes starting to roll into the back of her head as her vision began to blur to white while her tongue lolled out of the corner of her mouth as she slowly lost herself in the heat of his cum in her bloated belly which grew to the size of a beachball.

“Dusk” gave a last few pumps as he finally started to come down from his orgasm, ensuring that the last of his load had been fully delivered before readily releasing the tension from his body and relaxed. He panted calmly, before hissing through his teeth as he slowly pulled out of Moon's spent pussy and ass, and let out a satisfied grunt as the heads of his cocks popped out of her. NIghtmare Moon falls forward, passed out from the intense orgasm she felt leaving her ass in the air and “Dusk’s creampie slowly pouring out of her abused holes. She didn’t care though. She utterly exhausted and panting heavily as she desperately tried to catch her breath and calm her racing heart.

“That was fun….Hmm?” “Dusk” noticed Moon’s unconscious state. Despite the distant look look in her eyes, Nightmare Moon felt calm, even happy, as she relished in the afterglow of her earth shattering orgasm.

“Heh, guess it was too much for even her.” He remarked picking her up and carrying her in his arms as if she was a foal. “Dusk” soon opened a portal that lead back to the original and stepped in. the portal closes behind him leaving nothing behind.


“Come now, try to wiggle your hips more Adagio.” Dusk ordered his slave.

“Yes master…” Adagio said as she did what her master asked her to do. She was currently bouncing on top of her master’s cock while her back was pressed against his chest. Sonata was making out with Aria and Philomena was eating out the blue siren’s cream filled marehood, and their bellies were bloated out again as Dusk was waiting on his clones to come back with his new playmates and final additions to his harem.

Adagio was bouncing happily onto Dusk’s endowed stallionhood while her master massaged and squeezed her milky breasts that were squirting milk with each thrust he made into her loose, yet tight fitting marehood.

“Yes master...fill me more.” Adagion panted.

“I aim to please my lovers Adagio.” Dusk remarked using his tail to tease her clit.

She soon let out a heartfelt moan when her marehood clamped down on his manhood causing her juices to coat his pelvis. Dusk wasn’t far behind as he bloated her stomach up to a beach ball for the third time tonight. She passed out from having her stomach filled with her master’s thick seed and slumped onto the bed, exhausted.

Around that time… three portals opened, revealing that his clones returned with his new additions. ‘Three portals?’ He thought to himself. Puzzled, he inquired, “Why are all four of you here with only three new slaves? Where’s Chrysalis?”

Two of the clones stepped forward. ‘We had quite a bit of trouble with Umbra here.” They responded as Umbra looked hungrily at her all the throbbing stallionhoods in front of her.

“Hmm. I… see.” He said while looking at those two. “Any trouble with your prey?” He asked the other two.

“This one had some fight but I had her howling eventually.” One of the clones replied while a sex-starved Nightmare Rarity crawled over to the original Dusk.

“Nightmare Moon put up a decent fight, even with the venom in her system, but nothing a dragon couldn’t handle.” The last clone smirked as Nightmare Moon crawled to join her sister.

The original looked out the window. ‘I think I have about three hours left.’ He thought to himself. ‘And since Chrysalis specializes in love, she will probably be the most difficult to tame and she might be the most prepared for whatever I might throw at her due to her cunning.’

He turns to his clones. “Okay. I’ll deal with Chrysalis personally. Time is of the essences. But first,” he snapped his fingers and three red collars appeared, “you three. Kneel before me.” Umbra and the two Night sisters did as they were told. He first goes to Nightmare Moon, places a collar around her neck, which immediately turned her irises into pink hearts. “Tu es à moi maintenant et pour toujours.” He whispered into her ear, then repeated the process with the other two.

“Magic suppressor.” He ordered with his hand out. One of the clones that went to get Umbra handed him the last magic suppressor. “Were they carrying any extras?”

“Yes.” All the clones replied.

‘That means Chrysalis will have at least one more on her.’ He thought then aloud he ordered his clones to give him whatever extras they were carrying. He then turned to his slaves. “I’m sorry, but I must leave you at the moment.” He held up his hand before any of them could protest. “However, I am not going to leave you alone.” He snapped his fingers, causing his shadow to extend outward, and twenty-six more clones appeared. “Keep them entertained. When I mentally give the signal, bring everyone to the main hall. I will be expecting more company, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to claim them. I still want them to admire the soon-to-be mothers of my offspring.”

All the slaves cheered at that. Dusk opened a portal to find Chrysalis. He heard the sweet moans of pleasure as he closed it.

Taming Queen Chrysalis: Tentacle Temptation

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A portal opens in the map room and Dusk stepped through. It closed shortly after, blocking out the screams, moans, and other sounds of ecstasy that were currently coming from the massive orgy that his harem was having with 30 clones of himself. Dusk smirked to himself. He had almost every mare in his harem. He even got one extra with Philomena. Now, he just needed the final mare lurking around his castle trying to look for him. He sat down and took a moment before he went to add the final mare to his harem.

"I guess I can just wait here until Chrysalis finds me." He thought to himself as he contemplated on how he was going to tame her. 'Since she was a changeling queen (former changeling queen), she can manipulate her cellular structure at will and changelings excel in deception.' His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the double doors behind him being kicked open. He turned himself invisible as a certain changeling queen walked in with an irritated look on her face.

"Little bastard! We had him!" She shouted while trying to kick over the thrones in the room in frustration. She found out very quickly that that wasn’t a good idea. "OW!! SON OF A--!!” She continued to rant as she walked off the pain. “Even with the barrier above the castle, we've been looking for that little bitch for the past four hours. How could he have gotten away?"

‘Somepony’s in a crabby mood.’ Dusk chuckled to himself as he eyed the former changeling queen’s amazonian figure. Despite the holes in her limbs, not to mention her rather scary appearance, Chrysalis still held a rather curvaceous figure. Her slim yet curvy body was hugged by a tight green dress that seemed to show a little too much cleavage. The dress ended close to her knees showing off one of her toned legs. Her breasts was easily as big as Umbra’s, but her ass was on par with Nightmare Moon’s. ‘But her body is no less exquisite.’ He added, slowing moving behind her as a ghost.

‘Hmph...I might as well give her what she wants.’ He thought as he sat into the seat that bore his cutie mark. He was still invisible to his would-be captive. ‘It won’t be long before she joins her little gang as my playmate.’

Chrysalis was pacing as she continued to vent her frustration.“I can’t believe this.” She groaned, pinching the bridge of her eyes. “My plan I spent months setting up will be ruined if I don’t find that little bastard!” She stopped pacing as a thought occurred to her. “Four hours. And not a word from any of the others? Is it possible that he somehow managed to get help? Or subdue the others?”

“Well, you’re right on the word ‘subdue.’” Dusk’s voice called out causing the former queen to flinch. It was followed up by an amused laugh that echoed through the room.

“Who’s there?” Chrysalis called out readying her magic. “Show yourself!” She demanded firing a random blast in at the ceiling. It bounces off and strikes near her hoof, startling her.

“You were once a queen, now you’re acting like a scared little filly.” The voice countered. Chrysalis is first confused, but she recognizes the voice.

“Wait...Dusk?” She called out her confusion turning into anger. “Where are you?”

“Why don’t you turn around and find out?” He called out as he made himself visible again. Chrysalis turned around to see Dusk laughing as he sat in a chair with his legs crossed. What confused the former queen was how he was only wearing a loincloth.

“Happy to see me again?” Dusk chuckled as he smirked at the changeling who was glaring at him.

“Not in the slightest,” She added, as her crooked horn charged her magic, “especially considering the crap you put us all through tonight.”

“Oh, don’t be like that…” Dusk said as he snapped his fingers and summoned a magic mirror in his hands. “...especially when I have something to show you.” He suddenly got grabbed by several tentacles that spawned underneath him that wrap around his body.

“Show me what, you little bastard?” She snarled, glaring into his eyes. “You caused us enough trouble today, and I’m making sure that doesn't happen again.” She added, pulling out a metallic ring like the others, but it was different from the rest. There was a set of stones with a green like stone inside of the ring.

“What’s that?” Dusk asked, confused.

“This, is a special ring I was saving in case our plan hit a roadblock.” She added with a sinister cackle. “It’s much stronger than the last one we used, after your little stunt earlier broke the last one.”

“Well, seeing as you caught me…” Dusk said as he seized his struggles. “...I guess you and the others have won.” Chrysalis was, at first, confused by what he said, but that look of confusion was suddenly replaced by a devilish smirk as she walked closer to him.

“Well, seeing as you now see things our way,” She chuckled as she caressed his face slightly, “I might make it easier on you and not beat you to a pulp.” She then fastened the inhibitor ring around his horn. Dusk had to pretend that he couldn't use his magic the next part of his plan to work.

‘Somepony clearly has control issues.’ Dusk thought, as he pretended that the horn had an effect on him. “Well seeing as I’ve been captured again, can I at least show you what’s in the mirror since it’s clear that I’ve lost?”

“Fiiiine.” Chrysalis groaned as she levitated the mirror towards her. “I still don’t know why you want me to look in this...WHAT THE FUCK!!?”

What she saw in the mirror shocked her immensely. Before her in the reflection of the mirror, all her fellow villainesses, and somepony she never saw before, being gangbanged by several clones of Dusk Shine. She dropped the mirror in both shock and confusion and Dusk just started laughing.

“What… the fuck… is this?” She asked as she turned around and glared at Dusk, who was in a fit a laughter. She growled furiously and grabbed him by the neck. “What… did… you… do?” She growled as she proceeded to try and crush Dusk’s throat. Dusk was unfazed as he continued his fit of laughter. Chrysalis was annoyed to no end as she raised her fist and struck Dusk in the face, finally silencing his laughter.

“Enough with this!” She yelled. “What sick game are you playing?! What did you do to them?!” Dusk didn’t answer and just smirked. “ANSWER ME!!” She shouted as she summoned a knife and placed it against his throat.

“What happened to the whole keeping me alive thing?” Dusk remarked with a light chuckle.

“You’re… trying… my… patience.” She growled. “Now what is going on here?”

“Hmph…” Dusk chuckled as he looked at her. “I might as well explain since you still haven’t figured out what I am. Which surprises me since you know so much about emotions. On in particular… lust.”

“Wha-!” A shockwave suddenly send Chrysalis flying backwards towards the wall and Dusk was freed from her grip. He cast another spell that dispelled the tendrils that surrounded him, confusing Chrysalis even more as she stared at him in shock.

“Well, that was uncomfortable.” Dusk said, and he started to pop a few joint and relieve himself of a painful crick in his neck. He looks over towards Chrysalis and gives an evil smirk. Her shock was replaced by anger as she stood up and her serrated horn glowed a green aura.

“How?” Chrysalis said as she stared at him, her rage building as she was charging a magic blast. “That inhibitor should have sealed your magic.” She then fires a magic blast towards Dusk, only for him to hold up his right hand and absorb the blast.

“What the fuck?!” She shouted in confusion, as Dusk slowly walked over while blocking back her blast. “What are you?” She tried to expend more of her magic to expand the blast she was firing, but Dusk smiles as he draws closer to her blocking back her blast. It soon came to the point where he grabs her horn, and forces her on her knees.

“Are you done?” He asked in a casual tone while he still had her in his grip. Chrysalis groaned as she tried to stand, but was baffled by how strong he was now compared to her. She tried to swing at him only to hold her wrists down with his magic.

“H-how are you using magic?” She asked, looking up at him. “That inhibitor was enhanced to even suppress pony magic of an alicorn level.”

“True.” Dusk said as he reached for the inhibitor that was currently on his head. “You had an Inhibitor to suppress pony magic,” What he does next surprises her as he crushes the inhibitor ring in his hands as if it was brittle. Chrysalis saw the shards of her inhibitor ring crumble on the floor. “but you didn’t have on that suppressed demon magic.”

“What in Tartarus are you?” Chrysalis growled still struggling in her binds, trying to get out of Dusk’s grasp.

“If you’re still asking me that, then you’re dumber than you look.” He remarked, irking Chrysalis.

“The fuck did you-!!” She stops her insult when she felt something metallic around her horn.

“Won’t be having any more outbursts from you for awhile.” He smirked stepping back from the queen slightly.

“WHAT GAME ARE YOU PLAYING YOU ARROGANT BASTARD!!?” She shouted as se struggled in her magic binds. Dusk stops walking away and turns to look at his prey.

“Did any of you even think to ask why Dusk had a rune circle set up in the first place?” He asked with a confident smirk. “Did any of you even bother to understand why you chose possibly one of the worst nights to strike?”

“What?” She asked. Dusk simply just laughs at her. “What’s so funny!?”

“You still haven’t figured out that I’m an incubus.” He finished.

“You a what?”

“You’ve all been my prey the moment you stopped my weaker half from locking me away for another month.” Dusk taunted as he sat on his throne from where Chrysalis was kneeling. “Dusk created that rune circle to keep this side of me from getting out.”

“Locked away?” Chrysalis thought about what she meant before a thought clicked in her mind. “Wait, you’re an incubus demon that possessed him?” She then asked.

“Close, but no.” He answered. “I’m actually half demon.”

“Half Demon?” Chrysalis asked, even more confused. “That’s not possible. All of the demons are suppose to be in Tartarus.”

“Yet here I stand.” Dusk remarked in a mocking tone. “I might as well tell you a little story.” He added. “You see, my mother was a succubus that managed to escape from Tartarus with her two sisters.”

“I find that rather impossible.” Chrysalis added. “Nearly every demon that tried to get past Cerberus were either eaten and torn to shreds, or the guards there would be there to stop and demon that tried to pass the gate.

“If it was around this time that would be the case,” Dusk added walking over to Chrysalis and grazing her cheek. “but this was actually over 1000 years ago when my mother and her sisters escaped.”

“What are you even-Argh!” Chrysalis tried to asked in confusion, only for Dusk to retaliate by immediately slapping her, knocking her to the ground.

“It’d be best you don’t interrupt me.” Dusk smirked as he looked down on the former queen who was glaring back at him. “Karma’s a bitch my dear, so don’t blame me that I’m still pissed from earlier when you slapped me.”

“Bastard…” She grumbled to herself. “How did these succubi even escape?”

“Even I don’t know how they escape my dear,” He remarked kneeling beside her and caressing the cheek where he slapped her. “But I do know that they barely escaped with their lives and decided to split up to avoid getting captured again. They’ve been living normal lives ever since for the past 1100 years. I found out about my powers by accident when I turned 18 when I was working with Moondancer on a pet project.” Chrysalis listened to his story as she was trying to find a way out of her magic bindings.

“Are you finished?” She asked, still glaring at him. Dusk only smirks at her and caressed her cheek again.

“Yes, I’m finished.” He added, while letting go of her and turning around. “Plus you’ve given me such a wondrous idea of how to tame you.”

“You’re not going to have your way with me as you did the others you bastard.” Chrysalis growled. Dusk only stops and turns to face Chrysalis with a sinister smile that surprisingly scared her.

“Oh I already have.” He added, snapping his fingers. Chrysalis was confused at first, but a strange rune circle suddenly appeared under her. She soon felt slime on her hands, but what happens next shocks her. Several tendrils suddenly pop out from the rune circle and coil around her body.

“W-what is this?” Chrysalis asked in a panic as all of the tentacles wrapped around her body in a rather seductive manner. Chrysalis slightly moaned in disgust as the tendrils wrapped around her waist, legs, and chest. Dusk simply cackles at her as she was soon covered in a mucus like slime from the tencacles wrapped around her. The tendrils slowly melted her dress letting her mammoth H-cup breasts bounce free.

“Quite the size you have my dear.” Dusk remarked, his eyes drinking in his new prize. “Not to mention the heart shaped ass of yours.”

“GET THESE SLIMY THINGS OFF OF ME!!” She shouted, struggling in the massive writle of tentacles that now had her ensnared. “BASTARD!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!” She shouted. Dusk just laughs at her outburst.

“Can’t?” He remarked in a mocking tone. “I just did…” Chrysalis growled at his words, and the fact that she was being humiliated like this.

“YOU BASTARD!! WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS, I’LL MAKE SURE YOU- Ahn!” She yelped and paused her rant when she felt something stick her in the back of her neck. She let out a slight yelp, when she felt the needle in her. The puncture suddenly retracts, confusing Chrysalis. She turns around to see another tentacles retracting a thin needle like appendage that seemed to be laced with a strange substance.

“What is that? What did that thing just stick in me?” She asked looking back at Dusk who only smirked at her.

“Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon.” Before Chrysalis could even ask what he was talking about, at least six more tendrils with needles sticking from their tips. Two of which aimed directly for her nipples, two she felt poking her ass, one in her back, and the last one poking her marehood. She let out a light yelp when all the needles pierced her sensitive areas, and releasing the same green fluid. Once they were finished, they retracted again.

Chrysalis suddenly feels her entire body heating up. Her face flushed red and she started panting as she looked at Dusk who was smiling at what was happening.

“Why don’t you wait and see?” He remarked. He soon walked back to Chrysalis and got behind her. She was still confused at to what those needles did to her. What Dusk does next surprises her as his palm strikes her ass. She screamed out in response as it hurt. No, to her it actually hurt, and Dusk didn’t even hit her that hard.

“Wow, didn’t think I gave you that much.” Dusk smirked retracting his hand from her ass. Chrysalis could feel her rump burning from where Dusk spanked her. It wasn’t just that. It felt as if her whole body was lit on fire. She bit her lower lip to try and stifle a moan she gave off, but it didn’t go unnoticed by Dusk. “Guess I might have used too much venom.”

“What did those things inject into me?” She growled trying to hide her arousal. Dusk just caresses her face. She felt her marehood leaking in the process as her juices trailed down her leg. Her nipples hardened as well and the cold air blowing against them wasn’t helping her situation either.

“It a potent venom that acts rather fast when injected into the most sensitive areas.” He added while his forked tongue licked at her face. “Let’s just say even poking you will feel as if your entire body is on fire.”

“W-what?” She said. More like panted. Dusk was right though, her body now felt like it was lit on fire from the venom inside of her system.

“Let’s see how long you last.” Dusk remarked as more tentacles now started to move around. Chrysalis could feel the slimy appendages rubbing against her body. Two twin suckers aimed directly for her green nipples and latched onto each one. Chrysalis could feel them sucking on her sensetive nubs and she bit her lower lip to try and stifle her moans.

“Y-you bastard…” She said still in defiance. “Y-you can’t ‘mmph’ do this to me…”

“Can’t?” Dusk remarked as he sat in his chair within the map room while sitting back and enjoy the show. “I’m doing it right now…”

Chrysalis soon felt something poking at her marehood as well as her ass. She looks behind her to see at least two more tentacles trying to force their way into her holes. She couldn't really focus with the tentacles currently squeezing her breasts as well as the two mouth suckers currently abusing her nipples.

“M-make them s-stop!” She yelled, looking at Dusk. As the sensitivity from the venom inside of her was starting to make her lose her mind.

“I honestly can’t.” Dusk told her. “Unless they finish with their pleasure, even I can’t hold them back.” She soon felt something squirting from her breasts with the Tentacles applying pressure to her. Seeing through the clear slime was a white substance. She knew from there it was her milk! She was Lactating.

“Gah! Nnnngh! M...motherfuckerr...what did to my breasts?” chrysalis hissed as she was trying desperate not to moan out in pleasure.

“The venom they injected allows you to not only make your body sensitive, but they also allow you to lactate milk, even if you’re not pregnant.” Dusk answered with a satisfying grin. The tentacles began to pull and suck on her nipples as if they were starving fillies and foals for food. The changeling queen bit her lip as she felt nearly drew blood. The slime tentacles in her ass and pussy shot further into her body. The one in her ass expanded in her large intestines while rubbing the surface of the muscles within. The one in her soaking cunt passed through her cervix and entered her hot pulsing womb. The sensation drove the tentacle mad as it brushed the surface of the walls in a teasing manner.

The black changeling whimpered. Her body was losing control. Tears of agony and pleasure flowing down her cheeks. “P...please...s...stoooooooop…” She gave a sobbing whine. She never wanted this, never in her life to be submitted to a pony she doesn’t love or see as an equal.

“My, my. Is the former queen actually begging from a pony?” Dusk teased. This was perfect. She was starting to lose control. “This is getting interesting. Let's see if you can handle this.” With a snap of his fingers, two more tentacles slithered down to her lower regions.

Chrysalis gasped with wide eyes as she felt the two new tentacles rubbing up her stuffed holes. “N-no! Not that! They’re-AHHHHHH!” Her voice was betrayed with a scream when they shoved deep in her. Two thick and monstrous tentacles double stuffing her ass and pussy at once. They slithered around, teasing her holes and poking the right areas for a burst of pleasure. Her eyes were rolling back, a silent scream echoed her throat. She felt the large tentacles moving from within her.

The two in her ass coiled together, soon giving fast and light thrusts. The movement complied with her ass muscles compressing and tightening around them. The slime shivered in the sensation of this feeling of being squeezed. The ones in her pussy were separate, slithering across her womb on each side of her. One pulled back before giving the wall a slap. This caused Chrysalis to cry out in unbearing pleasure. The second slime tentacle took this entertaining as it followed with its partner, soon both were whacking and slapping the walls of her throbbing sensitive womb.

“Fu...fuck….nnnnnaaaaaah….” The changelings body was shivering violently now. All the sensation in her ass, pussy and breasts was too much for her to handle.

Dusk gave a satisfying smirk. “Alright you majesty,” he spoke in a mocking tone. “I think it's time we speak.” He snapped his fingers as the tentacles around her body slowed their movements, the pleasure dying down slightly. Chrysalis was left panting from the intense pleasure she fell from everything. She soon felt Dusk’s left handing grabbing her face, making her look up to him.

“Did you ever once think to ask yourself how you were able to capture me and my friends so easily?” He asked. “Why I single handedly overpowered your little entourage?”

The changeling gave him a glare. Her eyes filled with anger, but soon to be devoured by shock, pleasure and submission. “Pray tell...why.”

“I’m wondering why you never even bother to ask yourself those questions after everything. You just boasted like you one a war without even understanding why.” He added letting go of Chrysalis. “A few hours before we were captured, one of my friends decided to snoop around since she was worried about what was going on with me when Starlight and Trixie left for Starlight’s old village. I tried to get loose from my weaker self but he was able to seal me again.”

Chrysalis glared at him. For a pony, he was smart, but she listen. “I have nothing to say to you, fool.” she spat as her head turned away.

“Problem was, his friends showed up at a really bad time, so a combination of two spells had to fix that. One was a sleep spell while the other was a memory relapse spell to wipe away what they just saw. This took a lot out of him. It’s how your changelings captured us so easily since we really couldn't put up any resistance.”

“What?” her eyes widened. He actually found out. That slick and slimy bastard.

Her shocked reaction caused him to smirk. “Thank you for that. Your reaction proves my theory.” Chrysalis was now pissed. She hissed through her teeth and lashed out at him, but the tentacles kept a firm grip on her body.

“Had Starlight not caught on to what was happening and given me at least two weeks, I would’ve gotten us out, claimed you and a few of your changelings, and we would've been back home as if nothing happened.” Dusk boasted, turning away from the angry changeling. “But since she did, I guess I wouldn't have seven lovely mares as well as a pheonix to build up my harem.”

“You Bastard!!” Chrysalis screeched. “I fucking hate you!! When I get out of this, I’ll fucking rip your damn cock and balls off and shove them down your throat!” Dusk just laughed at her meaningless response and turns back around to her with a sinister glare.

“I’d like to see you try.” He added while snapping his fingers. Immediately, the tentacles returned to their duty and used Chrysalis’s body to their own needs. The shooting pleasure nearly made her scream in pleasure, but biting her tongue did the trick. “My my, you’re one tough cookie to crack aren’t you?” The stallion smirked. “I’m impressed...guess you have the honor of riding to their max.” he snapped his fingers. More tentacles rose up and lashed at her. Shocking her, one tentacle slammed in her ass and pussy, triple stuffing her now as they thrusted like overpowered pistons. Her ass was tightening to a limit where they nearly forced into one. Her pussy walls tightened as well, as if it was desperate to absorb any cum they have.

The changeling queen hissed in her mouth. She tried so hard to keep her screams in. however, a slime tentacle coiled her neck and near her mouth. She knew what it was planning and clamped her mouth shut. This was known to two more tentacles as they wrapped around her neck as well. They began slapping her cheeks, forcing her to open. The queen held her iron grip as she hissed the pain out of her nose. The tendrils were not easy to give up. One had an idea as it slithered to her lower region. It found its target, her swollen clit. Without even warning, the slimy appendage latched to her button as it squeezed and pulled.

This was enough for Chrysalis’s to shoot her eyes open as a shriek escaped her mouth, seizing this chance, the three tentacles dove in her mouth, flowing down her tight throat. She was gagging, not used to taking something so thick and long at once. Her body starting to limp. Dusk can see she was starting to lose control. A sick smirk grazed his lips.

“Good, just relax my slut, and this will be over and you will be reborn, as my sex toy.” He chuckled with a sick and sultry voice. He snapped his fingers as two slime tentacles approached her final body part. Her horn. They slowly brushed up against the slightly skin and bone before they coiled and slowly pumped it up and down as if it was a dick. They made sure the ring was kept on tight during the process.

Chrysalis’s eyes burst open again. Tears of defeat and pleasure now flowing as she screamed. Her mouth muffled by the tentacles as she bucked wildly against the slime. Her hands reached out and snagged other tentacles around her, pressing them in between her lactating tits. She held them close before pumping her fun bags up and down as if she was tit fucking some throbbing dicks. She lost. She gave up. She can’t hold back anymore. She wants sex. was all that ran in her mind now. The tentacles shivered in delight. Their prey has fallen under them, submitted like a good slut. She was rewarded with them pumping and pounding her body like a frenzy of dicks waiting to cum.

“OH FUCK! YES! YES YES YES YES YES! OH FUCK YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME YOU DAMN TENTACLES! USE MY SLUTTY BODY TO YOUR DESIRES AND WILL! I AM A FUCKING SEX TOY TO BE USED FOR SEX AND PLEASURE!!” Chrysalis screamed in her eyes as her cheeks bloomed red with her eyes rolled back in utter bliss and lust.

Dusk smirked. His job was finished. “Very good my slut. Does she want to cum?” The queen nodded in a rapid motion. “Will you submit and be mine?” Nods again. “Will you fuck anypony I say, even if it;s a mare or any monster that lusts for you on my command?” another nod. “Very good. Here’s your reward.” Snapping his fingers, the tentacles bulged up before a liquid bursted in her mouth, her ass, her pussy and squirting all over her body. Feeling the sensation caused Chrysalis to cum. Hard. harder than any climax she ever felt in her life. Juices flowed like a goddamn waterfall. Her body went limp when she finished up, unable to move from her amazing orgasm.

“That now makes eight.” Dusk remarked as he kneels next to the lust dazed changeling. He snaps his fingers and the black collar with pink hearts appears in his hands. He fastens it around her neck and chants his words to lock the collar in place. “Tu es à moi maintenant et pour toujours.”

Chrysalis's lust hazed eyes looked up at Dusk. “m..Master...please….your slut...wants your Godly devil dick.” She spoke in a lustful, slutty voice. Dusk gave a smirk before unbuckling his pants and his massive cock popped out and presented it to her.

“You have behaved well my little whore. Please, dig in, my dick is your platter, my cum is your food.” He growled huskily with a lick of his lips. Her mouth drooled at the sight of his meat. She quickly crawled to his penis and took it all in her mouth, not caring if she gagged or having a hard time breathing. She wanted his cock. That’s all she wanted. “Oh yeah! That’s it bitch! Suck my fat cock! You know you love it!” He moaned in lust and delight. The changeling purred and sucked his meat like a vacuum cleaner. It was almost like he felt his dick growing due to the amount of blood flowing in his dick.

“Ok, stop.” He ordered and she complied by pulling back. “On your back. I want that pussy of yours.” Much to his delight and surprise, She obeyed, but she put a leg up to spread her pussy lips, one hand glided down her breasts and stomach. Her eyes battered seductively with a slow lick of her lips. “Oh baby.” Dusk smirked as his dick throbbed by the sight. “You just made your master very happy. Keep this up and I’ll reward you with anything you desire.”

“Thank you master. I will be the best slut you’ll ever have. Would you like to fuck me as a dirty changeling...or, would you like me to change into another pony for you to fuck in my place?” Chrysalis offered with a moan.

Dusk smirked in delight. “Become Princess Luna.” She obeyed as she glowed green before taking the place of the night princess herself. “I’m going to enjoy every bit of this.” He smirked as he pounced on her. His dick shoved deep inside of her pussy, tightening his cock. “Oh fuck! You fucking tight as tatarus you slut!” he cried in bliss. His hips moved on their own as wet slapping sounds echoed through the chamber.

‘Damn, I see why my weaker half has a secret crush on her.’ Dusk thought to himself as he continued to pound in her marehood like a jackhammer.

Chrysalis...or Luna, howled in pleasure. Her legs wrapped around his waist, sinking him deeper in her womb. Her hands gripped his shoulders as she cried. “YES YES YES YES YES! FUCK US MASTER! WE NEED YOUR CUM AND DICK INSIDE US!” She bellowed in Luna’s tone and voice. Her words excited him. His lips released a growl of pleasure. He sunk his teeth in her neck, releasing a piercing scream of pain and pleasure.

He felt her walls tightening up tighter and tighter every second he fucked her silly. He made a mental note to try to see one of his sluts fuck themselves with Chrysalis when they get back. The thought of it alone just made him more excited and hornier as his hips picked up speed and power. His massive stallionhood throbbed madly. He was close. Very close. He thought about warning Chrysalis, but decided not to. Makes this more fun.

Pretty soon, with one last thrust, Dusk impaired balls deep in her womb.“GRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” he roared at the top of his lungs as his streams of boiling hot cum blasted inside of her womb, nearing the point he might have impregnated her. “Oh yeah….what a slut you are.”

“Master…..oh master….” Chrysalis breathed with a blissful tone as she reverted to normal.

“Good whore.” he cooed and kissed her cheek. “Now then, ready to go home and meet your other slutty sisters?”

“Yes master.” She nodded with a drunken smile. Dusk flicked his finger as a dark portal opened up. He grabbed his new slut and they jumped in the portal before they returned home.

Little did the two know, a shadowy figure was hiding as it witnessed everything up. It was holding some type of camera as it captured every moment of what happened. “Interesting…” It spoke in a deep female tone as she returned to the shadows.

With the devil and changeling whore, they return to where the clones he created were still going at it with his seven mates in their still intense orgy. “My whores, I have returned with a new sister!” he called. The seven mares targeted Chrysalis and came hard by her sight and desired to fuck her. “Shall we my whore?” He smirked as his cock throbbed.

“Yes Master.” She nodded as they pounced on the pile and the orgy became more wild and pleasurable.

The Morning After and Explanations (Edited)

View Online

The sun began to rise after an intense night of debauchery on Dusk’s part. Dusk stretched his limbs as he admired his handy work. Umbra, Chrysalis, The Sirens, Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity, and Philomena all laid peacefully next to each other in a state of pure bliss.

“Well, I think that has been a fun night.” The half-demonic stallion sighed in content. He was happy that he submitted these sluts to his will. Believing they could get revenge on him for their past defeats. HA! They only made his life more interesting. In fact, he should thank them for this. If not for their attempt at retribution, this would have never been possible.

“Damn, it’s morning already.” Dusk said as he looked out the window and saw Celestia’s sun. “I was hoping I would have time for a little more fun.” He said looking back at the sleeping mares. “No matter.” He snapped his fingers again and the group reappeared in the map room. The clones he created disappeared, and he was starting to turn back to normal. “Might as well give his friends a good show. I wouldn’t want to be my weaker half when he wakes up.” Those were his final words as his demonic form finally faded away and Dusk reverted back to an Alicorn, falling backwards and unconscious on the floor.

-Ponyville Train Station-

The train blew its whistle as it slowed down and arrived at its next destination. A couple of familiar faces walked out of the station, heading to the familiar home of Dusk’s. “You think Dusk is doing ok? He seemed a the last we saw him.” Starlight Glimmer asked with a hint of concern in her tone.

“I’m sure he’s doing ok.” Barb, Dusk's dragoness assistant replied. “Usually when he acts like that, all he needs is some space, a little reading and studying, and a good night’s sleep.”

“I’m gonna throw Dusky a ‘Get Well’ Party! My parties always cheer him up!” Pinkie Pie chirped with her hyperactive bounces that made her tits flail with her movement.

“At least try to keep the party small Pinkie…” Celestia urged the overactive party mare. As the group entered Ponyville, some of the locals gave their bows to Luna and Celestia as they passed by.

“I would agree.” Moondancer added. “Having too many parties or having a big one can be overwhelming to the body and mind, and from Dusk’s perspective, at least keep it minimum.”

“Funny, Dusk would say the same thing.” Rainbow rolled her eyes with a snicker. “No wonder why he likes you. You both are eggheads to the core.” That earned Rainbow Dash a slap in the back of the head by Applejack.

“Ya don’t have to be mean to one of his old friends Sugarcube.” Applejack added in response to Rainbow’s comment.

“I hope that Dusk is at least okay.” Fluttershy said with concern in her voice.

“I’m sure young Dusk is recovering well, my little pony.” Luna smiled as she patted her shoulder gently. “We can at least surprise him with a cake and a few gifts.”

“I wouldn't mind surprising him with a few new suits.” Rarity added, already thinking about what designs she could make.

“Of course you could make clothes as a gift to Dusk.” Rainbow Dash added.

“Well at least I put effort into it. That stallion appreciates my handiwork on making clothes.” The fashionista mare spoke, flipping her mane back a bit.

“To the moment you tried swooning him when you were taking his measurements that one time.” The tomboyish mare snickered. Rarity flushed to what she was talking about and glared.

“Were you spying on me and Dusk?” She asked with a bit of venom in her tone.

Rainbow gave a sly smirk. “And to the point you were feeling his ‘Oh so muscular arms I could just be held by’.”

The white furred unicorn fumed. “The nerve of you!”

“That’s enough you two.” Celestia interrupted with her motherly tone as she got in between them.

“Yes Princess Celestia.” The two mares nodded, but Rarity gave Rainbow a death look as the rainbow-maned pegasus blew a raspberry at her.

“She’s right girls.” Sunset added, getting between the two. “We’re trying to set up something for Dusk to show how much we care about him.”

“She’s right.” Twilight added, agreeing with her friend.

“I need to do some errands in the town. I’ll catch up with you all in a little bit.” Moondancer spoke up before taking her leave and heading into town.

“I’m going back to my trailer to practice some new tricks.” Trixie said as she left for her caravan. The rest of the group finally arrived at Dusk’s crystal castle and entered.

“Dusk! We’re home!” Barb called out. “Dusk?”

“Woooo-o-o-o-o-o-o!” Pinkie Pie shuddered as her body shook violently.

“Wut’s wrong Pinkie?” Applejack asked.

“I shuddered, that means we’re going to have the dooziest of doozies.” The party mare replied as she shuddered violently once more.

“Really Pinkie?” Sunset added as she opened the door to the map room. “What kind of doozy could get you so worked up that makes... you... WHAT THE FUCK!!?” Sunset’s voice trailed off and she shouted from what she was seeing in the map room.

“What is it darling?” Rarity asked as the others entered before their eyes widened. “...Oh my Celestia…”

“Holy….” Barb breathed with a dark blush on her purple-scaled cheeks. The others were at loss for words. There in the room, were eight ponies that were their enemies, on the ground, butt naked with white spurts of semen flowing from their orifices.

“Ph-Philomena?” Celestia said in shock upon seeing her pet phoenix in her current state. ‘Damn it. It happened again.’ She thought to herself as she ran over to Philomena and cradled the phoenix in her arms.

“What in the name of the moons happened here?” Luna asked in disbelief as she witnessed the sight before her. The sound of a groan caught their attention. They turned to see Dusk Shine, who was also naked, currently waking up.

“Celestia… my head….” He groaned. “What happened last night?”

“YOU TELL US!” Sunset shouted, causing Dusk to groan again as he looked up with blurry eyes. He rubbed them a few times before seeing his friends and the princesses.

“Oh… hey guys.” The stallion groggily greeted as he rubbed his head and tried to sit up. In response, Sunset walked over to him and slapped him.

“OW!” He yelped as he fell back down. He turned around and looked back at Sunset with confusion. “What was that for?” He asked.

“YOU TELL US!! What the BUCK did you DO last night?!” She shouted in his face.

“Easy with the yelling, my head hurts.” The stallion complained while covering his ears. “What are you even talking about?”

“Um… Dusk?” Barb called out as she pointed behind him. He turned to look at where she was pointing. His right eye started twitching in response to what he saw.

“W...what the?” He uttered before he quickly got up. “What the buck are they doing here?!” He inquired. It was then that he felt a cool breeze and looked down, and realized he was butt naked. A dark blush formed as he tried to cover himself. “And why am I naked!?”

“We were hoping you’d tell us that, darling.” Rarity said as she was brushing her mane. “We walked in and saw them like this so I’m afraid we don’t know what happened.”

“How can you not know what--!” That was when something clicked in Dusk’s mind. He remembered that incident from long ago between him and Moondancer. He remembered the villainesses wanting revenge on him for their past defeats. He soon put two and two together and his face flushed bright red with embarrassment. “Aw man… not again...”

“Dusk, what happened?” Luna asked with concern and confusion.

The stallion sighed. “...They did it…. I can’t believe it.” The Princess of the Moon arched a brow before turning to her sister. She saw the same look on Celestia’s face while she was holding her phoenix.

“Tia? Is there something about this you know and never told me?” She asked with a small glare as she crossed her arms over her massive tits. Celestia only sighed in response and turned to her former student.

“I might as well tell them Dusk. They were going to find out sooner or later.” The Princess of the Sun spoke to him.

“Yeah… though I was hoping that would never be the case. I guess now is a good time as any.” He nodded in agreement.

“What the buck are you two talking about?” Rainbow Dash asked impatiently.

“Tell us what?” Applejack asked in response.

“Dusk is half-demon.” Celestia informed to the group. Silence soon fell as no one made a peep or noise… until...

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?” They all shouted out in shock. Their screech echoed through the crystal castle and outside to Ponyville.

“Dusk is half-demon!?” Rarity shouted out loud.

“That’s right. In fact he’s been half-demon all of his life.” Celestia added as she walked back towards the girls. “More specifically, he’s half-incubus.”

They all looked at Dusk. The male himself blushed while rubbing his arm. “ this true?” Barb asked.

The stallion sighed. “Yes….”

All of a sudden, Pinkie’s body started convulsing, bloated like a balloon, then was still once more. “So that was the doozy.” Pinkie said once her body was back to normal. “That was something fierce I’ll say that much..”

“Dusk, why didn’t you tell us about this?” Sunset asked with curiosity in her words now.

“Would any of you have really believed me if I told you I was a half-demon?” He asked with a blunt expression on his face. He was still embarrassed.

“Nah, I think I would’ve beat you up back then.” Rainbow responded while cracking her fists. Once more, she received a hard slap to the back of the head by Applejack.

“Not helping Rainbow.” She said in response.

“He does have a point.” Rarity said. “I would’ve thought that he was a pervert and slapped him.”

“Same.” Sunset added.

Everyone started talking at once about how they would have reacted… except for Twilight. She was still in shock over what she just heard and saw.

Dusk sighed. He should have known they would act like this, considering ponies don’t take a liking to demons from Tartarus. “And here I thought you were my friends… but I see now you all have the same thing in common… you all see me as a monster.”

Celestia approached and placed a hand on his shoulder. “That’s not true, Dusk.” He only pulled away from her.

“Just leave me alone.” He spoke softly before walking out of the map room and shutting the door behind him.

Barb watched him go with a frown. Even though he might be half-demon, she would never see him as a monster. He raised her when she was just a hatchling. In fact, he was the one who hatched her. She can still see the kind and gentle stallion. Even though, he was lost and confused at the moment. Her eyes turned to the attention of the others and glared. “You all proud for insulting him like that?”

“Insulting him? Barb, if what Celestia said is true, why bother feeling concern about him?” Rainbow Dash spoke with a glare. “He’s a demon. A demon from Tartarus!”

“Maybe so, but he’s still our friend.” The dragoness countered with her glare sharpening.

“Who would ever want to be friends with him!?” The pegasus shouted. All of a sudden, a loud slapping sound echoed the room. The others were gawking, as Rainbow Dash held her burning red cheek. Barb took it in her own claws and slapped her.

“Don’t you ever say that about him, you bitch!” The purple dragoness snapped angrily. “Yes, Dusk is half-demon, but would he hurt any of us!? Think back over everything that’s occured since me and him came to Ponyville! If Dusk was never here, who would have stopped Nightmare Moon!? Who would have found the Elements of Harmony and brought us all together!? Who would have helped us find out who we really are and helped us understand friendship!? Dusk isn’t just some demon to us, he’s our friend! Our family for pony sake! He's done more for us than you'll ever know! If that won’t get it through your thick skulls, then what will!?”

“She has a point.” Luna spoke in response to Barb’s outburst. “I, for one, am disappointed in you Rainbow Dash for thinking that way. He’s been around for awhile, and if not for him, I would still be trapped within Nightmare Moon.”

“But…” Rainbow spoke before turning to the others. “Come on girls! You know I’m right… right?”

They were silent before Fluttershy spoke. “..N… no… I don’t think like that about Dusk. Yes, I’m shocked he’s half-demon… but Barb is right. Dusk would never hurt us. He’s never had and I know he never will… I trust him.”

“There was a moment when I would have agreed with you Rainbow,” Rarity said stepping in, “but I have to agree with the girls. Never once did he try to take advantage of us since he has been living in Ponyville.”

Pinkie was up next. “And me too. Dusky is not a meanie-pants. I see him laugh and smile from my parties and my jokes. A demon wouldn’t laugh or enjoy my parties.”

“I agree as well.” Sunset spoke up. “If it wasn’t for Dusk, I would still be on my dark path back at Canterlot High in the Human world. He’s the reason I changed. A demon would never go to the trouble of helping me like that… but Dusk did.”

“Me as well…” Starlight nodded. “I owe it to Dusk for helping me follow a new path. He took me under his wing and made me a better pony. I would be lost if it weren’t for him.”

Rainbow blinked at the others in shock by their parts in defending Dusk before turning to Twilight and Applejack. “Come on you two. You at least agree with me… right?”

Twilight gave a small gulp. “….”

“Twilight, you think that?” Sunset asked in surprise. “He did everything in his power to give me the strength to save you when you were corrupted by that magic. If he never did, what would have happened to you?”

The mare looked down while rubbing her arm. “I… would’ve still hurt people…”

“You may have not known Dusk as long as we have, but he cares about you as a friend. Would he ever try to hurt you or take advantage of you?” The red and yellow haired unicorn asked her.

“” She replied softly with a head shake.

“Don’t forget that I also trained him since he had the patience with me that my previous pupil did not.” Celestia added in response turning back to Sunset who blushed slightly in embarrassment.. “And he trusted me to keep his secret.”

“Ah also agree.” Applejack nodded with a sigh. “Even though Dusk is half-demon, he’s still our friend. He’s done a lot fer me and mah family. He would never hurt me, mah sister, mah brother or Granny.”

“You see Rainbow Dash? Dusk is not a monster, he’s part of our family. He’s done a lot for us. If you were a demon, would you like it if we shut you down?” Barb asked the pegasus.

Rainbow Dash couldn’t find words to counter everything that was spoken and asked. Her memories flooded back to everything Dusk has done for her. Even the times when she was cold and sometimes cruel to him. He did a lot for her. She was supposed to be the Element of Loyalty, a friend never leaves a friend behind. “....buck.” She placed a hand on her head. “I’m such a bucking flankhole.”

“You know Rainbow,” Sunset spoke up, making the blue pegasus turn to her. “If I had this conversation with the girls on the other world, they all would agree with me.”

The young flyer finally gave a soft sigh, dipping her head. Her own harsh words coming back a bit. She was beginning to feel bad for the ways she spoke about Dusk… her friend. “...You’re right.”

“I think you can make that up by apologizing to Dusk.” Celestia said in response. Rainbow nodded in agreement. Barb then touched Celestia’s shoulder.

“What are we going to do about them?” She asked while pointing to the seven mares still out cold.

Celestia took a moment to think before her horn ignited gold. Thick streams of energy wrapped around their bodies before pressing the seven together, back to back. “That should hold them for a while. Until we get everything sorted out with Dusk.”

“Okay, time for a forgiveness party.” Pinkie cheered as she bolted out of the room with a few ideas in mind. The girls weren’t going to question what she was going to do, but they knew they had a friend to cheer up. With their plan in motion, they all headed to where Dusk will be.

-Dusk’s Room-

The stallion was laying on his bed, eyes filled with shame, hurt and a little bit of anger. He trusted his friends for so long… and yet they see him as a demon now, due to them knowing his secret. “I never should have came to this town.” He sighed just before there was a knock on the door. “Go away.” He called as he turned over, facing away from the door. He heard them knock again. “I said leave me alone! What part of that do you all not understand?!” He yelled back in irritation.

“Dusk,” he heard Celestia call from behind the door, “please open up. We want to talk to you.”

“So you can tell me that I’m a monster and have no place here? No thanks!” He angrily responded before putting his pillow over his head.

“Dusk.” he now heard Luna’s voice. “We know what we said was uncalled for, and we want to apology. Please… open the door.” Her voice sounded… sad, and had a pleading tone in it.

Dusk started to feel bad. He has had a secret crush on Luna for quite some time. Hearing her sound this depressed and hurt got to him.

“...Luna.” He thought to himself. With a defeated sigh, his horn ignited and the lock clicked. “...It’s open.” He heard the door creak open before clopping steps approached his bed. He didn’t dare to look back, feeling upset and scared of looking at them in the eyes. “...What is it?”

“Darling,” He heard Rarity speak before her hand rested on her shoulder. “We’re sorry for what we said… it was uncalled for. We were being very rude to you.” Dusk didn’t reply to her, but he listened before Luna placed a hand on his head.

“I know it hurts, my little pony. I know the feeling of rejection. Remember the first Nightmare Night when I was reborn?” She felt Dusk nod slowly. “Everypony in Ponyville was afraid of me because they believed I was Nightmare Moon still… but you never gave up on me, even when I gave up on myself. You are the biggest reason everything positive has happened to me. You mean so much to me. You saved me, made me part of my sister’s life again, and helped everypony accept me. I can never have asked for a better friend than you.”

A blush formed on Dusk’s face. His heart fluttered by her praise and that she saw him as so dear a friend. “I know… thank you.”

“Dusk,” He heard Fluttershy speak next. “Um… if you don’t mind me asking… has something like this ever happened before?”

The stallion sighed in defeat. The least he can do is at least tell them. “This wasn’t the first time my demon side awoke. Before I came to Ponyville around seven years ago, I was with Moondancer one night. We were working on a project together, and things were looking good. The moon was full that night and I became dizzy and was having a hard time breathing. Moondancer left to get me some water… but while she was gone, my demon side took over.”

“So your demon side awakens from the full moon?” Sunset asked.

“Yeah.” he nodded. “It happens once a month when the moon is full. That’s why I always sent Barb somewhere and isolated myself for the night. Celestia taught me how to create some runes to contain my darker half.”

“So, what happened with Moondancer?” ??? asked.

“When she came back, I wasn’t myself. My demonic side took over and advanced over her. I tried to control myself, but couldn’t. Moondancer was afraid by my new confidence. She tried to get away, but it was faster and more powerful than her. That was when things become worse. It enjoyed her squirming. It took it further up and… and...”

“...yer demon side ...tried ta rape her ...right?” Applejack asked this time.

“It didn’t try.” Dusk replied in shame. “I felt like I was locked in a cage as it took me over. I still heard her screams, her pleads, her cries as my demonic side only laughed and derived pleasure from her struggles… it took her virginity, it feasted on her pain and fear… it nearly succeeded in making her my slave...if it wasn’t for Philomena. If she never saw us, I would have branded her as my slave.”

The group was silent after he explained about what had happened, but that was when a new voice spoke. “I KNEW IT!!” They turned as they saw Moondancer at the door. Her eyes filled with disgust, anger, and pain.

“Moondancer?” Celestia breathed. “How did you remember? I erased those memories from you.”

“I remembered after Dusk explained what happened.” She answered. “I listened to the details of everything. I always felt like something was missing in my life and now I know what.” Her eyes locked on Dusk, a scowl smeared across her face. “I can’t believe you did that to me, you sick fuck! I should pumble you to a pulp for what you did to me!”

“Moondancer, please calm down.” Celestia spoke up. However, a hand gripped her shoulder as she looked down at Dusk with his hair shadowing his eyes.

“No… she’s right, Celestia. Even though I wasn’t in control, what I did was unacceptable.” He spoke in a broken voice. He passed the others before reaching to the white unicorn.

“Moondancer… I know apologies are not enough to what I’ve done. You deserve to be angry with me for what I did. I don't deserve to be your friend, not after that stupid and horrid thing you went through.” He lifted his head, spread out his arms, and looked her dead in her eyes. “If it makes you feel better… pumble me. Attack me. Take your anger out on me. Don’t hold back. I hurt you… so I deserve the pain you inflict on me.” The others were shocked by his statement and were about to step up, but he held a hand out to them. “Don’t interfere girls. This is my mess… I need to clean it… I need to pay for my sins against her. Go on Moondancer. I’m ready. Don’t hold back.”Dusk told Moondancer once more and braced himself.

The unicorn was shaking. Her pent up anger and pain taking her in. The memories of feeling the pain, and unwanted pleasure those years ago flooded into her. Her eyes shut tight as tears flowed and her hands balled into a fists. She screamed and threw a powerful punch to his face. Dusk winced from the impact before receiving another punch… and another… and another. She hit his nose, his cheeks, his stomach, she even landed a slamming kick to his groin. Each impact made Dusk grunt in pain and that kick forced him to his knees. Moondancer followed it with harsh kick, sending him to his back.

After that final blow, the girl fell to her knees and cried her eyes out. Dusk grunted and sat up. He was bruised all over his face, and knew he wound develop a black eye. He crawled to the crying unicorn before pulling her in his arms. “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, Moondancer.”

“Do you feel a little better Moondancer?” Sunset asked her. The unicorn nodded with sniffles and whimpers before latching on to Dusk in her own hug.

“...I’m sorry too, Dusk…” She whispered with her sniffles.

“Don’t be. I deserved it.” He sighed as he stroked her mane. “I promise, I’ll never hurt you like that again.”

“Moondancer,” Celestia said making the mare turn towards her. “There was a reason I erased your memories. If word got out of Dusk’s secret, I would’ve been forced to seal him in Tartarus. And I made a promise to his mother not to let that happen after I had a brief talk with her and found out she was where he got his demonic blood from.”

“Wait a minute.” Barb interrupted, tugging on Celestia’s skirt. “Does that mean that his sister is half-demon as well?”

“You mean Gleaming Shield?” Rainbow asked in shock. “I never would've thought of her as being half-demon.” Dusk just turned to her.

“Well how do you think she got with Cadence?” Dusk groaned.

-Crystal Empire-

“Achoo!” Gleaming Shield sneezed, interrupting her moment with her wife below her.

“Is something the matter, my dear?” Cadence cooed sweetly as she caressed the mare’s large breasts.

“Eh… could’ve sworn somepony was talking about me and you.” She replied with a giggle.

“Oh you’re just thinking things. Why don’t I help you forget it?” The Princess of Love smirked before flipping them over as the mare rode her wife cowgirl style on her massive cock.

“Oh fuck baby! That’s more like it!” Gleaming Shield moaned as they fucked on the bouncing bed. She looked near the door to see some of the maids peeking out of the corner of her eye.

“Hay Cadence…” She moaned trying to get her wife’s attention. “We’ve got an audience at the door.” The maids yelped when they knew they were caught. Before they had a chance to run, they were surrounded in a magenta aura and pulled into the room with both princesses.

“Oh how naughty of you girls to watch me fuck my wife.” Cadence purred with a lustful smirk. The maidens flushed in shame and bowed their heads. The pink alicorn got off of her wife and faced them. They were surprised when she sprouted her own massive cock. “If you sluts wanted to join us, you could’ve just barged in and joined.~” One of them could barely catch Gleaming’s eyes going slit slightly and turning a bright red just before a bright flash blinded the both of them for a few seconds. When they could see again, they noticed they had nothing on but their stockings. Cadence took Honey Bun’s marehood while Gleaming took Cream Taffy’s ass. Moans of pleasure echoed from the Princesses’s bed chambers.

Both maids were going to be in for a rough night.

-Castle of Friendship-

“Holy buck… Gleaming... part demon.” RD breathed as she took this info in.

Luna turned to her sister and sighed. “I wish you could have told me about this instead of keeping it a secret from me, sister.”

“There was a big reason I didn’t tell you since you tend to have a habit of dealing with demons in the most painful of ways.” Celestia said in response to Luna’s comment.

“W-well excuse me for dealing with my own inner demons when I was younger.” Luna blushed, facing away from her sister with a blush across her face.

The group all looked at Dusk as he looked up. “I’m really sorry about all this girls… I hope we can all still be friends.”

Sunset kneeled to him before pulling him into a hug. “Of course Dusk. We’ll always be your friend.” The others smiled and nodded in agreement as they all hugged him as well. The stallion felt a huge weight lifted off his shoulders. A smile formed his lips ad hugged them as well. They turned to Rainbow Dash as she sighed and approached.

“I’m... sorry about my attitude Dusk. Friends?” She asked while holding her hand out. Dusk took a moment to look at her hand before taking it and pulling her into his arms for a hug.

“Apology accepted.” He whispered with a smile. The moment was interrupted when they heard cries and groans coming from downstairs. “Eh...I think they’re awake.” He spoke referring to the mares downstairs. They all nodded in agreement as they headed downstairs to the map room. The seven mares were struggling in their binds to get free. “Uh...morning girls.” Dusk greeted to them.

Nightmare Moon looked up to see Dusk and the others. “Master.” She gasped. “The buck!?”

“Uh… Are you all ok?” He asked with a slight confused and concerned tone.

“We are not okay, Master!” Umbra snapped and cried. “GAH! I can’t stop calling you master!”

Dusk gave a small gulp and wiped his head. “Um… can you all tell me what happened last night?”

Nightmare Rarity glared. “You have no idea!?” He shook his head. “You went ape shit on us and fucking raped us you fucker!”

“Correction, I didn’t… that was my demonic form that did.” The stallion corrected.

“Demonic form?” Chrysalis asked.

“Yes.” He nodded in response. “I’m half-demon, Incubus to be precise. You all choose a bad night to try and get revenge on me. That rune circle I drew was to contain my demonic side. When you tampered with it, my darker side took over.” The seven evil mares were gawking. “Since he did make you his slave… that.. also makes me you my slaves as well… forever.”

“WHAAAAAAAT!!?” They all shouted.


“I’m not a fan of it either, but it’s how it’s gonna be from now on, now stop screeching.” Dusk ordered.

“Yes, master.” Aria replied, shocking herself. Before anything else could be said a new voice spoke up.

“He’s right. You girls don’t have say in it.” The group turned and saw a draconequus enter from a puff of smoke. The female draconequus head was more draconian than pony. She had a stag antler and a goat horn on top of her head. A lion’s leg and paw for her left arm and an eagle’s talon for her right. A dragon’s leg on her right side and a minotaur’s leg on her left. Her torso was serpentine with an hourglass figure, some large and perky DD cup breasts, a heart shaped butt, and a dragon’s tail. The only thing covering most of her body was white straps of cloth. Most of her body was exposed and she had no shame at showing off.

“Eris? What are you doing here?” Celestia asked the female draconequus.

“Oh just wanted to drop by and show you all some juicy footage I got last night.” Eris smirked as she snapped her claws and a camera appeared in her lion’s paw.

“What footage?” Dusk asked, confused.

“I was wondering why you skipped out on the slumber party that Celestia set up, so I had to make up an excuse to see what you were up to.” A projector popped out of thin air and she hooked her camera up to it. “And I have to say, the juicy footage I recorded was worth the wait.” They were not able to ask her what she meant before she hit play. The footage of Dusk in his Incubus form was seen, along with the villainous mares being plowed in many different ways by him. All in the room were stunned and the tied-up mares were full of embarrassment from reliving what they went through. Everyone’s faces were bright red.

“YOU RECORDED ALL OF THIS?!” Dusk shouted looking at Eris. She was just smiling as she watched the footage.

“From Sonata to Chrysalis, and everyone in between.” She said with a lick of her lips as she stared at him. “Didn’t think you had such a major stud in you.” There was a thud behind everyone. They all turned around to see that Twilight had fainted. Her face was bright red, and she had swirls in her eyes. She was even mumbling utterances.

“Yeah… I’m going to take Twilight home.” Sunset said as she picked Twilight up bridal-style, and carried her out of the room. As the two were heading out, Philomena chirped softly and woke up from her slumber. The first thing she saw was the screen of her being plowed by Dusk. Flashing anger and rage filled her body as she darted to find the boy before locking on him.

“YOU FUCKING FLANKHOLE!” She screeched as she lunged at him. She tried to strike him with her claws, but the collar on her neck flared up and pain shot through her body. She fell to the ground and whimpered. “You… bucker… I fucking hate you.”

“Philomena, I know you’re upset--” Celestia began.


Dusk frowned in shame as he moved closer to her and tried to reach out to her, despite her flames. “Philomena--”

“DON’T TOUCH ME!!” She screeched at him as he recoiled. Angry and painful tears flowed from her eyes. “YOU FUCKING STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU… YOU… FUCKING PIECE OF FILTH!” With her anger and pain finally subsided, her flames extinguished themselves as she collapsed and curled herself into a ball and starting sobbing.

Celestia frowned at her pet phoenix and kneeled down before pulling her to a hug. “I know, I know. But please understand, Dusk never meant for this to happen. It was his demonic side that did this to you. Dusk would have never hurt you like that.”

The anthro firebird whimpered. “How… how can I believe that?”

“Philomena,” Dusk spoke as she looked at him as he approached again. “I know what I did was wrong. Believe me, you were the last one I ever wanted to hurt. I never wanted to put you under that type of pain. If I could turn back time to fix it I would. Now, I know you’re angry with me, and I know nothing can make this right between us, but know this… I still care about you, and I know things will be different between us… I’m sorry.”

The phoenix looked deep into his eyes. They were not the same dark and lustful ones that did all those horrible things to her. They were the same friendly and warm orbs she knew for so long. A whimper escaped her throat before she grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. “...idiot.” She sobbed in his shoulder. Dusk returned the hug and hushed her gently while stroking her warm feather.

“This is all your fault from the start, changeling bitch!” Umbra snapped.

Everyone’s attention was turned back to their uninvited guests as they started ganging up on Chrysalis.

“How the fuck is this my fault, shadow whore!?” The queen hissed.

“‘Kidnap Dusk and use him as a bargaining chip’ you said.” Stated Nightmare Moon as she quoted the changeling’s own words.

“‘We'll hold Dusk and harvest his magic’ you said.” Nightmare Rarity continued.

“If we had just stuck to the original plan, we wouldn’t be in this mess!” Adagio yelled at her with fury.

A big argument exploded between the villains. Except for Sonata. Her eyes were still in a lustful daze.

“ENOUGH!” Dusk shouted at them, which shut them all up. “It doesn’t matter who started this damn situation, you all are to be blamed for it! You all were apart of it!” The seven mares were silent and felt their anger slowly die down. “Listen to me, I’m not happy about this, and I know you all are not as well, but since this something we can’t undo, we have to get used to it, ok?”

They all bowed their heads to Dusk and sighed ‘Yes, master.’ in defeat.

The stallion sighed as he rubbed his temples. “This is gonna take awhile to adjust to.” He turned to Philomena. “I’m sorry again about this, Philomena. I promise I’ll find a way to make this up to you.”

“You better.” She sighed.

Dusk nodded before turning to Celestia. “Hey Celestia, do you think Gleaming Shield might have a way for me to help me control my incubus form so that way I keep in control from now on?”

“Probably because she’s constantly getting busy with Cadence.” Eris snickered.

Before anyone could response, Barb burped green flames which formed a package with a note on it. Celestia took it and read the note before handing it to Dusk. “It’s from your mother.”

Dusk took it and read it out loud. “I felt the power of your demon form awoken last night. I was hoping you would find some way rather some pony or ponies to help you control it. So in this box is a special amulet to keep your darker half at bay. You will even be able to communicate with him. You don’t have to worry about him controlling you anymore, but be sure to keep the amulet on at all times or else he will control you again. I’ll be looking forward to spending time with you, my baby. -Mommy.”

Celestia opened the box and she pulled out an amulet. It was jagged with a red orb and a black slit on the inside, as if it was a demonic eye. It dangled on a steel chain. She approached Dusk and handed it to him. “Put this on.” Not needed to be told twice, Dusk took the pendant and put it on his neck and secured it. The red orb glowed red and a red aura surrounded him. They backed up a bit in panic before it quickly died down.

“Dusk… how do you feel?” Moondancer asked in slight concern, afraid he might have changed back into an Incubus.

The stallion looked himself over. He was still the same, but felt his incubus energy flowing in his body. “I feel the same… but my power… I feel in control now.” A smile formed. “Haha, I’ll be damned…. mom actually came good on her word… guess you all won’t have to worry about my incubus side taking me over anymore.”

“Then why are these damn collars still on us?” Adagio said with a growl.

“Once an incubus marks his mate, they don’t come off.” Celestia explained.

“Don’t worry though girls,” Dusk spoke. “I won’t be like my sick side ever again. I’ll make this right for all of you.”

“So like, we could ask for anything from you?” Philomena asked.

Dusk blushed to her question. “Well… I suppose so… but my powers really don’t work that way.” The phoenix then thought about her choices before grinning wickedly, snagging his chin and pulling his face close to hers.

“If you want to repay me, I was thinking of something dastardly… but, I have another idea in mind. You will take me to the spa, for a full-course treatment.”

Dusk blinked as he sighed. “Well, if that’s what you want, I’ll be happy to do that. I’ll even upgrade it to a queen-for-a-day treatment.” The phoenix smiled and nodded before giving him a small peck on the cheek. This made him blush a bit but smile.

“You two can go to the spa later,” Celestia giggled. “Right now, I believe one of our friends is waiting for us.”

“What do you mean?” Dusk asked, but he noticed a certain party mare that was missing. “Where’s Pinkie?”

Luna giggled. “If I remember, she must be in the backroom.” The male blinked and they were about to leave the room before someone else spoke up.

“Excuse me, but could somepony PLEASE UNTIE US?!” Chrysalis asked before they left the room.

They all went through the castle and to the backroom. They opened the door but the room was pitch black.

“It’s dark.” Dusk spoke before the lights flickered on. He saw the backroom was covered with streamers and balloons. There was also a table filled with snacks, drinks, sweets, and a giant cake. There was also a big banner that read ‘Get well Dusk, we’re sorry for hurting your feelings and congrats on your harem!’.

“SURPRISE!” Pinkie Pie chirped happily.

Dusk blinked before turning to the Pink pony. “Uh….Pinkie, what with the ba-”

“You’re-half-incubus-like-your-mother-and-the-girls-thought-of-you-as-a-monster-before-Barb-knocked-some-sense-into-them-and-you-all-apologized-and-made-up-before-Moondancer-showed-up-and-beat-you-up-because-she-remembered-that-your-incubus-side-raped-her-and-nearly-made-her-your-sex-slave-but-you-two-made-up-then-Eris-showed-up-and-played-a-video-of-your-demonic-side-having-your-way-with-the-eight-girls-and-making-them-your-sex-slaves-including-Philomena-who-you-made-up-with-and-now-you-have-an-amulet-that-helps-you-keep-your-Incubus-side-in-check-and-now-the-villainesses-want-to-have-revenge-by-dominating-you-in-sex.” She spoke in one long sentence before finishing with a large smile and squee.

The villainesses just gawked. “How did you-?” One of them began to ask.

“Don’t question it.” Eris interrupted. “You’ll keep your sanity longer.”

“I feel I’m going to have a lot to deal with this crazy new life here.” Dusk remarked, pinching the bridge of his nose once more.

“What makes this all weird is how I now have to live with a mare who originally wanted revenge on me.” Starlight said looking back at Chrysalis.

“Yeah, I know for certain my sister and sister-in-law will be shocked to have Umbra with me.” Dusk added as he looked at the dark queen.

“It will be strange having to walk around with Nightmare Moon.” Luna admitted while blushing.

“The same goes for me.” Rarity added, while looking at her counterpart.

“I’m sure things will work out.” Dusk spoke.

“But can somepony please get some clothes on them?” AJ pleaded while blushing. The girls then realized that through everything that was going on, the villainesses were still naked. Dusk nodded before igniting his horn and robes appeared on their bodies. “Thank you.”

"Aw come on. You really had to do that, you dick? They were better naked." Dusk looked around before realizing the voice was coming from inside his head.

The stallion blinked before growling. “Oh it's you, the flankhole who started it all.”

“What? You’re not happy with my handiwork? I just made our lives a whole lot better. I can’t wait till we fuck them into submission. Dominate us indeed.” Dark Dusk cackled.

“Fuck off, dick.” The male snarled.

“Who are you talking to?” RD asked with an arched brow.

“My darker half.” The boy groaned while rubbing his temple.

“You may have control now, but you will need me again. You won’t have this thing on forever. When that happens, I will be in control once more. I will reclaim what is rightfully mine, including that sexy unicorn I almost had in my control.” Dusk could feel the smirk that was on his other half’s face.

Dusk snarled by that. “You want to get to her, you gotta kill me first, Flankwipe!”

“Oh you’re gonna make this interesting for me.” The dark part of him laughed before he receded back into Dusk’s mind.

“Dick.” The male huffed. He looked up at the girls and slightly smiled. “I’m fine girls. Now then, why don't we have fun and enjoy this party that Pinkie Pie made for me?” Pinkie Pie brightened up and hugged Dusk tightly.

“LET’S PARTY!” She cheered before music played and everyone started playing games or having at it with the refreshments.

“Ooooooh. I see tacos!” Sonata exclaimed gleefully before running to the refreshment table. Seeing they had no other choice, the other bad guys, now Dusk’s harem, reluctantly joined the festivities.

They all had a wonderful time at the party. The party ended around noon and most of Dusk’s friends returned home The girls in Dusk’s harem, as well as Barb and Starlight, remained in the castle. Dusk instructed the girls in his harem to go to his room while Barb cleaned up the mess. The young Alicorn stepped out and entered one of his balconies as he looked out in the warm breezing sky.

He held up his pendant and spoke. “Hey, I know you’re there.”

The ornament glowed as he heard the incubus’s chuckle. “Oh? What is it you want to talk to me about now?”

“You realized you caused me enough trouble last night as it was.” Dusk said in response. “I’m lucky I didn’t lose my friends because of this.”

“Well, excuse me. It’s not my fault your mother never taught you how to keep your powers in check.” The incubus remarked. Dusk just groaned as it continued. “Besides, you ought to be grateful I did awaken, otherwise they would’ve taken your magic. So, do you want to talk about something or did you just wanted to try and bore me to death?”

“Just a warning. Even if I can control my powers, I don’t want you anywhere near my friends.”

“Awww, you not a fan of sharing those sexy bitches? I can think of ways to make them yours, especially that Rarity as you call her.”

“I mean it.” Dusk growled. “You’re not allowed to go anywhere near them.”

“You should be happy I did this. Now you have a harem of girls that you can fuck to your will.”

“Yeah, mares that originally wanted to steal my magic not realizing what could’ve happened.”

“They’re fault for not knowing about me, and look where it got them. Chained and useable as sex toys, all at your command.”

“I’m not a sick rapist like you are.” Dusk shouted. “So at least I don’t have to worry about you showing up once a month.”

“Maybe so, but you won’t chain me forever. But you have other things to worry about besides me.”

“Such as?”

“You're not the only half demon among your group of friends.”

“Oh really? Oh please enlighten me. Humor me. Who else is half-demon?”

[i“I can only give you a hint… It’s the quiet ones you should look out for.”

Dusk arched a brow. “Say what now?”

“That’s all I can give for you. Also you have an aunt living here as well, and she's the last pony even you would ever expect. Oh, and one last thing, take care of your damn urges so you don’t have to worry about me.” Dusk’s other half spoke before finally disappearing.

“Hey! What are talking about!? HEY! ANSWER ME DAMMIT!!” Dusk called out, but there was no answer. “The tartarus did he mean by quiet ones?” The stallion gave a soft sigh. “Guess I might as well find out later… unless he spills the beans of course.” He walked back into his castle to rest up a bit and to get to know his hew herdmates. His life was going to be very different and very interesting from now on.

‘Wonder how I’m going to explain this to all of Equestria?’ he thought. As he made it to his room, he noticed that Nightmare Moon came out of his bathroom looking very shocked and angry while holding something in her hands. The others in the room had similar looks on their faces. “Girls, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t believe this.” She groaned as she tossed the device she was holding at him. “Look at that thing and you’ll see what’s going on.”

Confused, yet curious, he decided to look at the device that Nightmare Moon threw at him. It was a pregnancy tester. His face turned pale when he saw that two lines had showed up on the tester. “....Oh dear Celestia….”

“Yeah… we’re pregnant, flankhole.” Aria snarled. “Thank you so much for doing this to us.”

“Wait you’re all pregnant?” Dusk asked in shock. The rest of the girls just showed their pregnancy testers. They had the same results as Nightmare Moon’s. The only one who wasn’t upset was Sonata. She just seemed surprised. “Oh fuck… wait, Philomena, where is she?”

“She’s in the room next over.” Umbra answered with a snort. “By my calculations, you got her pregnant as well.”

Dusk was about to go to Philomena’s room, when she busted into the room, saw Dusk, and walked over to him with a very pissed off expression, while holding a sort of round object in her hands. “You owe me way more than just a spa treatment for this, buster.” She growled.

The stallion looked at the object and groaned when he realized what it was... it was an egg. “Aw man…” This was definitely not his day. He made a mental note to really make his incubus side pay for this. “Girls, I am so, so sorry… I feel like a dick for this.”

“Well, I wonder how the princesses are gonna take this news?” Chrysalis added with a smirk. This only made Dusk go paler. He could only picture Celestia blowing him up for making her phoenix pregnant with an egg.

“...I am so dead.” He whimpered.

Meeting The Mother

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Dusk was in a panic. He wouldn’t stop pacing around the room. The fact that he had his way with the villains was crazy to him, but now that he knocked them up was much worse.

“It was bad enough that now I have a harem of the villainesses that originally wanted revenge on me and my friends. The fact that I got them, as well as Philomena, pregnant…”

Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity, Umbra, Sonata, Aria and Adagio just stared at him as he paced around the room and talked to himself. Philomena sat quietly, looking at her egg.

“Does this always happen?” Adagio asked Philomena while lying on the bed.

“Only when he has a panic attack.” Philomena said not turning to the mare. “So yes.”

“I CAN’T FUCKING BELIEVE THIS!!!” Nightmare Moon shouted as she smashed a nearby desk startling everyone. “MAKING US YOUR SLAVES IS ONE THING, BUT KNOCKING ALL OF US UP!!?”

“So when’s the wedding?” Sonata said in a rather enthusiastic tone. Everyone, including Dusk, turned to look at Sonata. “What?”

“You’re really thinking about wedding plans at a time like this?” Aria remarked, smacking her sister in the back of the head. “We’re pregnant and we’re still in hiding.”

“There’s also the fact on how I’m going to explain all of this to everypony.” Dusk added still in his panic state.

“I wonder what Celestia is going to do to you when she finds out what you did to me.” Philomena added, making the nervous stallion’s face even paler.

“You’re not helping Philomena.” Dusk added. Philomena snickered slightly in response to his comment.

“I know.” She replied while holding her egg in a rather calm manner.

“On the bright side, I can start a new hive with their new king.” Chrysalis added.

“Are you serious?” Dusk asked in response to Chrysalis’s comment.

“Well you got me pregnant, so it’s not like I have a choice in the matter. Anyway when I deliver my eggs in two weeks--”

“Great, now I need to figure out how I’m gonna explain--!” Dusk paused when what Chrysalis just said caught up to him. “Wait, two weeks!?”

“Yes.” Chrysalis said, surprisingly in a calm tone. “Changelings lay eggs rather than give birth like normal ponies. Standard drones can have up to six, while I can have up to eighteen at once.”

“EIGHTEEN? IN ONE SITTING!?” Dusk asked in shock. All sorts of worse case scenarios ran through his mind. One was of Celestia going ballistic when she found out about what happened with Philomena and her egg. Another scenario was how his friends, better yet how all of Equestria, was going to react to this. In another scenario he saw himself tied to a pole as all of his new lovers on one side and all of his friends on the other side, suddenly charging at each other in a full-fledged war. In yet another scenario he saw himself being chased by millions of mares as he ran all over the world, trying to avoid reliving the same sexacapade he given the villians. Or the opposite would happen where Celestia would be forced to seal him away. Dusk was soon having a mental breakdown as scenario after scenario ran through his head.

‘And he’s having another mental breakdown.’ Philomena thought as she saw Dusk’s face turn paler.

“What are you, some kind of parasite?” Umbra asked in response, breaking the silence.

“No.” Chrysalis replied, offended at that accusation. “We are a unique brand of beings that can live throughout the world with any necessary means of sustenance and we can blend into any environment.” She clarified.

“Basically… a bug parasite.” Umbra remarked. That pushed Chrysalis over the edge. Her fists clenched in anger, her eyes began to glow and her horn started to ignite, as she glared at Umbra.

“YOU SHADOW BITCH!!!” Chrysalis shouted as she fired a magical blast at Umbra. Umbra’s horn ignited as she formed a barrier.

“YOU BUG WHORSE!!” Umbra shouted. Their shouting and fighting broke Dusk out of his panicked state. He turned just in time to see Umbra fire a beam from her horn at the changeling mare. The beam hit Chrysalis throwing her towards the wall. Umbra smirked in response.

“That was for calling me a--” The former changeling queen suddenly teleported behind Umbra’s barrier and tackled the mare to the ground. Both mares wrestled around for a bit trying to make the other submit.

“TAKE IT BACK YOU OVERSIZED SLUT!!” Chrysalis demanded, pulling on Umbra’s mane.

“YOU FIRST PARASITIC BUG WHORSE!!” She added, elbowing Chrysalis in her stomach, making her stagger backwards.

“Whoa hey, take it easy!” Philomena said as she tried to break up the fight. Both mares just glared at her.

“BACK OFF!!” Both mares shouted simultaneously as a shockwave forced Philomena on her ass as she stared at them in fear. Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity, and the sirens just stood there as they only wanted to see where this would lead.

-Outside of the room-

Starlight and Barb were outside of the room that Dusk and the others were currently in. They both had worried looks on their faces because of what was going on inside.

“Should we--?” Starlight began to asked.

“Don’t.” Barb interrupted. “Let’s just walk away for now.” Barb followed up. They both moved away from the room.

“I’m gonna go fill Trixie in on what happened and who’s gonna be living here with us.” Starlight added as she walked away leaving Barb to walk back to her room.

“Good luck with that.” Barb added.

-In room-

Dusk was already agitated with the events that played out. Umbra and Chrysalis fighting wasn’t helping. After another few seconds of fighting he finally had enough.

“ENOUGH ALREADY!!!” He shouted. The collars around both Umbra and Chrysalis glowed as they were about to land another blow towards each other. Both mares suddenly froze in place and they couldn’t move their bodies.

As everyone watched both mares freeze, they all looked at each other. Both mares looked like they were stuck in time.

“What the heck just happened?” Nightmare Moon looked at both mares. She walked over and poked Umbra in the face and she didn’t move an inch.

“Are they frozen in time? I never seen magic like this.” Nightmare Rarity scanned Chrysalis’s body. She even goes as far as groping her breasts.

“Let’s just say, it’s some sort of unique spell that lust demons can do.” Dusk sighed. He wanted his explanation to be brief, as the questions were already starting to pile up as to what he can really do and what he’s been holding back.

“All other questions will have to wait for another time. But for now…” Dusk lit up his horn and both mares could feel their bodies joints move freely… good thing too as Chrysalis wanted to kill Nightmare Rarity for groping her right in front of every mare.

“Look. As much as you hate each other right now, you all need to get along. I don’t need to replace anymore of my belongings. I’m already strapped for cash and I’m still missing some of my favorite books and materials.” He sighed. Most of his stuff was hard to replace, therefore was pretty expensive and had made dents into his financial books.

“Oh my baby colt…. You surely are shaping up to be a strong young demon.” A sweet motherly voice echoed. All the mares jolted up a bit as the ominous voice seemed to come from nowhere. Dusk, however, flinched since he recognized the voice.

“Who said that?” Aria asked in confusion.

“I don’t know.” Adagio added.

As they searched for the source of the voice, the villainesses failed realize that Chrysalis’s shadow started to change shape. Other than Dusk, the girls had their backs turned as Chrysalis’s shadow extended and continued to grow until a small portal was formed. Sonata finally noticed Chrysalis’s shadow getting bigger, and she wasn’t moving.

“Um, everypony?” Sonata called out as she pointed towards Chrysalis’s growing shadow. It soon materialized into a feminine figure. The figure was still blended into the shadows, so it was hard to make out any other features. The girls were confused on who or what it was, but Dusk’s face turned pale once more.

‘Oh no…’ Dusk thought as he had a pretty good idea on who the figure is.

“Is this your doing?” Chrysalis asked in response.

“No… but I have a feeling I know who that is.” He remarked, looking at the feminine figure bluntly.

“It’s nice to see you again, hun.” Said the shadowy figure. Chrysalis had enough of her and decided to attack the figure... only for it to grab her horn and force her on the ground. Chrysalis was stunned, wondering who this was and why it was stronger than her.

“L-Let go of me!” Chrysalis groaned.

“Now, now… that’s no way to greet your mother-in-law.” The figure said in response.

“Mother-in-law?” All the girls asked, stunned at this revelation. Dusk just groaned.

“What are you?” Chrysalis then let out a moan as she felt a hand grope one of her breasts.

“H-hey, what’re you doing?” Chrysalis asked in confusion.

“Well, I wanted to see how one of my daughters-in-law measures up, if you are going to be taking care of my son’s needs.” She added in a lust-filled tone. Her tail then moved behind Chrysalis and teased her marehood.

“C-Cut that out.” The changeling begged as her marehood began to leak from excitement.

“Aw, what’s the matter?” The female figure teased as she leaned in for a kiss. “You would enjoy this more if you would just be as honest as your body.”

“Mom, knock it off!!” Dusk shouted, making the figure stagger back from Dusk in surprise. “I don’t need you groping my… well my mates.” He added trying to calm himself down. The figure huffed in response but backed away.

“Oh fine, party pooper.” The figure added, stepping into the light of the moon. Her cutie mark was three purple stars with some hearts surrounding them on her wide, birthing hips. Her coat was a light grey with a purple and greyish mane and tail. All the mares, as well as Dusk, blushed when they saw how big her breasts were. She was easily on par with Umbra as a solid HH-cup with no signs of sagging, but it was what she was wearing that left everyone in the room bright red. She had a pair of black thigh-high boots as well as arm-length fingerless gloves. She also had on a thin black strapless bra that left most of her voluptuous body exposed. Her dark purple nipples were visible so it left little to imagine. A black codpiece was the only thing covering her crotch and two bat-like wings were on her back as she stared at the mares lustfully with her ruby-slitted eyes.

“I come to congratulate you on your achievement and this is the thanks I get?” She said in a sad tone. “I’m hurt Dusk.”

“I don’t see how molesting mares that originally wanted me killed counts as congratulating me.” Dusk added in a dark tone.

“What in Tartarus is this?” Nightmare Moon asked in shock. “Have I been gone for so long that Celestia decided to take in demons as her apprentices?”

“That’s your mom?” Sonata asked, her face still bright red. The succubus mare suddenly teleported in front of the shocked mare, making her flinch.

“Yep.” She said in a calm tone. “The name is Velvet, and I also know that you have quite an interesting set of dreams.” She added with a lick of her lips. Before Sonata could even react, Dusk’s mother grabbed the former siren by the head, and buried her face in between her heavy breasts. Sonata started to thrash around in Velvet’s grip.

“I know you enjoy big-breasted mares and that you are into cosplay.” She said, shaking her bust around while Sonata was trapped in the succubus mare’s heavenly bosom. “So how do mine feel?” Sonata suddenly stopped thrashing around and her body went limp.

“Hmm, I guess she and I are going to get along quite well.” She added, hugging the mare closer.

“You made her pass out!” Dusk remarked as he noticed a blood trail running down Velvet’s chest. Velvet noticed and pulled Sonata from her breasts to see that the mare did indeed pass out from a bloody nose. Her face was as red as a tomato and she wouldn’t stop mumbling under her breath.

“THE FUCK YOU DO TO OUR SISTER!!?” Aria shouted as she and Adagio wrestled Sonata from Velvet. Velvet then turned to Dusk.

“So you have a group of sisters fawning over you?” She asked. “You’re got some very unique mates honey.”

“But I thought that Luna and myself were masters of the dream realm.” Nightmare Moon remarked.

“Says the pony who wishes that instead of her subjects paying attention to Celestia and her wonderous chest, that she’d allow her little sister to do so.” Velvet remarked, making Nightmare Moon blush in response.

“W-what do you know?” Moon stuttered.

“As a succubus, I know anypony’s kinks and fantasies.” Velvet remarked and what she did, made everypony in the room blush. She expanded her breasts to the point of stretching her bra as much as possible without breaking it. Adagio and Aria dropped the still mumbling Sonata on the floor, so they could try and stop the blood flowing from their noses. Umbra and Nightmare Rarity were just stunned while Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis were having trouble with wingboners. The blood rushing from Philomena’s nose was as hot as magma and burned whatever it touched. Velvet then shrunk her breasts back to their normal size and her bra returned to normal. She then turned to Nightmare Rarity who was still a little dazed.

“You seem to like things... rough.” She added, popping up behind Nightmare Rarity making the mare flinch. Without warning, a set of teeth nibbled on her ear and a hand firmly smacked her on her rump, causing her to shiver. To make matters worse, she felt Velvet’s breasts pressed against her back. Velvet then started to roughly grope her, causing her to involuntarily moan in response.

“Mom…” Dusk growled trying to get her attention. Velvet paid no attention as she turned to Umbra.

“You act all high and mighty, yet you enjoyed being treated like a slave.” Velvet added, slipping behind Umbra, and feeling her wondrous bosom. Umbra did her best to try and not give a reaction, but it was to no avail. Once Velvet’s devil tail went for her marehood, Umbra flinched in response, and when she felt Velvet’s tail poking at her clit just above her marehood...

“S-St-Stop that…” Umbra growled, trying to fight back the on-going pleasure.

“Mom!” Dusk exclaimed, a little louder this time.

“You like it, and you know it.” She whispered into the darker mare’s ear. Dusk finally had enough and walked over to his mother and grabbed her by the ear.

“KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY!!” He shouted, pinching his mother’s ear, causing her to wince in pain.

“OW!! Honey, that’s my ear!” Velvet whined. “OW!! That hurt!”

“Then will you stop teasing everyone?” Dusk remarked. “And for Celestia’s sake, change your clothes!”

“Oh fine.” She groaned. Dusk let go of his mother’s ear and stepped away from her. Velvet then snapped her fingers and a bright purple rune circle appeared above her head. Dusk and the rest of the mares were confused as to why she needed a rune circle. Just then, a flash of light blinded everyone in the room.

“Okay, I changed.” Velvet said in a saucy tone. When everyone’s vision cleared, they wished it hadn’t. She did indeed, change her clothing, but now she was wearing only an apron that clung to her voluptuous frame. Her breasts were snug against the flimsy apron and threatened to pop open from the slightest change in movement.

“MOM!!!” Dusk shouted as he covered his face in embarrassment. He heard something squirting followed by a couple of loud thuds behind him. He turned around to see that Aria and Adagio both passed out on the floor with bloody noses. Sonata picked just that time to wake up. She took one look at Velvet, and passed out again.

“What?” She said nonchalantly as she bent over, revealing a lot of cleavage and part of her nipples from the apron. “You said to change my clothes.”

“I meant into something that isn’t revealing.” He growled.

“No offense Dusk, but your mother is a freak.” Umbra remarked.

“Why thank you deary. You’re such a sweet little filly.” Velvet said with pride.

“I AM NOT A FILLY!!” Umbra shouted. Velvet responded to this by snapping her fingers. A rune circle appears under Umbra. Before she knew what was going on, there was a bright flash blinding everyone. When the light died down, Umbra opened her eyes, to see she was now a small filly.

“What did you do to me!?” Umbra squeaked in a high-pitched voice.

“Now, you’re a little filly.” Velvet teased as she picked up Umbra and hugged between her chest. “Oh you’re sooooo cute… I just want to take you home and keep you for the rest of my life.”

“HEY!!!” A voice shouted, making everyone turn to Philomena. She was glaring at Twilight Velvet. “WHAT IN TARTARUS IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!!?”

“What? I was just having a little fun with everyone.” Velvet teased.

“If you had any decency for your son Dusk, you back off and leave us alone already.” Philomena remarked. Velvet just gave her a smug look.

“Says the little prankster that likes to steal Celestia’s panties.” Velvet remarked, making the phoenix blush in response as well as falter back.

“T-Th-That has n-n-nothing to do with this.” Philomena stuttered, turning the other way holding her egg in her arms.


“Where did they go?” Celestia asked herself as she rummaged through at least three drawers, looking for her favorite rainbow-colored panties. “How do my panties keep going missing?”

“Sister, is something the matter?” Luna asked as she walked in her sister’s bedroom.

“Luna, have you seen any of my panties?” Celestia asked her.

“Sister, why would I have your panties?” Luna asked bluntly

“Yeah, good point. They’d probably stretch over your ass.” Celestia joked, causing her sister to falter a bit.

“TIA!!” Luna shouted, as a blush formed across her face.

“What? You know I’m right since you have the bigger butt while I’m the one blessed with a more modest pair of hips.” Celestia added, making Luna’s face even redder.

“YOU----!!!” She stormed out of the room in a huff, as Celestia chuckled as the joke she just made.

‘I’ll get you back for that comment Tia.’ Luna thought as she contemplated replacing Celestia’s bath soap with color dye or lacing her cake with a exploding dye pack.

-Castle of Friendship-

“You steal her panties?” Nightmare Moon said in a rather blunt tone, staring at the blushing phoenix.

“It was the best I could think of, okay?” Philomena said defensively. “It’s not like I wanted to wear them or anything.”

“Even though you could now.” Velvet teased as she suddenly appeared behind Philomena and slapped her on her ass hard. Philomena yelped and she jumped into the air, still holding onto her egg for dear life.

“What was that for?!” Philomena shouted as she glared at the smiling succubus.

“What? Just wanted to have a little--”

“Mom, that is enough!” Dusk called as he got in between his mother and his mares. “We get it, you had your fun, now please knock it off.” He then thought of something and raised an eyebrow. “Also where’s dad? Is he coming too?”

“He’s actually working right now.” Velvet sighed in response. “He’d rather work than spend time with his wife. He was more brighter to me back then.”

“So since my dad is busy, you decided to attack my herdmates?” Dusk asked, but he flinched when he realized what he just said.

Velvet crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at her son. “Excuse me?”

Dusk gulped but clenched his fist as he looked her in the eyes with determination. “You heard me mom. Dad or not, you have no right to harass my mates, they are my harem and I will not let anyone made them uncomfortable… not even you.” He kept on his glare while Velvet gave him a wink, trying to make him blush. When that didn’t happen, she relaxed and smiled at him.

“So you are finally stepping up to me, eh?”

“I’m sorry things ended up like this mom, now turn Umbra back to normal”

She only smirked as she approached him, while changing Umbra back into an adult. “Sorry? Dusk… I couldn’t be more proud of you!” She told him with excitement.

“Ah?” That is all Dusk can say before he got smashed in between Velvet bosom as she gave him a bear hug with a bright smile.

“Oh my Dusk. My sweet, sweet little angel, Dusk. You have grown up so much, you are even able to defend yourself! My little devil is all grown up now.” She exclaimed in happiness as she squeezed him even harder.

“Mom… can’t… breathe…” Dusk groaned as he struggled to breathe in his mother’s heavenly bosom.

“Enough with the gushing sentiment already.” Chrysalis groaned as she gave out a ‘bleeaugh’ noise. This caused Velvet to let go of Dusk and leer at her.

“Or maybe I should take you somewhere and--” Velvet began. Dusk then coughed into his fist while glaring at her, causing her to stop. “But since I’m loyal to my husband, its not his birthday yet, and Dusk put his foot down. I will refrain from doing so… for now.” Velvet then looked at her son with excitement in her eyes while jumping up and down like a filly. “So? Don’t leave me wondering, tell me.”

“Tell you what?” Dusk asked in confusion.

“Which one of them is your alpha mare?” She added with a gleam in her eyes.

“I… don’t have one.” Dusk said, rubbing the back of his head blushing.

This time Velvet look at him confused “You what?”

“I don’t really have an alpha mare. My other half just claimed them.” He admitted.

“So you’re still letting that fear get the better of you?” She added, shaking her head in disbelief.

“What do you mean?” Dusk asked, confused.

“You’re biggest problem ever since that incident with Moondancer, was the fear of your incubus blood taking control of you.” She began as she sat in a nearby chair by the window. “That fear is what’s messing with you and it’s why your blood manifested that other persona of yours.”


“So his fear was being corrupted by the growing lust?” Nightmare Rarity asked.

“Exactly.” She added. “It also wasn’t helping that you were constantly surrounded by mares almost everyday Dusk.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dusk asked blushing, but at the same time felt offended.

“It means that since you are constantly around hot mares, and since you are afraid of your gift, you will never act on your urges. And the more you fear and fight it, the stronger your other half would have become.”

“My fear was making it stronger?” He asked, still confused.

“Yes. Eventually, it would’ve gotten to the point where even the sealing runes that Celestia taught you, wouldn’t have done any good.” Velvet added with a calm tone while Dusk was thinking. “Your other half would’ve been free to take any and every mare it wanted. So, it’s probably a good thing this happened.” She explained.

“So you’re saying the bastard used us to get off his urges?” Nightmare Moon growled.

“Oh no need to be upset.” Velvet said with a sweet innocent smile. “At least now, none of you have to worry about being banished or imprisoned again.” Except for Philomena, all the mares in the room had to reluctantly agree.

During all this, Dusk thought about everything his mother said. What if it had gotten to the point of Celestia’s runes no longer working? What if he wound up claiming his friends or any other unsuspecting mare his demonic half got a hold of? He finally stopped thinking and looked towards his mother.

“Thanks mom…” Dusk said as he walked over to his mom and hugged her. “You’re right. If I let this control me, it will only mess up my life. I’m not gonna let this control me anymore.” He added.

“That’s good to hear.” Velvet added. She then turned to Dusk’s herdmates with a rather sneaky grin. “So how was his incubus form in the sack?” Everyone flinched in response at the question Velvet just asked.

“MOM!!!” Dusk shouted, getting flustered all over again.

“Come on, I at least need to know how satisfied they were.” She added with a gleeful smile. She got in front of the girls with a rather bright gleam in her eyes. “So how was he?” Most of the villainesses, as well as Philomena, were pretty silent about it since they were too embarrassed about what happened. However...

“Oh, Eris actually shot a video of us, so you’ll have to talk to her.” Sonata blurted out, making everyone’s faces turn red. The former sirens woke up at some point.

“SHUT UP TACO BRAIN!!” Adagio and Aria shouted at the same time.

“Tacos? Where?” Sonata said in an excited tone as she dashed out of the room leaving everyone behind. The mares groaned as the Velvet’s face turned rather saucy.

“Guess I know who I’m talking to for the juicy details.” Velvet remarked licking her lips. She soon felt her ear being pulled again.

“Come on mom. We don’t need anymore shenanigans.” Dusk pulled his mom’s ear and tried to lead her out of the room. He just wanted to rest for the day.

Unfortunately, the day wasn’t done with him yet.

“DIE MONSTER SCUM!” Trixie screams as he races after and slams what was a piece of steak right on Dusk’s face. Smothering his face in the steak meat dusk flailed to get the piece of meat off his face.

“OW! Trixie what’re you doing?” Dusk asked as Trixie who was still smearing his face with the raw steak.

“HAH THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE KNOWS THAT VAMPIRES HATE STEAK AND THEREFORE WI-” She stops as her whole body goes limp and she falls the ground unconscious.

Dusk gasps, the sweet fresh air instead of the rancid meat that was filling his nostrils. He looks over to see Trixie on the floor still knocked out, and looks up to see Starlight rubbing her temples as she looked at the unconscious Trixie.

“Sorry about that,” She said helping up Dusk. “I went to explain what happen, but the minute she heard demon, she grabbed a steak and went after you. Are you okay?” She added, but stops when she looks behind Dusk. “Who is that?”

Dusk then flinches when he forgot that his mother was there. He turns around to find that she was no longer in her succubus form. She was back in her pony form, wearing a keyhole turtleneck sweater and black jeans that covered her curvy frame. The fabric still strained against her large bust and supple hips, but Dusk could at least breathe a sigh of relief that she was st least properly clothed. The sweater was another story since her cleavage was still showing. He gets up and dust himself off as well as clean off the gross steak that was on his face.

“I’m fine, and this is my mom.” He said as he introduces his mother to Starlight.

“Th-this is your mom?” Starlight asked a little surprised seeing her in person. Velvet just smiles in an innocent manner as she walks over to Starlight and gives Starlight a good view of her cleavage. “U-um… h-hello…” She stuttered in response meeting Dusk’s mother for the first time.

“You must be Starlight, Dusk’s student.” She greeted, getting close to the blushing mare. “It’s nice to meet the mare who also nearly destroyed my son and his friends’ lives as well as save them.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t really right in the head…Hehe…”

“Well it’s nice to see you on a new path.” Velvet added. Starlight didn’t even get a chance to react as she felt her head pressed into Velvet’s heavenly bosom. Starlight just stood there frozen as her face continued to grow redder and redder the longer she was trapped in Velvet’s bust.

“MOM!!!” Dusk shouted, trying to break up both mares. “Can you please stop doing that?”

“Sorry hun,” Velvet remarked as she lets go of Starlight, letting her breathe. “Force of habit.”

“Does she always do this?” Starlight asked, turning towards Dusk. Her face was still bright red from having her head trapped in Velvet’s bust.

“Yes, but I try not to make it too frequent.” Velvet said in response towards Starlight’s question. The sounds of a mare groaning behind everyone got their attention. Trixie slowly wakes up after groaning from her nap and she looked at Dusk and Velvet.

“DEMON SCUM!” She shouted as she pulls out what looked like some garlic as well as a knife. “DIE!” She shouted as she charges at Dusk again, only to be stopped by Velvet who grabs the azure mares’ arm. Trixie was about to swing at who grab her, but Velvet, pinches an area on Trixie’s neck and a few seconds later, her body goes limp and the azure mare is on the ground, unconscious.

“Won’t be needing anymore surprises out of her for awhile.” Velvet remarked as he set the mare down on the ground.

“How’d you do that?” Starlight asked confused.

“Oh, just a little trick I picked up awhile back.” Velvet said in a calm tone. “I also think your friend need a better attention span since you can’t kill a demon with a slab of meat.”

“Sorry about Trixie.” Starlight said looking at her unconscious friend again. “She has a tendency to hear what she want to, or takes things a little too far.”

“I happened to notice.” Velvet remarked in a casual tone.

“So is there anything I can help you with?” Starlight asked the mother, but she is stopped by Dusk.

“I’m actually wondering where Barb is.” He responded calmly. “I need to send a letter to everyone to meet me tomorrow morning.”

“What for?” Barb asked as she showed up holding a toothbrush in her hand.

“I need everyone here so I can explain what’s going on.” Dusk added. “I also have to prepare for the worst as to what I’m about to say.” He summons a scroll in his hand as well as a quill in the other and writes down a letter.

“There.” Once he was finished, he casts another spell that makes multiple copies of the letter. He then turns to Barb. “Could you send these to each of my friends?” He asked, handing her a list of who to send them to.

“Okay.” Barb said as she blew a jet of flames to all of the letters to their respective locations.

“What did you send everyone?” Starlight asked confused as she carried an unconscious Trixie over her shoulder.

“You’ll have to wait till tomorrow since everyone is gonna have to hear this.” Dusk added, leaving the three girls with Velvet.

“When did mom get here?” Barb asked now noticing that her adoptive mother was here.

“Oh, I came in just a few minutes ago.” Velvet chirped in a cheery tone. “So how has Dusk’s number 1 assistant been doing under your care?”


Dusk was contemplating on how all of his friends were going to take the news as he went back to the room that the villainesses were in. He was still amazed how he has a herd of mares that originally hated him, but are now in his harem.

“Will they be mad at me?” He thought. “Will they want nothing to do with me? It’s not my fault that they got pregnant.”

“Why’re you talking to yourself master?” A feminine voice said from behind, making Dusk jump backwards slightly. Dusk turns around to see that Sonata was behind him. “What?” Sonata asked as she looked at him in an innocent tone.

“Could you please not come behind me?” Dusk asked still trying to catch his breath.

“Sorry master.” She said sweetly. I was just wondering why you were so confused.” She soon pushes up against him where her breasts squeezed against his arm.

“S-sonata!” Dusk exclaimed as he backed away from Sonata. Her soft bosom started to mess with the male alicorn’s head as he felt his pants get tight. This of course, didn’t go unnoticed by Sonata as she looked down to see a bulge in his pants.

“Um… master…” Sonata blushed as she noticed his bulge getting bigger. Dusk follows her gaze, and in response covers his crotch trying to conceal his growing bulge.

“J-just ignore that Sonata… hehe…” Dusk nervously chuckled as he tried to walk away from the former siren. Soon as he took three steps from her, he suddenly felt his arm grabbed and pulled away. “Sonata, what’re you doing?” Dusk asked as he turned to looked at her. His face starts turning pale when her eyes slowly reveals she had hearts in her pupils.

“I want you master…” Sonata dralled as her DD-cup bust pressed against his back.

“Why’re you doing this Sonata?” Dusk asked in confusion. “I honestly expected that you still hate me despite that you and your sisters are now stuck with me.”

“So what?” Sonata added as she dragged Dusk to a random room and locked the door. She follows up by pushing Dusk on the bed and he falls backwards with a loud oof. “Doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun once in awhile. You heard your mom, you keep yourself pent up so much, so the least we can do is take care of your urges.”

“S-sonata!” Dusk stuttered as the mare began to straddle him. “I think you still have some of my other half’s venom in your system.”

“Well why don’t you find out?” She moaned, and looked a Dusk with a lustful gaze. Dusk saw that she was serious and really couldn’t get out of this. Dusk couldn’t really say anything else as Sonata ends up locking lips with the stallion and her folds drenched his throbbing bulge in her juices. Thinking fast, he used his magic at the last second to soundproof the room they were in.

‘This life is gonna take some getting used to, but I wonder how the others are gonna take the news.’ Dusk thought as the room was filled with the moans of both individuals.


View Online

-Next Morning-

The next morning was eventful to say the least. Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Trixie, Starlight, Rainbow Dash, Moondancer, Sunset Shimmer, Celestia, Luna, Velvet, Nightmare Moon, Nightmare, Rarity, Chrysalis, Umbra, Sonata, Adagio, Aria, Velvet and Philomena were all in the maproom as Dusk basically explains about certain events that transpired last night. He wish he didn’t explain what happened as he tried his best to leave things in hints, but Pinkie was quick to catch on what he meant.

“You got the former villains and Philomena pregnant?!” Pinkie shouts through the entire room. The room was filled with mixed reactions as to what they heard. Ranging from shock, fear and anger as well an confusion. It also didn’t help that Philomena was holding her egg in fear with what was going to happen. Just when you thought Dusk’s face couldn’t turn any paler, he saw the face of his former mentor, as her eye started twitching.

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!?” Celestia’s voice boomed through the Friendship Castle, as her mane suddenly burst into flames. Everyone started to freak out as she was radiating a wall of heat around her. The wall of heat was so strong that some flowers started catching fire To make matters worse, the vase that the flowers were in started to melt like chocolate. Finally, smoke started coming from the small desk that the vase was on. Other than Chrysalis, everyone in the room and around Celestia back away from her and Dusk.”

“Oh dear…” Velvet said as she covered her mouth with Celestia’s mane literally lit on fire.

“Somepony is pissed.” Chrysalis snickered to herself as she enjoyed the show.

“I’m seen her angry before, but I’m never seen her this angry.” Nightmare Moon said in response.

“P-Pr-Princess Celestia.” Dusk stuttered trying to calm her down. “I wasn’t expecting any of this to happen. Plus it’s kind of your fault too.”

“How is this my fault?!” She growled. Now some of the paintings on the walls caught on fire and one of the iron busts of the princesses started to melt.

“You knew I was an incubus and you’re the one who put Philomena in that position.” Dusk added. Celestia slowly walked over to him in a rather menacing manner. Dusk began shrinking in terror and his friends started worrying about his well-being. Even a couple of the villainesses feared for his life.

“Oh dear.” Rarity said in fear as the rest of her friends were at a loss for words.

“I can’t look.” Starlight said, burying her face in her hands.

Celestia suddenly stopped in front of Dusk. Her eyes narrowed as she stared into his.

“Dusk…” She spoke in a rather calm voice. “You have always proved to me, how important Friendship and Harmony is. However,” Her voice now taking a much darker tone, “you must remember, I am the Princess of the Sun. I can banish you to either the moon or the sun. Or do a number of other things to you.” She snorted smoke out of her nose and into Dusk’s face. “Prince or not… be ‘VERY’ afraid if you make me mad.” She added, making Dusk paler than a ghost. He stood there frozen, unable to move a muscle.

“Do I make myself clear?” She added, making Dusk flinch.

“Y-yes p-princess…” He squeaked.

As Celestia calmed herself down, the wall of heat she created started to die down, her mane returned to her multicolored form and she stepped away from Dusk. In response, Dusk fell backwards and fainted. The girls all looked at him as his eyes were swirled and all the color on his body was gone.

“Wow,” Nightmare Moon spoke up. “Now I’m afraid to make Celestia mad.”

“Trust me, you should have seen her when we ran out of cake during our teen years.” Luna added, turning towards her darker half. “It was truly a terrifying moment in Equestrian history. The wrath of the sun has never burn brighter that day.”

“If she got that angry over some cake and her phoenix laying an egg,” Nightmare Rarity added while looking at Princess Luna. “I hate to think of how angry she would be if it involved you.”

“Nightmare Rarity,” Celestia said in her motherly tone, making the darker mare turn to her. She flinched when she saw Celestia’s mane start to spark again. “I suggest that you don’t push it.”

“Now wait a minute sister,” Luna tells as she walks toward Dusk “I think you are taking all of this way out of proportion” She tells getting on his side “You are telling Dusk to take responsibility for his actions yet here you are ignoring yours.”

“What are you talking about?” Celestia added, glaring at her sister. Luna didn’t falter back as she stood strong.

“He made a valid point with you sending Philomena to her demise in the first place.” Luna remarked making Celestia’s mane catch fire again. “Clearly you’re trying to take responsibility off of yourself and dumping it on your former student, which you’ve done time and time again.”

“Th-this has nothing to do with that!” Celestia exclaimed.

“Auntie Luna has you there Celestia.” Philomena added stepping up. “I would've been back in my cage, and not look like this, if you didn’t send me to go check up on Dusk.”

“Ph-philomena…” Celestia’s mane started to fizzle out and return to its normal color.

“Don’t Philomena me Celestia. You knew your student is a incubus and you held the secret for years. Now after years of keeping this a secret I ended up finding out the hard way like all the other mares here.” She points out to all the villains around them.

Celestia tried to speak up an accusation however no words can argue with that statement.

“She’s got you there Celestia.” Rainbow Dash added. “You and Luna were talking about how you were disappointed in me for what I said about Dusk before, yet here you are getting on Dusk’s case for what happened to your former pet phoenix, so this is pretty Ironic.” While all this was going on, Nightmare Moon and Umbra were actually smiling at the show that was being displayed with Celestia crumbling at their words.

“Well this turned into an interesting show.” Umbra whispered to Nightmare Moon.

“No kidding.” Nightmare Moon followed up. “I didn’t think that Celestia would be speechless.”

“Girls.” Celestia began but was once again cut off.

“You said that you always put your trust in Dusk, so he wouldn’t have come out and try to explain what happened if he wasn’t being honest.” Starlight added.

“We were talking about how he didn’t want to hurt us or never intended to hurt us either.” Applejack remarked.

“I’ll admit that when I tried to attack Dusk, I was being less the reasonable,” Trixie added, “but after talking with Starlight and getting the full breakdown of yesterday, I was able to understand that he wasn’t a threat.”

“He wouldn’t have let me release my pent up anger for what happened to me.” Moondancer followed up, joining in on the argument.

“There’s another factor Celestia.” velvet said as she finally spoke up. “Despite Dusk’s half demon heritage, you were still willing to teach him of your ways. So even for you, this is a little out of character.

“A little?” Rainbow Dash followed up, only to get slapped in the head by Applejack.

“You see sister?” Luna added. “Dusk wouldn’t be so open with what happened to our former enemies as well as what happened to Philomena if he wasn't prepared to take responsibility. So I think it’s fair you try to make it up to him by taking responsibility for what happened to your former pet.” Luna finished as she steps away from her sister. Celestia was actually silent from what most of the girls said. Here she was getting angry and upset at what happened to Philomena, when it was her own fault that this happened to her. Dusk did have a point and she actually felt ashamed for what she said.

“You’re right…” Celestia finally spoke as she walked over to Philomena. “I was the one at fault for what happened to you,” She added holding her arms out to Philomena. “And I shouldn’t have taken my irrational anger out on my former student. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not just me you need to apologize too.” She mentioned, turning to the still unconscious Dusk on the floor.

“I know.” Celestia added.

“Well with that out of the way,” Velvet tells with a smile and then approach the mares behind Dusk’s friends. “I was so happy to see my little Dusk once more, after so long and see he has grown to become such a good and handsome incubus, with a strong herd of his own.” She tells, cleaning a tear on her eye.

While maintaining the smile she then approach Nightmare Moon and place her hand on her shoulder. “And that is why I must warn you,” Her eyes suddenly shine red and everything turns cold as she speak “If any of you harm my little colt, there will be no place on Equestria or even Tartarus where you can hide from me, and when I do, I will make you wish you were never born.” She threaten in a low voice all while maintaining her motherly smile and retreat leaving the mares pale as candle and Nightmare even having actual ice on her shoulder

“So remember mares, be nice to my little colt…or else.” She tells before walking into another room and vanishing without a trace.

“His mom sounds pretty scary.” Fluttershy said in response.

“Hate to be on her bad side.” Rainbow Dash added in response to Dusk’s mother.

“You shouldn’t. Let’s just say that my ex coltfriend, back before I met my husband, would have been paralyzed when he threaten her.” Velvet sighs as that story still haunts most stallions whenever she brings it up. She then turns to Dusk who was still on the ground. “Could one of you wake him up please?” She asked one of the girls. Trixie steps up as she has a cup of water in her hand, and she splashes Dusk’s face.

“Wha? What happened?” Dusk groaned as he wiped the water from his face. “Why am I wet?”

“I had Trixie douse you in water to wake you up after you passed out from shock.” Velvet spoke as she knelt beside her son. Celestia also knelt beside her former student and he immediately get a little scared.

“Dusk… calm down…” Celestia said as she noticed his expression. “I want to apologize for my outburst earlier.”

“W-what?” Dusk asked confused. Celestia didn’t say anything and just wrapped her former student in a hug. Dusk does blush slightly as he was wrapped in Celestia’s heavenly bosom.

“I’m sorry for trying to make you take responsibility for what happened to Philomena because of my mistake.” She added and soon let’s go of Dusk. Dusk heard Celestia’s words, and turns to the rest of the girls confused.

“What happened while I was unconscious?” He asked. Applejack walks forward and kneels beside Dusk.

“We all got on Celestia for her less than fair attitude towards ya Dusk.” Applejack explained.

“Let’s just say that it took most of us to convince her where she was in the wrong.” Barb followed up.

“You stood up for me?” Dusk asked. Other than the villainesses, the rest of his friends walk up to him.

“Of course we did.” Rainbow Dash added.

“We wanted to prove that we were not afraid of you even after what happened earlier.” Rarity added. “We at least wanted to show you we still care about you darling.”

“Thanks you guys.” Dusk said as a tear shed from his eye.

“Ugh, just get a room already and get it over with.” Chrysalis said making everyone turn her way. Dusk as well as his friends got a little flustered by at the same time annoyed by Chrysalis’s comment.

“Ms. Velvet?” Moondancer said as she pokes Dusk’s mother.

“Yes Moondancer?”

“Not to be rude or anything, but how do we know that you’re actually a succubus?” Moondancer asked innocently. Dusk, Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity, Chrysalis, Umbra, The sirens, and Philomena all flinched when Moondancer asked that question. Moondancer was always the studious type when it came to learning new things, just like Dusk. But he knew that she was going to regret that really fast.

“WAIT DON’T-!” But it was too late. Velvet already had her devilish smirk in play as she looked at Moondancer. Velvet snaps her fingers and summons a rune circle over her head. It travels down over her body blinding everyone in a bright flash of light. Everyone covered their eyes for a few seconds but not before Chrysalis shouted, “Oh no! You’re not touching me again you horny Bimbo!” The sounds of teleporting happened as she, Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity, and Umbra all left the maproom into another room. Once the light dies down everyone else could open their eyes.

“Sheesh…” Starlight groaned as she rubbed her eyes. “Any brighter and I might go… MOTHER OF CELESTIA!!!” Starlight shouted as her face flushes bright red when Velvet finally revealed her succubus form. The similar outfit she was in when she was with the rest of the villainesses made everyone in the room blush madly. Barb, Sunset, and Starlight were trying their best to keep the blood from gushing out of their noses. Applejack had to cover her face with her hat trying to cover her red face. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy’s wings immediately stood on end from how sexy Velvet looked. Rarity’s mouth watered as she took in Velvet’s form. Luna and Celestia were not far behind as their wings stiffened as well as covering their faces. Luna had to hold her nose as some blood started to gush out slightly. Aria and Adagio faces turned bright red seeing Dusk’s sexy mother. Philomena covers her face in shock an embarrassment from Velvet’s lewd aura. Two loud thuds soon followed behind everyone and they turn around to find Sonata ,who once again couldn’t control herself, as well as Moondancer passed out on the floor with a bloody noses and their eyes completely dazed.

“DAMMIT MOM!!!” Dusk shouted as he covered his face in embarrassment. Most of Velvet’s flesh was showing as she stared at the mares with lustful intent.

“What?” Velvet teased as she wrapped her arms under her breasts, pushing them up slightly. The black strap on her chest looked ready to snapped as she looked at each of the girls. “Moondancer asked about me being a succubus, and I’d much rather show than tell.”

“WOULD IT KILL YOU TO HAVE SOME SENSE OF DECENCY!!!?” Philomena shouted, using her left hand to cover her face in shock. Velvet only smirks as she looks at each of the girls reactions. But her gaze focuses on Fluttershy. Fluttershy’s face was bright red as the other girls, but she felt something that she hasn’t felt in a long time.

‘Strange…’ Velvet thought as she suddenly appears in front of Fluttershy. Everyone in the room is shocked when Velvet has her bust pressing against the blushing pegasus’s bust. ‘There’s something familiar about that one.’

“Mom, don’t you dare!” Dusk exclaimed. Velvet was getting closer to the more flustered Fluttershy. Velvet stares into the mares eyes and begins to see into her mind and flashes of a pony as a bat formed.

‘Interesting.’ Velvet thought. ‘Didn’t think my sister had a daughter.’

“Um… Ms. Velvet?” Fluttershy squeaked making the mother back away. Velvet of course backs away from the shy mare, much to everyone’s surprise as well as her son Dusk, since this was the first time that he’s seen her do this.

“Alright. I think you’ve all seen enough for one day.” Velvet remarked as she turned back to her disguised unicorn form.

“Wait, what?” Dusk asked confused as he got up from where he was sitting. “You normally tease anypony you come across.”

“Oh relax honey,” Velvet teased. “Even once in a millennia I have to learn when to back off.” She added in a rather innocent tone. “Well I’m going back to Canterlot. Take care of your friends and your herdmates Dusk.” She added, while looking at Fluttershy. “Especially that one.” She finally leaves everyone in the maproom and heads home, leaving everyone other than Dusk completely flustered. With the milf succubus gone, Dusk turns to everyone else in the room.

“Sorry you all had to see that.” Dusk said as he looks at everyone.

“The feeling’s mutual Dusk.” Celestia added as she turned to the rest of the flustered girls.

“Does this castle have cold water?” Adagio Dazzle asked. Dusk of course nods. Her and Aria take off to the nearest bathroom in the castle, all while dragging the lust daze Sonata with them. Dusk and Celestia then turned to the rest of the girls with their reactions.

“I’m going back to the human world.” Sunset quickly said as she dashed for the mirror portal in a hurry, leaving everyone else behind.

“Fluttershy,” Rarity said as she grabbed the flustered mares hand. “I think we should get our usual at the spa.”

“C-can I come too?” Trixie asked. “I’d very much like to forget what happened today.”

“Us too.” Barb said as she grab Philomena’s arm. Rarity nods and takes her group with her via teleportation magic.

“Ah’m gonna go to the farm.” Applejack said as she slowly leaves the room.

“I’m gonna cool off by jumping through some clouds.” Rainbow Dash said aloud as she dashed out of the room at record speed, leaving a rainbow streak behind. The only ones left in the room were Dusk, Celestia, Luna, Starlight, and the unconscious Moondancer were the only ones left in the room.

“I’m so sorry about my mom.” Dusk said with a light blush with the events that transpired today.

“That makes two of us.” Celestia said as she carries the unconscious Moondancer in her arms.

“This whole time…” Barb uttered out still in complete shock. “I never knew…”

“Yeah, she can actually fool a dragon’s senses.” Dusk answered. “I’m gonna get you something to forget that this ever happened.”

“While you’re doing that,” Barb added as she slowly backs away and leaves the room. “I’m gonna stick my head in cold water.” She added running out of the room leaving the Dusk, Celestia, Luna and the unconscious Moondancer alone.

“Luna, we should leave too. Luna?” Celestia notices her sisters’ expression as she slowly turns to Dusk with her face still bright red.

“Princess Luna,” Dusk spoke up. “Are you okay?”

“Um… is you're mother seeing anypony?” She asked innocently. A distinctive cracking noise was heard as Celestia and Luna’s eyes shrunk to pinpricks. “What? It was just an innocent question.” Dusk and Celestia’s right eyes started twitching as images of his mom molesting Luna ran through their minds. Luna was about to ask again until Celestia mane started catching fire again.

“ABSOLUTELY NOT LUNA!!!” Celestia shouted, as she grabs her sister by the arm.

“Ow!! Tia that hurts!” Luna groaned as she tried to get out of her sisters’ grasp. Dusk was about to say something, but Celestia’s horn emanates a bright golden aura. A bright flash blinds him for a few seconds and once it dies down, he opens his eyes to see that Celestia, Luna, and Moondancer were gone.

“Took the words right out of my mouth Celestia…” Dusk said to himself as he was now alone.

“Are they gone?” Said a female voice from behind Dusk. Dusk turns around to see that Chrysalis’s head poking out from an open door.

“Yes, they’re gone.” Dusk said. Chrysalis soon stepped out of the room. Umbra, Nightmare Moon, and Nightmare Rarity soon followed out with her.

“Sometimes, I hate when my mother visits.” Dusk groaned as he sat down on his chair. “Sorry about all of this.”

“Skip the apologies...” Nightmare Moon growled, while glaring at Chrysalis. “Thanks to Chrysalis, we’re stuck with you.”

“I just have to get use to all of this.” Dusk added as he gets up from his chair. “I’m going to my room, so try not to break anything since you’re all stuck with me.”

“Whatever…” Chrysalis remarked as Dusk left to his room to figure out what to do. The villainesses just sat around with pretty much nothing to do.

“So what do you think we should do?” Nightmare Rarity asked the other three mares currently present with her. “I think we can try out that jacuzzi that Dusk has or maybe we can-” She pauses when she notices everyone’s expressions suddenly turn dark as they glare at her.

“Nightmare Rarity,” Umbra growled. “One more word and I will gouge your eyes out myself.”

“Sorry…” Nightmare Rarity said as she just backs off. “I just wanted to-” She was about to say something else when she suddenly felt her body burning up from the inside.

“What’s wrong with you?” Nightmare Moon asked in confusion.

“I...I don’t know…” Nightmare Rarity groaned. “…” Nightmare Rarity suddenly stumbles out of her chair and onto the floor. Nightmare Moon, Umbra, and Chrysalis were confused as to what was going on, but the same feeling that Nightmare Rarity was getting was suddenly pulling onto them.

“D...dammit…” Nightmare Moon groaned. “What is this?”

“How should I know?” Umbra growled as she felt her loins burning.

“Is this Dusk’s doing?” Chrysalis asked as she wasn’t far behind as her body heated up as well. As the burning was spreading throughout their bodies, their thoughts slowly but surely get clouded by lust filled thoughts.

“Wh…why…?” Chrysalis managed to moan out as she felt her breasts slowly leaking milk. Unknown t each of the villainesses, they felt their minds filling up with lust filled thoughts of their master as hearts began to form in their eyes. A purple mark in the shape of a star appeared on their upper arms.


Adagio, Aria, and Sonata (who finally regained consciousness) were currently sitting in a large bathtub.

“I hope I never see that mare’s face again after today.” Aria growled as she rests her head on the railing of the tub.

“She wasn’t so bad.” Sonata added in a cheery tone. “Could’ve been a lot worse.”

“What could be worse than her?” Adagio added as she let out a heavy sigh. Her G-cup breasts floating in the water.

“If I recall, our mother our mother wasn’t any different.” Sonata added in response. “She could be like our mother, and you remember how she was.”

“She made you uncontrollably bleed out of your nose taco brain…” Aria countered, glaring at her sister.

“The only bright side about all of this,” Adagio added, grabbing a nearby lufa behind her. “We can stay in Equestria without the thought of banishment since the sirens are pretty much faded in legend.”

“Yeah I guess we have-” Sonata paused as she felt a strange tingling in between her legs. “Ahn!”

“What’s wrong taco brain?” Aria asked in her usual mean tone.

“I-I don’t know.” Sonata remarked as her cheeks suddenly turn pink. “I just… feel… hot…” She dralled as the heat suddenly travels upwards and spreads throughout her body. Adagio was about to ask what she meant, but the sudden burning suddenly struck her.

“W-what the fuck?” Adagio groaned as the burning struck her hard, especially around her chest. She felt her breastmilk suddenly leaking into the bathwater making her moan involuntarily “Wh-what’s going on? What’s this damn burning?”

“What’s wrong with you two?” Aria asked in confusion, but the burning suddenly spreads out through her body as well. “F-fuck, now me? What is this?” Lewd thought began to plague their minds as well as hearts appearing in their eyes. The sirens began touching themselves, but it only seemed to make the burning worse. The same purple mark that was on the four villainesses appeared on their upper arms as well.

-Train Station-

“H-h-here’s your t-ticket m-ma’am…” The ticket teller stuttered as he was staring at a certain mare in front of the counter. Twilight Velvet hand picks up the ticket and in returns she takes out a few bits and gives them to the teller.

“Thank you dear…” She added, leaning in close to the teller, giving him a good view of her cleavage.

“H-have a nice day.” He managed to say before calling out ‘next’ to another pony behind her. Velvet walks away from the counter after placing the ticket in her pocket. As she walked, she earned a few jealous looks from a few mares who happened to be walking by from how flirty Velvet was being. She even got a few looks from a group of stallions that happened to be walking by. She didn’t let them bother her and she did enjoy the attention she got from both sides.

After finding an empty bench, Twilight Velvet waited for the train after she had met up with Dusk’s harem.

‘I can’t wait to meet all of my grandkids when they’re born…’ Velvet thought as she closed her eyes and thought of the amount of grandkids she was going to have. Her happy thoughts were soon interrupted when she feels a presence behind her. Velvet turns around to find that nopony was there.

‘Strange…’ She thought, scratching her head. A disfigured shadow soon appeared behind Velvet and slowly creeps up on her. As soon as it gets behind her-

“Don’t even think about it Eris…” Velvet remarked in a dark tone as she turns around to glare at the hooded figure.

“Aw fooey…” The hooded figure groaned as she threw the hood off of her head to reveal the female draconequus. “What gave it away?”

“In the future, try not to breathe down on a pony’s neck if you’re trying to jumpscare them.” Velvet remarked with a raised eyebrow. “Aslo, did you really think I didn’t see your shadow creeping up behind me?”

“No need to be such a prude.” Eris remarked in a dull tone, while pulling out a box from her hood. “Especially when I came to give you a gift.”

“What do you have there?” Velvet asked as Eris handed her the box.

“Oh just Dusk’s endeavors for when he claimed his harem.” Eris teased. “Figured with you being his demon mother and all, you’d want to see it.” She added with a whisper.

“Why thank you Eris.” Velvet said as she placed the box on her saddle bag. “I think I’ll add this to my collection.”

“Wait, you have a collection?” Eris asked enthusiastically.

“Yes.” Velvet said in a cheery tone. “I have a scrapbook of all of my sexual endeavors before I had my kids.” Velvet whispered not to let passer bys listen in.

“Can I see it?” Eris asked.

“I don’t have it with me right now,” Velvet replied. “But I’ll send you a copy of it when I get the chance.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” Eris added. “So how do you think Dusk is going to deal with his new harem?”

“Oh I took care of that actually.” Velvet remarked with a smirk confusing Eris.

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say that I left them a little ‘incentive’ on all of Dusk’s mates when I gotten intimate with them yesterday. Something to help them be a little more honest with their new master.”

“What incentive?” Eris asked with a raised brow. Velvet only gives off an innocent smile and Eris caught onto what she meant. “Did you by any chance give Philomena this ‘incentive?’” Eris asked.

“Of course not.” Velvet remarked in a dull tone. “Dusk was lucky that his friends stood up for him after Celestia’s little outburst. Beside, I already stroked a fire. I don’t want to stroke an inferno.”

“Whatever you say. But what‘re the odds that Dusk won’t catch on to what you did?”

“Dusk might find that out sooner or later on my little ‘gift’.” Velvet smiled. ‘You better make lots of grandkids for me Dusk.’ Velvet thought as she waited on her train.

“You son’s gonna lost it when he finds out ya know.” Eris remarked in a dull tone.

“I know.”

-Dusk’s Room-

Dusk was reading one of his books and his entire body shakes while a sudden chill ran up his spine. He looks around the room thinking one of the girls was going to try and seduce him but finds no one in the room.

“Why do I feel a sudden chill running down my spine?” Dusk said to himself after that shudder. Suddenly his dorm slams open to reveal and angry Chrysalis entering his room.

“Geez,” dusk said in shock. “You didn’t have to slam my door open.” He told her. He suddenly notices Chrysalis’s expression as her face was flushed red. Her body was soaked in sweat and Dusk noticed a faint trail of wetness running down her legs. “Are you okay?”

“What did you do to us?” She growled.

“Us?” Dusk asked confused. Chrysalis wasn’t the only one who showed up. Umbra, Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity, Sonata, Adagio, and Aria showed up with the same expressions that Chrysalis had.“Oh shit.... What’s wrong now?”

“You tell us…” Umbra growled. “Our bodies suddenly started burning up out of nowhere.”

“That’s impossible.” Dusk replied as he stood up from his chair. “I’m in control of my other half so this shouldn’t be happening right now.”

Shaking his head he then notices a faint glow on each of the mares right arm. Feeling the heat burning hotter the glowing grows brighter as the mares clutch their stomachs. Walking over he grabs umbra’s arm. The faint glow grew brighter as a symbol of some kind begins to form.

That symbol looks familiar. In fact it looks strangely familiar. Once the glowing grows brighter he finally put the pieces together. It was his mother's own cutiemark.

He looks at it for a good few minutes before looking at the others. Same color, same symbol same glow on each mares arms. “She did not…” Dusk groaned.

“She?” Adagio asked. She soon followed his gaze to where he was looking and saw the mark on her arm. The rest of the mares followed suit and noticed the same mark.

“Where did this come from?” Umbra growled.

“My mom is causing this.” Dusk answered.

“Your mother?” NIghtmare Moon growled.

“She must marked you last night when she groped all of you.” Dusk remarked. He was going to say something else when he felt a pair of arms wrapping around him from behind. He turns around to see Sonata with a needy look in her eyes as her loins couldn’t take it anymore.

“Master… please rut us…” Sonata pleaded with the hearts glowing in her eyes.

“S-sonata…” He gets cut off when the rest of his herd suddenly wrap their arms around him. Hearts appeared in their eyes as they had pleading looks on their faces.

“DAMMIT MOM!!!!!” Dusk shouted as he had to use his incubus abilities and the rest of the day was filled with moans of pleasure from his harem.

Conflicting Feelings

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-Two Week Later: Evening-

‘Geez… It’s like I can’t get a break.’ Dusk thought as he slumped onto his bed. Dusk was tired. Actually, tired was an understatement. He thought about what had happened to him in just under two weeks. A group of mares wanted revenge for their past defeats. This just happened to be the same night he tried to keep his demonic side from coming out. So instead of sealing it, the villainesses disrupted his rune, allowing the demon in him to run free. So, instead of getting revenge, his darker half had his way with them and made them his. Now, they are all living with him as his mates. Oh, let’s not forget Philomena, Celestia’s pet phoenix at the time, who Celestia sent to check on him that night. Now, she’s an anthropomorphic phoenix and living with Dusk as one of his mates as well. Now, he had to cope with eight mares, four of which are on Equestria’s Most Wanted list. He still had to figure out how to tell all of Equestria about all this. The sirens shouldn’t be much of a problem, because nopony remembers them.

Most of the mares act like they still hate their new situation. Yet, almost all of them are insatiable. He heard that Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, Umbra, and Aria Blaze were reading books on how to be a Tsundere. Though Dusk doubts that mangas are reliable sources. Adagio has a new job as a milkmare. She was working with Milky Way and a few other milkmares so she can appreciate her assets instead of always trying to hide them. Nightmare Rarity, to his surprise, is a total size queen. She tried some toys she borrowed from Rarity (Dusk refused to inquire any more into that) but they didn’t helping to sate her urges, so she wanted Dusk to transform into one of his beasts forms whenever they have fun.

His body involuntarily shuddered at the thought of Sonata. She was the most insatiable of them all. She would try to get Dusk to rut her every chance she got. He wasn’t surprised when she snuck up behind him while he was in the shower (she’s not the only one to do that). She did surprise him that one time when she pulled him into a random closet after he was trying on some new clothes from Rarity. One day, when he was trying to have breakfast, she came into the kitchen with whipped cream on her breasts and edible panties. She even appeared under the table and gave him a blowjob while he and the mayor were having a discussion about opening a new park for the kids. He doesn’t even want to think about all the cosplay outfits she has in her room. He even had to pay to have a wardrobe built for her.

Thankfully, Philomena was still trying to get use to her new body. She wasn’t nearly as demanding as the rest of his herdmates. She was more the voice of reason. Right now, both Nightmares were in a bad mood. Dusk wanted to avoid Nightmare Rarity because she had a disagreement with Rarity and he wanted to avoid Nightmare Moon because she gets in a bad mood whenever Celestia or Luna were mentioned. She still had a grudge with the both of them. They can’t rant or take their anger out on him, but he just hated being around them when they were this irritable. He can feel the emotion radiating off of them.

Dusk’s friends were still a little weirded out with having to deal with all of this. Except Pinkie. She was still planning a party for Chrysalis, after she recently laid her eggs. Her eggs, as well as Philomena’s egg, were in a special room built specifically for incubation since they need to be kept in a warm environment. The changeling eggs were kept separated from Philomena’s egg just in case.

Dusk knew that he would have to eventually have to come out and explain all this to the rest of Equestria, but right now, he just wanted, and needed, some rest. He had to go visit his sister and Cadence later and ask for their advice. That idea is dashed though, when he heard a knock on his bedroom door. He tried to cover his head with a pillow, but could still hear the knocking.

“Who is it?” Dusk groaned in an exhausted voice, as he lifted his head from under the pillow.

“It’s me Dusk.” A familiar voice called from the other side of the door.

“It’s open Chrysalis.” Dusk called out, placing the pillow back over his head.

Chrysalis walked in, wearing only a black bathrobe. Her breasts had grown since she laid her eggs. She went from a HH cup to Double Is. Her ass also grew bigger as well. She took one look at Dusk hiding his head under a pillow and sighed.

“What’s bothering you this time?” She asked.

“I’m still trying to get use to all of this.” Dusk groaned. “Me having control of my incubus powers, the thought of having all of you as my harem, and I’m still trying to figure out how to explain this to all of Equestria.”

“Well, you’re at fault here since we’re pretty much stuck here with hardly anything to do.” She added, crossing her arms under her breasts. “Well other than the sirens.”

Dusk sat up on his bed, placing the pillow on his lap, and glared at Chrysalis. “First of all,” he began, “YOU were the ones that decided to come after me while I was trying to prevent my darker side from coming out.”

“Don’t remind me.” Chrysalis grumbled.

“Secondly,” Dusk continued, ignoring her comment, “the sirens committed their crimes long before everypony but the princesses were born, so I don’t have to worry about anypony recognizing them, whereas, the rest of you, have committed your crimes within the last decade, so I can’t guarantee what would happen if anypony besides my friends saw you. I mean, look at what Trixie tried to do when she found out I was part-demon.”

‘Even though what she did what pretty stupid.’ Dusk said in his head.

Chrysalis couldn’t help but chuckle at that memory. Dusk just groaned as he flopped back down on the bed and covered his face with his pillow. “What there a reason you came to my room or did you come here just to bother me?” Dusk asked.

“Actually,” Chrysalis began while a red tint started to form on her cheeks. “I was… trying… to be nice. I felt how you were feeling, and... wanted to... check up on you.”

“Wait,” Dusk began, finally taking the pillow off his head, “you were actually concerned? About me? After everything that’s happened?” Chrysalis’s blush intensified.

“Don’t push it.” She said while turning away from him. “I’m at least trying.”

“Well, despite how ironic all of this is, at least it’s progress.” Dusk replied.

“So, what are you gonna do later, once you’re rested?”

“Well, tomorrow I have to go to the Crystal Empire. Gleaming Shield and Cadance are going to Saddle Arabia and I’m going to look after Flurry Heart while they’re gone.”

“Well, can I come along?” Chrysalis asked, catching Dusk by surprise.

“I don’t know if that is a good idea.” Dusk responded. “I think they’re still pissed off at you for not only trying to ruin their wedding, but also kidnapping all of us.”

“Well they aren’t going to be there, are they? Besides, seeing as I’m stuck with you,” Chrysalis said with a growl, then took a deep breath, “this may be my way of apologizing to them and showing them that I want to let bygones be bygones.”

“You don’t know my sister.” He replied. “She tends to hold a grudge. Besides, how can I be sure you won’t try anything?” Dusk asked. Chrysalis only gave Dusk a deadpanned glare.

“Have you forgotten that as long as I got this,” Chrysalis began while pointing at the collar around her, “around my neck, I can’t act against anypony unless in self-defense?”

“Oh… heh heh, right.” He nervously agreed.

“There’s also the fact that I can disguise myself, so nopony, other than you, and maybe your sister, can recognize me.” She remarked.

“Don’t forget about the new changelings that may be on the lookout for you.” Dusk followed up. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t be ’stuck here with hardly anything to do’. Dusk added, quoting Chrysalis’s complaint about boredom.

“I haven't forgotten about my former kingdom Dusk!” Chrysalis yelled angrily while glaring at Dusk, then sighed. “So, can I come with you or not?”

“I guess we can give it a try.” Dusk replied after some thought. “It’s the least I can do as thanks for at least trying to make me feel better.” Dusk added.

“Don’t mention it. Now let me go pack.” Chrysalis said. She was about to leave, but she shifted a little uncomfortably.

“What’s wrong?” Dusk asked. Chrysalis only blushed and she turned away.

“The stupid breast pump you gave me is clogged.” She mumbled, but it was audible enough for him to hear. Dusk only sighed, knowing how prideful Chrysalis can be and how much she hated to ask anypony for help.

“After just two weeks?” He asked, dumbfounded.

“Yes…” She growled. “Changelings can be a little excessive when it comes to producing milk. It’s why we have to have advanced milking machines, but even those can be too rough.”

“You know, it wouldn’t kill you to ask for help sometimes.” Dusk added, while placing a hand on Chrysalis’s shoulder. Chrysalis only grumbled at the thought, but turned to Dusk with a bright red face.

“J… Just do something about this would you?” She said, as she undid her robe, letting her Double I cup melons bounce free. She wrapped her arms under her breasts with a blushing expression as streams of milk squirted from her hardened nipples, while still having her head turned the other way. Dusk face reddened and turned away from her as a blush began to form on his face.

“D-dammit Chrysalis…” Dusk said in response to her gesture. “At least ask nicely for Celestia’s sake.”

“P-please…” She once again mumbled in a reluctant tone, but it was enough for Dusk to hear.

“Alright.” Dusk said as he turns around and worked on massaging her breasts. Chrysalis only moans when she feels her master's hands groping and kneading her milk laden breasts like dough. Ever since she laid her eggs two weeks ago, her breasts immediately filled with milk and only made her chest even more sensitive. Just simply breathing on her breasts was enough to get her hot and bothered.

“Okay, I don’t have a bucket, so I’m gonna have to go with an alternative…” Dusk said with a blush as he didn’t want to tease her. He opens his muzzle and take the left nipple in his mouth. Chrysalis only moans in response as she felt his tongue licking at her areola and sucking on her breasts, trying to get as much milk out as possible. Chrysalis could already feel herself getting wet from having the pressure in her chest relieving itself slightly. Dusk squeezes her right breast while he suckles on his left breasts making milk squirt from her nipples.

“H-hey...easy…” Chrysalis whimpered as she had to bite her lower lip in response to try and stifle her growing moans as she felt relief of her excess milk. Dusk felt his lust growing slightly as he alternated to Chrysalis's right breasts and drank her ever creamy treat from there. Chrysalis shifted her legs as she felt her marehood leaking from having her breasts played with.

‘S-stupid... stud of a stallion…’ She thought to herself as she felt herself getting hotter down below. She wasn’t the only one feeling this as Dusk felt himself getting hard as his member makes a very noticeable bulge in his underwear. Chrysalis was still trying to hold herself back, but she was close to getting off the longer Dusk milked her breasts. It also didn’t help that she was looking directly at the massive bulge that wanted to break free from his underwear.

‘F...fuck…’ She thought. Dusk was finally done with taking care of Chrysalis’s breasts as he pulls away from her still leaky nipples. The former queen was left panting as her face a burned bright red.

“Feel any better?” Dusk said as he wiped his muzzle.

“A little bit, but…” She said as her voice trailed off as she looks down. Dusk follows her gaze and saw that his stallionhood was bulging through his underwear. Dusk flinches as he didn’t realize when his cock started to grow. He covers his bulge in embarrassment.

“S-sorry.” Dusk remarked. “Guess your milk was good enough for this to happen.” Dusk added, trying to mellow the mood. He made Chrysalis blush in response from him complimenting him.

“Well this,” She said as she leaned closer and gropes Dusk’s bulge making him flinch. “Requires some attention.” Dusk was about to protest, but felt himself forced on the bed with a horny Chrysalis getting on top of him. She let’s her robe fall to the floor, letter her voluptuous curves still out from the fabric. Dusk realized that she was now naked and didn’t even have panties on.

‘Crap… I was only trying to relieve her. I didn’t think I turned her on.’ Dusk thought as he felt Chrysalis’s breasts pressing into his chest. Her horn glows in a foggy green color and Dusk could feel his underwear disappearing.

“Come on stud...” She added while grinding her bubbly ass against his raging boner. “I think we can have some fun before the others try to butt in.” She added leaning closer to a furiously blushing Dusk. Sadly their little intimate moment gets spoiled when they hear Dusk’s door opening.

“Hey Dusk, I’ve been working on this new spell and I needed... your... o… pin...” The rest of Starlight Glimmer was going to say as she stood in the doorway died as she walked in the room. Chrysalis was on top of Dusk and both individuals were pretty much naked. Her face flushed bright red and her right eye immediately twitch like crazy. It also wasn’t helping that she was eying Dusk’s massive cock and swollen balls that throbbed and was leaking precum from its tip.

“Way to spoil the fun, Starlight.” Chrysalis said in annoyed tone. That shook Starlight out of her stupor and before Dusk could say anything, the unicorn quickly slammed the door shut. The sounds of her hoof steps rapidly leaving soon followed. “Great, now that killed the mood.”

“Wait, where are you going?” Dusk asked, as Chrysalis got up, his still throbbing cock still standing in the air.

“Bed.” Chrysalis said with a groan as she put her robe back on and left the room, slamming the door behind her.


Barb was dressed in a light blue tank top and black shorts as as she brushed her teeth. She was interrupted by the sounds of rapid footsteps approaching. She turned her head, just in time to see the door to the bathroom suddenly burst open to reveal a deeply blushing Starlight.

“Are you okay?” Barb asked as she tried to finish brushing her teeth. Starlight didn’t answer. Instead, she pushed the dragoness away from the sink making her stumble backwards towards the wall.

“Hey!” She exclaimed in annoyance. “I was brushing my teeth!” The unicorn continued to ignore Barb and drained the sink. She then plugged the drain, and turned the right knob. As the sink filled with cold water, Barb sighed, having an idea of what just happened.

“Caught Dusk at a bad time, and saw something you wish you hadn’t?” She asked. Starlight just nodded her head. As soon as the sink was filled with water, Starlight turned off the faucet, took a deep breath, and proceeded to dunk her head in the cold water. Barb only sighed once more. Starlight kept her head dunked in for a few seconds before she pulled her head up, shivering from the cold water.

“Okay… okay…” Starlight said as she caught her breath. “I think I feel better now, but I’m going to go lie down and try to forget what I just saw.” She said as she walked out of the room.

‘Glad it wasn’t me.’ Barb thought to herself as she finished brushing her teeth. ‘There are just some things you can’t unsee.’

-Dusk’s Room-

“Great…” Dusk groaned as he stared at his throbbing cock. “Now what am I gonna do about this?”

“You could’ve forced her back on the bed ya know…” Said a masculine voice within Dusk’s head. Dusk only groaned, as he stared at the necklace his mother gave him.

“Nice to hear from you again, asshole.” Dusk sighed.

“Oh come on, not need to be like that. I was only trying to help with your… problem.” He chided in a sarcastic tone.

“Like I any ‘help’ from you.” Dusk groaned. “What do you want?”

“Just wanted to let you in on something interesting.” Demon Dusk replied in his head. “I have been feeling a strange presence lately.”

“Really?” Dusk asked. “What strange presence?”

“Honesty, I’m not sure what this presence is, but it strangely feels like Celestia’s presence.” Demond Dusk followed up.

“Okay, you feel her presence?” Dusk inquired. “Princess Celestia still lives in Canterlot. So, if you’re just calling me to mess with my head-”

“The presence isn’t coming from Canterlot.” The incubus interrupted.


“The presence I’m sensing of coming from Foal Mountain,” Demon Dusk followed up. “But all I can feel coming from there is pure rage.”

“How?” Dusk asked, confused as he stood up from his bed. “Celestia is not evil.”

“You don’t think I know that?” Demon Dusk followed up. “But that presence has been bothering me for quite awhile.”

“How long has it been going on?”

“For a few days actually, and it only grows even stronger as the days go by.” Demon Dusk responded. “Plus I didn’t tell you earlier, because I thought you didn’t want to be bothered.”

“Well I appreciate that, but does Celestia or anypony else know about what you’ve been sensing?”

“I’m not a mind reader, you know.” Demon Dusk quipped, then added. ”But if anypony else has sensed it, they surely would have done something by now.

“Well thanks for the heads up, but now it is bothering me.” Dusk groaned as he slumped on the bed, cupping his face in frustration.

“Maybe you should investigate whatever this presence is. Might be fun.” Demon Dusk followed up.

“I can’t go without my friends on this.” Dusk followed up. “Whatever this demonic presence it, I don’t think I can beat it without them.”

“Not sure if they can help.”

“Why would you think they can’t?” He asked his darker side. “The girls and I are the Elements of Harmony, and we have faced many threats to Equestria and came out alright. How is this any different?”

“This isn’t just some mad tyrant bent on conquering, or a demon lord wanting to destroy Equestria, this...this is pure, unbridled rage waiting to unleash itself on the world and reduce it to ashes.” Demon Dusk added. “This isn’t the type situation where you and your marefriends can just wave your rainbow power at it and hope it goes away, it’s much bigger than that.”

“What makes you think that? And they are not my marefriends, you demonic bastard!” Dusk shouted with a blush.

“That’s not what those dreams you have about them tell me.” He said in a teasing tone.

“Dreams you constantly try to shove in my head!” Dusk countered.

“Not my fault they’re all gorgeous.” Demon countered in a mocking tone. “You’re always surrounded by them, yet you never make a move… how sad.”

“We’re getting off track here.” Dusk said, wanting to stop the conversation about the girls. “You said that our Rainbow Power can’t beat it? Why not?”

“Because I can feel how powerful it is, and it keeps on growing.” Demon Dusk answered. “I think if left unchecked, we might see all of Equestria go up in flames.”

“Fine.” Dusk remarked. “ If it bugs you that much, I’ll go to Foal Mountain to see what this weird presence is. But I’m--”

“Then it’s settled.” Demon Dusk interrupted. “But right now you have somepony to attend to.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dusk asked, as his necklace stopped glowing. “Hey! I’m not done talking to you!” There was no response from the necklace, showing that Demon Dusk was gone.

‘Asshole.’ Dusk thought to himself. He thought about what his demonic half meant by strange presence. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard his door open again.

“Hey Dusk,” That was Sonata’s voice and Dusk turned to face her. “We’re out of cereal and blue… berries...” Her voice trailed off and her face turned beet red. She was only wearing a bathrobe, similar in style to Chrysalis’s, but the color was a baby blue. She looked downward and her face only grew redder the longer she looked. Dusk followed her gaze and saw that he was still naked, and his cock was still throbbing.

“Oh Crap!” He shouted as he covered his crotch with his hands.

‘Of all the fucking times, not right now.’ He thought to himself, realizing where this might lead. “S-S-Sorry Sonata! I’m not decent!” He said tried to hurry over to the closet, but was stopped when something pulled at his tail. He turned around just in time to see Sonata lock the door while holding his tail. She turned to face him with lust in her eyes.

“I think Master is far better than decent... and right now,” Sonata said in a lust-filled voice, “it looks like you needs some attention... and this humble servant is more than willing to deliver.”

‘Oh great.’ Dusk thought to himself. ‘Had to be Sonata.’ He was about to say something, but he was thrown back onto the bed. He landed on his back as Sonata undid her robe, allowing her curves bounce to free. Dusk could see faint traces of wetness, as well as the mark that his mother gave her glowing, as she looked at Dusk with hearts in her eyes.

“I want you master.” Sonata dralled as she crawled on top of Dusk similar to How Chrysalis was before Starlight walked in. She began grinding her bubbly ass against his throbbing cock making Dusk’s groan as he felt his dick getting painfully hard. “Please, rut me.”

‘Damn it. It’s like I can’t go one day without having to tend to their lust. Thanks demon me.’ Dusk thought to himself as Sonata began to align her aching marehood with Dusk’s thick cock. The horny siren threw her head back as she was wanting to be filled again for quite awhile.

“Yes… fuck me master…” Sonata moaned as she started the bounce on Dusk’s equine shaft. She bites her lower lip to try and stifle her ongoing moans each time her hips collide with Dusk’s. Dusk could only groan as his balls slapped against Sonata’s ass as she bounced on him.

‘Damn horny mare.’ Dusk thought as he lunged forward and started to suckle on her breasts. Sonata only lets out a heartfelt moan when she felt her master tending to her lustful body. The rest of the night was only filled with audible moans from both individuals as Dusk rocked Sonata’s world.

-Outside of the room-

“Man tomorrow is gonna be so boring.” Barb groaned as she stretched her limbs. Tomorrow she was going to attend a meeting with Celestia, Luna, and Blueblood.

‘Why do I have to go to an embassy with that asshole?’ She thought to herself. ‘I’d much rather be watching Rainbow Dash at the Wonderbolts show tomorrow morning.’

Barb was walking down the hallway heading back to her room to get some much needed rest, knowing what awaited her tomorrow. She passed by Dusk’s room and heard loud moans coming from it. She didn’t recognize which of the girls was trying fuck Dusk’s brains out this time, and she didn’t want to know. She picked up the pace, and almost made it to her room, when she heard a particularly loud scream.


“Guess Sonata’s at it again.” She sighed to herself. She couldn’t help but blush at this knowledge. Nor could she stop the thoughts that entered a certain area in the back of her mind.

‘I wonder what it’s like if Dusk did th-- NO!! BAD DRAGON!! BAD DRAGON!!! That’s your brother for Celestia’s sake! You just can’t have those thoughts about the one who raised you like that!’ She chastised her brain.

“Just what the fuck is wrong with me?” She muttered to herself. Barb sighed, took one last look at Dusk’s bedroom door, still hearing him satisfy his horny herdmate and walked into her room to try and get some sleep.

‘Maybe a good night’s rest will clear my head.’ She thought as she got into her bed and let the rest of the world fall away to the realm of dreams.

-Next Day-

“Yaaaaawn. Celestia, what a night.” Dusk groaned as his eyes fluttered open and his stretched his limbs.

The sounds of birds chirping outside was the signal of another bright and early morning for Dusk as he woke up next to a naked Sonata. She laid peacefully asleep in a fetal position next to her master, her belly once again, almost the size of a beach ball as a result of their activity last night.

‘For someone so insatiable, she look so peaceful in her sleep.’ Dusk thought. The last thing he wanted to do was disturb her, but he was presented with an annoying problem.

‘Celestia dammit, morning wood is a bitch.’ He thought to himself. Morning wood was always a bitch to deal with. However, after what happened last night, he really wanted to get out of the bed without disturbing Sonata. He shifted a little in the bed, but the tip of his cock poked Sonata’s ass, making the mare moan in her sleep.

‘Crap!’ Dusk yelled in his head. He froze in place as Sonata started to moving a little in her sleep, but she just shifted into a comfortable position and slumped back onto the bed.

“Whew... too close.” He sighed and was about to get up off the mattress and walked to the bathroom to relieve himself. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on Dusk’s side. As he was about to walk to the bathroom his hoof caught on the bedsheets, causing him to trip and fall on the floor.

“Ow… Mother of Celestia that hurts.” Dusk groaned after rubbing his head from the fall. The crashing noise was enough to wake up Sonata. The azure mare stirred from her slumber and stretched her limbs.

“Good morning.” She mumbled as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Sonata turned to her left and noticed that Dusk was not in the bed. She was looking around to see where he was, when she heard groaning from the floor. That’s when she noticed that Dusk was on the floor, bundled up in the bed sheets.

“Dusk, are you okay?’ She asked as she shifted slightly on the bed. She was struggling to move a bit since her womb was bloated like a balloon. She was able to sit up so that she was on her knees and see Dusk on the floor.

“Yeah… I’m fine.” Dusk groaned as he tried to untangle himself. As Dusk was trying to remove himself from the bed sheets, Sonata’s gazed focused elsewhere and the azure mare started drooling the longer she stared.

“Heh, finally…” Dusk said to himself as he finally got himself free. He stood up from his spot only to notice Sonata’s expression. She was not only drooling, but her face was bright red. Dusk followed her gaze and blushed once more. He still had his morning wood to take care of. It didn’t take a genius to realize what was on Sonata’s mind. Not wanting a repeat of last night, Dusk immediately freaked out and covered his crotch with part of the bed sheets.

“Uh... Sonata, maybe we should take it easy for now. I’d rather not have a repeat of what happened last night.” Dusk said as he wanted to get dressed to avoid another bed session. While Dusk went to the closet to get his clothes on, he failed to notice that he was still tangled in the sheets. He stumbled and fell towards the bed and frantically grabbed for anything to soften his fall. Unfortunately, he grabbed onto and landed near Sonata.

“Sorry about that Sonata.” He apologized in a worried tone. “Are you okay?” The azure mare didn’t answer. At first, her face grew as red as a tomato. Then she looked at him with half-lidded eyes.

“Aw, master’s eager already?” Sonata said in a lust-filled tone as she felt herself getting wet between her legs. That when Dusk looked at where his hands landed. He realized that he’s groping Sonata’s DD cup breasts. Dusk sighed in defeat, knowing what was about to happen once more.

“Fine, but at least make it quick. I actually have somewhere I need to be.” Dusk remarked. Sonata only blushes at his comment. “So what do you want to do?”

“Well I wouldn’t mind enjoying some... breakfast...” Sonata said in a lust filled tone, as she was still staring at Dusk’s throbbing shaft. Dusk knew where she was staring and sighs.

“Alright then.” Dusk said as he sat back onto the bed. Sonata only mentally beamed wanting her now favorite treat in her mouth. She positioned herself in front of Dusk’s throbbing shaft and positioned her soft bosom on his crotch. His dick stuck out between her breasts and Sonata only licks her lips on response. The azure mare opens her mouth and takes what was sticking out into her muzzle and moans and she sucked on his throbbing cock.

‘It’s like she can’t get enough of me.’ Dusk thought to himself. ‘At least she’s always trying to take care of me.’ Dusk thought as he waited for the former siren to finish her meal. With how she was, she was going to be down there for awhile. Then the sound of a door opening registered in Dusk’s ears and the sound of hoof steps along the crystalline floor.

“Hey, Barb wanted me to tell you that she has breakfast read--” Said a female voice at the door that immediately trailed off. Dusk looked towards the door to see Adagio Dazzle wearing a pair of shorts and a sleeveless tank top, that was a few sizes too small for her voluptuous frame. She stared blankly at the two before she stared pointedly at her sister.

“Really Sonata?” Adagio asked in a dull tone. “You can’t go one day without trying to get into Dusk’s pants?” Sonata stopped sucking on Dusk’s cock in order to answer her sister.

“But he’s sssoooooo good!” Sonata followed up with a needy expression.

“Honestly,” Adagio replied, “ever since Dusk claimed us, you just can’t help yourself.”

“I can’t help it, Dagi.” Sonata said, then looked at Dusk in a lustful daze. “I love to serve my master.” Dusk only sighed.

“I have no idea why she tries to jump me every chance she gets.” He said, jumping in the conversation. Adagio just groaned.

“Just finish up so you can get downstairs already.” She sighed as she left the room.

“Great, as if things couldn’t get anymore awkward.” Dusk groaned. Sonata just got back to sucking on Dusk’s cock as if it was a cream-filled treat.

“I’m just hoping that this doesn’t become my morning routine.”


Dusk and Sonata were finally got dressed after she drank three loads of cum. Dusk had cast a spell on Sonata to deflate her stomach. Both individuals walk into the kitchen to see an assortment of goodies ranging from pancakes, waffles, hay bacon, blueberries, fruit bowls, biscuits, and fresh orange juice.

‘Wow, Barb, must’ve been busy.’ Dusk thought when he saw the amount of food she cooked. Speaking of the dragoness, the door behind the two opened up and Barb walked in the room. Dusk’s face immediately turned red when he saw what Barb was wearing. She was only wearing her pink apron, which in itself wasn’t unusual. However, the only thing she was wearing underneath was a black thong. Dusk could clearly see up into her ass crack. She stopped when she noticed Dusk and Sonata in the room

“Oh, hey guys.” She said in a sweet and innocent tone. “Hope you enjoy your breakfast.”

“BARB!!!” Dusk shouted finally snapping out of his shock, startling the dragoness. “WHY ARE YOU WEARING THAT?!!!”

“Geez you don’t have to yell.” Barb said, holding her hands up defensively. “It’s not like I have a choice anyway. Adagio got sick earlier and threw up on all of my clothes. This was the only thing that was clean, and the rest of my clothes are in the wash.”

“How did you get so behind in laundry?” Dusk inquired. “And couldn’t you have borrowed clothes from Starlight?” Barb just looked at Dusk.

“Well, with all the extra chores I’ve had to handle, with no extra help by the way, I’ve gotten behind on laundry. Plus, Starlight’s clothes don’t fit me. The only one here that’s close to my size is Sonata, and you were busy bucking her silly.” Barb calmly told Dusk.

Dusk had the good sense to feel guilty. “I’m sorry for the extra work you had to do around here. I’ll see what I can do about that.“ Before anything else could be said, the door behind them opened to reveal the rest of Dusk’s herdmates walking in the room.

“‘Bout time.” Aria Blaze groaned. “I was starving like crazy.”

“Hey everyone.” Dusk said. They don’t even give him a second glance and just walked past him. “What? Not even a good morning?” Dusk asked.

“What’s so good about it when we’re couped up in here everyday?” Umbra Remarked.

“Hey, at least nopony is sealed or locked away.” Sonata remarked.

“Oh so you prefer to be with this wannabe loser?” Chrysalis remarked.

“At least this ‘loser’ is nice to us.” Sonata followed up. “Besides, how often do you see a loser with muscles like these?” Sonata added as she rolled up his sleeve. They just looked at Dusk. They hate to admit it but Sonata did have a point. Dusk actually had decent muscles… unlike most nerds.

“Sonata, you didn’t have to do that.” Dusk remarked.

“Well, that still doesn't change the fact that we’re still his slaves.” Nightmare Moon growled.

“And whose fault is that? Instead of sticking to the original plan--”

“DON’T YOU DARE BRING UP THAT YOU BITCH!!!” Chrysalis shouted.

“--or think it weird that he sent everypony away,” Sonata continued as if she wasn’t interrupted,”or think it weird that he was making a rune circle in his underwear, we still tried to kidnap him. Even after he transformed, we stuck around. So we have no one to blame but ourselves. Well, except for Philly, but that’s a different story.” Sonata finished. Everyone there just sat there, stunned at what just came out of Sonata’s mouth.

“Damn sis. Didn’t think you had it in you.” Aria Blaze stated in amazement.

“Wow, Sonata. That was very thought out. I’m impressed.” Dusk complemented.

“Hey, we may be stuck with you, but I know that you’re nice.” Sonata replied. “You could have taken full advantage of the fact that you are our master, but you don’t.”

“Well, I’m glad someone has a positive attitude about this.” Barb added.

“Well anyways,” Dusk said before anything else could be said, “I actually have somewhere I need to go and--” The sounds of hoofsteps approaching the kitchen in a hurry interrupted him. Soon the door flew open to reveal Starlight holding a few scrolls.

“Morning Dusk.” Starlight yawned. All the mares looked at the tired mare’s face. Her hair was disheveled, eyes wide with dark circles, and a tired yet stricken look of grief on her face.

“Starlight what’s wrong? What happened?” asked Dusk.

“Well, I could hardly sleep last night. I had this crazy dream where I was in it, and you were too, and we were in your bedroom and were--”

“I’d rather not talk about last night Starlight.” Dusk said while blushing. Sonata just giggled at the thought of what they did last night. Starlight blushed immensely at what she almost let out about her dream between her and Dusk in bed, naked, and were about to…

She shook her head to forget about her dream and focus on why she was really here.

“What did you see last night that bugged you this much?” Philomena asked, finally making her presence known.

“Something that disturbed mostly everypony’s sleep last night?” Umbra growled.

“Can we just drop it, please?” Starlight groaned.

“You’re the one that burst into the kitchen with a bunch of scrolls, looking like you have been studying something because you couldn’t sleep.” Grumbled Adagio.

“Not helping, Adagio.” Starlight yawned as she slumped into a nearby chair.

“So, Dusk, you have to go somewhere?” Barb asked, trying to get back on track..

“Yes I do, Barb.” Dusk followed up.

“You do?” Starlight asked. “Where?”

“To Foal Mountain.” Dusk replied. “I’m doing some scientific study on what might be a dormant volcano there. I may find some rare minerals along the way.”

“Can I come? Please?” Barb pleaded.

“Oh no you don’t.” Starlight butted in. “I’m not going to be stuck with ‘Blue Balls’ at that embassy by myself. I’m already sleep-deprived and irritable, I need a friend there to make sure I stay awake or don’t do something that may cause some type of incident because he rubs me the wrong way.”

“Blueballs?” Sonata asked in confusion. “Who’s that?”

“They’re referring that snob of a nephew to Celestia and Luna, Prince Blueblood.” Chrysalis answered, with severe disdain in her voice. “I met the bastard while I was disguised as Cadence.”

“Is he that bad?” Aria asked.

“Let’s just say that he said something I wished he hadn’t.” Chrysalis growled as the glass in her hand slowly started to crack. “If it wasn’t for the fact that I was trying to keep a low profile at the time, I would have beat him to death and I was so close to snapping and doing just that.”

“What did he say?” Barb asked.

“He said to me, and I quote, ‘A mare such as myself doesn’t belong with that mongrel of a guardmare. I should be married to him, servicing him hand and hoof, while he shows what a real royal can do for the Princess of Love.’” She spat.

“Asshole.” Aria said with a growl. “Would've kicked his teeth in if he said that to me.

“The next thing I remember is him calling the guards while I’m holding what remained of a broken vase.”

“Ouch.” Sonata added.

“How in Tartarus was he still conscious?” Nightmare Rarity asked.

“Probably cause his skull was thicker than Celestia’s breasts are big.” Nightmare Moon said.

“That’s an interesting comparison.” Sonata cheekily remarked. “Jealous that hers are bigger than yours?”

“Says the herdmate with the small chest.” Umbra quipped. “Is that why you can’t keep your hands off our lover? Trying to make sure he stays interested?”

“So, you admit you love him? You just called him ‘our’ lover.”

“WILL YOU KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY!!!!?” Starlight yelled at the top of her lungs, getting everyone’s attention while Umbra blushed and tried to sputtered a response. “I’ve barely had any sleep last night thanks to Miss ‘Pregnant and Always Horny’ over here, banging Dusk all night.”

‘I keep forgetting that her room is right next to mine.’ Dusk thought to himself when a light blush formed on his face.

“As much as I love to hear you complain,” Chrysalis said as she finished her meal. “I might as well go unpack.”

“Unpack? Where were you going?” Barb asked. Chrysalis didn’t say a word, but still blushed.

“That’s right!” Dusk exclaimed. “I forgot I was supposed to go to the Crystal Empire to sit Flurry Heart.”

“And you were going to take Chrysalis with you?” Barb asked. “Are you nuts?”

“And why does she get to go with you while the rest of us are stuck here?” Nightmare Moon interjected.

“One, because Chrysalis can disguise herself, and two, because she actually showed me some concern last night when I was feeling down.” Dusk replied. Chrysalis immediately flinched as everyone stared at her in shock. After a few moments, reactions ranged from ‘d’aw’s to some of them outright laughing at the former changeling queen.

“I can’t believe it.” Umbra stated while laughing her flank off. “The high and mighty Chrysalis having a soft spot for our oppressor.”

“What? Are you going soft already?” Nightmare Moon teased.

“Awww I knew someone other than me had a soft spot for Dusk.” Sonata said with a grin.

“Yeah, are you falling in love with Prince Nerd over here?” Aria asked.

Chrysalis blushed at the constant teasing. She tried to say something to counter them but couldn’t come up with a single thing to say. Eventually, she couldn’t take it anymore, and ran out of the room, causing some of them to laugh even harder.

“Hey!” Dusk remarked. “Knock it off girls. It’s hard enough for her to try and be nice. She doesn’t need her herdmates are making fun of her for it.”

“Well what did you expect from us?” Umbra asked.

“We’re villainesses.” Nightmare Rarity retorted

“Playing nice is not in our playbook.” NIghtmare Moon finished.

“But it wouldn’t hurt for you to be nice once in awhile. Remember, some of you still have to be reintroduced to the general public and you need to make a positive image for yourselves.” Dusk said gruffly

“And what? The sirens get off scot free, while everypony else will bring the pitchforks and torches and throw fruit at us!” Nightmare Rarity spat.

“That’s because those three were reduced to just legends after Starswirl the Bearded banished them. Uh no offense girls.”

“None taken Duskie.” Sonata said brightly, while Aria and Adagio just grumbled a ‘whatever.’

“Well hoo-fucking-ray for them. They get to live out their lives normally while the rest of us suffer!!!” Nightmare moon yelled.

“Hey! We didn’t ask to be banished to another dimension!” Aria huffed.

“No, you just asked to be a stallion’s breeding stock and fucked like a bunch of bimbos!” Umbra growled. When Adagio heard this, the glass in her hand shattered.

“WHO ARE YOU CALLING BIMBOS YOU SLUT? YOU’RE IN THE SAME POSITION AS THE REST OF US!!” Adagio yelled while slamming her hands on the table.



“Now hold on a minute.” Barb said, standing up from her seat. “Why don’t we just all calm down and have some breakfast?”

“Yeah Barb’s right, so how about we stop this fighting and--” Philomena tried to say only for the fight to escalate when Philomena gets interrupted.

“STAY OUT OF THIS YOU LITTLE TWERPS!!!” Umbra yelled. Philomena and Barb shrunk away from the angry group as the fight began to escalate. They couldn’t get Starlight’s help as she was still tired and cranky from lack of sleep.

“Girls please…” Dusk said, trying to get their attention, but to no avail. It only got worse when insults soon turned to threats.



“Girls please this doesn’t hel--” Dusk pleaded but it fell on deaf ears.

“YOU PURPLE BIMBO!!! AT LEAST I’M NOT SOME TONE DEAF TOOTHLESS SERPENT!!!” Moon countered making the sirens flinch a little. Well other than Aria Blaze who was pissed off at the comment

“WELL AT LEAST I DON’T HAVE AN ASS THAT CAN LITERALLY ECLIPSE THE SUN!!” Aria shot back. “Oops… too late.” Aria added with a smirk and Nightmare Moon was literally grinding her teeth in seething rage.


“WILL ALL OF YOU JUST SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!?” Dusk shouted in anger, while stomping his hoof on the floor. The force of the stomp let loose a magical shockwave. He had a look of pure rage in his eyes as he looked at everyone.

“Yes, master.” They all replied, as they sat down and stopped arguing.

“Honestly, what is wrong with all of you!?” Exclaimed Dusk. “It’s like I can’t go one day without all of you going at each other's throats!”

“But they’re the ones who started--” Umbra started, but is immediately cut off by Dusk.

“I don’t care who started it. I’m ending it.” Dusk said in a hard tone.

‘Woah…’ Philomena thought as she looked at him. ‘Didn’t think he’d have enough backbone in him to say that.’

‘Woah.’ Barb thought herself. ‘Way to step it up Dusk.’

Dusk sighed. “Would it kill you girls to go one day without trying not to murder each other? It’s difficult enough trying to keep the secret that I’m have Equestria’s Most Wanted living with me as my official herdmates. I don’t need anymore stress with all of you constantly fighting amongst yourselves.”

Most of the girls were shocked over Dusk’s assertive attitude, and had confused looks on their faces not sure at what to say to the alicorn.

“Look. I get that you’re all stressed, but that doesn’t mean you should go after each other like this.”

“Dusk...” Umbra tried to say.

“Don’t. Just don’t.” He said in a low tone. “I’m going to go find Chrysalis and see if she’s alright. So don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone.” Dusk got up and walked out of the kitchen to find the changeling. All of the mares were quiet for a minute letting Dusk’s words sink in.

“Is it strange that I think him being assertive is hot?” Nightmare Rarity said out loud. All the girls just stared at her funny after that comment.

“What? I know I’m not the only one thinking it.” She said, causing a couple of the girls to blush.

“She’s not the only one.” Sonata chirped.

“Sonata I get, but Nightmare Rarity too?” Groaned Adagio.

Barb and Philomena gave deadpan looks at Dusk’s harem, then looked at each other.

“You ever feel like we’re in one of those sitcoms?” Barb asked her feathered friend.

“I think so.” Philomena added. “Maybe we should leave.”

“We probably should.” Barb added. “I have to get ready for that stupid embassy anyway. C’mon Starlight, let’s… go…” Barb’s voice trailed off when she looked at Starlight. She was face first into her plate of food, lightly snoring.

“And she’s asleep.” Philomena sighed.

“C’mon, help me get her out of here.” Barb said, Philomena sighed as she helped her and picked her up to take her to her room.

-Outside The Room-

About time you showed some backbone.” Dusk was startled by his darker side speaking to him while he was on his way to Chrysalis’s room.

“I don’t need this right now.” Dusk said while he continued walking.

Well, too bad. You still need to look into that disturbance at Foal Mountain.

“I’ll think of something after I check on Chrysalis.”

I already did, but I’ll tell you after you’re done comforting one of your broodmares.

“She’s more than just--”

Yeah, yeah. Later. You’re here.” Dusk stopped and realized he was outside of another of the guest rooms. He had no idea how he got here, but he could hear crying from inside.

“Hello?” Dusk called out as he walked over to a door where the crying was coming from. He placed his ear against the door. “Chrysalis?” The moment Dusk called out her name he heard stumbling on the other side of the door. It was her voice, but she was stumbling backwards as it sounded like she fell on the floor.

“D-Don’t come in!” She yelped in surprise.

‘Something was clearly wrong.’ Dusk thought in his mind when he heard her reaction. Worried, he opened the door and walked into the room. There, he found Chrysalis sprawled on the floor. Her mane was disheveled, her robe was still on yet all bunched up, the bed sheets were soaked in a white substance, and the mirror in the room was shattered. The most shocking sight were the tears running down her face as a box of tissue sat next to her.

“Stop! Don’t come any closer!” Chrysalis yelled before Dusk could take another step.

“Chrysalis?” Dusk asked in confusion.

“D-Don’t look at me…” She whimpered as she started crawling backwards. “Ju-Just leave me alone…”

“Are you crying?” He asked her, though the answer was obvious.

“NO!” She tried to deny. “It-It-It’s just… a little dusty in here that’s all.” Dusk just frowned at her poor excuse.

“Care to explain what is wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“Then why is one of my mirrors broken?” Dusk asked. Chrysalis flinched and lowered her head sadly.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Chrysalis sadly replied.

“If this is about the girls making fun of you, I talked to them and told them that it wasn’t okay for them to be teasing you.”

“It isn’t about that.” She sighed.

“Then what is it that’s bothering you?”

“I just said, I don’t want to talk about it Dusk.” Chrysalis huffed.

“Chrysalis,” Dusk began with a more stern voice, “I don’t know what has you so worked up, but I can’t help you if you can’t be open about your--”

“I DON’T WANT TO FUCKING TALK ABOUT IT DUSK!!!” Chrysalis shouted, immediately cutting Dusk off. The male alicorn was stunned at her sudden outburst and stumbled back slightly. When Chrysalis realized what she did, she grew wide eyed and then frowned.

“W-Wait… I didn’t mean… Dammit!” She yelled as she broke down into sobs. Dusk immediately tried to walk over to her but she kept crawling away. He stopped once she hit the bed frame.

“Chrysalis…” Dusk said.

“Go away.” She said through a pillow she grabbed from the bed.

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong.” Dusk said as he placed a hand on her shoulder. “Could you please tell me what’s got you so worked up?”

“I...I can’t handle this.” Chrysalis said through her pillow.

“Can’t handle what?” Dusk asked. “If it’s about the other mares making fun of you--”

“THAT DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHY I’M UPSET RIGHT NOW!!!” She shouted removing the pillow from her tear-filled face. Dusk faltered back from her sudden outburst.

“I don’t understand.” Dusk asked after regaining his composure. “If that’s not it, why are you so upset?” Chrysalis turned her head not wanting to be seen like this especially from Dusk.

“Hey, look at me.” Dusk said to her softly. She didn’t budge. “C’mon. Despite what happened to me and my friends, I was willing to forgive you.”

“That’s the problem Dusk.” She wailed, more tears streaming down her face. “ You and your group of friends forgave me for what I did, but what about the rest of the damn public?” This caught Dusk’s attention as he was surprised about her being worried about what the public thought of her.

“You… you’re worried about the public?” Dusk asked in confusion. “I didn’t think you’d be worried about how Equestria would react at all.”

“Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you ‘your highness’, but you’ll have to excuse my insecurities.” She said in a harsh tone. Dusk only sighed at this.

“Chrysalis…” He said in a calm tone. “I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong. So what’s stopping you?” He asked in a more stern tone. Chrysalis still didn’t budge.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She denied. Dusk just sighed in frustration.

“Didn’t you just tell me that you were worried about the public?” He inquired.

“L-Look Dusk… I j-ju-just want to b-b-be alone right n-n-now.” She stuttered. She got up and tried to leave the room but Dusk grabbed her arm. He had enough of her dodging the issue.

“Not until you tell me what’s really going on, and why you keep dodging my question.” Dusk added as he kept a firm grip on her. Chrysalis tried to wrestle out of his grip, but he wouldn’t budge.

“Dammit, let go of me!” She shouted, raising one of her hands to try and slap him. This action caused the collar to activate, making her entire body shudder as she felt her marehood heat up with an intense burning desire. She immediately slumped to the floor in a heap as her struggling ceased.

“You’re the one that reminded me that none of you can hurt me, or anyone else, as long as those collars are around your necks, right?” Dusk remarked in a calm tone. The sounds of sobbing soon filled the room as the former queen of the changelings was reduced to a bawling mess at his hooves.

‘Man, I don’t think I’ve ever see her cry like this…ever.’ Dusk thought to himself the longer he looked at her. Despite past actions, Dusk felt bad for Chrysalis and wanted to help her in any way he could but he didn’t know where to start.

“Chrysalis…” Dusk said as he was about to kneel down, only for Chrysalis to lunge forward and wrap her arms around him, all while still crying her eyes out on his shoulder. He waited for her to stop crying as he held her close.

“Now,” he began when she finally settled down, “are you ready to tell me what’s wrong?” She remained quiet and Dusk began to ask her again. “Chrys--”

“I’M A MONSTER!!” She shouted all of a sudden. “A FREAK THAT DOESN’T BELONG HERE, OR ANYWHERE ELSE IN THIS FUCKING COUNTRY!! JUST LOOK AT ME!! I’M COMPLETELY HIDEOUS!!!” She added. The tears began flowing again, this time in anger, frustration and fear.

“I… I…”Chrysalis tried to continue, but instead, broke down in Dusk’s arms again pressing her body closer to him, while unknowingly suffocating him in her bust. Dusk started to flail around in Chrysalis’s grip as he struggled to breathe. Chrysalis kept hugging him, until she noticed that he suddenly stop moving. She panicked and pulled him out of the hug and her bust.

Gasping for breath and glad to breath, Dusk felt relief, and at the same time, embarrassment. He felt himself blushing furiously from being trapped in the mare’s bosom. He didn’t feel like this that one time Fluttershy fell on top of him and he was trapped in her much larger bosom.

“Geez!” Dusk exclaimed while still trying to catch his breath. “I knew you were upset but I didn’t think you would try to smother me to death.”

“I’m sorry, okay?” She said as she sat on the bed. “Are you alright?”

“Better now that I caught my breath.” Dusk responded. He then looked towards his changeling herdmate. “Chrysalis, you know I don’t see you as a freak, despite what happened with us earlier. So I don’t understand why you would think that.”

“Of course you would say that.” Chrysalis remarked. “You probably don’t but I’m pretty sure the rest of Equestria does.” Her voice rising.

“Wait, what?” Dusk asked in confusion. He thought back to the broken mirror in the room as well as the tissue box near him. It suddenly hit him as he walked over to the former queen. “Chrysalis, are you afraid?” She immediately flinched at the alicorn’s question.

She gritted her teeth. She didn’t want to admit her weakness to the stallion she was bound to, but at the same time, she needed to pour her heart out to him and let go on all of the repressed emotions she kept bottled up for the past couple weeks. She decided to break down and nodded her head slightly.

“C’mon Chrysalis, you know I can help if you just tell me.”

“...I’m...I’m afraid Dusk.” She said quietly. “I’m afraid of what is going to happen when you and the princesses introduce us to Equestria.” Dusk was glad that Chrysalis was finally being straight forward.

“Why now?” Dusk asked her. “Why would you suddenly be afraid? You weren’t afraid when you kidnapped my friends or tried to invade during my sister’s wedding.”

“That was different back then. Now ever since that night, everything has changed.”

“What do you mean by that? Sure, you and the rest of the girls are stuck with me for the rest of our lives, but if that’s the only prob--” It suddenly hit Dusk harder than that time he accidentally walked in on Rarity while she was masturbating and she blasted him through the wall with her magic. He looked into Chrysalis’s with clarity now.

“This isn’t just about you or the girls, isn’t it?” He said, looking into Chrysalis’s eyes.

“Is it that obvious?” She replied. “I’m not just worried about me and the girls Dusk, It’s about our foals too.”

“Huh... I never imagined you being the maternal type.” He quipped.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Well you being worried over a bunch of kids who aren’t even born yet.” He said as he sat down next to her and wrapped his arm over her shoulders. “It means something.”

“Like what? That my kids are going to be nothing more than abominations to the rest of the world!?” She spat. “That I’m worried that they won’t be able to live a normal life? That when we are eventually revealed to the public, I’m worried about how we or our foals are going to sleep at night, knowing that somepony is going to come for us and hurt us because of who we are?! The sirens get to go free and have their kids while we have to worry about being segregated from the rest of society like we’re fucking freaks!? HOW ARE WE GOING TO WALK OUT OF THIS CASTLE WITHOUT SOMEPONY SEEING US AS THE MONSTERS THAT WANTED TO RULE EQUESTRIA!!? HOW CAN YOU, AS WELL AS THE REST OF EQUESTRIA, POSSIBLY FORGIVE ME FOR EVERYTHING I’VE DONE!!!?” She added, shouting as she started to cry again. She started to lay down on the bed, but Dusk grabbed her and pulled her into a hug.

“I can’t speak for the rest of Equestria, but I care about you and the girls. I will never let anything happen to you or our foals. I see something special in each of you, and given time, so will the rest of Equestria. The fact that you care so much for our foals shows that you’re becoming a better pony, and it’s a big step in the right direction.” He said smiling at her. Chrysalis, overwhelmed with emotion, grabbed Dusk and hugged him, once more, burying his head in her chest and suffocating him.

“Ch-Chrysalis…” Dusk groaned. This caused Chrysalis to stop crying and look down at Dusk, who was struggling to breathe again.

“Oh, sorry.” She said sheepishly as she let go. As Dusk managed to regain his breathe, Chrysalis looked into his eyes. “Do you really mean all of that Dusk?” She asked, a shy smile on her face.

“Of course I do, I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it.” Dusk said reassuring her. Chrysalis with a large blush on her face lunged at Dusk and kissed him passionately. Despite being caught off guard Dusk returned it with equal affection. When the two finally come up for air, the two looked at each other with blushes on their faces and growing arousal in their eyes.

“Do you think I’m pretty Dusk?” She asked with a seductive smile. Dusk blushed at the question, and couldn’t help but stare at the changeling.

“I think you look beautiful.” He said blushing redder at his admission to her. Before he had a chance to react, he is suddenly grabbed and pushed onto the bed. The sound of a door closing followed suit as the door that was behind Chrysalis suddenly closed and the lock turned in place.

“Prove it then…” She said with a as she let her green robe fall to the floor, and her voluptuous frame was on display. She soon gets on top of Dusk, with a lewd expression. Her smooth ebony fur covering her like volcanic glass, her long dark green hair that reminded him of a lively natural forest, and her eyes as mesmerizing and vibrant as two perfect emeralds.

“No wonder my sister was so easily controlled by you, you could hypnotize anypony with those eyes of yours.” He said as he followed down distracted by the rest of her body. His bulge started to form the longer Chrysalis had her body pressed against him. Her marehood dripping arousal, staining his clothed pants as she wanted more than just him telling that she was pretty… She wanted him to show it.

“Show me….show me that you love me!” She exclaimed. Dusk went wide eyed at that statement. He couldn’t believe that one of Equestrias greatest villains, was in love with him. He was then snapped out of shock hearing the clink of his belt being undone and pulled off by a green aura. He looks down to see Chrysalis removing his belt. A bright flash envelops the two and Dusk now sees himself naked, and his throbbing cock now free of it’s confined prison. He then looks up and sees Chrysalis squeezing her breasts while giving him a hungry look.

“Here… let me... nourish you…” Chrysalis whispered, as she crawled over him, her giant breasts wobbling over Dusk’s face, the green nipples tantalizingly dripping milk. Without a second thought, Dusk captured one of the breasts in his mouth, sucking with much force as milk flowed into his mouth.

“Oh… oh…” Chrysalis moaned. Her pussy was becoming drenched just from him drinking her milk alone, and Dusk felt his cock getting harder and leaked precum from the tip. It wasn’t long before it was sticking out between her asscheeks only making her more aroused. Her feminine juices coated his crotch as she felt his length between her soft buns and only moand in approval. Dusk soon stops drinking from her milk laden breasts and licks his lips in approval.

“You really needed this, didn’t you?” Dusk asked the mare who only gazed at him lustfully. She only kissed him on the lips in response to get a taste of her creamy milk that was still on his lips. It was only a light kiss that she broke after two seconds. She licks her lips as she tasted some of her milk that was still on his lips.

“Just hurry up… and mate with me…” She moaned out the last word with a lust filled expression while lifting her bubbly ass and spreading her soaked lips over his throbbing boner. “I want to feel you inside of me again.” She added in a lust filled tone, while aligning Dusk’s cock with her marehood. Dusk only grabs her ass in response and slams her hips down onto his pelvis and a long moan followed suit from Chrysalis as she felt Dusk’s thick cock inside of her soaked marehood.

Dusk groaned in arousal at how tight Chrysalis is. Even after she laid her eggs, she still clung to his rod like a vice everytime she took his length. Chrysalis only leans forward and kisses Dusk as she bounces on his rod wanting him to breed her. Dusk welcomes her kiss and kept a firm grip on her ass as her breasts easily bounced in his face.

“Yes! Fuck me Dusk! Fuck your horny changeling!” She moaned as Dusk wasn’t holding back on his herdmate and giving her a good pounding. Dusk was going to be with her for awhile until

-Outside the room-

Philomena and Barb were carrying a very tired Starlight to her room. She was out cold from lack of sleep, thanks to Sonata and Dusk going at it like rabbits in heat last night.

“Geez, she’s heavy.” Barb groaned, her back straining while holding Starlight’s left arm over her shoulder. Philomena wasn’t faring much better, as she was struggling to hold Starlight’s other arm over her right shoulder. “What does she eat?”

“Probably all those creme-filled chocolate eclairs she eats.” Philomena joked, staring at Starlight’s backside. “Probably goes straight to her ass.”

“I bet it’s because she likes the cream inside more than the dessert.” Barb added.

“What do you mean?”

“One time, I walked in on her eating some eclairs and what I saw was she wasn’t just eating them, it looked like she was sucking out the filling.” She added as they were getting close to Starlight’s room. “She looked really into it too.”

“Was this before I was stuck here?” Philomena asked.

“Yeah, I wasn’t sure why she was like that exactly.” Barb added. “Let’s just be glad that Starlight is still asleep. If she heard any of us talking about her ass, she’d have our heads.”

“What do you mean?” Philomena asked, confused by what she meant. Barb only shuddered at a bitter memory.

“One time, a stallion decided to be a literal asshole, by talking about Starlight’s ass. Starlight had something shoved up in his ass, and it wasn’t pretty.”

“How bad?” Philomena followed up.

“Let’s just say it required surgeries… plural.” This caused them both to shudder. “I’ve never seen Starlight so angry in my life.” Barb added with a fearful gaze towards Starlight. Philomena just kept walking, keeping in mind to never piss off Starlight. They walked in silence until Starlight’s room was in sight.

“There’s her room.” Barb added. “Let’s hurry up and drop her off so we can stop at Rarity’s place for some new clothes.” Philomena agreed with Barb, but she suddenly stopped. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Wait… you hear that?” Philomena asked as they neared Starlight’s room. They heard thumping noises coming from the room next to Starlight’s. As they got closer, loud moans could be heard coming from Dusk’s room, making both Barb and Philomena blush furiously.

“Sounds like Sonata’s at it again.” Barb added.

“I don’t think that was Sonata. She was still in the kitchen when we left.” Philomena replied.

“Then if it’s not Sonata, then who--”

“OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!! YESYESYESYESYESYES!!! DUSK!!! KEEP FUCKING YOUR QUEEN!!! OOOOOHHHHH FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!” The sound of Chrysalis moaning out loud in ecstasy answered their question.

“Oh great, now he has Chrysalis hooked!” Barb exclaimed with a groan. “At this rate, who knows when the others will try to jump him?”

“Well, we’re going to have to take Starlight somewhere else. I don’t think she can go another day without any sleep.” Philomena added looking at the still out cold mare.

“Well, let’s try Trixie’s Caravan.” Barb added. “She’s normally by herself and we can explain why she’ll be with her.”

“Uhh, you do realize I’m in nothing but a robe and you’re wearing only an apron with a thong right?” Philomena pointed out. “You were still behind on laundry, remember?”

Barb looked down and blushed. “Heh yeah… right. How about we grab a couple of spare coats and swing by Rarity’s and ask for some fresh new ones?” She replied.

“Weeelll... I do need a new wardrobe of clothes anyway.” The phoenix said, but she then remembered the dead weight of a pony they were carrying. “Ugh let’s hurry, carrying her around like this is killing my arms.” She groaned.

“Let’s try my room. I have a few spare coats there.” Barb said. The two girls started walking towards Barb’s room when they heard another loud moan ring out from Dusk’s room.


“Can we hurry it up before those two wake her up again?” Philomena asked Barb. The dragoness only nodded in approval and they continued to drag Starlight to her room.


The rest of Dusk’s harem were in the one of the castle’s libraries. They thought a little reading would help them pass the time. The sirens were reading in easy chairs, Nightmare Rarity was filing her nails, Umbra and Nightmare Moon were playing chess.

“Honestly, what is taking them so long?” Nightmare Moon growled. “It’s been at least three hours since Dusk left.” She then moved one of her chess pieces.

“How should I know?” Umbra added, moving a piece after Nightmare Moon. “You were the one that teased Chrysalis for being soft.” She remarked.

“If she can’t take it, that’s just proves my point.”

“Well, unlike all of you, I can somewhat relate to her.” Sonata defended. “You know she’s just trying to become a better pony, and you making fun of her wasn’t very nice.”

“Well, excuse us for being villainesses. Besides, what else is there to do while being cooped up in this stupid castle all day, everyday?” Nightmare Moon asked in frustration, not paying attention to the move she just made. Umbra just smirked and made her move.

“Checkmate!” Umbra shouted.

“Oh Celestia’s tits!” She exclaimed.

“I knew you were into her breasts.” Umbra teased.

“Quiet, you overgrown shadow puppet.” She growled.

“Will you two just shut up, I’m trying to read.” Adagio snapped.

“No one needs you barking orders, cow tits.” Aria remarked, making Adagio’s eye twitch.

“What did you call me!?” She yelled.

“You heard me…” Aria replied with a bored expression. Adagio ground her teeth for moment, until a thought popped into her head... then she just smirked.

“Well, at least my ass isn’t so big it needs rearview mirrors.” Adagio countered, making Aria drop a book she was reading, and grind her teeth in anger.

“What did you just say!?”

“Girls, can you please not do this?” Sonata asked.

“STAY OUT OF THIS TACO HEAD!!!” They both shouted at the same time, making the aqua mare falter back. Both mares continued to glare at each other until Nightmare Moon and Umbra walked over to them.

“So what, you have a problem with mares having larger tits than you?” Nightmare Moon growled, glaring at Aria Blaze.

“At least I’m not some top heavy bimbo!” Aria countered. Nightmare Moon looked pissed and Unbra looked ready to break a few bones.

“Why you arrogant little--”

“You know what I think dear Aria?” Nightmare Rarity began, cutting off Umbra. “You’re probably jealous of mares that are more blessed with heavenly, divine figures than you will ever hope to have.” Nightmare Rarity added with a light smirk. Aria flustered slightly as some of the other mares had a bit of a chuckle.

“You’re one to talk, always dolling yourself up like some trashy model.” Aria countered, making Nightmare Rarity’s right eye twitch and the bottle of nail polish in her right hand started to crack.

“Forgive me, but what was that you tone-deaf sardine?” Nightmare Rarity shot back. However, she not only insulted Aria, but Adagio and Sonata as well. Both of their faces turned red with anger.

“What’s that supposed to mean you fashion-flawed shadow bitch?” Adagio countered, making Nightmare Rarity glare at the former siren.

“YOU BITCH!” She yelled as she pounced on Adagio. She cocked her arm back, and just as she was about to punch her, Adagio shoved her off, knocking her back into Nightmare Moon.

“Why don’t you watch where you’re going.” Nightmare Moon said while shoving her off, making her fall into Umbra. Trying to catch herself, she accidentally groped Umbra’s breasts. Surprised, both mares looked at each other in shock, Umbra’s face glowed bright red.

“GET OFF ME!!” She shouted, forcing Nightmare Rarity off. She raised her hand to slap her but Nightmare Rarity ducked, causing her to slap Nightmare Moon instead. Nightmare Moon was shocked at first, then looked at Umbra with seething rage.

“THAT’S IT!!!” All Tartarus broke loose at that point. It was a free-for-all at that point. All the girls started pulling hair, biting limbs, and using whatever they could get there hands on. Books, chairs, bookshelves, even poor Sonata, who was trying to stay out of it despite being insulted earlier, was being used as a weapon. Imagine the surprise on the faces of Dusk and Chrysalis when they walked into the room and saw the girls fighting and the carnage in front of them.

ENOUGH!!!” He shouted in the Royal Canterlot voice. All fighting ceased at that moment.

“Oh, hi Dusk!” Sonata said from her spot on the floor. Dusk just slapped his forehead and let out a light sigh.

“I go to look for Chrysalis and I come back to this?” Dusk asked. He channeled his magic to repair the damage done to the room. “Honestly, it’s like I can’t leave you girls without you trying to kill each other.”

“She started it.” Adagio said, pointing towards Aria.

“I don’t care who started it.” Dusk replied, sighing as he and Chrysalis sat down in a random chair. “From now on, if you have a disagreement, talk it out. No. More. Violence. Understood?”

“Did you come here just to scold us as if we were foals?” Nightmare Moon asked in a disgruntled tone.

“You know that can be arranged right?” Dusk asked with a tired look.

Umbra involuntarily shuddered as she remembered what his mother did to her. All the other mares remained silent.

“Now we all need to have a little talk.” Dusk remarked. He pulled out a few chairs via magical means for each of the girls. “Have a seat.” The girls, other than Chrysalis, weren’t sure what he was trying to pull, but they each sat in a chair.

“You mind telling us what this is about?” Umbra growled, while crossing her legs.

“I realized that it’s not just being cooped up in here that’s getting to all of you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Aria gruffed.

“I mean that I figured out what’s been bothering all of you.” Dusk stated, making the girls in the room confused.

“What’re you implying?” Nightmare Rarity inquired.

“Chrysalis overheard you girls arguing earlier and I found her in one of the guestrooms crying her eyes out.”

“Do you really have to tell them that?” Chrysalis blushed.

“We talked about this ok? We need to bring this out in the open.” Dusk said holding her hand and squeezing it, making her blush even more. She only turned her head away in embarrassment.

‘Idiot.’ She said in her head. ‘Can’t believe I fell in love with him.’

“Will you just get to the point already.” Umbra said impatiently.

“Yeah, quit spinning our wheels here.” Aria added.

“I realized that you’re all afraid of what’s going to happen once we go public.” Every mare in the room flinched.

“Wh-what’re you talking about?” Nightmare Moon stuttered. “What is there to be afraid of?”

“Your reactions are only proving my point.” Dusk remarked.

“You accuse us of being cowards!?” Umbra exclaimed.

“That’s not what I’m saying.” Dusk said in a calm tone. “I mean you’re worried about what’s going to happen to your foals.”

“What could possibly make you believe that?” Nightmare Rarity asked.

“How you, Nightmare Moon, and Umbra reacted to me talking about how the sirens don’t have to worry about going out.” Dusk once again countered. “Based on what you three and Chrysalis have done in the past, you’re afraid of how the public is going to react to all of you living with me.”

“I’m not afraid.” Nightmare Moon scoffed, turning her head away.

“Don’t lie to me…” Dusk said in a calm tone. “You and everyone else here is afraid of what’s gonna happen when the rest of Equestria knows about all of you.”

“As if I care what Equestria has to think about me.” Umbra growled.

“Then do you care about what will happen to the foals once they’re born?” Dusk countered, causing all of the mares flinch once more.

“So what? I’m sure they’ll be fine.” Adagio said nervously.

“You sure they won’t be subjected to hate and resentment from the public when they learn of their existence?” Dusk inquired.

“Get out.” Umbra growled.

“Not until you girls admit that you’re all afraid of what’s gonna happen once everypony knows about all of you.”


“Technically, you do.” Dusk countered. “Look, Chrysalis was at least honest with me, so the least you can do the same.”

“Okay, I don’t have to hear this.” Nightmare Moon said as she got up from her seat. “I’m out of here.” She added, walking over to the door. She grabbed the knob and tried to turn it, but it wouldn't budge.

“What gives?” She asked in confusion, but noticed a lavender aura surrounding the knob. She turned to Dusk and saw his horn glowing. “Oh, so now you’re going to lock us in here?”

“At least till you all admit that you’re afraid of what’s going on. Now, I could order you to be truthful but I would prefer you to do so willingly.”

“I admit it.”

They all turned to see who spoke up. Imagine everyone’s surprise to see Sonata standing up.

“Sonata?” Adagio asked in surprise.

“Yes, I’m afraid.” Sonata continued. “I’m afraid of what will happen once we’re introduced to the world of Equestria again. I’m afraid of my foals paying for my past deeds.” Sonata then turned and looked at the rest of the girls.

“You all should feel the same.” Sonata said, all while placing her hands on her hips. “What’s going to happen if some angry ponies try to hurt them just to get back at us for what we did?” This got a reaction from everyone in the room really quick.

“Wh-What do you know?” Aria retaliated.

“You know I’m right girls. Especially with how you both acted earlier.” Sonata followed up turning towards Umbra and Nightmare Moon. “When you argued about the three of us going out without a problem since hardly anypony knows about me and my sisters anymore.” Sonata added turning towards Umbra and Nightmare Moon. The two of them shrunk back at her statement.

“Shut up, Sonata...” Nightmare Moon growled.

“And how you yelled at Dusk to get out for hitting a nail on your head.” She followed staring at Umbra.

“If you dare say anything else…” Umbra added, clenching her fist in anger.

“I’m just saying what everypony else won’t.” Sonata followed up. “You’re all too stubborn to admit that you’re scared of what’s gonna happen to all of us.”

“Sonata, don’t you fucking dare!” Both mares shouted at the same time.

“Dare what?” Sonata followed up. “Say the truth? That you’re too proud to admit that you’re all vulnerable? Or that you don’t have to keep pretending to be the same ponies you were before?”

“THAT’S IT!!” Both mares shouted, startling Sonata. The two mares lunged at Sonata, who was now cowering in fear, only for them to be stopped by their collars suddenly glowing.

“D..dammit…” Umbra groaned as both mares fell to the floor, due to the burning sensation they were feeling in their loins.

“When I said no more violence, that wasn’t a request.” Dusk calmly stated. He then looked at Sonata. “You can continue, Sonata.” Sonata collected herself, stood up, and looked at the two fallen mares.

“See? All you did was prove my points.” Sonata said to both mares. “We don’t have to act tough anymore. We have someone who is willing to take care and love us, despite what we did.” She then smiled softly. “Or who we are.” She softly finished. Umbra and Nightmare Moon had no counterarguments. Everything Sonata said, as much as they hate to admit it, was true.

“Fine…you win.” Umbra sighed in defeat.

“We... submit…” Nightmare Moon followed up.

“Now that you’re done trying to kill each other...” Dusk said, holding his hands out for both mares to take. “Look, I know you girls are scared about this, but it’s not healthy to just bottle it all up like this. Don’t you girls see what it’s doing to you?” Dusk asked. “Clearly with how you’ve all been acting, and with Chrysalis’s reactions, all of you girls have something to say but are either too scared or too stubborn to admit it.”

“Who says we’re stubborn?” Aria Blaze responded. Dusk, Sonata, and Chrysalis gave her deadpan stares, making her shrink in embarrassment.

“I-I… you... s-shut up!!” She spluttered.

“Anyways, I get that this is still new to all of you, but would it hurt you girls to be open about your feelings?” Dusk asked in annoyance. “There’s nothing wrong about being open.”

“Well excuse us but being ‘open’ about our ‘feelings’ isn’t in our playbook.” Nightmare Moon said harshly.

“This coming from the mare who’s the embodiment of envy.” Nightmare Rarity remarked, making her darker sister glare at her. “You sure were open about your frustration with Celestia.”

“You’re one to talk.” Nightmare Moon shot back. “I don’t see you trying to make nice with your counterpart, Miss Priss.”

“‘Miss Priss’? Hmph, well at least I know when to have class, unlike most ponies.” That caused the rest of the girls to look at Nightmare Rarity. They all got up and surrounded her.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Aria sneered.

“Are you saying that I’m beneath you?” Umbra growled, clenching her fist.

“You’re not not above us either, you domesticated demon.” Adagio remarked. That got Nightmare Moon, Umbra and Nightmare Rarity to turn their attention to her.

“What did you just say you washed up mermaid?” Nightmare Moon growled

“Washed up!?” Adagio and Aria said in unison, clearly pissed off at Nightmare Moon’s comment..

“You really think we look like mermaids?” Sonata said innocently, making the girls groaned at the question.

“ZIP IT TACO BRAIN!!” Adagio and Aria shouted, making the siren falter back. Dusk was not gonna have this again. So he channeled his magic, knowing this would be a sure fire way to get them to stop arguing.

“I’m not gonna let you get away with--” SMACK! “AAHH!” Adagio and everypony else, and everyone else save for Sonata and Chrysalis, yelped. Each of the girls turned and noticed a large red handprint on all of their backsides.

“Wha.. where did these marks come from?” Umbra growled, as she still felt the sting of the slap.

“Ahem.” They all turned towards Dusk, and noticed his horn was glowing and several lavender hands floating around him, his eyes squinted as a dull glare featured across his face.

“Girls, what did we just talk about?” He asked.

“Was that really necessary?” Nightmare Moon said.

“If it gets you girls to stop fighting… yes.” Dusk replied.

“But they--” Aria started to protest, only for one of the hands to move behind her, poised to strike.

“Ah!” He warned. The rest of the girls stayed quiet, not wanting the stallion to make due with his threat. “I figured this way if even one of you tries to bicker again, this is gonna be your punishment. So are we going to play nice and get along?”

“I can abide to that.” Chrysalis added with a smirk looking at the other girls. Other than Sonata the rest of the mares grumbled at this, but they really didn’t have much of a choice.

“I guess we don’t have much of a choice.” Nightmare Moon growled, her face still bright red from the slap.

“Ugh, fine.” Aria and Adagio grumbled.

“Well it would be nice to be civil for once.” Nightmare Rarity said, flipping a lock of her hair.

“Just as long as I can get some peace and quiet for myself.” Umbra grunted.

“Thank you.” Dusk sighed. “Anyways, what happened to Philomena, Barb and Starlight?”

“They left about an hour ago.” Nightmare Rarity stated.

“I think I saw Barb and Philomena wearing trench coats walking out of the castle carrying Starlight. Said something about seeing Rarity, dropping Starlight off to her room, and then going to Canterlot.” Adagio told him.

“Probably to get some new clothes from Rarity since Barb mentioned about being behind on laundry and you throwing up on hers.” Dusk added.

“Well excuse me for having morning sickness.” Adagio grumbled.

“Well, why don’t you girls just wait until I get back from my expedition?” Dusk asked the girls. “I still need to check out that spot I wanted to see.”

“Whatever.” Aria added. She started to leave the room but Dusk cleared his throat.

“No more fighting while I’m gone or else.” Dusk told her and the rest of his herdmate.

“Or else what?” Nightmare Rarity asked.

Dusk didn’t respond. His eyes glowed red and the collars around their necks glowed briefly, causing them all to feel a quick burning sensation in their groins. All the mares gulped at the non-verbal threat and most of them immediately left the room, leaving Dusk alone with Sonata and Chrysalis.

“Okay, with that taken care of, I’m gonna get ready for my expedition. But first,” Dusk said as he summoned a parchment and quill in his hand. He began writing a letter to his sister Gleaming Shield explaining why he can’t go visit Flurry Heart. Once he was finished, he closed the scroll and used a spell with a heart-shaped seal, and send it to his sister.

“What was that?” Sonata asked.

“I sent a letter to my sister explaining why I couldn’t come to the Crystal Empire.” Dusk began. “I just hope she and Cadence aren’t mad at me for--” Dusk got interrupted when a scroll suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Okay, that was quick…” Dusk said as he opened the scroll.

Dear Dusk, if you’re busy I can understand. Why don’t you send one of your new herdmates. I’m sure one of them can take your place. We’ll even send a chariot to pick her up. Take care.

Love Gleaming.

“Chrysalis, do you still want to visit the Crystal Empire?” Dusk asked as he looked up from the letter.

“Yes, but aren’t you going to--” Chrysalis started.

“My sister still needs a sitter and they suggested sending one of my herdmates to look after Flurry Heart. They’re even going to send a chariot to pick you up.”

“Are you sure?”

“The only other herdmate I could trust is Sonata.”

“Who’s Flurry Heart again?” Sonata asked.

Chrysalis blinked then sighed. “Okay, fine.”

“Good. I guess that solves the problem of looking after Flurry. Okay, I gotta get going.” Dusk said as he was about to leave the room. However, after he took a couple of steps, he was stopped by Sonata grabbing one of his arms and giving him a large pout. “What’s wrong?”

“Why didn’t you give me a slap on my ass?” She asked, with big doleful eyes. Dusk face turned red as Sonata’s breasts pressed against him. He was about to say something, but then Chrysalis latched onto his other arm with a lewd expression.

“I also wouldn’t have mind if I got a slap to the ass.” She followed up and her bust pushed up against his back. Dusk’s face burned bright red as he was looking for a way to keep his pants on with two horny mares clinging to him, but then he remembered what was just said.

“Um Chrysalis, didn’t you have to get ready?” Dusk asked her with a blush.

She just gave him a lustful smirk. “I never unpack and the chariot will take a few hours to get here, so we plenty of time.” She said wrapping her arms around him, pressing her large breasts against him.

“And you know what that means for us, don’t you Duskie?” Sonata said, rubbing herself against him and grabbing at his groin causing Dusk to let out a small moan, making the mares smile widely.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking Chryssie?” Sonata said looking at Chrysalis.

“I certainly am Son- wait Chryssie?” She asked, confusion on her face.

Sonata giggled. “Yeah it’s your new pet name now that you finally admitted you love Dusk as much as I do.” Chrysalis blushed at this and internally groaned at the pet name Sonata christened her with.

“So Duskie what do you think of Chryssie's new pet name?” Sonata asked him with a wide slightly lustful smile at the Alicorn underneath their grasp. Dusk looked at them nervously unsure whether to answer that or not, but then comes up with an idea to escape.

“I’ll give you girls my answer.” He said. The girls gave a lust filled smile but it was soon replaced with shock when Dusk’s horn glows and he teleports out of their grasp surprising the two. They only manage to catch a glimpse of him running out the door all while saying:

“Sorry, but I really need to check out that strange presence, so bye.” He finished and left the room leaving both mares with pouts on their faces.

“Aw phooey…” Sonata whined. “I wanted another helping.”

“Well seeing as he’s bothered by whatever he mentioned earlier,” Chrysalis added turning to Sonata. “What do you want to do?” She asked looking at Sonata.

“Do you have a double-ender or a strap-on?” She asked, while giving a devilish smirk to Chrysalis as she eyed her voluptuous curves. “Maybe we could pass the time.”

“You’re lucky I still have time until my chariot arrives.” Chrysalis added, as her horn glowed and she summoned a double ended dildo into her hand. A lustful smile appeared on the sirens face as she then walked up to the changeling and pulled her down in a hungry kiss making her transparent wings stand up in arousal as she pushed back at the siren with passion wanting to taste her herdsister, feeling her with her tongue while coupling with Sonata’s. A few minutes passed as they made out with passionate lust until they broke heavily panting, a trail of saliva connecting between their lips, blushes adorning their faces.

“Let’s go back to my room.” Sonata said with a heavy pant and leaned in closer to Chrysalis’s ear. “I wanna know what changelings taste like.” She whispered huskily. Chrysalis’s face reddened and grinned at what she had in mind.

“Well, I have been curious to see what siren tastes like.” She replied, a smokey grin on her face making them both shiver in anticipation. She then lit up her horn and teleported themselves to Sonata’s room, and for the next couple hours loud moans could be heard from the siren’s room as the two pleasured themselves until Chrysalis had to leave for the Crystal Empire.


‘Great, now I went from having one horny mare trying to jump my bones to two.’ Dusk thought as he walked towards his room to get changed and see what this strange presence was that his other half warned him about. ‘Only makes me wonder if the rest are gonna try to get me every change they’ll get.’

“Now why did you go and leave them?”A demonic voice in Dusk’s head spoke. “They clearly wanted it.” Dusk only groaned at the voice in his head as he looked down at the amulet around his neck.

“I’m trying to go one day without having to lose my pants asshole.” Dusk told his other half.

“Yeesh, no need to get so testy.” Demon Dusk said as he just brushed off his comment. “If I was in control, both mares would be screaming my name…”

“Well you’re not in control, so deal with it.” Dusk remarked. “Let’s just go see what this presence is so I can get back to figuring out on how to explain to everyone on why seven mares who were once villains are stuck with me.”

“Whatever…” Demon Dusk remarked as he vanished deep in Dusk’s mind. Dusk only groaned and murmured ‘bastard’ under is breath and went to his room to study what he needed to in Foal Mountain.

A Forgotten Secret

View Online

-Foal Mountain-

“Finally managed to get away from there,” Dusk groaned as he flew away from his castle. But not before getting dressed and taking off for his destination in Foal Mountain. Dusk was now dressed in a set of khaki shorts, a plain white t-shirt and a fedora hat as he flew away from Ponyville.

It was a lovely cloudy afternoon by the time Dusk reached the foot of the mountain, and as he got closer to where his other half felt the strange power coming from. His mind became clouded as his thoughts drifted back to Chrysalis and how she acted earlier. He was sure Chrysalis left for the Crystal Empire by now, disguised as a mare who was to be a guest visiting the castle under his name. She was already taking steps towards becoming a better mare. Now, he just has to work on the others, but that will have to wait. Now, his thoughts were now focused on the presence he was checking out in Foal Mountain.

“Here it is, Foal Mountain,” Dusk said as he touched down on the ground by the mountainside near a rock quarry. Dusk had a small trip down memory lane as he recalled how he and his friends had to deal with an adult dragon that decided to use this mountain as a resting place for him and his hoard. An after everyone failed one after the other, it was Fluttershy being the one to step up and get the big guy to move somewhere else. He shook himself from his thoughts and set his backpack on the ground.

“Better re-check my supplies.” Dusk opened his backpack to look at the supplies he brought with him. He had a large canteen of water, a compass, a handheld Richter scale that he created himself. A charted map of the mountain and the surrounding area, a headlamp to tie around his hat with spare batteries, a handheld temperature gauge to test how hot or cold the air becomes, and a small metal case to carry the gems he promised Barb.

“Okay other me, we’re here. Where’s this strange presence you’ve been sensing?” He added, looking down at his necklace that his mother gave him.

“Yeah, yeah. Keep your shirt on.” Demon Dusk groaned. “I only know that it’s in Foal Mountain. As to where I’m not sure.”

“Glad to see you’re as helpful as ever,” Dusk said sarcastically. “So where do we start first?” He asked his other half.

“We should find an entrance that will hopefully lead us to whatever is here.” Demon Dusk remarked making Dusk groan.

“‘Hopefully’? Do you have any idea what we are looking for?”

“I already told you I don’t,” Demon Dusk remarked in an irritated tone at Dusk. “Unless you can find a way in the mountain, I can only guide you to it if I’m close enough.”

“How is this not close enough?” Dusk growled.

“Hey, don’t blame me,” Demon Dusk remarked. “Whoever buried it here, sure didn’t want anyone to find it, and I don’t even know who buried it here.”

“You’re either messing with me or just wasting my time.”

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. But I’m not kidding when I say the presence that I’m feeling is in this mountain, but where inside I do not know.”

“How in Tartarus do you not know where it is when you told me it was here!?” Dusk shouted as he punched a flat part of the mountain. Suddenly the wall he punched in front of him began to depress into the wall of the mountain.

“What the heck?” He said as the wall glowed a bright orange, magical runes appeared on the depression. “Magical runes? Here?” Dusk asked in confusion. “Why are there runes here?”

“Still think I’m messing around about what’s here?” Demon Dusk asked in a sarcastic tone. “Somepony must’ve really wanted to keep whatever was here hidden.”

“Yeah, but the question is, who did and why?” Dusk wondered as he pondered on the runes that were left behind on the mechanism. The sound of a wall moving suddenly caught his attention and he watched as a section of the mountain wall moved, revealing a hidden cavern inside.

“Well now, that’s interesting.” Dusk remarked

“Interesting is an understatement,” Demon Dusk remarked. “Either something very valuable or dangerous must be here if runes were in place was made to keep others out.”

“But why did it open?” Dusk asked in confusion. “The mechanism I get, but the runes should have kept it from opening, and all I did was touch them? This doesn’t make any sense.”

“Well, it can’t be that stallion you idolize so much.”

“You mean Starswirl the Bearded.” Dusk replied as he continued to examine the runes that were on the stone slab. “Now that you mention it, this does look to be ancient Equestrian, but this isn’t his handwriting.”

“Well now I’m even more interested,” Demon Dusk remarked. “Makes me wonder what we’ll find inside.”

“You would be,” Dusk groaned. “At first, I thought you were only wasting my time. But now, seeing these ancient Equestrian runes tells me there is something significant here.”

“Then are you done wasting time talking, or do you have anything else you want to say?”

“Oh, can it already,” Dusk remarked. “I don’t need you to tell me to go into some cave when something is there. Let’s just get this over with, so I don’t have to worry about it later.”

With their conversation over, Dusk put on his headlamp, pulled out his handheld Richter scale from his bag and walked into the hidden passageway. After taking a few steps, however, Dusk heard a click and turned around to see the door start to close. Dusk was expecting this and turned on the headlamp right as the door leading out sealed itself shut.

“And of course, the mysterious door we know nothing about closes behind us,” Dusk said sarcastically. “What’s next, a menacing ancient evil at the end of this tunnel?”

“You love to tempt fate, don’t you?” Demon Dusk asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Whatever…” Dusk groaned as he began to explore the cave. He seemed to have entered a very long corridor that was very long and wide. He continued to walk forward, looking at the wall for any clues as to what could be inside. Unfortunately, the walls were bare. So he kept going until he came across a large door in front of him.

“What is this?” Dusk asked confused. The door was covered with strange markings. It almost looked like a giant puzzle.

“Huh… looks to be some type of puzzle,” Demon Dusk said in confusion. “Guess this means we’re getting closer.”

“You think?” Dusk asked in a sarcastic tone. “I wonder what kind of puzzle this is.”

“Well, we better figure it out,” Demon Dusk remarked. “I don’t want to end up like them.”

“Them who?”

“The three guys on your right.”

Dusk looked over and saw three pony skeletons lying against the wall. What nearly made Dusk piss his pants was that one of them had a massive spike running through its skull. Judging by how old they were, it was around the time Luna was banished. Each one was also of a different race of the three pony tribes.

“What the Tartarus happened to them?” Dusk asked in shock.

“Apparently they failed to find the solution to this puzzle,” Demon Dusk replied. “So, be careful. We might only get one shot at this.”

“Uuuhh, maybe we should turn back,” Dusk said in a fearful tone. “This cave is starting to give me the creeps.”

“Have you forgotten,” Demon Dusk started, almost in a deadpan tone. “That the door is behind us currently locked? That we are currently trapped? Besides, remember what I warned you about yesterday? So now we have no choice but to press forward.”

“Well, when you put it that way.” Dusk sighed as he looked at the puzzle on the door. Upon closer inspection, he noticed something off with the puzzle. “Wait a minute…” He thought out loud. “The matching symbols… they represent day and night… this puzzle seems easy… too easy for a puzzle in this death trap.” Dusk said in confusion.

“There you go!” Demon Dusk remarked. “Now you’re using your brain.”

“Your vote of confidence is so inspiring,” Dusk replied sarcastically. He continued to examine the puzzle until he noticed the engraved writing at the bottom. “Great... more ancient Equestrian...”

“Didn’t you study this back when you were younger?” Demon Dusk asked in a sarcastic tone, causing Dusk to groan.

“It’s been awhile okay? I’m gonna have to read this the best I can remember,” Dusk remarked as he read the engraving at the bottom of the puzzle.

‘I'm the wake of light, darkness slithers, but when the night wakes above, the light shall be its guide.‘

“What in Tartarus does that mean?” Demon Dusk asked in a confused tone.

“I’m not sure…” Dusk said confused. “Who does he mean by ‘darkness slithers’?”

“Huh… I know one thing. Feels like these guys were trying to be a shadow with all these clues,” Demond Dusk added. That was when it hit Dusk.

“Shadows… that’s it!” Dusk looked at the riddle again. “He is talking about shadows. When the light shines darkness slithers. He's talking when the shadows are formed.” He then looked at the second riddle. “And if that's the case when the riddle says with the night shines above the light be its guide. He's talking about the-”

“The moon.” Demon Dusk remarked at the symbol that was near the bottom.

“So that’s how it's done,” Dusk added as he used his magic to move each of the pieces to match. The puzzle reminded him of strange dials that had to be set up. When Dusk was finished, the moon was above the sun while the sun was below the moon.

“There,” Dusk said as she finished the puzzle. The mechanical sounds of a click soon followed, and the puzzle door soon started moving around. The sun and moon rotated until it soon stopped with a clunk and the door in front of him opened.

“There, see what happens when you use that brain of yours?”

“I don't need your sarcasm, asshole.” Dusk groaned.

“Why insult me when you should be thanking me?” Demon Dusk Remarked. “If I hadn’t said something, you would’ve either have been stuck or been killed.”

“Whatever, let’s just hurry so we can do what we came here to do.” Dusk remarked as he entered the room to explore the next chamber of the cave.

-Maze Trap-

“Woah…” Dusk said as he entered the cave that opened up after finding a mechanism. The entire cave looked to be pretty big. Several large pathways were stretched across the entire cavern. Twenty being in total around the entire room, and each area looked very detailed from the old markings surrounding the room. “I don’t think even I would’ve noticed this.”

“So you admit that you’re stupid?” Demon Dusk remarked sarcastically, making Dusk grind his teeth.

“You’re just asking me to think of some form of torture for you aren’t you?” Dusk groaned, glaring at his amulet.

“No need to be so edgy,” Demon Dusk jokes. “Learn to take a joke.”

“Let’s just see what’s down here in this place,” Dusk groaned, entering the chamber. After taking a few steps into the dark cavern, he puts on his headlamp and turns it on illuminating the chamber in a beam of light.

“Hah! Dusk Shine one, mysterious hidden cave zero!” He said smugly, but it wasn’t going to last long. As soon as he takes two steps in the cave, his headlamp goes out like a cheap birthday candle.

“OH COME ON!!!” Dusk shouted.

“Well, isn’t that Ironic,” Demon Dusk remarked. “So despite being prepared, you weren’t prepared for a cheap knockoff of a headlamp.”

“SHUT UP YOU!!!” Dusk shouted, glaring at his necklace. “Guess I’ll have to use my magic to look around.” He then uses his magic to light up the room, only for it to sputter out leaving the alicorn surprised in confusion.

“What the...but how is that possible?” Dusk said. “How am I not able to use my magic here?”

“Something here is blocking your magic,” Demon Dusk replied.

“What the?” Dusk said as he hears his Richter scale going off, the digital needle was moving wildly on the little device. “What’s going on?”

“I’m not sure, but I think that statue would have something to do with what’s going on,” Demon Dusk replied.

“What do you mean?” Dusk asked.

“Look to your right…” His darker half replied. Dusk does what his other half asked, and he saw what looked like dragon statue in the center of the room. It was the around Celestia’s height, but what really had his attention though, was a large glowing amethyst crystal inside the skull of the statue.

“This must be what’s blocking my magic.” Dusk said in response.

“Looks like I can’t help you then.” Demon Dusk replied. “My magic is blocked here as well.”

“So basically, I have to choose which one?” Dusk asked as he looked at all of the tunnels in front of him.

“It looks that way.”

“Luckily, I came prepared with a compass,” Dusk said, setting his backpack down on the floor. He opens his bag proudly as he pulled out his compass. He pushes the button on top and looks at it, only for it to spin out of control. “What the fuck?”

“So much for coming prepared.”

“Shut up you!” Dusk yelled at his necklace. “Something must be interfering with the polarity of my compass.”

“Well, maybe the guy sold you a cheap one to make a quick bit.” He joked.

“You have to make a joke at everything I say?” Dusk growled.

“Yes, yes I do.” Demon Dusk remarked. “So, now since your fancy toys aren’t working now what do we do?”

“Will you shut up and let me think?” Dusk replied in an irritated tone. He decided to walk towards the statue to see what could help him since his compass wasn’t going to with it acting crazy.

“Hm?” Dusk said as he noticed some writing on the base of the statue. “More ancient Equestrian.”

“Great…well smartass, what does it say?” Demon Dusk remarked, making Dusk growl.

“If you weren’t a part of me right now, it would have you castrated.” Dusk threatened.

“Oh just read it…” Demon Dusk said impatiently, and Dusk only groaned.

“Okay… looks like it says… ‘Whatever's in the darkness always comes into the light, what lies beyond you is hidden in a line of sight.’”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I don’t know.” Dusk remarked. “I’m not the one who made any of these stupid riddles.” Dusk then looks around the room trying to see any clue that could help him. He then notices on each of the cave entrances had different marks.

“I guess I’ll just have to pick one and hope it’s the right one,” Dusk responded.

“ I haven’t thought of that…” Demon Dusk said in a sarcastic tone.

“Could you go one hour without talking?” Dusk asked in annoyance.


“Of course…” Dusk groaned. He then picked a tunnel and began to walk through it. After a minute, Dusk came out of the tunnel and found another cavern similar to the previous one.

“Wait, more caverns?” Dusk asked in confusion. The interior was more or less the same as when Dusk left the first room. “Why aren’t we in another room?”

“I don’t think this a different cave Dusk.”

“What’re you talking about?”

“Look at the statue.” Dusk looked up and was very confused to see the exact same statue from before. “Wasn’t that the same statue from the earlier cave we were in?”

“Wait, what?” Dusk asked, and now he was even more confused. He walked up to the statue again, and his other half was right. It was indeed the same statue with the same riddle. “Why is this cave similar to the one we were just in?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because we walked in a circle?” Demon Dusk said in a sarcastic tone.

“How?” Dusk said in anger. “We walked straight forward through the cave, so I don’t know how we went in a complete circle.”

“I’m the one stuck to your soul, so you figure it out."

“How about we just try another cave and see if it works?”

“Oh sure try another cave entrance and hope it works, that is so helpful.” Demon Dusk said sarcastically.

“Shut up…” Dusk groaned as he walked up to another tunnel. He ignored what his other half tried to say and just pushed forward. When he sees another light at the end, he opens his eyes.

“What the…” He groaned as he wound up back in the same cavern. “This doesn’t make any sense, how did we end up back here?”

“Why’re you asking me?” Demon Dusk remarked in a blunt tone. “I’m not the one who made this crazy trap.”

“That was rhetorical you asshole…” Dusk groaned. “Let’s just try another cave and see if that does anything.” With that Dusk walked into another tunnel, only to find himself back in the same chamber before.

“Oh come on this can’t be right, how are we back here?”

“Maybe you took a wrong turn.”

“Your confidence in me is soooo helpful...” Dusk said sarcastically.

“I try… So what are we supposed to do? Each of the tunnels you went in kept bringing us back here.”

“We keep going until we find the way out of here.”

“Something is clearly blocking us from advancing and it only keeps leading us back here.”

“Well a bunch of tunnels isn’t going to keep me from getting through, or my name isn’t Dusk Shine.”

“But your name is Dusk Shine…”

“I know that, let’s just figure out where the exit is, so I don’t have to listen to your peanut gallery.” Dusk said frustrated. He then picked another tunnel and walked through it, confident that he can get out of the room, but that confidence deflated the second he found himself back in the same cavern. Dusk then tries at least five more times choosing different caves, but they all led him back to the same room.

“Are you kidding me?” Dusk shouted in frustration as he was led back into the same chamber for a total of at least ten times. “Ungh, how does every path I take leads me back here?” Dusk groaned. In frustration, he kicks a nearby rock into one of the caves and out of nowhere, it returned from the cave.

“The heck?” Dusk then picks up the rock and throws it at the cave again. This time, his other half felt a small pulse of magic behind him and saw that the rock reappeared outside of the cave. “What’s going on?” Dusk asked himself.

“Dusk” Demon dusk replied. “Do what you did again, but throw it behind you.”

“What’re you getting at?”

“You’ll thank me when you do…”

“I swear if you’re messing with my head…”

“Just throw the damn rock already.”

“Fine.” Dusk then picked up a rock and turned to the statue and threw the rock at the cave entrance, only for the statue to flash and rock to vanish in the cave. Confused by this, Dusk then heard a small thud and saw the rock appear out from one of the caves.

“What the heck happened?”

“I felt the magic from the statue when you kicked that rock in the cave earlier.” Demon Dusk remarked. “From that riddle you read, it still doesn’t make sense about being in plain sight.”

“What are you talking abo-...” Dusk then thought back to the statue and what his other half just said. “Could you repeat what you just said?”

“What, the hiding in plain sight riddle?” Demon Dusk said, and just like that, a light bulb pops over Dusk’s head.

“That’s it!” Dusk exclaimed.

“What’s it?”

“Don’t you see? ‘Hidden in plain sight’ is what it says, which is why we’ve been so lost and why we kept hitting dead ends. This isn’t a maze, it’s one single room that’s been casting illusions making it look like there were other ways out, which is why we couldn’t find the way out there never was.”

“Are you saying that I helped you again?” Demon Dusk said in a smug tone.

“Don’t push it…” Dusk said as he walked towards the statue with a determined expression. “But, if my hunch is right…”

Dusk looked at the dragon statue, the amethyst crystal glowing a deep purple on the center of its forehead. He then placed his hand on the gemstone he pulled on it but struggled to get it free.

“Having trouble there Dusk?” Demon Dusk teased.

“Zip it! It’s just... ungh...a little... ungh...stuck...uuunnnnggghh…” Dusk pulled harder on the gem until it wrenched free causing Dusk to stumble back a little.

“Ha, got it!” He exclaimed, now holding the gem in his hand. “Huh, guess I’ll be keeping Barb’s promise about finding rare gems.” Suddenly, a loud rumble was heard throughout the cave as it began to shake.

“Oh crap! what did I do?” Dusk exclaimed as he began to panic thinking he started a cave in. After a few seconds, the rumbling stopped leaving Dusk relieved at not being crushed, Seeing as it was okay, he then began to notice the room was flickering until it dissipated. Dusk was confused at first and looked around until he saw a door on the other side of the cavern.

“Alright!” Dusk said to himself. “I found a way out.”

“Technically you had my help…” Demon Dusk replied, “If not for me we’d still be stuck in this cave illusion.”

“Yeah, I guess I should thank you,” Dusk responded.

“Maybe if you let me take over, I can accept your thanks.”

“Don’t press your luck,” Dusk responded as he walked towards the door with the crystal in his hand. Dusk notices some more writing on the wall. The only problem was that it seemed illegible.

“Looks like I can’t read this one,” Dusk responded. “It's been concealed for a while.”

“Are you still able to use magic?” Demon Dusk asked. Dusk only tried to ignite his horn only for it to fizzle out in response.


“Looks like I still can’t…” Dusk answered. “But I think we can figure that part out later. Starlight stopped Chrysalis without her magic so I can give it a shot.” Dusk took a good look at the door. Since it was made out of ancient material, it had to be opened with something.

“Maybe this stone I picked up means something…”

“Or just a pretty rock to decorate the statue.”

“There’s got to be a way through.” Dusk examined the door carefully to see if there was something he missed. Thinking back to the gem he took out of the statue that had the riddle, he also thought back to the riddle. He takes the stone and holds it up to the door, and lo and behold, a crystal shaped hole appeared on the door.

“Okay…” Dusk reluctantly looked at the hole, and to the stone, slowly and carefully he placed the stone in the hole. Soon, the door started to glow where the crystal was placed, and several blue lines along the door showed magical runes, and soon enough, the door opened.

“Well, what do you know, it worked.”

“Were you expecting to explode or something?” Demon Dusk remarked.

“NO!!” Dusk yelled, angrily glaring at his necklace.

“Yeesh… learn to take a joke…”

“Bastard…” Dusk growled, and the sounds of the door opening stopped. Looking inside all Dusk could see was a long dark tunnel showing no end.

“Well, time to see what’s down the dark, creepy tunnel.”

“Feeling scared Dusk?”

“Actually yes, but I’m more scared if we turn back and leave whatever is down here.”

“Well, what’re we waiting for, an invitation?”

“Right, here goes.” Dusk then began walking down the dark tunnel while the door started closing behind him, forcing the alicorn to move forward, delving deeper into the mountain.

-Spike Trap-

“And it’s dark again…” Dusk groaned as he could barely see anything ahead of him after the door closed behind him. Dusk thought about using his magic again to light his way, but his horn fizzles out once again. “Oh come on! I still can’t use magic?”

“Sucks to be you.” Demon Dusk quipped.

“Shut up…” Dusk groaned. “I have something on me in case of something like this.” He followed up and set his bag on the ground. When his headlamp ran out of power, he made sure to pack some batteries in case of emergency. He pulls out two AA batteries and places it inside his headlamp and turns it on.

“There, let’s see you beat that mountain,” Dusk said smugly, only for the lamp to go out again.

“OH COME ON seriously!?” Dusk yelled in frustration.

“Despite being prepared you must have some serious bad luck.”

“Shut up!” Dusk shouted as he stomped on the ground. Suddenly he feels a slight depression of the stone and hears a click go off in the room. “What the?”

“Dusk, what did you do?” Demon Dusk asked in response.

“I don’t know,” Dusk said in confusion. “All I did was stepped on something.” Then a loud thunk resounded around the room. Along the wall, torches lit up illuminating the path ahead and behind Dusk. The sconces were really old and rusted, showing their age and deformity.

“Wow,” Dusk said as he looked around. “These areas were sealed off for a millennia, and the mechanism still works.

“Well, it was built a millennia ago genius…” Demon Dusk remarked in a mocking tone.

“Will you shut up!?” Dusk shouted, stomping his hoof in frustration, causing a stone on the floor to sink in the ground. Then another loud click was heard and the sound of moving parts coming from the walls.

“Now what’d you do?”

“I’m not sure if that was a good or bad thing,” Dusk added. A loud thud came from behind Dusk, turning around he saw a wall come down from where he came in “What the heck?”

A second later, large metal spikes jutted out of the wall and began to move slowly towards Dusk direction but began to pick up speed making his eyes go wide.

“Oh shit!” Dusk exclaimed as he started running the opposite direction.

“Why do you always fucking jinx yourself?” Demon Dusk remarked in his head.

“SHUT UP!!!” Dusk shouted as he was still running for his life. The wall came closer and closer ready to impale him. Dusk kept running as fast as he could to try and avoid an imminent death and noticed a clearing at the end of the tunnel. With newfound strength in his legs, he ran seeing the end drawing closer while the spiked wall was getting near him. Right as the wall was about to impale Dusk, he jumps out towards the small opening and barely manages to make it through. A loud clunk followed suit as the spikes hit the wall.

“Mother of Celestia…” Dusk panted as he sprawled out on the floor slowly catching his breath and the near-death experience he just had. Soon as his body somewhat relaxed, he stands up only to find himself back in the same room he was previously in.

“Wait, what?” Dusk asked in confusion. “I was just out of here,” Dusk added. He lifts one of his hoofs to move forward.

“Don’t Move!!!” Demon Dusk remarked.

“What’re you on about?” Dusk said in response.

“Since you stepping on a rock almost got us killed earlier, I think you should look down.” He replied. Dusk then looks down to see several stones on the floor. Similar to the one he stepped in previously. But while looking over them, Dusk noticed that most of the stones had the same symbol on them just like the one he stepped on.

“Crap, this just got harder than it needs to be,” Dusk said to himself. “One of these has got to be safe to step on but they all look the same, so which one should I step on?”

“Not necessarily,” Demon Dusk stated. “See all the symbols on the stones? I can see that some of them aren't the same as the rest so if you step on them you might be able to make it through without getting skewered.”

“Well it's worth a shot, let's do it,” Dusk said as he started to study the layout of the stones along with their symbols.

Once he got them all memorized, the purple alicorn started to carefully step on the stones that were different from the others which were easy since they were the minority of the stones. Step by careful step Dusk got closer and closer to the exit, and he was about halfway there when he tripped a bit and was about to fall over on the wrong stone, but was able to flap his wings fast enough to keep himself steady and regain his footing. After breathing a sigh of relief, Dusk made it through the rest of the path with no other difficulties.

“Okay, little too close…” Dusk said to himself.

“Okay, so are you gonna move forward or not?” Demon dusk remarked in a mocking tone.

“You just love being an asshole don’t you?” Dusk added, glaring at his necklace.

“I try to be even when I don’t have to.”

“Jerk…” Dusk remarked. Dusk soon found himself standing in front of the door after the room suddenly started to dissipate around him. “So that’s what happened...”

“So what do you think is back there?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe what we’re looking for?” Dusk said in a dark yet blunt tone.

“I was making sure you knew.” Demon Dusk responded with a light cackle.

“I hate you…” Dusk groaned.

“Aw… thank you…”

-Hidden Cavern-

“Woah…” Dusk responded as soon as the door opened. The final chamber was directly in front of them.

“Well, I’ll be damned…” Demon Dusk replied in shock.

He looked around the chamber and noticed a large glowing red crystal in the center of the room, right below its glowing orange lines pointed in all directions all the way up the walls and towards the center where the crystal resided, along with the walls strange paintings covered most of the room.

“What is all of this?” Dusk asked in amazement. He continued to study the set up of the entire room. He looked at the base and saw six horse head statues in front of each column carved out of the rock with gaping maws. Making them look like they were ancient guardians about to speak some untold secret kept inside, red crystals similar to the one in the room were embedded in the eye sockets of each statue, shining like the eyes of a demonic being waiting for the right moment to strike.

“What do you think those stone columns are for?” Demon Dusk asked.

“I don’t know.” Dusk replied. He then looked over to the walls and again noticed the strange pictures. Walking over, he examines them, and the pictures looked like they told a story and noticed a mysterious writing below each image.

“Wait...this is in ancient equestrian.” Dusk remarked. “Hmmm... this isn’t Starswirl's handwriting so it can’t be him that drew this much less his artwork.”

“Well, who do you think drew it?” Demon Dusk remarked.

“I don’t know.” he pondered. “But I remember reading a couple books about it.”

“Does that mean you can translate it?” Demon Dusk asked.

“I’ll try, but I haven’t read much about the language to fully translate it,” Dusk said as he began to read the scripture written at the bottom of each picture. “Let’s see…’” At the start of the first picture, Dusk read what he could translate as a warning.

‘I hope and pray that no one finds this, but in case someone does, in the name of Ancestor Faust, do not under any circumstances break the seal of the crystal, it’s the only thing protecting the world from her wrath.’

Dusk then reads the next line under the first picture showing what looks like a white pony mare, she was looking up at the sky and looked like she was crying at something. Then noticed the mare was looking up at a starry sky with a half crescent moon and what looked like a smudged up face and sees most of the words had faded out over time. What Dusk could read said…

'My...ster...was lonely...fell to dark...I tried to reason to her...too late...became...Moon...banish...years...prayed for her return, but I don’t know how long I can stand it...I COULD’VE DONE SOMETHING….and now I must pay the price for my mistake...I hope to see you return…’

‘There’s something very familiar about this…’ Dusk thought.

“Any clue what this is supposed to mean?”

“I’m not sure.” Dusk replied. “Maybe whoever wrote this was trying to tell someone. I won’t know unless I read more of the descriptions.” Dusk then read the next text on the second picture.

The second picture was the same white mare sitting in what appeared to be in her room looking into a mirror, what caught Dusks attention was her reflection looked different. The reflection was the mare, but she wore scarlet orange armor, making it look like flames were coming off from her body, she wore flame designed shoes, her eyes were yellow with slitted black pupils giving a menacing look to her counterpart who looked both scared, and in anguish, like she was fighting something. Dusk then read the line below.

‘It has been several years since...and my state.... isn’t doing well, every night I look up and see her looking down at me like I did to her...was more than my...she was my best friend... told each other everything... Now she’s up there without me to be there for her...cry every night when I look at the moon I...for a while I’ve been going through my duties trying to block out everything...lately ‘she’ has visited me now and always filled me with false promises...can’t let her in! I can’t!...she visited me again, and I don’t know how much longer I can hold... I feel so, so... ANGRY...I’m sorry….I failed she...broke me, and I don’t know what to do now, I lash out at anypony who comes near me...oh L...please come back to me, please...I’m so scared...I don’t want to be alone…not with 'her'’

“Wow...that poor mare.” Dusk frowned in sympathy for her. ‘I wonder who she lost that made her this sad, and who is this pony that angers her?’ he thought.

“Maybe she’s resisting something trying to take over her, and it somehow succeeded.” Demon Dusk theorized.

“Maybe...but it’s still not enough to go on, we need to read more to understand what’s happening.” Dusk stated and walked over to the third picture.

It displayed the white mare and the scarlet armored mare facing each other with their wings flared making Dusk realize they were alicorns. Their horns pointed towards each other charged with magic, Dusk looked closer and noticed the white mare had a determined look on her face while the armored mare was looking at her with a devilish smirk like she was confident to win the duel. He looked down at the writing and translated.

‘It has been a couple of months since ‘she’ nearly broke me...I have resisted her, but every day she grows stronger...had moments of weakness where ‘she’ took over my body...I would lash out...take control my servants and maids fear me wherever I go, I’t here. I’m on my own, and I need to find a way to break her…’she’ would try to tempt me, offering a way to give me...sister...and sometimes would try to make me sad or angry enough to let her take hold...many times she was close...I would focus and push her deep down into my mind…’she’s’ becoming stronger every day, and I grow weary every time I fight ‘her’...time until she overpowers me...I devised a plan to defeat her...used a spell I studied from Starswirl's journals and cast it on myself to draw her out of my body...challenged her to a fight, the battle was long, and I feared I would fail...I barely managed to defeat ‘her.’ Now I must think of a way to banish ‘her’ from this world forever.’

Dusk was curious about the white alicorn mare and the armored alicorn she fought, wondering what the mare had to go through to carry such a burden. He looked at the picture of the two in their face off and noticed their cutie marks, the white mares was too faded to identify, but the armored mares looked like a blazing sun with a ring of fire surrounding it.

“Hmmm well now, that looks familiar.” He said to himself. “It looks like Celestia’s cutie mark, but it’s a little different.”

“Something tells me they’re connected, remember back at the puzzle room we were in.” Demon dusk said.

“You’re right.” Dusk thought back to the dials in the puzzle room and how they were the sun and moon and how it looked similar to the princesses cutie marks. “If they are connected then maybe the white alicorn here is Celestia,” Dusk said pointing to the white alicorn on the wall. “But if that’s Celestia, then who’s the mare she’s fighting?” The alicorn asks himself looking at the armored alicorn Celestia is facing.

“We’ll need to look at the other pictures to find out, but I got to say she doesn’t look half bad to get in bed with.” Demon Dusk said with a suggestive tone.

“Of course you would think that.” Dusk deadpanned. “I don’t need any distractions right now just because you want to get your dick wet.”

“Technically it’s ‘your’ dick that would get wet.” He clarified making Dusk groan in annoyance.

“Will you just shut up now, I need to concentrate on translating this next picture,” Dusk told his incubus half.

He went to the next picture on the wall and saw Celestia and the armored alicorn, Celestia had the mare in her magical grasp and it appeared the armored mare was in anguish and looked see through while a glowing red crystal similar to the one in the chamber was above her and what looked like a rune circle. To Dusk, it appeared that the crystal was drawing her in while she was over the rune circle and was struggling. He looked down at the scripture and translated the next section.

‘I knew the day would come that ‘she’ would become stronger than me...The plan is set, and I’ve prepared myself for this moment...Day...she was strong...I fought her after drawing her out of myself...I used everything I could to defeat ‘her’...with what magic I could gather I made a sealing rune to trap... I needed a crystal to contain ‘her’...I managed to find one from one of...old archives he stored away.’

“He?” Dusk asked in puzzled confusion. “Who does she mean by 'he'?”

“Must’ve been somepony really important if she needed his help."

‘I infused the crystal with my magic so nopony but I can access it...set it up in a cavern in foal mountain, where I fought ...I went to foal mountain to cast the spell to draw her out of my a final battle with my...trapped her in a rune circle and with the last of my magic, I sealed ‘her’ into the crystal...I couldn’t take ‘her’ to Canterlot because I fear of thieves and the thing I must do to keep this monster from returning and to ensure Equestria’s future to survive.’

“Canterlot?” Dusk asked as now he was even more confused.

“You sure you’re reading these markings right?” Demon Dusk scoffed.

“Of course I’m reading these right, you’re talking to the pony that has studied under Princess Celestia herself and is the Prince of Magic and Friendship,” Dusk said proudly.

“Yeesh… no need to pull out all of your titles, your highness.” Demon Dusk said in an annoyed tone.

Dusk sighed. “Let’s just see what the last picture says.” He said moving to the end of the wall where the last picture was displayed.

Dusk looked at a depiction of Celestia holding a large red crystal in her magic, inside it looked like the armored pony was encased in the crystal and being placed inside the mountain, next to the chamber was a long hallway with three separate rooms that Dusk soon realized they were the trapped rooms that he went through. Dusk thought back on all the challenges he faced and what he did to get through each of them, they all had one thing in common;

“They all challenged my wits,” Dusk said in amazement.

“What’re you talking about?” Demon Dusk asked in confusion, with a bored tone.

“Think about it. Each of these traps challenged our minds.” Dusk explained. “One of them we had to do without using magic. If I just charged through any of these traps I might have been killed.”

“True…” Demon Dusk added. “But what’s gonna happen at the end of this? Especially with who she had imprisoned in here.”

“I don’t know. She kept referring to whatever ‘she’ is as ‘her.’” Dusk added. He tries to read the last description but it showed the most wear and tear as most of the words were illegible.

“Great…. this last translation is almost illegible.” Dusk groaned, he then decided to translate what he could off of the wall.

‘...did my trap...must be...never be found...only one place I know to take’s the perfect place to keep her...personally built traps in the mountain to keep looters and curious ponies away...anti-magic crystals to block any magic user...made special channels with my magic and magma to drain...carved statues above the crystal to...and activate if she ever escaped... I sealed away deep in the mountain below where nopony would ever find her. Anypony is reading...break the seals, should anything happen...she must not escape.’

Dusk was surprised at this, he looked at each of the pictures painted on the wall and noticed how they told a story. Celestia going through the loss of her sister, how she resisted and fought the armored mare, and how armored mare was, what appears to Dusk encased in the same red crystal that is in the room. Putting the pieces together he came to one clear conclusion as to what exactly this place is.

“I finally figured out what this place was built for,” Dusk said. “It’s some kind of prison.”

“Really, it took you that long to realize that?” Demon Dusk said sarcastically.

“Will you shut up already, this is serious.” Dusk snapped.

“Thank you captain obvious. But a prison for who exactly?”

“I don’t know, but if it’s somepony dangerous enough that Celestia imprisoned her here secretly so no one can find her, I think all of Equestria would be in real trouble if she ever got out.”

“Looks that way.” Demon Dusk added. “Anyways, what do you think these statues around it are for?”

“They must be protecting what’s in the larger crystal.” Dusk followed up as he wanted to study the glowing eyes of the statues.

He walked up to the statues wanting to study them closer but failed to notice a stone he stepped on. The second he did, it began to glow, and a bright yellow rune appeared on the stone. A loud clunk was heard, and Dusk stopped, perking up his ears at the sound he looked around the room trying to find its origin. He then heard a grinding noise and looked at the statues facing the crystal, only to be turning towards Dusk their red eyes boring into him like angered guardians.

“Why are the statues moving?” Dusk asked in confusion as they were all looking at him. The eyes on each of the statues soon started getting brighter.

“Dusk, you might want to run.” Demon Dusk replied.

“Why?” Dusk asked. He got his answer when. ZAP. A beam of magic flew inches from Dusk nearly hitting him. Ducking from the beam he looked up at the rest of the statues with their eyes shining brightly, Dusk shined his horn to cast a barrier on himself only for it to sputter out, he looked back at the statues as a look of panic grew on his face.


ZAP...ZAP...ZAP...ZAP...ZAP...ZAP...ZAP...ZAP...ZAP...ZAP...ZAP...ZAP! Red beams of magic bombarded Dusk as he scrambled to find something to get behind. He sees a rock at one end of the room and sprints over to it while frantically ducking, jumping, and weaving from the magical beams until he makes it and flushes himself against the rock.


“Well it could be worse, the room could start filling with lava.” Demon Dusk said.

“You’re not helping!” Dusk snapped. “At least I don’t have to worry about those statues now,” Dusk said until one of the beams hit the rock Dusk was hiding behind and melted the entire rock. Dusk was frozen in place and instantly started to run around the room dodging the beams of magic from turning him into a pile of ashes.

ZAP...ZAP...ZAP...ZAP…”GREAT, NOW WHAT DO WE DO?!” ZAP...ZAP...ZAP...ZAP...ZAP “I DON’T KNOW...ZAP...ZAP…HOW MUCH LONGER...ZAP...ZAP...ZAP...I CAN TAKE!” Dusk panted. He kept dodging the statues aim for a few minutes, knowing if he doesn’t think of something now, he’ll be sent to oblivion.

“HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET OUT OF THIS!!?” Dusk yelled as he leaped to avoid a beam that almost took off his left arm and fell to the ground. He jumped back up and noticed a glint in the corner of his eye he looked over and noticed his handheld mirror Rarity gave to him as a gift since she wanted him to be presentable when he became a prince.

“That’s it!” He exclaimed. He snatched it up and thought of how he can get himself out of this.

“What are you gonna do, touch up a little with your girly mirror for your funeral?” Demon Dusk joked.

“No... I’m going to save us using this.” Dusk said as he jumped away from another magic beam.

“How’s a damn pocket mirror suppose to save us from FUCKING LASERS!!?”

“Like this,” Dusk said as one of the statues aimed at him and fired another magical beam towards him. He then brought up the mirror towards the beam, hitting the reflective surface and bouncing off. The beam flew around the room bouncing off of the walls, the columns, the crystal until it finally caught one of the stone statues shooting at him destroying it in a shower of dust and pebbles. The resulting destruction causes a chain reaction with the rest of the statues also exploded from the blast as well.

“Thank Celestia that worked.” He said to himself as he looked at the pocket mirror that Rarity gave him. “And thank you Rarity for this pocket mirror.” He sighed.

“Are you done with your little victory?” Demon Dusk said in a cold tone.

“Yeah, why?” Dusk asked him. “Also what’s with the sudden tone of voice?”

“You remember on how you mentioned the mare in a prison?”


“Well, now we have another problem thanks to that little stunt you made.” Demon Dusk followed up. Dusk was at first confused until he thought about what he did. His face immediately turns pale.

“Oh no... don’t tell me…” He looks around the room and sees all the statues completely destroyed. Some of the walls had pieces of debris jutting out, but the trap that had the lava flow stopped thanks to a piece of stone lodged in it right below where the crystal stood.

“Smooth move genius…” Demon Dusk remarked. “You just said that this was the only thing keeping her here.”

“Well excuse me since I don't want to get incinerated!” Dusk exclaimed while glaring at his necklace.

“ might want to hold that thought, cause I feel like things are about to much worse.” Demon Dusk stated.

“Worse! How could things get any worse for me?!” Dusk yelled, when suddenly his portable Richter scale starts blaring, The needle moving wildly as the ground began to rumble, causing the room to shake violently.

“What the…” Dusk muttered he then saw the crystal begin to glow a bright crimson a loud hum coming from it when suddenly a crack formed on the crystal. Dusk felt a surge of energy wash over him and began to panic as more cracks began to develop on the crystalline surface. Dusk looked at his Richter scale and notices the needle moving erratically until it shorted out and broke in Dusks hand, falling apart in several pieces.

“You just had to fucking say that didn’t you?” Demon Dusk remarked.

“Shut up okay?” Dusk said to his other half as he looked back to the crystal seeing more cracks forming across the surface of it and the lava in the channels moving towards it at what seemed to be a faster pace.

Soon enough, the crystal began to rise up and float growing in power, the lava pooling beneath the crystal and being absorbed into it like some kind of sponge. As more and more lava was absorbed, the room started to rise in temperature nearly to the point where sweat coated Dusk as he felt his body being cooked from the intense heat.

Suddenly Dusk was thrown back towards the wall. Slightly dazed, he was able to shake it off and look up to see the giant crystal began to fracture more and shine brighter and brighter like a beacon. He tried to stand up and shield his eyes from the shining light, but suddenly a loud crack was heard, and pieces of the red crystal started to fall off, littering the floor like shards of glass. A shockwave from the shattering crystal throws Dusk further back against the wall and slumped against it.

“Argh… Celestia that hurts…” Dusk groaned as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Celestia….” The voice growled. A sudden wall of heat soon erupted around the room. Dusk was sweating profusely from the intense heat radiating from the crystal and radiating around the room.

“Yeesh,” Demon Dusk remarked. “You mention a mare’s name and whoever is in there already sounds pissed.”

“Me and my big mouth,” Dusk muttered, the grew hotter and more cracks splintered along the crystal shining brightly until it explodes shattering into thousands of pieces falling away like rain. Dusk freaks out as most of the shards were heading in his directions. Despite that, he brings up his bag to shield himself from most of the shards that pelted his bag. Feeling some pieces graze him, he stays down waiting for it to stop until the shards hitting him stopped.

“Okay, that was too close…” Dusk said in relief. Dusk then inspects his pack and sees several tears in it. A frown shows on his face as he finds his compass was broken, the canteen was punctured, the metal case had several holes and dents in it from the shards, and his temperature gauge was destroyed, all except for his headlamp which miraculously remained intact.

“Great… there’s goes my promise to Barb, and now I have no water to drink.”

“Uuhhh… Dusk, you might want to look forward.”

“What?” Dusk said as he looked up and saw a wall of flames engulf the area where the crystal stood. Dusk feeling something behind the fire, squinting to see what was there. A sinister cackle was heard making Dusk shiver in place, then a pair of dark eyes pierced through the flames along with a mouth that was grinning menacingly like a demon from Tartarus.

“Uh oh…” Dusk said to himself in fear. The eyes suddenly move forward with a glare, and an orange armored hoof stepped out from the flames. Then a leg emerges covered in a heavy yet stylish armored hoof greave with a blazing sun on it, then the flames begin to disperse showing more of the pony's body as it stepped further.

‘It can’t be…’ Dusk thought to himself. The pony continues moving forward, and Dusk instantly knows it’s a mare from the pair of KK cup breasts covered by a scarlet red-orange metal bustier chest plate adorned with blazing sun etched on the crest around her collar. Her midriff was an ivory white just like Celestia’s and was exposed with a toned stomach along with her wide child-bearing hips, displaying a blazing scarlet sun as her cutie mark which was also similar to Celestia’s cutie mark.

Down below, her toned yet very shapely legs were exposed to the world while her mare hood was covered by an armored codpiece covering her front and sandwiched between what Dusk could describe as a pair of perfect round cheeks. From what he could tell at the front connected by two metal clasps extending all the way up to her chest piece forming a long triangle. On her arms was a pair of scarlet styled gauntlets, and the final kicker was her scarlet helmet on her head with a red gem at the base of her horn. Surrounding it was what Dusk thought was a blazing inferno that was her mane and tail billowing out like it could make anything catch on fire just from looking at it

Dusk was shocked. That very mare was standing in front of him right now was Daybreaker. The very same mare that Starlight saw in her dream when she fought Nightmare Moon.

“I can’t believe it, Starlight’s nightmare was so accurate on the mare she's actually standing in front of me right now,” Dusk said to himself in shock.

'Whoa...she is one fine piece of ass I wouldn’t mind claiming.' Demon Dusk said lustfully.


'Well, we claimed the other villainesses and a phoenix.’ Demon Dusk remarked.


‘Guilty’ He replied.

‘What is wrong with-’

“Finally free again… after all this time…” The mare’s voice rang out in a motherly tone. To Dusk it sounded more demonic, yet it reminded him of Celestia, but it wasn’t. What stood before them was a nine-foot ten-inch alicorn mare that looked almost exactly like his mentor.

‘I think I really fucked up this time.’ Dusk said in his head.

‘Ya think?’ Demon Dusk remarked.

“Where am I?” Daybreaker remarked. She scanned the room, curiously noticing the scorch marks from the statues. Squinting her eyes, she sees the broken statues and picks up one of the destroyed heads. A dark smile appears across her face as she suddenly crushes the stone into dust. Looking up, she sees the paintings on the wall. She walked over to the paintings depicting her and Celestia.

“That’s right…” Daybreaker recalled with a menacing growl. “My weaker half sealed me away… But now that I’m free, it’s payback time.” She snarled, her teeth bared, and her horn sparked up to life. She touches the wall with her armored hand, and immediately the entire wall started to slowly melt away in the intense heat the rock turning red into molten lava. After thirty seconds, she pulls away from the wall, and all that was left on the wall was a large puddle of molten rock that dribbled down to the floor like melted ice cream. Daybreaker stared at the blackened wall, a menacing smile on her face.

“Soon Celestia... you’ll be next…and I’ll take all those you hold dear and burn them to ashes.” She added with a sinister grin. Dusk’s face immediately turns pale. He immediately regretted coming here with the tyrant that he may have just unleashed.

‘I need to get out of here…’ Dusk thought to himself as he tried to sneak out of the room. He needed to tell his friends and the others what happened if they were going to stop her.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” Daybreaker called out in a bone-chilling tone. Dusk immediately froze in place as he slowly turned his head to the menacing glare of Daybreaker boring into him like a spear.

“Well well, it seems I have an uninvited guest, and a male alicorn no less,” Daybreaker said menacingly walking over to Dusk, her shoes clacking on the rocky floor as she got closer. Dusk was scared out of his mind right now. He had no way of defending himself from her since he still couldn't use his magic, but he wasn't sure how she was able to use hers. Shaking himself from his thought, Dusk panicked and scrambled for the entrance, desperate to escape from this mare. Before he could reach it, a wall of fire appeared right in front of him, nearly searing his fur and blocking his only way out of this prison.

“Now, now,” She replied with a snicker. “Can’t have you running away, especially since I have you to thank for freeing me.”

“What? What are you talking abo-?” Dusk then remembered the crystal and the statues he destroyed. Connecting the dots, Dusk eyes grew when he realized the statues were meant not to keep someone out, but keep someone in.

“Oh...fuck.” He swore to himself of the potential disaster he released on the world. A shadow loomed over his form, and Dusk shook himself out of his thoughts seeing that Daybreaker was right in front of him, she towered over him almost like a giant that easily step on him.

“That’s right…” Daybreaker remarked. “But I must admit, this is my first time seeing a male alicorn after so long. I thought that was impossible. Tell me, who are you?”

“I’m Celestia's former student turned prince.” Dusk replied. “But who are you?” He asked as a follow-up question.

“Aw, I’m hurt Celestia wouldn’t mention anything about me, but I’m not surprised,” Daybreaker remarked. “I am Daybreaker, soon to be the ruler of all of Equestria.” She then brought a hand under Dusks chin, turning his head to the side. She examined him, a thoughtful look on her face towards the alicorn like he was a piece of piece of meat ready to be cut up. She let go of him, a satisfied smile on her lips.

“I must admit, you are surprisingly well built for somepony so young.” She added. “And with how you were able to find me all the way out here, I may as well tell you how I was planning to break out.”

“How were you planning that exactly?” Dusk asked.

“You see those channels there?” She pointed over to the orange lines that covered the floor.

“Yeah, what about them?” Dusk stated confused.

Daybreaker snorted in annoyance. “Those are lava channels, they connect to my prison and to the ground deep in this mountain. Celestia manipulated the lava channels here charged with her magic to flow from my prison into the mountain and divert my magic into it, keeping me from escaping. But luckily, in my final fight with Celestia, I was able to snag a little something to help in my escape.” Daybreaker followed up that claim by taking pulling a lock of Celestia’s ‘regal’ mane from her armor plate.

“That’s part of Celestia’s mane,” Dusk said in shock, only to feel his throat grabbed by Daybreaker.

“That’s right.” She followed up. “I was using this to as a focusing lens for so long, gathering my magic over time to aid in my escape, but then you come along and practically speed up my process for me.” Daybreaker soon starts squeezing down on his neck.

“Argh!!” Dusk groaned in response as he felt his neck slowly getting crushed by Daybreakers armored hand.

“Such a shame I have to kill you. If you weren’t Celestia’s student, then maybe I would’ve made you my servant.” She then tightened her grip on Dusks neck. Dusk struggled to breathe as he started to feel lightheaded. “But I have a grudge with her, and me bringing your dead corpse will only hurt her even more, and I intend to make her pay for what she did to me.”

Dusk felt like he was going to die. He had no magic to defend himself, no way of contacting his friends, and no way of telling his herd mates of what’s gonna happen to him or what would happen if he wasn’t there when his foals are born. Dusk saw blackness in the corners of his vision and was starting to go limp. Just as Dusk was about to succumb to his fate, Daybreaker suddenly drops him to the ground. Relieved, Dusk coughed and gasped trying to refill his lungs with precious air. Using his hands and knees, Dusk tried to get up. But felt very weak after having the life choked out of him. He looks up and notices Daybreaker was shaking, her legs wobbling, and it looked like she was panting hard and then slumps to the floor on her hands and knees, her wings fluttering in agitation.

“Urgh...Dammit…” Daybreaker groaned as a blush formed across her face. Dusk was confused as to what was wrong with her, but his other half seemed to have other ideas.

“Well, you turned out lucky…” Demon Dusk remarked in a lust filled tone.

“What’re you talking about?” Dusk coughed looking down at his amulet.

“I think it’s pretty obvious what is wrong with her right now since she dropped you…” He added. “She may have anger towards Celestia, but she practically reeks of lust right now.”

“What?” He followed up. He turns back to Daybreaker and saw that she did look like she was in pain. What caught Dusk’s attention was the fact that she was leaking from the armored thong she was wearing.

“Um, are you okay?” He asked walking over to Daybreaker. He is suddenly thrown back against the wall by Daybreaker who just glares back at him intensely. Dusk tried to get up only to have his movements frozen in place by a magical red barrier.

“The fuck did you do to me you little bastard?” She growled, still having him trapped in a barrier.

“I didn’t do anything…” Dusk said in defense.

“ had to have… done something… to me…” Daybreaker panted, barely able to speak with the pain between her legs suddenly growing worse.

“I’m telling you I haven’t done anything.”

“You’re right… we didn’t...” Demon Dusk remarked, making Dusk look down at his amulet.

‘What’re you talking about?’ Dusk asked his other half.

“She doesn’t realize it Dusk, but she’s in heat…” Demon Dusk replied. “And the scent she’s giving off is... luscious...”

‘Wait... WHAT?!!!’ Dusk mentally exclaimed. ‘You’re telling me I have a psycho alicorn that wants to kill me and DOESN’T KNOW SHE’S IN HEAT?!!!’

“She was sealed for 1000 years Dusk…” Demon Dusk remarked in a blunt tone. “She probably doesn’t know what sex is like. Must be all of her cycles coming into one if it’s this bad.”

“Well, how do I tell her that without her trying to turn me into charcoal?” Dusk shouted in response, catching Daybreaker’s attention.

“Who are you...unngh...talking to?” Daybreaker groaned, still trying to fight back what this burning through her body was. Dusk was a little nervous about what he needed to say.

‘Uuuhhh...well, how should I put this in a way you don’t try to kill me?’ Dusk thought as he looked at her. “You’re... in heat…”

“What do you mean by that-- aaaggh,” Daybreaker questioned, but let out a light growl when the heat in her body suddenly intensified.

“It means...’re...ready to mate,” Dusk said nervously. Daybreaker glares at him with a menacing growl, but it wasn’t helping her situation. “Don’t you know what a heat cycle is?”

“I know what a mare’s cycle is!” She snapped, slowly trying to stand up. “Y-your telling me I’m going through MY MATING CYCLE?!”

“Uh...yes...all the signs are there.” Dusk replied. “I can even smell the scent you’re giving off.”

“Am I the only who is turned on by her being angry?” Demon Dusk remarked in a lust filled tone.

‘Don’t make me come in there!’ Dusk yelled in his head.

“WHO IN TARTARUS ARE YOU TALKING TO?!!!!” Daybreaker shouted, making Dusk shrink back with fear.

“What do you mean?” Dusk said trying to play off what was happening, but it only seemed to Irritate Daybreaker more as she stomped her hoof on the ground.

“I can read minds, and I can hear you speaking with someone, now who is it?!” Daybreaker demanded.

“ see...I’m not just an alicorn...I’m an incubus,” Dusk told her, her eyes grew wide at the statement.

“That’s impossible,” She responded, “I thought the succubi and incubi were all imprisoned to Tartarus.”

“No, my mom was a succubus who managed to escape from Tartarus and live a normal life in Equestria with a few of her sisters,” Dusk added.

“So... the Velvet Roses were able to escape from Tartarus,” Daybreaker added with a dark growl.

“The Velvet what now?” Dusk asked confused.

“That was the name of the succubi group that was led by Velvet Lining,” Daybreaker growled. “I absolutely loathe their leader. Little rebellious brat.”

“Rebellious?” Dusk asked. “And what were the other members?”

“Velvet Star, Scarlet Rose, Melody Song, and Creamy Rose,” Daybreaker remarked in a dark tone. “Arrogant little brats.”

“Did something happen between you and this group?” Dusk asked.

“I may have threatened them about rethinking their position, and in response, I get a wooden dildo up my ass…” She growled. “And as I was about to defeat Celestia no less.”

“Wait, one of them did that to you?” Dusk asked.

“I know it had to have been their leader. She was always the most arrogant of them.” Daybreaker added, crushing a nearby rock in her hand. She lets out another groan as her insides only grew hotter. “Dammit… what am I supposed to do about this?” She asked looking at Dusk with a dark, yet curious expression.

“ do I put this with you turning me into charcoal?” Dusk asked himself while rubbing the back of his head. “ have to… um… ya know....”

“Would you just spit it out?” Daybreaker Demanded. “What am I supposed to do about this damn burning between my legs?”

“Uh...well… l..I...y-y-you” Dusk stammered.

“For Fuck’s Sake Dusk...” Dusk could hear his other half getting annoyed the longer he was listening to Dusk’s conversation. “Would it kill you to say that you gotta fuck her brains out to sate her burning lust?”

“I’m trying to stay ALIVE here!” Dusk yelled in his head.

“Not my fault you’re a wimp…”

“Will you for once SHUT UP!!?” Dusk shouted in his mind, glaring at his necklace.

“Not my fault she’s literally hotter than the sun.” Demon dusk remarked. Daybreakers ear twitched at his comment, and it actually made her blush.

“You do realize she can hear us right?” Dusk said.

“I know...I wanted her to hear us.”


“Maybe…” Demon Dusk chuckled as the necklace around him stopped glowing. “But look at it this way, you’d be helping each other by doing this…”

“It’s like I can’t go one day without having to take my pants off so long as you’re around.”

“I know…”

“If you’re done with your little conversation,” Daybreaker said in annoyance, getting the attention of Dusk and his other half. “You said you wanted to ‘fuck my brains out’ as you call your modern term, but let me show you both something.” She then stands up on weak legs and picks up a rock that happened to be near her. She puts it right under her mare hood, and Dusk soon hears a sizzling noise and watches in shock as the rock glowed red and started melting in her hands and pooling on the ground as hot molten lava. Dusks face goes pale at what he saw as he feared what would happen when he got under there.

“Wow, and I thought it was a furnace down there but this is just ridiculous...I like it.”

‘I HAVE TO STICK MY DICK IN THERE?!!’ He mentally exclaimed. Daybreaker gave Dusk a looked of both anger and embarrassment at his other half comment.

‘Don’t forget that you have me Dusk…’ Demon Dusk followed up.

“From what you can see... uuunnngghh... you can obviously guess what’s wrong here…” Daybreaker began, shaking Dusk out of his shocked and frozen gaze. “If you try going anywhere near me you’ll end up like the last few stallions that tried to court me.”

“What other stallions?” Dusk asked, still pale from the rock.

“Exactly... aaggghh... anypony brave enough to court me ended up in a pile of ashes.” She followed up. “The amount of will I’m using right now is just enough for me to keep you from meeting the same fate...ooohhh…”

“Didn’t you try to kill me just a few minutes ago?” Dusk asked, still unsure what to think of this.

“True, but this burning is starting to become a pain in the ass,” Daybreaker added, kneeling again. “Plus, to be honest, I’ve never been with a male alicorn before. So maybe you might last longer than the others.”

“You’re really questioning me about that?” Dusk asked in a blunt tone.

“Most of the stallions that tried to court me couldn’t even get within five feet of me because of my heat.”

“More like they couldn’t get their dicks within five feet of you…”

“What was that?!” She growled.

“Just ignore him, he likes being a dick.”

“More like shoving my dick in that fine pussy of hers...” Demon dusk remarked.

“Will you SHUT UP!!” Dusk exclaimed.

“You try, and you’ll end up like all the others that tried to bed me,” Daybreaker remarked.

“Well, I guess you haven’t met or slept with an incubus then.”

“And what makes you so certain that you…!” Daybreaker stopped mid-sentence as she realized what was going on. “I’m talking to a cheap, glowing trinket.” She sighed to herself.

“HEY, who are you calling a cheap trinket!”

“Well, It’s not my fault you are one around ‘his’ neck.” Daybreaker shot back with a groan.

“Look,” Dusk said getting both Daybreaker and Dusk’s attention. Both her and Demon Dusk stop arguing and Daybreaker looks back at Dusk. “I’d rather not have you two starting a fight since I’m attached to him.”

“True, I’m not somepony to be that childish.” Daybreaker followed up.

“But he does have a point,” Dusk replied standing up from his previous spot. “You technically haven’t been with an incubus before, and depending on their mate, they can change their shape to suit their needs.”

“Interesting…” Daybreaker remarked. “If that’s the case, then what creature do you think will be willing to handle my level of heat?”

“Well, I can transform into a dragon because they are the most resistant to fire and they can bathe in lava. I would be able to resist your heat while in that form. But how come you hadn’t thought of asking a dragon when you first appeared?”

“Hmpf... I actually asked a fledgling dragonlord by the name of Torch. Stubborn, greedy, bastard, he said he didn’t have time for such a trivial request especially from a weak pony.” She fumed. “I would’ve burned him where he stood if it wasn’t for Celestia tricking me at the time and my imprisonment.

“Wait...dragonlord Torch?” Dusk said surprised.

“Yes, do you know him?”

“Yes I actually do, I met him when Barb was summoned for the choosing of the new dragonlord.”

“So the old drake has finally given up his throne, then who’s the dragon lucky enough to be dragonlord?”

“Princess Ember, his daughter.”

“That arrogant, overgrown lizard has a DAUGHTER?!!” Daybreaker exclaimed.

“Yes, and my dragon assistant is friends with her too.” Dusk followed up.

“A lot has certainly changed in the past thousand years then.” Daybreaker followed up, but she soon lets out another groan as the burning was starting to get to her. “And I clearly can’t do a damn thing with this heat going on right now, so are you going to do something about it or what?”

“Um, could you give me and my other half just a few minutes?” Dusk asked in a polite manner.

“And if possible, not look into my head?”

“Fine, make it quick.” She huffed. “But if you try to run away, you’ll wind up like the rock on the floor.” She added with a menacing glare. Dusk takes a few quick steps away from Daybreaker until he was a safe distance from her.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Dusk asked his other half.

“Don’t blame me... she’s the one who’s in heat.”

“But what if we don’t survive? I die, you die with me.”

“Don’t forget, you have me. Not to mention I fucked and overpowered Equestria’s former villains and survived.”

“I was under your control then.” Dusk shot back. “But I see your point…”

“Whatever... The point is you have me whether you like it or not, and if you let me off the leash, I’ll help you handle her and her heat.”

Dusk groaned. “You better not mess this up for the both of us, and please try to keep us alive.”

“ now you want ‘my’ help?”

“I don’t need you rubbing my nose in it. Yes, I need your freaking help!” Dusk groaned. “Just don’t screw this up for my body when you’re done.”

“The only thing I’m screwing is that voluptuous ass of hers, and then those nice soft tits of hers are next, and then…”

“I get it you really want to fuck her.” Dusk groaned in response, cutting off his other half. “Let’s just get on with it so we can get out of this deathtrap of a mountain.”

“A pony only interested in the climax, you must be a real hit with the ladies.” He teased.

“I hate you so much sometimes,” Dusk growled, finished with his conversation he walked back towards Daybreaker who had a pained impatient look on her face.

“Well...uugghh...what did you decide?” She asked.

“Uhh...actually, in order for me to mate with you and not get killed, I would need to release my other half to uuhh...sate your heat.”

“So to put it in your simple terms,” She began in a blunt tone. “You need to let your demon half off the leash just to ‘fuck’ me and for this damn burning to stop?” She added, pointing towards her marehood.

“Umm...yes... that’s really the only way to stop your heat.” Dusk followed up. Daybreaker huffed, knowing what little options she has. She sighed knowing that in order for the burning between her legs to stop she would need to mate with someone and the only one that could do that was standing in front of her.

“If he can come out then...ooohhh...make the bastard come out.” She snapped.

“Alright.” Dusk sighed. “But just to warn you, you asked for it.”

“Oh yeah, next stop poon city.” Demon Dusk exclaimed wickedly. Dusk then focused on letting go of his mind and slipping himself into an unconscious state, almost like falling off a waterfall and landing into a bowl of jelly. Soon enough Daybreaker saw Dusk let go and his head along with the rest of his body began to slump forward.

Thinking he was going to fall Daybreaker took a couple steps and was about to grab him when he suddenly righted himself up and went rigid. Daybreaker was confused by this until Dusk raised his head up and she couldn’t help but notice something different about him now. He looked up into Daybreakers eyes, and she could see a large grin spread across his face.

“Dusk was it?” She asked confused. “Are you there?”

“Sorry,” Demon Dusk remarked as he opened his eyes to reveal now red slits.

“But I’m afraid he isn’t here right now.” A rune circle soon appeared below him and rose up making Daybreaker stumble backwards as Dusk renewed his transformation. His teeth showed, and they seemed sharper, sharp enough to cut into meat, and his coat began to darken from a lavender purple to a dark shade of maroon, his hair soon began to change from dark purple to a pitch black color and a white streak replacing the violet highlight in Dusks hair.

His previous clothing disappeared as well. His broad chest and muscular arms stood out on his body, and his lower parts were only covered by a black loincloth. The loincloth did little to try and hide his massive bulge between his legs. The last to change was his wings since the feathers on his wings fell off only to be replaced by the membrane for batlike wings.

“So… this is your demonic half…” Daybreaker said with a hint of curiosity as well as a bit of arousal in her voice, but at the same time disappointment due to his height. “But I was expecting for you to be a bit… taller…”

“Just wait…” Demon Dusk remarked with lust but growled the last part in response. “I have to use a form, that will suit your...tastes…” He added with a lick of his lips.

Daybreaker was confused on what he meant by that until his growling suddenly intensified and he suddenly grew taller. His hooves split apart, replacing them with claw-like feet. His hands turned to sharpened claws. His fur was replaced with thick dark purple scales and a light purple underbelly. His muzzle spread out more, and his teeth grew much sharper than normal. Finally he demon tail turned into a long reptilian tail, as he flexed his mighty wings and let out a destructive roar.

“Ah, that’s better…” Demon Dusk said, stretching his claws out.

“Woah…” Daybreaker said in shock, but in the same time arousal. “And I thought you were bluffing about the dragon form...but could you do something about that?” She added pointing down. Dusk would be confused, but he looks down and sees that his loincloth ripped off in the Transformation, leaving the male fully naked and showing off his erect twin cocks.

“I thought I was the one hot and bothered, but I guess I’m wrong.”

“Must you make a snide joke every time you open your mouth?” Daybreaker growled.

“Do you want me to fuck you, or wait for you to burn a hole in the floor?” Demon Dusk remarked with a dark gaze. She was going to say something, but the burning between her nethers reminded her of what she needed right now.

“Fine, let’s get this started shall we?”

Walking up, Demon Dusk grabbed hold of Daybreaker by her shoulders, surprising her slightly by his strength all the while grinding his newly twin dragons between her legs towards both of her lower hole’s.

“I’d though you never ask.”

Claiming DayBreaker: Turning Up The Heat

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“I’m going to enjoy every minute of this Daybreaker…” Demon Dusk responded, while massaging her huge breasts still concealed by her armor. “Won’t be long before you’re screaming my name…”

“Hmph, you think it’s gonna be that easy don’t you?” Daybreaker said smugly while grabbing his arm tightly. This confused Dusk, until he felt himself lifted in the air and tossed to the ground. He groans from the impact and looks up to see Daybreaker standing over him. “Think again.”

“The hell was that for?” He asked in anger, trying to stand up, only for something metal to latch onto both of his arms. He looks down at his arms to see that metal cuffs in the wall, latched onto both of his arms, pulling him backwards and pinning him to the wall. Another chain latches around his neck that was connected to a leash that Daybreaker was now holding in her hand. He couldn’t move as much and Daybreaker only smirked as she stood in front of the demonic dragon with a lust filled grin.

“My heat has come back to haunt me after over one-thousand years, and you come along offering me some clemency.” She added, crawling on top of him, rubbing her curvaceous body on his smooth scales. “So if you think I’m gonna let you be the dominant partner, you’re sorely mistaken.”

“Guessing you prefer to be the more dominant one?”] He asked more aroused than he was angry.

“I prefer to be…” She added, one of her armored hands reaching down and stroking one of his girthy lengths. “Its either my way, or I burn you to cinders.”

“Heh...I do like a mare that fights back… so I guess I’ll let you have your way…”

“Good boy…” Daybreaker teased as she stepped from him with lust in her tone. “I want to at least enjoy this when I have my fun with you.” She added, rubbing her voluptuous body onto his own body. She soon takes her other hand and rubs it against his face.

“So long as you do what I say, we won’t have a problem.” Daybreaker added as she gets off of Dusk and her horn ignited in a red glow. The sound of a click from behind could be heard and the armor on her body fell to the floor, letting her curvaceous body bounce free from its confined, uncomfortable prison. She later undid the gauntlet restraints on her arms, letting them both fall to the floor.

“Mmm...feels good to get out of that stuffy armor…” She teased, giving a strut in her step making Dusk’s mouth water. “I think It’s fair that I get started with quenching my feral heat.” She added stroking Dusk’s raging lengths that twitched in anticipation. Both of his cocks twitched in her palms and she could easily feel them throbbing as beads of precum dripped from the tips.

“ demons must produce quite a lot if you’re this big...” She responded while groping his massive testicles. “How much can you truly produce with these?”

“Somewhere around three to four gallons.” Demon Dusk replied with a smug look on his face. “Depends on which form I take.”

“Interesting.” She added with a devilish smirk. “Might as well have a... sample… so let’s start off with something... fun…” She added with a lick of her lips. Hefting both of her breasts under her arms, she wraps Dusk’s twin dragons between them. Dusk groaned at how soft and firm her breasts were and his body shudders on how soft her body was. Given her size, she was on a different level.

‘Damn she’s good…’ He thought as he nearly let out another moan from his mouth. ‘How is she able to do this even though I just found her?’

“You’d be surprised that sex hasn’t changed in the past one-thousand years…” She said, looking up at Dusk. He wasn’t surprised that she was able to read his mind, but he was curious on how she knew about it. “What? Did you expect that I was a shy pony? Back when I was a part of Celestia, she used to sneak out sometimes, and ended up in some very unique places.”

“What kind of... ‘groan’ places?” He asked, when he felt her tongue start licking at his tips.

“One place, was an old dance club for stallions.” She added, motioning her breasts around his lengths making the male shudder. “There was also a gentleman’s club at a bar where mares would dance in skimpy clothes.”

“Well now, I’m surprised…”

“Exactly,” Daybreaker replied as she felt his cocks twitching again, and more droplets of precum leaked from their tips. She licks up the precum, making Dusk shudder again, and she savors the taste in her muzzle and swallows the tips. “You’re innocent goddess isn’t as innocent as you might think.”

“Do tell.” He asked. Daybreaker began to ponder for a bit, until she remembered something Celestia tried with a few male guards.

“There were a few times where she would have the guards strip off their armor after exercising.” She added with a smile. “Then when her sister was of age before she was banished, she got a hold of a large double ended dildo and both sisters used it.”

“Really?” Demon Dusk asked thinking about how naughty Celestia truly is. In the back of his mind, the original Dusk was in shock and shuddered at the fact of how Celestia would commit such explicit acts was unbecoming of a princess.

“Pretty much, now enough storytelling…” She said in a lust filled tone as she moved her breasts faster, massaging his twin lengths and making the dragon shift and squirm. Daybreaker only smiles at this, but Demon Dusk was only playing along for when he had to relieve himself. He could feel his balls churning to release his seed. Daybreaker felt his twin lengths throbbing between her breasts, uncontrollably and knew what was about to happen.

“Damn, I feel like I’m gonna burst any moment.” Demon Dusk groaned as he felt his cocks twitching. “I’m gonna-!”

Dusk couldn’t even finish when he no longer felt the softness of her breasts, but felt something rough blocking his cocks from release. He looks down with a pained look on his face to see that Daybreaker hands were squeezing down on his cocks rather hard. She was smirking as whatever Dusk wanted to release, had to force itself back down towards has balls. She was squeezing harder, making him groan in pain until he felt his seed rushing back down. Daybreaker smiles and let’s go after that and begins stroking his lengths.

“The fuck was that for?” Demon Dusk asked in anger, only for Daybreaker to squeeze down onto his lengths again, making him groan.

“I’d choose my next words carefully if I were you…” She said in a threatening manner, making the drake shudder in response. He knew that he had to be careful after that since she was literally holding his groin in her hands.

“Still, could you at least be a little less rough on it?”

“I’ve been pent up for the last 1000 years…” She growled. “So until I’m satisfied, you’re not allowed to cum until I say so.”

“How do you expect me to take care of your urges then?” He asked.

“You’re an incubus aren’t you?” She asked in a dull tone. “You should know how to deal with a mare’s urges.”

“How do you expect me to do that if I’m bound to the wall?” He asked. Daybreaker bluntly stares at him and squeeze down on his lengths again, making the drake groan in pain again.

“I told you that I’m in control here.” She added in a dark tone. “And this is to make sure you don’t run away.” She added. She then uses her magic to fondle his ever large balls that were throbbing from the earlier stunt she did. “You wouldn’t want to see these go bye-bye, do you?”

Demon Dusk was frozen since she knew where she was going at and dared not to move. He only sighed in defeat. “That’s right, now are you going to do what I ask?”

“Okay, I’ll be quiet…” He said in defeat, and Daybreaker only smiles, seeing as she had her toy submit to her. He was still annoyed since Daybreaker pretty much edged him, but he needed an opportunity if any to try and get back at her.

“Well with that out of the way,” She added, sitting up all while still stroking his lengths. “Let’s move onto the next phase shall we?” She looks deep into his eyes and could see that he really hasn’t fully submitted yet, but she was going to change that. She was at least cheering in her mind that she has actually dominated a demonic being.

She soon turns around to where her ass was facing him and she grinds her bubbly ass against his crotch. Dusk only groaned as he felt his cock getting painfully hard at feeling her soft ass cheeks and the heat from her soaked pussy felt like a raging furnace. Any normal stallion would’ve had their dick melted off straight away, but with Dusk being an alicorn and an incubus, he would only feel a normal mares heat as if she was any other mare.

“My... my...” She teased, as she grabbed her prey’s face and made him faced her. “I bet you just wish you could take me right now?” She added, making him groan as he felt her juices leaking down his groin. She slowly spreads her legs apart, teasing his loins.

‘Damn, he’s big…’ She thought to herself. ‘I bet he’s been splitting a lot of mares nearly in half with those monsters.’

‘I need to find a way out of these damn arm braces…’ Demon Dusk thought to himself as he struggled to get loose. Daybreaker would then channel her magic in her horn and two rings would appear in her hand. She turns to Dusk with a sinister smile while Dusk only looks at her confused.

“What’re those for?” Demon Dusk asked. Daybreaker only smiles as her hands dart for his twin dragons. He feels the metal rings locking in place at the base of his knots on his cocks.

“Oh just a little something to make sure that you don’t cum before I do.” She added, gliding a circle on his chest. “When you feel when i still haven’t gotten off,” She added cupping his large balls again. “Theses rings are going to force your climax back down when you're ready to release it.”

Demon Dusk wanted to say something, but he needed to hold himself back since she was literally holding his balls in her hands. She soon lets go of his balls and align his cocks with both of her holes and her juices trail down to where they lubed up his twin dragons. Dusk had to stomach what was gonna happen and was looking for anything to get out of this.

Daybreaker suddenly slams her hips downward gripping both of Demon Dusk’s cocks into her tight holes. She yelps in response as she felt a sharp pain in her marehood and Dusk groaned at how tight she was compared to the others. She was too focused on the pain to realize that her strength causes the restraints on Demon Dusk’s arms to loosen up slightly, which he seemed to notice fairly quickly.

“F-fuck!” She growled at the sharp pain between her legs and her body shudders from the incredible experience. “What is this?” She asked turning towards Dusk.

“That’s your cherry popping.” He added in a callous tone. “Then again, it’s what happens when you sleep with a one-thousand year old virgin trapped in a jewel- !” He didn’t get to finish his rant when he felt her hand grab him by the throat.

“And you didn’t tell me this why?” She growled.

“Didn’t you think to ask me about it?” Demon Dusk replied, still groaning from the grip of her hand on his throat. “What you thought that it wouldn’t be painful on the first try or something?”

“How does it stop?” She growled.

“Calm down… you just have to wait for the pain to subside.” Demon Dusk replied, trying not to say sound like a smartass and risk losing his family jewels. “It usually takes a minute for it to die down.”

“Fine,” She added letting go of his throat. “But don’t forget that I’m in control. Try anything funny, and you’ll regret it.” She turns back around and waits for the pain in her marehood to dull to a mere throbbing sensation, and she felt that it was time for her to more.

Daybreaker starts pulling out ever so slowly until the inch if his tip were left inside. She would then slam her hips backwards to where she would take his twin cock back into both of her holes. Demon Dusk only groaned at feeling her soft ass against his pelvis as she started off at a slow pace, trying to get used to his size as her lower holes slowly but surely mold to the size of his dragon cocks.

‘Damn...this is harder than it looks…’ She thought to herself as she gyrates her hips on to his pelvis. ‘Those other mares Celestia has seen make it look so easy…’

‘Damn it...why can’t our roles be reversed right now? He thought as he felt her rounded ass rubbing against his groin. She was trying to get used to his size, but at the same time was teasing him on purpose just to try and get a rise out of him. He did his best to try and control himself as her insides from her marehood and ass constantly constricted around his cocks everytime she pulled away.

“ like that...don’t you...stud?” She moaned slamming her hips backwards again. Demon Dusk continued to moan with her as he really couldn’t speak with the growing lust building between them. It also wasn’t helping Demon Dusk’s position as he felt himself getting close once again, only to have the rings blocking his release. Something started squeezing down on the base of his cock

“The hell?” He groaned as he felt the rings squeezing on his lengths to keep whatever wanted to come out, only to go back down to his aching nutsack.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did that hurt?” She teased with a mischievous smirk, seeing the look on his face as he felt his balls getting bigger. Demon Dusk felt the rings squeezing down to keep him from cumming as she used him like a toy for her burning desires.

“You’re...enjoying this aren’t you?” He groaned as she gave another slam of her hips onto his pelvis. The smile she was giving With each slam she gave, he felt the shackles on his arms loosening up and he only needed another push. He felt this rings gripping harder on his cock making him groan out in both pleasure and pain as he needed to cum.

“Want a release that bad?” She teased, looking at the expression on his face. With a “Then beg for it.”

“What?” Demon Dusk asked in a mix of shock and anger. “You really expect me to-ARGH!!” He gets cut off as another heavy slam of her mighty hips, forces him to choke back on his words. He was getting annoyed, but he needed one more push to try and break free of the restraints.

“It won’t be that hard for you.” She teased with a sinister grin, her tail swishing at his face. “The sooner you beg, the sooner you release your pent up frustrations. Now what’s it going to be?” She added all while teasing him further, pulling up from the stallion to where only his tips stay inside, and he precum drips on the floor. Demon Dusk finally had enough and speaks two words.


“Please... what?” She added, turning to face him, all while grabbing his face with one hand.


“Come can do better than that…” She added, licking at his face. Her inner walls clench around both of his dicks and Dusk finally says what she wants to hear.

“Please...let me...cum...mistress…”

“Good boy…” She said, letting go of what she thought was a defeated demon. She aligns his cock back with her lower holes, and resumes her bouncing and he could feel the rings slowly loosening around the base of his twin dragons. Her breasts bounce in his face with her rhythmic movements as her thrusts start to become harder. Demon Dusk was planning it though as the shackles loosened even further, as Daybreaker continues her assault on her toy.

Dusk could feel his balls churning as his breathing becomes rasped in his throat and Daybreaker’s moans increased in volume as she seemed to be lost in pleasure. She felt her walls clenching on his pelvis and soon as they felt their climax coming closer, she finally hilts herself down and her walls clamp down on Dusk hard enough to make him release his load.

Demon Dusk groans as he release his pent up load inside the pent up queen and she felt her stomach expanding outward much to her shock, that she didn’t realize the locks on Demon Dusk’s arms coming apart from the wall.

Daybreaker was melting in ecstasy from the rather large filling she got from Demon Dusk, and relished at the thought of taming a demonic pony, but she was going to be wrong, really fast. She was lost in her self pleasure of being filled to the brim, that she didn’t realize that her strength was enough to loosen Dusk’s restraints, to the point where he could rip them off. Now he just needed the opportunity for when her guard was down.

“ sure are productive…” She teased, looking down at her bloated belly. “If I hadn’t made my ovaries sterile with my magic, I surely would’ve gotten pregnant.” She added, pulls herself off of Dusk’s cocks and uses her magic to deflate her stomach of his seed. She turns back to the male to find that he was still hard.

“My my, still hard for me?” She teased, walking back towards what she deemed her broken victim.

“I guess breaking you was truly the perfect satisfaction for my revenge on my weaker half Princess Celestia.” She added looking at Dusk with a sinister glare in her eyes. She cups Dusk dazed face and was thinking on ways of making Celestia break. “Bringing a tamed stallion at Celestia’s defeated hooves will be perfect for when I overthrow her.”

“I wouldn’t count on that.” Demon Dusk said with a smirk, confusing Daybreaker. Dusk seizes the opportunity and lunges forward, taking Daybreaker down with him to where she was face first on the floor.

“You bastard!” She screamed, looking back at the smirking demon. “What do you think you’re doing to me?”

“Paying you back for earlier.” He said, his hands snaking towards her breasts. He grabs the malleable flesh dome and tweaks her orange nipples making the mare moan if response.

“How did you...ahn ...even get loose?” She moaned as his clawed hands started to leave marks on her breasts.

“The next time you want to bind someone you want to use as a sex toy, be mindful of that strength of yours.” He followed up, looking behind him. Daybreaker sees that the shackles were in ruins and felt her anger starting to boil.

“I’ll make you pay for you inso- AGH!!” She didn’t get to finish her threat, when she felt a set of fangs into her neck. She looks down to see that Demon Dusk biting down on her neck and she didn’t even react to it until his fangs entered her neck. She felt something enter her veins at a rapid pace, and soon Dusk pulls away from the shocked mare.

“There we go…” Demon Dusk smirked, wiping his cheeks of fresh blood that was caked on his lips from the bite.. ”Even your blood is spicy.”

Daybreaker looked very pissed at Dusk as she stood up and grabbed the smiling demon by his throat, but he was seemingly unphased. “If you think deceiving me and drinking my blood is enough to steal my-!!!”

She stopped her threat when she felt her body suddenly tense up, and she suddenly slumps to the floor. Her body soon feels like it was on fire, worse than when her normal heat was earlier. Demon Dusk simply stands over her laughing and stretches his body from the stiffness he was on earlier.

“Wh-what did you do to me?” She panted, her breathing becoming hitched in her throat as her heart rate increased rapidly. So much as breathing on her body only made her feel like keeling over.

“Like I said, paying you back for earlier.” He added, kneeling in front of her. “I just gave you some of my venom to make this a little more fun.”


“Just a little something to boost your sexual desire, but it looks like I gave you a little too much venom after I bit you.”

“You little bastard!” she shouted trying to stand up, only to have her body burn up immensely and she slumps back to the floor. Demon Dusk was smiling, but he suddenly felt a wall of heat from the panting mare as she turned over to her side. Demon Dusk then looks towards her marehood to see that she was dripping constantly. He got an alarm for when it touched the ground and it melted into the rock below her. “M-make it st-stop…”

“Can’t exactly do that right now.” Demon Dusk replied, caressing the mares’ face. “Once my venom enters a mare system, it doesn’t go away until I sate their burning lust and desires.”

“You wretched little-Mmph!!” She couldn’t even yell at the demonic half breed with the burning only getting worse.

“Oh now, don’t be like that.” Demon Dusk replied, walking over to the panting Daybreaker and caressed her cheek. “I do plan to take good care of you, but now I’m doing things my way.”

Demon Dusk suddenly grabs her by her fiery mane, making the mare yelp in response. She growled after making eye contact with Dusk’s face, her fangs baring in anger from being tricked.

“I swear I’ll get you back for this!”

“Yeah, I remember Nightmare Moon saying something like that before claiming her.” He added, yanking her mane forcing her to face him. “If you were whining about your heat now, you’re really gonna scream when the venom really kicks in.”

“What are you even talking abou-!!!” Daybreaker tried to say, but was immediately cut off by the sharp burning pain in her lower abdomen. She hunched over and curls up in a ball as the burning spreads throughout her body and it got worse.

“And it looks like the aphrodisiac kicked in.” Demon Dusk replied “Your entire body is growing increasingly sensitive as time goes on. Even so much as breathing on you makes you shudder.”

“Y-you...bastard…f...fuck…” She groaned. Her breathing soon got worse and an amused Demon Dusk get in front of her. He grabs her by her fiery mane, causing her to cry out in pain, as he forced her to look at him.

“If you have time to insult me, I think that pretty little mouth of yours should be used for something else.” He replied, forcing her on her back. She groaned when she hit the floor, and looked up only to see the purple dragon towering over her. She could hardly move thanks to the venoms potent effects and the Purple drake was now sitting on her stomach with his ‘twin serpents’ between her massive melons.

“Bastard...can’t help yourself... can you?” She growled, but was still very aroused thanks to the venom in her system.

“Hey, with melons like yours how can I not help myself?” Demon Dusk replied as he began thrusting between the voluminous mounds of flesh attached to the demonic alicorn. Daybreaker only moaned as Dusk continued to tease her mammaries and Dusk only grew increasingly aroused as he tweaks and teases her nipples. He didn’t stop there either. Daybreaker would feel something long dancing between her legs and looks up to Dusk.

“W-what are you doing?” She asked looking up at a smirking demon Dusk.

“Paying you back for earlier.” Demon Dusk replied. Daybreaker was wondering what was teasing her marehood, until she looks behind the towering drake to see his long serpentine tail moving around like a snake on her drenched slit. He wasn’t showing any mercy as teasing her chest and marehood left her moaning out even if she tried to suppress them.

“C-cocky...bastard…” She moaned out with how he kept teasing her lower entrance. “Th-this is n-nothing to me…”

“You really think that, do you?” He said with a snicker. “Then why don’t we turn things up a notch?”

“What are you-!!” She didn’t even get a chance to say anything when she felt something thick entering her marehood. She ends up yelping and looks behind Dusk to see that his draconic tail entered her marehood. It felt different then when his cock first entered her marehood as the scales were scraping at the insides of her fiery canal. She tensed her legs as her juices were gushing with each thrust his tail made in her marehood at this point.

“Well now, is the great Daybreaker squirming?” Demon Dusk replied teasing her nipple again and Daybreaker trying her best to give him a defiant expression.

“Don’t...mmph...test me…you horny...bastard...” She moaned out still trying to hold strong, but the venom was taking it’s toll on her as this continued.

“I think what you need is some discipline.” He said all while letting go of her nipples confusing her.

“What are you-Mmph!!” Daybreaker didn’t get to finish as she felt his hands grab at her head. She suddenly felt one of his twin appendages enter her mouth while the other just glides against her face. Daybreaker felt his first cock his the back of her throat even with the two of them between her tits and the musk of his sex as well as hers filled her nostrils from their earlier bout and she only felt her arousal growing.

‘Damn bastard...when I get out of’re dead…’ She thought to herself as Demon Dusk still had his way with her. The musk from his cocks was starting to get to her and she needed a way to get back in control. Demon Dusk wasn’t going to have it though as he had her where he wanted her.

“If you think you’re regaining control, I got news for you,” He added with a sinister smile.“It’s not gonna happen.” He followed on that promise with his horn glowing and his dragon cocks starts glowing.

“What was that about?” She asked confused. Demon Dusk only smiles as his horn glows again and it surrounded the two cocks he had between her breasts. A bright flash soon followed and Daybreak could see that his cocks suddenly got bigger and it now had spines surrounding the mass flesh rods.

“Wh-what the?” She asked in shock.

“You really shouldn’t have underestimated me.” he snarled, eyes flashing brightly as a grin as sinister as the gates of Tartarus spread onto his cheeks.

Fear, plain as day dawned on the face of the fiery creature. Her breath caught in her throat, body trembling slightly as she sensed, as she felt, the power radiating off the dark specimen before her. His grip changed positions, tightening around her throat and pinning her head straight to the ground. Her airflow was restricted, lungs were beginning to burn after so many seconds have passed. Her eyes fluttered, consciousness fading, only to feel his grip release and air to come flooding back into her lungs. She gasped, long and loud, cheeks burning red with a strange mix of pain, frustration… and arousal.

“There we go… lungs nice and full? Still with us, my eager little slut?” he asked with a long, slow, deep chuckle afterwards, the ominous intentions soon rolling off Dusk like a boulder. “Trust me, my lovely little toy, with what I’m going to do with you from now until… well, until I get bored is going to be hard, painful… and also very, very pleasurable for the both of us…”

“You… you won’t break me,” The flame-wielding monster snarled, trying to shake off as much of the fear as she could, only to fail miserably in doing so.

“Sweetie, dearest Daybreaker…” he snarled, fingers closing around her throat once again and beginning to choke her a second time. “Your determination and bravado has been quite an arousing thing to witness while you’ve been ‘playing’ boss. But right now, with you flat out of options, me getting quite tired of hearing it and more than a little eager to really cut loose… I feel that it’s time you drop your pathetic little big girl attitude, close that annoying little mouth of yours…”

He leaned close to her, glowing eyes burning like coals in the fire, truly piercing her deepest, darkest depths and inspiring fear the likes of which she had never seen before in every part of her body.

“And open your fucking legs.”

His tail slammed into the floor next to him, eyes continuing to glare at Daybreaker. The seconds crawled by, the defensive mare still keeping her thick, strong thighs locked shut like a vice as Dusk’s patience began to wear thin.

The demon’s patience snapped, backhanding Daybreaker across the face and producing an all-mighty cracking sound. Stars danced across the vision of the buxom being, pain splintering through her maw as she snarled angrily at Dusk.

His hands were forceful and quick, tearing her legs apart with next to no effort and staring down at her tight, freshly-fucked cunt. A sinister grin spread across his face, eyes lighting up brighter as he stared at his newest toy.

“You won’t break me…” she spat, the venom in her voice as thick as the venom in her veins that made her pussy throb so desperately.

“I’ll split you right the fuck in half, my pretty little whore…” Dusk chuckled, aligning his womb-splitting cock with the entrance to her pussy, feeling the heat of her sopping cunt radiate all the way down his shafts. “Starting right… now!”

With a thrust faster than Daybreaker could ever see coming, the demonic beast before her rammed every last inch of his thick, throbbing cock deep inside her. The head of his prick tore past her cervix, slamming as deep into her baby cave as possible. Daybreaker threw her head back and roared, part in pain and mostly in pleasure. Her eyes rolled back, feeling the thick knots pulsing just against the lips of her full cunt.

Her eyes dragged downwards, lip trembling as she stared at the enormous bulge poking out from within in her stomach. The hung bastard’s cock had speared her so deep and so hard that it pushed her belly out far enough for her to lick it if she would just leaned her head forward.

Her brain was drowning in a mix of pleasure, fury, and further desperation, teeth clenched down tight enough to make her jaw hurt. Her eyes stared deep into his, radiating naught else but hatred for the demonic bastard that he reduced her to being nothing more than his plaything. When she got free… when this venom wore off… she’d tear him limb from limb, feast on every morsel of meat he had on him and then use the bones to pick her-

Dusk slapped her across the face again, another agonising crack sounding throughout the room, launching her head to the right and sending pain rocketing through her body. He curled his hand into a pointed finger, placing it right in front of Daybreaker’s face, trembling with barely restrained anger as he glared at her viciously.

“That’s a bad look for a mare as pretty as yourself to have,” he said in a warning tone of voice. “Fix your face, or I’ll fix it for you.”

“Fuck yo-” she began, only to receive another slap mixed in with a second, powerful thrust from Dusk’s cock.

She screamed again, watching her stomach retract and then bulge out once again as the titanic cock she had buried inside her fucked her deeper than anything she could’ve possibly imagined. Her entire body felt as if it was on fire as the cock within her body moved in and out of her as she was used as his personal cock sleeve.

“F...fuck…” Daybreaker groaned still feeling this thickness of his cocks as he was close to getting balls deep into her cunt and ass. “!”

“Still defiant aren’t you?” Demon Dusk replied in a lustful tone followed by another hard thrust as the smile on his face started to grow.

“I...won’ you…” Daybreaker panted, but moaned as Dusk did another thrust into her marehood.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Demon Dusk replied with a lustful tone.

“The buck are you-!” She stopped mid sentence when she felt his first cock leaving her marehood. He follows up by turning her around before she says anything and looks down at his throbbing twin dragons.

“Let’s see if you can take both at the same time now.” He added as he strokes his two dragon cocks. Daybreaker was trying her best to keep a straight face as this was going on, but he could tell that she was getting very nervous.

His first cock was still wet when it was in her marehood and he was now aiming that particular one straight for her ass. The second one was going for her marehood as he now had her legs spread apart and the two cocks were already poking at both of her holes.

“Bastard, don’t you dare!” She yelled. Dusk only yanks her mane, making her yelp in pain.

“Quiet bitch!” Demon Dusk replied in a dark tone, yanking on her mane tighter, making her groan. “Like it or not, it’s payback time!”

“Don’t you bucking Da-!!!” Daybreaker didn’t even get to finish as Dusk thrusts upward, while at the same time, slams her down onto his pelvis. She threw her head back and an ear splitting scream echoed through the room when she felt both pain and pleasure from having both of her holes filled. Her stomach bulged outward with the new size that Dusk had in his dragon form and she had never taken anything this big in her life.

“Umph! Damn You’re even tighter than before!” He groaned, feeling the tightness of her lower holes. He was about to move, when he notices something odd about Daybreaker. “Hmm?”

He looks down at Daybreaker as she has a pure look of broken lust on her face. Her tongue hung out of her mouth and her body wouldn’t stop twitching as juices trailed from his ballsack and down to the floor, burning holes into the rocky floor.

“Heh, you already came and all I did was stick them in…” He cackled as the mare still twitched in his grip. Demon Dusk would then pull out of the mare and she slumps onto the floor, her juices dripping down onto the floor, slowly eroding some of the bedrock beneath her.



“Why...did you...take it out?”

“Honestly, I think we’re done here.” He added standing up. “You don’t really seem that interesting anymore.”

“You can’t just bucking leave me like this…” She groaned, weakly looking up at him. “My marehood is still practically on fire...”

“Well maybe if you played nice, you wouldn’t be in this position now would you? But seeing as you won’t admit to what you really want, I’ll just leave you alone.” Demon Dusk taunted Daybreaker as he wagged his twin rods in her face.

‘The fuck are you doing you asshole?’ Dusk asked from the medallion, still in a panic at what he was trying to do. ‘Are you trying to get us fucking burned alive?’

“Just watch.”

Dusk was confused at what the demon half meant, until he looks at the state Daybreaker was in. She was in a state of pure lust at this point as her loins burned for the need to be taken by a strong male. The burning desire of his seed flooding her womb consuming her like an inferno. The need for a male to sate her burning desire was all she was thinking about at the moment.

“Is something the matter Day-!” Demon Dusk didn’t even get a chance to react when Daybreaker suddenly tackles the dark dragon onto the floor. Fury roaring in her eyes, but Demon Dusk noticed something else resonating from her. She lured at him with anger and lust as she grinds her hips against his crotch.

“You’re...not...leaving me...line flankhole…” She growled.

“Oh I beg to differ my dear, I’m not the one grinding herself on me like some wanton slut who’s desperate enough to lay with anyone.”

“Sh-shut up…” She managed to get out as she felt his clawed hands dig deep into her supple flesh. Demon Dusk could feel that his work was getting to her, and now he needed to hit the final nail in the coffin in order for her to be truly his.

“I’ll bet you want me to grip your ass and pound you like a bitch in heat since the burning only gets worse as time drags on.” He teased, grinding his throbbing lengths against the crack in her ass. Daybreaker’s nails would scratch into Dusk’s hardening scales, and he wouldn’t feel anything. He smiles as he says three words.

”Beg for it.”


“You heard me.” Demon Dusk replied in a dark tone, while caressing her face. “I want you to beg for me to sate your burning desires, or else they’ll never be tamed and you'll remain as you are. I'd wish you luck on finding some other chump to sate your desires, but that's not gonna happen.”

“You really expect me to-Mmph!” She tried to speak only to have her words shoved down her throat as Dusk’s tail slaps her ass making her flinch and let out a slight yelp. She shuddered at his touch and Demon Dusk only smiles as he needed one more push to get her to crack. Being an incubus, he can alter parts of his body at will to fit his desires. And he thought of something that would be very kinky and sweet at the same time. Splitting his reptilian tail into three separate tails, he transforms them into mouth like suckers with needle like stingers inside of them. The last one he turned into another stinger

“Wh-what is that?” She asks as she finally noticed the needles that were hovering over her nipples and marehood. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll find out.” He replied with a lick of his lips. The suckers soon latched onto her nipples and Daybreaker soon felt the needle appendages entering them, but she didn’t realize that the needles entered her nipples. The stinger needle went for her marehood and felt it stinging her sensitive clit. Unknown to her, the needles secreted a green fluid that entered her breasts and he would soon retract the needles from her breasts and pulled away. Daybreaker thought that she felt nothing, but the familiar burning sensation happened again, only this time it was much worse. She couldn’t stand as she hugged her body and scrunched up in pain as her breasts felt extremely sore as did her aching cunt. Dusk began chuckling as he stood over her.

“…” She panted as she could barely speak as her marehood and breast were practically on fire.

“I told you to beg for it, but now you forced my hand.” Demon Dusk replied in a dark tone as his devilish smirk as he kneeled next to the panting mare. “I mentioned on how my venom can make a mare a drooling mess if I bite down on someone. But if I inject it into the most sensitive areas directly,”

He followed that up by touching one of her sensitive breasts and Daybreakre felt a sudden rush of pleasure out of nowhere causing her to shudder in pleasure. Her breath became hot and ragged as she slumped to the floor, unable to move.

“The pleasure is multiplied ten times higher.” He replied with a sinister cackle. “Oh and another thing, I can even make you feel pain if I wanted to.” Demon Dusk followed up with a slap to her rear making her jolt in shock.

“…” She groaned as she turned over to her back letting her chest out in the open. Daybreaker was thinking to herself how she got in this situation. She was the first one in control, and now a half demon that she knew nothing about turned it back on her.

“You know,” Shadow Heart said in a lustful tone as he moved towards the horny alicorn, spreading her legs open in the process. “I never really did have a chance to taste you. I wonder what flavor your marehood is like.”

Daybreaker didn’t really have a chance to protest when Demon Dusk opened his mouth and sticks his forked tongue into Daybreaker’s dripping snatch. What resulted was her eyes shrinking to pinpricks as her entire body tensing up and shook to the core. She ends up cumming and she felt the floodgates open as she squirts her femenine juices into his mouth. He happily gulped down what she offered as he relinquished it with pleasure. Daybreaker would loosen up afterwards as she lays on the floor dazed and confused as to what happened as Demon Dusk licked his lips and savored her taste.

“Mmmm, spicy yet very sweet at the same time.” “You finally noticed what happened?”

“What... was... that... fluid?” She panted as she glared up at him.

“It personally affects the most sensitive areas as I mentioned before, but magnifies them ten times. Even so much as breathing on you right now with leave you a drooling mess, but I want to take my time breaking you in.” He smirked. “But that’s not all.”

“What are you-!” She was going to ask what he meant, but she felt something wet in the surface of her nipples and at first thought that Dusk licked her when she didn’t notice. She looks at her milky tits and notices a strange white liquid leaking from them. “W-what is this?”

“Well now,” Demon Dusk smirked as he looked down at her with arousal. “I didn’t think you’d be lactating so soon.”


“I wonder how sweet your milk will taste.”

“D-dont you-!” Daybreaker tried to protest but it falls on deaf ears as Demon Dusk uses her tail to grab around her waist and hoist her to where he was eye level with her breasts. He opened up his tooth filled maw and took her left breast into his mouth, suckling onto her left nipple while taking the other in his left hand. Daybreaker threw her head back as she felt streams of milk flowing from her sore breasts and the hulking Demon Dragon continued to play with her.

“B-bastards! D-don’t play with my breast like that!” She moaned out as he continued to play with her bosom. Dusk continued to gulp down more of her alternating between both of her breasts for about a few minutes, until he pulls away from her. She would try to say something until he locks lips with her, force feeding her own milk into her mouth. He broke the kiss as he parted lips with her and

“Not my fault you have such succulent breasts.” He remarked licking his lips. “Your milk also has that same sweet and spicy flavor with a hint of mint. I bet if you could control those powers of yours, stallions would love to go medievil on these luscious orbs.”

Daybreaker's loins squirted out more of her juices from that comment. She tried to deny it, but her body wasn't listening to her. 'Curses! This can't be! I won't give him the satisfaction! I WON'T DO IT!' She yelled in her mind.

“You know you can’t resist forever. It's only a matter of time before you submit to me and become my love slave. Save yourself the trouble and just give up.”

“D-don’t flatter yourself.” She said, trying to put on a brave face, but Demon Dusk wasn’t having any of it. He squeezes down onto her breasts making more of her milk squirt out as he grinds his lengths between her shapely legs.

“Guess if you’re not going to admit it,” Dusk replied as he stopped squeezing onto her breasts and got up from Daybreaker and sets her onto the floor. “Then I guess we’re done here.”

“Wh-what do you mean we’re done?” She asked in confusion, especially as her body was still burning up from the venom throughout her system. “Do something about this damned venom.”

“What do you want me to do?” He teased as he turned around waving his cocks around as if he didn’t care about who was in front of her. “Soon as I inject someone with my venom, it doesn’t wear off unless I say so. So I can’t really help you out with that. There’s only one way to end your torment my dear.”

She couldn't take the burning sensation in her tenderloins any further. If she did, it'll drive her mad and she'll remain like this for the rest of her life. She had no choice. She sighs in defeat. "Victory... is yours. I submit to you. Now please, for the love of Faust, fuck my brains out before I LOSE MY MIND!!!" She yelled the last part.

“That was all I needed to hear my dear.” He said in a lust filled tone as he forces Daybreaker on the floor and spreads her legs wide. He lines up his twin dragons and grinds them against her dripping pussy trying to lube himself up for the main event. Daybreaker whined as she didn’t enjoy the teasing especially since her entire body felt like it was on fire thanks to all the venom he pumped into her system, and he was aware of this. Wasting no more time, you felt your cocks poking into her marehood and asshole that were now a little loose and you plug her holes in a single thrust.

“OH FUCK!!” She screamed as you felt your upper cock entering her womb and your lower cock deep into her anal cavity and it was only two thirds of them inside. The barbs that he had on his twin cocks were scraping at her insides and at the same time hitting her g-spot without even trying. She drenched his pelvis with her feminine juices that flowed out of her marehood like a waterfall and onto the gravel floor.

“Damn, how are you still this tight?” Demon Dusk groaned as he waited for her to stop clinging onto his cocks like a vice.

“Don’t ask questions and just fuck me dammit!” She yelled, locking her legs behind the burly dragon, and he smiles at his prey wanting him to fill her to the brim and sating her burning lust that was still growing. Demon Dusk decides to start with slow, but powerful thrusts that pushed against Daybreaker’s abdomen that made her have mini orgasms on each impact of his twin dragons.

“By the Gods! Yes! Give me more!” DayBreaker yelled out as she was moaning like a whore in heat as his thrusts grew harder and faster as time passed by. Daybreakers breasts were lactating uncontrollably and he did want another drink of her sweet and spicy milk. With a sinister smile, he uses his left hand to massage her right breast, while he suckled on her left breast and streams of milk were flowing out.

Daybreaker’s moans grew louder and louder as the hulky dragon played with her body and his powerful were making her mind go blank and she wanted him more. Demon Dusk’s soon pulls away from her breasts and grabs her head, kissing her and force feeding her milk much to her surprise, but she welcomed the kiss nonetheless as their tongues danced with each other.

Demon Dusk groaned and moaned at how tight she was despite having fucked her so much. Everytime he pulled out of her, she would cling to his twin dragons until he pushed back in. He would soon break the kiss with Daybreaker leaving a bridge of saliva between them.

“Damn, despite my rod fucking you silly, you’re still very tight.” He growled as he gripped her plump ass. Daybreaker moaned as she felt his claws digging into her flesh.

“You seem to know the right places stud…” She moaned out clinging to his cocks like a vice. She soon gave him a naughty smile as she stared into his eyes. Before he could ask her what he was gonna do, she shifts her weight forward making Demon Dusk fall backwards onto the floor, making him land with a grunt when he felt the wind knocked out of him.

“You know,” She began with a growl, of both anger and arousal. “If you were any other stallion that was doing what you’re doing right now, I would’ve probably turned you to ashes.”

“Oh really? Then what’s stopping you?” He teased. She moans when she grinds her crotch against his lengths. She moaned in pleasure while her nails scratch at his scales. She does glare back at him after her moans died down, but her smile was still there.

“I find it interesting on how you’re not afraid of me.The moment you found and opportunity, you took it. I like that…” She added with a sinister grin, still grinding against his lengths. She rubs her bloated belly with how much of the stallions seed he gave her and felt something inside and felt on how she could get addicted to him later down the line. There was no going back on what she was feeling and only wanted more.

“ still eager?” He asks, as his tail reaches behind the mare and he slaps her ass causing her to jolt in surprise and letting out a light moan. “Heh, I’ll take that as a yes then.”[i/i]

“If you’re done talking,” Daybreaker added with a smirk, turning around to where her ass was now facing him. She spreads her legs apart as well as uses two of her fingers to spread her marehood that dripped with his semen and her arousal. “I still have a feral heat that needs quenching. I know you’re nowhere near satisfied yet, so buck me until I can’t walk.”

“Oh don’t worry, I intend to.” Demon Dusk replied stroking his twin dragons. “No doubt we’re going to be here awhile.”

-Three Hours Later-

“Fuck!! Dear Gods Above!!” Daybreaker screamed as she felt her stomach bulge with each thrust that Demon Dusk gave. His claws dug into her ample flesh as the sounds of wet slaps echoed throughout her prison chamber.

‘Damn, and I thought Nightmare Moon was a screamer…’ He thought to himself as he suckled on one of her breasts while squeezing the other. Streams of milk flowed in his mouth and palm as his thrusts became harder and faster with each slam.

“D-don’t stop!! More!!”

“Oh don’t worry… I have more!”

-Seven Hours Later-

“Yes! Keep biting them!” Daybreaker screamed as Demon Dusk bit into her left nipple. Sending waves of pain and pleasure through her body.

‘Damn, and I thought that Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis were screamers.’

-Ten Hours Later-


"You know I always deliver, you sexy slut!" Demon Dusk growled, slamming his twin phalluses even harder in her two tight holes doggy style.

-Twelve Hours Later-

Daybreaker's mind was going blank each second. Demon Dusk had this horny goddess in the palm of his claws, rutting her savagely while on his feet, carrying her by her ass cheeks. Not long after that, the pressure in his phalluses built up and exploded deep in her room and her back doors. Daybreaker screamed loudly from the top of her lungs. She had been violated, humiliated and reduced to a slutty, sticky mess... and she loved it.

Her body quickly went limp after Demon Dusk's climax ended. Now was the time to add the finishing touch. The demon pony laid her down and wrapped a collar around her neck and whispered in her ear. "Tu es à moi maintenant et pour toujours.”

-Morning/Two Days Later-

“Ungh, my head...what a night...” Dusk groaned as he felt really tired, more sore to be honest. Since he was still in a dark cave, he couldn't see the sunlight. He knew he was going to have issues when he leaves the cave, but he isn’t sure if it’s day or night. He tries to stand up, only to feel something large on top of him.

“Mmm?” He said confused as he looked up. He could only make out an orange blob. Dusk still bleary-eyed, tried to push whatever was on top of him off, but he freezes in place when his palm touches something fleshy.

“What the?” Confused by what he’s feeling, he squeezes onto the fleshy object, and he hears a low moan coming from above him. His eyes slowly managed to adjust, and he soon understood where the moan came from. Daybreaker was still on top of him, and her breasts were directly in front of his face. Her stomach was now the size of a bloated beach ball, and she still looked to be sound asleep.

“ other half took over,” Dusk said to himself as he looked at her sleeping frame. His cock was still inside of her from yesterday, and he wasn’t sure how long he did it with her.
‘Guess my other half did a number on her…’ Gingerly he needed a way to wake her up, but with her being on top of him he had only one option. Using both hands, he gently squeezed her breasts to try to wake her up, only to get a small moan and making her blush a little. It seemed to have worked as Daybreakers eyes slowly fluttered open and sees Dusk below her.

“Mmmmm...good morning lover.” She cooed, nuzzling into his neck. “You’re stamina is something else since you fucked me for two days straight.” She sighed.

“Yeah, it actually was.” Dusk smiled, then a sudden thought occurred to him. “Wait, how do you know it’s morning?”

“I still have a small connection to the sun,” Daybreaker said in a blunt tone. “Even in my weakened state, I’m able to tell when it’s rising or lowering, which helped me keep track of time while I was imprisoned.”

“ happens now?” Dusk asked, but his mind soon catches up with what Daybreaker said after. “Wait, I went at it with you for two whole days?”

“You Celestia can forget about trying to seal me away again.” She added, nuzzling him lovingly while showing off a familiar collar. “And because you’re too good to pass up for myself.”

“’s funny you mention that…” Dusk chuckled nervously.

“What do you mean?” Daybreaker asked in a dark tone.

“You’re...not my first…mate...” Dusk finally answered, rubbing the back of his head. Dusk was going to regret saying that as Daybreakers mane suddenly flares to life in a fiery blaze.

“What?!” Daybreaker hollered as the lava in the room started bubbling in the channels threatening to rise up causing Dusk to shrink in fear.

“W-wait! J-just hear me out!” Dusk stuttered trying to calm down the flaming mare that was still on top of him. “I haven’t chosen an alpha mare yet!” He added, making Daybreaker have a confused glance

“What do you mean you haven’t picked an alpha mare yet?” Daybreaker asked, still in her dark tone. Dusk needed to choose his next words carefully as to not get burned underneath her. But he takes a deep breath and speaks.

“My other half just claimed at least eight of them without claiming an alpha.” He added.

“Seriously?” She added in a blunt tone. “You mean to tell me you claimed them just like that without an alpha mare?”

“I wasn’t in control of my other half, plus they were at fault since they originally wanted revenge on me for me and my friends stopping them on multiple occasions,” Dusk admitted while still blushing as he explained. “Philomena was more of an accident when my other half held a grudge against her.”

“You mean Celestia's pet Phoenix?.”

“Well she was Celestia's pet phoenix until my other half changed her to suit his needs and she’s now one of my mates.”

“Sounds like your other half hated her then,” Daybreaker remarked.

“Only because she was responsible for trying to stop my other half from raping one of my friends back in my school days,” Dusk added. “And she was only trying to look out for me. She’s like the voice of reason in the group as well if a fight breaks out. She’s like my best friend.” Dusk said with a sad frown.

“It sounds like this friend of yours is more than a friend to you.” She added with a sly smirk.

“I’m just looking out for them is all.” Dusk blushed embarrassed. Daybreaker them pushes upward, letting her breasts flop in his face.

“No need to be so embarrassed. So other than Philomena, who else is in your ‘harem?’” Daybreaker asked.

“Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze, Adagio Dazzle, Chrysalis, Nightmare Rarity, Umbra and of course, Nightmare Moon.”

“Wait, you have claimed both the former queen of the Crystal Empire and my darker sister?” Daybreaker asked in surprise.

“No surprise you know about those two.” Dusk said in a modest tone.

“I was a part of Celestia, remember?” Daybreaker followed up in a blunt tone. “I share her memories before I was sealed away for over 1000 years.”


“By the way, who is this Chrysalis and Nightmare Rarity?” She then asked

“Chrysalis is a former changeling queen who now is rogue, and Nightmare Rarity is a former part of your sister left behind, but was then used to corrupt one of my friends to try and help resurrect her.”

“So she created what is considered her child, and how did a queen lose her kingdom?”

“When the changelings decided to give love rather than take it.”

“Cute, and those last three mares you mentioned, what are they?”

“Former sirens, now regular earth ponies,” Dusk answered.

“Funny, I heard they were banished into limbo by Starswirl the Bearded.” Daybreaker said in a sarcastic tone.

“If limbo is an alternate dimension where we’re humans, then I guess that counts.” Dusk remarked in a sarcastic tone.

“So tell me, of all the mares you slept with, who did you sleep with first?” Daybreaker asked.

“It was... Sonata Dusk…” Dusk admitted. “Like I said, I wasn’t in control back then, and that was when I was trying to seal my other half away for the next month.”

“So a former siren is your alpha then…” Daybreaker said in response to him.

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“Whoever an incubus or a succubus mate's with first is the alpha. Overtime whatever collar you gave them will change color in about two months.”

“Two months?”

“Well, you should’ve noticed the signs since they’re your mates,” Daybreaker said in a blunt tone. “Did she seemed any more ‘assertive’ and more ‘horny’ in any way?”

Dusk was confused by what Daybreaker meant, but his mind soon flashed back to Sonata. Her constant state of horniess and wanting to fuck him wherever he was, her assertiveness with Nightmare Moon and Umbra when she called them on their bluff, not to mention being so close to him.

“Now that you mention it, she has been.”

“Then she’s your alpha,” Daybreaker added. “How long ago were they all placed into your harem exactly?”

“About two weeks ago.”

”I’ve never really met the sirens myself,” Daybreaker added. “But it would be interesting to see how they are now.” Daybreaker said as she tried to get up, but she couldn’t feel her legs at the moment, and she let out a light groan in frustration.

“Heh... my other half really did a number on you.” Dusk chuckled to himself.

“If it means that I won’t be sealed away again, it was worth having that dick of yours inside me.” She said while nuzzling against his neck.

“I just know this is going to be awkward when I introduce you to my friends...” Dusk brings up.

“What friends?”

“They’re all mares that are outside of my harem…” Dusk said while Daybreaker just gives him a blunt stare.

“What are you some kind of womanizer?” Daybreaker said in a sarcastic tone.

“No!” Dusk exclaimed defensively. “I’ve just known them for years. I’m gonna be worried about
how Starlight is gonna react though.”

“Why is that?” Daybreaker asked with a raised brow.

“Well, back before I found you, Starlight had a nightmare involving Celestia turning into you and Luna turning into Nightmare Moon and fighting over who rules Equestria.”

“Intriguing... So she somehow managed to have a dream about me, yet she doesn’t know I actually exist.” Daybreaker said in an amused tone.

“It’s a long story on that, but it involved a friendship problem on both Celestia and Luna about three weeks ago. A week before my other half claimed my herdmates.” Dusk added.

“Heh…” Daybreaker chuckled. “She sounds like a complete worry wart.”

“She wasn’t the only one.” Demon Dusk remarked. “Dusk had a few panic attacks as well.”

“Is that your other half again?” Daybreaker asked.

“Oh come on,” Dusk said in a reluctant tone. “Since when do I ever do that?”

“Remember the ms. smarty pants incident when you enchanted that doll?” Demon Dusk remarked making Dusk blush in response.

“Do you really need to bring that up?” He groaned. “I still feel twisted from that incident.”

“Who’s Ms. smarty pants?” Daybreaker asked with a raised eyebrow.

“A doll he charmed with a ‘Want It, Need It' spell to try and make a friendship problem amongst the locals so he could solve it for his lovely princess.”

“Shut up, you bastard!” Dusk shouted, and both him and Daybreaker could hear his other half just laughing his ass off.

“I’m not going to ask,” Daybreaker said in a dark tone. “Anyways, you think you can do something about my immobile legs?” She added, pointing at her lower half.

“Right...hehe…” Dusk added in a nervous tone. With the antimagic seal gone he was able to channel his magic into his horn and surrounded Daybreaker in a lavender aura. Daybreaker soon felt feeling in both of her legs again. She even felt her stomach deflating from all that cum that Dusk gave her. Although, she immediately moaned as she felt that Dusk’s cock was still inside of her.

“Mmm...thank you…” She said as she pulled up from Dusk’s cock. Daybreaker stretched her limbs as she was not only free of her prison but bound to a hunk of a stallion that she was truly going to enjoy. Dusk’s cock just grew hard again, seeing Daybreaker’s voluptuous body once more on display. Her ass jiggling in response to her turning around and being able to stretch her legs, which didn’t go unnoticed by Daybreaker.

“You’re still eager?” Daybreaker said in a teasing manner, eyeing his throbbing cock. Dusk blushes in response and tries to cover his crotch.

“Hehe...Guess I’m not really satisfied yet.” Dusk admitted, his face getting even redder. Dusk tried to stand up, only to be forced back down by Daybreaker. Daybreaker smiles in a seductive manner while licking her lips and grinds her bubbly ass against his throbbing cock.

“Well lucky for you, I’m still in the mood even after you healed my legs.” She added, pressing her breasts against his face.”

“Where in Celestia’s name have you been all my life?” Demon Dusk said in a lust filled tone, while Daybreaker and Dusk just glare at his necklace.

“Locked up in a crystal for over a millennia. What do you think?” Daybreaker said in a blunt, yet dark tone.

“Could you not ruin this, you asshole?” Dusk followed up.

“Not my fault she’s literally hot when she’s angry.” Demon Dusk followed up. “But seeing as I’m done here, I’ll just leave the two of you alone.” The amulet then stops glowing, leaving the two of them alone.

“Now, where were we?” Daybreaker said as she continued to grind her ass against his length. Dusk tries to say something, but she shoves one of her nipples into his mouth, silencing him and she lifts her ass where her marehood aligns with his throbbing dick. With a slam of her hips as well as a loud moan, to which they spent another six hours fucking each other silly within the caves.

‘I am so glad I have his stamina.’ Dusk thought to himself, as he continued to fuck Daybreaker for another six hours. 'And I intend to make use of it and show her how I take care of my girls.'

Dusk continued sucking on her large fleshy melons while his hands worked their magic, tenderly caressing her voluptuous figure. Daybreaker swayed her hips left and right, moaning in pleasure from his soft, gentle touch. No stallion has ever touched her like this without turning into a pile of ash on the first try.

She could tell he was one unique stallion and felt a sense of peace that he was treating her like a mare and not just a sex toy. It wasn't long before he synced his thrusting with her bouncing. Daybreaker moaned in bliss. For the first time in her life, she was happy. She used her remaining strength to pull Dusk up.

Dusk removed his muzzle from her nipple in confusion. "I need you... I want you..." she whispered in his ear. Dusk's heart raced as he gently planted his lips onto hers. The evil sun goddess wrapped her arms around his body and the two thrust their hips in perfect sync. Dusk caressed her wings, then her plump, round ass. Daybreaker wanted more, yet her body could only take so much after her rough experience for the past 2 days.

She didn't know it at first, but slowly... she began to fall for this young prince. Her insides were squeezing his massive length. Her loins kept begging to get messed up again. Dusk retracted one of his hands and then brought it up to her cheek. Daybreaker let Dusk caress her as he did, savoring the sweet sensation. Their tongues intertwined, their faces slightly red, they were enjoying each other's company.

Eventually, all good things must come to an end. Dusk's ballsack was building up pressure and he had to warn her. Luckily, she knew and broke the kiss.

"You want to cum, don't you? It's okay... cum inside... quench my urges with your hot, sticky cum, master!" she hollered. Well, he got the okay, so he gave the horny goddess what she wanted and thrusts deeper inside her love tunnel. Her stomach bulged out every time his cock thrusts upwards. Her moans grew more throaty, tongue was lolled out, eyes shot up, goofy smile formed on her face.

Dusk grunted and moaned and finally... both alicorns reached their climaxes and came hard. Daybreaker screamed as loud as Celestia using her royal Canterlot voice. Her stomach gradually bloated out and expanded from the huge amounts of sperm shooting into her womb. And because her body became more sensitive, she started lactating, squirting out milk from both of her fleshy jugs.

This was the longest 6 hours Dusk has ever done. But he did enjoy it, almost as much as Daybreaker did. "Thank you so much for the best 2 days of my life," she said softly before going limp and nearly passing out.

‘Wonder how the girls are gonna take this.’ Dusk thought to himself as he rested his head onto Daybreaker’s heavenly bosom. His eyelids were soon growing heavy, before he could close them he felt a large wing gingerly wrap itself around him in a light embrace.

Returning To The Castle

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“Where the tartarus is he…?” Nightmare Moon said in a dark tone. She, Umbra, Nightmare Rarity, and the sirens were sitting around in the library of Dusk’s Castle. Nightmare Moon looked like she was going to break something as she impatiently paced around the room. While that was going on, Aria, Sonata, and Adagio were reading a few romance novels in the more ‘private section’ of Dusk’s library.

Nightmare Rarity and Umbra were in the middle of their chess game with nightmare Rarity surprisingly ahead of Umbra. Chrysalis was still at the Crystal Empire looking after Flurry while her parents were gone, and Barb and Philomena were still out with Celestia and Luna with the foreign delegates meeting.

“I think you can relax with the pacing dear.” Nightmare Rarity said looking directly at her half-sister. “You’ve been pacing sense 8:00 pm two nights ago.”

“Well excuse me since that moron has been gone for that long.” Nightmare Moon growled. “I’m…” She stopped mid-sentence and just continued to walk around for awhile.

“You know that I think?” Sonata said as she closed her book for a bit and looks at Nightmare Moon with a smirk. “I think you’re actually worried about Dusk.” Nightmare Moon’s face immediately turns red as she stumbles over a little from what Sonata said.

“W-what?!” Nightmare Moon stuttered from the immediate response from Sonata. “Th-that’s ridiculous! I don’t care about that handsome, book-obsessed know-it-all!” She stumbled and tried to correct herself.

“Your tone of voice says otherwise Moony…” Sonata said in a teasing manner. “Plus your constant pacing around the room since then has made a circular hole in the floor.”

Nightmare Moon was confused by what she meant until she looked down and noticed the large circular rut she made in the floor.

“T-Th-that’s not what I… Sh-shut up...” She added, crossing her arms under her ample bosom.

“I rest my case,” Sonata smirked. “You know you can just admit you’re worried about him without trying to hide it so much…”

“Well, he has been gone for quite a while.” Nightmare Rarity said moving a piece.

“He didn’t say how long he would be gone,” Umbra remarked as she moved her piece on her board. “So who knows when he will be back.”

“Well if it’s enough to make Moonbutt over there worry,” Sonata teased, pointing towards a blushing Nightmare Moon. “Shouldn't we be worried?”

“I told you that I’m not-!!” Nightmare Moon was going to defend her claim again, but she pauses when she catches onto what Sonata said, and her embarrassment turns to anger. “Wait, what did you call me?”

“You don’t like your pet name?” Sonata asked a little disheartened. “I just thought we would all have pet names for our master.”

“He’s not my master…” Nightmare Moon growled, turning away from the blue siren.

“That’s not what the collar around your neck says fatass.” Aria said in a sarcastic tone.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY, YOU DEFTONE SERPENT?!!!” Nightmare Moon shouted glaring at Aria Blaze.

“You heard me, miss ass is so big it blocks out the sun!”

“Can’t you go one day without going at each other’s throats?” Adagio asked while sipping some milk from a mug. “I swear Aria, it’s like you have a-”

“Zip it cow tits!” Aria yelled, cutting off Adagio’s sister.

“WHAT’D YOU CALL ME!!!?” Adagio shouted, glaring at her sister. “I’M YOUR SISTER!!!”

“Could you not scream?” Nightmare Rarity said with a groan. “I’ve had enough of that shrill voice of yours, I’m trying to concentrate here.”

“If you’re going to start another fight then take it somewhere else,” Umbra added, moving another chess piece on the board.

“SHRILLED?!!” Agadio shouted, her temper starting to form. “AT LEAST I’M NOT SOME DARK WALKING BIMBO CLONE!!!” That comment made Nightmare Rarity freeze in place as she cracked one of the chess pieces she was about to move in the board in her hand. She slowly turns to Adagio with her right eye twitching in response to that comment but slowed her breathing for her own comeback.

“This coming from a cow and her Spineless Sea Dogs...” She added, with a rather dark smile on her face to see Adagios reaction.

“COW?!!!” Adagio shouted, her teeth grinding and what looked like fire in her eyes.

“SPINELESS SEA DOGS?!!!” Aria and Sonata said at the same time, feeling very offended at the comment. Even Sonata at the point of interest.

“Least we’re not some cheap knockoff of her.” Adagio stated towards Nightmare Rarity all while pointing to Nightmare Moon.

“And at least we didn’t lose an entire kingdom like dark has been over there.” Aria followed up, and Umbra broke one of the chess pieces in her hand. She turned to both of them with an angry glare, and her eyes said that she looked ready to kill someone.

“You dare say that when none of you even knew how to run a kingdom?”

“Well, we didn’t lose one so fast to other ponies. Bet you couldn’t keep a kingdom if you tried.” Aria wrapped up, and Umbra was about ready to snap.

“HOW DARE YOU!!” Umbra shouted as her horn glows in a dark aura and aimed a magical blast at the three sirens. The three former sirens panic in response when they saw the blast and jump out of the way. A small explosion was heard behind them, and the girls dust themselves off.

“What was that for, has been?” Aria shouted, dusting herself off from where she fell. Adagio followed suit, but Sonata was frozen.

“Sonata, what’s wrong?” Adagio asked, looking at her frightened sister. “The beam she fired missed.”

“The beam actually hit somepony…” Sonata pointed out, looking at a very pissed off mare right now, which was Umbra. The sirens were able to get out of the way of the blast Umbra fired, only for it to hit a new target: Nightmare Moon.

“Oh...” Adagio said in a quiet tone.

“Crap…” Aria followed up.

“Um...moon… are you okay?” Sonata asked, slowly walking over to her. A shockwave soon sent the three sirens flying back towards the wall. Nightmare Moon was seething with rage after that blast made contact with her, and her magic started to charge out.

“YOU BITCH!!!” Nightmare Moon yelled, glaring at Umbra. She then charged her horn and aimed at the dark unicorn in retaliation for her earlier blast. Umbra barely reacted in response when the beam was aimed in her direction. She put up a barrier at the last second and the beam rebounds in three directions. A set of small explosions followed soon after, and the sounds of coughing mares followed suit.

Once the smoke cleared up, the girls could see the room was slightly trashed. Some books knocked off the shelf, parts of the table being destroyed, and some of the girls were pretty razzled.

“Everypony okay?” Sonata asked as she was the only one who was unaffected by the blasts. A low growl could be heard from behind her, and she turns around to find her sister, Aria Blaze, glaring at Sonata. Adagio was behind her, and both of their manes were in ruin.

“Do I look okay Sonata?” Aria growled.

“I...guess...not?” She replied Sheepishly. The siren looked around the room to make sure that everyone is ok. Nightmare moon and Umbra were fine. Only Nightmare Moon’s dress was torn at the side, Aria and Adagios manes were messy, and Aria’s pigtail was undone from the fight.

Sonata then turns to Nightmare Rarity, but her face immediately turns pale. She looked up to her mane and gasped holding her hands to her mouth. Her sisters were confused by her reaction until they look at Nightmare Rarity and they just sat there frozen.

“Honestly Nightmare Moon,” Nightmare Rarity said, swiping away at the smoke with a coughing fit. “Could you be at least try not to destroy the place after one of your rage attacks?” She added while dusting herself off. Afterward, she turns to the sirens to try and tell them off but saw their faces a little shaken up.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, in a light confused manner. The sirens still didn’t answer, and Umbra noticed why the girls were shocked.

“Uh oh….” Adagio followed up.

“What uh-oh?” Nightmare Rarity asked in concern.

“Uuuhhh... nothing. Everything’s completely fine…” Aria followed up nervously.

“Then why do you look nervous?” She said suspiciously.

“Nervous, I’m not nervous, do I look nervous?” Nightmare Rarity was still confused by their antics until she felt her mane. She felt it a mess and she didn’t know how bad it looked. She then looks at Adagio with her right eye twitching.

“Give me a mirror…” Nightmare Rarity growled. “Right now…”

“Uuuhhh, I don’t think that’s a good idea….” She tried to say with a nervous smile, but her grew even paler when she looks at Nightmare Rarity glaring at her.

“…” She added, with a much more threatening demeanor.

“Oh boy…” Adagio sighed as she reaches downward for her purse. Fishing through it, she pulls out a small pocket mirror. Then ever so gently she hands it over to Nightmare Rarity before backing off as quickly as she can.

Brining the mirror up, the look that shown on her face was void of any emotion. All the other girls watched in both horror and anticipation of what their fellow herd mate was going to do.

It was then they saw the state of Nightmare Rarity's eye had lack any emotion whatsoever, and they were fixed on Nightmare Moon. "Sister dearie," Nightmare Rarity said in joyless tone.

"Yes?" Nightmare Moon Replied, unsure of how far over the line they went.

It was then that Nightmare Rarity's horn glowed and over three dozen sharp blue glowing diamonds appeared around her, pointing directly at Nightmare moon. "Your outfit looks to be barely holding together after that scuffle. Let me take care of that for you." She said with a crazed grin.

What’re you going to do with those?” Nightmare Moon asked her half sister. Nightmare Rarity only responds with a sinister grin.

“Oh, just going to give you a nice trim her and there, for RUINING MY MANE WITH THAT STUNT!!!” She shouted the last part at the top of her lungs. Even when she was a part of Rarity, there was one golden rule with either her or her darker counterpart: You don’t mess with either mare’s mane and expect to get away with it.

With that, she lights up her magic and throws the jewels at the dark alicorn. But right before they could hit their target, Nightmare Moon summons a barrier protecting her from the projectiles as they shattered against the magical barrier.

“DUCK AND COVER!!!” Sonata shouted before ducking under the table while debris and glowing diamonds flew everywhere in the room. The siren could hear screams of shock and surprise, but didn’t know who’s it was.

Sonata, not hearing anymore of the ensuing chaos stood up over her cover to find the room in disarray. Tables and chairs were overturned, a couple of lamps were broken, blue cut diamonds embedded into the walls and floor, and some of the girls were pretty cut up from Nightmare Rarity's Diamond Storm.

Adagio had pieces of it in her mane, Aria took a few in her ass, Nightmare Rarity screamed as pieces of her own attack were stuck in her mane, and Umbra looked pissed as her horn angrily sparked out magic.

“THAT’S IT!!!” Umbra shouted as another magic fight began to break out. She fires another blast of magic and Nightmare Moon only counters with her own blast of magic. Aria and Sonata quickly dive under a nearby table to avoid the two colliding blasts. Adagio didn’t see it coming with her hair over her eyes from Nightmare Rarity’s attack only to get blasted back against the wall.

“Adagio!” Sonata cried out. The two siren sisters race to their third in hope that she was alright. When they got to her eye’s looked like they were doing circles around each other before Adagio shook her head clear as anger filled the sirens eyes.

“That’s it come here!” The orange hair siren said before charging up behind Nightmare Rarity, who was distracted by her sister counterpart and Umbra fighting, and grabbed her by the hair.

Nightmare Rarity ‘yelped’ from the sudden pain from her hair being pulled before she saw a yellow fist collided with her nose.

Seeing her sister fist fighting Nightmare Rarity, Sonata rushed and tried to pull them apart. “Girls! Girls! Stop it!” Sonata shouted at them.

While she was dealing with that. Nightmare Moon and Umbra were now resalting to close combat instead of magic. If anyone were to spectat this match, some would say the two would only need a matching pair of spandex the way they were clawing and biting each other. Then it would look like an amiture wresling match.

Aira, being the only one out of the fight, decided to lean against the wall and try to dig out any remaining diamonds out of her ass. Overall everything was in pure chaos. Nightmare Moon and Umbra were getting ready to charge another magical blast and they didn’t recognize someone walking in the room.

“HEY!! A voice called out from behind them, and one they recognized. All the girls stopped what they were doing as they turn in the direction of the voice to find Dusk standing at the libraries doorway with a disappointed look on his face as he stood there with his arms crossed.

“Wow... I come back after two days, and you’re already trying to kill each other.” Dusk added in response. “Honestly what were you all doing while I was gone?”

Nightmare Moon was the first to stand up from the rest of the girls and immediately get in front of Dusk. “WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?” Nightmare Moon shouted, glaring at Dusk as he now arrived home. “IT’S BEEN TWO DAYS!!”

“Well, I was just-!” Dusk stopped mid-sentence as he caught onto how Nightmare Moon reacted. “Wait, you were worried about me?” He inquired.

“…” Nightmare Moon stuttered when she realized what she did without thinking. She could hear some of the others snickering behind her, but she didn’t want to make a bigger fool of herself. After calming her actions, she spoke. “I was just wondering on how long you were gone. You said you’d be back later in the evening and it’s been two days, so why is that?”

“He was out making a world record.” Demon Dusk remarked, cutting off whatever Dusk had to say.

“A world record of what, exactly?” Nightmare Moon asked.

“Of Endurance…”

“Will you please shut up, so I can explain what happened?!” Dusk shouted, glaring at his necklace.

“Whatever.” Demon Dusk remarked as the necklace stopped glowing, signaling that he was silent.

“Anyways,” Dusk said, looking back at his harem. “Why were all of you fighting when I opened the door? Can’t you all not act like fouls for day while I’m out?” The rest of the girls were silent. Nightmare moon, especially since her cheeks, turned slightly pink. “Come on, at least say something.”

“The so-called dark queen of the night was actually worried about you since you were gone for the past couple of days.” Sonata blurted out making Nightmare Moon flinch making her cheeks flush red and turning around with a death glare aimed at Sonata.

“YOU LITTLE BRAT!!!” She shouted, making Sonata shift slightly.

“Well he wanted to know what happened, and you weren’t saying anything.”

“I swear, you all act like a bunch of fouls. I’m debating on whether or not I should leave a sitter for you all the next time I’m away.” Dusk remarked. Much to the embarrassment of the girls.

“Awwww, isn’t that sweet... my dark queen of the night going soft.” Demon Dusk remarked in a sarcastic tone, making Nightmare Moon glare back at Dusk with a bright red blush on her face.

“Sh-shut up! I'm not soft.” She stuttered, trying to put on a brave face.

“Your body says otherwise.” Demon Dusk remarked, only adding fuel to a growing flame.

“Why you little-!” Nightmare Moon stopped in front of Dusk with her fist raised but was frozen in place while her collar glowed, a look of discomfort formed on her face as she feels the burning between her legs.

“Ah, ah not so fast dear. You can’t deny your feelings for him and why should you? And the same goes for the rest of you, at least a certain ‘somepony’ can admit that.” Sonata smirked puffing out her chest at the remark towards her. “Plus how could any of you resist this, I mean have you seen the size of his dick?” All the girls blushed at Demon Dusk’s statement.

“Could you please leave them and my dick size out of this and focus?” Dusk said tiredly


“What? Not my fault they’re all hot and sexy.”

“Sh-sh-Shut up!” Aria stuttered out embarrassed.

“Why thank you Duskie.” Sonata smiled brightly.

“Please stop, all your doing is encouraging him.” Nightmare Moon said with a sigh.

“Not my fault they all give me something to be encouraged about.”

“Will you do something about your other half before I…” Nightmare Moon stopped mid-sentence before looking back at Dusk with a confused expression. She stands up from her kneeling position and stepped forward to Dusk and hugged him, confusing the stallion.

“Uh, what are you doing?” Dusk asked, confused by her sudden actions. It also wasn’t helping that his face was pressed against her huge breasts. “I get you’re trying to be more open to me, but-” Dusk stopped mid-sentence as he heard Nightmare sniffing at his mane.

“Uh… why are you sniffing me?” Dusk asked as he felt the alicorn inhale his scent. She then jerked back suddenly, a surprised look of shock that turned into a large scowl. Dusk was pushed away from her and falls on his ass.

“Ow, what was that fo-” Dusk tried to say, but was cut off by Nightmare Moon’s glare.

“WHO DID YOU JUST FUCK WITH?!!!” She roared at him.



“What are you yelling about now?” Sonata asked the furious mare. She turned to the siren, her eyes glowed a bright white and her mane began to flare out turning from a gaseous dark purple to a billowing cloud of bright pink. Her face was twisted in a snarl, her nostrils flaring at the anger welling up inside her.

“THIS SO CALLED STALLION OF OURS WAS OUT FUCKING ANOTHER MARE!!” Nightmare Moon yelled, getting the attention of everyone in the room. “I CAN SMELL IT ALL OVER HIM!!”

“What’d you do Dusk, fall over for some mare and brought her home with you?” Aria joked.

“SHOVE IT YOU WALKING PIECE OF SUSHI!! HE WENT AFTER ANOTHER MARE JUST SO HE CAN SATE HIS LUST!!” She fumed. Dusk was a little hurt at her accusation, but she wasn’t wrong that fucked another mare. But it did hurt that she thought he would replace her or any of the girls.

“SUSHI!!?” Aria yelled in response to Moon’s comment.

“Come on Nighty you’re overreacting,”Sonata said trying to calm her down.


“Ok, now you’re just being ridiculous. Dusk wouldn’t leave us for some random mares. Plus if you haven’t noticed, we’ve been marked by him and with kids on the way too.” Sonata added with a sweet smile.

“Do you seriously think he would run off from us and find some other ponies for himself? He cares about us too much to leave us alone like that.” Adagio said, looking to Dusk who had a small smile on his face at her defending him. “And if he ever did we would hunt him down and castrate him,” Adagio added sweetly, making Dusk gulp nervously.

“As much as I want to, you do know we can’t do that with these around our neck right?” Aria countered, pointing at the enchanted collars around their necks.


“He’s at least keeping us occupied while we’re stuck here,” Nightmare Rarity followed up, brushing her mane. “At least until he introduces all of us to Equestria.”

“Most ponies will probably think he’s either very brave or insane for taking all of us.” Umbra followed up. “But they may also think that he was able to claim us without a problem.

“He technically did.” Sonata chirped.

“We don’t need to be reminded of what happened Sonata.” All the girls, other than Nightmare Moon and Dusk said at the same time.

“Thank you, girls…” Dusk said, standing up and dusting himself off. “As for you Nightmare Moon, I’m offended you would think that I would hurt any of you that way, but I get why you would be so worried.”

“I-I-I said that I wasn’t worried!!” She shouted, her face only getting redder, as she tried to keep a straight face. The other girls could be heard snickering behind her, and it only made her even more embarrassed. “Sh-shut up!!”

“You know, other than Chrysalis and Sonata, none of you have really been open with your emotions since you’ve all been living with me for two weeks, especially to me.”

“Wh-what’re you talking about?” Nightmare Moon responded.

“That right there.” Dusk scolded. “This is exactly why every time I leave the castle,

I come back and find you girls at each other's throats and I’m sick of it.”


“Not just me, but my friends as well.” He added. “Chrysalis and Sonata were able to break out of their shells and open up to me about their feelings, so why can’t the rest of you? And don’t say it’s because of your attitudes. I'm not gonna fly with that anymore.”

Each of the girls were surprised at Dusk’s sudden demeanor. Sonata was the only one smiling seeing that everyone wasn’t fighting anymore.

Nightmare Moon stared down at the ground in front of her. Refusing to look up at the stallion in front of her. Her mind racing over current events. ‘What do I caring so much about what Dusk was up to? It doesn't matter to me, right?’ Nightmare Moon thought as she rubbed her shoulder with a hand.

“If you’re afraid that I’m gonna abandon you all just say it.” Dusk said in a calm tone. “You can’t keep your feelings locked up like this since that’s what’s messing with all of you right now.”

“I...I may have been a little... jealous.” Nightmare Moon spoke out.

“A little?!” Everyone deadpanned.

“Shut up...ok I was jealous…” She blushed “But the reason was….I didn’t want to lose you….idiot…”

Then reaching out, Dusk got in close to Nightmare Moon and pulled her in a comforting hug the likes of which she'd never felt before. She’d been beaten, smashed, slashed, fucked by a sex demon turned werewolf and been blasted by a cannon powered by friendship. Never had Nightmare moon felt such an alien feeling, one were she was starting to warm inside of her. A part of her hated it.

She was supposed to be queen of the night and this one small act was pushing her emotions in ways that she didn’t know she had or could explore. Testing something out she reached out returned the hug in favor to the simple action. Nightmare felt a rubbing motion from Dusks hand on her back that seemed to both calm her in some ways and excite in others.

She then broke it off and looked at the stallion. “What did you just do to me? What magic was that?!” Nightmare Moon demanded, if one would call it that while she blushed as she did.

“That was called love Moon. It's what couples feel when showing affection to one another.” Dusk replied back.

“I don’t know how I feel about this. Its unfamiliar to me and-” She was stopped when Dusk laid a hand on her shoulder.

“Will take things slow for now if your uncomfortable about this. Otherwise I’m here when you need me.” He smiled at the dark alicorn making her heart feel light in her chest.

“That reminds me,” Dusk said as he looked at Nightmare Rarity. “What happened to her mane?”

“Why don’t you ask her?” She said as she points toward Nightmare Moon with a glare. Dusk looked back at Nightmare Moon with a raised eyebrow and a stern look. One that made her shrink under his gaze.

“You could at least try to apologise for ruining her mane.” Dusk said before turning to Umbra.

“Also Umbra, I don’t think you have to bicker and act like such a foal over something so silly.” Dusk said as he looked over at the former crystal queen.

Umbra felt like she’d been slapt from the way Dusk talked to her and she didn’t like it. “I do not act like a foal!”

“That crabby attitude of yours says otherwise.” Demon Dusk remarked, making the mare growl clenching her fists hard.

“YOU WRETCHED LITTLE-” She raises her fist to hit Dusk only for the collar to trigger and make her marehood burn to where she slumps on the floor. “THIS DAMN COLLAR!!”

“Proves my point on how you snap at every little thing that annoys you.” Demon Dusk replied.

“How about you can it so I can get what I need to say off my chest?” Dusk said, glaring at his necklace.

“Fine...I’ll leave you all alone…” Demon Dusk replied. The amulet suddenly stops glowing signaling that he was gone. Umbra was able to stand on her feet once the burning died down, but her underwear was now soaked.

‘Damned Bastard…’ She groaned.

“Much as I hate agreeing with him, he has a point.” Dusk added, as Umbra was still struggling to stand up. “You constantly snapping at everything is also what’s starting these fights in the first place.”

“Well excuse me since there are many things that annoy me.” Umbra remarked, blushing slightly. “Especially that horny bastard that’s apart of you.”

“I can’t really blame you or the others for my other halfs actions….” Dusk replied, holding his hand out to let her up. “But I can try to set up something to make you all feel comfortable.”

Umbra was still blushing the longer he looked into his eyes. She once ruled over a kingdom with an iron fist, but here she was on her knees in front of a stallion she wanted revenge against helping her. All of her life, she never had someone concerned for her well being of their own will before. Yet here Dusk was doing that, despite what he did to them. Umbra takes his hand, and he helps her up.

“Can you at least try to keep you temper down a little, at least for the foals sake?” Dusk asked, looking down at the blushing mare. Umbra place her hand on her lower part of her body. Reminding her that she was with foal and knew that overagretion tendence could hurt the both of them. She had never even thought of being the mother before when she ruled an empire and now that was carrying the thoughts of being one was now starting to sink in.

“F...fine…”She begrudgingly agreed to him. Dusk helps Umbra up and turns to the rest of the girls.

“If you’re done getting at each other's throats, I actually have something I need to bring up on why I was gone for so long.” Dusk began and Umbra sat back down to her seat. “Before I begin though, I want to wait until the others hear of this as well. That includes the princesses.”

“Why them?” Nightmare Moon asked.

“Just a little question I need to ask Celestia after you were banished over a millenia ago.” He added.

“Oooh...must be something good…”

“Yep. That reminds me; Is Chrysalis still at the Crystal Empire?” The moment Dusk asked that question everyone froze in place. Some of the girls exchange glances at each other while some showed signs of slight horror. All having some degree of displeasure among the girls.

“What’s wrong?”

“Um,” Adagio was the first to speak, as she rubbed the back of her head. “Cadence and Gleaming arrived a day early yesterday.”

“Okay... that’s not telling me much.” Dusk said with a confused expression. “Plus why do you all look scared?”

“Maybe we should show him where she is right now after Cadence brought her in?” Sonata suggested.

“What do you mean?”

“It be best if we showed you. You’ll understand when you see.” Aria said before she waved Dusk over her to follow.

“Okay then…” Dusk said as he followed behind the siren with Sonata, Aria, and Adagio following behind, leaving the other mares alone.

-Chrysalis's room-

Brutality was one of the first words that came to mind when Aira opened the door to Chrysalis’s room. Lying face down on her bed laid the rogue changeling queen looking like she was asleep almost. If it weren’t for the sight of two giant ice bags sitting on her naked rear with both cheeks burning bright red.

Dusked asked Chrysalis one time about her chitin and how she kept it was like armor for a changeling but as soft as anyones skin. She replied back saying it acts as a second skin and helps fuse with their magic and assists them with their shapeshifting abilities. So by what Dusk was seeing, something did not go right when she was at his sisters place.

“Could you three leave us alone for right now?” Dusk asked the three sirens. The only nod in response and leave the room, leaving him alone with Chrysalis.

“The Tartarus happened to you Chrysalis?” Dusk asked in shock.

“Cadence and Gleaming got a little too rough with me the other day.” Chrysalis answered, her face still in the pillow. “Something about wanting to pay me back for when you were all foalnapped and her wedding nearly being ruined.”

“They held a grudge for that long?” Dusk asked, once again in shock.

“Apparently with the state her poor ass in.” Sonata said with worry in her tone.

“I don’t need you dragging my ass into this.” Chrysalis moaned before looking from her pillow in their direction at the open door. Dusk turned to the mares and they only close the door in response leaving Dusk and Chrysalis alone

“You okay?” Dusk asked walking towards her, sitting on her bed.

“Do I look okay?” Chrysalis asked with a groan, slumping her face back in the pillow.

“I was just told about this. How long were they at it with you?” Dusk asked with concern.

“I don’t know exactly. The pain numbed my whole body to the point where I lost track of time. So maybe a day I think. They kept switching off between each other.” Chrysalis answered with her head turned to the side to answer. “Then a strapon that had the words Ass- annihilator-”

“Please... stop…” Dusk groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Guess I was right about those two holding a grudge…” He responded, while rubbing the back of his head.

“I don’t blame them…” Chrysalis said with a sign planting her face back in the pillow. “After what I did to you and everyone else... I deserved what they did to me...”

“Honestly, I think they may have been a little excessive with getting ‘even’ with you…” Dusk added. “But maybe they might feel better knowing they got their pent up frustrations they had towards you out.”

“Maybe...they did say that they felt better after doing that…” Chrysalis responded. “They also said that I could take care of Flurry the next time anyone in your family is busy. The little filly didn’t seem to have any hatred towards me.”

“She is still just a baby so she probably doesn’t remember what you did…” Dusk said, slightly cheering her up a little. “I’m still gonna have a talk with my sister and Cadence when they come here tonight.”

“Why tonight?” She asked in confusion.

“I have an announcement involving why I was gone for so long as well as a much needed question to Princess Celestia.” He began getting up from the bed. “You gonna be okay later on?”

“So long as I don’t sit down, I’ll be fine.” She answered with a sigh towards her sore bum. “So this announcement is tonight?”

“Yes, and it’s a surprise.” Dusk said making Chrysalis’s ears droop slightly. “Don’t worry, just try to take it easy and everything will be alright.” Dusk said, before unknowingly slapping Chrysalis’s swollen ass.

The Changeling instantly roared in both pain and pleasure from the sharp contact to her redden rear. Dusk backed away from the bed after doing so, slowly fearing for his life at what he just did. The sirens behind him all blushed at the perverted noise Chrysalis made, even making Sonata and Aria a little hot between the legs.

They watched as Chrysalis’s head was buried into her pillow while her whole body shook in both unenduring pain she felt along with the extreme unexpected pleasure she felt. Lifting her head from her pillow showed a red and panting Chrysalis looking at Dusk with eyes filled with fire and lust that promised retribution against her alicorn master.

“Hehe...sorry about that…” Dusk replied. “Forgot you were still sore…”

“My ass is still sore you bastard... Once I’m healed I’ll be seeking payback for this.” Chrysalis said with a deep snarl before turning sinister. ”With a new clutch of eggs.” She finished while licking her lips.

“Oh boy…” Dusk replied with a sigh, knowing that she wanted some fun later on. “Well... I’m gonna go see how the others are doing.” He added leaving Chrysalis alone and back to the sirens who were waiting outside their door step.

“What’s wrong?” He asked as he noticed they had mixed expressions, but they’re faces were slightly red.

“You got us slightly worked up with that earlier stunt you demon bastard…” Aria said with her cheeks slightly turning redder.

“If you’re trying to get us sleezed up, then nice work.” Adagio followed up. Dusk was slightly confused by what they meant, until he looked down to see a dark spot where their marehoods were. “You succeeded.”

“Hey let’s all go to my room! We haven’t done a foursome in there with just us yet.” Sonata happily said, making her sisters blush hard at the idea. “There was some school girl costumes and a teacher outfit I wanted us to try out.”

“Sonata...please shut...up…” Aria said weakly, unable to keep the thoughts of a sexy teacher Dusk out of her mind.

“You’re really not helping…” Adagio followed up, making Sonata pout.

“Oh come on….” Sonata whined. “I’ve always wanted to try this and it it would be nice if you two weren’t always such sticks in the mud…”

“Actually Sonata, can that wait until tonight?” Dusk said in response. “I did mention that I needed to bring something up to everyone.” He added, making Sonata’s ears droop in response.

“I’ll work with you girls later, but this is really important.” Dusk said, clapping his hands together hoping to get the girls to comply. They were about to say something when another female voice that wasn’t from Dusk’s herd was heard.

“Hey Dusk! We’re back!” That was Barb’s voice and he breathed a slight sigh of relief. She showed up behind the sirens with a smile and spring in her step along with Philomena.

“Hey Barb, welcome back! Can you come with me for a moment? I got something to tell you.” Dusk called back. They watched as Barb along with Philomena who was currently stretching her limbs from the trip.

“Hey Dusk, what’s up?” Barb asked. Her face turns confused when she smells what was burnt ash. “And why do you smell like burnt ash?”

“It’s a long story, but first,” Dusk said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a rare gem for Barb. Her eyes grew big as she gazed into the gem. “My promise to you, a rare mountain gem.”

“Sweet!” She said, taking the gem from Dusk’s hand.

“Also where’s Starlight?”

“She’s with Trixie right now,” Philomena explained. “She’d been having trouble sleeping and couldn’t stay awake so we let her stay at Trixie’s place till she felt better.”

“Okay, so how was the summit?” Dusk asked. Barb and Philomena only burst out laughing in response.

“Oh it was hilarious when Blueblood got involved…” Barb added.

“What did he got himself into this time? Did he get banned from ever going back, unless he wants to start a war between Ponies and Gryphons.” Dusk asked in response.”

“Hehe... here Barb let me tell him.” Philomena said before she looked at Dusk. “So it goes like this…”

-Griffon Empire-

“I have to say I do love the way the feathers along your body reflect off the light. I have never seen griffon’s feather pattern like it. What line of house do you hail from?” Asked Queen Gwendel as she talks with Philomena.

It was the second and last day of the summit between Equestria and the Griffon Empire. The summit was currently having a recess before the final debate, and the delegates from both nations were enjoying each other's company.

Barb and Blueblood were currently getting a tour of GriffonStone while Philomena was with the the queen and were becoming fast friends. “I’m not from any griffon house your majesty. I was a phoenix not too long ago and was part of an accident and became what you see now.” Philomena replied.

She lied to the queen about her true origins because letting the truth that one of Equestria’s princes being a half demon would be bad for national relations. Her lie seemed to work on the queen as she looked other the former phoenix in a new outlook.

“My word! Could you tell me what sort of experiment this was to produce such a result?” Queen Gwendal inquired, making the anthro phoenix sweat a little.

Before Philomena could say anything to the queen the doors burst open to reveal amused Barb and a shredded unamused Prince Blueblood.

“What happened to you?” Philomena asked in bewilderment.

“Can’t you tell? I was attacked!” Blueblood replied before he looked at the Queen. “Your highness, I demand that those hussein's be arrested!”

The Queen and phoenix then turned to the only dragon in the room wanting an explanation. For which she did. “Me and Blueblood were touring the city square when he decided to step across to these three griffonesses and started hitting on them. They weren’t interested and he tried buying them out only to feel insulted that he thought them as hookers. He then verbally insults them, I won’t repeat what he said, and they surround him and beat the ever living snot out of him. After which he ran with them chasing him and I found them a few blocks away with the same three plus another two clawing at him. ” Barb explained while trying not to crack a smile.

“This continued four more times before we reached the castle and the guards blocked them right before we came in here. They should be still outside shouting for his head still.”

Listening closely they did hear the sound of female griffons screeching down the halls, and they were slowly getting louder.

Everyone in the room looked at the doors that Barb and Blueblood came as the sounds of a mob of griffins coming from the other side of the door. Said door then flew open and a flash mob of female griffons came charging in. When one of girls spots Blueblood, she signals hims out.

“There he is!” The griffon called out grabbing the others attention.

“There you are!” One griffon said.

“Your head is going to look good with the rest of my trophies!” Another called out as showed off her talons.

“Not before I get a chance to scalp that pretty mane off his head!” Said the one with a blood covered butchers knife.

“Not my mane!” Blueblood shouted before running for his life again out of the room with the mob not far behind.

The Queen, Barb, and Philomena watched as the mob chased after the lone stallion. The Queen then turned to the other two native Equestrians. “Should I put a stop to this before my subjects permanently harm your companion?”

The dragoness and phoenix looked at each for a moment before answering.

“Naaaa” They both said at the same time as they enjoyed the of show cat and mouse Blueblood played with locals. They later heard screaming from blueblood and the sounds of him being pummeled down in a corridor.


“Pissed off the Gryphons that bad huh?” Dusk asked, trying to stifle a bit of laughter.

“He woke up later in the hospital after what he said to them, and they were justifiably angry with him.” Philomena added. “He’ll be hospitalized for the next two months.”

“Did Celestia and Luna say anything about what happened while you were with them?” He asked.

“They said it would hopefully teach him a lesson on how he treats mares of any race and hopefully not to do it again.” Barb added with a sarcastic tone. “But knowing Blueblood, he’ll just find another way to piss off females in a different country. I’m betting it's Yakyakistan next.”

“My money is on the seaponies…” Philomena followed up.

“Mine’s that he’ll piss off a few dragonesses in the dragon kingdom…” Dusk added, making the other girls chuckle in response.

“Anyways, what do you need me for?” Barb asked.

“I need you to send a letter to these individuals.” Dusk said as he pulls a list from his pocket. The list had Pinkie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Celestia, Luna, Moondancer, Starlight, Trixie, Cadence and Gleaming.

“Sure, what do you need the princess and our friends for? Was it something you found?”

“I found something alright, but I need to talk to Princess Celestia about this when she gets here.” Dusk explained. “I’m also gonna write to Sunset as well from the journal since I need to have her talk to Celestia as well.”


“Don’t worry you’ll understand why I’ll need everyone present, I also need to have a talk with my sisters about Chrysalis with the state I found her in.” Dusk asked with some disappointment in his tone.

“Oh boy, what happened?” Dusk just moves out the way and points inside Chrysalis room. Barb raised an eyebrow before stepping up to the door before looking inside. The dragon stumbled back in shock while her face blushed furiously before she looked back at Dusk. “What the hay happened to her?!”

“Let’s just say that involved a lot of paddling and strapons…and no it wasn’t me.” Dusk brought up.

“Right, you said that Gleaming is a succubus…” Philomena added in response. “Well, I’m going to go bathe…” She followed up leaving Barb and Dusk alone.

“You want me to get started on that letter?” Barb asked.

“No, I got it...” Dusk said as he summoned a quill and parchment in his hands. He begins writing down why he wants them to come and then uses a spell to make several copies and wrapped each individual scroll that had a golden stamp with each of the girls cutie marks on them.

“Okay Barb, you know the drill…“ He followed up, standing back. Barb charges her flames and burns each of the letters sending them to each individual mare tha Dusk wrote down.

“There…hopefully the girls will wonder why what’s going on…” Barb added in response, as the letters all disappeared.

“Thanks Barb…” Dusk said. The dragoness then walks away from the young alicorn wondering on what his surprise would be about.

Dusk watched his dragon assistant walked away but couldn’t help look down at her tail wagging from side to side.

“Well now? You like staring at her ass, don’t you?” Said Demon Dusk. Snapping Dusk out of his stupor.

“What! I’m not looking at her ass?!” Dusk said in panic.

“Umm... yea you were. I see everything you see and definitely checking out that piece of dragon meat.” Demon Dusk teased. “But hey, I don’t blame you. She’s become one sexy dragoness over time and I can’t fault you for that. Didn’t think you were an ass man, not after all the times you loved to suck the girls tits.”

“Shut up!” Dusk shouted. “That was all you and you know it!”

“Umm, Dusk?” A female voice called out making Dusk freeze in place. Looking up Dusk saw that the sirens and Barb were standing in front of him. With Barb staring into his eye with a big blushing face looking at him embarrassment.

“Oh… I said that out loud didn’t I?” Dusk said with his cheeks turning pink.

“Yes you did. Would you like barb to join us later in our teacher student roleplay, Barb? Me and my sister are going to were some school girl outfits that I know Dusk would to see us wear!” Sonata said to the dragon next to her. Making Barb face go completely red and studder at the offer as she looked between Dusk and the sirens.

“W-why would you include me into that?” Barb asked in a flustered manner. Sonata only hugs the blushing dragon closer.

“Because having five people doing a teacher student roleplay instead of four is much more fun!”

Everyone present besides Sonata including Chrysalis who could still hear what everyone was say outside her open door, blushed to the point where they were imitating one of Applejacks red apples.

“For the love all of the world's seas Sonata, why are you so horny?!” Aria said as she tried to hide both her embarrassment and arousal.

Only Dusk could give an answer to that, thinking about what Daybreaker said about Sonata becoming a Alpha. ‘Guess she wasn’t kidding about Sonata being more horny compared to the other girls since I got a hold of her first.’

“Can’t this wait until after I announce what I need to say to everyone?” Dusk brings up, wanting to try and stop this hormonal drive that Sonata was giving off.

“Aw, but I planned this forever...” Sonata added, pressing her body against her master. “Please?” She added the puppy dogs eyes to the mix making Dusk internally twitch at the sight.

‘Dawwww… Dusk how can you can say no to a face like that?’ Demon Dusk said in his head.

“I- I’m sorry Sonata but this is too important. It’s about the herd and I need to tell you all this.”

“GASP, Your not going to get rid of us are you?!” Sonata said in surprise.

“NO!” Dusk said in a panic before quickly before he grabbed hold of the mare in a tight loving hug. “Never! I could never get rid of you girls. Each of you are special to me in your own way that I can never turn away. Even if were now stuck in such a way due to my darker self, I still will always care for you.” He said lovingly as he rest his head next to the former sirens. Unknowingly to Dusk, every girl within hearing distance, their hearts just fluttered at what he said.

“Please never say that again Sonata, it scared me when you said that.”

‘O-ok, I promise. But why do you need all of the royals to come in the first place?” Sonata asked as they broke their hug but still held onto each others arms.

“Just trust me. Everything will make sense soon.” Dusk assured as the two shared a heart filled moment.

“Okay, but you owe us for making us wait…” Sonata added, taking one of Dusk’s hands and letting grope her breasts. Now the moment was gone, making Dusk blush slightly from the contact.

“Okay, get a room you two!” Barb added, pulling Sonata off of Dusk. “While I’m at it, I’ll do some cooking since will be having a lot of guests for this.”

“Thanks Barb.” Dusk said.

“Sure.” Barb followed up, taking the Sirens to their room leaving Dusk alone.

“I just hope they don’t freak out when they meet her.” Dusk said to himself walking back to his room.

New Mare in the herd

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Dusk was nervous right now. It was currently 8:00 pm and he was waiting for everyone to be ready. A certain individual was in another room outside of the main room and he was currently in the map room with another table that had a large plethora of food.

“What’re you shaking for?” Demon Dusk remarked in a sarcastic tone. “You’re acting as if you’ve seen a ghost…”

“I’m just...worried about how everyone will react…” Dusk responded. “Starlight specifically…”

“Right...that crazy nightmare you said she had out of fear…” Demond Dusk replied. “Guess Paranoia runs between teacher and students…”

“You’re not helping asshole…” Dusk responded.

“How am I not? You still gotta explain why you have a mare as hot as the sun in your herd now.”

“How about when I announce what’s going on you keep quiet?”

“Still won’t solve whatever problem you think you have at the moment.”

“So long as you don’t start anything, it won’t be a problem.”

“Whatever… just try not to choke…” Demon Dusk remarked, the necklace around Dusk’s neck stopped glowing.

“I swear I hate him so much…” Dusk said to himself.

“You hate who?” Said a female voice from behind him. He turns around to see Sonata wearing a jet black gown that had a seam open at the leg and had a deep v-cut showing off a generous amount of cleavage. Dusk is of course blushing at how beautiful Sonata is in her dress.

“Umm...I’s just…” Dusk said his face turning redder.

“You like it?” Sonata asked, all while twirling in her dress. Dusk only blushed brighter turning away form the giggling siren.

“I’ll take that as a yes. So who was it that you talked about hating?” She asked

“The other me, he just can’t seem to ever shut up or say anything that would mess with my head and thinks with his dick.” Dusk sighed. “It’s tiring.”

“Well if not for him, we wouldn’t be here right now would we?” Sonata said with a cheery tone. “Besides, you still owe me on that one fantasy of mine.”

“Well if I can get past this quickly, I’ll be right with you on that.” Dusk added.

“I know…” Sonata asked. “Just thought a reminder was in order.” She added with a giggle, wrapping herself around Dusk and he felt his arm once again trapped between her DD cup breasts.

“Do I really have to tell you to get a room again?” Another female voice called out interrupting the two. They turn to the doorway to find Barb wearing a light purple evening dress that seemed a little too snug on the drake.

“No... are they all here?” Dusk asked, trying to move on to the reason they were here.

“The girls just arrived and we’re still waiting for the princesses to get here.” Barb answered.

“Good is everyone in the dining hall?”

“Yep, including your herd. I asked Nightmare Rarity to make a block of ice for Chrysalis to sit on instead of a chair. You know, because of her…” Barb pointed at her rear.

“Right…” Dusk said rubbing the back of his head. “I still need to talk to both Gleaming and Cadence about what they did.”

“That’ll be later on,” Barb added, leaning against the wall. “Right now we just need to wait for everyone to get here.”

“Hopefully they will be here soon, I’m not sure how much longer this is going to take out of me.”

“What do you mean?” Barb asked.

“Just wanting to get this over with. You’ll know pretty soon.” Dusk followed up. The sounds of the door opening behind him soon follow up getting Dusk, Barb and Sonata’s attention.

Aria, Adagio, Trixie, Sunset, Starlight, Pinkie Rarity, Moondancer, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity, Umbra, Chrysalis, Celestia and Luna all arrived in the Maproom in formal wear and with confused expressions on their faces. Chrysalis wanted to avoid Cadence and Gleaming after what she had to endure with them.

“Hey everypony…” Dusk said in a calm yet nervous tone. “Please take your seats…”

Everyone did as asked and ether took a random seat or sat in the crystal throwns. For Chrysalis she had to sit on a block of permafrost that Nightmare Rarity set up and everyone each took a seat.

“Thank you everyone for coming on such short notice,” Dusk explained. “I wouldn’t have brought you all here if it wasn’t important.”

“You still haven’t told us why we’re here darling…” Rarity said in a rather calm tone. “We aren’t even sure why you would invite us without a proper explanation.”

“Yeah what’s the big idea dragging us here at such a late hour? I was having the most awesome dream.” Rainbow complained, lazily sitting on her chair.

“You’re always asleep half the day.” Starlight deadpanned.

“And I was about to turn in for the night after inspecting the apple trees all day.” Applejack said.

“I was making sure all of the nocturnal animals were ok before I was called here.” Fluttershy softly murmured.

“Why must the great and powerful Trixie have her beauty sleep interrupted from some silly announcement?” Trixie said in a dull tone, causing everyone in the room to glare at her.

“And I was having the dooziest of doozies aaallll day!” Pinkie began. “I couldn’t stop shuddering since yesterday.”

“I had to talk Twilight down after the events that happened two weeks ago.” Sunset began, shuddering in response. “The Pinkie on my side wouldn’t stop asking questions after I had to carry an unconscious Twilight back to her dorm. I was having a headache from how many questions she was asking me.”

“Whatever it is, it can’t be that surprising after what we’ve seen lately.” Starlight followed up in a calm tone.

“I can understand that everypony, but I have something that I need to ask first.” Dusk said and he turns to Luna, confusing the mare. “You still remember when you were Nightmare Moon before right Luna?”

“But of course…” Luna began in a disheartened tone. Nightmare Moon only turns away in both anger and embarrassment from having her name mentioned.

“You don’t have to rub it in…” She grumbled.

“That’s not what I’m trying to do,” Dusk explained, before turning to his former teacher. “but I do have a few questions for Celestia after you were banished.” Drawing everyone's attention to the solar princess.

“What do you wish to know?” She replied.

“It was after you banished Luna.” Dusk replied. “Did you by any chance go through some mental trauma after the hard decision you made?” When he asked that, Celestia was stone faced for a moment before her eyes dilated down to pin pricks and whatever color her face had became even more pale.

“W-what?” Celestia stammered getting caught completely off guard with Dusk’s question. “I-I don’t know what you mean Dusk!”

“That isn’t really a straightforward answer Celestia.” Dusk said in response, feeling hurt slightly. “You were always open with me in you own way, but when I bring up this, you’re suddenly quiet. So why did you dodge my question?”

Celestia looked like she was having a slight panic attack as her eyes darted back in forth between Dusk and everyone around her. The rest of the mane six, plus Starlight and Barb were confused at what Dusk was talking about.

The former villains looked at celestia with various levels of interest, wondering what was making the white alicorn sweat like she was now. Luna looked at her sister with a straight confused face, never seeing her sister act in such a way in a over a millenia.

“Sister, are you hiding something from us?” Luna asked, only making Celestia get even more nervous.

“I... I….” Celestia was having trouble forming words at the moment. In her mind it was something she’d hope to take to her grave that she wanted no one to know. But did Dusk know and if so how?

“Celestia, back when I was a unicorn I was your faithful student.” Dusk began. “Despite my shortcomings you stood by me and were willing to listen to me. You”ve always been there for me. So the least you can do is be honest here.” Dusk followed up.

Celestia really didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t sure how to get out of this either since her former student clearly knew about her secret if he suddenly came out and asked her about it.

Feeling she had no choice, Celestia sighs in defeat knowing that the truth had to come out sooner or later. Plus, Dusk came out with his secret, so she knew she had to reveal a few skeletons in her closet.

“Alright...I think it’s only fair I come clean on my mental state that following day.” She added with a calm sigh. Right as she was about to explain about her past, the door behind everyone suddenly slams open, startling everyone in the room.

“What the buck is taking you so long dammit?!” A dark feminine voice growled making everyone turn to the direction of the voice. “I’m sick of being cooped up in that damn room you left me in!”

The mare stops her rant when she notices everyone in the room and their shocked faces. Basically everyone would have random reactions, but Nightmare Moon, Luna, and Celestia would have looks of shock. All of dusk’s friends were shocked and confused but Moondancer was more confused than she was scared of what was going on seeing as she hasn’t met her.

Starlight was the worst of it as both fear and shock overtook her from who she was seeing. She never thought that her nightmare would actually be real, but she was staring right at Daybreaker. She began to panic as the thoughts of Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon fighting and her brain goes through various scenarios about what might happen. It soon becomes too much for her as steam begins to pour from her face and her brain shuts down. Soon as that happens, she passes out from shock and her face hits the plate of food in front of her.

“Starlight!” Trixie shouted as she looked at her friend as she fell on the floor out cold. She tried shaking her but she refused to respond.

“So that was the doozie!!” Pinkie chirped in a happy tone as she was clearly nonchalant about the whole situation. The only one not showing any degree of shock was Dusk as he currently had his hand slapping his face.

“Why do I even try?” Dusk muttered.

“Did I make my entrance to soon?” Daybreaker inquired to which Dusk simply nodded. “Hehe... oops.”

Before anything else could be said, Celestia’s mane flared out in a orange blaze not to familiar to the one she was looking at. Her eyes shining white like newborn stars as they bored into the the mare. Her wings flared out in such a way, not too disimular like pegasi would to intimidate an opponent by looking much bigger.

“WHAT IN MOTHERS NAME ARE YOU DOING HERE?!! YOU SHOULDN’T BE HERE!!! I IMPRISONED YOU!!!” Celestia shouted as she channeled her magic in her horn and she aimed a concentrated beam of magic at Daybreaker. She would barely jump out of the way when the beam made a nice hole in the wall of Dusk’s castle.

“WAIT DAMMIT!! I’M NOT ATTACKING ANYPONY!!” Daybreaker didn’t even have a chance to reply before Celestia unleashed a powerful spell at she dark counterpart. It was only by split second decision on Daybreakers part to put up a shield to stop the attack. Everyone else had to cover their eyes from the flash. When it ended, everyone looked to see Celestia charging with a fist raised ready to strike at Daybreaker.


“STOP IT!!!” Daybreaker couldn’t say anything as Celestia closed the distance between them. Daybreaker only raised her arms to hold off the onslaught of slugger punches Celestia was dishing out. If one could look close enough they could see the alicorn’s advance earth pony magic being used, Giving each punch the force of a falling two ton boulder. With each punch Celestia threw, only caused Daybreaker to give an inch back from her spot.

“YOU’RE AN EVIL THAT MUST BE PURGED!!!” Celestia stated before pulling a leg up for a kick. By now Daybreaker had enough as she grabbed hold of Celestia’s leg in mid kick, picked her up and swung her around into the hall outside the map room.

“If you’d just calm down for about five minutes maybe I can-” Daybreaker didn’t get to finish as a fireblast from outside sent her flying back over the spectators towards the back wall of the map room. The crystal behind her left a few small crack as she groaned form the impact.

Shaking her head from the impact, Daybreaker looked up and saw her counterpart airborne and readying another blast of magic. Daybreaker barely moved out of the way by rolling to the side, and countered with another magic blast hitting Celestia in her stomach.

By this point everyone that was watching the two fight had backed away and were hugging the walls. Dusk of course wasn’t having any of this as he waited for an opening between the two. Daybreaker and Celestia still kept up their battle and as soon as they were ready for another blast, Dusk jumps between the two with a magical barrier and it causes a huge explosion that blinds everyone in the entire room.

When the flash and smoke cleared everyone became shocked at the sight of a blackened purple alicorn standing between the two halves with his arms out. Dusk’s clothes were ruined as everyone could see his his fur along his chest and arms burnt burnt off showing pink skin in several places.

“DUSK!!!” Everyone shouted looking at the pained state he was in.

“Ow… that hurt…” Dusk weased before collapsing to his knees before falling flat on the ground.

The main six, Sunset, Luna, and Sonata ran for their fallen friend. Sonata and Applejack slowly lifted the hurt stallion off the floor before turning him over and resting him against one of the crystal chairs.

Sonata was still holding onto the haft demon when they laid him against the chair. Refusing to leave his side till she knew her Dusk was alright. Unbeknownst to everyone around her, her heart shape necklace was softly glowing.

“Dusk wake up, please.” Sonata whimpered as tears slowly started to appear from her eyes. Dusk could only groan from the pain as he opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. When he saw the blue siren crying he reached up and rested his hand on her shoulder.

“I’m fine Sonata, just a little singed. A little magic and I’ll be back to normal. So please stop crying. It doesn't suit you.” Dusk said to the mare. This only made the mare cry more before she enveloped Dusk’s head with her arms as she brought him smothered him with her breasts while she whined.

“Oh Duskie, why did you do that?! We were so worried!” Sonata cried as she held Dusk close to her. All the while Dusk was having trouble breathing.

‘With the way my life was going I should have expected to die from something like this.’ Dusk thought as he slowly loses oxygen to the brain.

‘Death via smothered by titties. What way any great stallion with a great dick should go.’ Demon Dusk approved.

“Landsakes girl, let him breath!” Applejack said while sporting a noticeable blush as she pulled Dusk’s head away from the blue mare’s breast. Making the male alicorn take in a deep breath of air.

“Standing in between two Alicorns while their firing at each other at the same time is pretty gutsy move for you Dusk. Good one.” Rainbow Dash said from her spot.

“More like foolish if you ask me,” Nightmare Moon commented, to which Aria and Umbra nodded in agreement with.

“At the very least our mate can take a hit from two strong magic blasts and wont die off on us. That's good to know.” Nightmare Rarity commented.

“Are you ok, Dusk?” Chrysalis asked as she cast a healing spell over the Alicorn.

“Give me a sec and I’ll be alright.’ Dusk assured everyone.

“Dusk,” Celestia began looking at her former student in shock. “I don’t understand why you would do that.”

“What I don’t understand is why you snapped back there.” Dusk growled, his horn started glowing as he slowly healing himself and standing up from his seat. Celestia was about to say something, but doesn’t get the chance to speak as a loud smack was heard in the room. Everyone of course, is shocked as Dusk Shine prince of equestria and friendship, actually slapped Princess Celestia across the face.

“…” Muttered Fluttershy as she and everyone else in the room stood shock still at what they just saw. Celestia only looked back at her former student in shock and her left cheek stung from the slap. Everyone else had mixed reactions from what just happened.


“My stars…”




“Wh-wha…” Trixie was a little more hilarious as she was still holding the unconscious Starlight, only to drop her on the floor a few seconds later.

“What. Is. Happening?”

“Did I wake up in some alternate reality?” Luna asked herself with what she was seeing.

“That was so hot…” Umbra muttred.

Out of everyone else who was shocked, Celestia was the most shocked, that of all ponies to have ever struck her, Dusk was the last to do such a thing.

Shaking her head Luna decided to bring the main topic back into view once more.

“Sister, what is the meaning of this?” Luna demanded in a calm tone. “What did sir Dusk here mean of you hiding something from us?”

“What I don’t understand is why you lost yourself back there.” Rarity added. “You’re normally the calm and collected one.

“And maybe y’all can explain why there’s a darker version of you standing here right now.” Applejack added.

“I…” She sighed. “It’s because she’s the same as me as Nightmare Moon is to Luna. Daybreaker is my other half.” Everyone in the room gasped in response other than Dusk did since he was told this by Daybreaker herself.

“So we have another sister?” Nightmare Rarity called out making everyone turn to her direction.

“Yes you do, in the same regard as Celestia is Luna’s sister, I am yours.” Daybreaker said as she looked at the two shocked Nightmares. “What? Is that how you react to your long lost sister, shock in awe. No tears of joy or even a hug?” Nightmare Moon was the first to snap out of her stupor.

“We dont hug in this family.”

“Its true,” Nightmare Rarity nodded.

Daybreaker just smiled at that before looking over at Celestia, “Don’t you just love family reunions.”

“What I don’t understand is how you even got out…” Celestia added. “I made sure that nopony could solve the riddles or at least head the warning I left behind.”

“Everyone but him…” Daybreaker said looking at Dusk, and all eyes soon turned to him.

“Yeah….I uh… accidentally let her out…” He said in a nervous tone, all while rubbing the back of his head. To look on Celestia’s face was just priceless as her right eye wouldn’t stop twitching.

“You...did...what…?” She asked, her mind still trying to process on what he said.

“I almost got fried after that laser trap you put there.” Dusk said in defense. “I had to use the pocket mirror Rarity gave me just to deflect the beam, but it was how I let her out.”

“Laser trap?” Luna asked turning towards her sister. “What did you put in that room he found while I was on the moon?”

“I wanted to make sure that she wouldn't get out.” Celestia added. “But seeing as my former student found you, I guess it was only inevitable.”

“It probably would have stayed a secret if it wasn’t leaking energy.” That gotten Celestia’s attention as she looked at her student with both shock and confusion.

“What! How?! I sealed her with the most powerful runes and magic I had. Not even Starswirl nor Clover the clever or even Luna and myself could have broken out of that cell.” Celestia said firmly.

“Your right about that, except for one little thing.”

All eyes were now drawn to the Celestia's evil half. Now holding a few strands of familiar hair in between her thumb and index finger. “I would have gotten out one way or the other enve if your old student sped up the process of my release. A few days ago I was starting my move to escape when Dusk’s darker half found me in that mountain you hid me under.” Daybreaker explained. “But all that doesn't matter now anymore. I’m free and you can’t seal me back up again anymore Celestia.” She then walks over to Dusk and loops her hands around his chest. Making the him blush from the contact as Daybreaker locks eyes with Celestia.

“And you have this stud here to thank for it.” She added pointing to a very familiar collar around her neck. Celestia’s face soon turned pale as she saw the slave collar around Daybreaker’s neck. Everyone else was shocked, but Nightmare Moon was pissed off.

“You. Did. Not.” She growled, glaring at the stallion who was whistling in response.

“I was sealed away for almost 1000 years and in that time I grew in power and planed for your demise, but a certain spot got me bothered and he was willing to take care of me, in exchange I’d give up my calls on revenge.” Daybreaker continued while she rubbed the male alicorns bear chest. “I have to admit, he’s got stamina for days.” She purred. This made most of the girls in the room blush red from the image, some even wet.

“Dusk,” Nightmare Moon growled, glaring at the alicorn. “If not for these damn collars, I’d tear you apart and throw your remains in the lowest levels of Tartarus while giving your dick to Cerberus as a chew toy.”

That little declaration made the only male in the room clutch his private area in fear.

“Otherwise, I’m both very disappointed in you for releasing an evil on Equestria and relieved to hear that she is no longer a threat.” Celestia followed up, getting out of her dilemma.

“Can one of you help me with her please?” Trixie called out, still holding an unconscious Starlight in her arms.

“Stand back, I know just the way to wake her up.” Rainbow dash said as she crouch down to the past out unicorn then the pegasi put a finger in her mouth, getting it all lubed up before sticking said finger in the unicorns ear.

The reaction was instant, Starlights eyes shot open as her hand reached up and tried to clear. “Aw aw ewewewew what was that for?! Ewe!” She added rubbing her ear in disgust from having it messed with. This act cased Rainbow dash, pinkie and some of the villains to laugh at the unicorns misfortune.

“It’s interesting you had to resort to such an uncouth way to wake up our friend.” Rarity added, glaring at Rainbow Dash who was still chuckling.

“Well it worked didn’t it?” RD added. “Besides, I thought it would be funny.”

“Well I’m sorry that my misfortune was for the expense of your prank.” Starlight countered, still mad at RD. “I had just the strangest dream that I saw Celestia darker half with Nightmare Moon in the same room together.”

“You mean her?” Pinkie pointed out tactfully at Daybreaker, still having her arms around Dusk.This cased Starlight to freak out into a panic again.

“Starlight, please calm down.” Dusk siad as hse notice her reaction and how she began hyperventilating. “Yes, you’re not dreaming, but they’re not gonna fight. Okay?” This did little to calm the unicorns fears but she complied with a slight nod of her head as she hid behind Trixie.

“I think it’s gonna take awhile for her to process all of this and with daybreaker living with us.” Dusk followed up. Starlight’s face turned pale after hearing that. Daybreaker then unhooked herself from Dusk and walked over to the unicorn that was the topic of discussion.

“So your the one that saw me in your dreams dusk spoke of?” Daybreaker said she she used her magic to separate Trixie away from Starlight as she looks up and down at the shorter unicorn. “Humm... you don’t look like much but I wonder, tell me what did you do before becoming Dusks student?”

The question made Starlight’s legs shake under her as if they would buckle at any moment as she tried to form words to answer. “I...I led a…a village.”

“Interesting and what pray tell what did Dusk have reason for visiting your little town?” Daybreaker asked showing little emotion other then a small smirk that curled up her face.

“I-It was devoted get rid of cutie marks, and I develop a spell to remove them from ponies.”

Daybreaker then looked over Starlight again before she looked at all the villains then back at Dusk. “So she’s a villain that you turned into your student?”

“That’s right.” Dusk nodded.

“So why aren't you fucking her like the rest of the villains here?” She added, making both Dusk and Starlight blush in response.

“I had my other half seal away that month.” Dusk said defensively.

“Makes sense,” Daybreaker nodded. “Are you still planning on fucking her? Keep all of us villains in check.”

‘Oh all the time. Especially with that nice ass of hers.’ Demon Dusk said quietly inside Dusks mind.

“No… Just no. Starlight is my friend and I won’t pressure her into something like that.” Dusk said defensively while his face only burned bright red.

“Okay!” Sunset shouted getting everyone’s attention and trying to clear up a crazy mess. “Can we just pretend you didn't say that? I need to get back to my friends in the other world.”

“Oh is she another villain as well? Do you plan to take her to?” Daybreaker inquired.

‘I’ll take her hard with those soft lips she’s got.’ Demon dusk commented silently again.

“You know where the portal is Sunset, feel free to go at anytime whenever your ready.” Dusk replied while trying to ignore Daybreaker’s questions and his dark sides antics. Sunset only takes off for the next room, leaving everyone in the room.

“Well It’s nice meeting your acquaintance.” Sonata said, walking over to Daybreaker with a friendly smile. Daybreaker looked at the siren and she notices the color of the heart on her collar were different from normal. Instead of pink, the hearts were now purple.

“So you’re the head mare?” Daybreaker said much to the confusion to everyone in the room. “A pleasure to meet you.”

“Wait what? What do you mean head mare?”Umbra asked in confused tone.

“Why our alpha of the herd of course.” Daybreaker clarified.

“WHAT!?” All the villains screamed as the looked back and forth between Daybreaker and Sonata.

“Sonata the alpha?!”

“This can not be happening!”

“Taco brains the alpha?!”

“Oh why!”


‘Me?” Sonata pointed at herself to which Daybreaker nodded.

“Well no one else here has the alpha necklace but you.” Daybreaker said as she pointed at what’s around he sirens neck. They all took notice that the hearts around her neck were a different color than the other girls.

“When did that happen?” Aria called off as she and Adagio walked over to their sister.

“Right after Dusk stepped in between me and my other halfs blast. Out of all the girls here only she took off running to his side in his time of need. Showing her loyalty and love for him is genuine, and with the title of alphe being unclaimed, the things around our necks decided she would be the one to lead.” Daybreaker explained, lying a bit of it to rile them all up. She had no idea if the things around their necks were connected in that way, but seemed logical that some of it was so what the hell.

‘As long as I get to enjoy the looks of horror on Umbra and my sister and the looks of disbelief from everyone else. I can believe in my lie all day long.’ Daybreaker thought to herself

“Well this is gonna be a crazy new chapter in my life…” Dusk express, sounding exhausted.

“Hey Bro we’re here, what's with all...the...comotion?” Gleaming Shield said as she and her wife Cadence holding onto Flurry Heart. She caught sight of all the villains, princess, elements and others looking at the three of them. “Ok, what we miss?”

“Same old same old.” Pinkie said half heartedly with a twirl of her hand. “New villain in Equestria, Dusk stop said villain and added her to his herd.” This made Gleaming raise an eyebrow at the pink earth pony before looking at her brother.

“Another one Dusk? Jeez how many are you taking in?” Gleaming teased. “Your like the crazy old cat lady only instead of taking in stray cats you take in beaten villains. Who is it this time?”

“That would be me.”

The two princess of the Crystal Empire turned to the voice and saw a mare looking like a nightmare version of Celestia walk up to them. “A pleasure to meet the new rulers of the north. I am Daybreaker.” She introduced.

“Umm... thanks? Pleasure to meet you as well.” Cadence replied. A little unsure about how she should react to meeting her ants dark side. “I’m Cadence and this is my wife Gleaming Shield.”

“Hi?” Gleaming said awkwardly. Daybreaker’s eyes then traveled up and down the mare, making her feel a little self centered. “Umm...can I help you with something?”

“So your the older sister of my new charge?” She said in a calm tone.

“Yes?” Gleaming added, feeling slightly uneasy around her.

“Good to know.” Daybreaker said before turning away without batting an eye. For some reason this ticked the former guard captain but didn’t show it. Daybreaker then ben down word to the little Furry Heart. “And this powerful little bundle of cute and destruction must be Furry Heart. Chochy goo.” She said while she brought a wing around and tickle Furry’s nose.

Furry nose the scrunched up and inhaled sharply ready for a sneeze. Those that recognize this quickly ducked down in fear while everyone else just looked on in confusion.


Flurry’s magic sneeze missed the dark Alicorn a smidge and taking out one the rooms window.

‘ I gotta replace another window….” Dusk thought to himself.

All of the villain's, plus the ones who haven’t seen the destructive power of the baby Alicorn could only stare in shock and awe. Daybreaker's smile did not falter through the entire event, in fact it only grew more sinister.

“Oh little filly, if a half unicorn succubus and a Alicorn could produce you, I can’t wait for what your male Alicorn incubus uncle and me will procure.” Daybreaker said with an excited giggle as she plays with Furry Heart mane. Much to the parents awkwardness.

“You’re not helping Daybreaker…” Dusk remarked towards the darker Alicorn.

“Um...hello…” Everyone then looked towards Adagio who spoke. “Is this what were going to expect from all our kids that were going to have from Dusk?”

Dusk’s face paled at that realizing that the siren had a point. “Um... maybe?”

“Tiss a possibly yes.” Voiced Luna. “If thy offspring is either a unicorn or alicorn like Furry Heart here.Otherwise I don’t see it so.” This did not bold well with all those in attendance as half of the girls in Dusk’s harem are alicorns and unicorns and a rogue changeling.

Okay...well we wanted to see how you were doing after we got the letter.” Cadence followed up.

“I actually wanted to talk to you about why I found Chrysalis was in my room with ice packs on her butt.” Dusk followed up in a disappointed tone.

“Considering that she ruined our wedding day with an invasion, imprison me underground exhausted, placed us all in a cocoon after taking all of us hostage,” Cadence listed off. “Because personally, I think she got off light and if she wasn’t tied and bond to your demon powers.”

“You couldn’t just have her do community service?” Dusk said in response. “I get that you’re still angry after that, but I actually had a talk with her, and what you did only made me seen wrong about trusting you or Gleaming from trying something like that again. You’re lucky she just took it without a problem since she surprisingly felt guilty after she opened up to me.”

Cadence just shrugged, ”I still say she got off light, I was the one who propose the spanking. Gleaming was planning on something much worse.”

“Worse? Dare I ask sis.” Dusk said as he eyeballed his older sibling.

“You don’t want to know. We did give her the option thought and she chose getting spanked, now all is forgiven. Isn’t that Chrsy?” Cadence said with a happy smile.

Chrysalis then fearfully grabbed the nearest pony, which happens to be Fluttershy, and places her in front of the royal couples line of sight.

“Besides, in a few months she’s going to be a mother, and that also applies to my herd mates in eleven months.” Dusk added with a sigh. “I was honestly hoping that you’d try to get along without any painful restitution towards her, but I guess you had to calm down in some way.”

Before anyone else could say anything, the door opened up to reveal a very familiar unicorn mare with a happy smile on her face.

“Hello everyone, I’ve had a surprise that I’ve been wanting to show you…” Velvet said, but pauses when she notices a very familiar dark alicorn in the room.

“YOU!” Daybreaker shouted in surprise. She got up from her seat, with her mane flaring up in response, shocking everyone in the room.

“You…” Velvet added, slowly walking over towards the darker alicorn with a menacing smirk, countering Daybreaker’s death glare.

“Okay, what’s going on?” Gleaming asked in confusion.

“I don’t know.” Cadence followed, holding a still giggling Flurry Heart who isn’t sure of what’s going on.

“Well...look what the pits of Tartarus dragged in…” Velvet remarked walking towards the burning alicorn that was glaring at her with a hateful gaze.

“And look at what the demon’s brothels spat out…” Daybreaker remarked and both mares were soon locked in a stare down. There were literal sparks between the two mares and it was enough to make everyone have chills running down their spines.

“Do you two know each other?” Starlight asked in confusion.

“I am not going to like this,” Dusk said to himself with how Velvet and Daybreaker were glaring at each other. The glare that both mares had in their eyes and the intense wave of tension from the two of them was intense.

No one wasn’t sure what to say since Daybreaker was glaring at Dusk’s mother and she isn't showing any signs of being intimidated.

“Velvet…” Daybreaker growled in a dark tone. “Interesting to meet you again.”

“’s been a long time since I last saw you.” She said in a neutral tone. “Still have that fat ass... oh wait, that’s the sun.”

“Still the ever demonic slut I see,” Daybreaker remarked. Velvet’s eye twitched, but she gives a slight smirk.

“Well... at least I’m not the one who was bound by my incubus son now, am I?”

“What was that you-!!” Daybreakers blood boiled, then froze at what she just heard Velvet say to her as realization began to sink in.

“Wait...he’s your SON?!” Daybreaker said in disbelief as she glanced back at Dusk who only nervously waves at her.

“Yes he is, and I couldn’t be any more proud of him. Especially now.” She said while looking at Daybreakers collar smugly, making the alicorn counterpart growl in anger. “I guess this means that this makes you my daughter in law.” Velvet said with a smug smile.

The look on Daybreaker’s face was absolutely priceless. Her right eye twitched as a look of pure rage was shown on her face.

“Um...Daybreaker, are you okay?” Dusk asked as he tried to reach out to Daybreaker, only for everyone to back off when a sudden wave of heat radiated from her. She then turns and looks directly at Dusk with a sharp glare.

“Why... didn’t you tell me… that this BITCH... is your mother!?” She snapped, turning towards Dusk pointing at Velvet. Her flaming mane and tail was now a raging inferno as the floor beneath her started to melt where her hoof prints were.

“Well… in my defense, you never asked who I was related to,” Dusk said in a very nervous tone. “Plus I didn’t think you two knew each other.”

“You think the brightest idea would’ve been to tell me who you were related to?” She growled making a large crater in the floor with a hoof stomp.

“Ummm…” Dusk wasn’t sure what to say next since he wasn’t sure what she was going to do or if his next words would bring the entire building down on them. He was literally in front of a mare who was a ticking time bomb.

“Honestly, you’re still bent over for what we did to you back then?” Velvet remarked, and Daybreaker turns towards the mare glaring at her. Her fist beginning to glow and catch fire, a menacing glare on her face.

“DON’T YOU DARE BRING THAT UP!!!” She shouted turning back to a smug Velvet.

‘What happened between these two?’ Dusk thought to himself the longer Daybreaker and Velvet looked at each other.

“Did something happen between the two of you?” Barb asked as she and Philomena slowly back away and got behind Celestia.

“Oh, she’s just mad because I-”

“THAT’S IT!” Daybreaker shouted, literally breathing fire at her. She lunged at Velvet, but the mare doesn’t even budge. The girls freak out and only cover their faces in fear when her fist collides with Velvet’s jaw, but it was immediately replaced with another sound. And it wasn't from Velvet.

Daybreaker began groaning as she started feeling hot down below and slump to her knees. Her face blushes red as the heat only grows worse. Velvet only continues to smile and stares down at Daybreaker with a smug look. After a while, the heat she had built around her died down, and the burning between Daybreaker’s legs stopped.

‘I forgot my other half put that around her…’ Dusk said, breathing a sigh of relief.

“The Tartarus was that?” Daybreaker groaned as the burning only got worse for her down below.

“You’re not familiar with lust demons that well, and that collar my son put around you prevents you from attacking anyone he’s related to or other ponies for that matter,” Velvet added in a cheery tone. “If it was self-defense, then that rule doesn't apply. But if you try to attack anyone, you're pretty much asking for trouble when the collar activates and forces you to go into heat.”

“They what?” Daybreaker asked in shock. She then turns to Dusk who had a nervous glance.

“Hehe… I forgot to mention that….” Dusk admitted nervously. Daybreaker turned back towards Velvet, still glaring at her while Velvet smiled back at Daybreaker smugly.

“Come on Daybreaker,” Velvet said as she knelt beside her. “They're going to find out what happened eventually so I might as well tell them what happened.”

“If you--Argh!!” Daybreaker tried to threaten but felt her body flaring up even worse from the inside. With everyone still confused as to what was going on, Daybreaker didn’t have much of a choice. “F-fine...just… get on with it…”

“Thank you…”

“Uh, mom...what exactly happen between the two of you?” Dusk asked getting Velvet’s attention.

“Well honey, I met her a long time ago.” Velvet remarked in a mocking tone looking towards Daybreaker. “It was when she wanted to overthrow Celestia and wanted me and my sisters to join her to help take over Equestria, but we were immature back then, so we refused.”


“So you’re still mad about what I did to you during your fight with Celestia?” Velvet giggled. Daybreaker blushed, while Celestia turned to her in surprise as did everyone else.

“Velvet, what do you mean during my fight?” Celestia asked in confusion.

“I unintentionally helped you in your fight with her.” Velvet added. “I intended to get back at her for when she burned one of my sisters when her back was turned.” Daybreaker gave her a death glare. “By shoving a XXL dildo up her ass.”


“You shoved a dildo in her ass?” Adagio asked having a nervous glance shown on her face.

“A wooden one at the time.” Velvet explained making some of the girls flinch. “Not like the plastic ones you see today.” She smirked.

“YOU COULD’VE POLISHED IT MORE!!!” Daybreaker shouted.

“That’s what your mouth is for…” Velvet said sultrily.

“That was not what I meant…” Daybreaker growled. “Some splinters remained in my ass when you shoved that thing in me without warning!”

“So because of you, I was able to seal away Daybreaker away?” Celestia asked in shock. She never knew why Daybreaker suddenly jumped when she lured her towards the trap.

“That’s right…” Velvet said in a sing-song voice. “But you later took my son under your wing and protected him from what happened from time to time, so that makes up more than enough thanks.”

“That’s one way of putting it…” Dusk mumbled to himself. “Anyways, you said you have something for me and for my herd mates here?” Dusk added, getting his mother’s attention.

“Well... seeing as I’m going to be a grandmother for all nine of your mates,” Velvet added while looking at Daybreaker smugly. “I left a few things in a room in the castle for when your foals are born.”

“Which room and what things?” Dusk asked, a little skeptical of his flirty mother.

“You and your mates will have to see for yourselves…” She added with a wink. “Well, I have to get going. I do hope you enjoy your surprise for your foals.” Velvet added as she leaves the room, but not before turning back to Daybreaker.

“Oh and one more thing dear, welcome to the family.” Velvet then left, giving Daybreaker a smug smile.

“Your mother can be quite a handful Dusk,” Luna added, looking at Dusk with a light blush on her cheeks.

“Yeah, I guess I can show you around the castle Daybreaker,” Dusk said as he turned towards the darker alicorn. “Daybreaker?” Dusk soon notices her expression showing that she was pissed.

“I need to hit something…” She growled, looking back at Dusk. “Right now…” She then walks towards Dusk making him flinch.

“Please, not the face...” Dusk whimpered. Only Daybreaker passed him and pulled back her fist, hitting it against one of the columns and shattered it in one blow.

“I guess you can just take me to my room,” Daybreaker added with a deep sigh. Dusk was able to breathe a sigh of relief, but he could only hope that the rest of his herd wouldn’t start a fight because of his mom.

“What does my other half keep getting me into?” Dusk said to himself as he walked with the others and was only hoping on what to do for the future.

Demon Rituals

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“Huh...seems quiet for once…” Dusk said to himself as he was sitting by himself reading a few books in his room. It’s been a week since Daybreaker was introduced to everyone and the shock Daybreaker got when she found out that she layed with the son of her hated enemy and is now related to her thanks to Dusk. Things now have been surprisingly quiet around the castle, but it was still pretty rough with Daybreaker getting into fights with Nightmare Moon and Umbra, and how she purposely fans the flames since she finds it amusing messing with them.

Other than that, things were pretty quiet and at least she kept herself occupied. He does shudder when Daybreaker comes to mind since sex with Daybreaker, can be pretty intense. Especially when Nightmare Moon joins in and competes with Daybreaker to see who can outlast the other. Both mares keep going at it with each other when it comes to Dusk’s beast forms, especially when he uses his Incubus powers. Turns out they both really like dragons.

Dusk only sighs since he wants to go one day without having to take off his pants and at least go out on a normal date with the girls. He does wonder about Sunset since she took Twilight back to her world and hopes that she doesn't mention about how he’s half demon and takes it the wrong way. The last thing he wants is that other worlds Rainbow Dash coming through with a stake towards his heart. He sets the book he currently finished reading down and was about to pick up another one, only to hear a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” Dusk asked, holding another book in his hand.

“It’s me honey…” Said a feminine voice from the other side of the door. The female voice made Dusk shudder in response, and it was a voice that he recognized. He stands up with a sigh and turns to the door.

“What do you want mom?” Dusk said, getting up from his seat. The door soon opens and reveals his mother walking in with a box in her hands.

“Is that how kids speak to their mother these days? I swear I raised you better than that.” Velvet teased as she makes her way towards his bed.

“Mom the last few times you showed up, things get blown out of proportion.”

“Oh your just saying that. Nothing like that has happened when I’m around or are you saying that because you don’t love your mother anymore?” She said as she turns around to give Dusk a set of puppy dog eyes. To which Dusk just gives a deadpan stare back.

“I’ve dealt with a trio of girls that have weaponized that look mom, your’s don’t even come close to theirs.” Dusk replied with a dull tone.

“Oh, you're no fun anymore Dusk.” Velvet huffed, puffing up her cheeks slightly. “I worry about you sometimes, your slowly becoming like your father in that department. At least he didn’t get some immunity to my looks till after your sister was born. Anyway I thought with all that’s going on I thought we could spend some mother son time.” She explained with a happy smile. “Maybe go out and get some coffee?”

Dusk stares at his mother for a moment to find any signs of a hidden agendas. He’d had gotten quite good at finding finding those due to the amount of villains he’s got living with him. Seeing none of them on his mom, he sighs before answering. “Sure, coffee sounds great. Head down to the lounge and I’ll meet you down after I let the others know i’m going out.”

Velvet squealed in delight. “Oh don’t worry sweetie... I already told them on my way up.”

Dusk gave his mother a raised eyebrow. “Really?” He said, finding that both likely and unlikely at the same time. ‘Well then, let me change my shirt ad I’ll be right with you.”

“Good, see you downstairs…” Velvet smiles before her horn glows and vanishes with a flash of a teleport spell.

Dusk then walks over to his dresser and pulls out a clean blue shirt. He throws it on the bed before he starts stripping off the used one he had had. That was when Starlight walks in without knocking.

“Hey Dusk? Your mom is back and she…oh my...” Starlight tries to say, but her voice trails off and her face went beat red as she looks at Dusks bare chest while he looks back with an un-amused look.

“Ever heard of knocking Starlight? It’s a new thing these days.” He said with deadpan voice. “And yeah I know she’s here, I’m going out with her since she wants to spend some time with me. You know family time and stuff. I’ll be back in a little while, tell the others for me will you, thanks.” Dusk said as he puts on his clean shirt and walks past Starlight.

Starlight didn’t say anything as she just lets him walk past her. Her imagination goes wild as images of a sexy Dusk kept popping in her mind. She then teleports out of the room when her fantasy was starting to get out of hand.


The sounds of running water from a faucet and scrubbing from a loofa was heard from the bathroom. Adagio was bathing in the shower, since she wanted to get ready for her job at the dairy farm. She was just minding her own business when she heard a magical teleport behind her.

“Wh-who’s there?” She said, looking behind her only to see a blushing Starlight. “Oh… it’s you…” She added in a calm tone. “Do you need something?” Starlight didn’t answer, her face too bright red to even speak. Before Adagio could ask again, she felt herself lifted in the air out of the shower.

“H-hey!” Adagio shouted, her face burning bright red, covering her breasts and marehood in response. “I’M STILL IN THE SHOWER DAMMIT!!” She shouted. Starlight didn’t respond to Adagio’s outburst, and instead sets her outside of the bathroom and says that she needs a ‘long cold shower’ before slamming the door in Adagio’s face.

“AT LEAST GIVE ME A BUCKING TOWEL!!” Adagio shouted, still having her assets covered by her arms. Two seconds later, Starlight opens the door and throws 2 body towels in Adagio’s face, closing the door back. “Thank you…” She added, wrapping the fabric around her body and her mane. She takes at least two steps away from the door, only to bump into a stunned Umbra, who was wearing a bathrobe.

“Any reason why you’re in the hallway with just a towel?” She asked, confused with a hint of pink on her ebony black cheeks.

“Starlight just threw me out of the bathroom in the middle of my shower.” She added. “Didn’t even say why. Her face was all red and that was just it.”

“It was either she saw something she really wasn’t suppose to or she walked in on Dusk while he was going at it with one of the others.” Umbra explained.

“That sounded really specific, had this happened before?” Adagio asked back to which Umbra noded.

“Happened to that little dragoness the other day when she walked in on Dusk going at it while in his dragon form to both Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker. Wasted half the day under a cold shower to get rid of the images.”

“Wow, that must have been a sight,” Adagio said. “Good thing thing I’m not into dragons.”

“Me to, although,” Umbra wondered allowed. “He can turn into a dragon and a minotaur whenever he wants. Only makes me wonder what else can he change into?”

“No surprise you’re addicted to him like Taco brain and Chrysalis.” Adagio said with a knowing smirk. “Bet you’d be screaming for him not to stop when he goes ballistic on you.”

“Like you don’t enjoy it when he milks you…” Umbra shoots back, wiping away the sirens smirk and replacing it bright blush.

‘Oh don’t you two start this again.” The bickering mares looked over to see Philomena walking down the corridor towards them. “I know some of you guys like to argue but not all of us like it. What are you fighting about now and why do you have only a towel on?” Philomena asked the two.

“We weren’t fighting, we were talking about starlight before talking about Dusk’s transformations.” Adagio clarified. “And as to why I’m like this is because Starlight kicked me out of the shower while I was in the shower.” She said irritated.

“Guess that means Starlight caught Dusk and one of the girls at a bad time again.” Philomena said with a sigh. “She really needs to learn to knock to avoid situations like that.”

“You mean when you walked in on me when I was trying to deal with the excess milk in my breasts?” Philomena only blushed in response.

“That was an accident on both of our accounts!” Philomena exclaimed with a blushing face.“You were doing that in my room for Celestia’s sake!”

Adagio was about to reply, but her mind came up empty as no words could be formed as she blushed again. Umbra just looked at the pitiful siran and enjoyed her soft suffering.

“The bird got you there little fish.” Umbra said.

“S-shut up.” Adagio said turning away with a blushing set of cheeks.

“Well just don’t do that in my room again. I’m trying to keep at least one room in this castle from smelling like sex and I want that room to be mine.” Philomene stated. “Now go take whatever argument you two were having earlier and take it somewhere else other than the hallway.” She added walking away from the two mares leaving home alone.

“Well I’m going to get dressed after that little stunt.” Adagio added, walking away from Umbra.

Umbra just shook her head at the whole ordeal, silently wishing to just kill off all those that irritated her only for her sex to heat up at the thought. Feeling both horny and irritated, she set off to find the one that placed her in this position.


Dusk meanwhile just walks to his castle entrance where the lounge is at. He spots his mother talking to Barb and Aria, the former happily talking to her while the latter backed away behind the dragoness. “Hey Barb, what's going on?” Dusk asked his little sister/assistent.

“Going out for more food, again.” Barb replied.

“Didn’t you go two days ago for food?” Dusk replied.

“Some of the other girls are starting to get the weird cravings while the others, me included are getting the munchies. So we’re eating more, on that you need a bigger fridge, so I’m helping Barb here with the food because I’m bored and this girl needs a hand bringing it all in.” Aria explained.

This took Dusk back slightly. The girls were already in the food craving stage and Aria was helping out with grocery shopping? “Wow Aria, that is really nice of you to do that.” Dusk said to which made Aria blush in response.

“How do you think we survive for so long in the other world?” She added turning back blushing. “Sure Adagio made the plans of where we went but I was the one that made sure we were all fed and had money in our pockets. It wasn’t like Sonata was doing anything but goof off all the time and eat tacos. Besides I need to start doing something or I will start going stir crazy.”

Dusk smiles at the siren. “Well I won’t keep you two then. Have fun, I’ll be with mom for a little while. If you need help carrying everything back, send a message with your dragon fire Barb.”

“Can do bro, later mom.” Barb said as she hugged their mother.

“Later sweetie.” Velvet hugged back. She then turned to Aria and scoops the former siren up a hug also, surprising her. “You too deary. Those craving are always tricky during pregnancy.”

Aria’s face was now beet red because velvet had smush her head between the older mares breasts. When the siren was released, Barb had to grab the poor girl by the hand and lead her away. Dusk shook his head at the antics and left the castle with his mom.


Dusk was glad Ponyville hadn't changed much over the years he’s lived here, to which he was grateful for. They soon reach a coffee shop with a open sitting area. Dusk quickly places a order for two cups of coffee, and paying the bartender. She walks away leaving the two alone.

“Okay, so what did you want to talk about?” Dusk started off, sitting at one of the random tables with his mother.

“I actually wanted to talk to you about your herd and how you were doing since a certain mare was recently added in.”

“Mom…” Dusk groaned thinking that she was going to try and make this bonding sexual. “I want to take a break from that.”

“Oh relax, it’s nothing to get you all riled up.” She said in an innocent manner.

“Okay, then what are you trying to say?” Dusk asked, still skeptical of his mother and what she might be planning.

“Your mates.” She said in a calm tone.

“Mom…” He growled.

“It’s nothing sexual… I just wanted to know about how they’re doing right now even after you marked them.”

“If you're talking about the collars, then yes. They’re doing just fine.” Dusk answered in a calm tone, calming down slightly thinking that she wasn’t trying to be a horn dog. Her demeanor suddenly changes though.

“You, haven’t bitten them, have you?” She asked bluntly

“That was my other half injecting venom into their bodies.” Dusk replied in a nervous tone. “I don’t need to be reminded of that everyday.”

“I mean your special mark, to keep other demons away.” She added, which caused Dusk to be confused.

“What do you mean?”

“So you haven’t bitten them with your mark yet have you?” Velvet deadpanned making Dusk even more confused.

“Okay what’re you talking about?” Dusk asked.

“I'm talking about protecting your mates form other demons that might come after your herd if you don’t act fast.”

“Protect them from other demons?” Dusk asked. “What do you mean?” Velvet only motions for Dusk to come closer. Soon as their heads were close together, Velvet whispers into his ear.

“I’m talking about other demons if they catch wind of you not marking your mates.” She added in a serious tone.

“They have the collars around their necks,” Dusk deadpanned, pulling away from his mother. “How is that not gonna protect them?”

“The collars only prevent them from attacking you afterwards,” Velvet responded. “They may be yours when around you, but you haven't fully claimed them yet.”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?” Dusk shouted, but notices that a few passersbys as well as some of the customers at the cafe were looking at him and his mother funny. He sits back down in embarrassment from how loud he shouted and tries not to draw another scene.

“What do you mean I haven’t fully claimed them?” Dusk whispered after that outburst.

“Incubi or Succubi have to perform two rituals and they vary depending on if you’re an Incubus or a Succubus.” She added in a calm tone. “If you’re a succubus, you must mate and share a contract via a blood ritual. For an Incubus they have to use the collar and you must leave a brand mark, depending on where you bite.”

“What do you mean depending on where I bite?” He asked looking very nervous.

“Exactly like I said.” Velvet said with a small smirk. “Bite them on the collarbone, the neck, on their wrist, either leg, left breast, right nipple. Anywhere really, the magic from it would transfer out showing any nearby demons that they are off limits to them.”

“And how do you expect me to tell the girls this?” Dusk asked in fear. “Especially when I have one that’s like a ticking time bomb right now.”

“You mean miss always on fire?” Velvet remarked in a sarcastic tone.

“Who else? She hates my guts half the time because I’m your son, and that you were the one that gave Celestia the chance to imprison her for a thousand years. The other half stir lust crazy and she’s getting the others stir crazy as well.” Dusk deadpand. ‘Honestly I don’t know how long I can keep them their in the castle with the way the things are now.”

“Oh don’t worry about that. They’ll be fine in the long run. They all still fuck you no matter what happens.” Velvet said in assured voice.

“Gee... thanks...” Dusk deadpand.

“Anytime son, but in all seriousness. You will need to mark them if you don’t want a demon to walk into town and stumbles upon them when they are out in the open without one.”

“Um...ok... let me get this all sorted out; So the collars themselves just show that they are part of my herd, but I have to bite them to ensure that my herd isn’t stolen from me?” Velvet nodded. “What happens if I don’t mark them?” He asked. Velvets demeanor darken before his eyes before she answered.

“They would would be alright for the time being, but if another demon, say a another Incubus like you, comes near one of your herd mates and sees the collar but no mark,” She added in a dark tone. “Example, if one of them sees Adagio in town with a collar without a mark. He will see her as no more than a loose toy that he can play with. But those collars also show that they are also protected by our own laws and forbids any other demon to either kill or take them away from their master. Doing so breaks those laws, and by doing so turns them into a rogue and is immediately sought out to be killed on sight.”

“I’ve had no idea we even had laws…”

“Everything has laws or a code they follow.” She remarked in a serious tone. “Demons are no exception to this. We just don’t write them down as often as you would think.”

“Oh sweet Celestia…” He said, slumping in his chair. Later the bartender comes across towards the two with their coffee.

“Your Coffee, Prince Dusk. Madam Velvet. ” The clerk said, setting down to dark coffee cups for the two.

“Well Dusk, what do you think of what I told you so far?”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“Don’t fret Dusk, you're herd is in your castle.” Velvet replied in an uplifting tone. “Just let them know what’s about to happen if you don’t want to lose them to another demon. I’m sure they’ll understand.”

“I only wonder on how the others are gonna take this.” Dusk replied. “Or if they’re even willing to go along for that matter.”

“They’re your mates Dusk, but I’m sure you’ll get around to it. Just try to make it sooner rather than later if you don’t want to lose the girls.”

“I don’t know mom, I’m not sure if I could even fight off another demon, let alone another incubus like me.” He said nervously.

“You also became an Alicorn, Dusk.” Velvet replied in a cheery tone, happily taking a sip of her coffee. “Not only that your my son, we have the best demonic genes in our family which makes us very formidable even for an incubus. You’re also the Element of Magic and the Prince of Friendship. So if that doesn’t mean anything to you, then I don’t think you're worthy of having your harem if that’s how you feel honey.”

Dusk grew irritated at his mother’s words, but he wasn’t sure what to believe. He knew that she was right and at least has to get this over with to worry about repercussions later.

“Alright…” Dusk sighed in defeat. “I at least need to let them know what's going on when we get back.”

“I understand Dusk.” Velvet added with an innocent smile. “I’m sure they’ll understand since you’re the more mellow one when your other half is not in charge.”

“No problem.” Dusk said taking another sip of his coffee. “Thanks for at least talking to me mom.”

“Don’t worry honey.” Velvet replied. “Thanks for spending some time with me.”

“Yeah. Well I should at least get back to the girls at the castle.” Dusk replied.

“Mind if I go with you?” Velvet asked, and Dusk suddenly got nervous. “Oh relax. I just need to get some of my things so I can go back to Canterlot.”

“Okay.” Dusk said with a calm tone. After finishing their coffee, they pay and tip the waitress, and thank her for their time, leaving the area. Unaware of the two, a shadow that was hidden among the group of passerby ponies, smiling with a devilish smirk.

“So he hasn’t marked them yet?” The suave male voice said in a dark tone. “Means I’ll have new mates to claim. I just need to get them alone.”


Dusk and his mother walked back to his home, he was deep in thought on what his mother had just told him about a demon’s special marks. Having been granted this new knowledge by Velvet concerning them. Then he was thinking about what the girls would react, both his friends and his herd.

His friends would most likely be indifferent of them. On the one hand it’s like a brand to show that they are his like they were property and on the other it protects them from being raped by other demons. His herd is another matter.

Sonata would most likely be all for it. Even if she wasn’t my alpha mare of the herd. Her sister's Aria and Adagio would be irritated about them but probably accept them if to avoid being raped by another demon. The Nightmare sisters wouldn’t like them, probably would believe that the collars weren't enough, but he needed to figure out how to convince them otherwise.

Daybreaker would probably be indifferent about them. Most likely wanting to find out more about their purpose, he hadn’t known Daybreaker long to get a good read on her. Philomena may except his mark. She’ll probably want something in return for getting marked. There’s also the fact that Celestia might kill him if anything happened to Philomena. Chrysalis would also be indifferent about being marked but would more than likely accept it as well as Sonata with the way she has improved since she first got here.

Now Umbra on the other hand…

He shuddered at the thought what she’ll do to him when he has to tell her. She ran an empire on slavery. She still sees the collars they all wear as means of such and adding his mark on her will most likely end with him getting pounced on.

“OOOHFF!” Like that.

“There you are…” Said an all too familiar voice.

Looking up, Dusk saw Umbra on top of him. She was only wearing a dark black robe but it was showing a lot of her cleavage. “Um….” Dusk stammered as he looked at the dark crystal queen that laid out on top of him.

“Where have you been, huh?! I’ve been looking for you all over the place! You know what nevermind, I have an itch that needs scratching and your going to scratch it for me!” Umbra declared as she grabs Dusk by his legs and drags him across the floor against his will, Ignoring the older succubus while Velvet watch it all with a thoughtful look.

“Mmmm...maybe I should try that with Nightie. He’s developed a small immunity to my charms but have I tried assertion through dominance before? Worth a shot. Probably even bring out the-” By then, Dusk had been dragged out of hearing range of his mother’s mutterings by Umbra and thank every deity he could think of that wasn’t living within flying distance. He did not want to know what kinks his parents are into.

Dusk was soon dragged into Umbra’s room and thrown onto the bed with sed mare locking the door behind her. When Dusk turned around to look at the mare, the look she gave him said it all and only one word came to mind to describe it.


“I can’t really get a break with any of you can I?” Dusk asked as Umbra climbed on top of him, her supple breasts pressing against his chest. She started grinding her hips on his pants as a wet spot formed over his crotch area. He could feel that she wasn’t even wearing panties.

“And whose fault is it that I’m almost horny all the time?” She replied back in a lust filled tone. Her horn emits a red glow and he felt his clothes disappear in a bright flash. “I need this badly whether you like it or not.”

Before Dusk could even protest, she kisses the stunned stallion and forces him back onto the bed. She begins making out with the stallion and he had to comply just to calm down her sexual urges. They would continue kissing and Umbra lets her robe fall to the floor. They finally break the kiss and Umbra crosses her arms under her heavy breasts all while feeling his cock between her ass cheeks.

“Are you just gonna ogle me all day, or are you gonna take that fat cock of yours and fuck me already?” She added, wrapping her arms around his back. Dusk only aligns his cock with her dripping marehood. With a forceful slam of her hips, she felt his girth kissing her womb with a single thrust.

“FFFUUCK!!” She groaned, feeling his length already scraping at her ovaries and he was only halfway inside. Her nails dug into his back and he groans at how tight she was even after he took her. Dusk was about to say something when she suddenly kisses him again and starts to gyrate her hips to tease him. Dusk instinctively grabs her soft ass and thrusts upwards making the mare moan through her kiss as she felt his hands massaging her soft ass.

‘That's it you royal bastard…’ She thought as she moved with his thrusts. ‘Keep fucking me…’

‘I have a feeling that I’m going to be here awhile until she’s satisfied…’ Dusk thought as he continued to thrust upward. Unknown to the stallion though, he was going to wish that he listened to his mother’s advice.


The figure was moving from the shadows to avoid making his presence known. He was following Dusk and Velvet back to his castle to see the mares that are in his herd, to determine if they are worth obtaining.

He was just passing through this random town when he spotted the pair at the cafe. Although they were weak due to them suppressing their power, it was just enough to catch his attention. As soon as he felt them, he quickly ducked out of sight and waited for them to leave. When they did and followed them to the castle he felt giddy. If some demon of such estate existed, then certainly there should be a fine herd of mare’s that wouldn’t be missed.

When he watched the two enter, he then set himself up on a nearby cloud. With his disguise being that of a Pegasus, no one was none the wiser or suspect that he was a demon. As he waited he thought about what kinds of mare’s were in there and the number of ways he would have with them. The images made him lick his lips in anticipation but previous experiences before had taught him that it’s better to wait for the sheep to leave the pen rather than jump in and risk the wrath of the sheep’s owner.

So he did just that as leaned back into the cloud like he was lazing about but he kept one eye closed and the other eye on the castles door. His time was soon rewarded when he saw the front door open and out came a little sheep.

His mouth curved into a wicked smile as he took in the little sheep. She was about average height for a sheep, but held perfect curves in all the right places in the hips and breasts. Showing that they weren't too big to be a hindrance nor would they small enough to not get attention. Her light blue fur glimmered and two tone blue mane shined as it as it swayed back in forth in the sunlight. Evidence that she recently took a shower as the sheep walked wearing a eight inch skirt along with a small maroon jacket with a blue undershirt.

‘Heh heh heh... Well now, what do we have here?’ He said to himself. ‘A nice little head sheep without her shepherd.’ He smiled devilishly. ‘Let’s see how she can handle me…’

With a quick flap of his wings, he flew over the unsuspecting mare as she walks down the road to the center of town. The demon kept his distance as he surveyed the area ahead of his pray. There were plenty of places one such as him could strike from, such as the many alleyways that she walked along. But the problem held with the number of other sheep that were near her. If he made his true intentions known, then there would be panic from the other sheep that would witness it and alert more. He may be a demon but even demons like him would have problems with so many attackers.

‘I need to find a way to get her alone.’ He thought. ‘If I can get a hold of this demon’s alpha, then the rest will surely follow their new master. Luckily, I’ve seen her master meaning she will trust him more than anyone else.’ He gives off a wide grin and puts his plan into motion.

Sonata hummed a catchy tune from back in her singing days as she walked towards the markets. Since she was announced the alpha of the herd she hadn’t really realized what that meant. Sure she felt more assertive then she used to be, but with her now in charge so to speak of other dark entities including her sisters! Back in the other world she was never given voice to any of the plans Adagio or Aria came up with. But now that she’s the one making them, and that scared her.

This caused her to stop humming as her happy outlook became one of deep thought. There was another thing too. When being announced as alpha it felt like a whole new part of her mind had been opened up. As if the air was clearer to breath that made her see and understand what was going on in front of her.

She didn’t understand if that was normal, so yesterday when she told Pinkie Pie this her reply was. “Oh did you drink Ms. Cakes special coffee too?”

It was not the answer she was looking for. Besides coffee was bitter and icky and it was one of the few things she wondered why the others are into that muddy water. But not the time to think about that, now was the time for what she was meant to do. What does it mean to lead a herd?

Sure there are others in the herd that were probably better leaders than her. Like Chrysalis with her hive , or Umbra who led an empire, or Daybreaker and Nightmare moon? They are just the darker versions of the princesses but they could run a country.

“Maybe I should talk to someone about this? I wonder if Applejack or one of the element girls could help me. All this is really going over my head.” Sonata sighed.

“What seems to be over your head?” A voice answered, making Sonata turn around in surprise.

“Dusk?” All Sonata could see was a dark shadowy figure in front of her. It gave off a devilish smile with two deep red eyes glowing as the figure in front of her began moving towards her.


“AHH! F-FUCK!!” Umbra screamed as she was on her knees on the bed as Dusk continued to fuck her. Dusk was already pounding away at her doggy style as she felt his length getting deeper into her marehood. She was biting into the sheets to try and muffle her moans and Dusk’s grunts only increased in volume. She grew wetter allowing his cock to go even deeper.

Dusk was compelled at how Umbra wanted more from him. She grinded her hips towards his length and his thrusts were timed with her forceful pushback. She had a pillow to her face as she felt his cock hitting the inside of her womb with each thrust, and loved every minute of it.

“H-hurry up already!” She pleaded, grinding her ass against his pelvis. Dusk felt himself getting close and her walls slowly clamp down onto his length. Dusk unwittingly grabs onto her waist and hoist her to where her back pressed against his chest. Umbra was about to say something when Dusk turned her head, and kissed her on her lips.

“Dusk!” Dusk heard his other half scream in his head, making Dusk flinch in response which causes Umbra to be confused.

“Wh-what is it?” She asked confused as to why he stopped so suddenly.

“That’s my other half screaming at me for some reason.” He said, looking down at his necklace. “Can’t this wait?”

“Wrap up what you’re doing right now, we’ve got a problem.”

“What’re you talking about?”

“Just hurry up so I can explain…” He replied. “We need to talk…”

“Alright, just hang on…” Dusk replied. He turns to Umbra who suddenly had a scowl on her face. Before Dusk could even react, she grabs his shoulders and forces him back onto the bed.

“You’re not leaving me in this state you bastard!” She growled, sticking his cock back into her marehood. She lets out a light moan from feeling his cock back inside of her marehood.

“You’ve made me like this, so I’m not letting you go until I’m satisfied.” She followed up, slowly bouncing onto the stud stallion. She gyrates and grinds her hips against his pelvis, even leaning her breasts in his face, daring him to suckle on her breasts. Out of instinct, Dusk gropes the former queen’s ass making her yelp in response. Dusk could feel himself getting close after awhile, but with the mare being on top of her it became too much.

A final slam of her hips along with a yank of her tail, Umbra lets out a shrill cry, and her walls clamp down onto his length. Dusk lets out a groan feeling how tight she is was to much he could take, and in the end he didn’t want to leave her hanging any longer, he wanted to give her all his love. His thick creamy love to be exact. Umbra shudders in bliss as she feels Dusk filling her up and she clings to him, trying to milk his cock dry.

Dusk stopped cumming after about ten seconds, and Umbra could feel his seed resting in her womb, it’s warmth enveloping her. He takes a few seconds to breath before he slowly pulls out. Although it’s short lived as his body suddenly freezes and Umbra resumes her bouncing on his still hard on member. Her eyes glaring into his showing that she wanted more.


“Umbra, I really need to see what my other half is bothering me about before-” Dusk gets cut off by her smothering his breasts in his face. She keeps his head there for awhile, all with a lust filled growl coming from her mouth.

“One...more...time…” She growled, still grinding her hips on his pelvis. Dusk now had to figure out how to get the horny queen off of him, as she wasn’t going to let him go anytime soon.

“Hey Dusk!” A voice called out from behind the two, making Umbra stop her motion and the two look back at the now open door to reveal a smirking Daybreaker.

“Oh how the mighty queen has fallen…” She added with a small snicker, making both individuals blush.

“Sh-shut up…” Umbra stuttered, still clinging to a blushing Dusk. “I need this okay?”

“Oh really?” Daybreaker replied, walking towards the two. “Well I think you can help me out with something.” She added, her horn grabbing Umbra by the tail. Umbra felt herself yanked off of Dusk and pulled towards the flaming dark queen.

“I wasn’t done Daybreaker!” She yelled in response turning to the flaming psycho behind her, holding onto her tail.

“Oh don’t worry about that…” She said, turning the mare towards her face with a sinister grin. “With what I have planned, you not gonna have to worry about Dusk for awhile.” She added. Umbra tried to protest, only for Daybreaker to light up her magic and teleport her and Umbra out of the room, leaving Dusk confused.

“At least she did me a favor…” Dusk said to himself as he gets up from his bed and wraps a towel around his midsection. ‘Now to find out what my other half wants.’


Sonata was surprised at the unknown figure walking up to her as his eyes continued to bore into her with their deep red glow. But as soon as he appeared in the sunlight, Sonata was relieved to see only Dusk walking up to her, but failed to notice the waning red glow in his eyes.

It had been awhile since her master had surprised her and joined her on her little trip through the market. But something felt off whenever she looked at her master. She didn’t know why but for some reason this feeling was starting bug her like the time she ate that old taco.

“Hey, you alright Sonata?” Her ‘master’ said bringing her out of her thoughts.

“Oh don’t worry about me Dusky.” Sonata assured him, but felt an uneasy could waving over her head. “Just some thoughts about...well me and my place in the herd. I’m not so sure if I’m cut out being the head mare. I mean look at me; I’m just a pretty face that got lucky. Look at Daybreaker; She’s confident, aggressive, and speaks what’s on her mind.” Sonata sighed, looking down at the ground, and rubbing her forearm. “Not to mention way more beautiful than me.”

The stallion smiled looking at the beautiful mare. Her unique nature really peaked his interest. Seeing this as an opportunity, he decides to make his move.

“You know Sonata,” He responded, moving closer to the blushing mare. “If you’re feeling this down about yourself I know just the thing, come on let’s go cheer you up. How about we go for a walk in the Everfree forest? That ought to clear your pretty little head.” ‘Dusk’ said making the siren blush at his words. She thought about it for awhile and felt that he may be right. Maybe it would help clear her head, plus she and ‘Dusk’ get to be alone.

“Okay, I guess a walk will help clear my head.” She said with a cheerful smile.

“Good, just follow me…” He replied. She followed her lover who was walking in front of her, a wolfish smile crept on his lips in anticipation at claiming the simple minded siren.

‘Soon, I’ll have you and hopefully, the rest of your herdmates all to myself by the time the day ends.’

-Dusk’s POV-

Thanks to Daybreaker, Dusk managed to get away from the lust crazed queen. Channeling his magic into his horn, he teleport out of the room in a bright flash of light, and reappears into his room. Dusk soon walks towards his dresser, looks at the necklace and checks to see what his other half wants.

“Okay, were away, so what do you want?” Dusk asked in an annoyed tone.

“Have you by any chance run into Sonata at all today?” Demon Dusk asks the confused alicorn.

“No I haven’t” Dusk replied. He then thought about his other half’s question and looked around the hallway. Now that you mention it

Dusk was in a panic form what his other half told him. If there was another demon that was after Sonata, then he needed to warn her. He flies out the door, but a familiar voice in his head stop him.

“Equestria to Dusk…” Demon Dusk replied in a sarcastic tone. “You forgot something.”

“What could possibly be more important other than Sonata’s in danger?” Dusk asks his other have, and the purple stallion suddenly feel a breeze down below. He looks down to see that he was still stark naked and blushes in response. “Oh right...clothes…”

Realizing his rather embarrassing mistake, he dashes back into the open window and a few seconds later, dashes back out with clothing on.

“Would you have really let me fly around naked?” Dusk asked, irritatedly looking back at his necklace..

“Maybe, at least the mares would have a hell of a show from you.” His other half said sarcastically.

“Sometimes I just hate so much.”

“Hey, gotta love me.” He said cheerfully.

“Shut up and let’s find Sonata before something bad happens.” Dusk growled, flying over ponyville he then touched down in the center of town. Remembering that Sonata was getting supplies for the girls, he decides to stop near the market.

He walks around the market peering through the crowds in hope of finding her before the demon did. “Celestia where is she?”

“Come on, how hard is it to find a blue skinned pregnant siren walking around town?” Demon Dusk remarked in a sarcastic tone which annoyed Dusk.

“Well I don’t see you helping me look for her.” Dusk added.

“Excuuuse me for at least caring enough to help you.” Demon Dusk replied with a sarcastic tone. “Plus I see what you see, which isn’t much to look at.”

“Very helpful.”

“I am.”

Off to the side unkowest to him, Carrot Top stood nearby and watched the princes one sided conversation with himself. When the male alicorn caught the noticed of the orange mare talking to himself. Dusk released that he was talking to his darker self out aloud instead of in his head.

‘Great, soon most of the town will think that I’m crazy…’ Dusk thought to himself.

’And who’s fault is that?’

‘Shut up.’ He groaned, as he walked towards the confused mare.

“Dusk are you ok?” Asked Carrot Top bringing Dusk out of his inner conversation with his darker half.

“YES!” Dusk said forcefully before recoiling back. “I’m doing well how about you?”

“Well I was wondering what that was about…” She added in response. “Are you feeling okay?”

“Sorry, just a bit of a issue that I was dealing with.” He replied. “Anyways, have you by any chance seen Sonata anywhere?” That question when and confused Carrot Top.

“Didn’t you just go with her to Everfree earlier?” She added, which caused Dusk to get confused.

“What? I just got here.”

“No, you showed up earlier and talked between yourselves and said something about going to Everfree forest.”

Dusk mind worked at sonic rainboom speeds. Was someone impersonating him? A rouge changeling, maybe it’s another incubus like me that mom warned me about. He won’t know till he finds them. Turning his head towards the forest in question his mind an took flight. Following the trail that led to Everfree. After reaching the forest entrance he rushed in on hoof, he didn’t dare call out Sonata’s name in fear of spooking whoever is with his alpha.

“Damn it, where is she?” He said to himself.

“She was taken…” Demon Dusk replied.

“What do you mean?”

“I feel demon magic around here.” He replied. “A portal to tartarus was opened here, as well as a knockout and transformation spells.”

“What demon was it?” Dusk asked.

“Another incubus…”Demon Dusk replied. “And no doubt he took her to Tartarus to claim her as his own.”

Dusks body went cold from hearing that. “No, no, no this can’t be happening now…”

“Calm down you moron, there’s still time...”

“HOW CAN I BUCKING CALM DOWN!!!?” Dusk shouted, looking at his necklace out of anger and fear. “HOW CAN I BUCKING RELAX WHEN A MARE THAT I WAS TAKING CARE OF JUST GOT FOALNAPPED!!!?”

“It would help of you don’t yell at me so I can explain about how there is still time to save her and your damn herd…”

Dusk huffed in anger and frustration at the situation he found himself in. After a few second he calms down and tries to listen to what his darker half had to say. “Okay, how can I save Sonata?”

“It’s still in the early hour of the day, and he won’t make a move on her until midnight,” His other half began. “so we have time to find where he is in Tartarus to track down Sonata and bring her back before he marks her.”

“How did they even get to Tartarus in the first place? From what I remember what Mom and Celestia had taught me the entrance is nowhere near here.”

“As demons, we alway have some link to Tartarus. It is not that hard for one to return there via a portal.” His darker half explained. “If you can find where they portaled from then we can just use the leftover demonic energy in the air to reopen the same portal they used and chase after them.”

“...Really? It’s that simple?” Dusk asked in bewilderment.

“Of course.” Demon Dusk added. “If the demon is advanced enough in creating magic portals or has a key, he can open a portal between here and Tartarus from anywhere.”

“Then where am I suppose to find the next portal?” Dusk replied.

“You’ll know it when you’re near it.” Demon dusk replied. “The energy from Tartarus would have leaked out no matter how short of a time it was opened. And it’s the same energy as ours so scan for a demonic presence.”

“‘Sigh’ guess it couldn’t hurt to try.” Dusk replied in a calm tone. He decides to look around as well as use his magic to feel any traces that were left behind.

“Hmm nothing here so far… come on, come on where did you go” Dusk groaned as he looked around the parts of the forest where the demon magic was supposed to be, but nothing turned up. “Ugh, this isn't working... Are you sure this is the right place?”

“I’m sure, your just doing it wrong.”

“How could I be doing it wrong?” Dusk said, glaring at his necklace. “We’ve been looking for hours and I can’t see a damn thing here that could lead me to Sonata or the incubus who took her.”

“Because demon magic doesn’t work the same as your magic. No matter how much you try not even a unicorn’s magic will help, especially alicorns.”

“So wait a minute, you’re saying that demon magic can only be seen by somepony who can use demon magic?”

“Ding Ding Ding!!! We have a winner. But yes that’s exactly how it works, and since your party tricks aren’t working, you’ll have to let me take over so we can find your girlfriend and whoever this demon is.”

“And you didn’t tell this why?” Dusk asked irritated.

“You never asked.”

“Ugh, ok so I have to let you take over so we can look for the portal to tartarus?”

“Of course.” Demon Dusk replied in a sarcastic tone. “Look at it this way, we can find Sonata faster.”

“Fine, but make sure you don’t go overboard while we’re there.”

“Can’t make any promises.”

Dusk sighed. “Let’s just get this over with.” He then starts to feel his consciousness slip away as the feathers on his wings begin to fall out revealing leathery bat like appendages on the base of his wings. He returned to his incubus form but with his other half taking over.

[i“Now, where did you run off to?”] Demon Dusk said to himself, wandering around for a bit to find the residue left behind by the demon who kidnapped Sonata. Scanning certain parts of the forest, he finally saw a flash of dark magic out of the corner of his eye near a couple of trees.

“Okay, there’s the residue, so what’re we suppose to do now?” Dusk asked from the necklace. Demon Dusk just smirks as he walks over to the residue. Resonating it with his own magic, parts of the sky began to turn black.

Soon the sky grew darker as red and black energy began to swirl in front of the two trees and grew larger and larger. Then Dusk started to hear a low hum as the swirl was growing until it stopped to be around the height and width of trees it was spaced between.

Demon Dusk smirks at finding the portal, while Dusk looked at the portal with caution knowing that on the other side was the land of the demons . The one place where all of equestrias worst criminals are sent with no hope of ever returning. And the one place where the mare he loves was taken.

“So… this is the portal to tartarus?” Dusk asked.

[i“Not really...any high level demon can make a portal to Tartarus depending on their magic level.”]



“And behind that portal is where every demon that ever existed lives?”

“That’s right.”

“Well what’re we waiting for let’s get going.”

“Hold it bookworm, you’re not going anywhere.”

“What are talking about?” Dusk replied. “If you think NOW of all times you try take over my body for yourself is a good idea you’re sorely mistaken you two bit, lust crazed, psychopath.”

“I’m not trying to take control of your body purposefully,” Demon Dusk replied, trying to calm the crazed stallion down. “I’m only doing this to keep your flank safe for when we go to Tartarus once we enter.”

“What do you mean, what’s wrong with me entering Tartarus?”

“Look at it this way. When it comes to demons, we’re not really fond of mortals treading on our turf.” Demon Dusk replied in a calm tone. “If you were still in control, the second you walk in there the way you are you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.”


“Exactly. If they saw you, they would’ve killed you, claimed you, or worse…”

“What could possibly be worse?”

“Trust me you don’t want to know.”

Dusk gulped in fear at that last statement and sighed.”Alright fine I’ll take your word for it, but I’m doing this for Sonata. But if you try and betray me while we’re there then so help me by Celestia I’ll make sure your sealed away for good.”

“Jeez no need to be so dramatic I know where my boundaries lie, you know you really need to learn to take a chill pill cause it’s not healthy with you being so stressed.”

“Well excuse me since it’s your fault we’re even in this mess!!” Dusk shouted from the necklace. “Lets just hurry up so we can find Sonata, and get out of there.”

“Yeah, yeah, relax already!” Demon Dusk replied as he looked back at the setting of the portal. [“Now let’s hurry up and find your girl.”i]

Demon Dusk turns to the portal ready to face whatever horrors await for the both of them, and the portal closes soon after they enter the portal, leaving not a single trace behind.


Sonata slowly stirred from her slumber, slowly reaching for her throbbing head. She slowly sits up and waits for her eyes to adjust to the setting around her. Soon as she is able to see, a pillar of flames suddenly shoot out in front of her, making her jump in response. She soon checks her surroundings to find herself on a large bed, but in a dark room.

‘When did I get on a bed?’ She thought to herself. She couldn’t remember what happened. The last thing she could remember was that she wanted to talk to Dusk about something, but she remembered getting dizzy and falling out. ‘Maybe Dusk carried me here.’

“Finally awake are you?” A voice called out making Sonata jump slightly at the sound of the male voice that she didn’t recognize.

“W-who’s there?” Sonata asked in a panic, trying to figure out who was talking to her. While that was happening, a low cackle was heard in the darkness followed up with fits of laughter that echoed throughout the room she was in. The lights suddenly flicker for about a few seconds and Sonata soon meets the stallion in front of her.

“Why hello, Sonata Dusk…”He said in a demonic and erie tone as his ruby red eyes stared back into Sonata’s mulberry eyes.

He stood at around 6’9 and his fur was bright red but that’s not what caught the sirens attention. What did was his long serpent tail hanging behind him, and on his head were two light gray horns that jutted out from the sides of his head for a couple inches then curled upwards to a fine point. The aura he radiated chilled Sonata from the inside. His membranous wings were a silverish grey while his coat was a pure white. But what caught her attention the most was the fact he was naked, revealing a large package between his legs making the mare blush in response.

“You see something you like?” He teased, twirling his cock around in front of the blushing mare. She had to shake her head and cover her face in response to his lewd gesture.

“I’m more confused of who or what you are.” Sonata said, still bright red from seeing his size. “Better yet, who are you? I remember talking to Dusk earlier but I got dizzy.”

“I was just doing Dusk a favor...” He chuckled darkly. “Anyways, welcome to my humble abode.”

“So I’m in your house?” Sonata asked innocently.

“Yes, I brought you here after you fell out…” He said in a dark tone, trying to woo the blue siren.

“But...that doesn’t seem right…” Sonata said in confusion. “I remember going out to buy groceries and Dusk comes by asking me to come with him to the for….!” Something soon clicked in Sonata’s mind. She remembered talking to “Dusk” and walking to the everfree forest and then passing out and waking up here.

“Wait a minute, if Dusk isn’t here then…” Sonata’s eyes widened in realisation. “YOU you tricked me!!” She shouted, shimmying backwards on his bed.

“Ooh give the lady a prize...” He mocked, chuckling to himself. “And I thought you were just a dumb airhead who couldn’t count to three.”

“You didn’t carry me here out of my well being!” She added, her anger slowly building. “You foalnapped me!!” She added as she gets up from the bed to try and make a run for it, only for something metal to latch onto her arms.

“What?” She explained in confusion when she is suddenly yanked back onto the bed. The Chain magically pulls her arms behind the railing and binds them tightly so she couldn’t escape.

“Ah, ah,’re not going anywhere my dear, not unless you want to see the light of day again.” He said grinning maliciously. He follows up by climbing onto the bed and towards the scared mare.

“Get off me you asshole!!” She shouted, kicking her legs forward to try and at least hit him, but she felt him grab the both of her legs in the process.

“You could just make this easy on yourself as not resist…” He added, licking at Sonata’s leg, making her grimace in response, feeling his tongue on her. “I always get what I want, and I will have you.”

“I’m not your plaything you fucker!” She shouted. “Dusk is my coltfriend!”

“Oh, I'm well aware of that…” He added. But I have to wait for awhile until the protection on your collar wears off.”

“Wh-what do you mean?” She asked in confusion. Skeletal Deviant only cups her fearful face in response and his grin only grew.

“You coltfriend hasn’t really marked you.” He responded, making the mare confused.

“B-but… the collar...” His hands begin to travel down to her clothed breasts, making Sonata shudder.

“You may have the collar, but he never really left his mark on you. The collars were designed to make sure that you wouldn’t run away if a demon marks you.” He added, groping Sonata’s bust, making her moan involuntarily. She turned her face away from him as tears started to form on her face. “He has to leave his love mark on you to keep other demons from claiming you. If not, then demons like myself can claim you. And the fact that your the alpha makes this all more perfect.”

“Wh-what?” She turned towards him with a shocked expression and his grin only grew. “What do you mean?”

“The thing about the alpha, she has control of the other mates and I must say, this Dusk has acquired some powerful mares in his herd.” He added, as his serpent like tongue licked at her face making Sonata feel sick to her stomach. “If I claim the alpha, the rest will follow.”

“Y-you leave my friends out of this!” She exclaimed, her left knee shooting upward into his stomach causing him to grunt in pain. Sonata could hear a low growl from him and before she could react, a sudden crack was heard and Sonata let out a pain yelp as her head was swung to the right. A large handprint was on her face and tears streamed down her face. She stared back at an angry incubus, whose eyes were glowing in rage.

“I suggest you do what I say, unless you want this to be painful…” He growled and Sonata was just frozen in fear. “Had you did that to a higher demon, chances are you’d be dead.” He added, his claws, sinking into Sonata’s flesh, making her squirm as he left a few deep marks into her drawing blood. He pulls away from the mare as she began crying.

“You’re lucky I have to wait till midnight in order for me to mark you.” Skeletal replied, wrapping a loincloth around his waist. “And if you think screaming for help is a good idea, don’t bother. You’re in the depths of Tartarus and if other demons hear a normal mare around, they could either kill you, rape you, or eat you.” He added, the bone chilling of his words, nearly making Sonata’s heart stop.

“…” She whimpered.

“Don’t worry, soon you and the rest of your herd will be happy with me.” He added. “And even if your former master tries to find you, it will already be too late.” He added. With that final sentence, he leaves the room and Sonata bursts into tears as she cried at her helpless situation.

‘ me…’ She thought to herself still trying to hold into a shred of hope.

-Everfree Forest-

Dusk entered the portal and it closed behind him. Unaware to the stallion though, a feminine figure was watching from the shadows, and sighs at the response. A snap of her fingers made the portal reopen and a black leather boot stepped from the shadows of the forest.

“Sounds like my nephew got into some trouble.” A demonic feminine voice said as she rest a hand on her left hip. Her batlike wings shifted and extended outward as she gets ready to enter the portal. “Time to go see what all the fuss is about.” She added, jumping through the portal and it closes behind her as well.

The Kingdom Of Haydon

View Online

-Hell Gates-

Fire raged across Tartarus as random demons roamed around the land. The hell gates were guarded by Cerberus, a three headed hell hound who walks out if any demons try to escape. The dog is suddenly disturbed when the swirl of the gate started to expand and a shadow starts to form until it soon lands on the ground of the flaming pits of Tartarus. Demon Dusk stretches his limbs and looks around at the large landscape as there was nothing but fire and large mountains on the horizon. Didn’t see much around the place and only sighs seeing the results.

“So... this is Tartarus... it’s definitely much more...flamy than what I expected.” Demon Dusk said, but then heard a loud low growl. Turning around, he comes face to muzzle with the guardian of the hellish lands himself, glaring down at Demon Dusk with his teeth bared.

“Cerberus, great.” He muttered. He dared not to move as it would provoke the three headed beast to chase him. “Now what was it that Pinkie Pie did before…” He pondered, thinking back to when Cerberus was in Ponyville after one of Dusk’s panic attacks. “Oh yeah now I remember.” He then flared his horn and in a flash a round spherical object in his hand, he raises it up making the three headed dog growl louder, rearing back on it’s legs ready to pounce.

“Who wants the ball, who wants the ball, huh?” Demon Dusk said while waving the ball in front of the hounds face. The second he laid his eyes on the rounded toy his demeanor changed from snarling attack dog ready to rip and tear any demons face off, to a playful loving puppy that would slobber your face with playful licks.

“Do you want it huh?” Demon dusk said in that feigned playful tone of his. “Then fetch!” He said hurling the ball in a random direction while Cerberus raced off after the small rubber toy barking the whole way.

‘Well that was easier than I thought, you’re friends sure have a few surprises alright.” He chuckled to himself.

“How did you know how to do that?”

“I’m part of you dumbass…” Demon Dusk remarked, looking back at the glowing necklace. “We share both memories of what happens even if I'm not in control.”

“I don’t appreciate you peeping on every moment of my life.” Dusk huffed.

“Whatever floats your boat…” Demon Dusk replied as he expanded his wings and jumped upward, taking flight in Tartarus.

“Wow, I never thought I would get to see Tartarus like this.” Dusk said mildly interested at the barren wasteland that seemed to stretch for miles in every direction.

“Same here, but I don’t get why you’re so excited at an empty lot.” Demon Dusk sarcastically added. “Especially when you and your girlfriends locked up Tirek here.”

“There not my girlfriends.”

“Not yet…”[

“How can we even be sure she’s even here?” Dusk replied. “I hardly see anything.”

“How am I supposed to know, I’ve never been here before myself.” He added, flying towards a mountain range.

“I don’t know, use your demon powers or something.” Dusk said in a rather annoyed tone.

“What part of I’m not sure where to look don’t you ge-ARGH!!!” Both were abruptly interrupted when Demon Dusk slammed into an invisible force, causing him to fall to the ground with a resounding thud.

“Argh...son of a bitch...what was that?” He groaned rubbing his forehead from the sudden impact.

“Anypony know the pegasus that hit us?” Dusk groaned. Demon Dusk stands up and dusts himself off to see what he ran into, but he sees nothing in front of him where he flew.

“This doesn’t make any sense.” Demon Dusk said in confusion, walking up towards what he thought was just an empty space. “There wasn’t anything in front of us, what did I just run into?” He then walks up and feels an unknown surface. Knocking on it, he notices it’s some kind of barrier.

“Why is there a wall here?” Demon Dusk replied.

“Apparently we hit a barrier of some kind, and judging from what I can tell it seems to be a powerful concealment barrier.” Dusk observed.

“A Concealment barrier?”

“Exactly, but my question is, who set it up?”

“Now that you mention it…” Using his magic Demon Dusk felt the barrier and could sense something behind the barrier. “I don’t know about you but I can feel like there’s several ponies behind this barrier.”

“What do you mean, like some kind of hideout?” Dusk asked.

“More like a whole city, depending on the size of the barrier.”

“But that’s not possible, how could a city of demons be down here?”

“Well our mom lived here before so maybe it’s not that hard to believe.”

“Well let’s see if we can find a way in.” Dusk suggested.

“Ok, so which way do we start?”

“Uuuhhh... I thought you knew.” Dusk answered sheepishly.

“Come on, use that head of yours. You’re the smartest one here and you can’t figure out which direction to go?!” Demon Dusk said irritated.

“Hey don’t expect me to have all the answers here, I’ve never been to this damn place and for a good reason.”

“Well there’s gotta be a way in this stupid-”

“HALT!!” Demon Dusk freezes in place from the sudden yell from behind him. He turns around to not see anything, and the next thing he feels is two sets of hands grabbing his arms and yanked him backwards towards another strange wall. He groans form the impact and wonders on what grabbed bim from behind like that.

“Dammit, the fuck was that for?”

“Still thy tongue... intruder…” A gruff female voice called out. Dusk finally looks up to see who it was that attacked him. Demon Dusk is surprised and smiles wickedly when he sees are two anthro Hellhounds standing in front of him, and both were definitely female. One had dark red fur and a set of mulberry eyes which held a piercing gaze towards him. Her muzzle was in the form of a snarling frown, almost as if she was ready to find an excuse to gut him. She held a long spear firmly in her hand, a curved barbed tip at the end of a serrated blade which indicated to the demon was meant for maximum damage to anypony who crossed her the wrong way.

The second one was a light silver with blue eyes but held a different emotion, she held a softer look that was not intimidating but cuter to him. She didn’t really look all that scary as her posture seemed more submissive rather than aggression as she looked at Dusk with curiosity and at the same time fear.

Both had pitch black hair that went down to their necks and their tails were tied to be like weapons almost like a whip. The red one had a short cut mohawk while the other was very straight and didn’t look to be a mess. stared down at the smiling incubus.

-Firespawn and Crystal Flare-

As to why he was smiling, their choice of clothing has left little to be desired. Both females did have armored forearms and leggings, but both had barely anything covering their lady bits. The only thing covering their breasts were leather breast straps, but it still showed that their areolas were visible and the panties were deep in their ass cracks. They looked more sexy rather than scary as they both held spears directly in his face.

“State your name and purpose.” The red hellhound demanded, still having her spear pointed at his chest. Demon Dusk only looked at her weapon and noticed that it was shaking in her hands. The other female only stared back at Dusk with interest and confusion.

“State your name and purpose! I won’t repeat myself again!”

“I’m called….” Demon Dusk paused and thought about this. If he called himself Dusk, they might suspect something, so he needed a different name. “I’m called... Shadow Heart…”

“Well then ‘Shadow Heart.’” The dark red hellhound spat. “What business do you have here? As far as we’re concerned, you’re trespassing on the kingdom of Queen Haydon!”

‘Queen Haydon?’Dusk said in surprise leaving Shadow Heart confused. ‘Who is that supposed to be?.’

“And who pray tell is that supposed to be?” Shadow Heart replied in a mocking tone, which seemed to piss off the dark red hellhound. She picks him up by his neck and had her spear brandished in his face.

“Show some respect worm!” She added, squeezing down on his neck. “Speak ill of our queen again, I’ll slit your throat with my fangs.”

“Sheesh relax, I just don’t know who she is.”

“Queen Haydon is the very ruler of this land and has been such for a thousand years.” She snarled at him. “How could a lowly imp such as yourself not know about our glorious ruler?” She asked suspiciously.

“Um...sis…?” The darker hellhound spoke up, making the other one turn to her direction.

“What is it?” She said in a dark tone.

“I think he’s new here, probably died in the living world.” She said in a rather sweet yet soft voice.

“Probably must’ve died a stupid way then, but that doesn’t explain why he’s a demon already.”

“I was caught by some ponies and they sealed me away here.” Demon Dusk replied, getting both females attention.

“What do you mean?” The darker hellhound asked in confusion.

“Nothing, just wandered into a village I shouldn’t have and wound up back here.” Demon Dusk replied in a mocking tone.

“So, you’re probably one of the criminals then?” She added, pulling out a pair of handcuffs out from behind her. Shadow Heart had a mischievous smirk on where the cuffs came from, but his thoughts were cut short when the cuffs were slapped on his arms.

“Hey now, what gives?” Shadow Heart replied.

“You just told us that you were brought back here via sealing magic, so as far as things are concerned, you’re a it or not.” She added, yanking on the chain forcing him to follow her. “You’re coming with us.”

“Fine...lead the way…”

‘Great, now were prisoners asshole…’

‘Relax you moron,’ Shadow Heart replied. ‘This is our ticket in the barrier. We’ll find a way to escape and find your mare.’

‘I hope you’re right…’ Dusk replied as Shadowheart was lead into the city, but not before he gets a swift knock to the back of his head, rendering him unconscious.


“Urgh...damn bitch hits harder than I thought she would…” Shadow Heart groaned, slowly waking up from the rough knock out.

“You wanna say that again?” A female voice said in a dark tone, making him turn towards it. He looks to see the two same hellhounds who captured him from before, but now they were in a dark room. He soon gains his bearing to find himself inside of a large prison cell.

“Comfy...” Shadow Heart said in a sarcastic tone.

“Get use to it, our job is to punish anyone who trespasses on the queen’s land.” The red hellhound said with pride, standing in attention, but he really couldn’t take her seriously or the other one with their way their chests bounced with each step.

“Can I at least know the names of the two that captured me?” He asked, looking at the two hellhounds.

“Hmph, if you must know, I’m private Firespawn.” The red hellhound said, standing in attention once again. “And this is my sister Crystal Flare.” She pointed to the silver hellhound who only waved at the male.

“Charmed.” Shadow Heart replied in a sarcastic tone. “So what’re you going to do with me since I’m in here?”

“That’ll be up to our boss when she gets here. She’ll either kill you on the spot, make you a slave, or use you as a punching bag.” Firespawn replied. “Sis, you keep an eye on him, I’m gonna go find the boss.” She added, walking out of the room leaving Shadow and Crystal alone.

“I...I guess I’ll be keeping watch.” She said in a quiet tone, sitting in a random chair, waiting for her sister to return.

‘Nice going asshole!’ Dusk shouted in Shadow’s head, making sure his demonic half heard it. ‘Not only did you let us get captured on purpose, we’re stuck in a fucking cellblock with no way of finding Sonata!’

‘You need to relax Dusk…’ Shadow Heart said in a mocking tone.


‘You honestly think I didn’t come here without a plan?’ Shadow replied. ‘We’re gonna get out in a few moments.’

‘WHAT PLAN COULD YOU POSSIBLY HAVE TO GET US OUT OF THIS MESS?’ Dusk shouted. The sounds of female moans soon filled their ears causing Dusk to stop his rant. Shadow smiles as he looks back at Crystal to find the hellhound feeling hot as juices from her womanhood started dripping on the floor. She felt uncomfortable and started to bit her lower lip and rub her spear between her legs.

‘What did you do to her?’ Dusk asked Shadow incredulously.

‘You don’t know do you?’ Shadow Heart asked mockingly ‘That’s one of our new tricks we can do.’

‘What are you talking about, what new trick?’ He wondered.

‘What you don’t know about incubi is we only not use our magic to seduce females we also emit a special scent that when inhaled acts as an aphrodisiac.’

‘Wait, what?’ Dusk spluttered. ‘How exactly does that work?’

‘What, you never had sex ed before?’ He snarked. ‘What rock have you been laying under?’

‘One, I know what sex is you ass, you’ve fucking experienced it yourself for Celestia’s sake’ He huffed.

‘Take it easy, sheesh. As I was saying the scent works to attract any suitable female to us so we can mate with them more easily. You see an incubus can do this at will which when near a female can work effectively by how much of the pheromones we release.’

‘So it works by how much of it you release?’ Dusk questioned.

‘Correct and it depends how resistant the female is to the pheromones. But it won’t work on other demons unless they’re willing or really desperate.’ Shadow concluded as he looked up and stared intently at Crystal and how she was still struggling to focus. While this happened, Dusk said silent in wonder what his darker half was doing after talking about pheromones. How was he releasing them? It kinda made him sound like a butterfly in a way. He wanted to take a note of this but pushed that feeling away as ‘stretched’ out his senses and ‘felt’ around his body.

Then he realized that he was sweating. Not much like he ran a long distance, but just enough to notice. He also noticed a slight drain in his demonic energy flow out of his body. ‘Are my pheromones making her act like this?’ Dusk asked his dark half.

‘Ding ding, give the stallion a medal.’ Shadow Heart replied. ‘Yes, when expelling our energy in certain ways we can use that to influence others. Why do you think all the mares in our harem could go for multiple rounds when the average mare could barely hold out two or three. We could “encourage” them to go longer.’ He explained.

‘I can produce sweat that makes girls go wild...?’ Dusk deadpad. ‘Well you learn something new about yourself everyday.’

‘Yep and now that you are aware of this, we’re going to have a lot more fun now when we get back home hehe,’ Shadow said in a giggity tone. To which Dusk didn’t think it was possible that his darker self could make. But mentally sighed as he once more took a look at Crystal and she was on the verge of losing it. She started grinding her pussy with her spear, and she started to leave a trail of juices behind on the floor.

‘Geez, just how strong are your pheromones?’ Dusk asked as he looked at the whimpering hell hound.

‘Like I said, it depends on who I’m dealing with.’ Shadow Heart replied, staring back at the hellhound with lust. She soon gets out of her lust induced mindset when she notices Shadow starlight back at her.

“W-what are you staring at?!” She asked startled, standing back in attention.

“You look like you’re in pain for a little puppy.” Shadow Heart replied.

“N-no...I’m fine…” Crystal tried to defend, but how she was standing currently wasn’t helping her case.

“With the state you’re in right now, I doubt I believe you…” Shadow replied with a devilish smirk. “You look like you really need it, and I can help you if you want.”

“I-I really don’t need it.”

“I can tell you’re lying and only your body is being honest…” Shadow Heart replied with a smug look. Crystal only flinched at his response and she was still feeling the intense heat. “You may not trust me, but I can at least do something about that itch that needs scratching.”

“U-um…” She stammered. She stared back at Shadow and his ripped body. Her mouth only watered the longer she stared at his lower half at what she considered a swinging piece of sausage.


“That’s all I needed to hear…” Shadow Heart replied in a lust filled tone. “Now why don’t you unlock the door and let me take care of you?”

-Half an hour later-

The sounds of a female moaning echoed through the cells after that little push Shadow Heart made. Speaking of Shadow Heart, he was currently fucking the daylights out of Crystal who was against the wall and hearts were in the hell hound’s eyes as her pants were the only thing that echoed through the room. What little clothing she had was already tossed to the side as he had her pinned against the wall, and he wasn’t showing any mercy as he made her his plaything.

“Well now, If I’d known you needed it this badly, I would’ve jumped you long ago.” Shadow Heart replied with another thrust. Crystal was unable to say anything as she couldn’t stop panting.

“H...harder...f...fuck...aahn.” She moaned as her stomach bulged with each slam of his cock that hit the back of her womb. Crystal didn’t have any toys that could come even close to what he has, but never felt the real thing before. The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh echoed throughout the chamber as Shadow Heart was making a rookie Hellhound his personal fucktoy.

Shadow soon felt his balls churning as he pounded away at her marehood as his cock throbbed in anticipation. Her walls tightened around his cock and she was still panting. The sheer size of his massive length became too much for her to handle as she finally let loose a stream of cum all over his cock. Shadow hilted deep inside as his hot seed exploded, filling up her fertile womb and expanding her stomach. Crystal let out a very loud moan as she felt the steaming white liquid quench her urges, then collapsed with a satisfied look on her face.

“Damn, she was a good lay.” Shadow Heart thought as he summoned a collar in his hand.

‘Don’t even think about it you fucking horndog!’ Dusk yelled. ‘I got enough girls in my harem as it is and I rather not have anymore surprises.’

“Yeesh, way to kill the mood.” Shadow Heart said with a groan as he made the collar disappear. He pulled out of the happy hellhound as she slumps to the side.

‘Can we just hurry up and get out of here before her sister comes back and sees what happened?’ Dusk yelled from the amulet.

“Alright just keep your damn panties on and we’ll be out of here before-”

“The fuck did you do!?” A female voice yelled out causing the alicorn demon to turn to where the voice came from. He looked in the doorway to find a very pissed off Firespawn standing in the doorway, her mane pricatically catching fire as she angrily gripped the spear in her hands.

“I was just helping your sister here relieve herself of some pent up stress as all.” Shadow Heart said in a lustful tone. He only gets greeted by a spear pointed directly in his face.

“I should’ve just gutted you fucking ass outside of the city,” She glared pointing the spear directly at his chest. “Now say your prayers, cause in five seconds, you’re fucking dead!”

‘Nice one asshole,’ Dusk said from the necklace. ‘We may not be able to save Sonata since you had to get your fuckign dick wet.’

‘Oh calm down Dusk,’ Shadow Heart replied talking to Dusk in his head.‘I can already see our means of escape.’

‘How? You have her sister pissed off at us right now’

‘Because she wasn’t the only one feeling horny,’ Shadow Heart added. ‘The hot hellhound is feeling the same way.’

‘What’re you talking abou-!’ Dusk began, but he looks down to see that Firespawns pussy started leaking as her juices trailed on the floor. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me…’

“Five…” Firespawn began as she inched her spear closer and closer towards him. “Four...Three...Two…!” Shadow Heart only sighs and yanked the spear out of her hands.

“You’re just kidding yourself you know that?” He mocked as he looked at the stunned Firespawn who looked at her empty hands and saw the spear in his palms.

“Asshole!” She yells and tries to punch the stallion only to have her arm grabbed and she gets to pinned against the wall. “Let go of me you bastard!”

“Fine…” Shadow Heart then let’s go of her causing the hellhound to be confused by how willing he was to let her go. She smiles to herself thinking that he was surrendering, but she wasn’t done with him yet. She turns around and then uses the time to try and strike him again, only for her to freeze in place as she felt her entire body burning up.

“Wh-what the fuck?” She groaned as she slumped to the floor.

“You really thought I wouldn’t notice what you were feeling right now?” He responded with a smile as he stood over his quivering prey.

“What did you do to me asshole?” She barely managed to choke out. Shadow Heart watched in amusement at Firespawns attempt of a struggle.

Here’s a little demonic anatomy 101; You are aware that we have pheromones that react to any female that is aroused in any sort of way right?” He asked with a smile. Firespawn was at first glaring at him, and her eyes soon begin to shrink to pinpricks realizing what he was talking about. “So you know what’s gonna happen now right?”

“Oh shi-”

-30 minutes later-

The sounds of wet slapping echoed through the cell chamber as a pile of straps laid in a heap outside of the cell. Even more, moaning was heard as Shadow Heart had Firespawn pinned to the floor as he jackhammered into the panting bitch. The hellounds mind was void to everything around her, but the pleasure she was getting from the huge dick that plowed into her.

“So how are you feeling now Firespawn? Still defiant?” He asks while spanking her ass making the hell hound yelp in response.

“…ooohhh!” Firespawn panted.

Firespawn had cum a few times already and was feeling another about to pop up any second. She had only been in a few runts in the past and they all failed to compare to the one she was with now. Though she will not admit this to the prisoner or to anyone at that. Plus there was the small fact that he had yet to cum once! ‘How much stamina did this fucker have?!’ She thought to herself.

Firespawn couldn’t think of an answer as Shadow Heart yanked her tail hard. With that she felt her body betrayed her once more and began cumming again. The hellspawns clear pussy juices flowed out of her coating the demons dick.

“Heh, you know you might even be better than your sister,” Shadow Heart teased as he rubbed the hellspawns flank with a hand. “The way you squeeze down on my cock feels heavenly whenever I play with your tail.

“You... bas...Aahn!” She could barely speak as she felt her tail being yanked once again causing her to tremble in pleasure as her pussy clamped down onto his still throbbing shaft. She still stared back at him with defiance.

“Hey now, I know we are both demons but there’s no need for such foul language,” he responded as he lightly caressed her ass. Making her shiver from his touch.

“…” She groaned, earning her another spank from the horny demon..

“You can at least admit that you like it without having to hide it,” He replied. “Despite that defiant nature of yours it’s written all over your face.”

“ don’t know anything about me.”

‘Hey, are you forgetting something Shadow Heart?’ Dusk said in his head getting the Incubus’s attention. ‘Could you wrap up whatever you’re doing so we can go and FIND SONATA already?’

“I know, I know” Shadow Heart replied as he slows down his thrusts, confusing the hell hound unintentionally grinding her hips against him. “Oh, I just felt your hips grinding against me just now, why is that?”

“N-no I...didn’t…”She tried to say as she attempted to resist, but her body just ignores her and continues to slow grind against his hips. “F-fuck…” Firespawn cursed as her body and mind continue to split between duty and pleasure.

“As much as I want to make you beg for it,” Shadow Heart replied as he grabs her by the waist and shifts his weight backwards and making her fall backwards with him with his chest up against her back.“I have somewhere to be so I need to wrap this up.”

“You vile...ah...fuck…” She couldn’t think of a retort as he thrusts his hips upwards into her quivering pussy making her jolt in surprise, unable to resist any longer, a look of pure lust appears on her face. Shadow Heart pumps into the Hellhound like a raging beast, making Firespawn quaking in mess of pleasure. She was overwhelmed by the intense earth shattering pleasure the demon was giving her and couldn’t help but let out a long howl that seemed to reverberate off the walls, loud enough that some of the neighboring demons might hear but she was beyond caring at that moment.

Shadow felt his balls tighten up and with one heavy thrust, slammed up deep into Firespawn’s womb, his thick cock throbbing as he flooded her with a heavy load demon seed.

Firespawn threw her head back as a great flame ignited within her. She felt heat greater than any hellfire pit fill her womb and soon began to expand with his thick seed until she had a bulging belly like her sisters, that quickly sent her over the edge with another mind shattering orgasm.

Shadow Heart felt the Hellhound go limp after that. He let her slide to the ground softly and admired his work.

“Well, that’s taken care of,” Shadow Heart replied in a calm tone. “Now to figure out how to not draw attention.” He looks around the cell room he saw nothing of value other than two knocked out hellhounds he left for the guard station. Looking around it he saw scrolls, armor, weapons, typical of things that a station like this would have.

’Shadow, there try that desk.’ Dusk instructed as they stood in front of the guards desk. Maybe we can get a map or something that can help us.’ Seeing nothing else, Shadow pulled open the first drawer and saw a stack of blank magical cards.

“ID cards?”

‘Maybe we can use these to get around.’ Dusk suggested. ‘They might come in handy for later if we get stopped by someone. Grab a few and let’s work on them.’

“Why do we need more than one when one is all we need?” Shadow asked in confusion.

‘For Sonata when we find her,’ Dusk clarified. ‘When we find her, she’ll need one and need a way to identify herself to the people around here. Otherwise she could end up here. We don’t need more problems after this.’

“I see your point,” Shadow Heart said before grabbing a few and began working his magic on the first one. His face appeared on the first one and he soon looks at the second one. He tried to use his magic on it, but it had no effect. “It’s not working.”

‘I think it works with whoever touches it, plus I think you can only hold one ID card at a time.’ Dusk said as he looked at the ID card.

“So we need to figure out how to sneak this in her hands when we do find her, great,” Shadow Heart groaned as he slipped both ID cards in his back pocket.

-Five minutes Later-

“Thanks for the citizenship ladies…and the wonderful time.” Shadow Heart smiled to himself as he left the prison with two very satisfied hellhounds on the floor with their clothes tossed aside, and their bellies swollen with his baby batter while both girls left with satisfied looks on their faces.

‘You better have made yourself fucking sterile back there.’ Dusk Shine growled his consciousness projected from the necklace, and Shadow Heart look down towards the necklace. ‘I already have eight mares pregnant because of you.’

“Oh relax Dusk.” Shadowheart said in a sarcastic tone. “I’d rather not piss you off or your mates again, so I cast a contraception spell on myself since we’re here.”

‘I swear if you’re lying-’

“I’m here to find your girl and get the hell out. Why would I have to knock up two more sluts on the way?”

‘You can be such an dick sometimes, you know that?’

“Why thank you Dusk.” Shadow Heart said in a sarcastic tone. “But I think we have a former siren to find do you?”

‘Well hurry it up then.’ Dusk said impatiently. ‘The Sooner we find Sonata, the sooner we get out of this place you horn dog.’

Shadow Heart would woon leave, and the two female hellhounds would slowly wake up from their slumber, weak yet strangely satisfied.

“Ugh...why does my ass hurt?” Firespawn groaned as she felt sore between her legs. She would

‘How are we going to explain this to our boss?’


Both hounds looked up and their eyes widen seeing their superior officer Ember Diamond looking down at them with her brows knit and a deep frown could be seen on her face. She seemed to be a superior Hellhound as the spikes on her straps seemed to show that she had a lot more experience than previous hellhounds. She was much taller than the two hellhounds by at least two feet. Her body being a bright red with ghost white hair. Her breasts were as magnificent as she was being a JJ cup as she glared down at the two hellhounds in front of her.

“You two have a lot of explaining to do right now.” She said firmly making the girls pin their ears against their heads as fear began to take over.

‘Uh oh..’ Crystal thought.

“Uh… hello mother.” Firespawn said in a nervously as they met with the dark glare of their mother as she stood over them with her arms crossed under her ample bosom.

-City: Finding Sonata-

Shadow Heart crept through a dark alleyway after leaving the prison that he was trapped in earlier.

”Alright, looks like we’re out.

‘Bear in mind that we still need to find Sonata in this city and where that asshole took her.’

Shadow Heart was surprised by what he and Dusk saw. Within the hidden dome of Tartarus, was a large and prospering city. Amongst the city skyline several spires and towers could be seen poking out through. And to Dusk, the architecture reminded him a little of Canterlot only it had a more demonic theme to it. Rather than marble and steel columns seen around Canterlot, there were dark metal and obsidian structures throughout the city. It had some fancy aspects to the city but was also a mix of casual seeing as a lot of the citizens were wearing revealing outfits, mostly the female demons and succubi along with some males demons and incubi. Some businesses were open and patrons of different kinds walking in and out of these businesses. Some guards were patrolling the street and they weren’t just hell hounds, some were surprisingly other succubi or incubi walking around in their armor around the city.

”Well I’ll be damned… a city within a barrier in Tartarus. Shadow Heart thought to himself as he looked at everything around him. He walked through the city square and noticed a red stone fountain with several demons carved into it, what Dusk was surprised about it was each of the demons were spewing out lava through their mouths and pooling down into the ground

‘This is amazing.’ Dusk thought to himself in shock and awe from how prosperous the city was. ‘How were we not even aware of any of this?’

“Must’ve taken a long time to get all of this built.” Shadow Heart replied in a calm tone. “Probably been down here hidden away for over a millennia.”

“No doubt about that.”

“Well hello there.” A sultry voice purred, getting Shadow Hearts attention. When he turned he was met by two pairs of eyes that were at the moment drinking up everything they saw in the incubus. The one on his left was tall, and beat him by a few inches. She had long brown hair that from what he could tell went all the way down to the middle of her back. She wore a business suit with a white top that was struggling to hold her large EE cup size breasts, down below her fine hourglass shaped waist was a black skirt paired with a pair of stockings and the incubus couldn’t help but drool at the very feminine shape it was outlining for him to see.

The other one on the right he actually had to look down from because of how short she was, she had to be 4’11 she might have gained another couple of inches if she tried to stand on her tiptoes but that wouldn’t help much. She had dark pink skin that almost seemed to shimmer for a second to him and her long tail peeked out behind her showing that it’s tip was the shape of a heart. Her short white hair only came up to the base of her neck and had a black and pink hearted necklace with the word ‘proud slut’ on it. She was wearing a small simple tank top that hugged at her DD breasts and he could clearly see her nipples poking through the fabric of her shirt showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Not many times we see a new hunky face around Haydon City.” The taller succubus replied in a rather flirtatious tone.

“Ooohhh... look at the muscles on you, you seem to be able to hold your own as well.” The shorter succubus replied.

“I think I can show you girls more if you’re interested.” Shadow Heart replied seductively tone as he flexed his right arm showing off a little.

‘Have you Fucking forgotten why the fuck we’re here?’ Dusk yelled in Shadow Hearts head and the necklace around his neck began to flash a bright red.

“What’s that around your neck?” The shorter succubus asked.

“Oh, just a tortured soul that I’ve captured along the way that’s decided to wander too close here.” Shadow Heart followed up as she clutched the necklace in his left palm. “I actually just moved here and was just checking out the scenery.”

‘Oh screw you asshole.’ Dusk remarked. Shadow Heart wasn’t even fazed by his comment as he shook the necklace that was around his neck and Dusk groaned at the movement of being rattled around. ”Hey jackass, I’m attached to you!”

“Anyways, you think you lovely ladies can help me find someone that I’m looking for?”

“Oh really who are you looking for stud?”

“I’m looking for a siren, she looks like a pony has blue skin, dark blue hair, purple eyes, has a mark of a heart with a music note in the center.”

“There are still sirens alive?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well we thought that they were all extinct after some pony called Starswirl the Bearded was hunting them all down.”

‘Oh boy, I know that the Dazzlings will have a cow if they hear about that.’ Dusk Shine said to himself.

“Ouch, I didn’t know that happened to them,” Shadow Hear replied in a saddened tone. ”Anyways, I’m wondering if you can help me look for her.”

“Why not look for us stud? I’m sure we can be much better than her.” The taller succubus said as she got a little closer to the male batting her eyelashes.


“Don’t even think about it!” Dusk shouted at him, Shadow sighed to himself and looked back at the pair of succubi and was going to mentally kicked himself for this, but knew to Dusk it was very important.

“Sorry ladies I’m not interested, but I really need to find her, she happens to be carrying my foals.”

“Aaawww that’s so cute, when are they due?” The short one said but got an elbow to the gut from her friend making her wince.

“I think he doesn’t want to be bothered by something like that, plus that sounds pretty insensitive to ask.” The tall succubus chided.

“I’m just worried about her is all, she’s at least two months pregnant and I’m just trying to make sure that she’s alright.” Shadow Heart replied. “She has a habit of wandering around and I’m new to this city so I’m not familiar with the layout of the place.”

“If it’s info that you’re looking for, why not try the Dead Center Bar over there?” The taller succubus replied pointing towards the large building that looked like a cathedral. The place was several stories tall with four spires on top. It had lights and neon running along the first two floors and lit windows going up. The place must dobble as a hotel as some windows had occupants wandering around, some doing some very active ‘activities.’ At the top right below the spire was a big window that sowed outwards. Shadow Heart guest it might be the owners big overpriced office.

“That’s the bar?” Shadow Heart asked.

“Yeah, the bartender is known for not only having good drinks, but giving info to newcomers that show up.” The taller succubus replied with a smile.

“If you want, we can at least fool around since it also doubles as a hotel.”

‘Dont! You! Fucking! Dare!’ Dusk yelled in Shadow’s head. ‘Don’t forget why we’re here!’

“I appreciate the offer, but I’ll at least ask him about the scenery here.” Shadow Heart replied with a smile. “Thank you ladies.”

“You’re welcome stud.” The shorter succubus replied with a lustful smile. “Hope we see each other again.” She and the taller succubus mare then began to walk away while brushing their tails alongside his face and his groin making the demon shiver in lust for the pair, leaving Shadow Heart alone towards the front of the bar.

“There, you happy?” Shadow Heart asked looking down at his glowing necklace.

‘Bear in mind that it’s still my body, and you constantly think with your fucking dick.’

“Your gonna remember this when we get out of here right?”

“I swear to Celestia and Luna if you don’t learn to keep it in your pants, I’ll find a way to seperate myself from you and beat your horndog ass to the fucking ground!”

“Fine, Okay I get it,” Shadow Heart said as he began walking to the bar.

-Dead Center Bar-

Shadow Heart soon enters the bar and it was about what he would expect from one of the usual bars back in Equestria. There were a few demons fighting, a bartender fixing several drinks, the occasional waitresses in skimpy outfits passing down some drinks with an occasional slap on the rear from the male compatriants and sometimes female as well. What was also the kicker was some succubus strippers dancing on a few poles in the back of the bar.

“Quite festive…” Shadow Heart said, as he walked inside.

‘Remember, we’re here to find anyone who may have seen a blue pony around the city, so keep it in your pants.’ Dusk siad through the necklace.

“I know, I know.” Shadow Heart groaned, as he takes a seat around the counter of the Bartender.

“What can I help you with?” He asked stilling fixing a few drinks for some of the customers. One drink he fixed, he slid it across to a waitress that casually picked it up. “That’s for table seven.”

“Got it.” The waitress said, walking away from the countertop.

“I’m actually looking from someone.” Shadow Heart replied evenly. “I was wondering if you knew anyone that came here with a blue mare.”

“Heh, I’ve had so many people run though this place it’s hard to keep track of who comes and who goes.” The Bartender said nonchalantly. “The Names Bloodshot by the way.” Shadow was strange to him as he was the only one in the bar that didn’t look like a demon in any way. What he did look like was an average griffin with bright red feathers. They curled back and around his head in a similar fashion he’s seen stallions from Canterlot in a noble fashion. He also had the typical outfit a bartender from Manehatten would have a of a black vest, pants and bowtie and a white button up long sleeve.

“Shadow Heart. Thanks anyways.”

“I do remember a stallion who was saying that he claimed a mate but has to wait for a specific time tonight later down the line, said something about her being a siren or something.” He added. This caused shadow Heart to turn his head back to the bartender.

“Do you know what he looked like?” He asked.

“Fraid you’ll need to buy something since I have a business to run here.” He added.

He growled, frustrated at how he wasn’t getting the answers that he wanted. Plus he wasn’t sure about the currency that was used in this city. He was about to say something, but things were soon going to change.

“Is this seat taken?”

Shadow turned to his right and was met by a rather interesting female next to him. She appeared to be a demon and was staring at Shadow Heart with curiosity while she took the seat next to him without question. Shadow Heart smiled at the mysterious female as she seemed to be very beautiful. Her raven black hair was tied into a ponytail as she looked at him with her amber slit eyes. She wore a sleeveless tank top with blue shorts, and the shirt looked very tight around her very large EE cup bust. Her ivory white skin covered her body making it appear as flawless as a slab of marble and behind her a pair of large black wings lazily hung from her back as she rested a hand on her face.

“Well now, and who might you be?” Shadow Heart asked as his eyes began to scan over her curvy body which didn’t go unnoticed by the gargoyle female.

“Why don’t you paint a portrait of me it’ll last longer.” She asked with a bored expression. Shadow Heart was about to say something, but his necklace began to glow with a red aura.

‘Have you forgotten why we’re fucking here?’

“Relax, I rather not piss you off again.”

‘I mean it you asshole...keep it in your fucking pants…’ Dusk mentally said in a dark tone. Shadow Heart would then take a deep breath and look back at the Gargoyle.

“Sorry, never really had a hot demoness such as yourself voluntarily sit next to me.” Shadow Heart replied in a calm tone.

‘Shut up you damned horndog…’ Dusk groaned as he mentally slapped his forehead in frustration.

“Flattery will get ya nowhere…” She said as she turned towards the bartender. “One Fiery Pit and a Bloodstained Mary for my friend here.”

“Coming right up miss.” Bloodshot said in a calm tone as he turns around fixing a few drinks.

“So you seem to be new around here.” She added in a sarcastic tone. “What’re you here for?”

“I’m actually looking for someone, she was taken awhile ago and I’m here to find her and bring her home.”

Her face dropped in a frown. “Who is it?”

Shadow sighed. “A siren by the name Sonata Dusk, have you seen her?”

“A siren huh, haven’t seen one here as far as I’m concerned.”

‘Dammit this is getting us nowhere, she looks like she won’t help so let’s just go and try somewhere else.’

‘Quiet she’s only one demon we asked and running off wandering aimlessly in a panic won’t help.’

‘Alright fine, I’m just so worried about her.’

“Was she disguised by any chance?” Shadow was snapped out of his internal conversation and turned his attention back to the demon.

“Actually yes she was transformed into a pony, any idea where she might be?”

“Hmm now that you mention it, I do remember a stallion that came in with a blue pony mare earlier.” She said, holding a finger to her chin.

“Hmm, and what stallion pray tell do you speak of?”

“Eh some arrogant pompous incubus that thinks he’s “so” much better than some of the demons here. He even drains the souls of anyone who got in his way.”

“Wait, did you say he’s an incubus?”

“Yes. The name’s Leonore by the way.”

“The names Shadow Heart, milady.” He added, cocking one of his eyebrows in a flirtatious manner.

“Well much obliged to meet you.”

“Do you happen to know the name of this incubus?”

“Deviant something, but I don’t really see him around the city that much. Although there isn’t anything interesting left here in this town.” She mumbled.

“Why’s that?”

“I just wish that I seem more than just the walls of this city, it’s just the same thing every day for the past few centuries.” She sighed. “I wish I could just leave here and go out into the world and see it all.”

“You wish to travel, where do you want to go? There’s not that much to see outside of here.”

“Out there beyond Haydons walls, I’ve heard stories of lands that were different to Tartarus. I remember my mother telling me that my brother once visited the outside world but was imprisoned twice. He’s currently in the darkest depths of tartarus.”

‘Hmm, why does that sound familiar?’ Dusk thought to himself.

“Sorry to hear about that.”

“Don’t be he wasn’t involved much in the family from what my mother told me so I don’t have much love for him. Anyway I always dreamed of getting out of here and seeing the world, I’ve heard there’s one place my brother visited that I have always wanted to go to.”


“A place called Equestria.”

‘Jackpot!’ Shadow grinned to himself.

‘Don’t even think about.’ Dusk interjected in annoyance.

‘I wasn’t thinking of anything.’ Shadow replied inwardly trying to sound innocent.

‘You were and I know what you’re trying to do. So don’t, and ask her where the last place she saw this Deviant guy.’

‘Ugh fine, killjoy.’ He grumbled.

“So, where’s the last place this demon named Deviant you mentioned go?”

“Said something about going to the castle I think.” She replied. “But he said he needed to check on his prize first to finalize her ‘assets’ or something.”

‘That must be Sonata.’ Dusk replied. ”Okay Shadow Heart wrap this up, we need to get to find this castle and get a move on.

“Well Leonore, I should thank you for helping me with my little predicament.” Shadow Heart replied. “Also about your wish, If I can find Sonata, I can probably grant your wish at seeing the world. Or maybe we can do something else, just you and me. Alone. Maybe in a nice comfortable bed.” He added giving the demon a bewitching grin.

‘What are you doing?’ Dusk asked in confusion, but he then noticed how Shadow Heart was coming onto Leonore. ‘Oh you've gotta be kidding me.’

“Oh really now?” She replied coquettishly.“Well I would need to see how skilled you can be. Perhaps I can show you a thing or two myself.”

“What’s stopping a sexy girl like you?” He winked at her brushing his tail along her leg making Leonore shiver in delight at the sensation.


“Well maybe we can talk about it some more back at-” Her voice trailed off and Shadow noticed she was looking over his shoulder while her face fell into a frown. Her eyes widened and looked to be in somewhat of a panic.

Shadow turns to where she was looking and that’s when he noticed who she was staring at. Two burly male hellhounds were looking around for someone, they had their muzzles in the air sniffing somepony out and Shadow Heart had a fair idea who it was.

“I’m sorry to cut this short but I have to-” Shadow Heart turns back around to find the gargoyle mare was gone. He looks to the back door to see that it was swinging and could’ve sworn he saw a grey colored tail disappear behind it.

“Aww dammit, I was so close…” He grumbled to himself.

‘Why are you thinking of that at a time like this? Run dumbass!’

“There he is!”

“Get him!”

“Aw great.”

Leonore POV

Leonore managed to sneak out of the bar as she lurked into the back alley then walked out onto the street she scanned the streets around her, hoping that the two guards didn’t notice her and that there weren't any others waiting outside.

“Okay, I think I lost them.” She said to herself, breathing a sigh of relief, slowly stretching her limbs and walking forward towards the front of the shop. She then summoned a cloak with her magic and covered herself with it preventing the guards or anyone else for that matter recognizing her.

“Ok.. all I need to do now is to sneak back to the castle without anyone-”


The gargoyle whips her head around at the noise and is surprised to see Shadow Heart jumping out of the window and landing right in front of her.

“OUT OF THE WAY!!” He shouted as he pushes past Leonore as the two guards run after Shadow Heart with spears in hand. Leonore looks on in bewilderment as he watches the demon sprint down the street and turn into an alleyway with the guards hot on his heels.

‘Whew... I can’t believe I’m off the hook…’ She thought to herself with a smile as she walked towards the path to the large castle looming overhead of the kingdom.

-Chase Scene-

‘You just had to sleep with those two hellhounds didn’t you!?’ Dusk shouted from within the medallion around Shadow Heart’s neck.

“Kinda busy right now…” Shadow Heart replied, jumping over a fence while the two guards continued to give chase.

“Stop!” One of the hellhound guards shouted as he swiped at Shadow Heart with one of his clawed hands. He barely ducked as he jumped another fence to try and get away from them.

Shadow kept running, hardly looking back as he sprinted through the alleyways and side streets of the city as well as some of the shocked patreons looked on Shadow Heart run passed them as well as the guards that tried to grab him.

Shadow continued running as he continued running and quickly turned down a crowded street. He shoved people out of the way while up ahead a merchant appeared to be selling cabbages and for some strange reason the old demon was rubbing one of the fruits lovingly against his face.

“Damn bastards sure are persistent.”

“Heads up!” Dusk shouted. Shadow Heart heard Dusk and looked forward to see the merchant and his cart who looked at the half demon shocked. Shadow Hearts body soon turns into a cloud of smoke that fazes through the cart and the merchant like a ghost and quickly materializes back into his physical form running down the street.

A moment later, one of the guards was about to grab the demon when all he grabbed was air and crashed into the cart smashing it to pieces.

“MY CABBAGES!!” He shouted as he looked at his destroyed cart in grief and despair.

“I didn’t know you could do that.” Dusk said surprised.

“Well get used to it.” He stated still trying to lose the two dogs who were still chasing him

“What in Tartarus is supposed to stop these guys?” Dusk says in grief.

“Don’t know, but I feel I’ve seen this somewhere before.” Shadow Heart replied as he kept running from the guards.


Over at an alleyway a white skinned demon was walking out of the building while he was straightening up his clothes to look presentable.

“Heh, another satisfied customer.” He grinned to himself, he straightened up his clothes to look more presentable he then pulled out a small baggie full of pure white dust. The demon grinned as he couldn’t wait to take a smoke of it, he was about to open the white bag when suddenly a small brown skinned demon with short curled horns runs past him stealing the bag from his grasp.



“Up yours drag show, gngh!” The thief was then run over by a dark purple demon bowling him over, causing him to fly backwards and left sprawling on the ground as the purple demon plowed right past him followed by two hellhound guards chasing after said demon.

He turned to find the bags contents spilled onto the street and soon swept away down the gutter and through a sewer grate.

“Oh my god!” He gasped and ran over to where the plastic bag fell through the grate.

“My Drugs. Dammit!! You rotten bastard you get back here, you owe me a bag of dust!” He yelled out in a Manehattan accent balling up his hand into a fist in a rage at the purple demon, but he was already gone.

‘Great, now I gotta see if my seller can get me another batch.’ He grumbled as he stalked away wishing he could give the guy who cost him a bag a piece of his mind.


Meanwhile Shadow Heart was still running around the city trying to get away or at least find a place to hide. The more he ran, the more Hellhounds seemed to pop up from nowhere. He than use his wings to lift him up slightly and began to run up walls and doing assisted leps over groups and crowds. Looking behind him he saw the Hellhounds being caught up in the crowds and trying to get around them. Seeing his chance, he raced and entered one of the buildings, vaulting over a table as he ran through it to the other side and into an empty alleyway.

“We lost them for now, but I don’t think they will give up like that.” Dusk said.

“Yeah, Hellhounds aren’t known for their stubbornness for nothing and fighting a bunch of them won’t do us any favors.” Shadow Heart replied as he looked around the alleyway and seeing a set of old clothes. He reached down and picked them up.

‘What are you doing?’ Dusk asked his darker counterpart.

“Hellhounds will try to sniff us out,” Shadow replied as he threw on an old worn leather duster over him. “I’m hoping these old clothes will throw off our scent for a bit while we do our search,” he finished as he sat an old shady brown fedora on his head.

‘Shadow, that’s brilliant!” Dusk said in surprise. ‘I guess you can think with more than your dick.’

“What? Dusk I’m hurt. I can think beyond my dick you know.” Shadow Heart said as he straightened the hat. ”Now where should we go next?

‘You know, Dusk started from the necklace. ‘I think we’ve been going at this too soft. Let’s just try to look for her the hard way then’ Shadow looked down at the piece of jewelry with a raised eyebrow.

”Oh? And what do you have in mind that could contribute to our search?”

Remember what Mom told us about demon rituals? Those collars show that our mates are protected by demon law. If we tell someone in a position of high authority what has happened and that a demon has stolen Sonata from us and has gone rogue.

”Then by the law’s that we are under they have to follow through and will be sought after and hunted.” Shadow Heart smiled evilly. ”I like this. Guess all that time learning on how to be a ‘proper’ prince from that backwards ass Blueballs is paying off. Let’s do it.”

-Skeletal Deviant’s Home-

Meanwhile, Sonata was looking around the room for anything that she could use to break her chains that were binding her to the bed.

‘Come on, there’s gotta be something to use around here,’ she thought to herself as she looked around the room for anything to use. She looked around for a few minutes until she saw something that grabbed her attention. There a pipe just within arms reach above her that was loose. Seeing that a small idea popped in her head and she reached out for it. Grabbing hold Sonata pulled hard a few teams with all her strength and after a few tugs pulled it right out.

“Ok, lets see if this works just like in that Daring Do book Rainbow Dash showed me.” Sonata then raps one of the chains that held her against the bed onto the pipe near the base. Putting her weight on it she began pushing down on it. Gritting her teeth she pushed on the pipe with everything she had for a good solid minute. The siren was about to give up when suddenly a tear of metal broke her concentration and felt something fall flat on her face.

“Ow, that hurt.” Sonata said. When she looked at the wall her smile nearly threatened to slit her face at what she saw. The bar that held the chains to her arms had broken “Yes!” Sonata cheered and as she slipped the chans off and she was now off the bed. She then stands up and stretches her body out and looks around the room to find a way out of this place.

“Now If I can sneak out of here and find a way to get help.” she said to herself looking out of the open window.

“Afraid you won’t get the chance my dear.” A dark male voice said, causing Sonata to freeze in place in fear as she recognized her voice. She turns around to find Skeletal Deviant in a bathrobe that wasn’t closed all the way and she blushes as she could clearly see his cock.


“I must say, I didn't think you’d be able to get out of the chains I bound you in, but I guess even for an airhead she can be able to get out of a bind.” He added getting closer to her. Sonata stumbles backwards into a wall, cowering in fear as the male demonic stallion stood over her, smiling.

“L-leave me alone…” She begged still trying futility to crawl away from Skeletal Deviant. “Just let me go..”

“Afraid I can’t do that,” Skeletal Deviant replied as he gets in front of Sonata and caresses her cheek. “You’re my more special prize to add to my ever growing harem.”

“And if I don’t want to?”

“I’m afraid you don’t have much of a choice in the matter,” He added, grabbing her face in his palm. His eyes then scanned over Sonata’s DD-cup rounded breasts and had a sinister smile. “Especially since I haven’t really inspected your goods up close yet.” He then uses his other hand to tug at Sonata’s top while licking his lips and she felt his hand cupping one of her breasts, causing her to react in shock.

“D-Don’t Touch Me!” She screamed as her left hoof kicked upward and a sickening crunch was soon heard. She kicked him directly in the balls, and a painful groan from Skeletal Deviant as he turned over and clutched his balls in pain. Sonata uses this opportunity to get up and run away and Skeletal Deviant was pissed after the pain he felt by his soon to be slave.

“You fucking bitch!” He yelled as Sonata ran out of the room, still groaning from the pain. Sonata was looking for anyways out, or a place to hide as well as a means to defend herself as she ran from room to room.

Soon she ran into the basement and looks around to find a lead pipe and picks it up. Since she didn’t have her amulet to defend herself, but she hoped to find a way to escape from her captor. She found a closet to hide in and the door above her slammed open with a very pissed off Skeletal Deviant looking for her.

“Come out, you little bitch!” He yelled as he looked around the room to find her. He kicked over boxes and crushed a desk as if it were made of paper and it scared Sonata to her core. He soon looked over at the closet she was hiding in and her face turns pale as she felt that he was looking right at her.

“Come out Sonata,” Skeletal Deviant replied in a calm tone this time as he slowly walked towards the closet. Sonata was petrified with fear as he walked slowly with a stride in his step.

“Come now Sonata, I know you’re in there,” He called back out again walking closer. Sonata gripped the pipe in her hands tightly as she waited for him to get closer. “ If you come out quietly, I promise not to hurt you.”

Sonata didn’t believe a word he said as she waited for him to open the closet door. The doorknob was soon turning clockwise until a click was heard as Skeletal opened the door.

“Now Sonata-!”

“Get away from me you monster!” She screamed as she swung the lead pipe at Skeletal Deviant hoping to knock him or at least daze him long enough for her to escape. She felt the lead pipe make contact, but something was wrong. She opened her eyes, and looked up and her face turned pale as the pipe did make contact, but all it did was bend when it struck him, and he looked even more agitatied than usual.

“You’re just asking me to hurt you,” He growled as his arms lifted up and swiped at Sonata. She braced herself for the impact and another sickening crunch was heard as Sonata fell to the floor. She screamed in agony as she felt the bone in her arm break from the force of his arm alone. He stood over her with anger in his eyes staring down into her fearful gaze.

“First you kick me in my gut, then you kick me in my balls, and now you injure my beautiful face?” He said with a glare and Sonata looked at it him with fear on her face. He was glaring at him, but it turns into a sinister smile. “I think you are in need of some due punishment.”

Sonata wasn’t able to say anything after that when she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen. Her eyes would shrink to pin pricks when she suddenly felt the wind knocked out of her from a forceful kick from the angered incubus. He lifted his hoof off of her and she clutched her stomach as she cough and was clearly in pain.

“That was for the pain to my stomach from earlier,” He replied. He then lifts her in the air by her top and knees her directly in the stomach again, causing the mare to cough up blood from her mouth. “That was for kicking me in the balls, and this is for striking my face,” He follows up by smacking her across the face hard enough to knock her back to the floor and onto her damaged arm causing her to scream in agony.

“Oh I’m sorry, did that hurt you?” He followed up by kicking her in the back making her roll over in pain. He walked over to the injured Sonata who was crying from the pain she was enduring from this monster in front of her. Her left eye was blackened from the backhand that Skeletal Deviant dealt her and the stallion balled his fist in anger, getting ready to punch Sonata again. His fist comes down and Sonata instinctively flinched as she rose her uninjured arm and a crash next to her was soon heard. She slowly moves her hand out of the way of her face, fear clearly plastered on

“Now you understand not to cross me,” He glared at the teary eyes Sonata. “Cross me again, see if I don’t tear off your limbs next. You’ll be begging for mercy when I make you my plaything for all eternity. Do you understand?”

Sonata couldn’t stop shaking. She was frozen with fear as she was too terrified to say anything let alone move. Skeletal Deviant only smiles as he believed that his slave understood her place.

“Nod if you understand me dear,” He replied. Sonata nods and he snaps his fingers making a run circle appear under her. She is blinded for a few seconds and when the light dies down, her injuries were healed but her clothing was changed to represent a female slave’s outfit. She had a bra that had a couple of leather straps that hung loosely and barely contained her breasts, look ready to pop off, and a thong that made her marehood almost visible.

“This will be your new outfit for when you become mine,” He replied and a calm tone. “Be grateful I healed your injuries since I’m in such a good mood now.”

Sonata didn’t say anything as she continued to cry from feeling so helpless. She couldn't do anything to stop him. If she tried to fight back, or run away, she would only make it worse for herself

“Oh come now, don’t cry,” He added clutching Sonata’s face with one hand. “You’ll be much happier with me when you forget about your former master.” He then summons a pair of chains and wraps them around Sonata’s wrist. “Come now, I’m going to introduce you to my queen as part of my harem. I am her Royal Advisor after all.”

Sonata feeling defeated, was lifted by the chains from Skeletal Deviant as he walks up to the basement and Sonata only looks behind her and thinks to herself.

‘Anyone, please... save me,’ She thought to herself as her captor soon to be master took her upstairs and with her to the castle.

Castle Chaos: Part 1

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“Man, trying to find out the bastard who kidnapped Sonata is harder than I thought.” Shadow Heart groaned as he looked into another building.

‘Hey I’m not a fan of this either, but we have to work fast or we’ll lose Sonata and the girls forever.’ Dusk said as he was in his thoughts on where to go.

“Hold on a second,” Shadow heart thought to himself as he stopped for a moment. “Maybe we’re looking at this the wrong way.”

‘What are you talking about?’ Dusk asked in confusion. ‘What could we be missing?’

“If this guy is really in a position of power like what Leonore mentioned before, wouldn’t he be showing off his prize to the town?”

‘What do you mean?’

“Think about it, if I were as demented as he was I would want to parade my prize around and rub it in everyones faces, and where I’d do it would be…”

‘Somewhere in town.’ Dusk exclaimed in surprise. ‘I think that may have been the most non sexual thing you may have said since we got here.’

“I told you I just don’t think with my dick all the time.”

‘Yeah, since I have to remind you about it.’

“If you’re done insulting me, why don’t we put my little theory to the test?”

Shadow Heart continued to walk along and avoid any passerby guards that were patrolling the city looking for him, and during that time, he saw a group of demons gathering around in front of him for some reason.

‘What’s going on over there?’ Dusk asked in confusion.

“I think that’s my theory being at work.” Shadow Heart said with a smile as he walks forward. He had to push past some of the crowd in order to see what was going on. Shadow Heart and Dusk finally notice what was happening as they see a large chariot being pulled by demonic tigers. Standing on the chariot was a stallion who was waving towards the crowd.

He stood at around 6’9 and his fur was bright red but that’s not what caught the sirens attention. What did was his long serpent tail hanging behind him, and on his head were two light gray horns that jutted out from the sides of his head for a couple inches then curled upwards to a fine point. His membranous wings were a silverish grey while his coat was a pure white.

He put on a wine colored dress shirt and dark red slacks and topped with a bright red waistcoat and red loafers that matched. He even had a pair of

‘Who in Tartarus is that suppose to be?’ Dusk asked in confusion.

“Must be a higher up given his clothing.” Shadow Heart added. “And a well groomed one at that.”

“I’m so glad you all could join me to welcome the newest addition to my harem,” The stallion spoke in a high class demeanor all while yanking on a metal chain. “This one was an extremely rare find as I thought they were all extinct.”

“Celestia this asshole’s voice is actually making me want to vomit.” Shadow Heart grimaced.

‘Shadow Heart! The Carriage!’ Dusk exclaimed in surprise much to his friend.

“What about his damned carriage?”

‘Look’s who’s in it! It’s Sonata!’

“Wait, what?” Shadow Heart said in confusion. The stallion then pulled on the chain once again and out came Sonata who had a look of despair on her face. It was a metal bikini with red accents along with a thin metal codpiece that was fashioned as a thong almost exposing her pussy that dug into her chest and groin making her squirm in discomfort.

‘That must be the stallion that Leonore mentioned earlier back at the bar.’

“That Bastard…” Shadow Heart growled clutching his fist in anger. “how dare he?”

‘What’s wrong?’ Dusk asked in confusion. “The fact that he’s parading her around like he owns her?”

“He hurt her,” He growled. “That bastard hurt her and it’s written all over her face.”

‘He what?!’

“When we rescue her, I’m hoping we can pay this asshole a visit and teach him the meaning of pain.”

‘I’m not happy about what happened to Sonata either, but I’d rather not cause a scene,’ Dusk exclaimed. ‘We’re already in hot water with the two hellhounds you fucked earlier.’

“TCH! Dammit all… I hate it when you’re right.” Shadow Heart groaned as he backed away slightly to try and stay out of the crowd.

Meanwhile Skeletal Deviant was waving at the crowd as he paraded the exotic mare.

“She’s a rare and beautiful siren fresh from the living world, but is currently in her pony form.” He replied. He then turns around and looks into her face. “She doesn’t have her amulet sadly, but I can recreate it to give back her siren’s song.”

Sonata’s reply was to spit into Skeletal’s face causing him to recoil in surprise. He casually smiles and wipes the spit from her face and roughly yanked her chain, making her fall to the floor.

“She seems to be a rather feisty one, but she’ll be bending to my will soon enough.” He boasted and the crowd cheered as he sat back down onto the chariot and they rolled off towards a large road in town. Skeletal then looks at Sonata and pulls him closer to her.

“Come now, no need to be so resentful of me,” He bragged while likcing at her neck causing the blue mare to grimace. “When this is all over, you’ll be happier than you ever were with me.”

“You kidnapped me you pig,” She said with disgust in her voice.

“Heh, you’ll be singing a different tune when I make you mine.” He said as the blinds closed off and the chariot continued it’s route to his desired destination leaving the crowd and Shadow Heart behind.

“Heh, there’s our girl.”

“Can agree with you on that.” Dusk replied as he stared at the siren longingly.

“So the bookworm has finally accepted he’s taking a shine to the siren huh?” Shadow teased.

“What I-I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Dusk sputtered glad that he wasn’t in his body currently because he would’ve blushed at his other halfs remark.

“Don’t deny it lover boy, you feel the same about her like you do Chrysalis, and everyone else in your harem and don’t try saying you like them as friends because we are one in the same so I know every emotion and thought you’ve ever had.”

“I...I...but that’… look let’s just focus on saving her ok?”

“Speechless I see, that’s a first.”

“Shut up.”

“So where do you think they’re heading?”

‘Must be somewhere important if he’s some important big shot.’ Dusk replied. ‘It would be easier if we can follow them.’

“So if we follow the bastard, then we’ll find out where he’s taking her?”

‘Exactly’ Dusk replied ‘Try to stay in the shadows for now, and we’ll see where the chariot goes from there.’

“I’ve got a better option.”

‘What are you talking about? All I see are guards surrounding the damn chariot that the bastard is riding in.’ Dusk replied in a dull tone. ‘What are you thinking?’

What do you think? Shadow Heart said as he snuck through the crowd and made sure no one was looking as he slid under the chariot without a problem.

‘This is your fucking plan?’ Dusk asked in anger and shock. ‘How the hell is this supposed to work?’

“Come on, you remember that cheesy spy film you watched with Barb didn’t you?”

‘There is now way this is going to work,’ Dusk replied in a dull tone. ‘Especially since their is guards that are out to get us as well as guards surrounding him at all times.’

-Five minutes later-

Skeletal Deviant’s chariot soon stopped and he stepped off while yanking on Sonata’s chain forcing her to fall onto the floor.

“Ah, the castle of Queen Leonore,” He sighed as he looked up at the massive structure.

“Get up my dear,” He commanded. “We have a meeting to attend to and after that, you’re mine for all eternity.”

“Someone will find me,” Sonata said in defiance trying to hold onto at least a glimmer of hope, only to have her chain yanked forward again forcing her to the ground. She is then roughly gripped by her arms by her captor and he glared down at her.

“Listen young lady,” He glared with a dark grin. “Other than the queen here, I have a lot of power, and I worked hard to get into the position I am today, so I suggest playing nice unless you want me to make it painful for you.”

Sonata was still defiant, but she turned away defeated with her eyes closed as he pulled at her chain and she walked with him as were the few demonic guards that were joined by him. Soon as everyone was gone, Shadow Heart got from under the chariot and slipped into the shadows with a smile on his face.

“Well, that’s one way to hitch a ride,” Shadow Heart replied with a smile as he stretched his limbs. “Glad the ride ended though, any longer and I would’ve gotten a wing cramp.”

‘I stand corrected,’ Dusk sigh in defeat. ‘I can’t believe that fucking worked.’

“And you said that watching cheesy spy movies were a waste of time.”

‘Shut up, my doubt was because certain things like that only worked in movies.’ Dusk replied. ‘So where are we now?’

“Let me look around,” Shadow heart replied as he began to survey the area. The chariot was next to him as were the beasts that were sleeping peacefully beside it. There was a large wall of granite and steel next to him on his left side. What got his attention was on his right side. His eyes were transfixed on a large palace that was in the center of the city. It appeared to be a large castle that was similar to the one in Canterlot, but it was more dark and gritty than the one that was back home. It looked like someone took a bit from Nightmare Rarity's old castle from the moon and decided to upgrade it from dreamy nightmare to creepy.

“Quite the structure here.” Shadow Heart thought to himself looking at the large structure. ”Reminds me of back home before moving to Ponyville, only more darker and gritty.

‘You just now notice that?’ Dusk replied from the necklace. ‘As much as I don’t like the idea of going through there, It’s the only place we haven’t checked if we’re going to find Sonata at all.’

”How do you suppose we get in?” Shadow Heart asked as he took sight of the castles battlements. ”I doubt they’ll let us walk through the front door.”

’Well it shouldn’t be too tough. We manage to break into the Star Swirl the Bearded wing with Barb and Pinky Pie. Dusk pointed out.

”That’s not a hard thing to do as Starlight, Sunset, and Chrysalis have each broken into the castle before. One being on more than one account.” Shadow Heart pointed back as they walked closer to the big castle.

’...Point…’ Dusk admitted from the necklace. ’Sheesh, when we get Sonata back home I’m going to have to send a letter to Celesta and Luna about security measures in the Castles. Seems that anyone with a degree in some form of smarts could get in.’

“Right, so what do you suppose we do?”

‘Well given how the royal demon guard is after us thanks to your stunt earlier, we’ll have to do this stealthily.’

“There’s an open window right above me,” Shadow Heart called out making Dusk stop his train of thought. He pointed towards an open window that was on a column that was sitting above them and all they had to do was climb.

’Oh… well that’s convenient.’ He simply stated.

“Well if you’re done being a smart ass,” Shadow Heart replied spreading his wings outward and crouching to get a good jump. “We got a hot siren gal to save.”

‘Right,’ Dusk said in agreement as Shadow Heart soon takes flight and jumps towards the window that was above him and goes through the window.

-Sonata’s POV-

Sonata was pulled by Skeletal Deviant’s magical chain around her arms as she walked through the halls of the dark castle. The colors were of red, black and blue, and the flames that sparked as well as the screams of tortured souls sent chills down the blue mare’s spine as she walked through the many halls.

“Hope you can get accustomed to your new home Sonata,” Skeletal Deviant chuckled with a smile. “I have a special room for where you, and my harem will be staying.”

“You do know that I’m not your mate right?” Sonata replied with a low growl, only to have Skeletal yanked on her chain and she stumbles forward. He then lifted her up by her face forcing the mare to look into his eyes.

“Not yet my dear,” Skeletal Deviant replied in a sinister tone. “And we’re only getting started. I have big plans for when I get further into my future plans for this city and later the world. Any they all involve you and your former master’s harem.”

“What do you mean by that?” Sonata asked with a mix of fear and confusion. “What plans could you possibly have that involves me and the other girls?”

“That’ll be a tale for another time,” Skeletal Deviant said as they both stopped at a rom that had his cutie mark on it. “But for now, why don’t you get situated with my other lovers for the time being?”

“What?” Skeletia Deviant then undoes the Spell on Sonata, and pushes her forward into the room after he opened the door and she falls forward and onto the floor in the room. Skeletal Deviant then locks the door and Sonata was locked in a very dark room. She couldn’t see much at first, until several wax candles started lighting up to brighten up the room. In the center, much to Sonata’s surprise, revealed a large harem of women of different races on a large canopy bed that looked like it could hold several ponies. It wasn’t just demons either, there were also other creatures belonging to different races that sat on the bed and were in similar clothing that Sonata was wearing. Sonata was surprised since they weren’t all mares in this stallions harem.

On the left was a Minotaur with pink fur that reminded her of Pinkie Pie while her lower torso was colored light brown. She had long honey blonde hair that fell past her shoulders and from what the siren could guess stopped at her lower back.

The Second girl looked to be of a feline like race, she had short black hair matched with brown fur and gray underbelly and had on a pair of glasses over her golden slit eyes. Sonata was only reminded of Rarity’s cat Opalescence based on the girls face, whiskers, and tail.

The third one wasn’t even a pony to her but had human features on her, she had a pair of horns sticking out of her head. Her body was red and her eyes were amber with black sclera. Her ghost white hair made it look as if she had snow on the top of her head. Sonata wasn’t sure what type of creature she was since she had feet instead of hooves.

The fourth was a pony but not your typical pony that you would see most of the time. Sonata had heard of Batponies before from Nightmare Moon, but she has never seen one that was purely white before. Her eyes were also slit with bright red iris and in a way reminded her more of a vampire.

The fifth girl was also more human like the horned creature and looked to be a strong and powerful demon. Her hair was blood red and her eyes were a pure silver color. Her limbs looked to be covered in white fur along with patches of red colored scales on her neck, shoulders while there were other patches that covered her wrists, forearms, and most of her legs.

The final girl was actually a dragoness and her scales were a bright silver with a cream colored underbelly her eyes were a ruby red and she was much taller than the other girls, which was no surprise with her being a dragon. Her wingspan looked to be about 18 ft long giving her a more menacing appearance. Other than Barb, she never met any other dragoness before.

“Um... hi.” Sonata managed to say since it was more awkward for her as it already was.

“You one of the new girls that was added into Skeletal’s harem?” The dragoness said with a cheery grin.

“Um, yes?” Sonata said with a nervous smile. The dragoness suddenly tackled her and hugged the shocked mare, making her even more confused.

“Yay, we have a new friend,” She said with a smile and Sonata was trapped in the dragonesses bearhug and her head almost being crushed by her very large breasts.

“That or we have Skeletal’s new pet,” The archdemon girl said with a dark glare and she just turned away from the group. “Probably one that got caught and lost to him like the rest of us.”

“Come now, you don’t know that,” The catgirl said in response to the archdemon. “She may have been living here and wanted to join, not knowing who he is.”

“Well hopefully he wasn’t as rough with her as he was with us.” The white furred batpony replied in a calm tone. “You know how he gets if he’s upset.”

“It’s why I try to avoid getting near him when he’s like that,” The Minotaur mare replied with a sigh as she groped and massaged her huge breasts. “He gets especially rough with my girls whenever I start leaking after he’s had a long day.”

“Wait, what are you talking about?” Sonata asked in confusion.

“We’re talking about our master Skeletal Deviant,” The oni girl replied with a smile. “He can be pretty mean when he’s angry, but when he’s happy he can be pretty rough.

“What the hay is wrong with all of you?” Sonata asked with worry in her voice. “You’re acting as if he’s a nice guy when he’s a real jerk.”

“Girls you don’t have to act like you like the asshole,” The archdemon girls replied with a cold glare. “He only threw the newbie here and walked away.”

“Wait, so she’s not under his control?” The minotaur girl replied in a confused tone.

“I don’t feel any spell on her when she was throne in,” The archdemoness replied. “So what I don’t understand is why she’s not under his control right now if she was with that asshole.”

“How could she not be a new addition in his harem?”

“Did anyone think to pay attention to the collar around her neck?” She replied. All eyes were now on Sonata’s neckline as they notice the rose colored collar she has on was different to theirs. Sonata’s collar had hearts surrounding it while the girls that were currently within Skeletal’s inner circle all had crossbones surrounding their.

“Oh, now that makes more sense,” The dragoness replied. “Anyways, what’s your name?”

“Sonata Dusk,” She replied. “And how did you know something was wrong?”

“Like I said, your collar color was different, plus you didn’t sound like a dopey lovesick child earlier, you sounded more like a scared little filly.” The archdemoness replied. “The name is Ruby Ρενμάντ by the way.”

“Ρeva what now?”

“It’s greek for Remnant,” Ruy replied.

What’s greek, ooh is that a fancy kind of food?”

“You know what, just forget it,” She replied with a groan as she knelt lazily to her side.

“You can call me Crystal Spines,” The dragoness replied as she brought Sonata into another bone crushing hug and Sonata whimpered and felt like some of her bones were breaking.

“Crystal hun,” The minotaur replied. “Anymore and you’re gonna crush her, plus it looks like she’s struggling to breathe from your iron grip.”

Crystal heard the minotaur girl and looked at Sonata who was a darker shade of blue in the face. Realizing what her friend was talking about she let go and allowed Sonata to breathe, and she was gasping for air.

“Hehe, sorry about that” Crystal replied with a smile. “Anyways, You already met miss grumpy lump over there but she’s like that most of the time so no need to worry.”

“Shut up Crystal.”

“This is Olga Lionheart,” Crystal replied pointing towards the minotaur and she waved at Sonata with a motherly smile on her face. “She’s very friendly when you get to know her better.”

“True,” Olga replied.

“You can call me Lolee,” The oni girl replied as she brought her hand out for a hand shake.

“Did you get a sunburn because you’re red all over?”

“Great he picked a simpleton.” Ruby groaned.

“Hey I might not be that smart and all but I got plenty of heart thank you.” Sonata huffed crossing her arms.

“As for your previous question no, it’s my natural skin color, I’m called an oni.”


“Sheesh, you act as if you’ve been banished for over 1000 years, what kind of rock have you been living under?”

“Funny you mention that,” The siren giggled sheepishly.” I was banished for a 1000 years.”

“Really?” Crystal asked in surprise and confusion. “Then how are you back?”

“It’s a long story, but I’m back in Equestria.” Sonata replied. “Anyways, who's the bat pony that’s covered in snow?”

“SNOW!?” The thresal yelled in anger. “I’m an albino batpony you dense moron.”

“What’s albino mean?”

“ really are a dense moron…” She replied with a groan as she slumped lazily on the side. “The Names Pale Nuit airhead.”

“You remind me of Rainbow Dash and how rude she can be sometimes,” Sonata pointed out. “Also what does that mean?”

“Yeah whatever airhead,” She responded turning away from her. “It means White Night,”

“Hmph, you don’t have to be rude ya know,” Sonata replied with a pout, only for the anthro cat girl to step in.

“Sorry, ignore our friend here, it’s just how she is and she hates it when anyone confuses her skin for snow,” She replied. “My name is Catrina Clawserson, the brains of the group.”

“Nice to meet you,” Sonata replied with a smile. “What exactly are you, I haven’t seen anything like you before?”

“I’m what’s known as an abyssinian. A race of anthro cats from the abyssinian kingdom.” Catrina replied.

“Wow, so do you still lick yourselves clean or something?” Sonata asked making Catrina blush.

“What in your right mind gives you that idea?” She asked in shock and slowly backed away from Sonata.

“Well aren’t the Abyssinians like domestic house cats?”

“What, no we are not, we are a sophisticated race that live normal lives as any other race on Equis.”

“I at least want to know first,” Sonata added as she got behind Catrina with a sinister smile. “And I know just how to do that.”

“Hey, what do you think you’re…..”Her ears perked up in surprise at the contact, then suddenly relaxed along with the rest of her body as she began to purr loudly at the massage she was feeling on her skull.

“Ooohhh yeeeaaah that feels good.” She purred as her tail twitched at the sensation she was feeling, it was unlike anything she ever felt before and she didn’t want the siren to stop.

“Hehe, you remind me of my friend Rarity and her pet cat when she gets her ears get scratched,” She smiled as she continued her ministrations while everyone else in the room was left utterly speechless by the girl as she ran her fingers through the Abyssinian. Pale and Ruby did snicker a little bit with how Sonata was just messing with her.

“Okay, I think that’s enough of messing with our friend Catrina,” Olga replied pulling Sonata away from her.

“Aw, I wanted to play with her some more,” She whined as she was pulled away from a now dazed on confused Catrina. She then catches onto what happened as she blushed in embarrassment and anger towards Sonata for doing that to her.

“Okay, don’t ever do that again,” She said as she turned her back and Sonata then turns to the rest of the girls.

“So how did you all get claimed by him anyway?” Sonata asked. Ruby was the first to step forward as she had a deep scowl on her face.

“I challenged the bastard challenged me to a duel in order to gain his position and I lost,” Ruby answered with a dark growl. “I still don’t know how he beat me, I was the top of my class back in magic school, and yet he shows up and beats me without batting an eye like a damned imp!”

“I was out wanting to study medicine and I fell into a trap that he left for me and I was brought here,” Catrina replied, raising her hand. “I wanted to study to be a doctor and he comes by and takes my virginity.”

“I was out doing my job as a milk mare and my travels led me to a portal and he brought me here,” Olga replied raising her hand. “He doesn’t care who he brings as long as he sates his desires.”

“I was fed up with my position as a warden for King Yema back in my old village, so I was looking around in search of a new one at the time,” Lolee said raising her hand. “ I happened on Haydon City by chance and I was captured by hell hounds and taken here to be his plaything. Said it was rare for an Oni to be in the kingdom.”

“Um, I was more into treasure hunting and wanted to explore new unexplored lands,” Pale replied raising her hand. “My travels led me to the city where I got lost and was captured by a slaver trade and sold to Skeletal Deviant as his new sex slave.”

“I was outside of my former cave and met him by accident since I wasn’t like other dragons and I stepped into the portal by accident, not knowing who he was.” Crystal managed to say, raising her hand. “Next thing I know, I get caught into his trap with a few gems and now I’m part of his little entourage.”

“That’s terrible,” Sonata replied.

“What about you?” Ruby asked. “How were you taken and dumped here by your former owner?”

“I wasn’t dumped here,” Sonata said in defense, taking offense towards Ruby’s comment. “I was kidnapped from my master and taken here against my will.”


“What kind of demon did that bastard kidnap you from?” Crystal asked.

“He took me from an incubus named Dusk Shine while I was out grocery shopping,”

“Dusk Shine?” Crystal asked in confusion. “That doesn’t sound like a demon name.”

“He’s half demon,” Sonata answered causing everyone in the room to look at her funny. “What?”

“A half demon, he took you from a half demon?” Ruby asked in both anger and confusion. “Are you punking us or something?”

“Please tell us you’re joking,” Catrina added. Sonata only got angry hearing this.

“I’m telling the truth, as to how he claimed me and a few others it’s a long story,” she said in defense. “Not only that, he said that he had plans for me and the others since I’m the head mare of his harem.

“Well if he does know you’re here then good luck,” Ruby added as she slumped onto the bed. “I’m an archdemon and even I couldn’t beat him, so what luck does a half breed demon have at beating him?”

“You don’t know Dusk like I do,” She replied. “He’s kind, sweet, understanding, has the biggest heart anypony could ever ask for, and not to mention he’s AMAZING in bed too.” She sighed wistfully, missing him already. “But most important in the past few months I’ve known him he never gives up on his friends no matter what.”

“He’s weak.” Ruby stated bluntly making Sonata frown at her comment.


“Like I said, if he’s a half demon what chance does he have to beat a full demon like Skeletal?” Ruby inquired. “Plus I doubt he’s looking for you right now.”

An audible crack was soon heard and everyone just looked at Sonata in shock as her hand was red and on Ruby’s cheek was a large red handprint on the left side of her face. She looks back at an angry Sonata who’s was red with rage and tears trickling down her face.

“He. is. NOT. WEAK!” She shouted, her nostrils flaring as she fumed at the archdemons statement. She then grabbed her by the horns forcing her to stare into the eyes of the now angered siren.

“Listen here you high maintenance, self centered bitch. Dusk is the greatest pony I could possibly ever know and is the only one who treated me nicely when day in and day out. I was thought by my sisters as nothing more than just a simple minded idiot that got in their way most of the time. And when he claimed me I let him because I knew in my heart he was perfect, not to mention when he claimed the rest of our harem and got all of us pregnant, he took us in without a single complaint because he knew he was going to be responsible for us,” Sonata kept staring into the demons eyes and continued. “He’s fought an alicorn, a goddess of chaos, saved two kingdoms, fought magic stealing demon, traveled to a different world to protect it, and traveled all across time to save Equestria itself, and even defeated an old enemy that the pillars sealed away, so if you still think that my little Duskie is just a weak little foal you’re wrong, and if I hear another word out of that big gaping mouth of yours, I’ll rip off your horns and shove them so far up your ass you’ll need a surgeon to remove them, you got that?!” She finished while Ruby was left stunned at the sirens seething glare and nodded automatically as she felt her grip completely slacken and suddenly her demeanor changed in a near one-eighty as she smiled brightly to her.

“Good.” She smiled while everyone else in the room was left speechless at the display.

“Woah, she’s got quite a backbone on her,” Lolee replied with a grin and Ruby only looks back at her in surprise unsure of what to say let alone with what Sonata said to the most powerful demon in their group.

“You sure seem to love him very much,” Crystal said softly.

“If he is half demon like you said then he must be very powerful,” Olga added with a motherly tone. “I do find it intriguing for a pony to love someone this much.”

Ruby only sighs at seeing how driven she was and backs off. “Guess if you have that much hope for the guy I’m not gonna bash him anymore, but what makes you think he can find you all the way out here?”

“He could always tell that something was wrong if it came to me or the rest of the girls, and he wouldn’t hesitate to risk himself for any of us.” Sonata replied.

“Sounds like he’s a powerful demon based on what you’re claiming.”

“Yeah, and even though he’s an alicorn, he still finds time for each of us.”

“Wait, alicorn?” Catrina said in confusion. “Your incubus master is half alicorn?”

“Well duh,” Sonata said with a sarcastic tone. “What else could he be if he wasn’t able to do what he does?”

“Guess that explains the achievement he has,” Pale Nuit replied with amazement. “So he’s half demon and half Alicorn,”

“Meaning that he must be powerful, so I take back what I said,” Ruby said with a sigh. “But that doesn’t explain how he got you away from him.

“He’s not used to his powers since they’ve awoken within him about two months ago,” Sonata pointed out. “But he said that he had plans for me since I’m the head mare in his Harem

“Maybe you can answer us this,” Ruby added. “Who else is a part of his harem that he wants you so badly for his so called plans?”

“Well so far there’s me, my two sisters Aria and Adagio who are sirens as well, a former changeling queen known as Chrysalis, two dark unicorns Umbra and Nightmare Rarity, a phoenix named Philomena and two dark alicorns known as Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker.

When Sonata mentioned the last name everyone in the room was silent. The girls were shocked to hear that two of Haydons most respective figures aside from Queen Haydon herself, were part of this incubuses harem.

“Please tell us you’re bluffing,” Crystal asked Sonata.

“I’m serious,” Sonata said with a pout. “She’s actually pretty friendly when you get to know her, she’s not one to let anyone know about her emotions. As for Daybreaker, she was added just a couple weeks ago.”

“He must be pretty good if he can please those two,” Olga replied in shock. “But that still doesn't answer our previous question about why he wanted you specifically.”

“I don’t know his plans, but I only know that involves me and the harem I’m a part of specifically.”

“Then it may spell trouble if we don’t find out what” Catrina replied. Sonata was about to ask what to do next when she heard a loud moan from below her.

“W-what was that?” Sonata asked with a blush as she heard a mare sounding as if she moaned.

“That’s some other ‘herd mates’ that he has in his little dungeon,” Ruby groaned as she stood up from where she was kneeling, and walked over to the back of the room that had a small stone covering the floor. She then moved over the small stone and it revealed a little hole in the center. “Look down here you’ll see why.”

Sonata looks down the hole and her face turns to shock from what she was seeing. Below her was a large stone room where dozens of other girls were gathered, but that wasn’t what shocked the siren. What did was the fact that a majority of the girls were completely naked and were all strapped or clothed in some kind of metal bondage gear and all looked to be semi conscious and shivering from who knows how many times they were fucked.

“Um, what is all this?” Sonata asked her face blushing but at the same time was pale.

“That’s his little torture chamber, where he keeps all of his new additional "treasures." Ruby replied in a dark tone. “Mainly for those who tell him no, or if he just wants to torture them,”

“It’s also why we can’t really say it unless we want to wind up like them,” Crystal replied as a loud moan followed from the below the chamber and Ruby covered the hole back up.

"A lot of these archdemons have had previous lives or owners they were happy with. But Skeletal was pretty high strung on having them all to himself. He's beaten every demon who owned some of these ladies and he's not shy about rubbing it in other demons' faces." Ruby said, trying to ignore their moaning from inside the hole.

"I don't care how powerful you think your master is, Skeletal's pretty much already got his next match already won." Ruby said in a dull tone as she slumped into her seat.

“What do you mean?” Sonata asked.

“If your master wants to win you back, he’ll have to challenge Skeletal to a duel.” Pale replied. “And a lot of the demons that tried always lost to Skeletal Deviant. And when you lose to him, you have your powers stripped away and are banished form the city, never to be heard from again.”

“Eep…” Sonata’s face turns pale from fearing about this.

“Yep, not only that but the people he beats, he has a way of rubbing it in their faces as well by fucking his new mates in front of the loser,” Pale followed up. “So if you’re thinking of escaping with him around, you got another thing coming.”

“Unless he’s smart enough to sneak you out of here, you’re out of luck,” Catrina replied with a dull tone. “He sees someone he likes, he has a sharp memory of who he’s with whoever he meets.”

“Great….” Sonata groaned. “So there isn’t any help unless he finds a way to sneak in and find me?”

“, nExactly,” All the girls said as they sat back down onto the mattress awaiting their ‘master’ and
;Sonata sighed as she looked out of the balcony window plane in the room.
'Dusky, wherever you are, please hurry up and save me from this awful place. I don't want to be a part of this pig's disgusting harem, Sonata thought to herself, feeling nervous.

-Back In Equestria: Canterlot Train Station-

“Sigh’ hopefully my son doesn’t get into any trouble,” Velvet said to herself as she was waiting at the train station.

The whistle of the train departing the station was heard as Twilight Velvet was one of the many passengers boarding the train. She breathed in the fresh air and soon as she was about to step on, she feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns around and smiles to find a very familiar pegasus mare that she knew.

She was golden yellow pegasus that was at least 6ft 5inches tall, and had a swirled wine colored mane and tail that looked like cake icing when it moved. She was always wearing glasses as she looked at anyone with her cute and lovable face. Her eyes were magenta and she always wore a beaded necklace around her neck with flower based earrings. She was currently in a green forest sundress but her rather huge II-cup breasts were struggling to to hold in all of her cleavage. She had 3 large flower imprints on the front of her dress that represented her cutie mark and Velvet smiled knowing who she was and was surprised at the small reunion.

“It’s nice to see you again Velvet,” She replied.

“Same to you Posey,” Velvet responded as she smiled and hugged the mare in her arms, their huge breasts squishing against each other. “So what brings you here?”

“I was actually on my way to Canterlot and I just bumped into you by chance,” She admitted.

“Oh really now?” Velvet replied with a sly grin. “You just happened to notice me by chance?”

“Oh alright, I wanted to know if your son’s demonic side has woken up.”

“Oh it’s woken up alright,” Velvet replied with a naughty smile. “And he’s gained quite the hamem when it woke up all in one night.”

“Oh, you raised him so well,” Posey said with a smile. “How’s Dusk by the way?”

“Oh he’s doing fine,” Velvet replied. “I just got through with telling him about some rules for his harem that he needed to follow. If you want to know more about what has happened, I’ll only tell you when we’re alone on the train, but it’s strictly between us understand? I’d rather not have my son chew me out about this again.”

“Oh I understand, so he’s still not fully developed yet.”

“That’s right,” Velvet replied as she stepped into the train as did Posey Shy. “He’s still trying to get used to his abilities as he moves forward and he’s still trying to figure out how to explain to the public about his harem.”

“So he hasn’t told anypony outside his friends yet?” Posey asked as she and Velvet found a row of empty seats in the back of the train car. “I thought he would’ve gone public with his harem by now due to his status as a prince.”

“It’s who he has in his harem why he’s been so nervous about coming out with it,” Velvet replied as she looked out of the window. “And one of them you me and the rest of my crew helped seal away a long time ago is a part of his harem as well.”

“Are you serious?” Posey Shy said in shock. “How did ‘she’ get out?”

“She managed to grab a lock of Celestia’s mane before being sealed away, but my son speed up her little magic plan by accidentally destroying the seal and she was now a part of his harem.” Velvet replied with a giggle. “I wish you were at the castle with me when she found out that Dusk was my son. She looked ready to melt someponies face off.”

“You were always the one to get someponies riled up,” Posey said with a sigh. “I wonder if the blue mare who wandered out in the forest had anything to do with it.”

“Hmm, what are you talking about?” Velvet asked in confusion.

“I saw a mare with a blue ponytail looking dazed and confused as if her eyes were glazed over walking into the forest following a white pony there.”

“White pony?”

“What made it more interesting is that your son Dusk followed after them and jumped through a portal they opened.” Posey added. “What was even stranger was that the portal led to our old home before we moved into the mortal world.”

The sounds of glass shattering followed suit as if everything stood still and Velvet felt as something snapped inside of her.

“He. Went. There?!” She asked slowly making Posey look rather nervous. “Why would he go there of all places?!”

“Well I believe it had something to do with the white pony that took the blue mare with him for some reason,”

“Where did this pony go exactly?” Velvet growled as she looked at Posey with the crazy eyes

“The Everfree forest on the outskirts of Ponyville,” She answered her face showing a little bit of sweat from nervousness.

“Hold onto my things until I get back,” Velvet said with a dark glare as she stood up from the table and walked to the back of the train, leaving Posey Shy behind in the train car and gave off a sigh as she heard the door behind her slam shut shocking some of the passengers.

“This may only spell trouble if she gets involved,” She said to herself as she looked out the window. “I was hoping to tell her about my little girl’s late blooming before this mess happened,” There was suddenly a bright flash where Velvet was, and nopony knew that she left.

-Shadow Heart’s POV-

Shadow Heart was finally able to find a spot to on the tower to climb up to the window and was currently scaling the stone wall as he was attempting to sneak inside. He found himself in a large hallway that was filled with strange array of painting of several demons as well as some torches lighting the way through the room. There were also some doors that led to different rooms but he wasn’t sure where they lead or if anyone was in them.

‘Alright we made it inside.’ Dusk said with a sigh of relief

“Now all we need to do is find where that jackass is holding Sonata.”

’So which way then?’

“Don’t know and I doubt asking around will do us any help.”

‘Yeah and considering that we snuck into a castle to try and find Sonata from the guy who kidnapped her and that we’re still fugitives outside, yeah probably a bright idea buddy.’

“Don’t be so damned melodramatic,” Shadow Heart said in a sarcastic tone. “at least we’re away from the guards.” Whether it was karma or bad luck, suddenly the sound of clattering metal could be heard down the hall as their footsteps could be heard coming closer and closer.

“Crap someones coming, we gotta hide.” Dusk said in shock and Shadow Heart was looking around for anything and he saw a door behind him.

“Guess I’ll try this room here,” He said as he opened to door, quickly closing it behind him. He waited inside the room to hear the footsteps walking away from his direction and he managed to calm down knowing that he wasn’t going to be bothered.

“Okay, that was a close one,” Shadow Heart said with a sigh of relief as he calmed down and backed away from the front door.

‘What room did we walk in?’

“Let me check,” He replied as he turned around. He looked around the room to find several lockers in rows on either side of him, some armor and weapons on a rack that were surprisingly neat. The armor is what confused the both of them since it looked more feminine than masculine and there looked to be a statue of two males on either side. What made the statue unique was the fact that they were nakes with boners sticking out and were leaking lava out of their stone boners.

“Festive,” Shadow Heart said to himself.

“How is that festive?” Dusk said with a groan. “It’s more creepy if you ask me.”

“I guess in tartarus anyone can be creative with what they make, even if it’s perverted” He chuckled to himself. “So it makes ne wonder,” Shadow Heart follows up by walking towards the fountain spewing lava and reaching his hand out.

“Wait what’re you doing?” Dusk asked in confusion

“I’m just seeing if it’s real or not.” Shadow replied as he extended her hand towards the fountain.

“Well I’d rather not risk it since we still need to find Sonata,”

“Oh come on where’s your sense of adventure here?” Shadow Heart replied in a rather cheeky tone. “We may never get the chance to explore this place again,”

“And we may not be able to see Sonata and the girls again, so can you fucking focus so we can-”

Dusk and Shadow Heart was cut off from their little argument when some more footsteps were soon heard. It sounded like it was multiple creatures walking in their direction judging by the footsteps that were heard.

“Oh crap,” Dusk said in shock as he started to panic. “We gotta hide.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” Shadow Heart said as he looked for any place to hide. He first runs up to a locker to see if he could fit into it since they were pretty tall for him to hide in, but they each had different locks. “What the fuck? Why do they have locks?”

“Probably to keep someone from stealing their stuff dumbass,” Dusk replied in a dull tone.

“Well I don’t really see a place for us to hide in this damned room.”

“Well we gotta hide somewhere”

“Where? It’s not like I can vanish out of thin air just like that.”

“Wait a minute that’s it, quick hide at that statue over there.”

“Why do I need to-”

“There’s no time to argue!” Dusk shouted, not able to say another word the pair could hear the guards getting closer. Just as the doors opened, an Oni and an aracne appeared walking through the doorway, quickly scanning the room they entered and one of them slumped against the wall. The only girl was wearing full body armor that covered her top and lower leggings while the spider girl only had more of a top since her lower half is more spider like than pony like. The oni girl looked to have more of a bored expression while the spider girl had more of a dull expression when they entered the room.

“Fucking hell, why are patrols so boring?” The oni girl groaned as she started to undo the top clasp of her armor and letting it fall to the floor. Shadow Heart notices the oni girls breasts as she stretches her arms above her head as her rather large breasts bounced free form their metal prison. “Man it feels good to let my girls breathe.”

“You just never care if you strip down in front of anyone do you?” The arachne girl said as she set her spear and shield down onto the weapon rack.

“”It’s not like you have a problem with it,” The only girl added with a bit of sass in her tone. “I’ve seen the way you look at me whenever we're on duty.”

“W-what makes you say that?” The arachne girl blushed and stuttered in response. “I-I never really looked at you like that.”

“Oh please this is Haydon city, the place where all demons can enjoy themselves, it’s not uncommon for anyone being with the same sex here so there’s no need to be shy,” She followed up as she got up from her seat and walked up to the blushing arachnae and pushed her large bosom into the arachnaes bosom. “Not to mention I know that you’re bisexual for both genders anyway, so why try so hard to hide it?”

“Yeah some are accepting, but you know about others that act worse than that, right?”

“Yes there some of those assholes, even your own parents, but screw them,” The oni girl replied as she inched closer to her arachne's blushing face. “I don’t care what they think, and you shouldn’t either. If their not happy with us so what? It shouldn’t stop us from being together.”

“Sometimes I feel like you’re the only one who understands me,” The arachne girl responded. “But there are times where I wish I wasn’t a guard. I always wanted to be a designer.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen you make some dresses when you were by yourself,” The oni girl replied with a smile, but she motions her hands towards her lover’s supple breasts. She lightly gives them a squeeze and the Arachne girl gives a light yelp.

“H-hey, not here, what if we’re caught by the queen?” She said with nervousness in her tone.

“She hasn’t really found out yet, has she?” The oni girl inched closer and closer towards the arachne's face as she undid her top having her supple breasts spring free. The arachne girls didn’t say anything as she began making out with the oni girl and the girls were just fooling around with each other. Meanwhile Shadow Heart was just enjoying the show watching both monster girls kissing and sexing each other.

‘this is fucking hot,’ He said to himself as he watched the show.

‘Glad you’re enjoying this, but now we need a distraction to where we can sneak out of here.’

‘Oh come on, I’m gamed with watching these two to fool around, and why do we need to sneak out of here?’ Shadow Heart whispered, while watching the show still continue. Sadly it wouldn’t last long as his body inadvertently twitched, causing the arachne girl to stop what she was doing.

“Wait stop!” She replied in a panic.

“Oh what now?” The oni girl said in annoyance.

“I just felt something move and it wasn’t from us,” She added looking behind her. “And it came from behind us.”

“Wait what?” She said in confusion. “But there isn’t anyone here.”

“The hairs on my legs stood up,” she added looking over and looking at where Shadow Heart was standing. “And I felt it from that direction.”

‘Uh oh,’ Dusk thought to himself as he realized what was going to happen.

“Oh so you think there’s somehow a shape shifting demon in here?” She added in a saucy tone. “You think someone would be stupid enough to try and sneak into here without paying the price for it?”

Shadow Heart and Dusk continued to watch her circling around the two statues that he was standing near, and in one swift motion, she smashes the first one next to him.

‘Crap, I forgot how strong oni’s can get if they’re pissed off!’

“Well that’s true,”

“Plus these babies would be the last thing they would see before they wake up in the hospital,” The Oni girl followed up while hefting up her breasts with her hands while turning to Shadow Heart who tried his hardest not to move as the oni girl inched closer and closer.

“If you come out now I can just knock you out, but if you intend on just hiding in there, it’s gonna get even more painful for you,” She threatened while cracking her knuckles.

‘Dammit Shadow Heart, she’s fucking serious,’

‘Well what do you expect me to do, dammit?’ Shadow Heart asked in a bit of a panic.

“Okay dumbass, you got five seconds to come out, or this is gonna get painful,” The oni girl replied clenching her fist, raising it with each passing second. “…”


“Huh?” The arachne replied. “Why are the alarms blaring?”

“Guess it’s an intruder or something,” The oni girl replied. The door behind them suddenly flung open to reveal another demoness guard who was fully dressed in armor not caring that both guards were naked at the moment.

“Hey, suit up you two! We’ve got an intruder in the castle,”

“Intruder?” The oni girl replied in confusion. “How could they possibly sneak in?”

‘Maybe because you didn’t have that many guards around when I snuck in?’ Dusk thought to himself.

“Where was the intruder last seen?”

“Over at the southwest courtyard.” The guard replied when the trio heard a loud clanking of boots as another one of the guards was heard as he thundered through the all and stopped outside the doorway.

“Move it, we just sighted the intruder and he’s making a break for it.”

“Yes ma’am!” Both girls replied as they put their armor back on and joined their guards to leave the room. The sounds of footsteps running away and Shadow Heart finally let out a sigh of relief as he deactivated the spell and returned to his fleshy self.

“Whew I never thought she would leave.”

“I’ll say; that arachne would have busted us had we moved any further.”

“How so?”

“Because since she’s part spider, they’re able to sense vibrations through the tiny hairs on their legs and over much of their body so it won’t be long before she and the rest of the guards catch on to us being here.”

“Alright relax we got this, there’s nothing to worry about we’ll be in and out before they notice we were here.”

‘At least that oni girl didn’t go any further,’

“Yeah, we would’ve been dickless if she managed to tear it off.”

“What is wrong with you?”

“Hey, I gotta be me, plus I did enjoy their little show,” Shadow Heart replied with a smile.

‘Can you just check and see if everyone is gone now?’ Dusk said impatiently as Shadow Heart groaned as he walks over toward the door and slowly pushes it open. He peeps out of the open window and looks around to find that there weren’t any guards in his direction.

“There, everyone’s not here, you happy?” Shadow Heart groaned.

‘I’ll be happy when we find Sonata, so let’s hurry this up and get the hell out of here,’ Dusk said and Shadow Heart sighed as he stepped out of the room and wandered around hoping to find their missing siren and leave the city behind.

Castle Chaos: Part 2

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Shadow Heart continued to wander through the castle, trying his best to avoid the guards as he hid behind, or in curtains, paintings, suits of armor, or even under rugs when he heard the sounds of guards walking in his direction. When they passed by him, it caused Shadow Heart to get out of whatever he hid behind and continue his search.

‘Okay, this is taking longer than I thought it would be,’ Dusk sighed.

“Hey, I’m trying to find her as much as you are, but with how big this damn place is, it may take us weeks to find her.” Shadow Heart groaned as he happened upon a door that was in front of him.

‘Can we just try to find Sonata before we lose her forever?’ Dusk groaned as he heard Shadow Heart open the door.

You don’t think I’m trying to-” Shadow Heart replied as he opened the door to another room. He froze when he entered the room and saw that he was in what looked like the maids quarters of the castle of the room. It looked small as it had a total of twenty lockers and a small pool of what looked like lava or blood inside. The decor isn't what got Shadow’s attention though, his attention was drawn to the pair of twin succubi that were busy naked and making out with each other. They both had light red fur with each having part of their white manes covering their left or right eye. Both of them were at least a size E-cup and their cherry red nipples were lactating milk whenever they squeezed each other’s bosoms.

“Hubba hubba, demon lesbian action,”

‘Don’t even think about it you god damned horndog, Dusk replied in a dark tone. ‘Don’t forget who we’re here to find,’

“Oh come on, It’s not everyday I get to watch some lesbians fooling around,” Shadow Heart replied in a lust filled tone. “especially demonic ones that are hot as hell right now,”

‘Are you forgetting that we need to find Sonata or we’ll lose her and the girls forever?’

“Fine, just don’t get your damn ass twisted in knots, I get it,” Shadow Heart groaned

‘It’s my flank attached to my body you asshole,’ Dusk groaned. ‘We just need to find another room and see if she’s in there or not.

“Fine,” Shadow Heart was annoyed that he couldn’t watch the spectacle in front of him, but he needed to find Sonata so Dusk Shine could calm down. He turns around to leave the room he was in. Correction, he tried to leave the room he was in as he felt his movement froze. “Wait, what the tartarus? Why am I frozen?”

‘Hey, what’s going on?’ Dusk asked in confusion.

“I...I can’t move…” Shadow Heart grunted as he struggled to move his arms. He suddenly found himself flying backwards towards a wall and he hit it with a loud bang, as he groaned from the impact. “Argh, son of a bitch.”

“Well, well, well, what do we have here sis?” The First succubus replied with a smile as her voice caught Shadow Heart’s attention. He looks up to get a closer look at the two succubi in front of him. Since he was much closer now, he could see that they were both similar in more ways than one. The one that was standing over him had more of a sharp glare and the other was more nervous of Shadow Heart as she was twiddling her thumbs as she sat on the end of the rim of the tub. Both girls now had towels around their waists but they were still wet from the hot tub they were in.

“Well sis, looks like we caught a little peeping tom,” The first succubus said as she stood over who she thought was a dull demon and the other succubus didn’t say anything. Shadow Heart didn’t care that he was glaring at him at the moment. “You want to give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kick your ass right now?”

“Let me just say that I wasn’t trying to peep on you lovely ladies,” Shadow Heart replied with a smile. “I’m just looking for someone and I just walked into the wrong room. But I must say, I did enjoy the little show you both put on.”

Shadow Hearts comment made the other succubus sitting across from him blush and she covered her face in embarrassment, and the other succubus looked pissed off ready to hurt him.

‘Don’t you ever shut up?’ Dusk said in a mental grimace.

“Oh really?” She replied as she looked ready to claw Shadow’s eyes out. “Well how about I gouge your eyes out to where you’ll never see anything ever again?”

“Now, now, let’s not be hasty,” Shadow Heart replied with a smile. “I’m not really supposed to be here anyway, I’m just here to find my friend and leave, that’s all.”

“Oh really now?” She said with a dark glare. “So what’s to stop us from screaming to get you caught?”

“Because that very mare was taken from me by another stallion and she’s very precious to me,” Shadow Heart replied in a calm tone. “You have to understand that right?”

“Oh sure, and I’m the freakin tooth fairy looking for some lucky guy to fuck,” She replied in a dark tone.

“He’s telling the truth,” The quiet mare replied, finally speaking up, getting the other mare’s attention as well as Shadow Hearts.

Why do you believe me?” Shadow heart asked in confusion.

“You look scary and seemed like a pervert, but you sound very genuine and I didn’t sense any magic with you trying to change your voice,” She answered in a genuine sweet voice. Shadow Heart was taken aback by this since she was pretty similar to Fluttershy.

“Then why would you be sneaking around if you’re just looking for your lady friend?” The first succubus asked. “You make it sound as if you weren’t invited into the castle,”

“I wasn’t, I snuck in,” Shadow Heart replied, and Dusk groans to himself as he was pretty annoyed with how this is making it harder for the both of them.

“Well you know you’d be in a lot of trouble if we screamed and the guards came by,” She replied with a sly grin as she eyed Shadow Hearts physique and was thinking something naughty.

“That would be true, but judging by that look in your eye,” Shadow Heart replied with a smile. “You want something?”

“You catch on quick,” The succubus added with a smile while playfully flicking her tail. “So why don’t we have some fun for a bit, just a quickie so we don’t have to drag your ankles for awhile?”

“Are you offering yourselves to me?” Shadow Heart asked in confusion, but he was suddenly forced at the edge of the rim of the pool by the more assertive succubus, who had a sinister grin.

“Don’t get the wrong idea stud,” She followed up with a growl of arousal and her hand darts for his crotch. “You want us to keep quiet, then you do what we say and you can be on your way. You see there’s a lot of males I fooled around with in this world, and they’re not very good at pleasing me or my sister, so maybe you can do something about it being an incubus and all.”

‘Are you fucking serious?’ Dusk mentally groaned out of frustration. ‘You do realize that we need to find Sonata, right?’

‘Look at it this way Dusk, we can get info on where our girl is, it’s a win win for both of us,’ Shadow Heart followed up to which Dusk just groaned.

‘You better make it fucking quick you asshole,’He warned.‘We can’t waste anymore time on this.’

‘Hehe, glad you see it my way,’

‘You better make yourself fucking sterite you asshole, I mean it,’ Dusk threatened as he stayed quiet. Shadow Heart then turned to both girls with a smile.

“Alright ladies, I’ll play along with you, but I do hope that your information will be of use for me,”

“Try to please us first and see if we can help you out stud,” she followed up as she started grinding on Shadow’s crotch. “The name is Cherry btw, and this is my sister Ivy.”

“Nice to meet the both of you,”

“Get ready stud,” Cherry followed up with a sultry grin while Dusk’s dick stood up in attention. “You’re gonna be putty in my hands when we’re done here.”

-5 minutes later-

Shadow Heart was grinning to himself with how easy this was for him. The sounds of moans echoed through the room and the grunts of a horny incubus followed through as well as Cherry, who was panting like crazy. Her sister Ivy watched in shock and arousal at her sister being dominated, and she was amazed at how much control he was in by getting her sister in this state.

“What was this about being putty in your hands Ms Cherry?” Shadow Heart teased as he had cherry bouncing on his rod moaning to her heart's content. She moaned like a whore in heat and her friend was masturbating to this show that she was watching.

‘F….fuck...I underestimated… this guy…’ She thought to herself as she was lost in pleasure. ‘Just how many mares did he fuck before he got here?’

Shadow Heart wasn’t giving any mercy and showed that as he made the mare ride his dick and she felt it hitting her stomach on each slam. He does look at Ivy who looked very nervous and aroused seeing him fucking her sister and she had a look on her face that was saying that she was waiting for her turn.

“You don’t have to sit there you know,” He said, making Ivy flinch when he called her name. “If you want to join then come over here. I don’t think your sister seems to mind.”

“’re still…” She tries to say something, but she is suddenly yanked by Shadow Heart with his tail to where she was up close to his face. She was about to say something when he kissed her hard on the lips much to her shock, but it grew to arousal feeling his tongue entering her mouth. Meanwhile, Cherry was moaning like a whore as she grew addicted to his dick and only wanted more of him inside of her even if she could get two thirds of it in her body.

“Dammit...I still can’t take this monster inside of me yet…” She panted.

“Oh don’t worry, you’ll get there, but why don’t you let your sister have a turn?” Shadow heart said with a lustful gaze towards Ivy. Cherry pouted a little, but she reluctantly got off of his thick phallus.

“You’re still not done fucking me with that monster you jerk,” Cherry moaned out as he levitated Ivy and Cherry close to his raging demon dick.

“I know,” Shadow Heart replied with a sly smile. “I at least want to enjoy every inch of your heavenly bodies around my dick. And I think it’s only fair your sister gets a turn.”

"You're not like other demons here, I'll give you that," Cherry mumbled to herself. Meanwhile, Ivy took a few deep breaths, easing her dripping pussy over his monster phallus. Her legs shook as if she was nervous. She slowly sat down, feeling her vulva swallow his monster dick.

"It's… too big," she said in her shaky tone.

“Why don’t I give you a helping hand?” Shadow Heart, said in a devious tone. He gave her a helping hand by thrusting upwards, making her gasp and lose her momentum. Ivy's legs slipped and Shadow's cock was now balls deep inside her. She has never felt so filled before and threw her head up, trying to stifle her moans.

“Damn, I didn’t think you’d be this tight,” Shadow groaned feeling her clinging to his dick like a vice. A noticeable bulge was seen inside of her, as if her organs were rearranged inside her body just to take his massive length.

Ivy waited a few more seconds before she rode Shadow, moaning like a bitch in heat just like her sister did. Shadow watched in bliss as she worked her magic on him. He grabbed her ass and bounced her up and down on his cock a bit faster making the horny succubus hug him close as she rode him like a whore. Shadow was aroused by how wild Ivy can be despite her shy nature.

Meanwhile, Cherry pouted at the fact that her sister was able to take the whole thing when she couldn’t on the first try. She was annoyed that she couldn’t take him earlier, but was proud of her sister taking him so easily and she wanted to have her sister come out of her shell. So, she let her continue to ride him and was playing with herself for the time until her sister was done. He continued for another five minutes until he pulled out of Ivy, confusing her and she looked upset.

“Wh-why’d you pull out?” She whined., having a look on her face of want and need. “I wasn’t done yet.” Her pussy felt like it was on fire and it was in need of a cock.

“Are you gonna leave us unsatisfied on purpose?” Cherry said with an annoyed glare.

“Now why would I ever do that?” He told both girls with a sly smile. "The fun hasn't even begun and I think I know of the perfect solution to satisfy both of you fine, lovely ladies.”

“Like what?” Cherry asked.

“Sit on the edge of the tub and have Ivy climb on top of you,”

"M-M-Me? On top of my sister?" Ivy asked, shocked hearing that from him.

“You heard me my dear,” Shadow Heart said while stroking his length. “I have a way to please the both of you in that way.”

"If I had known you were this kinky, I would have gone to you for my first time," Cherry said.

"This is all… pretty new to me… but, I like it," Ivy said. Soon, both girls then followed Shadow's instructions and shadow could see their pussies lined up perfectly.

“Perfect, now for a finishing touch,” Shadow replied with a smile as he used his magic on his pelvis. A bright flash was heard and a second penis above his first one that was just as long and thick as his original one. Both girls could see his throbbing erections as he smirked at them. “What do you think?”

“Oh gosh,” Ivy said in shock.

“Clever, now are you gonna stand there all day or are you gonna fuck us with those mosnters already?” Cherry moaned, spreading her pussy lips.

“I thought you’d never ask,” He said with a lick of his lips and aligned his dicks with their dripping and aching pussies that were yearning for his twin members. He pushed forwards with his twin pythons and both mares moaned feeling their insides filled with his throbbing erection.

[i]‘I swear if I found out that you’re not fucking sterile down here, I’ll have Applejack kick me in the groin when this is over,’ Dusk threatened inside the amulet.

“I know, I know,” he said in annoyance as he continued to thrust into both mares with his double dick spell and both mares were moaning their hearts out as he was giving them a good time.

“I do have to ask you girls something,” He said mid thrust. “If a demon was holding a group of mares in the castle where would he keep them?”

“Th...they...would...probably… keep them in… the harem… chambers… near the… castle garden...oh FUCK!” Ivy moaned trying to explain what he asked her.

“W-what’re… you gonna… do...Oh Sweet Tartarus!” Cherry yelped feeling her tail being pulled by Shadow.

“I said I came here to take my fellow maiden back, and I’m going to do that,” Shadow said mid thrust while keeping her firm grip planted on Ivy’s ass, and biting the tip of her tail. Both mares moaned madly while Shadow played with them. But he needed to end this quickly since he was on a tight schedule to find Sonata. Grabbing both of their tails, he gave them a hard yank and both mares screamed and clamped down onto his throbbing rods as their juices mixed with the water they were in. Shadow Heart didn’t want to be left blue balled as he continued his thrusts speeding up the momentum and gave both mares a good filling making both mares shudder in pleasure.

Shadow Heart would then pull out of both mares and smiles as he admired his handiwork. Both mares had pleasured looks on their faces and their dripping cunts slowly pooled into the bath water that they were in, their bellies slowly deflating from the filling he gave them.

‘Are you done?’ Dusk asked for the amulet in an annoyed tone.

“Yeah I’m done, plus we know where the bastard may be keeping Sonata,” Shadow said in annoyance. “If it’ll get you to stop whining.”

‘Do you at least know where these castle gardens are?’

“I didn’t think to ask them about that,”

‘Probably because you were too busy getting your damn dick wet you horny bastard,’ Dusk said in annoyance. ‘Where are we supposed to find the Castle Garden’s anyway?’

Shadow Heart was about to say something, but then he noticed what looked like a leaf flying into the open window. He walked over while putting his loincloth back on and smiled.

“Found them,”

-The Castle Garden-

Shadow Heart was currently sliding down a pipe after he climbed out of the window of the two twin succubus he just slept with.

“Oh yeah, that was so worth it.”

“You mean wasting time in finding Sonata and a way out of here, then yeah congratulations.”[i/i]

“Don’t be such a worry wart, thanks to those two lovely ladies we got the information on where our dear Sonata is being kept.”

“Well that’s great, but you had better made yourself sterile. Because I don’t plan on having anymore kids if you don’t know how to control your perverted self.”

“Relax I’m way ahead of ya on that.”

“Anyway where exactly are we right now?”

“I don’t know, it looks like one of gardens or something based on these statues.”

“Talk about strange tastes, and I thought Rarity’s client’s were eccentric.”

“We’re in the realm of demonic beings skulking around in their castle and it’s the lawn art that weirds you out the most?” Shadow remarked.

“Look, let's just focus on getting to where those succubi told you ok, we might be losing precious time that we don’t have.”

“Whatever, anyway based on the info, we need to cut through this garden and find the royal chamber where that bastard is, grab Sonata and get out of here,”

“For once I couldn’t agree with you more.” Dusk replied in a dull tone.

Shadow Heart soon touched down on the ground to find that the garden was surprisingly beautiful. He landed in a small patch of neat cut grass in between two beds of flowers they didn’t recognize.Looking further around him was more kinds of flowers and plants that were unreanizable, but all of them were simply beautiful. The gardens look to be very groomed despite the outside of Tartarus with fires raging and constant earthquakes.

”Wow…” Dusk said breathless from the amulet as they walked off the grass and unto a stone brick walkway.

Yea...I’m not one for these kinds of things but even I have to admit this place looks special.” Shadow comment as he took the view around him.

His eye then wandered to a statue at the far end of the walkway, and for some reason he couldn’t take his eyes off it. It resembled a mre that was frozen and she looked like she was like this for a long time judging by the wear and tear on it. Her chest was pretty big as well, as big as his mother Velvet.

“Who's this supposed to be?” Shadow Heart asked in confusion. “Looks hot as hell though, judging by her tits.”

‘I’m not sure, but we shouldn’t stay around here for too long,’ Dusk said as he tried to sway Shadow from the statue. Right now we need to find Sonata,

“Yeah, I know, we lose her we lose the girls,”

“What do we have here?” A sly femenen voice said through the air.

Shadow Heat turned quickly to where the voice came from but could see nothing and nobody there.

“An intruder in the royal garden? My oh my…what a rare find.” the woman’s voice seemed to echo everywhere and nowhere within the garden.

Confused, Shadow looked everywhere for the woman’s voice but couldn’t see where it was coming. What the? Where is she? I can’t sense anyone here?’ Shadow Heart thought as he scanned his surroundings.

I’m getting some flashbacks from meeting Eris for the first time here.” Dusk said from the amulet.

There they saw what had to be the owner of the voice. Her features were that of a cat with the way her face was shaped as well as the cat ears, slitted eyes and cat paws with claws. Her fur was pale peach color. Her head hair was unique as it was split along the top with Black flowing down her left side and pink down her right. She also wore a similar atire to the hellhounds he met with earlier but with additional pieces of black leather armor that held the coat of the queen's guard on the shoulder pads. Shadow took note of her curvy double D’s she had that were strapped down with a piece of leather. While Dusk saw the two twelve inch blades strapped to her hips.

“It has been some time since someone tried breaking into the castle. Even longer since I caught someone breaking into my lady's home.” The Amber slitted eyes shined with mischief as she looked over Shadow heart. The cat guard then proceeded to float over to them while remaining in a seated position. “Although, you don’t look like a thief, nor do you look like the usual assassins I deal with. So which begs the question why are you here?” she said before she stopped in front of him.

’Shadow be careful,’[/] Dusk warned. This girl is no doubt dangerous and looks like she could kill us at any time and not be bothered with it.

Mmm...I think you may be right, Dusk. Shadow said as he looked over the woman that seemed to be there in front of him but he couldn’t sense her with his powers. ’I’ll just have to wing it then.

Oh no...’ said Dusk.

Greetings to you and your right, I am not a thief nor am I an assassin. I’m a lover, not a killer.” Shadow Heart greated. But where are my manners? My name is Shadow Heart and I’m incubus on a very important mission. May I ask who you are?

The cat beast smiled. “My oh my...what manners did I find. Very well then since you were so kind to offer your name to me I shall do the same.” She said before the cat stood up on her pawed feet. “My name is May, and I’m a Cheshire Cat in service to the Queen.” She greeted him back making Dusk panic.

Oh no!’ Dusk screams internally, confusing the heck out of Shadow Heart.

Ok, seriously what is wrong with you? There’s a hot cat girl in front of us and you're acting stupid for some reason.

Shadow, Cheshire Cats are creatures made by Eris. Like her they thrive on chaos and love mischief. Be careful,’ Dusk warned.

Please if that’s all you're worried about then don’t worry, I got this.’ Shadow Heart said confitley. ”Greetings to you, I apologize for trespassing but I assure you it is with good intentions.

“Really now...and they are?” She inquired.

“Someone dear to me, was forcefully taken against her will, and I’ve come to look for her.” He said honestly, surprising Dusk somewhat at the straightforward answer. And as much as I would to see how deep your claws dig into the ground from me giving you the best sex of your life, I’m in a bit of a hurry.

Ah there it is,’ Dusk mentally thought.

May giggled at the straightforward answer. “You're handsome, I’ll give you that . And if I wasn’t on duty like I am I would love to test that theory. Sadly for you, I’m still on the clock for another twenty two minutes.” She replied in her carefree attitude before holding up a strange purplish-blue rock.

“What’s that?” Shadow asked the cat guard.

“I’m glad you asked! This is my alarm rock. If I push my magic into it the whole castle goes into lock down due to the intruder.” She answered with a smile.

Dusk was starting to really panic in his amulet while Shadow just smiled. You don’t want to do that.” Shadow Heart stated.

May raised an eyebrow. “I don’t?” she replied curiously.

Shadow Heart nodded his head. You want to play games, I like games so will play one with me before you sound the alarm?”

“Mmm...normally about this time, thieves would beg me to spare their lives or let them go. You want to play a game with me?” The Cheshire Cats smile was threatening to split her face. “This sounds like fun, what’s the wadgers?”

You win, and I’ll willingly submit to you with no resistance. If I win you tell me where I can find my missing friend.” He explained.

“What makes you think I know where your friend is?”

“You are a Cheshire Cat, and we are in your domain. Nothing goes within your area without you knowing it.” Shadow Heart said.

“Clever,” She said with a grin. “Okay, so what is the game that this little wager is hinged on?”

How about a staring contest?”

Are you serious?!’ Dusk said in disbelief.

“A staring Contest?” She said with a smile, her amber eyes sparkling.

Shadow Heart nodded as he stepped forward till he was face to face with the cat. That’s right, and our eyes have to be looking at only each other. Whoever blinks or breaks eye contact first loses.

“Oooh...spicy…” She said in a more sarcastic tone. “That is a rather interesting wager that you’re proposing, but why don’t we make it a little sweeter?”

Oh, how so?”

“The winner fucks the loser and you can't back out of it either.”

Oh come on, Dusk deadpand.

“Really now?

Don’t you fucking dare agree to that,’ Dusk warnd.

I agree to your terms my dear,” Shadow Heart replied with a smile and Dusk could only let out a muffled scream of frustration.

It’s like you’re trying to make us lose,’ Dusk groaned. Cat’s don’t blink very often and they can keep up a stare for a long time.

Don’t worry, I have a plan’ Shadow heart mentally told Dusk who still had his doubts about what to do.

“Oh you should know that cats can keep up a stare for hours,” She said as she got perched on a stone column with a toothy grin. “By the way, my full name is May Bellaful, and you’ve already lost.”

We shall see my dear, we shall see,”

We’re doomed,’ Dusk said to himself as Shadow Heart began his staring contest with the cheeky cat girl jumping down a few feet from him.

The two walked around each other, neither breaking stride or eye contact, both having wide smiles that showed off their sharp teeth. They then stopped in front of each other with neither moving as they just stared, waiting to make the first move. The height difference was hardly something one could miss as one the male sex deamon stood a full head over the female chaos cat. As it so happens it was the Cat that played her hand first. Meaning that said hand swiftly shot up to cop a feel against the fabric where the Incubus’s long dong stood. Shadow left eyebrow shot straight up upon contact. Not saying anything he retaliated with his tail shooting up and lightly brushing up against the woman's leg, making May’s ears pop out straight up her head.

Shadow Heart felt May’s small hand glide smoothly against pants. Shadow returned the favor, his tail smoothing its way up her inner thigh and caressing her short hair.

“Not too bad in the size department,” May commented positively as she took in the shape of Shadow’s growing erection.

I’m glad you approve,” Shadow tail now reached where May’s clint is and pressed against.

The more she rubbed against the incubus pants, the more excited May got. And Shadow could feel the wetness on his tail. “I do. Nowadays all demons seemed to think is the bigger the dick the better the plesusher. But all they do is jackhammer girls till they are tired, leaving girls too numb to feel the pleasure. I like them not too big but have the skill to leave women in a mess of pure pleasure.”

With two fingers she expertly unzipped Shadow’s pants, releasing his dick for her self pleasure. “And have seen your work with the others. Call me a little intrigued.” May slowly stroked with soft hands.

”You saw my work?” Shadow inquired as he moved his tail under the Cat’s panties and inserted his tail between her wet folds.

“What you did with Ivy and Cherry,” She followed up with a toothy grin. “I’m actually intrigued at what you’re really capable of. The show you gave me was quite good.”

“So, you know the two?” He asked, still keeping a firm gaze on her.

“Cherry is my drinking buddy,” She followed up with a smile. “I sometimes find her drunk on her ass with a few locals having fun with her.”

“You don’t say?”

“Don’t expect to win so easily,” She said with a wide grin. “Cats can keep their eyes open for quite a long time,”

[i]“You may think that, but you catgirls do have one weakness,” Shadow said in a more mocking tone.

“Oh, and what is that?” She asked. Shadow Heart fiddles with his magic and summons what looked like a pen. “Wait, what is that?” She asked in confusion. Shadow Heart simply smiles as he presses the button and a strange red light appears on the ground. Cheshire looked down on the ground and saw the red light moving around. It sparked something in her as she felt herself following the red dot trying to catch it. Dusk just looked at her in shock and confusion while Shadow Heart continued to mess with her trying to catch the light.

‘How the hell did you know that was gonna work?’ Dusk asked in confusion.

I’m part of your brain dumbass so I know what you do,” Shadow Heart said with a smile. “You tend to have a habit of forgetting simple things like this whenever you’re in a panic.”

‘Hey!’ Dusk said in annoyance as he just sat there pissed off while Shadow continued to mess with Cheshire with the laser pointer until he walked over and spanked the distracted cat right on her ass, noting making her blink, but flinch as well feeling the stinging on her butt. She turned around with an annoyed glare facing a now smirking Shadow Heart.

“That’s cheating you asshole,” She said in annoyance.

“You didn’t say I couldn’t, and you lost anyways,” He said with a smile. “I saw you blink and took advantage of that accordingly.”

Cheshire tried to say something, but couldn’t. She wasn't sure what to say or why she would disagree with him. She let out a growl of frustration and looked back at him with a sigh of defeat.

“Fine, you beat me,” She said, crossing her arms in annoyance. She then points to a large open window above a massive gate on the other side of the gardens. “The Castle Chambers are down that hall over there, but you need a key to get through.”

“Interesting. Do you by any chance have a key on you?” Shadow Heart asked.

“There’s an open window in the castle dumbass?” She growled.

“Oh come now, no need to be upset,” Shadow Heart said with a smile. “I think you were just bored out of your skull and looking for something to do that didn’t involve your work.”

“Don’t push it, you’re lucky I’m letting you go,” She said in annoyance. She was about to walk away, when Shadow Heart grabs her by the tail and yanks her towards him. She yelped when she felt her back hit his chest.

“Even I can tell you’re sexually frustrated,” He said to himself, giving Cheshire a good view of what was poking between her thighs. She blushed as she saw how big he was down below and felt her face heating up. “You were hoping to control me, but you made one fatal mistake: You challenged the wrong demon.”

“If you think that I’m just gonna let you humiliate me after losing to you, you’re gonna-”

-Ten Minutes Later-

The sounds of a familiar feline panting and the feral grunts of a male incubus echoed in a hidden part of the Castle Gardens where they were hiding.Cheshire was pressed against the castle wall, facing Shadow as he was thrusting in her sweet asshole and she was near wreck. Her armor was tossed to the side as her small yet assertive breasts jiggled with each thrust. She may not have been that big, but her ass made her more desirable.

Heh, if I’d known how bad you needed it, I would’ve just pinned you to the floor and fucked you right there,” He said mid thrusts, gripping her ass tightly. “Damn this ass feels nice.”

“F...fuck…you...c...cocky...bastard...” Cheshire, growled but was moaning a bit as she felt Shadow thrust back into her sweet ass. Shadow Heart was taking charge like he did earlier and Cheshire could see how deep he was going as the bulge proved. She felt as if it was gouging her intestines with each thrust. His titanic balls slapped against her ass. She grit her teeth every time she felt her stomach bulge out with the shape of his penis hitting her deepest part, and he only had half of his dick inside of her.

‘Fuck, he’s gonna rip me in half at this rate,’ She thought to herself, but she wouldn’t lie at the fact at how big he was. She felt him pulling on her tail making her yelp in response as she looked up at him with defiance and arousal.

“Oh don’t worry, wait till you feel me down to the hilt” Shadow said with a sinister smile, shocking Cheshire. “Especially with the way you have your tail wrapped around the base of the lower half of my dick like this.”

She wasn’t sure how she knew what she was thinking, but she thought to herself how good he really was as she felt him getting more of his dick inside of her. Shadow Heart enjoyed this feeling as her ass was much tighter than any pussy he fucked in a long time. Easily tieing with Aria.

“Sh-shut up…” She panted

‘You realize that we have to Find Sonata before that asshole claims her right?’

‘Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ll wrap this up,’ Shadow Heart groaned in his mind as he was still fucking Cheshire in her ass. He began slowing down, getting her confused as to what he was doing. She felt his dick leaving her ass as her legs gave out as she slowly slid into the floor. She was on her knees as she was panting from near loss of breath from how hard she was moaning.

“Sorry my dear, but I’m in a hurry and I need to take care of this now,” He told her as he bit into her neck making her flinch in response as she felt his fangs sink into her flesh. She then felt him pull out of her ass and she could see his massive length in her face.

“Wh-what’re you-Mmph!” She didn’t get to finish when she felt his dcik entering her mouth and shoving two thirds of it in her mouth. She felt her eyes shrink to pinpricks since it was so unexpected for her. Tears formed in her eyes as she never took anything this big for.

‘Fucking asshole, if you weren’t so hot I would’ve bitten your dick clean off,’ She saint in her head as she looked up angrily at Shadow Heart as he had his way with her, skull fucking her mouth and enjoying himself. But he knew that he needed to wrap this up. Five minutes later, he felt pressure building his loins and shoved his dcik down her throat, a torrent of seed gushing down her throat and her stomach bulging out from how much she had to swallow. He felt himself spent and pulled out of her mouth and she looked a complete mess. Her stomach was the size of a basketball from the semen she swallowed and she looked to be out of it.

‘Are you done?’ Dusk said in annoyance.

“Yeah I’m done,” Shadow Heart said. “Sheesh, learn to lighten up,”

‘Bear in fucking mind that we still need to rescue Sonata form someone that’s even worse than you right now. If you weren’t so busy getting your dick wet, we would’ve snuck her out by now,’ Dusk said in a frustrated tone.

“Fine, if it’ll make you feel any better, I’ll lay off boning any more females until after we get her out of here,” He said with a sigh.

You better mean that. I don’t want to have to keep repeating this over and over again.’ Dusk said in an annoyed tone. ‘So what’re we gonna do about her? Well we can’t leave her out in the open like this, less we want to be discovered.’

“Then let’s hide her in one of the bushes,” Shadow Heart said, pointing to a group of bushes behind them. “She’ll be out for awhile anyway.”

‘Fine, but we gotta hurry,’ He added ‘Who knows how much time we’ve wasted with all this going on,’

-Sonata’s POV/Skeletal’s Slave Chambers-

It was hard for me and I was very scared for my life right now. I hated all of this; I hated Skeletal for what he did to me, I hated him for kidnapping me, I hated him for taking me to this place away from my friends, and I hate what he was going to do to them when he was done with me. I continued to stare outside and think to myself about what I was going to do with my life and what would happen to the rest of master Dusk’s harem. I feared that by the time that he noticed what was going on, it would already be too late.

‘Please, somepony find me,’ I thought to myself as I looked out of the castle window hopelessly. I felt a hand on my back, making me flinch and I turned around to see Crystal Spines behind me.

“Don’t feel sad,” she said with a smile. “You still have friends even if you can’t go back home,”

“Sorry, I’m just afraid of what that monster is going to do to me,” I told her. “I still have deja vu when I felt my arm getting snapped even after he healed me.”

“Wait, he broke your arm?” She asked me in shock. I nodded.

“It was after I kicked him in the balls and he broke my arm in response when I was trying to run away from him.” The six girls stopped what they were doing to look at the former siren with surprised looks.

“You kicked him below the belt?”

“I was trying to get away from him, but then he threatened that if I tried that again, that he would make my life a nightmare,” I added.

“Girl I like you but you might as well give up, It’s no use,” I headed Ruby say as she lazily lied back onto the large bed in the back. “Hardly anyone knows about this city, and even if we did break out we won’t get far before being dragged back here by that limp dick asshole.”

“You don’t know that,” Sonata said back.

“I told you earlier that I lost to that jackass and I was ahead of him before in magic,” She said in annoyance. “I still don’t understand how he beat me. He looked as if he didn’t care about any of the spells he cast back then.”

“What are you talking about?” I was confused at what she meant.

“I mean he was able to beat me and I was more advanced at magic then him, but for some reason when he challenged me to a magical duel, my magic suddenly stopped working,” She told me.

“Wait, what do you mean suddenly stopped working?” I asked her as I was confused by what she meant. Magic doesn’t just suddenly stop working. From what she learned and the plan that the female villains had before we became a part of Dusk’s harem, they planned to suppress his magic. “Magic doesn’t just suddenly stop working.”

“Exactly what I said,” Ruby said in annoyance. “My magic was suddenly cut off when I tried to activate one of my spells to attack the bastard I couldn’t. One moment I could, then the next I couldn’t even lift a pebble with my magic. There was nothing I could do magicly when we were in the arena in the center of the city. This made me so confused that I couldn’t even use my weapons properly before he took me down.”

“Okay, I know that doesn’t make any sense,” I told her. “Noponies spells just shut off out of nowhere. Back when I had an inhibitor ring on somepony else, that was when he couldn’t use his magic.”

“Wish I could tell you what was going on,” Ruby added. “But I don't remember everything after that. Just the rape seaseons he and his servents had on me,” she responded. Her silver eye vacant Catalina went over and hugged the archdemon.

“Why don’t we talk about something else?” Pale Nuit said with a sigh, trying to avoid having another fight. I did want to talk about something else to take my mind off of things, but it was hard considering where I was. If Dusk couldn’t find me, I may as well delay the inevitable.

“So what can we talk about?” I asked.

“Well I wanted to talk about my life before I was taken here,” Olga said with a smile as she stood up. “I was a milk mare back in my village and later worked at a resort where my milk would fly off the shelves almost everyday. I would always enjoy the faces of the children who enjoyed my milk. One day though, I met a strange male who said that he would help me expand the business, but it wasn’t what I thought it was.”

“I’m guessing it was Skeletal?” I asked with disgust in my voice.

“Yes,” she admitted with a sigh. “He tricked me into following him and I’d been here for three years now.”

“I’m sorry that happened to you,” I told her. Even though it was recent for me here, to have to put up with this asshole for three years on someone so innocent, it must have been hard.

“Well I was more studying medicine and I wanted to try and study as much as I could,” Catalina added with a smile. “I had a relative who died of some unknown disease and I couldn’t do anything to help him. Not even the doctors could help him.”

“Oh my,” I said in shock. I thought about my sisters after hearing this story and what would happen if I couldn’t do anything to help them. “That’s just terrible.”

The Abyssinnian nodded. “It was. I wanted to learn all I can then pass the knowledge onto others so that they can save someone that wouldn’t have to feel the same pain I did. I had heard of some rare plants in the underworld and took a chance. I was doing good at avoiding the demon patrols at first before I was suddenly surrounded by one of Skeletal’s slaver parties.”

“I’m guessing you were captured and brought here?” I asked.

“Yes,” she added with a sigh.

I turned to the short muscular red Oni, sitting in one of the room's corners looking non pleased with herself. “How did he get you, leloo? You look like you could wrestle a manticor with one arm tied behind your back”

Lolee huffed but didn’t comment on it. “Back before I came here I worked as a Warden in another part of the Underworld. One day I got fed up with the other staff and left. Ended up outside the walls of this place by chance. Picked a fight with a few other demons and the Hellhounds of this place did a literal dog pile on me to stop me. Ha! You should have seen it, I was owning those fools. Anyway, they brought me in for an illigal entry and sold into slavery and picked up by the asshole Skeletal.”

“Sorry that happened,” I told her.

“Not your fault,” she told me. “My impatience is what got the better of me.” She finished with a huff. I then turned towards Pale, the Albino Batpony Mare.

“What about you Pale?”

“I wasn’t well liked in my old home,” she said rather saddened when I asked that. “Most of the bat ponies in my old village were either black or grey. I was the first albino bat pony to be born there. They thought I was some kind of demon and my parents had to take me away and homeschooled me. They were pretty old fashioned back then, ‘sigh’ it's been so long since I got up and decided to leave home. I did find solace in treasure hunting to try and make a name for myself, but I didn’t last long before demons suddenly found me and put me in chains. It wasn’t long before I was bought and brought here. I don’t remember how long I lived here with Skeletal.”

I listened to that part and it got me thinking back to 1000 years ago. Anyone that was different from other ponies would be banished or chased out of their village. She must've been from that time, but I wasn’t sure which one. I then turned to Crystal Spines.

“What’s your story?” I asked the silver dragoness.

“Well,” she began with a nervous glance. “I wasn’t like other dragons back then since they were the more brutish type. I was born pretty different so I didn’t have that many friends growing up, also since most ponies were afraid of dragons back in the day, so I was alone for most of my life. One Day though, I came across what I thought was a dragon who wanted to be friends with me, but I found out later that it was Skeletal and I found myself here for six months.”

I wanted to stop hearing the stories after that. I honestly felt sorry for everyone, but they were here longer than I was, and just to hear each of their stories made my heart break. I wanted to find a way to help them if I could, but I needed to find a way out of this place and away from that monster Skeletal. I wouldn’t have time to think since I heard the door open behind us and who was in the front door, but the very monster I didn’t want to see.

“Hello my beautiful sluts,” Skeletal said with a boastful voice. “I trust you were all treating my guest with much needed love and care.”

“We were just telling stories about how we met you,” Crystal said.

“Oh really now?” He added as he turned to look at me.

I turned away from him, I didn’t even want to look at that asshole. I was still afraid of him, but I knew I had to stay quiet for whatever he was planning.

“Aw, don’t look at me like that,” He said with a smile as he approached me. I felt his hand roughly grab my face, forcing me to face him and I could feel him eyeing my body as if I was his property. “I have yet to show you to my queen.”

“Q-queen?” I asked in confusion.

“That’s right,” He said with a smile. “I have to show you to the royal majesty Queen Haydon to show her my new property.”

“I’m not your slave,” I told him. I felt my head being thrown backwards as he slapped me to the floor. I was trying to hold back tears from the pain as he was strong. He was much stronger than me and I couldn’t fight back, but I didn’t want to show weakness. I glared up at him with tears on my face and he looked back at me with anger.

“I suggest not testing my good mood right now,” he told me, with venom in his teeth. “Especially when I have so much in store for you.”


“I noticed something odd about you when I brought you here, and I felt another life growing inside of you,” he said looking at my stomach. I froze as he leaned over and caressed my stomach. “You have a little devil growing inside of you for about...two months I think?”

“Wh-what’re you going to do?” I asked.

“Just a little warning,” he said, sneering at me, while grabbing my face. “Do anything to embarrass me, I’ll not only destroy your mind, but your little brat as well.”

The other girls gasped at what the man implied.

I was frozen with fear as tears started to form on my face. I couldn’t let him hurt Dusk's child and this monster was threatening to abort my baby.

“You wouldn't want that, would you?” he said with a smug smile.


“No, what?” He knew what he was waiting for me to call him, and I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

“No...master…” I said weakly as he smiled and summoned a pair of handcuffs with a chain around them. I felt the metal shackles wrapping around my wrists.

“Goog girl,” he said as he yanked at the chain, forcing me to stand up. “We have much to do, and by tonight, you will be mine.”

I was led out of the room as he was taking me to who knows where, I felt the hope draining from my body knowing that I was going to be stuck with this monster forever.

-Castle Chambers-

Shadow Heart finally climbed up towards an open window and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Okay, we’re in,”

Yeah, if only you weren’t bushy trying to get your freakin dick wet where we could Fina sonata and get out of here,’ Dusk yelled from the amulet in annoyance.

Hey, we got the info we needed to find Sonata didn’t we?” he said in annoyance. We’re here to get your girl back and that’s what we’re gonna do.

Shadow Heart continued to walk through the hall and he heard what sounded like hoofsteps walking in his direction.

Crap, someone’s coming,’ Dusk said in a panic attack. Hide!

The dark alicorn slid up against a tall suit of hollow armor, easily hidden behind the behemoth of black and purple plating, since it stood two feet over his horn and three times wider than his entire body. He peered past the decoration’s gripped halberd, his eyes narrowing to peer across the hall. What he saw was pretty shocking for him. It was Sonata Dusk in what looked like a slave outfit being pulled by another demon with a white coat and grey mane.

What is it?

Found Sonata, but she’s being taken by this asshole. His aura just screams smug bastard,” Shadow Heart groaned. Disgusting.

Then where the Tartarus is he going?’ Dusk asked as he heard the hoofsteps walking away. Shadow Heart peered out from behind the armor and looked ahead to see that they were walking towards what looked like a large gate. It opened for them and before Shadow Heart could do anything, it closed behind the two. Shadow Heart stepped from behind the armor to inspect the door that Sonata and the stallion he saw enter.

What the heck am I looking at right now?” Shadow said in annoyance.

The door ahead was giant, easily three times Shadow’s height and five times the width. An intricate set of metallurgy decorated the door in the image of a sixteen-headed monster being wrenched to pieces by a majestic visage of a female Gargoyle, surrounded in a serrated ring that spun in place to keep the door shut.

‘I think this is the royal chambers,’ Dusk said as he looked at images. Whoever owns this castle must be behind these doors.’

“Well now we’re presented with another problem,” Shadow Heart groaned. “The door is obviously antimagic and blocks out whoever owns this palace of anyone’s magic except who they hire or the ruler himself. How are we supposed to get in?”

‘True…’ Dusk said with a sigh. ‘What can we do?’

“Well we climbed in the window twice,” Shadow said as he looked back out of the open window. “So why not try the roof to see if there’s a skylight?”

‘Are you serious right now?’ Dusk said in annoyance. ‘I doubt that an area that’s as dark as this one would have a skylight.’

“You got any other ideas?”

Dark Tides

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-Sonata’s POV-

I was walking with Skeletal towards who knows where, and I felt as if life was drained out of me. I wasn’t sure what to do or if I should scream for help, but I knew I was trapped here and I couldn’t do anything about it. I continued to think about my options when I felt the end of the chain pulling me towards Skeletal’s direction. I nearly tripped over myself when he did that.

“Try to keep up dearie, we’re almost to the Queen’s Royal Chambers,” Skeletal said with a smirk. “Remember what we talked about as well my dear, you do what I say when I say it. Is that clear?”

“Yes...master…” I weakly told him, not wanting to listen to this monster of a stallion. He continued to guide me through the castle, until we came across a large door. An intricate set of metallurgy decorated the door in the image of a sixteen-headed monster being wrenched to pieces by a majestic visage of a female Gargoyle, surrounded in a serrated ring that spun in place to keep the door shut. “Wh-what is this?”

“This is the queen’s royal chambers, and you’re going to meet her for the first time,” Skeletal said as he channeled a spell that summoned a magical key. He used it to open the door and yanked on the chain to pull me forward.

“Don’t slouch my dear, at least be happy,” He told me as he pulled me forward and the door behind us closed. It was a little dark to see, but an array of torches began to light the room. I was stunned to find the room I was in and what it looked like.

The room was a massive chamber, the entire place colored a cool midnight blue with torches that burned white at each corner. Illuminating the majority of the room was a large chandelier in the center of the raised dome, made of a twisted behemoth of purple crystals that produced an aura of white fire, though no smoke trailed from it. The walls were decorated with paintings of a large Gargoyle woman, slaying beasts and planting a flag upon different hellish landscapes. Drawers and cabinets framed with polished bones, their walls made of bedrock stretched around a desk of living, pulsing wood, red as blood and stacked with papers and writing utensils. A couple of doors in the back were likely for her closet and bathroom, while a gigantic bed, round and nearly five meters across, was covered in silver sheets with two dozen pillows, each one embroidered with a name and mark.

“Is this your room or something?”

“No, it’s not mine,” He told me.

“You wanted to see me Skeletal?” A female voice called out making me turn my attention towards it.

The woman in question was tall, eight and a half feet of thick, powerful Gargoyle-ette. She had beige fur and a brown mane, windswept back in a majestic wave that reached her lower back. Strong, orange wings jutt from her back, flared out to impose presence upon her guests. She wore a white dress with silver bracelets, a silver belt, and a silver crest that rested upon her HH-cup sized chest. Yellow eyes peered down upon me, and in that instant, I was nothing more than a meal served to a mighty beast.

“Ah, Queen Haydon, so nice to meet your acquaintance,” he said with a smile. “I just wanted to show you a new lead to my harem, and a rare one at that. A Siren.”

“A siren,” she said with confusion. “I thought they were all extinct. Though she doesn’t look like a siren, she looks more like a pony.”

“I’m afraid her amulet was destroyed a long time ago, but she still has the makeshift properties of a siren. I just need to figure out a way to recreate her jewel. I was hoping that you would have some ancient tomes to recreate the gems they use to feed in negativity.” He said with a smug smile. I was worried about what he was planning. It was like he had an ulterior motive behind his actions. I never even mentioned my amulet the entire time we were here, just what is he planning?

“I see,” Haydon said with a sigh. “I should have a few books within my throne room. What is the name of your new slave by the way?”

“Sonata Dusk,” he said. “Say hello to the queen my dear.” He said all while giving me a glare.

“Yes master,” I said, trying to keep him happy as I was worried for my life. “My name is Sonata Dusk, and I’m Skeletal’s new slave. It’s nice to meet your acquaintance.”

“Charmed,” Haydon said with her stoic stare. “I should have some gem forging tomes within my throne room. I can let you borrow a copy, but I need to tend to some pressing matters with a meeting that I have to attend at the moment.”

“I can wait, may we join you in your humble abode?” he asked her. Now I was even more worried. What was he planning on doing to me?

“You may, I may need my most trusted advisor if we’re going to get these negotiations done faster,” she said as she stepped into her ‘throne room’, leaving the two of us alone. I was sitting there trying to understand what was going on, and I felt his gaze on me.

“You’re probably thinking about what I plan to do, aren't you?” he asked me, my face starting to get fearful of what he was saying. “I’m well aware your gems are broken and I plan to make sure that you stay under my control.”


“I know a spell to make sure that you’ll do anything I say and I plan to charm the amulets with that very spell,” he said with a devilish grin. My face turned pale hearing this. If he succeeded, then I would never see Dusk or any of my friends again, let alone the fact that the rest of his harem will be dragged here with me.

“N-no,” I didn’t know what to do. Terror gripped my heart while a million horrible ideas forced a splitting headache in my head. The thought that I’d be some kind of puppet, something that could be thrown away so easily filled me with more dread than even losing my amulet did. He could do things to me, or even kill me. But the thought of what he’d do to my unborn child… it drove a river out my eyes even thinking about it.

“Don’t worry, so long as you do what I say, I won’t harm your children,” He said, making me look up at him. “So long as you do what I say, your babies won’t be hurt. Do we understand each other?”

“... okay,” I said, wishing I had half of Aria’s courage to spit in his eyes.

“Okay...what?” he told me.

“...okay...master…” I said weakly.

“Good girl,” he said with a smile. The door behind him opened to reveal Queen Haydon returning with her signature stoic stare, but she seemed to notice my expression.

“What’s wrong with your slave?”

“Nothing, she was just worried about something and I was trying to cheer her up,” he lied. He was confident that she wouldn’t believe me, and that there was nothing I could do to change that. More hope began to drain from my body that I was going to be stuck here and the rest of Dusk’s herd mates will be stuck here for all of eternity. I felt the chain that was on my wrist cuffs being pulled as I was forced to stand up.

“I can’t exactly leave you by yourself,” Skeletal said with a smile. “Who knows what others might try and do if you’re alone.”

I just simply let him take me as I didn’t care anymore. Tears streamed down my face as he took me with Queen Haydon to who knows where. I just wish I never went outside so I wouldn’t have to deal with him. Queen Haydon then uses her magic to open another door near us and it leads to another room on the other side. I just looked around seeing as this was gonna be my new home thanks to this monster.

The throne room was massive, nearly as big as a hoofball field from the throne to the door. The throne itself was a polished mass of obsidian, molten magma streaming down behind it to form a moat at the base of the staircase that led to the main hall. Above was a massive skylight, faded yellow glass that stretched across to the walls. Each wall was covered in massive portraits of some demons or who I could only guess were famous family heroes, since I could see one that reminded me of Dusk. The door at the end was attended by six guards, three to each door with giant handles to pry it open, as the door was about three stories tall with rusting shackles that held the wooden thing together.

Even though I was in awe and amazement from how beautiful it all looked, I just wish it was under different circumstances. Across from the room were two demons that were joined by two other guards with them. Both guards were regular demons but the other two surprised me the most.

One was a grey mare, though instead of hooves she had clawed feet and Griffon-like talons. Her muzzle was tipped with fangs and she had bat-wings. The Succubus was easily a JJ-cup, and she wore only a small thong, using her pink fleshy wings to hide her nipples while propping up her bust. She ran her arms through her waving black mane, yellow eyes piercing me even at this distance.

The other was entirely purple, a few shades brighter than Dusk was. What drew my attention was the fact that she didn’t have legs, instead her lower half was that of a snake, stretching about 17 feet long, coiled beneath her. She had scales going up her belly, her GG-cup chest also scaled, and clad in a shiny black-coated cover of jewelry, white diamonds filling the studs where the nipples would have been. She also had four arms, two of which were risen against her viper-like hood, playing with her stark white mane. Green eyes shone like emeralds as a curious sense of unease penetrated me, in equal measure to a sense of welcomeness. It was tough to figure out if she was appraising my looks or how I’d taste.

“Thank you for coming on such short notice,” Queen Haydon relied as she took a seat on her throne. “You said that you had matters to discuss with me?”

“Yes we do Queen Haydon,” the succubus said.

“Ah, the Advisor of the succubus and the Lamia Princess, how nice to see you both,” Skeletal said with a smile.

“Nice to see you as well Skeletal,” the Lamia mare said with disdain in her voice.

“Um, who are they?” I asked.

“Allow me,” the Succubus said. “I am Laesyrda, Advisor of the Succubus Council.”

The Lamia nodded, “Shyak N’Kari, Princess of the Lamia,” she said with a fanged smile.

A tug on my chains nearly threw me off balance as Skeletal hissed at me.

“Do not speak aloud unless spoken to! I apologize, this slave’s yet to be properly broken in,” he said, smiling at the two.

“It would appear so,” Laesydra said as she eyed me with lust on her face. “What race is she, she doesn't smell like a pony.”

“She’s actually a siren, but her amulet was destroyed so she no longer has her siren abilities,” Skeletal said. “But I was going to talk to the queen about a spell that would properly recreate her amulet.”

“I see,” Shyak said with a glare. She then turns back to the Queen. “Anyways, Queen Haydon, We wished to discuss negotiations about our races requiring aid to our kin.”

“I see,” Haydon said with a sigh. They began to talk and I sat quietly to myself.

-The Roof-

‘Why did I let you talk me into doing this?’ Dusk said to himself, cursing Shadow Heart who was currently climbing on the roof of the entire building. He scaled about a third of the building, while ducking down between buttresses that support certain areas to avoid being spotted by other guards flying overhead.

“Hey, you said there was no way to get in that room, so what else was I supposed to do?” he said with an annoyed sigh. “I don’t know why you’re complaining seeing as I’m the one climbing up this damn thing, that I had to do three times,”

‘Till Sonata is safe, you deal with it. Dusk said in annoyance. ‘Do you even know if we’re over the room that Sonata is in yet?’

“No, not yet,” he told him. “I don’t even know where we are at the moment,”

‘Crap, there’s someone coming,’ Dusk said in a panic when he saw someone flying towards them at the corner of his eye. Shadow Heart looked up to see something flying at them and he wasn’t sure who or what it was. ‘Dammit what’re we gonna do?’

Shadow Heart looked around for a bit and saw that there were statues on the building that resembled guards but had barely any clothing covering them. Two being male and three being female. Where Shadow Heart was, one of the males was missing and he saw his chance.

“You know the old saying of hiding in plain sight?” Shadow Heart said with a smile. “Why don’t we test that theory?” He then stands where the missing statue was, holding his hands in the air with palms facing outward, bending his knees and holding his hips out slightly.

’There is literally no way this will ever work,’ Dusk said.

Shadow Heart stayed quiet and still, even managing to even his breathing so that he was completely still. The flapping of wings slowed as hooves touched down on the tile next to him. A bat mare with an alabaster coat and a blonde mane sighed as she landed, hiking her skirt up as she flapped her soaked nethers.

“Gods below, can’t believe they’re making me work through my fucking heat!” she screamed, fanning her crotch. “I could put out a damned inferno like this.”

’Don’t you fucking dare break our cover,’ Dusk said.

“Just wish that damned Incubus would show up and ravage me already, got me checking this spot for three hours now. Seriously, if he doesn’t show up,” she said, turning to Shadow, “I might as well get off on one of these statues for all it’s worth.”

‘Oh give me a break’ he screamed mentally in frustration.

Shadow did his damnedest to not move or make a sound, both his and Dusk’s will to not get caught overpowering even his own need to ravage any hole with a pulse. However, though he himself held fast, the mighty scepter below the waist refused to be quelled.

“Ugh,” she said, leaning on Shadow.

Her eyes widened in surprise as she pat his chest. “Wow, they make these things really life-like, huh? Psh, sure Queenie, waste our taxes on statues like these where no one even sees them,” she said, moving to sit on his leg. “Whoa!”

Only she didn’t sit on his leg, specifically.

“Jeez, they really get these things life-like! How much did it cost to make an accurate bulge of this guy?”

Her eyes lidded as she grinned evilly.

“Well, someone’s gotta appreciate the craftsponyship, and I suppose now’s as good a time as any to be an art buff,” she said, grinding her soaked panties on his concealed cock.

‘Please tell me that she isn’t doing what I think she’s doing,’ Dusk said to Shadow.

“Fraid she is,” Shadow Heart said with a sigh, as he felt her grinding her dripping crotch onto his hardening cock. This was unavoidable as he felt his bulge forcing its way out of the loincloth and she could feel it getting bigger. After awhile she was awestruck at how big he truly was.

“Woof, these enchanted statues are really something!” she said. “And to think there was an Honor Guard this fucking hung, unf, no wonder the Queen made them wear so little, she probably wanted easy access at a moment’s notice.”

‘Dammit Shadow!’ Dusk yelled in frustration.

‘What’d you want me to do, she wouldn’ stop rubbing against me,’ he told him, but he wouldn’t have much time to say anything else as the mare on top of him started to move again. She continued to rub herself against him much to his annoyance and he was annoyed that he couldn’t even do anything about it.

‘Damn, I wish I could just pin her to the wall and rail her right now,’ Shadow thought to Dusk.

‘You realize that we’ll miss Sonata if you do that right?’ Dusk told him. ’Are you really willing to risk losing her and our unborn foal because you wanted to screw some random horny bitch instead of protecting what’s ours?’

‘Alright, alright, I get it!’ he said in annoyance and he had to bear it and hoped that she would finish what she was doing and leave. She kept rubbing at him for ten minutes until he heard her let out a light moan and his crotch was drenched with her femenine fluids and she let out a sigh of relief.

“Damn that felt good,” she moaned as she got up and put her panties back on. “I gotta thank the queen for such a life-like statue. It felt so real...” She then flew off and Shadow Heart let out a groan in frustration.

“Dammit, I hate I couldn’t do a damn thing for her,”

‘Well deal with it, we’ve wasted enough time as it is with that,’

“You know you’ll be feeling this later when we get back right?”

‘It’ll be worth it to save Sonata, now shut up and go!’

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” he said in annoyance. “But it’s gonna be hard for me to climb now since I’m stuck with a boner now.

‘Well what do you expect me to do?’ Dusk said in annoyance.

“Ugh… hang on.”

Shadow pulled his loincloth out at the waistline before he pulled his dick upright, pressing it against his stomach. He tied the loincloth tightly around his waist, pinning his boner to his chest.

“It’s not comfortable, but it’ll work for now,” Shadow said.

‘Guess that counts for something,’ Dusk said with a sigh as Shadow continued his ascent and tried to stay hidden among the guards patrolling the area.

-Castle Chambers-

Queen Haydon was still speaking with the two delegates that she met with, while Skeletal was smiling as he looked at the female’s curvy figures and had his devilish smirk.

‘Everything is going according to plan,’ he thought to himself. ‘Soon, I’ll not only rule over this entire city, but all of Equestria! Not even the Queen herself will be able to stop me. I just need a little more time.’

Meanwhile Sonata only had a hollow look on her face. After everything that happened up to this point, she wasn’t sure what to work with or how to get out of this. Her heart was heavy, as if lead pumped through her veins while thoughts of what terrible fate awaited her as a slave dominated her mind.

“And I think we can work out this deal fairly quickly, just be mindful of your race's venom, Princess Shyak,” Queen Haydon said with a sigh. “And Laesydra, as much as your proposal has promise, I wish to speak with the Queen of Succubi before making a decision.”

“I understand Queen Haydon,” the succubus herald said with a smile. With that taken care of, she turned to Skeletal who was waiting eagerly.

“Now Skeletal, you said that you planned to fix the medallion that was destroyed, may I ask why you’re doing this?” she asked looking at Sonata, who wasn’t even aware of what was around her.

“I just wish to give this slave of mine her singing voice back,” Skeletal said with a smile. “I know that the sirens use their charms to sway males to a watery grave, and I wish to hear her voice myself.”

“Just try to charm yourself to where that doesn’t happen,” Haydon sighed as she reached out and pulled out a book from behind her throne. She then turned to Skeletal and was about to give it to him.

A crack echoed through the room, everyone looking up as the skylight broke. Glass hailed down upon the delegates and the royal, jagged pieces cutting into their flesh while they tried to cover themselves. Laesydra screamed as she summoned a magical shield to cover her mostly naked body, blood trailing down her face as she plucked a piece of glass out of her eyebrow. Shyak hissed and curled into herself, sheltering her torso and face under her coils while the others simply ducked, their arms raised over their heads. Haydon herself stood still as her wings beat the glass aside, the pieces bouncing off of her unbreakable exterior while she glared at a falling shape. One of the larger supports fell onto Skeletal as he tried to dodge a plane of glass, smashing into his face and knocking him out. Sonata shrieked as she avoided gettin