Love Trouble Or Being A Cuddle Target From Ponies.

by Neutral Boy

First published

Cody Perks had some boring life after moving into college few months ago. Now for some unknown reason, he ended up in Ponyville and into Twilight's castle. Things start to go crazy quickly as he avoids being cuddled up and loved by ponies.

6 months ago, Cody Perks had the best time ever of finally being accepted into college. He's been having some trouble of finding any classes to fit in, but luckily his new friends helped him out in every way as possible since they're trying to protect him from some love hungry women on only holidays for a while cause of his side-effect. One day at night while falling asleep in exhaustion to finish a project from class, there was an unknown flashing light in Cody's apartment and then he and Eric was gone, vanished into thin air.

The next morning, Cody has woken up of fresh air. He paused for some reason when blinking multiple times that his new room had changed somehow. Everything has been really different, but now he froze when he walked up to a window to seeing a completely new town. Now things get weirder later on for him when any mares in Ponyville are somehow taking an interest and wanting to cuddle him up like any other softest stallion and are possibly in mesmerizing state when they do cuddle him.

Note: Taking place right after MLP FIM season 5 finale and it'll be some random, heart hypnosis, and fluffy cuddles.

Prologue April Fools prank gone wrong-ish.

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Equestrian world, Ponyville...

"What in tarnation is this suppose ta be every pony?"

"I don't know Applejack, but he does kind of look creepy to me a bit."

"Don't you worry about a thing Dashie! I'm sure that if it wakes up, it'll be nice to have a new friend at a party!"

"Pinkie darling, I'm not quite sure if that's a good idea right. Plus why is it's cloths look all filthy and different?"

"Um Rarity, I-I think it might be a he, but isn't he hurt anywhere Starlight?"

"I don't see any wounds on him Fluttershy. Have you notice anything about this creature Twilight?"

"Judging by his own skin tone body and with no fur, I would stay he must be from the gate way mirror to the human equestrian world, but this is impossible to me. There's no way he could of came out of that mirror, what do you think Spike?"

"Hmmmmm I'm not sure Twilight, but he looks sort of different from where we entered that mirror world a couple of times. I don't know if he really did came from there since I found him right outside the Everfree Forest."

That was the only thing Cody could hear about the conversation before he blacked out to sleep.



12 hours ago back on Earth...


"Okay okay Eric I'm up, just give a minute to get ready." Cody grumbled while getting up.

Cody Perks, a 21 year old boy having been bored sometime in his life since moving from other places. Leaving only his favorite memories of the friends he really missed in his head. He has light black short hair, green eyes, height about 5'8', and weighing at 180 pounds. He has been learning on most of times like math, wood craft, some sports, and taking interest in science sometimes.

Eric Hicks, a 20 year old that's quite energetic about which sports to play and win. He has green short hair, brown eyes, height about 6'0', and weighing at 200 pounds. His own likings are a mystery, but he does mention of sports, playing music, and other things that'll be worth knowing to find out. Anyways while Cody is getting ready to go outside and time to enjoy class, he has an uneasy feeling that something is wrong.

"Hey Cody ya feeling alright, is it something about those stalking girls again in the past?" Eric said snapping his fingers to get his attention to see if he's okay.

"I-I don't know Eric, can um y-you make sure those girls are not here?" Cody said shaking up to not go out the window.

Eric checked around the apartment, luckily to see just only a few guys walk by and some vehicles moving in and out of parking.

"No sign of them Cody, just seeing normal people walking by their own business."

"A-Are you sure there isn't any of them?"

"They're not here Cody, take a look for yourself." Eric said in serious tone which got his friend to look and sigh of relief.

"Phew, at least the effect is finally gone from now on."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, congrats let's get moving. I got your back in case anything pops up out of nowhere."

"Thanks Eric, just let me lock everything up and were good to go now."

Now that things are good to go, both Cody Perks and Eric Hicks are off to college in Wisconsin. Cody has known Eric back in 5th grade and they have become best friends, even though they got into a bumpy road in some arguments. About 3 years ago back in 2012, Cody and Eric were working on a project in high school. During the April Fools Day, some boys thought up a good prank for Cody by tampering his project a bit and before you know it, the project blew up at Cody and he looks fine, just a bit of smoke he coughed up. Due to the unknown effect of that explosion around Cody, he was now a loving magnet target between girls that are younger like 16 and older like 26 than him. Luckily, it would last for only 8 hours to wear off. The worse news is that it only occurs once every holiday and he needs something to get this effect off of him so that he could have normal holidays again.

So aside from all the info for now, Cody and Eric has made it back in class and seeing no sign of any trouble yet.

"Finally I can get peace and quiet from all that running around of holiday trouble." Cody said sighing as he reads another book.

"Hey at least you got me to protecting you ya know?" Eric said punching his friends shoulder lightly.

"Good news guys, no sign of any troubles around this college." Blake said to their friends.

"Okay class, take a seat and turn to page 31 in history." The male teacher said as he begins chattering in class.

While other students are reading, Blake had something to think of for something. Both Cody and Jake were busy arguing of which problem is right or wrong. Eric is eyeing out of writing down a lot of ideas on a new book of 'How to kill two idiots with one stone'.

'Heh I'm a genius to pull this off...' He thought chucked while getting a glare at Blake.

"Laugh it up Eric we'll beat you again at another round of basketball, right Jake?"

"Yep, things will get mighty ummmm..." Jake trailed off that something is wrong.

"What is it Jake, another girl problem of yours?" Blake joked then getting a couple of snickers from Cody and Eric.

"Blake, Eric, Cody, three o' clock down below the doors on the right." Jake whispered to them.

All four boys darted their eyes at a few girls on the other side of the door, slowly making a girl mob multiplying number.

"Eric what day and holiday is it now?" Blake said while getting up.

"Hmmmm judging by the hearts and shapes around these classes, it's Valentines day." Eric said when he face palmed himself of forgetting this day to be the worst.

"[BEEP] that can't be good right now. It's also the day when our childhood girl friends are in this school too."

"Ooooohhhhh, is that really bad to us?" Cody muttered when his eyes widened at Blake in front of his face.


"Okay, okay, is there anything for me to sneak out of here before class is over?"

"There is one way, but it'll be a bit tricky to suppress this effect of yours."

(5 hours later...)

"Do you think we should catch up to them instead of holding the fort down?" Jake said still holding the door tightly.

"I don't know, but may god have mercy on Cody's and Eric's souls." Blake said as he got a gadget ready to be used.

Cody and Eric found a passage way out of the science room when getting some ingredients to use later. Sneaking by casually to look both ways of no girls around, they tip toed quietly from each class to not wake the inside of every girls heated Valentine season.

"We're almost there Cody, I can see the exit in the Cafeteria." Eric whispered, looking both ways of any trouble.

"Well that is a relief, still the Government should have found a cure by now."

"Yeah they're really taking a sweet ass time to not help you or that they would have killed you to stop it."

"...Good point, but still though-"


Both Cody and Eric froze of hearing that creepy seductive voice. They turned their heads around to see Kathrine and Chloe side by side at a table with a portrait of multiple pictures of Cody and his skills in life.

"Uh h-hey there Chloe, l-long time no see h-huh, Eric?" Cody said in a shaken tone.

"I got your back Cody, not on my watch Chloe and Kathrine." Eric said taking a defensive position.

"Oh relax Cody, we only to have some fun time, don't you think Kathrine?" Chloe said licking her lips.

"Indeed Chloe, won't you join us for a little nightclub activity?" Kathrine said swaying her hips.


"I'M ON IT, JUST GET GOING I'LL CATCH UP!" Eric shouted back while Cody nodded and headed outside safely.

While Cody got out of there, Chloe and Kathrine had disappointing pout looks and glared at Eric.

"You really are getting annoying sometimes aren't you Eric?" Kathrine said gritting her teeth.

"What can I say Kathrine, Blake did warn me about the both of you and I learn pretty quickly." Eric smirked at them.

"You may have stalled us, but who is saving him from any other girls not from here hm?" Chloe chuckled in amusement.

"Uh oh..."

(45 minutes later...)

"Whew I think that's over." Cody panted as he collapsed in the clear grass in the park.

Cody has been having a hard time to not get any notices from every girl in public. Like trying to walk casually or by finding shiny thing to stall if girls were to get too close and he throws the items in any places. Now it's really not good also since girls have dump their own relationships to get me to be their own, but that's not going to happen which he packs a few life savers in case thing get out of hand.

"Glad I'm out here than back in college, it feels nicer out here." He said while closing his eyes until-

"Oh I wouldn't be too sure~"

Cody's eyes were widened open to hear another sound. Before getting up straight, his vision was closed when two hands came from behind his head and he couldn't see who it was, but felling a pair of jugs pressing against his back.

"Guess who~" A voice said giggling from behind.

"Uhhhhh is it Tara?"





"Say it fully again and you'll feel my dark side." The voice threatened while her hands are squeezing his face.

"...I give up."

"It's me Gloria silly!~" She said as she let go of Cody's head.

He turned around to see Gloria Tipsy and sighed to himself. Her age is 19, long brown hair with a blue ribbon, eyes are orange, height at 5'0', and her weight is somewhat between 105 and 130.

"Let me guess, your trying to get into college just to see me."


"And you can't go home until I agree to be your boyfriend huh?"

"Pretty much!~"

Sighing again and shaking his head to not cause another problem, Cody walks away to go back home.

"And Just where do you think your going?" Gloria said when her eyes are twitching and her hair is curling up.

"...I'm going back home to wait for this storm to turn down. Also though Gloria, can you PLEASE leave me alone, I have enough of this running around for one measly day, okay?" He said continuing to walk.

"Not while you have a date contract with m-"

"Too late!" He interrupted while sprinting off, leaving her in some dust by his running.

"GET BACK CODY, I AM NOT THROUGH WITH YOU!!!" She shouted while trying to catch up, but lost track of him.

(3 hours later...)

Cody made it back home in his apartment and planting his face on the bed. Finally to make it back alive in one piece, he shakes off the thoughts being caught a few times in a bad time to not remember. When finding some other things to distract himself with, Cody gets up from bed and begins to work on a new project section, until a knock on the door was heard.

"What's the password?"

"[BEEP] open this door before those girls notice me to see your hiding spot."

Cody shook his of hearing an annoying friend alive and got up to unlock the door. Upon opening it, he sees Eric to have some torn up clothing, some bruises, scratches, kisses, and a black left eye.

"Good lord Eric, what the hell happened to you?"

"Apparently I just got jumped by four more girls after I easily finished off holding Chloe and Kathrine."

"Damn... well come on, I'll help you get fixed up."

Eric nodded his head as his friend walked him over to the bathroom and closed the front door shut tightly. It took some minutes to wash up the bruises and bandaged up Eric's right arm. Finally done patching up they both gone to their beds.

"Hey Cody, you still up anyway?"

"Yeah Eric I am, we can't keep up like this forever."

"I know what you mean, surely both Blake and Jake are doing fine than us."

"Yep... so if we're in a safer area without this side-effect of mine, which do you prefer?"

"Personally I'd pick a magical land full of talking ponies, how about you?"

"Hmmmmm not going to choose that one so I'll go with plushy animals."


"Hey my life my own rules, I'm fine being asleep to hug plushy toys rather than being awake from cuddling ponies."

"Fine if you say so, just don't get in over your head to run away when that side-effect of yours gets to female ponies."

"Riiiiiiiiiight, well I got some work tomorrow, night Eric."

"Goodnight Cody."

'Heh, magical land to help me out, get real Eric...' Cody thought before going to sleep, unaware of a light when they both vanished.



Equestrian world, near Twilight's Friendship Castle...

Both the seven ponies and a baby dragon were in some thoughts of what to do with a sleeping human.

"So does any pony here know what ta do with this human here?" Applejack suggested to her friends.

"OH I have an idea, maybe we can-" Pinkie got a hoof covering her mouth from Rainbow Dash shaking her head no.

"Not going to happen Pinkie, we don't if he's still a threat to any pony here or not." Dash said while keeping an eye on the human.

"Um I don't know Rainbow, m-maybe he must be exhausted from running around from a troubling place." Fluttershy said checking on the human's body places for any cuts or bruises.

"Quite right darling, there could something troubling of him to come here like this." Rarity said checking on the human's clothing.

"There must be some other books about this human, Starlight can you go back into the castle for anything about his kind? I want to know for sure if it really is a human from the other world." Twilight suggested to her.

"Sure thing Twilight, I'll go check for anything useful, Spike?" Starlight said then he nodded to her while they went back.

Unaware of Twilight and her friends when they began to chat on what to do next, Cody was still sleeping and sniffing for some reason. He sniffed out slowly moving his head to sniff out the strange perfume from a cyan Pegasus. Getting his arms raised up, he grabs Rainbow off-guard which got a squeak from her and the girls gasped. They were shocked and surprised to see him still sleeping while holding Rainbow Dash as a plushy pony and she is still trying to get out his arms to struggle, but to fail miserably.

"Ugh, can some pony help me out of here? He's really not letting go of me." Dash groaned having trouble flapping her wings.

"Sure thing sugarcube." Applejack said while using her hooves to grab the human's arm to pull hard, but to fail multiple times.

"Geez this feller here is even more stronger than Big Mac!"

"I have a suggestion, m-maybe you can talk to him nicely to let go, if that's is okay with you Rainbow to be gentle and kind." Fluttershy asked calmly to her friend.

Rainbow having a sigh, nodded her head and turned to the human right in front of her.

"So uh, w-what is your name human?" Dash nervously said to not get scared easily.

"Mmmmmmm Cody, Cody Perks and you smell nice skittles." Cody whispered in his sleep when the girls were giggling a little to call Rainbow that and getting an embarrassing blush.

"O-Okay then Mr. Cody, can uh you please let me go?"

Cody shook his head no and begins to plant his face in Rainbow's fur while using one of his hands to stroke her mane out.

"Awwww this is too adorable, I think Cody here likes you Dashie!" Pinkie said giggling to herself while the other girls agreed too.

"Not helping Pinkie." Dash said gritting under her teeth then turned to Twilight. "Hey Twilight, can you help me out here?"

"Sorry Rainbow I can't help you right now, I'm not sure of what'll happen to him if I use magic on him."

"Twilight is right darling, we don't know if it'll harm Mr. Cody here if we aren't careful to make him mad or anything like that." Rarity said while Twilight nodded in agreement.

"It's okay Rainbow, I'm sure that he doesn't want to hurt any pony. Plus he is feeling nice while hugging you and I think he just want to hold some pony in comfort." Fluttershy said smiling to see this adorable moment.

'Can't believe this is so embarrassing outside in Ponyville. First the Wonderbolts special show is cancelled, then the princesses are busy on some boring things, and now a human is hugging me...which he does feel kind of warm to me.' Dash thought shaking her head.

"Can we just get this 'Cody' human here into some pony's house anyway cause this is taking too long outside at night."

"That's a great idea Rainbow, we can move Cody into my castle when he wakes up in the morning. Oh this is going to be so great, I better get into writing about a human here in Equestria! I need to get all materials in check for this moment." Twilight said in excited tone.

To be continued...

Chapter 1 One adorable problem to another bad morning.

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Equestrian world, Twilight's Castle before midnight...

Putting aside to see this adorable moment, Twilight and Rarity used their magic to lift up Cody in the air. Lucky it didn't do anything to him and that he feels somehow comfortable with Rainbow Dash. For her struggles upon giving up, she gasps a bit when he uses one of his hands to scratch her ears. She tried to fight it at first, but it was too much to bare her and that she purrs like a cat then closes her eyes while feeling the pressure of relaxation.

The girls were trying not to laugh at how Rainbow is now being soft in Cody's arms to see him scratch her ears. This just got an opportunity for them to know of what it feels like from a human's touch of feeling the exact same way. So anyways, the girls we're now heading back to Twilight's new home while Pinkie Pie is still trying to bounce up into Cody's arms, but it was not going to work. So she has been putting in to some thinking of some way to try anything.

"Can I get an ear scratch from you Mr. Cody to feel your magical fingers and maybe a nice 'BIG' cuddle as well, huh?" Pinkie said with a big wide smile.

"Of course you can."


"Nope." Cody said while her smile vanished, but didn't give up that easily.

"Pleeeeease Mr. Cody sir!~"

"Not one bit."

"Pretty please with a cupcake, chocolate, vanilla and frosting on top?~"

"Nu uh."

"Hmmmmmmm why not a pranking party?"


"Ummmmm trolling with Princess Celestia?"

"Try again..."

"OH OH OH I KNOW, how about a good game with my friend Discord?!~"

"That would be lovely, but I'd prefer with this warm feeling next to me." Cody muttered while scratching one of Rainbow's ears.

"Mmmmmmm a little to the left, no the other left, yeah that's the spot." Dash said quietly giving in some moan and a happy sigh.

Pinkie had a disappointed face and her hair was now flattened, but Fluttershy came by her friend's side to comfort her.

"It's okay Pinkie, maybe he just needs to greet you to be a friend first anyways." Fluttershy said while patting her friend's back.

"Speaking of a new friend, doesn't some pony want to throw him a party tomorrow?" Applejack said winking to her friend.

"That's a great idea AJ!" Pinkie shouted while her mane's back to puffy and she hugged her friend hard then zoomed away.

Four ponies laughed a little of Pinkie being Pinkie, but had to keep it down to not wake up Cody. Although for some reason, Rarity must of saw something in Rainbow's eyes when she was licking her lips, but Rarity shook her head to see it was just nothing, maybe her eyes were just seeing things. Applejack turned her head to see if what was up with Rarity, but she just shrugs it off for now and walks forward.

As the girls including a sleeping Cody arrived in Twilight's Castle, they went inside to see both Starlight Glimmer and Spike.

"Hey there Spike and Starlight, have any of you found any book that contains Cody's human origin at all?" Twilight said to hear any good news, but she saw their frowning faces.

"Afraid not Twilight, we searched every bookshelves and not one mention of any human kind." Starlight said sighing a bit.

"Apparently that book must of been checked out by some pony else, but they haven't returned it yet." Spike said holding up the list of every pony that checked in and out for books.

Twilight had some thought to think for a moment, but something got an idea that could work.

"Not to worry Spike, I'm sure that Princess Celestia might have a just the book back in Canterlot."

"Okay then Twi, I'd better head up to bed anyways, good Rarity." Spike said when he some love in his eyes to her.

"Don't forget Spiky Wikey, remember we have more gems to dig up in about a week from now." Rarity said getting a giggle and winking at him.

While Spike went up to tuck in for some sleep, Rarity stopped her to let Starlight replace her and walk outside heading back home.

"Well ah better head back home too, Applebloom musta came back from school." Applejack said waving back to her friends.

"Me too girls, I better check up on my animal friends back home." Fluttershy said waving too and flying in the sky.

"Okay well we better tuck in too, sure you don't wanna get back home Rainbow?" Twilight asked her holding in her giggles.

"Nope don't want to, Tank will be fine in the morning." Dash said when she yawned and then nuzzled into Cody's chest.

"Say Twilight, I've been meaning to ask you, why is Rainbow in Cody's arms?" Starlight said wondering of what happened.

"Funny story there Starlight, I'll tell you when we put Cody here in bed."

Starlight nodded her head as both of them walked forward while holding onto their magic on Cody. While walking further a bit, Twilight told Starlight about sleepy Cody's sneak attack had caught Rainbow off-guard and just kept cuddling her while she tries to fight it off, but with no success. Plus Applejack tried to help, but she couldn't even pull his arm wide open. That got a shock and surprise from Starlight to see that Cody was really strong, too strong to read out when contained her giggles too to see Rainbow sleep like that.

As they head to an open room up ahead, they opened the bedroom door and let Cody sleep in the bed with Rainbow.

"Wow he must be really be a good sleepy sneaking human to catch her off-guard." Starlight said rubbing her chin.

"This is pretty impressive from Cody, but I better get going to write a letter to Princess Celestia about this." Twilight said smiling.

"Oh I wouldn't be so sure about this Twilight, I'm pretty sure Cody doesn't mind with another plushy pony like you." Starlight said snickering while backing a bit as the predator moves in for the prey.

"Huh, what are you talking about Star-" Twilight didn't finish as she was off-guard and squeaks when Cody grabs her in the arms. He went back in the covers while Rainbow didn't mind any pony right next to her and Twilight tried to get out magic, but it was no use.

"Mmmmmm you smell like violet rose perfume flower." Cody mumbled as he nuzzled Twilight's cheek when she's becoming red.

"I think that's your punishment Twilight from a few days ago, I didn't forget now, huh?" Starlight said giggling as she walks out.

"IT WAS AN ACCIDENT STARLIGHT, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE?!" Twilight whispering her shout when she starts struggling to get out of his arms.

"Sorry Twilight, I'm sure that Cody will let you go in the morning, well goodnight love birds!~" Starlight whispered as she close the door and quietly laughing for victory of getting back at her.

"Take it easy Twi, Cody is awesome at cuddling when you sleep next to him at night." Dash mumbled as sleep got to her.

'Since when have you grown so soft like that in ten minutes Rainbow?' Twilight thought when something was scratch her ears. She tried to fight it off, but her guarding body collapsed when the same feeling rubbed her neck and scratching it.

"Ohhhhh yeah...well m-maybe some sleep w-will put my m-mind at ease." She happily sighed when closing her eyes and purring.


Meanwhile, near Gryphon territory at midnight.

Daring Do has been flying by at each villages and towns just to keep a rare treasure close to her at all costs. Ever since her last encounter with her arch enemy named Ahuizotl, things didn't go so well on her journey. Now it seem that she is forced to lay low for a while until she gets back into Canterlot to deliver the treasure back in the museum.

"Great, and here I thought my last encounter with a lot of bandits didn't get my wings torn up again." Daring saying to herself.

While flying up high under each cloud to not get spotted, she sees a flash below near a couple of mountains. Shaking her head to see if it was just an illusion, she really does see something shining multiple times. She wonders if it's a trap or something else.

"I don't see any other enemies on the ground, maybe there's another treasure to dig up." She said earning a sparkling eye on her.

While descending down from above until setting down on the ground, she looks both ways for any trouble. When there's nothing to be seen, she sighs in relief and cautiously move forward. Upon arriving to the location, she sees some kind of creature that is sleeping outside on the hard ground. It didn't develop in any reports of anything in her museum booklets.

"That's strange, Princess Celestia never mention any creature like this in Gryphon territory." She mumbled tilting her head.

"I never seen this in all my life, I wonder what species this is..."

When Daring Do is grabbing up an ink to write down a full detail down in her booklet, she sees it shivering like it's getting cold.

"Hmmmmm I'll deal with the details later. Right now my friend, you need someplace warm until morning."

Looking both ways again, she spots a nearby cave and quickly drags the thing up, only to have some trouble with her wings.

"Sweet Cleestia, what is creature packing up anyways?" She said gritting her teeth struggling to fly upwards.

A few minutes had passed by, Daring was able to make it with the creature, only to pant and catching some breaths.

"Next time when another dangerous mission is posted, I'll pass and take a vacation." She said getting some sweat off of her.

Daring Do has picked up an extra large blanket and a pillow out of her pack. While unfurling the blanket out, she reaches to the creatures head, lifted it up a bit, and put the pillow underneath it's head. When she yawned and rubbing her eyes to not collapse, she gritted her teeth on the blanket and pull it up forward while she and the creature we're neatly tucked in for a nap.

"Well then goodnight creature, whoever you are." She quietly said as she used her body to sleep on this thing's stomach.

'It could be a he with this much muscle. Still though, I like hearing it's heart beat.' She thought when her eyes closed and sighed.


The next morning in Ponyville, Twilight's Castle...

When the sun has now risen up above, it reached into a window where a human and two ponies sleep soundly. Cody has been moving his head a bit from the light while Rainbow and Twilight we're snuggling up on his arms and sides. Ignoring from this feeling, Cody opened up his eyes and groaning from that painly early morning. Getting up from the bed, he ignores the things that was holding him down back on the bed and he stretches up his body to get a good composure of popping up some muscles.

"Wow I never felt this good in all of my life." He mutters to himself popping up some bones by his neck and shoulders.

After opening up his eyes widely, he pauses to see that everything in his room had something changed, literally.

'Nice going Eric, I'm not going to fall for this crystalized virtual room.' He thought snickering for a plan to get his friend back.

Shaking his head to be an illusion, he walks over to a window. Opening it up, he smells the fresh air blowing away and feels relieved to see just a normal to not completely bad happen in either way. While looking down to see how the townsfolks are doing, he froze to see that there isn't any human outside. No road, city, college, cars, trucks, guys, girls, or even arguments. Just ordinary ponies in a village town.

"Looks like I'm not in Kansas anymore, must of been world war 3 already." Cody said blinking multiple times to not go crazy.

"Good morning lovely Cody, how does it feel to sleep with two beautiful mares cuddling next to you last night, huh?" One of the voices giggled behind his back.

Cody paused in shock, only to turn slowly to see two giggling ponies in the bed that he got out of. One of them is a pony that has coloring purple with wings and a horn. The other is a blue fur, rainbow mane, and has wings. He tilted his head to see their eyes in strange colors on them, like they we're feeling left out or it was completely something else. There was only one thought that he could say.

"What the hell just happened last night?" He said scratching his head.

To be continued...

Chapter 2 Unusual greetings and learning about Equestria.

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Morning in Ponyville, Twilight's Castle...

"What the hell just happened last night?" Cody kept repeating himself over and over again walking in circles.

Everything has been happening so fast that Cody couldn't quite tell which is real or not anymore. While continuing to mumble himself about everything, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash were eyeing on Cody's cute human form running around. They were wagging their tails happily to see him quite handsome in their spiraling eyes.

"Hey Twilight, you thinking what I'm thinking on what to do with our lover Cody here?" Dash whispering to her and giggling.

"Yes I really do Rainbow, let's have some lovely fun for him to feel welcome with us in his arms." Twilight said brushing her mane.

"And what about the other ponies, including our friends that feel jealous or try to steal Cody away from us?"

"Then we better make sure to protect our loved one, especially away from my own teacher, Celestia."

Nodded their heads in agreement, they then made their way in front of him and opening up both hooves to hug him up and happily sighing o feel warm. Cody snapped out of his confused mind and saw both ponies having their eyes closed while nuzzling on his back and leg. Shaking his head to figuring out last night, he now just feels a little uncomfortable right now.

'Jeez what is up with these colorful ponies... and why are they holding onto me like this? Probably must of been something that I just did accidentally, but what is up with their own eyes?' He thought wondering why exactly.

Having a mind of his own to clear up any misunderstandings, he gently grabbed both ponies off his body and placed them on the floor one at a time. Smiling for what he did to being nice, he looked back at the ponies still with spiraling eyes with a frowning look.

"Uh are you two okay, cause I'll go get a doctor if it's okay with you." He said feeling uneasy in some way.

"Oh there's no need for that Cody, my name is Princess Twilight Sparkle. I am quite interested of knowing more about you since the last time I went to another world of Equestria with actual humans in it." Twilight said winking and twirling her tail on his leg.

"My name is Rainbow Dash, it's nice to meet you Cody. I never met an awesome and coolest cute looking human. Not like you have any wings though, but it's really amazing to me to see that you're more than any other stallion." Dash said flapping her wings to his head level while rubbing her cheek on his neck.

Cody had a sudden thought panic alert, then he had an uneasy laugh while walking backwards to the door.

"Uh I hate to break up this um liking interest and all, but I think it's better that I'll head back home for uh..." Cody's words trained off when something was holding him. It was Twilight's magic horn glowing and forcing him down on his knees when she was in front of him face to face.

"I'm afraid that won't be necessary, since this is my castle of course." She said giggling then kissed his cheek and licking his nose.

Now Cody felt more awkward of why Twilight did that to him. Worrying about that later, he had to get out of the room.

"Eh sorry Twilight, I'm not very interested right now so um, see ya!" He said barely able to break her magic and passing by her out to the window, but then he paused to see a cyan Pegasus right in front of him while she smirks at him for a sec.

"Hee hee hee you look really cute when you run like that." Dash said giggling then gave him a quick passionate kiss on the lips. A sudden shock came though his head when he was caught off-guard of what she did and some blush on his face.

Backing up a bit of what happened, he shook his head while slowly going back to the same. Looking back around him, Twilight was about to grab him with her hooves, but slightly missed the chance. Now he started to sweat when his back is against the door.

"Um couldn't you two go and uh find any other pony to be interested in?" He nervously said hoping the idea would work.

"I'm afraid not Cody, I want you as my new fiancée prince of friendship." Twilight said flipping her mane with a beautiful face.

"And I want you as my fiancée husband in Cloudsdale." Dash said while she flew and using her tail to rub his neck affectionately.

Before all was lost to Cody's well being, there was a knock on the door. Opening it up there was a young dragon with a smile on his face, but it vanished to see what was going on in this room. Cody had think of some way to get away from these mesmerizing ponies.

"Uh hey Twilight and Rainbow, what is up with you two eyeing on this human?" Spike said raised an eyebrow.

"Could you two excuse for a few minutes, you know like guy talks and stuff?" Cody said trying to smile innocently.

Twilight and Rainbow had some thoughts in their head, then nodded to them still eyeing on him. Not to take any chances left, Cody grabs the little dragon and shuts the door tightly behind him while quickly finding a couch in the next room. Cody had to catch some breaths to not think of what really happened in that room. Spike was still confused as to why the human grabbed him to run off in the next room avoid bot Twilight and Rainbow like that. So there was one way to know exactly, having some colt or stallion talk to the human.

"Hey, are you feeling alright cause I can get you some water if it helps you." Spike said patting on the human's back for comfort.

"Yeah I just need to calm down, but thank you and the names Cody Perks." He said shaking the little dragon's claw hand.

"Like wise Cody and I'm Spike, Twilight's number one assistant and the hero of the Crystal Empire."

"Wow a dragon that is an assistant to a pony, that is pretty interest and you being a good hero save an Empire."

"Yep it sure is, but how come you were running off like that from Twilight and Rainbow?" Spike said curious and tilting his head.

"Well it's hard to explain of what really happened. Also though, where am I and what is place?" Cody said looking around in interest to see everything is neatly clean with some crystals in each places.

"Okay then my good human friend, this is Equestria and you are in Princess Twilight's new home called the 'Friendship Castle'. She used to have an old tree home back then, but it was completely destroyed by a mad centaur named lord Tirek. Apparently he wants to absorb all of earth, unicorn, Pegasus, and alicorns magic to create destruction or something worse. Luckily both Twilight and her friends we're able to defeat Tirek and to restore every magic in all of Equestria. After every pony was back to normal, the item from the Tree of Harmony has grown a new castle. This is where Twilight is to rule in this 'Friendship Castle' and that we even have a cutie map in the throne room. It could only activate when Twilight or her friend's cutie marks are need for a friend's problem in any places."

"Woooow... I never expected that to happen. Could you tell me more of Twilight and her friends becoming the saviors of Equestria? I would like to hear more about how Twilight is famous before she became a princess and you being an assistant to her."

"Sure thing Cody, I like to have a good guy talk between us. So anyways, it happened in Canterlot, where Twilight is becoming a new student to Princess Celestia. She is the nicest ruler that controls both day and night..."


Meanwhile, in a cave near gryphon territory.

Eric opened his eyes and yawning a bit. He was having some sore on his bones to notice a bed of his is hard as a rock, unaware of what really happened last night while still sleeping. Rubbing off some dust in his eyes and groaning, he barely tries to get up and stretch out some sore bones, only to feel back on his back that something was on his stomach.

"That's weird and all, but why is it that I'm not up normally?" Eric muttered in wondering.

Quickly eyeing to the source, he sees some kind of cute pony with a hat on and a shirt covering it's two hooves. Her hair and tail are a mix of grey/black. Her cutie mark is a compass to him or that he just sees a tattoo on it.

"Why is there an adorable cute...colorful winged pony sleeping on my stomach?" He said scratching his head.

Not wanting to hurt the pony, he thought of something else and put a finger to boop it's nose. The pegasi scrunched her nose a bit and Eric smiled to see it adorable. Thinking of another idea, he scratches the pony's ears and it's neck just gently enough. The mare's response has melted into Eric's hand and that she was kicking her back hooves some for the feeling. A few minutes later, the pony's eyes opened up to see Eric's face and that he was smiling at her.

"EEP!" The Pegasus pony squeaked then jumped off of Eric's stomach, only to get some force on it. Rubbing it off, Eric looks back at the pony, only for her in an attack position with a whip in her mouth.

"Woah woah woah it's just a misunderstanding okay?! I'm not here to hurt you or anything else, alright?!" Eric shouted holding his hands up in the air, just to not have any weapons or anything to use.

"Who are you and what are you?" the Pegasus mare mumbled still holding the whip in her mouth.

"My name is Eric Hicks and I'm a human being, look can we just start over? You have my word that I don't have any weapons on me and I'll tell you any honest truth to give you to believe me. Does that count as a fresh start of being friends?"

The Pegasus mare had to put in some thought about what 'Eric Hicks' said to her, then she put her whip back. Still glaring at him curiously, she slowly walks over by her blanket and pillow to put them back in her bag.

"The names Daring, Daring Do and I'm a Pegasus pony." She said holding her hoof out then Eric shook her hoof using his hand.

"A pleasure to meet you Daring, by the way where am I exactly and how did I end up in this cave?"

"You must be not around here for what I'm guessing. Your in Equestia right now and near Gryphon territory. While flying up high to get back into Canterlot, I found you outside in the open at night. You were really shivering so I had to drag you in this cave. Luckily I did bring my pillow and blanket and w-well... I-I used my body on your stomach to help you get warmer. Don't worry about anything else, I didn't do anything to you while y-you were asleep." Daring said hiding her side with a bit of blush on her.

"Wow.....I didn't know that I was really freezing, thank you." He said smiled happily to her.

"Well I didn't want you freezing to death so it's alright. So uh anyways, have you heard about Equestria or Canterlot at all?"

"Hmmmmm I never heard of them, but could you tell me some things about yourself Daring?"

"Why would you want to know about my dangerous adventures?" Daring said raising an eyebrow.

"I'm actually quite interest in learning on your adventures and that you've kinda remind me someone similar to him."

Daring Do didn't know of what to say since Eric wanted to know more about her. Plus he was saying that Daring looked similar to 'him', but she doesn't know of any other pony similar to her. So she shrugs it off to know about it later. For right now, maybe she just wants to have a friend to talk to since she didn't get enough time to chat with any friends instead of going on crazy adventures. Some reason in the back of her mind, maybe Daring would also wanting to know more about Eric.

"If you are curious about my own life, then I can just tell you some things about what I do in my life story."


Back into Ponyville, Twilight's Castle...

3 hours and 45 minutes later...

"...And that is how Twilight accepted Starlight Glimmer as her new student of friendship."

Cody was able to scribble down a bunch of things on his note pad about Twilight and her friend's crazy adventures. Including the villains parts of Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, King Sombra, Sunset Shimmer, Lord Tirek, The Siren Sisters, and Starlight Glimmer. He also did heard that the only villains has reformed were, Discord, Sunset Shimmer, and Starlight Glimmer. There has been other events that each friend helped saved while also accepting Princess Luna on Nightmare Night. He does thought of something similar to Halloween, but maybe this world could have different naming holidays to say at least.

"Dang Spike, I never knew Twilight and her friends would fight to save Equestria and the rest of the world."

"Yep and I'm really happy to see that nothing can stop them for having a bond of friendship."

"So has there been any other problems concerning of any dangers?"

"Not much has happened lately, except for one time an accident occurred near Sugarcube Corner. No pony has been hurt in Ponyville since Twilight went crazy... again. She just needs to cool it down on reading books sometimes."

"How bad can one pony be of going crazy in this town?"

"Last time when Twi got crazy was when she forgot to send a friendship report to her teacher. Let's just say... she has tried to find a friendship help, but it didn't end well to find any help. So she decided to cast a love spell on her smarty pants doll. Which of course took it's effect on every pony that looks at the doll. So her teacher, Princess Celestia, has turned every pony back to normal."

"So what happened after that?"

"Well back in Twilight's used to be tree home including mine also, her friends came in to stop Princess Celestia and to say that they should have helped out on Twilight's friendship problem. So in the end, every one of us has learned a valuable and that she could stay at her home on one condition. Each one of us has to write a letter to the princess about a lesson in friendship, if and only when should we ever occur about any problems."

"Hmmmmm I thought her teacher would've punished her or worse than that."

"Not that I could think of, what makes you think she would do something much worse than that?" Spike said raised an eyebrow.

"Hey don't look at me, I'm just saying that's all. So um anyways, where was I before being in Twilight's castle anyway?"

"Before I was going to ask Rarity about a schedule for gems to dig up next week, I found you right outside the Everfree Forest. You must have collapsed from what I can tell. Do you remember anything of why you we're in that dangerous forest?"

"I never was in any forest, I was asleep along with my roommate in an apartment house."

"Is your roommate friend also a human like you?"

"Yep and his name is Eric Hicks, we both we're very best friends back then."

"Good morning Spike and you must be the human Cody Perks."

Both Spike and Cody turned their head to see Starlight Glimmer, holding up some quill and paper with her magic.

"Yep that is my name and who might you be?" Cody said holding his hand out while Starlight used her hoof to accept his shake.

"My name is Starlight Glimmer and I'm a student to Princess Twilight Sparkle."

"While you two are busy talking, I better go check up on Twilight's friends." Spike said as he got up to get outside.

"It was nice talking to you Spike!" Cody shouted waving to his friend while Spike waved back.

Getting up from the couch, Cody went into the kitchen to get some water. While trying to search for some snacks, Starlight helped him out to find some food. He thanks her and they got back onto the couch to have some chit chat.

"So what were you two talking about?" Starlight asked him while she got a quill and paper to write.

"Eh the usual, just that he was explaining to me about villains taking over the world. Only that with the power of friendship can Twilight and her friends be the hero's to stop them. Which it does have on the villain's list of taking away cutie marks, right?"

"Y-Yeah and it was very wrong of me to do that." She said having her head low to not mention her past.

"And that you tried to change history so that the 'Rainboom' never existed, like what we're you even thinking?"

She continued to hanging her head low and looking away. Cody turned his head to see her like this and it was a bad move to say since Spike did mention that she is reformed to good. Instead of knowing what to say next, he used his left hand to pet her mane while scratching one of her ears to see if that will cheer her up. In the end, it did work in only 15 seconds while she enjoyed it.

"Sorry about that Starlight, I didn't mean to make you feel down of what I said to you."

"It's okay Cody, still I never expected of you to being gentle of petting and scratching any pony's ears and manes."

"Eh I had some practices to know of how to calm any pet or animal down."

Before Starlight was going to ask him some more interesting questions, a huge explosion just went off from a room. Looking back on who it was, both Starlight and Cody looked to see Twilight and Rainbow to see them from the dust in that very room where Cody had to get away from those two. Twilight and Rainbow had some twitches in their spiraling eyes, along with a hint of anger for some reason.

More thoughts from Cody was to be on alert as he now is in a really bad situation.

"Yep.....I'm F-"

To be continued...