The Watchers

by Dimensional Librarian

First published

Twilight Sparkle is the last pony in Equestria and she has gotten the feeling that something is watching her will ill intent.

Twilight Sparkle is the last pony in Equestria and she has gotten the feeling that something is watching her with ill intent. After watching her notes upload to the servers at the Dimtec Equestrian Base, they sent Booksalot to go and comfort the lonely princess. This is his recounting of finding Twilight Sparkle and the mystery they solve.

This is just my variation of what happens at the end of Something's Always Watching

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1 Finding Twilight

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Booksalot stepped through the portal that Dimensional Technologies had made for him to use. "Okay! We'll send a full team to come bring you back in a month good luck!" shouted the pony that was running the controls for the machine before he closed it behind the elderly unicorn. Booksalot then look a look around the empty town and shivered, "Silence like this is always unsettling." He mutters to himself as he started to head in the direction of the Golden Oaks Library.

He knew from the journal Twilight was keeping that she was in the library and the chances of something of evil intent already inside. Booksalot trotted along enjoying the silence to a point but still kept an ear out for any sounds. He continued not hearing anything besides his own hoof steps until he could see the Golden Oaks Library. It started as a dull thumping sound of something large running into a solid object. Booksalot continued forward slightly picking up his pace, upon entering the library he took a look around and noticed how everything looked like it had been ransacked when he heard the *THUMP* from the stairwell leading to the basement.

"Don't let it get me!!!" came the shout of a scared Twilight Sparkle. Acting quickly Booksalot gathered his magic and fired an orb of fire down the stairwell where it struck whatever had been trying to get into the basement door. An ear splitting shriek then pierced through the air along with the crackling of fire on cloth. A large seemingly bipedal figure came tumbling up the stairs shrouded in the flames that Booksalot and cast upon it. Two red eyes stared out at Booksalot before he noticed the wings upon its back, it then darted forward and out the window taking flight and putting out the flames upon its cloak. Booksalot watched it for a moment before going down the stairs and noticing the various scratch and claw marks along the walls and the magically reinforced door.

Listening closely he could hear the scared ragged breaths of some pony on the other side. Yet he didn't knock on the door or say anything just yet as he studied the many enchantments that still stood on the door. "So I see that the spells to hold up to brunt force are the ones that are still up." He calls out loudly so his voice would carry through the door.

"Who... Who are you? Am I dead? You can't be real nopony is left." Twilight called back in response.

"That would be true Princess Twilight and I thought myself to be the last pony in Equestria." Booksalot lies telling her a story that would be believeable. "But I have been wandering around looking for Celestia and Luna this past day because they can't be gone if the Sun and Moon are still moving."

"Okay... So your a pony, but who are you?" Twilight asks with hope in her voice along with despair that she might just be hearing things.

"I'm Booksalot the Librarian. I was down in the Library when this even happened, I'm guessing that I wasn't taken is because I was so far underground and hidden behind the strongest and oldest protection spells that exist." He calmly watches as he notices the different spells come off the door and open to reveal a mentally exhausted alicorn mare. He looked into her red puffy eyes his own filled with concern as he sat down and gestured for Twilight to hug him. She used a hoof to wipe away a few tears before pulling Booksalot into the basement and hugging him tightly as she re issued her magic upon the door.

As she hugged him she silently cried the quill she had enchanted was still writing away picking up every little word and sound. Booksalot made a mental note to actually look at what it was saying later as he put a hoof around Twilight's shaking form and whispering, "It's okay, I'm here to help, everything be okay."

"I... I'm... I'm so glad... that I'm not... alone." she said between her sobs as she held onto Booksalot tighter not wanting to be separated from anypony ever again. "Please don't ever leave me." she begs

Booksalot smiled softly and held her in his hooves comfortingly "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. I promise that I won't be leaving you alone ever."

Twilight then lets Booksalot go and smiles at him happily before letting out a yawn. "I hope we can be come great friends Booksalot." She then turned and started walking around all the stacked books she had brought down to read, "I also think that if we work things right then we should be able to live in here for the rest of our lives."

"I would advise against us staying here for to long." Booksalot said getting a confused look from Twilight. "Look it was only one of whatever they are and it almost got through your spells what if it brought more like it?"

"They would break in..." Twilight said in enlightenment and lowering her head. She then looks back up and asks "What about your Library? You said it had the strongest and oldest protection spells on it. Those spells combined with my own and yours could be enough to keep them out." She sat down and clapped her hooves excietedly.

Booksalot watched her for a moment before nodding his head "Yes that could work, but Twilight you need to get some rest. I'll keep an eye out for any more dangers and we should be fine for one night." Twilight was about to argue when another yawn hit her and she nodded in agreement.

"Okay I'll get some sleep then. Good night Booksalot." And with that Twilight went to the bed she had made in her basement and laid down falling asleep almost as soon as her head touched the pillow.