Pressing Your Buttons


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Featherweight has sex with Button's mom

Even though Button is one of the younger colts in town, he still has plenty of friends in the next grade up, including his next-door neighbor Featherweight. How long can Featherweight last, though, before Button's mom's charm completely overpowers him?

No storyline. Just sex.

Commission for Dyslexic foal

Pressing Your Buttons

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“Jump over the water! Jump over the water!”

“I can’t! There are too many vampires in the way!”

“Turn left! There’s less of them over there!”

“Hold on! Let me just grab this item really qui--”

“WATCH OUT FOR THAT--Awwww maaaaannn!”

The two colts flung their controllers angrily at the ground. Button had just been given a new videogame for his birthday the week prior, and whenever Button has anything going on at his house, he invites his next-door neighbor Featherweight to come join him. They had just tried completing the same level three times in a row, but they had finally found a game that presented too much of a challenge for either of them to complete in one day.

“I’m bored with this game,” Featherweight said, leaning back onto Button’s bed. “You wanna go see what Applebloom is up to?”

“Today’s the Sisterhooves Social,” Button said, sighing. “I bet half of Ponyville is going to be attending.”

“Wanna go to the Everfree Forest? I bet there’s something to do there.”

Button stood up with an agitated tone in his step, walking to the console and taking the game out. “Come on. I bet we have something here somewhere.”

As Button searched through his games, Featherweight continued lazily naming off different things they could do. “Wanna just go to the social? I bet there’ll be lots of girls our age there.”

“Dude, I don’t even have a cutie mark yet. What makes you think I’d wanna go just to see a bunch of fillies?”

“Well, there’s Sugar Cube Corner, we could go to the library and mess with the dragon, we could goof around at quills and sofas--”

“Are you just naming everything in Ponyville?”

“...Do you think if we were unicorns we’d be able to make videogames with magic?”

Button slapped his hoof to his face, sliding his eyelid as his hoof slipped down his face. “If you want, I can let you play that Power Ponies game by yourself. I can just watch.”

“Whoa, seriously?” Featherweight asked, now sitting up at full attention. “Put it in!”

“Kiiiids!” a melodical voice rang. The two colts turned to see a breathtaking mare standing in the doorway to Button’s room, her eyelashes batting in a subtle way that made the white colt’s stomach turn. Her golden mane sparkled as the sun shone through the window, hitting her in a way that beautifully illustrated all of her stunning tones. With a smile that made Featherweight involuntarily shiver, she asked, “What can I make you two for lunch?”

“I’m fine with whatever Featherweight wants,” Button said, turning to his friend, but as Featherweight’s gaze locked onto his mother’s crystal stare, he completely lost focus of everything but the tingles in his chest. “Featherweight? You OK, bud?”

“What?” Featherweight said, coming back to reality. “Oh, yeah, cream pie--I mean ice cream sandwiches--I mean… Sandwiches work for me.”

The golden maiden giggled at Featherweight’s flustered demeanor, sending his emotions into a newfound flurry. As his eyes took over for his ears once again, he could barely make out her angelic voice ask, “Are you cut?”


Button’s mom took a step back. “I asked if you wanted your crusts cut.”

“Oh… Just however Button likes his is fine with me.”

“Great! I’ll be back in a few minutes. Be sure not to eat anything before I get back!” As soon as the mare was out of sight, the two boys began chuckling. “I mean it, Button!” she said, popping back in the doorway with a scolding demeanor. “I know about your little candy stash in your dresser, and I don’t want you filling up before lunch again!”

“Aww maaaannnn!” Button said solemnly, eliciting chuckles from his mother as she walked to the kitchen. “What do you think, Featherweight? Should I pop it in?”

Featherweight’s eyes hadn’t yet left the doorway, leaving him caught in his dreamworld where Button’s mom could pop back in at any minute. “Huh?” Featherweight mumbled, his eyes still locked in place. “Yeah, sure. Why don’t you take the first turn? I’ll be back in a sec.”

Button quickly moved over to his game station and began perusing through his selection, which Featherweight used to make his way out of his room and into the adjacent kitchen. That’s when he saw her again, a goddess in a mare’s body. Her mane draped over her shoulder as her mouth picked up a butter knife and slid its way across the open jar of peanut butter. She was so skilled with her mouth. Every stroke was gentle yet strategic. He needed to see what else she could do.

“Uhhh, excuse me?”

Button’s mom jumped, her knife practically flinging to the ceiling as she turned hastily on the spot. “Oh, Featherweight, it’s just you,” the mare said, beginning to catch her breath. “I didn't realize you were behind me.”

“Yeah, I’m kind of a ninja. Once followed three girls for days without any of them noticing me taking pictures of them. Ever heard of the Foal Free Press?”

“Umm… No?”

“Not to brag, but I’m chief of staff over there. If you want, I could see about getting you an interview sometime.”

“That’s… very nice of you, but I’m not sure if I’d want all that attention.”

“Come here. Let me tell you something.” The mare’s eyes darted back in forth with uneasiness, and even though she wasn't sure whether or not she should, her kindness got the better of her. She didn't want to affect his friendship with Button, after all. As the worried mare approached Featherweight, he came closer himself and said softly, “I don’t believe you don’t want the attention.”

Button’s mom was completely taken aback. “What? What do you mean?”

“Does anyone ever tell you what a great job you do around here?”

“I… Well… I guess not.” Button’s mom then broke eye contact as she began to sheepishly run her hoof in circles on the floor.

“I think you want the attention because what girl wouldn’t like to feel appreciated? You do so much for this family everyday. You cook, clean, and make sure everypony is happy, just for the sole reason that it gives you a good feeling inside.” Featherweight began subtly scooting himself closer, and even though the mare beside him could see his advancements, she let him proceed further.

“K-keep going,” she said, still too embarrassed to make eye contact as her cheeks began to glow.

“You just want somepony to notice how hard you work with no thought of anything in return. Taking care of others may be your talent, but would it hurt for somepony to do something to make you happy for a change?” Button’s mom began to run her hoof up and down Featherweight’s back discreetly, urging him to continue.

“I know what you want, and I don’t think you can hide it much longer. You want to feel valuable. You want to feel desirable. You want to feel beautiful, and you wanna know something else?” Featherweight placed his hoof on the mare’s cheek, gently guiding her face until she finally made eye contact. “You’re not just valuable; you’re a necessity. You’re not just desirable; you’re inescapable. You’re not just beautiful…” His face grew closer to her trembling lips, and as his hoof guided her mouth towards his, she did not object. “...You’re irresistible.”

The pegasus colt then began to gently guide the mare’s face closer to his own, and despite the inner voices in her head screaming what a bad idea this was, she felt herself moving closer to his lips. Her eyelids slowly began to seal themselves shut as their mouths drew closer together, making it easier for her to delve into the deviancy without her better judgement kicking in.

Then, with a new commitment to succumb to her sensations, she finally felt the tender juvenile lips beginning to violently press against hers. It was actually kind of cute for the mare to experience what felt like the young colt’s first attempt at kissing a girl, which she planned to take full advantage of. With a sultry vigor, she wrapped the foal in her arms in a way that was far from motherly, her hooves searching for any sensitive spots on Featherweight’s back. She actually felt a sense of power in being able to use her talents to teach a colt something she’d never be able to teach her son as she tactfully guided his lips where she wanted them.

Button’s mom suddenly broke the kiss to begin giggling to herself. “How am I doing?” she asked playfully.

“Well,” Featherweight started, trying to sound more confident than flustered, “in my experience, you’re doing pretty well.”

Holding back more giggles, the mare ran her hoof through Featherweight’s mane. “I hope I’m as good as those other girls. If not, I’d have to think of a way to 1-up them.”

Her voice was a soothing serenade that her eyelids danced to, making his heart beat so quickly that he could begin to feel his blood coursing from outside his body. Her golden mane slid down her neck as her lips touched back down to Featherweight’s, lifting his chin to her level. This kiss, however, lasted much shorter, used mainly just to tease the young boy in his hormonal excitement, leaving him with a wink and a cute smile.

“Y-you’re doing OK,” Featherweight stuttered, not sure whether or not underselling her would get her to go even further with him.

“Just OK? Awwww. That’s not what I wanted.” Button’s mom then got to her hooves, moved her way to the kitchen counter and jumped on, sitting back and spreading her legs to give the colt what was probably his first time seeing female anatomy in real life. “Maybe my other lips would be better kissers.”

She looked just like a model, leaning back on her hooves and giving Featherweight a half-lidded grin that made him feel like the hottest colt in Equestria. Despite the mare’s beauty, though, his eyes held fixated on her lower folds which thinly veiled her enticing opening. He shakily approached the mare, periodically checking back to see if she was still OK with him doing this, but the colt’s innocence just made her want him that much more. As he finally arrived at the mare’s slightly parted slit, he gulped, closed his eyes and slowly leaned his tongue forward until it eventually touched down against her marehood.

“Mmm!” Button’s mom moaned at the feeling of his tongue parting her labia. “That’s it! Now go inside me!”

The taste was completely foreign to him, but the feeling of his member growing between his legs at the sound of the moaning mare made him completely forget about that. Despite her eager cries for penetration, Featherweight ran his tongue in circles around her opening, teasing her insides as he caressed the skin between her folds. Button’s mom bit her lip and slammed her hoof against the counter, trying to both enjoy the pleasure and endure its torture. As badly as she wanted the feeling of his tongue inside her, however, the foreplay was enough to keep her on just the edge she wanted.

His tongue was so small compared to anything she’d ever felt before, but that just made her feel even more powerful, even more in control, as well as excruciatingly sexy. Her mind switched back and forth between ideas of who would dominate the other. Sure, she wanted to be put in her place like the dirty girl she was, but the idea of taking out her own sexual curiosity on such an inexperienced colt seemed too alluring to pass up.

Grinning in mid-pant, she asked, “You know where girls really like being touched? Let me show you.” The mare then placed her hoof against the back of Featherweight’s head and tilted him to where his tongue danced up and down her throbbing clitoris. The sudden delicate sensation on her anatomy made her fall forward in a loud, lustful moan. She pulled her hoof away from Featherweight’s head and brought it to her mouth while her other hoof kept her balance on the kitchen counter, hoping she wasn’t being too loud yet thriving in the pleasure that ensnared her senses.

“Mom?” a voice called out from across the house. “Are you OK?”

“I’m fi--AH! So good…”


Button’s mom quickly pulled the pegasus colt off of her nether regions, afraid that if he kept going, she wouldn't be able to finish a coherent sentence. “I’m good, honey! I just stubbed my hoof is all!”

The mare then wobbled her way back down to the floor, doing her best not to fall on top of Featherweight as she tried regaining feeling back to her hooves. She then moved to a drawer beside her, pulled out a rag, and began wiping away the feminine secretion that she leaked onto the counter.

“Soooo…” Featherweight started awkwardly. Having no experience in this type of situation, he had no idea whether it was normal to just go back to what they were doing or pretend it never happened. “Does that mean we’re finished?”

“I’m sorry, Featherweight,” the golden maiden said, leaning down to eye level with the rag in her mouth and wafting the intoxicating smell of her liquid pleasure into Featherweight’s nose. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea. What if Button caught us? Do you think he’d want you over again if he saw us having sex?”

“I guess not…” The message stung in the poor foal’s heart, but at the same time, he couldn’t help the arousal he got at the mare’s word choice, a sight that did not go unnoticed.

“That didn't turn you on, did it?” she said playfully, batting her eyes for added measure.

“What?! No!” The colt took a few steps back, chuckling awkwardly as he tried to fib his way out of embarrassment. “I mean, I’ve heard that word loads of times.”

“What word? You mean sex?” The colt’s breathing began to pick up, trying both to fight the growing feeling between his legs and begging himself to give into his carnal desires. “I think it does turn you on. I think you want to have sex with me.”

His shaft began to grow completely unsheathed, knowing how much he wanted it and begging for the first excuse he could get to act on it. “I… I think you want to have s-s-sex with me!”

“You want it to go in my vagina?”

Featherweight squeezed his eyes shut, his chest expanding further than his shaft with each breath he took. His youthful inexperience was making the experience both painful and enthralling, but if he made the wrong move, the mood would die, leaving him with a boner he wouldn't be able to hide with just a controller. As he opened his eyes, though, the mare was right there in his face, giving him the most beautifully enticing stare he could imagine.

“I… I…”

Without thinking, he pulled the rag from the mare’s mouth and went back to kissing her, moving his tongue wildly to translate his youthful arousal. The mare grinned at first at how cute it was how Featherweight flicked his tongue randomly throughout her mouth, but gradually, she began to get lost in the enthrallment and find herself just as aroused as she was before.

She then drifted her hoof down Featherweight's side, sliding methodically until she came in contact with the colt’s growing member. The foal reflexively shifted his hips to where his length was in her grasp, taking her aback at the stiffness of the modest member. Then, adding her own tongue, she began to gently tug his penis back and forth, caressing the soft end until she felt it completely stiffen in her hoof. Her strokes were long and deliberate so that she could feel the pulse of blood running up his vein, getting itself ready for what he really wanted.

Breaking the kiss without warning, the foal then lifted his hooves up to the adjacent kitchen table and clumsily lifted himself up to the exact position the mare was in on the counter. Stroking his own shaft as sultrily as he could and giving his friend’s mother the most seductive grin he had, he motioned for the mare to come closer. Button’s mom had to hold back laughter from the gesture, but at the same time, it made her want to get him off that much more.

Approaching him unhurriedly, she ran her hoof around the inside of his thigh, her warm breath beating against his crotch and making his hormones beg for contact. With another breath beclouding his groin, the mare placed her lips inside his thigh just a few millimeters away from his shaft, giving him the most painful teasing thus far.

“Suck on it,” the colt blurted out, and to his demise, the mare pulled her face out from between his legs. “Wait! You don’t--I didn’t--”

“Ask nicely,” the mare said softly, returning her hoof to caress the colt’s member.

“C-could you please suck my dick for me?”

The golden mare giggled. “Much better.”

Without any more hesitation, Button’s mom engulfed the entirety of Featherweight’s shaft into her mouth, deepthroating his cock as far into her mouth as it would go and methodically sliding her lips back to the tip. The newfound sensation completely caught the colt off guard, his upper body spasming at the touch of her teeth gently grazing against his skin. With her eyes closed and head bobbing back and forth against his member, Featherweight placed his hoof against the back of her head and ran through her mane while trying to bring her back to that deepthroating position.

Button’s mom’s tongue swirled in circles around the child’s phallus, dancing up the bottom and covering him in saliva while her mouth suctioned his steadily growing member. As much as the feeling enthralled him, however, he knew that he wanted to try so much more before he reached his impending climax, which was approaching quicker by the second.

“Ummm… I have another favor to ask,” Featherweight said, trying to be polite like before.

“Yeeees?” Button’s mom replied with half-lidded eyes, using her hoof to take the place of her absent mouth.

“D-do you wanna get up here and… d-do it?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” The mare then kissed the tip of Featherweight’s dick and hopped onto the kitchen table. Featherweight’s breathing was visibly strong, his rising chest only barely hiding his heart slamming against his chest. The colt then repositioned himself to a lying stance and waited for the mare above him to take her own position. “You ready, dear?”

A thousand thoughts went through the colt’s mind at once. Everything the mare did overwhelmed him with arousal that threatened to send him over the edge, but knowing that his virginity would be gone the second she sat down on top of him absolutely terrified him. Still, though, this was the mare of his dreams, and even if he couldn’t be with her emotionally, he couldn't imagine another woman he’d want to have riding his cock for the first time. Biting his lip, he nodded his head, leading the mare to descend onto his crotch until his length parted her marehood.

The golden maiden groaned in pleasure, partly at the sensation of the head of his penis rubbing against her inner walls, partly due to the idea of being the colt’s first lover. She bounced idly onto his groin, her eyes fixated on the cute lustful expression plastered on his face. The more his innocent expression aroused her, however, the harder it became to keep her own lust under control.


“Oh, that’s so good.”


The colt’s hips were now matching her own, which made it all the more difficult for her to stifle her growing elation.

“I can’t--” she muttered in falsetto between high-pitched breaths. “I can’t keep it in much longer. It’s so good. Fuck me harder! Ahhhhh!”

Featherweight’s hips began to crash harder, thrusting his hips in an attempt to wreck her pussy. He could feel the muscles inside his groin begin to tense up, but he wasn’t ready quite yet. Pulling himself out, he pushed the mare onto all fours and leaned her farther forward on the table. Then, standing on his hind hooves, he grabbed the mare by the cutie mark and penetrated her again, pushing her lube out to drip down her vulva.

The newfound idea of the child pinning her down and dominating her completely shattered her volume filter, sending her screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Button, close your door! Ah!!! And put on your headphones!” The mare then waited until she heard the sound of a door closing before she screamed until her voice cracked.

Featherweight grabbed harder as his pace picked up, getting a prime view of her butt as her back arched into his pelvis at mach speeds. Sweat covered their bodies as the mare’s nectar decorated Featherweight’s shaft. Button’s mom couldn’t even open her eyes anymore from the painful pleasure that made her legs go weak.

The feeling was becoming too strong, and Featherweight knew he couldn't keep it in anymore. Grabbing ahold of his friend’s mom’s waist, he pulled himself as close to her cervix as he could get and began to pour liquid desire inside her clenching lady lips. The initial blow took the wind out of Featherweight's lungs in a gasp against her back, making the lust-filled mare’s voice shatter one more time. As his crotch kept a steady decreasing pace into the mare’s womanhood, so too did her own breathing and moaning begin to subside in a gradual passionate descension.

Just as soon as he felt like he had poured his entire seed into her nether region, he weakly wobbled his way out and fell back onto the kitchen table. As soon as she felt his penis exit her body, however, she quickly turned around and put her mouth back onto the foal’s crotch, sucking up all the remaining semen from his hole and licking up the remainder of her lube left on his flesh.

“Umm… Actually…” Featherweight mumbled, beginning to blush. “I-it was actually kinda warm in there… C-could I just keep your girl juice on my dick, j-just for my walk home later? I promise I’ll stay sheathed up so no one will notice!”

Button’s mom rolled her eyes and smiled. “OK, but make sure nobody can smell me from inside your sheath.”

“I promise!”

The mare then lifted her rump into the air again, and taking the same standing stance as before, Featherweight plunged his member into her orifice, moved his shaft around her walls and pulled out again with a shaft covered in female secretion.

“Feel better now?”

“Yeah! Much better! Thank you Mrs. Button’s Mom!”

“You’re welcome.” Button’s mom then patted Featherweight on the head and hopped off of the table. “Now hurry back to Button’s room. I still have to make you two lunch, and I don’t want to be tempted into doing anal before your bread gets stale.”

“Umm…” the colt mumbled, scratching the back of his head and beginning to blush. “W-what’s anal?”

Button’s mom froze, but Featherweight’s embarrassed smile held firm. With a smirk and another roll of her eyes, she replied, “Why don’t I show you?”

The mare then hopped back onto the table and turned her back to the colt. Lunch could wait at least a few more minutes, after all...