Rainbow Zap

by MyLittleGeneration

First published

The competitive and athletic Rainbow Blitz finds an unusual competitor that challenges him to a race: Indigo Zap. He takes the challenge from the athletic Shadowbolt, but there's a little more to that...

After the events of the Friendship Games, things with the Shadowbolts didn't just end there... Romance has bloomed between students from Crystal Prep and Canterlot High...

The competitive and athletic Rainbow Blitz finds an unusual competitor that challenges him to a race: Indigo Zap. He takes the challenge from the athletic Shadowbolt, but there's a little more to that...

(Canterlot High students are 63'd, Crystal Prep will be still girls.)

Rainbow Zap

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A bright, sunny day was occurring on the grounds of Canterlot High, and a blue-skinned man wearing a black hoodie and a backpack walked towards the soccer field. It's only been a couple of days since the Friendship Games, and after a bit of help picking up debris, the school was nice and clean. But the man could care less about how the school looks. He cared about the sporting field.

"Hello, field!" the man said, taking off his hood. His rainbow-colored hair showed in the light. "Ain't it good to see you beautiful as ever again?" He unzipped his hoodie, and threw it on the bleachers that were beside him, along with the backpack. "Been a while."

He wore a blue jacket with a white muscle shirt underneath, having a rainbow thunderbolt in the center of his chest. Below, he wore blue shorts with two white, vertical lines on them. He also had a nice pair of white Air Jordans, too. He approached the running track, the light breeze blowing his messy hair along the walk.

He stopped once he set foot on the track, the white starting line below him at his feet. He prepared himself and went into running start position. He took a deep breath...

And released.

"And you're off!"

Rainbow lept forward and was surprised by the random shout, which threw him off. He plopped his face on the ground. "Grr..." he mumbled, face still on the polyurethane ground. He lifted himself up, hearing a slow clap. "The hell-" He looked at the bleachers to see only one person clapping. "Wha-"

He looked at the person, who looked familiar. It was a girl, but not just any girl. She had light amber skin, blue-cerulean hair with arctic blue streaks running through, and the eyes glowed a gamboge color. But what was more recognizable was her outfit. It was a Shadowbolts uniform, and her sleeves were rolled all the way back, having sweat bands on her wrists. Not too forget the random goggles on the top of her head. She clapped slowly, smiling. "I see you're back on track?"

Rainbow got up and brushed himself off. "Yeah, I'm having a little dash, that's all, Indigo." he said. The former Shadowbolt athlete got up and walked towards him. "What are you here for?"

"Oh?" Indigo said. "I can't hang out on the tracks? Moi?"

Blitz chuckled. "I ain't saying that, Zappy-"

"I told you not to call me that." Zap interrupted. "Kay, Rainy?" She grew a small smirk.

"Touche." Blitz said. He continued, "Anyways, I'm just saying, I thought you were gonna hang with your athletic friends."

"They're busy." she said, crossing her arms. "They're just doing stuff too awesome for a 'soft spot' like me." She let a little frown.

"Indigo?" Blitz questioned. "What's too awesome?"

Zap let out a sigh. "Well, you know when I helped pick you up the day the Friendship Games happened?" The man nodded. "Well, my friends thought I wasn't so tough by helping my competition, even if you guys were gonna die or something! So, they thought of me a little less, that's all. Also because I denied being in such a, and I quote, 'School of Absolute Honor'. Instead, I go to some 'School of Absolute Weakness'." Indigo chuckled. "Idiots..."

"Hey, don't let them get to you." Blitz said. "They're just jealous you went to a kick-ass school like Canterlot." Indigo softly smiled.

"I'm not too bothered with it, it's just that they're just leaving me out because I did something good."

Blitz shrugged. "Well, life's tough and has it's kind of people. There's people like that out there. But hey, it's all better here, so I'm sure things'll get well soon."

Indigo rolled her eyes. "Maybe..."

"Hey, at least you still have competition you might win against." he commented.

Indigo raised her brow. "Competition I might beat?" she asked, a little bit of anger in her voice. "Who?"

Rainbow smiled cockily. "I dunno. Maybe someone like... me?" He pointed at himself. Indigo let out a laugh. "What's so funny?" he asked, still having the cocky smile glued to his face.

"You?" she said. "Kid, I've tasted blood and sweat altogether before against great athletes. It's fitting to call me a superstar. But you?"

"Eh, you might not know."

"Oh, you're ON." She set up on the starting line. "How long should we go?"

Blitz set up aside her. "I say ten laps around." Indigo gasped. "What? Too many?" he joked.

"Nah, I'm just throwing you off." she answered, giggling. Rainbow smiled a bit. "C'mon, when do we start this thing?"

"Let's see..." Rainbow said, tapping his chin with his finger. He looked around... "Butterscotch!" he yelled, seeing the shy gentlemen casually strolling.

"GAH!" he said, jumping in place. He turned to look at Blitz on the field. "B-Blitz?!"

"Yeah!" he shouted back in response. "You mind to just count down from 3, 2, 1, go?"

"Oh, well, th-that'd be nice, b-but I got to do stuff with So-"

"C'mon. Just do it, then you can do your biz."

Butterscotch nodded. "A-Alright..." He took a big gulp. "Three..." His body shook. "Two..." The two athletes were ready to the gills. "One..." Butterscotch closed his eyes, though he heard nothing. He opened his eyes.

"C'mon, say go!" both of the athletes said.

"Uh... G-" Immediately, both competitors ran, and Butterscotch jumped. "Eep!" He immediately ran off, his duty done.

The two sprinted around the track, racing each other until one reached ten. Both felt cocky. "Got any money on me?" Blitz asked his opponent.

"Nope." Indigo answered, almost out of breath. "Never will."

Blitz nodded, passing the white line with Indigo. "We'll see."

The athletes' legs burned while they sprinted around the large track, but they just won't give. Never will they show any weakness here. Blitz got in the lead at one point, but then Indigo made it up with a comeback, but then Blitz would catch up, eventually making them running at even speed. Didn't look like anyone had the lead.

"Push yourself, Blitz." the blue man told himself out loud. "Push it!"

"I'm the better athlete, Blitz, admit it." Indigo said, smiling widely. They were on the eighth lap, and they still were running at the same pace, directly side by side. "I'm always the strong one. I never go soft on any-" Suddenly, she stopped speaking.

'Soft...' she thought. 'On anyone...' She got a quick flashback of words echoing in her head.

'Weak! What the hell were you thinking of helping the others? So much for a badass.'

'Yeah, nice going. You cost us the game cause you got a little tangled up in some magic. What are you, a rookie?'

'Helping not just opponents, but the RIVAL? You should've just let them go. I thought you said you had strength.'

'Idiot. You're a soft one. We thought you were better than that. Just... Go away. C'mon, girls, let's leave this soft spot in the dust...'

Zap quickly had a change in her facial expression. Some reason, she had tears in her eyes. Not big, but pretty small. She narrowed her eyes and seemed to have an angry look. "Soft spot... my ass." she muttered under her breath.

Blitz looked at her, noticing the teary-eyed, angry Zap. "Indig-"

Immediately, she sprinted the fastest she has ever ran. Making a huge lap, her legs burned intensely. Blitz followed up, running faster. "Woah, Indigo!"

Indigo looked back, seeing Blitz run after her. "I ain't a soft spot for nobody... Nobody!" She looked back forward, though was dumbfounded to forget something. The insane speed she was running and that she was meeting up a turn. She ran off the track straight forward into the metal wire fence, her foot meeting up with a large, odd-shaped rock. She tripped quickly and her body twisted a bit mid-fall. Once she crashed, Blitz was at the turn she forgot.

Blitz stared at Indigo, noticing her almost unconscious. She slowly moved her hand towards her ankle. "Oh no..." Blitz said quietly to himself, worried.

"My... My ankle." Indigo muttered loudly. "My ankle..." She slowly got up, but felt a sharp pain. "Ow, dammit!" She went back down.

Blitz took action and went towards her, kneeling in front of her ankle. "Don't move!" he said, looking at the ankle.

"What?" she said, confused. "Get the hell away! Go finish the race! I don't n-need no damn help!"

"Yes you do." Blitz said, still examining the ankle. "Where does it hurt?"

"Does it matter?" A couple of tears came down her cheeks as she turned to face Blitz. "I'll be fine, just... Just finish the-"

"I ain't finishing shit, Zap. You hurt yourself, I ain't going to leave you here and cross a stupid white line." he said. He gently touched the ankle, which Indigo flinched. "Probably bad idea to do that..." he said to himself, feeling a little guilty. "Here, just rest."

Indigo rolled her eyes. "Fine." she said, very annoyed.

Blitz bit his lip a bit as he was going to ask a compromising question. "You don't mind if I take off the boot, right?"

Indigo rolled her eyes again. "Just... Do what the hell you want..." Blitz could easily tell the sadness in her voice. He didn't know what just went with her in the last minute, but something happened. However, he had to focus on her ankle.

He took off the boot, lowered her sock, and got a nice look of her ankle. He traced his fingers as gently as possible around the area. Fortunately, not much was ruined. He felt a bit of burning and a tiny bump, but other than that, she was fine, thankfully. "You're good." he said. "You'll, of course, have trouble walking, but you're fine."

Indigo looked at him. "Fine? With a messed-up ankle?" she questioned. Blitz looked at her again, and saw both sweat and tears. He heard a soft sniffle coming from Indigo. Now, it would be a good time for him to ask his question.

"Indigo... What was that?"

"What was what?"

"You all of a sudden sprinting wildly, saying how you went soft on nobody, and then not noticing you were bolting straight off course, tripping on the rock. And plus, you're crying." he pointed out.

Indigo sniffled, and wiped away her tears quickly. "What? Never saw a person cry over pain before?"

"Oh, come on, Indigo, something happened." He put his arms under her, and lifted her, shocking Blitz. While she didn't want to be picked up, she kept her mouth shut. He walked over to the bleachers, set her down, keeping her leg with the injured ankle set nicely, and sat next to her. Reaching into his backpack, he got a biofreeze spray and sprayed it on her ankle. "What's wrong?"

Indigo stuttered, "I-I-I..." She finally let out a sigh. "It's about my friends... When I was saying how I wasn't going soft on you, it got back to me. All my friends, thinking me as soft for being a hero... All because I called myself a tough girl going only for the win, and I always had, but at that time, you were going to die and shit, and I... I..." A couple of tears brushed down her cheek. "I don't know... Maybe... Maybe I am soft..."

Blitz rested his hand on her shoulder. "Hold it, you're not soft." he said. "You're a tough girl. I mean, you saved our lives by bringing us up. Who knows, maybe we could've been heavy and would've fallen in whatever we were falling into." He chuckled a bit, but Indigo's face was still upset. "Listen, don't listen to your friends. They just don't understand, that's all. They're kinda cruel thinking you as a 'soft spot' for saving lives. And hey, you still kick ass. You run amazingly, you play sports like a legend, and you're still the athlete that you are."

Indigo rolled her eyes. "Please..."

"No, Indigo, I'm serious. I mean, just helping an opponent or rival, or being helped by one, like now... That doesn't make you anything less. You had to help us, and right here, you needed help. That isn't wrong at any circumstance."

Indigo rubbed her arm. "I... Just, whatever, Blitz."

"Hey, I won't be the only one to tell you that." Blitz said. "Trust me, the others will say the same." He stared at the damaged ankle. "Hmm... Yeah, would probably be good to get this bandaged and stuff, huh?"

"What do you think, dork?" Indigo said. "Here, just call a doctor or something."

"Actually, I have a med-kit at my home." he brought up.

Indigo raised a brow. "Oh, your home? And I suppose it'll just come up here from out-of-nowhere?"

He shook his head. "No. My house isn't to far. I can just-" He suddenly stopped, blushing a tad of pink on his face. "Well... Bring you to my house."

Indigo's eyes widened. "You're... You're kidding me, right?"

Rainbow felt his blood run quick and his face felt like it was on fire. "Listen, j-just get bandaged up and you can leave, or something. Call up Lemon."

Indigo was about to yell, but she stopped herself. She let out a sigh, and said, "Alright."

Blitz looked up. "Okay... Uh..." He scratched the back of his head. "I suppose I can have you hop on my back, if that's... alright."

Indigo shrugged. "If that makes it easier. Just bring me over back to my shoe and march me to your house." Blitz turned around, and Indigo slowly scooted towards his back. Blitz hooked his arms under her legs, and stood up. At first, Indigo was amazed as he picked her up with ease. Either she's light, or he's strong. Maybe both. "You really think you can handle me?" she asked.

Blitz nodded, letting out a chuckle. "I've carried worse. Don't worry, you're easy to carry."

Indigo raised a brow. "Who's 'worse'?"

Rainbow let out a dreadful sigh. "I've carried an injured guy before... Like two hundred pounds. Almost broke my back."

"Jeeze." Indigo said, feeling empathetic for him. "Well, let's just get this old ankle fixed up."

After a ten-minute walk of Blitz carrying Indigo, they finally made it to the man's house. Blitz reached in his pocket to pull out his keys. Unlocking the door, it opened up, revealing the inside of his house. Blitz walked towards his couch, and laid Indigo down. Her foot rested on the armrest. "Be right back." he said, going towards the bathroom.

Indigo looked around the house, admiring some of the furniture. He had some photos of himself, usually at sports games, blue walls, and a large, flat-screen television set with a game console. She laid her head back, thinking about the situation she was in. All of a sudden... Things just happened. She talked to Blitz, he was nice to her, she broke her ankle, he helped her, and now she's trying to get it fixed, and Blitz is trying to heal it. He was being such a nice guy, for an athlete with a competitive attitude like her. Felt... kinda neat.

Blitz came back with a first-aid kit in hand. "Alright, so... I'm gonna be bandaging it up a bit. Just... don't freak out. I'll admit I'm not the best at this." he said nervously. A nervous chuckle came out of his mouth, along with a blush that appeared. Indigo softly smiled. He was kinda cute... "Let me just take this..."

He grabbed a large bandage roll and a giant ice pack from the kit. Very carefully, he wrapped the bandage around, slowly pressing the ice pack on some parts of the ankle. "Again, I-I'm not the best at this. You still might need a doctor." His blush got a little brighter. This made Indigo smile a little more.

'Is... Is he nervous about fixing up my ankle?' she thought, mentally giggling. 'Ah, poor kid. And here I thought he was a tough guy. But still...' Her face brightened up a little. 'He is a helpful dude...'

Blitz finally bandaged up her ankle, the entire ankle wrapped in the cloth. He stepped back and let out a quiet sigh of relief. "So..."

"So..." Indigo said, rubbing her shoulder.

"Want me to get you a soda?" he offered. Indigo nodded. "Alright. Be right back."

He left the living room to enter the kitchen, which Indigo thought a little more to herself. 'Gee... Nice guy.' she thought. 'You know... He is a helluva lot better than my old friends.' She felt her cheeks burn up. 'Heh, I wonder...'

Rainbow came back holding two cans of Pepsi, and handed one to Indigo. "Hope you like Pepsi." he said with a light chuckle. Taking a sip, he softly smiled. "So... You wanna head back?"

Indigo's eyes widened. "What?"

Blitz flinched back a little from the sudden action. "Woah... I'm just saying, you wanna head back? I mean, we just needed to fix up the ankle and all that."

"Oh really?" she said. "Cause, I just figured maybe we can hang tight here."

Blitz was a little surprised. "Oh, alright." he said. "Um... What do you wanna watch?"

"Just hand me the remote really quick." she said. "I know a good show that's coming on."

"What is that?" he asked.

"You'll see." she said with a sure smile. Rainbow shrugged. He got up, walked over to the remote, which was next to the TV, and looked at Indigo, about to toss it. "Wait!" she said. "I usually don't catch these very well. Uh, could you just... hand it over?"

Blitz raised up a brow. "Alright..." He slowly walked up to Indigo, lying down on the couch. He handed over the remote. "There, now what's the show you were talking a-"

And quickly, Indigo grabbed his shirt collar tightly, immediately alarming Blitz. But before he could react, Indigo drew him... closer. Blitz couldn't believe the face he saw the next second, nor could he believe what happened after that. No time was wasted, as Indigo drew his head close to hers, soon bringing their lips together. The two connected, and Blitz's eyes widened.

"MMPH!" he said, stunned. Indigo pushed their lips together a little harder. Blitz couldn't believe that all of a sudden, this girl he was just starting to know, was kissing him. He could taste the strawberry flavor from her lips, and could also see her eyes, closed lightly. Blitz closed his own, and the kiss continued. Nothing sloppy, like a make-out, but just a sweet, long kiss. Indigo wrapped one hand behind his head, feeling his hair, wet from the sweat earlier, but she didn't mind one bit.

Soon, Indigo released the kiss, and Blitz almost stumbled back. He could see the light smile coming from the tomboy. "You got a little scared there?" she said, smiling. "I would've seen it coming."

Blitz almost had nothing to say, hell, almost couldn't let anything escape his mouth. "I-I... What was that for?" he asked. Not in an angry manner, but in a rather confused one.

"Just... take it as a thanks." she said. "Seriously, thanks for being there and help my ankle, whatever the condition is."

"It's probably all well." he said. He just realized that he was blushing a deep red, and so did Indigo. "I-I'm sure of it. Just... be a little careful and don't let anything bother ya, alright?"

Indigo's smile grew. "That's what I liked to hear from you." Blitz raised a brow, and then Indigo dragged him by his collar and kissed him again. Blitz didn't show any signs of shock, this time. Instead, he kissed her back.

The two kept kissing, not making out, just like last time. But Blitz didn't really want that. He pushed his tongue slowly, and Indigo immediately did the same. The two quickly traded tongues, taking the air right out of them. A light moan came out from Indigo, and the two eventually released again. Indigo grinned.

"I really didn't see this coming too quick." she noted. "And might I say, you enjoyed yourself a little too much there, all-star." She gave him a playful wink.

"Well, same could go for you." he said, giving off his smile, teeth showing. Indigo traced her finger around his chest.

"Never really thought romance could be introduced in my life. Hell, didn't know anyone would care that much."

Blitz shook his head. "Oh no." He traced a finger under the girl's chin. "There's people out there who care."

She softly smiled again. "You know what? I think we'll be a fine power couple."

"Make that dominant couple." he said.

Indigo nodded. "I like that." She looked at the time. "Say, you think you can drive me to get my ankle checked really quick?"

"Hey, anything for a friend." he said, winking. "I suppose I'm gonna have to lift you up again? Got no problem with that." He scooped her up in his arms once more.

She pecked him on the cheek. "Nice strength, Hercules. Forgot to mention that one."

"Let's just get you checked." he said. "Then maybe you can go a little flirty some more."

Indigo wrapped her arms around his neck. "You bet your ass I will." She lightly giggled, while Blitz placed her in the back of his car. He got to the driver's seat, and started the car. "Blitz?"


"Thank you... Again." she said.

"Anytime." He backed up his car. "Just glad you appreciate the help." And soon, they drove off towards the hospital, making way to get Zap's ankle checked.

Though meanwhile... A friend of her's is just about to learn how to care for animals. Being taught by a soft, friendly, caring man...