Don't blink, You Might Miss It

by Father Pie

First published

Aria thinks about her life and the lives around her.

Aria doesn't think herself a complicated siren, no, she knows she's not that complicated.

Though she does enjoy thinking about her life on rare occasions, this is one occasions.

Tired of thinking in silence, Aria invites Adagio to talk with her.

It Bothers Me

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Aria sat in the corner of the restaurant secluded in her booth, she was waiting for Adagio to show up. Looking around the establishment Aria frowned, the people around her seemed to move too quickly, like every one was in a hurry. The people never seemed to keep in one place for too long, they always needed to move. Frowning deeper Aria shook her head back and forth slowly.

"Why are you shaking your head?" Aria jumped slightly at the voice, she'd been too lost in thought to notice Adagio approaching. Aria looked Adagio over, she hadn't grown used to seeing Adagio with short hair, the change had been brought about after their defeat at the vocals of the Rainbooms; though Aria too had gotten rid of her long pigtails, she had never liked taking care of them, they were too high maintenance.

"Adagio... Why did we change?" Adagio's eye brow raised, clearly confused. Aria watched as Adagio thought about her question, her hands on her chin, eyes closed in concentration.

"It's not a easy question to answer Aria... Though I can say this; everything changes, it's how the world is. So where's this line of thought coming from?" The older girl questioned her younger sibling genuinely interested. The younger siren sighed softly, checking her surroundings Aria's eyes narrowed, she was watching the people around her.

"We stayed almost the same for centuries Adagio, and then a few weeks after the battle of the bands you changed, then Sonata changed... Have I changed?" Adagio could her the panic that had entered Aria voice. " I mean we were supposed to be forever! What are we now? We've lived so long, I mean look around us, these humans couldn't even fathom our existence, let alone imagine what it would be like... D-Dagi... I'm scared, what am I supposed?"

Adagio felt her heart break, Aria was never one to be scared, the last time she had been shortly after they banished to this world centuries ago; Adagio stared as Aria worked on evening out her breathing. "Aria... Look, it's not easy. I don't know what's going to happen to us, I don't even know if we're still going to live forever... truth is, I'm just as scared as you, I worry about you and Sonata. I know you don't like showing your emotions, but that's not good for you, I love you, you're one of my little sisters. I know what you're scared of... You're scared of time, right?" Adagio watched as Aria chewed the inside of her cheek and nodded slowly.

Sighing Adagio continued. "Aria, time is something natural, as is its passing, nothing can stop it. I thought about it before and came to the conclusion that there is nothing I can do about it and I stopped thinking about it, You need to realize this too, otherwise it'll consume you. I can also hazard that you are most afraid of the time you feel that we might left to spend with each other, right?" Aria didn't say anything, she didn't need to, Adagio had hit the nail on the head.

finally Aria found her voice. "Dagi... We could end up like these humans," Aria gestured towards the dinners costumers and staff. "Look at them, I'm scared that if I blink we'll be old, or that'll I'll wake up and – and I'll be Alone, Dagi, I don't want to lose either of you..." Aria trailed off as tears started to form around her eyes. Aria hated it when she cried, even more was that she was in public.

Adagio got up from her side of the booth and sat down next to Aria. "Aria..." Adagio put an arm around Aria's shoulder and pulled her closer to her body, comforting the younger siren. Adagio listened quietly as Aria cried softly. The older girl had begun to rub her hand up and down Aria's back, the motion felt soothing to Aria and it worked to calm her down.

Aria would never admit, but she loved it when Adagio comforted her, sighing Aria looked towards her sister. "Dagi, you and Sonata wouldn't leave me alone? Would you? Promise me you guys will always be there when I wake up. Please?" Aria felt tears forming in her eyes again; Adagio smiled softly at Aria. "I promise that I will always be there when you wake up. Now can you promise me the same?" Adagio watched as Aria quietly fidgeted in her seat.

Adagio was caught off guard as Aria threw herself at Adagio and wrapped her in a hug, Aria snuggled her head against Adagio's chest and enjoyed the warmth her older sister gave off. Both girls sat at the booth quietly as they enjoyed a rare moment of bonding together. All too soon Aria pulled away from Adagio with a smile on her face. Gathering up their coats they headed out of the restaurant.

Outside there was a light snowfall, the afternoon sun light reflected off the snow, Adagio walked quietly beside her sister. Aria watched as cars passed by, her mind played memories of a time when horse-drawn carriages filled the streets of a busy city, turning to look at Adagio she was brought back to the modern era. Frowning Aria sighed softly, her fear still played in her mind.

Aria grabbed Adagio's hand in her own, Adagio for her part was surprised. Adagio watched Aria continued to walk down the street, Aria once again looked upset, shaking her softly she knew this was something Aria would have to conquer on her own, increasing her grip on Aria's hand Adagio began to walk faster.

"Dagi, what's the matter?" Aria asked her older sister. Adagio ignored her and began to move even faster, soon they were running down the street. Aria began to forget her fears as they ran down the street, it was pretty fun, something that they hadn't done in centuries.