Megan the Adventurer

by Catrina37

First published

Megan is kidnapped by Ahuizotl, and it's up to the Knights and Mane 6 to save her and Daring Do

Megan is enjoying life in Ponyville while living with the Apple Family. The Mane 6 (minus Rainbow Dash) are handling a manticore problem, while Megan and Rainbow Dash receive word that Ahuizotl has captured Daring Do and is preparing to take her to Tambelon. They set out to rescue her, but Megan winds up kidnapped by Cabelleron and his flunkies. Now the Mane 6 have to rescue Megan, Rainbow Dash, and Daring Do before they are taken straight to Grogar.

Touring Ponyville

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Chapter 1: Touring Ponyville

It was morning at Sweet Apple Acres. The rooster crowed as the sun rose. As the rooster crowed, a human called Megan woke up from a very peaceful sleep.

Looking at her surroundings, she remembered where she was.

She wasn't at home anymore. She was in Equestria.

It had been nearly two days since she sacrificed herself from going home to Earth by destroying the Star of Worlds, and so far, she had mostly been sticking close to the farm she was staying in.

Megan had been staying with Applejack and her family until Princess Celestia and Luna could help her find her way home. The day before, the Apples gave her a tour around the farm and even lent a helping hand. All the while, have some time to become used to her surroundings. As a bonus, she also got to see Sweetie Belle again, and even be introduced to their friend, Scootaloo. Applejack and Apple Bloom had promised to give her a tour of Ponyville today.

Deciding to get a good look out the window, she saw the sun rising over a hill in the apple field.

"Good morning, Equestria," she said to herself.

After saying that, Megan thought about how kind and generous the Apple family were to let her stay here on their farm. With all they did for her, she decided to come up with a way to repay them. With a snap of her fingers, she got an idea.

Thirty minutes later, Megan was repaying the Apple Family by making them breakfast as her way to thank them. She put flapjacks onto each of their plates.

"Thanks for the darling breakfast, Megan," Granny Smith said.

"It's no problem. Just my way of thanking you for taking me in," Megan said.

"You're as much of a farm gal as we are," Applejack said.

"Eeyup! No wait!" a confused Big Mac said, because he’s a guy and not a girl.

The others couldn’t help but giggle at Big Mac’s sudden confusion.

"As soon as we're done with breakfast, Applejack and Ah will give you the tour through Ponyville," Apple Bloom said.

“Thanks. I can't wait to see the town and meet all of your friends," Megan said to them.

"It's our pleasure, Megan," Applejack said before digging into her breakfast.

One hour after breakfast, Applejack and Apple Bloom were giving Megan the tour of Ponyville like they promised. As they walk, Megan was astounded by the ponies and surroundings around her.

"Over there is City Hall. It's where Mayor Mare works," Applejack said, "We mostly use it for important events and weddings."

Megan suddenly saw a rainbow flash above. It was going so fast that all she could she was the rainbow.

"What was that?" Megan asked.

"That there is Rainbow Dash," Apple Bloom said, "She's the fastest flying Pegasus in Equestria."

"Really?" Megan said in an astounded voice.

Applejack chuckled at Megan's innocent astonishment, "Yep. She's also the first pony to accomplish the Sonic Rainboom."

As Megan, Applejack, and Apple Bloom watch, the Rainbow colored trail soon turned itself around, coming closer and closer to where they're standing, until finally, Rainbow Dash stopped flying. It was enough for Megan to get a good look at her.

"The one and only," Rainbow Dash said, introducing herself to Megan with a bow.

"She also has the biggest ego around," Applejack mumbled with a roll of her eyes.

"I've heard of you from Rarity and Sweetie Belle. It takes a lot of guts to stand against Grogar, especially when you destroyed the Star of Worlds."

"Thank you," Megan said.

"No problem. I hope we hang some more. Right now, I have cloud control to do. Nice meeting you, Megan."

"You too, Rainbow Dash."

Rainbow Dash then flew off to continue her duty.


A minute later, the three stopped over at Carousel Boutique to meet with Rarity. They went inside to see her ensemble, which was cleaned off of paintball stains. Rarity was putting a ribbon on her latest dress when Applejack tapped her on the shoulder.

"Howdy, Rarity," Applejack said.

"Applejack! Apple Bloom! Megan! So good to see you, how are you all doing today?” She excitedly said.

“Ah’m doin’ fine,” Applejack responded.

“Me too,” Apple Bloom also responded.

“Me three,” Megan commented, “How are you doing today, Rarity?”

“Oh, pretty well. I really want to thank you for helping me with my dresses, Megan!" she excitedly said.

"No problem, Rarity," Megan said, "Thanks for the clothes you made for me."

"Well, it's not right for you to wear the same outfit day after day. Besides, that cleaning tip you gave to use dish and laundry soap in cold water helped get rid of the stains."

"So, this is your shop?” Megan said while looking around, “It's wonderful!"

"Thank you. I do a lot of my best work here."

Suddenly, just when Rarity was about to say something more, they heard screaming and arguing coming from outside. The four rushed outside and saw Discord and Thorne in a fight at a flower stand, with Scorpan trying to settle it.

While that was happening, three earth pony mares were cowering behind the counter. The first pony had a pale magenta coat, lime mane, emerald green eyes, and a cutie mark of two daisies. The second pony had a grayish raspberry coat, light amber mane with pale amber highlights, grayish gold eyes, and a cutie mark of three lilies. The third pony had a pale yellow coat, raspberry mane with light raspberry streaks, chartreuse green eyes, and a cutie mark of a rose.

"What's going on? Who are they?" Megan asked.

"This has been goin' on for a while," Applejack said, "That tall one is Discord, the Spirit of Chaos, and the bat imp is Thorne."

"Sweetie Belle told me about them too,” Megan said, getting what was happening, “As well as why they're fighting."

"Fluttershy likes the pink carnations!" an angry Thorne said.

"She'll like the yellow roses when I give them to her, Bat Boy!" Discord roared, his head turning into a lion head.

Both were growling at each other fiercely, causing the three mares behind the stand to duck themselves further under. However, Megan suddenly approached them to settle their fight.

"Cool it, you too!" she said, "Why don't both of you give Fluttershy the flowers of your choosing and let her decide which she likes best?"

"Sounds fair, Megan," Scorpan said.

"Sounds fair to me, too," Thorne said.

"Me too," Discord said.

Discord and Thorne bought their flowers at the same time.

“By the way, Megan. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Discord said, holding his lion paw out to her.

Megan shook his lion paw, “It’s nice to meet you too, Discord. Sweetie Belle told me about you. But, how did you know who I am?”

“Oh, I have my ways, like crystal balls, reading the stars...” Discord gloated, “But, of course, word travels fast in this little town of Ponyville.”

Thorne held out his hand, “Sweetie Belle told you about me too, right?”

“Uh-huh,” Megan shook his hand, “It’s great to meet you in person, Thorne.”

“You too.” Thorne replied, letting Megan’s hand go, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a pegasus to charm.”

And right away, Thorne took off for Fluttershy’s place, much to Discord’s irritation.

“Cheerio, Megan.” Discord said to her, before using his legs to take off like a race car.

When both of them were gone, the three earth pony mares came out from hiding, smiling and sighing with relief.

"Thanks for helping me settle that argument," Scorpan said while wiping sweat from off his head.

"No problem."

"Come on, Megan," Applejack said, "We better get to Fluttershy's cottage before they do."


By miracle alone, Megan, Apple Bloom, and Applejack made it to Fluttershy's cottage. Megan was amazed by what she was seeing: cute animals everywhere, and a nice, natural setting.

"This is where Fluttershy lives?" Megan asked.

"Yep. We told her about you and your ranch," Apple Bloom said, "She's excited to meet you."

Applejack knocked on the door.

In just a mere second, the door opened to reveal Fluttershy.

"Oh! You must be Megan!" Fluttershy said excitedly, "Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Applejack have told me so much about you and your animal ranch!"

"Hey, Fluttershy. I'm glad to meet you too," Megan said in greeting, “I was told so much about you as well.”

“Thanks,” Fluttershy giggled, “So, what do you do on your ranch?"

"We take in abandoned and lost pets," Megan explained, "My dad runs the ranch and keeps things going, and my mom is a veterinarian. My brother, sister, and I help feed and clean up the animals."

"Wow! It sounds just like what I do here in my cottage."

"Maybe we can trade animal care tips sometime."

"Of course. Why don't you join Discord and I next Tuesday? That's when we have our tea parties."

"I'll be there."

"Thanks. I look forward to it," Fluttershy said as she closed her door.

"She's very lovely, Applejack," Megan said, "I can see why Discord and Thorne are fighting over her."

"Her gentle nature does make her attractive to the guys," Applejack said with an agreeing nod.


Not long after they left Fluttershy's college, Megan couldn't help but notice a spooky-looking forest not far from them. To Megan, spooky was the right word.

"Hey Applejack? Apple Bloom? What's that forest over there?" Megan asked.

"That there's the Everfree Forest, where our friend Zecora lives," Apple Bloom tells her.


"She's our zebra friend. If you wanna visit her, Ah advise you not to go in by yourself. The Everfree Forest is full of some dangerous wildlife, like the Timber Wolves." Applejack told her.

"Timber wolves?" Megan said in wonder.

"Yep. They’re magic piles of wood that take on the form of wolves and eat anything that comes their way, but they mostly come out and hunt at night."

"I'll remember that, Applejack."

The two girls walked away from the forest to their next stop: The Castle of Friendship.


A few minutes later, they arrived at the castle, meeting Twilight in the throne room.

"This castle is very lovely, Twilight," Megan said while admiring the chandelier.

"Thanks, Megan," Twilight said, “I have to admit, it didn’t feel like home at first, but, when my friends offered to fix things up and put the chandelier up there, I found it to be the greatest place to ever live.”

“I can see why,” Megan commented, before noticing the Friendship Map, “What’s this map right here for?”

“It’s the Friendship Map. When a friendship problem is sensed somewhere in Equestria, the map will call us by our cutie marks and send the ponies most qualified for it to where the problem is."

"Like a missionary job?"

"Of course."

"Is this the human you told me about, Twilight?" a voice asked out of nowhere.

Turning around, Megan and Twilight saw who it was that was asking Twilight: It was Spike, who was carrying a pillow because he was waking up from a nap.

Megan gasped in surprise. She never thought she would see a dragon before.

"A baby dragon!" Megan excitedly said.

"Hi. I'm Spike."

"Hi, Spike. I'm Megan."

"Oh, I know. Everyone in Equestria is talking about you," Spike pointed out.

"Really?" Megan asked out of curiosity.

In response, Spike nodded his head saying ‘yes’.

"Wow. Discord told me word can get out really fast in Ponyville, but I never realized that word got out so fast in all of Equestria," Megan said in astonishment.

"Oh yeah," Spike chuckled, "When it comes to heroes and villains, news gets out like wildfire."

Megan giggled in response.

"So, what do you do?" She asked with curiosity.

"I’m Twilight's assistant and best friend. I help keep things organized, and I also give her support when needed." Spike told.

"Too cool! Working for a princess!"

“Hey, and don’t forget how much of a little brother you’re like to me, Spike.” Twilight pointed out, ruffling the scales on his head.

“Oh yeah. Can’t forget that,” Spike said.

"Well, Megan. We got one more stop, and some more friends for you to meet," Apple Bloom said.

"Okay, Apple Bloom," Megan said, "Nice meeting you, Spike."

"Likewise," Spike said with a wave, “See you later.”


Another few minutes later, the trio came to their final stop of the tour: Sugar Cube Corner.

"This place is Sugar Cube Corner. Our final stop," Applejack said, "This place makes the best baked goods in Equestria."

"It's also where Pinkie Pie lives," Apple Bloom said, "She's the best party planner in Equestria. She's really good at bringing smiles."

"Which is why she's the element of laughter. Let's go inside."

The moment the three walk in, an explosion of confetti and balloons erupted and Megan saw a lot of ponies throwing a party for her.

"Surprise!" Pinkie Pie said as she popped in, "Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie! Were you surprised!?! Were you!? Were you!?!"

"Very!" Megan said while giggling, "Apple Bloom told me you throw the best parties."

"And I threw this 'Welcome to Equestria' party just for you!" Pinkie said as she threw confetti in the air.

"Thanks, Pinkie!"

"You're welcome, Megan!" Pinkie said.

Just then, the group of four noticed Catrina and Rep walking towards them.

"Hi," they both said.

“Oh, hey there,” Megan responded with a wave.

"Megan, these two are Catrina and Rep, two of the knights of Tambelon, next to Scorpan and Thorne," Pinkie introduced, "Rep can shapeshift into anything, even a cupcake! And Catrina is a gypsy cat sorceress who can even make cookies fly.”

"Wow! I bet you two had plenty of adventures as knights!" Megan said.

"Oh we do. Even in our time in Ponyville, the adventures never end," Rep said, "We'd be glad to share them with you."

"I would love to hear them. Maybe Thursday. I'll be at Fluttershy's tea party on Tuesday."

"Sure," Catrina said, "You wanna come hang out with us?"

"I'd love to," Megan said to Catrina, before following her and Rep.

Apple Bloom and Applejack watched as Megan hung out with Catrina and Rep, and in the process, got to know everybody.

She even got to meet the three earth pony mares who were running the flower stand earlier.

"Ah think she'll fit in nicely," Applejack said to Apple Bloom.

"Me too, Big Sis," Apple Bloom says in agreement, “Me too.”

Plan of Kidnapping

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Ch. 2: Plan of Kidnapping

Back at the Palace of Tambelon, Grogar is angrily levitating and throwing things around as Ahuizotl and his cats hide behind armor and fearfully watch.

“Thanks to that Megan human, whatever she is, the Star of Worlds is lost to me!” Grogar wrathfully yells.

“I’ll find other artifacts to help with your problem, Grogar! I promise!” Ahuizotl begs.

“Don’t bother!" Grogar angrily yells.

Seeing that Ahuizotl is scared enough to get the message, Grogar calms himself down.

"I have another assignment for you!" Grogar says in a calm voice

"Another assignment?"

"Yes. Your enemy, Daring Do, is looking for the Lost Gold of Quetzalcoatl." Grogar responds.

"Ahhhhh. I have read about that in the newspapers," Ahuizotl says with pride.

Grogar smiles knowing that he and Ahuizotl are on the same page.

"Excellent. I’m going to arrange an accident that will trap her with the treasure. She will send for help from Twilight and her friends. When they come to rescue her, capture them and bring them to me. I’ll hold them so the Knights will have a choice: surrender in exchange or watch their pony friends perish.”

“An excellent plan, Sir. Lucky for you, I know the best plunderers in the business.”


“Yes, Master Grogar!! Right away!!”

Ahuizotl and his cats leave the throne room so quickly, Grogar was the only one left in the room.


In a canyon near Appleloosa, Daring Do is looking at a map. With determination on her face, not even sweat was holding the young Pegasus back. On her shoulder is her pet carrier pigeon Magellan.

Following the map, Daring Do turns into the opening of the cave. A glimmer of light catches her eyes, and she looks up with a gasp see to mountains of gold, shining like they are the only light the cave has to offer.

“Yes!" she cries, "I found the Lost Gold of Quetzalcoatl!”

Running into the cave with Magellan hanging onto her, she inspects every piece she finds, such as coins, diamonds, and a golden tiara with rubies encrusted to the top and center of it.


In the palace, Grogar smiles as he sees from his crystal ball Daring Do in the cave like he predicted.

“And you’re gonna be stuck with it,” he says.

He casts a spell that he plans to cause a cave in with, and to block the only available exit.


In the cave, Daring Do feels the rumbling beneath her hooves. The rumbling was so big that the rocks outside fell in front of the entrance/exit.

"Oh No!" she shouted with fear and bewilderment.

Running to the entrance with Magellan letting go, Daring Do tries to push the rocks out of the way. After many tries and groans, she finds it wasn't doing any good.

“It’s no use,” she says with a feeling of giving up, “The rocks won’t budge.”

A slight light from the sun catches her eye. Daring Do sees an opening at the ceiling, giving her an idea. She gets her quill pen out of her knapsack and draws a map and note for Magellan to take.

“Magellan, I need you to fly out and take this to Rainbow Dash.”

Magellan looks at Daring Do with an unsure look.

“Don’t worry about me, Magellan,” she says, “I’ll be fine. Just get the note and map to Rainbow Dash. She lives in Ponyville, and she has a rainbow-colored mane.”

Magellan flies out to find her friend.


Outside the canyon, Caballeron and his band of treasure thieves are keeping an eye out for Daring Do’s bird under the orders of Ahuizotl. Caballeron suddenly spots Magellan.

“There’s Daring Do’s pet bird, Boys!” he informs his henchmen, “and he has a map.”

“Shall we grab it, Boss?” said the porkpie-hatted pony.

“Not yet. We have to make sure it gets to Ponyville. Let’s follow him until we stop near Appleloosa.”

The four ponies follow Magellan.


In Ponyville, Megan helps Twilight and her friends prepare for a trip with Megan helping them get ready.

"I sure hope Monty is okay. The poor fella must really be sick if he wants our help gathering food for the winter," Fluttershy says with worry.

"I'm just hopin' that he doesn't hold a grudge from the time we were all fightin' him before you solved the problem, Fluttershy," Applejack says.

"So am I, but I'm glad he was so forgiving when we saw him again," Rarity says, joining the conversation.

After a few more adjustments, Megan finishes helping the others get ready.

“You have everything you need,” Megan says.

“Thanks, Megan,” Twilight replies, “Rainbow Dash? Are you sure you don’t want to come?”

“Puh-lease, gathering food is like grocery shopping,” Rainbow Dash says, “It’s boring. Besides, someone’s got to keep an eye out for trouble while the Knights are away.”

“Suit yourself,” Applejack says with a shrug.

“We won’t be long. See you two in a couple of hours,” Fluttershy says.

Twilight and the others leave for the Manticore.

Just as Rainbow Dash is about to relax on her favorite cloud, an exhausted looking pigeon shows up on her tummy, and Rainbow Dash recognizes him. Megan also spots him from down on the ground.

“Magellan! What are you doing here?!” she exclaims.

“You know that bird, Rainbow Dash?” Megan asks as Rainbow Dash flies down.

“This is Daring Do’s pet carrier pigeon Magellan. I already told you about her, didn't I?”

“She’s the same pony who found the Star of Worlds.”

“And the greatest adventurer of all time! Next to me of course.”

Megan notices the note Daring Do gave to Magellan.

“Look. There’s a note on his foot.”

Megan takes the note off his foot, unfolds it and reads it.

“It looks like Daring Do is in trouble, Rainbow Dash,” Megan says, “She got trapped in a cave-in while searching for the Lost Gold of Quetzalcoatl!”

“Oh no!” Rainbow Dash screams.

Megan turns the note the other way and sees the map.

“She drew up a map to the treasure. According to the map, it’s in Appleloosa,” Megan says after reading it.

"We gotta go help her!" Rainbow Dash says.

"How? Even if we get there by train, we won't get to her in time," Megan says.

“I can get us there in five minutes flat,” Rainbow Dash says, “I broke the land travel record.”

“That’s good, Rainbow Dash. Let’s go.”

“Are you sure, Megan? It could get dangerous,” Rainbow Dash says with concern.

“If a friend of yours is in trouble, I’m gonna be there to help. I never abandon a friend in need.”

“Okay. You and Magellan hang on tight.”

Megan and Magellan hop onto Rainbow Dash’s back, and they zoom up into the sky at super speed.


Grogar watches from his crystal ball as the three head to Daring Do’s rescue.

“Everything is going according to plan,” he snickers.

Grogar contacts Ahuizotl and Jet via magic mirror.

“Jet! Ahuizotl! Rainbow Dash and that human who cost me the Star of Worlds are on their way to Appleloosa! Prepare for their arrival!”

“Yes, Master!” they both said while saluting.

Meeting Ahuizotl

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Ch. 3: Meeting Ahuizotl

Rainbow Dash and Megan made it to Appleloosa after a few minutes. They landed on the outskirts of town.

“You really are fast, Rainbow Dash,” Megan says while brushing her hair.

“Thanks, Megan,” Rainbow Dash says, “Where does the map say to go?”

Megan looks at the map for a moment and says, “It says to go east to where the canyon is.”

The two head east like the map said.


The two head down the path into the canyon with Magellan in tow, not knowing that Caballeron and his men are in a nearby cave, waiting to ambush them.

“Here they come, Boys,” Caballeron says, “Remember, the boss wants them alive, and they can lead us to Daring Do and the Treasure. Get ready to jump them.”

“Right, Boss,” the henchponies say.

Magellan suddenly starts cawing frantically.

“What’s wrong, Magellan?” Megan asks.

“He must sense someone else is here,” Rainbow Dash says.

Suddenly, they are ambushed by Caballeron’s gang. They are immediately pounced on without warning. Cabelleron and his henchponies soon tied the two in rope and load them to the cart. Magellan gets away before the porkpie pony could grab him.

“Let that bird go,” Caballeron says, “He’s no threat to us.”

“Who are you?!” Megan asks angrily while struggling to get free.

“He’s Dr. Caballeron, a well-known treasure thief and black marketer,” Rainbow Dash says, “He’s also Ahuizotl’s favorite whipping boy.”

“I prefer “Chief Henchpony"! Thank you!” he says while feeling insulted, “You won’t be laughing when we take you to Ahuizotl himself.”

The evil ponies laugh as the strong one hauls the cart with Megan and Rainbow Dash on it. Magellan sits on a branch, high above the activity, and follows them without being seen.


Jet and Ahuizotl are waiting at the camp for the evil ponies to return.

“Those ponies better not fail, Ahuizotl,” Jet says, “We're already in hot water.”

“Relax, Jet,” Ahuizotl assures, “Cabelleron knows what will happen if he fails.”

Caballeron and his men return with Megan and Rainbow Dash still in tow.

“We got Rainbow Dash and the human all of Equestria is talking about, Boss,” Caballeron says.

Ahuizotl soon gets a good look at the two captives brought to him.

"Ahhhh. Welcome to my camp. So nice of you to drop in," Ahuizotl says.

Ahuizotl approaches Megan and lifts her chin up to get a closer look at her. He becomes enamored by her. Her hair and eyes were sparkling like the sun from his point of view.

“So this the human I heard about,” he says in a seductive tone, “and a very beautiful creature at that.”

Immediately, Megan angrily pulls her chin away from Ahuizotl's finger

“The same can’t be said about you!” Megan angrily yells, “Who do you think you are kidnapping us like this?!”

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ahuizotl.”

“I heard about you from the ponies, and I did not like what I heard, especially your attitude about farm folk!”

“You have a lot of fire in you, Child. I like that in a woman. Perhaps you can use that fire to help us with Daring Do?” he says to her while twitching his eyebrows.

“What have you done with Daring Do!?!” Rainbow Dash angrily shouts.

“That would be my doing!” a familiar voice says.

Grogar suddenly makes an appearance through his magic window, scaring both Rainbow Dash and Megan as they look with fear in their eyes.

Rescue Party

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Ch. 4: Rescue Party

Back in Ponyville, Twilight and her friends come back from helping their manticore friend get ready for hibernation.

“I hope he has enough food for winter,” Twilight says.

“I'm sure he does, Twilight,” Applejack says.

"Yay! We gathered so much food, he has an entire mountain in his cave! He could invite his friends over for a slumber party!" Pinkie says with giddiness.

"You're right about that, Pinkie Pie," Twilight giggles.

Out of nowhere, Magellan drops down from the sky and caws in panic, scaring the friends. Fluttershy pets and holds him to calm him down.

“It’s okay,” she whispers while petting his head, “Now tell me what’s wrong. Slowly.”

Magellan caws to Fluttershy, shocking her to the point of a gasp when she hears what he is saying.

"Fluttershy? What did he say?" Rarity asks with concern.

“Megan and Rainbow Dash are in trouble! They’ve been captured by Ahuizotl in Appleloosa!” Fluttershy says in panic.

“Oh no!” Pinkie Pie exclaims.

Magellan suddenly caws to Fluttershy, explaining more about what's happening.

"Daring Do needs our help too! She got trapped in a cave by a rockslide, and Megan is being forced to lead Ahuizotl to her!" Fluttershy says in panic.

“Oh dear! We better get to the train right now!” Rarity says.

“We can't do that!” Applejack says, “It’ll take a day to get to Appleloosa! And by the time we get there, we'll be too late!”

“There may be a way to get there faster, but we have to get to the castle,” Twilight says as they and Magellan rush back to the Castle of Friendship.


IInside the castle, Twilight magically makes the cutie map appear.

“Starlight has shown this spell to me a while back,” Twilight explains to her friends, “We can use the map combined with a spell to teleport to Appleloosa in no time.”

"Well what are we waitin' for, Twilight? Let's use that spell!" Applejack exclaims.

"Okay, but this will feel a little funny."

With not a moment to lose, Twilight casts her spell, the map glows as well as the ponies and Magellan. They are suddenly sucked into a small portal hovering over Appleloosa.


A portal appears in Appleloosa, and Twilight and company find themselves in Appleloosa just by looking at their surroundings.

“Yeeee-haw! We made it!” Applejack excitedly says.

As soon as he was certain they were there, Magellan flies up into the air above the ponies, ready to lead them to Megan and Rainbow Dash.

“Okay, Magellan. Now lead us to where they are. Quickly,” Fluttershy says.

Magellan leads the ponies to where Ahuizotl’s camp is.


Back at the camp, Grogar has appeared via magic window.

“Who are you?” Megan asks.

“Bow before Grogar the Malevolent, the Ruler of Tambelon!” Grogar introduced himself.

“I heard of you too, and I don’t care if you name is Billy the Goat!” Megan stands up to him, “What did you do to Daring Do?!”

“Just caused a little cave-in,” Grogar brags, “If you wish to see her alive, you’ll provide directions from the map she sent you.”

“What map? We don’t have a map,” Rainbow Dash lies.

Ahuizotl notices the map in Megan’s right side pocket and takes it.

“We’re talking about this one,” Ajuizotl says while showing the map.

Without warning, Megan stomps her foot onto Ahuizotl's paw. Immediately, Ahuizotl screams in pain, accidently letting go of the map. With all her grabbing strength she could use in her hands, Megan grabs the map before it could touch the ground. She runs to the campfire, ready to throw the map into the burning flames. Just when she was about to, Ahuizotl chuckles and speaks to get her attention.

“I wouldn’t do that, Megan,” he says, “If you do, Daring Do will suffer in the cave she is in. Do you want to live knowing you caused her demise?”

Megan stops when hearing this. Having no choice, she bends her knees down drops the map toward the ground, and starts reading it, shocking Rainbow Dash.

“You’re not serious about leading Grogar’s goons to Daring Do!” Rainbow Dash states.

“We don’t have a choice, Rainbow Dash,” Megan sadly says as Cabelleron comes to grab onto a part of her bonds, “If we don’t Daring Do will suffer. Sometimes, you have to make tough choices when it comes to helping a friend.”

“Exactly,” Grogar says, “Ahuizotl, make sure our guests never leave their ride to their friend!”

“Yes, Sire!” Ahuizotl says as he grabsRainbow Dash, puts her in a sack, and tosses her onto the cart.

"Rainbow Dash!" Megan exclaims when she sees what happened.

"Come, Megan," Ahuizotl says as a large, wild cat-drawn buggy pulls up, "Lead the way."

Seeing the ride offered to her, Megan sadly sighs. She has no choice but to take it for the sake of Daring Do. She climbs aboard. Cabelleron ties her knees so she could not run away.

Ahuizotl then climbs onto the buggy himself, and sits close to Megan, much to her dismay, especially since her furry arms is touching her, and she can't do anything due to her bonds.

The buggy, cart, and ponies then moves to the location of Daring Do.

Rescuing Daring Do

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Ch. 5: Rescuing Daring Do

On their way to Daring Do and the treasure, Ahuizotl is busy flirting with Megan, who is uninterested in him.

“So does Celestia know you use the sun for your hair? Because it looks so radiant to me,” he says flirtatiously.

“Blech! Like I haven’t heard that pick-up line before,” Megan says with disgust.

“Well try this one. If beauty is a gemstone, you would be the diamond to end all diamonds.”

“And if I was on a roller coaster, I’d hurl,” Rainbow Dash shouts with a disgusted voice from the sack.

“Nobody asked you!” an insulted Ahuizotl says.

“Quit flirting, Ahuizotl!” Jet orders while driving the cart, “We need that girl to give us directions! Where to next, Megan?”

“Just keep going up the stream. There should be an opening up ahead.”

After that, Ahuizotl puts his hands onto Megan's tied-up hands

Jet and the henchponies do as she says and go upstream. Little do they know is that Magellan is flying over them, guiding Twilight and her friends. Through a small hole in the sack, Rainbow Dash notices Magellan flying and can see the others in the distance hiding behind some trees.

“Sit tight, Megan,” she whispers, “Magellan has brought help.”

“I hope so,” Megan whispers back, “I’m not liking the way Ahuizotl is hitting on me.”

Although, while she sat, she couldn't help but notice the gentleness of Ahuizotl's hand resting on her tied-up hands. She felt shocked on the inside. If there is one thing she knew about villains in some of the stories she liked reading, it was that the villain has always treated the girl roughly. Ahuizotl appeared to be doing the opposite of rough. Much to her continued shock, she she liked how he was treating her at the moment.


Twilight takes out a telescope and sees Rainbow Dash and Megan riding with the bad guys.

“I see them,” Twilight says, “They are heading upstream in that canyon.”

“What in tarnation could they be after?” Applejack asks while scratching her head.

“Daring Do was on an expedition searching for the lost gold of Quetzalcoatl, a legendary treasure trove that was hidden in the canyons of Appleloosa,” Twilight theorizes, “They must be after that and her.”

“Then we must hurry,” Rarity says as they run to the canyon.


The bad guys continue upstream with the prisoners in tow until they make it to a cave opening. They go inside as Magellan secretly perches himself on the bottom of the buggy. They make it to the opening where the cave-in happened.

“This is it, but the entrance is blocked,” Megan says.

“No problem for my henchpony Kaboom, my dear,” Caballeron says.

The porkpie pony takes his hat off, revealing himself to be a unicorn. He uses his horn to blast the entrance open, showing Daring Do and the treasure, much to an excited Caballeron, who rushes to the treasure and starts swimming in it.

“Daring Do!” Rainbow Dash calls as she and Megan rush up and hug her.

“Am I glad to see you two,” Daring Do says.

After the trio finish their hug, Daring Doo looks up to see who was accompanying Rainbow Dash beside her.

"You must be Megan," Daring Do says in realization.

"That's right. It's really nice to meet you, Daring Do," Megan says, offering Daring Do a handshake.

"It's nice to meet you, too," Daring Do says while accepting the handshake, "I'm so glad Rainbow Dash has you for a friend."

“As am I, Daring Do!” Ahuizotl says as he and Jet show themselves.

“What are creeps doing here?!” Daring Do grimly says after looking to where they are.

“Sorry, Daring Do, but it was the only chance we have at saving you,” Megan says sadly.

“Now we can contact Grogar,” Jet says, “You guard the ponies and the girl while I do that.”

Ahuizotl reluctantly follows his order while Jet magically gets hold of Grogar.

Plan of Escape

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Ch. 6: Plan of Escape

While Jet is using a spell to contact Grogar through the water, Ahuizotl and his pony henchmen put chains on Daring Do and Rainbow Dash’s wings so they won’t fly away. Megan, however, is left unchained.

“How come you’re not putting chains on Megan?” Rainbow Dash asks.

“A delicate and beautiful creature like does not need to be chained like an animal,” he says while rubbing her chin, much to her irritation, “Besides, without you two to fly her out, she won’t get very far.”


Twilight and her friends are outside the entrance as Rarity quietly spies to see if the three are okay.

“Rainbow Dash, Megan, and Daring Do are alright, but Jet is already contacting Grogar,” Rarity reports.

“This is bad, Twilight,” Fluttershy says, “What are we gonna do?”

Twilight peeks inside and sees the key around Ahuizotl’s neck.

“I may have an idea, but I need to contact Rainbow Dash with a telepathy spell I’ve been practicing,” Twilight says as she makes her horn glow.


Rainbow Dash suddenly hears Twilight’s voice.

“Rainbow Dash, can you hear me?” Twilight says via telepathy.

“Twilight? I can hear you, but I can’t see you,” Rainbow Dash whispers.

“I’m using a telepathy spell to talk to you without Ahuizotl hearing. I have a plan. That key around Ahuizotl’s neck is the key to the chains. I can get it from him and use it to unlock you and Daring Do, but I need a distraction.”

Rainbow Dash thinks for a moment and sees Megan. She realizes that Ahuizotl has developed a crush on Megan, and it give Rainbow Dash an idea.

“I think I know the perfect distraction,” she says while scheming,

“Megan," Rainbow Dash whispers.

Hearing her friend, Megan soon turns around in attention.

"Twilight and the others are here, but we need you to keep Lover Boy distracted while Twilight gets the key,” Rainbow Dash whispers to Megan.

Hearing this, Megan felt against it at first, but she remembered what she has told Rainbow Dash earlier and decides to go for it.

“Okay. Like I said, we have to make hard choices to help our friends,” Megan says to herself.

She takes a deep breathe and walks toward Ahuizotl.


Meanwhile, Ahuizotl is sitting behind a pile of gold, polishing the old tiara Daring Do found before to give to Megan.

“This should help win that lovely maiden over,” Ahuizotl says.

“Ahuizotl,” says the voice of Megan.

His attention grabbed, he spots her standing not too far, with a smile on her face.

“I want to apologize for the way I treated you. I just never notice how handsome you are,” Megan says while putting her hands behind her back.

“I knew you would fall for my charm sooner or later,” Ahuizotl says while chuckling, “Why not come over here and tell me what you find fascinating.”

Megan walks toward him to talk about what she “likes” about him. He soon offers her a seat on his lap. when she saw this, Megan was, at first apprehensive on the inside, but, remembering the plan, she takes a deep breathe and keeps smiling. When she took the seat he offered, she immediately thought about how comfy his lap felt. She also noticed how he looked when he smiled, in a not-so-sinister way.

While he is distracted by her, Twilight uses a telekinetic spell to take the key off him. Then, she slowly floats the key toward Rainbow Dash and Daring Do, her and her friends sneaking over to them in the process. Megan sees this and continues to distract Ahuizotl.

“Your fur is so...,” Megan soon touches his arms,, immediately feeling how soft to the touch they are to her, soft and comfortable unlike anything she had felt before, "Soft and comfortable," she says without a lie and rubs the palm of her hand against one of Ahuizotl's arms.

"Oh, ho, ho. By all means, go on my sweet," Ahuizotl says.

"I like your smile too. Especially the one you have now.


"How sweet you were to me on the way over here."

"Sweet? I-uh."

"Oh, don't give me that look. It was sweet of you to give me a ride here, and to help me feel more comfortable. Even though I was tied up at the time."

"Ah, yes. I was quite the gentleman at the time, wasn't I?" Ahuizotl said with pride puffing out his chest.

Megan couldn't help but giggle at what he's doing.

"Do you like gentleman by any chance," Ahuizotl asks inquisitively.

"Oh yes. And I'm telling the truth when I say you're handsome. I bet a lot of girls must really fall at the sight of you."

That was when Ahuizotl couldn't hold back any longer from giving Megan her gift.

“You definitely earned this tiara, Megan,” he says as he puts the tiara on her head, “You make a lovely princess.”

She didn't know why, but Megan felt charmed by that remark.

"You really think so?" she asks out of curiosity.

"My dear, sweet Megan. Of course I do. You are a flower that shines in the sun. You are unlike any creature I have seen before," Ahuizotl says with a chuckle. As he says this, he pull Megan closer to him with his hand, holding her close to him like a hug.

"Oh. Thanks, I guess," Megan says with a slight blush, "b-but you don't really mean that, do you?"

"Oh but I do," Ahuizotl assures her, "You are really beautiful. You are also brave, and your personality is very radiant to me. I will do anything to make your stay with me to feel more wonderful."

Megan was shocked. She had no idea that Ahuizotl thought about her more than just her beauty, and so she felt herself blush harder.

"Awww. Thank you. That's very nice of you to say," Megan says while rubbing the back of her head.

While Megan distracts Ahuizotl, Twilight slowly gives the key to Rainbow Dash. But then, it accidently hits a shield causing it to fall and make noise. Ahuizotl turn to see where the noise came from. After hearing the noise, and realizing what is happening, Megan quickly pulls his head and kisses him, distracting him further. Hearing the kiss grosses out Daring Do and Rainbow Dash.

“EEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!” they said while making gross faces.

While they kissed, Ahuizotl has completely lost his train of thought. So much, he wanted the kiss to last longer and he did so by putting his hand against the back of her head, and pushing her lips even closer to his lips and face. Megan felt the slight push he made against her head, and became wide-eyed at what he's doing. Her eyes without warning closed with a sudden feeling of enchantment.

Megan and Ahuizotl end the kiss. Both have different reactions from this occurrence. The only common thing is their hearts pounding from what just happened. Ahuizotl looks at Megan with dreamy eyes, enchanted by Megan even more than the first few hours he met her. While for Megan, the kiss felt like nothing she ever had before, and Ahuizotl all of a sudden seemed... handsome to her. For real.

“Why, Megan, that was…” he says.

Before he could finish his sentence, his eyes catch Twilight’s reflection in Megan's tiara, making him realize what’s going on.

“You!” he yells.

Knights Arrive

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Ch. 7: Knights Arrive

Ahuizotl see the Mane 5, and he is not very happy when he sees Rainbow Dash with the key.

"Be back for you, my sweet," Ahuizotl says, pushing her behind the pile of treasure.

“Give me that key!” he yells as he runs toward Rainbow Dash.

“Make me!” Rainbow Dash says as she kicks him into the treasure.

Seeing her chance to take action, Megan takes another shield and conks Ahuizotl on the head.

“Love does hurrrrt!” he says while dazed.

She didn't know why, but she felt some slight guilt for doing that, and bit into her lip.

"Sorry," she whispered into his ear.

Rainbow Dash unlocks her chains and Daring Do’s. Megan is about to run toward the ponies when she is tripped by a green snake.

“Thought you can get away, huh Megan?” said the snake.

The snake transforms into Jet, and he hangs onto Megan, dangling her by the foot.

“Surrender, Ponies, or your human friend will be food for Ahuizotl’s cats!” Jet demands.

Ahuizotl gets out of his daze and shocked to what Jet said.

“Not Megan!” Ahuizotl said.

After hearing that, Megan started to wonder if was actual protective concern in Ahuizotl's voice or something else.

Jet is suddenly jumped by Thorne from behind, causing him to let Megan go. Jet turns and he and Ahuizotl see Scorpan and the rest of the knights.

“You! But how?!” Jet yells.

“Twilight contacted us with telepathy and told us what happened,” Thorne said.

“A good thing we decided to stop at Appleloosa to rest!” Scorpan says.

In a fit of rage, Jet changes into a tiger and roars for a challenge. In response, Rep changes into a lion and roars back. Both fought each other as Daring Do and Rainbow Dash fight Ahuizotl’s cats. Caballeron and his henchponies surround Twilight and her friends, but Megan and Catrina push a pile of gold bits, causing it to fall over the four and bury them. Catrina and Megan high five each other. Every bad guy looked to be out cold from their point of view.

"We need to get out of here," Catrina tells Megan.

Thinking the fight is over, Catrina and Megan run towards the others to reunite the team.

Megan screams when she is suddenly grabbed by Ahuizotl's tail hand, immobilizing her to where her arms couldn't even hit his hand.

"Let go of me!" Megan yells to Ahuizotl.

Without warning, and in the blink of an eye, Ahuizotl hugs Megan. Gently, but strong enough not to let her go.

“I may lose the treasure and Grogar’s graces, but at least I have you,” he said.

Megan shrugged and struggled to get lose from Ahuizotl’s grip, but it was no use. She couldn't get free. She also started to feel mesmerized by how his hug feels. Her struggles were beginning to stop.

Suddenly, something hits Ahuizotl’s head from behind, knocking him out cold. Scorpan is holding a dented shield. Every bad guy is knocked out after a grueling battle.

“Now’s our chance to get out before they come too,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Not yet!” Daring Do said.

Daring Do rushed to a crystal scepter and took it by mouth.

"Can't go anywhere with this," Daring Do says through clenched teeth

As everyone ran out of the cave, Megan stop for a moment, and looked back at the fallen villains, especially Ahuizotl. She felt sad of how hurt he was in battle, and how much more hurt he'll be when he faces Grogar.

"I hope you'll be okay," Megan whispers.

A few minutes later, Jet and Ahuizotl come too and noticed their enemies gone.

“Well, Lover Boy, what are we gonna tell Grogar?” Jet cynically asked.

“It’s your turn to explain,” Ahuizotl said.

“Not it’s your turn!”

"Your turn!"

"Your turn!"

The two argue over whose turn it is to face Grogar, butting and pushing heads while doing so.

Megan's Spirit and Ahuizotl's Heart

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Ch. 8: Megan’s Spirit and Ahuizotl’s Heart

After escaping Ahuizotl and Jet, the heroes stop at the Saltlick Café to celebrate their victory. Daring Do proudly looked at the Crystal Scepter.

“This scepter is just what I need to prove I found the Lost Treasure of Quetzalcoatl,” she said, “I couldn’t have gotten out if it wasn’t for you and your friends, Rainbow Dash.”

“Thanks, Daring Do, but Megan deserves most of the credit,” Rainbow Dash says, “Even though the bad guys made us, she was thinking more about your safety, and ours too. She could have ran and saved herself, but she stood by and helped us no matter what.”

“Like you, Rainbow Dash, I never leave my friends hanging,” Megan says, “I’m willing to help my friends, even when I had to do something hard. Which reminds me. You guys aren’t gonna tell anyone about what I did with Ahuizotl, right?”

“You mean when you two actually kissed?” Pinkie said.

“Ixnay on the Isskay, Pinkie,” Rainbow Dash said.

“You what?” Thorne said.

“It wasn’t a kiss; it was a fake-out make-out,” Megan said.

A slight pink blush came onto Megan when she saw the tiara on her head, and she took it off without hesitation.

“Would you like this tiara, Daring Do?”

“N’ah. You keep it, Megan,” Daring Do said, “Consider it a gift for your loyalty.”


Megan put her crown down and continued to eat her salad. While she was eating, she did a lot of thinking.

"Man! I can't believe I kissed Ahuizotl! And that I actually I told him what his fur felt like to me! And how handsome he was! Everything!" she thinks to herself, "Still, that kiss...I never had my first kiss before, but it felt...amazing. He looked so handsome after that happened, and I told him that before it. And I was telling the truth about his fur. it did feel soft and comfy.

Without anyone noticing, the crown glowed sky blue like Rainbow Dash’s coat.


Back at Tambelon, Grogar is yelling about their recent failure as he tries to zap at Jet.

“The Knights and the Ponies were within your grasp, and you let them escape! How dare you fail me!” he yelled viciously.

“Blame Ahuizotl, Sire!” Jet said, “He was distracted by that human girl Megan. One kiss from her, and he was under a love spell.”

Ahuizotl is looking out the window, daydreaming about Megan while not paying attention to what’s going on. He snapped out of it when Grogar levitated him and took him to the balcony above the courtyard.

“Hear me, Ahuizotl,” he said, “If you ever think about betraying me and my cause to that human or those pony friends of hers, you’ll suffer the same fate as the resistance members we caught.

Ahuizotl looks down and sees statues of different creature in the courtyard. They are Tambelonean who stood against Grogar and his laws, and were captured.

“Rest assured, Master!” Ahuizotl panicked, “I will never defy your cause!”

“Good! Now both of you get out of my sight while I come up with another plan!”

Jet and Ahuizotl leave Grogar to fume in the throne room.

“Does that mean you’re giving up on that girl?” Jet asked.

“Of course not, Jet!” Ahuizotl said, “Megan is unlike any woman I’ve ever known. Where else am I going to find one with such fire in her spirit?”

Jet sighs and leaves Ahuizotl lost in his daydreams.

“Something tells me this is gonna be a new obsession for him,” he said.

After Jet says this, he walks away in a moping manner to relax after the ordeal today.

"Someday. Somehow. Megan will be my queen, and we'll be together forever," Ahuizotl thinks to himself while he daydreams."

He soon daydreams of him and Megan as king and queen, in beautiful royal attire.