The Crash That Started a Beautiful Romance

by Shining Smile

First published

Applejack and Rainbow Dash both have feelings for each other, but neither of them knows it. Thanks to a fateful crash, they end up spending a lot of time together and feelings start to emerge.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash both have feelings for each other, but neither of them knows it. Thanks to a fateful crash, they end up spending a lot of time together and feelings start to emerge.

This is my first story. I hope you ponies like it.

Thank you, to my friend Cottonwood for proofreading this.


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It was a bright and sunny day in Ponyville. A light blue, pegasus mare with a rainbow mane and tail was taking advantage of the beautiful day by zipping through the sky at top speed doing barrel rolls and flips. She was practicing some new moves to impress her idols, the Wonderbolts. Her name was Rainbow Dash and the Wonderbolts were the best fliers in all of Equestria. It was Rainbow Dash's dream to be just like them: “no” she wanted to surpass them. While she was doing a complex series of loops,flips, and twists a strong gust of wind caught her wings and knocked her off course. She lost control and was plummeting to the ground too fast to stop. All she could do was yell. “Look out!”


“Rainbow Dash, what in tarnation do you think you're doin!” Yelled a very familiar country voice.

Rainbow Dash groaned and rubbed her head with her hoof as she opened her eyes. She looked around and saw an orange earth pony with a blonde mane and tail, both of which were pulled back in a neat ponytail and she wore a tan cowpony hat on her head. She was giving her a very stern look.

“Oh, hey Applejack, how’s it going?” asked Rainbow with an embarrassed half smile. She looked around and saw why her friend was so mad. She had accidently crashed into Applejack’s apple cart and now there were apples and scraps of wood everywhere.

Rainbow tried to get up and explain, but as she got to her hooves and stretched her wings a sharp pain shot through her right wing. “AAAAAAAHH!” She yield as she collapsed back on the ground.

Applejack’s expression changed from anger to concern as she asked, “You alright, sugarcube?”

“Yeah,” answered Rainbow Dash, “I’m fine just a scratch," wincing in pain as her wing twitched. She looked up at Applejack, then quickly looked away and blushed in embarrassment. She hated being in a compromising position that made her look weak.

Applejack looked at Rainbow Dash’s wing, a few of the feathers were twisted and bent out of shape. The top wing joint also looked like it was beginning to swell and faintly turn a nasty shade of purple. She noticed that a trickle of blood started leaking down her feathers.

“That looks like more than a scratch," answered Applejack, "and we have a problem now, don’t we? Ya' obviously can’t fly on that wing. Which means ya can’t get home,” she listed, “Seeing how your home is on a cloud and all. Come on let's get ya to the Doc’s to look at that wing of yours,” she said while helping Rainbow to her hooves.

Rainbow got up trying her best not to move her wing, then opened her mouth to protest but Applejack put a hoof to her mouth and said “I ain’t taking 'no' for an answer.”


Rainbow Dash sat in the lobby of Ponyville Hospital, next to Applejack, with her wings folded tightly to her side as to not irritate her injury. She was nervously twirling her hooves as she thought, “what if the injury is really bad. I mean, what if I can’t fly for a month, or a year, or what if I can’t ever fly again!”

Applejack looked at the blue pegasus next to her and saw how nervous she was. “Come now, Rainbow. No need to be nervous. I’m sure you’ll be up and flyin’ in no time,” Applejack said trying to cheer up her friend.

“Come on AJ, me nervous? Yeah right. I’m too awesome to be nervous,” Rainbow Dash said with a wave of her hoof and a very unconvincing smile.

At that moment, an alabaster earth mare with a light pink mane and tail, wearing a white nurses hat came into the waiting room “Ms. Dash, the doctor will see you now.”

“Thank you, Nurse Redheart,” Applejack said.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack got up and followed the nurse down the hall to the doctor’s room. Nurse Redheart ushered them into a room with an examination table.

A tan unicorn with a brown mane and tail was sitting at a desk doing some paper work. He looked up from his papers when they walked in “Oh, Rainbow Dash, back again I see. What is this?” he teased, “the third or fourth time in the last three months that you’ve been in my office?”

Rainbow gave a nervous grin and rubbed the back of her head with a hoof as she answered, “Um… actually it’s the fifth time, Doctor Horse.”

“Well then, what is it this time?”

“Rainbow had a little run-in with my apple cart. Banged up her wing something fierce,” Applejack answered.

“I see. Well Rainbow, would you like to have a seat and I’ll have a look at that wing of yours?” Doctor Horse said justering to the examination table with a hoof.

Rainbow took a seat on the examination table, wincing in pain as she slowly unfurled her wing.

“Now let's have a look at that wing,” Doctor Horse said as his horn glowed with a blue light.

The blue glow enveloped Rainbow’s injured wing. Not long later, a three-dimensional radiograph of her wing appeared above.

“Hmm, it looks like you have a small fracture along the Carpometacarpus bone.”

“Uh, what bone is that doc?” Applejack said with a confused look on her face.

“It’s a bone only in pegasi and birds; that’s why you probably haven't heard about it. It’s part of a group of bones extending out from the top wing joint’” Doctor Horse explained pointing a hoof to the bone on the holographic image.

“Enough with the technical stuff,” Rainbow Dash groaned, “when can I fly again?”

“Well…,” Doctor Horse put a hoof to his chin and thought as he released his magic, “with the right spell, bandages and rest, we could cut the time in half than it would usually take. I’d say you’ll be up and flying with in a week.”

“Aww, I’ll go crazy if I have to stay here in bed for a week!” Rainbow said as she folded back up her wing, wincing again from the pain.

“I’m sorry but you're going to need your rest.”

“What if she were to stay at my farm for that week? I’ll make sure she doesn't do anything to strain her wing,” Applejack suggested.

“With a dependable pony like you watching over her, I guess that would be fine.”

“Cool, thanks AJ!” Rainbow said with a big smile. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if I would be stuck in this hospital for a week.”

“Now if you’ll just hold still for a few seconds, I’ll get to bandaging your wing.” Doctor Horse said as he levitated some bandages over to Rainbow Dash. His horn glowed brighter as he cast the healing spell on the bandages as he wrapped her wings to her side.

“Well, that should do it. You’re free to go,” he said as he finished the bandaging.

“Yahoo!” Rainbow exclaimed as she hopped off the table. “Thanks doc,” she said as Applejack and her trotted to the door.

But before they could leave they heard the doctor call them back, “Oh and Rainbow Dash! Try to go at least a month or two without ending up back in my office, please.”

They turned around to see the doctor smirking at them as they left.


“Why don’t ya’ have a seat on the couch?” Applejack said as they both walked into her farm home. “Why don’t ya’ relax? I've got some chores to take care of before dinner. Speaking of which, I need to let Granny Smith, Big Macintosh, and Applebloom know ya’ll be staying the night.” And with that Applejack left out the door.

Rainbow Dash sat on the couch, for what felt like forever, until she couldn’t take the boredom anymore and decided to go look for Applejack. It took a while to find her, but Rainbow Dash found her apple bucking in one of her orchards. She looked like she was busy, so Rainbow just decided to lean up against a tree and watch. Rainbow has always loved watching the orange earth pony work. Normally, she would watch from a cloud and pretend she was sleeping.

Applejack noticed Rainbow Dash’s sleek athletic body lying up against one of her trees watching her as she worked. Applejack had always had a crush on the beautiful rainbow mare ever since she first saw that beautiful rainbow contrail soaring through the sky. The knowledge of her watching her work was making Applejack a little hot even though there was a nice autumn breeze. Applejack soon felt moisture run down her legs and she knew she was getting too excited by her as she started to feel that itch. She saw the sun setting and knew it was time for dinner, which gave her a good excuse to stop and go inside.

Applejack walked up the hill with two baskets of apples on her back “Come on RD, it’s time for dinner. Go to the house I’ll be there in a minute. I just got to put these apples in the apple seller.”

Applejack made her way down the stairs to her apple seller next to the barn. As she set the apples down she felt the itch between her legs was still there and she couldn’t help it. She reached one hoof to her moist marehood.

Unfortunately, before she could get to into it she heard a voice yell, “Hey big sis, it’s time for supper!”

“I’ll be there in a minute, Applebloom!” Applejack yelled back.

Applejack sighed as she walked out of the seller hoping that dinner would distract her from the growing itch between her thighs.

After dinner, Applejack took Rainbow Dash up the stairs to her room, “You can use my bed while you’re staying here and if ya’ need anything I’ll be on the couch,” Applejack said opening the door to her room.

“Applejack, I can’t take your bed, it just doesn’t seem right. I mean, it’s my own fault I got hurt.”

“Come on, sugarcube. I’m not going to have an injured friend of mine sleeping on the couch,” Applejack said as she ushered Rainbow Dash into her room.

“Goodnight Rainbow.”

“Goodnight AJ.”

With that Applejack closed the door and headed down stairs.

Rainbow Dash crawled into Applejack’s bed. The bed smelled of sweets and apples, just like Applejack. Rainbow had always liked Applejack, she just always had to act cool. After awhile, Rainbow fell asleep with her mind drifting off to the orange farm mare sleeping downstairs.

Downstairs, Applejack was lying on her back with her head on the pillow. She was thinking about earlier when Rainbow was watching her work. That itch that had died down during dinner was coming back. She couldn’t help it as one of her hooves moved down her stomach towards her marehood. Her thoughts were moving to more erotic images of the blue pegasus. She saw Rainbow bent over one of the hay bales in her barn with her tail up and out of the way giving her a really nice view of the blue pegasus’s dripping pussy. Her hoof slowly started to rub her vulva lips, which had gotten wet again from the images going threw her mind.

Back up in Applejack’s room Rainbow Dash woke up to get some water. She left the room and headed down the stairs. She was halfway down the stairs when she heard a noise that made her stop. There was a moaning sound coming from the living room. Curiosity getting the best of her Rainbow Dash went to the bottom of the stairs and saw that Applejack was lying on the couch with her hoof between her legs moaning. Rainbow Dash sat on the last few steps, kind of in a trance at what she was seeing.

Applejack continued, unaware of the rainbow mare now watching intently from the stairs.

Rainbow Dash sat watching, wandering and feeling jealous about who Applejack could be thinking about until she heard something she did not exspict.

“Ah, that’s the spot RD.” Applejack said as she turned onto her stomach. “I’m coming!” Applejack yelled into her pillow.

At this Rainbow had to shove a hoof into her mouth to keep herself quiet.

Rainbow sat as quietly as possible until she finally heard the soft and steady breathing that meant that Applejack was asleep.

Rainbow quietly walked back to Applejack’s room and got into bed completely forgetting why she got up in the first place. She laid there looking at the ceiling, her mind racing with happy thoughts. “Applejack likes me, she actually likes me!” She thought as she grabbed a pillow and started hugging it like a school filly. “However, I need to find a way to get her to confess to me. I’m supposed to be the cool one, I can’t make the first move.” As she drifted off to sleep, her mind was flooded with ways to get Applejack to confess her love for her.