And Our First Step Into The Unknown

by Father Pie

First published

Twilight watches as the rocket carrying the future ascended into the unknown.

The future was not meant for us.

It's meant for those who come long after we've walked the ground, and longer still after our descendants have taken their last breathes.

Our work was started long before us, and continues long after we're gone.

What's your name?

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"5... 4... 3... 2... 1... We have lift off!"

Twilight felt a sudden weight lifted off her shoulders, after years of planning, her dream had come true. Tears had welled up in her eyes as she watched the rocket carrying the deep space probe Horizons into the planets' atmosphere.

'I wish spike were here to see this' Twilight somberly thought.

Twilight turned to face her friends, all of them had been given invites to watch first hand with Twilight. Their expressions were of awe. Sunset walked over to Twilight and smiled at her.

"Twilight this is amazing! When do you think the probe will reach a target?" Sunset asked Twilight.

"Sunset... We won't know, I don't we'll ever know... But I do know this; Someone or something will eventually figure it out, that they weren't alone in our universe. Excluding Equestria though!" Twilight answered Sunset.

The rest of her friends had moved further back into the observation room and were talking amongst themselves. Sunset had turned back to the window and was watching the rocket as it disappeared among the clouds. Twilight moved up beside Sunset and spoke to her.

"It'll take about 50,000 years for Horizons to even leave our Oort Cloud, Sunset it's very possible that the probe could end up leaving our galaxy, get sucked up by a black hole, pulled into a planet, or even collide with an asteroid—" Twilight smiled softly at Sunset. "But I'm happy knowing we've tried reaching out to other possible civilizations, how do you feel about this?"

"I don't know Twilight, but... I'm kind of sad that all your efforts could go to waste because of the unknown. I mean, why couldn't we chart out a route?" Sunset asked Twilight.

"It would be impossible Sunset, there are too many things we can't see in space, too many small asteroids, heck even the Oort Cloud isn't observable. We just have to believe that we'll get there, can you do that for me Sunset? Can you believe with me?" Twilight looked hopefully at Sunset.

Sunset looked back out of the window, the rocket was gone, it would never be returning. Sunset turned back to Twilight.

"I can try Twilight," Sunset gave a small smile.

In the dark void of space, there was a faint blink of lights that disturbed the calm. The probe Horizons floated through space, it's destination never to be known; Inside there were pictures of the local species of animals, locations, clothing, and writings from various authors inside the probe. The information was kept safe inside a high-tech vault.

The probe had finally passed the Oort Cloud, and it's journey now had finally begun. All around the probe there was only the faint orbs of distant stars, some having died out billions of years ago, some still burning their fuel. The probe had a faint colouring to its hull, it had been given a rainbow colour scheme by one of its creators.

The inside of the vault was decorated with party supplies, on a module sat the ingredients to make a cake. Across from the cake ingredients sat a stuffed bunny wearing a jacket, which was topped off with a small hat. Next to the bunny was a drawing of apple trees; across from the mountain of books in the center of the vault was a poster of the Wonderbolts. At the very back of the vault hung two pictures, one was of Twilight and all her friends after the friendship games had ended, and beside it was a photo of Sunset and Twilight in wedding dresses.

"I wish I could see their faces when they find out that they aren't alone, What about you Sunset?" Twilight asked Sunset.

Sunset was sitting on Twilight's couch watching T.V.

"I mean, I wasn't surprised when I came through the portal, so maybe they won't be surprised," Sunset answered.

Twilight frowned slightly before it was replaced with a mischievous smile.

"I bet you were blown away when you came through that portal Sunset, I mean you came into an entirely new reality; Cars on the street, in a new body, and in a world without magic!" Twilight smiled at Sunset.

"Okay... fine, I was a little bit surprised at the technology around me, it was amazing. Though I got over that in about a week..." Sunset smirked at Twilight's expression of annoyance.

"Do you Twilight Sparkle, take Sunset Shimmer to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do," Twilight looked Sunset in the eyes, a smile on her face.

"Do you Sunset Shimmer, take Twilight Sparkle to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do," Sunset smiled back at Twilight.

"Then by the power invested in me, you may now kiss the bride."

Twilight held Sunset's hand before leaning in and kissing her. The crowd stood and applauded the newly wed couple.

Twilight planted a flower on the grave in front of her. She smiled wistfully, memories of all the good times she had in her younger years came rushing back to her.

"I wish you were still here my Sunset, I miss our long talks, our debates... But most of all I miss you. Our daughter is following in our footsteps, can you imagine that? Even after all that talk that science was boring. She couldn't make it this time. Something about a friendship problem," Twilight stood above Sunset's grave, she looked into the sky.

Another memory came back, this one made Twilight smile a little broader.

"It should be in interstellar space now, how far in? Oh I don't know that, but its journey hasn't even started yet... I know you didn't think it was worth the effort I put into something that may very well fail, but some one needed to reach out, Don't you agree Sunset? Kind of like how you reached out for me, it was sweet of you, and I can never repay you for that chance. I love you Sunset," Twilight started to walk away from the grave. "I'll be back next week, okay?"

Twilight lay in a hospital bed, she knew that her time had come. Twilight was looking out of the window that sat across from her bed. The sky was had splotches of soft white clouds that were drifting slowly by. She smiled softly, she liked clouds; Twilight could only imagine what it felt like to drift slowly away, never to be seen again. A gentle cough got her attention.

Standing at the door was her daughter, Solar Flare, she walked over to Twilight's bed and broke into tears.

"I can't lose you too!" Solar cried into Twilight's shoulder.

Twilight stroked her daughters back, she was not scared of death, she was curious.

"Honey, look at me, You'll be fine; Can I tell you something?" Twilight smiled at Solar Flare.

"What is it mom?" Solar's voice cracked.

"Look outside the window, can you do that for me?" Twilight asked.

Solar walked around the bed and stood in front of the window. Not seeing anything she turned to face Twilight.

"Very funny mom, what am I supposed to see?" Solar frowned at Twilight.

"I want you to look at the sky for me," Twilight point towards the open expanse of blue.

Solar looked towards the sky.

"Solar... I'll be around longer then you think, there is a piece of me in space, along with your aunts and mother. I'm looking forward to finding out who finds us out there. In the mean time, can you do that as well?" Twilight looked at the back of Solar Flare's head.

"You're talking about Horizons right?" Solar replied.

"No, I'm talking about our future, I need you to help guide the next generation of scientists, do you think you can do that for me?" Twilight smiled at her daughter.

"Of course mother, I can do that, I just wish... It doesn't matter, mom?" Solar Flare turned to face the high pitched whine coming from the cardiograph. "Mom!"

In the void of space, a small probe floated through, its destination never to be known. Inside the probe sat a high-tech vault, inside the vault were invaluable objects, and inside the vault a faint voice could be heard speaking.

"Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle... and it's my great honor in being able to extend my— Our hands in friendship. Girls this is ridiculous, even if this probe reached another race of beings, there is no guarantee that they speak any of our languages! What was that Pinkie? No! Why would I even say that!? No Rainbow Dash, they won't know who the Wonderbolts are! Fluttershy do you have anything to add? What was that? They probably have pets of some kind. Rarity there is no way to know what their possible fashion choices might be, and Apple Jack apple trees are an Earth plant... Maybe they do have a plant that is similar. Sunset, do have anything you want to say? Yeah that's good. Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle, and my friends names are Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Apple Jack, and Sunset Shimmer... What's your name?"

It was beautiful.

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Solar Flare stood at the graves of her mothers: Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. Solar sighed as she sat down in front of the graves, lost in thought as clouds drifted lazily through the sky above.

'I wish I could hear your voices again, just one last time...' Solar thought somberly as she watched the clouds float by.

Solar thought the clouds were beautiful, they had no worries, no commitments; they only moved through the sky. Time and again she wished she were a cloud, something she never told her mothers. Smiling slightly she looked down at the tombstones. Reaching out with her hand, she felt the stone; Cold... perhaps it was for the best that she never shared her views on death with her parents.

'I wish I could believe that you two are somewhere where that I could go... But I can't, did you guys ever wonder about that like I do?' Solar's eyes lowered as she looked at the grass. 'I also never told you guys that I almost died. I think now that... That selfish of me, wasn't it?'

The sun shone brightly in the sky and the water was calm. Suddenly the water parted violently as a body rose from the depths, gasping for air, Solar smiled. Swimming was one of Solar's favorite past times, the water parted from Solar's hair as she shook her head to and fro. On the beach sat her friends, they were relaxing on the sand. Solar was starting to feel adventurous, turning from shore she began swimming into deeper water.

Solar was so preoccupied with the goal of going as far as she could she didn't hear her friends calling out to her. Solar had started to feel tired so she decided to take a break and float in the water, She watched as clouds drifted through the sky; they were massive soft looking pillows that had no destination. Then without warning Solar felt her leg seize, panicking Solar started to thrash her arms to stay above the surface of the water.

"When I slipped under the surface of the water... I was so scared. I remember seeing my hands reaching out for the surface, and bubbles as my breath left my body... Solar put a hand on her chest, the feeling of her chest tightening. As the oxygen left my body... My vision started to darken; But I remember one thing clearly. The clouds, they were drifting through the sky... Mom, they looked so pretty, at that moment all I could think about was that– That I wanted to watch them forever."

Solar smiled somberly at the memory, turning her gaze skyward again, her eyes watched as clouds danced their eternal waltz into the unknown.

"When I watched the clouds, I was vaguely aware that I would die, and it didn't bug me in the slightest. I think that experience left me appreciating that we're not eternal, it put things in perspective... All things must end."

Solar continued to watch as clouds rolled along, she lost track of time as she daydreamed. All too soon her alarm went off. Checking her phone, she realized that she might be late for her daily appointment.

"Well, I have to go pick up Comet Smasher... I wish you guys could have met her. I'm sure she would've loved to meet her grandparents," Solar stood up and began walking away. "I'll bring her to meet you guys when she's older, okay?"