Any Dream Can Come True...Even The Crazy Ones

by ppg1998

First published

No matter who you are your dreams can come true no matter how insane they are

A teen named Eris was put in a mental institution after she burned her house down just to watch it burn. She always loved staring at fire she mainly just watches mlp all day and night. She is huge fan of the character discord she loved everything about him. She hates how she is stuck in this nut house and just wishes she could be like discord one day but, even the most craziest of dreams can come true.

Chapter 1

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My name is Violet Price, I am 19 years old. My skin is grey with wild white hair along with clothes that never match. I am most known for causing lots of destruction and chaos, whether it be intentional or not. All my classmates call me 'Eris'. for it means in Greek mythology the goddess of chaos.

It wasn't my idea you think I could have figured that out ? No the nerds of the school thought it would be neat and honestly I think it suits me better. I love putting pranks on my classmates and teachers but I can't really do that anymore since I was put in a mental institute.

I was put in here after my pranks became more life threating. Like this one time I messed with the traffic light system outside my school oh how I laughed when all those cars crashed into one another it was quite a sight. Luckily nobody died I maybe crazy but even I would feel bad if I killed someone who didn't deserve it. Well unless I was really really board or if they pissed me off. Oh my parents were so pissed, in fact that was the prank that got me here, well that and me burning down my parents house I don't know why I did I just wanted to watch it burn and loved every second of it.

Don't worry I didn't kill them I'm not that sick, I told them there was a parent teacher meeting and while they were gone I cut the gas line to the oven and the heater in the house until the house was completely filled with gas and when they were coming close to the house I threw my lighter into the window and watch the house explode. Watching my parents panic as their house burned was the funniest thing in my life.

They had it coming since they were pretty harsh with there punishments. This one time when I was 11, I put banana outside my parents door and when my mom slipped on it she put me in a dark closet with a poster of a scary clown in it for a week during the summer. I still have nightmares about that clown.

Anyway after the fire they had me arrested for arson, destruction of private property, and attempted murder, although that last one was never confirmed since I sent them purposely away from the fire. At my trial my parents tried there best to put me in prison for what I did. Even if didn't start the fire or mess with the traffic lights I still can't believe that they would send there own daughter to prison.

Luckily at my trial I plead for insanity and they sent me to the mental institution with no hope of getting out. I'm now forced to live with a bunch of whack jobs. I try not to make it easy for the employees that are keeping me here.

I play tons of pranks on them and I make sure they hurt. Like this one time I put a note on one of the guard's back that said. "This man has drugs." Some of the patients had serious drug problems as well as being insane. Unfortunately for him he was just unlucky enough to walk into a room full of them. as soon as they saw the note 20 to 30 of them all jumped stripping him off all his clothes and even breaking a few bones just to find the nonexistent drugs. It was hilarious to watch.

No one wants to be near me but I always need a guard outside my cell during the day. I mostly spend most of my time watching My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic on my TV. Don't Judge Me its a good show. My favorite character is discord he is so funny and destructive I just can't help but smile every time he is on screen. We have tons of things in common and that was even before I was a fan of the show. Like obviously we like to cause choas and destruction, we both are crazy, we both have blown up a few things, and we are both feared by many. He just appeals to me so much and that is why am such a huge fan of him.

Anyway the reason why I have a TV in my room is because its the only thing that will keep my busy that doesn't involve the employees going to the emergency room. My usual guard outside my cell is called Thomas. He is a dick. He is about 27 years old and is a little taller than average and just a little skinny but is way stronger than he looks. Has navy blue skin and has short neon blue hair. He always wears the light grey security unfiform all guards wears and he is the only one that wears a matching security cap. He is also the most rule strict person I ever meet and always does everything by the book but makes acceptions when it comes to me. I try my best to annoy him and play most of the pranks on him. I also like to announce things that are going on in the show just to piss him off, its hilarious.

But I need to be honest here, as much as I hate to admit it that show is the closest thing I have to a friend in the nut house so I sort of like to talk to it as if they could hear me. I admit its pathetic but I don't have that very many options to choose form since everyone is afraid to come near me. Although it does has its perks. Its funny and makes me feel powerful to see people instantly get scared as soon as soon as I enter the room. But I will admit it gets lonely.

MLP is the best thing I have in this nut house If only I could live in that world. That would be dream come true... But *sigh* even I know that is crazy even by my standards A girl can only dream. Anyway its time I go to bed. While I was getting in bed I was not aware that stranger was in the security office watching me.

"don't worry Eris any dream can become reality"

*Tomorrow morning*

I woke up to find Thomas banging on my cell door to wake up

"wake up psycho its time for breakfast"

"yea yea yea I'm getting up cool your jets"

I opened my eyes to my same white boaring room. It wasn't anything special it was just plain boaring cell with a white bed. A white dresser where I keep my clothes. A TV in the corner. A window with metal bars on both the inside and outside. A bathroom with no door, inside it just had toilet, a sink where I brush my teeth and and my towels are, and shower. And finally a door that lead outside my cell with small one way window on it with bars on the inside of my cell.

I then got up and went to my dresser and put on my lame clothes this places forces us to wear. I never understood why we have to wear this crap. Anyway after I got dressed Thomas escorted me to the cafeteria. It wasn't anything special, once again all white walls and floors. There were a total of 12 tables and 5 seats for each one except I had my own person table in center of it all. It's basically a single chair with a school desk attached to it. Its kinda embarrassing at first but after spending 2 years living here it doesn't bother me anymore.

I went to the chef picked up a plastic food trey. Today we had eggs, bacon, and toast. I then sat at my usual table sitting alone with guards near by as I eat. After I finished eating I waited for one of the guards to get close and in my pocket I pulled out a small bag. I emptied the contents inside to show marbles falling all over the floor as the guard slipped she heard loud snap to show he broke his leg. He was in serious pain and I just laughed.

"Oh you have found my marbles I guess that means I get to leave."

"You Broke My Leg You Crazy Bitch !"

I replied with mischievous smile. "I take that a no then"

Then Thomas and another big guard pinned me down to the table and put a straight jacket on me. I was then sent to my room with no lunch or dinner and didn't get my jacket taken off till near my bed time. Worth it.

After I got my jacket off Thomas was going to work overtime tonight but took patrol instead of watching me more that night. He will later regret that. After I took my shower and got ready for bed I saw there was a envelope left on my bed and the camera light was off so knew the camera wasn't on. I went up to my bed sat down opening the envelope. Inside was a note, keys, and a map. I looked at the map first and memorized where it wanted me to go with there being a red X at some statue near a high school. I then looked at the note and read it in my head.

"Hello Eris you must be confused how this got in your room but that is not important what is important is that I am here to help. You are going to break out I took the liberty of turning off the security cameras and the main security guard that watches the cameras is having a sick day. You will take this opportunity to use those keys to get out of your cell and to come across and locked doors in the building. You just need to avoid the guards head out the nearest exit. Once that is done you will head to the marked location on your map where we will discuss and I will have a little surprise for you when you get there I hope to see you soon."

I sat there for minute trying to get my mind around this. someone is breaking me out and I don't even know who is helping me. Why would anyone help someone like me ? But now is not the time to think about it I have a chance to escape this nut house and I'm taking it. 'this is going to be fun.' I then went to the cell door and unlocked it and opened the door and peeked out to check the hallway for any guards. Luckily their weren't any at the time so I closed the door behind me and sneaked through the building looking for a exit. I walked down he corridor trying to stay as quite as possible. I looked at all the corners and walls to see or hear if anyone was coming. Damn why does everything has to be white in this building.

After 10 minutes of searching I then finally saw exit. However believe it or not Thomas himself was guarding the door and swore under my breath after seeing him there. I then had a idea when Thomas wasn't looking I grabbed a medicine bottle and threw it far away form the door but loud enough for him to check out where it landed. After he left his post I took the chance to go to the door and unlocked it. Unfortunately as soon as I got the door open Thomas turned around and saw I was walking out the door and running and he sounded the alarm and he chased after me.

Lucky for me I memorized the map before I left but Thomas was persistent he chased me all the way to the school I managed to get him turned around as I head for the statue. I then hid behind the statue as I waited for my unknown helper to show up but the person was nowhere around. Thomas was getting closer to my position I start swearing in my mind since I just did all that for nothing. I knew no one would put that much effort into helping me.

Then right before Thomas was about to find her a miracle happened. Something behind me grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into the statue and I saw the weirdest lightshow ever. I felt like my whole body getting rewritten and changing like I was growing fur. I then felt like I hit the floor hard and I saw it to be very shiny as was the whole room. I had trouble standing up but I quickly got back up. then I looked back toward the mirror and saw in utter amazement and shock to show what I had become. I had become a draconequus. For those who don't know that is the mythical creature discord is. I had basically become female version discord.

I then realized my situation. I am in equestria in the back room where princess twilight keeps the portal and I have basically turned into a creature that has the powers of a god. At that moment I then totally nerded out and cheered to the top of my lungs. Luckily I think the walls were sound proof it is made of crystals after all. Then I heard a familiar voice from behind my back.

"Hmm I did not expect your transformation would be a draconequus it's interesting to see another one my species."

I looked at him in disbelief as I saw my favorite character ever discord was standing right in front of me.

"Oh how rude of me allow me to introduce myself I am discord the element of chaos and you must be Eris"

I just stood still standing there staring at him and thinking in the back of my head

'I am standing right in front of disord while I am now the same creature he is. This Is A Dream Come true.'

Discord looked a little confused as Eris was staring into space. Discord clapped his hands in front of her face and snapped her out of it.

"Uh are you ok ?"

Eris looked like she was about to say something but all that came out was gibberish and then she fainted.

"Maybe bringing her here was a bad idea."

Chapter 2

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Discord looked over my unconscious body and made a cotton candy rain cloud above my head. It then poured a bunch of chocolate milk onto my face which woke me up. I coughed some of the milk out of my throat and licked some of it off of my face.

"Hmm not bad"

Discord then did a fake cough to get my attention. I looked at discord not sure what to say.

He replied "ok I guess I will start again. I am discord the God of chaos and who I may have the pleasure of meeting miss ?"

I then stood up and shook off the chocolate still in my fur and cleared my throat.

"I am Eris and you can quite with the formalities it's not my style"

"Good it's not mine either. I am sure you have like a billion questions to ask ?"

"Not really it's pretty obvious you brought me here using the portal mirror and your chaos magic to bring me here."

That took discord a little off guard. "Yes how did you know that ?"

"Oh right you see in my world this whole universe is a TV show. In the show we follow the adventures of the new princess twilight sparkle, rainbow dash, pinkie pie, rarity, Applejack, and fluttershy as they go and spread the the friendship of magic all across equestria while facing tons of obstacles along the way. like when they beat nightmare and brought us princess Luna, trapped you I'm stone again and then made you friends with the main six, launching queen chrysalis and her subjects all across equestria, killing king sombra, beating sunset shimmer and making friends with her, defeating the sirens, and that epic battle with lord tirek. Oh it is hands down my favorite show and I- "

I then look back at discord who for the first time ever was speechless. I just made discord speechless the God of chaos. This is bucking awesome and a little unnerving. I then clapped my hands in front of discords face to snap him out of it.

"Uh well that was, Unexpected to say the least."

"Ok but I do have one question. Since I am the same species as you does that mean I have the same choas powers as you ?"

Discord had his thoughts back and started thinking.

He replied "well I guess there is only one way to find out."

"Oh my celestia this is going to be awesome I am going to get magic form discord this is the best day ever!"

Unfortunately I sorta jinxed it at that moment. Then the lights in the room turned on and right at the door way was twilight still trying to keep her eyes open. "Discord ! What Did You Do !" I turned to her as she was shocked to see 2 draconequuses in the room.

"Oh twilight so good to see you have you meet my new friend."

I smiled and waved to her "Hi I'm Eris nice to meet you twilight"

Twilight looked furious at discord and also confused and excited all at the same time.

She then went up to me and started examining me and checking all my limbs and it starts to get annoying.

"Hey enough touching the merchandise"

"Sorry miss Eris was it ?" I nodded "sorry Eris it's just that we haven't seen another draconequus since discord came to be."

"I can tell."

"So how did you came to be did discord make you ?"

"That would be awesome, sadly no I came from another dimension from the mirror portal. Although not the one your thinking of. It's a similar one just with none of you guys exist in mine or at least none that I am aware of."

"That is amazing well your more than welcome to go back."

I laughed "trust me I'm better off here. I'm not exactly the most liked person in my world. If it's ok with you I would rather not talk about it"

"Oh sure you can stay but discord I would recommend you tell me or the other princess before you take some one from another dimension."

"Oh sure twilight you have my word."

'You don't have mine' I thought as I had a evil grin on my face.

I replied "now that we have that out of the way I guess we can do my chaos magic training ?"

Twilight looked a little worried and surprised then looked calm "hold it ! Oh right since your a draconequus it would make sense you would have the same powers as him. I am confident he can teach you how to use your magic. I don't trust him to be alone with you testing magic this powerful. He isn't exactly the best person to be a role model."

"Oh twilight I'm hurt"

"However I will allow me or one of the girls to watch you 2 while you practice agreed?"

We both reluctantly agreed "ok now that we have that out of the way who will-"

Right in the middle of the of my conversations someone entered thought the portal. I then saw a earth pony with navy blue coat and blue neon mane and curry mark of police based with pistol on it.

"Are you bucking kidding me !"

Discord replied "Eris language."

Right next to him was a pistol. I picked the gun off the ground before anyone noticed and hid it behind my back. Twilight then walked up the pony on the floor.

Twilgiht replied "Eris do you know this pony?"

I face palmed "uh unfortunately yes he is-"

Discord covered my mouth as I kept swearing as he held my mouth. After a few minutes I calmed down and I took disord's hand off my mouth. "I don't like him and he doesn't like me"

He then starts to wake up and then sees me, discord, and Twilgiht. He then stands up or at least tries and falls back a few times while trying to run but honestly it just pathetic and painful to watch.

I then had enough "ok Thomas calm down your just making a fool of yourself."

"What how do you know my name ?"

"I'm surprised you don't recognize some you guarded for 2 years"

"Eris ?! What happened to you ?!"

"The same thing that happened to you"

He looked confused then I moved his head toward the mirror and then he screamed again.

I then looked toward twilight and Thomas. "Huh deja vu"

Chapter 3

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After he finally calmed down I explained the situation to him. After I told him he looked poissed and tackled me and I dropped the gun. He saw it picked it up with his teeth and pointed it to my head while he was on top of me. Discord and Twilgiht tried to help.


Twilight and discord didn't move and had no idea what do without getting me killed.

Twilgiht said. "What ever your name is no pony needs to get hurt this is all just a big misunderstanding just put the thing down and let's talk"

He replied angrily. "There is nothing to misinterpret I'm in the land of a stupid TV show and I'm going to kill the bitch that led me here and I'm going to kill this bitch for driving me crazy for over 2 years !"

I was terrified II had no idea what to do. Then it hit me I then remembered my powers. I may not have used them before but anything has to better then this. I then snapped my fingers and concentrated on the gun and it then vanished. Thomas was in disbelief how I did that. I was even surprised I even pulled that off. Twilight then blasted him off of me with magic blast and then snapped his fingures and he was then in big chains so he can't get up. Twilight then helped me up.

"Thanks twilight and thank you discord"

Discord replied "anything for a friend."

Twilight replied "your welcome also I never knew some could snap like that. "

I replied nervousily "yea that's kinda my fault"

They both looked at me with suprised looks on there faces.

Discord looked impressided like "What did you do to that guy. I have never seen anyone go that nuts."

I looked a little nervous "yea you see in my world certain people that are not mentally stable are but in big white buildings to be taken care of .Unfortunately some are so crazy they are put in there for life cause they are too unstable to be in public, I was one of those patients. I was put there for 2 years and my usual guard outside my cell was the pony that just tried to kill me few minutes ago. His name is Thomas and when I was near by I would always try to annoy him and play over the top pranks on him which would always cause tons of chaos. He was a jerk to me though so I was just giving him his just deserts."

Discord looked even more impressed and twilight looked uneasy. Discord then replied

"You and me are going to get along great"

I blushed a bit. Twilight replied "not without someone watching you 2 I'm going to round up the girls go to the map room while I go get them spike will be watching you while I'm gone."

I replied "ok twilight"

Discord then took me to the map room and spike was sitting in his chair with a determined look on his face as he was watching me and discord. I then lowered my self down to his level and I could tell he was scared.

"hey don't worry little spike there is no reason to fear me...yet."

He then looked more scared.

"oh relax I'm just messing with you"

I patted him on the head.

After that me and discord played poker on map table. I won 3 times and I can tell it's starting to get to him. After about the 10th time I won twilight finally came in with the others. I then thought of something interestimg I told discord to pretend to fall asleep and spike was in the dragons room. I decided to hide as they walk in.

Rainbow dash said. "So twilight what is this suprise guest you are talking about twilight"

Twilight replied "she should be at the table but girls before you meet her I just have to ask of you, Don't judge her right away she can be a bit odd.

Applejack replied "how odd can she be ?"

Twilight replied nervously "well it's bec she's a-"

I then made a very loud boo from right behind them and scared all of them. Me and disord were laughing histericlly and they we're getting back on there feet and then rainbow dash tackled me.

"Hello rainbow still strong headed I see. Also you need to learn to take a joke."

She was about to punch me but luckily twilight stopped her. Rainbow then look at discord and then back at me.

"Great we have another discord, one is bad enough as it is"

I replied "oh relax rainbow you'll like me once you get to know me and besides I don't even have control over my powers yet."

Twilight replied "ok that is enough out of you 2"

We both shutted up.

"Ok since we got onto a bad start let's try this again. Girls meet Eris she called draconequus. That is what discord species is called and she happens to be the only other female of there species. Right now she doesn't have control over her powers and is going to be doing some training with discord. I brought you all here is so you girls here is so you all can one at a time keep a eye on these 2 while they do there training, can I count on all over you when you take your shifts."

Applejack replied "you can count on us sugercube."

Twilight replied "great now rainbow since you and Eris had a rough first impression why don't you take the first.

Rainbow dash "uh fine but I won't like."

I then grab rainbow and hive her a big hug "oh this is going to great. You and me will be great friends when this is over"

I noticed I was squeezing a little hard and she was turning red. I then let go as she gasps for air and still flying.

"Oh sorry I guess I don't know my own strength."

Rainbow dash replied "Uh yea I can tell"

Discord replied "ok now that we have that out of the way lets get to training"

Twilight replied "ok you 3 stay safe I'm going to figure out what to with Thomas."

I then thought to myself "hmm hey now that I think about it. That name doesn't really fit him anymore, give me a second. Um Oh I got it. Security care. Or Sec for short cause security care is a bit of a mouth full."

They all liked the name. Discord replied "nice choice"

Twilight replied "then it's decided his new name will be security care"

I then said "ok let's go already!"

Discord then snapped his fingers and then me, him, and rainbow were somewhere in a big rocky desert

I then shouted "Ok finally let's practice"

Chapter 4

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Rainbow dash was in some shade watching discord tell me how to use my powers. Discord said. "Ok let's start with something simple like levitation. To levitate all you have to do is imagine your in a endless space void and there is no ground beneath your feet. I'll demonstrate"

He then levitated like he usually does and then appears behinds me. "Now you try."

He startled me and then a piano appears above discord and falls on him. Then his head pop out piano's keys and it shows him with a mouth full of piano keys. I laughed hard and then he spat them out and got out of the piano. "Sorry discord, hehe it's still hard to control my powers hehe."

He then smiled "hehe it's alright I am more durable then I look."

I then smiled and he then made a lawn chair appear with him in it next to rainbow. I then concentrated and then thought of being a endless space with no ground and the next thing I knew I was floating. After a few practice times I mastered it pretty quickly. Discord clapped at my mastering levitation. "Ok know that you have master levitation let's see if you can master making normal items appear."

I then smiled "oh I love that one"

Discord said. "Great ok this one is simple but is not easy. All you have to do is clearly envision the thing you want to appear and then snap your fingers to make it appear."

I understood and nodded. I then concentrated on something simple. A apple, I then snapped my fingers. What appeared was a giant apple with razor teeth and wings. "This is going to take a while."

---Thomas POV---

*meanwhile at twilight's home*

I then wake up to find myself in big metal chains. I spend a few minutes trying to get out but I couldn't do anything. I then look up to see a purple pony with a horn and wings I think I heard Eris call her twilight. "So twilight is it what do you want ?"

She kept a stern look on her face "I am here to explain a few things and figure out your punishment."

I then was shocked at what she just "YOUR PUNISHING ME ! AND LET A WANTED CRIMINAL GO FREE ?!"

She kept the same face "why would I take your word after you just tried to kill Eris half a hour ago ?"

I stayed quiet for a minute "listen you have no reason to trust me but I swear to my life that Eris is dangerous !"

Her face is unchanged "first off I still don't trust you. And 2nd that's why I have her a trainer and a guard to keep her company while she try's to keep her powers under control."

I had a questioning look on my face "powers ?"

She still had that face "yes the species she has become has god like powers."

That statement alone scared the hell out of me. "Uh in that case when can I go home."

Her expression then turned to a little embarrassment. "Uh yea about that. You see when this portal was originally made it only went to one dimension. But over time I found out away to make it go to one dimensions. But all of them had the price of staying closed for 30 moons. So I then found away to put that price on only one dimension. Unfortunately your dimension I put all those prices on and it made it permanently closed. But looks like discord used some of his magic to open it for a while which is how he brought you and Eris here. I checked with him to see if he could do it again to send you back when you were holding that thing up to Eris's head, but he explained that he could only do that once to bring her here and you were just unlucky enough to fall through before it closed. I'm sorry but your stuck here."

That just made me speechless. She then replied back in the stern voice. "while I am sorry for bringing you here that does not excuse you for trying to murder one of my citizens. So I have 2 punishments for you. The 1st since your stuck here you need a equestrian name so people won't question you every single you mention it. Me and my friends will still call you Thomas if that will help. Anyway for your new name in public is 'security shot' or 'sec' for short. It was Eris's idea I think it suits you."

I rolled my eyes "well it could be worse"

She continued in the stern voice "As for your 2nd punishment will be a sort of community service. You see we have this grey Pegasus named derpy hooves that has a habit of accidentally causing large amounts of collateral and gets picked on a lot for it. She is one of those 'special' ponies and all we need you to do is to make sure she doesn't cause too much damage while keeping her safe. Do we have a deal ?"

I gave it some thought. "Alright sounds fair I mean how hard can it be to take care of one pony."

Her face tried to keep it still. It looked like she was hiding something. "Oh don't worry about where you will sleep, she has a guest room at her house. I'll show you her house. Here let me out of those chains."

She then let me out of my chains and we walked outside. Then I heard something coming in fast. "LOOK OUT"

Then a grey blond maned crossed eyes pony with wings with a bit of a New Yorker accent came out of know where and crashed into the roof of someone's house. 5 seconds later while still in the house exploded and the grey pony landed right in front of my feet I mean hoofs. "I don't know what went wrong ? oh hi I'm derpy what's your name."

I just stared at her for a minute. I then spoke in a uneasy voice. "Uh my name is security care it sec for short. I'm so pose to keep you out of trouble like a personal guard."

She just smiled "ok that super you and me are going to be best friends"

She then gave me a hug.

'What have I gotten myself into.'

Chapter 5

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*1 hour later*

---Eris POV---

It's been a hour and I'm still trying to make a normal Apple appear. Discord is having a blast with all my mistakes except for when they they physical break him a few times. That's when I start laughing. Rainbow left a little while ago. When I took a break after a few failed attempts and discord was trying to get a few metal spikes out of his back me and rainbow talked for a bit. I tried to get on her good side but all she sees when she looks at me is a female discord. Which I 'technically' am but still she could at least give me a chance. But I guess that's rainbow for you.

After she left pinkie pie has taken her shift on watching me and discord. I try talking to her but,all she wants to to talk about is if I can make her a cotton candy cloud so she can drink the chocolate. After a while of constantly asking I just did it so I could hear my self think.

"Uh finally I thought she would never stop asking."

Discord replied. "She is a funny one but, there is a thin line between funny and annoying."

"Ok now that she calmed down a bit let's get back to practice."

"Alright just make a apple and then we can move on to chaos magic."

"Ok I can do this I can do this."

"I'm sure you can do it you've only messed up 57 times in row all end backfiring."

"Your not helping."

"Hey I'm just poking fun ok let's get this done. Oh I forgot to mention that if you manage to make one normal object appear you can keep doing with ease like me. It's really just trying to get through the crazy till you reach the normal."

"Is that why it's so hard to make a apple?"


"Uh how many attempts did it take you to make normal objects."

He just stood there in silence. "That's personal."

'Hmm well that not suspicious at all. I'll figure that out later'

"Ok I'll drop it. Well her goes nothing."

I closed my eyes tightly and snapped my fingers. I was expecting some kind of explosion but when I opened my eyes to find a apple in my hands. My mind nearly exploded in joy right there and considering my new powers I might just have without me knowing. I then screaming in joy at the top of my lungs. Discord simply chuckled and pinkie pie heard my scream but just ignored after seeing I was fine and just went back to drinking chocolate milk.

"Finally! After 58 attempts I finally get it right ! Which I can finally get something I've wanted for a long time."

she snapped her fingers and a burger appears in her hands and starts crowing down on it. 'Hmmmmm, So Good oh how I've missed these.'

Discord looked curiously at me. "What are you eating ?"

I swallowed the last bits of the burger. "It was a burger it's a human food. I haven't eaten in a long ass time and thought I deserved a treat. Want to try one ?"

"No thanks I'm fine I already ate a bunch of Cotten candy earlier."

"Alright suit yourself."

I then continue eating a few burgers until I'm full.

"Oh yea that hit the spot. Ok what's next, I hope it isn't hard as that was."

"Oh don't worry everything from this point should be much easier."

"Oh thank Celestia that's out of the way."

"Ok let's start with something simple like transforming your body a bit. Hmm oh I know give your self a extra pair of arms."

"Ok sounds simple enough."

I concentrated as hard as I could on making a second pair of arms beneath my original pair which is still a lion paw and eagle claw. It's just easier to say arms and hands it's less confusing. After a few second something starts forming but, instead of arms they became giant wings and they then took of high and fast.


Discord pace palmed. "Oh you have got to be kidding me. Why did I agree to do this ?"

*Meanwhile In Ponyvile*

---Thomas/security shot/sec POV---

'I can't believe I've been reduced to this. I was the head security guard at the asylum and soon on his way to join the police force. But no, my personal grudge against Eris got the better of me. And Now I'm The Criminal Here ! ME !!! And know I'm doing community service to help protect some 'special' pony. But I so pose I didn't do well with my first impression. Well considering the time period it could have been way worse I could have gotten my head chopped off. Well might as well make the most of-'

I then tripped over my own hooves and face planted on the ground.

'Uh This body is a pain in the ass.'

Derpy then looked at me and trying to hold her giggles but failing. "Do you *giggle* need help ?"

I then got up off the ground. "I'm fine."

"Alright suit yourself."

We walked for a few minutes and finally reached her house. It was 2 story house with a straw roof and white and grey walls just like all the other houses. Well beside a few cracked and broken Windows and a on the left side of the house written in spray paint saying 'retard !' on the wall.

Derpy looked mad. "Damn kids I was just born this way."

We walk inside and it is surprising clean considering the outside. It had a living room with a couch with a coffee table in it and pointing toward the fire place. There is a kitchen with fridge, oven, cabinets and just about everything. The only difference was there was this cabinet that has like 10 locks on it with duck tape on it and written on it in pen that says. 'Muffin storage stay out !'

"Uh what's with all the locks on that one."

She turned to me with a serious face.
"Don't. Touch. My. Muffins!"

I would never admit it but that scared me. "Ok Ok alright I won't touch your muffins."

She then smiled and as if nothing happened. "Great your room should be upstairs first door on your right. My room is on the left knock if you need anything."

"Alright well I'm going to take a nap if you don't mind."

"Oh sure go ahead sec get some rest."

"I prefer Thomas but thanks anyway."

"No problem Thomas."

I then walked toward to my room.

'This is definitely going to interesting to say the least.'

Chapter 6

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---Eris POV---

Discord then spoke. “I think we should move on to more simpler magic. It seems your magic is too unstable before we can do anymore chaos magic.”

I was blushing a bit in embarrassment. “Yea that sounds like good idea.”

“Ok then let's try something more simple. Let's just teleportation.”

“Oh that's easy.”

“Don't get cocky it is not as easy as it-”

I then snapped my fingers repeatedly teleporting all over the place and then teleported back to discord.

“-Looks. How did you learn so fast.”

“Oh back in my world they have made some many Sci Fi and fantasy stories using that power it's practically the easiest one to use.”

“Hmm I really need to learn more stuff about humans. Nah maybe later.”

“Hey I do you mind if we take a break I want to see more of ponyville.”

“I don't see why not.”

I then squealed like the fangirl I am. I then inform applejack who took over for pinkie that we're going to ponyville. All 3 of us head back. Discord sent her back to the farm while me and discord ended in the park.

“So how long do you think it will take applejack to find us and realized we ditched her.”

“About a hour. So you mind if I ask you few questions about humans when you were one.”

We were both were unaware of someone listening to our conversation.

“Well when I was human I-”

I was interrupted by light green blur tackling me. When I looked up I saw that Lyra heartstrings was right on top of me pinning me down.


‘Oh right I forgot Lyra human obsession. I honestly didn't know it was even canon.’

Then I saw Bon Bon pulling her off of me.

“I am so sorry miss...uh….”

“I'm Eris discord species in training. Don't worry I'm not evil.”

“Ok. I'm bonbon and this is my girlfriend Lyra. Lyra stop bothering the mare and apologize. Or there will be no loving tonight.”

Lyra then stopped and blushed.

“Um sorry for tackling you I just got carried away. I like a little chaos every now and then.”

Bonbon gave me a confused look.

“What ? I said I wasn't evil I never said I wasn't crazy.”

“Oh. Well we better get going. Come on Lyra we need to get to work anyway.”

Lyra then turned to me and whispered. “Later can I please ask you some questions when you have some spare time.”

I giggled. “Sure thing Lyra.”

Lyra then left with grin on her face and Bonbon soon followed.

Discord then looked at me. “I was expecting longer before you got fan girls.”

“Oh shut up. Anyway let's go-”

Once again I was interrupted. This time in purple flash in front of my face. Twilight was flying right in front of me.

“Hello Eris I just came over to let you know celestia would like to meet you. Wait where is applejack?”

I just smiled. “We ditched her.”

Both discord and twilight glared at me.

“What ? I don't like to lie ?”

Twilight just facehoofed. “Uh I'll deal with this later but first celestia needs to see you.”

“Oh sure be back in a flash. Literally.”

I then snapped my fingers and ended up in main throne room. I then saw celestia looking at me for her seat. “Welcome Eris, we need to talk.”

‘Omg celestia is actually talking to me. She is my favorite princess. I like her the most because she deserves to be more popular and should really make more appearances on the show. Also I know everyone is going to hate me for this but Luna is overrated.’

“Sure princess what would you like to talk about ?”

---POV Thomas---

I awoke to someone poking at my face. When opened them I saw a very light purple unicorn filly. She was touching my nose saying ‘boop’.

“Um can you please stop that.”

“Oh sorry mister I was just wondering what your doing in me and my mom’s house.”

“Your mom?”

“Yea derpy whooves is my mom.”

“Oh I did not know that. So what's your name kid.”

“I'm dinky whooves. Also why are you here again?”

“Oh right as a part of community service I have to make sure your mom is protected.”

“Oh so you keep my mom safe from those bullies.”

“Yes that is what I do.”

“Oh thank you for keeping my mom safe. Sometimes she gets so hurt she cries herself to sleep. I'm so glad she can be happy and safe. Thank you Thank you Thank You.”

She then gave me a hug.

‘Ok even I have to admit this is cute’

I then have her a pat on the head.

“Oh mister what's your name ?”

“Oh um my name here is security shot. But you can call me sec”

“Ok later mister sec”

She left giggling a bit and heading back to her room.

“Heh nice kid.”

Chapter 7

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---Eris POV---

“Uh princess I don't mind coming over to talk with you. I really don’t, but can you get the guards to back off.”

More than 10 guards had spears pointed at my face.

“Guards I believe for the time being to lay down your weapons.”

The guard were skeptical but the lowered there weapons and went back to their posts.

“Sorry for that. They can be a little overprotective at times. Now if you don't mind I would like to ask you some questions.”

“Anything for you princess. So what do you want to know.”

“I only need one question answered.”

“Are You A Threat To Equestria?”

“Do I look like villain?”

I then snapped my fingers and halo appeared above my head and gave the most innocent look I could make. She didn't look amused. I then snapped my fingers and halo vanished.

“In all seriousness-”

I then start float above the Princess’s head.
“-I have no intentions of ruling, destroying, conquering, or any of that with equestria. I just want to have some fun.”

Celestia’s expression was unchanged.

“Pardon my skepticism but one discord is already a handful I'm not sure if equestria can survive another one.”

“Somehow I knew you would say that. If it will put you at ease I pinkie promise not to put equestria in mortal danger on purpose.”

“Then do it.”

I sigh. “Fine. Cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye.”

“Good. Now from my understanding you are from another world.”

“That is correct princess sun butt.”

“What was that?”


“Anyway if it's not to much trouble I would like to ask you some questions about your world.”

“I can do you one better.”

I then snapped my fingers and make a big flat screen HD TV appear in room.

“I can show you.”

“What is that ?”

“It's called a Television or TV for short. Basically it tells a story with moving pictures. Consider it a peace offering.”

“Interesting. So what should we watch. ?”

“I'm thinking you want to know it's history so let's watch a quick summary of human history.”

We watched for a few hours on the TV. Celestia was still trying to wrap her head around how advance in technology humans are.

‘I would have expected her to start screaming when we got to the wars and racism and nut jobs. It's always amazes me how she can always keep a calm loving face in any situation. She is so great like her beautiful hair, amazing eyes, and warm round-’’

I then mentally slapped myself. ‘Wow where did that come from. Eh probably nothing.’

After a another hour we finally caught up to what I know.

“So what do you think.”

“Well humans do have a lot of similar things to ponies but are very unique.”

When I was about the answer Luna came in.

“Sister we were wondering when-”

She looked at me with a very curious look.

“Discord when and why did thy change genders.”

I facehoofed and celestia just giggled at that.

“Sorry to disappoint you but I'm not discord I'm another draconequus.”

“But thou is impossible. We know for a fact it is impossible for another draconequu to be born in this world.”

“Good thing I'm not from this world.”

“What do thy mean ?”

I then explain everything that has happened.

“Oh sorry for thy confusion Eris.”

“Don't mention princess moon butt.”

“What did thou call us ?!”

“Oh nothing important”

She did not look amused.

“Oh calm down. Tell you what allow me to give you a peace offering. Trust me you will love it.”

I then snap my fingers and in front of luna is a Xbox 360 and blue controller with her cutie mark on it and TV and halo 1 through 4 and reach and a note that explains how to make it work.

“What is all thy stuff.”

“Entertainment. It may take a bit to put together but trust me it's worth it.”

“Thy will be the judge of that. But we appreciate thy gift.”

“Don't mention it.”

She left to her room with the all the stuff I gave her.

“So is there anything else you need princess.”

“No I believe that will be all.”

“Alright oh and keep the TV oh I also left few movies in your room. They are basically fictional stories like in book but TV form and they last from 2 to 3 hours. I didn't know what what kind of movies you liked so I got 3 movies for each genre.”

“Oh you didn't have to do that.”

“No No I insist. Besides I would rather not get on your bad side.”

“Oh well thank you Eris.”

“Don't mention it celestia. We should hang out sometime.”

“Maybe well you can go now”

“Bye princess.”

I snap my fingers and go back to ponyville.

Celestia brings the TV up to her room and finds the movies. She puts the TV in the center of the room and looks through the movies.

“Hmm this ‘Die hard’ one looks interesting.”

Meanwhile the portal mirror activated. Then 3 earth ponies stepped through. One was orange mare with big curly and poofy hair wearing a ruby necklace. The 2nd had purple and green hair with a ruby necklace. The 3rd was a blue mare also wearing necklace.

The orange mare spoke first.

“Finally. Back in equestria after so long. Yes I knew the portal magic could fix our gems. Come on sisters we have a world to rule.”

Chapter 8

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---1 week later---

---Thomas/Sec POV---

I've only been here a week and I already feel like I've gone insane. Ok it was quite a shock for me to be here in the first place but even after calming down I still feel like this is all dream or something. Take of care of derpy is more of hassle then you would think. At first it was only a couple of kids being mean. But something is off.

I've noticed that people around here are starting to act more violent. One the first day I got here everyone was surprisingly nice. Now it feels like I'm in Detroit. The crime has risen and even the slightest thing can set anyone off. It is very strange.

Speaking of strange. I haven't really heard from Eris lately. The last I heard of her was she was doing some training with that discord fella. I don't trust Eris but as long as she isn't try taking over the world or something I don't mind her running around as long as she is t focused on me.

I then go into the kitchen and trip and land on my face. I then get up and see a bunch of marbles on the floor.

“Oh you found my marbles.”

I can recognize that voice anywhere. I then look up on the roof and see Eris floating in the air on brown recliner upside down above my head with a smug grin on her face.

“How's my favorite security guard doing.”

“Piss off Eris!”

“How rude I think you need to clean that mouth of yours cause it's filled with dirty word.”

She then snapped her fingers and a bar of soap was in my mouth. I then spit it out.

“Bleh! What do you want Eris?!”

“Always Straight to the point. You need to live a little and get a sense of humor.”

“I'm not in the mood Eris. Just tell my why you're here.”

“You're no fun.”

I then snap my fingers and I'm back on the ground and the chair disappears.

“I'm just here to let you know that my training with discord is finished and I'm now free to go around ponyville and play pranks every now and then. Oh and also to warn you that my chaos magic is kinda more unstable. Twilight said something about the universe needing to stabilize and adjust enough to hold 2 gods of chaos. So every once in awhile when I use actually chaos my magic will kinda do something I don't want it to do and it might put some people er I mean ponies in danger or something like that.”

“Why are you telling me this ?”

“To move the explaining and move the plot along.”

“Plot ?”

“Oh nothing to worry about.”

“Hmm hey can I ask you a quick question?”

“Huh that's a first. Sure why not. Shot.”

“Have you noticed anything different going on around the town. Like people I mean ponies are acting more violent and aggressive.”

“Hmm now that I think about it kinda yea. It has been a little weird but I just thought it was just one ponyville off days like in ‘putting your hoof down’.”

“Huh ?”

“It's the title of one the episodes of this show of this world we are currently in. In the episode for some reason every background character in ponyville was like a jackass.”

“Hmm might be my imagination but maybe could look around.”

“I'll consider it”

“Oh Eris before you go, I bet you 50 bits you can't open that cabinet.”

I pointed to the muffin cabinet with over 10 locks on it.

“Hmm I got nothing better to do. Must be pretty important to have that many locks on it.”

I then duck and cover. She didn't notice I left when she snapped her fingers and open the cabinet.

“What the? Why are their only many muffins? Wait a second.”

Then Tons of alarms went off and then derpy burst the door from her room.


“Oh son of a-”

She was then tackled and puncher senselessly by derpy and laughed like hell through the whole thing. I know she will get me back for this but it is so worth it.

I'm cancelling this story. Why you ask? Look for your self.

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Hey guys. I'm sorry to do this too you but to be honestly don't give a shit about this story anymore. When I first made this story it was just for practice. Just to get my skills out. And honestly I'm actually ashamed that this is my most popular story to date. This was all mean to be nothing more then a bad practice and the only reason it's popular is due to fan pandering. And what's even worse is that my editing use to suck and yet you still love this.


I feel incredibly ashamed that the story I put the least ammout of effort into is my most popular one. I don't want to write this bullshit!!!

I'm sorry if you really like this story, but I just can't put anymore effort into this story then I already have. Please check out some of my latest work if you want my real heart put in my work. I'm not going to say their perfect, but they are definitely better then this garbage in my opinion. I'm sorry if regally hurt your feelings, but I just needed to get that all out of my system.

Please check out, comment, Like and favorite my stories that I am pouring My heart and soul into. "My Little Mob." And My New "Dimension # and Event #" series. Please. I am not proud of this story and I'm sorry but please check out my "REAL" work.

Thank you for your time.

Man I feel so much better to get that off my chest.

:pinkiecrazy: you do realize you just pissed of every fan who likes this right?

Not the time pinkie.

Well, this was unexpected.

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Surprised? So am I.

Ok so basically a little while ago a user by the name Vinyl_Scratch_DJ-Pon-3of asked me if they have permission to put this story in a little group called The orphange for abandoned stories where essentially if anyone has cancelled a story or has forgotten to work for way to long in hiatus and don't plan to continue it, their representative goes and asks the creator if they can put it in their group so they can give it to people who will take the story and continue it if they want. Think of it like fimfiction goodwill. Any way if there are any fans who want to see it and see if you can continue this story just let me know by PM to see how you will continue it and talk with group creator about adopting the story.

Sorry about my outburst in the last update, I was running on emotions alone. Ok that's all.

oh by the way, the only thing that I require from the story that I wanted to put in later was to ship eris and celestia. That's about it. Alright, later!

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