The Ronin Samurai

by ElementBrigade

First published

A samurai ends up in Equestria after being given a book by a mysterious child. Will she be able to survive in this world full of talking ponies?

I was once seen as a hero by my fellow warriors. Now, I have been seen as an outcast. One who dishonored herself. Like I had a choice in that matter... however, coming across that storybook on a place called The Crystal Empire has lead me to a bunch of things happening to me. Call me whatever you want. A murderer, a monster, hell even an outcast for all I care. But now, I'm something new. My name is Hanako, the slayer of kings.

MLP x Final Fantasy tactics series


Chapter 1: Sword of a Stranger

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Chapter 1:

Sword of a Stranger

The streets of the Crystal Empire were crawling with guards, enforcing the evening curfew that was strictly emplaced on the city. “Anypony who is out during the curfew will be placed under arrest, and be taken to the dungeon for questioning!” It put fear into the hearts of Mares, Stallions, and children alike. Nothing was ever the same ever since the current ruler, King Sombra, took total control over the Crystal Empire. His greed and thirst for power lead to the corrupt king taking over total control of the once peaceful kingdom. Many times before, he had said that this was in order to protect the people.

But there was nothing to protect the people from. He has said many times before about a rebellion against the empire and that the curfew was to catch any rebels. But over time, it soon became apparent that these, like everything else the king had said before, was nothing but lies. But, no matter what was said, Sombra still accused numerous ponies as traitors. All for just speaking against the king. The tyrant reign needed to end, but the people were missing one thing. Somepony to lead them. Somepony to guide them.

Somepony to save them.

“Freaking good for nothing kid!” yelled Hanako as she made her way to a tree at the edge of town. “That’s the last time I listen to his rumors about there being treasure in the swamps. Not to mention he wrote the direction on a piece of torn paper, which was very hard to read or decipher in the first place!!” The young woman herself was headstrong, cocky, and with those things, came a temper. However, she knew that some things were more important than others, despite what she was in the eyes of the people.

“Then again I was able to find the stupid treasure by accident, though I wish it had something good then a rusty old staff and a broken katana sword.” Hanako said as she looked over her loot. “*Sigh* Maybe I can get someone to repair it or forge it to make something new out of it.” That was when she looked around and began to tell herself mentally “If I were a treasure chest, where would I be?” as she looked around. It was only a few minutes later that when she found it, she saw a sign above it in her head, saying “Right here, dumbass”.

“Right… I really need to pay more attention to my surroundings more often.” She groaned, having her hands trace around the edges for a second. Once she heard a Click!, hope began to grow a little. She was really hoping for something good from this chest. But once she opening it, what she found blew her mind. “No...fucking….way! I-It can be what I think it is, can it?!” Oh it was exactly what she hoped for. What she uncovered was the legendary Katana named Chirijiradan. The blade that was said to eat away all flames and swipe away all evils the wielder would come across. A legend of a treasure… that was finally hers.

“After all these years, I finally found you my sweet legendary sword.” Hanako said as she placed the sword in the empty sheath on her right side of her waist. “Guess that kid really wasn’t lying when he said he knows where the sword was. Now then…..what the hell do I do now?” She looked around her as the sounds of the surrounding sounded getting… creepier in her opinion. There was no point in staying here now that she had what she was looking for. “I better head back to the nearest town. Lord knows I don’t want to be out here at night with all the weird monsters coming out.”

It took her ten minutes of running to be able to get back. Thankfully, she was lucky to not have any surprise attacks from the local monster population occur while on the run. When she returned back to town though, it was quiet and barely anyone paid attention to her. For different reasons, but in her head, Hanako knew the main reason why. “Figures as much. They still see me as a foreigner even after saving their town for free. Ungrateful bastards. I should’ve let those bandits attack this town.”

Hanako was a Ronin. A samurai without a lord or master. To be a Ronin was to turn your back on everything you previously upheld. In Hanako’s case though, she never asked for it to be this way. “Whatever, I got what I needed from this place. So the sooner I find that kid for my last job, the sooner I can move someplace else.”

She turned around another corner and something familiar finally came in her peripheral vision. It was the child from before that told her of the location of the chest that she had opened. Rushing over, she noticed that the child closed a book she was reading. One that had a crystal like heart on the cover.

“Hey, your back!” The youngling greeted. “Did you find what you were looking for?”

“Surprisingly yes, but next time try giving me the direction on a piece of paper. Not on a torn up one.”

“Sorry, it was all I had and I didn’t want to tear into this.” He told her, pointing at the book. “My parents gave it to me before they died.”

“I guess I’ll let it slide seeing how you been nice to me ever since I came to your town. So what are you reading?”

“It’s a story my parents use to tell me called “The Crystal Heart”. It’s a fantasy book that talks about the fall of a kingdom because of the greed and corruption of an evil king… Maybe you would be better off having it than me. It’s an old children’s tale anyways and I’m too old for it.” The child replied, handing it to Hanako.

“You sure about that kid? I don’t want to take something that belong to your dead parents.”

“Well, I think it’s best for me to try and move on. Remember that they’re here in spirit instead of thinking that they’re in a possession they handed down to you.” He said. Looking about, he then looked back at Hanako and smiled. “Thank you for the help. The people may not say it, but you’re a hero if you ask me. Keep on traveling, Hanako!” And with that, the boy zipped down the street, too fast for even Hanako to stop.

“Guess teaching him some Time Magic was a good thing.” Hanako said as she opened the book to see what’s inside. “That kid’s gonna go far if he keeps training himself. Now let’s see what this book is all about then shall we?” Turning to the front page, the first thing she could see was a series of mountain peaks and what appeared to be a silhouette of two quadruped beings. The child did say it was fantasy based, so anything was fair game here as she began to read.

Long ago, in the land of Equestria, there was a kingdom to the north that was made entirely of crystals. As in it’s appearance, the Crystal Empire was a kingdom that was made entirely of frozen crystal of all types. Lead by their leader, Princess Amore, the kingdom was on the fast track to peace and prosperity.

One turn of the page and some images coincided with it. Images of what appeared to be Equine creatures. Some that looked normal while others made of crystal. Some had horns. Some had wings. Some had both. Most had neither. However, things took a dark turn real quickly as Hanako turned the page again.

However, this peace was short lived. One of the delegates in Amore’s court, Sombra, attacked the princess in a coup to seize the power of the throne. However, as Amore was beginning to fade away, she casted a spell on Sombra, turning his heart into crystal. Along with that, came her final words to the Mad King.

You will live as long as the heart is in your possession and your magic will forever be bound by it. When someone other than you claims the heart, your reign will fall and you will fall with it.

Horrified by the prophecy, Sombra acted swiftly, hiding the empire with his magic. Now, the empire has said to have been all but lost…

Hanako was puzzled. She honestly thought that the story ended, realizing though that there was still one more page. Turning though, what she found stunned her as the ink itself was bleeding onto the page.

But the story is not over… One hero. One that has been shunned by the likes of her kind will be chosen… and bring the end to Sombra’s tyranny. Who is that hero you ask?

Well… That is you… Hanako.

“Wait what-.” In a split second, a flash of light burst out of the book as it engulfed her in a veil of light. Her vision was blinded and she was unable to see the environment around her change. Now, the area was becoming… colder as snow began to fall on her face. The book that she had had now changed. No longer did it contain just a heart. In fact, it was a heart and two swords.

Opening it, she found that the original story that was in there was no longer there. The only words being the following… “Where one story ends, another begins.”

“W-What the hell is going on?”

A new set of words began to bleed in, these ones being the final words she would ever see. “All will be explained in time, yet my time has ended. Now… Look up.

As she did, now she saw the exact same image she saw before. Only real. It was the Crystal Empire. For real this time as it glowed with the moonlight.

“Okay book, start explaining yourself. Why the hell am I in the Crystal Empire that I read about in the book?”

Nothing appeared. No matter how many times she tried, it was impossible for Hanako to be able to contact whatever magical being was once in the book. “Son of a bitch! Don’t think this is over whoever you are that brought me here.”

“HEY!! WHO’S OUT THERE?!!!” A couple of gruff voices yelled as the gate began to open and several guardsman in sinister looking armor surrounded her. The tallest one of the group, which appeared to be a captain, noticed her blade and gritted it’s teeth. “Drop your weapon and identify yourself!!”

“Great, guess that book brought me here with some kind of time magic ability.” Hanako thought as she smiled at the guard. “Greatings! I am Hanako, and I have come from a distant world to...extend the hand of friendship!

“Oh sure. If that didn’t work for those bandits a few years ago, what makes you think it would work here?”

The crystal guardians looked at each other, before looking back at the captain. “Take her in for interrogation. King Sombra would want to meet this… Ape.”

“...I’m sorry but what did you just call me?”

“An ape. Monkey. Primate. It’s what you resemble the most… unless of course you have something for you to be preferred to be called… Do you?” The Captain sneered. As Hanako was going to speak, the crystal pony interjected again. “You don’t have any say in the matter after all. We found you trespassing on Empire grounds, so you’re in no position to be pulling off anything… Take her to the king… NOW!!”

“Well there goes being diplomatic about it.” Hanako said as she unsheath her katana. “Guess I have to go through you idiots then huh?”

The captain growled. “You dare attack us? KILL HER!!!” The other guards roared, trying to strike her with their spears as the pointed heads just barely missed her head as the captain disappeared to warn the rest of the guard as well as the king.

“Better go and hide before he get’s more reinforcements here.” Hanako thought as she turned her attention back at the guards that were attacking her. “But first I better take care of these idiots first.” Hanako parried away one of the guard’s spears as she quick slashed the guard’s neck that attacked her. Another one tried to attack, but the Ronin simply moved out of the way and cut off the hoof that was hold the spear.

“Bastard! You’ll pay for doing that to Ironhide and Cold Stone!”

“For a bunch of dragoons you all pretty much do a crappy job at it.” Hanako said sticking her tongue out at the three remaining guards. This caused the remaining guards to charge at her all at once, hoping to catch her off guard and kill her. Hanako sheathed her sword as she placed her hand on the sheath as she took a counter stance.

“Last chance to drop your weapons and leave. I won’t kill you or hunt you all down if you do.” Hanako said as her hand drew closer to her katana. The guards simply ignored her as they drew closer and closer to her. The Ronin just rolled her eyes as her sword started to glow a warm violet color. In a split second she rushed past her attackers and appeared behind them. “Should’ve taken my offer when you had the chance.” She said as she sheathed her sword slowly. Once it was completely sheath, the guards behind her fell to the ground.

“Well that takes care of them, now I need to figure out where to go now.” As she said that, she noticed more of the guards rushing out of the castle in the back along with briefly seeing the guard that had retreated before. Now, with the goal in mind, Hanako sprinted forward, one hand on the grip of her blade with the other holding the blades scabbard as she prepared to fight through the massive wave of soldiers that were out to kill her or take her to this… King they kept mentioning.

“How about I make you all a deal. If you take me to your King, then I won’t have to kill more of you poor mindless idiots. And judging by the way those guys I killed fight. I’m pretty sure you don’t want your King to get pissed off and blame you for losing to me.” Most of them did not listen, but in a brief twist of fate, somepony that resembled a guard stepped in between them.

“Stop it. All of you!! Didn’t you hear a damn thing she said!?”

“What the buck are you talking about, Amber Blaze!?” One of them shouted as they closed in on them.

“This one want’s to challenge Sombra to a duel!” Now that caused all of them to stop in their tracks and look at one another. “Now what are you idiots waiting for. Get out of the way and show this one some respect!!” With that, all the guards just scrambled back to their posts as two of them stood by the door.

Hanako sheathed her katana as she simply walked over to the pony called Amber Blaze. “Care to explain why you lied to your friends to save their asses? Not that I’m complaining or anything, but I’m just wondering.”

“They aren’t my friends. More likely a bunch of Assholes. But the thing is, we’ve had nopony like you or any other pony reach through the castle walls in over 1500 years.” She said to Hanako in a low pitched tone, being cautious for if anypony else was to hear them. “The ponies of the empire have been abused and tortured by the Tyrant that is known as King Sombra for centuries… And I think you might be the only hope these ponies have of breaking free of his tyranny.”

“Seriously, for 1500 years? How come you guys still look so… young. Unless you’re using Time Magic to slow the aging process?”

“No. Many families and ponies have been executed because of accusations of treason. The only ones you see here are of the ponies and families that submit to Sombra’s rule. Anyone who tried to rebel was immediately put to death and the executions were made public to spread fear into the minds of all ponies. Besides… If I’m correct… You landed in the graveyard when you first came here.”

“Yeah, I did.” She sighed, before realizing the full extent of what Amber said. “Wait, what?”

“No time for that…” Amber hissed, watching the two guards open the doors that let them inside. “I hope your ready…” Soon, Hanako could see the one that was called King Sombra. She briefly remembered the description of the lord by the pictures she had seen briefly. And from the looks of it, he was really angry.

“Man I hate to be the one that pissed him off.... oh wait that would be me...crap.”

“So… You’re the menace that has caused so much trouble for my guards and cut down a few of my men?” he growled. “That is indeed foolish of you…”

“King Sombra,” Amber spoke. “This is Hanako. She has requested to challenge you to a duel for the fate of the empire.”

“Well now… All the other times a duel has occured, many have tried and failed,” The dark king growled, showing his curved pointy teeth as he narrowed his glance at Hanako. “Let’s hope the Ape here isn’t as disappointing as the others.”

“Say, you would be really know… if you were actually intimidating.”

The King growled, narrowing his eyes at Hanako. “Grr… Are you mocking me!?!”

“Oh no no no no no no no……… Pfft, yeah.” With that, Sombra’s anger took forth as he charged at Hanako. “That got his attention. Now to take care of him quickly.” Hanako unsheathed her katana and simply moved out of the way of the charging unicorn. Sombra though, was quick to turn around as the ends of his dark mane became spikes that lunged for her. Causing Hanako to dodge left and right before she could cleanly attack her opponent.

“Fast for a pony with a ego complex.” The Ronin said as her sword start to glow. “But I can move faster. Sword of fury, inject power! Masamune!" She yelled as violet red aura surrounded herself, and quickly vanished from King Sombra’s sight. The king himself struggled to see where his opponent was… Until he felt a gash of pain across his chest.


“You know you’re not the only one that said that to me before. They ended up dead before they could even try.” All that did was just make the king howl in anger, swarming at her with razor sharp teeth. However, Hanako was prepared. With the new sword came a new technique. One that she wanted to try for some time now.

"Flame-eating sword, swipe away the evils! Chirijiraden!"

At that moment, Sombra felt that this girl was bluffing. Until though, he felt the highest concentration of power he ever had felt before close on in before exploding outward in a powerful eruption. Now, he was barely standing… drained of a lot of his magic and his entire body was broken. He was only able to look up briefly before the blade of the Ronin came down on him and ended his misery.

“When you see Lord Yama, tell him that Hanako sent you to rot in hell for all eternity.” When she turned around though, Amber Blaze, along with all the other guards in the room, were shocked. Then, almost all of them in the room began to bow before her while Amber trotted to her side. “ I missing something? Because whenever I kill someone’s evil king, I’m usually get chased off or something.”

“No, that’s not it.” Amber spoke. “What is your name… Kingslayer?”

“Hanako. Don’t really have a last name though.”

“That doesn’t matter… Hanako, it has been said that whoever was able to free the Crystal Empire from the tyranny of King Sombra is the one to guide the Crystal Empire. You are now at your service. And you… are our ruler.” Amber’s words shocked Hanako. She honestly didn’t think that this was that big of a deal. Until she remembered something. “What do you want us to do?”

“...... Amber… Take me to the artifact you call the Crystal Heart. There is one last thing I think I need to do.” Amber immediately nodded her head, guiding the Ronin to the chamber the heart was kept in. As Hanako came closer to it, the heart pulsed as it was warm to the touch. With it though, a wave of magic spilled forth, causing all the darkened walls to vanish and brightening the Empire to where it could be seen for miles. And given that this was at night, the kingdom glowing with the night sky was just… beautiful.

“Wow! You don’t see stuff like this back home.” Hanako said as she turned her attention at Amber. “So what now?”

“That depends… What should we call you, my lady?”

“Gonna take some time for me to get used to that title. But as my first order of business, I want you to inform the ponies of the Crystal Empire that they no longer have to hide in fear anymore. Second, free anyone that are still in the dungeon. If they are injured have the doctors make a bunch of this.” She said, handing Amber an X-Potion. “Something from my homeland that can heal a person’s wounds up quickly. And lastly. Do you guess have any kind of scholars or teachers?”

Amber nodded her head briefly, before looking back at the potion. “Our alchemists would need some kind of recipe in order to understand its contents. Wouldn’t want to make something that turns out to be poisonous.”

“Fair point.” Hanako reached into her bag and pulled out a book of recipes for medical, poison, and healing. “This should help. Feel free to make copies of it. Now you said that you have scholars here right? Then I want you to have them teach anypony willing to help rebuild the Crystal Empire with these books.” The Ronin continued, handing Amber three books. They were based on the topics of job classes, machinery, and construction. “We need ponies that are good with machinery, magic, and remodeling.”

“I think I know just the ponies to talk to. Brimstone is a Crystal Pony that runs the forge and keeps certain contraptions intact. Amethyst is one of the smartest Unicorns I know with a sense of magic and Emerald is a skilled carpenter. Given that it’s almost half past midnight, I’ll have somepony fetch them for you in the morning. Right now though, I think you need some sleep. Lady Hanako.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t need to sleep at the moment. I’m perfectly fi-.” She said before her vision began to blur on her and her body was swaying left and right. “Aw, crap…Guess I used too much magic on him.” Amber sighed, trotting next to her before casting a spell. To Hanako’s surprise, the next place she landed was actually on a comfy bed. Queen size with warm sheets and everything. “This is my room?”

“Indeed. These are your quarters. Formerly the quarters of Princess Amore herself before Sombra took over.” Amber replied. “Lady Hanako, should I set your sword by the door?”

“Mind if you hold on to it?”

“But it’s your sword. If I hold onto it, anypony would think that I’ve stolen it from you.”

“Not unless I do this.” Hanako launched an orb of light at Amber as her outfit began to change from a sickly dark armor to light silver armor with royal blue color cloth. “You are no longer bound by whatever Sombra had you be. You are now a Holy Knight. A paladin of the light. Consider it as a gift for everything you have done for me.”

“W-why thank you… But in all seriousness, your blade should stay with you. There’s a empty sword rack along the opposite end of the wall. I’ll set it over there.” She told her, leaning the blade on the rack and heading out the door. “Have a good rest, My lady.”

In the skies above the Crystal Empire, the changes did not go unnoticed by the local population. Soaring through the clouds, a young pegasus with a determined heart was flying as fast as he could in order to reach Canterlot on time. When he arrived though, he slammed through the doors of the grand hall and made his way over to where he say Princess Luna.

“Princess Luna… S-something’s happened… G-get your sister… Immediately.”

“What’s wrong, Starry Skies? You look exhausted! And your wings are almost frozen in pla-.”

“It’s the empire.” Those three words had Luna stop speaking immediately, looking back at the simple messenger. “The Crystal Empire has returned.”

The Princess of the Night only had one response for something like this. And that response could be heard all the way to Ponyville. “SISTER!!!!!!!

Chapter 2: Welcome to the New Age

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Chapter 2:

Welcome to the New Age

(Night time)
[Canterlot: Throne Room]

“Are absolutely sure about what you saw Starry Skies?” Celestia asked.

“I’m sure about what I saw. The Crystal Empire has returned Princess.”

“Sister. If the Crystal Empire has returned, then the ponies in the Crystal Empire are in danger.” Luna said with a worry look on her face. “What should we do?”

“Find Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. Have them to head over the Crystal Empire to help out anypony that’s in trouble over there.”

“What will you do?”

“I will send a letter to Twilight and her friends to meet up with Cadance and her brother. If King Sombra has returned, then we need the elements of harmony to take him down for good this time.” Luna nodded as she rushed off to find Cadance and Shining Armor. “We may have failed before in the past, but this time we will save the ponies of the Crystal Empire. No matter what.”

[Crystal Empire]

Morning arrived at the Crystal Empire. As everypony were preparing for the new day, a certain ruler of the empire was still in bed resting. Normally she would’ve slept in a little bit longer like she does back home. But a certain orange unicorn with ruby color mane enters her room to wake the empire’s new ruler.

“My lady. It’s time to wake up now.”

Hanako slowly open her eyes as she see’s Amber standing a few inches from her bed. “Morning Amber. What time is it?”

“Nine o’clock am my lady. It’s time for you to address yourself to the Crystal Empire.”

“And when will that begin?”

“At ten my lady. Afterwards, you are to meet with Brimstone, Amethyst, Emerald, and Northstar to talk with them about the plan for the empire.”

“Okay, but afterwards I have a request that I want you to do for me.”

“What would that request be Lady Hanako?”

“King Sombra must have some kind of secret forbidden magics somewhere around this kingdom. I want you to find them and burn them to dust.” Hanako requested as she pulled herself off of the bed she was sleeping in. “Matter of fact burn anything that relates to King Sombra. This is a new age for the Crystal Empire. No longer will this kingdom be linked with that bastard that almost commited genocide. This is the age of freedom for the ponies of this Kingdom, and as such we will burn anything of the past.”

“As you command my lady.” Amber bowed as she begun to trot out the room. That is before Hanako had one more thing to say.

“One more thing. You wouldn’t happen to know where I can get something to eat would you?”

“Down the hallway to your right. Your breakfast is waiting for you there my lady.”

“Sweet!” Hanako said as she rushed off towards the dining hall. “Meet you there when you get the chance!”

“Well she’s better than Sombra at least.” Amber said to herself as she followed Hanako down the hall.

Moments later. Hanako and Amber entered into the dining hall. To the Ronin’s surprise, she was expected to table be covered in food that only ponies would eat. But instead the table was covered with almost everything that you would see on the food pyramid. Hanako’s mouth began to water as she took a seat at the table. “Dear god! I didn’t think you would have this much food.”

“We really didn’t know what your kind eat, so we decided to let you have whatever we had available.”

“Really now?” Hanako grabbed her plate as she walked over to grab a piece of sirloin, an apple, and glass of what looks like juice. “You guys can give the rest to anypony that needs it. I’m sure the ponies from the dungeon need this more than I do.”

“Are you sure my lady?”

“I don’t really eat much seeing how I want to keep my figure. Plus you guys look like you haven’t been given a proper meal in quite some time. So go ahead and give the rest to anypony that needs it in the castle or kingdom.”

“Y-You most too kind my lady.” Amber said as she tried to hold back her tears of joy. “By far much kinder than King Sombra.”

“I know what it’s like to be in your situation kid. And I hate seeing anyone in the same situation you and the rest of the ponies were in.” Hanako said as she began to eat. “Besides, so far you got the diet of humans down so far.”

“Your kind are omnivores?”

“Pretty much yeah. Most of us eat certain plants and meat. Mainly cows, chickens, fish, lambs, and pigs.”

“So your diet is similar to that of a pony’s and griffin’s combine.”

“I don’t know what a griffin is, but yeah let’s go with that.”

“Well that’s good to know. You should finish up quickly my lady. You don’t want to be late for addressing yourself to your new subjects.”

“What time is it?”

“Nine thirty-five am.”

“Damn. In another thirty minutes, I’ll have to say some kind of speech to them.” Hanako said as she quickly finish eating her food. “Not that I don’t mind it, but I was hoping to get a little bit of time to relax after yesterday.”

“After this and the meeting the other ponies I mentioned, then you can relax as much as you want my lady. But for now your subjects await.”

“Okay let’s head over to...where was is it being held?”

“I sent word that the audience meeting will be held in front of the castle.”

“Guess I don’t have to wait for them to come to me huh? I have to say you’re doing a fine job when it comes to preparing stuff like this Amber.”

“It is an honor to serve somepony as you.”

“You know you don’t need to be so formal around Amber. You can talk to me like a normal person.”

“Sorry my lady, old habits die hard.”

“Eh nothing to worry about, come on.” Hanako said as she pulled herself up from the table and began to walk out the room. “Let’s go meet the masses, and give them the good news for once in the past 1,500 year or so.”

“Attention ponies of the Crystal Empire!” yelled Amber as everypony within the area of her voice turn their attention to. “As all of you know there have been rumors going around about somepony killing our ruler King Sombra. Well I would like to say that the rumors are true, King Sombra is dead.” Ponies within the crowd started to mumble to each other. “If you’re all wondering who did, well I would like to introduce our savior and the new ruler of our empire.” Amber said as she turned around and motion Hanako to walk up. “Lady Hanako, the Kingslayer!” As Hanako made her way to the platform, trumpets began to play along with confetti being thrown into the air celebrating their new rulers arrival.

“Greetings ponies of the Crystal Empire. My name is Hanako, your new ruler and killer of King Sombrero.” Hanako said as some of the ponies laughed at her misspelling of their old ruler’s name.

“It’s King Sombra lady Hanako.” Amber whispered.

“Does it really matter? The guy’s dead so I don’t see why I should call him by that name.” Hanako whispered back before turn her attention back at her new subject. “Now most of you all are wondering what I am if I’m not mistaken. Well to make a long story short, I am a human from another world that was brought here to save you all. Now that I have taken care of the evil tyrant, I have a few rules to set in motion.”

Upon saying that, the ponies within the crowd had worry expressions on their faces as they say Hanako pull out a piece of paper. “Rule number one, the curfew that Sombra place will be lifted. You all can wonder around at night whenever you want, but there will be guards wandering the city to make sure no one is up to any crimes. Rule number two. Schools are now reopen to all fillies and colts.” Hanako heard a loud groan from the young fillies and colts within the crowd. “Sorry kids, but thems the rules I’m placing. Anyway schools are now reopen, but things are gonna be a little different.”

“Different as in how?” Amber asked.

“All young ponies will be going to school not only to learn the basic knowledge, but they will be learning how to use low to high level magic as they progress through the school years. They also learn basic combat skill if they choose to learn it. It’s up to your parents if they want you to learn how to defend yourself or not, but personally I would recommend you do have your child or children learning magic or basic combat skills.”

“Rule number three, all ponies if they are able to will help with the reconstruction of the Crystal Empire. After fighting some of the guards and looking at the buildings, this place needs an upgrade. I’m talking about improving the walls around the empire, armor, weapons, knowledge, medical supplies, arms, and magic.” Hanako took a few steps forward as she threw her list away. “You all have been through alot over the past 1,500 years. The scars that Sombra left may take some time to recover, but they will heal over time. For I Hanako the Kingslayer, will lead you all into the golden age of the Crystal Empire.”

“But in order for this kingdom to grow, I will need the help from all who are able to help.” Hanako took one step back as she bowed down to the crowd of ponies in front of her. “So I will ask you this request. Will you help me bring this kingdom into the new age of freedom for as long as I live.” There was moment of silence upon Hanako request. The ponies in the along with Amber were stunned at what they saw. No pony in the history of the Crystal Empire besides Princess Amore, bowed down to their subject in a way like that. The moment of silence was broken when a small filly in the crowd clopped her hooves together.

“I’ll help you lady Hanako.” She said as a few more ponies clop their hooves together. Soon the entire crowd began to clop and cheer for their new ruler.

“Thank you.” Hanako said as she pulled herself up from the floor. “I won’t let you all down.”

“Well that went better than I expected.” Ember said as she followed Hanako down the hallway.

“Of course it went better than you expected. I did kill King Sombra, so that would at least make them think I was their savior and hero.”

“Well you did killed five of the kingdom’s top elite soldiers like it was nothing. Then again they weren’t the kindest of ponies, and they kept abusing their powers at guards. Still they were kinda scared when I mentioned you killing them and the king.”

“To be fair it was in self defense. Anyway you said earlier before meeting the masses that I had another meeting with a group of ponies?”

“Brimstone, Amethyst, Emerald, and Northstar. Four of the kingdom’s smartest ponies that I know that can help you with the construction of the Crystal Empire.”

“I take it this Northstar pony is the kingdom’s medical scientist/alchemist?”

“Indeed, though you might want to be careful around her. Seeing how you’re a new species that never been see in the empire, she might want to examine you to see what you’re made of.”

“.....N-Noted.” Hanako turned her attention at the huge door that she and Amber appeared in front of. “I guess this is the meeting room?”

“Indeed it is.” Amber answered as she pushed the double doors open to the meeting. The ponies inside the room turned their attention at Hanako and Amber as they entered the room. “Greetings my friends, I have brought to you our new ruler. Hanako, the Kingslayer.” She said as she pointed a hoof at Hanako; who simply just smiled and waved awkwardly.

“So you’re the creature that took out Sombra.” Brimstone said as he looked at the samurai up and down. “I can see why it was easy for you to kill him, seeing how you’re skilled for someone as young as you.”

“Magic users are easy to take out. Mostly because they use only magic, and I have ways of dealing with them. I take it you must be Brimstone, the blacksmith and forge of the empire?”

“You bet your sweet flank I am little missy.” Brimstone said as he smiled. “Brimstone Ironwork, as your service my lady.”

“Okay, and the mare with the blue fur and black mane is Amethyst right?”

“Yep that’s me. Amethyst Topaz, Head leader of the arcane magic of the Crystal Empire.”

“Perfect, I’m gonna take a wild guess that the cold next to you is...Emerald?”

“That is correct. I’m the guy that knows the layout and buildings of the Crystal Empire.”

“Okay good.” Hanako notice a cream colored pony with a red mane & tail, while wearing a sky blue shirt, a gray lab coat, and glasses staring at her. “I take it you must be Northstar correct?”

“And you must be the creature that Amber Flame talked about. I am Northstar Atlas, Medical doctor and Alchemist of the Crystal Empire.” Northstar said as she run up towards Hanako. “I must say, you are a very interesting creature of unknown origin. Pray tell, what are you if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I’m a human.”

“Human huh? Would you be interested in a medical examination?”

“Stop it.” Amber said as she pushed the unicorn away.

“What? I was just playing around...for the most part that is.”

“......Before I do something that I might regret, can we please get back to the task at hoof please?”

“Right,” Hanako said as she made her way to a seat at the table the ponies were sitting at. “Amber told me that you four are this empire’s smartest, and strong willed ponies. RIght now we need to focus on this kingdom’s basics.”

“Magic, Armory, Construction, and Medical Science, correct?” Northstar asked.

“Pretty much yeah. Seeing how this place been in the dark for the past 1,500 years or so, and we don’t know what’s been going outside the Kingdom. We need to be prepare for anyone-.”

“Anypony.” Amber corrected.


“It’s pronounced anypony here in Equestria Lady Hanako.”

“....O-Okay….anyway we need to be prepare for anypony or anything that might want to take over or attack the Crystal Empire.” Hanako turned her attention at Emerald. “Emerald, you got the book that Amber gave you right?”

“Sure did, I have to say you humans really have some interesting construction ideas.”

“Will be able to build the stuff in the book?”

“Sure, it shouldn’t be that hard, but I’ll need some mechanical parts if you want me to have the boys to improve the outer wall’s defenses.”

“Which is why you need Brimstones help with making the parts.” Hanako said as she now focus her attention towards Brimstone. “Brimstone, I’ll need your top skilled blacksmiths to help out with the makings of those parts needed.”

“Cogwheel, Divine Star, and Crimson can help Emerald on that part. I won’t be able to help seeing how I’m focusing on the new weapons you wanted me to make from that book Amber gave me.”

“You and anypony you have focus on that. No offense to you Brimstone, but the armor you have the guards wearing now it pretty much crap.”

“Blame Sombra on that one Lady. Dumbass used most of the materials for his armor and weapons.”

“Figures as much. Whatever weapons and armor he has now, use for the materials to make the weapons and armor in the book. We need to have our knight’s upgraded and well equipped.” Hanako then turned towards Amber. “Amber, as the new leader of the Crystal Knights. I need you to pick your most skilled, kind hearted, and trustworthy ponies, and give them these five books.” Hanako said as she pulled out five books with the titles ‘Mystic and Ancient magic and combat’ on the covers.

“Should it be only unicorns or?”

“Anypony will do really. I just want them to learn what learn from the books and have them teach it to the others. Each one including yourself will be in charge of the following knight group. The Holy Knight Brigade, The Dragoon Knights, The Black Knights, The Mystic Slayers, and the Onion Knights.”

“As you command my lady.” Amber said as she bowed down to Hanako.

“Amethyst, the books about basic magic 101 and stuff I gave you. I want you to make copies of it and have them sent out to the ponies in your group, along with the schools for the teachers to teach the little fillies and colts.”

“You sure teaching little ones magic is such a wise choice? Not that I’m questioning you method or anything, but won’t they get hurt if they do this kind of level of magic?”

“Which is why they’re learning low level magic. As they progress to the next grade, they will learn more advanced magic. But let’s focus on the main talk of this meeting, I want you to teach your medical ponies white magic. Offense users will learn black magic and summon magic. Supporters will learn Time, Mystic, and Geomancer.”

“Okay, it’s shouldn’t be that hard to do.”

“Northstar, I want you to make as much stuff out of that book on medical potions and remedies.”

“Lucky for you we’re actually half-way done with that request. We would’ve been done yesterday, but we needed to use some of the potions to heal the wounded and sick that have been locked in the dungeon for too long.”

“Understandable, though I am impressed that you were able to get that done very quickly.”

“Well I am the lead leader of the medical science department. It’s my job to help out those who are in need.”

“Fair enough. Okay everyone-.”


“Whatever, you know what I mean. This meeting is over, and you have you assignments. Let’s bring this empire into the new age my friends.”

[Friendship Express]

“How long is this train ride to the Crystal Empire gonna take?” asked Rainbow Dash, tapping her hoof in annoyance. “Didn’t Celestia said that we be there in about in a few hours or something?”

“She said we’ll be there in about a day or two Rainbow Dash.” Applejack said, answering the annoyed pegasus. “I swear RD you’re just as impatient as a little filly on a sugar rush.”

“Well she did say this was important right? These ponies have been locked away from the world for the past 1,500 years with a mad pony as their ruler. You can’t expect me not to be impatient about something like this. Who knows what King Sombra is doing to them now.”

“Be that as it may, you can at least wait before you rush off into something you’re not prepared for.” Twilight said, lifting her head up from her book. “From what Princess Celestia told us, King Sombra is a very powerful unicorn that even she and Luna couldn’t beat.”

“Yeah but we got the elements of harmony, your brother and Princess Cadance to back us up. There’s no way we can possibly lose to this joker.”

“Still we need to be careful when entering the Crystal Empire.” Shining Armor said as he looked out the window. “I’ll have my soldiers enter in first to see how it is. If we’re fighting King Sombra’s soldiers, us that as window to enter into the city with Cadence to find any information about the location of the crystal heart.”

“Oh maybe we can throw the crystal ponies a ‘Welcome from being locked away for 1,500 years’ party!” yelled Pinkie Pie. “I mean they have been locked away with Sombra. And I bet they haven’t had a party in so long.”

“I don’t think now’s the time for a party Pinkie darling. Though I am a bit curious at to how the crystal empire is doing.”

“We’ll find out once we get there. Until then we should prepare ourselves for what to come when we get to the empire.”

[Attention passengers, we’ll be arriving at the Crystal Empire in about ten hours. I repeat, we’ll be arriving at the Crystal Empire in about ten hours.]

“UGH! If I can fly there it wouldn’t take this long.” Rainbow Dash said as she slid out of her seat in a dramatic fashion.

“Well you can’t, so get used to it.” Applejack said, before turning her attention at Fluttershy. “You okay sugarcube?”

“O-Oh, I-I’m fine. J-Just a little scared that’s all.”

“Relax Fluttershy, there’s nothing to be scared of. As long as we stick together, nopony will beat us.”

As Hanako and Amber were walking down the hallway towards the throne room, Hanako stopped for a moment and looked behind herself to see if something was either following her or something else.“Is something wrong Lady Hanako?” Amber asked,as the samurai turned her attention at the unicorn.

“I don’t know why, but something is come to the Crystal Empire.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, but have the archers and scouts keep an eye out for anypony that isn’t part of the kingdom.”

“You think somepony knows that the kingdom is back?”

“Possibly yes, and they might want to claim the kingdom for themselves or someone else.” Hanako said as she cracked her neck. “But I wouldn’t worry about it, if they want to be the ruler of the Crystal Empire, they’ll have to kill me in order to do that. Now come on let’s head to the throne room and get all that crap that Sombra left in there and burn it.”

Chapter 3: Challenge Accepted

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Chapter 3: Challenge Accepted

“Move it just a little bit to the left my lady.” Amber said as Hanako pushed the memorial statue to the left. “A little bit more...and...there, perfect!”

“About damn time.” Hanako said as a pony handed her a towel to wipe away the sweat.

“I don’t see why you won’t just let us take care of the construction stuff. You don’t need to push yourself like this.”

“A ruler can’t be lazy until he or she hits a certain age. Plus this is a good workout for me really.”

“Still, don’t push yourself like you did with King Sombra.”

“I won’t mom,” Hanako said playfully as she looked around. “I have to say, we made a lot of progress in the past five hours.”

“Without the constant threat of getting killed. The ponies of the Crystal Empire are working at an excellent pace. If we keep this pace up, we might be done in about a month or two.”

“How long does it usually take?”

“A year or two. But that was because of the curfew Sombra placed in.”

“Makes sense when you think about it. How are we doing on the other stuff I mentioned?”

“Brimstone is halfway done improving the kingdom’s armors and weapons. The soldiers that I’ve chosen are currently reading the books you gave me. Amethyst has two groups of ponies that can used white magic and time magic. Though it might take some time for them to learn how to you black magic, seeing how it’s been years since the ponies actually used magic like this.”

“Understandable. What about the schedule for the school?”

“Even though the school is being rebuilt, the children are already learning how to use the basic spell and combat skills.”

“Excellent, everything is going smoothly as planned. After we finish with the construction, I’ll have to take a few days off just to relax for a bit.”

“I still say that you should let us do the work, and you just relax my lady.”

“And I keep telling you I’m helping you all out in the construction of the Kingdom. From the time I’m been a kid serving whoever lord I served, they’ve been nothing but a bunch of lazy slobs. And seeing how I’m a ruler of this Kingdom, I’m not going to be a lazy person or pony.”

“If you say so my lady.”

“Now then, let’s head over to Brimstone and see how-.”

“LADY HANAKO!!!” Hanako turned around to see a cream colored pony with light orange hair, and a purple eye patch covering his left eye rushed up towards her.

“Hey Poison Cross, what seems to be the problem?”

“There’s a group of ponies outside the front door of the Crystal Empire. One of them claiming to be the a heir to the throne.”

“Did you tell them that there’s already a ruler in charge of this place?”

“I did, but they didn’t believe me when I told them about you my lady.”

*Sigh* Dammit, and I was so getting into the groove of things here. Alrighty then, take me to these ponies Poison Cross.” Hanako requested as she followed the eye patched pony. “Come along Amber, something tells me that one of them might attack me if they see me. And I would prefer not to get any blood on my sword or on the walls.”

“Yours or theirs?” Amber asked.

“Pretty much theirs.”

“Will you just let us in already!” yelled Rainbow Dash as her face in front of Brimstone’s face.

“And I’m telling you you little brat, that you have to wait until Lady Hanako get’s here. So shut up and sit somewhere nice and quiet.” Brimstone said as he leaned up against the kingdom’s door.

“Don’t you even know who we are, or at least know who Cadence is? You know, you’re kingdom’s ruler.”

“All I see is a bunch of annoying ponies that are giving me a headache. So I’ll say this again, shut up and sit somewhere quietly or else I’ll have the knights force you to leave.”

“I like to see you try-”

“Rainbow Dash we’re not here to start a fight. We’re here to save the ponies from King Sombra.” said Twilight.

“Which he is dead like I told you before.”

“Yeah right, even if that was true. How do we know your new ruler isn’t as evil as him?”

“Whatever, you just have to wait here for her to come. Though I think it’s a waste of time for her to deal with somepony like you.”

“What did you just say-!”

“Rainbow Dash!” Twilight yelled as she levitated the cyan pegasus towards her. “What part of we’re not trying to start a fight did you not understand? We don’t know what’s going or is some kind of trap by King Sombra. All we can do is wait for this Hanako pony to explain what’s going on. Once she does that, we can explain how Cadence is the Crystal Empire’s true air to the throne and everything will be settled.”

“Gah! Fine, but don’t say I didn’t say so when I suggested that we just charge in there and take throne by force from Sombra.”

“Now to be fair, you would’ve been killed anyway if you tried that now.” All the ponies turned their attention to behind Brimstone to see a strange creature walking from out from behind the door. Most of the ponies were surprised by the way the creature looked, as the royal guards formated around Twilight and her friends to protect them. “Are these the ponies that you reported Poison Cross?”

“Yep that’s them alright.”

“W-Who or what are you?” Twilight asked.

“I’m Hanako, ruler of the Crystal Empire.” Hanako answered as she looked at Twilight and her friends. “Care to explain who you all are? Because right now I’m a bit busy working at the moment.” Just as Twilight was about to answer, Pinkie Pie appeared right in front of the ronin.


“Whoa, slow down pink pony.” Hanako said as she placed a hand on Pinkie Pie’s mouth. “To answer your question in order. I’m not a hairless ape, and I would refer you not to call me that again okay?” Pinkie Pie simply nodded as she removed her hand from her mouth. “Second, I’m a human being from Ivalice. Don’t know if you all ever heard of it, but whatever.”

“Oh! What’s it like in Ivalice?”

“Not bad really, well besides the monsters and all. But it’s actually a nice place once you get used to it for sometime-.”

“Excuse me, but aren’t forgetting something?” Cadence said as she and Shining Armor glared at the human. “Just who are you and what happened to King Sombra?”

“I’m Hanako, the new ruler of the Crystal Empire. As for what happen to Sombra, well I killed him.” Upon hearing that, everypony besides Brimstone and Amber were shocked.

“Y-You killed King Sombra?” asked Fluttershy still hiding behind Applejack.

“Yep, wasn’t that hard really. Magic users are pretty easy to beat when you figure out their attack moves and stuff.”

“How can you do something so barbaric like that?” Rarity asked.

“Would you rather have him here ready to kill you all? Because after looking at the damage that he caused, he’s better off dead than to rot away in a dungeon. What would’ve done, use the powers of friendship or something stupid to defeat him?”


“Holy hell! You actually were gonna do that?!” Hanako said as she began to laugh. “How stupid are you ponies to think that would work on a mad king like him?”

“Hey! Watch it freak! We’re the elements of harmony, defenders of Equestria.” said Rainbow Dash. “Don’t you ever insult our friendship!”

“I would watch your tongue pegasus. Other wise you’ll be sorry.” Amber said as her horn started to glow. Only for Hanako to put a hand in front of her. “My lady?”

“Easy Amber, don’t bother using your magic on them. Now mind telling who you all are and why you’re here purple unicorn? Because right now you seemed seem to be more level headed than this flying feather duster in front of me.”


“My name is Twilight Sparkle.” She said as she then pointed to her friends. “These are my friends. Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie who pretty introduced herself, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash. We were sent here by Princess Celestia to save the Crystal Empire from King Sombra, but it would appears you taken care of that. Though I wished that you didn’t have to do it in a….gory manner. Nevertheless the Princess would be grateful that the Crystal Empire is freed of Sombra, and my sister-in-law can rule the Kingdom. Judging by the way the Kingdom is looking, I take it that they’re repairing the damage that King Sombra has done, right?”

“More like rebuilding the empire to make it much better with my help.”

“Oh, you’re helping out in the construction?”

“I am the ruler after all. It’s my job to help out my subject.”



“Your their new ruler?”

“Yep. After killing Sombra, the ponies elected me as their ruler for saving them.”

“Well then I’m sorry to have to say this, but you’ll have to hand over the throne to Princess Cadence.”

“How come?”

“Because my wife is the sole heir of Princess Amore, which means that she is the rightful ruler of the Crystal Empire.” Shining Armor said.

“What makes you think she’s fit to run a Kingdom? Just because somepony is the heir of a princess from the past, doesn’t mean they’re capable of running a kingdom. Not only that but I was elected by the ponies to be their leader, so that might be hard to hand over to your wife.”

“Not to mention that you are all outsiders who just arrived from your kingdom.” Amber said as she moved in front of Hanako. “As decreed by Princess Amore before her passing, any outsider who claim the throne must prove themselves to have the right to be our ruler. Lady Hanako has proven that by killing Sombra, which give her the right to be our leader.”

“Any case that you have to back up your claim will be rejected.” Brimstone added.

“You can’t do that.” Cadence said. “This Kingdom was once part of Equestria. Princess Celestia said so herself that I was the to claim it back for Equestria.”

“Well too bad, you’ll have to find some other hunk of land to rule over. Because there’s no way in hell will I, nor the crystal ponies will let you reclaim the throne.”

“Who do you think you are denying my claim to the throne?”

“I’m Hanako, the first who denied your claim. Now unless you still have a problem with that, take it up with my second in command.” The Ronin said as she pointed to Amber. “I’m sure she’ll listen to your problem and answer them to the fullest of her abilities. Well her and Brimstone, but I have a feeling that he’ll just ignore you to some degree.”

“Pretty much yeah, not that I have no problem listening to you ponies complaints but I have a lot of work to do. So Amber will listen to your complaints.”

“Gee, thanks Brimstone your such a good friend.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I was being sarcastic!”

“I know.” Brimstone said with smug smile on his face. “Which is so much fun when you’re like this.”

During this though, the one named Twilight soon thought of something. “Amber, I apologize for interjecting, but with everything that’s going on and Lady Hanako saying that everything’s been doing better since the… defeat of Sombra, has the Empire chosen an Ambassador to represent themselves in Canterlot?”

“... Oh horseapples.”

“Technically I assigned Amber as the Ambassador.”

“She doesn’t mean it like that,” Amber replied. “By Ambassador, she means representative for when there are political meetings in Canterlot.”

“Which brings me to a suggestion,” Twilight continued. “Have my friend, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, be the representative of the Empire. In addition, my brother, who is the captain of the royal guard, can help with training your military.”

“Hell no.”

“Well, maybe we need to prove it a different way…” Shining Armor grunted. “Should we settle it with a duel?”

“You against me? Not to sound overconfident, but you have little to no chance against me.”

“I see that as a challenge then. Where to, Lady Hanako?” He said, using his magic to bring out his blade and prepare himself.

“Hey Brimstone. Is the training ground still open?”

“It should be, we just finished fixing the door to that place.” The Crystal pony told her as he looked back at Shining Armor.

“Perfect, then we’ll have the battle there.” Hanako grinned. “Try not disappoint me kid.”

Chapter 4: Ivalice vs Equestria

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Chapter 4: Ivalice vs Equestria

(Training Arena)

“Lady Hanako, are you sure you’re up for this?” Amber asked. “Wouldn’t it be best for me to fight him instead of you?”

“Don’t worry Amber, I got this.” Hanako said as she patted the unicorn’s head. “From what I could tell by the way he looks, this guy has little to no combat skills.”

“But he’s captain of the Royal Guard from what I heard. One of Celestia top ranking officers in Equestria.”

“True, but he never faced against somepony from Ivalice.” Hanako said as she unsheathed her katana. “Trust me on this Amber. I know what I’m doing.” The began making her way towards the arena. “You know it’s not too late to reconsider this match. I won’t think less of you if you back down from this fight.”

“Thanks for the offer, but I won’t be backing down from this fight. Once I win this, you’ll release you hold on the Crystal Empire and let my wife rule it.”

“Sorry but that won’t happen. You think the ponies will see her as their ruler? Don’t make me laugh, you’re just a bunch of ponies from the outside world that abandoned this place after your princesses failed to take down Sombra.”

“And what makes you think you’re a better ruler for this kingdom. From what you told me, you killed Sombra with little to no effort. Who to say you won’t act the same way he did all those years ago.”

“Yeah because you ponies are so innocent.” Hanako said sarcastically. “You’re just angry because you, your wife, and friends got her a minute too late. I saved these ponies from a fate worse than death. I was chosen by the ponies to lead them, not by birthright, nor from being royal.” Hanako took an offensive stance and began to charge a Shining Armor. “It’s from showing them strength!” Shining Armor pulled his blade up to block the oncoming attack, only for Hanako to push him back by kicking him in the chest.

Shining Armor quickly recovered from the surprise attack as he charge at the ronin. Hanako quickly took a defensive stand as she parried the spear, and counters with the pummel of her katana. Shining Armor stagger a bit, and countered with the pole of his spear into Hanako’s face. Hanako put a hand to her nose as she pushed herself away from the blue mane unicorn. Only for the unicorn to charge at her so she wouldn’t have the chance to attack.

“Smart move kid, but you’ll fall into someone’s trap if you do that.” She thought as she parried the tip of the spear away and elbowed him on the nose. Shining Armor staggered back, as Hanako lunged herself toward him and delivered a powerful punch to the head. Shining Armor was thrown to the side as his face collided with the arena floor. “Nice try kid, but you’ll need more then that if you want to defeat me.”

“Come Shining Armor! Kick that weird creatures butt so we can get the crystal empire back!” yelled Rainbow Dash along with the royal guards.

“Go Captain! You can win!”

“Win this fight for Equestria!”

“Show that creature who’s boss!” With the moral from his soldiers, Shining Armor pulled himself up from the ground and levitated his spear next to him for support.

“I’m surprise that you’re up this quickly. Most people would be knocked out if they were hit in the head like that.” Hanako said as she took a striking stance.

“I-It’ll take more than just a blow to the head to bring me down.” He said, shaking his head to try to focus on Hanako. “They don’t call me captain of the royal guard for nothing.”

“Well then,” Hanako gripped her sword as she began to charge at the unicorn. “try not to disappoint me then Captain of the royal guard.” Shining Armor block the ronin’s attack as he countered with a barrage of thrust attack. Hanako parried the barrage attack with ease, as she in turns delivered a barrage of slashes to counter Shining Armor’s attack. The barrage went on for a minute as Hanako slammed the spear onto the ground, and delivered a powerful blow to Shining Armor’s chest with the back of her katana.

“What kind of creature is she?” Twilight asked as she wrote down some notes about Hanako. “How is she able to keep up with my brother like it’s nothing?”

“Land sakes! I’ve never seen anypony like that move so quickly. She might even be faster than you RD.” Applejack said which caused Rainbow Dash to glare at the country pony.

“No pony is faster than me, not even some creature who claims to be the ruler of the crystal empire.”

“This match has already been decided.” Amber said as she stood up and began to walk to the arena floor. Only to be stopped by Cadence saying something.

“What do you mean by that?”

“You husband is skilled fighter, but even a old colt can tell this fight is one sided.”

“Then you never seen Shining Armor if you think that your friend Hanako could be my husband.”

“True…but if I understand correctly. You never seen how Lady Hanako fights either.” Amber’s attention was turned to the arena as she heard the sound of somepony’s weapon break. To everyone’s surprise besides Amber and some of the Crystal ponies, it was Shining Armor’s spear.

“You know it’s not too late to give up. It’ll save you the humiliation and you’ll be able to leave with your pride in tact.”

“And let somepony like you rule the land of the Crystal Empire? Never!” Shining Armor’s horn glowed as he fired a beam of magical energy at the ronin. Hanako barrel rolled out of the way as she sheathed her sword, and unsheath Osafune.

"Nihilistic sky, inhale magic power... Bizen Boat!"Hanako’s sword glowed as the whispering spirit in Hanako’s katana was sent flying at the captain of the royal guards. Shining Armor summoned a barrier around himself to protect him from the attack, but the spirit phased through the barrier and drained Shining Armor of all his magic. The barrier began to crack as it then shattered into a million pieces. The unicorn was shock as to what just happen to him. “That should take care of your magic abilities.”

“W-What did you just do to me?”

“Osafune, the sword of Bizen Boat. A technique/sword that releases the spirit in the user's katana, sending the whispering dead to feed on the target's MP. And seeing how you’re a unicorn that uses magic, that pretty much drained you of your magic for twenty-four hours.” Hanako sheathed Osafune as she unsheathed Asura.

“You did well for keeping up with my skills kid. As a reward I’ll use one of my favorite technique on you.” Hanako raised her katana as it began to glow azure blue. "Legendary sword that kills freely! Asura!" As she brought the katana down, a vertical slash mark appeared on Shining Armor’s chest as the armor he was wearing shattered. Hanako turned her back on Shining Armor as she sheath her sword while walking away. As she finished sheathing her katana, a vertical cut appeared on the unicorn chest as blood spewed out from the wound.

“Amber, get the white mages out here and heal up Shining Armor. This fight is over.” Amber nodded as she ordered the unicorns wearing white robes rushed down to the arena floor. Hanako turned her attention at Twilight and her friends, who had shocked expressions on their faces. “I won the fight, which means that I’m still the ruler of the Crystal Empire. And you Princess Cadence are not.” Cadence said nothing, but glared at the ronin. “Unless you’re willing to fight me for the throne?”

“Don’t think this is over yet creature.” Cadence said as she began to trot off to where Shining Armor is being taken to. “When we return to Canterlot and tell Celestia and Luna about this, then you’ll be sorry for attacking my husband.”

“Uh huh, well until then I’ll be ready for when that time comes. Till then I have some more important stuff to do.” Hanako said as she began to walk out of the arena. “You are free to roam around the Crystal Empire if you want, but be warn. I will have my soldiers follow you around to make sure you’re not going into any place illegal. That also means going into the castle. If you go into or look into anything that you’re not allowed to read or look into. Then you’ll be placed in the dungeon until your Princesses get here to bail you out. Is that understand?”

Twilight and her friends nodded in agreement. “Good, now if you’ll excuse I have some work to do for the Crystal Empire.”

“Hanako.” Twilight said as the ronin glanced back at the lavender unicorn.

“That’s Lady Hanako to you Twilight Sparkle. Only friends or citizens of the Crystal Empire can call me by that name.”

“Right, forgive me for my mistake. If you don’t mind me asking, but can I ask you a few questions.”

“I don’t see why not. You, the country pony, and the rest of your friends can ask me whatever questions you want.”

“What do you mean?”

“What, you haven’t notice the way they’re looking at me? The looks on their faces tells me that they want to ask me something about myself, or something fashion or farming related to the Crystal Empire.”

“She not lying about that sugarcube.” Applejack said as she walked up to Twilight.

“Indeed, I quite curious about the clothing that Lady Hanako is wearing. Whatever the material she uses to make such lovely garments, it could help me with my design making back home.” Rarity said.

“Alright then, then you can ask me whatever questions you want while I help around the Empire.” Hanako said as she motion Twilight and her friends to follow her down the hallway.

Chapter 5: Progress Begins

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Chapter 5:

Progress Begins

“So what is it you wanted to ask me Twilight?” asked Hanako as she began pushing a crystal statue, along with some of the worker ponies.

“I was wonder if you could ask you a few questions?” Twilight said as she pulled out a sheet of paper and quill pen.

“If it involve stuff about the crystal empire, then I have the right to say nothing to those kinds of questions.”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just a few question about yourself.”

“Alright, but I have the right to say nothing if you go to far, got it?” Twilight simply nodded in agreement. “Okay then, ask to your heart content.”

“Okay, first question. What are you suppose to be?”

“I’m a human.”

“We never heard of a human before? Are there more of you where you come from?”

“Yes, next question please.”

“How did you take down my brother like it was nothing?”

“Your brother’s is skilled, but he lack strength and isn’t quick to think of what to do when one’s magic is gone. If all of your Princess's soldiers are like him, then I’m surprise that your kingdom is still standing.”

“Hey, watch it human.” Rainbow Dash said as she glared at Hanako.

“You watch it feather duster. I’ll say whatever I want to seeing how this is my kingdom. Next question please.”

“I’m sorry for my friend’s….uncoth behavior, but I was wondering where did you get that outfit you’re wearing?” Rarity said as she walked up to Hanako and began to touch her clothing. Mainly the pants leg. “This quality of silk and cotton is rare to find in Equestria.”

“I know a guy in Ivalice that designed my clothing. If you would like to get some for yourself, we have a store that is willing to sell you some.”

“Really? Where is it?”

“Head down the street and make a left turn down Raspberry-.” In a blink of an eye, the white unicorn named Rarity ran off towards said store that Hanako mentioned. “Street….she really likes fashion a lot huh?”

“She is Ponyville’s best fashion designer.” Twilight said.

“Anyone else have any questions you want to ask me?”

“I-I do.” Fluttershy said hiding behind Rainbow Dash. “Y-You said that you k-killed King Sombra. I-Is that true?”

“That is correct.”

“W-Why would you kill him? Couldn’t you just put him in the dungeon?”

“I could do that, but he’ll end up trying to form a coup within the ranks and try to take over the empire. Besides, killing him is the most effective way to make sure your enemies don’t come back and attack you again.”

“What kind of sense does that make?” Applejack said. “Why would you kill somepony instead of just trying to convince them to turn good or locking them up?”

“Because…..what’s your name again?”


“Okay just wanted to be sure. Because Applejack, some ponies will never change their ways. They just keep on doing what they do until the day they die, or somepony stops them. Plus why should you care for a pony like him anyway? From what I gather from the citizens, he was pretty much an evil tyrant.”

“That still doesn’t mean it’s right to kill somepony like that.”

“Well to each their own, it’s not like I care what you think of me so whatever. Anypony else have question they want to ask me?”

“I do.” Cadence said as she landed next to Twilight and her friends. “What are you doing to the Crystal Empire?”

“I’m improving it. What do you think?”

“It looks to me you are preparing for war.”

“You never know when you might get attacked by somepony that will try to take over your kingdom.”

“What enemy would want to take over a kingdom? Equestria has never been need to go to war since forever.”

“That’s what they all say, until the day comes when war breaks loss. A ruler must be prepare to expect the unexpected.”

“And teaching foals and fillies how to use combat magic and basic combat skills. What kind of ruler would allow something like this? They’re just little ponies, they shouldn’t be learning stuff like this unless they’re old enough to join the royal guard.”

“My kingdom, my rules kid. If you don’t like the way I run things, then you can leave and run your own kingdom the way you like. Besides, this is a good thing for them anyway.”

“Teaching them how to become violent?”

“Self defense you winged feather duster. You never know when somepony will try and attack them. Now if you all don’t mind, I have a kingdom to help rebuild. Feel free to have a look around my Kingdom if you wan. Just remember that if anyone of you go some place he or she isn’t allowed in, I will have you be place in the dungeon until your rulers get here themselves and pay for you to get out of jail.”

“You can’t do that, that would be an act of war!”

“Only if one of you guys start snooping into places you don’t belong in. This isn’t your kingdom after all. The same rules would apply to any other nation, or something similar to that. Now I will bid you all good day.” Hanako said as she walked towards the construction site.

“She seem...nice. What do you girls think of Hanako?” Twilight said awkwardly as she tried to calm Cadence down.

“S-She’s scary.” Fluttershy said sheepishly.

“I don’t know, she seems nice.” Pinkie Pie said. “Maybe we can throw her a happy congratulation on being ruler of the Crystal Empire party?”

“Well I don’t trust her at all. Don’t you think it’s kinda odd that this human appeared out of nowhere, took out King Sombra, and became their ruler in less in a day?”

“Aren’t you being a bit unfair on Hanako. Granted the way she took care of King Sombra was a bit...messy, but I don’t think she isn’t a bad person.” Applejack said as she begins to walk off.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m heading over to the apple orchard here in the Crystal Empire. I wanna see is they might have some technique on growing apples.”

“Well you’re doing that. I’m gonna have a word with this human, and give her a piece of my mind.” Rainbow Dash said as she flew off towards the the castle.

“As much as I would love to do what Rainbow Dash is doing, I have to return to Shining Armor side.” Casance said as she teleported off.

“Well I guess that’s just leave you, me, and Pinkie Pie Fluttershy-.” Just as Twilight turned around, she notice the pink party pony missing. “Where did Pinkie Pie go?”

“Um...she said she was gonna surprise H-Hanako with a surprise party, and bolt off to the castle.” Fluttershy said as Twilight sighed in annoyance.

“This is going to be a long and stressful day.”

(Crystal Empire Castle)

“Lady Hanako, I insist that you let us take care of the heavy lifting.” suggested a Crystal pony as Hanako simply nodded no.

“A ruler must help out her people or in this case ponies.” She said as she continued pushing a block of crystal along with the other ponies. “Plus like I said before, this is good training for me.”

“Still you don’t need to push yourself like this. Let us do the work for you, it’s the least we can do for saving us.”

“Alright fine if it’ll make you all feel better.” Hanako said as she finished moving the crystal to the other side of the room. “Just make sure you get the rest of the blocks of blue crystals to the other end of the room. We need those sent to the lab so we can use those as a power source for empire.”

“My I ask what the project you are working on?”

“Let’s just say it’s something that will revolutionize history. Have the Time Mage teleport the crystal to the science lab.” Hanako said as she walked off. “Geez, you think they would let me help out.”

“Well you can’t really blame them.” Amber said as she walked up beside Hanako. “You saved them from a fate worse than death, they just want to show how grateful they are to you.”

“I know, but I don’t want to be lazy or anything.”

“There’s nothing wrong with helping out, but you can’t push yourself like you did with Sombra. All we ask is that you relax for a bit, because something tells me you haven’t had a time to relax in some time.”

“.....I guess I could relax for a bit...You sure you guys have everything under control?”

“My lady, with everything you have given us we’ll be able to handle with the progression of the crystal empire. Now please, why don’t you go spend the day at the spa? I heard the water there is quite good in healing the body.”

“Alright, I’ll head over there seeing how you suggested it. Just keep an eye on those ponies from equestria….especially that pink one with the wings and the lavender unicorn. Some’s tells me that they might go some place they’re not allow.”

“Should we kill them or capture them?”

“Capture, we don’t want a one sided war where we win and they have a body count to lord knows how much.”

“As you command Hanako.” Amber said as she walked off.

“Okay the construction is going as smooth as butter. After the rebuilding of the Crystal Empire comes the paperwork for the new laws, having a meeting on hiring government leaders that are trustworthy, and diplomacy between Equestria and any other country’s and their leaders.” Hanako said as s smile appeared on her face. “This should be an interesting new life I have as ruler.”

Chapter 6: Spa trip

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Chapter 6:

Spa Trip

(Crystal Empire Spa)

“.......I’m not taking my clothes off.”

“Come on, don’t tell me you’re afraid of a little bath?” Amber said in a teasing tone.

“No, it the fact that I prefer not to have my body be looked at.” Hanako said as her face turned red. “I mean seriously, if I knew I had to take a bath here I would’ve just taken one back in the castle.”

“Not that I’m judging the way you look, but why not?”

“Look, let’s just say that I’ve been in a few wars and collected enough scars to fill out a book or two. I prefer not to show others this and have to tell them how I got them, okay?”

“Okay, you don’t have to take a bath at the spa. I guess we can go back to the castle and fill out some paper work. You know, the ones that involves I had some other pony do besides you. The ones that will take you all day to finish, possibly all night as well.” Amber said as a devilish smile appeared on her face.

“.....And here I thought you ponies are suppose to be nice and friendly towards others.”

“We are, but when it comes to having a ruler like you who doesn’t relax once in awhile. We’ll make an exception on that rule.” Amber said as she pointed at the bathtub. “Now get in there and relax.”

“Ugh, alright mom, I’ll get in the damn tub.” Hanako said as she was about to enter, until a hoof stopped her in her tracks.

“Without your clothes on.”

“Dammit, fine, just point to the changing room.” Hanako asked as Amber pointed behind her. “Thanks….bitch.”

“I heard that.”

“Doesn’t make it less true.” The ronin said as she walked into the changing room. Moments later, Hanako exited the room wearing nothing but two strips of cloth and her sword on her side. Everypony in the spa were stunned at the way Hanako’s body looked like, mostly because of the scars she had on her body.

“Dear Celestia.” said one of the spa pony’s.

“This is what I was trying to avoid.” Hanako sighed as she made her way towards the bath. “Look I know my body is hard to look at, but seriously it’s nothing you should worry about.”

“It’s not that. It’s just that…well…..look at yourself! You look like somepony just took on an entire army by herself!”

“That only happen once….granted, I almost gotten myself killed, but whatever.”

“Lady Hanako, those wounds of yours could be infected. At least allow us to look them over and make sure you are well.” Amber insisted.

“Man, you guys really don’t need to worry about it. Besides these are just old scars from a year or two ago. So no need to concern yourselves with it.”

“If you say so, my lady.” Amber nodded her head.

“Now if you don’t mind.” Hanako moved past Amber as she step inside the bathtub. “Ah, much better. I have to say the bath water here is much better than the one back home.”

“The water is purified from the mountains nearby. It’s crystal clear and can only be found here. With a little bit of magic, it can cure most common illnesses.”

“Guess I don’t need to worry about getting sick.” Hanako said as she began to relax a little. “Been a couple of years since I relaxed like this.”

“Just call me if you need my help with anything my lady.” Amber replied as she took a moment to walk out of the room.

“Yeah I’ll let you know Amber.” Hanako said as she laid her head back on the head rest.

“How are the weapons coming up Brimstone?” Amber asked as Brimstone handed her a sword.

“We’re almost done actually. If we keep going at the pace we’re going, we should be done by the end of the week.”

“You seem to be more excited then usual, what’s with the sudden burst of energy?”

“We have a ruler that isn’t a prick and she’s given us material from another world. How can I not be excited about it? Plus I’m able to work on something without somepony threatening to kill me or something.”

“Fair point.”

“So how’s the ruler doing?”

“She’s at the spa, I was finally able to get her to relax a bit.”

“You threaten her with paperwork didn’t you?”

“It was either that or threaten her with Northstar.”

“....Paperwork seems better then Northstar. That mare’s been watching her for past few hours.”

“Can’t really blame her, Hanako is something that you never seen before in Equestria. Then again I have a feeling if we left her alone with her….”

“Let’s keep them away from each other unless it’s for an important matter or medical reasons.”


“How’s it going with the other projects.”

“From what I got from Amethyst, half of the ponies in her sector are able to use high level offensive magic.”

“And the children in school?”

“Despite setting a few things on fire by accident, they’re doing pretty well when it comes to learning low level magic and close range combat.”

“Wait what did they set on fire?”

“A few old books and Amethyst, but don’t worry she’s fine.”

“....Don’t know if I should be worry about that, but at least they’re not abusing the magic they’re given.”

“Indeed.” Amber said as she begun to walk off.

“Where are you heading off to?”

“One of our spy’s been watching the ponies for the past few hours. One of them is going someplace she shouldn’t be going into.”

“Which one would that be?”

“From what they told me it’s some of the soldiers that they brought over here.”

“You’re gonna kill them or what?”

“Our orders are to stun them and put them in the dungeon for negotiation with Celestia.”

“You think that Cadence mare had something to do with it?”

“I’m pretty sure her and her husband has something to do with it. But for now I’ll have the Black Knights handle them. You just keep doing what Hanako ordered you to do for the armory and stuff.”

“Whatever you say boss mare. Just make sure you're not slacking off with your marefriend.”

Amber’s face turned bright red as she turned her attention back on Brimstone. “I am not dating the ruler of the Crystal Empire!”

“Sure you’re not.” Brimstone said as he returned to his work. Amber huffed as she inturned walked off the knight’s barracks.

“Ow! Is this really necessary?” Hanako asked as she felt the ponies file her nails and pull/grooming her hair. “It’s not like I’m going to a special event or something.”

“Are you kidding me? After seeing the scars on your body and trying to groom your mane, you can expect us not to do something like this. Seriously, how long was it since you kept up with your personal grooming?”

“I was in a war for pete’s sake. Some of us don’t have time to tend to stuff like this.”

“Well you should’ve.” The Spa pony said as she finished filing the ronins nails. “There, we are done grooming and cleaning. Next time keep up to date with your daily grooming and hygiene, because it was a bitch to brush through your main.”

“Ugh, you guys are just as worse than Amber. Only she doesn’t lecture me about stuff like this, or make threats.” Hanako said as she make her way outside of the spa. “Okay, I got about two to three hours to kill….what do I do now?” Hanako thought for a moment on what to do next. That until she notice a certain Rainbow mane pegasus spying on her from above a cloud. “Five gil says that she thinks I’m up to something evil.” She thought as she began to make her way down the street. “Keep watching feather duster, you won’t be getting much out of me.”

“Good evening Hanako.” Amber said as she appeared next to the Ronin, startling her by accident. “I take it you little spa trip went well?”

“Would’ve been fine if you hadn’t threaten me with paperwork.”

“Well you need a break from training. Plus you did kinda smell like swamp water, and some ponies were trying not to cover their noses from the smell.”

“.....Okay you have a point there. So anything you have to report to me?”

“Our spies have been following some of the ponies from Equestria, and some of them are trying to sneak around in some of the places that they’re not allowed in. I believe that Princess Cadence and her husband has something to do with this.”

“What about the others?”

“Twilight tried to send information from the books you gave us, but Poison Cross was able to burn her notes and any copies she may have hidden from us.”

“Excellent work, tell Poison Cross that he gets a raise for doing that. Anything else involving her friends?”

“Rainbow Dash been spying on you for the past few hours, Applejack is busy talking with some of the farmers for advice on farming, Fluttershy is with Rarity and the two of them are just shopping around, and Pinkie Pie…well…she keeps finding out where our spies are hiding.”

“Should I be worry about that?”

“She thinks it’s some kind of game of hide and seek.”

“....Never mind, have the black knights be prepare to capture the royal guards that are trying to dig up some dirt on me or the kingdom. Place them in the dungeon until we can negotiate with their rulers.”

“You sure you want to do that? Not that I’m questioning you or anything, but we still haven’t gotten the bones and blood of the dead ponies from off the walls, ceiling, and floors of the dungeon.”

“Then get the Equestrians to do that then. Seeing how they want to follow a greenhorn of a princess, then they can learn when to think before they act on orders. Now then, mind telling me where the nearest butcher shop is? I’m hungry for some fried and/or cooked meat.”

“Your diet is very odd.”

“Well some humans can go on eating nothing but vegetables, but for me I need to eat both.”

“Well we do still have the butcher shop down honeyflower street. We used to have griffins and dragons come here before the Crystal Empire disappeared.”

“Perfect, onward to the butcher shop.” Hanako said as she and Amber headed down the street towards the butcher shop.

(Outside the Crystal Empire)

“Is this the Crystal Empire you’ve reported?” asked Chrysalis.

“From what we collected from the Canterlot Library, this place was once ruled by Cadence’s ancestor.” The Changeling soldier replied. “Apparently from what some of the scouts overheard, there’s a strange creature that rules over the empire now.”

“What happen to King Sombra?”

“The strange creature was the one that killed him.”

“Interesting.” Chrysalis said as she devilish smile appeared on her face. “Seeing how this creature isn’t a pony, we might be able to make a deal with this new ruler of the Crystal Empire.”

“You’re not planning on trying to use them to try to take over Equestria are you?”

“That time is was a mistake. Not only that but the last time we asked for help from Celestia, she refuse to offer us a place for both species to coexist with each other. Five bits says it had something to do with the nobles in Canterlot.”

“You think this place will accept us even after what we did in Canterlot?”

“I don’t know, but it could hurt but to try. Rally the soldiers, we’re moving to the Crystal Empire to negotiate with the their ruler tonight.”

Chapter 7: Meeting and Consequences

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Chapter 7:

Meeting and Consequences

“This has been a busy yet productive day.” Hanako said as she jumped onto her bed to relax. “I least know I can relax for a while before something else happens.” Just as she said that, Amber appeared next to her bed. “Dammit.”

“Forgive the intrigan my lady, but we have a bit of an….interesting infestation at the front gates.”

“What do you by infestation?” Hanako asked as she raise a brow. “Are we being invaded by giant bugs or something?”

“No, they’re saying that they’re changelings and their queen would like to talk with you.”

“Should I be worry about them trying to take over the kingdom?”

“I doubt it. Judging by the looks of thing, they look like they’re about to pass out due to starvation.”

“....Alright, bring them in and have the white mages patch up any changelings that are injured. But have the Black Mages and Knights on ready, just incase they try to do something stupid.”

“At once my lady.” Amber said as she exit the room.

“So much for relaxing for the rest of the day.” Hanako said as she moved from off her bed and towards the door near her room.

(Main Street of The Crystal Empire)

The moment Hanako stepped out of the castle with Amber by her side. Things begin to escalate as she saw the group called changelings on one side. While on the other side we’re Twilight, her friends, the Royal Guards, and Cadence who was on the verge of killing someone on the other side. Judging by the way things were turning out, she can only guess that each group met each other under unfortunate terms.

“What the hay are you doing here Chrysalis?” Rainbow Dash said as she appeared in front Chrysalis. “Wasn’t attacking Canterlot enough to get it through your head that you can’t take over Equestria?”

“I am not here to start a war with you ponies of Equestria. I am here to speak with this kingdom’s ruler.”

“Like we believe that coming from somepony like you!” Cadence yelled as her horn started to glow. “You’ll probably just try to use your mind control spell on her to have her hand over the Crystal Empire to you.”

“Now to be fair. If she were to do that to me, I would cut her head off before her brain could process what just happen to her.” Hanako said getting the attention of both groups. “Now care to explain what’s going on here? Amber here said that the changeling queen wanted to talk with me about something. I’m gonna take a wild guess the ponies with the bug like features are the changelings correct?” Chrysalis nodded and was about to say something, only for Cadence to interrupt.

“You need to kick them out of your kingdom at once!”

“Why should I?”

“Because they’ll try to take over it just like they tried to do during my wedding in Canterlot.”

“Chrysalis was it? Is what she’s saying is true?” Chrysalis simply nodded.

“We only invaded because we were desperate for love. After what the ponies did to my mother all those years ago, we couldn’t take any chances when it comes to negotiating with them.”

“So that gave you the right to invade and attack our home?”

“What would you do if your entire species is on the verge of destruction?”

“Something other than invading a country you idiot!”

“Who are you calling an idiot you mule!”

“Both of you shut the hell up!” Hanako yelled as she got both of their attentions. “Amber, take Chrysalis inside and have her wait for me in my room so we can talk later on.”

“At once my lady.” Amber said as she lead Chrysalis inside.

“As for you bitch, don’t tell me how to run my kingdom and who I can or can not trust got it?”

“You’re making a grave mistake don’t you know who you just let into my kingdom?”

“First of all it’s my kingdom not yours. Second, the only one that made a grave mistake would have to be having your soldiers sneaking around my kingdom.” This took everyone except Cadence by surprise by Hanako’s statement.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t play that innocent act with me horse. I had my ninjas follow you talking to a few of your soldiers, and ordered them to sneak around the off limit area of the kingdom.”

“That a bold accusation Lady Hanako. Have you any proof of such a thing?”

“Oh I was hoping you said that.” Hanako snapped her finger as Poison Cross and a random pony came walking in as they tossed a tied up royal guard pony to the ground. “Poison Cross, did the guards you and the other capture earlier say they were under orders to sneak around the off limit areas?”

“Two of them told the truth while the others said they did it on their own without orders from their princess. We even used the time mages to look in their past to see if they were telling the truth.”

“You saved the memories in something right?”

“We used some specially made crystals for something like this.”

“Good, that can be useful for when we negotiate with their princess for their citizens.”

“You’re holding them for ransom?” Rarity asked in shock.

“You can’t do that to them. They have families and kids.” said Twilight. “Can’t you just give them a slap on the wrist and let them go?”

“They should’ve thought of that before they follow their greenhorn of a princess. I mean really? When I say I’m having you guys being spied on by my ninja ponies, I really mean that you’re being spied on. But don’t worry, I won’t kill them or anything stupid. They’ll stay in the dungeon to clean the place up.”

“You’ll regret doing that creature. When Celestia hears about this you’ll wish-.” Cadence growled only for her crown to be cut in two. This startled every besides the crystal ponies.

“I would be careful with your words greenhorn. Otherwise you’ll be leaving the kingdom without a tongue.” Hanako said as she started to walked back into the castle. “Now if you’ll excuse me I have a queen to go talk to.”

(Private Chambers)

“So Queen Chrysalis, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?” Hanako asked as she hand a cup of tea to the changeling queen.

“Well… I was wanting to ask if my kind, along with myself, can live here in the empire.” She replied, thanking Hanako for the tea as she grabbed it with her levitation magic.

“From what I got from the ponies of Equestria, you invaded Canterlot for love if I am correct about it? How do I know this isn’t some kind of false act in trying to take over the kingdom?” Hanako asked as she took a sip from her tea. “Not that you’re lying or anything due to your condition you and the others are in, I just want to see how you would respond to this and a few questions I wanna ask you.”

“I understand. Now, as for your question, it’s because my kind are dying off since there has been a lack of food. However, there is a way to solve that here in the crystal empire and it involves Cadences magic and the magic she possess. Crystalline Love.” Chrysalis explained as she set down her teacup.

“So your species requires the emotion of love in order to survive? That’s an interesting way for your species to survive. Does it really matter what kind of love it is or what? Because if it requires that pink horse with wings magic, then I would rather find an alternative.”

“We feed on any emotions. But primarily, love helps us because it also restores our magic and makes our transformations easier.” She said, taking another sip of tea.

“Okay, I think I can have the colts in the lab do something about that. My next question is what happen in the past between the negotiations your mother had with the ponies of Equestria?”

“My mother was, excuse my prench, a total bitch. I tried to not raise my hive off of her because she forces everyone to slave around. Plus, she insulted Celestia by saying the reason why one of the administrators was on her side was because she slept with him the night before.”

“And the invasion of Canterlot wasn’t something that your mother would do?”

“I was desperate! We’ve been starving for almost 8 months!! What would you have done if it was the same for your subjects?” She retorted, coughing a little and then apologizing for the outburst.

“Talking helps, but I can understand how that is seeing, how I in a somewhat similar situation you were in. I’ll look past that little blunder of yours seeing how you remind me of a friend of mine and I like you more then that Cadence horse thing.” Hanako cracked her neck as she extended a hand towards Chrysalis. “Okay Chrysalis, you and your changelings can stay in my empire under four conditions.”

“And those conditions are?”

“Condition one, you and the changelings are not allowed to give information to outsiders. That means anything you learn here, you take it to your grave or when their is a war breaking loose in the across equestria. Condition two, you are to drop you title as queen and join in the construction project of the crystal empire. Condition three, you’re going to be part of the Ninja pony squad. Mostly because I get the feeling you can change your appearance and you can attack somepony without them knowing you’re a friend or foe. My last condition is that when I die from either old age or something else, you’ll be in charge of Crystal Empire. Mostly because you have experience and I trust you more then the ponies outside.”

“I accept your conditions.” Chrysalis said as she shook Hanako’s hand in agreement.

“Perfect! Welcome to the Crystal Empire Chrysalis. I hope you and your changelings live a long peaceful life alongside the crystal ponies.”

“As do I.” Chrysalis said as she bowed to her new ruler. “My lady.”

“Please, call me Hanako. After all, we are friends.”

Chapter 8: Dinner with the Ruler

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Chapter 8:

Dinner with the Ruler

(Throne Room, Afternoon)

“And so Lady Hanako, this is why I strongly suggest that these laws should be added to current laws you have made.”

“Not to sound rude or anything, but mind telling me who you are?” asked Hanako as she rolled up the list of new laws given to her by a cherry red color pony.

“Cash Crown, one of the four nobles of the Crystal Empire.” The stallion said as he bowed to the ronin. “Now about the laws that we suggested to you-”


“Excuse me?”

“I said Denied. Looking over the list of laws that you and the other nobles wrote, it’s pretty much a social class. First, having different schools for nobles and commoners. That’s something this kingdom is not going to have. We are all equal beings, no one is special then anyone else or higher then anyone else. Second, increase taxes. We’re still recovering from what Sombra did, and most of the money is pretty going to repairs and medical supplies for those who were injured in prison. Third, having the nobles run the government. You can bet your ass I’m not going to hired a bunch of greedy, bit loving, penny pinching nobles to run the government. I will select the ones capable of running the government.”

“But my Lady, you can’t just pick anypony to run the government. Think of how your reputation would be if you picked the wrong ponies to run it. Not to mention those common ponies don’t even have the basic knowledge of how to run it.”

“I’ll take my chance with that. Now if you’re done with this little plan of yours to make this kingdom yours and your little rich friends, leave. Because I have more important matters to attend to.”


“Lady Hanako said leave.” Amber said as she glared at Cash Crown. “I would advise you to leave.” Cash Crown glanced at the human before scoffing and walking out of the throne room in a fit of anger.

“Never expected to see ponies like this.”

“Snobbish, rich, and think that they own you?”

“Pretty much yeah. What’s on the next list of things to do?”

“There’s the issue with the guards from equestria that were ordered to gather information about the new and improved Crystal Empire.”

“Right, almost forgot about them. What would you suggest we do with them? I wanna hear your opinion on this matter.”

“Personally I would’ve kicked them out or kill them for doing what they did. But seeing how you mention about holding them for ransom, I’m going to have to go with the ransom option.”

“Fair enough. What about the greenhorn and her friends?”

“They’re arguing about what happen earlier. You know, with Chrysalis.”

“Oh they’re gonna be more pissed off the usual when I tell them about Chrysalis ruling over the kingdom when I kick the bucket.”

“Was it wise to make her next in line for the throne?”

“The ponies of the Crystal Empire aren’t ready for their own to rule at the moment. Incase something were to happen to me, I would like someone with knowledge and experience of running a kingdom to take charge until a pony has the heart, skills, and wisdom to lead this kingdom. Plus I would rather have it be her then that greenhorn.”

“Fair enough.”

“Anything else?”

“Only with the guards from Equestria. Other than that, that would be it for today.”

“Good.” Hanako said as she rose from her seat. “God, sitting in that seat was a pain in my ass. Literally.” She said as she started to stretch her limbs and back as it made a loud cracking sound. “When will dinner be ready?”

“It will be ready in one hour my lady. We had the chefs cook ahead of time seeing how we have guest from Equestria.”

“Excellent. I hope you added meat to my dinner.”

“Of course, but is it wise to eat meat in front of the guest?”

“No, but it would be interesting to see how they react to me being able to eat meat.” Hanako said as she gave off a devilish smile.

“I don’t know if I should be worry about that.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it. Come on, let’s head towards the dining hall to see what the chefs have prepared.”

(Nighttime, Dining Hall)

“I must say. The chef really did a hell of a job when it comes to preparing dinner for us.” Hanako said as she looked over the meals prepared for her and the equestrians. “You sure the chef doesn’t mind cooking meat?”

“As long as you’re not requesting him to cook ponies, then he doesn’t mind cooking meat for you. I’m more worry about how the equestrians would react to you eating meat.”

“Well now you’re gonna find out.” Hanako said as she pointed a finger at Twilight and her friends entering the dining hall. “Because here they are.” she said as she motion them to have a seat. “Welcome ponies of Equestria. Please, take a seat wherever you want.”

“It’s a bit surprising that you would invite us to dinner.” Twilight said as she and her friends took a seat at the table. “Especially after what happened moments ago.”

“My malice is towards Cadance, not to you or your friends. As long as you all don’t step over the line, then we won’t have a problem. Am I clear?” Hanako asked as Twilight nodded in agreement. “Good now let us begin with the feast shall we?” She said as a maid unicorn levitated a plate of cooked sirloin with a small glaze of gravy on top, mix salad with french dressing slightly covering it, and a stew with what appears to be a octopus tentacle sticking halfway out of the bowl.

“Oh I’m so loving the perks of being Queen.” As the ronin was about to dig in into the sirloin, she paused as she notice the looks of disgust on their faces. “What?”

“Y-You eat meat!?” Rarity said as her face was slightly green.

“Well humans are omnivore. Though some do eat nothing but vegetables, but I prefer to eat both.” She said as she took a bit out of the piece of meat. “Mostly because of the diet when training one’s self.”

“B-But you’re eating meat! What kind of creature would eat a poor defenseless animal!?” Fluttershy said as she flew up in front of Hanako. Amber was about to point her blade at the cream colored pegasus, only for the ronin to give her a glance causing her to stop and watch “Don’t you have any compassion towards other animals?”

“That depends.” Hanako looked over at Amber. “Where did this meat come from anyway.”

“Manticore meat from the Everfree Forest. Even though the food here is about 1,000 years old, the preserve spell we placed on the food helps keep the food last long and maintain its natural taste and flavor.”

“What is a manticore?” She asked as a book was levitated in front of her.

“Is a mix between a lion, a bat, and a scorpion.”

“Interesting.” Hanako placed the book next to her as she looked back at Fluttershy. “As for your questions Fluttershy, I have compassion towards other but it limited to sentient beings like yourself. But when it comes to certain animals like this manticore, I have no problem killing them.” She said as she took another bit from her food. “I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not like I’m eating ponies or anything.”


“I have nothing else to say pony. Now go back to your seat and enjoy your meal.” Fluttershy lowered her head in defeat as she slowly floated back to her seat. It almost made Hanako feel bad about what she said...almost. “Anyone else have a question they want me to answer?”

“Oh I do!” Pinkie Pie said as she raised a hoof up into the air. “What kind of cake flavor would like?”

“Cake flavor? For what?”

“For the surprise party that I’m going to throw you in Ponyville, duh. We can’t have you running a kingdom without throwing you a party to congratulate you on being the ruler of the Crystal Empire.”

“Um, Pinkie darling, I don’t think now’s the time to be talking about stuff like this.” Rarity said as levitated a bowl of salad in front of herself. “I mean, I’m sure the ponies here are planning a surprise party for her anyway. Though I wouldn’t mind making a dress for someone as yourself, that is if you don’t mind me doing it?”

“I’ll let you know if I need a dress for special occasions. But I doubt that I’ll need a dress for something like that.” The ronin said as she started eating the salad in the bowl.

“Nonsense! As a lady such as yourself...right?” The mare asked as Hanako simply nodded. “Okay just wanting to be sure. As a lady and a ruler of the Crystal Empire such as yourself, one must alway look presentable when you attend a royal banquet from another nation.”

Hanako paused for a moment before swallowing the food that was in her mouth, then looked over at Amber. “Is what she’s saying true?”

“Yes. As the ruler of the empire, you will most likely be attending banquets with other nation other than the ponies of Equestria.”

“.....Is it too late to run away from all this?”

“I’m afraid so Hanako.” Amber said with a smirk on her face. “Don’t worry, it’ll get better.”


“No, you’re it get worse from here on out seeing how some might want to ask for your hoof in marriage just to increase their power for their nation.”

“Great, as if I didn’t have enough problems as it is.” Hanako said as she slumps down into her seat in annoyance. ”So mind telling me why your Princess sent you all here instead of herself?”

“Well, Princess Celestia sent us to reclaim the Crystal Empire. Seeing how it was taken over by King Sombra 1,000 years ago. It was also supposed to be a test for me, but seeing how you pretty much took care of Sombra and all..” Twilight said as she trailed off a bit. “This might be hard to explain to her about the situation.”

“So she sent you eight to do something that she couldn’t do a long time ago? Not a very smart move if you ask me.”

“Hey! We saved equestria multiple time before you showed up human.” Rainbow Dash said, glaring at the human. “What have you done that’s so great?”

“You mean beside saving the crystal ponies from an evil tyrant that your princess couldn’t beat, rebuilding the Crystal Empire, introducing new stuff from my homeland to the citizens, and bringing the Empire into a new age of freedom?”

“Oh yeah well…..”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. This just shows that your princess is lazy and can’t finish something that she couldn’t finish along time ago.” She said, noticing Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Cadence, and Shining Armor glaring at her. “What? If I was in the same position as your princess, I would finish up what I started along time ago before sending you guys to do that work for me.”

“Princess Celestia sent us here because she believed that we can handle this. That fact that she called us is proof of how much faith she has in us.” Shining Armor said with a hint of pride in his voice.

“Yeah and look how that turned out?”

“Well if you didn’t come, then we would’ve saved the Empire from Sombra.” Cadance said, glaring at Hanako.

“Even if you did save the ponies from Sombra, how would you deal with the malnourished ponies that were locked away in the dungeon?”

“With love of course.” The alicorn said with a triumphant look on her face. This caused Hanako to pause for a moment before taking a drink from her cup, and placing it on the table. She was about to speak, but was interrupted by Amber who glared at the Alicorn with malice.

“You think love will save a pony upon the brink of death? You think love will fill a ponies empty stomach after being in prison for the past few year? You think that love will solve our problem with the lives we lost when we were stuck in this Faust forsaken kingdom with that mad pony? Don’t make me laugh you poor excuse of a pony.” Amber said as she gritted her teeth.

“E-Excuse me-.”

“I’m not done talking idiot. The fact that you would believe that love will solve all your problems, is even worse then when King Sombra ordered us to take away any and all foods from the citizens of the empire. What kind of idiot would send somepony like you to rule our kingdom?”

“My Auntie is not an idiot for sending somepony like me. If you would let me show you what I mean then I can-.”

“And why should I, no, we let you show us after hearing that? How would you know what it like to be hungry everyday? How would you know what it’s like to live in constant fear from a mad ruler who thinks everypony want to dethrone him at anytime? How would you know what’s like to struggle with little to nothing?”


“That’s right you don’t. None of you don’t know what it’s like to be in that situation. While you all enjoyed the easy, good, and happy life, we were stuck here in this place dying. So you tell me Princess of love. Why should we let you or anypony from Equestria rule us when none your princess couldn’t even save us?” Amber asked, as it caused Cadence to be silent and lower her head in shame. “So, you having nothing to say?”

“....I’m sorry.”

“You can take your apology and shove it up your-.”

“Amber, I think that would be enough for the time being.” Hanako said, interrupting the mare’s rant. “I prefer not to have my food taste bitter and cold.” She said, causing Amber to lower her head in shame.

“Y-You’re right. Forgive my lady, for speaking out of terms like that.”

“Eh, it’s okay. It’s not like it was directed towards me or anything.” The Ronin said as she looked over at the other ponies. “Don’t get me wrong or anything. Love can help depending on the situation and stuff. But from the way you guys came in, it looked like you were just hear to defeat King Sombra and place Cadence on the throne. Didn’t you at least bring some kind of medical supplies or something to help the crystal ponies?”

“W-We brought a few medical supplies…” Twilight answered.

“But is it enough for the entire kingdom?” She asked, only for Twilight to shake her head no. “Figures, you guys really need to be more prepared than just assuming that magic will solve all your problems.” With a sigh, Hanako picked up her cup of apple cider and drank it all before placing it down and pulling away from the table. “Well I think I’m done for the night. Have the chef place my food in the frig so I can eat it for tomorrow.”

“Wait!” Twilight yelled, causing the human to turn around to the lavender pony. “What about the ponies you have in your dungeon? Surely you’re not going to keep them here are you?”

“I am. What Cadence did would be an act of war against the Crystal Empire, and I could use this as a way to go to war. But seeing how these ponies have been locked away for past 1,500 years, and the fact that we have more important thing to do. I’ll let it slide for the time being. But next time any of you pull this stunt again, I won’t have any problem killing any of you.” The ronin said as she begun to walk away from the dining hall. “Now if you all don’t mind, I’m going to bed. I have to get up early to look over some things for the empire.”

Chapter 9: Check Up in the Medical Department

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Chapter 9:
Check Up in the Medical Department

“This has been an eventful evening wouldn’t you say Amber?” Hanako asked only notice the unicorn lost in her train of thought with a serious look on her face. “Hello?”

“Huh? Oh, sorry my lady. I was….thinking.”

“Still angry about what happened at dinner I take it?”

“I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it so much really. I’m pretty sure she’s just pissed that she wasn’t here before I came to save you guys. Plus from what you said, it seems you hit the nail on the board when it came to them being prepared to “save” the Crystal Empire from Sombra.”

“I’m not sorry about what I said.”

“Which I have no problem with that. You have every right to be pissed off at them. But next time try to be more...tactful and more calm about that subject.”

“....I make no promises about that.”

“Well can you at least try not to attack them if any of them bring up that subject. Lord know I don’t want anymore trouble between now and when their princesses come here.”

“I’ll try...but I make no promises.”

“I’ll take it.” Hanako said as she yawned. “Welp, I’m heading for bed. Make sure the guards keep a watch on the ponies from Equestria, and have the guard patrol the kingdom.”

“As you command my lady.” Amber said as she trotted off down the hall.”

“The sooner they’re gone, the sooner I can focus on getting stuff don’t then have to worry about the Equestrians.” Hanako said as she started to make her way to her room. “First order of business is to check on Northstar and see how things are going for the medical team.”

[Medical wing]

“It’s such an honor to have you here in the medical room Lady Hanako.” Northstar said as she guided the ronin through the room. “I’m a bit surprise that you would be here so early in the morning.”

“Just came to see how things are in the medical wing and see how far it progressed. How’s it going by the way?”

“Oh it’s going well. Especially with the information from books you gave us. I had no idea you can use magic in such a way. You’re even able to use magic to bring somepony back from the dead so long as it’s within the twenty-four hour period. You humans are both interesting and fearful creatures when you want to.”

“We can be when we want to be. Though it’s the one with powers are the ones that are the fearful ones.”

“Kinda like how you are?”

“I have common sense unlike most ponies do. So is there anything you need that you’re missing?”

“Not really. We been able to produce a lot of the potions from the books you gave us on how to make them.”

“Good to hear that. Well seeing how you got everything under control, I guess I’ll make my leave.”

“Oh, before you go there’s something that I need from you that Amber said it was okay for me to do.”

“And what would that be?” Hanako asked as she turned around to look back at the medical pony. Only for the color of her skin to turn pale upon seeing a the pony levitating a medium size syringe with a thick needle on it.

“I need to take a few blood samples from you. Seeing how you’re the only human in this world. I need to make something in case our medicine or medical treatment fail to save you.”

“Understandable...but why do you need a syringe like that?”

“Well there’s the thing. In order for me to do that, I’m gonna need to take some of your marrow. And this needle here is going to help me do that.” Northstar said as she start to walk over to Hanako with a devilish grin on her face. “You understand right? We’re doing this so we can be prepare for the worse.”

“....Why are you in this field of work again?”

“Because I’m the best they have. Now let’s get this over with so we don’t have to put this on the side burner and forget about.” The unicorn said as she motion Hanako to follow her to the operating table. “I hate to ask of this, but you’ll need to remove your clothes. It’s standard protocol here and I won’t be able to get it right if I can’t see where I’m putting the needle through.”

“Fine, but I’m keeping my bra and underwear on.” Hanako said as she walked over to the operating table while removing her clothes and gear from off herself. After removing her clothes and gear, the ronin sat on the operating table while looking over at Northstar looking at her due to her battle scars on her body. “What?”

“Oh, nothing. Just got distracted by those scars all over your body. I mean...most of them look like fatal to near death wounds.”

“That’s pretty much how it was during the war in Ivalice. I’m a bit surprise that I was able to survive that one.”

“Was it that bad of a war to get those scars?”

“...You have no idea, nor do I wish to tell you about it. Right now let’s just get this out of the way so I can check up on the others on their progress.”

“Of course my lady.” Northstar said walking over to Hanako as she levitated a goss covered with alcohol as she rubbed it around Hanako left thigh leg. “Fair warning before I do this. Unlike taking blood samples from pony’s forehoof. I’m taking blood samples from the inside of your thigh bone. Meaning that this is going to be very painful seeing how I’m going through the bone. You ready for this?” The mare asked as he levitates the needle close to the area that she’s prepare to extract.

“Let’s just get this over with so I don’t have to deal with this later on.”

“I’m so in advance for this.” Without even a second thought, Northstar slammed the needle of the syringe into Hanako’s thigh. As the needle went through her thigh and into her femur bone, Hanako gritted her teeth as she gripped the edge of the table that she was sitting on. “How are you holding up?”

“I-I’m fine. T-This wouldn’t be t-the first time I had something like this happens to me.” Hanako said as she tried her best to smile, but due to the pain it only came out as a painful one. “I hope this is all you need from me?”

“For now yes, but I’ll be needing some more from you later on during your ruling.” Northstar started draining some of the blood within Hanako’s femur. As the syringe started to fill up with her blood, the unicorn carefully removed the medical needle from her leg as she quickly used her magic to heal the area. “Again sorry in advance for doing that to you.”

“It’s fine. I can see why you have to do that. But damn does it hurt.” The Ronin said as she rubbed her thigh to comfort it. “Do you do this to most ponies here?”

“Rarely I do this kind of thing. But seeing how you’re a new species and all, we have to make sure we have something made for you incase our medicine doesn’t work on you. Anyway you might feel a bit light headed and weak for a few hours or so seeing how I have to pull out a lot of bone marrow. In the meantime, try to relax for a few hours until that time. Meaning you are not allowed to get into fights or training sessions.”

“Why do I get the feeling that Amber planned for this to happen.” Hanako thought as she sighed in annoyance. “Okay, anything else that I need to know before I leave?”

“We’ll call you back once we get a full analysis from your bone marrow. But for now we’re done here for today.”

“Good, now if you’ll excuse me. I’m heading over to see Brimstone to see how he’s doing with the armory and stuff.” Hanako grunted as she pulled herself up from the table. Upon standing, the ronin staggered a bit before placing a hand on the table for support.

“Told you so.” Northstar said as Hanako looked over at the unicorn with a deadpanned expression on her face.

“Smartass.” Hanako grumbled as she quickly put her clothes and gear back on, and began to make her way outside of the medical wing.

“Alrighty then.” Northstar levitated the syringe as she summoned a unicorn wearing a white mage robe over to her. “Sapphire, I need you to take this over to Midnight and have him examine Lady Hanako’s bone marrow sample so we can make medicine for her.”

“Do you think that this will be enough for him to make it?”

“It should be enough for him to make one. But if not, then I’ll ask Amber to send Lady Hanako over here to get another sample from her.” Northstar said as she started to head back over to her desk. “If there’s a problem with making the medicine, call me and I’ll help. Until then I’ll be filling out paperwork that haven’t been signed off in the past couple of years.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Sapphire said as she trotted off.

“I have to admit. This is going to be an interesting new age Lady Hanako is bringing to this kingdom….now if only I could examine her more than just taking a bone marrow sample.” Northstar said as a bit of saliva ran down her mouth for a moment before wiping it off. The mare quickly looked around to see if anypony saw this. Thankfully, nopony did as she composed herself. “Keep it together Northstar. Just be patient, and sooner or later you’ll get your chance to...examine her more~.”

Chapter 10: Iron and Silk

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Chapter 10:
Iron and Silk

(Ironsmith Wing)

“So how are you doing with the kingdom’s armory Brimstone?” Hanako asked as Brimstone lead her to one of the weapons he was working on.

“With the materials that we were able to find with that book you gave us, we were able to increase the durability for the Crystal Knight’s armor. We’re still working on the weapons, but we did make the basic of the weapons. Pretty much swords, daggers, spears, shields, and arrows.”

“Perfect.” The ronin said as she walked over to one of the weapons as she examine it. “I must say, you did a good job with making a board sword. The metal is smooth, the sword isn’t bent out of shape.” She said as the soon lifted the sword and hit it against the floor. “And it’s durability to impacts are good as well. You did a fine job as the empire’s blacksmith.”

“I’m to please, Lady Hanako.”

“While you’re still working on this. I would like to ask you for a request if you have time to do it?”

“You want me to make you a suit of armor right?”

“Not a suit of armor mind you, just something to replace the one I have on.” Hanako said as she showed Brimstone her somewhat dented and battled damage armor. “Never did got the chance to get it upgraded or repaired, so I’m wondering if you and the ponies here could either repair it or upgrade it?”

“Hm…” Brimstone slowly walked around Hanako while eyeing the armor and clothing on her body. A few seconds later he order two unicorn over to him for assistance. “Starshine, Morning Star. I need you two to get me one-hundred fifty mythril stones, fifty iron ores, and thirty copper ores. There should be some in the room next to the scrap metal room.” He ordered as the unicorn and pegasus nodded and began to gather the materials needed. “It’ll take some time for your armor to be done. I’ll give you a call once I’m finish. Until then you might want to get the cloth part of the armor be commissioned by somepony else.”

“Does this place have a seamstress or somepony that is good with making cloth?”

“Well there is one pony that is good with that kind of work. But I don’t know if she’s willing to work on your request given her current condition.”

“Really, who is this pony and where can I find him or her?”

“Well she lives near the entrance of the crystal empire. It’s the building with the sign on the front saying Bubble Luck’s wonder clothes.”

“Perfect, then I’ll go over there and ask for her assistance in making the clothes that I need.”

“I doubt you’ll be able to. When King Sombra was in charge a while back, he ordered Bubble to design an outfit out of the skins of his enemies. Of course the mare refused to do it, and in a way to make a point to not refuse the king’s orders, he pretty much cut off one of her hooves. After that, she pretty much just stop working and just get drunk. I was willing to offer her a fake hoof made of meta as a substitute, but she pretty much refuse it.”

“Hm, then I guess I’ll have to do something about.” Hanako said as she started to make her way out of the Ironwork wing.

“Good luck with that Hanako.” Brimstone said as he went back to work. “You’ll need it.”

(Bubble Luck’s wonder clothes)

Looking up from her map of the Crystal Empire and at the building that Brimstone described. Hanako made it to her destination of Bubble Luck’s clothing store. Putting the map back into her bag, the ronin started walking up to the door of the store and knocked on it. There was a moment of silence for a few second before she hear a raspy voice coming from the other side of the door.

“Didn’t you read the sign out on the door? We’re closed.”

“Is this the clothing store called Bubble Luck’s Clothing Store?”

“What’s it to you? Now go away, we’re closed.”

“And here I thought this would be easy.” Hanako thought as she knocked on the door again. “Look, I’m looking for somepony to design something for me. And from what the ponies around the empire said, you’re the best this place has.”

“Was the best. Did they told you what happen when I refuse King Sombra’s commission for making him his royal garb?”

“Yes and I’m sorry for the lost of your hoof. But could you please open the door so we can talk? I’m getting pretty annoyed that I’m talking through a door then with someone behind it.”

“Read the sign pony. We. Are. Closed.” The mare said as Hanako heard hoof steps from behind the door. “Now leave before I have to use my magic to make you.”

“Guess I’ll have to go with the alternative.” Hanako reaches for her sword as she unsheathed it and slashed at the door with blinding speed as she sheath it. In a matter of seconds, the door split in two as it fell over. “Now let’s see this pony with the missing arm.” She said as she walked inside of the building. Just as she entered, a barrage of pots and pans came heading towards her as she quickly slash at them. While cutting the pots and pans, she quickly rolled out of the way and tosses her katana at the shadowy figure off to the of side of the room.

“Gah! What the buck!”

“Got yeah.” The Ronin said as she walked into the room she threw her katana in. Walking into the room she saw a magenta color mare with red colored ragged mane wearing a robe similar to that of a white mage only it was navy blue colored. “Nice to finally see the pony name Bubble Luck.”

“Who or what in the name of Equestria are you?”

“I’m Hanako, your empire’s new ruler.”

“You, the empire’s new ruler?” Bubble asked as she start to laugh. “You must be joking? There’s no way King Sombra would retire from the throne. If anything, he would kill anypony or anything that want to take the throne.”

“Yeah well after having a very...civilized conversation with him, he decided to retire. Now seeing how you’re here, I would like to ask for a request from-.”

“You expect me to believe a creature like you beat King Sombra?”

“You want to see his dead body?”

“Wait, you killed him?” Bubble Luck asked with spectacle look on her face before turning deadpanned. “Okay now I know you’re lying.” She said, causing Hanako to rolled her eyes as she pulled her katana from out of Bubble’s robe.

“If you want proof, then come with me to castle if you want to see his dead corpse.”

“And why can’t you bring said body here?”

“....You think anypony here would be okay with me carrying a corpse around town?”

“....Good point.” The unicorn said as she pulled herself up from the floor. “Alright, Hanako. Take me to King Sombra’s corpse. If what you’re saying is true, then I might listen to your request that you have for me.”

“Okay then. Fair warning though. We’re going through a bit of an upgrade to the kingdom.”


(Medical Wing)

“Welcome back my Lady.” Northstar said as she bowed down to the human. “I didn’t expect you to return here anytime soon. What brings you back to the medical wing?”

“I’m here to show my special guest here Sombra’s dead body.” Hanako said as she moved out of the way to show the mare named Bubble Luck.

“You were able to get Bubble Luck out of her home?”

“You know her?”

“Not personally per say, but I did hear about what happen to her while Sombra was still ruling the kingdom. She kinda made it clear that she didn’t want to be social with other ponies seeing how she lost her hoof.”

“Shouldn’t she be able to use her magic to make clothes seeing how she lost a hoof?”

“Just because I’m a Unicorn, doesn’t mean I can use magic to make my clothes. It takes time, patients, and a good eye to be detail to make the stitches tight and strong. I didn’t need magic to do that. I did it the old fashion way with my hooves.” Bubble Luck said as she looked over her missing right hoof with a sigh. “Back the to matter at hoof, you said you killed Sombra right? So where is his body?”

“Oh we have his body frozen in ice until we’re done with the construction of the empire.”

“....Why would you keep it until then?”

“It was Lady Hanako’s idea actually. She insists that we burn his body after we finish working on the construction. It’s kinda like an out with the old and in with the new kinda thing really.” Norhtstar said as she motion Bubble Luck to follow her to a door labeled keep out. As they reach the door, Northstar’s horn glowed as the door open up to reveal the remains of Sombra’s body in cased in ice. “You can only look, not go inside.”

“Well I’ll be damned. You really did kill Sombra.” Bubble Luck said as she looked over at Hanako with a bit a worried expression on her face. “So that means you’re...oh dear Celestia.”

“Yep, Lady Hanako is our ruler over the empire until she passes the throne off to somepony else.” The doctor said as the mare lowered her head in both respect and shame. “Hard to believe that this human is running this place.”

“Please forgive my rudeness from before and not believing you.”

“It’s fine, you don’t need to bow your head like that.” Hanako said as Bubble Luck looked up as her. “I really need to do something about the ponies bowing down to me like that. But I’ll worry about that later, right now I would like to ask for your assistance if you wouldn’t mind.”

“As much as I would like to do that.” The mare said as she waves her stub that used to be her hoof. “I’m kinda out of commission due to the lack of hoof. It’s not that I can’t do it, it would be make my job easy if I had and extra set of hooves that can help me.”

“Hm...Northstar, do we have any ponies that are good with sewing fabric?”

“We have a few ponies that can do that. Why do you ask?”

“Because I’m going have Bubble Luck here be part of the empire’s clothing department.” Hanako said which took Northstar and Bubble Luck by surprise.

“Y-You’re joking right?” Bubble Luck asked, as Hanako nodded.

“We have Brimstone working on the armor and weapons, but we need some clothes for our mages and archers. You can’t expect ponies to wear armor that would feel uncomfortable do you?”

“I...can see what you mean by that. But why are doing this for me? I can’t sew clothes as good as I used to do.”

“True, but you can teach ponies how to do it. We are entering into a new age for the Crystal Empire. A age where no pony will have to fear anything, a age where we can stand up to anything that threatens our home. And as the new ruler of your Kingdom, I want to usher in the one thing that this Kingdom lost long ago. Hope.” Hanako kneeled down onto the floor in front of Bubble Luck and extended a hand toward the unicorn. “So here I ask you. A mare who lost the ability to do what she loves. Will you let me lead you to a future to where we can all work together in peace and harmony?” Bubble Luck was a bit hesitant about shaking Hanako’s hand, reluctant at best. The mare looked over at Northstar, who nodded to make sure that the human can be trusted. Sighing with a defeated expression on her face as she shook Hanako’s hand.

“I’m...a bit specticale about trusting you….Hanako. But seeing how the ponies around town and in here aren’t scared of you, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.”

“Perfect! Glad to have you on board friend.” Hanako said as she stood up after shaking her hand. “I’ll have Amber summon the seamstresses to the sewing room next to the ironsmith wing. You don’t mind that do you?”

“No, I don’t mind it. Um...about your request from when you visited my home?”

“Brimstone will inform you about it. Right now I have to check on the other and see how they’re doing. Northstar will lead you to the sewing wing.” Hanako said as she walked off to the other part of the Crystal Empire.

“So...what’s your take on this...human creature?” Bubble Luck asked as she turned her attention at Northstar.

“She’s a very interesting creature to say the least. Scientifically speaking, she is something that this world has never seen before. Not to mention the world she came from is quite interesting to say the least.”

“Can she be trusted in running the empire?”

“I believe so. She killed Sombra and hasn’t done anything evil to use. Not to mention she treat everypony be it Adult, foal, or filly as equals, so she has my vote of approval. Anyway, let’s get you over to the your new sewing wing.” Northstar said as she started leading the mare to the other Ironwork wing.

Chapter 11: End of Discussion

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Chapter 11
End of Discussion

[Construction Wing]

“Alright Emerald. How are the construction ideas I gave for the inner and outer walls of the empire going?” asked Hanako as she followed Emerald through his workshop.

“It was a bit hard at first, but we figured out a way to in case the metal into the crystal walls.”

“How so?”

“Well we tried having the crystal grow on it. But it would’ve taken years from it to grow at the rate it is. So we figure why not teleport the item into the crystal.” Emerald said as he pointed to a unicorn teleporting a piece of metal plate into a chunk of crystal. “We’re still working on how to make it durable inside the crystal, but it’s a start.”

“Excellant. When you figure out a way to make it durable, give me a call when you do okay?”

“As you command Lady Hanako.” Emerald said as he went back to work. Just as Hanako was about to exit the Construction Wing, a familiar pony enters into the room as she walks over to the human.

“Oh hey Amber, what’s up?”

“We have a bit of a problem.”

“Is this about that piece of cheesecake that had your name on it? If so, then let me just say that is wasn’t me that ate it.”

“Not that’s not the...wait that you ate my strawberry cheesecake?” Amber asked as she glared at Hanako, who was trying to act all innocent.

“What? No, why would I do that to my favorite right hoof mare?”

“.....Anyway, that’s not the reason why I’m here...though it will be later on.”

“What’s the problem?”

“It’s the ponies of Equestria. They want to speak with you about what happen with what that Cadence pony did.”

“Did you tell them that I’m not handing them over until I speak with their rulers?”

“I did, but the lavender unicorn kept on making statements about how this is wrong, you can’t keep ponies here against their will, and something else. Truthfully I wasn’t paying attention to most of the things they were saying.”

“And here I thought I was gonna call it a day after checking up on how the work was going with Brimstone and the others.” Hanako sighed as she motion Amber to lead her to where Twilight and others are waiting at. “Lead the way Amber, let’s get this over with so I can relax in my room.”

[Throne Room]

“Is it too late to turn back now and tell them that I’m not in the mood to talk with them?” Hanako asked, only for Amber to shake her head.

“We’re already here, so we might as well see how this will go.”

“Dammit, there’s go my good mood for today.” Hanako said as she open the doors to the throne room. As she and Amber entered the room, Twilight, Shining Armor, Cadance, and Rainbow Dash turned their attention at the duo as they entered. To the Ronin surprise, Cadance and Shining Armor were in the room as well. “Alright everypony I’m here, what is it that you want?”

“Oh good, you’re here Lady Hanako.” Twilight said as she bow down to the human. “I was wondering if we can have a little talk about what happen with what my sister-in-law did?”

“Let me guess, you’re here to try to change my mind about keeping your guard in jail until your rulers get here to talk about this right?”

“Yes, that is the reason why we’re here.” Twilight said as she watches Hanako and Amber walk towards her and her friends. “I know what my sister-in-law did was wrong, and she’s sorry for what she did.”

“I doubt it, but continue.”

“But you can’t keep the royal guards as a means to negotiate with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.”

“And why can’t I? Your dumbass sister-in-law was the one that didn’t take my warning seriously, and look how that turned out.”

“Hey! That’s my wife you’re calling an idiot creature!” Shining Armor yelled.

“I calls them as I see them. Your wife is a idiot what she did and you’re a bigger one for letting this happen. Now why don’t you shut up and just stand there like the knight you are and let your sister continue.” She said as she turned her attention back on Twilight. “Please continue.”

“R-Right...anyway. You can’t keep the ponies here, it would be an act of war and you would be in trouble with Celestia and Luna then you’re already in.”

“And how can I be in more trouble than how I am already in? I told you what would happen if you were to go snooping around in places that you weren’t allowed to go into.”

“Because once we return to Canterlot and tell the princesses about you, You can kiss that throne good-bye!” Rainbow Dash said as she zoomed in front of Hanako’s face.

“Over the empire’s dead body!” Amber yelled as she stood in between. “We choosed Hanako to be are leader rule over the Crystal Empire and the ponies inside it. You think we would lay down our weapons to a bunch of rulers who couldn’t come here themselves?”

“This kingdom belongs to Equestria, or more importantly Princess Cadance.”

“We would rather have Chrysalis rule us then have you ponies in charge-.”

“Amber that’s enough.” Hanako said as she tugged Amber’s tail. “Don’t get caught up in the fire that this pegasus is starting.”

“Y-You’re right. Sorry, my lady.” Amber said as she lowered her head in shame.

“Serves you right-” Before Rainbow Dash could finish, the pegasus was sent falling to the floor of the throne room by Hanako quickly punching her in the face. Everyone except for Amber who was smirking was surprised at what happen. “OW! What the buck!”

“I only came here because I wanted a civilise talk. But it would seem that not everyone here is civilise.”

“You punched me in the bucking nose! What the hay is wrong with you!”

“You were in my personal space without permission. Don’t get into my personal space like that again or else.” Hanako said as she flex her hand before looking over at Amber who was smirking in delight. “Too far?”

“A bit yes, but at least you didn’t kill her so that’s good.”

“I guess that will do for now.” The Ronin said as she looked back at Twilight and her friends. “After butting in on to the conversation when they should’ve let you finish. This proves my point that most of you guys, mainly those three over there. I will wait until your princesses to get here so I can talk with then.”

“It would be a wise and smart idea my Lady.” Amber said as she started to make her way out of the room along with Hanako.

“Wait!” Twilight yelled as she caught the attention of the two leaving the throne room. “What about the ponies that you have in prison? Won’t you at least let them out so they can-.”

“Don’t get your hopes up Twilight. You can thank your three friends for blowing the conversation that we were trying to up into flames with their outburst.”


“Lady Hanako is finish with the conversation. You have wasted your time, and our time with this fruitless endeavor.” Amber said as she and Hanako continued on walking. “And here I thought you ponies from Equestria were more civilize. Guess I was wrong.” As the duo leave the room, Twilight turned her attention towards Shining Armor, Cadance, and Rainbow Dash.

“Are you three trying to make things difficult for us?! We’re trying to have a civilise conversation where we could meet a common ground. Not just run on emotions!”

“But Twilight, you can’t actually trust this...human can you? For all we know, that thing could be planning on taking over Equestria or something.” Rainbow Dash said as she pointed a hoof to her nose. “Look what she did to my nose. Not to mention how it mopped the floor with your brother like he was a little filly.”

“I’m right here you know?” Shining Armor interjected. “But she’s not lying Twily. Don’t you think that this creature might be planning something?”

“If she was going to do something, then she would’ve done so by locking all of us up. Not to mention she did warn us about trying to sneak around in places that we’re not allowed in.”

“But you can’t expect us not to look around for clues?” Cadence said as she trotted next to Shining Armor. “You saw what she is capable of right. She could be a threat to Equestria.”

“Or a powerful ally for us. From what I see she’s treating everypony in Empire with respect. She’s also helping out with the reconstruction that she’s putting into motion.”

“Who said are you on Twilight? That thing, or us?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I’m on neither said. I just want this to be a civilized conversation where both sides can benefit each other. But seeing how that didn’t go so well, we’ll have to hope that the princesses can do something about it.”

[Hanako’s Room]

“This has been a somewhat productive day...despite the incident in the throne room.” Hanako said as she enters into her private chamber with Amber following her from behind.

“I’m sorry Hanako. If I had known that it would turn out like this, then I wouldn’t have called you into the throne room.”

“It was bound to happen sooner or later. I’m just glad that it’s nighttime and I can finally get some sleep.”

“I told you that you should’ve rested up a bit before checking on the others to see how they’re doing.”

“So sue me if I wanted to be sure that everything was going on track. A project like this can’t be taken lightly. Especially now seeing how I’m having Chrysalis and her changelings move in as well.” Hanako began to take her armor, weapon, and clothes off as she set them onto the side of her bed before flopping on top of the bed. “How’s that going by the way?”

“It was a bit difficult at first, but we were able to find a place for them to live.”

“Where are they now?”

“In the Crystal Mines underneath the Empire. Seeing how we have some of the ponies mine the place, Chrysalis suggest that they move in there to help us mine as well seeing how they want to prove their loyalty to you.”

“Guess that makes sense. They can live there for as long as they want. Everything seem to be in order.”

“There is one thing that I would like to say before you can call it a day.” Amber said as she walks over to Hanako. “One of the black knights have notice that there have holes surrounding parts of the ground around the empire outside of the walls.”

“You think someone is trying to break in?”

“We think so, but we have no idea who it is that’s trying to get in from underground.”

“Have a group of dark knights patrol area this time. If they see anything that might be the cause of the holes around the outer walls, then have them capture it or them and bring it or them to the dungeon until I wake up.”

“As you command Hanako.” Amber said as sharted making her way out of Hanako’s room. “Is there anything else you need from me?”

“Keep your eyes on Cadance, Shining Armor, and Rainbow Dash. From what I saw in the throne room, I have a feeling that they might do something stupid.”

“I’ll inform the knights and ninjas to keep their eyes on them. Till then, you need to get your rest for tomorrow.”

“Let me guess, more royal duties?”

“For the most part yes, but you’ll need to come by the barracks to pick out four ponies to be your personal guards for when you go to meet with the other ambassadors from different countries, or when you’re traveling from here to Equestria.”

“Is that really necessary?”

“You’re species from another world that no pony has ever seen, you’re possibly the only human here so many might try to capture you for faust knows what, and you’re running a kingdom that’s still trying to recover from Sombra’s ruling.”

“....Okay I see what you mean by that. Fine, I’ll head over to the barracks after my royal duties. But I have to test their strength to see if they the skills to back it up.” Amber nodded as she continued to walk out of the room. Leaving the ronin to sigh in annoyance before closing her eyes, and letting sleep take her.

Chapter 12: Night Raiders

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Chapter 12
Night Raiders

As night time washed over the kingdom of the crystal empire, the crystal ponies begin their usual night patrol around the streets of the empire. Only this time they’re not threatening the ponies or killing anyone that are out past curfew. Then again the curfew law was taken off as a means to let the ponies have freedom, but either way the dark knights begin their new and usual patrol around town to make sure that there isn’t anypony causing trouble or any unknown being entering into the kingdom.

“It feels weird.” Flora Flower said as she and her partner trotted down the street.

“What feels weird Flora?” Diamond Blight asked as he opened the visor to his helmet.

“Normally we would be taking in prisoners to King Sombra if any pony were outside during curfew. Now we’re just patrolling the streets without the need to arrest anypony...well we still can, but without the threat of getting killed.”

“I know right? It feels weird, but in a good way right?”

“Oh of course in a good way. It’s much better than either killing them on the spot or taking them to prison where they live the rest of their lives to rot in a cell. Thank Faust that Sombra is dead and the new leader is much better than he was.”

“Yeah. Weird as she may be, she is much better. Though I still find it odd that she just appeared out of nowhere. You think somepony might’ve summon her?”

“Who cares? So long as she isn’t another Sombra, she’s okay in my book.”

“Yeah I guess that’s okay-.” Before Flora could finish her sentence, there was a loud banging sound coming from around the corner of the street she and Diamond were on. Both ponies pulled out their swords before looking at each other for a moment as they tiptoed over to the corner’s edge. Peeking over the corner slowly, the two ponies spotted two Diamond Dogs arguing with each other.

“You idiot! Are you trying to wake up the entire town!?” said the tall but bulky looking diamond dog as he smacks the short and average looking dog upside his head.

“Hey, you try digging blindly underground in a place like this. I mean really, you expect us to be able to appear from the ground without hitting anything without a problem?”

“Well you should do a better job at it then. Now come on, we have a mission that we need to complete otherwise the alpha will chew our hides out if we fail or worse.”

“The others should be in position to kidnap the foals, fillies, and anypony that are worth to use as slaves to dig in the mines.” The short diamond dog said as he and the tall dug back into the ground before running off in a different direction.

“Not good, we have to warn Hanako and the others about this.” Flora said as she begins to rush towards the Castle, only to be stopped by Diamond.

“But what about the other two that sneaked off into town? Not to mention the possible other intruders?”

“Set off the signal flare like Captain Amber said to do in case of an emergency. I’ll warn any other ponies I come across with.” Flora said as Diamond nodded before trotting off to a location to set off the signal.

“Let’s just hope we have the strength to fend off the invaders before it’s too late.” Flora said as she trots off towards the castle.

[Crystal Castle]

Off near the side of the castle wall, a group of diamond dogs begin to dig their way through the castle floor. In a matter of seconds, the floor broke open as the dogs quickly jumped from out of the hole and scattered toward the columns of the crystal castle. As soon as they hid behind the columns, a two of the equestrian’s royal guards walked through the halls.

“Hey, why does it feel like we’re trotting on floorboards here?” One of them asked, looking around at the sound of the floor creaking underneath them.

“Don’t look at me, I didn’t design this castle. I just work here-.” The other guard replied before sniffing the air a little. “Uhh… what smells like dirt and trash?” As soon as the guard said that, he along with the pony next to him was hit upside their heads by the diamond dogs hiding behind two of the crystal columns. Upon doing that, the guards were both knocked out unconscious as they were slowly pulled away and shoved into a nearby closet.

“Get going, ruler be in room upstairs!” One of them ordered, while the rest of them nodded their heads. Once they got closer to their destination, the one who was giving orders looked back at two of them and glared them down. “You two, keep watch. Rest of you, follow me.”

Both of them grunted in annoyance as the rest of the diamond dogs piled into the room. Looking to try and find the “leader” they were searching for. Yet, when one entered the bedroom and noticed the bed being empty, it got suspicious and began to examine the room. At one point, it looked to have given up and just turn away.

“Boss! Ruler ain't here!”

“Quiet, you idiot!” The one that was called “Boss” snapped. “Everydog, get upstairs. You, on the other hand stay with other two out front and secure bottom floor.”

“But Boss-.”

“No but’s. That’s final.” Boss told them as all the diamond dogs left. The one who was left behind looked down in disappointment. Upset that he made him mad, but on alert once he heard something bounce towards him.

The heads of the two guards that were originally ordered to be outside. “W-who’s there-?!” He barked, on edge as he felt a cold shiver run down his spine. And just when he thought that he was going to be somewhat safe. He felt something run through his heart and dropped to the floor.

“Damn brutes.” The crystal pony that held the blade that was once in the heart of the invaders she just cut down. “I must press on.The lady of the empire might be in danger.”

(Royal Chamber)

As the rest of the Diamond Dogs raced all the way upstairs, they checked through every single room and spread out, determined to find and take the new leader of the Crystal Empire hostage and hold her up for ransom. Originally, they thought it was some mare who could talk a lot, but not defend herself when it was necessary. However, when they found the right room and several of them stormed in at once what they got was anything but that and instead found themselves what will eternally become their worst nightmare.

“Chirijiraden!” Hanako yelled as she slashed the heads off the first two diamond dogs that came close to her bed as their bodies burned to ashes.

“She killed Rock and Gruff!! GET HER!!!”

“You idiots picked the wrong day to invade my home.” Hanako says as she turns the switch next to her on as it revealed the invading diamond dogs. In doing so it would reveal to the diamond dogs who this creature was or looks like. It would have made them coward in fear if it wasn’t for the fact that she was wearing a nightgown, fuzzy slippers with bunny ears on them, and her hair tied up in the back.

“Ruler seriously wears that to bed?” One of the dogs asked shortly before losing his head a few moments later as blood spewed out from his body and onto Hanako.

“Damn, and I was so hoping that I wouldn’t have to spill any blood on myself or in this room. I’ll have to pay the maids extra after this.” Hanako said as she slashes at the air to get the blood off her sword before looking at the other dogs. “So who’s next?”

Almost all of them came barreling at her, some with weapons of their own. But nothing compared to Hanako’s blade. As the diamond dogs came close to hitting her, the ronin began to parry two of the closet diamond dogs attacks and counters with a vertical slash to one of their chests opening his rib cage like he was being operated on. She then turned her attention to the other one as she quickly jabbed her sword into his chest quickly before pulling back to avoid an oncoming club from a diamond dog next to her. As the dog missed, Hanako quickly cut off his arms before cutting his head off with ease.

“Let’s see how many are left.” Hanako said as she counted how many were left standing. “Oh look, it’s just you and me now!” Out of all the diamond dogs that did enter the room, she had killed mostly all of them. There was one in the back that tried to run as Hanako chased after him shortly before hearing something that made her stop.

Seconds after hearing the sound of metal cutting through flesh, the last diamond dog had split apart into four seperate pieces. Shortly after both of it’s arms fell to the floor as Hanako now saw a crystal pony who wore a set of garbs that reminded her of a particular class back in her home world. But before she could say anything, the mare in question actually bowed before her and then spoke. “Are you alright, lady of the empire?”

“Well despite being woken up by a bunch of weird two legged dogs, being covered in blood which got my nightgown ruined, and feeling pissed for fighting a bunch of dogs with no combat skill...I say I’m okay, but I’m sadly disappointed.” Hanako said as she sheath her sword. “Who might you be if you don’t mind me asking.”

“My name is Citrine… and I wish to only serve you, my lady,” She replied, looking back at her. “My family was once part of a line of bodyguards for Princess Amore before Sombra had taken over the Empire for himself. With him gone, I wish to serve under you since you freed the empire from his tyranny.”

“Well then Citrine, mind telling me what the hell did I just kill in my room? Because I’m not from this world and I didn’t have time to brush up on the world’s inhabitants.”

“They were Diamond Dogs. Brutes that don’t have a lot of intelligence, but make up for it in strength. The ones that came tonight seem to want to kidnap you and hold you for ransom… but did not expect for you to retaliate or fight back at all.”

“Hm, something tells me there are more scattered around the kingdom. Inform the other ponies of what’s going on and hunt every last one of them down like the muts they are. Leave some alive if possible.”

“I was going to advise that you capture some to see why they came here in the first place, but-.” Shortly before Citrine could continue, she heard the sound of hooves behind her before cursing under her breath as they saw Amber race in with a few other guards.

“Hey Amber, you’re late for the party… well most of it.” Hanako said as she smiles at Amber like nothing happened. However, Amber was more focused on Citrine instead.

"C-citrine?! What are you-?” All the pony could do was sigh as she looked back at the confused Crystal pony. Then, there was something that was said that caught Hanako off guard.

“Evening to you as well… sister.”

“Wait a minute.” Hanako quickly looked at Amber then back at Citrine as she pointed a finger at them both. “You two are sisters!?”

“Yes… I’m surprised that she had not told you,” Citrine said, looking back at her. “She’s my younger sister by a year.”

“I didn’t tell her because I did not know where you were!” Amber growled. “You had been gone for so long that I almost forgot about you.”

“Because I did not want to serve a coward like Sombra was. Anypony in our line that knows what our parents passed down becomes the guardian for the ruler of the empire. However, I left by choice since I did not want to serve Sombra. When I heard of his defeat, I came here as quickly as possible… now we have a different problem.”

“You mean the dogs that are trying to raid our home?”

“Yes… it would be lead to believe that they invaded for a specific reason,” Citrine spoke as she looked back at Amber and Hanako. “Now we need to find out why.”

“Well I already told you what to do Citrine. Inform the others about what’s going on and try to capture some of them.” Hanako said as she walks over to Amber. “Amber and I will go check on the Equestrians and escort them out of the city if possible.”

“At once, my lady.” She replied, before looking back at the guards and barked at them. “Well, don’t just stand there! Get off your goddess damned flanks and move it already!!!”

“Huh, I’m starting to see the difference in you and your sister Amber.”

“My sister’s… well, really serious when it comes to her duty,” Amber sighed in response. “She’s not afraid to chew out anyone for their laziness.”

“Really now? I’m actually tempted to see if I could be lazy around her and see what happens.” Hanako said as she chuckles in amusement. “But that will have to wait. Let’s go see if the Equestrian’s are okay.”

“Is it really necessary to check on the Equestrians? Shouldn’t we be taking care of the Diamond Dogs before anything else?”

“Normally that would be an option, but knowing them they might’ve gotten kidnapped by the intruders or stuck in a closet someplace in here. That and if their rulers find out that they got killed, then they’ll soon be quick to assume that I killed them and all hell will break loose.” Hanako said as she begins to run down the hallway. “Now come on, we have invaders that we need to take care of.”

“As you command Hanako.” Amber said as she trotted off after the human while unsheathing her sword.

Chapter 13: Ponies that Bite Back

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Chapter 13

Ponies that bite back

[Streets of The Crystal Empire]

Meanwhile back on the streets of The Crystal Empire, a group of diamond dogs are scattering around the street trying to escape The dark knights or the citizens of the Empire that the dogs tried to kidnapped and failed due to Flora running down the street yelling intruders in the empire.

“Halt in the name of the empire!” Diamond Blight yelled as he ordered a pony wearing a blue and white colored robe to try and stop the group from escaping.The mare Earth pony nodded as she slams her hooves into the ground as the crystals covering the street covered the diamond dog’s feets before slowly covering their bodies so that only their heads were not covered. “Good work Mahogany.”

“Stupid ponies. Release us or else you will suffer our wrath.” The Diamond Dog said as he was struggling trying to escape from his crystalize prison.

“That won’t be an option.” Diamond said as he walks up to the dog with a sword pointed to his throat. “Now you are going to tell me everything you know.”

“O-Or else what?” The Dog said as Diamond motioned Mahogany to slowly have the crystal move up to cover his face. “Alright, alright, I’ll talk!”

“Good, now Flora and I overheard one of you saying you were planning on foalnapping the foals, fillies, and anypony that are worth using as slaves to dig in the mines. Explain what you mean by that.”

“We need ponies for mine. Pony dig gems for us so we won’t do work. Our leader demanded us to do so. Less we suffer the wrath of him.”

“And you thought that invading us was a good idea?”

“It was either we do this or Alpha kill family.” The Diamond dog said as Diamond lowered his sword and looks over at Mahogany.

“Have the guards capture as many of the Diamond Dogs as possible. If they aren’t willing to come quietly, take them down with brute force if needed.”

“And if they refuse or they to kill somepony?” Mahogany asked.

“If they’re willing to use ponies as a hostage, then kill the ones that are doing it on the spot.” Diamond said as Mahogany nodded and began to order the other guards to follow her through town. “You guys take the Diamond Dog to the castle dungeon so Lady Hanako can deal with him.” He ordered as the group of knights started to remove the dog from its crystalized prison before forcing him to move to the castle. “I do hope none of the Diamond Dogs sneaked their way into the castle.”

[Crystal Castle]

“Unhoof me you ruffin!” Rarity yelled as she and Fluttershy were being carried away by two diamond dogs. “This is no way to treat a lady such as myself!”

“Will you shut up you stupid pony!?” The diamond dog said as he shook his head. “I have never heard a pony that whines as much as you.”

“Oh you think that this is whining? This is-.” Before Rarity could finish, the diamond dog that was carrying Fluttershy quickly moved over to the dog carrying Rarity and tied a cloth around her mouth.

“Thanks, I was beginning to think she wouldn’t shut up.”

“I’m starting to think maybe we should’ve grabbed the other ponies besides these two.”

“We couldn’t because of that unicorn being able to use magic, that pink pony jumping around, the orange earth pony kicked one of us through the castle wall, and the blue pegasus chased after us. If we hadn’t slammed the door behind us when she was charging at us, more of us would’ve been captured.”

“Still, I don’t see why of all ponies we had to get these two.”

“It’s better then getting no pony and return to the alpha to face punishment.” The Diamond Dog said as they both shivered at the thought.

“Fair enough, let’s just go before the guards in this place find out where we are.”

“Agreed.” He said as they continued to run down the hallway for a while, until they heard the sounds of hoofsteps coming down the hall they were in. “Darn, someone is coming towards us.”

“It sounds like it’s just one pony. This might be a good chance to capture it to take with us.”

“We already have two ponies, why do we need more when two is just enough for us?”

“More ponies mean more reward and less work for us to do when digging in the mines.” The Diamond Dog said as he placed Fluttershy on the floor against the wall. “Come on, imagine how much we could get if we brought in more?” He said as his partner paused for a moment before smirking and placing Rarity next to Fluttershy.

“You make a valid point there Grover.” He said as he pulled out a club that was on his side. “More ponies mean more reward and less work in the mines.”

“Of course I’m right. I am smartest dog in the group-.” Just as he was about to finish his boasting, a sword sored through the air as it soon embedded itself into Grover’s skull. “After….all?” He said as he soon dropped to the floor like a ton of bricks.

“Grover!” The Diamond Dog yelled as he turned his attention at the new comers approaching him as he glared at them. “I don’t know who or what you are, but you’re going to pay for killing my best friend.”

“Me, pay? If anything you and your group of idiots are going to pay for not only invading our home, but trying to kidnap the citizens, and attacking me during my sleep.” Hanako said as she noticed Amber levitating her sword over to her as she grabs it. “Thanks Amber.” She said as she hops off of the Unicorn. “Now then, unless you want to end up like your friend there I suggest you drop your weapon and tell me everything I need to know. Okay?”

“We don’t take orders from a hairless ape like creature like you monkey.” The Diamond Dog said causing Amber to snort in anger.

“How dare you insult Lady Hanako you mindless beast. She’s offering you a way to get out of this alive and in return you insult her?”

“Quiet mule. We don’t take orders from a monkey, nor do we take orders from stupid pony that’s only good for digging gems for us.” He said as he pulls out a dagger from behind himself. “Now you will come with me quietly, or else I’ll have to bring you in by force.”

“Why you little-” Before Amber could finish, Hanako places a hand in front of the unicorn motioning her to stop for the time being.

“Last chance to take my offer. Drop your weapon now and you’ll live. If not, then you’ll be meeting your friend in the afterlife.” Hanako said as she slowly made her way towards the Diamond Dog.

“The only one who’s going to the afterlife is you!” The Diamond Dog said as he charges at Hanako and prepares to stab her in the chest. Only for the Ronin to parry his attack, quickly slashing at him, and appearing behind him as she slowly sheathed her sword.

“Should’ve taken my offer dog.” With a click from her sword going into her sheath, the diamond dog’s body was cut in two as both half’s fell to the ground as blood spewed out onto her. “Man, this is going to be a pain for the maids to clean up afterwards.”

“This wouldn’t be the first time they have had to clean something like this up. Although at least it’s not pony blood this time.” Amber said as she soon noticed Rarity and Fluttershy staring at the scene that just took place a second ago. “I think our relationship with the princesses of Equestria is going to be a difficult one.” She said as she walks over to the two mares and begins to untie them.

“I’m pretty sure our relationship with Equestria was already difficult the moment that pink alicorn pony started snooping around the place, me beating that Shining Armor pony, and punching that blue pegasus in the face.”

“Fair point.” The Holy Knight said as she finishes freeing Fluttershy and Rarity. “You two okay?”

“Y-Yes, we are.” Rarity said as she pulls herself up from the floor. “Though I think I’ll be mentally scarred after seeing two ruffians being killed in front of me….never the less I...have to thank you for saving us….though you could’ve done it without the need to kill them.”

“Then they shouldn’t have attacked me in the first place. They might’ve had a chance at living if they were to just surrender. But seeing how they didn’t and attacked our home….all bets are off.”

“Y-You….k-killed them….” Fluttershy said, shaking like a leaf as she stares at the dead bodies of the diamond dogs. “Why didn’t you let them go?”

“As I said before, all bets are off seeing how they attacked me and the citizens of the Crystal Empire. For now though, I’ll have to ask for you ponies to leave the Empire until this matter is taken care of.”

“What the buck!?” Yelled a familiar voice as Hanako turned around to see Rainbow Dash and her friends making their way down the hall where she and the others were standing.

“Land sakes! What in the name of Celestia happened here!?” Applejack asked in shock and awe as she tried not to vomit at the sight of the dead diamond dogs.

“To answer your question Applejack, we had a bit of a run in with these two diamond dogs trying to fillynap your friends Fluttershy and Rarity, so-.”

“I pretty much threw my sword into one’s head while I split the other one in two.” Hanako said bluntly as she interrupted Amber’s explanation.

“......You have no tact when it comes to subtlety do you Hanako?”

“So sue me if spending time in a long ass war before coming here made me blunt and not caring for subtlety. Anyways as I was saying before, I’ll have to ask you all to leave the empire until this matter is taken care of.”

“Are you kidding me!?” Cadence said as she walked past Twilight and her friends. “You can’t expect us to leave! Especially now that we've seen your true colors when dealing with your enemies.”

“Your point? Need I remind you that when I said I killed Sombra I literally ment I killed him. So that would have given you a hint at how I run thing around here. If anyone-.”

“Anypony.” Amber corrected as Hanako glared at her in annoyance.

“Whatever! Anypony that attacks our home like this, all bets are off and they will be killed or captured and imprisoned until further notice. Now then, Amber I would like for you to gather the ponies of Equestria and have them be escorted to the train station.”

“You can’t expect us to just leave you when you’re under attack!” Shining Armor said. “We’re not leaving while this place is under attack. You can’t fight them on your own.” The unicorn said as Hanako stopped what she was doing and looked back at Shining Armor with a death glare.

“Don’t forget that you’re a guest in our kingdom. Not only that, but do you expect me to trust you Equestrians after what your idiot of a wife did?” Hanako said as it caused Shining Armor to glare back at her.

“Stop calling my wife an idiot.”

“I’ll keep calling her that until given a reason not to. I only trust those that I know I can trust. And after what your wife did and that meeting from before, do you really think I would trust a group of ponies that can’t follow orders or behave themselves?” Shining Armor was about to reply to her question, only for Twilight to shoot him a harsh gaze at him as to tell him to not push it. “That’s what I thought. Amber, gather the ponies from Equestria and have them meet up at the train station outside.”

“What if some of them were taken as prisoners of the Diamond Dogs?”

“Then we’ll find them, treat them for injuries, and send them back to equestria.” She said as she began to walk down the hallway.

“Where are you going my lady?”

“To find where these dogs are coming from and put an end to this as quickly as possible.”

Chapter 14: Plans of a Counterattack

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Chapter 14

Plans of a Counterattack

Hanako continues to make her way down the hall while cutting through the Diamond Dog invaders. As she makes her way down the hall, she quickly comes to a complete halt upon seeing Brimstone fighting a group of Diamond Dogs. From what she was able to see, the old timer was doing a pretty good job at defending himself against six bulking looking dogs wielding heavy bone like clubs with piece of rusted metal on the tips.

“You think that a bunch of mutts like you can take me down? I fought a three headed timberwolf that had more bit then you lot!” Brimstone said as he bucked at the nearest Diamond dog that tried to sneak up on him.

“Stupid pony!” said the dog that got bucked in the face. “When we’re done with you, you wish you’d have come with us without a hussle!” He said as he ordered all five of them to attack the old pony at once. “Break his legs!”

“This might be a problem.” Brimstone said as he was about to defend himself from the group with his hammer.

"Innocent sword, slash evils and protect! Kiyomori!" A lime green colored spirit shot passed the Diamond Dogs as a hexagon like dome appeared around him, causing the group’s attack to bounce off and stagger backwards a bit. As the dog’s were staggered a bit from the barrier, Hanako quickly jumped onto the nearest dog and thrust her sword into it’s head before jumping off it and landing next to Brimstone. “Having a bit of trouble old pony.”

“I could’ve taken the attack head on...but I guess I should thank you for saving my flank.”

“Can’t have my best blacksmith get hurt now can I?” The ronin said as she looked back at the group of diamond dogs. “Have anyone of them reached the armory?”

“They almost did if I wasn’t working late tonight on your armor. Which by the way I got it done in time before all this stuff happen.” The colt said as he motioned her to look on his back at the package he was carrying.

“Once again you have out done yourself Brimstone….excuse me for a second.” Hanako turned her attention at the dogs as she begins to sheath her sword. Once her sword was in her sheath, the heads of the diamond dogs were quickly cut off in a matter of seconds as blood spewed out of their neck for before their bodies fell to the ground.

“Impressive, but a bit flashy don’t you think?”

“Maybe, but for now I need to head over to your workshop to change into the new armor you have for me.”

“That and get some of that blood off yourself?” Brimstone said as he looks at Hanako up and down with a chuckle. “Because you’re wearing something that makes you look not threatening.”

“Good point.”

(Castle front entrance)

“This is ridiculous. This place is being attacked by diamond dogs, and we’re being taken out of the action. Why can’t we get in on this action?” Rainbow Dash asked with an annoyed expression on her face.

“Because this is our problem, not yours.” Amber said as she continues to lead the equestrians to safety. “Not like we need your help to begin with.”

“But don’t you think that you’ll need help with this. We can possibly work together-.” Before Twilight could finish, Amber interrupted her as she paused and looks back at the lavender unicorn.

“You think we would work together after what happened in the throne room and what the pink alicorn pony did? We'd rather put our trust in somepony that doesn’t sneak around in places she doesn’t belong in.” The holy knight said as she glared at Cadence for a minute before hearing the front door to the castle opening. The Unicorn’s horn glowed as she was about to attack whoever it was on the other side of the door. Only for her magic around her horn to die off upon seeing Flora Flower.

“There you are captain!” Flora Flower said as she rushes over to the holy knight. “I have been trying to find you throughout all this chaos.”

“Judging by the way you’re out of breath, I take it something is going on outside?” Amber asked as Flora nodded. “What’s the situation outside?”

“We spotted some of the invading diamond dogs appear in town. We along with the citizens were able to capture twelve of them, but the others dug their way underground.”

“Not the smartest move that they could do.” Amber said with a bit of a chuckle in her voice.

“Why is that?”

“The Changelings are in the caves underneath the castle remember?”


“They’ll take care of the ones trying to escape. Right now however we need to get our….guests to the train station. Is the train there?”

“Yeah, the conductor is looking over the train for anypony that might’ve sneaked onto the train.”

“Good, then take the Equestrians over to the train. When you’re finish with that, report back to help find anymore Diamond Dogs around town or inside the castle.”

“Yes Captain!” Flora said as she looks over at Twilight and the others. “Come along with me please. We have to get you out of here before you get hurt or worse.”

“I still say this is stupid.” Rainbow Dash said as she snorted. “We can totally take them on.”

“We can’t do anything about it sugarcube.” Applejack said as she along with the other begin to follow after Flora. “After what happened earlier when we arrived here, I think we might want to be careful and not try to push our luck with that human.”


“Applejack is right.” Twilight said as Applejack and Rainbow Dash turn their attention at the lavender unicorn. “All we can do now is report this to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. They might be able to do something about this so we might be able to work together with each other.”

“And if that doesn’t work?” Rainbow Dash asked. “You saw what she did to the royal guards and to me right?”

“Only because Cadence gave them the order to sneak around in areas that they were not allowed to be in. And you did go out of line with what happened in the throne room.” Rarity added. “I mean really darling, you need to keep your impulses under control. Especially seeing how we are suppose to be representatives of Equestria after all. And so far you two are giving Equestria a bad reputation.” The unicorn said as the weather pony and alicorn princess of love looked down at the ground in shame. “Let’s just do as we’re told and report this to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.”

“That would be a good idea to have the princesses handle this.” Shining Armor said as he kept his eyes on his surroundings. “They’re good when it comes to diplomatic stuff like this.”

“And you’re saying I’m not?” Cadence said as Shining Armor deadpans at her.

“Honey, I love you and I would standby your side no matter what. But after what you did when we arrived, it would be an act of war, not to mention Princess Celestia and Princess Luna would be disappointed in yours and Rainbow Dash’s actions. I wouldn’t be surprise if they lecture you both once we tell them what happened.” The colt said, only for his wife to huff in annoyance and walk past him. “....I get the feeling I’m gonna be sleeping in the barracks tonight.”

“What do you think!?”

(Crystal Castle, 1st floor broom closet)

“I still don’t see why you need to change in a broom closet while the enemy is running amuck around the castle Hanako?”

“I’m not gonna be changing in front of a colt. I may have lost a few of my morals and values, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t lost my sense of getting dress in front of a colt.”

“Not like you had much to begin with anyway.”

“I heard that you old fart!”

“Doesn’t make it less true kid.” Brimstone said as he leans against wall, waiting for Hanako to be done changing in the broom closet.

“In case you haven’t realise, I am your ruler after all. You shouldn’t be talking to me like this.”

“Are you going to do something about it given how you are and all?” The old stallion said as there was a moment of silence. “Thought so.”

“Whatever, just keep an eye out for any of the diamond dogs. I'd prefer not to fight naked again.”


“.....It was a long time ago when I was fifthteen years old during the war of the lions. I’ll tell you about it later when we’re not being attacked.” Hanako said as Brimstone’s ears twitch upon hearing the door opening up. As the door opens up, it would reveal the ruler wearing her new set of clothed armor that she commission from both Bubble and Brimstone. Looking up at the human, Brimstone simply smirked upon seeing Hanako fully clothed.

“You look much better in that then in your night gown.”

“It’s a bit tight around the waist line, but it does feel much more comfortable than my old armor and clothes.” Hanako said as she took a sniff of herself. “And it doesn’t even smell like blood, waste,gunpowder, or mud.”

“You can thank Bubble Luck on that one. We used your old clothes and armor to make you this new set. Think of it as an upgrade from that poor excuse of clothing you were wearing before.”

“I would take that as an insult if it wasn’t so true.” Hanako said as she adjusted herself to her new gear. “This might take a while for me to get use to this.”

“After this night, I’m sure you’ll get use to it much quicker than normal.” Brimstone’s ears twitch upon hearing a pair of hoofsteps coming down the hall near them. “It would seems that somepony is heading down our way. Think it might be one of ours or the Equestrians?”

“If it’s the Equestrians, then I’ll be annoyed that they’re here instead of at the train station.” Hanako said as she looks up to see two familiar faces heading towards her and Brimstone. “Amber, Poison Cross? What are you two doing here? I though I ordered you and Amber to see that the Equestrians are escorted to the train station?”

“I have Flora doing that. My job is to make sure I’m right by your side and not harmed in anyway possible.” Amber said as she moved beside the human with a stoic expression on her face.

“Guess that makes sense when you think about it....though it’s more like you have some kind of crush on me or something.” Hanako smirked as a blush appeared on Amber’s face.

“Like I would even have such a stupid thing like that for somepony like you! I-I’m just doing my job!”

“Right, anyway why is Poison Cross here?” Hanako asked as she looked over at the young colt with the eye patch.

“I’m here to inform you that I found out where the diamond dogs are stationed.” Poison Cross said with his chest puffed out.

“Really? Are you sure about this?”

“Yep! While I was chasing one of the diamond dogs that invaded, I overheard two of them saying that they’re station underground outside of the kingdom to the west. Though I don’t know if they’ll stay in the same area for long after this invasion.”

“How far to the west?” Amber asked.

“Don’t know. But we might be able to follow them through the holes they made near the castle’s outer wall that we found.”

“Or it could be a trap that they set up in case somepony does follow them.” Brimstone added as he looks over at Hanako. “What do you think we should do?” He asked as Hanako closed her eyes for a moment before opening them.

“Let’s deal with the dogs inside the castle along with the ones trying to escape. Once we’re done with that, I want you and Amber to get a small squad of Dark Knights and Onion Knights to meet up at the holes that you guys found.”

“Planning on a counterattack?” Brimstone asked.

“They invaded our home, possibly kidnapped-.”

“Foalnapped.” Amber interrupted as Hanako deadpan at the smug unicorn.

“Possibly foalnapped both the Crystal ponies and Equestrian ponies, and tried to kill me during the night when I was trying to get some sleep after what happen. Right now I am pissed to the point where I will have no problem showing what happens when you fuck with a bunch of ponies during the golden age of freedom.”

“Your planning on killing them aren’t you?” Amber asked.

“Not all of them. Just the ones that are stupid enough to attack anyone of us. Ultimately it’s up to you guys whether you want to kill them or not. Me on the other hand I’ll possibly kill depending on the situation. You should have a little bit of faith in me Amber.” Hanako said as she looked over at Poison Cross and Brimstone. “You have your orders everypony….well Poison Cross does. Brimstone, I want you to patrol the halls with the knights to make sure there isn’t any stragglers roaming around.” Brimstone nodded as he and Poison Cross trotted pass the human and holy knight down the hall. “Amber, you’re with me."

“I take it we’re going to get a head start on saving the ponies that got foalnapped?”

“Can’t have you guys take all the credit. That and taking out the leader will make it easy on you guys seeing how he might be a bit more skilled then you offence.”

“None taken, I guess.” Amber said as she started to trot down the hall in the opposite direction. “Let’s just hope nothing bad happens to the prisoners that the diamond dogs have taken.”

“Let’s make a quick stop by Chrysalis and her changelings before we go. If the diamond dogs can dig underground, then they might have gotten into a fight with them.”

Chapter 15: Dealing with Insubordination

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Chapter 15

Dealing with Insubordination

(Crystal Castle, Changeling Hive)

Full geared and prepared for the unexpected, the samurai and the holy knight made their way down to the new Changeling Hive that rested underneath the Crystal Castle of the Crystal Empire. Upon making their way down to the cave, they soon notice that everything was unusually quiet...well for a while before the sounds of dogs yelping echoed through the hive.

“Five bits says that Chrysalis and the others just met our nosey invaders right now.”

“What gave that away?” Amber asked sarcastically. “Was it the sounds of Diamond Dogs yelping in fear or pain?”

“Don’t be a smart ass Amber.”

“I learned it from watching you Mom.” The Holy Knight said with a smirk on her face.

“....It would seem that I’m rubbing off on you.” Hanako said as she pats the unicorn on her head. “I’m so proud of you my little pony~”

“Please don’t do that. Especially when we’re under attack.” Amber said as she rolled her eyes from being patted on the head. “Speaking of being under attack...have you notice that it’s awfully quiet down here?”

“ is kinda quiet down here.” The Ronin said as she placed a hand on her katana and slowly makes her way through the changeling hive. “Stay alert. We don’t know if the changelings were attacked by them.” She said as Amber drew her sword while walking next to the human. As the unicorn looked around, she soon noticed the decor of the changeling hive.

“Wow, less than a day and the changeling got a lot done down here.”

“Well they are underneath the crystal heart, so it’s no surprise that they would be working this fast...that and Chrysalis knows what will happen if she even thinks of trying something stupid like the diamond dogs are doing.”

“So… you’re basically saying that the diamond dogs are brainless while the changelings don’t have a heart…… sounds like a ponytale in the making.” Amber grumbled. “What’s next? A manticore that doesn’t have courage?”

“To be fair, the changeling do have hearts...they just need to be a little bit open with some of the folks in town….okay a lot more. But I’m sure with time they’ll break out of their shell of isolation in no time.”

“If you think so… Though, for the record, if that day comes, I’ll be the one to say I told you so.”

“Oh sure, that’ll happen.” Hanako said in a sarcastic tone. “Better yet if that does happen, which I’m sure it won’t, I’ll even wear a fancy royal looking dress for the next two months.”

“You want to make that bet?” Amber asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Think you’re going to lose that bet?” The human asked as she extends a hand towards Amber for her to shake.

“I think you will be the one that ends up losing.” Amber confidently told her as she shook Hanako’s hand with an outstretched hoof.

“We’ll just see about that-.” Before Hanako could finish her sentence, she soon tripped over something hard as she stumbles forwards onto the ground.

“... Just to be clear, when I meant losing, I didn’t mean losing your footing.”

“Shut it smart ass.” Hanako replied as she groans while pulling herself up. Looking over to see what she tripped over, she blinks to see a dead body of a young diamond dog on the ground covered in what appears to be a mix of claws, bite marks, and sword wounds. “I don’t think we have to worry so much about the diamond dogs hurting the changelings.”

“Geez… Talk about going overboard… on a young one no less.”

“The price one pays for invading a kingdom. Whether by force, they came by themselves, or something else.” Hanako grimace at the sight of the young dog as she reaches into her bag. “Can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Doing what?” Amber asked, raising an eyebrow. “Are you… going to try and help him?”

“Yes, yes I am.” She said as she pulls out a colorful orange-red feather with red sparkles coming off of it. Something that Amber had not seen before. Hanako walked over to the young dog as she kneels down and place the feather onto its body. Once it touched its body, the dog was soon engulfed in a mix of fire and feather for a moment before revealing the dog to be breathing and having less wounds on its body.

“W-what in-?” Amber blinked for a moment, staring at Hanako. “What was that?!”

“Phoenix Feather. Quite useful when bringing someone back from the dead within a twenty-four hour period. They’re pretty rare to find out in the wild, and they cost a lot if you buy them from a local store.” Hanako said before pulling out a Hi-Potion and pouring it onto the pup. “This should keep it alive until we’re done here. We’ll come back to pick it up later and question the pup later.”

“Um… questioning it may seem harsh. A pup is like a newborn until it reaches a certain age… we don’t even know how old it is.” Amber reminded her.

“We’re not going to use brute force on the pup. I’m not that much of a hard ass towards...certain ponies or beings. I’m just going to ask questions that relates to the invasion going on. That and if the pup knows if there are any other diamond dogs having a small hideout near the kingdom.”

Around the time that she said that though was when something happened that neither of them expected. The pup… was slowly waking up. “U-ugh… w-wha-?”

“...... I think this might mess with the ‘pick it up’ plan you originally thought of.”

“....Shit. Forgot to factor in the age difference between an adult and child.” Hanako cursed… shortly before looking at the diamond dog and realizing that it was trying to say something.

“Y-you… saved Rufus?”

“Um… who’s Rufus?” Amber asked, looking to Hanako for a moment before they heard the Diamond Dog speak again as he pointed directly at himself.

“Rufus is Rufus…… a-are b-bug ponies gone?”

“Not really. They’re still here, but given how the kingdom is being invaded by diamond dogs I guess they must have mistaken you as the invaders.” Hanako answered as she felt a hoof smack her upside her head. “Ow! What the hell!?”

“Look at him yourself…” Amber said, pointing out the fact that Hanako’s answer had him shivering in fear as he looked back at her. “Your answer is telling him that he’s not safe here. It’s a fight or flight response and given that he’s too young to fight… he wants to get out of here.” That was expressed more when the pup was trying to look all around him and find a place to hide, thinking that there were changelings that were watching them. With a sigh, the Ronin place a hand on the pup’s head as she looks down at him.

“Relax. If you’re with me, you’ll be fine. I’ll have to have a chat with Chrysalis about this later, but as long as you’re with me you’ll be safe so long as you don’t go wondering off.”

“O-okay…” He looked around for a moment, noticing something else as there were a few other fallen diamond dogs. Some that caused the youngster to have tears pour out from his eyes as he began to cry on Hanako’s clothing. Shortly looking back at her and saying something that Amber and Hanako did not expect to hear. “M-ma…”

“......This day is just getting weirder and weirder by the second.”

Amber could only chuckle for a moment as he looked back at her. “I think he’s getting attached to you.”

“Let’s… just get to where the other changelings are so we know what’s going on down here.” Hanako sighed.

“Alright… though, how do you think they’ll react to seeing him though?” Amber asked.

“Possibly something stupid. Though given how I’m seething with rage, I’m sure they won’t do that.”

“Fair point… Oh look, there’s a couple of them coming here now.” Amber told her, pointing out what looked like a small band of scouts that was not far from their current position.

“That’s good to see.” The Ronin said as she looks over at the scouts. “Alright, what’s the situation that’s going on down here?”

“L-lady Hanako! W-we did not expect to see you here…” One of the scouts replied back. “We are relieved to see you… What brings you down here?”

“Mostly here to see if the diamond dog leader is down here or went by here, and to ask something from you lot.”

“H-he was here… demanding for us to leave or be attacked. Chrysalis herself refused, so it lead to us fighting here. All the Diamond Dogs cared for was the gems and the crystals that grew down here… but he didn’t say a reason as to why.” The scout replied, noticing Rufus holding onto Hanako’s leg. “What the-? How!?”

“Calm down…” Amber urged the changeling. “The pup is under Lady Hanako’s protection. She wanted to know what happened down here-”

“That’s not why I was shocked… None of us knew that there were children involved in the battle that took place down here. We only saw the older ones.” That… surprised both of them. Especially Amber.

“So wait… You’re telling me that you did not see anypony like Rufus down here in the tunnels?”

“No. Chrysalis herself made one thing strictly clear. After Lady Hanako considered her an ally, none of us were allowed in anyway to harm children… Killing younglings like that would be seen by all species as a war crime,” The scout replied. “However…… I might possibly know who could be responsible. When the diamond dogs attacked, our forces were divided into two separate swarms. One focused on protecting the changelings that were down here… the other focused on attacking the enemy. And the one in charge of the second squad is known for defying Chrysalis, even if she gives a direct order.”

“... So, we have one of those….” Hanako squeezed the bridge of her nose before sighing in annoyance. “Son of a bitch, give me the name of this changeling and I’ll have a word with him after this.”

“Okay, but as a fair warning… he’s been against a lot of the things that have changed now that Chrysalis and you are allies. He thinks that working with other species… and love and compassion in general is a sign of weakness,” The changeling sighed as he looked back at Hanako. “He’s my brother… Pharynx.”

“And what’s your name exactly?” Amber asked.

“My name is Thorax… I was one of the changelings that supported the alliance between you and the queen and for us to change our ways. However, my brother’s being outspokenly defiant…” He sighed for a moment, before looking to Hanako… and more specifically Rufus. “If he see’s that pup alive, then he’ll try to find a way to correct his mistake. Be careful.” He said as he notice a grimdark expression on the ruler’s face that caused most of the changelings to flinch back a bit from it.

“...Where is Pharynx?”

“I believe he’s with the rest of his patrol…… Are you okay, my lady?” Thorax asked out of concern.

“And where is he and his patrol located?”

Before he could answer though, that was when they all heard someone else speak. “Okay, just what in the name of the hive is going on here?” They all turned to see what looked like a group of changelings in pure combat armor, some with bloodstained weapons as the one that looked like the leader noticed Thorax. “Brother… what is the meaning of this?”

“I did not call her… Lady Hanako came on her own accord,” Thorax corrected him, before glaring back at Pharynx. “Did you even know that there were children and pups among the invading force.”

“Yeah, we all noticed it. However, those damned dogs turned their own kids into freaking soldiers!! Some of them even killed my own comrades!” The changeling snapped, before looking towards Hanako and where Rufus was… Before they all heard the pup say something.

“Y-you…… Y-you… took Papa and Mama… away from R-rufus…”

Amber’s eyes widened… before she ended up glaring at the changeling. “You bastard! You killed this pup’s parents!!”

“So what!?! They were invading OUR HOME!!! My orders were to stop the invading masses anyway I could! If anything, how is that pup alive?!!” The changeling growled. “I swore that I killed him after he tried to attack me-!!”

“.....Pharynx was it?” Hanako asked as she hides her grimdark expression quickly and well. Though the others could see that she was pissed beyond imagination as some of Pharynx’s own squad members were beginning to back away from him. “Now I can understand killing the parents by accident because you didn’t see the child. I can understand if you have a moral where you killed the father and left the mother and son live. That I can understand.” Hanako said as she begins to walk up towards the changeling with a smile on her face. “But what you just did. Is something that I would never do. Nor would I even think of doing.”

“I gave up my moral to serve my queen… I am a soldier… That’s all I am.” Pharynx defiantly told her.

“No, you are not a soldier. You are a idiot soldier. A soldier is one that protects his home and is willing to do whatever he or she has to do to protect their home. They have morals, they’re willing to stick up for what is right and wrong, and they’re willing to even die by their own action whether it was letting the enemy go, or killing them. You are a soldier that has a one track mind, a danger to innocent beings be it on the enemy and ally side.” Hanako said as she knelt down at the Changeling with the same smile on her face as she placed a hand on his head. “You would’ve been an okay partner to have back in the war back home in ivalice, but seeing how the war is no longer there and I’m not there either.” Her expression quickly change back to how it was before. Grim, dark, and murderous intention. “This is unacceptable.”

“Don’t talk to me like you know what is or isn’t acceptable…” Thorax growled. “You may act like you know what’s best… but I can see your eyes… You’ve killed before. You have committed acts that you don’t regret at all… So don’t try to talk about morals when you have once served somepony before… or were they the one you killed with no regrets.”

“Oh my little changeling friend. I have committed a lot of thing during the war of lions. Hell you’re right about me not having regrets on them.” Hanako said as she pulled herself up from where Pharynx was before walking past him. “But you’re only 95% right about me not having any regrets.” She said as everypony notice that her katana was unsheathed the whole time. Seriously, how did they not notice that? “Now I could tell you about it, but right now you’ll be out of commission until the next day or so depending.”

“No… If you’re going to kill me… do it like the lord you once served… what was his name?” Pharynx asked as the armor began to shift along his body. “Ryuga?”

“Oh I could….but I won’t. Because after today.” Hanako sheathed her sword slowly as she stopped near the hilt. “You will no longer serve as Chrysalis or the kingdom’s knights until you have a heart.” Upon saying that, Hanako sheathed her katana completely as blood gushed out from three visible deep cuts on the changeling’s body. As the Ronin turned around, Pharynx fell to the ground. “You want to die, then die of old age. But do remember that if you do die, that you’ll leave your brother all alone in this world. And I’m pretty sure you’re not that stupid to do that.”

All Pharynx did was just smirk in response as he looked at her. “Why would I care for that weak excuse of a sibling? Things were fine before with the old ways… but once you got yourself involved, you ruined everything…”

“Oh yeah, cause from the look of things you guys were doing so well with how you all looked like skin and bones when you first came to me for help.” Hanako walked up next to the fallen changeling. “Change is going to happen whether you like it or not. It’s up to you whether or not you want to. You have one strike with me, two more and I will banish you from the Crystal Empire.” With that she motions two changelings to come over to her. “You two. Take him to the medical wing. He’s going to need an operation seeing how I kinda nicked his heart and stomach a bit.”

That was when she heard something that caught her off guard. “Pharynx, NO-!!”


When Hanako turned around, she saw that the changeling she had just harmed… used a knife that he had stored away to stab himself in the heart… but not in the normal sense. He committed a Seppuku. A ritual suicide that only those who were Samurai would know. When he looked at her one last time though… he said three words before falling flat on the ground.

“D-death… before dishonor…” With that, Pharynx dropped cold to the ground, his blood seeping out from his wounds as he collapsed on the ground.

“.....Idiot.” Hanako said as she reached into her bag and pulls out a phoenix feather, only for her to stop upon hear Thorax.

“Don’t…” He said, before going up to her. “As part of Chrysalis’ guard, we’re bound by our honor when serving the queen. He had already dishonored himself through killing children… however, coming back from the dead won’t do much good as that is the worst form of dishonorment… and before you ask, I know about the feathers…”

“And how do you know about that?”

“Pharynx and I have a certain… gift. For the two of us, we can see into an individual’s past by making direct eye contact with them. I… chose not to use what I saw to my own advantage, but Pharynx used his gifts to exploit weakness in others… I will not ask about what happened before… but I do want to ask about what you are planning to do now?” As he said that, that was when Hanako saw Rufus come back to her, hugging her as he was glad to see that she was okay.

“We should think about helping Rufus first…” Amber suggested. “Thorax and I can report to Chrysalis on what happened here.”

“Fair enough, but for now.” Hanako place the feather onto Pharynx as he was soon engulfed by a mix of fire and feathers. “Take this idiot to the medical wing. I’ll deal with him accordingly then to have him commit suicide like this. Only a coward would kill him or herself to run away from their sins or crimes they committed.” She said before looking at Thorax. “And don’t give me any crap about honor and all that stuff. Because fuck-.”

“Buck.” Amber interrupted only for Hanako to groan and rolls her eyes.

“Because buck you, I’m the ruler of this kingdom until I die, this has been a long night, and right now I'm using my royal bucking authority to do something that’s out of my usual character.” Hanako said before patting Rufus on the head to comfort him, and to quell her anger. “So what if I snapped, but your brother really grinds my gears to the point where I just want to have him locked in some kind of place where it’s magical, full of sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows so that he knows what torture is!”

“I understand completely…” Thorax replied. “I do not question your decisions.”

“Also, I’m assigning you as his personal parole officer until otherwise. Because I don’t believe any of that not caring for his brother crap card that he used. And it’ll be your job to knock some common knowledge and sense into that thick head of his. Got it?” Thorax nodded in response, going as far as to salute Hanako as he and the other changelings began to take Pharynx to the medical wing. “And smack him upside his head twice! Once for me, and another for you Thorax!”

“I think he understands already.” Amber then spoke up. “I’m a bit surprise you were willing to do that….any reason why?”

“That changeling is an idiot on so many levels to the point where I could just strangle him...but the moment I looked into his eyes, he was scared. Not by how I acted, but mostly how things are changing for his hive. But just because you’re scared, doesn’t mean you can act like an idiot. Especially when you try to escape your mistakes by killing yourself.”

“Well… that is odd considering that he wasn’t a normal drone,” Amber replied to her, to which lead to her explaining one other thing. “Chrysalis told me that there are two types of changeling drones. Worker drones that help serve the queen and combat drones that protect the hive. Even though this doesn’t excuse his actions by any means, Chrysalis told me that the combat drones like Pharynx aren’t suppose to show fear and follow a strict code… Still, like I said, his actions are inexcusable.”

“Would use a phoenix feather on the pup’s family, but something tells me that they’re rip to sunder or worse. That and I’m trying not to use them that much seeing how I...prefer not for folks to come to me to revive their lost ones if they’ve been dead for the past couple of years or so.”

“So… it’s a revival item that only works within a specific and short period of time after death?” Amber asked for clarification as they began to leave with Rufus alongside them.

“Like I said before yes. These are actual feathers from a Phoenix back in Ivalice.”

That… had Amber think to herself before mentioning something. “So they’re feathers from a Phoenix like Philomena?”

“... Who the hell is Philomena?”

“Twilight told me that Philomena is a Phoenix that Celestia kept as a companion since her fillyhood,” Amber replied back. “Why? Is the Phoenix where you’re from different from her possibly?”

“....Yes, there is a huge difference between the ones here and the one back in Ivalice.” Hanako said as she placed a hand to the head of Rufus. “Once we drop Rufus off to the medical wing, I need you to get Chrysalis so she can inform me on where their leader is pinned. to think of a battle plan, and to talk with her about...Pharynx.”

“Right away.” Amber replied. “Though, we should inform the ponies staying in the empire that Rufus is not to be harmed in any particular way since you… Let me rephrase that, since the empire is taking care of him.”

“I’ll be sure to do that once we get there, but I’m sure they will have a much more open mind due to Rufus’s size and stuff.” Amber nodded her head at that, acknowledging what she was told. While also giggling at the fact that Rufus fell asleep while clinging onto Hanako’s leg. “Damn, this is going to be a long night...or is it morning?” Hanako said as she goes to pick Rufus up. As she was carrying him piggyback towards the empire… that was when she began to feel something warm and moist on the back of her neck. Which only took Hanako seconds to realize that he was drooling.

“Aw, that would be cute if it wasn’t for the troll that he’s piggybacking on.” Amber said with a smirk as Hanako glared at her.

“Shut up and just keep walking.”

Chapter 16: The means to Bring About the End

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Chapter 16

The Means to Bring About the End

(Medical Wing)

“So how’s the kid doing?” Hanako asked at Northstar looked over the sleeping pup.

“Well besides a few scratches and some minor internal bruises. He’s going to be fine. Though he’s going to have to stay here for a few days. Just to make sure that we didn’t miss anything or if there’s anything that might come up.”

“Well that’s good to know. How about the others? Are any of the ponies injured?”

“Surprisingly none, well besides a few black eyes and sore spots. Have to say that you enforcing that “All citizens must learn how to fight” thing paid off.”

“For the most part at least. Some of the citizens are being held in a section of the changeling hive from what Thorax told me. Reason why they haven’t left was because of a huge mineral deposit behind and underneath them.”

“You have a plan on getting them out?” Amber asked as the human placed a hand to her chin.

“I have one but it’s going to require the assistance of your sister. How good is she in staying in the dark?”

“A lot better then I am if I’m scouting out the enemy. Why?”

“Simple. I’m going in there alone to distract them. While I’m doing that, your sister will knock the diamond dogs out…..Speaking of, where is she anyway?”

“I’m right here.” Citrine said as Hanako jumped back in surprise from her appearing out of nowhere.

“Seriously, I need to put a bell on you if you’re going to keep appearing like that. But it’s a good thing you’re here.”

“I overheard your plans and I’m willing to follow out your orders. But wouldn’t it be wise to kill them instead of knocking them out?”

“Normally yes. But after what happen down below in the hive, things have changed. Get your squad of ponies that are available ready. We leave in about thirty minutes or more depending.”

“Yes my lady.”Citrine said before disappearing.

“Really freaks me out that your sister can do that.”

“Getting cold feet around your citizens are you?” Amber teased as Hanako booped her on the nose causing her to shrunch her face up a bit.

“I’ll boop you every time you sass me pony.”

“Don’t think that will stop me from being sassy with you~.” Amber said in a sing song tone before trotting off sassly. Hanako simple rolled her eyes with a smirk on her face as she begins to walk out of the medical wing and back down to the changeling hive.

[Friendship Express]

“This stinks!” Rainbow Dash yelled as she glare out at the Castle through the window of the Friendship Express. “Who does that thing think it is ordering us around.”

“I know that you’re angry Rainbow Dash, but there’s nothing we can do for now.” Twilight said as she placed a hoof on her friend’s shoulder. “Once we get back to Canterlot, we can explain the situation on what’s going on here to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Maybe they can help solve this problem that we’re having.”

“You expect them to do something about this? You saw what she did to your brother right? It pretty much mopped the floor with him.”

“I’m right here you know?” Shining said with an annoyed expression on his face.

“Oh….um….Sorry.” Rainbow said as the stallion rolled his eyes to the sheepish expression on her face.

“Still can’t believe she beat me that quick. Talk about getting humiliated in front of my men….”

“I’m sure you can beat her next time when you get the chance.” Pinkie said as she pulled out a slice of cake from her mane.

“Where did you even get that?” Rarity asked as she watched the party pony lick her lips.

“I got it from that Hanako hooman. I have to say, her chefs know how to make a mean tasty looking crystal cake~” The party pony said as she ate the cake. “Anypony want some? They gave the recipe and a few samples to share back in Ponyville.”

“I don’t think now is the time for cake Pinkie.” Twilight said as she looked over at Cadence staring out the window. “How are you holding up Cadence?”

“I can’t believe that creature stole the throne that Aunt Celestia gave to me. Who does that creature think she is?”

“She’s the new ruler of the Crystal Empire! Even the crystal ponies find her amazing!” answered Pinkie as she got a glare from Cadence, Shining Armor, and Rainbow Dash. “What? That’s what she and the other ponies said.”

“That was a rhetorical question Pinkie. I still can’t believe she humiliated me. Not to mention she’s holding some of our guards as hostages.”

“With all due respect Princess. But you did have some of the royal guards sneak around in the kingdom that were off limits, and she did warn us what will happen if anyone of us were to break that rule.” Applejack said as she leaned back in her seat and tilted her hat to cover her eyes. “I say she has every right for doing that seeing how the crystal ponies claimed her to be their ruler.”

“How can you be relaxed about this? Don’t you know that she might be planning on taking over Equestria from what we saw in there?” Rainbow Dash asked as Applejack looked over at the cyan pegasus.

“All I saw was a mare keeping her home safe for her subjects. Now if ya’ll were to calm down and look over the things you saw, then ya’ll would know that she isn’t a bad pony or anything.”

“She could be hiding behind a facade. Waiting to lull us into lowering our guard before stabbing us in the back.”

“Need I remind you of what happened in Ponyville with Zecora? Instead of just going on assumptions, we should get our facts first before anything.”

“S-She does make a point. I mean, she doesn’t seem so bad...besides the fact that she eats...m-meat.” Fluttershy added as Rainbow Dash huffed in annoyance.

“Yes. Besides the whole meat eating thing, she does seem to be nice. Not to mention the silk I got from her kingdom is something that I could never imagine. Just think of all the new stuff I can make with this.” Rarity said before she felt a spark of inspiration hit her. “Oh! I have an idea~!”

“Whatever, just wait until she does show her true colors. And when she does, I will say I told you all so.”

“Like all those other times when you tried to prove you were right?” Applejack said before sighing. “Look, there’s nothing we can do about it now. We’ll just have to let Princess Celestia and Princess Luna handle this.”

“Applejack is right. With any luck, Hanako might be more willing to let the Princesses convince her to let Cadence be ruler, or an ambassador of the Crystal Empire.” Twilight said as she and the others felt the Friendship Express starting to move.

[Crystal Empire, Changeling Hive]

“So that's what happened when I was busy fighting off their leader….I’ll be sure to deal with Pharynx once this is over and done with Hanako.” Chrysalis said as she and Hanako made their way to where the Diamond Dogs were huddle up in.

“Make sure you keep him in line. And for the love of god don’t kill the poor S.O.B. I’m not going to let him have the satisfaction that he can drive me to kill him.”

“I’ll be sure to do that…..S.O.B?”

“Son of a bitch for short….it’s a human thing. Don’t question it now, I’ll explain about it later.”

“I’ll….keep that in mind when we have some free time later on for me to ask you about that.” Chrysalis said as she looked up at the entrance. “We’re here.”

“Alright. Just stay in case anyone tries to escape or reinforcements come for the Diamond Dogs.” Hanako said as she grabs a tattered cloak from off of the ponies that were saved. “I need to borrow this good sir.”

“Not that I’m judging, but why did you take that from the stallion?”

“I always wore something like this in battle. It’s comforting and helps me fight a bit better.” The human said as she unsheath her katana. “Citrine.”

“You called, my lady?” Citrine said as she appeared behind Hanako.

“Are your men in position?” She asked as the mare nodded. “You ponies never stop being amazing when learning from the books I gave you. Anyway, when I begin to fight their leader you will order them to knock the ones that are holding them hostage. Understand?”

“As you command my lady.” Citrine said before disappearing in a blink of an eye.

“I wish you luck human. Do try not to get yourself killed. I prefer not to be the one who gets blamed for what happens to you.” Chrysalis said as she ordered her soldiers to get in position.

“I’m pretty sure the folks here won’t blame you for my death. Unless you’re referring to-.”

“Twilight and her friends, yes.”

“Right….Welp, better take this fight seriously then huh?” Hanako said as she walked over to the hole that lead to the room the Diamond Dogs were held in as she slides down it. During her slide down the hole, she began to use her sword as a means to help her make sharp turns and reduce speed when needed. She had to admit. The changelings did a pretty good job in constructing the pathway to get from one room to another. She kinda wondered if they were thinking about doing the same thing she was doing or not. Either way she’ll have to thank them on a job well done when she gets the chance. Her train of thought was cut short as she saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Hanako quickly used her sword to stop herself as she came to a slow stop right in front of the entrance of the cave.

“What the? Who is that creature?” One of the diamond dogs asked as Hanako looked over to the left to see the group standing in front of the crystal ponies.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s in league with the hostages?” Another one said as they quickly took up arms and aim their weapons at the samurai.

“Who cares, we just kill it or else Alpha will kill us first!” Hanako took notice to the way their legs were shaking and the way they were backing away a bit from her. With a tug on her cloak, she took a few steps forward towards the group of dogs.

“I am here to fight your leader in one-on-one combat. Is he here or not?” Hanako asked as the dogs had confused expressions on their faces.

“Y-You want to fight Blitz?”

“That is correct. Figured I'd go after the leader so we can end this peacefully.”

“And why should we believe you? You proprobly in league with the changelings and crystal ponies.”

“I’m giving you a chance to surrender. As Ruler of the Crystal Empire, I am giving you a choice. Surrender now so there won’t be blood shed, or die here in this room and be forgotten and never found.” The human said as her sword began to burst on fire. “Well, what do you say dogs?” The diamond dogs looked at each other for awhile before looking at Hanako. One of them was about to reply until a deep stern voice interrupted him.

“Us surrender? Don’t make me laugh hairless ape!” Appearing from above and landing in between them was a very tall and muscular Diamond Dog wearing heavily scratched up armor while holding a rusty sword in his hand. “Diamond Dogs never surrender to someone like you who rule over weak ponies.”

“I take it you’re their leader?”

“That is correct. I am Blitz. Leader of the Diamond Dogs and soon to be ruler of the Crystal Empire.”

“Man, talk about an ego complex.” Hanako thought as she deadpan’s at Blitz. “Something tells me that talking with you isn’t going to help. So how about we have a one-on-one duel between the two of us. If I win, then you must release the ponies and never return. If you win, you will become the new ruler of the Crystal Empire. Deal?” She asked as both crystal ponies and diamond dogs eyes widen to what the human said.

“What makes you think that you can give Blitz orders? We have hostages that we will have no problem killing.”

“You kill the hostages, then the entire force of both changeling and crystal ponies will come upon you. And unlike you guys, they have powerful magic that can kill you all within seconds. Not to mention that you have nowhere else to dig or escape. If I was in your shoes, then I would take this chance that is given to you.” Blitz paused for a moment as he placed a hand to his chin. “Well? What do you say leader of the diamond dogs?”

“Alright, I accept your challenge creature.” Blitz said as he aimed his sword at Hanako. “Prepare to die creature for the soon to be new diamond dog empire!” He yelled as he quickly charges the human while preparing to try to cut her head off. Hanako takes up a fighting stance as she quickly holds her ground against Blitz’s attack. With his weapon making contact with her blade. Hanako slid his sword to the side to the guard of her katana and begins to make her way towards him with her katana trailing along his sword. As she got close to him, Blitz quickly brought up his foot to kick the human backwards away from him as he charges with his sword raised up to cut her head off.

Hanako saw Blitz heading towards her as she quickly jumped over the diamond dog, landing behind him, and slashed the backside of the leader’s back causing him to roar in pain from the gash on his back.

“You’re skilled in combat I’ll give you that. But you’re relying on too much brute strength to try and win this fight.”

“Shut it Ape!” Blitz yells as he turns around and charges at Hanako again with a thrust attack.

“All that talent and you’re almost as dumb as dirt.” She said before quickly dodging the sword and countering with a vertical slash to Blitz’s side as his armor was chipped off from the hit. “Yet you have some decent armor for the most part.” Blitz quickly swung his sword at the samurai’s head as Hanako barely dodged his attack as the tip of his sword grazed her cheek on the right side of her face.

“Hold still so me can kill you creature!!!” Blitz yelled as Hanako continued to dodge the diamond dog’s attacks. While she was dodging, Hanako took notice of the other diamond dogs passing out onto the ground. As the diamond dogs lay on the ground sleeping, Citrine along with her squad appeared and began to lead the hostages out of the room they were in and towards the entrance.

“Okay, first part’s done. Now to take care of this meathead before he notice them leaving-” Before she could finish her thought, she soon felt herself getting punched in the face and skidding against the ground face first. “Fucking hell!”

“Ha! Should’ve paid attention to Blitz then at hostages…..wait a minute.” Blitz looks over at the hostages as they were being taking over to the entrance. “HEY!!!” He yelled as the ponies looked over at Blitz like a deer caught in the headlights.

“A hell’s bells.” Hanako staggered to pull herself up as she kneels down on one knee due to her getting hit in the chin “Dammit, why now does my body choose not to move?”

“You no escape from me ponies! You belong to diamond dogs!” Blitz said as he charges at the ponies escaping. Just as he was about to grab one of them by the neck, Citrine quickly drew her blade and cut the palm of Blitz’s hand causing him to reel back in pain.

“Get the citizens out of here. I’ll deal with the dog’s leader.” The mare said before charging at the diamond dog and pushed him away from the group continuing to escape. Blitz grits his teeth as he turns his attention to Citrine and tries to stab her with his sword.

“Out of my way you stupid pony! You let other ponies escape!”

“That's the point mongrel.” The ninja pony said as she continues to dodge Blitz’s attacks while countering with her sword at his armor. Hanako took notice of the pieces of armor chipping away as she slowly felt her body beginning to respond to her command.

“That’s it, just hold on a little bit longer Citrine and I’ll take the fight from you.” She thought as she slowly began to feel her limbs beginning to move right again.

Blitz began to let out a snarl as he continues to swing his sword around to hit the ninja pony. But everytime he did, Citrine would easily dodge his sluggish strikes and counters with a hit to his chest, legs and shoulder armor each time. This process seem to go on for quite a while before the diamond dog quickly backed away from the mare and pants.

“Annoying pony. This is suppose to be a one on one fight with leaders. Not two on one!”

“I’m pretty sure that ended the moment you tried to attack one of the citizens….then again when you think about it. That was only a ruse to get the citizens out of here and let Hanako kill you off.”

“That’s cheating!”

“Says the dog that tried to attack said hostage.”

“Because you try stealing them from me!”

“Huh….I guess that makes sense...Oh well.” Citrine jumped into the air and kicked the diamond dog in the face. This caused him to reel back a bit in pain as he glares at her. “I’m a ninja. There aren’t any rules that says that I have to play fair.”

“You pay for that!” He said before charging at her. Citrine was prepared for anything the diamond dog had in stored for her as she noticed him getting ready to throw his sword at her. A grin appeared on Blitz’s face as he turns around and threw his sword at Hanako. “Bet you no see this coming mule!”

“Lady Hanako!” Citrine yelled as she rushes over to the human’s side, only for Blitz’s to block her path and sucker punch her in the face. The punch sent the mare flying as she crashed side first into a piece of crystal standing out of the ground and fell to the ground knocked out.

“Smart move on his part. But a huge mistake for hurting Citrine.” Hanako looked over at the sword heading towards her as she closed her eyes for a moment. Upon doing that she started feeling motion in her right hand as she quickly shattered the rusty sword into pieces. As she opened her eyes, she took notice of Blitz missing from her field of vision and began to look around for him. In a matter of seconds, the human’s eyes widen to the realization and looked up to see him coming down at her with an axe in both hands. “Dammit, and I still can’t move my legs yet.”

“YOU DIE!!!” Blitz yells as Hanako lifted up her sword to parry most of the atack to the side, but the blade of the axe hit her shoulder and cut a chunk of her flesh clean off as the force behind the axe hitting the ground sent her tumbling off to the side a bit. “Me missed? But me sure I was aiming to split you in two.” He said as he slowly begins to make his way over to Hanako as he cracks his neck.

“Yeah...Starting to see the blunder in my judgement of error here.” Hanako thought as her vision began to fade in and out. “Rule one, never underestimate your opponents. Especially if they do something like this. You think I would’ve learn this by now.” She said before noticing Blitz standing next to her with his axe raised.

“Looks like Blitz will be running new kingdom for Diamond Dogs.” He said with a devilish grin on his face. “Creature shouldn’t underestimate leader.” Just as he was about to slam his axe into Hanako’s head, the sound of something hitting flesh echoed throughout the room as Hanako looked up to see a short sword stuck in Blitz’s hand as the axe quickly dropped a few inches near the humans head causing her to jolt up to her feet.

“Holy crap that was close...wait I can move my legs again?” She asked as she started to move her legs a bit and grins. The samurai soon took notice to the sword in the diamond dog’s hand as she looks behind him to see Citrine standing up barely with some blood dripping from her mouth.

“M-My lady….you must flee while I have the mongrel’s attention.” Citrine said as she tried to move, only for her to collapse onto the ground.

“Stupid pony should’ve stayed down and dead-” Before Blitz could finish his statement, he soon felt his left arm fall to the ground. Looking over he saw his arm cut off clean as a stream of blood gushed out from it as he stumbles backwards a bit from the pain as he screams in pain. “You ugly naked monkey! How can you still fight with one arm!?”

“Just because my katana is two handed, doesn’t mean I need that much power to cut your arm clean off like that.” Hanako answered as she winced from the pain of the giant open wound on her left shoulder, or what remains of her shoulder. “I would show you mercy and give you a chance to surrender. But given the fact of tonight and from the damage you inflicted on us, that pretty much sealed the deal on your death.” Blitz gritted his teeth as he tried to grab his axe with his other hand, only for it to be cut off upon him trying to lift it up.

“Y-You think you won fight? Don’t get cocky ape! I will return to kill you and ponies will serve diamond-” Blitz was soon cut off mid-sentence as Hanako cut though his neck with her katana. As she slowly begins to sheath her weapon. Upon hearing the click sound of her weapon being sheathed, Blitz’s head rolled clean off from his body as he fell to the ground dead.

“Okay...that was a bit too close for comfort on my part.” Hanako said before falling to the ground. “So that’s how strong a diamond dog is...should’ve been more prepared and shouldn’t have underestimated him for being a brute.” She said before noticing Citrine staggering over to her. “Glad to see you’re still alive….guess that plan went south real quickly huh?” She asked with a weak chuckle followed by a wince of pain.

“It wouldn't have if you stayed focus, but it’s also our fault for not getting the hostages out as quickly as possible.” The mare said as she looked down at the ground in shame. “We could’ve done better than that.”

“Well you learn from it and will do better next time if something like this happens. But for now we should get out of here and regroup with the others to inform them about what happen.” Hanako said as she pulls herself up a bit only to fall back down onto her bottom. “Oh right...still kinda lost my footing after getting hit in the face and loss of blood.”

“Guess that quick boost of adrenaline wore off sooner than expected.” Citrine said before staggering off towards the entrance of the room they’re in. “I’ll be back with some help. Do try not to pass out from blood loss or something else Lady Hanako.”

“No offense, but how are you going to get out of here with your in-” Hanako looked over to see that Citrine vanished within a blink of an eye as she deadpans. “Right, stupid question on my part...Amber is not going to let this one down, that’s for sure.”

Chapter 17: Time to Recover

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Chapter 17

Time to Recover

(Medical wing)

After saving the citizens of the Crystal Empire and capturing any loose stragglers of Blitz’s forces, Hanako soon found herself in the Northstar’s Medical wing. Mainly the operating room where she, a group of white mages, and Amber who was lecturing Hanako on her recklessness and putting herself in danger after reading the report from her sister Citrine. This went on from the moment white mages came to carry Hanako off to Northstar’s medical wing as she was busy preparing the operating table for operation.

“Of all the most reckless and dangerous things you could’ve done, this pretty much takes the bucking cake!” Amber yelled as she walked back and forth in the operating room in anger. “Do you know what would’ve happened if you had gotten yourself killed!?”

“Possibly gotten replaced by Chrysalis. But if that were to happen, then the Equestrians would assume she killed me and there might be a possible war between the Crystal Empire and Equestria?” Hanako answered as she flinched from seeing Amber quickly glaring at her. “What? You know I’m…..fifty percent right about that.”

“I don’t need to hear your sassiness Hanako. You need to take this seriously.”

“Of course I’m taking this seriously, why do you think I’ll be training more after getting the crap beaten out of me back in the Changeling Hive? Didn’t think diamond dogs were as strong as Arch Demons...Oh god if they learn how to use magic, then I would’ve been royally screwed.” Amber’s left eye twitch as she walks over to Hanako and smacked her injured shoulder. “GAH! SON OF A BITCH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?!”

“Will you stop making light of this situation! What is with you? It’s like you’re not even phased by the fact that you almost died tonight!”

“Hey before I came here, I told you I've been in a war before. Stuff like this is normal for me to face. So sorry if I don’t take facing death not so seriously. God if I wanted to be lectured at I would’ve stayed home with my mom instead of running away to become a samurai.”

“You are by far the most difficult pony I have ever met! And that’s saying something because the only pony that’s more difficult to deal with is Northstar.”

“Hey! I take offense to that!” Northstar said as she began to put on a mask. “Also hit my test sub-I mean patient again and I will have to force you to leave.”

“.....Whatever.” Amber said as she begins to leave the operating room quickly as she slams the door behind herself.

“Geez, talk about being up tight….she really needs to get laid or something.” Hanako said as she relaxed against the operating table.

“She means well. It’s just that you’re pretty much a good ruler of the Crystal Empire. If we lose you, then this kingdom might be screwed. But I think you should apologise to her when you’re able to. You know, just to ease the tension between the two of you before it might cause a problem later on.”

“Can’t I just give her a gift or something?” She asked as Northstar raised an eyebrow at her. “.....Fine, I’ll apologise to her later. For now, mind telling me how you’re going to fix my arm?”

“Normally it would be impossible to fix your arm back to normal. I mean it’s not impossible, but it would take a long time to reattach the missing flesh that was cut off. But with the books that you gave us, we should be able to patch you up back to normal….well normal with a lot of stitches in the area that’s missing.” Northstar said as she walked over to Hanako with a gas tank that was the length of her body and place a mask over her mouth.

“Hey, what’s with this mask over my mouth for?”

“It’s so that the anesthetic gas can get into your lunges quicker.”

“Anesthetic gas...the...hell is that?” The human asked as she felt herself getting tired than usual.

“By the time I explain it, you would be passed out by now. But to make it short and simple, you’re going to be asleep while I operate on you.” Hanako was about to reply to Northstar’s answer, but soon found herself drifting into slumber. “Don’t worry, you’ll be perfectly fine with me~”

“Oh….god….why.” She said before passing out.

“Um...not to sound stupid or anything, but how are we going to reattach the missing flesh when we've never done anything like this in...well ever?” asked a mare as Northstar looked over at her.

“Why do you think I’m doing it...though I’ll have to make a mental note to train somepony in reattaching missing limbs or something.” Northstar said as she used her horn to levitate a tray with medical equipment on it. “Is the piece of flesh that was cut off clean perfectly?”

“Yes ma’am.” said a white mage unicorn as she levitated another tray with Hanako’s flesh on it. “We went over it five times to make sure the dirt and anything else bacteria wise was off of it.”

“Good, now inject this human with science!” Northstar said as she licked her lips. “Sweet, delicious, science!” She said with a cackle laugh as the other ponies deadpan at her laughter.

(Canterlot Castle, Throne Room)

The Friendship Express made a slow stop at the train station in Canterlot. Once the train stopped, Twilight along with her friends, Shining Armor, Cadence, and the remaining royal guards quickly made their way to Canterlot Castle. After passing a few of the citizens walking around the city of Canterlot and barging pass a few maids when they entered into the castle, the group quickly burst open the door to the throne room as Celestia and Luna were taken by surprise by the sudden entry of Twilight and the others.

“Twilight? What are you doing back here so soon?” Celestia asked as she placed a scroll off to the side of her seat. “Did you freed the Crystal Empire from King Sombra?”

“Um, about that Princess Celestia.” Twilight said as she had a awkward expression on her face. “We sort of have a problem...well a somewhat big problem.”

“What kind of a big problem?” Celestia asked with a raised eyebrow. Twilight looked at her friends for a moment who nodded as she looked back at Celestia with a gulp. After clearing her throat, Twilight explain what happened at the Crystal Empire. She explained in grave detail about the human Hanako, how she gained the throne of the empire, the changes that were being made to the place, Cadence & Rainbow Dash’s actions, and the attack on the empire from the Diamond Dogs invading the Empire. After finishing her tale of events in the Crystal Empire, there was a moment of silence in the room as the Princesses stare at Twilight and her friends.

“Um….Princess Celestia, Princess Luna...are you two okay?”

“This...creature is named Hanako ...right...what does she look like?” Celestia asked as Twilight’s horn glowed, showing a magical image of what Hanako looks like.

“Sister, just who or what is this creature?” Luna asked as she noticed a stern look on the white alicorn’s face.

“This creature is new to me. And she’s able to speak equine perfectly?” Celestia asked as she looked over at Twilight who nodded.

“This hooman can speak perfect equine and perform magic that we have never seen before in Equestria.”

“Not to mention it took down Shining Armor like a fly!” Rainbow Dash added as Shining Armor looked down at the ground in shame. “It even punched me in the face!”

“Before or after you insulted her second in command?” Luna asked.

“Does it matter? It punched me in the face!”

“Before or after Ms. Dash.” Luna asked, only this time with a stern tone in her voice.


“Hm, normally if it was before I would be surprise. But seeing how it’s after you insulted a pony who may I remind you, was under Sombra’s rule, I’ll have to side with the creature on her actions.” Luna said which caused everyone to be taken by surprised. “If somepony were to insult my sister, or somepony I care about. I would do the same or worse to them depending.”


“I’m only stating my opinion dear sister. Nothing more.”

“Back to the main subject. We will have to talk with this creature Hanako to see if we can undo the mistakes that Cadence and Rainbow Dash have caused.” Celestia said before looking over at Twilight and her friends. “We will leave first thing in the morning. I know you all are tired, but I will need you all to come with us if the diamond dogs have taken over the empire and killed this Hanako creature.”

“Shouldn’t we be going there now? What if the kingdom is taken over by Diamond Dogs?” Shining Armor asked.

“Rushing into battle without a plan would be like going into a dark room without a light, it will not end well for the pony going inside the room.” Luna said as the group gave each other worried looks. “For now you all have had a busy day. Get as much rest as you can. Because tomorrow will be another busy day for us all.”

“Yes Princess Luna.” Shining said as he begins to walk out of the room with the others following him. Once Twilight and the others left the throne room, Luna turned her attention to Celestia.

“Are you sure this creature will be okay in the morning Celestia?” The alicorn asked as Celestia closes her eyes with a sigh.

“I do not. But I have a feeling that the Crystal Empire will be safe. My concern is the ponies that she has in the dungeon and how the negotiation turns out.”

“You mean after what Cadence and Rainbow Dash did?” Luna asked which Celestia nodded in response.

“Depending on what she might say or do. This, Hanako creature might prove to be a good ally to have, or an enemy if somepony does something to provoke her into anger.”

“Should we have the two mares stay behind?”

“No. If the ruler needs our help, then we’ll need them to help us in saving the crystal ponies.” Celestia pulled herself up from the her seat and began to make her way out of the room. “We will talk about this more in the morning on the train ride there. Until then, all night and morning duties will be put on hold until we return.”

“Agreed.” Luna said before following her sister out of the throne room.

Chapter 18: No Rest For the Victorious

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Chapter 18

No Rest For the Victorious

(Three days later, Crystal Empire: Medical Wing)

Celestia’s warm sun began to rise over the Empire. Ponies began to open their shops to start the new day fresh, construction ponies are repairing the damage done by the diamond dogs during the night, the crystal guards are doubling patrol so that there wouldn’t be anyone or anything trying to invade or attack the empire, and the changelings are underneath the castle in their hives repairing the structural damage and tending to their kin from the attack. Yep, everything looks to be okay and normal. A perfect day to start off the morning...well almost perfect. Inside the Medical Wing of the Castle was everypony’s favorite stubborn ruler Hanako as she began to slowly start to wake up from her sleep. Her vision was blurry due to being tired and operated on yesterday as she begins to try and move from the bed she was in.

“Damn, I must have been really tired from last night’s event.” She said before rubbing her eyes. Just as she did that, she felt her right shoulder being stiff. Looking over to her right she could see her shoulder being covered in bandages along with a small tube underneath the bandages hooked up to a aqua green colored plastic bag on a metal pole. “Hi-Potion mixed antidote.Guess giving them that medical book was helpful.”

“Indeed it was~” said a familiar voice. Hanako looked over to her left at Northstar sitting in a chair next to her as she was writing something on her clipboard. “I must say, you are an interesting human my lady. I never would’ve thought that you could take down a Diamond Dog, let alone an alpha one. You're species is quite scary and interesting at the same time.”

“Glad to see you’re finding my race rather interesting….wait, did you do anything to me while I was asleep?”

“Other than fixing you up, and cleaning the wound. That’s pretty much all I can do seeing how Amber kept a close eye on me as I did it. Gotta say, she is really taking a liking to you.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Oh nothing~.” She said before walking over to the human. “Now, about your arm. I will say that I am a bit taken by surprise at your healing at an alarming rate during the past three days you've been in the hospital. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of the clear just yet.”

“Wait, I've been asleep for the past three day!?” Hanako yelled as she shot up from her bed, but winced due to how sore her arm was.

“Yeah, the surgery took a good twenty-four hours seeing how we had to carefully reattach the flesh back to your arm bit by bit. The other two days was constant observation and replacing the bandages and stitches whenever it came off.” Northstar said as she used her magic to pull the tube from out of her shoulder. “Like I said before you’re wound is patched up, but you’ll need time for your muscles to recover seeing how we had to reattach them along a few of your nerves. So no using that arm for the next two months okay?”

“But what about-" Hanako was cut off mid sentence from seeing Northstar pressing her face against hers.

“I said okay, okay?” She asked with a sickly smile on her face.

“......Dammit, fine. I won’t use that arm until it heals up completely.” Hanako said as she felt Northstar pat her on the head.

“Good girl~”

“I’m not a child you jackass.”

“But you act like one sometimes.” The unicorn said as she uses her horn to pull the covers off from the human. “You're free to go lady Hanako. Amber will be waiting outside for you.”

“How long has she been outside?”

“You mean today or in general? Because she’s been taking her free time off work to come and see how you’re doing every chance she can get.” Northstar said as Hanako stared at her in silence. “You know. Even though she can be a bit of a stick in the mud at times, she does care about you and your well being. Try to take that into consideration when you do stuff like this, could you?”

“I’ll….try to do that.” Hanako said before pulling herself up from the bed she was in and makes her way towards the exit. As she was about the open the door, Amber soon tumbles from behind it and lands in front of the human with her clothes and swords on her back. Hanako blinked at seeing the holy knight on the floor face first before hearing Northstar laughing in the background. “Well….wasn’t expecting to see you here. Well I did but not like this.”

“Nice entry Amber.” The medic pony said as Amber quickly pulled herself up and blushes while glaring at her.

“Nice to see my second in command checking up on me. And having my clothes ready for me to put on I see?” She said before the holy knight quickly pulled herself up with a blush on her face.

“N-Nice to see that you’re awake Lady Hanako.” The mare said before taking notice to the human in her underwear. “I see Northstar was able to heal you back to health?”

“Yeah, but I can’t do anything that involves physical activity for the next month or two.” She said before glaring at Northstar who dawned on an innocent expression on her face. “Which shouldn’t be an issue depending on how things are going for the past three days. How are things going by the way Amber?”

“While you were unconscious, we were able to capture the remaining Diamond Dogs that refused to surrender peacefully hiding in the changeling hive or in the castle. Throax’s brother is in a isolated prison cell being heavily guarded by a platoon of knights.”

“....Do I need to know why Pharynx is being heavily guarded?”

“He tried to escape for the fifth time.” Amber said as the human blinked in surprised by this. “The fault was mine seeing how I failed to take into account that he is a changeling, and that he is a skilled soldier.”

“I guess that makes sense. Please continue with what’s been going on during the past three days while I was out.”

“We’re still doing some repairs to the underground system seeing how the Diamond Dogs dug through most of the pipes. Thank Faust you gave us that black mage book, otherwise we wouldn’t have another source of making water.”

“So you used blizzard to create ice and fire to melt the ice into water?” Hanako asked as she began to put her clothes on while Amber nodded. “Smart move. That will come in handy until the water pipes are back to normal.”

“With that taken care of, the only thing left is to plant the sensory stones in the changeling hive, underneath the streets of the Crystal Empire, and in the surrounding area.”

“Sensory stones?”

“After what happened three days ago, we came up with an idea on how we can detect oncoming invaders that try to infiltrate our empire. So I along with the other ponies in the main wings came up with the sensory stones. Right now we’re having some of the soldiers plant them around town and outside to see if they work.”

“Do they work?”

“So far we were able to detect some of the soldiers from a hundred mile radius seeing how they’re prototypes. Once we figure out how we can increase the range of the field of detection, we’ll make more that reach the borders of Equestria.”

“Perfect. It’s nice to see you guys can hold your own while I was out of commission.” Hanako said as she finished putting her clothes on, only to notice that she wasn’t wearing the clothes she had on before. She was wearing a black long sleeve shirt, baggy samurai like pants, geta shoes though they felt soft, spongy, and comfortable to walk in, and a scarf that matched the same color of a phoenix feather. “Weird, I don’t remember having these on three days ago.”

“That’s because those are your casual clothes Lady Hanako.” said a familiar voice as both Hanako and Amber looked over at the doorway to see Bubble Luck making her way over to the two. “I must say, working on clothes for a human is very interesting and a fun challenge.”

“Didn’t expect to see you here Bubble Luck. What brings you to the Castle?” Hanako asked as the magenta colored unicorn smirked and examine Hanako’s new clothes.

“As the new leader of the sewing wing, it’s my job to see and make sure that the clothes I make fit the pony….or in this case human.” She said before using her mouth to tug on her pants and shirt a bit before using her hooves to pat her body. “Okay, everything seems to fit perfectly. Was a bit worried that the measurements that I got from Northstar were off. Especially in the butt area.”

“What do you mean by that?” Hanako raised an eyebrow to Bubble Luck’s comment as she tried not to have a smug expression on her face.

“Oh no reason. Like I said, was worried that it wouldn’t fit is all.”

“.....I get the feeling that you ponies are not leading on how innocent and nice you all can be.”

“We can be nice.” Northstar stated before smirking “But when it comes to dealing with you, you’re just too much fun not to mess around with.”

“Oh I am so going to get them back for the smartass remarks.” She thought, before rolling her eyes and looking over at Amber. “Alright, so on today’s agenda I have to talk with the Diamond Dogs to see why they attacked us, deal with the changeling that killed that little pup, and possibly deal with the Equestrians that might be coming here to save the day.” She said as she put air quotes to the last part.

“What makes you say that?” Bubble Luck asked.

“Doesn’t it take a long time to make a army to get here by train?” Hanako asked as everyone looked at Amber. The mare blinked in surprise to everyone looking at her as she blushes a bit.

“J-Just because I’m smart, doesn’t mean I know a lot of things like this!”

“Well given how it’s been three days, I’m gonna guess they’ll be coming here to try and save us.” Hanako said as she began to make her way down the hallway with Amber and Bubble Luck following her.

“You think they might ask for the kingdom back?” Amber asked as Bubble Luck snorted in amusement.

“Like hell we’re going to let them. After what happened all those years ago when those royal bitches failed at saving us, you think we'll let them ask for the empire back?

“Save your anger for when they bring it up Bubble Luck. First things first, we need to have everything ready for their arrival.” Hanako turned her attention at Amber. “Who's in charge of cooking?”

“That'd be Chef Truffle Oil. The same colt that's been preparing your meals and the dinner we had with the equestrians.”

“Perfect. Have him and his staff prepare a meal that can feed an entire army of ponies.”

“Is that wise Hanako? If he does this, he might not have to time to make your meal given how you do love the way he makes meat just the way you like it.” Amber said as she notice the human licking her lips.

“Yeah, he does know how I like my meat~”

“Yeah I bet he does.” Bubble Luck whispered to Amber as the two of them laughed silently, only for them to act innocent while whistling upon seeing Hanako glaring at them.

“Anyway, that’s fine by me. I’ll just snag some leftovers or something to eat for when they come…..Which I kinda wish I know which time they’ll be here.” Just as she said that, a familiar cream colored earth pony with a purple eyepatch over one eye quickly drats by the trio for a moment before crashing into a nearby table. The trio blinking in surprise at this as they looked over to where the crash happened and walked over to see who crashed.

“Poison Cross, what did I tell you about running through the hall with mud on your hooves? Do you know how long it will take the maids to clean this mess up and replace the table you broke?” Amber asked as she uses her magic to lift the earth pony up and place him onto his hooves.

“Sorry captain, but this was an emergency that I couldn’t wait!”

“Crap, are we being invaded again by more Diamond Dogs or something?” Hanako asked as she readies her sword. “You think those idiots would’ve learn not to mess with you guys by now.”

“No, it’s worse! Far worse than you can’t imagine!” He said as the three of them raised an eyebrow at this. “The mean pink pony with wings and horn is back. And she brought two other ponies like her!” Poison said as Amber and Bubble Luck stared at him with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

“Well, speak of the devil. Wasn’t expected them to get here that quickly.” Hanako said as she walked over to Poison Cross and kneel down to him. “Are they outside of the front doors of the Empire?”

“Yes, and the pink winged unicorn and rainbow mane pegasus are getting into a fight with Brimstone….It’s oddly interesting and funny at the same time.” He said as Hanako and the other blinked at this before looking at each other. “I’m gonna be blunt about this, but why the hell is Brimstone at the front gate?”

“Oh….Um...I had him working replacing some of the gears inside the front gate that Emerald Splash was doing the other day.” Amber said with a blush of embarrassment on her face.

“Care to explain why they’re gears in the front doors of the Crystal Empire?”

“Emerald thought it would be a good idea to have automatic doors. Seeing how they’re big and would required a lot of strong ponies to push them open or close. We figured we'd set up a system so that all you have to do is hit a leaver and the doors will open and close.”

“Huh...that’s actually a good idea. I’ll be sure to give praise to Emerald Splash when I see him. But for now, you need to stop Brimstone from killing anypony and bringing the Equestrians to the castle so I can meet them.”

“Wouldn’t it be more effective to go to them to get the whole meet and greet over with?” Bubble Luck asked.

“I would do that. But then again I am kinda recovering from my injuries. And the doctor said I shouldn’t strain myself, so you’ll have to deal with them while I go and deal with other stuff that-” Before Hanako could walk away, she felt herself being picked up in a magical aura. She turns herself around to see Amber’s horn glow as she deadpans at her. “You know one of these days I am going to get you for doing crap like this.”

“I know. But until that day comes, I’ll be making sure you are kept in check.” She said before walking down the hallway with the human floating behind her. “Bubble Luck, inform the chef and staff about the meals, and Poison Cross, please inform the maids about the strains so they can clean the place up a bit if you could please?” They both nodded before quickly darting off in the opposite direction.

“I hate you sometimes, you know that?” Hanako said as she folded her arms in both anger and annoyance. Amber chuckled as she continued down the hallway towards the exit of the castle.

“Yet you still haven’t fired me yet~?”

Chapter 19: Introductions

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Chapter 19


“How many times do I have to tell you!? I am a diplomate of the Royal Family of Equestria! And Nephew to the rulers of Equestria! Prince Blueblood! You will allow me entrance into the Crystal Empire at once!” Blueblood said as Brimstone stared at the young prince with an stern expression on his face.

“And I told you just like I told those two mares over there. I don’t know who the buck you are and I don’t give a buck. You’re not going to step foot into this place until the ruler gets here and says otherwise.”

“I can have you sent to the dungeon you under develop mud pony! Now let us in or else.” He said as Brimstone stood up and overshadowed the royal colt with hammer in hoof.

“Or else what you little spoiled brat? If you’re a representation of royalty in Equestria, then Lady Hanako would have nothing to do with you Equestrians if you’re this rude.” Blueblood blinked in surprise by how tall the earth pony was and was about to reply, only for Celestia to pull him away from the blacksmith.

“Blueblood, we’re on a mission to help the Crystal Empire-”

“Which we don’t need seeing how the situation was taken care of.” Brimstone said interrupting the solar princess as they deadpan at him for a moment before looking back at Blueblood.

“We’re here to help them, not to start a war. Do keep your emotions in check or else I will have to send you back to the Castle.”

“But this is taking too long! Don’t these ponies know royalty when they see it?” Blueblood said as Celestia sighed.

“They have been away for 1,000 years. It’ll take them time for them to remember Luna and I. Now then if you could, please wait with Twilight and the others so that I can talk to the colt you rudely insulted.” The white alicorn said as Blueblood huffed and walked off towards Twilight and the others.

“Care to explain why you brought that spoiled colt with you?” Brimstone asked.

“I thought this would be a good learning experience for him to learn from. In case I would have to leave him in charge of running Equestria if I were off on diplomatic meeting with another nation.” She answered, only for Brimstone to snort in amusement.

“Yeah, because he’ll do a perfect job at running your kingdom to the ground. Especially with a personality like that.” He said sarcastically.

“I hope you can forgive him for his rudeness.”

“So long as he behaves himself and not pull a stunt like that in the empire, then I guess I can forgive him for being an idiot.” Brimstone said as the doors to the Crystal Empire started to open up. “Seems like the ruler is here.” He said as Celestia looked up to see Hanako and Amber making their way through the open doors.

“Alright, what did you do this time Brimstone.” Hanako said as she deadpans at him.

“Not my fault this time. The Equestrians started it.” he said pointing a hoof over to where Princess Celestia and the others were. Hanako looked over at them with a blanked expression for a moment before sighing.

“Why am I not surprise that they would do something like this. I take it that Rainbow Dash and Cadence were the ones that started it?”

“Well them and that colt with the blonde mane.” Brimstone points a hoof at Blueblood who was looking at Hanako in disgust.

“Who is that hairless monkey? And why is it talking to that pony?” Blueblood said as everyone stared at him like a deer in headlights. “What? Am I the only one who sees the hairless monkey? Why is it trying to think it’s a pony like us?”

“Blueblood if you have any sense in that head of yours you would-” Before Shining Armor could finish, Blueblood walked past him and up towards Hanako who was glaring daggers at the stallion.

“You, monkey creature. Bring us your master at once. And also bring us something to eat while you’re at it as well as you take us to your master, you make me a dandelion sandwich.” he said as he clapped his hooves together as a means to get her to hurry up. There was an awkward moment of silence in the air. The only thing that broke the silence was the sound of the ponies moving away from Blueblood as Brimstone just smirked.

“Oh this is gonna be good~” Brimstone said as he heard Hanako slowly unsheathing her sword slowly. “Remember Lady Hanako, you can’t kill him unless he attacked you or anypony in the Empire.” He said as the human let our a angry grunt before placing her sword back into her sheath. Brimstone smiled at her for a moment before looking back at Prince Blueblood. “You really must be an idiot. You know you just insulted the ruler of the Crystal Empire, right?”

“.....This must be a joke right?”

“Is there a problem pony from Equestria?” Amber asked as Blueblood snorted in disgust.

“That’s Prince Blueblood to you commoner. And you must be joking me if you think that this hairless monkey is supposed to be the ruler of the Crystal Empire?”

“Okay, call me a hairless monkey one more time, and I will break that horn on your head and shove it up your ass blondie.” Hanako threaten as Blueblood looked over at her in shock.

“Are you threatening me you hair-” Blueblood mouth was shut closed by Luna’s magic as she quickly pulled him away and placed back to where Twilight and the others were standing. Hanako blinked in surprise by this as she looked over at the Equestrians, mainly Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

“I take it you two are the rulers of Equestria?” She asked as the two tall mares nodded.

“I am very sorry about Blueblood.” Celestia said as she glared back at the mouth sealed unicorn. “He’s a bit….head strong.”

“We told you we shouldn’t have brought that spoiled brat of a pony here.” Luna whispered as Celestia deadpan at her. “Don’t give me that look, you know I was right about bringing Blueblood with us.”

“I’m willing to let it slide for now. But if he keeps this up, I will do what I said I will do to him.” Hanako sighed as she looked over at the others ponies. “That also applies to you ponies as well. Pull any crap that Blueblood did, and I will shove my foot so far up your asses that Amber will need the Holy knight squad to pull my foot out of you, got it?” She asked as everyone nodded quickly. She smiled at them before turning her attention back at Celestia and Luna. “Mind telling me your names?”

“R-Right, My name is Princess Celestia. Ruler of Equestria.” Celestia said as she and Luna bowed their heads to Hanako.

“And I am Princess Luna. Younger sister and co-ruler of Equestria.”

“Please, don’t bow down to me like that. It’s a bit unsettling and I don’t like it.” Hanako said as they both stood up. “My name is Hanako. Chosen ruler and possibly Champion of the Crystal Empire.”

“The champion part is debatable.” Amber commented as she quickly looked off to the side to avoid Hanako’s glare.

“Anyway, I take it you’re here to assist me in the Diamond Dog invasion?” Hanako said as both mares nodded. “A bit late don’t you think...about three days late. What took you guys so long?”

“It takes a while for us to get an entire army to come here on train. We still have some of the pegasi flying here seeing how there wasn’t that much room on the train.” Luna stated, as Hanako sighed in disappointment.

“You should’ve sent a scout here first before sending your army here.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because the threat is taken care of. The Diamond Dogs have been rounded up and are in the dungeon for questioning.” Amber said as both rulers blinked in surprise by this. “Like Hanako said, you should’ve sent a scout to survey the area first before sending your army here. It’s not a very smart tactic, nor does it show how smart you are in military tactics.”

“Ah...I see...Cadence could you please send word to the army that they can return home.” Celestia asked as the princess of love teleported off.

“You haven’t been in a war before have you?”

“N-No….No we have.”

“We have a lot to talk about, but first let’s head inside to talk about the negotiation for your soldiers that Cadence stupidly got in trouble when she tried to have them sneak into areas that they weren’t allowed in.” Hanako said as she motions for them to enter. Celestia nodded as they began to make their way inside the Kingdom, but soon paused as she looked back at the royal guards.

“You all may return to Canterlot or stay here for us to return. It’s up to you all.”

“We will wait for your return Princess Celestia.” said one of the guards as the white alicorn smile as quickly followed after Hanako. Once inside, the doors behind the Equestrians slowly began to closed and began to make their way through the streets. As they made their way through the streets of the Crystal Empire, Princess Celestia and Luna were taken by surprise from a multiple of things. Mainly the changelings walking around helping other ponies in their daily lives, or helping with the construction.

“Dear Celestia! Why are there Changelings all over this place!?” Prince Blueblood yelled, which kinda caught the attention of some of the ponies and changelings around them.

“Do you mind keeping your voice down Blueblood? You’re drawing attention to us, and you yelling isn’t making things better.” Shining Armor said as Blueblood huffed.

“I too would like to know why they’re here as well if you don’t mind? Last time we saw them was during the time they tried to take over Canterlot during Princess Cadence’s wedding.” Celestia asked as she smiled and waved at some of the crystal ponies and changelings who waved back at her.

“Long story short. They’re in trouble, so I figured we let them in and help them.”

“That seems a bit risky don’t you think?” Luna asked. “How do you know they won’t try to cause a riot or overthrow you with your back turned?”

“I doubt they would try that. Especially after proving themselves during the invasion three days ago.”

“Seriously? You must be really stupid if you think you can trust these filthy bugs.” Blueblood said as he eyed the changelings in disgust. “A changeling will do whatever it has to in order to survive. Especially when they want to take out someplace like this.”

“I’m willing to take that chance.” Hanako said as Amber and Celestia noticed the human placing a hand on her sword along with a stern smile on her face.

“Prince Blueblood, as it is an honor to have you here in our kingdom. Please due try to refrain yourself from saying anything offensive that might provoke somepony into attacking you out of rage.” Amber said as the blonde unicorn scoffed to her request, only to take notice to Hanako’s death glare and her slowly unsheathing her sword a bit before snorting in annoyance.

“Very well knight. I will take your advice for now and refrain myself on commenting on your ruler’s poor choices.” Amber rolled her eyes as she looked over at Hanako, who placed her sword back into her sheath. Both her and Luna sighed in relief before blinking in surprise as they unknowingly imitated each other. There was an awkward moment of silence While Hanako was busy leading the group to the castle, Amber moved over to Luna as she tapped her on the shoulder.

“I take it you saw Hanako getting ready to cut your nephew in half for that comment?”

“Yes...which make me a bit worried on how she treats her subjects.”

“Hanako knows that she can’t kill him unless given a reason. So far either Prince Blueblood is doing this on purpose, or he thinks that because he’s royalty he can do whatever he wants.”

“I get the feeling he’s doing it on purpose just so that he can try and ruin Lady Hanako’s reputation.” Luna whispered as Amber snorted in amusement to what she said. “What’s so funny?”

“Trust me, I doubt her reputation could get slandered by that colt...hey would you be up for a bet?”

“What kind of bet?” Luna asked, eyeing the mare suspiciously.

“To see how long it would take for Blueblood to get thrown out of the castle. I’m betting on a good thirty minutes.”

“You would place a bet on your own ruler’s misery in dealing with do I know she won’t kill him or worse?”

‘I’ll take her sword once we’re inside the castle. She isn’t allowed to do much with it anyway, but you have nothing to fear. So, how about it Princess Luna?”

“What you’re doing is underhanded and dishonorable….thirty-five bits says that she’ll chuck him out the window in less than twenty minutes at best.”

“Oh you are so going to lose this best Princess~”

“Oh no my dear little pony, it is you who are going to lose this bet~!” Both mare smirked at each other for a moment before going back to following Hanako and the others.

Chapter 20: Diplomacy

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Chapter 20


(Crystal Castle)

“I must say. This is a bit of a surprise.” Celestia said as she examined the ponies doing reconstruction on the castle’s enterier. “Never thought that it would be possible to reinforce the inside of crystals with iron.”

“Crystal is good an all, but you always want to be prepare for anything that might come knocking at your door with an army or something worse.” Hanako said as she admired the crafty work of Emerald’s design. “I give Emerald credit for making this possible. Didn’t think it was possible to make this happen.” She said before feeling her katana being pulled away from herself by Amber. “Hey!”

“Sorry, but I’m not taking any chances with you. Especially with how things have gone with Blueblood.” Amber said, sticking her tongue out at the human as Hanako glared at her. Her attention was soon focus on Twilight, who spoke.

“But wouldn’t doing something like that take too long to do? I mean first you have to keep an eye on the crystal so that it can form properly around the thing you want to cover it in.” Twilight asked as she walked over to the wall and examines it.

“I could tell you how it works, but I can’t seeing how you’re not part of the Empire.”

“I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know herself. That’s why she said she won’t tell you.” Blueblood said as Hanako looked over at the blonde stallion with an annoyed look on her face.

“Why would I tell ponies from a different land about how we do things here? I’m not that much of an idiot to devolve secrets to thoses that aren’t worthy of my trust. Plus after what Cadance did, there’s no way in hell I’ll tell you lot on how the crystallization works.”

“Understandable.” Celestia said as she walked next to Hanako. “I hope you don’t mind me asking about where we are going to have our talk?”

“The throne room would be best. Mostly because it’s the only place where they haven’t done any work in yet, and I don’t want them to get distracted from our conversation.” Hanako said as she pointed to the two giant doors they were heading towards. Once they were at the door, Amber used her magic to push the doors open for them to enter. As they entered, the holy knight quickly closed the door behind them while Hanako moved in front of the group. “Alright, let’s get down to business shall we?”

“Indeed. I would like to apologize for what Cadence did when she came here along with Twilight and her friends.”

“I accept the apology this time. Just make sure she doesn’t do it again. First impressions are everything and what she did didn’t help in your favor.”

“I will accept responsibility for what she did. But before I can do that, I would like to hear the terms of your negotiation on releasing my ponies from your care?” Hanako paused as she placed a hand to her chin to think. While thinking, a certain blonde unicorn spoke out.

“Oh come on. It shouldn’t be that hard to think of something. If you can’t think of anything, then you should release the ponies you’ve foalnapped.” Blueblood said as Hanako glared daggers at him for a moment before a smirk appeared.

“Seeing how the crystal empire uses...bits as currency and your country has an abundant amount of materials from the looks of your guards. I am willing to trade each of the soldiers for one hundred-thousand bits, iron, copper, steel, sliver, gold ore, and food. Mainly meat, vegetables, rice, bread, and other ingredients.”

“Dear Faust, you eat meat!?” Blueblood asked as he flinched from the sight of Hanako showing off her teeth. “Auntie you can’t be serious in give this hairless monkey what she wants? For all we know she could’ve eaten the ponies from the royal guard by now.” He said which caused Celestia to look over at Hanako, who was glaring even more intensely then she was before at him.

“Blueblood, please keep your mouth shut. Didn’t you say that you would hold your comments to yourself earlier?”

“Only because we were outside with those filthy bug creature and commoners. She didn’t say anything about commenting on her in private.” he said before glaring back at Hanako. “A monster like you is unfit to rule a kingdom. I say we throw her out and let a pony from Equestria take her place.”

“I know Blueblood is stupid and entitled, but I didn’t think he would be on the level of Rainbow Dash when it comes to think before you act.” Rarity whispered which got her a jab in the shoulder from Rainbow Dash.

“Hey! At least I know not to mess with somepony like her. Need I remind you on what happened to Shining Armor?”

“I’m right here you know?” Shining Armor said as the two mares gave him a sheepish smile on their faces. While the group watches in both interest and horror, Amber and Luna are whispering to each other as to what will happen.

“Better get those bits ready. Because she’s about to wreck Blueblood sooner~” Luna said with a smirk on her face.

“It’s not over until the fat pony sings moonbutt. It hasn’t been twenty minutes yet, and Hanako is keeping a good level head about this.” Amber said as she looked back at the scene taking place between the human and the ponies.

“You must be either ballsy or stupid for saying that about me pony. I’m going with stupid due to the fact that you think you have power in this palace.”

“My aunties control the moon and the sun. You think I’m afraid of somepony like you when I have the most powerfulest rulers behind me?” Hanako snorted in amusement before looking over at Celestia

“.....Celestia can you place put this child in a bubble or something until this is over and done with?” Hanako asked as Celestia’s horn glowed, encasing the blonde haired unicorn in a magical bubble. “Thank you. Now then, is there anything you would like to say about what I asked for in return?”

“One-hundred thousand bits for each pony is a bit much don’t you think? I’m willing to part with forty-five thousand bits.”

“Hm, eighty-five thousand.”

“Seventy-five. Final offer.” Celestia said as the human hummed in a amusement to her offer.

“Seventy-five and a book of spells from your kingdom, and we have a deal?” Hanako asked as the white alicorn nodded. “Okay then, we have a deal. When will I have the payment shipped?”

“Within a week once we return to Canterlot.”

“Alrighty then. I’ll be sure to send Poison Cross and his squad to retrieve the bits and items you’re offering us within a week.” The human said as she looked over at Amber. “Bring the soldiers out of the prison cells and have them wait in the mess hall so they can have a feast for their hard work and patience.”

“At once my lady.” Amber said before teleporting off.

“Now with that taken care of.” Hanako looks over at Prince Blueblood who was glaring daggers at the human. “You can let the idiot out of the bubble.” She said as Celestia’s horn glowed as the bubble around the prince vanished. “Alright little boy. The grown-ups are done talking. So you can say your piece.”

“Auntie, how could you agree with this creature’s demands? Don’t you know this will put a huge amount of damage towards Equestria’s finances?”

“Bits can be gained over time, lives on the other hand are not replaceable. Something that you have a hard time remembering Blueblood.”

“And you think this creature can be trusted? For all we know she could’ve brainwash those poor ponies with the help of Chrysalis.”

“Have you any proof of that Blueblood?”

“The changelings are proof enough.” He said before looking over at Hanako. “I demand you give up the throne before you face Equestrian justice.”

The room went silent as everyone in the room stared at the delusional colt out of fear with Twilight and her friends. Celestia and Luna on the other hand were looking at Blueblood as the white alicorn face hoofed herself due to his declaration, while Luna simply smirked and grins in anticipation for what to come for the poor prince.

“You are really pushing your luck Blueballs. And right now you are really not doing so well In trying not to have me toss you out of this place.”

“The name’s Blueblood you hairless ape. And if you think you can fool everypony here with your bittersweet lies, then you’re sadly mistaken.”

“Okay, now you’re pushing your luck. Call me a hairless ape one more time and see what happens.”

“Is that a threat you hai-” Before he could continue, Shining Armor and Twilight quickly covered Blueblood’s mouth with their magic as he was pulled off to the side and next to them while he struggles in their magical hold. Hanako looked over at Celestia with a deadpan expression before speaking.

“This pony is your nephew why?”

“Frankly I honestly can’t remember how, but again I am very sorry for his outburst and anything he might’ve said to offend you.”

“He has one more try. After that, I am not responsible for what happens to him next if he does that again.”

“I’ll have a word with him later. But for now with what we talked about for the arrangement taken care of, I would like to know where you came from and how did you end up here in Equestria?”

“I guess I can share with you some information on that. Not a lot mind you, there are some personal things I prefer to keep to myself.” Hanako said as Celestia nodded. “My original home land is called Doma, but I was forced to leave from there to live in Ivalice at a young age.

“Ivalice? What kind of a town is that?” Twilight asked as she pulls out a map of Equestria. “Is that something new that we've never looked into or seen?”

“It’s not a town, it’s a country that I was there to travel to as and live the life of a hired Sellsword.”

“You were a hired mercenary from another country?” Luna asked as the human nodded. “What were you hired to do?”

“Whatever the person that hired me wanted me to do. I was hired by the House of The Beoulve family to help assist them in a war between two orders. The Order of the Northern Sky which was lead by Duke Larg and The Order of the Southern Sky which was lead by Duke Goltanna. I was part of the Order of the Northern Sky which the Beoulve where on when I was just turning fifteen at the time when I joined and I didn’t mind working for them. They paid me quite well in gil, food, clothes, armor, and weaponry. So long as I did what I was told to do in battle and kill the enemy.”

“Wasn’t there another way to reason with each other then to resort to violence?” Fluttershy asked as the human shrugs.

“Maybe, I didn’t really care so much about it. All I needed was the gil and the stuff they promised me. Yet during that time when I was with a former family member of the Beoulve, Ramza Beoulve. There was a second party playing the strings and the cause of the war of lions. The Church of Glabados.”

“The Church of Glabados? What kind of lame named group is that?” Rainbow Dash asked in a snarky tone as Hanako looked at the pegasus with a stern look on her face.

“This church was behind the strings of how the war started, The War was engineered by the Church of Glabados so that it may take center stage after both sides are weakened to exhaustion. The High Confessor Marcel Funebris, wishing for the Church to gain power over the land, supported both sides secretly and assisted in their plots for the throne. The Church planned to destroy the two Lions from the inside and use the auracites to strengthen the Church's military power. In reality, the manipulating Church was being manipulated by the Knights Templar under Folmarv Tengille, leader of the corrupted church, who attempted to collect every auracite to help the Lucavi who granted them immense strength and power. The Lucavi's motive was the resurrection of their leader, Ultima, the High Seraph, who wishes to destroy Ivalice. The bloodshed needed for Ultima's coming was the reason behind the War of the Lions.”

“How long has the war been going on?” asked Luna. “Surely somepony could have investigated this war before it could spiral out of control?”

“Not as long as the church was still behind the whole thing. Anyone who tried to do that would either label as a criminal or worse killed by an assassin.” She said before leaning back in her throne.

“You seem to know a lot of this stuff for a mare that’s been a mercenary for the past ten years of her life?” Cadence said with a raised eyebrow.

“I was with Ramza at the time. Due to us being labeled as wanted people, we pretty much started looking into this ourselves so we can learn the truth behind The Zodiac Stones and the church. On the fifteenth of...whatever month it was, was when we finally decided to take down the corrupted church and save Ramza’s sister from Folmarv Tengille. Ramza ordered me and a few others to keep watch so that no reinforcements would come into the building that the church was in. During the fight with the remaining members of the corrupted church, a pillar of light erupted from the center of the place as I along with the others headed inside to see where Ramza and the others were. When we got inside, everyone was gone minus the dead bodies on the ground.”

“What happened to them if you don’t mind me asking?” Celestia asked as Hanako shrugs.

“Don’t know. Maybe they were able to stop the church from summoning Ultima, or something to that effect. We waited for him and the others for a good three days until we decided that he died, and decided to leave after having a funeral session to honor the only decent man in the Beoulve Family to be true to his family name. He may have been label as a criminal, but he will alway be a hero to me after the things I’ve seen him do and did.”

“What happened afterwards?” Applejack asked. “I mean was the war still going on, or did it stop?”

“It did come to an end, but not in the way I was expecting. With the two sides crippled, the War comes to an end. With the two dukes killed, Queen Louveria imprisoned in Fort Besselat, the former leader of the Church of Glabados High Confessor Funebris murdered, Dycedarg slain, and Orlandeau missing and believed dead, Delita Heiral, Ramza’s friend exploits the situation by claiming he rescued Princess Ovelia, marrying her to become King of all Ivalice. Which brings me to how I ended up here. Ten years later after the war, I was pretty much a traveling sellsword once again but with a bit of a twist.”

“And what would that twist be?” Pinkie Pie asked as she appeared in front of her. “Oh! Did you become a treasure hunter/monster that would fight and look for treasure and monsters if somepony gave you the money to do it?” She said as the human simply patted her on the head before taking her back over to her friends.

“In a way, yes. Wasn’t a good job given how I wasn’t from Ivalice and most of the towns were places that were still recovering from the scars of the fifty year war. When I came back from a treasure hunt for a rare weapon, a boy that I befriended gave me this strange looking book about the crystal heart. At first when I was reading it, it was just a normal child’s book, but then it started to glow and teleported me here to the crystal empire. That is where I met Amber for the first time when she saved my but from getting killed by King Sombra’s soldiers.”

“Indeed, which I am sure you would’ve been fine by yourself in handling them.” Everyone looked over at the door to the throne room as Amber walked over to Hanako’s side. Once she was there, she looked over at Celestia with a bow. “Your soldiers are waiting in the mess hall if you want to join them for lunch Princess Celestia.”

“I would like that very much. It would be interesting to see how well the ponies of Equestria and ponies of the Crystal Empire do with interacting with each other.”

“Then lunch will be ready at noon.” She said before looking over at Blueblood. “Why is his mouth covered?”

“We had to make sure he didn’t provoke Lady Hanako into anger.” Shining Armor said as he felt Blueblood teleport out of his and Twilight’s magical grasp before appearing next to Celestia.

“How dare you listen to that creature’s long boring tale from a backwater land out of Equestria! Do you all now see how dangerous this creature is!?”

“Please, do tell Blueblood.” Luna said as Amber stared at her with an annoyed expression on her face. The blue alicorn simply sticks her tongue out at the unicorn before looking over at Blueblood who began his little tirade.

“Not only does she lie about this war she has been in, but she’s also a mercenary. I bet she’s only doing the whole ruler thing, just so she can rob everypony of their bits and take over Equestria by forming an alliance with our enemies.”

“Okay seriously, what is your problem with me you stuck up punk. I've never even done anything to you and yet you keep bad mouthing me like I’m a monster that just ate your pet puppy or something? I mean at least get to know me first before you go off judging someone-”

“Pony Lady Hanako~” Amber said cutting into the conversation as Hanako glared at her.

“Amber I swear to God I will ram your head into the nearest crystal wall in this castle if you keep doing that.”

“See! She’s even willing to hurt her own knight. Why can’t none of you ponies see that!?” Blueblood said as Hanako sighed and walked over to the colt and place a hand on his shoulder. The human takes a deep breath before putting on a motherly smile.

“Look, I don’t know who or what hurt you during your childhood-”

“Colthood.” Amber said as she looked over at the amber unicorn with a deadpan expression before looking back at Blueblood.

“Colthood, but I can assure you that I am not a monster that you keep thinking I am. Maybe if we were to talk in private, then maybe we might be able to come to some agreemen-” Before she could finish, Blueblood smacked her hand away from his shoulder as he glared at her in malice.

“Get your filthy things off me! Like I would talk to a hairless ape. You need to be thrown into a dungeon and left to rot.”

“Okay, that's it.” Hanako grabbed Blueblood by the collar and lifted him up to her face. “You are really driving my patience thin and your attitude is making me want to shove my foot right up your-” Before she could finish her sentence, she felt Blueblood smack her in the face with a hand in the form of magic.

“A creature like you must be taught a lesson in showing respect to royalty. I challenge you to a duel!” Everyone aside from Celestia, Luna, and Amber gasped in shock at what Blueblood just did as the room went silent. Luna walked over to Amber as they began to whisper to each other.

“You’re about to lose the bet dear Amber~”

“Come on Hanako. Don’t buck this up for me, I got a lot of bits riding on this!” Amber said as she noticed a devilish grin appeared on her face as the amber unicorn sighed in disappointment. "Dammit.”

“Oh you want to challenge me to a fight huh?” Hanako began to look around the room for a moment before seeing a window in point view of her. “Okay then, challenge accepted!” She said before lifting the unicorn up above her head. Blueblood looked over at the direction of the closed window as he began to flail around in her grasp.

“W-Wait, wait! Maybe I was a bit vulger in what I said. U-Uh, m-maybe we can talk this out in private!?”

“I was willing to, but you slapped me in the face and challenged me.” She said before throwing him through the closed window with her uninjured arm. “Now get the hell out of my castle!” She yelled as Blueblood soared through the air and right through the closed window. As he was falling through the air, the high pitch sound of the blonde maned unicorn like a little filly could be heard from the throne room for a bit before a loud thud could be heard follow by groans of pain and gurgling noises.

“It would appears that I’ve won. Nineteen minutes~” Luna said as Amber cursed underneath her breath and secretly handed over a sack of bit over to the lunar princess. “Better luck next time my little pony~”

“I hate you right now.”

Outside of the Crystal Empire near the top of a nearby mountain, stood a man covered in a red cloth looking down over at the Crystal Empire from a distance. Next to him was a orthros painted green as he rubbed its heads against him as he patted his head.

“You have done well Enkidu. Looks like your weapon hunting nose that I trained you in finally paid off. As I hoped it would.” He said before taking the cloth off his body as it was carried off into the wind.

“The sword of legend is here in this kingdom of crystal and snow. Whoever has the weapon I seek shall face me! Gilgamesh!” He yelled before jumping into the air and flies towards the Crystal Empire with Enkidu following after him by jumping from mountain top from mountain top while howling.

Chapter 21: The legend of Gilgamesh

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Chapter 21

The Legend of Gilgamesh

“I am so very sorry for bringing Blueblood along with us. I was hoping he would learn to be well mannered and show respect towards other ponies or creatures in power, but it would seem he needs more time to learn how to do that.” Celestia said as she watched Blueblood being carried away on a stretcher by two white mages.

“It’s fine, it’s not like you had anything to do with the way he was acting.” She said before looking over at Luna and Amber with an annoyed expression. “I am annoyed that these two idiots had a secret bet going on behind my back. I mean really. Who does that?”

“To be was Amber’s idea for having the secret bet placed on you in secret.” Luna said as she noticed Amber glaring at her.

“Really…..I’ll be sure to remember this you cake eating cow.” The holy knight said as the lunar princess sticks her tongue out at her.

“Is Blueblood going to be okay?” Fluttershy asked as she watched the white mages take the crippled prince away.

“He’ll be fine. But if he does what he did to me again, I will throw him either out of the kingdom or into the dungeon for the remainder of your visit.”

“Understandable. I just hope this doesn’t cause any trouble between us or our countries?”

“So long as you don’t bring ponies with attitudes like that, then we’ll have no problem for the time being.” Hanako said as she sighs in annoyance. “Whoever raised him should be smacked upside their heads for doing a poor job at it.”

“Y-Yes. I will agree with you on that one.” Celestia said as she looked off to the side with a nervous smile on her face. “Lady Hanako, would you be willing to tell us more about your kind?”

“You mean humans, right?” Sh asked as the sun princess nodded. “What is it that you want to know?”

“My lady, are you sure it would be wise to tell the ponies of Equestria that sort of information?” Amber asked as she looked over at the group. “Do keep in mind that I don’t trust them. Especially with what happened the first time they came here. And what Blueblood did to you moments ago.”

“Says the mare that placed a bet on me in secret with Luna.”

“...Fair point. But are you sure they won’t try to take advantage of this sort of information?”

“I’m pretty sure they know what will happen if they try anything that Cadance tried to do. Plus they don’t seem like the type to do something like that. So I don’t see a problem in sharing something with them. I mean what’s the worst that can happen?”

“If you say so, but I will be keeping an eye on them if they try anything stupid.” Amber said before trotting off to the knight’s barracks. “If you’ll excuse me, I will be filling out paperwork and documentation for the empire. Seriously, that mad pony that took over the empire really did a number on us.”

“Geez, that pony needs to get laid.” Rainbow Dash said as Applejack smacked her upside her head. “Ow! What was that for!?”

“Rainbow Dash, you shouldn’t say stuff like that. Especially in the presence of royalty.” Rarity added before Hanako spoke up.

“You don’t need to be formal around me. So long as you don’t act like Blue Balls, then you’ll be fine by me.” Hanako said Rainbow Dash, Shining Armor, and Luna tried not to laugh upon hearing the nickname the human gave the white stallion. “Now then. I believe I have to deal with a happy stabby changeling that has a hard time adjusting to the changes that’s happening with his hive.”

“Happy stabby changeling?” Cadence asked.

“Just some insubordination during the raid from the Diamond Dogs. It’s time for Chrysalis and I to talk about a suitable punishment for what he did during that incident.”

”What did this changeling do that requires you both?”

“That’s for us to know and for you to mind your own business.” The human said as she smirked upon seeing the glare the pink alicorn was giving her. “Shoot me all the glares you want, you know the reason why.”

“What are you planning on doing with this changeling?” Luna asked as the human turned her attention at the lunar princess.

“Might have him stay in prison for a month or two, exile him from the empire, or possibly have him do other mundane jobs around the castle depending on his mindset after I bring him back from the dead.”

“You used necromancy to bring a pony back to life!?” Cadence gasped as the equestrians were taken by surprise by this.

“Not necromancy you idiot.” Hanako reached into her pocket to pull out a phoenix feather. “Just used a phoenix feather to bring him back from the dead.”

“.....You used...a feather from a phoenix to bring somepony back to life?” Twilight asked as the human nodded casually.

“Don’t know if something like that applies here if you have someone that can summon that kind of bird. But that’s how it works where I’m from.”

“.....I would like to know more about your world please?” Twilight asked as Hanako shook her head.

“Only citizens of the Crystal Empire are allowed to know stuff from my world. Do keep in mind that your pink friend with wings over there pretty much made me not trust you all very much.” She said as a disappointed expression appeared on the young unicorn’s face. “Until I know I can trust you all, I’m not allowing anyone outside of this kingdom to know about the knowledge from my world. Mainly the magic and how the items we have here are made. We are willing to share common stuff like cooking, farming, mathematics, and other things.”

“Understandable.” Luna said as she walked over Hanako. “Perhaps we can make some way to gain your trust?”

“Hm. I’m always the type that goes with actions that speak louder than words. Once my arm is fixed the next time we meet, I would like to have a fight with the princesses if possible.” She asked as everyone blinked in surprise.

“You...want to fight the princesses?” Fluttershy asked as the human nodded.

“You do know that my aunts control the sun and moon right?” Cadence said as the human rolled her eyes.

“I already told you my life story. You think flaunting something like that is going to scare me off that easily? Hell we just had a fight with a pack of diamond dogs trying to raid the kingdom. I want to see if this trust between our kingdoms can happen. In order for that to happen, their leaders should be able to put up a fight or two when facing a challenge...better yet. A tournament between our kingdoms would be even better!”

“You can’t be serious?” Cadence asked. “Celestia, you can’t actually be willing to do something like this are you?”

“Celestia might be against it, but I’m not!” Luna said in excitement. “It’s been years since somepony offered us a challenge such as this! We must accept this!”

“ has been years since we did something like this. As long as no pony gets killed, then I suppose it would be okay to do something like this.” Celestia said as the equestrians stared at Celestia and Luna in disbelief. Hanako simply grinned in excitement upon hearing this.

“Perfect. We will hold the event at your’s it called?”

“Canterlot Castle.” Pinkie Pie replied.

“Weird name, but okay. We’ll have the tournament take place in Canterlot Castle within three months.”

“Why three months?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Seems a bit long to have this tournament don’t you think?”

“Still recovering from my injuries from the raid, and this will give you enough time to gather up anyone that is willing to challenge me and my comrades.”

“Don’t you mean anypony?” Twilight asked as Hanako deadpanned. “What?”

“Look, I’m saying it how it’s supposed to be said. I don’t need another pony to tell me how to pronounce certain pony words. Anyway, the three month period will be the prepping period for your elite soldiers to get ready for the tournament. Fair warning, we might have more beings joining in on the tournament as well.”

“What do you mean by other beings?” Shining Armor asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well I am going to have a bit of a dinner party going on here with the other nations outside of the Equestrian borders. Amber’s sending out the letters or something to have the other nations come here. Mainly for diplomacy reasons, but I personally want to see who I’m dealing with.”

“Seems a bit risky don’t you think?”

“Maybe, but it will let me know who I can count on as allies, friends, business partners...or enemies.” Hanako answered as she turned around and was about to motion for them to follow, only for her to pause upon seeing a two headed dog-like creature rushing over to the group. “What the hell is that thing?”

“Oh! It’s an orthros.” Fluttershy said as the two headed dog walked up to Hanako sniffing her. “I didn’t know you have animals here.”

“We don’t. All the animals in the empire were dead due to Sombra starving them to death.” She said as she pushed the orthros back due to sniffing her too closely. When she pushed the two headed dog away, she noticed some paint on her hand. “Hey are orthros fur colored green?”

“No, they’re brown...why?”

“.....Crap.” Hanako quickly pushed past the dog as she began to scan the area while unsheathing her sword.

“Is something the matter?” Applejack asked as she noticed Pinkie Pie’s tail twitching rapidly.

“S-Something big is coming!” Pinkie said as she looked up at the sky to see something coming their way. “Oh! Who’s that?” Everyone looked up to see a similar humanoid like figure heading towards them, but was much bigger and muscular.

“Muhahahahaha!” The figure yelled as he soon landed near them...only to miss his mart and bounce off a nearby building and into a pile of burnt up Sombra’s belongings. There was a moment of silence as the Equestrians and orthros looked at the crashed figure before looking at Hanako.

“Friend of yours?” Shining Armor asked as his horn began to glow along with Celestia and Luna’s horns.

“No...he’s not my friend.” She answered while getting into a battle stance. “That man who crashed, his name is Gilgamesh. The battle-hungry sword collecting warrior that I was hoping to never see again.” She said before seeing Gilgamesh leap up from the debris and land in front of the group.

“Now we fight!” He yelled as the orthros rushed over to his side.

“Care to explain who this strange creature is Hanako?” Celestia asked.

“Legend says that traveling swordsmen wanders different lands seeking powerful weapons to add to his arsenal of weapons that he has collected over the years. This man is the legendary swordsman. Gilgamesh, the legendary idiot swordsmen.” Hanako answered with a deadpan expression on her face.

“Is that really his name?” Luna asked as the human shook her head.

“The idiot part I added, but he is a legendary swordsman from the stories I’ve heard over the years in Ivalice and experienced. He may act like a fool, but his swordsmanship is on a level beyond any humans. It’s also how I got most of the scars I have on my body, and how I lost my first sword to him. ” She said before noticing Gilgamesh vanishing from her sight and appearing in front of her as he brought his sword down upon her. The samurai’s eyes widened in surprise by this as she quickly brought her katana up to block the oncoming attack as it caused a small shockwave as the group of ponies were pushed back from the force behind it.

“To think that fate would bring us once again together young warrior of the foregin land.” Gilgamesh said as he began to scan Hanako’s body and noticed the cast over her arm. “Seems like you let your guard down during your adventures, but no matter. Surrender your weapon to me, and I’ll let you live with your head in tacted.”

“I don’t need my other arm to take you down.” Hanako said as she pushed the towering swordsmen away from her and took up a fighting stance. “And I’m not handing over my weapon to you for your stupid collections of swords.”

“How dare you!? Do you know how hard it was to collect these swords? Well not these swords I have in my hands. But my good ones? Blood, sweat, and a lot of tears!” He said before charging at Hanako with a series of vertical slashes and spin attacks. The ronin quickly parried two of the vertical slashes, but was nicked by the spinning attack to her injured arm as she grunted from the pain. “I will not be denied the claim of your weapon!” The swordsmen yelled as he delivered a strong punch to Hanako’s stomach. The human felt the air knocked out of her as she felt her face hit the ground by a karate chop to her back by the towering being. “Now yield to me your weapon, or else.”

“If I didn’t surrender to a bunch of filthy diamond dogs. What makes you think I’ll surrender to you?

“Then prepare to lose your life!” Gilgamesh yelled as he used his foot to knock Hanako into the air and quickly thrust three of his swords at the human’s shoulder, only for a barrier to appear around her. “What the-” Before he could finish, he soon felt a magical beam hit him from the side as he was pushed away from Hanako and crashed into a nearby building. Hanako blinked in surprise as she noticed Celestia and Luna appearing in front of the human with their horns glowing and glaring at Gilgamesh.

“We don’t know who you are, but we will not stand by and watch as you attack an injured pony….or human in this case.” Luna said as she along with Celestia took a step forward.

“We are trying to form a relationship between Equestria and the Crystal Empire. We will not allow you to try and tarnish this by taking the life of our new ally. If you want to get to her, you will have to get through us.” Celestia said as Gilgamesh pulled himself out of the nearby building and glared at the three of them.

“You have some nerve getting in the way of my quest horse. But no matter. Stand aside or else you will suffer the same as that human.” He ordered. The alicorns shook their heads to his order as Gilgamesh snorted in annoyance. “Then prepare to die, foolish horse-” before he could finish his sentence, he was sent staggering forwards from a fire spell. Looking behind him he could see a group of earth ponies with fira, thundara, and blizzara spells at the ready. Hanako smirked upon seeing the group of earth pony citizens making their way outside of the home along with more ponies of the crystal empire.

“Celestia...are you seeing this?” Luna asked upon seeing the group of earth ponies holding magic in their hands.

“Is that...magic they’re performing?” Celestia asked as Hanako gave out a small laugh, causing her along with Twilight and her friends to look at the human.

“Might want to stand back a bit Princesses.” Hanako said as she moved past Celestia and Luna. “Listen up! Citizens of the Crystal Empire! You have an intruder in your home attacking your ruler! What do you plan to do about this!?”

“ELIMINATE THE INTRUDER AND PROTECT OUR RULER!!!” The citizens yelled in union as ponies young and old readied their spells in union as they were all aimed at Gilgamesh.

“You think I’ll be intimidated by this? Only cowards hide behind people or creatures. It’s a sign of weakness.” Gilgamesh said as Luna glared daggers at him.

“And attacking an injured being isn’t a sign of cowardness!? Only a no good varmint would do something like that!” Applejack yelled as she flinched upon meeting Gilgamesh’s gaze, but stood firm and glared back at him.

“I don’t need some creature telling me my morals. If you don’t hand over to me your weapon, then I will unleash my skills upon you and your subjects.” Gilgamesh said as he took a step forwards, only for him to jump backwards to avoid a thundara spell from a nearby pegasus floating in the air. Looking up, he could see a squad of pegasi wearing dragoon armor aiming their weapons charged with electricity at him.

“I would advise you to leave, creature.” Amber said as she casually trotted in between Gilgamesh, Hanako, and the princesses. “This is our home, and we won’t just stand by and let somepony like you cause harm to anyone. Especially if our ruler is an idiot at times for getting into trouble like this.”

“I take offense to that!” Hanako yelled before giving the citizens the order to attack. “Give him hell Colts and Mares!” She yelled as the ponies unleashed a barrage of fire, ice, and lightning upon Gilgamesh. The swordsman's eyes widened upon seeing the oncoming attack as he began to dodge and deflect some of the spells fired upon him as some would graze or hit him directly. In a matter of seconds, the collector of swords was pushed against the side of a nearby house as everypony readied their spells and weapons at him.

“Any last words before we fill you full of magic?” asked a random mare as Gilgamesh tossed one of his swords to the side as he pulled out a smoke bomb and threw it at the ground. Upon hitting the ground, it created a giant cloud of smoke causing the ponies on the ground to cough and cover their eyes. Once the smoke vanished, they noticed Gilgamesh was gone...well sort of gone, as he was tip-toeing off to the side in an attempt to escape. “There it is! Get it!”

“Don’t think this is over human! I will be back for your sword!” he yelled as he quickly made his way over to enkidu and darted down the street with a group of ponies chasing after him and the two headed dog.

“I don’t understand.” Twilight said as she walked over to Hanako. “I know unicorns and alicorns can use magic. But how can pegasi and earth ponies perform magic like this. It should be impossible.”

“Magic from my world can be taught to any...pony. Matters not if you’re an earth pony or pegasi. What surprised me is how fast the citizens were in response to this.” Hanako said before looking at Amber who was walking over to her. “Nice to see that the citizens are quick to act. After what happened with the raid of the diamond dogs, these ponies will do a hell of a good job in keeping the peace when the knights come.”

“Thank you Hanako. It fills my heart with joy knowing that you have faith in us.” Amber said as she looked over at Celestia and Luna. “...As much as I hate to say this. But I must thank you for protecting Hanako from being impaled by that creature’s weapons and willing to defend her. For Equestrian royalty, you’re not as bad as I claimed you both to be.”

“Well we couldn’t just let somepony hurt our new ally.” Luna said with her chest puffed up with pride. “Attacking somepony who is injured is the cowards way of winning a fight. Which is something I detest.”

“Indeed. But don’t think this will buy you my trust, nor forgiveness for what happened to our home.” Amber said, causing the Princesses to flinch a bit from hearing that.

“Hey! Show some respect for the Princesses. They did save your friend’s life, you know?” Rainbow Dash said as she flew in front of Amber.

“Yes, congrats on saving one pony. What about the other they couldn’t save all those years ago?” The unicorn said while glaring at Rainbow Dash. "While you all lived happy lives full of fun and friendship. We had to deal with a mad king that ruled with fear and hatred.” She said before looking up at Celestia and Luna and began to walk over to them, only for Hanako to place an arm in front of her as she stopped and looked over at the human.

“Right now is not the time for your anger to take over. I need you to go after Gilgamesh and try to capture him. I would like to ask him a few questions. Mainly on how he got here to this place.” Amber’s facial expression quickly changed as she let out a sigh before teleporting off after the group chasing after Gilgamesh. As she left, Hanako looked over at the equestrians.

“Let me be the first to apologise for Amber’s outburst and sly remark. Maybe when she returns from her hunt, she’ll be in a better mood.”

“Wait, you’re not going to punish her?” Cadence asked as the human shook her head. “Are you kidding me? Such action like that shouldn’t go without some kind of punishment.”

“It would be different if she attacked them. And seeing how she didn’t, there’s no point in punishing her.” Hanako said before motioning them back inside the castle. “We should talk about this while we go to the medical wing.”

“Wait, are you hurt or anything?” Celestia asked as the human showed a cut on her injured arm and her legs shaking a bit.

“A small cut...I think the blades he was wielding were laced with poison. Because I’m having a bit of a problem moving a bit….yelp it’s poison.” She said before feeling her legs give way. “Shit, Courel poison.” Before she could try to catch herself, she felt something stop her from hitting the ground as she noticed Luna’s horn glowing and levitated her onto dark blue alicorn’s back. “ I was not expecting that.”

“It’s the least we can do given how my nephew and niece have acted. By chance, do you know where the medical ponies are?”

“I know where to go...but I’m dreading going to it.”

“Are you afraid of needles?” Fluttershy asked as Hanako shook her head.

“’s Northstar who I’m dreading to see...again.” She said before grimacing as the thought of the manic medical pony.

“You’re afraid of a medical pony? And you’re the Princess of this place?” Rainbow Dash as she yelps from feeling Applejack jab her in the side with her hoof. “What? This medical pony can’t be that bad...right?”

“Prepare to be surprised.”

Chapter 22: Meet the Doctor

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Chapter 22

Meet the Doctor

[Medical Wing]

“Oh how it is so much fun seeing you here in my medical office, my dear lovely human~” Northstar said as she used her magic to place the human on the operation table. “What is it this time? Arm acting up again? Need another medical check up?” She asked before using her magic to levitate a syringe over and aimed at Hanako with a sedicite grin on her face. “Want to donate some of your blood~?”

“No to all three of them! I’m here because I got poisoned by an invader trying to take my sword away from me!” Hanako said as she batted the syringe away from herself. “Also, now’s not the time for your...craziness. We have visitors.” she said before pointing a thumb over to the side of the doorway. Northstar grins upon seeing the ponies from Equestria, mainly the alicorns as she begins to use her magic to scan Hanako.

“Oh my. So that’s what an alicorn looks like~?” She said while grinning, causing her to shark like teeth to be shown as it caused the ponies of Equestria to flinch back a bit. “Would any of you three be willing to be...examined~?” Upon hearing that, Celestia and Luna’s horns glowed causing a barrier to appear around the group.

“I will personally throw you through a wall if you even think about it Northstar.” Hanako said as the unicorn huffed in disappointment. “Now can you please focus on getting rid of the poison that’s inside my body?”

“Oh fine. You can be a real killjoy sometimes Hanako...still won’t change the fact that I will be looking forward to examining you personally~” Northstar said before levitating an I.V bag filled with a bright yellow liquid and a syringe.

“...Forgive me if I speak out of terms...but are you sure this...pony can be trusted to be your doctor?” Rarity asked as Northstar looked over at her with a deadpan expression.

“I’ll have you know that I’m the only qualified doctor here in this kingdom during that time Sombra was in charge. I did a...moderate job with how I took care of my long as they had the limb that was cut off by Sombra...and it wasn’t their head that got cut off.”

“....You’re not helping your case Northstar.” Hanako said before yelping from feeling the syringe painfully injected into her arm.

“Whoops, magical grip slipped~” Northstar said as Hanako glared at the unicorn. “I’m going to take a sample of the poison so I can determine what it was that he poisoned you with.” She said before pulling the syringe out of the human’s arm and pulled out another syringe to fill it with the remedy and inject it into her arm. “The remedy that you gave us, should take care of it seeing how you said it heals a pony of any ailments. So for now, just relax and try not to move so much.”

“Courel poison. Poison that they use to paralyse their prey and kill them slowly before eating them.”

“Poison from an unknown species!? Oh I would love to visit your world someday~” Northstar said before walking off towards her workshop. “I’ll be back in a few minutes or so. Until then, feel free to talk among yourselves~!”

“...You sure that mare is a licenced doctor?” Rarity asked as the human shrugs.

“She’s good at her work...despite her sick sense of humor and obsession. She is the only pony that knows how to treat wounds and operate.”

“.....We’ll take your word for it. Back to the matter at hand, do you know who that...thing was that attacked.” Twilight asked as Hanako turned her attention to the purple unicorn.

“His name is Gilgamesh. A legendary swordsman from that travels around Ivalice in search of powerful swords to add to his collection. I fought him multiple times during my travels after the war of the lions.” The human said as she let out a sigh. “Out of all the enemies I’ve faced. Whether with a team or alone. He is the most troublesome person I have ever faced in my entire life.”

“Really? Just swords? Why would somepony just collect swords? What is he an avid collector or something?” Rarity asked as the human shrugs.

“How the hell should I know. All I know is that he’s been after me for a very long time in his attempts to take my weapons away. Which of course I’m not going to give him.”

“But he’ll keep coming after you if you don’t give him what he wants.” Celestia said as she motions to Hanako’s arm. “Wouldn’t be wise to give him whatever weapon he’s after. Especially given injuries that you have?”

“You may do that, but me. That’s not going to happen.” She said before pulling out Chirijiraden and examining it. “To handover a samurai’s blade to a stranger such as him would be an insult not only to me, but for those who I’ve considered comrades that have fallen in the war. Day in and day out I trained my body, mind, and soul to be able to master each sword I’ve come across. I’m not going to throw it all away just because of that idiot swordsman.”

“But you’ll get hurt more than how you are now? Aren’t you worried about what will happen to the Crystal Empire if you die?” Cadence asked as the human shrugs again.

“I laid down the works for how the kingdom should be run, and who to leave in charge if I pass away due to aging or something else.”

“But you left Chrysalis in charge.” Rainbow Dash said, chiming in on the conversation. “You can’t trust somepony like her. She’s evil! Especially after what she did at Cadence’s wedding in Canterlot.”

“She already proved herself during the diamond dog raid, and from my spies informed me she’s not up or willing to try and do anything evil. If anything I have more trust in her then I do with you after what happened when you first came here.” She said which caused Cadence and Rainbow Dash to grimace at what she said. “Besides, aren’t you ponies all about friendship and forgiveness. Or is that just for only ponies?”

“O-Of course not.” Cadence said as Hanako raised an eyebrow at her before an idea appeared in her head.

“Then prove it.”

“What do you mean?” Applejack asked as the human looked over at the group.

“Prove to me that you ponies are as you say. Starting with Chrysalis.” She said which caused the room to go silent safe from Northstar busting out laughing in the distance.

“....You can’t be serious? You want us to forgive Chrysalis for what she did?” Twilight asked as Hanako nodded.

“Think of it as a means to gain my trust, and to understand a former ruler’s actions for invading.”

“Former ruler? What do you mean by that?” Cadence asked.

“One of the conditions on letting her subject join the Empire, she would have to throw away her title as Queen and serve as a general for the ninjas. Now as I was saying, if you want to prove that your philosophy isn’t false and reserve it to just your kind, then I’m willing to believe it and willing to trust you a lot as allies. If not, then you’ll have difficulty in finding help from me.”

“So all we have to do is be friends with Chrysalis, and you’ll be willing to form an alliance with us?” Celestia asked as Hanako shook her head.

“We’re not at alliance level yet. The ponies of the Crystal Empire don’t trust you guys. Especially given the fact that you failed their ancestor all those years ago. And some of the generations that were around during that time passed their story on to the current generations. So expect some angry looks coming your way.”

“....Alright, then we accept this challenge.” Celestia said as she felt Twilight tap her on her side.

“Are you sure about this Princess Celestia? What if Chrysalis’s just using Hanako for her own need?” She whispered as Celestia gave her a motherly smile.

“This is a test to see if we’re worthy of Hanako’s trust, Twilight. We already failed the ponies of the empire before. We will not fail them again. You along with your friends are the Elements of Harmony. It’s time to show her what we are made of.”

“Good to hear that.” Northstar said as everyone turned their attention onto the unicorn. “Because I can tell you this much. It’s going to take years and years for some of the ponies here to trust you guys.” She said before walking over to Hanako with a sadistic grin on her face. “Now then, my little human. It’s time for your shot~”

“...Wait, I thought the remedy was the shot.”

“Oh no, that’s just something to cure you of the poison.” Her horn glows as a giant syringe that was the size of her appeared. “This is the shot I’m going to give you so you’ll be immune to any types of poison. Be it Equestrian or foregin.”

“....You pretty much planned this didn’t you?”

“Well for the most part. I was planning on having Amber hold you down with her magic and I inject you with this. But given your weakened state, I’m pretty sure you can’t run away from this.” She said before using her magic to make a dome around everyone.

“Um...why did you have a magical barrier around us?” Applejack asked as Northstar looked over at farm pony and the others.

“Oh, you guys are getting the shot as well. Don’t want you all dying from anything poisonous due to that Gilgamesh person out and about.” She said which caused everyone to stare at her in shock and horror. “Hey now, don’t be like that. It’s not going to hurt.” Her horn begins to glow as the multiple syringes that were the same size as the one she had for Hanako appeared behind her in circular formation. “It’s gonna hurt real badly. Now all of you bend over, it’s time to take your medicine~!” She said with a cackling laugh as it caused Rarity and Fluttershy to faint.

“...Hanako. Would it be okay if we run from her?” Luna asked as Hanako shook her head.

“Know how excited she is...I doubt we can escape from her...but you're free to try if you can break the barrier she has around us?”

“...Mother of me. Give me strength.”

Chapter 23: Court Session

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Chapter 23

Court Session

(Crystal Castle, Throne Room)

After the treatment that was given to them by Northstar, Hanako and the Equestrians made their way back to the throne as the court was about to begin. The moment Hanako sat on the throne, Amber along with a few of the dark knights, and citizens of the crystal empire entered into the room with a chained up Pharynx making their way towards Hanako. The group stopped once they were a few feet in front of the human as she glared down at the changeling in disgust and annoyance.

“Court is now in session!” Amber yelled as Pharynx began to struggle in his restraints. “This will be considered the first sentence of the newly reformed Crystal Empire. Lady Hanako will be the judge, jury, and possible executioner should the changeling continue to show signs of resistance or insubordination!” She said as Pharynx stopped struggling and glared at Amber.

“Pharynx, you are being charged with insubordination during the diamond dog raid, killing the parents of Rufus the diamond dog, and trying to commit suicide to escape punishment. How do you plead?” Hanako asked as the Pharynx glared at the human, but chose to say nothing. “Be forewarned, saying nothing will not help you in this case.”

“I have nothing to say to you, human. It’s because of you that you made us changelings weak and pathetic.”

“Weak and pathetic? In case you haven’t noticed, you guys were on the verge of death because of Chrysalis’s failed plan to take over Equestria...not offense Chrysalis.”

“None taken,” Chrysalis said before returning her attention onto Pharynx as Hanako continued.

“Like I was saying. You all were on the verge of death and would likely have died were it not for my help. And what do you do, piss on my generosity like a dog pissing on the floor.”

“We didn’t need your help! We would rather die than accept help from someone who made us weak,” he said as Hanako stared at him in a mix of dumbfoundedness and annoyance. She soon let out a sigh of pity as she looked over at Chrysalis.

“Does he speak for your subjects?” She asked as the queen shook her head. “So it’s okay for me to punish him as I see fit?”

“Be my guest,” Chrysalis said as she noticed the glare she was giving to Pharynx.

“Wonderful,” Hanako said as she turned her attention back onto the changeling. “You got a lot of balls claiming that every changeling would rather die than accept help from me. You don’t make up the entire hive, you don’t speak for the entire hive unless they allow it, you are a soldier that protects his home from invaders. What you did is unforgivable.”

“That rich coming from someone like you, human.” Pharynx said as Hanako raised an eyebrow at him. “Should I enlighten the ponies of the crystal empire about what you did before coming here?”

“You mean the fact that I killed and slaughtered anyone under the lord I was forced to serve?” Hanako said as she leaned back in her seat. The ponies in the room started chatting to each other for a good few seconds before going quiet as the human spoke. “I was fifteen at the time before becoming a ronin. I was sold and bought into a family of trained samurais that serve the lord that they served. The training was hard and brutal, but it was needed due to the war that was going on. To show that I wasn’t a waste of resources, I was tasked to kill everyone within a nearby village. That means everyone. Every man, woman, and child.” She said as it caused some of the citizens and Equestrians to gasp in shock. “I could make up a crap ton of excuses. Like I was only a kid at the time, they forced me to do it, or else they would’ve killed me on the spot, or something else. But I’m not going to make that an excuse.” Hanako soon stood up from her seat as she made her way over to where Pharynx was. “I did what I did because I wanted to live and not die in a gutter or worse. I did it because I was scared, just like everyone-”

“Pony.” Amber corrected as she quickly dodged an oncoming sandal thrown by Hanako. “You suck at aiming.”

“Shut it!” Hanako said as she heard some of the ponies in the room chuckle. “As I was saying. Just like anypony else. I was scared of dying at a young age. But that’s still no excuse for my actions and those actions made me change, never would I serve under someone like that ever again. Nor do I expect anypony here to serve somepony like that. Soldiers need to think for themselves, stand up, and speak up. Even if they will get killed for standing up against their king or queen knowing that what they’re ordering is wrong.” She said before looking back at the changeling. “You on the other hand had a choice, and you chose to kill Rufus’s parents in cold blood. You have the skills to incapacitate your enemies, but you chose to kill them!”

“You never said whether you wanted them dead or alive!”

“It should’ve been obvious when you saw the child. But that didn’t stop you from killing him along with his family!” She yelled which caused the ponies in the room to gasp. “You think just because you’re a soldier you can get away with doing something like that? I think not. It may have been too late to save the child’s parents, but at least it wasn’t too late for Rufus.”

“Who are you to judge me!? You’re nothing more than a foreigner!”

“A foreigner who saved this empire from a mad king. The ponies elected me as their ruler, and I’m going to bring them into the new era. One where they don’t have to fear any would-be invaders trying to conquer them. Instead of thinking about yourself, think about the well-being of others and consider their feelings.” Hanako said as she grabbed the changeling’s face. “You are the type that prefers to kill instead of thinking. That’s something I will not allow in this kingdom.” She said before looking at Amber. “What are the punishments for something like this? Because I want to make sure that I don’t end up killing this fool.”

“Normally King Sombra would reward him for his efforts. But seeing how he’s dead, something like this would fall under the category of either banishment, life in prison, or killing him.”

“Not bad choices,” Hanako said before returning to her throne. “I think banishing him might be for the best.”

“You would send me away instead of killing me yourself? Coward.”

“I’m sending you away because you need to learn how to be a bit more caring and smarter than what you are now. Take a trip around the world, see new sites, experience new things that don't revolve around fighting or war-related stuff.”

“And you expect me to do that? You don’t think I’ll come back with an army and try to kill you?”

“If I can take down King Sombra and the leader of the diamond dogs that raided us, what makes you think I wouldn’t be able to handle someone like you and your so-called army?” She asked while grinning. “By the time you return here with your so-called army, we will be more ready for when you try to kill me.” Hanako soon turns her attention onto Amber. “I’ll leave you with the process of kicking him out of the kingdom?”

“Indeed,” Amber said as she walked to Pharynx. Once she was in front of him, her horn began to glow as shackles made out of magic appeared on the changeling’s hooves, abdomen, neck, and horn. “This spell I placed you was used to imprison a unicorn’s magic before being executed. But I modify it to lock away your magic and keep you from returning to the crystal empire. The only way to remove it is for you to do as lady Hanako said. Should you attempt to return, then the spell will teleport you away within ten seconds or less.”

“I will give you a fair warning, the moment I do return, I will kill the human. You can guarantee that.”

“I doubt that,” Amber said as she motions for two of the dark knights to his side. “Take him to the gates. If he tries to escape, break his legs, and then heal them afterward.” She ordered as the knights nodded and began to drag Pharynx out of the throne room.

“You all are fools!” Pharynx yelled as he struggled in the dark knight's magical hold. “This human will be the death of all of you. You will meet a death worse than anything you can imagine! You all will be sorry!”

“Again, I doubt that.” The unicorn said as she watched the changeling being dragged out and doors closing behind them. Hanako lets out a sigh of annoyance as she cracks her neck.

“Think I made the right call?”

“Hard to say. It might come back to bite you in the butt later on, but having you kill him on the spot might cause the citizens to rethink their opinion about you being their leader.” She said before looking up at Celestia and the other Equestrians. “Not to mention they might see you as a threat. Especially the pink one with the horn and wings.”

“Right, she’s still sore about not being the ruler of the Crystal Empire…Think she’ll try and dethrone me sooner or later?”

“More like wait until you’re dead before trying to reclaim the lost throne. Which won’t be happening anytime soon given what you did and leave it to the ponies of the empire to choose their leader via voting.”

“Good to know that,” Hanako said before pulling herself up from her seat. “Court is over everyone-!”


“I swear to god I will throw you out a window if you keep correcting me like that!”

“And I’ll just teleport back into the room,” Amber said with a smug grin on her face. Hanako’s left eye twitched upon hearing this as she lets out a sigh of annoyance and turns her attention onto the ponies in the room.

“Everypony return to your homes or whatever it is you were doing before coming here,” Hanako said as she noticed the ponies leaving. “For those who are from Equestria, meet me at the dining hall for lunch. Right now I am hungry and would like to eat.” She said before noticing Amber leaving. “You’re not joining?”

“Normally I would, but I need to check on the citizens to see if they’re okay and capture that Gilgamesh being.”

“Right…almost forgot about him. Well when you do return, we’ll be in the dining hall for a good couple of hours or so.”

“I’ll try to make it back as soon as possible. Mainly because I prefer not to have you do something stupid like challenging them to a hoof wrestling contest.” Amber said as she teleported out of the throne room before Hanako could reply to her comment.

“...God that pony knows how to push my buttons…but having her as my second in command was the best call.”