I Don't Know How to Use Doors

by The Real Darkness

First published

Master Thief, Garrett, gets plunged into Equestria from the primal energy. A Thief crossover.

Master Thief, Keeper, Stalker of Shadows. I have many names, and many enemies. I am reknown for being the best thief of this era. And particularly, obtaining items that nobody else could. I was doing such a job, with my apprentice, Erin, when I called it quits after seeing an odd ceremony taking place. My reckless one under my wing had tried to go down there and through a short spattle, she had fallen down into the primal energy and gotten herself killed, now I wake up in my worst environment, a bloody forest, and I have no idea where I am.

A Thief crossover.

The Woods and the Black Hands

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Cold stinged my face with a soft pounding of a liquid. A liquid I discerned as rain water when I flashed my eyes awake. I quickly stood, about to run when I saw...trees? I'd never seen this place before, never. I only heard of forests and tall grasses in stories and in books. I heard a growl behind me and looked back to see two glowing yellow eyes.

I can think about this later, right now, I need to play a game of tag.

I quickly began taking off, whatever the creature was took off with me. I quickly scaled a tree and began to run and climb my way out of the area, losing the wolf after crossing a river, slowing it down to where it failed to keep up with me. I continued to travel this way until I reached the edge of the woods, seeing a...grassy plain.

I must have entered a fairy tale, there are ponies...grasslands...and tress everywhere.

Yes, ponies...small horses with bright colors of every kind every where on them...and odd marks on their butts as well. I thought about entering but then remembered...I should get sleep soon so I can find food here. If these ponies were residents like actual humans would be, that meant they had things to eat...and...steal.

I hopped down from the tree and began a silent quick walk to the first house, farm cottage. I immediately hid behind the side wall, seeing animals and their tender out and about. I looked up and saw an opportunity...first self-declared job today. I reached to my side, just now remembering about the claw and used it, with it's extending rope to climb up to an open window. I quickly hopped on in, smiling jsut a tad and putting on my leather mask from habit.

First time stealing here...and in the day. An animal care taker must have some fresh food or expensive supplies.

I started with the room, stealing a few gold coins that were laying about before going and checking the drawers and the wardrobe, finding not much jewelry, as expected, but a few supplies that could prove useful. Bandages...matches...other few things. I continued down stairs and there it was...the kitchen. I went over and stole a few fruits and vegetables that were there, but there was one thing that was odd...no meat, but then I remembered, they were ponies. And so I left through the window upstairs that I came through and munched on a loaf of stolen bread. Just so happened that I landed near a chicken that had wandered out...it began panicking the moment I hit the ground behind it. My mind instantly processed places...front door...grassland, hidden down and heading towards town.

I sprinted once more, heading to the front door as I heard the care taker's innocent and soft voice coming around the back of the cottage. I got to the front door and opened it before slamming it loudly, once again, taking off to the grassland nearby.

"Someone must be in my house!" She screamed, racing inside to stop the 'thief' that was well hidden in the house.

I entered the tall grasses, hunched down and began to walk towards the main town.

Far too easy. I wonder what these ponies have to steal?

When I entered town, I climbed the back side of a building thanks to crates and well placed wood scaffolding for repairing windows. I came to the top of a roof and looked about before noting a library...Library were used only by thinkers and there were rarely any thinkers of this town from what I was observing. Which meant that the attic was free for grabs...a new home. I began making my way to there, staying in empty areas and coming up to the back of it, climbing the branches up to a window and slipping in silently.

The interior was indeed wood...almost everything was made of wood. I quickly began observing my surroundings, hearing chatter downstairs.

"Fluttershy...calm down. I'm sure it was just one of your animals." The female voice downstairs spoke.

"You don't understand, Twilight!" The care taker's soft voice rang out while I went about, collecting loot,"He could be here right now!" Even when she yelled, she was quiet.

I peeked down and saw a purple pony, color uniform with her mane, only a pink stripe standing out. She was conversing with the care taker, a cream colored pony with...wings...and a pink mane, long and curled. I slipped silently out of sight when I caught her eye looking at mine...the blue primal prosthetic and the normal brown of mine...she obviously stared at the ocean blue. I looked about, trying to find a place to hide when I came to a closet, slipping in, slats on the door allowed me to see the hall outside.

"Fluttershy, you must be seeing things...there is nobody here." I heard the apparent librarian speak.

"No...something was up here! I'm sure of it!" The animal lover replied, "I think it's in the closet..." she squeaked out.

"Look, there is nothing here..." The purple librarian had opened the closet to which I casually walked out.

"Hello, ladies...sorry to intrude, but I am a lover of books." I spoke, standing out in the open before pushing both back, grabbing their heads and sending them the other way as I flew down the hall and jumped down the stairs, dropping a smoke bomb at the top.

I quickly opened the door with a slam before returning silently into the home, smoke covering everywhere, dissipating slowly, but fast enough to make me move. I was hidden from view of the ponies outside who almost all ignored the smoke. I had found shelter in the living room, where I hid behind the end table next to the bottom of the stairs. The ponies came down slowly, trying not to fall, they quickly ran to the door, looking out to the streets to find me. I silently walked up the stairs and went into a...Bedroom? Odd for a library.

I searched for a feasible hiding spot...to which I noticed a string on the roof. The ponies down stairs would likely be busy trying to find me and so I yanked the cord and out came a ladder to the attic, dust piles went everywhere about the room, hiding their grey color again. I silently set the ladder down before walking up it, pulling the climbing tool back up and sealing the attic.

I looked about, mostly boxes and old furniture, among it, I found a lot of...dust. I searched more and uncovered a window, to which I uncovered and moved the small curtain out of the way of the circular window. I began to contemplate shortly on what to do...home seemed impossible unless I found the Primal Stone, which could not be here. I opted to just set up home here, in the abandoned attic. I searched through everything and found some old cleaning tools, which I used to get rid of some of the dust, a small amount, but surely, good enough. I would dispose of it daily, slowly, as to not make myself be caught.

I dug through the boxes and found a trunk full of linens, which I promptly used to make a very thick padding on the floor for a bed, making make shift pillows and everything. I set all my stolen goods out on the table that I silently scooted closer to the bed. I began to go through my equipment, making sure I was good, I was going to have to find someone who tinkers so they can make me arrows.

I laid on the bed and covered myself, I was missing the ticking of the clock tower and struggled some to sleep.

Priceless Items

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I awoke from my slumber in the dead of night. My internal clock was still working, so I suppose I shouldn't be too riled up. I peeked out the window, and indeed, the sun had just set, it was now my kinds time to operate. I jumped out the window and landed gently on the ground, hanging from tree limbs as I went. I came around to in front of the library door.

No guards? How odd.

I went to work, finding it locked and within a few seconds it opened for me. I poked it ajar before slipping in, leaving it barely cracked for emergencies. I looked about the large library, already noting objects made of gold and silver. I went about, collecting candlesticks, small pieces of no importance, things that wouldn't be missed. But something even better glittered in moonlight...a shiny gold.

I saw a gold case, made of solid gold, a wonderful thing that I could not steal. I went over to it and peeked inside. Five necklaces and a tiara were resting in the case, bathed in the pale moonlight. The upper left held an orange apple gem in it, the upper right harbored a red lightning bolt, the bottom left housed a light blue balloons, the bottom right kept a purple diamond shaped gem, and the very bottom displayed a pink butterfly. But the tiara caught my eye the most, a large magenta colored gem that took the shape of a geometric star sat atop the great curve of the tiara. All of the jewelry were made of solid gold, the gem adorning them was quite real too.

These will definitely be missed...but it's worth it. A librarian doesn't have the means to guard these anyways, I'll help out.

I began to get to work, six locks were located on the case, all seemed extremely advanced, like no other lock. But any lock is able to be picked. I crouched and got to work, unlocking the first, spending several minutes, hours, I couldn't recall. All that mattered was getting the loot and definitely getting out of this town, I needed a bigger city. I finished picking the locks and looked out the window, hours must have gone by, at least two or three and I began to rethink my plan.

If I was going to get out of here, then I needed to know where to go.

I looked over the library, seeing a history section, but reading would take too long, nearby, I spotted a map of the land.

Equestria, how fitting.

I quickly looked over, noticing Canterlot in the center of the map, it must be a trading hub, especially since it is located next to a river. This meant money and a new life for me, a place where there probably are more like me. I took the map from it's frame, cutting it out and rolling it up and sticking it to the inside of my cape. I quickly went back to the jewelry and opened the case. A loud alarm went off and my mind raced. I took all the pieces of fortune and ran out the door, slamming it shut. I hurried into the attic and gathered all the supplies I could carry before hopping out and heading further into this small town.


After a while, all the ponies had awoken and the train station seemed to be closed, dawn was coming and I couldn't leave. But the next train that arrived seemed to have been from Canterlot, thanks to all the shouting that the ticket exchanger was doing over the microphone in the outdoor station. I swiftly made my way over and checked the engine room, seeing that my opportunity was upon me, the workers all confused with the train's demands, I stepped in and hid among the coal, a dirty place, but this would be the only way.

"So, where going back to Canterlot now?"

"Yes, but nopony knows why."

"As long as I get paid and see my foals after work."

So...there was quite a huge deal going on after I stole these elegant masterpieces, which meant they were worth more on the black markets. The train began moving several minutes later and I found myself uncomfortable and being tossed around a bit, but quite hidden, the dawn becoming noon as we arrived in Canterlot. The minute the train stopped, I bolted out and ran down streets.

"Creature! Stop!" I heard a gruff deep voice and looked back to see a blue and white maned unicorn? I never got a good look at any of these ponies since I stayed a good distance away or something was obstructing my view. This unicorn from fairy tales had continued to chase me, dressed in a kind of gold armor and holding a spear.

I continued running, quickly climbing and taking to the rooftops, running all the way into the depths of the huge city before hunkering down in an alley, where shadows hid me. I found my way inside an empty abandoned house using my handy window tool. Now I could breathe.

There was ages and ages old furniture all about me, dust becoming an urban jungle of the dark home. The only light let into the room of the building I set up temporary refuge in came through the small crack left in the window from me. I waited around in this abandoned building before making my way outside, climbing up to the roof and looking about, trying to look for a place to hunker down or a place to...relieve of burdening weight from markets.

After a few hours, the sun had hid behind a cloud and shadows darkened. I figured now would be the time to continue moving, these artifacts were very valuable and I must keep moving if I wish to keep them. I noticed a castle far off in the distance while I ran from rooftop to rooftop, being ever so quiet. I had noticed the same two ponies from the library, accompanying four others; an orange and blonde maned, a uniform pink, a white with a well groomed purple mane, and a sky blue with rainbow colors in its mane. I caught on that they were traveling the main road to the castle. I continued on my jumping journey until I came upon what seemed to be an area meant for the...lower...citizens of this place. I easily stepped down off a wooden roof that used to be stone and landed in an alley way. I hung around the entrance to it, watching ponies come and go.

I noticed a shady one moving past me and I quickly bonked him hard, but not too hard on the head with blackjack, he was dazed sure enough. I drug him into the alley and put a hand over his mouth.

"Now listen...I am no monster, I am a thief from another world who just wants to continue stealing and making profits." I spoke quiet quickly and silently, taking in another breath,"I need you to tell me with the fence is, you dare speak a word of health and my trusty club and smash your skull."

I let go of his mouth, keeping him pinned, he was still a bit dazed.

"I...the fence is not here..." He responded in a hoarse voice.

"Don't play games with me...I am carrying valuable items and I need them sold before I get caught." I shook him hard, banging his head against the wooden wall.

"We really don't have a fence."

This pony was being quite foolish and I had enough of it. I took blackjack from the side of my thigh once more and bashed against his ribs, hearing a crack.

"You're not the only one who knows where he is, so tell me now before I kill you and find the next." I threatened, making sure it sounded real, even though I would never kill without a truly good reason.

"Fine...fine...I'll lead you to his spot." Finally he talked.

"I'll be up on the roofs, you try anything and I'll come down like a hawk and bust your head like a vase."

I quickly climbed, watching him slowly move, injured from my two strikes on him. He kept moving through alleys and smaller streets, probably to avoid being caught with me above him. After a few minutes, he stopped in front of a tavern. He looked up to me and whispered quietly.

"He's in there, in the basement, behind some wine barrels. Now please just leave me alone." I let him limp off, most likely trying to find medical attention.

I jumped down and entered, the door already slightly ajar, I moved silently, watching the view points of all the ponies in the tavern, about three or four customers. I moved behind the bartender, under the cover of the serving counter, I swooped and kept going to the other end, walking down some stairs and into the basement. Taverns usually kept access to all the alcohol in a place where only the bartender could get to easily. I continued down, hearing some soft breathing. I continued and followed the noise, moving through barrels of wine, shelves of liquor and much more before I saw a makeshift bed behind some wine barrels. I quietly went up to the pony and clamped my hand to his mouth, making him wake up immediately.

"Do not make a sound...I am a thief from another world, looking to sell some stolen goods to you. I dug through a satchel I kept on my side and showed him one of the five necklaces and his eyes went wide. I slowly removed my hand and he began to speak.

"That's one of the Elements of Harmony, an artifact used to protect Equestria. That is priceless." He spoke softly.

"Good, then it'll look great in my collection of the others. Now...what will you give me for these?" I showed him the real loot I intended to sell, making quite a good bit of gold...er bits, bits is what they called them.

I felt quite a lot lighter as my bag had been emptied.

"In my world, I had someone who would make these special arrows and sell them to me..." I showed him my bow and handed each one of my arrows over to him.

"The red tipped one causes fire and is just a chemical reaction of a metal and a nonmetal reacting violently to cause flames. The blue tipped is just an arrow with a metal container filled with water that opens quickly when it hits an object. The green tipped is filled with a noxious gas that causes living things to choke. I'm sure you know about the broadhead, blunt, and sawtooth arrows. I need you or you to find someone to make these, I will pay for them the same rate I payed back at home." I explained, trying to keep it short, but there was no short way to describe my tools.

"I'll see what I can do, you must be good, you brought in a lot of loot, so I believe I can trust you to make me more money." He spoke. He was just letting his avarice control his words, fences usually just wanted more and more money.

"If you have any specific job for me, let me know, I can get it done easier and faster than these other ponies that you buy off of." I responded, making sure to set up a lasting business relationship. He walked over to the wall of the basement, where a metal vent was.

"Two taps and then a scratch, I'll open it for you so you can get in quicker and without dealing with the customers up top." He spoke and opened the vent, sliding it up.

I easily slipped through it to the other side,"Pleasure doing business."

I then had realized I never caught his name, but it's best if he remains anonymous to me, I at least knew his face and his body. A dirt matted dark beige color with a well trimmed down black mane and tail that were also dirty and ruffled, some stubble adorning his jaw as well, and his mark on his flank was a small russet bag, of course. I would never forget this image.

I quickly climbed out of the alley to the roof, an hour or two had gone by and the sun was on the other side of the city, shadows being casted down from the walls. I still had these Elements of Harmony on me and I decided to head to the castle to see if there was anything to steal that was easily obtained, or to find out what those six ponies were doing here, they were obviously important. I quickly began traveling to the castle, trying to reach before sunset and I did so, being tired and thirsty I had stopped along the way to infiltrate worker's houses and drink from water that came from their sinks and sometimes eating their food. I did reach the walls of the great castle and looked over, noting the patrol routes of guards for a while before moving close to one of the outside buildings, a gardener's shed. I quickly began moving fast, using foliage as cover. Day sneaking was not an easy feat as there were no shadows to work with my black adornments. I reach the wall of a less patrolled area and scaled the wall, climbing up and going through one of the windows that had no glass.I found myself in a maid's quarters, completely empty. I moved silently, heading downstairs. The throne room must be on the first floor to have easy access for nobles and a secure way for the ruler to speak to them.

I rarely had to hide, most guards were posted in stationary places, few patrolled around corridors, maids and servants were easy to hide from as they kept their backs to me, unknowing of what was going on behind them. I continued to sneak my way down stairs and through hallways, I had a mental map going for me in case of emergencies. I snuck up to apparently was the balcony of the throne room and I quickly approached from the front, zooming with speed up to the guards, bonking both very roughly on their heads, causing both to fall unconscious. I dragged them out of plain view and carefully entered the throne room. I peeked off the balcony and spied the six ponies, many guards and two...horses that were adorned with long horns and great wings, one blue, reminding me of the night that is my friend, the other white, reminding me of the sun, both had tattoos that matched my thoughts. The blue ones colors were uniform with her mane, but the white's mane held green, pink, and blue in it, both manes and both tails were waving with an unseen and unfelt wind. I continued to watch.

"Do you have any idea where the Elements could have gone off to?" The white large pegasus unicorn horse thing asked.

"No, princess, I'm sorry."

The blue winged unicorn went to the white and leaned in to her ear, whispering, I found that I had caught her eye.

I quickly jumped from the balcony and landed on the stairs up to the throne, dropping a flash bomb and running off to the main doors. There was no way for me to calmly slip away, so I had to cause a ruckus to surprise them and indeed I did, they were all dazed and blinded for a while when I slammed open one of the great doors and ran out of the lobby to the castle fields. I was soon caught staring at a whole regime of guards, flying pegasi, unicorns who had their horns glowing, and normal ponies whom held spears. And all of them...did not look happy to see me.

"Lovely time, isn't it. Soon to be romantic, sun setting..." I quickly ran back in, drew my bow when I went around the corner, dodging magic bolts of some energy. I grabbed a choke arrow and drew back, landing it right at the entrance, the guards that rushed in were coughing badly.

The ponies that were stunned by the flash bomb ran to the lobby to see me, I fired another chokes arrows at my feet, making is somewhat difficult to see me and harder to chase me as I held my breath. I ran to the left wing of the castle, the noxious gas soon being cleared by some wind from outside. I was almost down the hall when I jumped from an upstairs window and landed outside. I kept running and running, seing the wall in sight.

I was not going to be caught today, especially with these things on me.

I ran to the shed and found myself caught in a some weird grip and I was held almost perfectly still in my position. I grabbed the bag that held the Elements of Harmony and threw them under the gardener's shed, I'd come back for them later. I was going to get them. I flew back into the castle and was quickly subdued by another odd energy, forcing me to sleep.

This was not the end of me...not yet.

First Time for Everything

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I awoke after some time, of which I conveniently had no idea what amount had passed. I looked about me, dark, some light came in through a window barred with iron bars. I was still wearing my black suit and had some of my tools on me. They of course took my bow, all my arrows, and my visible gear such as my flash bombs and blackjack. I was missing my club. Oh, and they also took the claw.

They have no idea wh-

I spoke to myself, a habit I have, after all it gets lonely being a thief, what other company could I have? But, this time someone had replied back. In a gruff and stern voice.

"So you are awake, you sit tight, you'll have an audience with the Princesses in a moment." It spoke and I soon heard the clip clopping of hooves on stone.

I stood, reaching into special slots on my sleeves and pulling out my lockpicking tools. I soon crouched in front of the door and began to work, soon unlocking the cell and locking it back. They couldn't see me in the cell with all the black I wore anyways. I climbed the cell bars, a bit difficult without the claw or a rope arrow, but I reached the wooden rafters soon. The rafters told me they were for decoration or to support the stone as this must have been below the castle. I walked along them quietly, hearing other prisoners cough from the dust air, my black leather muffler protected me from that.

After a while of walking, I came to the stairs and stepped off, walking up quietly and into a room where one guard was sleeping and the other two were posted by the archway I was at, looking the same way I was, watching the door that lead to my freedom. I looked about and found a small glass and peeked out, staying out of the guards' view. I threw it into the room on the left and woke the sleeping guard up, all three went into the room and began searching for someone. I hurried to the door and found it was locked with a simple lock, I focused hard and found myself able to visualize the inside of the lock and picked it at lightning speeds. I exited and closed the door, locking it back. I peeked through and saw the guards coming back to their posts, the on that was asleep checked the door and saw that it was still locked before he trotted off.

I looked about and saw I was in an empty hall lit by magic torches....I must still be in the basement. I quickly began to look about, seeing the place occupied only by the occasional guard patrol of two ponies and tons of stored stuff. I know that my gear must be placed within a chest back near the cells, marked too...and there had to be a way to distract the guards.

If only I had my fire arrows...or...

That was it...I quickly ran through the storage, remaining silent as I checked what was in the contents of some barrels and boxes, mostly odd and ends arranged in such a way that there were full boxes of knitting needles in a crate. I quickly found where the firewood had been stashed...thank heavens I stole supplies from Fluttershy's cottage. I took one out and struck it against the wood, hoping to light it, which it did in the first few tries.

Flick the match, start a fire, run off and hide among covered furniture near the holding cells. Then get in and search for my belongings and quickly proceed to get out. I went over the plan quickly in my head before looking about, making sure nopony was near. I flicked it and silently ran at a slow pace, hearing a yell for help a few moments later. I slid under a covered table, hiding under the linen protecting it. Guards and servants ran past me to put out the large fire I had caused. It was quickly spreading and I could feel the heat as they waved blankets and such to futilely calm the flames while some ran for water. After a few more galloped past me, I ran out from my hiding place and into the entrance to the cells. I quickly looked about before heading into the next room, sure my belongings weren't there. I began to concentrate really hard before I saw the numbers I remember being on my cell door on a locker that was as square as a square could get. I ran to it and began lockpicking, opening it soon.

Welcome back friends, I dearly missed your company.

I suited myself up again, getting my arrows into proper position and putting the claw and blackjack on my thigh and waist. I gripping my bow firmly, grabbing a fire arrow from my sorted quiver and walking out to the halls, starting another fire to divert the viewpoints of the ponies present....I noticed both of the pegasus unicorns stood, the rulers now present, assisting the ponies and they too looked at the new fire with surprise....I slid by and silently ran at a slow pace again, remaining undetected by the sounds of panic and emergency procedures. I continued my way up and up, reaching the first floor that had windows. I slowed as I knew this place was more occupied than the basement floors.

I crouched down, being very silent and continuing further towards the throne room, going in and out of rooms and hiding places to sneak past guards and servants. I used the excellent mental map I had remembered and soon found the exact window I jumped out from. I slid it open and stepped out, closing the window back after landing in bushes. The sun was below and the moon was above, it was my favored hour. The guards had no chance of spotting me, but still I took out my bow once more and had a blunt arrow in my hand to distract their viewpoint just in case. My thief instincts kept me undetected as I had to force a somewhat far off patrol to look behind them. I shot the arrow right behind their hooves and they looked behind them, drawing their spears and searching in that vicinity. I swooped back to the garden shed and retrieved my earning from before, sliding them back under my clothing in the russet sack they were still in. I then used the claw to climb the wall. I was a free man once more.

I stood on the wall, looking out over the city, smirking a bit, this was the best life, my only way of life. The moonlight casted a soft light over the city and making my walkways darker. I hopped off the wall and headed toward the poor district once more, walking through alleyways and hiding in shadows. I would occasionally walk along the main streets, hidden behind objects or well consumed by shadows.

"You know Juniper has one of the bracelets too, now." I heard a feminine voice speak on the street I was stalking.

"Hush, we shouldn't gossip, you know with her kind of wealth in that house she could skin us both!" Another voice replied.

"Both of you, hurry home, it's starting to get past curfew and you know how Princess Luna is with her dream duty." A guard spoke and the trotting of the two mares sped up.

I peeked up from the box I was hiding behind and noticed that there was indeed a large building that looked like it had a great amount of wealth inside. Gold trimmed curtains that held a dark crimson red as the primary color, hanging plants dotted the balconies, and a guard graced the entrance, remaining vigil and holding his spear tight.

I looked in the building, seeing paid guards to patrol and watch over the expensive valuables. There were at least three from what I saw inside and all the normal citizens must be asleep. I continued to observe...two balconies, one on the right, one on the left of the doorway. The roof looked sound sensitive and there were plenty of way to scale the walls, but streetlights prevented that. I continued to scope the entire place out, watching for climbable places that could lead to possible entry areas.

Might as well try the roof, no harm in viewing what is there.

I quietly moved to the side some, going farther down the street across roofs, stepping away from the ever watchful guard that was at the main door. I carefully climbed my way down, using window sills as a way to slow my fall, landing with a slight tap on the ground. I slowly crept across the street, avoiding lights and the patrols. The patrols must have been from the incident at the castle, they were most likely looking for me. Shame they would never be able to find me then. I began the slow climb up the walls of the neighboring building, gripping windows and loose bricks along the way. I reached the top and crouched lower, moving across quickly with only light taps as footsteps. I looked down and saw a few roof windows built into the forty-five degree walls that connected to the roof. Some of them were lit with lights.

I walked to each of them before finding one that lead to a storage room. I began to gently press on it, trying to open it before switching to a pulling motion on the metal that separated it into panes. I had no luck as the window was locked. I began to debate on what I should do before I went around to each window again and began to notice all the ponies inside and all the possible valuable items. I drew my bow and loaded a blunt arrow, aiming directly parallel with the roof into the home so I could break a window and break through the other one. I released the arrow and two loud smashing sounds followed, one after the other.

I jumped down into the home quickly and grabbed all the items I had premeditated on and then ran off to the next rooms, bowling over the residents and pushing guards away to gain little extra time. I was eventually forced to run after an angry group of ponies had formed behind me, so I sprinted to the second window, pushing more out of my way. I drew blackjack and hooked it up, quickly pulling myself out of their reach. I ran across the roofs of each building, heading towards the shady district of the city, taking a while to arrive.

After several minutes, I noticed a bright yellow light in the sky and quickly ducked for cover, jumping roughly into an alleyway. I saw both of the royal pony beings flying above the home I had robbed in the far distance. They most likely knew I was a thief now, so I had to be careful. I continued on my way further, bright lights coming up along the city. I had to resort to running quickly through a lot of the dark alleys and safety of the residential summits. I had never been found, mostly thanks to the celestial being for luck that pagans believed in if it even existed. I quickly found my way to the abandoned home and took refuge once more, resting.

I went through my findings, noting that a lot of it was gold plated items or expensive jewelry, sometimes I came across the occasional product worth a lot only because of it's manufacturing methods. There were magnifying glasses, rings, cups, gears, and a few more oddities. After about thirty minutes, I got up to make use of the darkness about me and headed to my fence.

"You have stuff already?" He asked when I crawled through the vent.

"Right from your highness's seat. And a rich place on the way here. I know what these are worth...just pay up in money and some food." I spoke in my dead voice, keeping my face covered out of habit. He went through the many items and handed me a large bag of gold pieces, what were known to be bits and a sack of various food items. I had immediately began eating a slice of cheese he had put into it and soon went on to an apple. I didn't eat much, but I have been starving the last few days. After eating, I bought some supplies from him, arrows, flash bombs, and these new canisters that released fumes to irritate the senses. I soon found my way out the way I came and back to my home that was the abandoned house.

Upon arrival through the alley window, I opened my bag and began taking the good loot out. These elements of harmony were going to look nice in this jewelry case. I had put them in it and locked it using my picks, a weird way of doing things. All I would have to do is start up some ghost stories about this house and that should suffice to keep ponies away from it.

I left soon, if these Elements of Harmony are so very important, I needed to know more about what they did and why they are important. I am sure that the castle's archives would hold something for me. With my thoughts gathered, I did the same with my equipment and headed out, climbing to my home's rooftop.

From here, I looked out, planning my routes with the increased patrols because of my activity. I chose to stay to the higher buildings to minimize attention I bring when I jump and move. I did stop every now and then to plan my route to the castle further, having to take some risky paths because of the sheer number of the guards.

It wasn't too long before I reached the castle, the sun still down. I rambled through the foliage of the royal gardens, finding some guard patrols even out here. They really stepped up the security.

Those bricks look like they're protruding, a nice way to climb.

And thus, up I went while guards weren't looking, using the claw to reach further up bricks. I had to work fast to reach a height they wouldn't see me at and I succeeded in that endeavor. I stopped about halfway up, looking up the tower and then back over at the city, a beautiful sight filled with malcontent and trouble. I kept thinking about what I could be approaching due to the height of the tower. It could be a sort of library or noble room, hopefully the former.

After a few more moments, I entered the circular room, my eye instantly went to a bed with the apparent white-coated ruler sleeping soundly in it. I scanned the room, finding many pieces decorated with suns and symbols of the Kingdom along with ornate gold pieces. I silently walked about, stealing all these fancy objects: candlesticks, plates, jewelry, and so much more. I eventually approached the bed, looking over the sleeping ruler to ensure she was indeed in a trance before heading to the door. I opened it, the door creating a loud squeak followed by a shuffling of fabrics. I quickly closed it and proceeded to run across a catwalk to a complex of towers, more catwalks, and protruding building structures.

I entered the first tower, looking back and seeing the door begin to open, the Monarch was definitely inquisitive of what had just happened. I ran out of the very plain empty tower and through another catwalk, this one having stairs leading down. I entered the next and stumbled upon a guard talking to a servant. The servant swerved her eyes over to me and they grew wide upon the view of my form in the moonlight.

I quickly grabbed some bits and jewelry I had stolen and laid them on a chair in the apparent tea parlor like room. I put a finger to my lips and pointed to her and back to the golden treasures multiple times before silently disappearing behind furniture as the guard looked behind him.

"What is it that caught your attention, my love?" He spoke in a somewhat lust filled voice. The two ponies were definitely having a deep connection between each other.

"Nothing, nothing. Just your story of that odd creature stealing is fascinating, you must have been brave to face something unknown like that!" She wowed him and winked at me when she saw me peek my head out as the guard turned back around.

Give up a little bit of spoils to gain a lot more. Maybe I'll be back for the other ruler's treasures.

I silently stepped out, opening and closing a door behind me. The intricate portal must have been a symbol for special authorization in the chambers above. I stopped in my tracks not even after a moment of running down the steps. The white monarch stood in front of me, her horn lit up.

"You. What brings you here? I've never heard of or seen a creature like you in Equestria." She spoke with a firm, but calm voice. I hated it whenever nobles tried this with me. Their constant grandstanding mixed with a tone baited with false security for the urchin who grabs it.

"I'm here on my own accord." I said harshly and slowly scooted at the rate of millimeters to the edge, knowing that it would be a very long fall and a risky escape move.

"Give me the clear answer. What are you and why do you appear here?" She continued questioning me.

"It's rude to not introduce yourself first, you know." I always did love poking fun in the royals if I ever did speak with them.

"Fine. I am Celestia, co-ruler of Equestria. Now please answer my question." I never got quite a response like that.

I stayed silent, staring into her magenta pupils as she glared into my mismatched eyes.

"Did you steal the Elements of Harmony?" Her questioning was most surely getting serious.

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." This is the information I wanted.

"If you did steal them, know that they are powerful artifacts and they are the last defense of our world. A thief like yourself should understand why we need them back so fiercely." Oh, she was trying to remain calm and normal, but I knew I was getting to her.

"Then I hope you find them soon." With these words, I jumped off the edge and began a plunge down, the outside walkways all about me.

I grabbed my claw and quickly caught one, swinging under it as I rappelled down and onto a roof below me. I stared up upon landing, retracting the claw and looking at Celestia, who gazed down at my feat. My senses were left a little hazy after my grand trick.

Is this the Primal energy?

I continued on my way down, opening the next door and slipping into shadows, moving from room to room and getting my own self lost in the maze that is the castle. I had finally exited the tower hell above.

The best way to lose someone is to get lost yourself.

My first priority was to exit the castle and find the Elements of Harmony. I needed to secure them and get them back if need be. I'll confront the other ruler here with them, perhaps she'd be better. With my goals in mind, I headed onward, going from room to room, stealing along the way while remaining out of sight. Most halls were easy, basic guard patrol until I heard a gruff voice again from some sort of magic voice projector.

"We have the same intruder that escaped the prison. Catch him if you see him. I repeat..." I quickly ducked down and hid underneath a table cloth, hearing a cascade of weapon brandishing.

Every party always has an uninvited guest.

I watched the hoofs go by me in a faster patrol system now, more guards on this floor because of me. I peeked out when there were no longer hooves, sticking to the shadows that were not lit up by the torches or lights of the castle. I had to stay in my next spot of a lovely couch back for many minutes before I go move safely. This would take me a lot of time to do, but once I found the stairs, I could go free easily. It was always big furniture, under tables, in shadows, or barely skimming by without being noticed as I creeped across a room and into the next.I eventually found the stairs by just wandering aimlessly throughout the this floor and slowly making a mental map. Unfortunately, Celestia was there with her co-ruler and a whole platoon of guards on the stairs.

I swooped behind a statue base, peeking out and measuring up my foes. I was hoping there wouldn't be too many and a choke arrow would get them all, but they adorned masks this time with some sort of eye protection. I stood up, still behind the statue and looked out the window behind me, seeing the winged ponies fly about in the air, flashing lights onto the grass. I also saw those six ponies, led by the lavender one that lives in her library at the small town arrive. They were walking up to the front of the castle.

Now the party has really started. I'm humbled by their preparations.

I looked back to the staircase, observing the blockade, trying to find any weaknesses. This was the only staircase, one gigantic way down and up the floors of the castle. I looked around them and saw all the light fixtures illuminating the place, there were indeed many. The towers above this floor of the castle were most certainly older and used the torches for decoration purposes, but here it was modernized.

Almost flawless

They wore dark lenses over their eyes and that meant that they couldn't see that well through shadows. I took one of my many utensils out and prepped it, throwing the small bomb into the crowd of ponies and they responded predictably. They all turned to face the device and slowly took some steps backwards. The minute it detonated and released a cascade of black fumes, all of them shut their eyes quickly. The guards that wore the glasses over their eyes would have no way of seeing me through the fumes. It was then that I zoomed ahead and pushed them out of my way to get my access to the staircase. I swiftly descended, running down to the 1st floor before throwing a flash bomb into a random room, causing a distraction for the guards on the floor. I disappeared under another table, I had to repeat the infiltration process.

I moved more fearlessly as the guards investigated the room I threw a flash bomb into and the staircase, to which I traveled further and further away until an idea struck my head.

It's not to late to have an audience, is it?

I went straight to the foyer of the throne room, hiding in the room near it, seeing only two guards there, most likely left to watch for me in the event that I make it to the door and attempt an exit. A quick thought told me how to settle the conflict ahead and I drew my bow, loading it with a blunt arrow. I aimed across towards the next room, making sure my arrow would be covered by the shadows. I released my knocked arrow and it made a noticeable thud noise, causing both guards to look over there.

"What was that?" The unicorn guard began speaking first.

"I have no clue, but it came from in there. I'll investigate." The normal pony followed in voice.

"No, together; so, we don't get jumped." The unicorn began trotting as well as the earth pony.

I walked behind them, taking out blackjack and stepping as silent as I could. I knew I would ahve to open the throne room doors and they would pose a problem with that. As they stopped, I caught up behind them and slammed my trusty club into the head of the unicorn. He crumpled right to the ground, incapacitated.

"What in the name of Celes-." The other's voice slowly dimmed to a silent tone after I slammed blackjack into his temple after he whipped his head toward me. I had to swing overhead and knock him out with another hit as he didn't fall to the ground easily.

Wish you a goodnight

I walked to the front door and barely opened it, peeking out through a crack. I glazed my eyes over the army that awaited me in front of the castle. They surely did not want me to go this time. I closed one of the gaint doors that I had opened and turned my attention to the throne room and looked down to the guards.

I don't kill, but a spear would assist in defending myself.

I walked over to one of their bodies and grabbed bother of the spears, I would use one for my grand plan. I then cracked the front door again and opened a throne room door big enough for me to escape in. I glanced the room and the balconies above. I predicted that they wouldn't guard this room and they didn't. I went back to the front and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

It's time we have a grand ending to this party.

I threw my last flashbomb out and quickly closed the door, setting a smoke bomb by my feet. After my distraction and disappearance mechanism were hidden, I ran to the throne room, closing the door behind me. I looked to the throne and raced to it, prepping one of the spears to be thrown. I sent the weapon through the glass window after the flashbomb went off. I counted in my head of the detonation of the smoke bomb. The panic would help cover the noise I was about to make. The glass window made a loud crashing noise as it was sent through the window and shattered the priceless stained glass that stood for stories into millions of memories. I jumped onto the right throne room seat and bounced off and through the window, landing gracefully with a soft thud from my special boots and the grass below my feet. I looked about and I was indeed at the entrance to the gardens, I could see the forestry and before it were indicated paths by specially carved and designed sylvan paths. I glanced to my left and right and found them empty. I couldn't find the first spear as I suspect and I took the second one I held, gripping it with both hands and taking a few practice swing and thrusts before I took off to the right, looping around the castle. When I reached the front, all the pegasi had their lights turned to the front door, waiting for me to reveal myself through arrest. Every guard was closer to the door than from their initial patrol and stared intensely at the doors and windows of the castle. I walked, crouched, but quickly moving. I stayed close to the shrubbery, in the darkness of night.

It wasn't long until I found myself at the wall. I grabbed the claw from my thigh, holding the spear in my left hand. I threw the claw to the top and quickly scaled the wall, putting it back to my thigh.

"Halt." The party ended the moment a pegasi on the wall noticed me, the only one that could.

"I see you have amazing wings, I'm sure you're very fast with them. We can all be friends." I spoke back and gripped my stolen borrowed spear with both hands, taking a battle stance with it.

"Not possible, make this easy." He took a few steps towards me.

I charged swiftly, bashing his right wing with the wood and then feigning a slash to get him to back his body up. I followed through with blackjack, taking it from my thigh quickly and bashing his head. I turned to the city and dropped my spear, sprinting off the wall and running to a building, scaling it while the pegasus regained his composure. I didn't hit his skull just right to put him to sleep, so I had to act very quickly. Once I was on top, I began to go across roofs in the same pattern I did, noting the lack of guards around everywhere. I headed straight to my fence. He would be joyful at the loot I brought in.

The night has been troubled by more than just me.

I looked above me, seeing a sky blue pegasus with a rainbow tail and mane after me as an alarmingly speed. I didn't think they would be able to travel this fast. I looked back down and knew I had to lose her. I began to think as I just rided the roofs in the city. I couldn't bring her with me anywhere and disappearing into the streets is impossible with her speed and the guards at this hour.

Light began to come up and I panicked slowly. Whatever I had to do, I needed to do it soon.

I like the air, too, but the ground is something safer..

I stopped on the roof I jumped to, taking blackjack from my thigh. I stared at her and watched her increase speed as she dived. The moment she was just before me, about to wrap her hooves around my body and claim me as a trophy to display for a day with rope in front of everyone, I turned stepped to the side and swung blackjack, aiming for the back of her head.

Time seemed to slow as I brandished the club to her neck. I felt strong, very fast, invincible as I did it. I hit my target well and very hard. She crumpled, rolling across the roof until she hit a chimney and stopped, bruised, unconscious, but living. My mind was once more drained and felt exhausted. I quickly made it to my home afterwards, not finding any guards for the remainder of my trip. I swung in through the window and shut it, setting my bag of goodies down and sorting through them before reattaching the many satchels. I laid down on my bed, reflecting upon what happen before remembering my need for visiting the castle.

Powerful artifacts, eh? I could go home, but this place has plenty of spoils, even more so than my old home. I may stay here since everything seems fine and peachy here and ponies leave the richest things out ripe for me hands.

I mulled the decision over more before I finally drifted to sleep, exhausted from the night's work.

Mulling for Greed

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I awoke with a sound of loud banging as the doors below me. I jumped from bed and began to gather my things in a large bag, all the special loot that I wanted to myself, the bits, I've earned, the Elements, supplies, and all foods I could fit into the russet sack. I turned to the dark stairway and stared, knowing that the pegasus that I helped to land said a few polite words about me. I ran to my entry window and threw it open wide, finding a magenta wall blocking me and those six damned ponies down there again, accompanied by some sort of small reptile.

They have me in Check.

I looked back to the staircase and heard a large smashing sound, the door crashing open. Guards were no doubt pouring in and ready to find me. I took a red jeweled golden necklace out of the sack, an Element of Harmony. I held it up to the window, the ponies seeing me with my mask and their lost prize. The barrier went away as they saw it being held in shock.

Well done, but the King always has one safe space to move.

I threw the necklace, watching the cyan pegasus catch it with glee, flying quickly to it. The guards were on the second floor rushing me. I grabbed my bow and loaded a blunt arrow, flying out the window afterwards, barely escaping the law. I pulled back the arrow as I fell and shot it at the necklace my enemy held, making it fly out of their hand and towards an empty street that held guards all over. I began a sprint towards it.

"Thanks for holding onto that for me, but I need it back now." I dropped a flash and smoke bomb behind me, both should leave me concealed as I run.

"That's the same creature from the library!" I heard the purple unicorn shout over while they dealt with the irritants.

The guards now began to run towards me as I went towards my trophy. I knew it wouldn't end well, but it was something I would have to do. I drew back my bow, this time with the real painful arrows. I began to take targets, shooting at guards that were near my objective or close to me. My shot entered their legs, making sure they would tumble during their run. The monarchs were not ready for my other tools. I soon reached the necklace and snatched it, putting it into a satchel while I ran right towards a wall.

I pulled back a new arrow, one I haven't used since I arrived. I drew it back and shot a post on a house balcony, the arrow lodging in the wood and letting down a rope. I dropped another flashbomb behind me before taking off up the rope, climbing as fast as I could manage. I reached the top, looking back and seeing the ponies blinded mid-chase, the six special ones still distracted by the smoke and even more so by the second bomb. I pried the arrow from the post to not show my exit and cut off a following path. I immediately began running toward my fence's hideout along the roof. I needed to know another city, a way to get there quickly and quietly. I was breathing rather hard while I jumped roofs and ran along them, most of the guards left behind and ponies gazing up at my dashing form. I soon found the alley of safety and dropped into it, knocking on the vent.

The vent was soon pulled open and I slid in, looking to my dingy fence, my cloth mask still hiding my lower face.

"I need a way out of this city and a new place to hit up other than here and Ponyville." I spoke quickly, handing him a lot of my loot and many of my bits, his hooves dropping them to the floor from his unpreparedness.

"You could go to the Crystal Empire," He reacted fast as if this had happened before, "I'll organize a group to ship some supplies with that you can hide in." He already suggested a way out.

"They'd stop the trains and search them." I responded, peeking outside the vent.

"Meet me outside the wall on this end of the city, I'll transport you in a separate wagon to the Crystal Empire."

"Set me up with a fence there too. I'm carrying the Elements of Harmony on me and I need time to figure out how to return them without getting caught."

He nodded and walked up the stairs to the coverup business. I just then realized, he owned this tavern, all of it and he was pulling strings for me. I had a single real friend in this world. I exited the vent and looked down both ways in the alley before taking off down the streets in daylight, the ponies in the shantytown not caring at all. I ran the to city wall and scaled it quickly, using the claw to climb bricks that were stuck out. I then rappelled down the wall on the other side, already finding a note in the grass.

I knew you would find this quickly, come down the cliff side to find where the wagon is being set up at. It's up to you to find out how you wish to do it.

I looked over the cliff edge and found it to be a long way down, almost a straight fall. I pulled myself back and ran options through my head, I had some time to think of my exit. There were two ways to go down the cliffs, one being a straight drop, the other being long drops with ledges in between each. I could always take the train tracks on foot. I could hitch a moving train. My best try would to be taking the tracks on foot.

I began to jog around the city wall, staying close so the guards in the rich areas would fail to see me. I took the shorter way around and ended up at the station in the very front of the city. I stopped at the beginning and planned a sneaking route behind the stopped trains. I took out my bow and readied a blunt arrow in case I needed a pony to whip his head in a different direction. I peeked out from behind the wall, finding the station almost empty to begin with. I only had to worry about the occasional guard patrol and the station workers. I waited until the patrols were out of site before I swooped behind a train and began my slow traverse across the station, staying behind the train until the very end. I peeked out again, waiting for the opportune moment. I crossed to the wall when it struck.

I put away my bow, hooking it to my back again and taking off in another light jog. The tracks led down tunnels in the mountain where it was mostly dark and kept alight by sparsely placed lights in the rocks above. The scenery of the tunnel was very monotonous, the same lights placed the same distance apart and the almost congruent rocks that kept appearing along my unexpected exercise. It wasn't too overbearingly long until I reached the exit. Upon entering the little less than blinding light, I took a right and began running around the mountain, heading to the drop off where the wagon awaited me. It was another many minutes until I arrived, the city above me going into lockdown.

I reached the wagon and quickly jumped on it, taking a hiding spot along the supplies. Without confirmation, the wagon began moving.

"Glad to see you made it. You're the best thief I've ever had working for me." I heard the gruff voice of my fence speaking.

"I'll always be the best and I'll always slip away."

"I'll be headed to a far out place where a good friend will smuggle you in with her cherry deliveries. Just stay quiet until we reach there. We will be meeting her at Neighgra Falls."

"Please give me a map of this land before we depart, and a way to reach you."

"Can do." With his last words, the trip to Neighgra Falls fell to a silence born from the knowledge of unnecessary talk and necessary subterfuge. Any patroling guards looking for me via air in case I had escaped the city, which I had, would be on the lookout for me.

I had eventually fallen into a sleep from the monotonous pounding of hooves upon the dirt.

I awoke to a hoof shaking my body awake and the sound of waterfalls.

"Time to switch...get into the empty crate right behind Cherry Jubilee," my fence again.

I pulled myself out of the wagon and stood in the grasses next to a large waterfall.

"You didn't say he looked like that!" I heard a feminine voice behind me and I turned around after pulling my mask back up.

"I assume you are Cherry Jubilee. I appreciate you smuggling me," I walked over and my fence handed me a map on the way over.

I opened it for a moment and found our position and then the Crystal Empire. A long way of traveling from the looks of it.

"You must be Garrett then, a pleasure to make your acquaintance," she nodded to me.

I tucked the map away and entered the empty crate that was left open for me. It was cramped, but not too uncomfortable.

"I'd like to get going as soon as possible," I said.

"Well, we will. I'll be dropping you off in the storage warehouse, so you can make your home there. Just be careful, the ponies know me to be a nice mare, they don't need to know about my dark dealings. I can pay you for all the things you manage to steal, I have some connections after all," Cherry Jubilee explained while she covered me with cherries and sealed the crate, "I'll let you out when it's safe."

"Garrett, feel free to come and visit me every now and then, alright?!" I heard my now old fence shout so he'd make sure I could hear him. I noted to stop by if I'm ever in Canterlot again.


I stood once the crate was unsealed again and I stretched, hiding my face again.

"Good, you are awake. It is nighttime and this is the warehouse. I'll leave a window on the roof open for you at all times," Cherry Jubilee said, "and I'll have a bed moved in here as soon as I can. You may have to hide from my workers though, they do like to come and go a lot during the day, so I had the crates in a corner all switched around so you could have some room."

She really did all she could for me, odd how these ponies were like that. They knew I was considered wanted by the law, but they still did this. I know she also had to have caught wind of the crime I recently committed in stealing the elements.

"Thanks, I'll be headed out the window now," I said and began climbing up the crates stack on a wall before I slung out the claw and pulled myself out the window.

"Be careful!" She called after me.

Careful, when am I not being careful?

I ran off the roof of the warehouse, jumping to another building and peeked over the edge. I was in the lesser business side of the Empire. The part where all the behind-the-scenes stuff happened; storage, manufacture, labor, and anything that wasn't directly involved with customers. I looked to my left and saw the huge Crystal Palace there. I checked the inside of my clothing and found the elements and the map to still be there. I ran off the roof tops to quicken my pace there. Not a single soul was out at night, mostly due to the frigid chill in the air. The patrolling guard was very rare in this district, a blessing for me.

It took at least two hours to make my way into the nobility and see the palace up close, there was definitely more guards patrolling here and in pairs with the occasional pony going by. I was moving unhindered, none of the guards were even checking the rooftops. My arrival here was unknown and my presence obsolete. It wasn't long before I made it to the palace.

And here is the challenge, the distance to balconies that stuck out was too great for the claw to swoop me across and guards were looking in all directions. I didn't want to give suspicion that I had arrived so I needed to get some kind of distraction, a good one.

I need those guards to come out and tend to a problem so I can start another problem.

I gazed around before I set my eyes on an open window with a view of a stove, perfect. My bow was knocked with a fire arrow before I loosed it into the home and began to watch the kitchen of a noble burn, the guards near the palace were quick to see the smoke and galloped over.


I carefully leaped down onto other crystal structures before I ran into one of the four spires and made my way into the palace. This would be the difficult challenge, or tedious one. I had to make it all the way to the top of this palace quickly and see the ruler of these lands. I started at the stairs, climbing swiftly, but quietly.

A hoof step. Stop. Fade to silence. Continue. It was a simple pattern that was repeated many times until the stairs stopped going up and I entered the suites of the palace, for the most important of dignitaries and guests.

I'd love to take all these things, but I don't have the time.

The guards were a lot more sparse here, posted at the ends of hallways or rarely patrolling. It didn't take long for me to locate the next staircase either. The Crystal Palace was a lot more straightforward than Canterlot Castle was. This looping staircase led me all the way to the top, but from what it looked like outside, that wasn't where I needed to be.

The very top was some kind of overlooking open rooftop, below that was the throne room. So the ruler's room must have been just below that. That's where I made my entrance and I was correct, two guards posted just outside the door and well decorated, with spears to accompany their suggested ranks.

I don't think I could keep quiet on this.

I took the note out from one of my pouches, a simple thing to deliver. Put it there and run, easy, right?

I tossed a smoke bomb up and the guards immediately went defensive when it landed at their hooves. It exploded and created a perfect opaque sheen for me. I could create a little more time for my escape if I dumbfounded them, maybe a few seconds longer.

My body swooped into the lingering mist and I just barely opened the door before shutting it quietly and swiftly walking over to the bed and leaving the note next to the dresser, lighting the candle on it with a match as well to give attention to it. My next stop, the open balcony.

My feet raced with soft taps across the floor and a sound of infant crying reverberated throughout the room and a shuffling in the bed was next.

The door slammed open and things got crazy.

In the current darkness, I jumped from the balcony and shot the claw out, catching the balcony ledge above me. My perfect escape, but I had to be quick, there was a small likelihood that I could be caught making exit stage right. I let the claw free of its attached talons and fell to the balcony, continuing my descent while there was a short shouting moment above me. It wasn't long before I dropped and landed with a thud in the empty streets, commotion around the still burning home.

My feet carried me up structuring with my hands and onto roofs to arrive back to my new home.


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The next night, Cherry Jubilee was nice enough to provide a hot meal, but she did say I'd need to start making an income soon. Income, that's all it was to me, a job, a way of living, make ends meet. There were those times where I had to, I needed to act on impulse. I was a thief and I would proudly strut that in the empty hallways of the houses I quietly entered.

Here I was, at the meeting spot, the jousting arena. It was close to the city so I could escape if need be, but open enough so I could have some trust of the single pony meant to meet me. And here she came.

Out here, I'm the King of the Night.

Of course it was an alicorn, who else would come? I made it quite thorough that I pulled the strings and I could flee in a moments notice with the elements. I sat in the announcing booth, a little up off the ground while I saw this darkened alicorn make its way to the center of the arena like I instructed. I jumped down from the window of the booth and snuck my way, unseen, unheard, and undetected.

They can at least follow directions, that's a first.

"You made it," I spoke with my mask on, spooking the ruler, "I'm glad you know how to follow directions."

I lit the candle I placed earlier with a match, "I'm Garrett, and you are?"

"Cadence, I-," I was the one speaking here. She was visibly scared, she must have heard the stories of me and exaggerated rumors.

"I'd like to keep this to business only. I'm here for two things. The first is a portal back to my time and world. The second is to return the Elements of Harmony."

"Then you do have them! Give the-."

"Quiet!" I ridiculed in a harsh voice, "silence is the music of the night and breaking it brings consequences."

"Sorry, just hand the Elements to me and we'll talk about your first demand," her voice turned soft and believable.

A snake in the tongue is just as deadly as one in the shoe.

"I don't have them on me, I will give you a drop location for where you can pick them up. I want you to check with the other rulers and any magic presence and leave a note at the same drop location. Also, I demand you draft a contract to put in the drop location tomorrow night along with the note you leave for me. I want two copies of it, one for you and one for me," I was spouting my demands. I felt like a dirty robber or bandit, either of those would never amount to me.

"And what do you want in the contract?"

"To no longer be pursued for theft of the Elements of Harmony and no cruel punishments to ever come my way."

"That can be done easily, but you are a thief, aren't you?"

"I have stolen nothing from your palace. The drop location will be in the mailbox of the Rarity's Boutique Warehouse. Get there at 1AM and no earlier. Our meeting is concluded," I blew out the candle, "I expect that contract and note to be at the drop site by then, you are not to linger. Pick the elements up at 4AM."

I sprinted away.

"Garrett!" Cadence called after.

It was done, now I only need to wait.


"Did you see my bracelet?" I overheard a noble pony inside their dwelling. The night was still young and nobles were still awake.

"No, I haven't. Why do you insist on keeping it? It's supposed to bring bad luck, just like the other seven," this mare's husband gave me quite the insight.

Is this one part of the same set as the one in Canterlot?

I made my way to the roof of the building and while the guards were gone and no heads near windows, I dropped and gripped the window sill ledge to let myself in.

I'd like to see this bracelet myself.

"That's just a rumor! It's an oddity, and as one of the oldest and richest families in the Crystal Empire, we must keep things to show off at our parties!"

I wouldn't mind seeing all these oddities either.

My feet guided me silently around an empty bedroom that left the door open. I flew about the room quickly, making a little more noise, but my hands were important.

Jewelry, coins, candlesticks, letters, anything that looked useful now or later. Hoofsteps soon came to the door just after my fingers delicately closed the last drawer of their second dresser of three. I slid under the bed while they turned on the light.

"You can find it in the morning, it's probably in the storage room, you just misplaced it."

"I guess you're right, just turn off the light then, I'm headed right to bed since we have that brunch early at 11am."

Immediate darkness and two rustling of fabrics above me told me they were in bed and likely with their eyes closed. My signal. I slipped out from the bed and opened the door slightly to walk out. Darkness. The servant here must have also gone home for the night, these rich ponies were just like the nobles in my world. Spoiled.

It didn't take me long to start going through their mansion and begin taking all their valuables and even munching on some of their food items. And the second to last room is when I found it, their storage room. The first thing there was a wooden pedestal about the size of a plate, like some small viewing platform.

I see where it's supposed to go.

There were some nice pieces of jewelry there, but I didn't come for them, they were only a bonus. I came across a small box, behind a sheet covered piece of furniture.

Hello there, glad to find you.

I opened it to find a thick gold bracelet divided into three bands that linked together, a snake head at each end with a large emerald in its mouth, on both ends. I gently flipped it around in my hand to admire it before I stuck it close to the elements inside the inner pockets of my armor.

And I was out back on the roof with the help of the claw and the third story window.

I see this city has much to offer

I returned home while the sun was rising and slipped through the warehouse sunroofs, seeing Cherry Jubilee waiting on me.

"Cutting it close, Garrett? I thought you were the best thief in Equestria."

I pulled my face mask down and turned my pockets out, handing her expensive item after expensive item until I was finished and brushed the bracelet in my chest pocket. It was known as a death coil.

"I apologize, you brought the haul that my regulars would bring after a few days, together," she smirked, "take the entire sack of bits behind me, I'll be getting some of those specialty arrows from my good friend who sent you here."

"Ask him for whatever he's made and tell him I'm going to need a lot more flashbangs and smoke bombs, he'll know what I'm talking about."

"I also cleared out a crate and made a hidden door in it at the back of the warehouse with an escape exit just in case. It's got a bed and all the simple living things for you. You owe me," Cherry Jubilee pointed her hoof at a giant crate at the back that has a specific shipping date that was very far in the future, "some of the wineries request to have cherries just before they start to rot and ferment, it helps them charge more for some of their wines for the nobles. There's also a hot meal for you in the crate."

"Nobles never change. Warn your other business partners that guards may be out in much larger numbers tomorrow night," I left after the gate began to open, the real workers arriving to do work in the warehouse.

"After what you brought, I wouldn't be surprised."

I let my hands drift over the face of the crate and felt it jiggle slightly, a simple pull to the left and a small square hole opened up to reveal the room with a lit candle. A bed, a table, and a chest; my necessities. I stored the death coil in the chest and began to smell something delicious, next to the candle a stir fry of vegetables was sitting along with a fresh apple. An unveiled vent cover revealed the escape exit to me, directly to the street, a short tunnel out.

Perfect, this'll make a good home.

I dug into my food, consuming rapidly before I quickly went to sleep to recover for the next night.


Midnight, that's when I left, the clock inside the warehouse helped a lot to keep track of time. I made my way out and across the industrial district of the Crystal Empire and to the correct warehouse that I spotted from miles away. It would seem Rarity was good at making her presence in places be known and a taste for noble fashion. I leaped down off a roof of a warehouse across the street and made my way to the mailbox, opening it to find the note and the contract that was already signed with her name, a quill and ink pot inside just for me to do the same.

It did confirm my earlier suspicions.

Of course, no way home. This world suits me well enough and I can certainly make my living here.

I took the contract out and signed it atop the mailbox, both copies, and stuck one back inside. I pulled the bag that contained the Elements of Harmony and gently placed them inside the mailbox before shutting it and taking off to the rooftops and heading into the noble district to make some coin lifting things from houses, but much more sparsely.

There were definitely a lot more guards out, posted at street corners, patrolling in pairs, but mostly close to the palace.


At 4AM, like I desired, Cadence made the pickup and couldn't see me atop the warehouse in the darkness of the night. She did it alone like I had asked.

"What? Where are the elements?" I heard her say to herself, that's when I heard soft booms all about Cadence and on the top of the warehouse with me. Guards, Canterlot guards, this Rarity probably had some silent alarm set up and I must have tripped it when I made the dropoff for the elements.

There were two guards to my left and three to my right, unicorns with bows in their magic grip. This does not bode well for me. I crouched as still as I could while they trained their eyes on Cadence along with the guards on the ground with their spears. That's when I saw my doom, those pesky six that chased me from my original home showed up, scattered to search for whoever made the dropoff with the elements.

"Cadence, what are you-," the white furred unicorn with an elegantly curled purple mane began to ask, must ahve been the owner of this warehouse.

"He's up here!" I knew that voice, it was Twilight's.

And it was behind me.

"Sorry, but I don't have time for an audience to my adventures tonight," I stood and ran towards Twilight.

My right hand reached into my pocket and shoved a smoke bomb thoroughly into her face before it exploded, leaving her confused, blinded, and with irritated eyes.

"Halt!" I heard the guards behind me. They always insisted on demanding respect to their authority.

I went to jump off the warehouse, but slid before I fell into the trap, just barely staying up on the rooftops. Multiple flashes filled the air around me and the ground below me with guards and the pesky six. Cadence was even among them as was the two rulers of Canterlot.

I suppose this is one game of chess I wasn't supposed to win

My mind went frantic again. A way out, there had to be a way out.

I drew my bow and pulled back a sawtooth arrow, aiming at a guard. I hated hurting people, but sometimes I had to in order to get out of sticky situations or create openings.

It was silent until the white pegasus-unicorn thing from Canterlot spoke up.

"Garrett! For your thievery of the Elements of Harmony, you are und-," my ears hated that word.

I think you've talked long enough.

My fingers loosed the arrow and it hit directly into the talking white ruler, all ponies there broke into panic and rush to her side to ignore me.

My hands dug into my pouches and pulled the four flashbangs I had, I set them off, chucking three out at the flying and grounded forces while the last covered my spot, I ran and I knew I couldn't stay in the city, they'd be searching non stop for me.

My heart was loud, very loud. I drew out fire arrows and began to shoot them at anything flammable in the areas I sprinted through, I needed them to be distracted. I kept one for later, just in case. My feet carried me a good distance away before the rainbow pegasus caught up to me.

"I advise you stop chasing me," my thief honor prevented me from getting caught for one moment to explain what I was doing.

"Hah, like I ever would!" She was gaining on me.

I pulled a noxious arrow back and flipped around, making contact on her forehead. My feet carried me away from choking sounds.

I reached the outskirts of the city and noted the lack of green. Snow was falling thickly in a perfect circular edge around the city. It would explain why the night travel here was so cold. It looked like the wings were harsh, a blizzard.

"We have you now, murderer!" That was Twilight. I turned around with some anger, thankfully I could control myself quite well.

I took a hushed breath in, "I am no murderer! I only steal and hurt when I have to, don't compare me to such thuggish brutes."

"Regardless, creature. We have captured you now," the blue pegasus-unicorn landed next to Twilight and soon, all the guards and ponies made there way to that side.

I peeked behind me back to the snowy wasteland. I could perhaps lose them in the blizzard and return to the city.

"You've committed many crimes," the white counterpart to the dark blue appeared in a flash, a small red spot on her fur.

"I returned the elements, what more would you want from me? I have a contract signed, dammit," I put away my bow in a show of good faith.

"A contract?"

I pulled the folded paper from within my leathers and showed it, the paper floating over in a yellow glow.

"Cadence, did you...did you really sign this?"

"I did, he was supposed to give me the elements back," Cadence confirmed.

"I did my job, I placed them into the drop site, if someone stole them, it's your problem now, jailing me won't solve the issue," I refused to back down, controlling them with words was my only craft now.

Silence followed.

"You're right, so why not a counter offer?" Twilight spoke now, I didn't take her to be much of a leader.

"You have my attention."

"What if we paid you to retrieve it?"

A job? A job, one that would pay handsomely most likely, and something to suit my skills, maybe even something that could broadcast my thieving skills.

"Twilight! How-," the white ruler immediately protested.

"That might work...I am held to the contract and we can recover the Elements of Harmony."

"How much would you pay?" I asked.

"Name your price," The white spoke up again with a smirk.

That smug grin won't stay long and neither will their confidence. I knew the objects of my desires since I laid my eyes on it.

"I want all three of your crowns."

All of them stopped smiling and silence once again fell.

"We would never give thou our-," the midnight started.

"Fine, if that's what it takes," the white interrupted again.

"Good, because if you're going to track a thief, you'll need a thief. You had no other choice here," I walked towards the group, the guards with their weapons still raised, "I need your names."

"Celestia," the white was first.

"Luna," the blue next.


"I know you, I only asked for your rulers' names," I turned back around once I was past them.

"To track these thieves, you need to ask questions. Where could they move the material off to? These aren't the best of the best, aren't the ones that take pride in stealing like I do. Who could they sell the Elements to? Who would have the motivation to keep them away from you?"

"Discord," Twilight quickly answered.

"And where is Discord?"

"In his own dimension, but he sometimes visits Fluttershy's cottage," Twilight answered again.

"Then the thieves will have to take a ride out of the Crystal Empire. I recommend shutting down all trade routes, trains, and exits out of the city until I can properly track these thieves down," I turned back away and began to run, climbing up whatever I could to reach the rooftops. I would start my search tomorrow night and start at Rarity's warehouse.

"Garrett!" Cadence called after me again, but none of them gave chase.