Wishing On A Star

by MegatronsPen

First published

Sunset Shimmer’s heart is afflicted by a feeling she cannot quite understand. Will she be able to overcome her fear of rejection and win over an oblivious Twilight Sparkle?

Twilight Sparkle,

I need you.

Sunset Shimmer.

A simple confession note that was never meant to be seen causes Twilight Sparkle to appear before Sunset Shimmer, concerned and eager to help her newest friend out of her apparent dilemma.

Will Sunset Shimmer be able to overcome her fear of rejection and win over an oblivious Twilight Sparkle before the night is over?

(Set after the events of Rainbow Rocks and before the Friendship Games. Will contain light foreplay in scenes of a sexual later on. Will be written over the course of short updates given my recent time constraints.)

Edited (in part) by the lovely: Ladrian

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I Wish You Were Here

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An indescribable feeling clenched her throat and crushed the air from her lungs. It was a sensation she had never felt before and it had happened every day since she had officially redeemed herself (in her eyes at least) against the fiendish Sirens that tried to brainwash her school.

Her part alongside Twilight Sparkle and her new-found friends in their victory over the enemy ought to have filled Sunset Shimmer with a sense of happiness or, at the very least, a degree of closure that would lay to rest the sins she had carried along with her since her own failed coup.

Was this feeling guilt, still lingering from back then?

No… no, it wasn’t… she was certain of that.

This was different.

It felt sinister in its confusion.

Her breathing would quicken and her palms would grow sweaty as her body pulsed with adrenaline from a fight or flight reaction she could not comprehend, her mind niggling at her nerves and latching onto an irrational fear of…

Or was it excitement?

Sunset Shimmer flushed the toilet and turned around to approach the sink, turning on the hot water and allowing it to run for a few seconds while it heated up to its cleansing temperature.

What was there to run from?

What was there to fight?

She always felt this way whenever she was with her friends, or writing to Twilight Sparkle, who had long since returned to Equestria.

Her weary eyes lifted to the mirror. She stared at her own reflection silently for a few moments before grabbing the bar of soap and proceeding to wash her hands very thoroughly, her thoughts focusing upon the lavender mare specifically.

They had so much in common from an intellectual and conversational perspective. If nothing else, Twilight Sparkle was the only one in this world with whom she could properly discuss the intricacies of magic.

After all, how many pony-turned-humans did she know in this world?

She stifled a smirk at her own reflection, finding that thought just amusing enough to cheer her dour mood, if only very slightly.

Finished with washing her hands, Sunset turned from the basin and ripped the towel hanging from the nearby rack. She dried her hands just as attentively as she had washed them, her eyes narrowed upon the act as if it demanded her full and undivided attention.

It was a poor attempt to curb her mind’s fixation on the stirring inside of her stomach.

She felt sick.

Departing the bathroom after depositing the towel upon the ground, Sunset Shimmer entered her pitch-black bedroom and quickly walked towards her desk. Her school books were piled neatly upon it next to a desk lamp which she clicked on, illuminating the surface and the tome that she used to converse with Twilight Sparkle.

Her eyes shone with happiness as she opened up to the very first page, her lips curling into a genuine smile as she pulled the small stool from under the desk and sat, her chin rested in an upturned palm as her elbow dropped onto the desk with a thud, keeping her weary frame from falling forward.

She turned to the next page, her eyes skimmed across the entries without fully reading the contents.

Despite not knowing the reason behind what she felt, Sunset Shimmer knew of the source. That much she had easily deduced.

When she came to a blank page, Sunset Shimmer reached down under the desk to open up a drawer and pull out a worn-down pencil riddled with bite marks. Placing the tip between her teeth, she nibbled at it viciously, her body swaying side to side as she lamented over what to write.

She hadn’t corresponded with the Princess for days now.

Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle,

She frowned a little at the first line as she penciled it onto the page, her mind blanking instantly as she thought about what else to say…

“How do I explain this feeling?” Sunset whispered to herself, her eyes lifting up towards the ceiling, as if the answer she sought would be found there.

“Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle...” She swallowed hard, tears building up in the corners of her eyes. The more she thought about how to explain what ailed her, the worse it got. “I… don’t know what’s wrong…”

Sunset Shimmer’s eyes widened as she dropped the pencil, her hands trembling uncontrollably as her heart clenched painfully in her chest.

“Deep inside, I am hurting like I have never felt before and it is whenever I think of you… I miss you. I know I have done terrible things and I know I am forgiven but, selfishly, I feel… lost, without you here… and I think, maybe, your friendship is not enough… no... clearly, it is not and will never be enough...”

Sunset Shimmer licked her lips, her body sagging forward to lean heavily against her palm as she clenched her eyelids shut.

“I-it’s as I said… I am lost to these confusing feelings I have whenever I think about your face or speak your name and I think the others are beginning to suspect something is up… I can’t help but react... physically, whenever they talk about you… I try to steer the conversation away from you as much as I can and… well...”

Opening her eyes, Sunset Shimmer dropped the pencil and sat up straight upon the stool She ran her hands up over her face and then eventually over her head and through her hair, sighing aloud as tears trembled down her cheeks.

“This is loneliness… that is what this feeling is… and I all want to do is to get rid of it; all I can think about is you and that is when it is at its worst.” Sunset Shimmer’s voice broke as she released a sob. “By Celestia I know what is wrong with me but I’m almost too afraid to say it… it's so obvious I’m almost ashamed that I didn’t notice it sooner. This empty space, in my arms... I want you to fill it with your warmth.”

Picking up the pencil, Sunset Shimmer sucked in a deep breath.

“This has to stop… it all has to end and there is only one way… I have to admit it. I need to tell you… there’s something inside of me that needs to get out… my feelings are… I need you… Twilight, I’m… I...”

Sunset Shimmer wrote within the tome, her heartfelt tears dotting the entry as she gnawed upon her lower lip.

Twilight Sparkle,

I need you.

Sunset Shimmer.

It was only now that Sunset Shimmer truly felt afraid.

“I...” She drew her hands up towards her face, pressing them hard against her closed eyelids. “I n-never knew this could be so terrifying… and yet so… and yet so… why can’t I say it? Why can't I just say it even to myself?"

Fear won over in the end. She quickly shook her head. “No. I can’t do this. We're friends. I don't want to ruin that.”

Quickly diving her hand into the drawer to withdraw an eraser, Sunset Shimmer moved to wipe away her heartfelt entry before-

She stood abruptly, sending her stool to tumble over.

With the erase clenched tightly within a fist, her wide eyes stared down at the words that had magically appeared below the entry she had wanted to disappear.

What is the matter?! Don’t bother replying to this message because I am on my way!

I’ll see you soon.

Your friend forever, Twilight Sparkle.

And now Sunset Shimmer, too, wanted to disappear.

I Wish I Had The Courage

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The ceiling was fast becoming boring for Sunset Shimmer. The last time she looked away from it was almost midnight. Who knows what time it was now? It felt like an eternity ago when she had pushed the duvet from her bed with her feet, content with sleeping in just her pink pajamas to ward off the coming winter chill.

Since her confession, Sunset Shimmer had remained very much awake. She had tried to sleep but kept tossing and turning the night away until she could take no more.

With her arms and legs out wide and covering most of the bed, Sunset closed her eyes in yet another vain attempt to slumber.

She cleared her mind.

She removed her focus from the world around her and pinpointed her interest on something trivial.


She liked singing.

Ever since her time with the Rainbooms, Sunset Shimmer had discovered something else she was rather talented at, other than magic.

She sung exceptionally well for someone who was not tutored in the arts, although she knew she was not pitch-perfect like Twilight Sparkle—

Her eyes sprang open as her cheeks flushed red and her heart pounded against her chest.

“Urgh…” She grabbed at the pillow below her head and tore it from under her, pushing it against her face to smother her scream.

Get out of my head!

After her tantrum had subsided, Sunset drew the pillow from her face and embraced it close to her chest.

What was she to do? Chances were Twilight Sparkle was going to arrive by morning at the very latest.

Sunset needed to make up an excuse.

She needed something to play her words off as a touch too dramatic.

Every excuse she thought of just did not sit right.

Every excuse just seemed like a boldfaced lie and despite knowing that to be the truth she could not even convince herself of its synthetic validity, let alone attempt to pull the wool over Twilight Sparkle’s eyes…

Eyes that were intoxicating and—

She shook her head, shaking the image away altogether.

“Get a grip, Sunset!” She kicked at her bed, the springs squeaking beneath her and causing ripples across the mattress. “It’s… it’s nothing. Nothing at all!” She beamed at the ceiling, as if trying to convince it of her terribly overplayed honest. “All good…”


Sunset Shimmer bolted up from the bed and onto her knees, eyes wide as she stared her bedroom door. “Oh no, no… no… it’s… it’s a prank. Stupid pranksters—”


Sunset Shimmer dove onto the bed, wrapping her pillow around her head and more specifically, her ears, to drown out the voice the one that sent icy chills of excitement down her spine.

“Pranksters… pranksters… pranksters…” She repeated like a mantra, eyes clenched tightly, the pillow drawing tighter and tighter about her head every passing second.

And yet Sunset could still hear her.

No matter how hard she tried to ignore her, her grip weakened against the pillow, her body relaxing as she imagined Twilight Sparkle traversing an entire universe all to aid a friend that needed no saving.

The irony, it seems, was that Twilight Sparkle was the one damnable thing that was causing Sunset Shimmer to feel worse.

A heartache that only bled all the harder for the girl’s omnipresent kindness.

“Twilight…” She whispered her name, her tongue flicking out to moisten her lips. “I’m… I’m sorry I can’t… I… I’ll just pretend to sleep. If you’re around in the morning I’ll try and explain… I’ll make an excuse. Or something…” Sunset rolled her eyes. “I’m talking to myself. What kind of lunacy is-”


Sunset Shimmer leant up on the bed, confused as she looked about the room. It sounded like something had knocked on the wall.

“Sunset! Are you there?”

The voice was louder. Almost, too loud…

Slipping from the bed, Sunset Shimmer made her way to the window, squinting her eyes against the moonlight only to be caught completely by surprise by a face staring back at her, bathed in the same pale hue.

She looked dazzling.

No… she sparkled like the night sky, as endlessly captivating as a galaxy of stars.

It took a full minute for Sunset Shimmer to register Twilight’s concerned face beyond the windowpane, then another five seconds for her to realize her bedroom was on the second floor.

She flung open the window in alarm. “What in Starswirl’s beard are you doing, Twilight!? Do you know how crazy this is?!”

Twilight Sparkle smiled bashfully, clinging to the ladder for dear life. “U-um… can I come in? I… I don’t have wings in this world so… so it’s kind of scary up here…”

“Well, yeah!” Sunset offered out her hands towards Twilight, who took them eagerly, much to her dismay. Sunset helped her climb in through the window until she awkwardly fell onto the ground upon her rear. “What were you thinking? I have a front door you know… you could have seriously hurt yourself.”

“Eesh… you shouldn’t live so high up!” Twilight complained, rubbing at her behind, wearing her school attire that she always arrived in whenever she visited this world. “Besides, I did try knocking! You must have been so fast asleep—”


“Right!” Twilight Sparkle stood hands on her hips. “What’s the problem? Whatever it is, we will fight it together. Is it something magical?” Twilight placed a finger to her lips. “Then again it can’t be that magical otherwise I would had felt it. And so would you… wait, don’t tell me the Sirens are back and they’re working their weird—”

“No, Twilight,” Sunset smiled bashfully, “it’s… it’s nothing like that. It’s nothing to worry about really.”

Twilight Sparkle blinked. “But… but you said it was an emergency?”

“I… didn’t say that…” Sunset glanced aside, smiling awkwardly. “I said I was—”

“That you needed me!” Twilight crossed her arms. “And I am here to help. So, please, Sunset, we’re friends.” She offered out a hand towards her. “I’m here for you… so what’s the problem? You don’t have to face it alone.”

“I…” Sunset looked to the offered hand, uncertain.

Twilight’s face softened. “Sunset? Is something the matter?” She felt her offered hand drop away slightly. “Is it really that serious that you can’t even tell me?” She leaned in closer to inspect the other girl’s face.

“Huh? Oh… yes!” Sunset Shimmer held up her hands, pulling away a little as Twilight got a little too close for comfort. “I mean no! It’s nothing like that. Nothing bad at all really… it’s just… awkward.”

“Just awkward?” Twilight frowned, perplexed by the statement. “You look… sick. You’re all flustered and sweating. Are you sure you’re feeling okay? This all seems rather fishy to me.”

“I-I am?” Sunset ran a hand across her forehead and placed a hand against her cheek to gauge her own temperature. “I feel fine; seriously, Twilight, I’m okay...”

For several moments Twilight thought and then, with a slowly growing smile, she placed a hand upon Sunset Shimmer’s shoulder, staring confidently into her eyes. “Whatever it is, we can tackle it together. Is it a cold? A fever?”

“Uh… y-yes… it might be that, actually. I do feel a little light headed...” Sunset Shimmer smiled bashfully as she lied, and somehow got away with it. “Maybe you should return to Equestria? I’d hate for you to catch it.”

“Don’t be silly, Sunset. I can’t just leave you like this.”

Sunset mentally cursed.

Twilight frowned. “Well, I do have some magical remedies that can be made from herbs and spices I do believe exist in this world too… do you have a well-stocked spice and herb cupboard?”

“Well… y-yes, but—”

“Excellent! I’ll find them myself. You go lay down in bed and I will be right back with a brew that will ease your suffering.”

Twilight Sparkle moved swiftly out of the room, allowing Sunset Shimmer to collect her thoughts about the situation.

There was nothing she could do except…

Could she do it?

Sunset sat on the edge of the bed, sucking in a deep breath. “She’s here,” she sighed, “and… there is no going back, now. I will tell her tonight and get this over with.”

Her hands clenched into tight, white knuckled fists as she drew her gaze up confidently towards the open doorway, waiting patiently for Twilight Sparkle to return.

It's now or never.

I Wish I Had Spare Pajamas

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Her fists trembled in her lap as she felt her fingers become slick with sweat, her nerves battering at her control as she heard the oncoming footfalls of her heart’s desire draw ever closer, humming a tune she could only surmise Twilight was making up on the spot.

The girl’s voice was angelic despite the menagerie of notes she employed in her wistfulness and it only served to torture Sunset Shimmer further.

It was as if she was doing it on purpose.

As Twilight returned carefully holding a mug, she paused in the doorway as she noted Sunset Shimmer sitting bolt upright on the edge of the bed, coiled like a spring ready to launch into the air at the slightest trigger.

“Are you okay, Sunset?” Twilight inquired, taking slow and steady steps into the bedroom, being sure not to spill a drop of the contents of the mug onto the carpet. “You look really tense… not to mention pale. Maybe we should go see a doctor or something?”

“N-no, that’s fine.” Sunset Shimmer tried to relax herself, but found her body completely unresponsive to her attempts, remaining ramrod straight and perfectly still. “I’m not that bad, honestly.”

Approaching Sunset’s side, Twilight sat right next to the girl, offering over the contents of the steaming hot mug towards her. Her deepening concern was clearly written across her face. “Sunset…”

Taking the mug, Sunset Shimmer nursed it between her palms and lifted the strange, amber looking liquid towards her nose, sniffing the evident pungency. “Is that ginger and cinnamon?”

Twilight nodded, beaming a touch. “It’s a remedy that Zecora taught me to get rid of a particularly nasty fever and cough Spike got last month. It worked really well and, to be honest, it does wonders for sore throats too. It’s ginger, honey, lemon, tea leaves, fennel seeds and cinnamon carefully brewed with all of my love.”

Sunset spluttered as she choked on a sip of the concoction, causing Twilight to quickly lean close and pat the center of her back.

“Sunset! Are you okay? Did it go down the wrong way? You should be more careful and sip it a bit more slowly.”

“A-all of your love?” Sunset stammered, her face bright red both from the blush and the coughing fits that wracked her body. “W-what do you mean by that?”

Twilight nodded slowly. “It was a little something Zecora said to me, that’s all. A little bit of love while making it apparently goes a really long way… I think she just said that part to make her sentence rhyme.”

“Oh… right…” Sunset Shimmer wiped her lips, inclining her head away so she could close her eyes, steady her breathing, and most of all, calm her thunderous heart that had almost lept right out of her throat. “Of course.”

“Listen, Sunset, I don’t know what it is, but you have been acting really strange since I got here.” Twilight Sparkle placed a hand upon her friend’s shoulder to catch the girl’s attention, but frowned as she felt Sunset’s body quiver under the contact, still refusing to look at her properly.

Staring at Sunset’s cheek, Twilight felt her lips curl into a frown, a saddened expression growing in her eyes that threatened to swell tears into the corners. “Did I do something wrong? Have I done something to upset you, or—”

“No! No never! It’s…” Sunset’s sudden outburst caused Twilight to jump on the spot. “It’s not you, it’s just something else…”

“Please tell me,” Twilight’s hand drifted down Sunset’s arm to cover and gently squeeze Sunset’s hands around the mug, “what’s really the matter? You didn’t just write in the book the way you did without a valid reason.”

“I-I can’t.” Sunset whispered, her eyes ashamedly glancing towards Twilight’s face.

“Why,” Twilight pursued, “why can’t you tell me?”

It pained Sunset to see such a somber expression upon that face, but it saddened her even more to know that she herself was the cause behind it all.

Sunset Shimmer chose not to answer. Instead, she sipped at the mug’s contents, her gaze drifting towards the hand that covered her own.

Twilight’s touch was as gentle as her personality. It was soft, warm and inviting. It was a hand Sunset longed to hold in her own and to claim between her lips with little kisses to the tip of each and every digit it.

Heaving a sigh through her nose, Sunset replied in a mutter. “It’s me.”

“It’s you?”

“It’s… it’s just me.” Sunset cryptically reaffirmed with a nod, offering no further explanation as she stood up from the bed and made her way over to the window Twilight and entered from.

“I don’t understand… is this something to do with what you have done in the past, or…”

“It’s hard to explain, and really, Twilight,” Sunset placed the mug down upon the windowsill and turned back to face the still-seated girl, “it is fine. It will eventually go away, trust me. I’m just having some issues with how I am feeling about certain things in my life. Maybe I’m just being angsty for no reason, but I feel… as if something very important is missing.”

It’s you…

It’s you and you’re right here with me and yet I can’t bring myself to say it!

What’s wrong with me?

Get a grip already, she’s right here in front of you!

Sunset Shimmer shook her head to rid herself of those thoughts, forcing herself to smile with tired eyes. “You have anywhere to stay tonight?”

“I was going to stay at the library again but—”

“Well, why not stay here?” Sunset offered with a smile. “It’s far more comfortable sleeping in a bed than it is on a desk, right? I’ll sleep downstairs on the couch so you—”

“No, no, no I couldn’t intrude like that and besides, I think you’re coming down with something so you should stay in the bed and I’ll sleep on the couch.” Twilight stood up, brushing her skirt as if to rid it of dust.

“No, I insist. What kind of friend would I be if I let one of my best friends sleep on an uncomfortable couch?” Sunset beamed, crossing her arms in an attempt to appear resolute in the matter. “I won’t take no for an answer.”

After a moment of silence, Twilight placed a finger to her cheek. “Well I am not going to let you sleep on the couch in your current state, so why don’t we share it?”

P-Pardon?” Sunset’s cheeks glowed as bright as tempered metal at the suggestion. She knew full-well what Twilight meant, but she had to confirm she was not just hearing things.

Twilight approached and, grabbing a hold of Sunset’s hands, she guided her over to the bed. “I’ll sleep on the left and you sleep on the right! How does that sound? That way no one needs to sleep on the couch and besides, it’s easily big enough for both of us.”

Sunset’s mouth opened to object to the idea, but she found herself nodding instead. “Ah… yeah, I suppose it does…” She laughed a little nervously. “But… I snore really loud… and I might wake you up… and I toss and turn...”

Twilight laughed. “It’ll be fine! Once I’m asleep it is very hard to wake me up when I know I have nothing important to do in the morning, so don’t worry! We’ll just treat this like any other sleep over, but with just the two of us instead.”

“Y-yeah,” Sunset’s smile faltered as a feeling of impending doom overtook her, “sounds great.”

And it did, despite her lacklustre response.

Sunset Shimmer no longer knew or understood where she stood in all of this.

At first, she wanted nothing more than to confess her feelings to Twilight and be done with the rejection early on. However, her courage immediately flew out of the window whenever she opened her mouth or Twilight spoke.

Twilight had a strange kind of power over her that she was powerless to resist. She knew without a doubt that Twilight’s innocent suggestion had already been translated in her mind as a potential opportunity to get even closer to the subject of her desire.

Swallowing hard, Sunset Shimmer glanced down at her own pink pajamas and then looked over Twilight’s uniform. “Um… I kind of only have one set of pajamas with me, though… you can’t exactly sleep in your uniform because it’ll get all creased.”

“That’s okay.” Twilight beamed. “I’ll just wear my underwear. We’re both mares and besides, we should be used to not wearing clothes anyway, right? I never really understood why humans get embarrassed about being naked. It’s just natural.”

Sunset Shimmer nodded meekly.

She had a point.

But something told Sunset she was not going to get any sleep tonight, knowing a half naked Twilight Sparkle would be laying right next to her.

I Wish I Hadn't Done That

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Her plan had wonderfully backfired on her.

Instead of allowing herself to be tortured all through the night by the very notion of Twilight’s half-naked frame resting mere inches from her own, Sunset Shimmer had decided to hand over her own pajamas so that she could at least attempt to sleep.

Unfortunately for her, she further pursued her avoidance by not accompanying the other girl under the bedcovers, opting instead to lie on top of them.

Curled up into a foetal position with her knees drawn tightly to her chest, Sunset stared intently at the back of Twilight’s head, shivering somewhat at the the cool evening air assaulting her bare flesh.

Great idea, Sunset! You’re freezing your toes off and for what? A sleepless night staring at the back of your friend’s head.

Her recently adopted mantra of: ‘could not possibly get any worse’ was immediately abandoned before she tempted fate into another terrifying intervention.

Despite the duvet separating them, Sunset Shimmer could still feel Twilight’s body heat bleeding through the fabric, tempting her to snuggle closer to the comforting source. Her mind screamed at her for warmth while tempting her with vivid images of various ways to receive or generate said heat…

Parting her lips, Sunset sighed softly, taking in the air through her nose for the billionth time in quite the exaggerated manner.

Twilight’s scent once again overwhelmed her senses, wafting from the locks of hair that snaked across the pillow she slept on. It intoxicated Sunset and finally forced the girl to submit. A single little wiggle brought her just close enough that she could feel a lock of Twilight’s hair tickling her lips.

She sniffed again and her heart clenched tightly, pulsing blood up to beat against her eardrums and tinting her cheeks almost as red as her own hair.

The overwhelming need for satisfaction was driving her insane and shooting her body temperature through the roof, making the sharp night air feel all the more potent against her goose-pimpled flesh.

I can’t take this anymore.

Lifting her head off of the cushion slightly to peer over at Twilight’s face, making absolutely certain that the girl was indeed fast asleep.

A pang of excitement sent a shiver up her spine as she unfurled her legs from her chest, the movement slow and careful as to not wake Twilight.

“W-what am I… doing…” Sunset whispered, her eyes drooping into a sultry expression as her head drifted back down to the pillow, staring at the object of her desire as her depraved longing came to its boiling point.

A mixture of emotions bubbled beneath the surface; excitement, fear and above all else, lust, charged her every move. As her hand slowly drifted down from her chest, her fingertips danced lightly across the skin of her navel and finally slid under the black panties she wore.

Sunset Shimmer had to restrain a gasp as an index finger slowly slipped over the entrance of her vagina, noting immediately how warm and wet it already was.

I-I can’t take it anymore, Twilight…

Her other hand remained close to her chest. The moment she felt the heat of her own body envelope a welcome index finger in its moist embrace, she slipped a hand under the left bra cup and carefully teased the already erect nipple aching to be pinched.

What am I doing?

Am I… a pervert?

What if Twilight wakes up?

All these questions and more filled Sunset Shimmer’s brain and were immediately smothered and subdued. She pinched and massaged at the nipple between her thumb and forefinger as each slow and careful thrust of her finger slipped in and out of her body, choking her thoughts.

I-it’s all your fault...

The cold air did not seem to bother her that much anymore; in fact, it felt rather soothing against the blazing heat that her body was pouring out.

She knew full well this was a mistake... but did she care at this moment? Not a chance.

She needed satisfaction.

Anyway, what difference does it make if I masturbate while Twilight is asleep right next to me, compared to masturbating alone thinking about her?

It’s not going to hurt anybody.

Twilight will never find out and I will be momentarily satisfied with the situation I find myself trapped in.

Everybody wins...


Her hot, quickened breaths were suppressed by the pillow, her head turning downwards so as to muffle the uncontrollable moan that slipped past her lips.

Withdrawing her finger, now slick with her own bodily fluids, Sunset began to massage the area just above the entrance, seeking to further excite the hard little nub of pleasure that ached to be touched.

Her body suddenly quaked as she resisted the urge to gasp, her legs trembling as she fought to keep them from spreading too wide and accidentally nudging Twilight in the back.


Her fantasies ran wild behind her closed eyelids. No longer was she trapped within a bed beside the one she loved... instead, right on top of her, writhing in her arms as their lips crashed together in a heated battle of tongue and teeth, was the subject of her desire.

I want this to be real.

Twilight’s hands roamed her body, seeking to drive Sunset mad while exploring every avenue of pleasure, nibbling, licking and kissing her lower lip.

Kiss me… touch me… Twilight...

Twilight whispered her name.The throaty groan reverberated deep in the recesses of Sunset’s mind, spurring her fantasy onwards. Twilight’s lips to shower their wet kisses all down her chest, straight past her navel until Sunset could almost feel the hot breath tickling against the inside of her thigh as if it were truly real.

Make love to me!

In reality, Sunset felt her mouth drop open as the buildup in the center of her stomach flowered outwards in a sudden rush, causing her to release a breathy gasp that was quickly followed by a very evident shift upon the bed that was not caused by her.

I-I love you, Twilight!

“You’re really restless, are you having a bad drea—OH!”


Immediately bliss turned to terror as Sunset Shimmer flung open her eyes and tore her hands up and away from her own body, despite just how near her orgasm was.


Leant up fully in the bed and staring down at her from the side with a blush that almost rivalled her own, Twilight Sparkle drew the covers closer to her body, a hand slightly covering her mouth. Her eyes roamed all over Sunset’s body as if unsure of what to make of the situation.

“I…” Twilight began, then shook her head, tearing her shocked face away from Sunset, who was frozen solid by the embarrassment. “Ah… um… my… that is to say I… know why but… I...”

Sunset knew there was no way out of this.

What was I thinking?!

“Th-this… this is…” Sunset, wide-eyed, could only gawk back at her. “I… was… exer...cising? And… and...”

Twilight nodded numbly. “Oh.” She replied matter-of-factly. “I see.”

“Y-yeah.” Sunset Shimmer tried to smile as she leant up, trying her best to discreetly wipe her hand onto the duvet behind her back and failing miserably. “It’s… yeah.”

“Yeah…” Twilight mirrored Sunset’s expression, although, her brow twitched as her next question gave Sunset the chills. “Why did you… say my name?”

Sunset Shimmer visibly paled, her eyes panicked. “I was… you just… sort of popped into my head and-”

“While you were-” Twilight’s own eyes widened at that.

“N-not like that!” Sunset lifted her hands up defensively.

The naturally inquisitive Twilight continued on, searching for an answer. “I-If you wanted some, um, special time to yourself, you could have just said-”

Blushing harder still, Sunset Shimmer interrupted her with a bit too much enthusiasm. She almost shouted her words. “That’s not it all!”

Twilight flinched, pulling back a little. “Then… why?”

Sunset Shimmer’s world felt like it was all crumbling around her. Her heart raced and a terror gripped at her chest as she tried to form the words, but nothing came out. Like a fish out of water her mouth just opened and closed, unable to gather the courage to explain herself.

She clenched her eyelids shut, blocking out the world around as she tried to choose from the maelstrom of possible answers she could give to Twilight… but in the end, it was just too much for her.

As she felt tears building up behind her eyes, Sunset felt a hand touch her cheek.

Her next image was of Twilight Sparkle’s concerned face staring back at her.

“You’re crying…” Twilight whispered, concerned despite the confusion behind her eyes. “Sunset?”

All inhibitions fled the sobbing girl the moment she felt that palm cup her cheek.

Sunset Shimmer pushed forward and pressed her lips against Twilight Sparkle’s, kissing her gently.

I Wish This Moment Never Ends

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Sunset Shimmer’s hands instinctively went up to gently grip Twilight’s shoulders, pinning the rigid girl in place as their lips intertwined.

I’m doing this, she thought confidently, I am going to show her how I feel!

Capturing the subject of her tumultuous emotions was a cathartic release of pent up energy. Although she could feel Twilight barely reciprocating the kissing in any shape or form, Sunset Shimmer quite literally would not allow her the chance to withdraw.

Her mind was made up and she would live with the fallout of her consequences.

Sunset had clenched her eyes shut, fearful of just what kind of expression was being worn upon the other girl’s face despite resoluting herself to whatever fate awaited her.


Will she ever forgive me? She… she did forgive me before so, surely, even now...


I’m horrible. How can I force myself on her as a friend?


Only in my wildest dreams.

The last thought was hopeful; yet she did not want to find out if it were possible. Sunset could feel the tenseness in Twilight’s shoulders as she gripped them a little too desperately. She could feel Twilight’s sprayed hand centered upon her chest ready to push her away and… yet, she didn’t. There was no pressure pressing against her.

Her hand… I can feel its warmth.

The kiss was innocent enough. A mere pressing of lips that was a sign of desperate affection rather than unadulterated lust or maddened passion.

In many stories she had read throughout her life, Sunset Shimmer never really understood the phrase ‘it felt like an eternity,’ for the flow of time although a theory in and of itself, is an unending constant. It never changes. But right now, there was no other way to describe the existential sensation.

Nothing existed but the plush, warm, wet lips of her friend and the hot breath panting through her nose, tickling Sunset’s cheeks.

Cracking open her tear stained eyes, Sunset was reserved to accept the scene, finally looking upon the face of Twilight Sparkle whose eyes were also closed, half expecting a face that would express her displeasure.

Sunset’s eyes widened at the sight before her.

Instead, Twilight looked… peaceful? Perhaps a little bit confused? If the twitch of her eyebrow was anything to go by; how it sort of scrunched up slightly, as if contemplating over some conundrum that relented no answer for the bookish creature. An answer if presented that Twilight certainly did not look like she was upset over.

Was she... enjoying it?

This… this is happening?

Confidence bloomed in Sunset’s chest as her head tilted into the kiss, her eyes closing once more as she felt herself lean forward to push against Twilight’s shoulders, causing both to fall towards the bed.

The action caused their lips to part and finally allowed Twilight Sparkle to breathe out a heavy breath, her words trembling upon the wind.

“S-Sunset… w-wait… this is...”

Sunset felt herself slither between the relaxed open legs of her friend, laying atop of her and pressing her elbows either side of her head, staring down with a lust she could no longer keep in check.

“Twilight...” Sunset Shimmer swallowed hard as her overconfidence took over, her voice infringing a demand that was something of the old her she could not quite shake. “I need you.”

I Wish We Could—MMMPH?!

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The two simply stared at each other.

Sunset Shimmer’s eyes burned with an unrestrained passion while Twilight almost looked feeble beneath its fiery gaze. If there was ever a time she felt like she was being undressed by someone’s eyes, Twilight knew it was now.

Twilight’s cheeks burned hot and try as she might, she could not completely divert her attention away from the shimmering beauty that was hovering above her.

“Twilight…” Sunset’s voice cracked as if she were about to cry, but it simply boiled down to the fact that she was immensely nervous at what was to come next. “Say something.”

Kissing Twilight Sparkle was but the first step in the right direction, however, she hadn’t expected herself to act so boldly, so quickly. A confession is customary before that, right? A declaration of love so that the kiss could not be misconstrued as mere lust or a moment of confused madness, with hormones playing the culprit.

“I…” Twilight began with a nervous tremble, shifting under Sunset’s weight pressing down upon her. Her legs had curled so that her feet planted firmly against the bed; unsure as to why the pits of her stomach flared with a heat she had never quite felt before. “What… is this?”

Was it the body heat of the other girl, being absorbed by her own? Or was it something else. Something… primal? Something her body knew it wanted but her hormone intoxicated mind could not quite formulate in its drunken stupor.

Sunset nibbled at her own lower lip as the million dollar question was left hanging in the air.

“You’ve… you’ve been…” With another rally of her slowly dwindling confidence, Sunset Shimmer pushed through the barrier of fear that lingered behind her words. “For the longest—that is… you have always been on my mind, but more so since… you’re in my dreams and… you drive me nuts.”

Twilight looked up at Sunset, equally as intrigued as she was terrified to discover the full extent of this whole situation.

Sunset’s cheeks were as red as her hair at this point, her own body weight feeling like a ten ton anvil she could just about barely keep from collapsing entirely upon the girl below her. But a part of her wanted just that. She wanted to feel Twilight writhe; to know what it meant to have the other girl’s hot flesh smothering her own as her lips explored the uncharted reaches of every inch—of every crevice her body could possibly offer.

“You’re so pretty, that I just can’t explain it properly… you hypnotize me every time I think about you. You make me feel… hot and, my breath just catches in my throat and… I feel sick to my stomach knowing you’re not mine… to hold and to… and to…” Sunset fell into a whisper. “T-to kiss… to touch...

Twilight felt moved by the heartfelt confession. But also confused by it. She knew deep down in her heart that she loved Sunset… but only as a friend.

“Sunset, I… I am not sure… what to say? I… I love you, Sunset.” Twilight lifted a hand and cupped Sunset’s cheeks, frowning as she noted the growing joy erupting in the other girl’s eyes. “But, as a friend. I never really thought of you—or any of the girls as anything more. Not even like a special somepony...”

The sudden rapture that Sunset felt at hearing the words that she was loved in return by the subject of her desire was snuffed out as quickly as it formed. “O-oh… yes… I know. I understand… I just had to… do something, I suppose… just so you knew how… how I truly felt… it wasn’t supposed to be like this.”

A friend…

I’m nothing but a friend… I’m happy with that, right? I was worried she’d hate me. Find me strange or… be angry about the kiss...

“W-was it… the kiss… or… that we’re both girls?” Sunset’s tears came quick and although her voice croaked with her sadness, she did not openly sob as her heart snapped into two. She didn’t even realize it registered on her face. “I understand it’s weird and… I’m not… I just wanted you to know the kiss was… I couldn’t stop myself… and… I love you. I just wanted you to know. So much more than a friend.”

Twilight nodded, her hand remaining upon Sunset’s cheek so she could wipe away the tears that fell. “I’m not sure about things like that… I mean, I am not going to judge anypony for loving somepony, even if they’re the same gender but… I kind of respect you a little more, Sunset, for admitting it the way you did. It was bold and a little shocking, sure, but, I’m proud of you… but, um, next time when you confess to somepony would you warn them before you kiss them like that?”

“Do you think we could… ever?” Sunset smiled something bitter-sweet.

Twilight swallowed hard, averting her eyes. “I’m… not sure…” Twilight Sparkle slipped her fingers behind Sunset Shimmer’s head and fed her fingers into the locks of her hair, lifting her other hand to gingerly touch the other girl’s slender hips. “The kiss wasn’t… terrible?”

Sunset merely nodded numbly, petrified within Twilight’s grasp. “O-oh…

“Can you… can you close your eyes for a moment, Sunset?” Twilight stammered, her blush darkening as she purposely looked away from her.


“I… I want to see if I… I… want to try a little experiment. That’s all. To confirm something.”

“Wh-what kind of experi-mmmph?!

It was Sunset’s turn to freeze up, as Twilight Sparkle pulled her into a deep kiss that had filled the empty space within her mouth with a wet, hot tongue that cautiously probed against her own.

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Her tongue… it’s… it’s so hot and… and wet...

The explosion that erupted in her heart had threatened to throw Sunset into an uncontrollable pant as she felt the warmth of Twilight’s tongue against her own. It wasn’t as passionate and as romantic as she was expecting it to be. It was more awkward and strange than it was anything else.

Despite Twilight’s request, Sunset had kept her eyes wide open for the sole purpose of staring at Twilight’s face, whom had closed her eyes instead. The other girl wore an expression Sunset could not quite decypher; it was somewhere between what she could only assume was equal parts of bliss and… and what?

The way Twilight had scrunched up her eyebrows had made it look like she was deep in thought, while the rest of her face appeared relaxed and quite content with the situation they were in.

Was she assessing the situation? She did mention she did not hate the kiss before, so… was this her testing the water?

Was she trying to discover if she truly enjoyed it before by repeating the same process but with a further intensity? Are these questions just flooding up Sunset Shimmer’s mind while her attention remains completely numb to the fact that the girl she loves was making a move on her?

Crapcrapcrapcrap! I’m completely frozen!

But I… I can’t do anything… this is just so… so magical...

It was Twilight who was holding onto her, even though it was Sunset that had pushed her down on to the bed in the first place. It was an ironic turn of events that left Sunset Shimmer somewhat dazed to the idea that she ought to reciprocate what was assaulting her tongue.

I’m, almost afraid to do anything… what if I mess up? I mean, I’ve never really kissed like this before! Not even with Flash!

Breathing heavily through her nose, Sunset tilted her head into the kiss and opened her mouth just a little wider so she could fully attempt to slip her tongue past Twilight’s cautious probing and finally into the girl’s own mouth.

With a desperate dive, Sunset’s tongue pushed Twilight’s own back, causing the other girl to squeal in surprise and to shiver below her.

The thrill of being able to literally taste Twilight was perhaps what was spurring Sunset’s actions on; and finally, with a flutter of her eyes falling to a close, she submitted herself to the bubbling pot of lust that brightened her cheeks, quickened her heart and caused something else to ache and flare with a wet-heat down below that she knew all too well.

I’m so wet… w-will she… t-touch me? It’s so hot down there I think I’m going to melt...

But then again, her entire body was on fire, at this point. She sweated from head to toe and a part of her was thankful she was adorned in only her underwear.

Sunset’s body instinctively gyrated her hips forward, pinning Twilight to the bed under the weight she could no longer hold up. The act of their hips colliding generated an immediate reaction from Twilight, whom quickly withdrew from the kiss with a moan.

With both of their tongues still poking out of their mouths, the two panted hard as they opened their eyes just enough to stare at each other; a line of spittle connecting the two warm muscles that slowly retracted back into their respective homes.

Their watery gazes were lathered in expressions of yearning; even from a skeptical Twilight that still had her eyebrows scrunched up in a perplexing manner.

“I…” Twilight began, swallowing hard, her hands gingerly moving up to cup the girl’s cheeks that laid on top of her. “I-I think… the result… is a l-little inconclusive…” She released a small smile; her lips glistening from the moistness their kiss had delivered upon them.

Sunset Shimmer nodded silently, pushing her hands on either side of Twilight’s head so she could lean back a little and perfectly view the entirty of her face.

“Wh-when you kissed me I… wasn’t sure… I’m not sure if I… like mares in that kind of way but…” Twilight sucked in a deep breath and released a hot sigh. “I think… no, I mean, I know, I liked it when you kissed me… my heart is… beating so hard in my chest right now, Sunset… is this… is this what you feel for me? Is… this want, something you live with?”

Twilight looked down to the girl’s chest and moved a hand down from her cheek to press a palm between the girl’s bust, feeling for the thunderous roar that was Sunset’s heart slamming against the inside of her ribcage.

Yes,” Sunset whispered, “my heart… it just… everything changes when I think of you… Twilight… I love you and… and, I just… I just wish you would say you feel the same for me too… that this kiss isn’t just some… experiment or… some kind of one-off thing and… I just want you to love me... more than a friend, Twilight.”

Twilight kept her eyes on her hand upon Sunset’s chest with a curious expression. “I-I’m trying, Sunset… I know I said we’re friends but… and… I don’t really know what love is... however, if it is anything like friendship then it can’t be that hard for me to learn it.”

Sunset’s eyes widened. “W-what do you mean?”

“I could learn to love you as… more than a friend, right?” Twilight resisted a giggle. “I mean, friends exactly don’t do these things, do they? Friends don’t like to kiss each other… and… I liked it when we kissed…” She averted her gaze as she felt her words trail away into an embarrassed whisper. “I-I kind of want more.”

Pinch me! I must be dreaming.


Nodding, Twilight tilted her head and closed her eyes, placing a kiss to Sunset’s chin. “K-kiss me more, Sunset… I… I want more of this feeling… it feels goods.”

Looking away, Sunset raked her gaze across the prone form of Twilight below her, relishing in raking her gaze over everything she could see, right down to the tips of her hair that snaked out below her. “C-Can… can I take off your… um, clothes…”

Twilight blinked, glancing down at herself before looking up at Sunset. “O-oh… um… sure… w-why?”

Well… you know! Stuff.

“B-because I want to… touch… you?”

“T-touch me?” Twilight nibbled on her lower lip, turning her head to the side to hide the sudden shy streak that had taken ahold of her face. “C-can’t you do it with my clothes on?”

Sunset pouted. “Well… I think so… but it’s a little unfair considering I’m almost naked right now.”

Twilight poked out her tongue. “Hey, you offered me your pajamas, you know.”

“B-Because… that is…” Sunset hadn’t a clue how to respond to that. “The situation was different earlier.”

“Can I… touch you?” Twilight inquired gently, the hand upon the center of her chest spraying out its fingers to touch the beginning contours of Sunset’s breasts.

This is driving me insane! If she teases me anymore I think I’m going to rip off those pajamas!

Sunset blushed as she trembled. “Well… yeah… I-I’d like that.”

“Okay… how about we do it together?” Twilight smiled. “Deal?”

“We’re compromising over this?” Sunset almost laughed at how ludicrous it sounded.

“Y-you can… unbutton my pajama top, as well...”

It was a no brainer for Sunset Shimmer. There was no thought behind her reply and it almost made Twilight laugh just how quickly she responded in her eagerness.


I Wish We Could... Boobs?

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Right… this is easy enough. Just unbutton the pajamas.

That’s all I need to do.


Any second now.

Any... second now…

Laying on top of Twilight was going to make the act a little bit difficult and so, in her infinite wisdom, Sunset had maneuvered herself to straddle the other girl’s waist, for better access.

Stupid! Stupid! BUTTON!

The only downside to that choice was that now she could clearly see Twilight’s body sprawled out below her, including a face that simply screamed of an innocence that was about to be tossed to the wolf that was hungrily awaiting to see her breasts... and to ravage them.

If this thing…

Twilight’s face was as red as a beet and she barely looked up at her, all the while Sunset’s trembling fingers worked to remove the top button at a cautious pace… that was quickly becoming more frantic the more her fingers fumbled around with it.

Stop shaking!

Damn it, Sunset. It’s just a damn button!

As if like magic to her mental prayers, her efforts suddenly paid off. The button was unclasped, revealing Twilight’s collarbone and a portion of her chest as the flaps opened up under its own weight.

Sunset’s burning desire intensified, her breath catching in her thought as she quickly retracted her hands, after having accidentally touched Twilight’s hot flesh with a couple of her fingertips. She even squeaked in surprise.

Twilight looked up at her, trying her best not to sound meek and timid and yet, failing miserably at it. “W-what’s… what’s wrong?”

“U-uhm—nothing! Nothing… I just…” Sunset returned her hands to the next button, suckin in a deep breath in an attempt to steady her nerves and; she hoped, her hands as well. “It’s just I’m… I’m a little nervous, that’s all.”

The next button came off far easier than the last and it was located right upon the valley between Twilight’s breasts. Sunset made no motion to brush aside the fabric just yet. She had no idea why, but she felt no need to peel away the pajamas so prematurely. She wanted to the whole thing to fall off of her in one.

It sounded—and played out—pretty hot in her head.

However, the button centered on Twilight’s stomach; to which Sunset’s piercing gaze was glaring to, was giving the exact same problem the first button had.

But with a vengeance.

“Um… d-do you want help?” Twilight’s voice inquired gently, her eyes also on Sunset’s attempts.

“Nope. I’m fine.” Sunset replied in a flat tone of voice, focused at the monumental task at a hand.

“Are you sure? I mean... if it’s any easier I suppose I could just lift it off—”

“I got this, Sparkle,” Sunset replied in confidence with a nod, “I just want to find the person who made this and slap them for not making the holes large enough for the buttons…”

"You do realize this is probably made by a machine, right?"

Sunset rolled her eyes.

The two girls fell silent as they watched the fumbling, trembling fingers working fruitless; trying to push the button through a hole that was simply too small for it to fit.

Twilight had struggled putting the pajamas on herself, but she never thought removing them would be an altogether different kind of beast. She couldn’t help but smile at the situation and then, unable to contain herself any longer, she giggled.

Sunset paused, moving her glare up to Twilight, her lips forming into a pout as the other girl hid her smile behind her hands. “What’s so funny?”

“It’s… it’s just ridiculous, huh?” Twilight mused with another little giggle behind her hands. “We can wield all kinds of magic—we stepped into different dimensions, but at the end of the day, we’re losing to a button… it’s just… it’s a little funny, don’t you think?”


Sunset gritted her teeth. “Hilarious…

“Oh come on, Sunset, let me help you.” Twilight reached down to help, but found herself stunned as to what occurred next.

“I said I am FINE!” In her uncontrollable rage that had been building up since the first button, Sunset flung her hands out to the sides in exasperation.

Forgetting to release the folds of Twilight’s pajamas, the remaining two buttons tore from its threads and flicked off to the other side of the room after bouncing off of Sunset Shimmer's forhead, leaving Twilight gasping Sunset’s name as she quite literally tore the pajama top wide open.

Sunset gawked like a fish out of water, her hands still firmly gripping the flaps of the pajamas while her eyes uncontrollably gravitated towards Twilight’s now exposed breasts.

Twilight shared Sunset’s expression, though her eyes were firmly looked upon Sunset’s embarrassedly brightening face.

“W-well, that… that works… I guess..." Twilight whispered.

Sunset silently nodded, her hands releasing the pajamas, her wide eyes locked upon the hardening nipples.

Now that she had them before her, Sunset Shimmer's eagerness had all but melted away into a puddle of uncertainty. She had completely forgotten what it was she was doing and she was not entirely sure what to do with them.

Not that she didn't know what to do with them. She knew exactly what it is she wanted to do...

They’re… they’re…

Twilight shifted nervously beneath her, her voice breaking Sunset out of her blatant stare.

Um… I know they’re not as big as yours… and… is… something wrong?”

“N-nothing… can I… can I touch them now?” Sunset gingerly moved a hand out to grasp one of Twilight’s breasts, but found herself stunned when a slap had struck her hand away.

“I thought we were going to do it together... at the same time!” Twilight exclaimed, her face full of disapproval.

“O-oh… right! Yes… sorry, I was just getting…” Sunset swallowed nervously as she wiggled upon Twilight’s waist. She hadn’t a clue why, but straddling Twilight only served to make herself all the more wet.

It just felt… right.

Resisting the urge to rock her hips against Twilight’s crotch, she moved her hands behind her back to unclasp her bra, but found herself stopped by a set of hands that had moved to cup both of her breasts.

Sunset gasped and trembled excitedly beneath the touch, looking to Twilight with a deepening frown. “Hey! I thought we were—”

With her thumbs curling under the cups of her bra, Twilight pushed the cups up and slid them off of her ample bust, revealing her already hardened nipples to the girl below who simply gasped upon spotting them.

“W-wow…” Twilight exclaimed.

“Wow?” Sunset inquired with a tilt of her brow. “They’re… just breasts…”

You can talk, Sunset… you were staring at mine like they were something you had never seen before yourself!” Twilight beamed a smile as her hands fell away, her eyes remaining quite transfixed upon Sunset’s chest area. “They’re just… big.”

Sunset blushed, looking down at her own breasts. “Is… is that bad?”

Well they're not that big... I think?

“N-no! Not at all… I just…” Twilight took a deep breath, a hand moving up. “R-ready?”

Sunset mirrored her movement, reaching out with a trembling hand as she blew out hot air from her nostrils. “Y-yeah.”

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Both girls gasped in unison as both of their hands found their respective purpose upon the other’s breasts.

Barely, was there any bliss involved with the creation of the sudden noise. The foreign sensation of someone else’s heat encapsulating them, was a shock enough to create such a reaction.

Sunset Shimmer could feel Twilight’s nipples hardening against her palm, her bedazzled eyes drinking in the sight of the other girl’s reddening face as Twilight herself mirrored Sunset’s expression, though, kept her eyes glued to her own hands that just about managed to grope almost all of Sunset’s larger bust.

Heavy breaths were exchanged between the two in the heat of the silence, their bodies petrified in a position that was not quite comfortable; though more so for Sunset Shimmer, who was hunched over the girl and using her own power to not push down all of weight against Twilight’s chest.

They’re… they’re so hot… and soft.

There was not an inch of flesh not pimpled with an excitement and a heat that covered them both from head to toe, itching more annoyingly so between their nether regions, to which had caused both girls to tense their thighs in reaction to it, shifting their position upon the bed just a fraction; compensating the need to grind their hips against each other.

Eventually, as the minutes passed by and with nothing significant said between the two, other than the occasional askance of barely whispered names and barely understood, stuttered questions, Sunset finally broke the silence with something remotely coherent.

Um… are you okay?” Sunset croaked the question; her throat was inexplicably dry.

Twilight lifted her gaze up from Sunset’s breasts, to which her hands and eyes were glued to. She parted her lips to say something, but instead nodded meekly in response.

As if finally awakening from their slumber, Twilight’s hands cautiously shifted across Sunset’s breasts, her fingertips moving out to explore the soft, malleable flesh; the fingertips barely skirting along the surface far away from the hard nub that had drawn Twilight’s eyes back to what was really on her mind.

Sunset trembled, her breathing broken by a little gasp that fled passed barely parted lips as an electricity shot through her spine, causing her to ache in a few places that for her, made little to no sense.

Her nipples were so hard and so suddenly sensitive, an overwhelming urge to have them rubbed and even maybe inexplicably, squeezed, came over her. Begging for a not too dissimilar stimuli that was mirrored underneath her panties.

“D-does that feel good?” Twilight broke her silence finally with a question that brought a large smile to form across Sunset’s lips.

Yeah,” Sunset nodded, murmuring with a slur that showed just how intoxicated she was with the rising bliss that grew with each passing moment, "it does.”

Twilight resisted a giggle. “You sound drunk.” Then, much to Sunset’s surprise, a little mischievous glint came to the lavender haired girl’s eyes. “I… I kind of like it.”

Like any other healthy young woman her age, she masturbated. Granted, Twilight was not as used to it in her human form, but the similar needs and wants existed here in this dimension as it did back in Equestria.

Sunset shifted her straddle down to Twilight’s knees when the other girl suddenly leaned up towards her.

“Twilight?” Sunset blinked as her hands fell away from the girl’s breasts, taking her sudden movement as a sign that something was not quite right. “Is something the matter?”

“No, Sunset Shimmer, there isn’t… but I… I have to do this… i-it’s driving me crazy just thinking about it and I… I...” Twilight’s face was lathered with an expression of determination that Sunset had never seen before.

An expression that was made all the more clear when Twilight did not cease her advance and moved her hands to cup either side of Sunset’s rib cage, just below her breasts.

Sunset had lost all her capability to formulate a single sentence when she felt Twilight press against her torso and gently coax her to kneel up on the bed.

Her confusion was immediately torn away from her the moment she observed Twilight’s face advance towards her right breast; her eyes closing with her head lolling slightly to one side; her tongue poking out just enough to allow Sunset to see the tip press lightly against the nipple that Twilight’s mouth was gravitating towards.

Sunset gasped, as her hands clenched at Twilight’s breasts in reaction to the rush of heat fluttering within her heart and pulsing through her veins as one of her best friends; and a Princess of Equestria to boot, took her nipple fully into her mouth for a gentle, yet loud suckle.

“Twi…” Sunset groaned, her hands drifting away from her breasts and up to curl into the long lavender strands that were somewhat frazzled to their recent, though innocent hijinks on the bed.

Amazing, so... amazing...

Sunset felt her eyes drift close and her head tilt back as Twilight’s tongue gingerly worked against her nipple, the suction of her lips pulling against the nub as she drew in more of the sensitive flesh into her mouth.

“Harder? Please… just a little bit?”

Mhm…” Twilight’s muffled response was added with a scrape of teeth against the hard nub that was both terrifying and yet terribly exciting.

The sudden little nip at her nipple on the other hand, to which Sunset was not expecting, sent a spasm down her entire length, causing her fingers to curl tight into Twilight’s hair in response to the sudden and intense mixture of ecstasy and pain caused by the act.

Grimacing and releasing a hiss between clenched teeth, Sunset’s eyes flew open in confusion when she felt Twilight’s mouth pull back from her breast.

“I’m so sorry! Did that hurt?” Twilight looked up at Sunset with concern. “I was being too rough, right? I… I just… I couldn’t help it when you said you wanted it harder so I thought--”

Twilight’s words were muffled when Sunset pressed her lips savagely against and drove her tongue into the other, now shocked girl’s mouth while she was forced down onto the bed by two hands that firmly pressed down upon her shoulders.

Sunset sprang into action like a coiled spring, hovering herself over Twilight while her hands roamed down her neck and once again found themselves perched upon Twilight’s breasts… but this time, she did not hold back.

With one hand massaging one breast, and the other stimulating the nipple of another with an index finger going in slow, rather painfully methodical circles; which, when you compare that to Sunset’s writhing, frantic tongue assaulting Twilight’s own, was quite the mixture of mixed messages that Twilight's body could simply not process.

Overloaded with sensations, Twilight moaned into the kiss, her hands moving up and around to rest against Sunset’s shapely rear, squeezing it.

Finding herself lacking in breath, Sunset broke this kiss; both girls gasping for air as they desperately tried to resist their lips from pulling back together again.

They stared at each other for moment, before Twilight spoke, staring up at her drunk with a bliss that found Sunset Shimmer licking her lips with anticipation.

More…” Twilight whispered hotly. "I want more."

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Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle, once bitter enemies, but now the dearest of friends, were nothing more than a mass of twisted, hot, sweaty flesh, writhing and grinding against each other that no mere ‘friend’ ought to accomplish together.

Both topless, their hands roamed and explored the other’s chest; sweeping down from time to time run along the outline of their hips and back up to clench desperate fingers to work into each of their now frazzled manes, locking the strands in a tight grip as their mouths drove into each other and retracted with quick, sharp breaths, throaty moans and blissful smiles.

They felt a fire in their bellies that was driving their bodies to sweat a sheen and sexual odour that drove the other wilder still. Their need to perpetuate and to increase this addictive sensation of influencing another person’s pleasure into unbearable heights.

It had almost become a challenge between the two.

When Sunset Shimmer’s tongue penetrated deep into Twilight’s mouth, Twilight would respond in earnest, but with a more wilder and wiggling gesture that would eventually subdue the attacker. A playful nip of the lip here, a lick of the other girl’s lips there… right down to the slight pinch and stimulation of the hardened nipples between thumb and fore finger.

Inside of Twilight’s mind, her previous apprehension and uncertainty, was all but gone. In fact, her logical and straightforward way of thinking had been demolished. The walls of a prim and proper Princess in training had been thrown out of the very window she had infiltrated.

All that was left… was a desire she had never felt before. A passion that went beyond what she had felt for Flash…

Much the same could had been said for what Sunset was feeling, but in her case her emotions were a little bit more depraved. She had finally conquered what had been driving her mad for weeks now. Finally, Twilight Sparkle was here in her bed; exactly, where she ought to had been, all along.

Although reformed, Sunset could not help but grin wickedly between the kisses, her eyes intense with a yearning she could no longer mask.

As passionate in her lovemaking as Twilight, Sunset’s was just a little bit more domineering… a bit more ferocious with her nibbles and touches-but no matter how hard she tried to completely possess the lead, Twilight remarkably reacted back just as driven.

Not a single thought was conjured between them. Their minds were set. Nothing was going to interrupt them.

Suddenly and much to Sunset’s surprise, Twilight, broke the kiss they had been sharing for several minutes now with a strong grasp of her shoulders, pushing her off to the side.

Flabbergasted, Sunset Shimmer hit the bed to only find Twilight Sparkle crawling up onto her legs, her hands curling into the hem of her panties with her eyes solely focused on the singular purpose she seemed to be intent on achieving.

Sunset panted heavily, her thighs crushing together a little to prevent what she suspected was about to happen. “Twilight…?”

Her name brought Twilight’s eyes back up to Sunset’s questioning expression, her head tilting to one side and allowing her long lavender hair to tickle Sunset’s thighs. She said nothing. She merely dipped her face down low to kiss Sunset’s thighs, before licking up the flesh towards the very center.

“You… you don’t have to… you know?” Sunset began, but felt her words melt away as a tremor shook up her spine, straight up into her head. Although cautious in Twilight’s actions, Sunset felt her thighs loosen and her legs part just as Twilight’s hot tongue scorched a path onto her already wet panties.

The pressure she felt, right against her vagina caused Sunset to release a gasp that she quickly silenced with a desperate nibble against her index finger, her eyes closing as she felt the gentle tug of fingers against her underwear.

The slide of the fabric moving further down her legs until they met with her ankles fully explained Twilight’s true purpose. Gently, she coaxed away the underwear away from Sunset’s feet, fully exposing her.

It was when she had felt the sensation of Twilight’s flesh assaulting her did she open her eyes to glimpse down to the situation at hand.

Sunset blinked, greatly surprised at what she saw… even if it was an even bigger turn on than what she had expected to see.

Twilight Sparkle had drawn Sunset’s panties close to her face… and she was sniffing them.

“They… they smell so good… l-like you…” Twilight whispered in a hushed moan. “Just… that smell… is…” She visibly swallowed hard, unable to bring her blushing gaze onto Sunset Shimmer who was most assuredly smirking by now. "W-what? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Jeez, Sparkle… I know the saying goes, ‘it’s always the quiet ones,’ but… that’s… that’s pretty something…” Sunset leaned up on the bed, propping herself up with her elbows, though keeping her legs most assuredly closed.

Despite what they had just accomplished together, she could not help but feel a slight embarrassment about showing off the lower part of her body with such reckless abandon.

“I’m sorry, Sunset,” Twilight looked over to her, still keeping the other girl’s underwear pressed close to her lips, “I… I just can’t help myself.”

“It’s fine.” Sunset responded gently. “It’s… I’m not really into this kinky stuff, but, seeing you enjoy yourself with my… ahem, panties is a little bit of a—uh, well… it’s… it's definitely a turn on.”

Oh?” Twilight blinked, her lips tugging into a smile as she locked eyes with the other girl; Sunset immediately noticing a mischievous glint shining behind them as Twilight, opened her mouth and began licking the wet patch that had been excreted from Sunset’s body during the previous exchange.

Sunset watched entranced as that tongue pushed against the fabric.

“How… how is it?” Sunset’s mental filter could not stop her curious and yet playful question. “Does it... taste good?”

Twilight nodded meekly, realizing what she was doing was not exactly… normal. Not that any of this was normal to begin with. It felt oddly taboo to her. Thrilling, in fact, that she was sharing her time like this with another of her friends.

Sunset sucked in a deep breath as her continued curiousness spurred her on into a moment of madness. She bent her legs and slowly parted them to fully reveal herself to the other girl that was kneeling in front of her. Sunset had turned her gaze away at this point, her words an embarrassed whisper as she desperately pushed out the words.

“Maybe… y-you could taste the real thing?” Sunset stole a glance back to a rather blank faced Twilight, that stared down directly between Sunset’s parted legs.

The sudden silence between them was torturous, but, when Twilight moved forward, splaying her hands to spread against the bed between the other girl’s legs, Sunset released a sigh as she watched Twilight’s head slowly descend between her thighs.

Though, Twilight paused when she got too close. The intense, intoxicating musk she could smell from Sunset’s panties was at its strongest a mere inch away from her mouth and nose… and it caused her to lick her lips.

“Um… can I…?” Twilight looked up with a tilt of her head to Sunset, who only stared back down hungrily at her with the barest of nods.

With her confirmation sealed, Twilight slowly approached her lips to the tuft of red hair that was long since glistening with the juices that had coated Sunset’s panties and, just as the hairs tickled her nose, Twilight parted her lips to give a little, explorative lick to Sunset’s nether region.

The reaction was immediate. Sunset moaned, her thighs trembling as if she was struggling against them; trying to stop them from clamping shut around Twilight’s face… which the very thought of, was in fact, quite alluring.

Leaning over as much as she could to stare down past her breasts at Twilight’s secondary lick, Sunset found her words laced with a desperation she did not quite want to convey. “Twilight, please… just lick me… just lick me harder… this is complete and utter torture and you know it!”

A flash of a smile from Twilight only confirmed Sunset’s suspicions.

“A-are you doing that on purpose?” Sunset inquired with a giggle.

Maaaaaybe?” Twilight purred. “I’m just enjoying myself… um, you know… listening to the noises you make when I touch it.”

“You’re so mean.” Sunset pouted, though still, giggled at the situation. “I didn’t know you had such an evil streak in you.”

Twilight glanced up. “Well, to know how to use Dark Magicks, you kind of have to…have a bit of evil inside of you? If that makes any sense... I mean; to understand it, but not to embrace it… because knowledge is power and understanding that power allows you to respect and to control it.”

Sunset shook her head. “Sparkle… please… just do it. I don’t think I can take anymore of your stalling.”

Twilight nodded, chuckling. “Okay, okay… here I go~”

Parting her lips, Twilight’s tongue reached out and—

Hey! Sunset! I was just walking by and I saw this ladder below your window and I thought: ‘Hey, that’s weird, I better investi—” The inhaled, high pitched gasp, caused both girls to yell out and practically jump out of their skins. “OH MY~”

Sunset Shimmer snapped her wide, terrified gaze to the window to notice a very, very stunned Pinkie Pie peering over the frame. “Pinkie?”

PINKIE?!” Twilight pushed up violently against the bed, her head rearing up far too quickly for Sunset to react.

The Princess’s cranium smashed straight into Sunset’s face, causing Sunset to fall back against the bed, holding her nose with a yelp as blood started to trickle from out of it, her legs flailing.

Muh noshe!” Sunset exclaimed.

“P-Pinkie Pie?! W-what… what in Equestria are you… STOP LOOKING!” What followed, was Twilight Sparkle frantically pulling at the quilt, trying to cover herself from the shocked state of their friend staring in from the window, while she rubbed at the spot where her head collided with Sunset’s nose.

Twilight quickly leaned over Sunset, dismissing Pinkie Pie for the moment. “Oh by Celestia, I’m so sorry, Sunset!” Still, with Sunset’s panties in her hand, she offered them over to her to help stem the flow.

“I'sh okay.” Sunset laid back against the bed, desperately trying to hold back the blood by pinching the bridge of her nose, fully accepting the panties to press against her nostrils without realizing what it was she was using.

Well!” Pinkie’s voice caused both girls to bring their embarrassed faces towards the open window and the visibly stunned Pinkie Pie. “I never thought this ship would sail out of Port Closet."

I Wish This Feeling Goes Away

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Rumbled by Pinkie Pie’s unexpected arrival had most certainly ruined the mood for both of the girls.

Even though Pinkie Pie soon pretended to ‘see nothing and proceeded to step back slowly,’ which was spoken in her own words at the time, there was no rescuing what they had experienced at the most pinnacle of their growing and explorative lovemaking.

Twilight fussed over Sunset’s nose more so after Pinkie Pie’s departure and, being the one in pain, Sunset Shimmer felt the need to rest her emotionally drained self rather than to attempt a second initiation of debauchery.

The whole ordeal was quite taxing for both of them, but none more so draining than the utter shock of being caught by one of their friends right in the middle of a particularly all too obvious position, to which neither could possibly explain away as being an accident. After all… how could they? Twilight’s head was positioned right between Sunset Shimmer’s thighs, with her tongue hanging out and drooling with anticipation; her nose almost buried into the upper folds of Sunset’s vagina.

Needless to say, neither slept well that night. Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer topped and tailed the bed with their backs turned away, so that neither could see the other. A minor though pointless deterrent so that they could at least get some measure of shut-eye, without having to think about what could had been.

That night, their dreams were mirrored. The topics very much the same; if neither could make love in the real world then clearly, in the safety of their imaginations, they had managed to succeed.

Morning had come far too quickly and although both girls exchanged pleasantries and acted completely normal around each other at breakfast--like the friends they always were, neither had nothing to say about what they had shared that night.

Their intimacy; their most wonderful and most beautiful of experiences; sharing a passion both never knew could exist between them, was clouded by an awkward embarrassment they simply could not shake off. Their conversations always faded into the mundane: the weather, school and the occasionally magical theorem Twilight initially instigated just to break the silence.

Despite the strange air, Twilight acted like she normally did, though purposefully avoided questions pertaining to herself, while Sunset? Sunset was an emotional mess on the inside, even though she put on quite the display of nonchalance in front of the other girl…

Almost as if nothing had happened.

But something did happen...

Just as Sunset Shimmer slipped on her boots and shouldered on her backpack, Sunset glanced away from the front door and back towards Twilight that had just finished wrenching a finger on the inside of her shoe to better slip it on.

This is… silly! We… we almost had sex last night and… Is this how people normally react the morning after? Do they just… don’t talk about it? As if the whole thing didn’t even occur?

Sunset wanted to. She really did… but she was too afraid of the response. It was clear that Twilight wanted nothing to do with the topic.

Wrinkling her nose a little as she pushed her thoughts aside, Sunset breathed heavily through her nostrils. Although she did not break it, it was somewhat a little bruised; especially upon the bridge of her nose where Twilight’s head impacted the strongest.

Um… Sunset?”

The nervous mentioning of her name drew her eyes right up to lock onto Twilight’s own. “Yes, Twilight?”

Sunset’s heart clenched her chest, her throat tightening as a sense of dread consumed her.

“A-about… last night…”

Relieved, Sunset took a few steps forward to the other, her fingers idly playing with the straps of her backpack while her complete attention was focused solely upon Twilight’s blushing face.

She's... just so beautiful... How can I be so much in love? It almost hurts.

Her own cheeks flushed a lighter shade of red, but nothing compared to Twilight’s. Her cheeks were as red as a darkroom light bulb.

“Twilight… we don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. I mean, it is an awful lot to take in and trust me... I'm still trying to figure out if what happened last night was a dream or reality."

“W-what do you mean?” Twilight tilted her head a little.

“We… I don’t know what came over me and… I…” Sunset lowered her head. “I hope this hasn’t damaged our friendship in anyway. I would hate it if you would think any less of me because of what we did together... I sort of forced it on you, after all.”

No! Of course not, Sunset.” Twilight stepped coldly forward, grasping one of Sunset’s hands between her own, dipping her body a little so she could come back into eye contact with Sunset’s wandering gaze. “I would never think that about you and… what happened between us was a little shocking for both of us.”

Sunset nodded numbly. “Yeah… something like that.”

“What we did wasn’t what friends are supposed to do… Just… We acted more like special someponies, who love each other in that way and… I suppose what I am trying to say is, I didn’t feel like what happened was a bad thing… I liked it.”

“Y-you don’t think it was bad?” Sunset’s eyes widened; hope renewed within them. She could not help but smile just as she noticed the corners of Twilight’s lips curl upwards slightly at her reaction. “You liked it? Um...” Sunset drew timid rather suddenly as she whispered her next words. “R-really? Are y-you sure?”

“Yeah… I really enjoyed it, while it lasted…” Twilight glanced to Sunset’s nose. “I do feel really bad about your nose, though. It was kind of unavoidable, I suppose, given what had happened at the end of it.”

Sunset managed a little giggle at that. “Yeah, you're telling me. I still can’t believe Pinkie Pie just suddenly showed up like that.” She made a face; one of confusion. “And at such a… um… crucial moment? It was like as if she had planned it or something.”

Twilight agreed with a nod, smiling a little embarrassingly. “By Celestia, I can’t imagine how it looked from the window... she must had been in so much shock!”

Sunset murmured as she grasped Twilight’s hand a little tighter, gently pulling the other girl closer so that the gap between them was significantly reduced. “From where I was, it looked pretty hot to me…”

So, so, so, so hot! I don't think I will ever scrub that image from my mind!

Giggling, Twilight averted her gaze and moved a hand up to tuck an errant strand of hair behind her ear. “Y-yeah… it was pretty... um, you know? H-hot...”

An awkward silence befell them momentarily, but soon enough, Twilight spoke up again, though with a much flatter tone, to which immediately felled Sunset’s smile.

“But… you know we can’t, right?” Twilight swallowed hard as Sunset’s eyebrows fluttered with confusion.

What? We... we can't? Why?

“What do you mean?” Sunset’s grip on Twilight’s hands loosened, her fingertips falling away. “Why can’t we? If you’re afraid of what our friends will think about it then—”

Sunset, I know our friends will support us no matter what we decide.” Twilight interjected with a shake of her head. “I know as soon as the moment the rest of them find out about what we did, they would be more than overjoyed and supportive if we ever wanted to start a relationship together.”

Wanted? Why is she speaking like that? I thought we were going to...

Taking a step back, Sunset crossed her arms over her chest rather stubbornly. “Then what is the problem? I mean… by the sounds of it you want this as much as I do!" She didn't mean to raise her voice; but Sunset could not contain her concern so quietly.

“I-I do!” Twilight stammered, offering out her hands in surrender, palms facing up. “Sunset, I didn’t know that my love for you as a friend could be something more until last night. I knew I was experimenting a little when we first started but, to be honest, I really, really did enjoy the time we shared together… I-I really, really wanted to have s-sex with you… I wanted you to kiss me and to hold me… I wanted to touch you in places no other has done before and…” She almost welled up, her eyes sparkling as she turned her head away, her words choked. "B-but..."

A genuine sadness overtook Sunset’s chest as her mind was thrown into a garbled confusion of sheer panic. She curled a fist over her own chest to try and steady her aching heart. “But… what?”

Gathering her emotions up and bottling them away, Twilight took in a deep, shaky breath. “I consider everyone here in this dimension my friend; I would do anything for them, but… my duty as a Princess of Equestria takes priority over…” Her words slowed to a stop as she noted Sunset’s body trembling.

Tears threatened to spill out the corners of Twilight's eyes, as she continued on. “Sunset… we can’t… You belong here, because your friends need you here. I sense magic still exists somehow in this place and it is somehow tied to you. I feel… it was destiny that you were to be here in this strange new world and to make new friends to whom you could make better memories with.”

Sunset had felt that her entire world had shattered into a thousand pieces. Dread had won and left her with a feeling of emptiness as she listened to Twilight’s painful resolution. But the worst part is? A small part of Sunset agreed with her. A small part that she refused to acknowledge completely.

We... never had a chance to begin with, did we? It was hopeless... All of it...

The entirety of their evening was nothing more than a one-night only affair and Sunset’s feelings? They were thrown aside as something mundane and vastly unimportant in the shadow of Twilight’s forever-looming duty as the Princess of Friendship.

Yeah.” Sunset gripped the strap of her bag’s shoulder strap until her knuckles turned white. “I understand.”

“Y-You do?” Twilight responded a little stunned by the resolute nature to Sunset’s voie.

“Completely.” Sunset steeled her gaze and tried her best to smile back at her. “I mean, we’re still friends right?

The smile that Twilight saw, however, was sour. “Of course we are… that will never change.” Twilight nodded.

“Good.” Sunset droned as she turned around to open the front door. “I’m going to school. If you want to come along that is up to you, Princess.”

Being called a Princess, visibly made Twilight flinch. Was there some bite to it? Twilight was not entirely sure.

“Y-yeah… I might as well say goodbye to everypony before I head back to Equestria…” Twilight released a giggle, trying to lighten the mood. “I mean, we have to make sure Pinkie hasn’t said anything too awkward to the others, right?”

Sunset said nothing.

Both girls walked in silence to Canterlot High, with Sunset Shimmer taking the lead some paces in front of Twilight Sparkle, not once looking back at her.