Solitary Female Time


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Cheerilee masturbates to the idea of plowing Silver Spoon

When Cheerilee gets home, it's her time to relax. What better way to relax than to have some alone time? It's something nopony needs to know about. It's something she'll take to the grave with her, and it feels so good.

Commission for my non-brony friend: 2 orgasms in fewer than 2.5k words.

Solitary Female Time

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Miss Cheerilee entered her home and slammed her oak door shut, slugging her saddlebag filled with schoolbooks to the floor. It was just like any other day: a day where she would teach her kids, break up a fight in the schoolyard, ignore a question where foals come from and hush a few tears from whoever needed a hug that day.

The tired mare walked into her bedroom and jumped backwards onto her bed, landing with a loud flop and wrinkling her sheets around her. Her bedspread still had the scent from the outside where she hung them to dry the night before. Breathing in the scent of spring flowers was almost as relaxing as being covered in warm blankets on her agonizingly soft bed.

"Mm I don't wanna go to school tomorrow," Cheerilee said to her bed. "I just want to keep you company. You must have been so lonely while I was gone, but don't worry. I won't leave you ever again."

Cheerilee crawled her way up to the head of her bed and laid her head sideways on her fluffed cotton pillow. "Oh, bed, you know nopony matters to me as much as you." Cheerilee took in a deep breath and giggled. "Well, almost nopony."

Like most ponies, Cheerilee had a skeleton in her closet. At first it started as a silly idea, but the idea came back over and over again day after day until she finally had to accept that she, a grown mare, had a crush on one of her students. A filly named Silver Spoon.

It started out when Silver Spoon's attitude would go through total spirals throughout the day, depending on whether she was interacting with the other students or just being the student Cheerilee expected her to be. Whenever she was with Diamond Tiara, she would put herself on a social pedestal. If she couldn't find a way she was superior to somepony, she would make a way to be superior. Every day, Cheerilee would have to break her away from a poor little foal who was being emotionally harassed by Silver Spoon's ego, but when she was alone to do her school work, she was an absolute angel.

One day when the kids were doing an arts and crafts project, Silver Spoon drew an absolutely beautiful picture of the two of them with the words, "The best teacher ever." It was about then when Cheerilee realized that this Silver Spoon girl had more to her than she thought. It was also about that time when she noticed how beautiful she was when she smiled so wide that her glasses tilted to the side.

Since then, Cheerilee had to make sure she kept her mind under control, which at first was very conflicting as she had to go from enticed by Silver Spoon's charm to dictatorial whenever she had to put her in her place. In a sense, though, this chase of emotions was what made the whole situation thrilling to her. She could go from gentle and loving to putting a filly in her place depending on what she saw fit. She even entertained the idea of scolding Silver Spoon when she was being good and completely letting her go when she was being a bully, but that would raise a few eyebrows with parents. At least she always had her fantasies.

Cheerilee laid back as far as the bed would let her, spreading her hind legs and letting her forehoof travel down her body. This was the best part of being home: getting to lay down and relax her mind and body while her fantasies took over for her.

Cheerilee gasped as her hoof reached her nethers and began teasing at the folds. Maybe there could be a time when I could reverse roles and let Silver put me in my place. Cheerilee rolled onto her side, squeezing her legs together while playing with herself below.

"I told you I needed my grades up, didn't I?" Silver Spoon says. The schoolhouse is empty, leaving just Cheerilee and Silver Spoon with nopony to hear them. "My daddy's not going to be happy with me, or you for that matter."

"But I gave you plenty of chances to study," Cheerilee pleads. "You didn't even attempt the extra cred--"

"Shut up!" Silver Spoon slaps Cheerilee across the flank, taking the teacher off guard.

"Did... Did you just hit me?"

"Yeah, why? Did you want me to do it again?" Cheerilee looks away and blushes, bringing up a fiery grin from the schoolgirl. "Ohhhh. You do, huh?"

"Hold on! I never said that!"

"I said shut up!" Silver Spoon slaps her across the flank again, this time twice as hard. Cheerilee winces in pain, but she can't help how beautifully dirty it makes her feel. "I know your kind. You're some kind of freak who gets off to fillies, huh? That's why you became a teacher, isn't it?" Cheerilee looks at Silver Spoon with a concerned look, but she's too afraid she'll get spanked again if she says anything. "Thought so."

"Silver Spoon, it's not like that!"

"OK, I guess you don't feel like listening today." Silver Spoon hops onto the desk behind her and spreads her hind legs. Cheerilee tries to look away, but she's filled with too much lust and anticipation to think any better. "You probably like seeing fillies' vaginas, don't you? You sick weirdo."

"Silver Spoon I--"

"Lick it." Cheerilee stares deep into the protruding lips of the small filly's nether regions, then back into her eyes, almost as if she were making sure that's really what she meant. "I don't want to repeat myself. You have three seconds to put your tongue in my pussy. Three... Two... Aaahhh!"

Before she can count down any further, Miss Cheerilee puts her tongue into the Silver filly's orifice, licking around the insides of her labia and running circles around the center of her legs. Silver Spoon's insides begin to moisten, giving Cheerilee a small taste of the filly's prepubescent lust.

Silver Spoon gasps. "You little slut. How did you really get your cutie mark? Deflowering little girls?"

"You know," Cheerilee says, wiping her mouth from her own spit, "it's funny you're calling me a slut when you're getting fucked by your teacher so she'll bring up your grade."

Silver Spoon's expression changes, worried that she might lose her position of control to her teacher, and as much as Cheerilee wants to use her own authority, she decides on taking a different path to make it happen. Instead, she smiles and goes back to tonguing the filly's orifice, licking upward until she can find the treasure buried at the top. The higher up Cheerilee's tongue goes, the louder Silver Spoon's moans get, but just as she's about to get to the nub at the top, she makes a U-turn and begins licking back down the other side.

"Mmm, you fucking bitch," Silver says softly, arching her back and squeezing her eyes closed. "What's it like teasing like girls, creep?"

"A lot more fun when you do it the right way." Before Silver Spoon can open her eyes to question her, her eyes squeeze shut even harder as her teacher pulls back the small layer shielding her clitoris. Instead of giving it the attention she wants, though, Cheerilee instead moves her mouth to just inside her thighs, kissing her up and down around her folds, but giving her no attention to the moistened sex itself.

"Ohhhh, just play with my clit already!"

Cheerilee takes her mouth off completely and gives Silver Spoon a smug smile. "Excuse me, young lady?"

"Did I stutter? I said play w--mmm."

The schoolgirl's words are then suddenly cut off by Cheerilee's mouth pressing against hers, putting all of Silver's lust back into her mouth. Silver Spoon leans back onto her desk while her teacher runs a hoof through her mane and guides the schoolgirl's hoof to take place of where her teacher's mouth just was. Their tongues and hooves work in unison; as their tongues go deeper into each other's mouths, so do their hooves go deeper inside Silver Spoon's vagina.

As Cheerilee feels Silver's legs spread to their maximum, she takes off her mouth and starts kissing up and down Silver Spoon's neck, pushing in and out of her orifice as quickly as she can. Silver's moans are reaching their highest pitch, screaming as loud as she can, almost inviting somepony to walk in on them. "I'm so close! I'm gonna cum!"

The school teacher then quickly pulls away from her neck and moves down to between her legs. Then, with another loud scream, Silver Spoon squeezes her legs together, pulling Cheerilee into her crotch while she gushes out cum down her inner walls. Cheerilee can feel the filly's vagina pulsing and contracting around her tongue as lube streams down into her mouth. With one last, loud moan, the silver filly pushes her crotch into her teacher's mouth and releases all the passion she can before falling back onto the desk and heaving for her breath back.

As soon as all the lube is out of Silver's vagina, though, Miss Cheerilee comes back to Silver Spoon's mouth and kisses the filly, putting all of her female liquids into her mouth. Silver Spoon, though, jerks upwards and spits all of the liquids onto her coat, splashing some back onto her teacher's face. Then, after a few moments of silence, Cheerilee wipes as much of the sticky lubrication off of her face as she can and stares at Silver Spoon angrily.

"I... I'm sorry!" Silver Spoon says timidly. "I didn't-- I just--"

"Get off of that desk, young lady."

Scared of what might happen, the filly follows instructions, hopping down onto the floor. "M-Ms. Cheerilee? Am I in trouble?"

"Silver Spoon, you've been a very bad girl lately. Now, if you want that grade, I want you to lay down."

Again, the filly complies, not sure what's going on, but cooperating nonetheless. Her teacher then reaches for the little girl's legs and spreads them as wide as they go, eliciting a gasp from the girl with glasses as she brings her hooves to her mouth. As Miss Cheerilee smiles at the filly's still glistening sex organs, she takes her place in between Silver Spoon's legs and kisses their lower lips together.

"Mmm, this is what you need," the teacher says as she slowly begins to grind their hips together. "Now, who's in charge here?"

With a moan, Silver replies, "You are, Miss Cheerilee."

"And do little girls call their teachers sluts?"

"Ohhh let me be your slut, Miss Cheerilee. Do whatever you want to me."

The teacher laughs quietly, pressing her marehood harder against Silver Spoon's. " You've been behaving very badly, you know."

"I'm such a bad girl, Miss Cheerilee. Teach me how to be a good girl again."

"So now you want to learn?"

"Please, Miss Cheerilee! Just make me cum again."

"You're such a horny little girl."

"Let me be your dirty girl!" Silver shouts in desperation. "Make me feel good again. I'll be any kind of whore you want. Just please make cum."

Without taking another moment to think, the teacher bucks her hips against her student's as hard as she can, grabbing onto her small legs as support. She can feel a pressure mounting in between her thighs. Estrogen ensnares her senses to the point where all she can comprehend are the lust-filled moans of Silver Spoon and how bad she wants her to scream. Cheerilee slides her lips in between Silver's until their pelvises are bone to bone. She can feel it moving down her walls. Her ovaries are about to burst.

"Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhhh!"


Cherilee quickly pulled her hoof out of her vagina as she began squirting liquid all onto her bed. Her body shook as lube shot out of her orifice in violent bursts across her body and sheets. Her hips pulsed upwards reflexedly, even with nopony on top of her, but the feeling between her legs was too good to hold still.

Finally, as soon as she was done shaking and all the liquid had ceased from draining out of her sex, Cheerilee took in a deep breathe and flopped back onto her stomach. As much as it hurt to keep in her emotions throughout her day on a regular basis, and even though she was terrified to death about what would happen if somepony found out, nothing compared to the orgasms she got when thinking about the pony that she really wanted to be with. Cheerilee took in another wiff of her sheets, held in the scent and laughed all the air back out.

"Guess it's time to wash these again."