Luna of the Red Moon

by Blood_rose_doll

First published

A vampire in Equestria might just be in for more than he can handle.

Asher lived a normal life as a vampire. That all changes the day he gets pulled into Equestria. Now something strange is happening to him. Even worse he may never get home. Luckily a certain princess has made it her mission to get him home no matter what.

Thank you Lord Despair for requesting this story of me.

Proofread by: Jdbener

A meeting of night.

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It was just another lazy night for Asher. He yawned in his recliner as he flicked through channels on his tv, his fangs shining in the low light it emitted. He set down the remote, all TV was the same no matter what you were watching.

In search of something exciting he sauntered into the library. He had quite the collection of books that were left over from his sire. He had read some of them, but there were tons that he hadn’t even looked at, that was about to change. He looked over the bookshelves on the right side of the room, each one nearly empty. It was his first time reading a book from this side. While his sire still lived here he had been forbidden to go near this side of the room, however now that his sire had left and taken what he called ‘the most dangerous books’ Asher was free to explore the rest. He knew that anything remaining was going to be cool!

Picking a book at complete random he pulled it from the shelf and looked at the cover. It appeared to be a normal book. Frowning he opened the cover and gasped at what he saw. Inside the ordinary book was a smaller red book with fancy black script written all over the cover in a language Asher had never seen before. He took the book out of its shell tossing the larger book aside. Looking inside he saw that it was written in that weird language, however, it looked like it could be pronounced!

Picking a passage at random he began to read, "Isato balatan micyotey feruton."

The rumbling started immediately after he finished reading. The whole house shook and he dropped the book when a giant clap of thunder sounded from outside. He put his hands over his sensitive ears as another clap sounded louder than the first. The shaking increased and the bookshelves started to rock back and forth throwing books everywhere.

Dodging the falling books Asher darted for the door to the hall. Once in the hall he sat on the floor. The thunder clapped louder than before and the house shook with even more vigor. The floor dropped out from under him and he got the sense that he was falling. He slammed into the ground. The thunder stopped. He dropped his hand from his ears then he jumped to his feet realizing that the shaking had stopped as he looked around the hall, completely unscathed by whatever had just happened.

Everything seemed normal and he wondered if anything had actually happened-- looking into the library he saw books lying all over the floor signifying that he wasn't crazy. He started down the hall opening the front door, what he saw was a complete shock. Outside his house was some place he had never seen before.

"Where the heck am I?" Asher asked himself. The area outside his house was pretty barren he was now situated at the top of a hill and at the bottom of said hill was a town that Asher could see clearly with his enhanced vision. Looking back at his house he frowned. Had his house been moved or was he simply going crazy? Was this a dream? That must be it Asher thought he fell asleep in his recliner and now he was dreaming. Then he realized something: if this wasn't a dream was that room still there? Quick as a flash he ran inside and through the house till he came to the basement door. Throwing it open he ran down the stairs and when he reached the bottom he sighed in relief. His blood cellar was still intact though it was nearly empty. He was supposed to get more, but he had put it off and now he was down to just a small amount of blood.

Looking in the mirror on the wall Asher smiled at the reflected room. He could never see his black hair or green eyes, but he didn't mind, the power that came with that little side effect was amazing. He clenched his fists in determination and then climbed up the stairs. He had to find out what just happened. Just as he reached the top of the steps pain shot up his back. Asher gasped and fell to his knees. The pain was gone a second later and he breathed a sigh of relief. Asher looked down at his hands.

"What was that?" He asked himself. The first thing to be done was to find out where he was, in pursuit of this quest Asher stood up and started off towards the town. It was silent or as much as a sleeping village could be. What he didn't expect was the giant castle looking thing looming at the back of the town. He hadn't seen it before since he only glanced at the front of the town earlier. Now as he came within the borders of the town he saw how huge it was. He had never seen a castle in a small town before and looking around Asher saw another one hanging off a nearby mountain. He walked towards the castle and was nearing the door when the silence of the night shattered.

"Who goes there?!" Asher spun towards the voice and was greeted with another odd sight. A horse stood where the voice had come from but not just any horse. This horse was unlike anything Asher had ever seen. It was a deep blue color for starters and it had a horn coming out its forehead. This fact made it a unicorn from fairy tales, but it also had wings that were spread at it's sides. So it was sort of combination of a unicorn and a pegasus. What confused Asher the most though was its mane and tail. It looked like the night sky had been captured and put in this horse's hair. It flowed in a breeze that Asher could not feel as it walked up closer to him. Asher looked to it's back but found no rider. He looked around for where the voice had come from. Finding nothing he turned back around to the castle.

"Must be my imagination." He chuckled to himself as he realized he was just accepting a pegasus unicorn mix.

"I assure you I am quite real." Asher spun around again as the voice was closer now. What he found was the horse had stopped just a few feet from him. He noticed then that though it looked fully grown the horse was only as tall as he was. Asher again looked for the source of the voice but again found nothing. He was about to turn around again when the horse opened its muzzle.

"What manner of creature are you?" Asher nearly fell over as the voice came from the horse's mouth.

"You can talk?!" Asher asked. The horse nodded its accent and took a step forward.

"As can you." The horse said in a distinctly female voice.

"That's not the point. Of course I can talk but horses aren't supposed to talk." Asher stated as he took a step away from the horse. The horse seemed to take offense to something Asher said however and 'huffed'.

"I am not a horse. I’m a pony more specifically I am an alicorn." The hor-- pony said puffing herself up proudly. "I am the Princess of the Night Luna. Who might you be?" Asher looked at Luna and wondered if he should just run.

"My name is Asher." He said and Luna smiled gently at him.

"May I ask what you are then?" Luna asked and took another step forward now folding her wings by her side. Asher considered how to respond to that question, he obviously wasn't in the real world anymore. He had heard about spells that could transport you to a different world but never thought they were real. Why his sire hadn't taken that book with him when he left? That was for another time, however. Asher sighed, the truth would probably be best, and besides it’s not like she would know what he was.

"I'm a vampire." Luna looked taken aback for a second and then a curious look crossed her face.

"Like a vampire fruit bat?" She asked confusedly tilting her head to the side.

"Yes like a vampire b... wait did you say fruit bat?" Asher asked and Luna nodded causing him to chuckle. "Well, then I don't know that I've never heard of a vampire fruit bat before. I'm obviously not from around here." This time, it was Luna who chuckled, bending her leg to daintily cover her smile.

"I gathered that," Luna said lowering her leg back down. She took another few steps forward till she was just close enough to touch him. A light blue light surrounded it and Asher gasped and fell over, clutching his chest. Luna gasped, "I'm so sorry I only meant to see if I could get you home I didn't even attempt the spell yet!" Asher groaned again pushing himself up as the pain starting to subside and looking up into the face of what he could only imagine was a worried pony.

"It's ok. I'm fine now." Asher said feigning confidence. In truth that had enough to momentarily paralyze him and he was racking his brain as to why. He had endured pain much worse than this! He looked down at his heaving chest and then back up to Luna who still had the same worried expression. "I'm sure it wasn't your fault," He said trying to comfort her and getting a frown in response.

"You were in pain directly after I tried to attempt a spell on you." The moon princess said in a voice that offered no room for argument. Asher was about to retort, but the look he got from Luna immediately made him shut it "I wish for you to come with me. I'm sure my sister will have an answer, " Asher hesitated ", Don’t you want to go home?"

"How long until sunrise?" Asher asked and looked to the moon high in the sky. Luna followed his gaze and then looked back to him.

"What an odd question. If you must know I will lower it as soon as we reach Canterlot in about an hour." Luna hadn't even finished before Asher started to shake his head.

"I won’t make it. I can't be out in the sun. What do you mean you will lower it?" Asher finished his question by looking Luna in the eye.

"I am the princess of the night I raise and lower the moon and stars. My elder sister Celestia controls the sun." Luna said and stood proudly but then deflated slightly. "Why can you not be in the sun?" Asher looked away from the princess.

"It would kill me. Staying in the sun too long is deadly to a vampire." Asher said with a small frown. Luna gasped moving a hoof to cover her mouth. "My house is designed to protect me from the sun I'll be safest there," Asher said pointing at his home.

"I shall bring my sister there tomorrow night," Luna said turning back to Asher. Why was she so determined to help him? What was in it for her?

She lifted off the ground a few feet and looked down at him. "I shall be back, please await my arrival." Asher nodded and she flew off towards the castle on the hill.

Asher stood stunned for a moment; he had just met a fictional looking pony who wanted to help him get home-- wherever that was. The first thing to do was get home! Dropping all pretense Asher ran at full speed all the way back to his manor, taking a moment for his eyes to adjust to the darkness of his home. He walked to his bedroom which was in the center of the house, meaning it had no windows.

When he arrived, his coffin stood in the center of the room, calling for him to sleep. He slowly climbed in and rolled onto his side, his mind replaying the strange occurrences which had just happened to him.

Another wave of pain hit making him almost scream and momentarily sending him into spasms. This wave left just as quickly as the ones before it allowing him a moment to question where it had come from. He closed his eyes trying to shut out these thoughts for the moment and get some sleep. Soon he drifted off.