STI: Sonata's Taco Invention

by roseprincess

First published

A mishap with Sonata's new invention, and her and Sunset find themselves in a really dangerous (nah, hilarious) situation.

A mishap with Sonata's new invention, and her and Sunset find themselves in a really hilarious dangerous situation.

Edited by iLuvRainbows
Cover image: Tacos by me, background added by iLuvRainbows
Background: Twilight Sparkle's Basement Laboratory
Tacos help: Taco Love

Melting away (literally)

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Sonata whipped around quickly as the door opened. “Hey Sunset,” she said, rushing over to the other side of the living room, grabbing a pile of papers. “Come with me.” Sonata raced downstairs, Sunset running slightly to keep up.

“Uh, what did you call me here for?” Sunset asked, almost running into Sonata as they stopped in front of a simple gray door.

Sonata grinned and pushed open the door. Sunset followed behind, looking around at all the gadgets, machines, beakers and — standing out — a giant portal-like doorway in the middle of the room. She blinked. This looked just like the laboratory of any student of Princess Celestia’s — why would Sonata have one? “Sonata… what is all this?” Sunset asked, walking up behind her.

“For fun!” Sonata said, pulling off the pen lid with her teeth, before scribbling down on the papers she’d brought.

“Wait… for fun?!” Sunset almost yelled, shocked. “You do this for fun?!”

“Mm-hm!” Sonata nodded happily, flipping a few switches in the corner. “And I wanted to show you this thing I made!”

“Let me guess, something to do with tacos?” Sunset asked.

Sonata gasped, then grinned. “You know me so well!”

Who doesn’t? Sunset thought, following Sonata as she stepped up to the machine in the middle of the room, flicking yet another switch.

“So, what exactly does this do?” Sunset asked.

Sonata pressed a button. “It makes tacos!”

Sunset frowned. “That’s it?”

“Well, yeah! I invited you here to see it, but also so we could have lunch together!” Sonata said happily. “Okay, so we just press this button, and then type in an amount — two in this case — and tada! Two t—”

A huge puff of smoke covered the whole room. Sunset and Sonata coughed, wiping the smoke out of their eyes.

Sunset was the first to notice something was wrong. “Uh, Sonata? Either the room has gotten bigger, or we’ve gotten smaller.” She looked towards Sonata, then screamed.

“What? What is it?” Sonata asked, confused.

“S-S-Sonata… you’re a… a taco!” Sunset exclaimed.

Sonata grinned. “Huh? Oh, so I am!”

“You’re happy about this? We have to find a way to change you back immediately.” Sunset went to move forward, but fell flat on the ground, hearing a crunching sound.

“Uh, Sunset? You do realise that you’re a taco too, right?”

Sunset pushed herself up and jumped around in circles. “Oh no.”

“Hmm… there must have been something wrong with the machine.” Sonata hopped around to the back, but quickly discovered she couldn’t reach. “Okay, that won’t work.”

“We have to find a way to change back now!” Sunset said, panicking. “Before it’s too late!”

The door opened, and Sunset froze.

Literally. She tried to move, but fell over on her side, her insides tipping out slightly. She strained, but couldn’t move. Looking over, she saw Sonata was in the same position.

“Hey, Sonata! Fluttershy’s over for lunch and I need you to—” Aria stopped in her tracks as she saw the two tacos lying on the ground. She bit her lip and looked around, before picking them up. “Hey, Fluttershy, you like tacos?” Aria called, running out.

Sunset groaned as she was lifted up and carried out of the room. This was the end! They were going to be eaten!

As Aria’s eyes were not on them, Sunset lightly hopped around and peered at Sonata.

“What do we do?” she whispered.

“Hmm…” Sonata thought. “I… I don’t know.”

“Gee, thanks!” Sunset yelled, before covering her mouth with her hands.

Aria froze, looking around.

Fluttershy frowned in worry. “Is everything okay?” she asked.

Aria turned back to her. “I swear I heard something.”

Sunset bit her lip and started sweating.

Aria shrugged and sat down next to Fluttershy. “Here… got you a taco.” She was sure Sonata wouldn’t miss just two tacos with that machine of hers.

Fluttershy took Sunset taco out of Aria’s hand, and Sunset started freaking out even more as she was brought closer and closer to Fluttershy’s mouth. She held out her arms and was almost ready to scream, when—

“Oh, is that bacon?” Fluttershy asked, moving Sunset taco away; who sighed in relief. And that’s a big sigh.

“Yeah,” Aria replied, placing Sonata taco down. “Oh, I forgot you were a vegetarian! Here, we can switch,” she said, handing her Sonata.

Fluttershy smiled gratefully, but placed Sonata on the table, along with Sunset. “Thanks, but can we get a drink first? I’m a bit thirsty,” she stated politely.

“Sure, we have…” Aria trailed off. “Uh, I forgot. Come with me,” she said, blushing slightly. Fluttershy stood up, nodding, and followed after her, leaving Sonata and Sunset on the table.

“Okay, this is our last chance. We have to change back now!” Sunset said sharply, racking her… bacons.

Sonata bit her lip. “We’re done for!” she said, falling over onto the ground.

Sunset shook her head. “No, there has to be a way—wait, Sonata! Don’t move!” Sunset hopped up to Sonata.

“Huh?” Sonata said, confused, but stayed still as Sunset scanned her body. “What is it?”

“Hm…” Sunset squinted to read the small writing engraved on Sonata. “To break the spell is a simple task. In less than twenty four hours (or before one of you is eaten, because tacos are quite tasty. Trust me, I really love the bacon ones, I’ve had tons myself—oh sorry, got a bit carried away there). To break the spell, I normally make the two hug each other without breaking, but you two are just so cute together! That’s it. You two have less than two minutes to break the spell. To do so, you have to kiss!”
Sonata and Sunset froze, their taco shell almost cooking from embarrassment. (XD)

“Oookay, you sure that isn't a joke?” Sonata asked. Sunset flicked through, shaking her head.

It should be, this is a comedy. Damn you author! Sunset thought, biting her lip.

Footsteps. Sonata and Sunset jumped as best as tacos could.

Voices. The two shot looks towards the door.

“Okay, Sonata, we have to do this,” Sunset said quickly.

“Hm… I know you want it too!” Sonata teased.

Sunset cooked further, blushing. “I never said that!”

“Don’t be silly; it’s obvious! It’s just too bad our first kiss had to be—mmph!” Sonata was cut off as Sunset’s hard lips pressed against hers. It felt nice though, and Sonata felt her cheese melting just as much as Sunset’s.

Aria frowned as she peered down at the two stuck together tacos; cooked through and with melted cheese.

“Huh, guess Sona must’ve cooked ‘em for us,” Aria said, handing Sonata taco to Fluttershy.

“No! Why isn’t it working?!” Sunset whispered, freaking out as she once again neared another mouth, this time Aria’s. She almost gagged and looked away.

This was it. They were going to die.

Sunset squinted her eyes.


Another puff of smoke, and Sunset was sitting on Aria’s lap; Sonata in Fluttershy’s.

“Heheh, hi guys!” Sonata said innocently.

Aria’s eyes widened and she pushed Sunset off, running out of the room. Fluttershy blinked and very politely squirmed out from under Sonata, running after Aria.

Sunset tilted her head, then felt arms around her back. “Now, where were we?” Sonata asked, turning Sunset around to face her.

“Hmm… almost getting eaten by our friends?” Sunset laughed and stared into her eyes, kissing her on the lips again.

“Ugh, I am never eating another taco again,” Aria said, wiping her mouth as she returned to the kitchen, seeing the two girls embracing. “Uh, did I miss something?”