Entering A Fantasy

by BlockHead Jones

First published

A book, a human, and a fantasy of ponies... time to enter

Finals are done and school is out. You would think its stupid to go to the library but it's not if you have a book on hold. I try to do a quick in and out but someone stops me, and tells me that I have a book recommendation. What's werid about that you say? Well, its werid if the book has a note in there for you to find, so fantasy here I come!

Schools out!

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All of the students burst out of the doors of their classrooms and rushed screaming and shouting down the hall. I had my backpack on and was running through the mass of students that crowded the hallway, or at least trying to. Summer was here and I wanted to spend every minute of it doing what I wanted, but that wasn't the only reason why I was running. In class I heard a group of people talking in the back, and I glanced over to see what was going on. Literally ten kids brought their backpacks full of supersoakers and water balloons, and I really didn't want my summer to start off with me soaking wet. I ran out of the front doors of the school, and almost immediately I heard screaming behind me. Looks like I dodged the soaking after all. I started to run a little bit faster, excited because I wanted to get to the library. There was a new book that came out today and I put a hold on it.

After about 20 blocks of sprinting I came to the library, and of course there was a huge line of people waiting to buy the book. Luckily, I was just in time because I was still able to check it out. The thing was that when a new book came in the library there was a 5 hour holding period for said book, and I already lost four and a half hours just by being at school. Lucky for me it was a half day and the book came out at 8 am, when school starts. I was just about to leave the library to go home to tell my friends on PonySquare that I was out and about for summer but the librarian stopped me.

"Before you go, someone left you a book recommendation."

I walked back to the checkout desk.


I was pretty skeptical that anyone actually left me anything. She pulled out a small piece of paper with some writing on it, which she handed it to me.

"The book is in the back section to your far left dear. Who you like any help finding it?"

"No thanks,"

I said kindly.

"Thank you for offering."

I glanced at the piece of paper. It had the library code on it, but it didn't include the name of the book or the author, like a usual recommendation. Weird. I started to walk into the maze of bookshelves, and as I approached the back of the library it got quieter and quieter. I got to the right section, then the right shelf. The book was higher up then I thought, so I snagged a ladder, climbed up, and started to compare the code to the other books. I found it, but the book itself carried a strange... feeling to it. Like... like it was out of place or didn't belong here. I grabbed the book, slid down the ladder, and walked over to a private reading desk. The book was brown with a gold unicorn that was facing right on the cover.

I was amazed. Someone actually made a guide book to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I opened it up and flipped through the pages, they were old but they felt brand new against my finger tips. I was utterly amazed at the content and the information that it held. Halfway through the book I found another piece of paper folded in a square. I grabbed it and unfolded it, and there was a note that had the most beautiful writing, words sparkling in the light. It read:

Dear whomever this my concern,

My name is Twilight Sparkle, I am the faithful student to Princess Celestia...

That I pretty much knew, but the note itself carried the same feeling as the book did. I read on:

I live in Ponyville within the library...

This was old news. Anyway, I read on, with more of the same, but the last few sentences caught most of my attention:
Equestria exists but it cannot be accessed by a human alone. There are many ways to come but they do not exist in your world yet...

My world? I felt myself sitting on the edge of my seat.

Today I brought this book to you in hopes of anypony there who would find it. I am granting you a chance to live in Equestria. I know that this might be a lot to take in, about leaving and going to a new place. Please take a few moments before looking at the back of this paper.

I sat back, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go to the world of my brony dreams. I sat in silence and thought about it. On the one hand, ‘The world of my fucking dreams man! Take it!’ But on the other hand, ‘Tell someone. Share your gift.’ But back on the other hand I would miss my friends, family, and my record breaking stats on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 survival mode. Meh, screw it. I turned the paper over, and Equestria watch out, here I come. There were words on the back, it read:
Please read this out loud and wait a few moments for it to work.

I looked at the part that I was supposed to read. I felt my heart beat right out of my chest, and I cleared my throat:

"Out and in, out and in, let my new life begin."

I waited, and sat back in the chair. I felt sad, it didn't work. I folded the piece of paper back up and pocketed it. I shut the book, ready to leave, but I then felt the ground move underneath me. I thought it was an earthquake, so I tried to dive under the table, but except for my head, I couldn't move. I looked around, but it was really weird. Things were shaking but nothing was falling down, everything was literally shaking in place, sorta like some guy from a mental hospital had dumped superglue on everything. I shut my eyes, trying to imagine myself away from the unnatural scene before me. I soon felt a breeze flow across my face, soothing and relaxing. But the relaxation period soon stopped when I felt leaves and branches, soon evolving into cuts and pain. I opened my eyes to find myself bleeding and stuck in the middle of a tree in a giant forest. I heard a crack and fell flat on my back, on the not-too-soft ground.


I coughed, using the trunk of the tree to sit myself up. What did I get myself into? First the weird earthquake...thingy, and now crashing into a tree. What fun. I put a hand to my head, at least I thought it was a hand, and I definitely remembered having fingers earlier. I look at what once was a hand and noticed that it was now a hoof. I looked at myself with excitement and more than a little shock. I was silver, my coat was silver. I had a tail, a mane, and I even still had my special orange tinted glasses. I glanced at my mane, noticing with more than a little horror that it was yellow and pink. ‘Great... I'm sure nopony will get the wrong idea.’ I thought, rolling my eyes.

I then was reminded with blinding, or rather crippling, clarity that I was in extreme pain with all the cuts. I shakily stood and walked in what I thought was North, but something slammed into my head.


I paused in fear.


I couldn't talk. Somehow, someway, the ability to speak had deserted me. I tried again.


And again.


And yet again.


Nothing. For some reason, more than likely out of fear, I stared to run. Unfortunately, I didn't look where I was going and almost immediately ran into a door. A door... I had all of the forest to run into and I had to run into the only door in the damn Everfree forest. I fell backwards, clutching my head in pain. The door quickly opened and a zebra walked out, followed closely by a purple mare. The purple mare simply stared at me, like I was covered in bees or something. Yes, I knew it was Twilight, I’m not that dumb. I soon remembered how I came, painfully reached into my pocket (Dafuq?) and pulled out the note from the library, hoofing it to her.
"What's this?"

She asked rather curiously. She grabbed the note with her magic and started to read, then walked back into the hut.


She called.

"Would you please take him inside for me? He’s very hurt."

She nodded. I was disappointed; I had really wanted to hear her talk. She somehow placed me on her back, and walked into the hut. She placed me on her bed and started to mix up something in the cauldron. I concentrated hard; I was going to say something!


Oh come on! I just wanted to say hi. This is fuckin' great. Zecora trotted over and placed a bowl of liquid near my face.

"Drink this up, every drop.

Very soon you will heal and talk."

Her voice is just…amazing. She pushed the bowl towards me with her nose and I began to drink. I half expected to cough and hack half a lung up but the drink was smooth and tasted great. As I drank, I felt my cuts start to heal up, I looked at my once cut up hoof.

"I'm alright!"

I paused, then jumped.

"I can talk again!"

I shouted, rushed over to Zecora, and kissed her. I don't know why, I was just too happy. She immediately blushed and looked extremely surprised. I then quickly reverted back to jumping around her hut. I then stopped in mid-jump, suddenly realizing what I had done. I felt my face turn red as I turned back to her.

"Look, I’m sorry, it's just that-"

She raised a hoof.

"It's alright. In fact, quite fine.

The kiss from you was very kind.

The brew worked, and now you’re well,

time for me to whip up another spell."

She trotted over to the other side of the hut and started to work on a potion. However, my face never changed color. My kiss was kind? I think I need to lie down again. I turned around, only to see that Twilight was giggling.

"Well, somepony is rather happy I see."

I started to unconsciously scratch my head.

"Yeah, well... I'm just glad that I can talk."

She smiled.

"Well anyway, my name is Twilight Sparkle, it’s very nice to meet you. I really thought that nopony was going to find the letter."

I stopped blushing and smiled warmly.

"Yeah, they call me Alexander Wilton."

She extended her hoof and I quickly shook it.

"But it looks like I’ll need to find a new name now, since Alex isn’t exactly normal here and all."

"I think that would be in your best interest."

We stopped our hoofshake and she raised the note in front of her with her magic.

"I'm glad to see that the spell worked, do you still have the book?"

The book? Oh... the book. Shit!

"Well, I don't exactly have it with me."

I said nervously, expecting anger. But instead, she looked confused.

"What do you mean? You’re holding it."

The fuck? I soon noticed that I was indeed holding the book. Wait. How? Weird. I hoofed it to her, and she quickly put it in her saddlebag.

"If you want, I can show you around Ponyville later. I have to stay here for awhile though. Zecora is working on something that I read in a book earlier."

I smiled.

"I can't wait. Besides, I might be healed but I’m still pretty tried."

Today was indeed very tiring. I laid back on the bed, but soon got back up. I looked at Zecora for approval; she nodded and winked at me. I’m guessing that means okay. I laid back down and stared upward. Well Alexander, you’re finally here. You’re finally here... in Equestria.