Piraka Don't Play Fair

by Reiuji Laevateinn

First published

When you go to a Comicon, what do you expect? A good, normal day. Not for us. In one second, we turned from normal people into Equestria's Most Wanted

(Displaced story. If you dislike them, then leave.)

"A thief might sneak into a town to steal an item. A Piraka burns down the whole town to find what he wants." Bionicle Legends, volume #4: Legacy of Evil

After a freak Comicon incedent, me and my five friends got sent into Equestria as every Matoran's worst nightmare. Besides the Makuta. No, not a Rahkshi either. ....Bohrok? Really? Enough guesses! We are the Piraka, the bane of Celestia's existence, and greatest thieves in Equestria!
And they can't do anything to stop us. Well, maybe they can turn us to stone. But we have a plan for that.

Btw, if you don't know what any of those things mentioned above are, here's the info you need.
Matoran are civilians like a regular human being. Makuta are Bionicle's main villain group, and are assholes.
Rahkshi are the sons of Makuta, and are robots piloted by a slug creature called Kraata.
Bohrok are robots controlled by a mask like creature called a Krana. They are only meant to clean. All life, all trees, all rocks, and everything else on the Island of Mata Nui when he reawakened. They are assholes too.

Chapter One: Comicon Was a Bad Idea.....

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Zachary's POV

We had finally arrived! Comicon, home of the Cosplay! I quickly double checked everything for my costume. I had picked an oldie, a bionicle named Zaktan, and had done a pretty good job on the design. All the spikes were properly in place, and the triple blade was firmly gripped in my hand. Unfortunately, I didn't make the Zamor Sphere launcher, since I had been out of time, but the rest of the costume was excellent. I glanced to my friends cars.

We had all decided to go as one of the six Piraka, with Harry being Hakaan, Jerry being Avak, Joey being Reidak, Zoey being Vezok, and Tory as Thok. They each got out of their cars, and checked their costumes again.

"Alright, Piraka! Let's go stir up some trouble!" I joked, and they chuckled, before walking towards the front entrance. As we walked past, a security guard stopped me.

"Don't you Piraka start anything, you hear?" He said, a smile on his face. I nodded, a smile on my own face. You don't meet many Bionicle fans much anymore. The year was 2013, and the Bionicle fandom had begun it's last stand. We walked in, before splitting up, two per group. I went with Joey, and we started our exploration in the merchant area. As we passed by, a creepy Merchant stopped us.

"It's been a while since I've seen a bionicle costume. Anyways, that's besides the point. Care to take a look at my wares?" The Merchant asked. I glanced over most of his products before coming across a bunch of Zamor Sphere Launchers, and I picked one up.

"How much for these? I got the rest of the Piraka somewhere around here." I asked, and he smiled.

"Oh, only a hundred dollars, since you are the first Bionicle guy I've seen in quite a while. If I see any other Piraka, I'll hand them their Launchers. Save you the trouble of hunting them down." He answered, and I placed a hundred dollar bill in his open palm. I picked up my launcher, and so did Joey. As we turned to head back, we both fell to the ground, and lost consciousness.


Tory's POV

As me and Harry walked down the Merchant section, a random merchant pulled us over.

"Hey. Your friend in the Zaktan costume bought one of these for all of you." He passed us both a Zamor Sphere Launcher, and we looked at each other, shrugged, and thanked him, before continuing onwards. Until we passed out.

(You guys know what'll happen with the last two, so let's skip that part.)

Zaktan's POV

I groaned as I woke up, my hands digging into the dirt. I sat up groggily, before looking around me. Then I noticed something... odd. Well, besides the unfamiliar terrain. I felt... different, like a million minds linked together. I raised my hand to my head, before looking at it. Instead of the stuff I made the costume out of, cold metal gleamed. I immediately jumped up into the air, my body dispersing for a moment, before reforming. I checked my items. Zamor Launcher, real. Triblade, real. Body, a million microscopic Protodites. I was the real Zaktan. I took it in for a moment.

"Well.... this is new." I muttered, examining my hands, er, claws. I glanced at a small pond. I had the same massive grin as any other Skakdi I've ever heard of. Wait, why am I so calm about this?!

"Oh, that's probably because of me, newbie." A sinister and snake like voice whispered into my mind. I whirled around, scanning the area.

"Calm down. I'm in your head. I'm Zaktan, the original one. Where in Mata Nui's name are we?" 'Zaktan' asked. I shrugged.

"Hell if I know. Perhaps we should scout around, see what's nearby." I told him. I attempted to disperse my body, and the millions of microscopic creatures that made up my body flew across the surrounding area, before running into a small town. Within the town was a bunch of colorful equines milling about, some with horns, some with wings, and some with neither. I felt my 'mindmate' have a touch of curiosity.

"I haven't seen any fully organic creatures before. Quite the spectacle." He muttered, before I pulled my body back together at the entrance to the town. When I opened my eyes again, everyone was looking at me with fear. Then, as one, they all dashed away, screaming at the top of their lungs. I stared at the dust trail that was all that's left of them.

"Huh... guess our reputation proceeds us." Zaktan thought. I sighed. This all seemed so familiar...

Then a magical beam shot through me, the Protodites dodging out of the way. I looked up to see a very pissed off purple alicorn. Then it clicked.

"What are you and why are you terrorizing the civilians of my home?" Twilight Sparkle asked. I just stared at her, my massive mouth hanging open. I quickly regained composure and looked up at her.

"Is 'shoot first, ask questions later' really your approach towards possible new species?" Was all I asked. She floated down to me.

"Well, considering you have been terrorizing this town, yes." She glared. I just chuckled.

"Sorry to say, but I wasn't terrorizing anyone. They took one look at me, and then ran away." I told her. And she facehoofed.

"Overreacting citizens....." She muttered under her breath. I stared at her, right before a blue blur tried to smack into me. Instead, she flew through me, and crashed into the side of a building. A cyan pegasus, whom I recognized as Rainbow Dash, groaned, before standing up. I growled at the attempt of an attack, no matter how futile.

"Well, I dare say you now have one minute to get her to apologize, and mean it, or I destroy the entire town." I gritted my teeth. Twilight gasped at my sudden shift in attitude. I unhooked my tri-blade, and brandished it. With a little assistance from the original Zaktan, I made my eyes glow, ready to use my new laser vision.

"Uh.... Rainbow? Could you apologize to this guy?" She stuttered, but Rainbow ignored her, focusing her glare on me.

"Oh yeah? I'd like to see you try to destroy Ponyville on my watch!" She yelled, charging at me again. This time, I merely stepped to the side, letting her bypass me completely.

"Screw it. You ponies aren't even worth the time." I turned around and dispersed, disappearing from their sight. I reorganized myself deep in what I now realized was the Everfree. Truth be told, I was a bit of a brony. Hardly anyone knew, not even my friends.

The thought of my friends brought me back from my self thought.

"Where are the others?" I wondered out loud, but Zaktan didn't respond. "Zaktan?" I asked again. No reply.

Twilight's POV

As the strange metal creature vanished into thin air, I watched it, noticing that it didn't just disappear, it evaporated. I mentally documented this for later. Instead, I glared at Rainbow.

"Rainbow! I had everything under control until you decided to charge him!" I accused, and Rainbow looked back at me.

"Uh, excuse me? He threatened to destroy Ponyville!" She countered.

"After you tried to attack him! Ugh, whatever. I should write to the Princess about this." I cursed. A perfect opportunity to meet a new species, ruined! I trotted back to the Library, before opening the door.

"Spike? Spike! I need you to send a letter to Celestia!" I called out. The small purple dragon clambered down the stairs, quill and paper in claw.

"Sure thing Twilight!" He replied, and held up the two items, ready to begin.

"Dear Princess Celestia, today in Ponyville we encountered a strange, metal creature. We managed to have a somewhat decent conversation, until Rainbow attacked him, thinking he was an enemy. Needless to say, it went downhill from there. He nearly destroyed Ponyville, but decided against it, instead evaporating into a green mist and floating towards the Everfree. Please dispatch some sort of peacemaker so we can rebuild possible communications between our two species.

From, Twilight Sparkle." I finished, and Spike sucked in a breath, before sending it to Celestia. Not a moment later, he burped, and a letter formed in midair. I held it up with my magic, unrolled it, and began to read.

Dear Princess Twilight,

We recently captured a strange creature trying to steal from Canterlot Bakery. As of now, it is currently in the dungeons until further notice. I would request that you come and speak to it, since you always love learning new things. Perhaps you could learn a thing or two from it about it's species?

From Celestia.

I looked at it, reread it, before setting it down.

"Spike, I'm heading to Canterlot for a bit." I told him, before teleporting to the train station.


Two Hours Earlier
Avak's POV

"Ow... what the hell happened?" I asked myself, before standing up. I was on a small road, which lead up to a massive town perched precariously on a mountain.

"Well, that's new." I raised my hand to my head, only to find a armored claw.
After a rigorous examination of myself, I eventually accepted that I was Avak. I looked to the city again, and a small feeling emerged inside me.

I grinned. "Time to steal some shit." I said to myself, before heading towards the mountain.

Chapter Two: ....But it Did give us a Good Profit

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Avak's POV

Current time

As I sat in the cell, plotting my escape, a purple winged unicorn walked in.

"Well, well, if it isn't my interrogator. The last few couldn't Crack me. What makes you think you will?" I ask. She gasped.

"Umm, I'm not an interrogator... I am mostly here to ask about your species...." She muttered. I raised an eyebrow. Or would have.

"Well, I do like to brag a bit.... oh whatever. I'm Avak, the Jailer. A Piraka." I told her, and she nodded.

"Why are you called the Jailer?" She asked.

"Oh, because one of my powers enable me to create the perfect prison. For everything." I bragged. She raised an eyebrow. Lucky bastard.

"Oh really? Then what kind of prison would it take to hold me?" She asked. I grinned.

"Well, let's take a look, shall we?" I replied, before my power activated, and she was trapped in a bubble. She glanced around, before charging a magic shot. However, even while it charged, I could see it being drained by the bubble. Sweat started to fall down her face as her magic was drained out of her. When she was about to pass out, I let her go.

"Do you believe me now?" I asked, a smirk plastered on my face.

"Yeah..... ok, next question." She gasped, her magic slowly returning to her. I chuckled.

"Sorry birdy, but I'm done answering questions." I told her, before easily breaking the weak chains holding me. She backed away suddenly, only to be caught in my power again. The two guards rushed forward, spears at the ready.

"Hold it right there. I've got a hostage. I can literally drain her of her magic until she dies, so listen up. I want you to give me my weapons, and escort me out of the city. Then I'll let her go. Also, don't chase after me. Got it?" I ordered. They glanced at eachother, then to the unicorn in my prison bubble, and back to me.

Hakann's POV

"What the hell happened..." I muttered under my breath, before standing up. I was in a dark forest, and it was night time. I glanced around, before noticing how much taller I was than before. I scratched my head, before feeling the cold metal that was my hand now. After a minor freak out, I examined myself. Yep, definitely Hakann. Welp, this could be fun.

I heard a growl behind me, and turned to find a manticore glaring down on me. I unhooked my Magma Launcher and aimed, but right as I fired, it swung it's paw at me, hitting my Magma launcher off course. The ball of magma struck a nearby tree, and it burst into flames. I stared back at the manticore, and, through pure luck, managed to fire my heat vision. The manticore burst into flames, growling in pain. I walked away.


Rainbow's POV

As I flew over the border between the Everfree and Ponyville, in search of the green guy, I noticed a red glow over inside the Everfree. My curiosity got the better of me, so I took a look. It was an inferno. Trees burned, and animals ran in fear. In the center was a bright red bipedal being, and to my anger, he reminded me of that green guy.

"He must be with greeny. Hey you!" I shouted, before charging. I rammed into him as he turned, and this time, instead of the usual phase through them, I connected my blow, my hooves meeting very hard metal. He stumbled back, stunned slightly. My hooves hurt badly, but I ignored the pain,and continued to glare at him.

"What the buck do you think your doing?!" I raged, and he stared at me with contempt.

"Barely a minute awake, and I'm already attacked by two creatures. Oh well, at least this one is sentient. So, you little worm, what do you think you're doing attacking the Great Hakann? He asked and a strange metal object flipped over, and he pointed it at me.

"You're with that green guy, right? I'm here to stop you from burning down this place!" I replied, before charging him. The metal thing in his hand glowed, before a ball of molten rock shot out. I quickly leapt to the side, the superheated rock missing me by inches. I continued at him, and he flipped it back under his arm, revealing some sort of claw device on it. Right as I was about to hit him, he turned to the side, and I flew past him. However, unlike with the green one, Hakann raked the claw across my fur, and I cried out in pain. I flopped to the floor, gasping for breath in this burning inferno. Hakann walked up to me, and placed his hand on his knee.

"You really shouldn't charge a Skakdi like that. Especially not a Piraka." He scolded me, a sinister grin across his face.

"The... the bucks a Piraka?" I asked. Somehow, his grin grew even wider.

"A thief, but one that is shunned even by other thieves. For example, if a thief wanted to steal something, he would sneak in to steal it. A Piraka destroys everything between him and his goal. Goodnight, little Pegasus." He raised his clawed fist, preparing to smash it down on me. But stopped.

"Hakann, shouldn't you know better?" A sinister voice murmured. I turned to the side to see the green one.

Hakann snorted. "She attacked me first, Zaktan. I'm only responding in kind, as a Piraka should."

"Yes, but for now we should lay low, and locate the others. Then we can decide our next plan." The green one, Zaktan, replied. Hakann shrugged, before lowering his fist.

"Fine. What do we do about her?" He asked, pointing to me. Darkness started to form around the sides of my eyes, and as unconsciousness took me, the last thing I heard was Zaktan.

"Might as well give the creatures here a gift." He said simply.

Vezok's POV

I grumbled as I woke up. I was in a barren wasteland. I sighed, before standing up. It's a shame that I got lost in the desert, but everything here looks the same. I cursed, before turning to the side. I noticed a tall, black spire, which popped up from the ground like a sore thumb. It had blended in with the night sky, so I didn't notice it until now. So, I began my trek towards it.

The best thing about no one else being here is that I can test my powers in silence. The laser vision was quite fun, for some reason. Then, as I neared the black tower, a weird equine looking bug slammed into me, a green field surrounding it. I growled, and unhooked my weapon. It lunged again, that green aura encompassing the front like a battering ram. It ran into me, and damn did it hit hard. I stumbled away, but grinned as that ramming weapon was added to my powers. So, I did the same to the bug, except mine was stronger. I ram him into the wall, crushing him entirely. Then a whole swarm of the things flew out of the tower.

"Quite the power you got there. It's alot like our own ability. Who are you?" A silvery voice asked. I turned to see another bug, but this one was different. It had what looked to be a crown on it's head, and was a bit bigger.

"Vezok. I'm a Piraka." I replied, trying to keep my voice in a normal tone. Luckily I had Vezok's intellect, and not just his Brute force.

"Well, Vezok, might I ask why you were coming towards our hive?" The female asked.

"First, tell me your name. It's a common courtesy." I replied, and she sighed.

"Chrysalis, queen of the Changeling Hive 'Alpha'. Now, answer my question." The queen replied, keeping her eyes on me.

"I was lost. That's all." I replied, somewhat honestly. She burst out laughing.

"Well, Vezok, this is changeling territory. I don't know where you came from, but surely you must have known about us?" She asked when she calmed down. I shook my head.

"Nope. I'm from far out." I replied. She stared at me skeptically.

"Your kidding, right?" She asked. I shook my head.

"Nah. Anyways, if you can just lead me towards the nearest settlement, I'll be on my way." I replied. She chuckled.

"Sorry, but we can't allow that." She smiled, and the hive closed in. I roared, and lashed out with my Impact vision, striking a bunch of them with it. My weapon tore through a few of them, and any that got close were torn apart by my claws. After a few minutes of this, they backed away, with only Chrysalis remaining.

"Well, Vezok, you've proven more difficult than expected, but this is where it ends." She fired a beam of energy at me, which slammed into my chest, blowing me off my feet. I felt pain reaching up to the rest of my body, but smiled, as the same energy she used became mine. I leapt back up, and shot a beam of the same energy straight into her surprised face. I then used the green ram, and charged into her, knocking her off her hooves. She landed with a thud, green icor falling from her wounds.

"Damn you... fine. We surrender to you, Vezok of the Piraka." She said, and knelt down. The rest of the changelings did the same. I glanced at them.

"What's going on?" I asked, confused.

"When defeated, a Changeling queen pledges their hive to the service of the victor. You now command Hive 'Alpha'." She muttered angrily. I thought about it before grinning.

"Oh, it's good to be king." I said.

Chapter Three: The Crime of the Century

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Thok's POV

"Of all the Piraka to get stuck with in the middle of nowhere, why did it have to be Reidak?" I asked myself for the twentieth time.

"Because the universe hates you. Shut up and let me concentrate." The black armored Piraka replied, before continuing to dig the earth with his drill. After a few minutes, I had to ask.

"Why are we underground again?" I asked. Reidak glared at me, before sighing.

"Apparently, there's a large amount of super rare crystals hidden under some city. This guy we met a bit ago, a 'diamond dog' said he would give us a reward for bringing him some of it." He explained. I scratched my head.

"And you trust him?" I asked.

"Not in the slightest. He's the greedy type, probably won't give us a reward. So that's why the rare crystal will be our reward." Reidak grinned. I stared at him.

"That's... actually pretty decent of an idea. Especially since it's Reidak who thought of it." I muttered.

"Oh shut up." Reidak snarled, before his drill bit into crystal. He stared at it, before continuing to dig, eventually carving out a hole big enough for a Piraka to fit in. We clambered inside of the Crystal room, and stared.

"Halt! You are trespassing in a restricted area! Leave at once!" A pony, whose fur shined like a crystal, declared, pointing his spear at us. I stared at him, and used my Spellbinder Vision, leaving him dazed and confused. Reidak simply broke his spear in half.

"Let's go find these crystals and get out of here before he snaps out of it and sounds the alarm." I told Reidak , and we both ran towards the end of the hall.

"Say, Reidak?" I asked. "Did this 'diamond dog' tell you what crystal we are looking for? Reidak stopped in his tracks, before smashing his hand into the wall.

"SON OF A MAUKA!" He yelled, and we were immediately swarmed by guards. I glared at him.

"Great job, Einstein." I snarled, before using my Ice Gun to freeze the whole lot of them in front of us. We charged forward, most of the guards staying behind to unfreeze their comrades.

"They probably want us as a distraction until they can steal the real crystal. Which means we have to go back and confront them." I told Reidak, and he nodded. We simultaneously stopped, and turned around, before charging the remaining guards. I let Reidak go first, and he barreled right through them. We went back to the hole we entered in, and sure enough, a bunch of dog looking Creeps with spears were standing around, looking at the place in awe.

"Hey, Diamond Mutt!" Reidak roared, snapping them out of their stupor.

"You? You is supposed to be leading guards away!" The lead one hollered.

"Yeah, and it was so fun, I decided to let you join in on it! Now, you better tell us where the Crystal is, or Mata Nui himself won't be able to stop me." Reidak growled, unslinging his buzzsaw. I stood next to him, my Ice Pick at the ready.

"Bah! Take care of black and white spikeys! I find crystal!" The leader barked, and the other dogs charged forward. Needless to say we tore them apart. Then, with Reidak's hunting skill, we managed to track down the leader.

"Alright, Mutt. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. You choice." Reidak snarled. The diamond dog looked at the Crystal in his paws, which looked like a heart, then to Reidak's Buzzsaw. He tossed us the crystal, before running through the rooms. I laughed.

"Coward! Well, Reidak, mission success. Let's head back and see what this gem is." I hefted the slightly heavy crystal in one hand. Reidak snorted, before following me back to the tunnel.


"Alright. Let's go see who's willing to buy. I doubt anybody here will hesitate to call the officials on us once this gets out, so we should take our business elsewhere. Agreed?" I asked Reidak. He nodded.

Cadence's POV

"WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE CRYSTAL HEART WAS STOLEN?!" I screeched, barely able to hold back my anger.

"I - I meant what I said, your highness. These two creatures that fit the description of the creatures Celestia warned us to look out for, except with different colors, broke in, fought some Diamond Dogs following them, and stole the Crystal Heart. We are terribly sorry for this failure." The captain replied, head down.

"Cadence, it's not his fault. The guard was clearly outmatched. What we should be worried about is how to get it back. These 'Piraka' could be on the other side of Equestria by now!" Shining said, putting his hoof on my shoulder.

Thok's POV

"Hello there, Griffon! Might I interest you in a sale?" I asked a random griffon. He looked up at me.

"What kind of sale?" He asked.

"Well, me and my friend here have recently 'acquired' a rare crystal, and are willing to sell it." I told him. He stared at me.

"What kind of crystal?" He asked after a few minutes. I smiled.

"Follow me." I told him, before turning and walking towards where Reidak had hidden the crystal. When the Griffon saw the crystal, his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

"Holy bird feathers! That's the Crystal Heart! How the buck did you manage to get that?" He yelped, staring at me.

"Well, we have some... influence in high places. So, let's start estimating. How much do you think this is worth?" I asked him. He looked at me.

"About 1000 bits. Lucky for you, I've got just that many." The griffon pulled out a large bag seemingly out of nowhere, before setting it down. I looked inside, nodded, and gave him the Crystal. He dashed away, out of sight.

"Hey, Reidak. I've got a proposal." I said. Reidak looked at me.

"What is it?" He asked.

"I bet you he is going to return that bad boy to the equines. But, I could see the greed in his eye. This thing is worth more than a thousand to the Equines. I bet you he scammed us." I told Reidak.

"Get to the point." He growled.

"I suggest, that when the Crystal is returned, we steal it again, except this time selling it to the Equines for a whole lotta gold coins. What do you think?" I finished.

"Sounds like a wonderful idea." Reidak replied, grinning savagely.

Zaktan's POV

I was just reading a newspaper I stole when I noticed a certain heading.

The Piraka strike!

A few days ago, the Crystal Kingdom was robbed of its most prized possession, the Crystal Heart. Witnesses reports show that the culprits behind such an atrocious act were two never before seen members of the species named 'Piraka'. They describe them as a white and black creature, with a weapon that can freeze ponies solid, as well as a strange spinning blade that can do serious damage. Authorities are on the lookout for any more of these 'Piraka', and ask for you to report any sightings of these monsters.

"Hey, Hakann!" I yelled over my shoulder.

"What?" Came the reply.

"I think I know where Thok and Reidak are!" I shouted back.

"Really?" He came over. I showed him the newspaper. After glancing at it, he looked at me.

"That shows where they've been. Not where they are." He grumbled.

"Ah, but think. This thing is priceless to the Equestrians. How much do you think they would be willing to give in return for it?" I asked. He thought about it, then shrugged.

"Any price, really." He replied, and I sighed.

"Yes, and if we thought of it, how long do you think it will be until Thok realizes it?" I asked.

"He would've already figured it out.... ah, now I get it." Hakann grinned.

"Pack your stuff. We are heading to the Crystal Kingdom." I ordered, and he nodded, before rushing about the camp.

Avak's POV

"Ah, Thok. I should've guessed you would have shown up eventually. Welp, I guess it's time to head to the Crystal Kingdom." I muttered, throwing away the paper.

"Hey, Avak! What's up?" My boss, Flying Feather, asked.

"I'm gonna take a small vacation. I'll be back soon enough to keep the prisoners in line, so don't worry about it." I told him, before walking out the door.


Vezok's POV

I smiled.

"Well, then, I guess I should meet up with them as well. Changelings! Bring me my equipment!" I ordered. Two changelings stepped forward, presenting my Weapons. I picked them up, and double checked them.

"Okay. Silver Armor, you're in charge until I get back. That doesn't mean try to overthrow me either." I ordered, before walking out of the Changeling Hive and into the Desert.

Chapter Four: The Deal

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Thok's POV

"Ah, there's our little Griffon friend from before." I muttered, staring across the city. The Griffon had done exactly what I thought he would do, and managed to get a large sum of bits.

"Alright, next we find out where they are going to hide it. Right?" Reidak asked.

"Yep. So get after it. I'll be far behind you." I said, before kicking him off the roof we were crouched on.

"You are dead, you know that?" Reidak glared. I nodded.

"Yep. Now, get it in motion! They are beginning to move it!" I whispered.


Cadence's POV

"How did that griffon get his claws on the Crystal Heart?" Shining asked.

"The Piraka probably knew no one would buy it here, so they looked elsewhere. But that's not my concern. What is my concern is where are we going to place it?" I replied, holding it in my magic.

"We need to put it in a high security building. One that no one can break into. Perhaps up in the castle somewhere?" Shining suggested. I nodded.


Zaktan's POV

I drifted back towards me and Hakann's hiding place.

"They are gonna try to place it in the castle. I'll follow them up there. I want you to cause a...distraction." I told him. He stared at me.

"You better not be pulling a Vezok. If you are, I'm leaving." Hakann replied sternly.

"Not at all. I just need you to shoot a few buildings, attract the guards, and possibly the other Piraka. They can help you deal with the guards. I'll steal the heart, and we can evacuate the city. Sound good?" I promised, with two fingers crossed behind my back. I was definitely pulling a Vezok on him.

"Fine.... let's just get this over with...." He muttered, before lumbering out towards the streets. I dispersed myself again, and floated towards the massive castle. Pretty soon, magma balls were being sent flying, hitting buildings and other things, or just sailing through the air.


Thok's POV

"That's Hakann, isn't it..." I muttered. I got up and chased after Reidak.

"That's definitely Hakann, Thok." Reidak told me when I caught up.

"Yeah. You go find the crystal. I'll go help our 'compatriot'." I told him, before rushing towards where a large group of guards had surrounded the bright red Piraka. I landed in the middle of them, my Ice Gun at the ready. I stood up.

"Sup, Hakann. Did Vezok put you up to this? It seems like something he would have you do." I commented, and he snarled.

"Nice to see you too, Thok. Mind helping me with these morons?" He pointed at the guards surrounding us. I grinned before nodding, and standing at his back. Then a brown blur dropped down from one of the rooftops.

"Sup, Hakann, Thok. How's it been?" Avak asked, his Seismic Pickaxe aimed at a cluster of guards. A dark blue Piraka then dropped down, and Vezok took point.

"Looks like the gangs all together. Where's Zaktan and Reidak?" Vezok asked, his Water Harpoon ready.

"At the castle." Both me and Hakann stated, before looking at each other.

"Let's deal with these guys, then head on up." I sighed, and opened fire with my Ice Gun. Hakann nodded, before hitting the same place with his Magma Launcher. The two opposites hit at the same time, burning and freezing a few guards. Avak smiled, before opening fire, his Seismic Pickaxe launching a energy ball which exploded on contact with the guards. Vezok grinned, before firing his impact vision, and blasting a couple of guards away. His harpoon swapped out with a buzzsaw, which shot a couple water daggers at the guards in front of him. In moments, the guard were decimated.

"That was too easy." Hakann stated. I facepalmed as a bright pink alicorn flew towards them, anger clear in her eyes.

"You just had to say that, Hakann. Avak, could you use your powers here?" I asked. He nodded, before focusing. Soon enough, a dark red square appeared around the alicorn. She glanced around with shock, before trying to break free. However, the square hit back, with black and purple beams of magic. She cried out in pain, before slumping to the floor of her new prison.

"Vezok, you should stay here with him. Don't let the alicorn get out, under any circumstances." I ordered, and the blue Piraka nodded, and me and Hakann ran towards the castle.

Zaktan's POV

As I gazed at the Crystal Heart, I could feel the strange energy coming off of it. It tried to fill me with warmth, but utterly failed. I grinned, right before a black Piraka burst in.

"Reidak? It's been a while." I greeted. He glared at me, before slamming the door shut.

"Bunch of pony guards. Too many for us to hold off. Let's just take the Heart and go." He said in between breaths. I nodded, before gripping the heart and removing it from it's post. I smashed through a nearby window, and Reidak followed through, not realizing we were five stories up. He cursed.

"Mauka bones." He said, before he began to fall towards the ground. Luckily for him, he slammed his buzzsaw into the Crystal that made up the castle, before slowly sliding down. When he dropped to the floor, I was waiting for him patiently.

"Let's go. We need to get the others." I said. He nodded, and we dashed off towards where Hakann had begun his firefight. We were met halfway by Hakann and Thok.

"Is this everyone?" I asked. They shook their heads.

"Avak and Vezok are still back there, keeping the Alicorn in a prison." Thok replied.

"Let's go get them, and leave this Forsaken place." I said, and they nodded, before turning back, and we ran towards where a pink alicorn floated in a red box. When we arrived, Vezok was sitting on a building, bored. Avak was still concentrating on keeping Ms. Alicorn busy.

"Come on you two. Time to move out." I ordered. They nodded, and the walls around alicorn vanished, and she dropped like a stone. We ran out of the city, meeting little resistance.


"Well, here's to getting the Piraka back together!" Hakann raised his mug, and we all did the same, before taking a drink of the cider. We had holed up in a random tavern, with a non hostile takeover of the place.

"So, what's our next plan?" Thok asked once we drained our mugs.

"Well, I suggest laying low until the storm breezes over us, then make a ransom for the Crystal Heart." I answered, and everyone nodded in agreement.

"Then what?" Vezok asked.

"Well,as well as a bunch of bits, I suggest we have them give us some land, where they can't cross over the border. It could be our little safehaven." Hakann raised his hand. I nodded in agreement.

"Yes, but then we will have to be forced to not steal anything. And we can't do that. I mean, we are the Piraka! We are a band of cutthroat thieves that care only for themselves. Instead, why it create a massive crime organization? Like a Thieves Guild?" I replied. They thought about it, before nodding in approval.

"What shall we call it?" Vezok asked. I grinned.

"What else? We are the Piraka. Why not make a name of ourselves?" I replied, and Vezok nodded, before taking another drink of his next mug.

"Then, if everyone's in agreement?" I asked. They all nodded. "Then I hereby form the Piraka Thieves Guild. A toast to our future success!" I roared.

"Here here!" They all cried, before downing another mug. I slammed mine into the table like a judges mallet.

2 months later
Celestia's POV

I was listening to the daily babble from Blueblood about how something in his mansion wasn't shiny enough when a maid burst through the door.

"Your Majesty! Check the newspaper!" She floated a sheet of paper over to me. I read through it.

Piraka want ransom!

Today, at eleven forty A.M, the group of cunning thieves known as the Piraka reappeared, asking for a large ransom in return for the Crystal Heart. They demand to be met at the border between the Desert and Equestria in two days time, with a whopping thirty million bits to be brought to their leader, Zaktan. Failure to do so will result in them selling it to one of Equestria's enemies.

I stared at the paper for a good ten minutes. Then it caught on fire.

"Why those arrogant.... how dare they!" I roared, my mane catching flame. Before I could lose it completely, I regained my senses, and looked down at the maid.

"Have Thirty million bits brought to me at once. I have a deal to make." I growled. The maid nodded, before dashing out towards the door. A plan was hatching in my head, and if it worked, we might get to learn a bit about these 'Piraka'. I grinned slightly.

Zaktan's POV

When we arrived at the meeting point, a blue alicorn, a white alicorn, and the purple one from before, as well as ms. Pink, had already arrived. I noticed that there were no guards. Obviously this was a trap.

"Reidak, use your thermal vision. Make sure it's not a trap." I ordered. Reidak nodded, and after after moment, looked at me.

"Five other equines. Unarmoured." He declared. I looked at him.

"Unarmoured? This is what they call a trap?" I asked. He shrugged. I sighed, before we continued to where the four Alicorns waited.

"Greetings, Piraka. I take it you have brought the Heart?" The white one asked.

I pulled it out, but kept a steady grip on it. "The money first." I growled. She nodded, and a massive sack of gold coins was levitated over. Reidak caught it in his hands, before placing it on his back. I tossed her the crystal, and we started to leave.

"Wait, Piraka. Our customs indicate that, in the event of meeting a new species, each side is to give a delegate to tell each other more about the other species. One of us will stay with you, but we also need one representative from your species." The white one said. I stared at her, eyebrow raised.

"This is your big plan? Get us to drop one of our own off at your place for 'study'? Yeah, how about no." I glared, before walking away. In front of us was Twilight, and the Elements of Harmony. I swore.

"Piraka! They dare to ambush us! Let's show them what happens when they try to mess with the bigger prey!" I roared, and each Piraka unsung their weapons. The Elements glowed, and as we fired, the giant Rainbow light soared towards us. The two shots hit, but then something odd happened.

Six energy beams lashed out from the Rainbow, striking each of the elements. We also got hit by them,and I felt a strange energy begin to flow around my body. The two blasts exploded, and both sides were sent flying. The Piraka got up first, and we made our escape.

Chapter Five: Some Well needed Exposition

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Now I know many of you are asking, how did this come about? Well, it all started on a midnight stroll through the woods.....

Three Months Before Thok and Reidak's Heist

Zaktan's POV

"Look, Zack, I know you think you know where we are going, but let's just face it; we are lost." Hakann groaned. I turned to him.

"And that's why we need to find our way out of here! Of course, I do have a way to do so." I replied, grinning evilly.

"What, turn into protodites? We both know you barely have any control when you turn into that swarm. I suggest we make camp for the nigh- AHHHH!" He screamed as I grabbed him by the neck and tossed him into the sky. When he landed, he swore at me.

"You absolute bastard...." He growled. I just chuckled.

"Well, hey, one of us was bound to do it. I just felt like you should be the airborne one." I replied, before getting serious.

"Did you see anything?" I asked.

"Yeah. That settlement isn't far from here. Other than that though, nothing but woods. So either we brave this freaky place, or we go take a look at the town." Hakann replied. I motioned for him to lead the way. He nodded, before taking point.

"So, Harry... what have you been feeling?" I asked. He glanced at me.

"Like I'm being watched..." He quickly scanned the area. Surrounding us in the darkness, glowing green eyes glared at us. Hakann/Harry quickly got out his Magma Launcher, and I prepped my laser vision, which was the only power so far that I had mastered.

A group of ten wooden wolves slowly stalked towards us. At least, until Hakann blew one up with a ball of magma. Then they started to charge us. Hakann burnt most of them to death, while I stabbed at their wounds with lasers. Pretty soon, what remained of the pack slouched away, locking their wounds.

"When did we get so heartless when it came to killing things?" Hakann asked as the Woodwolves limped away.

"Humans always hunted animals. That Pegasus back there attacked you first." I replied.

"Yeah, but we left her bleeding to death in a burning forest." He pointed out. I sighed.

"True, I guess becoming a Biomechanical being can change you." I gave in.

"Yeah, but the Toa didn't do such a thing. They swore never to kill. Or allow a death to happen." Hakann added. I sighed.

"Perhaps... perhaps you have a point. Perhaps the Skakdi forms are influencing us. So, should we go back and bring that pegasus to the town?" I conceded. He nodded, before running back. I followed after him. As we ran, I asked, "So, should we swear not to kill anything?"

"Yeah, that's probably for the best. We might end up as true Piraka, but we shouldn't kill innocents just to get what we want. If we have to fight, just knock them out. Also, since we aren't humans anymore, should we start calling ourselves by the Piraka names?" Hakann replied, eyes staring dead ahead.

"Why not. We don't exactly have anywhere else to go but closer to being the Piraka." I answered, and we burst into the blazing forest.

It had expanded quite a bit, but it wasn't that far. The forest seemed to be... resisting. Anyways, Hakann hopped down, and picked the prone pegasus figure up in his claws. Her mane was covered in ash, as well as her coat. I nodded, and we ran out of the blazing inferno.

Five Minutes Later

"Uh, Zaktan? I think she's starting to wake up." Hakann called out suddenly. I looked back to him to see the blackened mare stretching.

"Mata Nui damn it..." I groaned. She opened her eyes slowly, to see Hakann's grinning face.

"Uh, hi?" Hakann started, only to get a decent buck to the face. He dropped the pegasus, who I just now realized was Rainbow Dash. She landed on the ground, and cried out in pain as her wounded side hit the ground hard.

"Why you arrogant little!" Hakann roared, and prepared to strike her. In a flash, I was in front of him, holding his arm away.

"Hakann, don't. She needs medical care, and I'm not about to let you bring her even more pain. Let's just get her outside the forest, and let the other ponies take care of her." I growled, before looking down at the pegasus. I knelt down.

"Sorry about my friend here. He gets really angry when hit." I smiled, and tried to not make it creepy looking.

"What the buck are you two up to? Where are we?!" She growled, trying to put up a defensive stance.

"We are currently inside the Everfree Forest, and if you want to make it out alive, then you'll let us bring you to your town. After that, your on your own." I replied, and she glared at me.

"Oh yeah?! What if it's a trick?! I bet you are planning to take me to your hideout and eat me!" She snarled, before twitching slightly.

"Peh. We took up a moral not to kill innocent or sentient creatures. We are thieves, not murderers." Hakann grumbled. She stared at him.

"Anyways, if we don't bring you back to your town, you'll die of blood loss. Just trust us for once." I asked, holding out a claw. She stared at it, before, begrudgingly, taking it. I picked her up, and we began to walk forwards again.

Avak's POV

"*sigh*. Community Service sucks." I groaned. After my escape, I was caught again, and put to work in the jail. The White Alicorn had told me that they would forgive me holding 'Twilight', the purple one, hostage and attempting to escape if I served a few years worth of community service. Also, to answer any question Twilight asked. Her questions got annoying in the first hour. Due to my unique ability, they put me to work as a security guard for their prison. I would've broken free, but miss White Alicorn actually scared me, what with the 'Burning me to ash' way. After a few days, though, I managed to bribe the guard captain here to let me take free days from time to time, in return for a decent weapon that doesn't kill.

So, I gave him a Taser gun. I would be lying if I said he didn't go crazy with it.

Today I had just defeated a prisoner riot single handedly. I mean, really. All I had to do was place them in a magic draining cage, and they gave up. Apparently, prisoners tended to riot every day at lunch. Something about "horrific food".

"Good job, Avak." My boss, Captain Jail Keeper, told me. I nodded. "You've done exceptionally well today, so why don't you take the day off. Just don't go stealing anything, ya hear?" I chuckled. He was a pretty lenient guy, but whenever I stole something, I'd get a taser to the knee. And boy did it hurt.

Reidak's POV

"Agh, what the hell happened...." I muttered as I stood up. I was in a very snowy area. Seriously, there was snow for miles on end. I glanced to the side to see Thok laying on the ground, nearly blending in completely.

"Hey, get your ass up!" I kicked him. Me and Thok, before we were Reidak and Thok, had always had both a rivalry, and a mundane hatred for the other. When we got paired together near a volcano, I had been seriously tempted to chuck him off a cliff. We also had been the most violent of our group.

"Agh, it's too early for school..." He grumbled. I kicked him again.

"If you don't get your ass up, I'm going to drag you to the top of a mountain and toss you like the Ring from LOTR." He snapped up, his ice pick inches away from my head.

"I would kill you, but I don't want to be alone in this misbegotten tundra. We got better things to do anyway." He growled, before sheathing his ice pick and heading off in a random direction.

"So, fearless leader, what do you have in store for us today?" I asked, chuckling to myself.

"Well, Matau, there's a cave system up ahead. We can stay there until this blizzard blows over." He replied snarkily.

"I am not a Toa of Air, I'm a Piraka. I mean, hell, just us being together could be taken as racist in some way!" I grumbled.

"Oh really? How so?" Thok asked.

"You're white, I'm black, and we hate each other." I deadpanned. He stopped.

"Huh... that's a good point... I wonder what the people at Lego thought when the Bionicle Legends books came out." He said thoughtfully, before continuing to walk forward.

When we eventually arrived at the cave, we were greeted by a bunch of weird dog-ape things.

"Uh, hi?" I said. They raised primitive spears at my face.

"Wait, fools, wait!" The obvious leader barked, and the rest of them lowered their spears.

"You." He pointed at me. "Can you dig?" He asked. In response, I activated my drill, and tunneled a bit into the wall.

"We need help! We looking for rare crystal, but we can't dig through crystal. Only rocks." The lead dape told me. I nodded, seeing where he was going with this.

"You find crystal, bring back to us, and we repay you with lots of crystals!" The dog thing finished. I pondered it over. Crystals were pretty rare. At least, back on Earth. I glanced at him.

"Eh sure why not. Just point us in the right direction." I replied after a minute. He nodded, before pointing down south.

"It under big pony city. Can't miss it." The dog said. I looked at it.

"By the way.. what in Mata Nui's name are you?" I asked.

"I is Diamond Dog!" It said proudly.

"Ok, Diamond Dog, we will be off then." I said, and began tunneling into the ground.


Vezok's POV

"So, Chrysalis, what your saying is that you were beaten by the same power you feed on? Pathetic. Really. It's so pathetic it's not even worth laughing." I told her. Truth be told, even when I was human, I was the worst of our group. Becoming Vezok only made it worse.

"Well, I underestimated them. It won't happen again!" She growled.

"You're damn right it won't. Because you won't be in charge. I mean, seriously. They said they would use it RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, and you shrugged it off. If it's your food supply, shouldn't you know that power better than anyone else?" I replied.

"I was in the moment! What else could you expect of me?" She pleaded.

"Maybe, oh I don't know, PLACING THEM IN SEPARATE ROOMS?!" I growled.

"Sigh. You got me on that one." She muttered, head down.

"Look, whatever. I don't have time for this. I have to get my new Changelings beefed up. Get back to your room." I ordered. She slunked back to her quarters.

Chapter Six: Crazy Powers Are Crazy, Part One

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Hakann's POV

“So, Zaktan, what exactly are we going to be doing today?” I asked as I sat down at the table. The rest of the Piraka looked at him expectantly as the emerald green Piraka sat down at the head of the table.

“Well, in order to run our orginization, we first need to recruit the first members, don't we?” Zaktan smirked. “I say we split up into groups of two, head off to different areas, and search around for ponies or other species who will be willing to join us. Though, if there is a gang or something, why not….convince them to join them.” He added, his grin growing wider. The others nodded, smirking as well.

“But what if we are in trouble and need assistance?” I asked, and Zaktan chuckled.

“Hakann, if any of us were to need assistance for ponies, especially like the incompetent guards of this world, then you aren't really worth saving.” He joked, earning chuckles from the others. “But, in all seriousness, just get out of there. If your trapped, then use whatever is necessary to get out. Or, in Avak's case, just don't let them get close enough to use close combat.” He added, earning lots of laughter, and a grumbling Avak. “Stick to the shadows, and don't get caught. We meet here in two days.” Zaktan finished, taking a bite out of his steak.

2 hours later

“So, Vezok, do you know why he sent us two together?” I asked the blue Piraka as we walked towards Manehattan.

Vezok snorted. “Probably because of how well the original Hakann and Vezok worked together.” He replied, glancing around.

“What, you mean like before they were Dark Hunters? When they infiltrated the Toa Tower?” I asked, uneasiness creeping into my voice.

“Yeah, but don't worry, I won't throw you to the ponies as a distraction.” Vezok replied, and I let loose a sigh of relief. “But if I have to to escape… probably.” He added, making my sigh of relief get caught in my throat. I choked, and he laughed. “Don't worry, if that does happen, I'll gather the others and we will come spring you.” He smirked, and I glared at him.

“I swear, Vezok, your just as bad as the original.” I snarled. He only laughed.

“Well, that's why you guys had me dressed up as Vezok, right?” He pointed out, and I groaned before nodding.

“Well, here we are. Manehattan.” I said, looking up at the massive buildings. “It looks alot like New York.” I added, glaring at the buildings.

“Yeah, but haven't you realized yet that all the pony town names are puns?” Vezok asked, stepping into a dark alleyway. I followed after.

“So, how exactly do we find criminals to join our group?” I asked Vezok as we gazed at the streets. Suddenly, alarms went off from the bank, which just happened to be right in front of us. A group of ponies burst out the doors, bags of money in their mouths, and a few of them had a random assortment of weapons in telekinetic grips. Mostly just swords.

I facepalmed. “Well, there's our answer.” Vezok said, before grabbing them as they passed by. Bats and other types of weapons immediately began smacking into Vezok’s armoured body, but did little damage. I snorted.

“Hey, we're not with the cops or anything, just calm down!” I snarled at them, and they stopped assaulting Vezok, who looked like he wanted to strangle them all, before looking at me.

“Wait, you're one of dem’ Piraka or somethin, right? Those chumps who stole the Crystal Heart?” One of them, possibly the leader, asked, fear settling into his eyes.

“Yeah, and we got a proposition for ya.” I answered, and he nodded.

“What kind o’ proposition we talkin here?” He asked, raising his eyebrow.

“Well, me and my buddy here, Vezok, are looking for new members for our crime organization. We saw you robbing that bank, and want to you to enlist.” I explained, gaining a curious look from the rest of them.

“Oh? And why should we join ya? For all we know, youz is just some basic wannabe robber who got lucky.” The leader asked, and I chuckled.

“Well, sir, I can safely say that we aren't rookies. Also, by talking to us, your time to get away from the cops before they get here just diminished greatly by talking to us.” Vezok chuckled, and the pony, a Unicorn, now that I took a look at him, gasped in surprise. I chuckled heartily.

“You join us, we save your flanks. Deal?” I asked. Suddenly, a voice rang out.

“Hey, there they are!” A somewhat gruff voice yelled, and the robbers turned to see a group of guards blocking the alley. “You are under arrest!” One of the, said, glaring at the robbers, with a spear in in his hoof. He had yet to notice me and Vezok, as we hid in the shadows. The robbers turned to us.

“Ok, it's a deal! Just get us out of this mess!” The leader of the robbers said.

“Who are you talking to, criminal?” The guard asked, annoyed at being ignored. I stepped out into the light.

“He was talking to me, bud.” I growled, magma launcher in claw. The guard's eyes widened and he stepped back, before turning to the rest of the guards.

“Alert the rest of the guard! We've got Piraka in the city!” He ordered, and a guard nodded, eyes filled with fear at the sight of me, before running off. The rest of the guards pointed their spears at me. The leader of the guards cleared his throat. “Hakann of the Piraka, you are under arrest for theft, resisting arrest, harming multiple guards by resisting arrest, stealing a national treasure, and assaulting royalty. You are to come with us immediately.” The guard ordered, his voice trembling in fear. I chuckled.

“Sure, bud! Take me away!” I lied, holding my claws out.

He blinked. “Really?” He asked, and I chuckled.

“Of course not.” I hit them all with a mental blast, and the guards groaned, before collapsing in pain, clutching their heads. The Unicorns, I noted, fell down before the Pegasi and earth ponies. I turned to the robbers.

“Come with me if you want to not go to jail.” I said, grinning, before running out to the streets. Vezok groaned, before following. The robbers chased after me eagerly.

Guards immediately swarmed around me, and I growled. “Get out of my way!” I roared, and fire shot out of my hands, forming a shield around me and the others. Vezok stared at me in shock.

“Hakann, how the hell are you doing that?” He asked, and I looked around. Fire was being emitted from my hands, and said fire was currently swirling around us in a defensive barrier. I looked back to Vezok

“Heck if I know.” I shrugged, and Vezok looked at his own claws. “We should probably get moving, before this runs out. Or I could cut the fire somehow, and we fight off however many guards there are beyond this. Your choice.”

“And how would we get out without fighting them? There's no other way!” He asked, raising an eyebrow. I kicked at the sewer entrance below me, and looked down, before looking back up at Vezok and grinning.

“Well, it's either go through a bunch of horse sewers or fight off a possible army of guards, however incompetent they are. I'll take the sewer in all honesty.” He grumbled, opening the sewer thing and pushing the robbers inside. “Get going you little shits!” He growled as he kicked one of them in. The others followed, and before long it was just Vezok and me. Vezok looked up at me. “You better get your ass in here once I get down.” He growled as he slipped in. I chuckled.

“Of course, I care too much about self-preservation to get caught out here.” I joked, stepping into the sewer entrance. I cut off the fire, and closed the sewer entrance thing shut.

“Alright, so I guess we find our way out of here before the guards start coming down here.” I grumbled, and together the group set off. About five minutes after, I heard guards yelling at each other about how bad it smells down here, and I also heard the sound of a guard being shoved down the entrance.

“We are about to have company.” I relayed to Vezok, who snorted indignantly.

“We always have company.” He chuckled. Suddenly, three guards burst out from behind us, spears at the ready.

“Freeze!” one of them said, and before I could act, Vezok shot his hands out, and a swirling mass of sewer water gushed into the two pony guards, knocking them off their feet and back the way they came. I glanced at Vezok.

“Well I guess we should probably tell Zaktan about this, don't you think?” I asked, and he nodded. We set off again, and every time we were interrupted by a group of guards, either I'd set the area around them on fire and we'd leg it, or Vezok would send them back with sewer water. Other than that, it was uneventful. When we arrived at one of the exits, which led into the ocean, Vezok grabbed my shoulder.

“If I can control water, I bet you I can make us a air bubble.” He told me, and focused on the ocean.

“You two are some real weird ponies, yknow that?” The robber peace asked, looking up at me. I shrugged.

“Firstly, we aren't ponies. Secondly, we are a race called Skakdi, and currently there are only six in this world, including us. Thirdly, we are Piraka, and do whatever the fuck we want. Any more questions?” I replied, showing off my teeth. He gulped before nodding. And in that instant, I looked out to the sea to discover that we were surrounded by guards, and Celestia, if my reading was correct, lead them, horn glowing as she hovered in the air.

“Piraka, you are to surrender yourselves at once!” She ordered, and I chuckled.

“Yeah, sorry, but not happening on two accounts.” I told her, and she raised an eyebrow. “First, I'm a Piraka, and Piraka don't listen to no one but themselves. Secondly, fuck you.” I hit her with a mental blast, causing her horn to flicker and her to cry out in pain before falling a few feet, before rising up again, except this time she was pissed.

“If you will not come peacefully, we will have to use force.” She growled, grinding her to teeth. I chuckled. I've been doing that a lot, now that I think about it.

“If I wanted to, I could kill everypony here. However, I swore never to kill unless it's necessary, so I'll just have to leave them unable to fight, which would take longer, but is still easy. But alas, our ride is here, so tata!” I told her, before letting loose a gout of fire, blocking the guards and Celestia off from us entirely. I turned to Vezok, who nodded, before grabbing a few of the robbers and jumping off the edge and into the water. Vezok grabbed the rest, and did the same. When we landed in the water, a bubble of air formed around us, and I grinned as we began to head back to the headquarters.

Chapter Seven: Crazy Powers Are Crazy, Part Two

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Zaktan's POV

Me and Thok slipped into Canterlot undetected, even with all the magical detectors Celestia had set up. It was a good thing I had actually read up on the subject of magic during my travels to the Crystal Empire. I had decided to bring Thok, since he and I were the sharpest of the group.

“So, Thok, who do you think in Canterlot, Capital City of Equestria, where there are guard patrols every ten minutes, would even dare go against Celestia?” I asked the snow white Piraka. He thought about it for a moment, before grinning.

“Probably one of the stuck up nobles. They always want power, and what better way to have power than to ‘control’ the most dangerous crime organization?” He answered, and I chuckled.

“Let me guess. He or she keeps us under the radar as much as possible, and provide us with at least a mercenary group, and in turn we ruin their competitors business?” I asked, and Thok nodded.

“Yeah, but as for which one to choose…..” Thok pondered, looking at the crowd in front of our hiding spot. Ponies of all colors roamed, wearing fancy clothing. Many held their heads up high, like they were better than everyone else. I chuckled darkly.

“They obviously haven't met a Piraka before.” I thought to myself as a group of guards passed by the alleyway. Eventually my gaze fell upon a grey earth pony with white hair. He wore a business suit, with fancy sunglasses hiding his eyes. I nudged Thok.

“Hey, Thok, what do you think about him?” I pointed, and the Piraka looked at the stallion. After two minutes, his grin grew wider.

“Yeah, that's our guy. Let's follow him.” Thok replied, and we climbed up onto the roof of a building next to us. Leaping from building to building, we tailed the stallion. None of the ponies noticed us, not even the ones with their heads in the clouds. We tailed the stallion through the city, occasionally stopping whenever he stopped to shop, or ducking when a guard group passed by. After a hour of this, he finally entered what appeared to be a studio. We quietly snuck in through a window on the second story.

Inside was stage, with dresses lined up throughout the building. Our stallion friend sat down at a table, picking up a newspaper. As he read, we silently approached him. I tapped his shoulder.

“Look, whoever you are, we are closed. I don't know how you broke in, but I must politely ask you to-” He groaned, looking up from his newspaper, before his eyes bugged out at the sight of us.

“Hello. I'd like to work some...business out with you. We won't harm you unless you give us a reason to. May I sit?” I explained. He nodded, eyes still wide open. I sat down into the chair in front of him. “Now then, mr….?”

“H-Hoity Toity, Piraka.” he finished, physically trying to relax.

“Ah, yes, Mr. Toity. I would like to make you a deal.” I began. “You see, I plan on making a new organization. However, I lack the funds and manpower, or horsepower for you, to do so. That is why I have come here. I take it you want to rise up in the status quo?” He nodded. “Good. In return for funds, my organization will remove any and all businesses standing in your way. How does that sound?”

“What do you mean, remove?” Hoity asked, fear growing on his face again.

I chuckled. “No, nothing like that. We don't kill. What we will do is ruin their business in every way possible. No harm will come to any of them, unless they attack us. Sound good?” I clarified, holding out my hand. He looked at it, before hesitantly reaching his hoof out and shook my hand, sealing the deal.

“Very well, Piraka. As much as I hate working with lowlives, I suppose I could do it this one time. After all, it is very beneficial to me and my business. What is your name?” He stated. I chuckled.

“It's Zaktan. As long as you don't go reporting us to the guards, we will become best friends.” I answered, my grin widening. “Now then, who should we...take care of first?”

Hoity Toity put a hoof to his chin. “Well, in Ponyville, there is this mockery of a clothes designer, a unicorn mare named Rarity. For some reason, that low life scum has been very successful. Probably because she is an Element of Harmony. I watched one of her fashion shows. The dresses were the worst things I've ever seen, and yet still she manages to be successful. I want you to make sure she doesn't try to expand. Do whatever it is you do, just don't kill her.”

I grinned. “Consider her a potential threat no longer.” Me and Thok turned to leave, plans already forming in our minds.

Three Hours Later….

“I fucking hate rock climbing. Though, I have to say, I'm glad that Reidak isn't here. That's the only bonus, and it just about makes up for everything else.” Thok complained when we reached the bottom.

“Why?” I asked, guessing the answer.

Thok sighed. “Because I'm sure his way to make the climb down faster would involve flying towards the ground at very high speeds.” he stretched his back, the joints popping loudly. “Well, should we get moving?” He asked, turning towards me.

“Yeah. Let's remove this bitch.” I replied, storming towards Ponyville. Thok followed at a brisk pace. When we got close to the town, we pulled back behind a few trees. A group of guards blockaded the town, with ponies being frisked before being allowed to enter. I turned to Thok.

“I can get inside in Protodite form, but they will see the green cloud a mile away. You can't get in as easily as me, so you will be the distraction.” I told him, and before he could reply, I tossed him through the air, and he landed a few feet away from the guard line. They charged him, spears raised at his heart while he got back up. I dispersed my body, floating above the battlefield as Thok fought off the large group of guards. His Ice Blaster fired, releasing a stream of liquid ice that immediately froze on contact with a guard's body, freezing the unlucky guard whole. A couple tripped and fell, likely due to Thok’s Spell Binder Vision. I flew over to the large Boutique near the town hall. I reformed next to it, glancing left to right before peeking into a window.

A white unicorn with a dark purple mane and blue eyes worked on a dress, stitching it together. I grinned. Rarity.

The trouble was, how to get her out? I thought about this for a moment, occasionally seeing ice beams fly through the air, attracting more guards. After a few minutes, I saw a unicorn filly walk into the boutique, and strike up a conversation with Rarity before sighing and leaving. I shrugged. Nah, I'm not that cruel. I then noticed a familiar purple alicorn walk up to the boutique, before entering and chatting with Rarity. After five minutes, they both left, leaving me to ponder my luck. Chuckling, I snuck inside, closing the door behind me. I walked up to the dress Rarity was working on. Quite the masterpiece, even by my standards.

Sighing, I activated my laser vision, and two streaks of red shot out, hitting the wall and blackening it. I continued to pour more power into it, and after a minute, the wall caught aflame, the fire quickly spreading. I grabbed a bag of bits from her room before vaulting out the window and making a run towards where Thok was.

When I arrived, my jaw dropped.

Thok had a frozen forest of guards circling him, with a ice dome currently shielding him from the Pegasi guards. The thing is, the ice dome was sprouting out from his hand, much like how a Toa would activate his elemental power. Looking at my own hand, I decided to test it.

Flashing my hand out and concentrating, I watched as the Pegasi were blown away by a random tornado. Thok glanced my way.

“Thanks for pulling a Vezok, asshole.” He growled, the ice dome retracting into his hand. “So, I guess we have elemental powers now? I thought we needed two of the same type of Skakdi to do that.” He asked, casually freezing the Pegasi that came back.

“Think about it later, we need to go.” I ordered, and we ran into the Everfree.

Rarity’s POV

I stared in horror as Carousel Boutique burned to the ground before me. Twilight had brought me to town hall when she saw the ice beams, making sure I was safe. The entirety of Ponyville was also there. When the guards had called the all clear, I had walked back, expecting to return to my boutique. What I found instead was a smoldering ruin in it's place. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I started to cry. Twilight walked up to me, putting a hoof on my back.

“Rarity, everything's going to be okay. I'll make sure of it.” She tried to comfort me, and I snapped up into her face.

“Okay?! My life is ruined! My work is destroyed, my home is gone, everything! It'll take years to get back on my hooves!” I yelled, and she shrank back.

“I'll have Celestia send some bits to bring you back to working condition. You shouldn't give up just like that.” She replied calmly. I sighed.

“Sorry, Twilight. It's just...my life's work… it's all gone now!” I cried, bursting into tears once more. Twilight wrapped her forelegs around me, and I returned the hug, crying into her coat.

Chapter Eight: Crazy Powers are Crazy, Part 3. Final

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Reidak’s POV

“Okay, Avak, what is the plan for our recruitment?” I asked, grumbling. We had been walking for hours, with no end in sight. It was starting to infuriate me. As well as the fact that Avak had yet to tell me anything.

“Well, Reidak, I plan on going to the one place where there are always criminals: A prison. I heard that there was a large, high security prison located near Vanhoover. We are going to initiate a jailbreak.” Avak explained, eyes darting around suspiciously. I nodded at the idea, seeing it sound.

“But how exactly are we gonna do that? We are two Skakdi against a high security prison.” I asked.

“Yeah, but we are two Skakdi against a high security prison guarded by horribly trained equines.” Avak grinned. My own grin widened as I saw his plan.

“Alright….let's do it!” I agreed, before continuing towards Vanhoover, which was in the distance. Avak held me back.

“Wait. I also have a special weapon for this.” Avak pulled out his Zamor Sphere Launcher. I looked at it quizzically.

“What exactly is a empty Zamor Sphere Launcher going to do?” I asked, confusion settling in my mind. Avak chuckled darkly.

“Well, I found a few buttons on this, and not only did it do this.” He pressed a button, and a glowing green sphere formed in the launcher. “It also gave me the recipe to make these things.” I stared at it skeptically.

“Okay, but why would we need to enslave the ponies?” I asked again.

“This one is different.” He pulled the trigger, and the Sphere shot out, impacting the ground before exploding into a larger sphere of green electricity and energy. When it faded, my grin was stretched across my face. “It has two versions; Explosive, and Slavery.” Avak told me, and I checked my own launcher. The same buttons and everything was there.

“Time to kick some ass.” I growled, staring back at the city ahead of us.

Irrelevant Guard POV

Today was like any other day: boring, with nothing to do but stare ahead. I mean, seriously, why would anypony want to free the criminals inside? They are the closest thing to being shipped to Tartarus, and nopony would even think about freeing them. I just wish something would happen…

“Hey, you! Get your flank out here! The city is under attack!” My boss yelled at me. I stared at him.

“What?” I asked, unsure if I heard him right.

“A Piraka is attacking the city! Get your flank down here to assist in containing this guy!” He clarified, and I gulped.

“Y-yes sir!” I shouted, before running back inside, grabbing my spear and rushing down the stairs. A brown claw rushed out, gripping my throat before I could react. I was lifted off my hooves, before staring into the eyes of a Piraka.

“Well hello there…” He growled, and I tried to call out for help, only to result in his claws grip tighten around my neck.

“Not a peep, bud. Now then, here's what you are going to do. You are going to give me the keys to the cells here, you are going to not alert anyone after I get the keys, and you might just live to see another day. Got it?” The brown Piraka explained slowly. I nodded, before hoofing over the keys on my belt. He took them in his other claw, before hitting me in the face, and I slipped into unconsciousness.

Reidak’s POV

“Come on, you stupid ponies! Where's the challenge?! Surely you could do better than this!” I growled, lobbing another Zamor Sphere, explosive type, at a building. It exploded on contact, setting fire to the building with a green fire. A pegasus guard charged me, spear aimed for my throat. I grabbed the spear, breaking it, before punching him in the face, sending him reeling. A Earth Pony charged, and I pulled out my drill. I met his charge, my drill hitting his spear’s tip, before shredding through it. I head butted him, knocking him out, before raising my fist, hitting a pony that was sneaking up on me in the face.

I looked at him as he fell, before shrugging and raising my arm. I don't know why I did, I just did. A moment later, the ground trembled, and a pillar of earth leapt out of the ground, hitting a pony in the gut. I kept my hand raised, and more pillars rose, hitting him and sending him back in the air, much like Onewa in Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui. I chuckled, before pulling out my Buzzsaw and shredding an in coming spear. I laughed, hoping this would last for a long while.


Avak's POV

“Alright, you guys, I'm setting you free so you can join my organization. Deal?” I explained to the imprisoned ponies. They nodded, while some just shrugged. I opened the doors, before realizing how long this would take. I tried a different solution, pulling out my Jackhammer and shooting each door, destroying the lock. The doors slid open, and the criminals stepped out carefully.

“Now then, follow me.” I told them, and walked down the aisle. I stopped as a hoof connected with my head. I turned to see the released criminals grin savagely. I sighed.

“So, I guess we gotta do this the hard way…” I growled, pulling out my ZSL (Zamor Sphere Launcher) and firing, the sickly green orbs connecting with each one of the ex cons. Their eyes widened, and the orbs slipped through their body. Then their eyes glowed red, and they slumped over.

“Head down to the left, then head through the tunnel. I'll catch up. Then, we will head East. Got it?” I ordered, and they nodded, before shuffling past me. I'll undo the effects later, when they are safely behind bars at our base. Then we will...convince them to join us willingly.

“Time to go retrieve Reidak…” I muttered, before walking out the exit, guns blazing.

I eventually found Reidak sitting on a stump, unconscious guards all around him. He waved.

“Sup. Ready to go?” He asked, and I nodded. He got up, before heading towards the area where the tunnel opened up. Our ex cons mingled around, occasionally bumping into each other.

“Did you use the Enslave Zamor Spheres?” Reidak asked. I nodded. “Why? Wait, let me guess. They attacked you after you freed them.” He guessed. I nodded, slightly surprised that he figured it out so quickly. Seeing my expression, he chuckled. “Hey, Reidak was actually very smart. He was just too impatient to use it.”

“I forgot about that.” I facepalmed. “Anyway, let's get out of here before more guards arrive.”

“Oh yeah, also, did you know that we can use our elemental powers now?” Reidak asked. I looked at him.

“What?” I asked, confused. It took two Skakdi of the same element to use our elemental powers. He broke that rule right then and there, raising his hand as a earthen colum rose out of the ground, before floating in the air. Curious, I held out my own hand at a nearby building. It crumbled, before collapsing, the building made entirely of stone. I grinned.

“This is awesome! How did it happen though?” I asked him.

“I have a theory, but I want everyone to be there when I present it.” He told me, before walking towards the pony criminals and leading them back towards the HQ. Shaking my head, I followed.

Third Person POV

For a small moment, both Reidak and Avak vanished, before reappearing. However, when they did return, they found themselves as females.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!” Avak yelled, before poofing back to normal.

Chapter Nine: The Plan

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Zaktan's POV

“Okay...so we all have these powers? How in Mata Nui's name did that happen exactly?” I asked, sitting in our usual table.

“I do have a theory to this.” Avak spoke up. “When we were all fighting against the six Elements of Harmony, or whatever they are called, both sides were hit with some sort of energy.”

“So, what you're saying is….” Reidak began.

“What I'm saying is that when our attacks met with that rainbow wave, it set off a chain reaction, and somehow gave us Elemental Powers.” Avak finished. I mulled over the idea, tossing it in my head like a hacky sack.

“It makes sense… the ponies did use the ‘Elements’ of Harmony against us….perhaps they work in relative likelihood to the Toa?” I asked myself in my head. The little me in my head agreed, and I returned to the living world to see the others looking at me expectantly. “Sorry, zoned out. What did you say?” I asked.

“Well, Zaktan, since we know of these abilities, what should we do with them? Take over Equestria? The World?” Thok asked, facepalming.

“Nah. Too much of a hassle.” I answered. They all stared at me. “What? Look, we are Piraka. Thieves, pirates, criminals. Even though taking over the world is every child's dream, we need to remember who and what we are, as well as our rank in the status quo. We aren't the Brotherhood of Makuta, nor are we the Barraki. We are Piraka, the thieves of the world.” I explained to them.

“But, isn't it every thief’s dream to become greater?” Hakann asked.

“It is, which is why I propose a different path.” I replied, putting my claws onto the table.

“And what is this path?” Thok asked expectantly.

“Instead of taking over the World, we take over the Underworld.” I told them. “Why bother with all of that political garbage when instead you can personally control every possible business deal? We can be businessmen, control a criminal organization that spans the world,and by right controls every other criminal gang? We can sell weapons, armor, drugs, and anything that a pony, griffon, minotaur, or other species could possibly need?” I explained quickly. The other Piraka nodded, grins broadening into wide smiles as the idea danced around in their heads.

“That is a very good plan, Zaktan. But just a question. How are we going to do it? Celestia pretty much has us on her personal hit list, and has seen our new elemental powers firsthand. Or hoof, in this case. She knows exactly what to expect from us.” Reidak asked.

“Ah, but that is why our organization will spread it's tendrils of influence into every business, thus allowing us to control them. By doing so, we can move every business to our desire, and spread seeds of corruption into the minds of her subjects. Think about it. If we were to be hunted, we could have our people spread rumors of her rule, and eventually cause riots, or worse. And, if we were to gain influence in another country, we could just take refuge in said country and make it so if the ponies even step a hoof in the country, it will be as a declaration of war.” I answered, rolling it over in my head. Their grins got even wider.

Celestia's POV

“I know how dangerous this spell is, sister, but it could help us to solve this Piraka problem once and for all!” I told Luna, who shook her head.

“But Sister, who is to say that even if this spell were to work, that the result would be of good will?” She asked.

“We don't have any choice. Just today they managed to pull three simultaneous attacks across the country. And from reports, they are gaining forces, and power. We have only one option left, since we are unable to locate their stronghold.” I answered, entering the throne room.

“Very well sister… if this is what must be done for the greater good…” Luna sighed, before trotting away, closing the door behind her.

I pulled out the paper and began to read aloud, holding up six pieces of armor that had previously belonged to the Piraka. After five minutes, the pieces glowed, before erupting into a portal that dumped six figures, similar to the Piraka in many ways. The red one rose.

“What the hell happened?” he asked, before looking at me.

“Welcome, strangers. I am Princess Celestia, and I have summoned you to this world in hopes that you may aid me in my time of need. Six beings calling themselves the ‘Piraka’ are plaguing my country, and I request your assistance in defeating them. Might I have your names?” I answered, and the red one looked back to the others. He looked back, a small grin on his face.

“The name is Jaller. Me and my team are Toa.” He said, the others snickering silently. I was too focused on him to notice.

Chapter Ten: There Is No Title!

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Two Months Later
Zaktan’s POV

I gazed upon the new factory. After two months, the Piraka’s organization had grown tremendously, with ponies in high places at multiple businesses across the world. I had decided to found a new company, with a Griffon pretending to be the head. This company, named Ironrod Incorporated, dealt in metal making, and ‘inventing’ new products. By inventing I of course mean replicating human inventions, except made for ponies and other species, but mostly ponies. Thok walked up to me, before standing next to me.

“Ah, this is the good life. Running an entire undercover crime organization, a manufacturing business, and an illegal weapon facility.” Thok said, gazing down at the ponies hard at work. Most ponies of the company had no idea that their job was run by the Piraka, believing that griffon was in charge. The overhang we stood upon was covered in darkness, blocking us from view. The Griffon Kingdom had been the first buyers of our weapons and other creations, desperately in need of supplies to rebuild the Kingdom. They even allowed us to set up shop in their territory, in an unnoticeable spot of land west of Griffinstone. The factory we were currently in was located in Equestria.

“Yep. And the poor fools don't even realize that they work for Equestria’s most wanted.” I chuckled. For the past two months, crime in Equestria was at an all-time high, the Piraka’s organization covering almost every crime group. Each time the Royal Guard arrived, the Piraka’s new footsoldiers would slip out through holes made by Reidak, or simply vanishing, as the newspapers say. And, of course, with Equestria’s quickly rising metal making and invention brewing factory secretly run by the Piraka, all Equestria could do is wait for the big reveal. Our machines had revolutionized Equestria, phone lines and electricity wires being built all over. New dishwashers were in almost every home, and TV’s were just stocked in, waiting to be bought.

“We have Equestria feeding out of the palm of our hands, while slowly rebuilding the Griffon Kingdom. How long until we begin production of the rocket?” Avak stated, walking up to us. We had already begun plans for making a space faring vessel, just for the Griffons. It would be a great sign that a new Era was dawning over the world, that's for sure.

“In perhaps two years, give or take.” I answered, before a buzzing sounded from my walkie-talkie. I pulled it out.

“Zaktan, we got some bad news on the TV!” Reidak’s voice told me, and I nodded to the others before heading towards our office.

On the TV, Celestia was giving a speech. But that was not what had caught my eye. Standing next to her were six very familiar bipedal and colorful warriors.

And now, my little ponies, I present to you these heroes, who will hunt down the villainous Piraka: The Toa Inika!” She declared, motioning for the six Toa to step forward.

“Greetings, ponies of Equestria. I am Jaller, Toa of Fire, and leader of the Inika. I promise to hunt down these fugitives and bring them to justice.” The red and gold Toa began, but something seemed...off. “The ones known as Piraka are criminals from our own universe, and we thought them long defeated. However, it would appear that they have fled to your world. We will correct this mistake as soon as possible.” His voice had a darker hue to it, like he had something else in mind. It almost sounded like…. how a Makuta would speak. This realization was tucked away for later as I continued to watch.

These are my compatriots, Hahli, Toa of Water, Hewkii, Toa of Stone, Kongu, Toa of Air, Matoro, Toa of Ice, and Nuparu, Toa of Earth. We promise to bring an end to the crime that these Piraka have caused.” Jaller continued, looking right into the TV. Reidak shut off the TV at that point.

“So what do you guys think?” He asked.

“Yeah, they sounded…. Different, like-” Thok began, but I interrupted him.

“Like Makuta?” I asked. He nodded, while the others looked on in shock.

“Why would they be Makuta? They are Toa, for Mata Nui's sake!” Vezok stated, confused.

“Well, there was that one alternate universe thing. Perhaps they are from that universe with the Toa Empire thing?” Thok pulled out his Ice Pick, and began picking at his teeth in thought.

“Well, these Toa seem different…. not that kind of different, they seem a bit more…..”

“A bit more like Piraka?” Hakann interrupted, stepping out of the doorway. “The way they talk seems to me like how a thief would talk, with that small undertone of dark promises, like they plan to steal your most prized possession.” The rest of the Piraka stared at him, jaws slightly agape. “What? We ourselves are criminals. It takes one to know one, as they say.” He huffed at our expressions, crossing his arms.

“For once, Hakann, you actually seem smarter than you should.” Thok picked up his jaw before continuing, ignoring the Crimson Piraka’s glare. “It does make sense though. I'm surprised we didn't notice it sooner.”

“So, instead of good, honorable, and heroic Toa, we are going against possible thieving, barbaric, murderous Piraka with Toa powers. I feel the odds are in our favor.” Vezok rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, but don't forget that along with our own powers as Skakdi, we also possess elemental powers. I actually like those odds.” Reidak countered, hitting Vezok in the head. Only to receive a punch to the face by an angry Vezok.

“And plus, we have an entire army of criminals on our side. What could go wrong?” Avak chuckled, only to get a torrent of magma in the face.

“Damn it Avak! You just had to say those fucking words!” Hakann growled, his magma launcher smoking from the previous launch. “Do you not know of Murphy’s Law, or are you just a special kind of stupid?!” He marched towards the brown Piraka, picking him up and holding him in the air by the neck.

“I'm *ack* going to go with *gasp* Option One.” Avak choked, before hitting Hakann’s midsection with his Jackhammer, sending him flying into the wall. “Care to explain *wheeze* what Murphy’s Law is?”

“Murphy’s Law.” Thok started, “Is a theoretical law of the universe, where if you say anything relating to the sentence ‘What could go wrong?’, the universe will personally ensure that everything goes wrong. So, in short, you have doomed us all Avak.”

“Thanks, Wikipedia.” Avak growled, pulling back his Jackhammer from Hakann’s face. “So, how do we get out of this mess?”

“Firstly, I'm not Wikipedia. Secondly, as far as anyone knows, there is no possible way to reverse the Law. So, should we just prepare for anything and everything, or just continue with our original plan?” Thok snorted, flicking his Ice Pick at Avak, in a ‘fuck you’ kind of way.

“What, get the Griffons to declare war on Equestria? Oh wait, that's only if Miss Sunshine decides to hunt us down through the Griffon Kingdom!” Vezok growled.

“ENOUGH!” I snarled, stepping into the middle of the group. “At the moment, these ‘Toa’ will be hunting us, probably even through the Griffon Kingdom. Our plan can still work, due to the fact that they are working for Celestia, and are probably considered either part of the Equestrian Military, or as Citizens. Either way, we cannot allow these Toa to find us. For now, we head back to our base at the Griffin Kingdom. I want all of you to pool your knowledge of the Toa Inika, so we can learn how to properly deal with them if they find us. Under no circumstances should our underlings be near them. We cannot sustain an intel leak. This means that we may have to cancel our crime operations in Equestria until they are dealt with. Any questions?” I gave each of them a glare that told them what would happen if they spoke.

“Well, Zaktan, why not try to expose them for what they truly are?” Thok asked. I wheeled on him, my eyes glowing with an unspent energy shot.

“And what do you mean by that?” I growled.

“Well, we could rig a fight between us and them, try to get them to reveal their true personalities while someone secretly records the fight. We can then release it to the TV.” Thok explained quickly. My anger shrank almost immediately. The energy coursing through my eyes went out instantly, and I chuckled darkly.

“Well, Thok, that does sound quite good. However, if we were to fight one of them, we would surely fight them all. Because Toa are a team, even if they are Piraka. So, who will be the one with the camera? Because I'm not fighting a team of Piraka-Toa without all of my fellow Skakdi.” I stepped away, before looking around at the others.

“W-well, We could use one of our underlings to record. We could also fight in a populated area, for witnesses.” Thok coughed, sitting back up.

“Um, aren't we forgetting something?” Reidak asked. I turned to him.

“And what would that be?” I asked, slightly impatient.

“Well, if they are actual, full on Piraka, they won't have any remorse killing any of us. However, we made an oath to not kill. Ever.” He explained, and I facepalmed.

“Damn it….” I cursed, before chuckling. “...Heh, looks like the roles have been reversed. We can't kill them, and they can kill us.” I stared at the others. “There is one way we could win this without killing them. Don't know if it will work though….”

“Well, don't leave us in the dark! Tell us!” Vezok snarled.

“Well, it's just a theory, but if we have Elemental Powers, much like the Toa, it is possible we could use their strongest weapon against them.” I let the idea hang in the air, mostly to let it click in their dense heads. Seriously, ever since becoming Piraka, we all got extremely dense in a lot of ways, myself included.

Thok suddenly jumped up. “You don't mean…. the Toa Seal? As in, the seal the Toa Metru used to seal Makuta Teridax? Is that even possible?” He asked, and the others all stared at me.

“Like I said, it's just a theory. But that's enough talk for now. We need to return to the base before the Toa can find us.” I began to grab anything that could be used to track us that I could grab, and destroyed the rest.

“How would they find us so quickly?” Avak asked, confused in his voice. I glanced back to see the others equally confused. I sighed.

“If I remember correctly, Toa Inika Matoro’s mask power allowed him to become an invisible spirit. He could be in this room right now, listening to us. So we need to move. I'll probably change the plan later just in case. Now move!” I explained quickly, and they all jumped up, before grabbing what they could. As we left, we ran into the griffon we ‘put in charge’, Serrated Claw.

“Ah, Boss! And other bosses. What's up?” He asked.

“We are heading back to base. Celestia got some new bounty hunters possibly equal in our strength, and with a lot less morals than us. You might want to return to Griffonstone until we can get rid of them.” I explained quickly. His eyes hardened.

“Aye, Boss. I'll put one of my boys in charge.” He replied.

“No. One of them can read minds. Put a random employee in charge, and get everyone who knows about the organization out.” I warned, and he nodded, knowing better than to question me. He ran off, and we opened the secret exit. Climbing in last, I closed the door behind us, before using my laser vision to destroy the area around it. On the inside.

Chapter Eleven: Meet N' Greet

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Two hours later

"So, Zaktan, when do we arrive at the base?” Avak asked, bored. He had been tempted to play target practice with some of the local wildlife, before being hit in the head by Thok and reminded that not only have they sworn off killing, but that that would create noise, which would lead to being found easily.

“For the last time, Avak, the walk to the base is a six day trip. I had it built far away so that if we are hunted, they don't find our secret base right next to our business.” The Green Piraka leader growled, also remembering that it was also so that if the base was found, they wouldn't be able to link it to the company. It was also why he didn't keep any information on the company inside the base.

"So we will be walking for almost an entire week? You gotta be kidding me!” Avak growled.

“Shut it, Avak.” Thok grumbled, fiddling with the nearby plant life. “Zaktan had a good reason for putting the base so far out.”

"Your bored too, right Reidak?” Avak asked glumly.

“Yeah, but I'm not complaining about it, now am I?” Reidak shrugged. “Look, when we eventually stop for a rest, I'll see how far I can chuck you. Sound like fun?” The Black Piraka grinned, and Avak shivered.

"Um, no, thanks. I'd like to live for a while longer.” He said nervously.

“Pah, your no fun.” Reidak growled, returning to tossing random rocks. After a few minutes of silence, Hakann spoke.

"So, anyone got a song or something to pass the time?” He asked, looking around.

"I think the sweet sound of you screaming as you die will suffice.” A voice said behind him. Hakann’s Magma Launcher flipped behind him, blasting whoever was behind him with molten hot magma. There was a small cry of pain and someone behind him fell. He turned around along with the others to see a grey and yellow figure on the ground, who was already getting back up.

The newcomer wielded a large axe-gun weapon in his right, with a chain wrapping from it to his back. He was also really tall. Even though they had never met him before, they knew who he was from their past.

“Hewkii, Toa Inika of Stone. I was wondering when you Toa would show up.” Vezok growled, bringing up his harpoon. The rest of the Piraka also brought up their weapons. “So, where's the rest of your team?”

"I'm just the scout. The rest of the team is still a little bit behind, Piraka.” The Toa said, getting back up. “But I thought I'd save them the trouble, and kill you all myself.”

“Mighty strong words coming from a Toa.” Reidak. growled, his buzzsaw spinning in his claw.

"Oh please, Reidak. Don't you remember? We kicked your asses before, back on Voya Nui. We can do the same here. It makes no difference at all.” Hewkii stated, raising his weapon. “Now enough talk. It's time to-” He was cut off as he was suddenly frozen by Thok. The other Piraka looked at him, and he shrugged.

"What? He was likely buying time for his team to get here. We need to move as quickly as we can.” The white Piraka said, already turning around. Then he stopped. “Might as well slow them down as well.” He snapped his fingers, and the trees around the Frozen Toa moved, surrounding him in trees.

The other Piraka nodded, before sprinting in the other direction.

15 minutes later

After a lot of running, the six Piraka stopped to check behind them.

"You think we lost them?” Vezok asked.

Hakann shrugged. “Well, we froze the only one who knew we were here, and then dashed off in a zigzag direction. I doubt they know where we are.”

“Let's keep moving. I don't want them to find us.” Zaktan growled. Once we get to the base, I'll tell you what we are gonna do about the Toa.” Zaktan growled, running down the path. The others sighed, before running after him.

Three days later

"For fucks sake, how much farther?” Reidak asked, out of breath. “We've been running almost non-stop for three days!”

“And look at what it's done. We are here.” Zaktan growled at Reidak, before stomping on the ground. A secret panel, covered in foliage, bounced up, and Zaktan jumped in. The others shrugged, before following their leader inside.

The base, slightly dusty due to lack of use, was still in good condition. In the center of the main room was a table with six seats, one for each Piraka. In the room to the left was a large weapons room, with tools scattered all over a table on the left of the entrance. To the right was a training room, full of training equipment, and even a bucking bronco machine. Behind the entrance was a long hallway, with multiple rooms for each of the six.

Zaktan sighed. “Home sweet home. Alright everyone, get some rest. We’ll discuss the plan in the morning.” He walked all the way to the end of the hall and opened up his room, flopping down onto the bed. From the noises he heard, he assumed that the others had similar occurrences. The Leader of the Piraka quickly dozed off.

The next day

After quickly waking up, Zaktan and the others walked down to the table, before sitting down. Zaktan yawned, before beginning.

“Alright, so here's the plan…” he started, the others. leaning forward in anticipation.

Three days later, Manehatten

It was a peaceful day in the city of Manehatten. Ponies went to their daily jobs, or walked around the city for a little bit. All in all, everyone was happy, and everyone was safe.

Then the docks exploded.

One by one, each boat that had been moored in the docks exploded, sending a plume of smoke soaring into the air. Ponies within the city began panicking, running to any shelter they could find, some even diving into the sewers. Up high, a lone griffon news reporter flew about, after getting an anonymous tip to bring his equipment to Manehatten. Seeing the explosions, the Griffon flew towards the seaport, getting his camera ready.

When he finally arrived, he saw six figures walking away from the burning sea. Each one had a different color to it, but the way they looked was all too familiar to the news reporter, having seen some Canterlot newspapers a few months ago.

“The Piraka.” He breathed, holding his camera up. Before he could start recording, however, he locked eyes with the white one. Suddenly, it was impossible for him to see, or to stay upright. He fell, dropping his camera in the process.

But his fall was suddenly stopped, as a green cloud caught both him and his camera, before being set down on the ground gently. Looking up, he only had two seconds to see his savior, as the fist knocked his lights out.

Zaktan took hold of the camera, before passing it on to another griffon, one who was under the Piraka payroll. “You know what to do now.” He told her, and the griffon nodded, before flying up to a nearby building and vanishing inside.

“You certain they will come here?” Hakann asked, his Magma Launcher at the ready.

“Of course, Hakann. They won't ignore that ‘anonymous tip’ that Celestia got.” Zaktan chuckled. Suddenly, a blast of fire, laced with electricity, flew past Zaktan and smacked Vezok right in the face, knocking him flat. As the blue Piraka cursed and got back up, Zaktan looked to the blast’s source, and spotted six figures marching towards his group. He didn't even have to see them to know who they were.

"Well well, if it isn't the Toa Inika!” Zaktan called out, “Are you here to try and kill us?”

The one up front, a red and gold-armored Toa, stepped forward. “Yes, you pathetic worm. We are here to get rid of you for good.”

“Oh really, Jaller?” Zaktan replied, “But I thought it was in the Toa Code not to kill a living being?”

"Who cares about some Code.” The green and silver one growled, “Let's just quick-smash them and be done with it.”

"Patience, Kongu.” Jaller growled, before turning back to the Piraka. “You lead us on quite the goose chase, Zaktan. But it's over now.”

"Oh really? And what will happen if we lose then? Are you just going to return to your world in peace?” Zaktan asked, the two now face to face.

“No, Zaktan. We are going to conquer this world, just like we did Voya Nui. That dumb fool Celestia thinks us as goodie goodie heroes come to save the day, but I doubt she’s smart enough to realize our plans. Just like those pathetic Matoran.”

Zaktan’s permanent grin grew wider. “Now that's just evil, don'tcha think?” He dispersed into a horde of Protodites, blasting Jaller directly in the chest with his laser vision. The other Piraka also opened fire, blasting the other Toa back.

Reidak went straight for the Toa of Stone, barreling into him and through a building, while Hakann sent a mental barrage at the Toa of Air, remembering that he had the mind-reading mask. At the same time, Avak blasted the green Toa with his jackhammer, while also launching a few zamor spheres at the Toa of Ice, sending both crashing into a building.

Vezok blasted the Toa of Water with his Impact Vision, the resulting explosion blasting her into the ocean. As all the Piraka went after the target of choice, Zaktan grinned at Jaller.

"Just you and me. Shall we settle this like men?”

Intermission: Meeting the Dark and Moody Spider

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Three days previous,
“Come on!” Vezok growled, having to shove Hakann forward, “They are probably gaining on us!”

“Oh come on Vezok!” The Crimson Piraka growled, turning to face Vezok. “If they had been following us, they would have caught up already!”

“Did you forget we iced the Toa of Stone? It's likely they had to stop to get him out of the ice!” Vezok pointed out, getting up in Hakann’s face, “So at most we got a head start. But do try to remember that the Toa of Earth can freaking fly!”

“Oh yeah...I forgot about that…” The Crimson Piraka replied, glancing up to the sky.

“Would you two just shut up and keep moving?!” Zaktan barked, turning to the two. “Or did you forget we have murderous Toa after us?!”

“Well, I'd say we found you.” A dark and gravelly voice said. The six Piraka looked up to see a bipedal and heavily armored being floating up above them. His armor was pitch black, his face covered in a spiky mask. In his claws was a massive energy drill. “So, who wants to die first?”

“Maybe we should smash-stab the white one,” another voice said, and the Piraka looked to the forest to see a green Toa walking towards them, a energy crossbow in his hands. His mask, unlike the black Toa, was odd, it's features split almost in half. On one side his mask was smooth, while the other side was rugged and bumpy.

“So, is it just you two?” Zaktan asked, glancing around.

“Yeah, the others had to go thaw out Hewkii.” The Black Toa said, floating down next to the green one. “Me and Kongu here are gonna beat you into a pulp, just like on Voya Nui.”

“Like hell you will, Nuparu!” Reidak growled, his buzzsaw whirring. While the two sides bickered, Avak was distracted by a glint blinding his left eye. He looked over to see a odd silver medallion in the shape of a spider laying on the ground.

“Huh, wonder what this is…” He grabbed it, keeping his eye on the two Dark Toa, before examining it. “This looks oddly familiar…” He muttered, before a voice echoed in his head.

"My name is Dark. I'm a web-swinger with a blade and a lot of heart. If you need a companion to talk to, or an ally to help fight your enemies, just toss this medallion in the air and I'll be there. I'm always willing to meet new people. But know this, I will not allow anyone to harm innocents.”

Avak looked to the Toa, to his Piraka friends, then back to the medallion. “Eh, why the heck not. Mata Nui preserve is if this is a joke by one of the others…” He cleared his throat. “Hey! I don't know who you are, but me and my pals require some help! Think you could lend a hand?” When nothing happened, he growled, tossing the medallion behind him. “Fine, we’ll see if we can handle these punks.”

Half way through the toss, the medallion began to glow a bright light. Immediately, several figures fell from it, two on their backs, two on their feet, before it dimmed and fell to the ground. The tallest one on its feet looked up to see that both the other five Piraka and the two Toa pointing their weapons at them.

The figure, who was wearing a blue and black cloak and had some sort of frog by its side, immediately put its hands up. “Whoa, what's your problem?” It asked, its voice sounding like a male.

“Who the hell are you, and where the hell did you come from?!” Zaktan growled, his Triblade pointed at the newcomer.

“You're that person I heard in the medallion thing!” Avak said, and the others looked at him.

“What medallion?” Hakann growled.

“Hey.” Nuparu said.

“It's a medallion I just found, I swear!” Avak said, holding his claws up. “I heard this guys voice saying he could help us, and considering our situation…”

“Hey.” Nuparu repeated.

“Well yeah, I suppose we could use the help… Any time we waste having to fight them would allow their comrades to catch up…” Zaktan growled, lowering his weapon. The other Piraka did the same. “We require your help beating these guys. In a small amount of time. Think you can help?”

“HEY!!” Nuparu yelled, blasting Zaktan with his weapon, the beam of lightning-infused energy passing through Zaktan and hitting a tree in front of him. Zaktan stared down at the hole in his chest. “I believe we were about to kill you six!” The black Toa growled, his power drill glowing.

The cloaked figure looked to Avak. “You're the guy who summoned me?”

“Yeah, I think.” He nodded, looking back at the amulet. “So...you'll help us?” He asked hopefully.

He pulled out a sword from his back. “Why not?”

“Just another body to add to the pile,” Nuparu growled, aiming up his power drill again.

“I don't think so, Dark Toa.” Zaktan growled, two laser beams flying from his eyes and blasting the Toa of Earth in a small area in between his armor. The Toa cursed, clutching his hurt arm as Kongu took aim and fired, a bolt of electrically charged energy flying towards the newcomers.

The one in the blue and black cloak blocked it with his sword as another figure, this one smaller and in a red cloak, got up, dusted themself, and pulled out a large hammer the same size as them. “Okay, what is it this time?” The figure asked, its voice female.

“Evil Toa with the need to kill people for fun?” Thok shrugged, using his power over inanimate objects to block an incoming shot with a tree. He then returned fire with his freeze gun. “Now I know it's not what we usually deal with in our business, but it's still pretty irritating.”

“You can say that again!” Reidak growled, chucking a boulder at the two Toa, only for it to get smashed to pieces by the Toa of Earth.

“Cece, give me my gun,” the blue and black figure told his companion, who pulled out a futuristic gun and tossed it at him. He caught it and shot at the Toa. The bullets ricocheted off of Nuparu’s armor, the Protodermis that makes up his armor being far superior than normal metals. In reply, Nuparu shot forward, his Mask of Flight allowing him to fly straight into the newcomer and slamming him into a tree.

“Oi, get off him!” Hakann growled, hitting Nuparu’s back with his Heat Vision. Avak aided the Crimson Piraka in this attempt by unleashing a barrage of energy attacks from his Seismic Pickaxe. Nuparu growled, before taking off again, hovering in the air while returning fire with his Drill. The Piraka took cover in the trees, half of them suppressing Kongu while the other half dealt with Nuparu.

“Okay, what's going on?” The red figure yelled.

“We already said we would explain as soon as we can deal with these bastards!” Hakann growled, hitting Nuparu with a mental blast. The Toa of Earth crashed into the ground, gripping his head. “Now just get them close to each other!”

The Green Toa suddenly perked up, dodging a laser from Vezok’s eyes. “Nuparu! They plan to freeze us like Hewkii!” He yelled, before getting smashed into a tree by the blue Piraka, who had charged the Toa when he was distracted.

“Got it….” Nuparu groaned, getting back up.

“So what should we do?” The red figure asked.

“Well, we are open to ideas!” Hakann growled, dodging an electrified blast as he jumped towards another tree.

The red figure sighed before pulling out a hammer and disappearing.

“Come on you little cowardly Piraka!” Kongu yelled, “Quit hiding like little Matoran!”

“Eat this!” Hakann yelled, blasting him with heat vision. The Toa dodged, returning fire with his Energy Crossbow. It hit Hakann’s shoulder, knocking the Crimson Piraka back onto the ground.

“Hakann! Why didn't you dodge?!” Vezok roared, and Hakann growled in pain.

“Bite me, asshole.” He growled, jumping back onto his clawed feet, and blasting the Toa with magma. His attack blasted Kongu into Nuparu, sending the two of them into the ground.

“Now!” Zaktan yelled. Thok jumped over a Fallen log he was hiding behind, firing his Ice Gun and freezing the two solid.

“Come on!” Vezok growled, running through the forest. Reidak grabbed the hooded person and another of the group, chasing after the blue Piraka. The rest of the group began running as well, grabbing one of the hooded guy’s group as they ran, putting as much distance between them and the frozen Toa as possible.

One hour later

The Piraka slowed down at last, and Reidak casually and unceremoniously dumped the hooded person onto the ground.

“Alright, so now that we've escaped to somewhere safer, who the hell are you and your pals?”

“Yeah.” Vezok said, walking over to the two after dropping the one he was carrying. “And how in the name of Mata Nui are you human?”

“Name of what now?” The red one asked.

“Mata Nui…” Vezok sighed, looking up in exasperation. “Just answer the question.”

“I'm not exactly human anymore.” She lowered her hood, revealing her face to be identical to Amy Rose from Sonic.

“Okay, so we got the Sonic Stalker, some Pokémon, and…?” Hakann trailed off, glancing at the other one.

The blue one took off his hood, revealing a human face with black hair, and a blue scarf covering the lower half. “Only human in my Equestria.” He stuck his hand out. “Name's Tito, but most call me Dark.”

“Well you certainly look the part,” Zaktan chuckled, shaking his hand. “I am Zaktan, leader of the Piraka.”

“I'm surprised he didn't brag about being the leaders of a big crime organization and the Company.” Vezok whispered to Hakann, who elbowed him in the gut.

Dark raised an eyebrow. “Criminal organization?”

“Why yes, though we have sworn off killing.” Zaktan looked to the others, “We do indeed run a rather large Crime Organization. We also run a business that provides machines from back on Earth to Equestria in the Griffon Kingdom.”

“Okay...as long as you don't hurt innocents, we're good.”

“Of course. Anyways, these are my companions. The red one is Hakann, white one’s Thok, black one’s Reidak, blue one’s Vezok, and brown one is Avak.” Zaktan introduced the others, who each gave a nod when their name came up. “So, how did you randomly appear out of a pendant of all things?”

“Simple. You summoned me, and these three were pulled along for the ride.” He gestured to his companions.

“Okay…” Hakann said slowly. “That explains nothing. How did Avak ‘summon’ you through a pendant?”

He pulled out the pendant and tossed it at Hakann. “I'm guessing we're the first Displaced you've met?”

“The hell’s a Displaced?” Reidak asked, looking up from his buzzsaw.

Dark shook his head and sighed. “That explains it. So, you noticed how my sister here turned into Amy Rose and you guys turned into...whatever those are?”

“For your information, we are Skakdi.” Vezok growled, “But I catch your meaning.”

“Well, all of us, besides the pokemon, are known as Displaced. Tell me, what was the last thing you guys remember before showing up here in Equestria?”

“Getting called over by some dude at a convention, and him handing me this.” Reidak said, holding out the Zamor Sphere Launcher. The others nodded.

“Were you dressed in costumes as what you are now?"

“Yep.” Vezok said.

“Well yeah. You're Displaced. Sent to Equis from your home, and turned into fictional characters. We've all been through that. I'm just lucky on who I turned into.”

“Hmm.” Zaktan’s body shifted like a wave as he looked at the others. “Honestly, I think this was the best thing to ever happen to us. Before, we were nobody’s. Now look at us!” Zaktan burst into a green haze, before reconstructing himself back where he was before.

“Same. Only miss my mom though, but besides that I'm perfectly fine.”

“That makes one of us,” the hedgehog said.

“So, if you are all from a different universe, how the hell did you get here?” Thok asked.

“Again, you summoned me,” Dark said as he leaned on the wall.

“Is it possible for us to be summoned by other people?” Avak asked.

‘Amy’ nodded. “If you make a token, yeah.”

“Why must you be so vague?!” Vezok growled. “Just tell us how to make the damn things!”

“You not asking specific questions.”

“Basically, a token is something to do with the Displaced, like my pendant,” Dark said. “It allows a Displaced to be summoned by anyone who has the token, like you did for me.”

“Okay…. how do we make one?” Vezok repeated.

“First, will you all be connected to the token, or just a few of you? I ask because my token is only connected to me. Cece here doesn't have one, she just follows me when I'm summoned,” he finished, pointing to the hedgehog.

“Eh, probably all of us. We are a team of Piraka, after all, and they never accomplished much on their own.” Zaktan shrugged.
“Well, Hakann and Thok did.” Hakann pointed out.

“Yes, but they lost that almost instantly.” Zaktan countered.

“Then we need something to represent you guys,” Dark told them.

“Hmmm….” Zaktan put a claw to his chin, pondering. He then held his Zamor Sphere Launcher out. “Will this suffice?”

“Sure. I mean, I know some guys with a feather, a gun, a sword, and an amulet for their tokens, so anything that's portable works.”

“Alright. Now what?” Zaktan asked.

“Hmm… well, all I know is you all have to “put part of your soul into it” and give a speech.”

“Umm, okay then.” Zaktan lifted the Launcher towards the other Piraka. As one, they put their fists in front of it, and six streams of energy flew into the weapon, causing it to glow.

“We are the Piraka.” The group said as one. “If ever you require us to steal something, or if you need our aid, we will be sure to help. We expect profit though.” The energy faded, and Zaktan tossed the Launcher into the air, where it vanished without a trace.

“That..took a lot more energy than what I was expecting.” Hakann breathed, sitting on a rock. “So I guess that's it?”

“Yeah. Quick tip, to send a Displaced back, say their name, then “our contract is complete”. Okay?”

“Aight. Our contract is complete.” The seven vanished.

Zaktan looked to the others. “Step One, find Displaced.”

“Step Two,” Hakann continued, “Set up business in their Equestria.”

“Step three,” Thok added, “Start crime organization.”

“Step Four,” Vezok grinned, “Profit.”

The Piraka chuckled.

"...Did they even help against the Toa?" Reidak asked.

"Nope." Zaktan replied

Chapter Twelve: Meet N' Greet, Part II: I Really Hate Toa

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Present Day

Hakann dove into a building as Jallers lightning-infused flames burned past where he had been previously, the cement charred black within the first few seconds, as if oil had coated it. However, oil would burn with fire contact, so the entire metaphor was rendered useless.

Hakann rose from his cover, firing two beams of heat from his eyes in an attempt to harm the Dark Toa. Unfortunately, the heat beams bent once they were within five feet of the Toa, flying around him before slipping into the Toa’s sword.

“Who’s bright idea was it to have me fight the Toa of Mata Nui damned fire, when almost all of my attacks are flame-based?!” The crimson Piraka growled, dashing out of the building and towards another battle taking place. Before the Toa of Fire could move to intercept him, he let loose five explosive Zamor Spheres, keeping the Toa where he was.

Hakann continued, undeterred. He grabbed the Piraka in front of him, who, much to Hakann’s joy, just happened to be Vezok.

“Trade me!” He said, tossing the blue Piraka back the way Hakann had come from. “Alright, so who am I fighting?” He turned to find the Toa of Ice, Matoro, pointing his weapon at him. “Well, suppose I shouldn't complain!” Hakann roared, narrowly jumping out of the way as a spear of ice and lightning flew towards him, scratching his right arm. Electricity quickly flashed up through his body, temporarily paralyzingly him as his body convulsed in pain. The crimson Piraka roared as Matoro smirked.

When the electricity subsided, Hakann fell to the ground, smoke curling off of his armor. “Okay… that hurt.” He growled, slowly and shakily standing back up. “Let's see how you like becoming the Toa of Steam!” His clawed hands lurched forward, and twin columns of flame flew out, twin tornados of heat on a direct course for the Toa of Ice. Matoro’s eyes widened, before he leapt out of the way, fire blackening the wall behind him.

“Alright, now we are talking!” Hakann roared, chasing after the Dark Toa.

Vezok cursed loudly as he discovered his newfound intimate relationship with the cement, before skidding to a stop. The blue Piraka growled as he jumped back up, dusting himself off.

“That damn prick Hakann will be sorry once this is over…” He stated, before getting blasted from behind by electric fire. Once again he fell to the ground, groaning in pain from his blackened and smoking back even as the powers of electric fire came under his control.

“Lot of good that'll do me…” Vezok growled, jumping out of the way as the sound of more fire blossomed behind him. “Oi! Don't you know you're supposed to wait until I get up to attempt to kill me again?!” The Piraka growled, glaring at the Dark Toa of Fire.

Jaller smirked coldly. “I'm afraid that I don't play by your rules.” He said, before letting loose another wave of fire. This time, the flames expanded to both sides of the street, cutting off Vezok’s potential ways to dodge as the wall of fire surged forward, taller than anything the Piraka could have jumped over.

“Well, if you can't dodge it,” Vezok said, dropping into an offensive stance, “Then you just blast a hole through it.” He brought his claws upward, his weapons placed on his back as he waited. When the flames got too close for Vezok’s comfort, the blue Piraka let loose a torrent of water, creating a hole in the wall long enough for Vezok to step through, steam surrounding him. Pulling out his weapons again, he ran into a nearby building, a plan hatching within his head.

When the steam cleared, Jaller was left alone in the street. He glared as he attempted to locate the missing Piraka. “So, now we play a game of hide and seek, Vezok? I thought you were a Piraka, not a Matoran.”

As he turned to his left, twin beams of Vezok’s Impact Vision smashed into his other side, knocking him through the wall of one of the buildings. Vezok chuckled as he let loose a wave of his Impact Vision onto the gray building, which, to Vezok’s estimation, was maybe five stories tall. After a few seconds of continuous hits, the building caved in on itself, burying the Toa of Fire under the rubble.

“Well, that takes care of that.” Vezok said, dusting his hands off. “I wish I had Thok here to freeze him over, but I should probably go help one of the others first.” The blue Piraka turned to find the others, but froze as a giant tower of fire erupted from the rubble, melting the remains of the building into a liquid puddle.

When the flames vanished, Vezok could see the Toa of Fire standing in the center, panting, and extremely pissed.

Vezok sighed. “I just can't catch a break, can I?” He asked as he jumped back to the ground. “The other Piraka can handle themselves. Guess it's time for Round Two!”

Reidak growled as yet another building collapsed on him, the Toa of Stone accurately hitting the weakest points in the building’s structure.

“Mata Nui damn it!” The Black Piraka roared angrily, shoving the massive block of rubble that had pinned him. “I really fucking hate Hewkii and his damn Mask of Accuracy!” He flipped his Buzzsaw around, activating the drill on the other side as he dug a hole into the ground, and climbed inside as he continued. “Maybe I'll break the damn thing once I'm done with him….”

Suddenly, the rock in front of him parted, revealing the gray mask of the Toa he had come to loathe.

“Found you!” Hewkii said slowly, before the tunnel Reidak had made exploded, spitting the Piraka back up to the surface.

“Yep. Definitely gonna break that mask once I'm done with him…” Reidak groaned, slowly crawling to his feet as Hewkii stepped out of the large hole he had made in the street.

“I'd like to see you try!” Hewkii laughed, aiming his Laser Axe at the weakened Piraka. “Enough fun and games. Say goodnight, Piraka.” Reidak fell to the ground, his hands stopping him from smacking his head into the cement. Hewkii laughed.

“I didn't mean actually fall asleep, idiot!” Hewkii said as he opened fire, the laser heading straight for Reidak’s head.

To Hewkii’s surprise, a wall of earth burst from the ground in between him and Reidak, stopping the energy as it met the wall. Behind it, Reidak’s grin grew wider as he got back up.

What…?” Hewkii asked, shocked at what just happened. “You Piraka don't have elemental powers!”

“There are two things you need to know about me, Hewkii.” Reidak said, activating his powers over the earth itself once more. “One, don't call me an idiot. I'm smarter than most of the others.” The cement beneath Hewkii’s feet shook as cracks began to form. “And two, you do not fuck with the Piraka unless you want to get your mask pummeled.” All around Hewkii, the ground rose up, breaking through the cement that had trapped it for so long, before crushing the Toa of Stone under a tidal wave of earth and rock.

“Well, hopefully he learns his lesson from being part of the street.” Reidak said, walking off towards the sounds of another battle taking place.

A minute after he had left, the ground exploded into the sky, before raining back down onto the street. Hewkii crawled out from the ruined street, rage burning in his eyes.

“And you shouldn't underestimate me, Piraka…” he growled, standing back up. He looked around for the Piraka, before deciding to follow the sounds of combat.

“I wish Hakann were here, funnily enough.” Thok growled as the Toa of Air leapt out of the way of his surprise attack once again. The entire battle so far had been like this. Kongu’s Mask of Telepathy had easily read each and every one of Thok’s plans without fail, and so far the white Piraka, ever the thinker, all of Thok’s attempts to attack the Toa of Air had met with failure, and left Thok with more and more damage as Kongu’s energy crossbow continued to find its mark.

“If he had been here, he probably could have hit Kongu with a mental blast, and then he would have hit him with everything he had. But no, of course Lady Luck put me in front of him.”

“You really should do less think-talking to yourself, and more quick-fleeing!” Kongu said from behind Thok, and the Piraka narrowly dodged the energy bolt aimed for his back.

“That's the spirit!” Kongu laughed, keeping Thok occupied with more shots from his crossbow. “Ooh! Maybe you should do a dance! Maybe Mata Nui will quick-save you!”

Thok growled as his rage boiled. Without much thought to it, he froze the water molecules around the Toa of Air, and the energy shots ceased as Kongu looked around him.

“That's a neat power-trick you got there!” Kongu laughed, before he leveled his
crossbow at the wall of ice between him and Thok. “But you'll have to do better!” An energy bolt flew forth, breaking through the thin wall of ice and smashing into Thok’s left arm, striking a unarmored spot. He cried out in pain as he collapsed, clutching his wounded arm. The Toa of Air stepped through the ice wall, standing above the wounded Piraka with a twisted grin on his mask.

“Any last words?” The Toa of Air asked, leveling his crossbow directly in front of Thok’s face. Thok’s eyes met Kongu’s, and before the Toa of Air realized his mistake, Thok activated his Spellbinder Vision, disrupting the Toa’s sense of balance. Kongu staggered, and Thok took his chance. Ignoring the pain in his arm, he knocked the Dark Toa’s feet out from under him with his Ice Pick, and, forming a helmet of ice around his head, smashed it into Kongu’s face as he fell. The two collapsed on the floor, Kongu reeling from the headbutt.

Thok got up first, ramming his mass into the Toa of Air and, somewhat ironically, knocking the air out of his lungs. He rammed him into the side of the room they had fought in, pinning him between a Thok and a hard place.

Unfortunately for Thok, Kongu activated his power over air, blasting the White Piraka away with a large gust of wind. He dropped to the floor, and slowly staggered back to his feet, the effects of the Spellbinder Vision beginning to wear off.

“Alright...that does it.” Kongu snarled, trying to focus on Thok, who was groaning on the ground. Unfortunately for the Toa of Air, the effects of getting your face smashed in by a helmet of ice and the impact of a Piraka’s skull had yet to dissipate. And to add to his misfortune, he did not hear the sound of a drill nearby.

Attempting to concentrate, he increased the air pressure around Thok at an alarming rate, hoping to crush the Piraka’s skull.

Thok roared loudly, feeling the effects of increased air pressure. He collapsed on the ground, but before Kongu could finish the job, the wall next to him exploded, and the black and gold figure of Reidak steamrolled the Toa of Air, ruining his concentration and nearly knocking him unconscious.

Reidak grabbed the Toa by the neck, lifting him up to make eye contact.

“It must suck to be you in five seconds.” The Piraka growled, before grabbing the Toa with his other claw by the back of his head, and inserted it into a wall, like a school bully would dunk a kids head into a toilet. That done, Reidak moved to help Thok up.

“I’m surprised.” Reidak said to the White Piraka, lifting him up to his feet. “I would have thought you would be smart enough to fight anyone except the mind-reader.”

“Fuck off.” Was Thok’s reply, limping out the door. “Let’s go find Zaktan. I expect that the Royal Guard will be here soon, and we need to finish this before that happens.”

Reidak nodded. “Right. Let's go!” He picked Thok up by the waist, flopped him over his shoulder, and sprinted off to find their emerald leader.

Hewkii stepped out from behind the wall, aiming up his Laser Axe, but sighing when he realized he wouldn't be able to hit them. Instead, he turned back to the wall, where the green mask of Kongu poked out, groaning.

“Little rescue-help here, bud?” The Toa of Air asked. Hewkii sighed in annoyance, before pulling back his fist, and smashing it into Kongu’s face, popping him out of the wall. Not caring if Kongu was still conscious, Hewkii gave chase after Thok and Reidak.

Chapter Thirteen: Meet N' Greet Finale (Dark Toa Arc Finale)

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The Six Piraka met up at the center of the ruined town, attempting to step over the rubble of buildings.

“Hey Zaktan, where did your opponent go?” Hakann asked as they all met up.

“I don't know. Matoro just randomly vanished during our fight.” Zaktan shrugged, glancing at the grey building next to them. It was almost similar to a bunker, now that he thought about it.

“Well, at least we are all together.” Vezok said. “Perhaps they met up too?” The other Piraka nodded.

“Most likely. I wonder if our friend managed to get away. This entire endeavor was because of that.” Hakann said, glancing at the ruins of the city. “Man, we really did a number on the city. As long as it doesn't come out of our budget, I don't really care.”

“Well, let's go find the Toa for the final phase of our plan.” Zaktan growled, before the building next to them exploded in a burst of fire, electrical energy, and dust.

“I think it's the other way around.” A now all-too-familiar voice chuckled as six beings walked out of the dust, energy weapons glowing.

“Oh of course it is.” Hakann growled, dusting himself off as the others got back up. They walked towards the Toa in a line, priming their respective weapons and pointing them at the Toa. “You guys ready?”

“Ready for what, pray tell?” Jaller asked as the other Toa got up in a similar line, shoulder to shoulder, and aimed their energy weapons at the Piraka.

“You’ll see.” Zaktan growled as the two sides opened up with their elemental powers, two nearly identical walls of elemental force careening towards each other, before slamming together in a bright flash. The two walls of elemental energy pushed against each other, struggling to beat the other side. Zaktan and the others felt their energy beginning to waver, as the Toa pressed forward, their natural elemental powers proving superior to the Piraka’s gifts.

Zaktan grit his teeth in frustration, before yelling, “Avak, now!”

The brown Piraka barely managed to divert some of his attention to lifting his other arm up, the golden Zamor Sphere held inside the Launcher glowing with mixed energies. Taking aim at the center of the Toa line, he fired, the Zamor Sphere flying over the conflicting energies, temporarily becoming invisible as it passed over the point where the two lines of fire met, before slamming into the Toa of Fire.

The energies of the special Zamor Sphere connected to the other Toa, passing through them like an electric shock as they felt their elemental powers began to flow out of their bodies.

And directly into the Six Piraka.

Renewed by the stolen powers of the Toa, the Piraka thrust forward, their powers now doubled as the combined blasts smashed into the six Toa, blasting them into the wall of the building far behind them.

The Piraka pressed forward, their energies beginning to crystallize around the Toa Inika.

“You….cheating...bastards….” Toa Jaller growled as his body was covered in crystallized protodermis.

“We are Piraka.” Zaktan grinned, even as the Toa were completely encased in the new Toa Seal. “And Piraka don't play fair.”

The Piraka lowered their weapons, sighing as they glanced at the imprisoned Toa, then at each other.

“Hell yeah!” Avak cheered, patting Thok in the back. “I didn't think it would work!”

“Where did you even get that Zamor Sphere?” Hakann asked as the others celebrated.

“Zaktan asked me to craft it. I honestly didn't think it would work, as I was kinda guessing how it was built in the original storyline. But it worked!” Avak explained, punching Vezok in the arm.

“Maybe we have some sort of connection to the original Piraka?” Thok asked as they began walking away. “It would explain how you were able to make the Zamor Sphere we needed on pure guesswork.”

As the Six walked away, until they heard the sound of the Guard flying in, and then began to sprint away, a tall, bipedal figure appeared next to the Toa Seal.

He was a giant, clad in golden armor, with wrist blades tucked away in his arms. Like the Piraka, he was biomechanical, and his two red eyes glowed as he stared at the Toa.

“From Darkness you came, to Darkness you shall go.” It growled. “So Mata Nui has decreed.” The being vanished, taking the Toa Seal with it to its unknown destination.

“....it has been six days since the criminals known as the Piraka attacked the city of Manehatten,” the Pony Reporter said in the TV. The Pegasus mare was sitting in a comfortable chair as she talked, her purple mane and green coat still very obvious. “And in the resulting battle between the Toa and the Piraka, the city was, for the most part, destroyed, though there were no casualties, thank Celestia. However, only a few days after, a video was leaked of a conversation between the two sides just before the battle, and the Toa of Fire revealed his true colors, saying that he would take over Equestria once everything was done. While the Toa have vanished, and authorities are attempting to capture them, the whereabouts of the Six Piraka are still as of yet unknown.”

“And of course they don't give us the credit we deserve.” Hakann growled, tossing a ball at the wall besides the TV.

“We are some of Equestria’s most wanted. There is no way they would give credit to their criminals.” Thok replied, smacking the crimson Piraka upside the head. “Just be glad we got rid of a potential problem.”

Deep beneath the waves of the North Lunar Sea

A small fish swam away as fast as it could from the creature chasing after it. Unfortunately, the fish was not as quick as the creature, and it was snatched up in one of the shark-like beasts claws, before being devoured raw. The bone-white creature paused, the red tips of it’s head and blades glinting in the ocean.

“It is almost time, my fellow Prisoners.” The creature growled, noting the red eyes glowing in the darkness. “Soon….”

Interlude: Toa Caldoric and the Piraka in: Space Hulk Olethros

View Online

Hakann groaned, his eyes slowly opening, before adapting to the darkness of the hallway. Massive pipes moved across the hall, mixed with stone walls and metal walkways. A dim blue glow from below was the only source of light in the hallway, and the Crimson Piraka heard the dripping of water nearby.

“Where in Mata Nui…..?” He groaned, getting up from the uncomfortable floor. Glancing around, he found the rest of the Piraka laying on the ground as well, only just beginning to stir from their slumber.

“Hey, you idiots, wake up!” Hakann growled groggily, kicking the closest one, Vezok. “We ain't in the base anymore.”

3 Minutes Later

“So where the hell are we?” Zaktan asked, once everyone had gotten up.

“Hell if I know. This place looks like some sort of industrialized castle catacomb or something.” Hakann replied, looking around again.

As he did so, the world seemed to freeze in place for a moment. As they watched, what could only be described as the three-dimensional outline of a humanoid clutching their lower abdomen seemed to shrink into existence from everywhere at once in a fraction of a second. As it did this, everything "outside" of it became obscured by a wash of emerald green light, though everything directly on the other side of it from the viewer seemed completely normal.

This lasted until the inverse silhouette had reached the size of a Piraka, at which point it immediately ceased shrinking and turned a completely opaque black. This new darkness quickly faded into the form of a new Toa, who was indeed clutching his abdomen, whilst the wash of green light turned white for an instant, then faded.

All of this had taken place in less than the blink of an eye.

This new stranger, whose armor's color scheme matched no element recognized by those present, was similar in build to the old Toa Mata, though there were some noticeable differences. His torso, mask, feet, hands, and left shoulder were midnight black, with his Mask of Quick Travel bearing a stylized green image of an eye over the left eyehole. His legs,

hips, and fingers were a dark gunmetal grey, while his arms were a stark white below shoulder level. The only things that broke the aesthetic were the silvery plate seemingly bolted to his outer right forearm, and the silver plates on the same arm's shoulder.

His eyes and heartlight were a pleasant lime green, which closely matched the color of the symbol emblazoned upon his mask.

The newcomer blinked and looked around a little. "Ohhh..." He groaned, facepalming, "what now?" His gaze finally settled on the six other occupants of the unfamiliar hallway, and his glowing eyes filled with fear and… was that recognition?

“Gyaaah!” He cried, skipping backwards a few steps before he finally managed to trip over his own feet and fall on his back. “P-Piraka…!”

“Oh great. Like we didn't just get done with a bunch of Dark Toa.” Reidak groaned, rolling his eyes. “So, who in Mata Nui’s name are you?” The other Piraka aimed their respective weapons at the newcomer.

“Um…!” He said. “I-I’m Caldoric… I'm familiar with you guys, though; you’re a bit famous amongst a certain crowd where I come from…” 'Caldoric’ then clamped a hand over his own mouth.

“Oh, he's another one of those ‘Displaced’.” Avak sighed, and lowered his weapon. The others did the same.

“So, you're familiar with us former humans running around the Multiverse?” The Toa asked, hands held in a sort of “I surrender” gesture.

“Well yeah, we are also Displaced.” Hakann replied, examining Caldoric. “Though I thought we were supposed to ‘summon’ you for you to appear.”

“You mean… you didn't summon me?” Caldoric asked. “That might explain the lack of a portal appearing under me back in the vault… but why am I here, then?”

Before the Piraka could reply, a sudden burst of light appeared between the Piraka and Caldoric, illuminating the dark corridor and temporarily blinding the group. When the light faded, there was a tall and heavily armored humanoid standing there. His armor was black and bulky, likely strong enough to take a tank shell with little more than a dent. His head sat in a little sort of box area, while a amber eye was engraved in the chestplate area. He was also bald, his eyes white, with an odd ripple pattern around the pupils. He was taller than anyone else there, maybe two meters tall. His left hand was encased in a massive claw, with a large gun-like box on top, while in his other he held a massive mace, with a light energy field surrounding it.

When he spoke, his voice was deep and seemed to carry the weight of age with it.

“Greetings, Piraka.” The being said, before turning to Caldoric. “And greetings to you, Toa Caldoric. I am Ahriman, Warmaster of the New Black Legion, and the reason you are here.”

Caldoric made a choking sound as what seemed to be a Bruteshot from Halo appeared in his hands, before he disappeared in a flash of light. Seconds later, he reappeared behind Reidak, using him as cover while he half-heartedly pointed his unusual weapon at the newcomer.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Reidak growled, glaring at the Toa behind him.

“That’s Ahriman…” Caldoric said, crouching. “He’s bad news, or so I've been told. Not to mention, I'm getting some massive bad vibes off this guy, and he’s bigger than I expected.”

“That's not the point.” Reidak growled, grabbing the Toa and placing him in front of him. “I'm asking why you are using me as a meat shield!”

“You looked like the friendliest of the bunch, and I seem to remember that you’re impossibly strong. And you adapt to anything that’s thrown your way, correct?”

“Only if it defeats me! And I'd rather not test if I can survive a Void Dweller!” The black Piraka growled.

“Oh.” Said Caldoric, as the weapon in his hands disappeared again. “I forgot about that. We’re screwed.”

“Worry not, I'm not here to fight you.” Ahriman interrupted, waving his power claw-encased hand. “I'm here to give you a little….mission, of sorts.”

“What sort of mission?” Caldoric squeaked, his voice cracking a bit.

“It's sort of a recovery mission, though it's also helping another group save an entire system. But that last part isn't important.” Ahriman explained, walking around the group, though his armor made the hall slightly cramped. “Right now, you are on the Sanctum Imperator, a ship that belonged to a group known as the Black Templars in this galaxy. This ship is currently part of a Space Hulk, which is a large combination of lost ships within the Warp-”

“Get to the point.” Zaktan groaned.

“...Anyways, there is a relic somewhere aboard this vessel. I want you to find it.” Ahriman finished, giving a slight glare towards the emerald Piraka leader. The vessel shook for a moment, then went still again.

“Ok… two questions…” Caldoric said, hesitantly. “What are we most likely to run into on this… Space Hulk, or whatever? I mean, I've seen enough movies where there turns out to be some sort of freaky alien genotype running amok on board the long-abandoned ship, and fate likes it’s tropes…”

“Well, besides the constant swarms of Genestealers running amok in this Space Hulk, not much. Though there is the chance of running into the Deathwing Terminator squadron….” Ahriman replied, waving his claw dismissively.

”Well, there goes the old neighborhood…” remarked the lone Toa. “Second question: if you're one of these mystical void dwellers, why can't you get this unidentified relic by yourself? Purely out of curiosity, that is.”

“Hmmm. I have two answer for that one.” Ahriman replied. “For one, where's the fun in that? And secondly, I want to see how well beings from one reality battle against creatures from my own origin.” He smiled. “I have an interest in experimenting on these things.”

“Alright…” Caldoric gulped. “Though it would be nice to know what it is, exactly, that we’re looking for. Unless any old ‘relic’ will do…?”

“Hmmm….” Ahriman was silent for a moment. “I believe the Relic in particular is a Warhammer of sorts, with a odd power inside. Of course, any other relics you find along the way are yours to keep.”

“And what do you want with this Warhammer, whatever it is?” Caldoric asked.

“That, unfortunately, is not required information.” Ahriman replied, before three spherical objects appeared around him, floating over to Caldoric, Thok, and Avak. “These contain maps of the Sanctum Imperator section you are currently in. Use them to navigate the ship. It also has a motion sensor, so you can identify where enemies are coming from.”

Caldoric hesitantly took hold of the grapefruit-sized sphere, while the other two did the same. The Toa began turning the device in his hands, trying to figure out how it functioned.

“Press the bright red, and obvious button.” Ahriman said, as a red button popped out of the top. Caldoric did so, and the device opened up, revealing a holographic map of the area they were in, which sprung upwards. Up ahead was a large, cylindrical room, with odd cylinders all around the center. Pings popped up all around the area, which Caldoric guessed was movement.

“Shiny…” he muttered, distractedly. “Let’s be bad guys…”

“Well, if that is all, I shall be on my way.” Ahriman said, a vortex appearing behind him. “Word of warning though, if you encounter anyone somewhat similar in armor to myself, do run. They will kill you, and I doubt you want to be a corpse riddled with bullets.” With that, Ahriman vanished.

Caldoric visibly relaxed, though was still a bit tense, since he was in the presence of six of the most devious non-Makuta beings the Bionicle universe had to offer, short of Roodaka, the Barraki, or the Shadowed One. The fact that they used to be human only served to make things worse.

“All right then, let's get a move on!” Reidak said, moving towards the door at the end of the hall. He found a button on the side that said ‘open’, and the metal door slid up, revealing the area beyond.

However, Reidak instead got a close-up look at a creature not even a Makuta could dream up, though they’d certainly appreciate it greatly.

It's head was somewhat like an egg, if that egg was rotten and fleshy. Four tiny, yellow eyes glared at the Piraka, as four arms waved in the air, appendages with razor sharp claws at each end. A mouth covered in teeth hissed angrily, a tongue hidden behind them. The creature was hunched over, a large, armored carapace on its back. It's skin was a grey-blue color. Reidak closed the door suddenly, looking back at the group with wide eyes.

“What in Mata Nui’s name was that?” The black Piraka asked, backing away from the door. Suddenly, the door was sliced into bits as the creature lunged at Reidak, only to be split in half by the black Piraka’s buzzsaw, the opposite sides falling behind Reidak, smashing the split halves of its head against the wall with an audible squish of flesh meeting solid metal.

Caldoric had stood, silently frozen in place, eyes wide, through the whole encounter. Seconds later, he blinked and turned his head away, looking almost as if he was about to test whether or not Toa could puke. “Good thing I'm not still human at the moment,” he muttered, “otherwise, I would've just shit myself…”

“Okay….” Reidak growled. “I don't know what the fuck that was, but I think there are a hell of a lot more coming. Put on your big boy pants, grab a weapon, and beat the shit out of everything that isn't us!” With that said, the Black Piraka launched a series of explosive Zamor spheres out the door, before rushing in with his buzzsaw screeching through whatever was outside.

The other Piraka glanced at each other.

“I don't think we’ve seen him like that before….” Vezok said, prepping his Harpoon.

“Most definitely not. But hey, he can handle himself pretty well, but let's give him some help, eh?” Hakann replied, his Magma Launcher at the ready. The Piraka rushed outside to find Reidak burying his Buzzsaw in the chest of another of the creatures, raising it in the air before throwing the corpse at an oncoming group of enemies, it’s blood dripping off of the black Piraka’s weapon as it smashed into its brethren. Hakann launched a ball of magma at the fallen creatures, melting them even as their screeches of pain echoed through the chamber. Thok took notice of their surroundings.

Walkways lined the sides of the chamber, while massive, bullet-like cylinders sat in the center, going down into the abyss below.

“Must be some sort of Missile launch silo…” the white Piraka muttered, freezing an incoming Creature, which he guessed was one of the ‘Genestealers’ Ahriman had warned them about.

He noticed more of the creatures crawling down from tubes leading up to the ceiling.

“Of course they can climb…” he groaned, switching his Freeze Gun for the Ice Pick to block a Genestealer from digging it’s claws into his head. He then blasted it with spell-binding vision, before kicking it into the abyss below.

“Caldoric! Hurry up or else we will leave you behind!” Avak yelled, using his Seismic Pickaxe to fire into the Genestealers coming from the right side of the room. Energy blasts shot into the creatures, ripping them apart. “Mata Nui, why couldn't Avak have had better eye powers!”

“No,” Caldoric muttered to himself, trying to fight the overwhelming fear, “this is not my fucking ending. I have the blood of Vikings in my veins, I’m not just going to let these Xenomorph wannabes take me out.” With that, his fear was replaced with determination and righteous fury, and two narrow metal cylinders appeared in his hands. “Twelfth Legion, Fulminata!EULALIAAAA!!!” he cried at last, charging full-on into the fray as a blade of pure plasma erupted from each of the rods he was holding: one was an almost eye-watering, radioactive lime green, whilst the other was an orange so deep it was almost red.

He surged forward into the chamber, wounding a couple Genestealers with a few careless swipes as he ran, before he jumped up and used Hakann’s shoulders to springboard into a good-sized cluster of the monstrosities. He rolled upon landing, only to pop back up and seemingly blossom into a flurry of seizure-inducing strikes as his blades sought flesh all around him, then began cutting a path through the morass, following a random catwalk. Said catwalk quickly dead-ended against a wall.

“Well that's one way of doing it.” Vezok said, looking at the carnage indifferently. “Not sure why you needed the speech, or the DBZ style scream though.” He shrugged, walking through the door.

The other Piraka followed, Thok examining the map, which happened to show them their location, as well as movement pings in a 15 meter radius. So far, there was none in the vicinity.

Caldoric rejoined the group seconds later, covered in alien gore, and looking like he had something uncomfortable weighing on his mind. “I really hope there’s a working locker room somewhere around here, because I need a shower.” He muttered.

“Might be, might not.” Reidak shrugged. “I'm guessing that the relic would likely be in that massive room beyond the one up ahead. It's a hunch, anyway.” He shrugged, before narrowing his eyes. “Something's….not right.”

Before anyone could say anything, a loud shriek erupted from in between the group members. A spot of the air shimmered, and a genestealer appeared, slashing one of its claws at Zaktan. The claws simply passed through Zaktan’s body, his protodites shifting out of the way, before his triblade was rammed into the creature’s gut. He lifted it up into the air, staring at it as it struggled against his weapon.

“Next time, pick a better target.” Zaktan growled, his eyes glowing. Twin beams of energy launched out, piercing the genestealer’s head, killing it. Zaktan dropped the now dead corpse to the ground, staring at it.

“Well, guess some of them can turn invisible.” Thok groaned, ripping off one of it’s arms. “I'm guessing some sort of gel substance that reflects light. Keep your guards up.” The white Piraka guessed, tossing the limb aside as the group continued.

After another encounter with a Genestealer swarm, which was just barely fought off, Avak glanced around the door, examining the cathedral-like room.

“Looks like some Genestealers managed to arm themselves with some weapons.” He stated, noticing some shorter-looking versions, with some sort of robes around their bodies, with four arms clutching some sort of heavy assault rifle, while others held obvious missile launchers.

“My turn…” Caldoric sighed, and a Bruteshot once again appeared in his hands. As he twisted the firing mechanism, he closed his eyes and turned his head away slightly. An unusually long streak of explosive projectiles spewed forth, peppering the area with detonations and forcing the alien freaks to fall back a bit.

“That was…” the Toa said, “not as effective as I had hoped.”

“Well, let's try clearing it out.” Hakann sighed, readying his magma launcher. As he rushed out, the creatures poked out and let loose a large torrent of bullets, their weapons similar to machine guns. Multiple bullets smashed into Hakann, knocking him off his intended course and into the side of a pillar, the crimson Piraka groaning.

The other Piraka sighed, dispersing through the room and into cover. Then the firefight began, the Piraka taking potshots at the creatures, and even managing to take down a few, but the constant stream of bullets, and the occasional missile, kept them pinned. Zaktan had the most luck, dispersing into a cloud of protodites and reforming behind the Genestealers, cutting into them from behind, before dispersing again. Eventually, however, the Genestealers all fell to the ground, dead.

Caldoric looked around the doorframe, which he’d used for cover whilst providing occasional support with the Bruteshot. “Y’know, I'm kinda surprised how effectively you guys work together as Piraka, given the original group's lack of unity.” He said as he rejoined the group. He then stiffened briefly, before turning around and thrusting the bladed end of his current weapon back the way he'd come.

With a slick squelching sound, it pierced something unseen, which quickly turned out to be another one of those invisible Genestealers. “...How did I know you were there?” Caldoric muttered to himself, his gaze focused far behind the monster as the light died in its eyes. He removed the blade from its throat, letting the corpse fall to the floor and faintly flicker in and out of visibility.

Taking a few steps back, he fired off a round at the dead alien, removing the top half of its body, and hopefully any chance of it recovering and biting them in the ass.

“Well, we know just how badly the Piraka worked separately.” Zaktan said, stabbing a dead Genestealer to make sure it was dead. “And we don't want to end up dead or captured because we can't work as a team.”

Before any more conversation could be made, an ear splitting roar split the silence of the cathedral. A massive Genestealer beast marched towards the group, and a fresh wave of Genestealers crawled down from the pillars supporting the room. This new beast was hunched over, it's massive scythe arms tucked in as it walked. Before anyone could move, it changed pace, roaring as it ran straight towards Avak, extending it’s scythe arms and swinging them into the brown Piraka’s side, sending Avak flying into a wall. The beast roared again.

“Avak!” Hakann roared, launching flames from his claws, burning the other Genestealers to a crisp. He focused a mental blast on the larger Genestealer, distracting it with a splitting pain in it’s mind. Thok rushed forward, swinging his Ice Pick to jump over the Genestealer, latching the Pick onto it’s head. He pulled, struggling as the Genestealer thrashed and tried to knock him off of it. The Ice Pick slipped into the beast’s mouth as it roared. He pulled again, hearing the sound of the monster’s flesh tearing. The top of it’s head flew off, and the monster dropped to the floor, dead.

Once the rest of the Genestealers were dealt with, the group reconvened, Hakann supporting a limping Avak.

“I'll be fine in a bit. I think that thing broke an arm and maybe the leg.” Avak growled beneath gritted teeth.

“You’re lucky to be alive.” Hakann replied.

“This is the room. Where is the relic?” Zaktan asked. Reidak glanced to the other end of the room. There was a massive statue of what looked like a man in bulky armor, holding a sword. A blue-green energy field glowed behind it.

“Probably back there.” Reidak pointed. The others sighed.

Thok’s map began beeping, and an image of Ahriman’s face appeared, looking at the group.

“It appears that the relic is behind the energy field. I detect three Power Generators within the area currently active. I'm guessing these are what is powering the energy field. Deactivate the generators and retrieve the relic. I must warn you that our scanners have detected a squadron of Deathwing Terminators aboard the Sanctum Imperator. You are in fact helping their cause here, but they do not know you exist. And they kill anything not human without hesitation, so avoid them at all costs.” The image faded, and three new blips appeared on the map, noting the three generators.

“Huh. Wonder what the Deathwing are.” Hakann shrugged, accidentally dropping Avak on the ground. The brown Piraka groaned in pain. Caldoric jogged over to him, sliding the last few feet on his knees.

“Eagle Scout, coming through.” The Toa said, slowing to a stop by Avak’s side. “Alright, I'm gonna try something stupid here, since we’re in a hurry. And if those ‘Deathwing Terminators’ are anything like what Viktor turned into yesterday, then I'd say they’re not fun to be around.” Then, before anyone could ask what he meant, Caldoric closed his eyes and bowed his head in concentration, holding his hands in front of himself, about a foot and a half apart. His brow furrowed and his jaw set itself into a teeth-grinding snarl as he focused harder, the electricity of his determination becoming almost tangible in the air around him. In fact, this was literally true of the space between his hands, as sparks of energy leapt to and fro in the gap betwixt his palms.

Suddenly, with a decently-loud BAMF!!, a Kanohi that none of those present had seen before appeared in Caldoric's hands. “Behold, the Mask of Healing,” he proclaimed, placing it over his own face, “I hope.” With that, he rocked backwards on his knees as the power flooded through his frame, then returned to the task at hand. He closed his eyes again, running his hand through the air a few inches above Avak's leg as the Mask began glowing gently. After a moment, his hand stopped over a portion of the Piraka's shin.

“A minor fracture, thankfully nothing serious. It’s fixable, but it’ll smart a bit.” The Toa said, before the mask glowed more intensely, and a beam of golden light surged forth from his palm, bathing the afflicted area and causing Avak to tense for a moment. The beam faded, and both Avak and Caldoric relaxed.

“Now, for your arm.” Caldoric remarked, and turned to the other five human-turned-Skakdi, who made up the remainder of the Piraka. “This is the point where shit hits the fan, and something shows up while I'm trying to heal Avak here. Protect us as best you can… uh, please?” He then turned back to Avak and resumed his ministrations, Mask glowing gently, hands seeking the break in the Piraka's arm. “So, Avak, two questions: first, what're you guys’ real names? Second, d’you guys really trust this Ahriman guy?”

“Of course not.” Zaktan replied, examining the architecture. “I'm quite certain he contracted us before, but I cannot seem to remember. But he is definitely someone you should never trust.”

“Huh? I thought he looked familiar, but I don't remember him contracting us.” Hakann said, turning to the emerald Piraka.

“That must’ve been when you guys fought for him in the War of Shadows or whatever, if what Sebaste and his crew told me is accurate.” Caldoric suggested, taking the opportunity to set the break in Avak's arm whilst said Piraka was distracted. “If I live to see them again after this, I'll tell 'em y’all said hi. I’ll probably omit the fact that our meeting was arranged by a certain crazy, sociopathic, hopped-up space-wizard from the future with a God Complex and an Egyptian iconography fetish… OK, Avak, you’re all set.” Caldoric stood up, helping the Piraka to his feet, then turned to the energy field and statue.

“Now, how’re we gonna get through that…?” He muttered to himself, walking across the room. He reached out to touch the field, only to jerk his hand back as an arc of electricity discharged from the field, momentarily grounding itself in his arm. “Ok, not fun.”

“Egyptian Iconography..?” Vezok asked, scratching his head. “Anyway, Ahriman did tell us that there were some generators that needed to be deactivated to disable the field. Why don't we just go do that?” He snatched the map from Avak, examining it. “Oooh, there's some sort of armory nearby.” The other Piraka grinned. “I think we ought to make a detour…”

Heading over to the the specified area, Hakann kicked the metal door open, his feet busting through with surprising ease. Inside, rows upon rows of large, assault rifle-looking weapons lined the small room. Up ahead there were storage racks full of ammunition, likely for these weapons. Ammo boxes were scattered throughout the place, too big for the Piraka to carry. Grinning, Hakann grabbed one of the assault rifles and some ammunition for it. Inserting the ammo clip into the gun, he took aim, and pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened.

“The hell?” Hakann asked, looking at the gun curiously. Avak snatched the gun from the crimson Piraka, examining it in detail. His eyes widened.

“Wow, this gun has a device in the grip that only allows people with a certain genetic signature to use it. That's some impressive technology. I'll have to study this for later, try to reconfigure the guns genetic signature to us.” He grabbed a couple more of the rifles, as well as some clips, and stored them away. Checking the map again, he shrugged. “Well, we would have had to go through here to get to the generators, so let us continue!”

When they returned to the chamber where they’d left Caldoric, they found him hunkered down, investigating one of the three field generators Ahriman had mentioned… from inside the semi-transparent field itself. “Hey guys!” He said, as he noticed them returning. His voice was slightly distorted by the field as he spoke. “Turns out this Mask lets me teleport through anything I can at least see through, like windows and stuff. Going off of what limited technical knowledge I possess, it seems these generators appear to run on some form of electricity. Good news is, I can have 'em offline in half a tick. Nice guns, by the way.”

And with that, as well as a smile, he touched the generator before him, which vanished. He then used his Mask power to teleport to both of the remaining generators in quick succession, each of which disappeared as he placed his palm upon them. No sooner had the third one vanished, then the field itself cracked and shattered into thousands of small, glowing shards of floating energy, which soon dissipated. “Best part is, I now have three functional forcefield generators for Twilight to look at once I get back h-- to Canterlot.” Caldoric said, pulling a strange brown-edged card with what looked to be a missing corner seemingly out of nowhere. On its face, the Piraka could just barely see an image of the three missing generators. A second later, the card itself seemed to vanish back into thin air.

“Huh. Well, all right then.” The Piraka walked over, looking around the statue to find a large warhammer. The handle was gold, with red cloth in the middle, while the hammer part itself was grey with an outline of gold. In the center of it, the image of a skull, with wings waving out from the skull’s sides, was carved proudly, daring all who would oppose the wielder of the hammer to come and die. The group could almost feel the power contained in that Warhammer, energies emanating from it.

“Well done.” Ahriman said, appearing behind them. “I'm surprised you found the relic so quickly, or that you lowered the field in so quick a time.” Glancing up, his eyes narrowed. He snapped his fingers, and the energy field came back to life as a group of humanoids in marble white armor entered the room. “The generators should keep them busy for now. We don't need them shooting us to pieces.” He turned back to the group. “I shall take the relic, now, and you will all be able to return to your home universes.” He held out his hand. As the Piraka turned to remove the glorious weapon from its resting place, Caldoric sprung into action.

Utilizing his Mask power, he warped himself right up next to the ancient hammer and seized it. The Toa then began spinning it somewhat awkwardly, ending the gesture by extending his left arm forward, now holding a single fearsome spear instead of the now-absent hammer; the new weapon’s tip bore a sharp, wickedly curved blade that the Piraka (especially Vezok,) immediately recognized as the Spear of Fusion. Caldoric held it with his grip choked up near the blade, his thumb hovering over a few controls built into the shaft.

In his other hand, however, he now carried what seemed to be a strange, swoopy fusion between a sniper rifle and a harpoon gun. The main part of the gun's body was a deep, slightly purplish blue, whilst the harpoon-shaped “barrel” itself was a translucent, brilliantly-glowing magenta. This weapon was known as Ahab’s Crosshairs, a legendary rifle capable of punching a hole in theoretically anything, in addition to being able to take down an angel (given a full minute of sustained fire, that is.)

“It seems you’ve mistaken me for a simple pawn in your little chess game, Ahriman.” Caldoric challenged, a sort of three-part mouthguard sliding into placr on his Mask as the ivory-armored Terminator Astartes began trying to break their way through the field around them all. “Or have you forgotten that I'm a Knight of Space? Either way, I'm not letting you have that hammer.” His focus was directed almost entirely towards the Void dweller before him, with the remainder dedicated to the six Piraka nearby in case something crazy happened.

“Heroes.” Ahriman sighed, a Rahkshi spear with arrowhead-shaped caps on each end appearing in his hand. “I have done my research on the universe of Bionicle. Hell, I'm good friends with a Makuta Teridax Displaced. So I am guessing you know what this is.” Ahriman pointed the spear at Caldoric, rings of pure hatred flowing from it and into the Toa. “Do you think that someone who once served the Architect of Fate himself would not learn to anticipate or predict any possible event? In fact, even before then, as a Legionary of the Thousand Sons, it was my job to read the Great Ocean to learn of potential futures. Do not test me.”

Caldoric took a single step backwards during Ahriman's brief monologue, head momentarily dipping as he looked at the floor. “Please, sir, may I have some more?” He sarcastically asked as he looked up again, a slightly crazed look in his eyes, both of which now had an orange tint at their core. “I would like to rage…” And with that, he fired off an anti-fusion blast from the spear and took a pot-shot at Ahriman with Ahab's Crosshairs. As the Void Dweller dodged both attacks, (the Spear’s beam nearly clipping Vezok,) Caldoric switched the rifle to its widest beam setting and swung it around in an arc behind himself annihilating the three new field generators in what he would've called “one swell foop,” allowing the small crowd of elite alabaster Space Marines to mob the previously safe area.

This proved to be a bad idea on their part, for Caldoric then dismissed the Crosshairs and made a sweeping gesture towards Ahriman, after which the Terminator-Armored Astartes found themselves literally falling towards the crazed demigod: the anger-fuelled Toa had changed the personal gravity for each and every one of them in less than a second. That done, he made his escape towards the door, taking impossibly large leaps and bounds as he crossed the room. On an unrelated note, the various weapons that the Piraka had left in the armory vanished in a brief flash of orange-tinted green light. The Terminators, meanwhile, suddenly vanished, teleported away by Ahriman.

Several cards appeared in his hand, the staff vanishing. “I sacrifice my three monster cards to summon Obelisk the Tormentor.” Dark energies spiraled out of the cards in his hand, three of them vanishing entirely. A glowing white figure appeared between Ahriman and Caldoric, before the white light broke into pieces, and a massive blue monster rose, red eyes glaring at Caldoric. A red gem sat in it’s forehead, while the rest of it’s body was a dark blue. It was massive and bulky, it's blue body rippling in muscles.

“Surrender now, or be crushed.” Ahriman growled, his patience gone.

Caldoric stopped, one hand on the doorway, and turned around. His eyes, now completely orange, widened at the sight of the cerulean monstrosity. “Really?” He asked, incredulity momentarily setting his rage aside as he subconsciously sized it up. For a brief moment, he found himself longing for his own deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards back home. “An Egyptian God card? I mean, you could’ve at least used the Winged Dragon of Ra, but I guess that's the luck of the draw… nevertheless, if we’re playing games of chance, be warned: I make my own luck.” And thus, he held out one hand, in which appeared eight identical cerulean d8s. He dropped them on the ground, using his newfound control over his abilities to ensure they all landed on “8”.

The words “Ancestral Awakening” appeared over his head, and he was momentarily surrounded in flashing lights. Once the seizure-inducing display had abated, the Toa stood physically unchanged for all present to see, save for the form-fitting Pirate-style outfit he now sported, including a rather splendid tricorn hat on the top of his mask and an impressive-looking saber at his side. “Sir Francis Drake: Vice Admiral, sea captain, privateer, navigator, slaver, and politician, at your service.” Caldoric then bowed deeply, and drew the saber as he straightened. “How may I fuck your shit up today?”

“Obelisk, destroy him.” Ahriman growled, pulling up another card. “I activate the Spell Card: Mist Body. I equip it to Obelisk, making him unable to be destroyed by battle.” The massive creature raised it’s fists, smashing them down where Caldoric was, destroying the door. As Caldoric jumped out of the way, he felt the presence of an intense heat. Flipping over, he narrowly dodged the flaming Greatsword swinging towards him, and he got a look at the person holding it. The being was encased in charcoal black armor, with black and gold limbs stretching from his back, blazing with wings of fire. His hair flowed like the flames that coated his massive Greatsword, which he held with one hand. A red cape flowed beneath his wings, seemingly immune to the flames around it. His red eyes glared underneath a helm piece protecting his forehead, and he hefted his Greatsword once again, ready to strike.

He hovered above the ground as Ahriman chuckled. “Caldoric, meet Vargas, the Hero of the Agni Empire, and the one I have chosen as my Champion.” The flaming warrior bowed slightly. “Vargas, use Dandelga and destroy this warrior!” Vargas nodded, shifting into a combat-ready stance, his flaming sword poised for an attack. He launched forward, his blazing wings speeding him along as he brought his greatsword low, scraping against the ground as he grew closer to Caldoric.

The Toa, for his part, tried something desperate. Readying his saber, and drawing a second blade that, at first, seemed to be made of Specular Hematite, he entered into another flourish, spinning at the last second and bringing both blades forward in a scissor-cut, aimed low. With a clang, both of his blades met Vargas' Greatsword near the hilt, effectively stopping it. “Nobody ever considers leverage,” Caldoric sighed, and then nutted Vargas squarely in the nose, sending him staggering back in mid air a couple of yards.

Shards of blue crystal had earlier burst from the point where their blades met, before floating into Vargas, vanishing as they were absorbed.

“Vargas.” Ahriman said, a small grin on his face, “Ragna Break.”

Vargas quickly recovered, lunging forward once again, though this time his entire body was covered in flames. He brought his sword down again, slashing upward before he ran into Caldoric. The flames rushed forward, enveloping Caldoric in flames before he could react, and while he was distracted by the flames scorching him, Vargas rushed down, his sword seeking Caldoric’s head.

The Toa, his new clothes little more than charred tatters at this point, his shiny Tricorn hat still ablaze, vanished from the inferno just as Vargas was about to make contact. “Alright,” Caldoric said, from outside the ring of fire, “you’re annoying me, flameboy.” With that, as Vargas turned to face his target, Caldoric swapped out the pirate saber for a thinner, longer sword and unleashed a new series of attacks.

“Gravity pillar,” he muttered, making a motion similar to an uppercut, as Vargas was suddenly thrust upwards into the air. “Diagonal chase.” Caldoric shot forward and upward, the new blade in his hand seeming to fragment into a chain of sharpened pieces just before he took several slashing strikes at the airborne foe, who blocked most of them. “Combat switch,” Caldoric declared, green energy arcing along the whip-blade as he entered a near-blinding flurry of swirling strikes before he backed off for a moment.

Setting both swords aside for the briefest of moments, the dark-armored Toa cupped both hands together in a sort of cage, then slowly began drawing them apart. Bands of distorted air arced between his fingers, forming an oblong sphere that stretched with his hand motions. A similar ethereal-looking construct had appeared around Vargas, who began visibly gasping as the air pressure radically dropped inside the cage. Even as his flames began flickering, trying to keep from dying out from lack of oxygen, Vargas raised his sword to try and somehow disrupt what Caldoric was doing.

“Nope!” Caldoric admonished, brow furrowing, and both of Vargas’ arms dropped to his sides, held by orangeish-green energy. “I admire your determination, but the only place you’re going is dreamland. Nice sword, by the way, though I think I'll take it for safekeeping.” With that, Vargas’ Greatsword was ripped from his failing grasp and flew to Caldoric's side, where it vanished.

The Toa then waited a few seconds for the blazing youth before him to stop moving, then dispelled the energy cage that held him. “Telekinetic Anchor,” Caldoric remarked coldly gazing at Vargas as he fell to the floor, probably unconscious, before the human-turned-Toa made a seemingly ineffectual palm-heel strike in the direction of his own feet. “Now, Ahriman, stop this madness. I’m not letting you have the hammer, and if you kill me, you’ll never find it again, immortal though you may be.” He then glared at Obelisk the Tormentor, as if concerned about something.

When he looked back at Ahriman, he barely got out of the way of the massive Lightning Claws rushing down to skewer him alive. Ahriman rose, lifting the claws out of the metal floor with ease. Caldoric met Ahriman’s eyes, which had an odd ripple pattern to them, before suddenly the world went black. Immediately after, sight returned to him, and he found himself and Ahriman in a different location, with an empty sky, and a white, blocky floor, with some blocks rising above others.

“Do you think I would allow a pathetic hero defy me?” Ahriman growled, his mouth morphed into a sinister grin. “I have already sent the Piraka back to their universe, with a copy of your token.” He rose to his full height. “But really, did you think I wouldn't be able to find it? It will be simple enough to do. But now, I am going to settle this, by crushing you.”

“You can try, but hear you me; there will be a Reckoning.” Caldoric said, as a white scepter appeared in his hands, bearing a strange, glowing orb at its top that seemed to hold a world of clouds. As he held it up to the sky, he said, “So you read up on the Bionicle universe, yes? Then let me tell you about Homestuck…”

“There has been enough talk.” Ahriman growled. He blinked, sighing. He lowered his hand. “What am I doing? I don't need to fight so pathetic an ant.” Before Caldoric could say anything, Ahriman suddenly appeared in front of him, smashing his clawed hand into the Toa’s chest, before opening fire with the Combi-Bolter built into it, the explosive bullets pounding Caldoric and sending him flying back. Ahriman’s grin was almost maniacal. “But it's been too long since I've done anything entertaining! He reappeared above Caldoric mid-flight, smashing his the Toa with his Lightning Claws, which had been curled up into a fist. The blow sent Caldoric right back into the ground, leaving a decent-sized impact crater.

“I'm going to enjoy this.” Ahriman grinned. His armor vanished, and as his skin slowly turned bleach-white, eight black orbs formed around him, lazily circling behind him. He remained floating as the transformation completed itself, and he waited patiently for Caldoric to get back up. “Come on, Toa. Give me a good fight.”

Caldoric awkwardly and slowly climbed out of the small crater, coughing, with a small trickle of silvery-red “blood” dripping from his mouth. His eyes had reverted to their original radioactive green glow. “There is no good or evil…” he muttered, “only beings with power: those who use it for the benefit of those around them, and those who abuse it for their own ends. Obviously, we’ve both got power coming out the wazoo, but… what’s the point of using it like this?” Caldoric shook his head, and stood up shakily as he raised his voice to a more audible level. “Let’s end this peacefully. I’m no real hero, I'm just a guy who bought the wrong stuff in the wrong place at the wrong time while dressed as an overpowered OC. Despite the stories I'd heard of folks vanishing at Conventions, I never asked to be Displaced, and I'm pretty sure you’re in the same boat.”

The Toa staggered slightly, even though Ahriman could clearly see with his Rinnegan that Caldoric was slowly recharging his elemental energies. Nonetheless, after a few coughs, Caldoric carried on. “But, if you’re just going to allow the character you were dressed up as to control who you are, whispering in your ear and driving you to destroy the Multiverse or whatever, then who the fuck am I to stop you?” He asked, his guard completely down. “As far as I'm concerned, you can have your damn hammer, on one easy condition: I’d like to have your assurance that you’ll let me go back, and that you’ll leave the particular corner I've been ‘assigned’ to ‘protect’ alone until after I've found a way back home… back to 21st-Century Earth, that is. Scout’s Honor.”

As he finished this request, Caldoric held up his right arm, elbow bent at a crisp 90°, his index, middle, and ring fingers extended in line with his vertical forearm, whilst his thumb and pinkie formed a loop over his palm, facing Ahriman. It was a textbook Scout sign, usually used when reciting the Scout Oath and/or Law, in addition to making a promise.

“And here I thought I could actually find a real challenge beyond Sebastian….” Ahriman sighed, lowering to the ground. “Though you have clearly misunderstood a few things regarding me.” He grinned. “Right from the moment I was displaced, my memories of whatever life I lived were gone, replaced by the memories of Ahzek Ahriman.” He sighed again. “But one thing I don't understand is why you would wish to return to Earth.” He stepped forward. “You are no longer human, and are likely presumed dead by your family. You have no ties left, and I doubt humanity will welcome you back with open arms.” At this point, he was stood face to face with Caldoric. “So, I ask, why would you wish to go back?”

“Let’s just say I'm somewhat hopelessly optimistic.” Caldoric said, nervous at being so close to such a powerful being. “From what I've been told, time flows weirdly between dimensions, and I've only been Displaced for less than a week, so if I find a way back before too long, perhaps I can return before I even left, and can help end the war back home. However, if you're looking for a fight, I'd probably be happy to oblige at a later date, once I've fully figured out how to actually use my powers, instead of relying purely on raw emotion like I was doing before you hit me just now. In the meantime, have you considered fighting the Merchant? After all, he did drop us here, and I think that perhaps it’s high time someone dumped a can of whoopass on that asshole's pretty little head.”

Caldoric then sat down abruptly, his head spinning. “That said, your last attack would've killed an ordinary man, and I myself barely survived it at my current power level or whatever. Hell, I probably need a hospital as is. Not to mention the fact that I'm not normally a fighter, but hitting me with that Kurahk staff flipped some sort of switch in my head, shoving my mind into the back seat and allowing something else to take control…” He looked up into Ahriman's disapproving gaze. “I don't want that thing in control ever again, lest it do something I'd regret later. If we do fight, one-on-one, it’ll be me behind the wheel. After all, you want a real fight, don't you? Then let me go, let me get stronger, and I'll make it more than worth your time.”

Ahriman was silent for a while, glaring at the Toa. After a full minute had passed, he sighed. “Very well, I agree to the terms of this contract. It wouldn't do for me to have what could be a good fighter slaughtered long before he reached his full potential.” Ahriman looked up to the empty sky. “But I suggest you give up your hopes to fight the Merchant. As I have stated, a normal Displaced such as you couldn't hope to defeat a Void Dweller. I know not his power, but I know better than to start fights with Void Dwellers I know little about.” He sighed. “Keep the Daemonhammer. I can get it from other places. Perhaps God Splitter will do well in the hands of a hero.” Caldoric’s vision faded, and they once again were in the Space Hulk, though it seemed much more quiet.

“I have lifted the dimensional barrier keeping you and the Piraka here.” Ahriman said, a vortex appearing behind him. “I will be keeping an eye on you. But for now, I have a war to end, and a Chaos Warlord to defeat.”

Caldoric raised an eyebrow, head slightly cocked to one side. “Really?” He asked, deadpan to the world, but incredulous on the inside. “Heh. Well, you certainly are a strange one. Nonetheless, good sir, I thank you for your generosity. Best of luck, safe travels, and, uh… watch out for stairs, they can strike at the worst of times. Also, be wary of involving pumpkins in any of your plans, because they have a nasty habit of vanishing at strange moments.”

Ahriman raised an eyebrow at his odd advice, but still left through his vortex. The vortex vanished soon after.

Caldoric was left standing, alone, in the room where he’d first made off with the warhammer and caused so much trouble for himself. Obelisk the Tormentor had vanished, in addition to Vargas, though the dented and scorched deckplates from earlier were, alas, still dented and scorched. The Toa gulped, and wrapped his arms around his midriff, taking in the environment. “Looks like a good place for a horror game,” he idly remarked, before being interrupted by a familiar jerking sensation behind where his navel had once been.

For a microsecond, the space he was occupying abruptly flashed a shade of black so deep, one would swear he had just become a Toa-shaped hole in reality itself. The next, his silhouette flashed a brilliant white, then became a window to a raging field of neon green plasma and yellow electricity, and everything outside his silhouette was bathed in a brilliant emerald light. His physical outline seemed to swiftly grow, and had anyone been there to witness the occurance, they would have noted that everything seemed to return to normal once Caldoric's outline had expanded beyond their field of vision… except that there was no longer anyone in the room.

All of this happened in less than half a second.

A few moments later, during which time one could hear the sound of dripping liquids and the creaking of the massive ship, a grating in the floor popped up, revealing the head of a Genestealer, which swiftly crawled up and into the room, where it looked around furtively. Seeing that it was alone, it uses one of its four hands to reach behind its back, and pulled out what looked like a saxophone. Placing the reed to its lips, it began to play a short, not-very-well-practiced bit of music that was, nonetheless, a bit catchy.

As it finished, the heads of hundreds of Genestealers suddenly popped out of numerous unlikely places, all of them exclaiming “Hey!” and startling the one with the sax. Moments later, they were all on the ground, dancing, as the tune the musically inclined Genestealer had played began to ring out from nowhere, only more refined, and in an almost orchestral style. A few seconds later, they all exclaimed “We are number one!” and proceeded with dancing in their weird manner.

Meanwhile, a few Terminator Astartes stood by the doorway into the room, cautiously peeking in on the impromptu party. “Brother,” said one over the Comms to his squad leader, “What in the Emperor’s name is this?”

“I know not, Brother Barachiel. All I know is that they are filthy Xenos, and must be purged.” The Librarian growled, and the Terminators began purging the filthy xenos from the room.