Octavia gets a Drink

by Lucky Strife

First published

After having a nasty fight, Octavia goes to a bar to try and have a few drinks to relax.

Octavia has been living with her girlfriend Vinyl for two years now. However, things have been straining between them lately, and one last thoughtless act leaves Octavia livid. Unable to face Vinyl, she heads out into town needing to clear her head and get away from the house. Finding a bar nearby, she wanders in hoping to have a drink to calm her nerves, but finds a bit more than just a drink waiting for her.

Content: Humans, Drunk but Consensual, Cheating, Everyone being old enough to drink

Brandy on the rocks

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“THAT'S THE LAST STRAW VINYL! I'M LEAVING!” Octavia screamed, grabbing her coat and scarf off the coat rack, quickly wrapping herself in the winter clothes.

“W-wait, Octi, we can work this out-” Vinyl said, reaching out to grab Octavia's hand. Octavia instantly snapped her hand away, leaving Vinyl drawing back defensively looking at the deep glare her girlfriend was sending her.

“No, I'm walking out this door and if you follow me we're done forever. Don't wait up for me tonight.” Octavia snarled viciously, finishing wrapping her scarf. She opened the door, and slamming it behind her, leaving the stunned into silence Vinyl Scratch behind her.

Standing outside the door winter's bitter chill nipped at her exposed skin instantly, snow still falling from the heavens. Octavia adjusted the scarf to her face, squeezing her eyes shut as she felt the cold liquid run down her face. She wiped the tears from her face quickly and began marching into town.

She had never felt so livid before in her life, the sheer disrespect that was shown to her by the one person she considered closest to her in her life kept digging at her. They'd been living together for two years now, and yet what started as a happy relationship had been devolving into bickering, petty fights, and the clashing of two that had once gotten alone so well.

But Vinyl had crossed a line tonight. In her flagrant disregard for her feelings, she had ruined a one-of-a-kind signed collector's edition vinyl disc by the one Artegio V. Horschwitz. Growing up he had been her biggest inspiration for getting into the musical field, his renditions of the classics spoke to her very soul. He had passed away several years ago now, no amount of money or apologies in the world would be able to replace what Vinyl had taken from her, and all Vinyl could care to do is shrug and apologize for it.

She grit her teeth and let out a harsh blast of misted breath in front of her, trying to prevent herself from breaking out into full on sobs before she had even made it fully into town. It was never her that broke things in the house, it was always Vinyl. If she even considered her feelings than she was terrible at showing it. Vinyl did what she wanted when she wanted and gave other ponies consideration only when it inconvenienced her.

And somehow she had been convinced to fall in love with such a reckless fool of a woman. Her memories with Vinyl felt so different from the woman she thought of in her house now, most likely just waiting for the right opportunity to break another priceless antique that can't be replaced.

The thought of leaving Vinyl crossed her mind, but the thought of doing so felt like ripping a hole in her chest and leaving her empty. But the thought of things staying the way they were also left her feeling empty and hopeless, like there was no future available to her.

Octavia wiped the new wave of tears from her eyes, pushing the thoughts out of her head for the moment. She needed to calm down and she needed to do it fast.

Reaching town the snow was beginning to fall less thickly giving her a better view of her options. Her eyes fell upon a bar, lights flashing open though seemingly few patrons due to the storm. Adjusting her coat she stepped inside, suddenly craving a hard drink.

The warmth of indoors hit her cheeks as she looked around. There were a few patrons sitting around the bar, a few off on tables in the corner discussing things privately. She only spotted one or two other females, accompanied by others of course, but for the most part no one looked shady. She also knew she wasn't in the seedier part of town, so she should be fine getting a drink here. And should worst come to worst, she could have the barman order her a taxi.

She found a chair to herself, spaced several open chairs from the nearest patron, and slowly undid her heavy winter coat to drape behind her. She had gotten back from work before the fight started, so she hadn't had a chance to change out of her work attire, only put on the coat and scarf. As such, she was adorned in a gray button up light-vest with a white under shirt and long black pants that hugged her body.

“You're a new face.” The bartender said upon walking up to her. Taking a short glance, he was a man about six feet, tanned skin, and dark blue hair combed over. “What're ya having?”

“Brandy on the rocks. I don't care the brand.” Octavia muttered, gently tapping her fingers against the bar top while keeping her eyes down.

“Coming right up.” He said, quickly moving off. Octavia closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh before hearing her glass clink before her.

“Thank you.” She quickly wrapped her fingers around the glass bringing it to her lips. The strong scent hit her nostrils first before the burning liquid hit her mouth. She had never been a big drinker, mostly wines or cocktails here or there, but tonight the burn felt appropriate. She took several gulps of the drink, letting the sting linger for a moment before putting her drink down, the glass emptied. “Another please.”

“You a big drinker? If not you should slow down a bit, you'll make yourself sick.” The bartender commented, pouring a second glass.

“I'll slow down, I just needed that.” Octavia muttered, taking her second glass and just taking a sip from it this time. Already the alcohol was starting to numb the burn in her throat, the drink going down smoother.

“Do want to talk about what's on your mind? You look like you could use a shoulder.” The barman offered, picking up a glass from behind the counter and starting to wipe it down.

“Heh, does it show?” Octavia swirled her glass around, listening to the ice clink within the brown liquid.

“Were it any other night I might suggest a train hit you, but the trains aren't running today.” He let out a chuckle at his own joke, Octavia could only lightly smirk before sipping at her drink.

“...If you must know, I got into a fight before coming here.” She shook her head lightly, feeling a warmth crawling up her body. “I have no desire to return home tonight either.” It was the truth. All she could picture at home was an untamed beast waiting for the next thing she could sink her claws into and ruin. Octavia took another swig of brandy to rid herself of the image.

“Things not working out with the boyfriend I take it.” The barman replied solemnly.

“Girlfriend.” Octavia corrected him.

“Heh, no joke.” The barman smirked at that. “Either way I'm sorry to hear that miss. Troubles of the heart always sting the worst.” Octavia finished her second glass to that.

“Another, more ice please.” She pushed the empty glass towards him.

“As you wish.” He smirked, grabbing the glass and opening his ice cabinet. A few more cubes clinked into the glass followed by the next pour of liquid. He slides the glass in front of her and Octavia caught it with the edges of her fingers. The bartender reached over and grabbed a spare glass, pulling out his dispenser and quickly filling with water. He slid that next to her as well. “I'm going to attend to the other customers for a moment, but if you need anything just call out for me. The name is Sky.”

“Alright.” Octavia nodded quickly, “And... My name's Octavia.” She said, feeling awkward not giving her name.

“Nice to make your acquaintance Octavia.” Sky grinned, raising his hand to wave at her before turning and walking down the bar to check on the guest further down. Octavia couldn't help but let her eyes wander, watching him walk. She just now noticed his attire, a strong white shirt with an open black half-vest on it, with skin-hugging black jeans below. Her eyes wandered down the contours of his back and found them staring at the firm and taught lines of his ass.

A heat filled her cheeks as she blinked in realization. She turned her head back to her drink and squeezed it a little tighter. That wasn't like her, to gawk at other people's bodies like that. But Sky was being so friendly to her, how long had it been since she last felt like she had been treated that way? The last few months with Vinyl felt like a long-lasting bitterness contest between them rather than a loving relationship...

Octavia took another big swig out of her third drink. She didn't know what she was doing, but so long as she had her drink and someone to talk to, she didn't care.

“Whoa, she did not.” Sky said in shock.

“She did.” Octavia grunted, her cheeks fully flushed now and her sixth drink nearly finished. “Put a fucking huge scratch straight across it. I tried, it's unplayable now.” Octavia growled, clenching her drink before downing the last of it and slamming it against the counter top. “I don't even know how she got her hands on it! I had it put away in a box full of my special vinyl discs! But apparently she went rummaging through it looking for the 'right disc' for her new track, or so she said. And I KNOW I've told her how important those discs were to me before, but she started playing with them like they were toys!” She slid her glass forward asking for another.

“You sure you want another?” Sky asked raising his eyebrow.

“My night's not over, I still need it.” She grumbled her reply, her words clearly slurring more from all her drinks.

“Alright, but this is the last one. I'm calling last call soon.” Sky said pouring the glass full of the fresh liquid. Octavia grabbed it happily and took another sip. “I still can't believe she'd be that disrespectful of your things, especially something that important. How long have you been living with her?”

“Two years.” Octavia mockingly laughed, “Two years and she still doesn't know how to treat things! It's as if to her we're still early roommates experimenting with each others boundaries!”

“I'm assuming you see something in her that keeps you two dating.” Sky raised an eyebrow curiously.

“Pheh. I used to.” Octavia gripped her glass hard again, her face flushing harder. “Now I don't know anymore. My heart tells me to give her more chances but my mind can't take it. She's infuriatingly insufferable now! She used to be sweet, kind, and caring! All I can think is that now that she's grown comfortable with me being a doormat for her that she's starting to let her true colors shine through. You think you know someone.” Octavia took another big gulp, downing half her remaining glass.

“It really does sound like you two have some demons to work out. And honestly? If she's not the right girl for you, it might be time to start thinking about ending it between you two.” Sky said solemnly, giving her his honest advice.

“You... You're probably right about that.” Octavia hesitated, before groaning slightly, letting her head hang. “That's something to think about tomorrow, when I'm sober though.” Octavia said raising her glass above her head with a big grin on her face. “Tonight I vow to do what's best for me. Vinyl can wait till tomorrow.” With that she put the glass to her lips and swallowed the remaining liquid.

“A might strong vow.” Sky shook his head with a smile, “Though I'm afraid there's not much time to do that now. Bar's closing up soon.” He said, stepping away for a moment to ring a bell hanging above the register. “Last call guys! If you want one last glass order now or pay your bill! We're closing up in 15 minutes!”

It was more a formality than anything at this point. There were only a small handful of guests left sitting at the tables and bar, and they were finishing their last glass as it was. Octavia sipped at her glass of water as Sky dutifully took payments from guests starting to file out and writing down those who were adding to their tab.

After roughly ten minutes the bar was empty save for the two of them.

“What about you Octavia? You able to get home?” Sky asked, raising an eyebrow at the very clearly drunk musician.

“Hue...” Octavia smirked, clearly being playful with her tone. “I'm not walking home this drunk. Besides, I have no plans to return home, I told you that. So you'll just have to order me a taxi.” She said triumphantly, though there was no real reason to feel that way, being inebriated made her feel empowered.

“Hate to break it to ya, but in this weather the last cab stopped running an hour ago. Hell, I'm worried about the guys who just left getting home too.” He said looking out towards the entrance. Octavia sat there with her proud look for a moment trying to think, before slowly deflating into a normal sitting position with a quizzical look on her face.

“But I don't wanna go out in the snow like this. I'm too drunk for that.” She swayed a little in her chair, closing her eyes as she thought. “I should just sleep in the bar till tomorrow morning. I'll be nice and cozy that way.” She playfully smirked again. She wasn't sure if she was being serious or not now, but she just wanted to playfully tease Sky. She felt he had earned it.

“Hm...” Sky said contemplating her words. “I normally wouldn't, but you are kind of right. With no taxis, you this drunk, and the weather the way it is... You probably should just spend the night here.”

“Eh?” Octavia said, opening her eyes and blinking. “Seriously?” She didn't even really believe that that plan was going to work. She had just said it.

“This bar is mine, I own it. I keep a room upstairs just for nights like this where it's late and the weather's bad, or if I have a lot of work to take care of and can't make it home. With you in this state, you should spend the night there.” Sky explained clearly.

“...Oh...” Octavia said, sitting up straight and feeling her cheeks burn extra hot now. Her whole face felt warm, but her blush was creeping up stronger on her. “What about you? Will you be spending the night here too?”

“I couldn't leave a customer here alone for the night, I have no choice in this matter.” He shook his head a little at that. He grabbed her empty glasses and shuffled them into his washing bin. Octavia just sat there blinking in surprise that this was really happening.

“So uh...” She fumbled with her words a little, reaching up and grabbing a long lock of her raven hair and twirled it between her fingers, “When are we going upstairs to your room?” She couldn't help but giggle like a little school girl, how many years had it been since she last did that?

“I'm locking everything up first. I'll finish the dishes tomorrow, nothing's too bad off for now.” He explained, shoving a basket of glasses into the bar washer and turning it on. Octavia watched with fascination as he used his chain of keys to lock the safe, then walk around the bar and lock the front door. With everything locked up, he walked over to her. She swiveled in her chair towards him, a big smile on her face.

“Help me walk?” Octavia asked, holding her hand out to him.

“I probably should.” He chuckled in return, taking her hand and helping her off the barstool.

Octavia landed with a large wobble, unable to keep her balance, and letting out a squeal as she fell forward, landing face first into Sky's chest.

“You alright?” He asked, placing his hands on her shoulder's to keep her steady. Octavia held her head there for a moment in wonder, hearing and feeling his heart beat through his chest. Her cheeks flushed hot again, another giggle escaping her lips. She tore herself away from his chest to give him a smile.

“I'm alright. Just unstable is all.” She said, positioning herself to his side, wrapping an arm around his chest. He was easily at least half a foot taller than her, and definitely broader than he looked from behind the bar. He lowered his arm above her and wrapped it around her shoulders, gripping her firmly. It sent a shiver of joy up her spine.

“Alright, try and walk.” Sky suggested, holding on to her to keep her stable. Octavia nodded and started stepping forward one foot at a time. They were making decent progress, leaving Octavia fairly impressed that she could make it this far while having that much drink in her system. She felt confident that she'd be able to make it upstairs like this.

“Ah this is easy peasy! I'm not that drunk!” Octavia laughed, raising an arm up in victory at her ability. As she stepped like this, she placed one foot in front of the other, lifted her second leg, and caught it on her first. “Eh?” She said in surprise as she suddenly found herself tilting awkward and falling to the floor, a loud crash echoing out as she tried to grab a hold of a bar stool for support.

“Probably should've just done this in the first place.” Sky let out a sigh, carrying the drunk woman in his arms bridal style.

“Heeee... Sorry, I'm kind of a clutzy drunk.” Octavia giggled, lightly kicking her legs as she was carried this way. She'd never really been carried like she was a bride before. In her mind she was pretending that Sky was carrying his newly wed bride to his room and it made her her squeal with glee on the inside.

“It's fine, we're almost here.” He said, reaching his room. He shifted a bit and got his hand free, turning the handle enough to click it open, then pushing it open all the way with his foot. “Here we are.” He said as he entered the small chambers.

The layout was closer to a small hotel room in design. One bed pushed closer to the back corner of the room, a desk and dresser set up opposite it. A TV, chair, and computer were all hooked up as well for comfortable use. The only thing that felt out of place was the filing cabinet, no doubt full of important bills.

“You're like a husband carrying his bride home Sky, you could be such a romantic.” Octavia laughed, gently smacking her hand against his chest.

This gave Sky a moment to pause, a look of confusion on his face. Octavia looked up at him, unsure of what it meant as he looked down at her.

“Wait, I thought you were a lesbian?” He asked genuinely.

“Oh, uh, well...” Octavia blushed harder, looking away with a wide nervous smile. “Me and Vinyl were always sorta... Bisexual? We had our interest in men too, just we chose to date each other.” She answered fairly honestly. Though Octavia had only ever dated one guy previously, Vinyl had told her about her exploits with several men in her past. Vinyl always expressed that she preferred women though, and Octavia felt that both were fairly equal in her book still, having only experienced each gender once.

“Huh...” Sky's eyebrows furrowed a little uncomfortably, “That makes things a little more difficult.” He said, placing Octavia down on the bed. She laid there with a curious look on her face, turning to him.

“Why so?” She tilted her head as she asked.

“Well, I think you're actually flirting with me then. Before I figured it was just teasing, but if you have an attraction to men then you might be trying to seduce me.” He shook his head disapprovingly. “And if I've learned anything from the stories of other bar men, it's you don't sleep with your customers. Especially one you just got drunk.”

“What? Aw come on...” Octavia pouted, sitting up, “It's not like you're forcing me to flirt, I'm doing it because I want to.” Though even she had to admit that she hadn't even really realized she was flirting, it had all just come out so natural that she hadn't noticed. “You have nothing to feel guilty over!”

“Yeah? I'd tell that to a judge then.” Sky rubbed his face with a bit of an awkward smile and laugh, “You're drunk and not able to properly give consent. As such I had only planned on sharing a bed with you, nothing more. But if you're like this, I probably shouldn't.”

“Noooo, I want you to though.” Octavia protested, “That whole thing is bullshit anyway! I'm not so drunk that I'm unaware of what I'm doing! If I wanted to have sex with you it's because I wanted to, not because I'm compromised from alcohol.” That one was hard to sound convincing through her slurred speech.

“Ya-huh.” Sky shook his head with a chuckle. “Not that I really have any other place to sleep though.” He said, turning around and closing the door behind him. “I'll just take the chair or something.”

Octavia stood up in a bit of a huff, and being careful of her steps, placed on foot before the other and made her way to Sky's desk. Sky turned and looked at her curiously. She pulled his desk chair back and sat down at it, pulling out a sheet of paper and a pencil. She quickly scribbled away at the desk, erasing any mistakes and making sure it's written right. Once finished she slammed the pencil down, stood back up and walked over to Sky.

“Here, read this.” Octavia said, pushing the paper against Sky's chest. With a raised eyebrow her took the slightly crinkled paper and read it carefully.

“I, Octavia Melody do consent to any activity that takes place this night. I also agree that I will not regret anything come morning when I've sobered.”

“You really want to convince me don't you?” Sky groaned slightly, but couldn't help but have a smile on his face as he rubbed his forehead.

“Are you saying you don't want to?” Octavia pouted her lips again, looking up at Sky with her biggest puppy dog eyes.

“...What about your girlfriend though? Won't you regret this because of her?” Sky asked seriously, watching Octavia's movements.

Octavia hesitated a moment, her desire wavering. She lowered her head for a moment in thought, closed her eyes, took a deep breathe, then stepped forward. She placed a hand on Sky's chest, looking up at him with a sultry look in her eyes and a smile on her lips.

“Sky,” She spoke with seduction in her voice, “A lesbian says she wants to have sex with you. Are you going to turn her down?”

That made Sky gulp. His resistance was falling.

“I do admit... That's probably every guy's fantasy.” He chuckled nervously, raising a hand up and placing it gently on Octavia's back.

“Then lean in and take me. I'm waiting~” Octavia spoke in a hushed tone, leanning in closer to Sky, pressing her chest up against him, making sure he could feel her breasts.

“...Octavia...” Sky spoke up, raising his other hand and placing it against her cheek, running it down the side of her face and running his thumb against her chin and across the bottom of her lips, letting her send out a small gasp. “...This is your last chance to tell me you don't want this, that you'll just go to sleep and forget this happened. Because if you don't say that now, I'm going to ravage you tonight. And I won't stop till I'm satisfied.”

Octavia looked up into Sky's deep blue eyes, letting him drink her in as she stared at him back. Her lips curled up in a mischievous grin.

“That's exactly what I want Sky. Tonight I'm yours.”

With the flood gates broken, Sky's grip on her tightened as he leaned in, his lips sinking into hers. The hand on her back pushed her into deeper into his chest, his free hand moved down her body, taking a large handful of her firm ass and squeezing it tight. There was no romance to his movements, only a primal urge to take her.

His tongue quickly snaked into her mouth, tasting the alcohol that was permeating her system now. She pushed back against him, his own musky scent filling her nostrils as they kissed. Her arms wrapped around him and squeezed against his back, feeling the meat of his figure.

The hand on her ass squeezed and kneaded, taking command of her body. Octavia groaned into his mouth, heat quickly flushing through her body as he handled her. The kneading stopped for a moment for his hands to move to her front, hastily grabbing at the front of her pants and undoing the button. Sliding the zipper down her grabbed the edges and quickly pulled them down to her knees, maintaining the passionate kiss the entire time.

Octavia wiggled her hips to help her pants slide down, then lifted her legs to step out of each leg and quickly tossed them to the other side of the room. His hand then grabbed the end of her shirt, breaking the kiss for the moment, and roughly dragging the shirt up and over her head. She twirled her head to get her hair out and let him toss it as well, leaving her in just her black lace bra and panties that hugged her curves.

“Always wear such sexy underwear when you storm out the house?” Sky chuckled, raising his hand up to roughly grab her breast.

“Mmmm... Ah, if I had known this was going to happen I would've worn my sexier pair today.” Octavia giggled in reply. She liked to wear good underwear when she went to work, it gave her more confidence while playing. “But now you're wearing too much yourself.” She said biting her bottom lip as her hands began quickly unbuttoning the shirt he was wearing.

Once undone she ripped it open, marveling at the muscled chest underneat. He was by no means a body builder, but he obviously kept himself in decent shape. She pushed the shirt down his arms and let it fall to the floor, before letting her fingers explore the landscape that was his chest. He was firm, with a powerful scent that was driving her crazy. His body sent tingles up her spine, her desire for more of it growing.

“EEEK!” Octavia squealed as Sky's hands came down hard on her ass, an audible smack echoing out as both hands grabbed the barely covered flesh. It was like electricity coursing through her body and she loved it.

“Your body is great.” Sky growled, squeezing her ass tight, “It reacts so well to me.”

“Aah, you're just what I need right now, that's why.” Octavia moaned, her hips writhing as the fire inside of her was growing. Her hands roamed the curves of his muscles one more time before stroking down his chest, down his navel, and reaching his own pants. As her fingers worked at the button, she couldn't help but notice the sizable bulge growing in his pants.

Getting the buckle undone, she slid her fingers in the waistband of both his garments and pulled down quickly. She jumped back for a moment as his impressive length sprung forth, causing her to let out a small gasp. It'd been so long since she'd actually seen one in person, she'd almost forgotten how impressive they could be. His full mast easily stood at least eight inches, with a decent girth to it as well. A powerful musk emanated from it, a delicious waft that made her cravings spike.

She quickly fell to her knees, wrapping a hand around it while the other grasped his hip. She leaned in close and pressed it near her mouth, inhaling his scent deeply. The swirling in her head was permeated by the scent, causing it to be the only thing on her mind. She parted her lips, feeling her hunger growing, and let her tongue hang out.

She started from the base of his shaft and dragged up slowly along the length, letting the strong flavor linger as long as possible on her tongue, the salty skin tasted divine. She wrapped her supple lips around the head of his cock as she came up, planting a deep kiss on it. Sky could only muster a guttural growl of approval to her work.

Octavia gave several kisses down his length, stopping half way to send another deep lick up to his tip. With each lick she could feel the throb of his dick as his blood pulsed through in beat with his heart, making her want to work harder. She wrapped her lips around the shaft and suckled on the length, lashing her tongues against it as she did. His strong hand came down and gripped the top of her head, her heart jumping in excitement at that.

Opening her mouth wide she dragged her tongue against the base of his cock, fitting as much of it against her tongue as she could fit before wrapping her lips around the tip and sucking his as much of his length into her mouth as she could. His fingers tightened their grip on her head, giving her encouragement to suck in more. She slowly bobbed her head back and forth, feeling the hard appendage sliding against her tongue and going deeper into her mouth. She felt a wonderful thrill of empowerment with each suckle as shivers of delight shot through Sky's spine.

Taking in a deep breath through her nose, Octavia pushed her head forward, pushing the throbbing cock as far as she could take it. The tip pressed against the back of her throat causing her to let out an audible gag. She pulled her back a bit, letting half of it rest in her mouth as she took in several heated breathes. She'd only done this once before, and that had been years ago, she was out of practice. She flexed her throat a little, making sure to still lash against his underside a bit, took another deep breath, and pushes her head forward again.

“Ah, fuck.” Sky groaned loudly, curling a fist around a handful of Octavia's hair. Octavia gagged as the cock passed a bit past her throat, her nose now touching Sky's hips. The lengthy protrusion was buried in her throat now, her throat pulsing and throbbing at the intruder massaging it as a result. She could feel Sky shudder with pleasure from her ministrations, his hard cock pulsing heavier with each second.

She hold that position for several seconds, before the need for air finally became to much and she pulled herself back, letting his cock exit her mouth with a satisfying pop. She panted heavily, letting the strings of drool connecting the two slowly break in the air before licking her lips satisfied.

“Bed. Now.” Sky suddenly grunted loudly, leaning down and grabbing her by the shoulders. Octavia was shocked for a moment, but followed his movements, letting herself be picked up and moved over to the bed. With a guided hand her chest was pressed against the bed and her hips were raised into the air for him. She shuddered in desire at being so forcibly handled, loving the feel of just being tossed around like this.

Sky quickly grabbed at the lacy panties secured tightly around her firm behind and pulled them down to her knees, causing Octavia to shiver again. His hand quickly raised up and smacked down hard on her behind, the rippling waves sending pleasure all the way through her body and eliciting a dulcet moan.

“Wow, you're soaking.” Sky muttered joyfully, pressing his hand down against her lower lips. The driving heat and passion she'd been feeling all night had pent up and were now releasing themselves in liquid form from her body, her soaked panties a testament to that. His fingers ran between her labia and let the slick but sticky fluid bind to his fingers. Octavia's hips gyrated against his touch, trying to push out and grind against his hand and feel more pleasure.

Octavia whimpered as Sky moved his hand away, begging for him to release her from this headed pleasure that was flooding her body. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt her wishes being granted, Sky moving behind her and placing a firm hand against her rear. She arched her back and raised her hips higher in the air, spreading her legs more to give him easier access. He positioned himself just right and she could feel the head of his hardened appendage taping at her entrance.

With a push her lips parted, and a squeal escaped her lips. Her hands clenched the sheets tighter and more of Sky entered her. Her breathing grew heavier, more ragged, inch after inch of himself burying deep into her with each passing second. The raw heated flesh filled her core and gave her everything she wanted that night, a long pleasured moan escaping her lips. With one final push he entered her fully, and Octavia threw her head back only able to pant.

Sky gripped her hips tighter and began to pull himself out, emptying out Octavia and leaving her whimpering not to go. Just as he was about to pull out completely, he thrust back in, his hips smacking against hers and cause her to let out another shrill moan. Sky pulled back and began to thrust in and out, building up a rhythm as he invaded her pleasured body again and again. Her head hit the bed and her whole body shuddered in pleasure.

“Fuck you're tight.” Sky groaned, maintaining his rhythm as he fucked her. The alluring constant moans of Octavia told him he was doing a good job, her body flushed and heated and her pussy gripping down on him like a vice. Her whole body was trying to pull him as deep as he would go into her, and massaging him for pleasuring her core.

“Aaah... F-faster...” Octavia pleaded, wanting more of the wonderful feeling he was giving her. Without a word he pulled his hips back and slammed them in faster, an audible smack echoing in the room. Octavia threw her head back in pleasure, her back as arched as it could go from the delightful fucking. One of Sky's free hands moved forward and grabbed a chunk of her hair, pulling her head back farther. Octavia's entire body shuddered at that, feeling her mind being lost to the ecstasy as Sky began to pound himself faster into her eager body.

For several minutes all that could be heard was the loud smacking sounds of flesh on flesh, mixed in with Octavia's loud moans of pleasured sex. Sky had lasting power, and she was being used exactly the way she wanted to be used right now, as if he knew her every weakness. Each thrust hit her deepest parts, and scratched an itch that needed to be itched. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head and her vision was fading from how amazing each slam into her body felt.

“Nnngh... Gonna cum.” Sky grunted through gritted teeth, finally begining to reach his peak. Octavia felt the sparks of electricity flying up her spine too, realizing how close his words were sending her as well.

“N-Not... Haaah... Inside...” Was all she could manage to gasp out as her hips were throwing themselves into his lap as well, impaling herself as hard as she could on his thick rod. Sky only gripped her hair tighter, a slight pain in her scalp forming but one Octavia loved the feel of. Her whole body was driving closer and closer to the zenith of her pleasure and she couldn't hold it back any longer. As Sky's thrusts grew more intense, her own body was nearing it's end.

“Haaaaaah!” Octavia cried out in a loud moan as her entire body shuddered from orgasm, her pussy violently clenching down againsy Sky as she did. A flood of liquid came pouring onto his lap as he entire body convulsed with the pleasure.

“Fuck!” Sky cried as he slammed one last time into her before pulling out, pressing his cock against her ass and letting shot after thick hot shot of cum fly out and land on her back. In the blurry haze of pleasure Octavia had a hard time realizing what was going on, only her ragged breathing to guide her back to reality. Exhausted her limbs went limp and Sky let go of her head, letting her fall to the bed.

With the last bit of cum oozing out of Sky's cock he took several deep, shuddering breathes before pulling back to admire his handy work. Octavia laid on the bed, panting heavily, feeling like a used toy, and loving the sensation.

As she rested, clarity slowly coming to her mind, she felt a hand on her back brushing away at her skin. She opened her eyes a peak and looked back, seeing sky with a hand towel wiping at some of the cum on her back.

“That should let ya sleep a bit more comfortably tonight.” Sky explained, before tossing the towel aside. Octavia could only mutter a light ackownledgement before shifting her body on the bed. Sky pulled the sheets up and helped cover her in them, Octavia starting to notice how cool the room was now that they weren't in the throws of passion.

Sky slid in the bed next to her, and Octavia wrapped her arms around him for warmth, a smile on her face. Sky rest his head on the pillow and made sure they both had plenty of blanket.

“Don't regret this in the morning.” Were the last words he spoke before drifting off to sleep.

“I won't.” Octavia replied, much less slurring in her speech. She followed him soon after, drifting off to slumber.

It was the morning sun that ended up waking Octavia up, the unfiltered beams of light pouring in from a window in the room.

“Uuuugghhhh...” She immediatly groaned, a throbbing pain jabbing itself into her forehead made itself present second. With a deep groan she turned in the bed, placing a hand to her head trying to alleviate the pressure but unable to make it go away.

“Here, drink this.” A familiar voice spoke up. Octavia opened her eyes with a groan, looking up to see the shirtless Sky holding out a drink to her. With another pained groan, she slowly sat herself up, letting the covers fall off and taking the drink in hand.

“Thank you.” She mumbled in such a way that her words were barely distinct. She put the glass to her lips and sipped, cool water quickly flowing down her parched throat and cooling her body. It didn't do much for her pounding head, but she knew that would come with time.

“Morning sleepy head, think you can stomach some breakfast?” Sky inquired next. Octavia lowered her glass and noticed the smell of cooked food in the air, her stomach suddenly growling with need.

“I think I could down a little bit.” She admitted, liking the allure of the food.

“That's good, it'll help your hangover.” He nodded, grabbing a try he had put nearby and placing it over Octavia. It sat perfectly on the bed, with a small plate of toast, scrambled eggs, and sausage cooked on the plate. “Nothing gourmet, but it should be good enough right?”

“It's perfect.” Octavia chuckled a little, sipping at her water again before putting it down on the tray. She grabbed the fork and started carefully putting food in her mouth. Her main fear was puking so early in the morning, but luckily her stomach seemed to be agreeing with her this morning. Switching between several small bites and sipping more water, it didn't take her too long to finish the meal and for Sky to get her another glass of water.

“Here.” Sky said placing some pain killers in her hand.

“Thank you.” Octavia quickly popped them into her mouth and swallowed them down with a swig of water. Her head was very slowly starting to let up, either that or she was just growing accustomed to the pain so far.

“So,” Sky spoke up, sitting on the edge of the bed looking at her, “What do you remember from last night?”

Octavia closed her eyes and wriggled her lips making sure she remembered everything that happened, the pain in her head not helping a bit.

“Well, I came to the bar to have a drink because my girlfriend made me livid... I had several glasses of brandy, definitely got drunk, refused to go home... So I came up here and we had sex.” Octavia rattled the events off from last night, though most of the memories of what happened were very fuzzy, she clearly remembered the main events.

“So you do remember. Do you remember what you said to me?” Sky asked, raising an eyebrow curiosity.

“Er...” Octavia winced again, taking a swig from her water as she tried to recall. “I don't remember the exact wording, but I was the one asking you to have sex with me right? I was desperate and needy and told you I wouldn't regret it.” She explained with a furrowed brow.

“You even wrote it on paper.” Sky said, holding up the paper and handing it to her, “Quite well for someone who was hammered too.”

Octavia glanced over the paper, recognizing her handwriting right away and seeing the consent message written clear as day.

“Yeah, I definitely wrote this.” Octavia shook her head with a bit of a chuckle. She never realized what a carefree spirit she became when she drunk. Not that she usually wasn't, just the intensity of that side of her was more than she expected.

“Well, as long as you remember and are clear about what happened.” Sky said, gently taking the note back and folding it up, placing it on a bed-side table. “So how do you feel? Usually this is the part where the regret starts sinking in.”

Octavia tightened the grip on her water glass at his words. What he said was true, drunk or not she had come to this bar and cheated on her long-standing girlfriend of several years with a guy she had just met. She was angry, livid, furious, emotional, desperate, and needy, but that didn't exactly excuse her actions. Even if she needed the lay, it wasn't right for her to go behind Vinyl's back to do it.

“I guess...” Octavia shook her head lightly, bringing the water glass up to her lips and sipping it again, “I do a little.” She couldn't help but give a half-hearted chuckle at her response. “The regret is mostly in that Vinyl is going to be hurt by me doing something stupid when I should've just broken up with her if anything...” She put a hand to her chin in though before turning to Sky with a smile, “But I don't regret sleeping with you. You were wonderful last night.”

Sky raised an eyebrow at that out of surprise. It certainly wasn't the answer he had been expecting.

“She hurt me very deeply yesterday. I've never been so livid in my life, of that I'm certain.” Octavia turned her back to stare the empty plate on her tray, a solemn look on her face. “It wasn't just that single event though, it was just the boiling point. It was the culmination of almost non-stop fighting or annoyance for the last few months. What used to be a caring relationship has turned into an exhaustion of uncertainty and regrets.” She shook her head again, closing her eyes. “I just don't think it's worth it anymore to keep it going. And it might have been me making a stupid decision last night that would make me realize that.”

“Not sure if that's the healthiest way to deal with your issues, but we're human after all.” Sky shrugged, leaning back against the wall to his bed. “You see all types working a bar. From the well-off just looking for experimental drinks to the washed up who don't know what to do with their life anymore, and everyone in-between. You seem like a girl who knows what she wants in life, you shouldn't let someone not worth your time hold you back. Your future is up to you, so only you can make it happen.”

“Rather profound words from a bar tender.” Octavia chuckled at that. “But you're right, I need to make sure that my future is a happy one. Whether Vinyl is in it or not, it's going to be up to whether she realizes what she does to me or not. And if she doesn't realize, it's time for me to move on.”

“Not bad for a one night stand then huh?” Sky snarked, a grin on his face. Octavia just smirked at him back.

“Well, this certainly doesn't have to be a one night stand. You've helped me enough that I can at least call you friend.” She remarked, turning to Sky and holding out her hand. “I'll be sure to visit every now and again and check up on you Sky. Though I don't think you should expect this to happen every time I visit.” She retorted with her own snark.

“Well, if I've got a returning customer and a good friend then I'd call this a success.” Sky took her hand and shook it firmly. “You can stay here till your head stops pounding if you'd like though. The bar doesn't open for another six hours, so I'll drop you off at your place once you're ready.”

“I'd appreciate that very much Sky.” Octavia smiled warmly, holding up her now empty glass of water to him, “And that should start with another glass of water I think.”

“Not a problem there.” Sky chuckled, taking the glass and exiting the room.

Octavia put a hand to her temple, rubbing at it as her head continued to throb. She wasn't ready to face Vinyl in this condition, not after how they had parted ways last night. She looked out the window to the office-bedroom that Sky had made for himself, seeing the clear skies that would likely be melting the snow now.

If she knew Vinyl like she thought she did, then she had likely stayed up all night crying unsure of what to do. The thought put a knot in her stomach, but at the same time she needed to take care of herself, like Sky said.

Would Vinyl actually mend her ways and treat her with the respect she deserved? Or would she just be Vinyl, a girl she thought she knew and had fallen in love with that thought.

Octavia couldn't know for certain, she'd find out when she confronted her. She had promised herself last night that she wouldn't regret what she did, and she wanted to stay true to that. Even if it was wrong, she was tired of being treated like she was worth less than she knew she was.

Sky returned to the room then, handing her the full glass of water. Taking it, she told herself that as soon as her head cleared up, she'd go see her.

And that promise started with another drink.