A Friend of Pinkie's Indeed

by JaydexTheShadowKnight

First published

After witnessing a human that's new to Ponyville attack Pinkie Pie, you waste no time in coming to her aid. In the process of helping her, you discover you're more of a friend to Pinkie than you ever realized.

(2nd Person Story Starring You – A Human & Pinkie Pie)

What starts out as a peaceful morning is quickly shattered. You happen upon a human that's a new arrival to Ponyville and much to your horror, you witness him attack Pinkie Pie! Wasting no time, you quickly go to her aid, and in the process of helping her, you discover you're more of a friend to Pinkie than you ever realized.

Note - I've had a Pinkie Pie project in the works for some time now and have been wanting to do a story about her. A friend of mine told me about an anti-cuddle fic starring Pinkie Pie. After reading it, I was inspired to write this story. This also doubles as somewhat of an intro to the story I'm still planning about Pinkie Pie and a human. If this has a positive response, I will definitely look into making the story a reality. Just keep in mind, unlike this one, the actual story will be a mature romance. And, while this one may be lacking back story details, the main story will help take care of that issue.

Rated: Teen (as a precaution)

Dedicated to thesavior711

Cover art by: xPesifeindx

A Friend of Pinkie's Indeed

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You take a deep breath and exhale. It looks like another peaceful day in Ponyville. Walking along the path near the main entrance to town, you still feel very fortunate to be one of the humans Princess Celestia brought to Equestria. Life was a little tricky to adjust to, but after meeting the incredibly friendly ponies, you found things turned out to be just fine.

While life wasn’t all bad back on Earth, you marveled at the chance for a new life, even though you weren’t entirely sure what the princess was offering you at first. Not to mention it took you a good hour to believe Celestia was really there when she visited you.

Shaking your head, you find you’re not overly worried about your past, but still look proudly to the future. Then, you happen to notice a familiar voice chiming with her normal energy and happiness. “Pinkie Pie?” you mutter.

A smile quickly unfurls across your lips as you hasten your pace. If it really is her, you might get a chance to say, “Hello.” While you aren’t the closest of friends, she does consider you one of her myriad of friends, and it’s been at least a week since you last saw her.

Following the sound of her cheerful giggles, you realize she must be near the Ponyville welcome sign. Recognizing the surrounding houses, you know you’re not far now. Very soon you’ll have a chance to see the cheerful pony that makes everyone around her happy – including you.

Excitement continues to build as you bound along the path, one building blocking your view of the welcome sign. You slow your gait and return to a regular stride as you turn the corner. But a rather bizarre sight meets your eyes. You see another human, only you’ve never seen him before. Quickly, you conclude that he must be a newcomer. Then, Pinkie Pie gives him what you know to be her classic welcome hug. Aha, he is a new human. I wonder when Celestia… But your train of thought is cut short. She puckers to offer him an innocent welcome kiss, but instead of accepting a mere peck on the cheek, you see him head butt Pinkie.

Your eyes widen in disbelief. There is no way you just saw what you did. Then, the other human lets Pinkie fall onto the ground, leaving her with her hooves covering her muzzle as he shouts a callous profanity at her and then storms off toward the center of town.

Anger festers within you as you clench your fist, feeling a burning tightness in your chest. You prepare to pursue him, when you hear a sound from Pinkie Pie. Calming yourself a moment to give a proper listen, you notice her sobbing. “Is she crying?” you ponder aloud.

Suddenly, all the anger you felt takes a holiday as concern moves into its place. You wonder just how hard he head butt her. Fearing she may be injured, you rush to her side. Taking a moment, you look the pink mare over carefully. Then, out of the corner of your eye you see something red – blood.

“Pinkie Pie,” you call out, a quiver in your voice.

Her drooped ears twitch as she lowers her hooves to look up at you. She sniffs and continues to sob a little. “I-I thought your voice sounded familiar.”

“Are you hurt? What did that man do to you?” You inquire, keeping your voice low, while conveying your concern. You kneel down beside her, placing a sympathetic hand on her shaking shoulder.

She looks up at you, her blue eyes stained red from tears. Pinkie makes a weak dive for your chest, burying her head against you as she cries. You place your arms around her. “Aww, Pinkie. It’s okay. I’m here, I’ll help you.”

After taking a deep breath, Pinkie looks up at you, blood still trailing from her muzzle. “Th-th-thank you.”

You run your hand softly over her curly mane as you study her face. “I saw him head butt you. It looks like he hurt your nose. Come on, my place isn’t far from here. I’ll patch you up, then we can take you to the hospital or the clinic for a check up, just in case anything is broken.”

Pinkie Pie slowly pulls back from you and nods. “O-okay. I-I-I don’t know w-what I did wrong?”

You pat her head. “Shh, it’ll be all right. Can you stand up?”

“Mm-hmm.” Pinkie rises to her hooves and sniffles.

Placing your hand gently on her back, you gradually ease her to move forward. “Come on, Pinkie let’s get you cleaned up.”

Pinkie leans her head against your side as you two start off toward your place. She sniffles again, while lightly sobbing. You softly stroke the velvety fur on her back, hoping to offer her some comfort.

Her forlorn sobs make your heart feel heavy, all but bringing tears to your eyes. You still can’t believe someone would do such a thing to Pinkie Pie. Sure, she can come off a little annoying at times, but there’s no pony better to call your friend when you’re feeling blue. No matter how sad you are, Pinkie will find a way to cheer you up.

* * * * * *

After walking for a couple minutes, the two of you arrive at your place. You keep your hand on Pinkie’s back, continuing to stroke her fur as you escort her to your front door.

You let out a sigh after opening it. “Go on in, Pinkie.”

She slowly steps inside, and you follow closely behind her. After shutting the door, you lead Pinkie to your sofa. “Have a seat and make yourself comfy. I’m going to get my first aid kit and some wash cloths. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay.” Pinkie sits down on the couch and looks up at you.

You bite your lower lip as her pouting lip and tear stained eyes stare up at you. Seeing her like that, makes the tears try even harder to break free. It’s all you can do to keep them at bay.

Pinkie reaches a hoof over and places it on your right hand. “Th-thank you.” She attempts a smile for you, and you know your eyes must be getting glassy at this point.

Swallowing thickly, you pat her foreleg, then make your way into the kitchen. You grab the first aid kit, then slip into the back entrance of the bathroom. Opening the cabinet under the sink, you retrieve two wash cloths. Setting everything on the counter, you dampen the one cloth with some warm water.

Now that you have everything you need, you make your way back to Pinkie Pie. She’s still there sitting on the sofa, a less than jubilant expression on her face.

You set the first aid kit and the dry washcloth on the coffee table. “I’m back. How are you feeling, Pinkie? Is the pain any worse?”

Pinkie sniffs and turns her head your way. “It’s about the same.”

You sit down beside her and turn to get better access to her injured muzzle. “Let’s get that dirt and blood off your face.”

She just blinks and faintly nods as you hold up the dampened cloth. You begin rubbing the cloth across her face, starting on her right side and make sure to be extremely gentle. “I still can’t believe he did that to you.”

Pinkie Pie sniffles again, while you continue cleaning the dirt from her face. “I know. All I wanted to do was welcome him to Ponyville. Now, I may have gotten a teensy bit carried away while trying to give him his welcome hug and kiss.”

Finishing with the right half of her muzzle, you move on to the left, gingerly dabbing and wiping. “Even so, that’s no reason to attack you. I mean, it’s not like you were trying to poison him or anything.” You let out a rather lengthy exasperated sigh.

Pinkie blinks. “Are you all right? I know I’m the one that got hurt, but you seem upset.”

You shake your head. “I’ve been living here for a little over a year now, Pinkie. There are quite a few humans living in Ponyville. But, I’ve never seen any new arrivals act like that.”

“Me neither. Maybe he was just having a really bad day.”

“Maybe.” You mutter, cleaning off the last of the dirt and blood from her left cheek.

Pinkie looks up at you, concern growing within her eyes. “You really seem bothered by all this.” She sits there in thought for a moment, then smiles. “Hey, wanna here a funny joke…or maybe we could play a little game.”

You smile at Pinkie Pie and place a thoughtful hand on her shoulder. “I know we’re not the closest of friends, Pinkie, but you don’t have to cheer me up or entertain me. It’s very sweet of you, but unnecessary.”

“Maybe we aren’t the closest, but I care about all of my friends. And I don’t like it when my friends are troubled or sad. It makes me sad.”

Her caring words touch your heart. You set the wash cloth down and give her shoulder a brief pat. “I’ll be okay, don’t worry. Everyone gets upset, Pinkie.” You smile. “And I know you’re always there to cheer anyone up. But, have you ever just considered taking some time for yourself and enjoyed sitting back and lounging in a chair or hammock, soaking in the calm of peaceful day? Or maybe just relax and listen to the birds chirp, the creek flow or even the sound of the wind rustling the leaves in the trees?”

Pinkie shakes her head. “Well, not exactly. With so many friends, I’m usually too busy to take it easy. That and I also have all those parties I plan.” She smiles briefly.

You nod and smile again. “I’m sure your friends all love that you enjoy making them happy. But, did you ever stop to think that they want you to be happy as well?”

Pinkie just sits there looking at your curiously.

“I know you love parties, but, hanging out with your friends doesn’t always have to be a party.”

“I know, it’s just my parties make everyone so happy.” The expression on Pinkie’s face quickly changes, as she looks around sheepishly. “Can I tell you something? Something I’ve never shared with anypony?”

You nod. “Of course. What is it?”

Her ears droop a little. “While I love parties and making friends with everypony.” She sighs heavily. “It can be very exhausting. There really are some days I’d like to be able to just kick back, but so many ponies are counting on me to brighten their days.”

You give Pinkie a compassionate look and pat her shoulder again.

She then breaks out into a fit of nervous laughter. “But, I didn’t really mean that. I love parties and making friends. It never makes me tired. Please don’t tell anypony I said that!” Pinkie gives you pleading eyes as you wonder why she suddenly backpedaled.

“It’s okay, Pinkie. Even if you do get tired. I won’t tell anyone. Nobody’s perfect.”

“You mean it?” She smiles, and then blinks her eyes.

“Of course. You confided in me, and I’m happy that you trust me. I’d never do anything to risk losing a friend’s trust. After all, losing a friend’s trust is the fastest way to lose a friend.”

Pinkie nods and says, “Forever.” She giggles briefly, before groaning from a sudden jolt of pain. “Ouch. You had me feeling better, I’d almost forgot my face still really hurts.” She pats the right side of her cheek, near her muzzle.

“Is that area really sore?”

“Mm-Hmm.” Pinkie nods, leaving her hoof on her cheek.

“Here, let me get a closer look.” You guide her foreleg away and exam her face more closely. “Ah, there’s the culprit. You’ve got a decent cut right where your cheek and muzzle meet.” You open the first aid kit and reach for some cotton. Then taking a small bottle of peroxide, you dampen the cotton pad. “This may sting a little.” You deftly touch the pad along Pinkie’s wound, making sure to be gentle.

Pinkie cringes and whimpers a little. “Ooh, that does sting. Oh, I must have gotten this cut when I landed in the dirt. I seem to remember something sharp. Maybe it was a small rock.”

You continue dabbing the peroxide on her cut. “Yeah, that would make sense.” Shaking your head you sigh still somewhat baffled that you’re here tending to Pinkie Pie’s wounds. It just doesn’t seem right, but you feel a welcoming warmth in your heart, knowing at least you’re able to help her.

Setting down the cotton pad, you smile. “There, now why don’t I put some antibiotic ointment on it and cover your cut with a bandage.”

“That sounds good.” Pinkie smiles. “And it doesn’t hurt quite as bad now.”

“I’m glad.” You reach for some ointment and grab a bandage, and waste no time in tending to her wound. “That should do it.”

Pinkie squeals happily and gives you a hug. “Thank you.”

You share her hug and pat her back. “You’re welcome, Pinkie. I’m glad I could help.”

She speaks your name fondly. “I’m glad we’re friends.”

“Me too.” Your hug ends, while you continue looking at Pinkie with concerned eyes. “Now, I’ve got you cleaned up and bandaged your cut, but I still think you should go to the Ponyville Clinic for a check up, just to make sure you’re ok.”

“Yeah, my face does still hurt a bit.” Pinkie grunts. “It’d probably be good to get it looked at.”

“Did you want some ice to put on it, before we go?” You sit there eager to help.

“Yeah, that’d be nice. Every now and then it really stings and throbs.” Pinkie places her hoof over her nose and lightly sighs.

You rise to your feet. “I’ll be right back, and then we can head out.”

“Okie-dokie, and thanks again for all your help.” She smiles contently as you head out to the kitchen.

After getting the ice, you and Pinkie leave your house, then start walking toward the clinic.

* * * * * *

Following a fairly short walk, the two of you arrive at the clinic and check in. After which, you accompany Pinkie Pie back to her room. There, she continues to ice her sore muzzle as the two of your wait for the nurse to enter.

“How are you holding up? Is the ice helping any?” You look over at Pinkie, concern still present in your eyes.

Pinkie turns her head your way, still holding the ice against her face. “Mm-hmm, it’s helping some.” Her expression softens as she places her right hoof on your arm. “Don’t look so worried. I’ll be all right. It’s probably nothing too serious.”

You smile and let out a deep breath. “You’re right. Even injured, you’re still there to be reassuring. No wonder you have so many friends, Pinkie. You’re, to quote Rainbow Dash, really awesome.”

“I try,” Pinkie giggles briefly, before the two of you sit quietly and resume waiting for the nurse.

Several minutes pass and then you notice a knock at the door. The handle clicks open and to your surprise, Nurse Redheart enters.

“Oh, Nurse Redheart. I didn’t know you work at the clinic. I thought you worked at the hospital.” You scratch your head as she closes the door to Pinkie’s room.

The white mare smiles while she straightens her nurse’s hat. “Usually, I do. But in the spring months, when there are extra nurses at the hospital, I like to help out here in the clinic.” She places a hoof to her chin. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

You nod. “Yeah, you were my nurse at Ponyville Heart when I broke my arm last fall.”

She smiles and nods. “That’s right. Now I remember.” Redheart reaches for the chart and notices Pinkie Pie sitting beside you. “Pinkie Pie?!” The nurse quickly checks the chart, then takes a close look at her. “What happened?” The jubilant look rapidly flees from Redheart’s face as her blue eyes fill with concern.

Pinkie Pie giggles nervously. “I had a bit of a run-in with a grumpy human.”

“Grumpy!?” you bark. “He was downright mean. And just look what he did to my friend, Redheart.” You point at Pinkie’s face.

Nurse Redheart moves closer to Pinkie Pie. “Oh my. Are you in any serious pain?”

Pinkie shakes her head. “It still hurts a bit, but thanks to him, I’m doing better. He patched me up, got me some ice and then suggested I come down here and get checked.”

The nurse sighs quietly and places a hoof over her chest. “That’s a relief. And you have a really good friend here. Don’t worry, Pinkie Pie. I’ll take your vitals and the doctor will check you over.”

You brush a stray hair out of Pinkie’s eyes. “You’ll be all right Pinkie.” A smile forms on your face.

“I know. Ouch…eventually.”

Nurse Redheart puts on her stethoscope and proceeds to take Pinkies vitals – her pulse, blood pressure and temperature. As she waits on the thermometer in Pinkie’s mouth, Redheart looks over at you. “What exactly happened?”

You sigh heavily, it’s not a memory you care to recall, but for Pinkie’s sake, you think back. “A new human she was trying to welcome, head butted her and then dropped her in the dirt. I don’t know exactly how hard he hit her, but Pinkie was bleeding and in a good deal of pain. I’m not sure if her nose is broken or not.”

“I see. That’s just terrible.” Redheart pats Pinkie’s head. “Poor, Pinkie. Of all the ponies I know, I can’t believe someone would do that to you.”

“I campt beleew et eever.”

You chuckle. “Pinkie, you shouldn’t try to talk with a thermometer in your mouth.”

Pinkie sighs. “I mow.”

Redheart removes the thermometer and writes down the reading. “Well, thankfully you aren’t running a fever. And given the nature of your injury, I suspect the doctor will want to get some X-rays so we can rule out any breaks or fractures. He’ll make the call once he sees you. For now, I’m going to see to my other patients. The doctor will be in soon, so please hang tight.”

“Thank you, Redheart. I’ll keep an eye on Pinkie till he arrives.”

Redheart closes her eyes and smiles as she exits the room, leaving you and Pinkie to wait.

* * * * * *

After spending a few hours at the clinic, you and Pinkie finally conclude your business there. Having departed the building, the two of you are now making your way through town.

“Thank goodness your nose was only bruised.” You turn and smile at Pinkie.

She nods, sharing your smile. “I know. But the doctor said I should take it easy for a few days.” Pinkie pie wipes a hoof over her forehead. “Phew, it’s a good thing I don’t have any parties planned for this week.”

“That is good. You’ll need your rest. But for now, maybe we should get something to eat.”

The two of you hear Pinkie’s stomach growl. “Whoa, my tummy sounds angry. It doesn’t like it when I miss lunchtime. Say, I have an idea,” Pinkie grins.

“What’s that?” You look back smiling.

“We could grab a late lunch at Sugar Cube Corner. You know the Cakes have added other food items besides cakes, ice cream and other pastries to their menu.” Pinkie licks her chops and looks like she’s trying not to drool.

You chuckle at her enthusiasm. “That’s right. Well then, sounds like a plan to me. But afterwards, you should get some rest.”

Pinkie giggles and bumps her hoof into your shoulder. “Don’t worry, I will.” Her face softens. “But, you’ve really been super-duper kind through all of this, so thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, Pinkie. What are friends for?” You smile.

“Yeah.” She chuckles gleefully.

As the two of you continue toward Sugar Cube Corner, you glance up and notice that you’re about to pass the Golden Oak Library. Twilight Sparkle steps outside just as you and Pinkie approach her front door.

The unicorn smiles and turns your way as the two of you stop. “Oh, hello, you two.”

“Hey, Twilight!” You smile cheerfully.

“Hiya, Twilight!” Pinkie grins briefly. “Ouch. It’s not fair. It shouldn’t hurt to smile or grin.” Pinkie places hoof along her cheek.

Twilight blinks curiously. “Why does it hurt to…” She gasps, placing a hoof over her mouth. “Pinkie Pie, what happened to your face? You’ve got gauze and a bandage.”

Pinkie Pie sighs as you notice a sheepish look cross her face. “Yeah, about that. Well, I met a new human this morning and tried to give him my normal welcome, only he didn’t like it. He was really mean, and well, he head butted me.”

The unicorn’s eyes widen. “He head butted you?!” Twilight places a shocked hoof across her lavender chest.

“That’s right.” You snort, shaking your head. “I saw the whole thing. Thankfully, I was able to help Pinkie, and then get her to the clinic. Thank Celestia she wasn’t seriously hurt.”

“Well that’s welcome news.” Twilight sighs calmly as her expression shifts to a happier one.

“Still, the thing Pinkie and I can’t figure out, Twilight. Celestia usually chooses the humans she brings to Equestria, and gives them the choice of coming here to live. This human seemed bitter and down right angry.” An incredulous look clings to your face as you share the confusion you and Pinkie Pie can’t seem to shake.

Twilight grimaces funny and grins nervously. “Oh yeah, about that. I think I might know why an angry human was here.”

Pinkie Pie puckers her face curiously. “You do?”

“What do you mean, Twilight?” You scratch you head, hoping for a reasonable answer.

“Yeah. I was curious about learning how to use dimensional magic to open portals to distant locations. So, after I found a book in the Canterlot Archives, I asked Princess Luna to help me learn the proper spell to cast. After she showed me the basics, I was all set to try opening a portal between Ponyville and Canterlot the other day. Only, I didn’t realize how windy it was and had left one of the windows open. A strong breeze must have switched my place in the book, and I didn’t realize it as I was in the middle of casting the spell. Next thing I knew, I got word that humans began randomly showing up from Earth every so often. And more than a few of them weren’t happy about it.”

You give a firm nod. “So that’s why.”

“Yeah. I’ve already told Princess Luna and she’s helping me fix this mess I made. I’m so sorry, Pinkie. If only I’d been more careful.”

A smile forms on Pinkie’s face. “It’s all right, Twilight.”

“All right, all right? How can you say that? Because of me, you were attacked. How is that all right?” Twilight blinks profusely baffled from Pinkie’s reaction.

“It’s easy. Since I make so many friends in Ponyville, one of my friends happened to be nearby when I was attacked. So, even if this isn’t a great situation, it still turned out okay in the end, thanks to him.” Pinkie Pie points at hoof at you and leans into you, giving you a friendly hug.

You close your eyes and smile. “Aww, well, I was just doing what any good friend would do.”

Pinkie nods. “Exactly.”

Shaking your head, you look at Twilight seriously. “I just wonder where that human got to. Part of me would like to track him down and give him a piece of my mind.”

“That won’t be necessary.” A stern voice calls out.

The three of you look up to the sky and see Princess Luna fly overhead, before gliding down for a graceful landing. Her dark blue fur stands out boldly against the light of day.

You quickly join the two ponies in bowing respectfully. “Princess Luna. To what do we owe the honor of your visit?”

You glance up and see the princess smile, her ethereal mane flowing and sparkling along her slender neck and shoulder. “Please, there’s no need to be so formal.”

“No, princess. It would be disrespectful to do otherwise.”

The princess chuckles under her breath and softly pats your shoulder. “Come now, rise. I know you respect the crown. My sister wouldn’t have brought you here if she didn’t think you were worthy. Now stand.”

You nod, feeling more than a little nervous in her presence. “Yes, princess. Now, um, you were saying?”

She smiles again and nods. “Yes. I believe I met this grumpy human of yours. After reversing the spell Twilight had cast, I roamed Ponyville for any of the humans her spell had brought here. The ones that didn’t wish to be here, I sent back, after clearing their memories of this place. And just a little bit ago, I happened upon a human that seemed very distraught.”

“What happened?” You eagerly hang on Luna’s words.

“When he saw me, he kept asking if I was Twilight or if I could take him to Twilight. I told him to show some respect, and he took a swing at me. Well, I quickly put him in his place. I cast a sleep spell on him, wiped his memory of Equestria and sent him back to Earth. So, you can relax. He’s no longer in Ponyville.” Luna smiles, and lets out a quiet giggle.

You sigh calmly. “That’s good to hear. Did you hear that, Pinkie?”

Pinkie nods and manages a smile. “I did. In fact it almost makes it no longer hurt to smile.”

Twilight runs up to Luna and gives her a gracious hug. “Thank you, princess. I’m so sorry for the mess I caused. I’m so glad things are back to normal.”

Luna chuckles. “As am I, Twilight. But don’t worry. I shouldn’t have left you on your own to practice such potentially dangerous magic, before I was sure you were ready. So, I as well share a note of blame.”

A low rumbly growl fills everyone’s ears. “Oops. Sorry.” Pinkie snickers. “We were on our way to lunch when we bumped into you, Twilight.”

You join Twilight and Luna at laughing at Pinkie’s stomach.

Twilight smiles at Pinkie and places a hoof on her shoulder. “Well then, don’t let us hold you two up. I’m just gland things worked out okay.”

“Me too.” Pinkie gives Twilight a hug and then proceeds to give Princess Luna a hug as well. “Thank you, princess.”

“You are very welcome.”

“You ready, Pinkie?” She nods. “Princess Luna, Twilight. Take care.” You bow before Luna. Then you and Pinkie resume your course for Sugar Cube Corner, waving to the others as you and your pony friend head off.

* * * * * *

After making it back to Sugar Cube Corner, you and Pinkie Pie enjoy a late lunch. During your meal, you share your tale with Mr. and Mrs. Cake, then much to your surprise; they offer your meal on them, grateful that you were so kind and concerned about Pinkie.

Sticking to the doctor’s orders, after lunch, you walk Pinkie Pie to her room upstairs. She opens the door and you walk her over to the bed.

“Well, here you are.” You smile. “I hope you have a good rest, Pinkie.”

She looks at you fondly and blinks. “Oh, I’m sure I will.” Pinkie throws her hooves around you and gives you, yet, another hug. “Thanks again, for everything you did today. It means a lot.”

You place your arms around the pink mare and share her affectionate gesture. “You’re welcome. I’m just glad you’re all right. I was really worried about you.”

She pulls back and smiles. “I know. And you know what?”

You shake your head. “Uh-uh. What?”

“It looks like you are one of my closer friends after all.” Excitement bubbles in her blue eyes as you stare back, all smiles.

“You’re right, I guess I am.” You chuckle happily and rub your hand across the crown of her head, lightly mussing her curly mane.

Then, you notice her expression change again, to one you’ve never seen Pinkie use before. She gives you what almost seems like bedroom eyes. “I’m also glad you’re going to keep my secret.”

“Of course. You can trust me.” You feel just a little awkward from the look she’s giving you.

“Thank you.” Then, to your amazement, Pinkie Pie gives you a fairly lengthy kiss on the lips.

“Mwa.” She giggles as she pulls away; still staring at you half-lidded. She faces her bed and turns down the sheets and blanket, before carefully laying down.

You stand there for a moment, somewhat dazed from her kiss. Shaking your head, you blink and see her struggling a little with the covers. “Oh, here, let me give you a hand.”

Reaching over, you grab the mischievous end of her sheets and proceed to cover her. “There you are, Pinkie. Now, get some rest. You’ll need your strength.”

She giggles and nods. “I know. Oh, stop by sometime. I’d like to bake you something, as a small way to thank you for helping me today.”

You give her a thoughtful look. “All right, but, you don’t owe me anything.”

“I know.” She smiles brightly at you. “Well, see you.”

“Take care, Pinkie.” You wave as you make your way out of her bedroom and softly close the door behind you.

As you descend the stairs to the bakery below, you continue to wonder about that kiss she gave you. It wasn’t a romantic kiss, but it was certainly more than a simple gesture of kindness or mere friendship. And the look she gave you. Could Pinkie Pie like me as more than a friend? And the way she looked at me…I don’t think I realized how lovely she looks. I know she’s cute, but wow…

After puzzling for a few more minutes, you shake your head as you leave Sugar Cube Corner. While it’s probably just your imagination running wild, you figure if there is anything more to come of all this, that it’ll come to light in due time. For now, you’re more than happy in the knowledge that you are one of Pinkie’s close friends and that you were able to help her when she was in trouble.