Investigating a Romance

by Ahiam94

First published

Rarity and Pinkie Pie have been pretty close lately, at least that is what Rainbow Dash thinks. When she brings this to Twilights attention curiosity gets the best of her. Now Rainbow Dash and Twilight are investigating Rarity and Pinkie Pie's relationship to see if there is anything there besides simple friendship.


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A large growl filled the air, It was so loud that the earth shook. Fluttershy's first response was to flip over with her hooves straight in the air. The other ponies thought they heard a goat noise come from the yellow pegasus.
"Don't worry Twi, we'll git there liggity split." Applejack said. So the four other ponies proceeded up the mountain trying to find a good place to meet up with Applejack and Fluttershy.
After climbing for a few more minutes,they finally came upon a flat surface on the mountain and decided that it would do.

"Well, now what do we do?!" Rainbow Dash said with a large trace of annoyance in her voice.
"We wait for Applejack and Fluttershy. We don't have any other choice." Twilight replied. All she got back from Rainbow dash was a grunt and a facehoof.
"Ooh ooh, I got it!" Pinkie said enthusiastically. "We should play a game while we wait!" Pinkie said hopping in place.

"Sorry Pinkie, but I'm going to examine the map more while we wait. Becuase we have to wait for Applejack to bring Fluttershy over, I have to find a route that'll make up for the time we lost." Twilight said pulling out her map from her saddlebags with a simple spell.
Pinkie then looked at Rainbow Dash with a questioning look.
"I'm fine Pinkie, I'm just going to fly around for awhile." Rainbow replied, still sounding very annoyed.
"Well, I'll happily play a game or two with you, darling." Rarity told Pinkie, happily. "What game did you have in mind?"
"Hmm" Pinkie placed her hoof to her chin and thought for a second before bouncing back up and saying "I know, how about we play tic tac toe!!" Pinkie said with a little too much excitement.
"Oh, that sounds wonderful!"

Rarity and Pinkie began to start making marks on the ground so that they could play. After a few minutes, and Pinkie winning ten games already, Rainbow Dash lowered down near Twilight. "Hey, Twilight," Rainbow whispered. Twilight looked up from her map and looked at Rainbow Dash, then looked back down to her map.
"What is it?" she said with little interest.
"Have you noticed how... Close Rarity and Pinkie Pie have been today?" Twilight looked up at the two ponies playing tic tac toe and saw that Rarity was pouting, and she was saying something about seventeen games in a row should not be possible.

"What are you talking about, Rainbow? They're just passing the time with a simple game."
"Well, it's not just that. This whole time we've been climbing this mountain they've been walking next to eachother really closely, I mean, they're practically cuddling while walking. And there was the fact that Pinkie complimented Rarity's scarf."
Twilight thought about this, but almost immediately passed it for nothing important. "I think you're just looking too far into it. I mean, they could be walking close so that if one trips the other one can catch her, this is a pretty steep mountain, after all. And of course Pinkie would compliment Rarity's scarf, it was pink. Pinkie Pie loves pink." Twilight finished, but then a question filled her mind. "Wait. Why were you looking at them like that anyway?"
"Huh? Oh, no reason. It's just that, we've been going really slowly and I was really bored, so I decided to watch you guys below while I flew. And I just happened to notice." Rainbow replied. Twilight searched for a lie, but as far as she could tell, Rainbow was being completely honest.

"Oh, I guess that makes sense." Twilight finished, thinking that the whole conversation was done. But, something in the back of her mind reminded her of something. A little while back she had tried to do some research on romance, but no books she read ever satisfied her interest. She read almost every romance novel in her library and still did not understand romance at all. The entire concept of love and romance was one of the few things she did not understand at all. So, Twilight started thinking, maybe she should keep her eye on the two ponies. If Rainbow Dash was right, then Twilight would learn a lot from them.

Just then she looked up at Pinkie and Rarity and saw that they were still playing their game. She looked over at Rainbow Dash and said "Well, I guess it IS a little odd that they've been playing that silly game so long."
"Ah-ha! See? I knew it!" Rainbow said victoriously. Twilight looked back at them and then back at Rainbow. She thought for a second to come up with a plan.
"Okay, this is what we'll do. We're going to keep a close eye on them the rest of the day, and if we don't think anything is up by the end of the day, we'll drop it." Twilight finished her plan, and Rainbow Dash responded by giving Twilight her most serious expression she could muster, and placing her hoof to her forehead.
"Got it, boss!"

"Okay, so we'll start simple for now. Let's both casually stroll by them and see what they're talking about." Rainbow nodded in response. Twilight and Rainbow put on their most casual faces and slowly walked, and flew, past the two ponies. Just as they went passed, Pinkie lowered her head and drew another circle with her nose, making three circles lined up in a row.
"Woo-hoo! I win again!" Pinkie yelled.
"Ugh, that's thirty five games in a row. Best of seventy one?" Rarity said popping up with enthusiasm.

Twilight and Rainbow Dash continued until they were passed hearing distance. Just as they were about to talk about what they heard, Twilight saw something coming around the corner. Applejack was finally here with Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash seeing this, just remembered why they were there in the first place, and it immediately frustrated her again. Especially since it appeared that Fluttershy was still in a shocked state. Since the last time they saw her, her expression hadn't changed at all.

Applejack was dragging Fluttershy behind her, she had tied Fluttershy's tail around her her, so that she didn't have to carry her.
"*Huff* We *huff* made *huff* it." Applejack said just as she finished she collapsed.
"Told you it would take them forever." Rainbow Dash whispered to Twilight.


Author's note

I want to thank PonymianRhapsody for editing this fic, without him it'd be a lot worse. I hope you continue to read this fic, and I hope you enjoyed this small prologue.

Chapter 1

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Twilight and Rainbow Dash had been trying their hardest to keep their eyes on Pinkie Pie and Rarity. Sadly, it was not going smoothly. It seemed like nothing would go right as the six ponies climbed the mountain. And most of the time, it was Fluttershy that was at fault.

All the troubles aside, Twilight and Rainbow had noticed that it was very rare to see the two ponies separated. Almost the entire time they were traveling up the mountain Pinkie and Rarity would be side by side. Certain times that Twilight had noticed were when Fluttershy was having trouble going over the small gap, Pinkie Pie and Rarity were the ones to grab her front hooves. Also, after the avalanche, the two ponies were together yet again. Rarity was saying something about extra accessories while Pinkie jumped up and down, happily.

Sadly, aside from the white and pink mares standing togeather, neither Twilight nor Rainbow had noticed anything too lovey-dovey about them. Still, Twilight and Rainbow Dash decided to keep going with their research, and keep on examining them.

After a long while of walking and climbing, the six mares finally made it to the top of the mountain. It was time for Twilight to give out her plan to the other five ponies.
"Rainbow Dash, you use your wings to clear the smoke." Twilight ordered. In reply, Rainbow nodded and took off into the black smoke that was above them. Then, Twilight had an idea. "Rarity and Pinkie Pie, you create a diversion to distract the dragon if things get a little hairy in there." It was not the greatest or most in depth plan ever made. But it's all Twilight could do at the moment. She figured pairing up the ponies would be another good way to see the way they interact with each other.

Once Rarity and Pinkie Pie understood their job they smiled at each other. Twilight took this as a good sign; it looked like they were very pleased that she paired them together. But, after only a moment Pinkie darted off and somehow appeared with a rubber squeaky toy chicken. She swung it around while biting it, making it squeak. Rarity had nothing to say, so she just made a confused expression and made a sign to Twilight as if to say "I have no idea what she's doing."

Twilight was just as, if not more, confused than Rarity. So she simply shrugged it off and put her attention to Applejack.
"Applejack, be ready with the apples in case he decides to attack." Applejack threw apples into the air and kicked them as they came down, making them explode onto a nearby tree. Twilight finished off her plan with her details on what she and Fluttershy were going to do. Afterward Twilight made her way into the cave.


The sun was setting, everypony had successfully gotten rid of the dragon, although, Fluttershy did most of the work in the end. After Pinkie Pie ruined Rainbow Dash's attempts at setting a new ball bouncing record, everypony had gone home, which meant it was time.

On the way down the mountain, Rainbow and Twilight had a secret meeting. They decided that they were going to have to investigate further into Pinkie and Rarity's possible love affair. Neither of the ponies felt satisfied with the amount of investigating they got in that day. So, they decided that they would have to investigate further.

Twilight sat in her library waiting for Rainbow Dash to return, she decided to pass the time by reading a book. She then heard a quiet knock on her door. She got up and walked toward the door and opened it with magic.

"Hey, Twi. Are you ready?" Rainbow Dash asked while coming in through the door. Twilight was caught off guard by Rainbow, she was expecting her to come, but she wasn't expecting her to wear what she had on. Rainbow was wearing a full body suit, it was completely black and it covered everything but her face.

"Um, Rainbow, don't you think that your outfit might be a little... Much?" Twilight said. Rainbow examined herself and then looked back at Twilight.
"No, why?" Rainbow looked like she was honestly confused by Twilight's question. "I was wondering why you weren't wearing something like this. We ARE going to be sneaking around, after all."

"Yes, we are sneaking around, but that doesn't mean we won't get caught. And if we do get caught, and we're wearing something like," Twilight raised her hoof and waved it at Rainbow's suit, "that, then we're going to look really suspicious, and we won't be able to explain why we are dressed that way."

Rainbow looked almost upset that Twilight had a good reason for her to take off the suit.
"*Sigh*, fine." Rainbow pouted, as she started to take off her suit. As she took it off, Twilight impatiently waited for her to finish. Once rainbow had gotten it off, she shook herself so that she could make her mane look, almost, normal again. Twilight, for some reason, found herself blushing at the sight of Rainbow removing her suit.

"Hey, Twilight, why's your face red?" Rainbow asked tilting her head.
"Huh? Oh, no reason." Twilight was just as confused by it as Rainbow was. Twilight slowly felt the heat in her cheacks fade. "Okay, let's go!"

Twilght and Rainbow Dash made their way out the door, and made their way towards Sugar Cube Corner.


Twilight and Rainbow Dash stood outside of Sugar Cube Corner. The first thing they noticed was that the lights in Pinkie's room were turned off.
"It's possible that she isn't home." Twilight suggested.
"Yeah, but we better double check, just to be sure," Rainbow countered. So they continued to enter Sugar Cube Corner. The bell rang as Twilight opened the door.
"Hello, welcome to Sugar Cube Corner," greeted Mrs. Cake.

"Oh! It's Pinkie's friends. Sorry, but she isn't here right now." Mrs. Cake apologized. Rainbow and Twilight looked at each other. This could mean something.
"Do you know where she is then?" Twilight asked.
"Hmm, I think she said something about a dress. She said everything so fast that I couldn't really tell what she said." Mrs. Cake said. Twilight and Rainbow Dash smiled at each other. This was definitely a good lead. Where else would Pinkie go when she mentioned a dress other than Rarity's.
"Thanks Mrs. Cake. I think we know where she is now." Twilight thanked.
"Glad to be of help." Mrs. Cake replied happily. And Twilight and Rainbow left the bakery.

"Alright! This is going to be way easier than I thought!" Rainbow yelled happily. Twilight could not help but share her excitement.
"I know, with this new lead, we know that Pinkie Pie has to be at Rarity's boutique!" With that Twilight and Rainbow Dash rushed over to Rarity's.

Authors Note
Here it is! The first chapter! Things are starting to get good! I promise next chapter will focus on Rarity and Pinkie Pie a lot more. I hope you enjoyed this chapter just as, if not, more than the prologue! I have to give thanks, yet again, to PonymianRhapsody! He's a wonderful editor, and has been giving me awesome pointers that will make future chapters, and fics, a lot better!

Chapter 2

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It was not long after Twilight and Rainbow Dash had left SugarCube Coner that the sun had set, and the moon had risen. Usually, when the moon was in the sky, all of the ponies in Ponyville would retire and go back to their homes to get some rest. But, these two ponies had a mission. They had to figure out if their suspicions that they had were true. They had to know if Rarity and Pinkie Pie were more than friends.

The sound of hoofsteps echoed across the small town. Twilight and Rainbow were rushing to get to Rarity's boutique. They both shared a lot of excitement having heard that Pinkie was with Rarity. They knew that if they were going to get to the bottom of this mystery, it would happen tonight. Rainbow Dash's curiosity would be put to rest and Twilight may learn something that her books could not teach her.

"So, what should we do once we get there? We can't exactly just knock on Rarity's door and ask if her and Pinkie are alone together, can we?" Rainbow Dash asked Twilight.
"Of course not." Twilight responded. "I have us covered. When we got back from taking care of the dragon I looked up a few spells that would help us with our research," Twilight said.
"Ok, cool," Rainbow simply replied.

Twilight and Rainbow Dash continued to run until they finally arrived at Rarity's Boutique.
"Okay I'm going to use one of my spells." Twilight said as she started to slowly approach Rarity's door. Twilight sat down in front of the Boutique, she slowly closed her eyes and began to focus. Her horn started shining, and a small aura of purple surrounded it.

Soon Twilight stopped, her horn stopped shining and she collapsed onto the ground. She was breathing heavily and had sweat beads going across her body. Rainbow walked over to Twilight. "Hey Twilight, are you oka-" Rainbow stopped talking mid sentence. She was looking down at Twilight, her mane frazzled and messed up, just barely covering one of her eyes. Her beautiful purple coat wet was from her sweat, and it seemed to glow in the moonlight.

Rainbow could not take her eyes off of her. 'Has Twilight always been this... pretty?' Rainbow thought to herself for only a second before pushing the thought out of her mind. Rainbow shook her head quickly and reached out her hoof for Twilight.
"Yeah, I'm fine Rainbow. It's just this spell is pretty hard." Twilight said through her hard breathing.

"So, do you need to cast it again, then?" Rainbow asked.
"No, it worked. See?" Twilight said as she pointed her hoof towards the outcome of her spell. Rainbow had no idea what it was that Twilight had made, or how it was supposed to help them. It looked like a big bubble. You could kind of see through it, but not completely, and it floated in the air.

"What is it?" Rainbow finally asked.
"It's a sound carrier!" Twilight said happily, "What it does, is it takes any noise that is near it and carries it throughout the enitre bubble!"
"How is that supposed to help us?" Rainbow asked. Twilight gave her a look that said, 'do I really have to explain it?' Twilight then walked over to the sound carrier and started to stretch it. She stretched it until it was about fifteen hooves long.

"What I'm going to do, is I'll shove this underneath Rarity's door. Then I'll find Rarity and Pinkie Pie by following their voices, and eventually the sound carrier will be close enough to them so that we can here whatever it is that they say!" Twilight sounded very excited about her plan, almost too excited. Rainbow understood what she meant, but there was one big flaw to Twilight's plan.
"Um, Twilight. I'm pretty sure that if Rarity or Pinkie Pie saw something like that crawl up next to them they wouldn't just keep talking like it's not there. They'd probably freak out." Twilight looked as though she were expecting Rainbow to point that out, she then said.
"That is why I'm going to be putting another spell on it, that will make it invisible. So, Pinkie Pie and Rarity won't be able to see it at all." Twilight then tapped the sound carrier with her horn and it turned invisible.

Rainbow did not understand how any of the magic stuff that Twilight did worked, but that did not keep her from being very impressed by the spell that Twilight had casted. "Woah, that's pretty cool!" Rainbow quietly yelled. Twilight, at this, got a huge grin. She was very happy to see Rainbow finally showing some interest in magic.
"I know, isn't it!" Twilight said.

"Okay, enough standing around. Let's do this!" Rainbow Dash said. Twilight then grabbed the sound carrier and flattened part of it. She then shoved it underneath Rarity's door and started to listen for any sounds that Rarity and Pinkie might be making. There was nothing. Twilight could not hear anything. So, she proceeded to shove more of the sound carrier under the door. She kept pushing and pushing, until finally she heard a giggle.

Twilight instantly pushed her sound carrier towards the source of the giggle. It started to get louder and louder. Soon Twilight could clearly hear voices. "Rainbow Dash" Twilight whispered "Come here, hurry!" Rainbow almost instantly appeared next to Twilight. They both put their ears next to the sound carrier. They were finally listening in on Rarity and Pinkie Pie.

"Whee! That was fun!" Rainbow and Twilight quickly looked at each other. They then both said at the same time,
"That was Pinkie Pie!" They started to listen more intently. They now knew that Pinkie was definitely over at Rarity's.
"What should we do now!?" Pinkie said cheerfully.
"I'm not sure, that was rather exhausting. I think I need to get my beauty sleep." Rarity responded.
"Oh, you're going to bed, already?" Pinkie Pie said.
"I'm sorry, darling. But like I said, I'm very tired, and if I don't get my proper rest I may get wrinkles." Rarity replied.
"Alright, I guess I'll go back home then."
"Oh, don't worry about that, darling. It's alright if you stay here for the night."
"REALLY!?!?" Pinkie yelled. When Pinkie yelled both Rainbow Dash and Twilight were forced to pull their heads away from the voice carrier.
"Of course! It's already pretty late, so we might as well make this a sleepover." Rarity replied.
"Yay! Sleepover!!" Pinkie yelled, again. Twilight and Rainbow could then hear a big thump and springs being pushed. They both guessed that the noise had to have been Pinkie jumping onto Rarity's bed. "It's alright if I sleep here with you, right?" Pinkie asked Rarity.
"Of course, after all we are ma-"*scrrzzzzz*.

At that moment the noise carrier deactivated. It had disappeared almost instantly. "WHAT!?!?!?!" Rainbow yelled. "What just happened?" Rainbow asked Twilight, angrily.
"I-I don't know! That shouldn't have happened." Twilight said.
"Well that's just great! Rarity was just about to say something really important. And now we'll never know WHAT!" Rainbow vented. Twilight was barely listening. She was thinking really hard about what could've gone wrong with her spell.

She had cast the spell perfectly. That spell should've lasted at least an hour, but it had barely made it past five minutes. Twilight went through the whole process of making the spell several times in her head. But no matter how many times she thought it through, she could not see anything wrong with the way she had casted the spell.

Twilight was soon broken out of her concentration by the sound of a door opening.
"Hello? Is anypony the-? Twilight? Rainbow Dash? What are you doing here? And why were you yelling?" Rarity asked the two ponies.
'Oh no oh no oh no! What are we going to do?' Was all Twilight could think. 'What should I say, what if I say something that sounds made up and Rarity finds out that we've been spying on her!?'
"We were just taking a walk." Rainbow said, calmly. Rarity looked confused by this answer.
"Okay, so why were you yelling Rainbow Dash?" Rarity then asked.
"Oh, that? I started running ahead of Twilight, and I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and hit my hoof on a rock. It really hurt, so I yelled in pain." Rainbow easily lied.

Twilight did not know how Rainbow did it, but she just came up with a completely realistic story in a matter of seconds. Twilight then realized how easy it was to rely on Rainbow. How dependable Rainbow Dash was. No matter what task you gave her, you knew that Rainbow Dash would not ever let you down. You could always count on her. After all, she was the element of loyalty.

"Oh, I suppose that makes sense." Rarity said "But why were you out walking at night anyway?" Rarity then asked.
"I dunno. Me and Twilight just felt like taking a walk together, so we did." Rainbow replied, yet again, very calmly. Rarity looked a little suspicious for a second, but then something hit her. Twilight was not really sure what it was, but Rarity had an odd expression on her face.

"Oh, okay. I get it, say no more Rainbow. I'll go back inside so you two can continue your walk. Goodnight." Rarity then giggled and closed her door behind her.
"What was that about?" Twilight asked.
"Who cares," Rainbow shrugged. "she bought our story. That's all that matters."
"Yeah, I guess your right. Well, I guess we can call it a night. I don't think we're going to get any more info with the sound carrier. And I'm too tired to try to cast it again," Twilght said. Rainbow then nodded her head in agreement.
"Alright. I guess we can continue tomorrow then."
"Sure. Although, I don't know what it is that we could do tomorrow."
"Well, I don't think anypony had any plans tomorrow, so Rarity and Pinkie Pie will probably just hang out tomorrow. So we could at least watch them." Rainbow suggested.
"Yeah, I guess we could start by doing that."

The two ponies then set a time and a location to meet up, then they said their farewells. As Twilight walked back to the library she thought of the things that occurred tonight. About Pinkie Pie and Rarity, about her spell. But most importantly, Rainbow Dash. For some reason, Twilight could not stop thinking about her. She then just assumed it was because she was happy to have a partner in one of her experiments, and continued back to her house.

Rainbow flew through the air, heading in the direction to her cloud house in the sky. She too was thinking about the things that occurred tonight. But like Twilight, Pinkie and Rarity were only a small thing that was going on in her thoughts. Rainbow could not stop thinking of Twilight. Especially how she looked when she collapsed after casting her spell. Through the entire night, she had not been able to get the picture out of her mind.

Rainbow tried and tried to get the image out of her head, but it never worked. No matter what she did, her head always went back to that image. Rainbow then arrived at her house, she walked in and laid down on one of her favorite clouds. She closed her eyes, so she could get some rest. But she found falling asleep to be a lot harder than usual. The image of Twilight still in her head made her unable to sleep. Rainbow tossed and turned for well over an hour before finally drifting off to sleep.


Rainbow Dash woke up to a loud thumping noise. She rolled off of her cloud and attempted to wake herself up by rubbing her eyes with her hooves. She looked around to see what the source of the thumping was. After a few seconds Rainbow realized that the thumping was knocks on her door.

Rainbow looked out a window and saw that it was still dark out. It was definitely WAY too early to be waking up. The knocking continued.
"Hang on! I'm coming!" Rainbow yelled. She walked through her house and approached the door. What she saw when she opened the door was probably the last thing she expected to see.

"Twilight? What're you doing here? How are you even up here?" Rainbow asked, getting more confused by the second.
"I used the a new spell, and I used the balloon to get up here," Twilight said calmly, yet urgently.
"Alright, but what're you doing up here?" Rainbow asked again.

Twilight looked down at her hooves, and she awkwardly kicked one of her front hooves. "Um, well, I kinda, sorta needed to talk to you about something." Twilight said, very awkwardly.
"Well? What is it?" Rainbow asked, now growing impatient.
"Well, you see. Last night, there were a few moments where I kindathoughtaboutyouinawaythatfriendsshouldn'tthinkabouteachother." Twilight said, impressively fast, and even more quietly than Fluttershy.

"Do you wanna run that by me again, Twi? Kinda didn't catch the last part." Rainbow said, in a monotone fashion. Twilight again looked down at her hooves. Then she started talking to herself.
"It's okay Twilight. You can do this." Twilight said. She then drew in a big breath and let it go, slowly. "Okay. Last night there were times when I looked at you in a... different perspective." Twilght paused to get a response, but all she got was a face from Rainbow Dash saying to continue.

"Umm, a certain perspective that I haven't ever looked at another pony in. I am not sure why, or when, or how it happened, but I seem to be focused on you, more than usual." Twilight finished, her cheeks glowing red. Rainbow Dash had no idea what she was talking about. Nothing she was saying made any sense, so she decided to go with a simple approach.
"Twilight," she started. "speak English."

Twilight sighed. "Fine, I'll make it obvious for you." Twilight then ran up to Rainbow Dash and planted her lips onto Rainbow's. Rainbow did not know what was happening, but what she did know, was that she was enjoying every second of it. The deep and passionate kiss seemed to last for a lifetime, but eventually the two mares pulled apart, but they were still holding each other with their hooves.

Rainbow then looked Twilight in the eyes. She looked deep into Twilight's beautiful purple eyes. She then saw something shine in Twilight's eyes. It was an odd red spark. And Twilight continued to gaze into Rainbow's eyes as she let go of Rainbow, and as if Twilight were the only thing that kept Rainbow in her house, Rainbow Dash started to fall.

Rainbow Dash slipped through her house and was falling straight towards Ponyville. And for some reason, she wasn't able to use her wings. No matter how hard she tried, her wings would not listen to her. So she just kept falling. Rainbow Dash was mere seconds away from hitting the ground. She got closer and closer until finally.


"AAAHH!" Rainbow yelled as she jumped off of her cloud. She looked at her surroundings and figured out she was back in her house. "Was it just... a dream?" Rainbow asked herself. It was a few seconds before she realized that her cheeks were so hot that she could have guessed they were on fire.

"What was up with that dream?" Rainbow asked herself. Rainbow continued to think about it, then she remembered how great it felt to kiss Twilight. How beautiful Twilight was, and how much she wanted to be with her right now. "Do I... love Twilight?" Rainbow asked herself.

Right when she said the word love, she realized that it was true. She was not sure when it happened, she had fallen in love with Twilight. And all she wanted to do at that moment was be near the purple unicorn. But, she would have to wait until they met up again that day. It seemed like it was going to be forever before she would see Twilight again.

"Twilight won't mind if I show up early, right?" Rainbow asked herself. "Hmmm, nah." She then took flight as fast as she could towards Twilight's house.

Author's note,

Okay so, there still wasn't very much Raripie in this chapter, but next chapter will have more of it I swear! I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the story from here on.

Chapter 3

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The six ponies walked together triumphantly down the mountain. They had succeeded in their mission, even if Fluttershy did most of the work in the end. however, there was one pony in the group that had her mind on other things.

Rarity walked down the steep mountain with the other ponies. She was thinking hard on what she could do next to advance in her plan. So far it had all been going very well, a lot better than usual. The entire day she had been with Pinkie Pie, and she intended to make it stay that way. Rarity knew that Pinkie was completely oblivious as to how she felt about her. But, just so long as Rarity was around Pinkie, it was good enough for her. At least for now.

So Rarity continued walking almost completely unaware of her surroundings. Then out of nowhere a large gust of wind picked up. It pushed the ponies back a little bit. Rarity, at this time, was wearing her scarf, and the wind was just powerful enough to blow it off her neck and make it take off into the sky. Rarity almost called out for it, but before she could speak, it hit her.

Rarity knew what she could do to be around Pinkie for at least a little longer. Rarity picked up her pace until she was next to Pinkie Pie.
"Hey, Rarity! What's up?" Pinkie said.
"Nothing really Pinkie, I was just wondering if maybe, well, you see." Rarity just realized that she did not have an excuse to go with her plan. Pinkie started to walk slower and looked at Rarity with a puzzled look on her face. Rarity finally came up with something. "*Ahem*, well you see Pinkie, I have an order of dresses that I need to get done, and I was wondering if you could help me out with them. You see, it's simply too big of an order for me to get done alone in time." Rarity said. Pinkie looked at Rarity a little confused.
"There's an order that YOU can't handle?" Pinkie asked.
"Well, I would have been able to do it, if it hadn't been for this dragon. The whole ordeal threw me off my schedule." Rarity explained.

Pinkie looked at Rarity a little longer. She had a very serious look on her face, almost like she could see through Rarity's lies if she tried hard enough. Rarity was starting to sweat, for some reason the face that Pinkie was giving her made her really nervous. But then Pinkie quickly switched her face back to her usual happy self and said "Okie dokie lokie!!"
"So you'll help then?" Rarity asked.
"Of course silly, I love to help my friends!" Pinkie happily replied.

Rarity had done it, she would be able to spend a few more hours with Pinkie, and maybe even the rest of the night, if she got lucky.


Rarity had just gotten back to her boutique after being at Twilight's for a little while. She was still snickering over what Pinkie had done to Rainbow Dash. But Rarity had some things she had to do before Pinkie arrived to help her with her order.

She walked back and forth, carrying things with her magic and placing them in their proper place. Rarity had not realized how dirty her boutique was, she wondered how she ever let it get that dirty in the first place.

Rarity continued to clean until she heard her door open and the bell above it ring. Rarity turned around and placed a smile on her face.
"Welcome to Carousel Boutique, where every garment is chic, unique and magnifique."
The pony that entered smiled back at Rarity.
"Hello, I'm guessing that I'm in the right place, then." The pony paused then continued. "You sell dresses, right?" Rarity looked at her surroundings and saw all of the dresses that were labled with prices. She thought to herself that it could not be more obvious that she sold dresses.

Rarity smiled back at the pony and responded " Why, yes I do."
"Okay, I kinda figured as much. But, do you take big orders?" The pony asked.
"I'll take any order, and I'll try my hardest to get it done by the time you need it." Rarity happily replied, not certain whether she would regret those words or not.
"Alright, then I'm going to need about twenty dresses by tomorrow." The pony said.
"Wha-by tomorrow?" Rarity asked shocked.
"Yes, and I need them to all have their own unique design, if it's not too much trouble."
"Trouble? Of course there won't be any trouble. Do you have a specific design for the dresses that you'd like me to do?" Rarity asked, hoping that she would say yes and make her job a little easier.
"Well, I did have some, but after looking at some of your dresses, I think I'd like it if you did them from scratch. That won't be a problem, will it?" The pony asked.
"No, not at all. I will have twenty unique dresses done for you by tomorrow." Rarity promised.
"Alright, that's great to hear, I can't wait to see them. Thank you" The pony said. She then did a slight bow to Rarity and walked herself out of Rarity's shop.

Rarity looked at the time and saw that it was already almost night time. How was she supposed to get twenty dresses done that night? But, just as Rarity was about to have a dramatic fit on her couch, she heard her door open yet again.

"Hey, Rarity!! I'm not too early am I?" Pinkie yelled as she burst into Rarity's boutique. Rarity had almost completely forgotten that she invited Pinkie Pie over. 'I guess it's a good thing I made that little story up, now I have somepony to help me.' Rarity thought to herself. "No Pinkie, you are actually right on time." Rarity said, cheerfully. "shall we get started?"


Pinkie Pie trotted happily back to Sugar Cube Corner. Pinkie was in a great mood, even though she was usually very happy, right now she was super happy. She had never been invited over to Rarity's boutique to help out with dresses. In fact, Pinkie didn't think she had ever made a dress at all, so she was really looking forward to helping Rarity.

Pinkie had arrived at Sugar Cube Corner, she walked in and didn't see the Cakes anywhere, so she made her way up to her room. When she got in her room she took off her saddlebags and placed on her bed. She took a quick glance around her room, checking to see if there was anything that she could bring to Rarity's that might help out with the dresses.

Although, Pinkie was only half paying attention. Her mind was on other things. She was finally going get a chance to tell Rarity. She had been trying to tell Rarity how she felt for a long time, but no matter how many times she tried, it never felt right. Since the day that she met Rarity, she had been infatuated with her.

At first, it was just attraction, she had thought that Rarity had been the most beautiful unicorn ever. Then once she got to know her she realized she was super fun to be with. Ever since then, she had been trying to tell Rarity how she felt, but it always ended the same way. Pinkie would end up saying , or doing, something that was very random, and that usually ended with Rarity just getting confused.

Tonight was different, though. Tonight, Pinkie would tell her. At this thought, Pinkie got very anxious, she wanted to see Rarity as soon as possible. So, Pinkie, as quickly as she could, ran out of her room and out the door. On her way out she saw Mrs. Cake, she yelled as fast she could.
"Bye Mrs. Cake, I'm going over to Rarity's to help her make dresses." Although, it didn't look like Mrs. Cake had fully understood what she had said. But that didn't stop Pinkie from running as fast she could in the direction of Rarity's boutique.


"So, how many dresses are we making?" Pinkie asked.
"We need to make twenty by the end of the night." Rarity replied.
"Wow, I guess you really DID need my help!" Rarity nodded in agreement.
"Okay, shall we get started?" Rarity asked. Pinkie, in reply, happily nodded while jumping in place.

So, for the next few hours, the two ponies made dresses. Rarity had been surprised by just how big of a help Pinkie was. Even though she never made a dress before, Pinkie was really good at remembering the things that Rarity had told her. After Rarity had shown her how to make a single dress, Pinkie was fully able to make a dress by herself.

After the sun had set, Pinkie and Rarity had stitched the last part of a dress and with that they were done with the seventeenth dress. They had decided that they could easily finish the other three later, but for now, they needed to take a break.
"Well, that was fun!" Was all Pinkie had to say. "What should we do now?" Pinkie then asked.
"I'm not sure, that was rather exhausting. I think I need to get my beauty sleep." Rarity responded.
"Oh, you're going to bed, already?" Pinkie Pie said. Pinkie didn't show it, but she was starting to panic. That would mean that, yet again, Pinkie would not be able to tell Rarity. Throughout the whole night there was not a single time when telling Rarity how she felt would have been a good idea. Would Pinkie have to wait again to tell her how she felt?

"I'm sorry, darling. But like I said, I'm very tired, and if I don't get my proper rest I may get wrinkles." Rarity replied.
"Alright, I guess I'll go back home then." Pinkie had to face it. She would go another day without telling Rarity her feelings.
"Oh, don't worry about that, darling. It's alright if you stay here for the night."
"REALLY!?!?" Pinkie didn't mean to shout as loudly as she did, but she could barely contain how happy she was. If she was there an entire night, then surely a moment would come where it'd be just right for Pinkie to tell Rarity.
"Of course! It's already pretty late, so we might as well make this a sleepover." Rarity replied.
"Yay! Sleepover!!" Pinkie yelled, again. Pinkie then, jumped onto Rarity's bed. "It's alright if I sleep here with you, right?"
"Of course, after all we are making the dresses first thing in the morning. It would be easier if we both woke up and went immediatley to it.

"WHAT!?!?!" Pinkie and Rarity both got startled by the sudden screaming. Neither pony knew where it had come from, but somepony just shouted.
"Who was that?" Pinkie asked.
"I don't know. I'll go check outside real quick."

Rarity approached her door and opened it slowly with magic.
"Hello? Is anypony the-? Twilight? Rainbow Dash? What are you doing here? And why were you yelling?" Rarity asked the two ponies.
"We were just taking a walk." Rainbow said, calmly. Rarity looked confused by this answer.
"Okay, so why were you yelling Rainbow Dash?" Rarity then asked.
"Oh, that? I started running ahead of Twilight, and I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and hit my hoof on a rock. It really hurt, so I yelled in pain." Rainbow easily lied.
Oh, I suppose that makes sense." Rarity said "But why were you out walking at night anyway?" Rarity then asked.
"I dunno. Me and Twilight just felt like taking a walk together, so we did." Rainbow replied, yet again, very calmly.

Rarity knew that Rainbow Dash was lying. Something was going on and Rarity was going to figure it ou- 'Oooohhh, I get it. It seems that Rainbow Dash and Twilight have gotten a little bit closer together.' Rarity thought to herself.
"Oh, okay. I get it, say no more Rainbow. I'll go back inside so you two can continue your walk. Goodnight." Rarity then giggled and closed her door behind her.

Rarity ran back up to Pinkie, she could not wait to tell her what she had just found out.
"Hey Rarity! Did you see who was being so shouty?" Pinkie asked.
"Yes I did, and you're not going to believe what just happened."
"What? Was it something fun? Or was it something amazing!? Or maybe it was something delicious? What was it?" Pinkie asked, excitedly.

Rarity, by now, was used to Pinkie's odd behaviour and just pushed aside the weird things that Pinkie just said.
"Well, it was Rainbow Dash who was yelling, and she was with Twilight. She said they were taking a walk together, and they were both acting very strange. After putting some things together, I think I may have found out that Twilight and Rainbow Dash are becoming something more than friends." You could hear the excitement in Rarity's voice.

Pinkie, on the other hand, was not very excited by this news. In fact, it made her sad. Pinkie felt jelous. She was jelous that Twilight and Rainbow Dash were apparently able to tell eachother how they felt. But Pinkie was still unable to say anything. Rarity was standing right in front of her. All Pinkie had to do was just say a few simple words and Rarity would know. Twilight and Rainbow Dash did it, why couldn't she?

That's when it hit Pinkie. Now was the time. She needed to tell Rarity right now.
"Darling? Is there something wrong?" Pinkie had been looking sad for little while now and it was starting to worry Rarity. "Darling? Just then, Pinkie leaped toward Rarity. Rarity fell down on her back, and Pinkie stood above her.

Rarity was not sure what Pinkie was doing, but it was taking all of Rarity's willpower to not embrace Pinkie Pie.
"Pinkie? What are you doing?" Rarity calmly asked.
"Rarity! I have something really important to tell you!" Pinkie yelled. "I... I..." Pinkie couldn't get it out. She was trying so hard, but she just couldn't say it. "I..." Again, she failed. She was almost about to give up when she felt it. Pinkie lips became warm, she looked and saw that Rarity had placed her lips to Pinkie's.

Author's note - I'm really sorry this chapter took so long. I have been having a horrible time trying to deal with pre-readers. This chapter is still not completely pre-read, but I wanted to upload it, cause if I waited for my new ex pre-reader it would've been another month before this chapter was posted. So, if you can, please forgive me for bad grammar, and if you really can't stand it that much, please pre-read for me. I REALLY NEED A PRE-READER!!!

Chapter 4

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Rarity could not resist the temptation, she found her unable to just sit there while Pinkie gathered her thoughts. Without thinking she had placed her lips onto Pinkie's. Rarity's mind was completely blank, the only thing she could focus on was the kiss. The kiss that was happening right now. The kiss Rarity had been waiting for. It felt like hours since the kiss started, but Rarity knew better than that, it had probably been only a few seconds. But these had been the most amazing seconds of her life.

Pinkie could not believe what was happening. One minute she is just about ready to give up on telling Rarity altogether, the next she is locking lips with Rarity. But right now, Pinkie did not care, she was too caught up in the kiss. Rarity's lips were so soft and delicious.

Pinkie and Rarity finally pulled apart, Pinkie still standing over Rarity. For a minute the two ponies just stared at eachother. No words needed to be said between the two, all they needed was to gaze into eachothers eyes. Even though Pinkie already thought that Rarity was the most beautiful pony in Equestria, she now thought that Rarity looked more beautiful than ever before.

Rarity looked up at Pinkie and thought of how long she had wanted her, how much she had always wanted to embrase the pink pony. The two ponies were still, until Pinkie slowly made her way back down to Rarity. She slowly closed her eyes and kissed Rarity gently. Rarity closed her eyes as well and accepted Pinkie's embrace.


Pinkie Pie and Rarity did not end up getting much sleep. They spent most of the night kissing and cuddling. Naturally, they both ended up sleeping eventually, but their resting was short-lived, as Rarity's alarm went off early in the morning. Even though both the ponies wanted nothing more than to embrace each other for the rest of the day, Rarity still had a few more dresses to make, and she could not fail a client.

Making the last few dresses went by fairly fast, partly because of Rarity's experience, but mostly becuase finishing the dresses meant more time to spend with Pinkie Pie.

"Okay, I think that does it" Rarity said happily, as she put in the last stitch, finally finishing the last dress. And as if it was planed, the pony that ordered the dresses walked into Carrousel Boutique.

"Hello, sorry to come in so early, but I'm running a bit late and I was wondering if you had my dresses ready." The pony said, obviously in a rush,

"Why, yes. We just finished the last one, miss...?" Rarity said half asking for the ponies name.

"Ruby." The pony politely replied

"Okay then miss Ruby, here they are." Rarity said as she pointed at the twenty dresses. Each dress had their own unique design, just like Ruby had requested. The customer's eyes lit up when she saw all of them.

"They're beautiful!" The pony said. "How much do I owe you; I need to get going."

"Well, I usually charge about twenty five bits a dress when it's completely original, but since you ordered twenty of them I'll give you a little discount." Rarity quickly did some math in her head. "Okay, your total will be three hundred eighty bits."

"Wow, that's very generous! Thank you." The customer then took off her saddlebags and looked through them. In no time the pony had gotten a sack full of bits out. "There you go, it should all be there." The pony then ran up to the dresses and quickly, but very carefully, grabbed all of them. "Thank you so much!" The pony bowed to show just how greatful she was and then she left out the door. Rarity and Pinkie could hear her call for a taxi and leave.

"I guess any price can be generous to somepony." Rarity thought out loud. Then something struck Rarity as odd. Pinkie Pie had silent way too long. Rarity looked in the direction she thought Pinkie was in to find that pinkie appeared to be in deep thought. "Is something troubling you, darling?" Rarity asked Pinkie.

"Well, because of the super amazing thing that happened to us last night we forgot about something." Pinkie said not looking at Rarity, instead still making a very serious face while putting her hoof against her chin.

"Whatever do you mean?" Rarity asked, greatly confused. Pinkie pulled her hoof away from her chin and looked at Rarity.

"What happened with Twilight and Dashie?" Pinkie asked. Rarity could not believe she had forgotten about those two. It was a very big deal, but with what happened the night before, she really could not blame herself.

"My goodness, how could we have forgotten? We need to do something right away!" Rarity instantly grabbed a saddlebag and started stuffing random things in it.

"Are we going to throw them a party?! OOH! Maybe we could throw a double party! So we could celebrate Twilight and Dashie getting together AND me and you getting together!!"

"Actually Pinkie, I'm not absolutely certain that Twilight and Rainbow Dash ARE together. Although It looked that way we can never be too certain." Pinkie looked a little disappointed at this response.

"Then what ARE we going to do?" Pinkie asked. Rarity then pulled out two pairs of binoculars.

"We are going to Investigate!"


Pinkie and Rarity slowly trotted towards Rainbow's house. When they were almost directly below Rainbow's they layed down behind a bush.
"Okay, now that we're here, we can see what she's up to." Rarity whispered to Pinkie.

"Okie dokie lokie! This is going to be so much FUN!!" Pinkie said happily. Rarity smiled at her new marefriend, happy to know that she was having fun. Rarity looked into her binoculars and looked into Rainbow's house.

"Okay, it seems like she's sleeping." Rarity observed Rainbow in her bed. "But, she's tossing and turning a lot. She needs to get a new bed. Not sleeping well is a sure way to get wrinkles." Pinkie looked at Rarity and nodded gravely in agreement. She then went back to looking at Rainbow Dash through the binoculars.

"Hey Look! Dashie just woke up!" Pinkie and Rarity saw Rainbow jump up from sleep.

"It looks like she may have had a bad dream." Rarity pointed out. The two ponies continued to watch in silence. Rainbow appeared to be talking to herself. Then out of nowhere she took off through one of her windows. "Come on, we need to see where she went!" Rarity yelled.


Pinkie and Rarity quickly jumped into a bush that was just outside of Twilight's Library.
"Okay, so she's come to Twilight's," Rarity pointed out. looks like I may have been right." Rarity could barely hold in her excitement.

"So does this mean I get to throw them a party!?!?" Pinkie yelled quitely.

"I suppose it does, darling." Rarity and Pinkie stopped their conversation and observed Rainbow Dash. Rainbow approched the library's door. She raised a hoof to knock, but just before she made contact with the door, she pulled away. "Hmm? Why didn't she knock?" Rarity thought aloud.

"Maybe she's nervous?" Pinkie suggested. Rarity shrugged and they went back to observing. Rainbow was still in front of the door. She was talking to herself, but neither Pinkie nor Rarity could make out what she was saying. Then Rainbow put on a serious face and puffed out her chest. She raised her hoof again and squinted her eyes as she made contact with the door.

After a few seconds of waiting Twilight answered the door. At first she looked like as if she had just gotten out of bed, but when she noticed it was Rainbow at the door she instantly perked up and was full of energy. At least that's what Rarity thought.

The two poinies talked for a little bit, and by the looks of it their conversation had been very awkward, then Twilight invited Rainbow Dash in. After they made their way inside Rarity and Pinkie took this chance to get closer to the library.

They looked into a window and saw Rainbow Dash and Twilight talking. Twilight seemed a little skeptical while Rainbow looked awkward and nervous. "What do you think they're talking about?" Pinkie asked.

"There is no way of knowing, darling. But, I wish there was." Rarity said wishing there was a way to listen to the conversation. "Oh, look! Something is happening!" Rarity quitely yelled.

Twilight had taken a few steps back from Rainbow, a shocked look on her face, and a bright blush on her cheeks. It looked like Twilight was stuttering and slipping with her words. Rainbow slowly approached Twilight a desperate look on her face.

"IT"S THE ONLY WAY!" Rainbow had yelled loud enough for both Pinkie and Rarity to hear.

"My word. What could she be yelling about?"

"I dunno. But she sounded angry. I hope she isn't angry, but if she is I could make her a get happy cake!! Doesn't that sound yummy? I could put sugar-" Pinkie continued to ramble while Rarity simply rolled her eyes and went back to observing the two ponies. It seemed like Dash had calmed down, but she was talking at what looked like a thousand miles per hour. Twilight looked like she was listening very intently while nodding.

Twilight and Rainbow had finished their talk by the looks of it. They both smiled at each other and Twilight walked Rainbow Dash to the door. "Ooh that would be good too! With a little cherry on top" Pinkie continued talking, but Rarity had to interupt her.

"Darling, while I think that would be delicious, we need to go NOW!" Rarity grabbed the pink pony and jumped for the closest bush. The library door opened and Rainbow Dash came out while Twilight only set one foot out.

"Okay, so I'll go talk to them about it, and I'll see what they say," Rainbow said cheerfully.

"Sounds good." Twilight replied. "Do you think it'll work?"

"Definitely!" Rainbow gave Twilight one last confident looke then took off toward the sky. Twilight went back into the library and closed the door behind her.

"What could they have been talking about?" Rarity thought aloud.

"Hmmmm... dunno!" Pinkie chipped in.

"Well, we may never know, but that just this whole thing worse!" Rarity pouted for a second, but quickly got over it. "Want to go back to the boutique?"

"Okie dokie lokie!" And Rarity and Pinkie went straight towards Rarity's botique talking about what they had just seen, and what Rainbow could have been yelling about.


Rainbow flew away from the library happy with what she had accomplished. With the plan that she had come up with, not only would she be able to complete the investigation, but she'd be able to get a little more comfortable with Twilight. It was, in her opinion, the best plan ever.

Author's Note
It took awhile, but here it is. When writing this chapter I think I may have deleted at least two thousand words. Everytime I wrote something it sounded lame, so I kept deleting it, but I'm pretty happy with it now! I have to give a HUGE thanks to Sir0Chicken for his awesome proof-reading abilities. Seriously, without him this chapter would have been quite messy.

Chapter 5

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Rainbow Dash was in a hurry; she felt like she had not seen Twilight in days. She knew it had only been a few hours, but every second that went by was killing her. Rainbow flew as fast as she could, the cold morning air slicing at her, chilling her to the bone, but she did not care. All that was on her mind was Twlilight.

When Rainbow saw the library coming into view, her heart leapt, and she beat her wings so fast that she almost thought she'd make a Sonic Rainboom. Che imagined the townsponies wouldn't appreciate something like that, though and simply came to a safe, calm landing in front of the entrance,

Rainbow Dash approached the door, a giddy expression on her face. She could not contain her excitement. She lifted her hoof and brought it to the door and... nothing. She found herself unable to knock. She had not come all the way to the library in the freazing weather this early in the morning only to chicken out.

"Okay, let's think about this." Rainbow said aloud to herself. "If Twilight answers the door and I just say 'Hey, what's up?' that's going to be weird, isn't it?" The pegasus looked at her options and tried to come up with a plan. "I got it! I almost forgot I was going to come here in the morning for Rarity and Pinkie anyway. I'll just play it off like I'm here for that!" Satisfied with her plan, Rainbow puffed out her chest, put on the bravest expression she could muster, and knocked on the door.

A few seconds went by, at last the door opened and on the other side was Twilight. Twilight, the most beautiful unicorn in all of Poniville. No, all of Equestria - at least that is what Rainbow Dash thought.

"Ah. Uhhm, hi," Rainbow said incredibly lamely. 'AH UMM HI!?!?!?! SERIOUSLY!?' Rainbow yelled at herself in her thoughts. 'Could that have been more LAME!?!?'

"Hi, Rainbow. What are you doing here so early?" Twilight asked.
"Uhh, well," Rainbow could not stop slipping over her words. She then took a deep breath and gathered her thoughts. "I didn't get much sleep last night because I couldn't stop thinking about what happened with Pinkie and Rarity," Rainbow finally got out, proud that she did not slip up this time. "So, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come up with a plan now, so that we could investigate as early as possible."

"Oh, yeah, that sounds great" Twilight responded with a hint of disapointment in her voice.

"Is something wrong?" Rainbow asked

"No, nothing at all! Why would there be something wrong? Hehe. Well if we're going to be talking awhile we should probably come in where it's not so cold." Twilight then walked back in, inviting Rainbow in the library.
"Right, good idea." Rainbow then made her way into the library.


Twilight sat in a space that was near a few books, Rainbow figured she was reading before she arrived. "Okay, so did you have anything in mind?" Twilight asked.

"Umm, no not really. I was thinking that you'd do most of the thinking. Since you're good at that." Rainbow replied. Twilight smiled at the compliment.

"Okay, well let's see. I don't think that spying on them will work anymore. I think we should take a more direct approach. But, I don't know how." Twilight placed her hoof to her chin, thinking deeply.

Rainbow sat and stared at Twilight, waiting for a response. When she got tired of waiting she tried thinking of her own plan. "Hmmmm, how about we..." Rainbow tried thinking, but failed. "No, uh, how about- no, that won't work. UGH! This is hard! We should just do something completely crazy and straightforward!" Rainbow yelled. Then a lightbulb turned on in the pegasus' head. "That's it!"

"What's it?" Twilight asked.

"We're not going to be subtle at all anymore! We'll just go up to them and ask!"

Twilight spoke her opinion. "That's a little to simple minded. I don't think it'd work."

"Okay, fine. It is a bit too simple. Let me think." Rainbow put on her best focusing face and concentrated on developing a plan. "I got it!" Rainbow burst out. She came up with a plan that could give her a chance to go on a date with Twilight AND solve the mystery of Pinkie and Rarity's relationship. "Twilight, me and you are going to tell them that we are dating!" Twilight stood still, not able to say anything.

"B-but, what would that do? I-I don't see how that would help us." Twilight stuttered.

"Okay, I'll explain it to you! You and I are going to go on a date, but before that I'll find out where Pinkie and Rarity are going to be. And while we're on out date we'll 'accidentally' run into them. They'll, naturally, wonder what we're doing together and ask. When they do we'll just say we're on a date likes it's no big deal. And after we tell them, we'll be like, 'What are you two doing?' and then they'll think 'Well since they're dating I guess it's okay that we tell them we're on a date' and they'll tell us 'We're on a date too!' It's perfect!" Rainbow finished extremely happy with her plan.

"I don't know Rainbow" Twilight turned away from Rainbow. "There are some flaws with your plan, I mean if it turns out we were wrong about them, then we'd basically just be lying to them, then everypony will think that we're dating, when we arent."
Rainbow cringed at Twilight's words, it seemed like the last thing she wanted was for anypony to think they were dating. But she did not think about it too long, she needed to convince Twilight that this was the only plan that they could do.

"Look, I know there are some flaws, but it's all we can do right now." The desperate pegasus said.

"I just don't think something this unorthodox will work, we should think of something else." Twilight replied.

"Twilight. There's nothing else to think about" Rainbow started advancing toward Twilight. Twilight in return started nevously backing away from the cyan pegasus.

"Let's just think for a little longer. There's got to be something else! Let's check one of my books for some references." She kept backing up until she finally got pushed into a corner.

"IT"S THE ONLY WAY!" Rainbow yelled loud enough for her voice to be carried out through the whole library. Twilight lowered her head, Rainbow kept a stern look even after Twilight had broken eye contact.

"Okay. I'll do it" Twilight said, defeated. Rainbow let her look go, and backed away from the shaken unicorn.
"That's better!" Rainbow felt victorius, she had done it. She would get her date, and her answer to this investigation all in one go. "I'm going to take off, I've got to see what Rarity and Pinkie will be doing today." Rainbow started making her way towards the door.

"Wait." Twilight said stopping Rainbow.

"What is it?" Rainbow replied.

"How do you plan on finding out what they're doing? You can't just ask them, then we won't be able to 'accidentally' run into them." Rainbow did not even think about it much, she figured she'd think of something on her way to... well wherever she was going to.

"I dunno, did you have anything in mind?"

"Let's see" Twilight pondered for a moment, then she perked up. "Ah, how about you ask the Cakes. Pinkie would more than likely tell them what she's going to be doing, and for Rarity you could check with Sweetie Belle." Twilight looked quite proud of her smooth thinking.

"That's a great idea! I'll go ask them." Rainbow said happily. Then she made her way to the door again, as Twilight followed behind her. Rainbow walked out the door, while Twilight stayed inside.

"Okay, so I'll go talk to them about it, and I'll see what they say," Rainbow said cheerfully.

"Sounds good." Twilight replied. "Do you think it'll work?"

"Definitely!" Rainbow gave Twilight one last confident look then took off toward the sky.

As Rainbow flew threw the sky, she could only think one thing, 'This is going to be SO AWESOME!'


Author's Note - Well, here's the conversation that Rainbow and Twilight had, now you know the other side of the story! I have to, yet again, thank Sir0Chicken for doing a fantastic job at pre-reading. Not only did he make it sound way better, but I got the pre-read version so fast that there was almost no delay between me finishing that chapter and being able to correct it. Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and I hope you look forward to the next!

Chapter 6

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Pinkie and Rarity walked side by side, leaning up against eachother. As they made their way back to the boutique they talked about the events that they just witnessed.

"I just don't know what Rainbow could've gotten so worked up about. That was quite a shout," Rarity offered.

"Hmm..." Pinkie rubbed her chin in deep thought. After a long pause Pinkie finally chirped a simple, "Dunno!"

Rarity sighed. "While I appreciate your input, that doesn't help us much Pinkie." Usually Rarity would be bothered by such a useless response, but with Pinkie she was able to just brush it off. "Well, all things aside, did you have anything that you needed to do while we were in the middle of the town?" Rarity suggested more than asked Pinkie.

"Nope! Can't think of anything! Plus, the Cakes told me yesterday that I'd be able to take today off! So I'm completely free!" Pinkie replied happily.

"Well, did you want to do something then?" Rarity asked.

"You mean like a date?!" the pink pony asked excitedly.

"Why yes. I suppose it would be a date." Rarity was almost too happy to contain herself as the possibility dawned on her. "So, do you want to?"



Rainbow Dash flew through the air, a huge grin spread across her face. Sometimes she amazed even herself with her brilliance. She had come up with such an amazing plan. She'd be able to pretend she was dating Twilight, and as an added bonus, she'd finally find out if her suspicions about Pinkie and Rarity were correct.

First things first: she'd have to get Rarity and Pinkie. She finally arrived at the boutique, coming to a safe landing at the entrance. Rainbow approached the door and knocked on it. But there was no reply. Growing impatient, Rainbow Dash ran over to a window. She looked inside, only to find nothing. "Ugh, I guess they aren't here." Rainbow thought. "Well where else would they be? I guess I'll go check the rest of Ponyville then." Now a bit more frustrated then before, Rainbow Dash took off into the air headed towards the center of Ponyville.

Now right above Ponyville's town square Rainbow decided to stop and scan the area, it was more than likely that they'd be here. "Okay, where are they?" Rainbow thought to herself. The blue pegasus looked over the town, but didn't see anything of the ordinary. It was all the same stuff, Derpy Hooves was trying to stuff too many letters into a single mailbox, Lyra was sitting with Bon Bon on a bench, and Berry Punch was passed out next to the town bar. But no Pinkie or Rarity.

"If they aren't here, then where are they?" Rainbow moved around a little bit, until she saw a resturant. "Hmm, maybe"' Rainbow got a little closer to the resturant until she was close enough to see all of the outside diners. "I know that Rarity likes this place, so let's check it out." Rainbow glanced at some tables, and, sure enough, they were there. "Alright, time to start the plan!"


Twilight sat in her study, reading the newest Daring Do novel. Although, every word disappeared from Twilight's mind the second she read them. The only thing on her mind was a certain rainbow-maned pegasus. She still had her doubts about the plan that Rainbow had come up with, but she had to admit that the impulsive pegasus was right. They had been investigating long enough, and Rainbow's idea was definitely the fastest solution, even if it was flawed.

"Augh! I give up!" Twilight shouted as she flailed her hooves through the air. "I can't concentrate on anything." Twilight took one last look at her book before closing it with her magic and put it back on the shelf. She let out a long sigh as she got back up and paced around her library.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Coming!" Twilight said as she made her way to the door. Twilight opened the door to find Fluttershy. "Oh! Hey, Fluttershy!" Twilight said, happy to finally have somepony to distract her from her nervous thoughts.

"Hi, Twilight. I'm not interrupting anything, am I? I could always come back later." The shy pegasus backed away, lowering her eyes and letting out a quiet squeak.

"Nope, I wasn't doing anything at all. Come in." Twilight smiled and beckoned her friend forward.

"Oh, thank you," Fluttershy mumbled as she made her way into the library.

"So, what can I help you with?" Twilight asked.

"It's not really anything too important. It's just that I'm having a bit of trouble with Angel Bunny. He has very picky eating habits and I was wondering if you had a book that might help."

"Hmm, hang on." Twilight said quickly. Twilight heading off towards one the many shelves, she stopped in front of a row of books. "Let's see," Twilight muttered as she scanned the books. "Oh! Here we go." Twilight levitated a book off the shelf with her magic and walked back to Fluttershy. "This book should help you with your situation, but if you ask me you shouldn't let Angel kick you around so much Fluttershy."

Fluttershy took the book from Twilight and put it in her bags. "Thank you so much Twilight. And don't worry about me and Angel, I just need to find a few things he likes and we'll be fine."

"Okay, whatever you say, Fluttershy," Twilight said unconvinced. "Anything else you need while you're here?"

"No, this is it," the pegasus answered happily. "Thanks again, Twilight."

"No problem. Anytime you need anything, don't hesitate to ask."

"Okay, I'll see you later then, Fluttershy said, ready to depart.

"Alright. Goodbye Fluttershy." Twilight waved a hoof and Fluttershy returned the action as she headed towards the door to leave. Before Fluttershy could reach the knob, the door flew open, sending Fluttershy back with a surprised scream.

"Okay Twilight I got them!" Rainbow shouted as she barged into the library. "Now we ca- huh? Fluttershy? What're you doing here?" The blue pegasus tilted her head in confusion. Fluttershy had taken shelter behind Twilight. Still shaking she peaked around Twilight and settled down when she saw it was just Rainbow Dash.

"Oh, Rainbow. You scared me." Fluttershy said as she got out from behind Twilight.

Pinkie and Rarity followed behind Rainbow Dash now entering the library. "Hi, Twilight!" Hey, Fluttershy!" Pinkie said happily. "So Dashie, what'd you want to tell us?" Pinkie asked.

"I would like to know what this is all about as well, Rainbow. So, if you would be so kind, could you please tell us what is going on?" Rarity added.

"Is this a bad time? Should I go?" Fluttershy quietly asked Twilight.

Twilight looked around the room nervously. Things had gotten a little more complicated with Fluttershy here. Twilight knew she couldn't just throw Fluttershy out; she was such a fragile pony. With no ideas coming up, she ran over to Rainbow Dash. "Rainbow! What should we do?" She whispered hiding her mouth from everypony else with a hoof.

"Whaddya mean? We're just going to go with our plan," Rainbow said, matter of factly.

"But what about Fluttershy?"

"What about her?"

"Are we just going to tell her we're dating too?"

"Yeah, why not?" Rainbow shrugged.

"Well, I thought... Fine. Let's just get this over with." Twilight walked over to the other three ponies. When they all saw her they cut off their conversation and turned to face her. "Okay, so I'm sure Rainbow has told you two," Twilight pointed a hoof to Pinkie and Rarity, "That we have something to announce. And since you're here too Fluttershy, we might as well just tell you too."

"Tell us what?! What is it!?!?" Pinkie looked like she was about to explode trying to contain her excitement.

"Go on Twilight. What is it?" Rarity gave a motion with her hooves signalling Twilight to continue.

Twilight took a deep breath. "Me and Rainbow." Pinkie and Rarity, and now Fluttershy tilted forward in anticipation. "We're... Uhh."

"Yes?" The three ponies said in unison.

"We're kinda..."

"YES!?" they said in unison again, tilting forward further.

"We're..." Twilight paused. 'Come on Twilight. You can do this, it's not even true. It's just a small lie that we'll clear up once this is over.' Twilight took one last deep breath. "We're-"

"OH FOR PETE'S SAKE," Rainbow yelled as she flew in front of Twilight. "We're dating! There I said it."

There was a long pause. Nopony said anything. Not a single sound was made. "I KNEW IT!!" Pinkie yelled finally breaking the silence. " WE WERE RIGHT RARITY!" Pinkie screamed in happiness. "Rarity?" Pinkie noticed that Rarity was still silent. "What's wrong?"

Rarity sat in silence for a little longer, then finally spoke. "Prove it."


Author's Note - Okay, another chapter out! Everything coming toward the conclusion of the story. Sorry it took so long to get this one out. It seemed like every time I tried sitting down to write this, something would happen and I'd have to push it off for another day. But I got it out, so it all worked out in the end. Like always, I want to thank my amazing proof reader Sir0Chicken, for not only being great at correcting my bad wording, but for getting these chapters back to me so fast! Thanks for reading!


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"Huh?" It was all Rainbow Dash could say.

"I said, prove it." Rarity leaned forward and narrowed her eyes at Rainbow Dash.

"I know what you said! But what do you mean by 'prove it'? Why should I have to prove anything? Isn't my word enough proof for you? Or are you saying I'm lying?" Rainbow asked lowering herself as if she were getting ready to fight.

"Rarity, I kinda agree with Dashie," Pinkie said. "Shouldn't we trust them? I mean, they are our friends, and they wouldn't lie to us, right?" Pinkie turned her attention to Rainbow and Twilight, narrowing her eyes and arching an eyebrow.

"Uh, right," Twilight finally spoke up.

"I'm sorry everypony, but this whole thing just seems too strange and sudden for me to believe without some proof." Rarity spoke up.

Twilight's eyes darted back and forth between everypony else in the room. "I knew this wouldn't work! If only we had put more thought into it!"

"Well, what about you Fluttershy? You've been quiet this whole time!" Rainbow asked.

Everypony in the room now had their eyes on the, now blushing, pegasus. "Umm, well, while I would be happy for Rainbow and Twilight if this were true," Fluttershy's blush grew deeper as she hesitated. "I have to agree with Rarity. Everything about this just seems... strange," Fluttershy finished, her blush finally softening.

"Fluttershy, not you too." Twilight said, realizing that the plan had now completely fallen apart.

"Well, what do you want us to do?" Rainbow asked, looking at everypony in the room with worry.

"Hmm..." Rarity placed her hoof on her chin in deep thought. "Well, there is one thing."

"What is it!?" Rainbow yelled.

"You could give Twilight a quick kiss." Rarity offered.

"What!?" Twilight screamed, as her face was completely taken over by her blush.

"Well, I mean if that is too much for you two, then obviously you're not dating," Rarity answered simply.

"Yeah, if you were dating then you'd have no trouble giving Twilight a quick smooch!" Pinkie added.

"They're right Twilight," Rainbow agreed. "How can we really consider ourselves dating if we still haven't even kissed?"

"Rainbow?" Twilight looked at Rainbow Dash and saw that she was completely serious. Sighing, she slouched her shoulders in defeat and nodded slowly. This was far from what she had thought would happen, but it was useless to fight it. "You're right, Rainbow," she admitted after a moment.

Twilight approached Rainbow Dash slowly, a deep blush covering her cheeks. Twilight's and Rainbow's faces were barely apart now. Both ponies closed their eyes and slowly came together. Before they knew it, they were kissing.

As Twilight felt the warmth on her lips, she never wanted it to end. The sensation of having another ponies lips on her own was amazing. And it felt so right with Rainbow Dash. Eventually, the two ponies separated and ended their beautiful kiss.

"Wow!" Rarity said. "I guess you really do love each other, what with how, ahem, passionate that display was. You have me convinced."

Fluttershy, meanwhile, curled up on the ground making soft squeaks as she tried to take control of her massive blush.

Pinkie had begun hopping up and down with excitement. "Yeah, the only time I've ever seen a kiss like that was last night with me and Rarity!"

"What!?" everypony in the room yelled in unison.

"Pinkie!" Rarity yelled.

"What? Was it supposed to be a secret?" Pinkie asked, lowering her head and pouting as she looked up at Rarity.

"Well, I suppose not, but still. I would have preferred if we had told everypony together., not have you just throw it out there."

"Wait so, you two are dating?" Rainbow asked, just to be sure.

"Yep!" Pinkie announced.

"Alright! Twilight, you hear that? We were right! And my plan worked!" Rainbow screamed in triumph."

"Just barely!" Twilight playfully yelled at Rainbow. "But, you were right. In the end it did work."

"Wait, what plan?" Rarity asked.

"Well, you see, Rainbow said that if we told you guys that we were dating then we would figure out whether you two were dating or not," Twilight explained.

"And it worked like a charm!" Rainbow added.

"Wait, so that was a lie?" Rarity asked.

Rainbow Dash and Twilight looked at each other, "Yeah, I guess." They said in unison. Rarity didn't look upset or betrayed, instead she had a disappointed expression. "What?" the two ponies said in unison again.

"Well, it just surprises me that you two aren't dating. After all, that kiss was obviously full of emotion. But if you say you aren't dating, I just have to accept that. Even though it breaks my heart to see two ponies who are obviously in love not together." Rarity turned towards the door. "Well, now you all know about me and Pinkie, so I guess we're done here, correct?" Rarity asked.

Twilight was not prepared for what Rarity had just said. "Uh, yeah, sure." Twilight barely got out.

"Okay then. Pinkie do you want to go now?" Rarity cheerfully asked Pinkie.

"Okie dokie lokie!" Pinkie then turned towards Rarity and headed out the door. "Sorry you two aren't together after all!" Pinkie said as she left the library.

There was an awkward silence filling the library. "Umm, do you girls mind if I say something?" Fluttershy mumbled. Twilight and Rainbow looked over at the timid pegasus and both nodded at her. "I kinda agree with Rarity. Your kiss seemed," Fluttershy averted her face from the two ponies, blushing."very passionate. But, that's just what I think. I'll just go now." Without another word spoken, the pegasus left the library.

Twilight and Rainbow Dash sat in the middle of the room, completely silent. They both looked over at each other, but as soon as their eyes met, they both blushed and turned away.

"So," Rainbow said, still looking at anything in the room except for Twilight. "What do you think?"

"I uhh, I don't know." Twilight found it nearly impossible to speak as the butterflies that had taken flight in her stomach filled her throat as well.

"Well, I mean, do you think that the kiss was more than our plan?"

"Umm, maybe. I dunno!" Twilight slumped down, her head coming to rest on the floor.

"Well, I kinda do. It was pretty nice," Rainbow Dash pressed on, her voice scarcely more than a whisper.

Twilight looked over at the pegasus. "What did you say?"

"I said, it was nice is all." Rainbow was now blushing.

"Rainbow? Are you blushing?" Twilight asked.

"What! No!" Rainbow yelled as she covered her face with a hoof. Twilight got up and turned towards Rainbow Dash. She slowly walked around the pegasus until she was in front of her. She stared directly at Rainbow. "What! I told you, I'm not blush-" Rainbow was cut off by Twilight planting her lips onto Rainbow's.

Rainbow was caught off guard her eyes wide open, but after she realized what was happening she closed her eyes and wrapped her hooves around Twilight. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they broke their kiss.

"So, I guess it wasn't all the plan after all, huh?" Rainbow asked.

"Guess not." Twilight replied. She leaned forward once more, and the two ponies shared another, smaller kiss.

"Do you want to tell the others that we're together after all?"

"I'd love to."


"So, why wasn't Ah any part of this?" the farm pony asked.

"I dunno, Fluttershy was only there because of odd timing. It was only supposed to be Rarity and Pinkie," Rainbow Dash replied.

"Well Ah guess that makes sense, but I still wish I wasn't tha only one that was left out."

"Cheer up, Applejack! You're part of it now, right?" Pinkie said happily.

"Yeah, you're right Pinkie. But Ah still can't believe you an' Rarity are together. You're jus' so... different."

"Well, you know Applejack, sometimes opposites attract." Rarity offered. Applejack just shrugged and accepted it. She never understood all of that romance stuff that Rarity was so into.

"Still," Twilight started, "I don't really see why throwing a party was necessary."

"What?" Pinkie gasped, her mouth wide open in shock " Twilight, parties are always necessary!"

"Whatever you say, Pinkie" Twilight just accepted that Pinkie would throw a party whenever she got the chance. Not that she was complaining, after all Pinkie's parties were always so much fun.

Twilight left the party and headed outside to get a bit of fresh air, while partying was fun, the nice cool breeze of a beautiful night was always great. She sat still letting the slight wind blow past her, and flow through her mane. She was greeted by Rainbow Dash.

"What're you doing out here?" the pegasus asked.

"Nothing much. Just getting some fresh air."

"Do you want some company?"

Twilight looked over at Rainbow and gave her a small kiss, "Sure"


With the party over and everypony home, Pinkie and Rarity cleaned up the mess of the party. After washing the last piece of cake off a plate, both ponies let out a sigh of relief.

"Well, now that that's over, would you like to go outside?" Rarity asked.

"Yeah! Let's go!" Pinkie yelled unable to keep from hopping up and down.

The two ponies made their way to Ponyville's park. As they walked they made sure to lean against each other. Once they arrived, they saw a nearby bench at the top of a hill and they made their way towards it. Both ponies took a seat and nuzzled into each other, sharing their warmth. They sat in silence and admired the beautiful view. The moon sat directly in front of them illuminating the flowers and beautiful landscape of the park. All the stars in the sky seemed to glow brighter than ever before.

"Look! A shooting star!" Pinkie shouted excitedly. Following that star hundreds of stars started shooting across the sky. Pinkie and Rarity sat in silence, admiring the beauty of Luna's night sky.

"Hey, Rarity." Pinkie said, still looking at the sky.

"Yes, Pinkie?"

"I don't think I've ever been this happy."

Rarity smiled and kissed Pinkie on her head. "I don't think I have either."

The night went on, and Pinkie and Rarity still sat in the bench looking above at the stars and the moon. Everything in the world was right, it was how it should be. Nothing could possibly have made this night, any more beautiful then it was.

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