In Which Sunset Shimmer Hypnotizes Her Friends

by Qiscord

First published

Sunset Shimmer shares a special gift with the Mane Six via hypnosis. Kinky hypnosis.

Sunset Shimmer has changed since the Fall Formal - really, she has! She's made friends, she's outgrown her evil nature, and she's now studying the magic of friendship.
But you know what they say; the more things change...
The more they still try and hypnotize their friends.

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Breast Enlargement
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Hypnosis/Mind Control
Mental Conditioning
Pet Play
Female-On-Female Sex

Pinkie Pie

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This is sexually explicit material. If you're not 18, you should stay away from this stuff.


[Fetishes Used in This Chapter]

Masturbation [Major]
Hypnosis/Mind Control [Major]
Pleasure Torture [Moderate-Major]
Mental Conditioning [Moderate]
Breast Expansion [Minor]

And with that, let's get this train wreck rollin'!

Sunset Shimmer, ex-conqueror of Canterlot High, sat in her kitchen as a pink blur raced to and fro, placing cupcake after cupcake in front of her.

'Sometimes,' Sunset thought to herself. 'this whole friendship thing seems like it's a lot more trouble than it's worth.'

Not that she wasn't grateful, of course. After the Fall Formal, she'd realised how horrible she'd been treating everyone, and how cruel she had truly become in her days since being Celestia's student. However, she was, in many ways, still the same old Sunset. She could be snarky. She could be manipulative. She could even be ruthless and cruel when she wanted to.
And, most importantly, she still craved power.
However, being around Twilight and her friends shad shown Sunset that there wasn't much point to power if she didn't have anyone there to share it with.
In short, there was no power without happiness.
So she began changing.
She stopped being cruel, ruthless, and manipulative - the snark stayed, because, honestly, the day Sunset Shimmer gave up her snark was the day she died - and started being kind, generous, and trustworthy.
But, most importantly, she still craved happiness, and through happiness, power.

"So!" Pinkie chirped, grinning as she quickly and efficiently derailed Sunset's train of thought so catastrophically the death toll approached the millions. "Which of these cupcakes d'you wanna bake?"

Sunset looked down at the plethora of pastries below her. There were cupcakes of every shape, size, color, and flavor. Some of them looked like simple affairs that could be cooked at home, while some were impossible to describe without creating at least two new adjectives from scratch.

"How about that one?" Pinkie said, indicating a very ungthious and frnciautory cupcake that seemed to be floating gently over the table. "That one's really fun to make."

"I think that one's a bit too... eldritch for my tastes, Pinkie." Sunset replied. "What about a batch of those?"

Sunset pointed to a small, round cupcake, topped with yellow frosting. She couldn't tell whether or not it was lemon or banana, but that was a gamble Sunset was willing to take.

"Aww, but that one's easy!" Pinkie complained.

"Keep in mind; this is the first time I've made cupcakes before." Sunset reminded Pinkie. "I think an easy cupcake like that should be perfect for a first-timer, don't you think?"

"You're right!" Pinkie said. "Especially seeing as how we're only making two of them. Just give me a few seconds to clear the table and we'll get started!"

As Pinkie began speeding around the room again, taking cupcakes from the table in exactly the same order she put them on in - a phenomenon eerily similar to a video being played in reverse - Sunset returned to her thoughts.

Yes, she still craved power and happiness. Yes, she also wanted her friends to have those things too. However, a trace of the old Sunset still wanted to be on top.
Her dreams were often filled with intense images; her friends being incredible people; doing incredible things. And she would be the best of them all, the shining star. Sunset Shimmer and her assistants, fighting evil.
Shortly after the Battle of the Bands, She'd begun picturing her and her friends, costumed like comic-book superheroes, standing triumphantly on a rooftop. Twilight and the others were arrayed behind her, and she was the centerpiece; the spotlight that made all the other lights shine brighter.
A tinge of another Sunset had emerged, then, and shifted the image a bit. The costumes grew tighter; the curves of the heroes larger, more pronounced, the eyes of her entourage empty and blank.
For, unbeknownst to Sunset, when she had come through the mirror, she was put into the body of a girl just entering puberty.
And her libido had grown just as much as the rest of her over the years.

Yes, she could definitely see it; Sunset and her troop of hypnotized sluts, ready to-

Sunset shook her head. Heroes. She definitely meant heroes.
Although the former idea was a lot more appealing than the latter...

"?tesnuS, ydeaR" Pinkie called, before shaking her head.

"I mean 'Ready, Sunset?" she reiterated, giving her confused friend a wink.

Sunset nodded, and Pinkie began singing as she produced ingredient after mixing bowl after whisk.

It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake
If the way is ha-zy...

'Oh, Celestia.' Sunset groaned to herself. 'The baking song.'

Right then and there, Sunset decided to take Pinkie first.

The truth was; many people assumed that since she wasn't Celestia's student for very long, she hadn't picked up any of Twilight's habits; her careful study, her fascination with magic...
They were wrong.
Sunset had been a diligent student, learning the value of study, and she'd developed a laser-like focus.
And, ever since the Fall Formal, she had been studying two very special subjects.

She had first come across the first in a library book she passed on her way to the Fantasy section; the bright, colorful cover, adorned with spirals and watches, had caught her eye, and she'd picked up, skimmed, and checked out 'Hypnosis and Suggestion: A Beginner's Guide'.
Since then, she'd devoured anything she could get her hands on that had to do with hypnosis. She had no idea why - she hadn't had this fascination before the Fall Formal - but hypnotism, mind control; anything that involved the removal of someone's free will...
It made her feel strangely good, especially in a certain place.
This feeling had led her to the world of kink. She'd quickly devoured BDSM, as well as pet play, roleplay, and various other intimate forms of recreation, untl she'd discovered the common thread that linked the two.
Her nights from then on were filled with pleasure that was nothing short of amazing.
And so she had created a plan; she would show her friends just how amazing hypnosis and kink could be. She would share this power, and this happiness.
The mental image of her and her friends had shifted, then, to them arrayed kneeling naked before her, their eyes blank and their mouths open, ready to serve and pleasure their Mistress. Of course, she would ask for their approval - conveniently after she'd already placed some triggers - but still she longed for the days she could - no, would spend as Sunset Shimmer, Hypno-Mistress, playing with her loyal hypnotized sluts.

"Hold up, Pinkie." Sunset said. "I have a... special ingredient I wanna add to the frosting, if that's all right with you."

"Sure!" Pinkie said, proffering the bowl of frosting.

Sunset reached into her backpack and took out a small vial, filled with a chemical she had created back at her apartment. Laced with various pheremones, the liquid inside should, if sunset was correct, have a very... positive effect on Pinkie Pie.

Smiling warmly at her friend, Sunset poured the vial into the frosting, and Pinkie went back to her mixing, singing as she went.

Sunset waited patiently until the cupcakes were done baking, then took the bowl of frosting from Pinkie and went to work, coating one of the two cupcakes completely with frosting, making a veritable mountain of lemon? - honestly, it could be banana - flavored goodness.

"Oops!" she deadpanned, when she was done. "I am such a klutz; I have accidentally used so much frosting on this one that I have forgotten to frost my own cupcake, and now the frosting is all gone!"

"Don't worry, Sunset!" Pinkie said, giving her friend a reassuring pat on the back. "Everyone makes mistakes their first time in the kitchen. I'll make some more in a jiffy!"

True to her word, Pinkie had the second cupcake frosted in a matter of seconds. The less adorned cupcake looked practically tiny compared to the first.

"Let's eat!" Pinkie said. "Sunset, since I kinda accidentally didn't let you help me at all except with the frosting, you get first pick!"

"I'll take this one." Sunset said, taking the normal cupcake. "Dig in, Pinkie."

"Oh, you bet I will!" Pinkie said, grabbing the laced cupcake with both hands and shoving it into her mouth, frosting and all. For once, Sunset was glad Pinkie Pie was so reality-bendingly weird.

"So, how does it taste?" Sunset asked, taking a bite out of her cupcake before being taken on a three-second, lemon-flavored trip to heaven and back. Pinkie's cupcakes were the best thing ever.

"Amazing!" Pinkie replied. "I feel so... Happy! And happy! Did I mention happy?"

"Yeah." Sunset said. "Do you feel good?"


"Really good?"


"Hey, Pinkie, would you stand on your hands for me?"

"Sure..." Pinkie said, supporting herself on her slender arms.

"Now could you sit on the counter and put your feet in the sink?"

"Of course..."

Soon, Pinkie's shoes were bobbing cheerfully beneath the faucet.

Sunset nodded to herself. This was good; the chemical was designed to put the subject into an extremely suggestive state for around twenty minutes. It also had some more... Aesthetically pleasing effects.

'Now,' Sunset thought to herself. 'The fun begins.'

"Now, Pinkie," Sunset said. "What comes out of this faucet?"

"Water, silly."

"No. The thing that comes out of this faucet is soda. Your favorite flavor of soda."

"Oh, okay."

Sunset turned the faucet on, and Pinkie's eyes widened.

"Triple-strawberry-cherry-orange-blue-razzle-dazzle-suicide-surprise!?" she cried. "I thought that was outlawed in seventeen countries!"

"Well, it's right here." Sunset said. "But you can't move your arms or legs."

Pinkie grunted with effort, trying to get at the liquid, but, just as Sunset said, her body remained stiff and immovable.

"Now, Pinkie." Sunset said calmly. "I'm going to give you a little bit of this soda. When I do, you're going to feel this wave of slow, happy relaxation flow through you, alright?"

Pinkie grunted in affirmation, and Sunset rolled her eyes.

"You can move your mouth."


Sunset filled a shot glass - why did she even have these? - and slowly poured it into her friend's waiting mouth. As she did, Pinkie seemed to melt, eyes rolling back as she groaned.

"So... good..." she moaned quietly.

"Do you want more?" Sunset asked. Pinkie nodded furiously.

"Okay, well I'll give it to you." Sunset said, filling the glass again. "But this time, you have to say something before I can give it to you."


"I love doing what Sunset Shimmer says."

"I love doing what Sunset Shimmer says." Pinkie echoed. Sunset poured half the glass into her mouth, and she moaned again.

"Keep saying it." Sunset said, waving the glass.

"I love doing what Sunset Shimmer says."

The rest of the glass went down Pinkie's gullet.

"I love... Doing what Sunset Shimmer says."

"Doing what I say makes you feel good, doesn't it?" Sunset said. Pinkie moaned.

"I... I love doing... I love doing what Sunset Shimmer says." Pinkie said, as Sunset poured another half-glass into her mouth.

Suddenly, Pinkie's chest began rippling and heaving. Pinkie moaned in pleasure.

"That's what happens when you do what I say." Sunset said. "Doesn't it feel good?"

Pinkie moaned again, nodding.

"Now, every time I give you some of the drink, you'll feel a heat between your legs. Have you had any... intimate experience before?"

Pinkie blushed and nodded. Sunset poured a quarter-glass into her mouth, and Pinkie moaned.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of." Sunset said. "Was it with a guy, or a girl?"

Pinkie shook her head.

"Oh." Sunset said, grinning. "Was it... By yourself?"

Pinkie nodded.

"Once..." she moaned. "And... I felt so ashamed after..."

Sunset poured the rest of the glass down into Pinkie's mouth.

"From now on, when you drink this, you'll feel a burning need, a longing, to play with yourself. To masturbate. But it's all right; Masturbation is good. Repeat that."

"Masturbation is good."

A full glass this time.

"ooooOOOH... Masturbation is good."

Another full glass.

"Masturbation is good."

Another glass.

"Masturbation is good!"

Another, and another quickly following the first.

"Masturbation is good!"

Sunset stopped pouring. Pinkie was panting heavily, eyes fogged with pleasure. Her eager pussy was soaking wet, leaking fluid out from between her legs that dripped down one leg and puddled on the floor.

"Whenever you say what I tell you to," Sunset said. "You'll feel me pouring the soda into your mouth. It tastes twice as good. It makes you feel three times as relaxed and blissful. It makes you four times as aroused. And it makes you want to masturbate five times more. With every cup, feel the effects increasing. Now, repeat after me."

Pinkie's chest began to expand again, and Sunset smiled at the bulge in Pinkie's shirt.

"I love Sunset Shimmer."

"I love Sunset Shimmer!"

Pinkie moaned.

"Sunset Shimmer is the most beautiful person ever."

"Sunset Shimmer is the most beautiful person ever!"

Another moan. The puddle grew.

"I masturbate for Sunset Shimmer."

"I masturbate for Sunset Shimmer!"

Yet another moan, this one louder.

"I masturbate to Sunset Shimmer."

"I masturbate to Sunset Shimmer!"

Pinkie practically yelled, and Sunset thanked Celestia that she'd invited Pinkie over to her house out on the outskirts of town; it wouldn't do to have anyone overhear this.

"Sunset Shimmer is my Mistress."

"Sunset Shimmer is my Mistress!"

Sunset decided enough was enough, and turned to Pinkie, grabbing a large glass from a nearby cupboard, filling it, and pouring the entire thing into Pinkie's mouth.

A scream of pure lust filled the air as Pinkie drank the liquid. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she moaned raggedly, panting hard. It was obvious she'd climaxed, but thanks to Sunset's triggers, her arousal was still going strong.

"Pinkie, you can move, but whenever you try to masturbate, your hands just stop." Sunset said. Pinkie practicaly threw herself to the floor, hands headed straight for her legs, but stopping just short. Pinkie moaned in frustration and arousal.

"Do you want to masturbate, Pinkie?" Sunset asked nonchalantly.

"YES!" Pinkie screamed.

"Yes what?"


"I'd love to let you, but, see, I can't let Pinkie Pie masturbate."

Pinkie writhed on the floor, half-mad with lust, juices practically gushing from her.

"I can only let girls named 'Slut' masturbate." Sunset said. "What's your name, by the way? I forgot. silly me."

"M-M'name's Sl-Slut." Pinkie stammered.


"My name is Slut!" Pinkie screamed.

"And what am I?"

"You are this Slut's Mistress!"

"Good Slut. Orgasm now."

Pinkie screamed with pleasure as her body twitched and quivered with the raw force of her release. However, once the wave of bliss died down, Pinkie found the fire of her arousal even stronger than it had been before.

"Good, good..." Sunset said. "When I snap my fingers, Slut, you can masturbate, and you'll orgasm with every stroke. It'll feelso good, so amazing; so relaxing. However, with every stroke, more of that soda will pour into your mouth and down your throat. With every stroke, Slut, you'll think of me, you'll think of your new name, and you'll think of how much you love your Mistress. In your mind, you'll repeat everything I've told you to say, and only when you truly understand your place will you be allowed to stop climaxing. Understand, Slut?"

"Y-Yes, Mistress!" Slut cried.

"Good. Make sure your strip and head up to my bedroom before you masturbate, Slut. I want to see this." Sunset said, pouring another large glass-full of water down Slut's throat before snapping her fingers.

Off flew Slut's pants and shirt, followed by bra and panties, and, before Sunset could even blink, Slut was gone.

Chuckling, Sunset followed the trail of pussy juice to her room, where Slut writhed with pleasure in the middle of the floor, both hands working in and out of her gushing hole like pistons. She screamed, eyes closed, and Sunset smiled..
Sunset watched this for several minutes, admiring her work as an artist might admire a particularly beautiful painting. Soon, though, Sunset decided she needed to end the fun; her twenty minutes were almost up.

"Who do you love?" Sunset asked casually.

"MISTRESS!" Slut screamed, before climaxing harder than she had ever climaxed before. Juices sprayed all over the room, and Sunset licked some cum from her finger. It tasted sweet, tangy, and vaguely of cherries.

She thought about going down there and tasting more, but she held back.
'There'll be time for that after I've taken the others.' she told herself.

"Again." Sunset said. "Who do you love?"

Slut's reply came as a wordless cry of pleasure that reached tones so high it actually became inaudible. Her eyes rolled back in her head for the third time that day, and she collapsed on the floor, twiching in pleasure.

"Good." Sunset said soothingly. "What is your name?"

"Sssssssslllllluuuuuuuutt..." Slut breathed.

"Good. Who do you love?"

Slut climaxed the hardest yet, and Sunset stepped forward, worried that she might have damaged her friend's brain somehow. However, Slut opened her eyes, and Sunset sighed in relief.

"Slut?" Sunset asked. Slut orgasmed then and there, and Sunset grinned. The conditioning was properly set.

"Good, good. You're a good Slut." Sunset said, as Slut orgasmed over and over just from the sound of her Mistress's voice. "Now, listen to me, Slut. Everything I say is the absolute truth. Feel my words soak into the core of your soul as you accept them as reality."

"You love Mistress." Sunset said. "You love serving Mistress. It is your only desire in life. If Mistress is pleased, you will feel pleasure beyind your imagination. Do you understand?"


"Good." Sunset said. "Now, when I tell you too, you'll orgasm harder than ever and fall into a deep sleep. In this sleep, you will get up, clean yourself up, and put your clothes back on. When you put the last article of clothing on, you will wake up, and everything you learned here today; everything about Mistress, and what you love, will be locked away, in a safe inside your head. You'll be Pinkie Pie again. But when I - and only I - ask you who you love, you will orgasm harder than you ever have before, and the safe will open, and Pinkie Pie and Slut will trade places. Pinkie will be locked away, and all you will know is serving and pleasing me. Do you understand?"


"Good. Now I have some instructions for Pinkie Pie." Sunset said. "Pinkie, when you think about what we did here today, you will remember that we ate our cupcakes and had a nice chat about nothing in particular. We didn't make any plans, and you were about to leave. However, you will remember that masturbation is good, and whenever you climax as Pinkie Pie you'll think of me, you'll think of how much you love masturbating, and you'll think of how hot you never realized your friends - especially me - are until now. Do you understand?"


Sunset stepped back, nodded, and watched as her chemicals ran their course, finishing their job of expanding Pinkie's bouncy, perky breasts. It wasn't anything big - until Sunset had taken the rest of her friends, she wanted to keep things subtle - but it was big enough that all of Pinkie's bras would be a pretty tight fit now.

"Pinkie?" Sunset said, the thought sparking an idea.

"Yes, Mistress?"

"You don't like wearing bras any more." Sunset said.

"I don't like wearing bras any more."

"Pinkie?" Sunset said again.

"Yes, Mistress?"



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Disclaimer: If you were expecting this chapter to not be porn after reading the last one...
Why the heck would you think that. This is porn. Unless you're 18, go back to Runescape or Myspace or whatever you kids do with your spare time.


Hypnosis [Major]
Breast Play [Major]
Mental Conditioning [Moderate-Major]
Masturbation [Moderate-Minor]
Cunnilingus [Moderate-Minor]
(Not really a fetish but I'mma put it here anyway) This fic contains an abnormal amount of vulgar language. If you're the rare type who reads porn but gets offended by that stuff, you may wanna skip this.
Just saying.
On with the show, then!

"Good afternoon, Sunset!" Rarity called, opening the door to the boutique, making the bells set atop the door chime a merry tune.

"Afternoon." Sunset replied, smiling. As she and Rarity walked in, she took a moment or two to examine her next target.

Much like Pinkie had a sort of innate cuteness about her, Rarity seemed to exude pure, natural grace. She didn't just walk; she flowed, her ample curves enough to distract and entrance even the most pure-minded of men - and even some women.
Sunset's eyes swept over Rarity's well-endowed rear end and fixed on the girl's large, swaying breasts. Somehow, Rarity managed to find a way to push them up and let them hang at the same time, giving her chest an almost ethereal property.

A day or so ago, Slut - or, rather, Pinkie Pie - had told her that Rarity was 'feeling down', and that a visit from a friend might help her cheer up. She'd talked to the others, and, after a talk or two with a friend, she'd decided to make her move early.

"What brings you here?" Rarity asked, raising an eyebrow at Sunset.

Sunset had expected to have a few days with Slut to test out some different inductions and triggers, but she knew how to improvise almost as well as she knew how to plan. Swiftly reaching into the pocket of her jacket, Sunset pulled out a blue crystal on a thin, golden chain.

"I wanted you to take a look at this." she said nonchalantly. "I found it in the woods the other day, and I thought it might be worth something."

Rarity obligingly took the gem and pulled out an array of loupes. Selecting one, she examined the gem with a scrutinizing eye.

"It... seems like an ordinary sapphire to me." she said. "I mean, it is rather large, and that will most certainly sell for more than a smaller one, but I don't see anything particularly unique about it."

"That's what I thought at first." Sunset said, taking the chain and dangling the crystal in front of Rarity's face. "But if you look closely at the inside facets, I think there's another, smaller gem in there..."

"Really?" Rarity said, discarding the loupe and staring into it. It did have a surprising number of facets, a few of them seeming to come from inside the gem. As Rarity watched, Sunset slowly began spinning the crystal, swaying it lightly from side to side.
The facets began changing as Rarity examined them, slowly spiraling deeper and deeper into the gem. Rarity followed them, her eyes half-lidded as she began swaying with the gem.

So pretty...

"You work pretty hard, don't you?" Sunset said, her voice a seductive whisper.

"I do?" Rarity echoed, still drowning in the blue, spiraling facets.

"Yeah, you do." Sunset echoed. "Making dresses, finding gems... That's all really, really hard work. Why don't you just relax?"




Rarity's knees wobbled, and the swaying intensified as the blue seemed to fill her vision, and the voice stopped coming from outside her head and began emanating from inside it, nigh-indistinguishable from her own thoughts.



Rarity smiled, a dazed, happy smile. The voice was right; she should just relax.

Suddenly, the spinning stopped. Rarity's eyes were still full of the wonderful blue gem, but it had stopped spinning.

You should head up to your bedroom.

Rarity felt her legs moving, but she didn't see anything but the spiral as she slowly walked somewhere before stopping. The air was much cooler here, and she sighed. She was so relaxed here.

Good. You're so relaxed now, aren't you?

"So... Relaaaxed..."

Is Sweetie Belle home?

Sweetie Belle? Why would the voice ask about Sweetie? No matter; she was so relaxed she could hardly think of anything else.

"She's... With our parents... For the month..."

Good. Just sit down on your bed and relax...

Rarity's body sat on something soft and comfortable and she sighed again, a wave of pure, utter relaxation flowing over her.

The voice said something quietly, and Rarity frowned, trying to make out what it was saying.

No, no; don't try and hear what I'm saying; just listen, relax... and obey.

Then the blue started spinning again, and Rarity lost herself in the color.
She sat there, blue whirling around her, until her mind was filled with the blue, filled with nothing else but the blue...
...and Sunset Shimmer.

Rarity had never noticed before, but Sunset Shimmer was beautiful. From her perfect breasts down to her amazing ass, from her smoldering gaze to her exquisite legs, Sunset was the sexiest girl Rarity had ever seen.

The thoughts filled her mind, whirling with the blue, until they leaked out of her mouth as she thought of how amazing and beautiful and sexy her friend was.
Not her friend.

Someone as perfect as Sunset Shimmer wasn't Rarity's friend; she was her...
Something happened then, as the words dribbled out of Rarity's mouth.
A hand reached up and cupped one of Rarity's breasts, squeezing it gently, massaging it. It felt good.
It felt so good...

Every second the hand worked on her breast, the pleasure grew, spreading out from her chest like fire that energized her whole body with bliss. The blue continued spinning, wrapping Rarity up and the relaxation and the pleasure.
Sunset Shimmer was her owner. Her sexy, beautiful, perfect owner.
Rarity moaned, panting with lust. Oh, if only she could see Sunset right now. Surely the sight of such a perfect being would complete her bliss utterly.
As she thought of her amazing owner, Rarity felt another hand reach up and massage her other breast. The pleasure doubled, and Rarity spasmed, the intensity of it filling her up, coalescing in her nethers...
She came, and the bubble burst, filling her, filling her with the blue and with Sunset and-

"So that worked." Sunset said, as Rarity collapsed on the ground, breathing slowly and evenly. She grinned; she had plans for Rarity when she woke up, but before then, she had to get things ready.

When Rarity awoke, she was naked and everything was blue. The walls, the ceiling, the furniture; everything was colored a rich, deep shade of sapphire blue. It looked addly familiar, and Rarity unconsciously relaxed, taking a deep breath and sighing deepy, a small smile on her face despite the confusing circumstances.
It didn't matter that she was naked, did it? She was in the privacy of her own room, and everything was so blue and relaxing and wonderful to look at...

Rarity, after a few minutes of staring at the walls and feeling good, decided that now would be a good time to go out into her house and see if the entire building had been tinted. As she passed the full-body mirror next to her bedroom door, however, something about her reflection caught her eye.

Rarity's reflection was wearing the most beautiful, perfect dress Rarity had ever seen. It flowed down around Rarity's impressive assets, hugging them and amplifying them tastefull and artfully. Gems glittered and shined amid the fabric, and Rarity turned this way and that, admiring her reflection with wonderment. Her reflection, however, didn't share her expression; it had a needy, hungry look on its face as it gazed back at Rarity. Its eyes weren't looking into Rarity's, and Rarity knew, somehow, exactly where it was looking.

She stopped at the realization. Her reflection was moving on its own! She tried to move away from the mirror, but, to her surprise, she found that she couldn't; she was frozen in place. Her eyes moved to her reflection, who was standing just like Rarity, with a smug grin on her face; the face of a hunter just after catching her quarry.

Her reflection raised a hand to her chin, and Rarity found her body quite literally mirroring the movement. As her reflection paced, Rarity's feet trod back and forth, and all the while the reflection grinned.

Suddenly, Rarity's reflection stopped, walking over to a pair of handcuffs Rarity's hadn't noticed before. In dismay, she watched as her body bent at the waist - flashing her voluptuous ass at the mirror - and picked the handcuffs up, placing them on her wrists and moving her hands behind her back, kneeling on the ground.

It was then, frozen in place, that Rarity saw her reflection move, pulling a key from behind her back as she brought her hands forward. Rarity, however, stayed frozen stiff. Her reflection stood, leaving a pair of handcuffs floating in mid-air at her feet. With a smile, Rarity's reflection turned, bent over, and locked the handcuffs. Rarity heard a 'click' from behind her, and she knew that somehow her reflection had locked them.

As Rarity's mirror image turned to face her again, Rarity noticed it was no longer wearing the dress. Instead, it was clad in a long, silken gown of translucent white, the kind one would sleep in. It was tighter than usual, however; it hugged her body closly, and Rarity could see that her reflection wasn't wearing any underwear, letting her extraordinary breasts hang free, nipples hard and erect.
Her reflection began swaying, to the right and back to the left, letting the breasts swing, a pendulous motion that absorbed Rarity's attention and reminded her of something else that swung, something on the edge of her memory.
Rarity sat there, staring at the breasts as they swayed back and forth, and she sighed, relaxing visibly.

She noticed, then, that she was mouthing something over and over again. She looked at her reflection, who was mouthing the same word, and managed to read its lips:




She started, the haze that had settled upon her lifting slightly. Rarity was a lady! There was no was she would debase herself in such a manner!

Then the reflection ran a hand across her thigh, and Rarity felt a hand, strong yet soft, caress her inner thigh, heading straight for...

"Oh, fuck, that feels good." Rarity moaned as the fingers danced across her slit. She clasped her hands over her mouth, shocked and embarrased at what she'd said.

The breasts, still swaying, captivated her again, and slowly her hands lowered. Still mouthing, Rarity settled in, the hand caressing away her worries, her cares...

"This feels so fucking good..." Rarity moaned, this time hardly hearing the words as she said them. "Don't stop... Fuck..."

With every utterance of the word 'fuck', the hand paid a short, pleasurable visit to Rarity's most intimate area, a wave of pleasure and relaxation and pure lust washing over her.

"That's good... Keep relaxing." a voice next to her said. It was low and smooth as silk, yet it carried a familiarity that caused Rarity to turn and investigate its source.

Sunset Shimmer, clad in a sweeping black dress that revealed a lot more than it hid, stood before her, a magnificent crystal necklace hanging from her neck and a confident gleam in her half-lidded eyes.
The necklace glinted in the light, filling Rarity's vision with blue...
...And then she remembered.

"Oh! Sunset!" Rarity cried, flinging herself to the ground at her Mistress's feet. "I didn't see you! Please forgive-"

"Course I forgive you..." Sunset said, before grinning. "Whore."

Rarity sat up in shock. Even from someone as perfect as her Mistress, the words stung.

"I beg your fucking pardon!?" she cried, moaning as the invisible fingers darted across her entrance, sending a wave of lust through her.

"What?" Sunset said. "I was just calling you by your name, Whore. Honestly; don't tell me you've forgotten it."

"My name is not Whore!" Rarity cried. "Why would anyone have a name that fucking dirty? Oooh..."

Rarity silently lamented the fact that her arms were handcuffed behind her back. Mistress or not, the fingers caressing her, pleasuring her...
They made her want to stick her hand in her dripping cunt and go to town.

Her eyes widened in shock; where had that come from!?

"If your name isn't Whore, then what is it?" Sunset asked calmly. "Tell me your name, not-Whore. Or do you not know it?"

"Of course I fucking know my fucking... Name." Rarity said, pausing to take in the pleasure. Words could not express how much she wanted something to fuck right now. "My name's... My name's..."

"Shit." she said finally, moaning loudly as the fingers went a little deeper this time. "How the fuck did I forget my own fucking name? This is so damn embarrassingOOOhhh!"

The fingers had gone deeper than they had ever gone before, and, looking at her reflection, she saw a hand pressed against one of her swaying, jiggling breasts. The back and forth captured her attention once more, and she all but forgot about Sunset as she stared at the mirror, feeling a hand grope her right boob, squeezing it, massaging it.

"Oh, fuck, don't stop don't stop please fuck!" she cried. Now, with every dirty word that cleared her lips, the hand pinched her nipple, twisting it in the most agonizingly pleasurable way. She needed something to fuck, and she needed it now. Boy, girl... It didn't matter. She needed to fuck.

"Fuck." she said, gazing at the breasts as they swung. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!"

'That's good..." Sunset said. "What's your name?"

"Fuck! My name's fucking Whore! Fuck, I need-"

Her words were cut off by a moan of lust as a third hand placed itself on her other boob and began working on it. With a hand on each breast and one stroking her thighs, Whore's thoughts fled her.

"Whore..." she repeated, and the hands went into overdrive. "Whore. Whore! I'm a fucking whore! My name's fucking Whore! Fuck!"

"Good!" Sunset said. "Now who do you belong to, Whore?"

"I fucking belong to fucking Sunset fucking Shimmer please fuck me I need-"

When Whore said the words, the hands moved away from her nipples, instead moving to massage the undersides of her massive breasts. The absence of pleasure wasn't long, though; two mouths clamped onto her nipples and began sucking, while a fourth hand slipped into her cleavage and went to work there.

Whore's eyes were filled with the swaying breasts and with the blue. She couldn't think about anything but the pleasure. Couldn't feel anything but the pleasure.

"You've got some pretty impressive tits there, Whore." Mistress said. "Tell me, whose are they?"

"These fucking tits are Mistress's fucking tits!"

"What about your delightful ass?"

"This fucking ass is Mistress's fucking ass!"

"And your pussy - I'm sorry - cunt?"

"This fucking cunt is Mistress's fucking cunt!" Whore cried. "Please, Mistress, stick your fucking fingers into my cunt! Rut me like the fucking whore I am! Please just fuck me! Fuuuuck meeee!"

At this, the hand caressing her vanished and a cock, larger and harder than she'd ever imagined, shoved itself into Whore's dripping cunt. Screaming with ecstasy, Whore's eyes rolled back in her head, and the heat built up, building and building and building until-

The pleasure peaked right as Whore hit orgasm, and she collapsed, screaming her lungs out. The pleasure, the joy of belonging to Mistress, the lust... It wouldn't go away!

"You can't stop orgasming..." Sunset said, her dress discarded next to her. "Until you've made me cum."

Whore rose to her knees, eyes turned feverishly to Mistress, who was clothed in a tight-fitting bra. She wore nothing else but the necklace, which whirled around Whore, coated her in blue...

"It would be Whore's fucking pleasure to fuck Mistress with her humble, unworthy fucking tongue!" Whore half-moaned, half-screamed, diving for Mistress's pussy and lodging her face squarely in between Mistress's thighs. She licked like a woman possessed, the appendage darting in and out of Mistress's now-dripping folds. Mistress's fluids were the most delicious thing Whore had ever tasted. The soft confines of Mistress's pussy clenched around her, and Whore braced for the sudden rush...

"Stop, Whore!" Mistress called, anger in her voice.

Whore immediately removed herself from Mistress's pussy, dread and despair filling her being. The pleasure actually stopped, leaving Whore empty and alone in a dark, endless void of sheer hopelessness.
She had failed her Mistress.
In that moment, Whore begged for death.

"No, no, it isn't your fault, Whore." Mistress said, and in a rush the moment had passed, the pleasure had returned, and Whore writhed with joy, eyes glued to the still-swaying breasts in the mirror. When she wasn't actively obeying Mistress, her eyes were glued to them. Her hands, somehow free of the cuffs, pumped in and out of her cunt to the rhythm of the swaying.

Left, in. Right, out. Left, in...

The feeling of having a cock and two hands inside her set Whore adrift in a sea of pleasure. She screamed, a long, lustful sound, her throat cracking as it went higher.

"I remembered something." Mistress said, an apologetic tone in her voice. "I was saving that for... Someone else, and I got angry at myself for forgetting. When I snap my fingers, you'll cum, and when you wake up, you'll forget everything that happened here since I arrived; You'll be normal Rarity again. You took a break for lunch, and you decided to rub one off, thinking of how hot all your friends were as you brought yourself to orgasm."

Whore nodded, her pace quickening with anticipation.

"Whenever I - and only I - say the word 'fuck' around you, this pleasure will return, and you'll become Whore again, and you'll fuck the first person you see until you've both orgasmed."

There was a 'snap', and Whore screamed as the pleasure overloaded her, turning the world white-hot...
And then, all of a sudden, black.

Interlude: Trading Places

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Disclaimer and Fetishes: A Collection of Haikus by Qiscord

This fic right here? Porn.
If you're not at least eighteen,
Do not read this stuff.

Like I said, it's porn.
But it's not just any porn.
Here's the stuff it's got:.

There'll be Doll Play,
Musical Hypnosis, and
Some Romantic Fluff.

Man, this stuff is hard.
I'm not good with haikus, so
Let's get started. Woo!

"So you've taken both Pinkie Pie and Rarity." the voice on the other end of the line said. Sunset nodded, even though she knew the gesture would go unnoticed.

"Yeah." Sunset replied. "No trouble. I got a bit carried away with Rarity, though. I nearly..."

"Sunset." the voice said. "You know you don't have to save your first time getting eaten out for me. Just have - What'd you name them again? - Just have Slut or Whore do it."

"No. This is something special, and you deserve it."

"For someone hypnotizing and having sex with all of our friends, you sure have some silly inhibitions."

"Oh, so we're going there, are we? 'Cause as long as we're talking about inhibitions..."

There was a silence.

"That is it. Sunset Shimmer, get your sexy, snarky ass over here. We're halfway done, and I am going to reward you whether you like it or not."

"Gonna make my first time something special, are we? Don't worry; I'll be there, and I'll be so ready you'll-"

"Just come over to my house and have sex with me already, dammit."

"...On my way."

The motorcycle came to a stop outside a simple log cabin in a woodland clearing.
Sunset found herself here often, visiting her confidant as she'd slowly gathered up the courage to start her campaign.
Their collaboration had originated months ago, shortly before the Battle of the Bands. Still ostracized by the school at large, Sunset had found herself alone in a foreign world, still facing up to the horrible things she'd said and done during the last three years.

The search for absolution was long and hard, but she managed to find a friend in the last person she expected to reach out to her: Fluttershy.

Fluttershy knew what it was like to be an outcast, existing on the fringes of friendship, and she could tell Sunset's sadness and regret for what she'd done were sincere. Fortunately for the both of them, Fluttershy extended her friendship when Sunset was considering doing something...

Sunset shuddered at the memory, parking the motorcycle and removing her helmet, letting her long hair flow freely.

Once Fluttershy and Sunset had started talking, their friendship had been tentative at first; it wasn't until after the Sirens were defeated that it blossomed into something amazing.
Fluttershy was a spectacular listener, and knew when to calm Sunset down, or just what to say to brighten her friend's day up. She knew her friend's situation, and empathy seemed to be a natural thing for her.
Sunset, on the other hand, was the perfect confidant; she knew how to keep a secret; Fluttershy never felt like Sunset was judging her, and she wasn't - there was nothing anyone could confess to her that was worse than what she'd tried to do before. In addition, Sunset's confident, easygoing influence helped Fluttershy open up, break out of her shell, take risks; do things she'd never have even thought of doing around others.

Then, the evening of Fluttershy's nineteenth birthday, the two had been relaxing on the roof of Sunset's home after sharing a drink together, just the two of them. Sunset was buzzed, the hard cider she'd drunk before starting to rear its head, while Fluttershy, having overdone things slightly, was absolutely wasted. They leaned on each other and stared off into the sunset, and then Fluttershy had spoken.

"Y'know, Sunny..." Fluttershy had said, her words slow and slurred as she stared off into space, a wistful smile on her lips. "I'm dru- drunk, but I'm ppphhhheelin' confident, so I wannna tell you a ssecret."


"I'm... I'm into girls, Sunny."

"That's... Cool, actually."

Sunset had been surprised, at first, to discover most relationships in this world were heterosexual; in Equestria, it wasn't uncommon for a mare to have one or two - sometimes even up to five or six - marefriends, with whom she spent her time. She'd chalked it up to gender ratios and moved on with her plans; conquering Canterlot High, at the time, was more important than contemplating cross-dimensional differences in sexuality.

"Not. *hic* Not just any girls, Sunny."

Fluttershy had looked deep into Sunset's eyes, then, her face flushed.

"I'm into you."

Sunset had lain there for a while, staring at Fluttershy for so long the latter had actually begun crying, fearing Sunset didn't return her affections.

The passionate kiss Sunset had pulled Fluttershy into, however, had dispelled those thoughts.

After they separated, Fluttershy was crying again; this time, though, a smile was etched onto her features.

"And no." Sunset said, grinning. "That wasn't just the cider. I really do love you too."

And she'd meant it, too. She wasn't sure exactly what had made her fall in love with Fluttershy.
Maybe it was the way her smile could light up a room. Maybe it was because of her angelic voice. Maybe it was because she was the first to show kindness to her since she'd reformed.
Maybe it was because of her gentle, yet razor-sharp, wit; Fluttershy could find a snarky retort for any situation.
Or maybe it was her restraint, for even with her gift for sarcasm, Fluttershy kept herself reined in around others, only letting herself loose when she was around Sunset. For someone who'd known a lifetime of nothing but greed, anger, and - in recent months - despair, meeting someone so in control of herself was like finding something strong to hold onto in a stormy sea.

Whatever it was, Sunset, over the weeks, had slowly come to realize that she was in love.
And, to her surprise, she didn't mind it all that much. Honestly, from what she'd experienced, it wasn't much different from friendship, except the feelings were a lot stronger.

They'd kissed again, and from there their friendship had grown even more intimate. The others had picked up on the subtle hints and taken them in stride. Sure, there'd be an occasional remark about Fluttershy or Sunset visiting each other to 'feel the Sunshyne', as the rest of the group called it, but other than that the two had slowly begun exploring their relationship.

As Sunset knocked on the door to Fluttershy's cabin, she blushed, remembering the first time she'd talked to Fluttershy about her plans.

They shared everything; there were few secrets between the two, but Sunset was still nervous the evening she'd finally come clean.

"Fluttershy?" she'd asked softly as the girl she was talking to slid into bed beside her. "How do you feel about..." a dry, nervous cough. "Bedroom play?"

"You mean... Like bondage?" Fluttershy had asked in reply, giving Sunset an inquisitive glance.

"That and more." Sunset had answered. "Bondage, pet play, role play; the whole thing. How do you feel about it?"

"I've... always been intrigued by it." came the reply. "It looked like it could be really enjoyable, but I was never brave enough to do it. Then again, I've never been in a relationship before."

"Well, do you wanna try it?"

There had been a long silence.

"Tomorrow night." Fluttershy had said. "That'll give us some time to write down our... interests. When we meet again, we'll compare them, and..."

Sunset had nodded, slipping an arm around her girlfriend.

"Can't wait." she'd said.

Imagine her surprise when she found that not only did Fluttershy have an interest in hypnosis and mind control, it was nearly as great as her own! She'd babbled for hours, expounding on all the different things she was just aching to try with her friends, if only they'd see things her way...

"Why do they need to?" Fluttershy had said. "It's perfectly possible to just have them adopt personas, then lose them when the fun's over. Nobody but the two of us would know; it's a victimless crime."

"That's the thing I'm hung up about." Sunset had replied, beginning to pace. "If I've 'coerced' them into saying yes, is it rape?"

Fluttershy had placed a hand on her chin, deep in thought, before replying.

"When it comes to Pinkie, Dash, Applejack, and I," she'd said. "Not really. I know the three of them well enough to know they're like me."

"Into hypnosis?"

"No; into girls. And I've seen the way at least Dash and Applejack look at you; if you asked, they'd say yes. This is just another way of asking, when you look at it."

With that, Sunset had begun her preparations. The following week was a blur as she trained, testing her inductions on Fluttershy - and, in some cases, herself - preparing the chemical she'd used on Pinkie, as well as the other chemical, the one in the vial tucked away in the pocket of her leather jacket...

The door opened, and Fluttershy stood behind it, beckoning for Sunset to come inside.

"So, today's the day, huh?" Sunset said, before Fluttershy's lips pressed against hers and she forgot about the world for a second.

"Inside." Fluttershy said when they broke apart, face flushed. "Now."

Smiling, Sunset obliged, following her friend inside. Once within the confines of the cabin, Fluttershy promptly disappeared into her room.

"I'm just slipping into something more appropriate." she called. "Do you want to, you know..."

"Just flip The Coin." Sunset said, waving an arm dismissively, even though, again, she knew her friend couldn't see. "We prepared for this, remember?"

Soon, the noises coming from her friend's closet stopped, and Fluttershy's voice emanated from around the corner.

"I flipped the coin." as the words echoed from behind the door, a small, plastic disk slid out from below the portal, and Sunset examined it.

They'd discussed at length who would take the lead once the time came for them to move further than kissing, and they'd eventually decided to leave the matter to chance. With Rarity's help, they'd modified one of her larger buttons, flattening it completely, making sure it was balanced, and printing Sunset's face on one side and Fluttershy's on the other, with orange and blue backing respectively.

Fluttershy's face looked back at Sunset from the coin, an even expression on it.

'She's on top.' Sunset thought to herself, a small tinge of apprehension entering her mind at the thought. She knew Fluttershy well enough to know how thin the veil of self-control she wore was; underneath that girl were desires that made Sunset's seem tame...

Fluttershy opened the closet door, and Sunset forgot what she was thinking about.

Her friend's breasts were the first thing Sunset noticed - the black leather bodice she wore had cutouts that exposed the gargantuan mammaries in all their glory. Fluttershy, indeed, possessed the largest bust of the six, and it showed as it swayed seductively with every step she took. Below the leather, Fluttershy wore a black thong that seemed to be having a hard time covering up everything; Sunset noted the small, yet growing, wet spot down there.

Black leather boots and gloves completed the outfit, and, as Fluttershy stalked seductively towards Sunset, the red-haired girl noticed that Fluttershy had somehow managed to dye a black streak into her hair.

'She's on top...' Sunset thought again, the words accompanied by glee this time.

"Hello." Fluttershy said, her voice low and smooth. "Are you ready?"

Sunset closed her gaping mouth and nodded.

"All right." Fluttershy said, beckoning with a finger. "Follow me."

Sunset dutifully followed Fluttershy to the bedroom and sat on the bed, looking up at her girlfriend as she tried to keep the eager expression off of her face.

Fluttershy snapped her fingers, then, and a soft song began filling the room, sending wave after wave of warmth and relaxation through Sunset's body.

"I know what you were expecting, Sunset Shimmer." Fluttershy's voice said, echoing and sounding far away, as if through a long tunnel. "'She's probably gonna put me under slowly.' You thought. 'She's so reserved, she'll probably just have me touch myself while she watches.' Well, you were wrong. I have plans for you..."

Even half in a trance as she was, Sunset noticed that the impersonation of her voice was spot-on.
There was another 'snap', and the waves came again, and Sunset started floating, all the background noise anround her slowly fading away.

"That's it." Fluttershy's voice, now loud and clear, said soothingly. "Sleep..."

Sunset hadn't even noticed her eyes closing, but closed they were, blanketing her in comforting, amazing blackness. Then, Fluttershy started singing, her voice soft. The melody drifted through Sunset's head, drowning all her thoughts with the words.

'Sleep' Fluttershy sang.
'Sleep for me
Close your eyes and sleep for me.
Feel your body slowing down
All those thoughts that make you frown
It's all right to set them free
Let them go, and sleep for me'

Sunset couldn't think.
She couldn't think about why she couldn't think.
All she knew was the ... around her and Fluttershy's ... as it told her to ...

Doll once had a name. She couldn't remember what it was, but she knew she had one.
She knelt on the ground, looking at Mistress with blank eyes.

Oh, how she wanted to rush to Mistress! Oh, how she longed to shower her owner with kisses! Oh, how Mistress's pussy called to her, inviting her to pleasure it! For Doll, there could be no greater joy.

But Doll sat; Mistress had not commanded her to move. Doll sat, waves of sweet, silken happiness flowing over her. Occasionally, she tried to move; feeling her body resist sent waves of pure ecstasy through her body. She would moan from the pleasure, if she could.

Mistress rose from her bed, regarding Doll as one might regard a piece of furniture. Doll was stripped, of course; how could one be clothed in the presence of one so perfect as Mistress?

"Stand up." Mistress's voice, like a chorus of angels, dripped into Doll's ears, and before the command was finished Doll was standing.

She had obeyed Mistress.
Doll nearly orgasmed then and there from the pleasure, the joy, of successfully obeying Mistress.

"Good Doll." Mistress called, and that tipped the scale. Doll cried loudly as she came, juices spurting from her.

She was a good Doll! Mistress had called her a good Doll! She nearly came again.

"Cum again, Doll." Mistress said. "And again. And again. Keep cumming, until I tell you to stop."

Doll cried so loud her voice broke as an explosion of pure, unbridled-
Doll's thoughts froze. All she could think about was Mistress.
As she came, she loved Mistress.
As she came, she served Mistress.

She felt her body collapse, crumpling onto the floor as she continued to gasp through her pleasure, the pleasure that filled her, consumed her.

Then, Mistress sat on her face.

Doll came twice as hard, her screams returning. Mistress had sat on her face! Mistress was touching her!
Doll swooned.

"Lick." Mistress's voice caled, and Doll's tongue went to work. With every orgasm, Doll's tongue flicked and swept through Mistress's folds, and soon Doll could taste Mistress's delicious, heavenly juices as she became aroused.
At the thought of Mistress becoming aroused because of her; because of lowly, unimportant Doll...
Doll lost consciousness.

When Doll awoke, she was licking Mistress's pussy still, although the orgasms had ceased. She said nothing, continuing her task, as Mistress moaned with pleasure.

"Oh, that's good, Doll." the angels chorused. "Right there."

Doll's efforts increased, and she could hear Mistress panting.

"Good Doll." she said. "Very good Doll."

Doll came, and her licking increased yet again in pace. She could feel Mistress clench, knew she was close...

...And then the heavens opened.
A pure, radiant joy completely overwhelmed Doll, and she came again and again, orgasming with each breath. She never wanted this happiness to stop! She had fulfilled her one purpose in life.
Mistress had cum.
Mistress had cum!

It tasted like ambrosia from heaven as it flooded Doll's mouth, and she drunk it greedily, losing herself in the joy.

"S-Stop licking!" Mistress cried, and Doll obliged, letting the juices flow all over her face, reveling in the pleasure that being around Mistress gave her. Mistress was her everything.

"You were amazing, Doll." Mistress said, panting, and Doll came again at the words.

"Now, Doll..." Mistress said, snapping her fingers. "Sleep."

Sunset woke up on Fluttershy's bed, smelling faintly of roses. She looked down and noticed her clothes were on.

'Did any of that actually happen?' Sunset silently asked herself.

"Are you awake?" Fluttershy's voice, quiet, emanated from the bathroom.

Sunset felt a thrill of joy from hearing Fluttershy's voice; even out of trance, it sounded like a chorus of angels.

"Yeah." she called, her voice dreamy despite her best efforts.

"Good." Fluttershy replied, and Sunset felt ecstasy run through her.

The door opened, and Fluttershy emerged, clothed in a towel and steam, fresh from a shower. Sunset noticed, then, that her hair was wet.

"I hope you don't mind."Fluttershy said apologetically. "I had you go first."

Sunset rushed to Fluttershy, a warmth filling her, a warmth that pressed their lips together, made Sunset press herself into Fluttershy as they made out.

"Okay, maybe I overdid it a tiny bit..."Fluttershy said, when she pulled away for some air.

"Are you complaining?" Sunset asked, an eyebrow raised.


They kissed again, and the towel fell. Fluttershy's considerable breasts pressed against Sunset's shirt, and she both cursed and thanked herself for not taking it off.

"You wanna know the best part about this?" Sunset asked, breaking away again.

"What?" Fluttershy replied, out of breath.

Sunset's eyes narrowed, and a grin slid onto her face.

"It's my turn now."


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Welcome to the newest chapter! I'm taking a bold move away from the porn, and into the lucrative and entertaining world of...
Let's do this!

Perry the peach sat on his tree, thinking of the world and everything in it. The blue, blue sky, the green, green grass, the red, red apples on the tree next to him, and the yellow, yellow lemons on the tree off in the distance.

'Fuck those apples.' Porry thought to himself. 'Bunch of fuckin' assholes.'

As Harry sat there, thinking of how much he HATED other fruits, he felt a 'thud' in the tree below him. Looking down, Happy saw a man. A burly man. He was chopping at the tree with an axe.

"'Scuse me!" Henry called to the man. "The fuck d'you think you're doing down there?"

"The fuck does it look like, bitch?" The man said. "I'm chopping down your fucking tree!"

"...Well; stop!"

"Fuck you!"

The man kept on chopping. Horace felt the dark tendrils of fear clutch at his heart as he fell, directly onto the man, who caught him adroitly in one hand, chopping away with the other.

"You know," said the man. "After burning down the rest of this fucking orchard, I'm pretty hungry."

"No." Hugh thought, despair filling him to the pit. "Please no. Not like this. There is no God, is there? Fuck! Fuuuu-"

...Sweet. Now that my horrible writing and sense of humor have driven everyone else away, time for porn!

Remember, this is, in fact, porn. 18+, kids. Sorry, but I don't make the rules.

Here are the fetishes:

Hypnotism [No shit]
Breast Expansion [Back from CH1, baby!]
Bimbofication [Finally!]
Brain Drain [Wait what]
Romance [That isnt even a fetish]
Masturbation [There we go]

Without any further ado, the chapter.

With the words came a 'snap', and Fluttershy opened her eyes, gazing around her room. Something was... Off. It was hard to put her finger on exactly what, but something was amiss, like everything in her room had been moved a few inches.

Fluttershy leaned back, lying on her bed, her still-wet body melting into the covers.
She'd spent the last hour jilling off, fantasies of hypnotizing Sunset Shimmer playing out in her head as she masturbated, finally reaching a satisfying orgasm before taking a quick shower.
Today would be the day, Fluttershy decided, that she'd gather her courage and ask Sunset if maybe, just this once, she could be the one in control.
Of course, Sunset was out hypnotizing Rarity at the moment, so that would have to wait. But when she got back...

Fluttershy's fingers drifted steadily downward, and she glanced at the clock. She had thirty minutes before Sunset was supposed to arrive; just enough time for a quick session.
As her slender digits caressed the outside of her slit, Fluttershy leaned back, moaning softly. Her mind filled with pictures, frozen tableaus of Sunset in various positions of surrender, gazing up empty-eyed at her, eager to serve...
The pictures started slowly, carefully drifting away as Fluttershy lost herself in a haze of pleasure, her mind seeming to fill with a strange pink fog that covered every thought, laced through her consciousness.
It was an all-right color, as far as Fluttershy was concerned. It was, after all, the color of her hair, the color of her stiff nipples, of her areola, and of her dripping, needy pussy...
Pink was a great color.
The fog intensified, making a thick curtain of... Something. Fluttershy found it hard to find adequate words to describe her situation.
In fact, words in general were having a hard time coming through.
Fluttershy lay there, stroking herself mindlessly, as behind the fog the images shifted and changed. The fog slowly, inevitably lightened just enough for Fluttershy to concentrate on pleasure again, and new fantasies filled her head.
Sunset, standing next to her, groping her breasts with an absent look on her face...
Sunny, standing over her, telling her she was a good girl...
Sunny, lying down on a couch as Fluttershy ate her out like a good bimbo...

An eyebrow cocked, Fluttershy shook herself from her reverie. Bimbo? Where had that thought come from?
No, not a bimbo. An...
Again, words seemed to fail her as her fingers alerted her to a much more pressing issue.
She began fingering herself again, and the fog came back, filling her mind with pleasure and bliss. She floated on the pink clouds in her head, her hand working faster and faster and faster until-
With the orgasm, the fog disappeared, as did much of everything else. Fluttershy scanned her brain, and found only Sunny. Wonderful, beautiful Sunny.
And sex, of course, but that was always on her mind so it shouldn't really count.

Fluttershy giggled, sitting upright, her boobies jiggling as she rose.
Fluttershy gazed at the milky orbs, swaying side-to-side just to watch them move. She loved her tits. They were so big, and bouncy, and fun to play with. She sank a hand into her chest, bouncing her boobs in her hands and moaning at the pleasure as she fondled herself.

The door swung open, and Fluttershy's eyes shot to the entrance. Sunset Shimmer stood there, Rarity standing just behind her, a blank, blissful look on her face.

"Oh my goodness!" Fluttershy cried, pleasure temporarily forgotten. "Sunny! You're-"

"Early?" Sunset asked, striding into the room. Rarity followed, her gaze never leaving Sunset's ass. "Yeah, I am. Putting Whore here under didn't take me nearly as long as I expected."

At the sound of her name, Whore moaned, and her hands roamed her own body, caressing her breasts through her clothes.

"Follow us into Fluttershy's room, Whore." Sunset said without even looking at the girl standing behind her. "When we enter, strip to your underwear and kneel."

Sunset walked past Fluttershy, nodding to the bedroom and giving her a small smile, and Fluttershy obligingly followed her girlfriend. By the time she'd entered, Sunset had taken off her jacket and top, leaving her in just her jeans and a bright red brassiere. Fluttershy felt her eyes being drawn to her Mistress's boobs like magnets, her gaze-
Wait. Mistress?

"Is something wrong?" Sunset asked, still holding her shirt. "Should I put this back on?"

"No, Miss Sunny." Fluttershy said, concentrating. Why had she...
Why had she called Sunset her...
Her something.
Why had she called Sunset her something?

"Sunny?" Fluttershy said, marshaling all that remained of her concentration. "I feel... weird."

"How so?" Sunset said, taking a few steps closer to Fluttershy. As she did, the pink fog returned, a thin layer of mist that enveloped Fluttershy's thoughts, making them light and airy.

"I... I don't know." Fluttershy murmured, trying to catch the thought as it floated around her brain. "Are you my... my..."

"Mistress?" Sunset said. at the word, a thrill of intense pleasure rocked Fluttershy. Her knees grew weak, her boobies tingled, and the fog thickened.

"Of course I am." Sunset said, smiling warmly at Fluttershy.

"That..." Fluttershy stammered, searching through the fog. "That doesn't seem right..."

Sunset sighed, rolling her eyes. "And that's why I'm your Mistress, Flutters; Shit like this. I swear, you're so scatterbrained."

At the curse, Whore moaned in ecstasy as she knelt, hands twitching slightly.

"Touch yourself." Sunset said. "Don't cum. Anyway, don't you remember, Fluttershy? You finally managed to talk to me about how you kept forgetting to pay your bills..."

As she spoke, her fingers slowly drifted to the waistline of her pants, grabbing them.

"How you couldn't hold down a job because you couldn't concentrate on anything..."

As Sunset continued to speak in a slow, steady, relaxing tone, the jeans slowly crept lower, and Fluttershy was reduced to an open-mouthed statue as Sunset swayed her hips, entrancing Fluttershy as she stripped. The fog was so thick now... Fluttershy could only hear Sunset, could see only her Mistress(?).

"...And so we made a deal." Sunset said, pants around her knees. "I'd worry about all the complicated stuff, like thinking, and money, and morals..."

They were around her ankles now.

"...And free will..."

Sunset took the jeans, neatly folded them, and set them aside, bending over at the waist to give Fluttershy an exquisite view of the red panties Sunset wore.

"...And in return, you'd be my airheaded little slave girl. Remember?"

And with that, Sunset, in one fluid motion, straightened, turned, and kissed Fluttershy. The fog overwhelmed the pink-haired girl, and she melted into the kiss, letting the fog carry away everything.

As the two disconnected, Fluttershy swayed, unsteady on her feet. Since when had the ground become so...

She slipped, falling sideways, until Sunset, her wonderful, perfect Mistress, caught her in her arms and looked her in the eyes.

"Do you remember now?" she asked.

"Remember what, Miss Sunny?" Fluttershy asked, confused. Had her Mistress said something earlier? Oh, if only she wasn't so...
...Not remember-y.

"Nothing, Fluttershy." Sunset said, chuckling. "You ready to have a little fun?"

"Always!" Fluttershy beamed, getting to her feet, the floor much steadier under her this time.

"Good." Sunset said. "Do you remember how underwear works?"

"Umm...?" Fluttershy said.

Sunset rolled her eyes, muttered something about 'overdoing it', and gestured to the red panties and bra.

"These." Susnet said.

"No, I don't. How do they work again?"

Sunset rolled her eyes again.

"Whore, stand." she said. Whore jumped to her feet, a hand still wedged into her snatch behind her underwear.

"Strip for Fluttershy." Sunset said. "Show her how it's done."

"I would fucking love to, Mistress." Whore said, reaching behind her back and unclipping her bra. Fluttershy gasped at the sight of Whore's breasts, eyes lighting up in wonder.

"It's like opening a tiny little special present." she breathed. "Best. Thing. Ever."

Another gasp of wonder erupted from her as Whore revealed her pussy, soaked with juice from her earlier ministrations.

"Miss Sunny!" Fluttershy said, voice dripping with joy. "She's leaking!"

"That she is." Sunset said, smiling. "Would you like to help clean her up?"

Fluttershy nodded so fast she looked like a bobblehead.

"Get to it, then." Sunset said. "Whore, you're not allowed to touch yourself, but you can cum."

Whore gasped, an orgasm already rushing through her as Fluttershy approached.

"Is there a... wipe or something that I can use?" Fluttershy asked, looking Sunset-ward.

Sunset rolled her eyes yet again.

"Use your tongue, you ditz." she said.

"Ooooooh." Fluttershy gasped in realization. "My tongue. Right. Okay!"

Fluttershy knelt, took a deep breath, and went to work, her tongue darting in and out of Whore's dripping cunt. Fluttershy was assaulted with the strong smell of arousal, and found that she enjoyed it.

"Am I doing it right, Miss Sunny?" Fluttershy asked, turning to her Mistress, who rolled her eyes, not for the first or last time.

"Ask Whore." Sunset replied. "And get back to it; I guarantee you that pausing in the middle of eating someone out isn't 'doing it right'.

"Yes Ma'am!" Fluttershy said, returning to her work. Soon, the air was filled with Whore's lustful pants, Fluttershy's quick moans of pleasure, and Sunset's deep, even breathing as she lay on her back on Fluttershy's bed, a contented smile on her face.

Eventually, Whore's moans became faster and faster, higher and higher, and Fluttershy's own pleasure built up, more and more and more and-

"Whore, cum. Fluttershy, you can't cum."

Fluttershy whined, a high-pitched, animal sound, and Whore screamed, juice covering Fluttershy's face. The pink-haired girl turned to her Mistress, who sat naked, legs spread.

"When I cum," Sunset said. "You can cum."

Fluttershy dashed to Sunset and practically threw herself in between her Mistress's legs. Her tongue worked faster than ever before, her frantic need driving her to ever greater speeds. Sunset began moaning, and a hand rested on Fluttershy's head.

"Don't rush it." Sunset said. "Slow down just a bit."

Fluttershy nodded, easing up a little on the pace as she resumed eating her Mistress out. Her questing tongue, in one of its rare excursions outside of Sunset's slit, found a small nub. As the muscle ran over it, Sunset let out a gasp, and Fluttershy, instict driving her at this point, began sucking on it. Sunset cried out, and her hips began thrusting into Fluttershy's face.

"F-Feel the fog coming back." she said. "Stronger, covering up everything this time."

True to Sunset's word, the fog returned, shrouding all of Fluttershy's thoughts in pink hazy goodness.

"When you c-cum," Sunset said, voice tense. "The fog will vanish, taking everything but the pleasure with it. Pl-Pleasure and horniness and giggles and happy smiles a-and sexy outfits. You'll be a bimbo..."

And with that, Sunset screamed, cumming directly into Fluttershy's face.
Then everything went wonderful. Pink amazingness flowed through Fluttershy as she writhed in pleasure, lights going off behind her eyes and in her brain as she rode out her orgasm, screaming with joy all the while.

"Whoa." she giggled, smiling vacantly, when the high had faded. "That was, like, so amazing."

A limp form hit the floor next to Fluttershy, and she turned to see her sexy Mistress lying on the floor, eyes rolled back in her head, panting madly.

"Miss Sunny!" Fluttershy cried. "Are you, like, all right?"

After a few seconds, Sunset moaned, coming down from her high, and nodded, still breathless.

"Yeah." she finally said. "Yeah, I'm good. How about you?"

"I came my brains out!" Fluttershy announced proudly.

"Good, good." Sunset said. "How do you feel?"

"Super-dee-duper, Miss Sunny!" Fluttershy giggled. "Wanna have sex again?"

"Maybe some other time." Sunset said. "I'm pretty beat. Why don't you and Whore go play with each other's titties for a bit?"

"Yay!" Fluttershy said, clambering to her feet, swaying drunkenly. "Whore, get over here!"

Sunset slowly made her way to her clothes, dressing herself as electric pleasure coursed through her. Her first time getting eaten out, and it had been nothing short of amazing. She could hear Whore's lustful moans and Fluttershy's horny giggles as they explored each other's bodies. She wanted to join in, she wanted to so badly it hurt, but she held herself back. There was work to be done.

"Fluttershy?" Sunset called, turning around to see her girlfriend sucking on Whore's nipples, while Whore pawed at Fluttershy's massive mammaries.

"Yeah, Miss Sunny?" Fluttershy called, her mouth full of titflesh.

"Come here." Sunset said. "I don't want to have overdone this..."

Fluttershy obligingly staggered to stand next to her Mistress.

"Fluttershy?" Sunset said. "What is best in life?"

"To fuck your enemies, to see them cumming before you, and to hear the lustful moans of their women!"

There was a pause.

"Did I get that right?"

"No. Everything you just said sounded insane. But sexy."

Fluttershy giggled, and Sunset chuckled in response.

"Seriously, though; what do you want to do right now?"

"Have sex!"

"And after that?"

"Have sex!"

"And after that?"

"I dunno... Maybe some more sex? Or we could go shopping. Ooh! I know, like, this amazing lingerie store over at the Platinum Mall! Except I was too much of a scaredy-pussy to go in there before. Oh, but there's this delicious-looking bra in there, and some 'his and hers' thongs - not that I'm suggesting you wear the guy one! - and-"

"Okay, okay." Sunset said, holding up a hand to stop the girl before she got into it. As far as Sunset knew, she'd done everything right. Contrary to what most people think, bimbos weren't all that dumb; they just chose to use their intelligence to focus on more... carnal things.

"All that will have to come later." Sunset said, fishing around in her pockets before bringing out the vial of liquid. "Drink this."

"Okey-doke!" Fluttershy beamed, downing the elixir in one gulp. "Mmm! Grape!"

Sunset took a step back and watched as slowly, inevitably, Fluttershy's began panting, fondling her already-huge breasts as they grew, expanding to giant sex pillows. As they approached the point Sunset had estimated they should stop, however, they kept going, expanding to bigger and bigger sizes...

...Fluttershy gasped with pleasure as her breasts suddenly doubled in size, becoming almost like exercise balls in proportions.

"Okay!" Sunset cried, a hand on her head. "That was not what was supposed to happen!"

"Oh, wow!" Fluttershy moaned. "Miss Sunny, how'd you know?"

An eyebrow raised, Sunset approached the bimbo, who was now lying face-down, her gigantic breasts supporting her weight.

"I've always had a thing for huge boobies." Fluttershy gasped, fingers somehow finding their way to her dripping slit. "And now they're perfect! I can lie down on them like beanbag chairs and it feels so good..."

"Th-That's because I know everything about my slaves." Sunset said quickly, taking charge of the situation. "Imagine how many tittyfucks you can give now."

"Omigosh!" Fluttershy cried, eyes watering with tears of joy. "Miss Sunny, this is the best thing ever!"

"And the best part," Sunset said, running a hand along the side of the ginormous jugs as she circled Fluttershy. "Is that the potion's enchanted."

"Enchanted?" Fluttershy said. "I'm no magic-smart-person, but isn't magic, like, not a thing in this world?"

"You're right. However, our contact in Equestria managed to put a few spells on the liquid. For one thing, you'll only have these giant fun-bags when you're a bimbo; they'll shrink when you're normal Fluttershy. Also, your boobs are super-sensitive now. So if I do something like this-"

Sunset began tickling Fluttershy's right breast, and the girl moaned in pleasure, her fingers pistoning in and out of her cunt faster and faster as the tickling grew more intense and then-

With a scream, Fluttershy came again, and ripples radiated through her breasts, the girl sinking into her own tits, drooling.

"Sleep now, Fluttershy." Sunset said. "It's getting late, and I think we've had enough fun."

Fluttershy only moaned in response.

Fluttershy's eyes opened as she sat up, rubbing her eyes blearily before looking around the room. Everything was immaculate; there were no signs of what had happened.

"Did any of that actually happen?" Fluttershy whispered quietly, a blush coming to her face at the thought of herself having massive... boobs...

"All of it." Sunset said, entering the room, a towel wrapped loosely around her hair but otherwise fully clothed. "I needed another shower. You went first; don't worry."

Fluttershy giggled and looked at her breasts. They were normal-sized - if Fluttershy's expanded set could be called 'normal - and as she looked, Fluttershy realized she was still naked.

"How'd I do?" Sunset asked, a tinge of nervousness creeping into her voice. "This was my first time working with that sort of intelligence-altering... stuff."

"Wonderfully." Fluttershy said, lying back and gazing up at the ceiling. "I know I was a bimbo through and through at the end, but I couldn't really tell what I was in the middle."

"Yeah, I overdid it." Sunset said, blushing. "I... I just made you really dumb. Sorry."

"I'm not complaining." Fluttershy said, giving Sunset a peck on the lips to reinforce the point. Suddenly, Fluttershy's eyes widened slightly.

"How'd you know about my..." she stutters. "My fetish?"

"I didn't." Sunset said, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly. "I... I didn't want you expanding as much as Pinkie, so I tried to dilute the potion with water. Apparently, all I ended up doing was making more potion, and that... You know."

Another kiss dispelled Sunset's worries.

"Don't worry." Fluttershy said. "It felt amazing."

They embraced, before Sunset broke the contact. Fluttershy, remembering something, got to her feet.

"Was Rarity really there?"

"Yeah." Sunset said. "I left the crystal necklace at her place, and she stopped by to return it. I put her under, and... You know."

Fluttershy sighed in relief, leaning into her girlfriend and tracing a finger along Sunset's chin.

"That's good." she said. "She was amazing..."

Sunset chuckled, before scowling and jumping back.

"No." she said, half to herself. "We're not having any more sexytimes today. There's stuff we both need to do!"

Fluttershy giggled, nodding. She quickly got dressed, and, as Sunset turned to leave, the two stared at each other in silence.
After clearing her throat awkwardly, Fluttershy asked one final question.

"Who's next?"

Sunset smiled.

"It's a surprise." she said.

She closed the door, but not before throwing out one parting tease:

"Tomorrow, I'm bringing home a new pet."


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Pet Play [Moderate/Major]
Hypnosis [Major]
Mental Conditioning [Moderate/Major]

That should about cover it. Let's get on with the story!

"His name is Sparkle." Sunset said, holding the cat proudly. "He is a clumsy piece of shit. But he is an adorable clumsy piece of shit and he is mine now."

Fluttershy gave the cat an even look, examining its dark blue fur and crossed eyes, before returning her gaze to Sunset.

"You know," Fluttershy said, a small smile breaking the stony mask that was her expression. "When you said you were bringing back a pet, I assumed it'd be either Applejack or Rainbow Dash."

Sunset grinned.

"I found the little dude yesterday, over by the pond." she explained. "He was trying to hop over some random thing; I can't remember what it was. But he kept on falling over the second he started to jump, and he didn't just walk around the thing. So I scooped him up and spent the next day filling out vaccination and adoption forms. Boom; I own a cat."

"That's good to hear." Fluttershy says, an air of forced patience creeping into her voice. "But what about Applejack and Rainbow?"

"You don't understand; I own a cat! This cat belongs to me! I can hug him and I don't have to share him and I can watch him fall over constantly and laugh at how cute he is and-"

"Sunset, please!" Fluttershy cried, exasperated. "Did you or did you not take Applejack or Rainbow Dash today!?"

Sunset sighed, placed Sparkle on the ground, and folded her arms across her chest.

"Look," she said. "I didn't. Rainbow and I are going to be together, but I'm not hypnotizing her during our thing together; it's special and I don't wanna ruin it. I might get around to Applejack, but the important question is..."

Sunset's eyes narrowed.

"Why do you care so much?" she said quietly.

"What do you mean?" Fluttershy asked, eyes widening.

"I mean that ever since our session together you've been pushing at me to get them under. What, are Pinkie and Rarity and your own girlfriend not good enough for you? Are you waiting for the complete set before you open any of your new toys?"

"Why not!? They're right there, why don't you just take them?"

"Because maybe I actually want to spend a few days enjoying what I've already got?" Sunset said, huffing. "Because maybe after a long day of work and college bullshit, maybe I wanna come home and relax and just forget about things, instead of listening to you yelling at me again for not hypno-raping our friends fast enough?"

There was a long silence. Fluttershy sighed, eyes downcast.

"I'm sorry." she said, finally. "I've been getting carried away, and that isn't right of me. I've been pushing you, and I didn't take into account that you have a life outside of... This."

She gestured to the house in general, and Sunset sighed as well.

"I shouldn't have snapped like that." she said, hugging Fluttershy close. "I was frustrated cause my professor sucks, and my job's hard, and I should've been thinking about you. How could you not be excited? We're this close."

They stood there, hugging each other, until Sparkle, with a plaintive meow, interrupted them.

"C'mere, you sack of failure." Sunset crooned, cuddling the cat as it struggled to escape from her arms. "Hugs for everyone!"

Fluttershy let out a giggle, and the two began laughing, sharing a deep kiss before speaking again.

"It's all right if you want to take a break." Fluttershy said. "I figure they won't notice anything for at least a few days. And besides; more time waiting means more time for my..."

She coughed.

"My priming to work."

"Still not 100% sure what your 'priming' is, but it doesn't much matter."

"So, you'll be with Rainbow today?"

"Yeah, for a couple of hours alone. But I already said; it's special. I won't take her. Not then."

"What're you two doing?"

"Fluttershy..." Sunset said, raising an eyebrow. "You know I can't reveal that. It's a secret."

"Sunset," Fluttershy replied, her tone low. "There are no secrets between lovers."

Sunset straightened a bit, and sighed as she relaxed, eyes closing partway.

"There aren't any secrets between lovers..." she murmured.

"Why don't you want to tell me?" Fluttershy asked, voice soothing, relaxing. "You know you can tell me everything, right?"

"Rainbow asked me not to..." Sunset replied, smiling widely. "Said it was embarrassing..."

"Well, she'll be ours soon." Fluttershy said gently. "It doesn't matter if you tell me, does it?"

"...I guess not..."

There was a silence.

"...Tell me, Sunset."

"Violin practice..."

"...Violin practice." Fluttershy echoed, a blank expression on her face.

"Yeah... We help each other out... Rainbow's good at playing, but she can't read music worth a damn."

Sunset gave a dreamy laugh.

"I can read music real well, but my technique needs work. We... Swap notes..."

Fluttershy sighed, relaxing.

"It's all right, Sunset." she said. "I won't tell anyone."

Sunset's trademark slouch returned, and she smiled at Fluttershy.

"Seriously, though." she said, pointing a finger at her girlfriend. "Don't tell anyone. I like my face the way it is."

Fluttershy nodded, and Sunset strode over to a nearby shelf.

"I might be able to do Applejack after." she said. "If your 'primers' work as well as you say they do, it should be easy."

"Actually," Fluttershy said, not meeting Sunset's eyes. "I've only been 'priming' Rainbow; Applejack's normal."

"It doesn't matter much." Sunset said, after a pause. "She might be strong-willed, but I can still get her under."

"You always do." Fluttershy agreed.

"Well, I'm off to practice." Sunset said, picking up a crimson helmet from where it stood on the shelf. "See you later today."

"Drive safe!" Fluttershy called as the other girl left, a wave her only answer.

The sound of an engine slowly sputtering to a stop cut through the soft susurration of rustling leaves. Applejack looked down from the ladder she was standing on as Sunset walked up, a smile on her face.

"Hot out here today, isn't it?" Sunset asked, shading her eyes as she gazed up at her friend.

"Sure is!" Applejack replied. "What can Ah do fer you, Sunset?"

"Well," Sunset said, looking down and adopting a sheepish expression. "I was driving around, and I was thinking about how hot it is out, and then I thought about you, working so hard in the heat..."

"And so you decided to give me a hand with mah chores?" Applejack asked, eyebrow raised.

"Yeah." Sunset finished lamely. "But I know how you are about accepting help; if you don't want me to..."

"No, no." Applejack said, chuckling. "Ah'd actually love the help."

Sunset brightened, rushing over to a nearby stepladder and setting it up under the tree beside Applejack's.

"Thanks!" Sunset said, grinning. "And when we're done, we can head over to my place and eat ice cream and relax."

"Sounds like a plan." Applejack replied, matching her friend's smile.

As they worked, Sunset took the time to admire Applejack's figure; the sleek, smooth form of her friend's muscles rippling as she hefted a barrel of cider, or the way her small, yet pronounced, bust wobbled as she knelt to milk a cow. With every chore, Sunset thanked whoever was up there that all of her friends somehow managed to be hot.

Soon, the work was done, and Applejack hopped into her pickup and followed Sunset, driving down the back roads that led to Sunset's modest house.

A small thing, Applejack and the others had been surprised when Sunset had purchased it. When she'd bought it, it had been beat-up, practically uninhabitable. Then, Sunset had revealed her plan; with a surprising amount of money, she'd hired a crew to completely remodel the house. Now, rather than confined, it was cozy; a one-story, five-room house on the edge of town that suited its occupant just fine, thanks.

As the two entered, Applejack slumped into a large beanbag chair in the center of the front room.

"That thing's pretty comfy, isn't it?" Sunset said, relaxing into a nearby armchair.

"Yeah it is." Applejack replied, pulling her Stetson low over her face as she leaned back. "Ah could just up and take a nap in this thing."

"Well, you certainly deserve one!" Sunset said, chuckling softly. "What with all that hard work you've been doing all day..."

Sunset's foot began tapping a slow, steady rhythm as Applejack relaxed further, the nearly-empty cup of ice cream lowering with her hands.

"Yeah..." she murmured, sighing contentedly.

"You've been working so hard..."

"Ah've been working really hard..."

"It's gotta be nice to just let it all go and relax, huh?"


Applejack's eyes began to flutter, and she stared at sunset, a confused look on her face.

"What's with the tappin'?" she asked groggily. Her head felt like it was made of lead.

"It's just something I do when I'm distracted." Sunset said, waving a hand. "It's calming, though, isn't it? The taps, coming in slow... Steady... Repetition..."

"Slow... Steady..."

Applejack shook her head wildly.

"Sunset, somethin's goin' on here!" she said, trying to rise.

"What?" Sunset said. "Is there something wrong?"

"You're... You're tryin' ta do somethin' ta me!" Applejack said, searching her foggy brain for the word.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Hypnotize!" applejack cried triumphantly. "You're tryin' ta hypnotize me!"

"Applejack, please." Sunset scoffed. "Think for a second. Why would I do that?"


Applejack stopped at that, placing a hand on her chin, tapping her foot in time with Sunset's.

"Why don't you just relax into that nice, comfy beanbag chair again?"

"Nice n' comfy..." Applejack said, lying back down, eyes gaining a faraway look.

"Relax, Applejack." Sunset said soothingly. "Deeper and deeper. just relax..."

Applejack rose again, a scowl forming on her face.

"Stop!" she cried. "You're tryin' ta... ta entrance me!"

"Trying?" Sunset said, cocking an eyebrow. "Looks like I'm doing a bit more than that..."

"Ah'm not gonna let you!" Applejack said, struggling to lift her heavy... so heavy... head...

"Let me what?"

"Hypnotize me!"

"I couldn't quite catch that, AJ. could you maybe speak up?"

"Hypnotize me."

"Again, please."

"Hy-Hypnotize... Me..."


"Ah... Ah won't let you..."

Applejack struggled to shake the heaviness from her limbs, to move; to do anything, but the words circled around in her brain, muddled up and confused, and only two were clear, and all the while, Sunset's foot was tapping, tapping tapping. Tap. Tap.

"Applejack, can you please tell me what's going on?" Sunset said quietly. Tap. Tap.

"Mah... mah arms are so heavy. They're like weights." Tap. "Hy... Hypnotize me. Mah legs. Mah legs, Ah can't move 'em, they're so limp and-and loose... And relaxed..." Tap. "Hypnotize me..."

"And your head?"

"Mah head..." Tap. "Hypnotize me..." "Mah head feels so heavy, so foggy and slow and nice and warm and relaxed and-" Tap. "Hypnotized..."

"Are you hypnotized?" Sunset said, getting up from her chair and pacing, her feet still tapping out that wonderful, relaxing rhythm.

"No." Applejack said. "Just restin' fer a bit is all." Tap. "Hypnotize me."

"If I do hypnotize you, what'll happen?" Sunset said, glancing Applejack's way. Tap. Tap.

"Ah'll become your slave, and Ah don't want that."

"Want what?"

"Ta become your hypnotized slave."

"My what?" Tap.

"Hypnotize me, your hypnotized slave." Tap. "Hypnotize me."

"Could you repeat that?"

"Your hypnotized slave."

"I see."

All of a sudden, Sunset turned, staring Applejack deep in the eye as she asked a single question.

"What's on your mind, AJ?"

Applejack searched her fading mind, and found her thoughts were like mist, insubstantial and paper-thin, disappearing whenever she tried to focus on them. all except two. Focusing on those thoughts, clinging to them like a sailor to a life raft, Applejack gave in.

"Hypnotize me..." she murmured, eyes closing. "...Your slave..."

"Well, if you insist..." Sunset said, shrugging as if it didn't matter. Then, with a cough, she stood, her voice growing authoritative, commanding; the voice of a proper mistress.

"Applejack, you are mine." she said firmly, gazing down at her newest conquest. "You are mine, to do with as I please. You are completely okay with this; you welcome your servitude, as all good pets should."

With the words came a murmur from Applejack, and Sunset's eyes narrowed.

"Oh, my." she said, voice growing lower. "I haven't stumbled across a fetish of yours, have I?"

Another moan, louder this time.

"Oh, I have." Sunset grinned. "Tell me, Applejack; how'd you like to be my pet?"

At that, Applejack nearly howled, and Sunset decided she was done with teasing. For now.

"Applejack, when I snap my fingers, you will wake up." Sunset said calmly. "However, you won't wake up as Applejack. You'll wake up as Bitch. You'll be a horny little puppy in heat, desperate for anything to sate your needs. Sound good?"

Applejack nodded, face flushed, and Sunset gave her head a quick pat.

"Good girl." she murmured. "Now, whenever I call you Bitch, or say the words 'good girl', or touch you anywhere, you'll feel a sudden spike of arousal, and it won't fade until we've both cum. Understand?"

A second nod.

"Now, Bitch or not, if I snap my fingers and I - only I - tell you to sleep, you'll fall back into this place, this super-relaxed, comfy place, and you'll be mine again. Understand?"

Yet another nod, and it was time. Sunset closed her eyes, took a deep breath and snapped her fingers.

Her new pet's eyes grew clear, the fog of trance gone from them as Applejack glanced to and fro, taking in the room around her. After a tense second, the farmer's tongue lolled out of her mouth, and a series of rapid, breathy pants began streaming from her lips as she gazed intently at Sunset.

"Hello, Bitch."

At once, Applejack leapt for the other girl, knocking her over, straddling her, tongue caressing her face, her neck, her ears, everywhere in the loving kind of bath only a dog could give.

Giggling at the sensation, Sunset struggled to shove the girl away, but Applejack was at once both stubborn and heavy, and Sunset gave in, accepting the tickles and the feeling of her new pet's tongue on her body. Then, with a grunt of effort, Sunset sat up and snapped her fingers.

"Sleep." she said, and Applejack slumped over, her head resting on Sunset's bosom.

"That was a thing." Sunset panted, finally shoving the prone farmer away. "I don't know what I expected, but I should've expected that..."

With a cough, Sunset stood.

"Stand, Applejack." she said, and the farmer stood, eyes blank and glassy.

"Now what are you?"

"Ah am Bitch." Applejack said evenly, her country accent a pleasant monotone. "Ah am a horny puppy in heat."

"Exactly." Sunset said. "But there's something wrong about this. Can you guess what it is?"

Applejack shook her head slowly, and Sunset sighed, rolling her eyes.

"You're clothed." Sunset said, with a tone one might have when speaking to a small child. "And do puppies wear clothes?"


"No what?"

Applejack's face screwed up in confusion, and Sunset sighed again.

"This is what I get for rushing the induction." she mumbled. Then, clearing her throat, she spoke again.

"I am your owner, Bitch." she said calmly. "When you are in trance, or when you're Bitch, you'll know me only as your Owner. And as your Owner, I'm perfect."

Applejack let out a small moan, and Sunset raised an eyebrow.

"You're slipping." she mumbled, smacking her forehead with a palm. "First you leave out the mistress clause, and now she's not completely under."

Gazing at Applejack again, Sunset scowled.

"Well, the mood's gone." she grumbled. "All right, Applejack, I'm going to snap my fingers. when I do, you'll wake up. You'll be Applejack again, but you'll know I hypnotized you, and you'll know I'm your Owner and that I'm perfect in every way. I can do no wrong, I am the pinnacle of sexual amazingness, the whole nine yards. Whatever I tell you to do, you'll do it. Got all that?"

"Yes, Owner."

"No harm in one sexless hypnosis session." Sunset sighed, getting to her feet. "I'll just check and see what I did, make sure I got everything down..."

With the latest in a fast-growing list of sighs, Sunset snapped her fingers, the sounds reverberating through the room.

"Oh Mah stars!" Applejack cried, gazing at Sunset with rapt devotion. "Owner! Ah am so sorry!"

Before Sunset could say anything, Applejack was naked, her bra and panties flung to the sides.

"What kinda obedient pet stays clothed around their Owner?" Applejack snorted. "Ah am really sorry, Owner, it won't happen again."

"You're forgiven." Sunset said, dismissing the matter with a wave of a hand. "AJ, I need you to do something for me."


Taking a deep breath, Sunset began.

"I'm thirsty. Can you get me some water from the kitchen?"

"Sure thing, Owner!" Applejack chirped as she rushed to the kitchen. "Ah exist to serve!"

"First I underdo it, now I overdo it." Sunset groaned. "Get it together, Shimmer! What is with you today!?"

Applejack returned, bearing a glass of water, several ice cubes clinking against the sides, and Sunset took the drink, sipping it as she sighed for the nth time.
Enough messing around; time to get to business.

"Do you remember your trance?" she finally said.

"Why, of course Ah do, Owner! Ya don't forget somethin' like that. well, unless ya told me to."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Look, I want you to list all the commands you've been given in order. Start from the first and go until the latest. Think you can do that?"

"Of course. anythin' for you, Owner!"

Clearing her throat, Applejack stood to attention, eyes angled off somewhere in the distance as she rattled off from memory.

"Ah am sexually attracted to Fluttershy."

Applejack was coated with liquid as Sunset spluttered, water flying from her lips. Undaunted, she continued her litany.

"Whenever Fluttershy walks into view, she's the only thing Ah notice. The way her hair flows with every movement, the way her eyes shine when she smiles; Fluttershy is the most beautiful girl in the world."

Sunset continued coughing, doubled over in her chair.

"A-A..." she choked out, reaching for her unseeing slave.

"Ah've been in love with Fluttershy for months now. We've dated on an' off, and when she confesses her love for me, Ah'll realize how amazing she is and we'll start goin' steady."

"Applejack." Sunset said, her throat cleared.

Taking a breath, the hypnotized farmer continued.

"Fluttershy and Ah have broken up. Ah can't talk to anyone about our dates, but Ah'll still remember 'em.


Tears were streaking down the other girl's face now, glittering among her freckles as she spoke.

"Ah... Ah don't need to be sad no more. Fluttershy and Ah never dated. We've always been really, really good friends. Ah don't find her sexually attractive, and Ah've never had any thoughts about lovin' her."

"Applejack, shut up!"

Panting, Sunset stood, spilled water forgotten as she stared at the farmer.

"Ah'm mighty sorry, Owner." Applejack said calmly. "Ah don't know what came over me; one minute I was obeyin' ya, and the next Ah was bawlin' my eyes out. Now why would Ah go an' do a silly lil' thing like that?"

Struggling to keep her voice even, Sunset spoke.

"Applejack, when I'm done talking you're going to get dressed. You're going to forget about everything that happened starting from the second you walked through my door earlier up until you leave here. Whenever you think back on it, you'll remember that we had a pleasant afternoon talking about all the work you had to do, all while eating some ice cream. You had a great time, and you resolved to come back in a few days to do it again. Once you're fully dressed, you're going to walk through the front door, car keys in hand, and wake up."

Silently, Applejack obeyed, and within a few minutes Sunset stood alone in a growing puddle, still holding a now-empty glass of water.

Minutes passed.

Then an hour.

Finally, Sunset swallowed nervously, set the cup down, slumped into the wet armchair, and spoke.

"Well, fuck."

Interlude: Equestria

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"Where's Celestia?" Sunset asks, eyes glued to the door as Twilight sat down next to her.

"Don't worry." the princess replies, smiling. "She's off negotiating with the Saddle Arabians again. Luna's attending a harvest festival in Detrot, and my friends are in Ponyville, including Spike. It's just us."

Sighing, Sunset leans back, pressing a hoof to her forehead.

"I'm sorry to trouble you like this, Twilight." she said. "I just..."

"I get it." Twilight says, giving Sunset a calm smile. "Or, at least I get as much as you told me. Honestly, 'check me for hypnotic commands' is pretty vague."

"I don't want to say too much." Sunset's eyes are still glued to the door. "In case this is all just an overreaction. If it isn't, I'll tell you everything."

"If it isn't," Twilight raises an eyebrow. "I'm sure you won't need to."

Gesturing to the door, Twilight sighs.

"Are you really that afraid of talking to Celestia?" Her voice is soft. "I'm sure she's forgiven you."

"Twi," Sunset gives her friend a flat look. "I could not give less of a sh-"

A cough from the alicorn cuts her off, and Sunset rolls her eyes.

"Less of a crap about making up with Celestia. I'm over it, she's over it, and I'd love to meet her again someday and have tea and talk about things and be friends again. But right now I'm here for a specific reason, and - in case I'm right - I can't stay long; my girlfriend'll know something's up."

"Well..." Twilight says after a long silence. "Relax, Sunset. Lay down on the couch and focus on breathing in and out, deep and relaxed..."

"Twilight," Sunset sighs. "That isn't going to work... I don't think I'll be able to go under the normal way."

Twilight nods, sighing as well, before her face brightens.

"That's actually good!" she chirps, hopping from her chair. "Cause I've got something here we can test..." With a grunt of effort, Twilight's horn flares, and a ruby pendant appears with a 'pop', landing gently on Twilight's outstretched hoof.

"Put it on." Twilight says, and Sunset obliges, her turquoise magic taking the pendant from Twilight's grasp and placing the item around her neck.

"What's the deal with it?" Sunset cocks her head as she examines the jewel. It seems to pull on her eyes, leading her down a spiral of facets into the middle of the gem, drawing her deeper, deeper, deeper-

With a grunt of effort, Sunset manages to avert her gaze,

"Whew." she breathes, giving the gem a glance. "That's powerful."

"That's not the main purpose of the pendant, though." Twilight taps the thing with a hoof. "It's enchanted; anypony wearing it - heck, anypony touching it - will have a trigger implanted in them that lasts as long as they're touching the gem."

"And the trigger does..."

"Essentially, as long as you're touching it, I should be able to put you under with a single word."

"Well, what are you-"

And then everything ceases to exist.

Sunset is adrift, floating in a sea of emptiness, waiting for The Voice. The Voice was everything. It was truth. It was absolute reality.

"Sunset." The Voice calls, and Sunset is the thing that answers.

"Yes?" she says, the words drifting off into she cared not where.

"Sunset, has anyone placed a block on any of your memories?"

The voice rings through her body, making Sunset's very soul vibrate like a tuning fork.

"Yes." the words glide smoothly from her lips as she feels the blocks in her mind, shuttered doors cutting off access to parts of her consciousness.

"Any blocks previously placed on your mind are gone." The Voice says, and it is so.

"Any blocks placed on my mind are gone." Sunset echoes, confirming The Voice's words as the concrete fact they were.

"Sunset, I want you to tell me every command that has been issued to you while you were in trance." The Voice says.

And Sunset speaks.

"Deeper..." Rainbow mumbles, her hand slowly making its way down.

"That's right." Fluttershy coos, her voice slow, smooth; a mother consoling a child, a lover embracing another. "And as your hand sinks down more and more, you'll find that it's just so easy to relax..."
Rainbow sighs deeply, her arm lowering inch by inch, making its way to the sheets of the bed. At last, it lands, and Fluttershy smiles as her friend's breathing grows deep, smooth, and even; a textbook trance.

"Rainbow..." Fluttershy murmurs. "Have you seen Sunset around?"

Slowly, the rainbow-haired girl nods, and Fluttershy quietly pumps a fist. Sunset had been missing for days, and her friends knew - she knew they knew - where she'd gone. They'd been avoiding her all week, giving her strange looks. Finally, she'd managed to corner Dash by inviting her over to Sunset's house to 'look for clues'.

"Where is Sunset Shimmer?" Fluttershy asks, deciding to get straight to the point.

"In Equestria..." Rainbow answers, her voice a breathy murmur. "She left a few days ago..."


"I don't know..."

Sighing, Fluttershy gazes at Rainbow Dash. This was strange. It wasn't like Sunset to just up and leave, let alone when she was in the middle of putting a plan into motion. With another sigh, Fluttershy turns to Rainbow Dash, still peacefully in trance.

"Rainbow, we looked for clues, but we didn't find anything."

"We looked for clues... Didn't find anything."

"You got fed up and decided to leave."

"I got fed up... Left..."

"When I snap my fingers, you'll grab your stuff and go. The instant the front door closes behind you, you'll wake from your trance, with no memory of me hypnotizing you."

Before Rainbow could repeat the words, Fluttershy snaps her fingers, and the speedster rises, mechanically grabbing her keys and her helmet before opening the front door.

As the 'slam' of the door echoes through the house, Fluttershy lays back on Sunset's bed, staring up at the ceiling. Why on earth would she leave, and why now?

Suddenly, a vibration from under the pillow catches her attention. Sliding a hand under the thing, her fingers meet a spine, then a cover. The magical notebook.
Slowly, she draws it out, opening the book to the latest page.

Human Fluttershy,

By now, you're probably wondering where Sunset is. Well, I'll tell you.
She's staying with me in Ponyville. She'll be staying with me for a while.
After all, dealing with betrayal is hard, and she needs friends - real friends; i.e, not you - to be there for her.
I don't know what led you to do what you did, but be assured; Sunset will not forget what you've done to her, not again. And I don't think I'll be able to forgive you.
Please don't reply to this letter. Don't try and come through the portal.
I know what you did, what you made her do. I know all the commands you sealed in her head, all the ways you, you... screwed with her mind.
The game's up; it's over.
Goodbye, Fluttershy.

As cordially as a furious alicorn can be,
Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Slowly, silently, Fluttershy closes the journal, sliding it back under the pillow, and turns, lying face-up on Sunset's bed.

She stays there for a minute. Two minutes. Five. Ten.
At last, Fluttershy places a hand to her head, muttering quietly.


"So..." Rainbow Dash says, her voice raised to carry over the sound of sobbing.

"So." Applejack replies, her expression even.

"We're... We're first up on damage control." Dash replies, gesturing to the door of Sunset's room. "Should you go in first, or should I?"

"Don't much matter."

"Well... you go first, then."


"I thought you said it didn't matter."

"It don't. Ah just wanna know why you're so keen on havin' me go first is all."

"W-Well, I just... I..." Rainbow Dash sighs. "I don't like being alone with crying ponies, okay? It's really awkward, and it makes me feel... Un-cool."

Applejack raises an eyebrow.

"W-What!? I told you, it..." Rainbow trails off, before huffing. "F-Fine. I'm a bit - teeny, tiny little bit - of a sympathetic crier. When a pony starts crying, I tear up. And I don't like that. Are you happy? Any other deep secrets you want me to confess, or can-"

Applejack interrupts her with a motion, opening the door and striding through it, giving the Pegasus a look.

"Sunset!" Applejack cries, giving the mare in the room a smile. "Wow! It's sure nice meetin'-"

A pillow arcs through the air, sailing towards Applejack's head. In an instant, the mare ducks, and Rainbow takes the impact, sailing down the hall with a cry of surprise.

"Welp." Applejack mutters, gazing at the veritable whirlwind of bedclothes forming in front of her. "Ah get the feelin' we're gonna have a bad time..."

"I'm just glad we finally got her to stop crying." Dash says, as the two of them exit Sunset's room, hours later. Applejack nods, giving Dash a smile.

"Seems like the next shift's arrivin'." she says, and, sure enough, Rarity and Pinkie Pie come into view, trotting slowly through the hallway. The two pairs wave at each other as they pass, and, as Rarity and Pinkie approach Sunset's door, Applejack and Rainbow Dash turn the corner.

"Run, now." the farmer says. "Before Pinkie sets Sunset off again."

The two break into a gallop, managing to get to the end of the hallway before the sound of crying emanates from behind them again.

Sunset lies in her room, facedown on her bed. It had been a long day. First Applejack and Rainbow Dash, then Rarity and Pinkie... It was obvious they were trying to comfort her... So why wasn't it working? Some part of her insisted that, like Rarity had said, matters of the heart were much more damaging than any physical wound... But the rest of her gave that part a flat look and a flatter 'no'.

Suddenly, a hoof makes contact with her back. Sunset turns her head, horn glowing...
Fluttershy sits there, slowly rubbing Sunset's back with a hoof.

"I'm sorry." she murmurs. "I know... I know the other me hurt you... But I can't just stand by and watch somepony be sad like this."

Sunset sighs... With a resigned nod, she lies down again, letting Fluttershy rub her back. Slowly, the mare becomes more bold, moving from a back rub to a full-on massage, hitting all the knots in Sunset's body and working them loose with gentle, yet powerful, presses of her soft, warm hooves. Sunset lets out a sigh as she relaxes more. Fluttershy was whispering something...

"What was that?" Sunset asks, voice a tad bleary.

"I just... I wanted to know why... What did she do to you that made you hurt this much?"

Sunset feels the tears begin to flow... But they don't feel so bad this time. Taking a deep, shuddering breath, she speaks.

"I don't know." she whimpers. "I... I guess... I guess just finding out that three years of my life... All of it was fake, all of it was just her controlling me... I thought I trusted her..."

As Fluttershy's massage grows even stronger, pressing on all those knots deep inside, Sunset finally breaks down completely, sobbing into the pillow under her head.

"I thought... I thought she loved me..." she chokes out. Fluttershy leans in, murmuring softly.

"It's okay..." she coos. "I'm here. You can let all of that out. Let it all out... Let everything out, and just fall... So relaxed...

Sunset was so relaxed... It felt so good to just let everything drift away... Fluttershy stops massaging her, then, and moves into Sunset's field of view. the mare was wearing a wonderful pendant... It sparkled in the light, drawing Sunset's gaze deeper... And deeper...

"I'm here." she says softly. "Look at me. It's okay. Just let everything go..."

Fluttershy... There was something off about her... Something...

"Where're your cutie marks?" Sunset asks blearily, her eyelids fluttering. Fluttershy runs a hoof along Sunset's face, smiling.

"It's okay. Don't worry about that. Doesn't it feel so good, so relaxing? Don't you just want to-"


The voice rings out, loud and sharp, as Fluttershy's eyes roll up in her head and she slumps to the ground. Sunset looks up, bleary-eyed...
Twilight stands in the doorway, another Fluttershy almost hiding behind the mare, tears springing to her eyes.

In an instant, Sunset realizes, and she shoots up from the bed with a yelp of surprise.

"That..." she says. "That lying, conniving, back-stabbing little bi-"Twilight coughs, motioning behind her at the other Fluttershy, who squeaks and shrinks even more, her body hidden behind Twilight's.

"You can go now." Twilight says softly to the other yellow mare. "I just wanted to make sure. Thank you for this." With a nod and a squeak Sunset-ward, the other Fluttershy dashes off.

"When Fluttershy came in, asking to see you... I didn't want to let her." Twilight says, sitting down on the bed next to Sunset, gazing at the entranced mare below them. "But she insisted... She looked so earnest, so sincere... I didn't notice she'd taken the pendant until a few minutes later."

Sunset nods, gazing at Fluttershy.

"I don't understand..." she whispers. "Why? Why did she do all of this? Why?"

Twilight raises an eyebrow, giving Sunset a tiny smile.

"Well... We could always ask her." Turning to Fluttershy, Twilight speaks in a firm, commanding tone.

"Stand, Fluttershy." the mare stands, gazing at the two of them with glazed, empty eyes.

"Fluttershy, you will tell me why you did this." Twilight says. "You will tell me why you hypnotized Sunset, why you hypnotized every one of your friends."

Slowly, Fluttershy takes in a deep breath. "It... It had to be done." she murmurs, her voice a breathy monotone. "I needed to do it. To every one of my friends. I needed to bring them under."

"Why?" Sunset asks, and Twilight echoes the question.

"I... Just needed to. I needed to hypnotize all of them, to get them ready..."

Twilight raises an eyebrow.

"Fluttershy... Every hypnotic command placed on you is now gone. Every single one. You are free. When I tell you to, you will awaken from your trance and tell us what you were getting your friends 'ready' for."

Slowly, Fluttershy repeats the commands, and Twilight looks at Sunset. They both nod... And Twilight, with a word, releases Fluttershy.
She slumps to the ground again. This time, however, she curls up into a ball, sobbing, taking shuddering breaths as she wails.

"Adagio Dazzle." she finally chokes out, before collapsing again.

Twilight and Sunset look at each other for a long while.

"Now?" Sunset finally asks.

"I'd like to join you, if you'll let me."

Sunset nods, and, as one, the two ponies let out a loud curse.


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Fetishes in this chapter - and yes, they're there:

Mind Control/Hypnosis - [Major]
Masturbation - [Mentioned]
Fingering - [Minor]
Strip-Teasing - [Minor]
Rape - [Mentioned]

Without further ado, let's get into it.

Sunset Shimmer stands in her front room, giving her friends a steady look.

"Okay, so..." Rainbow Dash begins, her voices strained, placing a hand to her temples. "Lemme make sure we're all on the same page here... Adagio Dazzle hypnotized Fluttershy into hypnotizing you into hypnotizing us... And then having sex with us?"

Sunset looks at Fluttershy, the girl cringing under her gaze, and nods.

"There were other things, but yeah, you've got the gist of it."

Rainbow Dash nods as well, leaning back in the armchair. "Okay." she says weakly. "Thanks."

The others merely sit in shocked silence.

"This explains so much." Applejack says, finally. Rarity nods, looking down at her feet, her face red.

"Y-You..." she stammers, before trailing off. "Fuck, I-" With a squeak, one of Rarity's hands shoots to her mouth... The other trails down to her crotch. She sits there, stock-still, her eyes glued to her feet, until Pinkie Pie speaks.

Her hair dangerously approaching flat, Pinkie Pie stares Sunset down. "After you came over, I masturbated again." she says, her voice even. "And even though something deep down told me it was good... I still called my parents up and confessed. We had a long talk, Sunset. A really long talk."

Sunset nods.

"I know I've done horrible things to you." she says softly. "And I don't have any excuses. You see; Fluttershy only told me to hypnotize you. Sure, she built it into a fetish, but it was me who made you like masturbating, and who made Rarity like swearing. I understand if you won't ever forgive me." she gazes at each of them in turn, her face set in a determined grimace. "But even if you can't... I'm hoping you'll help me. Adagio needs to be stopped, and we've got a perfect opportunity to do it; she's coming in a few days, and she'll be taking a tour. She'll be checking up on each of you, and she'll be expecting six perfectly entranced girls, ready for her to take out every disgusting little revenge fantasy she's ever had out on. When she does, we'll be able to stop her."

The others nod, and Applejack stands, holding out a fist.

"Sunset, you nearly hurt me. But you stopped. And that counts fer somethin' to me. You did hurt mah friends, and you an' Ah are gonna have a talk about that after this. But you're right. No matter what, we're gonna stop Adagio."

"You've made mistakes before." Dash says. "Sure, this one was pretty big. But you're still my friend. And I'm not gonna leave you hanging, not when you need me like this." Slowly, she gets to her feet as well, stacking her fist on top of her friend's.

Rarity is the next to add her fist to the pile. "We will speak after everyone else has left." she says simply. "I don't want to act un-ladylike when others can see. But know that I'll help you stop that... bitch."

Fluttershy silently approaches and, not meeting Sunset's eyes, adds her fist to the stack.

A solid minute later, Pinkie stands, wordlessly adds her fist, and gives Sunset the most serious look she's ever seen Pinkie wear.

"I'll stay with Rarity." she says softly. "I want to talk to you, too." Rarity nods, and they break apart, the six girls standing in the room.

"Ah'll be headin' back to the farm now." Applejack says. "Anythin' there ya need, Sunset?"

"Some rope." Sunset says. "Bring it over tomorrow. I know today's been... Eventful."

With a nod, Applejack leaves, the door shutting behind her.
Rainbow is the next one to leave, her hand making a phone shape next to one of her ears as she mouths 'call me' to Fluttershy. Soon, the dual 'thrum' of truck and motorcycle engines cuts through the silence.
When they fade, Fluttershy opens the door. Without a word, she steps out, leaving Sunset alone with Rarity and Pinkie Pie.

Sunset turns to them, her arms spread, her eyes downcast.

"If you're going to do anything," she says calmly. "do it now. I deserve everything you can throw at me, and more."

A blur of white, and Rarity's hand meets Sunset's face in an open-palmed slap. Sunset accepts the blow, her head angled to the side and a breath escaping her. She stands there, Rarity's heavy breathing the only sound in the room.

"Sunset." Pinkie says softly. "We're ready now."

Sunset looks up, and gapes; Rarity and Pinkie are both stripped to their underwear, the garments hugging their assets snugly, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

"Wha... I don't-" Sunset splutters, before Pinkie cuts her off, pressing a finger to Sunset's lips.

"Sunset." she says, and the girl notices with a jolt of surprise that Pinkie's hair is back to its usual state of wild, poofy disarray. "My parents, when I talked to them, told me that they weren't angry, or ashamed of me... They told me that masturbation was a normal thing, and that they were glad I talked to them about it. They almost sounded proud." Pinkie lets out a tiny giggle. "I'd been missing out on a world of kinky fun, and you were the one to introduce me to it. It wasn't very nice not to ask me first..." her face grows serious again, and she pokes Sunset in the chest with her free hand. "But... I forgive you. You're still my friend. And I want to thank you, for helping me find out about sex in a safe, fun way. Oh, and for the bigger boobs."

Sunset nods, turning to Rarity, who stands there, holding her hands together over her chest.

"Sunset..." she says. "What you did to me was degrading... It was against my will, and it brought me down to a base, sexual level I've never been forced to before." Slowly, a small smile makes its way onto Rarity's face. "And... I loved it."


"I did!" Rarity cries. "I loved it. It was so crass... So beneath me... Fuck me, but I loved it." she rushes to Sunset, hugging her close. "I know it's wrong... I know, after what you've been through, that it's selfish to do this to you... But I don't care. Oh, Sunset, please... do it again!"

Sunset takes a step back, utterly shocked.

"N...No." she finally says, shaking her head. "I-I can't. I'm sorry, girls. I've fucked with your heads more than I thought..." slowly, she sits down in a chair, her head in her hands. "G-Get dressed. Please. Now. Don't do this."

She sits there, anticipating something, anything... And then Rarity sighs.

"I'm sorry, Sunset." she says softly. "It was selfish of me to act as I did. I... I lost control. I can see how hard this is for you."

"I can't." Pinkie says. Rarity shoots her a glare, and she shrugs.

"What?" she protests. "It's just fucking! It's not like she's hypnotizing us again! Not that I'd be opposed to that..."

"Pinkie." Sunset says, eyes still averted. "I just got done being the bad guy again. I practically raped both of you, and almost raped Applejack. I can't do that again." Sunset sniffles, her fist clenching. "Maybe... maybe, after all this is done... We'll talk. But until then... Please get out of my house before things get out of hand."

With a heavy sigh from both girls, the door opens... and then closes again.

"Dear Celestia, what did I do to them?" Sunset breathes, leaning back in her chair. "Even after I told them... They still want to be my friend..." after a long while, Sunset sighs, standing. It didn't matter right now. She takes a deep breath, then lets it out, her face even. All she needed to do was beat Adagio. Then she could worry about the rest.

Vinyl Scratch walks through the door of her home. With a whistle, she calls out to Octavia...

"Mistress is here." the girl replies, and Vinyl nods, stripping unceremoniously as she heads into the kitchen. No servant - no good servant, at least - was clothed in her Mistress's home. she approaches the kitchen, whistling a short, complex tune. Octavia's voice murmurs something, before raising in another call.

"Mistress says some food would be lovely!"

Nodding to herself, Vinyl begins her work.
Mistress had explained it all to her a few days ago. She'd been drained of her powers... But, thankfully, she was able to eat human food. Thus, Vinyl had taken the job of being her Mistress's live-in cook. She existed to serve, after all, and she was an excellent chef.

One of her fellow slaves walks into the kitchen and bows, bending over at the waist, her tits jiggling.

"I will assist Vinyl in cooking food." Sonata Dusk says, her voice blank and emotionless. Vinyl nods, indicating various cupboards with her hands. As Sonata rushes around, mindlessly obeying, Vinyl says a quick prayer of thanks to her Mistress for letting her keep most of her free will. With the cupboards - and her fridge - open, Vinyl points to a myriad of ingredients; spices, pans, spatulas, and a slab of meat sitting in her fridge's bottom drawer.

Vinyl and Octavia didn't used to eat meat. Then Mistress had told them to eat it, and they ate meat now, just like she did.
Soon, the meat is cut, the excess stored, and a steak sizzles on the stove.

"We are allowed to eat this meal with her!" Octavia calls. "Praise Mistress for her mercy, as we praise her in all things!"

With a nod, Vinyl sets Sonata to cut and prepare two more steaks, which sizzle along with the first.

Footsteps, labored and heavy, accompany a low sigh.

"Morning, mute." Aria says, her tone resigned and weary, as she enters the kitchen. "Making our beloved Mistress a good meal?"

Vinyl nods, saying a quick prayer of thanks to her Mistress for taking away enough of her free will to make her enjoy servitude, rather than force her body to obey against her will, like Aria's. As she watches, the girl slowly begins to undress, swaying her hips and chest as she begins stripteasing the DJ.

"Mistress has commanded me to provide you with 'entertainment' while you cook for her." Aria says, not meeting Vinyl's steady gaze, concealed as her eyes were behind her shades. "A reward for your... And my... Loyal service."

Vinyl nods, enjoying the show; where Sonata's breasts were, paradoxically, full, round, gigantic, and perky at the same time, Adagio's were flat, a set of modest B-cups that barely swayed as she danced. However, what the broken girl lacked in breast size, she made up for in waistline; her hips were deliciously plump, rounding off into a perfect bubble-butt that sways and jiggles tantalizingly as she slowly pulls her panties down, a bit of wetness betraying her.

"I've been..." Aria sighs. "I've been 'allowed' to feel arousal from this situation." she is fully nude now, dancing enticingly as Vinyl leans back against a cabinet, admiring her. Mistress had given her a show, and she would enjoy it.

Soon, though, the steaks are done, and Vinyl dismisses Aria with a wave and a whistle. The girl breathes a heavy sigh of relief, gazing into Vinyl's eyes. Desperation filling them, Aria Blaze mouths two words, before turning and, still fully nude, entering the bedroom.
Vinyl returns to her cooking, whistling a merry tune as she works. The steaks are cut, checked, and approved; rare, just how Mistress - and, by extension, Vinyl and Octavia - like them.
The door to one of Mistress's rooms - the one Octavia knew to call hers when Mistress wasn't around - is open, and a low moan emanates from inside. Gently knocking on the open door, Vinyl receives a gift.

"Inside." Mistress's voice rings out, and Vinyl enters, swimming in bliss. Just hearing her Mistress's divine voice was enough to make her cum, and her juices stained her thighs, a mark of pride, a sign that she was a good slave. Octavia is on the bed, heavy breasts heaving, panting with pleasure as Mistress finger-fucks her cunt eagerly, giving Vinyl a smile.


There was no way to describe her perfection using words, but Vinyl knew a few that came close. Where Aria's hips were wonderful, Adagio Dazzle's were ________. Where Sonata's breasts were inviting and enticing, Adagio Dazzle's were ________. Simply put, she was perfection incarnate. Divinity given flesh. She was music in a body, rhythm and rhyme and melody in every single atom of her absolutely impeccable being.
She was Mistress.

Vinyl sets the steaks down on a table and sits, eagerly awaiting that voice, the angelic chorus that carried orders and praise and censure all in the same wonderful song.
Nothing happens, not for a long time. When Octavia cums, singing praises to her Mistress every second, she finally turns and, without pomp or ceremony, speaks.

"We'll eat now. You two will enjoy the taste of meat, as you always do, because it's what I eat, and you love me completely."

With eager nods, the two girls begin eating, devouring the steak as voraciously as their Mistress.

As Vinyl eats, she reflects...
The Dazzlings had certainly changed since she'd helped those accursed Rainbooms defeat her Mistress. Sonata was so quiet and obedient now, instead of her usual spasmodic and frenetic self. And Aria... she was sadder. Much sadder.
Maybe it was pity. Maybe it was because Vinyl Scratch was a good person. Maybe it was because, deep down, the real Vinyl Scratch was still in there somewhere.
Whatever the reason, Vinyl resolves not to tell Mistress what she'd seen; that the words Aria had mouthed were 'Help me.'

The Calm

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Fetishes in this chapter:

Gushy, Sappy Romance
Side-Story Hooks

Twilight paces the room, gazing at the two girls-turned-ponies sitting in front of her, completely entranced.

"This is wrong." she says to herself. Neither Fluttershy or Sunset say anything.

"This is very wrong."

She continues pacing, glancing back at the two ponies, biting her lip.

"I can't hypnotize them like this." she insists. "No matter how much I want to... No matter how good it feels... They're my friends, darnit! They trust me!"

The silence stretches out for a long, long time, before Twilight sighs.

"I... I can't do this." Twilight turns to Sunset and Fluttershy.

"W-Wake up." she says, flinching as the two slowly come to their senses. Fluttershy gapes at her surroundings; Sunset just looks at Twilight, and sighs.

"Dammit, Twi." she mutters. "I... Did you really-"

"No!" Twilight cuts in. "I didn't do anything, I promise! All I did was bring you two here..."

Twilight sits down, placing her head in her hooves.

"I can't do it." she moans. "I tried to do it... I almost told you two to do it. But I can't; I can't do that to the two of you, not without you knowing, or giving me permission. It's wrong."

Sunset stares at Twilight for a long moment, then another... Before nodding.

"I trust you, Twi." she says calmly. "If you say that you didn't, I'll believe you."

Twilight nods.

"I think it's very kind of you to stop." Fluttershy says softly. "You care enough about us not to go too far... Thank you."

"Don't thank me for almost hypnotizing you into having sex with me, please."

"Twilight..." Sunset says, raising an eyebrow. "How'd you even get us under? I don't remember reading the book."

"I, er... I left a command in both of you, to text yourselves something and then forget it." Twilight shrugs, blushing. "When you checked your phones, you'd fall into a trance and come to me."

Sunset nods. "That's actually kinda clever."

Twilight's blush deepens just a bit more.

"What about Adagio?" Fluttershy says, suddenly. "She's bound to have a lot of triggers implanted in us, just like that. Now that we're free, we won't obey them, and when she goes on her 'tour', she'll be expecting them all to work."

All three of them sit there, for a while, before Twilight brightens.

"I have an idea!" she cries. "Sunset, Fluttershy, g-"

The two of them wake up next to the alicorn, looking at her... Suddenly, information rushes into their minds, sending Fluttershy reeling. The yellow mare topples to the floor, crying out. Sunset merely grits her teeth, screwing her eyes shut as trigger after trigger enters her head.

"Damn..." she mutters, once everything is in place. "That's complicated."

"It has to be." Twilight says, sighing. "Adagio's left herself deep in your heads... What I've done is installed a set of triggers and commands that activate whenever any of Adagio's triggers come into effect. You'll be perfectly aware of everything that goes on when you obey her, even the changes to your minds... And you should be able to free yourselves at will. You need to be careful, though; the triggers only work once per hypnotic command, and I'd assume that once Adagio finds out you've broken free, you won't be able to do much. Your best weapon now is the element of surprise."

Sunset nods, standing on wobbly hooves. "Thanks for the help, Twilight. We'll need it."

The alicorn nods. "I wish I could do the same thing with the other girls, but..."

"We might not have time." Sunset says, nodding. "I get you. I've got a feeling we won't see each other for a while... So... In case worst comes to worst, and... And we don't get out of it on top..."

Twilight nods, wrapping Sunset into a hug.

"I've thought of that." she says. "Don't ask... If things do get that bad, I'll know."

Sunset nods, and Twilight lets out a tiny gasp; the mare is shaking, trembling softly as she clings to Twilight.

"I'm scared..." Sunset whimpers. "Dammit, but I'm terrified. I don't want to lose this... I don't want to go away forever."

Twilight simply nods, holding Sunset, rocking gently back and forth.

"Can I..."

"Yeah, you can go now, Fluttershy. Thanks for being understanding about all this." Twilight says. The yellow mare nods, giving Twilight and Sunset a smile and a wave, before hopping back through the mirror.

"I hate being the leader sometimes." Sunset moans. "It's so tense all the time... It's hard to stay hopeful. Even when you're afraid, you have to hide it... Because what'll they do without me?"

Twilight nods, squeezing Sunset close, before releasing her with a warm smile.

"That's the good thing about being the leader of our friends, in any world." she says softly. "You don't have to pretend, or act brave. If you're afraid, you can tell them, and they'll help you."


"No buts." Twilight says sternly. "Talk to them about things like this. Confide in them. You don't have to be alone, Sunset. Please..."

Sniffling, she nods, giving Twilight a weak smile.

"Don't worry." she says. "I will. A-And don't worry about us. We'll beat her. I'm sure of it."

Twilight nods, wrapping Sunset in another hug, before leaning in and gently kissing her forehead.

"Go get 'er." she says, smiling. "I'll be waiting for you when I get back."

Sunset grins, saluting, before trotting through the portal, leaving behind a sighing Twilight. Slowly, her horn glows, and Rainbow's voice emanates through the room.

"Twi, you all right? Why's your magic thing here?"

"Rainbow Dash..." Twilight says, gazing at the pendant lying on a nearby table. "I... I have a proposition for you."

Sunset opens her door, rubbing blearily at her eyes. The light of the evening streams through the open windows of her home, alighting on the girl's messy hair and purple pajamas. She yawns, then looks at her visitor.

Fluttershy stands there, her hair unkempt, her eyes red and puffy. She stares up at Sunset, before speaking, her voice barely above a squeak.

"Can I..."

Sunset nods, gesturing inside. Fluttershy nods, entering and sitting down in one of the armchairs in Sunset's front room.

"Sunset..." she stammers. "I... I know I've done horrible, horrible things to you."

Sunset says nothing, simply sitting down and looking at Fluttershy.

"I b-brainwashed you into loving me... I brainwashed all my friends into loving me... And it's all my-"

"Fault?" Sunset finishes, raising an eyebrow. "You being hypnotized by one of our enemies was your fault?"

Fluttershy stammers and squeaks, before falling silent, simply nodding.

"I can see where you're coming from, just a bit." Sunset says, looking at the ceiling pensively. "I've been there before... You could've been stronger. You could've resisted somehow, or broken her control, or gotten help..."

Fluttershy nods, her head in her hands. She sits there, quietly sobbing... Until a pair of arms wrap gently around her, and the smell of jasmine mixed with just a hint of campfire smoke envelops her. She looks up, and Sunset smiles down at her, nuzzling her gently.

"I've been doing a lot of thinking." Sunset says quietly, after a little while. "You see... What Adagio did, it was very subtle. It's practically Hypnosis 101: Be as subtle as you can. And... What she did was... I guess... Accelerate things?" Sunset gives Fluttershy a hesitant smile. "I mean... Fluttershy, I didn't fall in love with you just because you made me. I fell in love with you... Because there's so much about you that I wanted to fall in love with."

Fluttershy whimpers, shrinking down into her chair, and Sunset lets out a tiny chuckle.

"Like that." she says. "That adorable little noise you make when you're embarrassed... The way you hide behind your hair, and blush... It's what drew me to you in the first place. When all this happened... I forgot that."

Sunset sighs, frowning. "I was so afraid... So angry... I'd thought everything I'd felt for the past three years had been a lie..." Slowly, Sunset stands, staring at Fluttershy with a warm smile... A loving smile.

"But I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I realized that not everything I've felt has been a lie... In fact, almost all of it was real. Real to me, at least. And... If it was real to you, too... I wouldn't mind giving things another shot, without the hypnosis, when we've stopped Adagio."

Fluttershy sniffles... And, slowly, she extends her hand, a tiny smile on her face and her eyes filled with something between hope, joy, and love.

"I would love that..." she says quietly. "Thank you so much..."

Sunset takes Fluttershy's hand and pulls the pink-haired girl to her feet, hugging her close, nuzzling her... The two of them stand like this for a long, long while, before Sunset's phone begins ringing, Sunset's own voice repeating the word 'Hello' over and over, in a cheerful tone. Sighing, Sunset retrieves the device from her pocket.

"Hello." she says, in a cheerful voice. Then she pauses, raising an eyebrow, before smiling.

"Sweet! Thanks a lot, V! You're the best!" Sunset hangs up, her phone beeping just a little while later.

"Who was that?" Fluttershy asks.

"Vinyl finished her album - you know, the one she did of remixes of the songs we did as the Rainbooms? She's gonna send us a track every day, and then post the full album somewhere where we can all get to it."

Fluttershy nods, her one phone letting out a cheery little 'ding!' She reaches for it, reading the screen.

"She sent me the first track." she says, and Sunset nods.

"We'll listen to it sometime tomorrow." she says, shrugging and putting her phone away. "For now... Fluttershy, do you want to... Sleep with me?"

Fluttershy blushes, stammering, but Sunset raises her hands defensively.

"I don't mean like that!" Sunset says. "I mean... Like... In the same bed with me. With your clothes on. We could... Snuggle... And talk... And fall asleep in each other's arms, like we used to."

Fluttershy takes a deep breath... and then smiles.

"I'd like that, yes."

'Did you get the track?' Rainbow's fingers fly over the keyboard as guitar riffs, chopped and bent in pitch, echo through her room. 'It's friggin' amazing!'

The text sent, Rainbow sets her phone down and bobs her head to the music, biting her lip.

"Damn, Vinyl." she mutters to herself. "You know your stuff!"

With a grunt, the rainbow-haired mare rises, swaying her body and twisting, spinning; dancing to the music. Rainbow wasn't much of a dancer, but something about this song almost begged to be danced to. She needed to get up and move!

Her dance slowly becomes more and more erotic as thoughts of her friends enter her head. She'd never noticed how toned Applejack's thighs were, or how amazing Fluttershy's rack was, not to mention the phenomenal ass Pinkie had on her... She bits her lip, but for a different reason as she slowly begins to undress, stripteasing the walls of her room. First comes her shirt, then the bra that kept her E-cups safely and secretly compressed, then her pants and panties, leaving Dash completely naked in her room, shaking her ass, thrusting her breasts out, moaning as she feels a massive heat begin to build up between her legs.

With a moan, her hands drift to her sex, and she begins pumping two fingers in and out of her dripping cunt, swaying and jerking as the music plays on, the beat thudding into her head, seeming to drive out every single thought but that of sex, and the heat, and Adagio...

Rainbow starts, pausing as the thought runs through her head. That can't be right. Adagio was the bad guy! Girl. Whatever! She hypnotized everyone into being her slaves! Adagio...
The Siren was incredibly hot. Visions of her submitting to Adagio flash through her head; she's licking her boots, moaning as she does... She's bent over a table, Adagio fucking her roughly with a strap-on... Rainbow's hands return to her crotch as she arches her back and cums, cums for Adagio...

She flops onto her bed, panting, the heat receding as the song trails off to a stop. Man, the coming days were going to be hard; how was she supposed to stop Adagio from hypnotizing everyone when all she wanted to do right now was give up; to let Adagio dominate her, let the Siren take her into her arms and-

Dash's phone chimes, and she picks it up; a text from Pinkie.

'I came to Adagio.' it says. 'She's amazing.'

'I came to Adagio' Rainbow replies, moaning as she imagines the Siren's hands holding her body, caressing her breasts, plunging into her cunt... 'I wanna submit to her so bad!'

Another chime; Rarity.

'I came to Adagio.' it reads. 'My word... I haven't had a climax that intense in my entire life... Isn't Adagio simply divine?'

Rainbow arches her back, her hand plunging into her cunt again as she imagines her friends kneeling, Dash among them, in front of that perfect, beautiful Siren...

A third chime, then a fourth. Fluttershy and Applejack.

'I came to Adagio.' Fluttershy's text reads. 'I'm so sorry, I couldn't help it... She's just so amazing...'

'I came to Adagio. Really tired now. Gonna dream of her tonight, for sure.' Applejack's text is brief.

Rainbow sets her phone down on her chest, and then begins masturbating in earnest, her eyes closing as she imagines the blonde-haired Siren walking in, commanding her, pressing Dash's face into her tight-

A final chime, and Dash reads the last text.

'I came to Adagio.' Sunset's text says. 'I know it seems strange... We'll talk about this tomorrow. Is it okay if you girls come see me at around two in the afternoon?'

'Sure.' Dash replies, before arching her back and cumming hard, crying out Adagio's name.

The End [April Fools Day]

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Wanrning: Bees.

The night is cold and dark; Sunset stands, surrounded by her friends, a deep frown on her face.

"You're telling me that Adagio's made us... Love cumming to the thought of her?" Applejack asks, groaning out as she rides yet another climax, the dildo thrusting in and out of her cunt.

"That's right." Sunset says, her own dildo vibrating gently as she fucks herself with it, her tone serious. "Mistress Adagio's triggers are really subtle..." she moans out an orgasm, feeling her mind fog up that much more. "...Yeah; subtle and stuff."

"Oh my." Fluttershy chimes, leaning up from where she'd been licking at Rarity's nipples. "What do we do? She's so powerful and strong... And powerful."

Rainbow Dash says nothing, because nobody cares about what she thinks.

Pinkie Pie rolls into the room on her massive tits, cheering and hollering as she waves a flag with the Siren's face emblazoned on it. "Twilight is here!" she calls, her tone joyful. "Twilight's here, guys!"

"Twilight!" Sunset cries, rushing to the door and opening it-

"You thought it was Twilight, but it was me, Dio!" A voice cries! Sunset gasps, her eyes wide as an incredibly buff blonde man enters her view, striking a flamboyant pose while katakana shiver in the background.

"Um..." Sunset says. "D-Do I know you? You look familiar..."

The man cocks his head. "Naniii? Are you not the daughter of Joseph Joestar?"

Sunset shakes her head, and the blonde man drops his pose, looking abashed. "Well... I feel like a fool now."

Sunset's eyes light up, and instantly a glowing woman appears, clad in armor and bearing righteous flames. A Stand!
"The Joestar house is right over that way." she says, the Stand pointing over to a nearby hill.

"Thank you." Dio says, dropping into a gracious bow. "Perhaps we'll meet again."


"Oh, by the way, there's some purple-haired girl here to see you." Calls Dio as he strides away.

"Twilight!" Sunset cries, rushing to the door and opening it.

"You thought it was Dio, but it was-" Twilight begins, then pauses and sighs. "Dammit, he did it first, didn't he?"


"Shit. Lemme in."

Sunset lets the girl in, and Twilight sits down on a nearby chair, looking around at all the girls fucking.

"Where's AJ?" she asks, cocking her head.

Just then, the window shatters, and Applejack flies through, carrying Adagio on her back.

"Right here." the Siren says, rising and snapping her fingers with a grin.

Instantly, all six other girls drop into a deep, deep trance, and Adagio permits herself a small, tiny little maniacal cackle. Okay, a five minute... Okay, a ten-minute maniacal cackle.

"Now, girls..." Adagio says, taking a step towards Sunset...

...Or, at least... Trying to take a step. Turning, she finds Applejack grabbing her ankles, a blank look on her face.

"Let me go!" Adagio cries, but Rainbow keeps holding her, as the other girls slowly, blankly, rise and approach her. Rainbow Dash finally shows up - of course she's late, the slut - only to bind Adagio's arms while Pinkie takes the rest of her legs and Rarity grabs her head, covering the Siren's mouth but leaving her eyes and ears free. Fluttershy takes her body, holding it close, leaving only Twilight and Sunset, who stand, still completely entranced.

"Nice job, Adagio." Sunset says, her voice a steady monotone. "You got her. Congrats. But little do you know... I put my own triggers in her. For one; 'Become The Mare.'"

Instantly, Twilight jerks to life, taking a deep breath... And chuckling, turning to the trapped Siren.

"I knew you'd get me, or Sunset." she says softly. "You're just too good for your own good. And now... It's time to be punished, for turning my friends into your toys!"

Adagio mumbles something, but Twilight grins, turning her back on the Siren and snapping her fingers. "Enjoy... Bitch."

Dimly, Sunset turns, standing in front of Adagio, resting her head on the Siren's head, looking into her eyes... And then she speaks.

"According to all known laws of aviation," she begins. "there is no way a bee should be able to fly."

Adagio's eyes widen. No... No! Anything but this! This was an ancient spell, a long incantation of mental torture!

"Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground." Sunset continues, and Adagio feels the others move, taking deep breaths... They begin to recite as one, the words thudding into Adagio's ears like spikes.

"The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible." they intone, and Adagio begins to scream.