Smoke: Hooves and Hedonism

by Distant Gaze

First published

A non-canon side story to Smoke, in which Done and a weatherpony enjoy a cloudy rooftop.

While enjoying an afternoon off, Done Deal spots a cute weatherpony overhead. This story is non-canon, but based on Smoke. Basic familiarity with the setting will help.

WARNING: Mind control and graphic sex

Proofreading by Fable_Wright
Cover art by Whatsapokemon--a cropped version of the very NSFW art upon which this was based.

Hooves and Hedonism

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I’d managed the impossible. I’d actually gotten ahead of Day Planner’s piles of tasks for a change, and as much as she looked, she couldn’t find a mistake, omission, or extra work to keep me at my desk. She’d tried. Oh, how she’d tried! Ten solid minutes of looking for other tasks, but a few late nights had gotten me not only caught up on my backlog, but ahead of it. I leaned back, stretching happily in my chair on the roof of The Tall Tail, enjoying the sun and breeze—and a hard cider I wouldn’t normally have allowed myself until after the night’s shows. I resolved to try to keep far enough ahead of my work for at least one day like this each week. Peace and quiet, warm sun and a cool breeze (and drink), and all the hassles down below, where they wouldn’t bother me. I shut my eyes and sighed happily. The problems would be back, but for the moment… “Can it get any better?”

When I opened them again, I noticed one of the clouds overhead was scooting along awfully quickly, coming to rest just a short distance from the edge of the roof. Out from behind it popped a blue pegasus with a cute, withers-length blond mane, who zipped off in the opposite direction, toward another cloud. As she pushed that one back over toward where I was relaxing, I decided that yes, it could get better. Finishing off my cider with one last, long pull, I gathered smoke around myself and pushed it toward the mare as she turned away again, only to have it blow away in the breeze. I muttered, embarrassed the obvious mistake, and built up as much as I could hide under the patio table at which I sat. When the next cloud scooted my way, I raised my voice and called out.

“Miss? Could I ask you to come down here for a moment?” I glanced down quickly, double checking that it was staying out of sight. Smoke billowed and flickered around my legs, more than I’d actually planned to draw out, but anything blowing away had dissipated into nothingness before it got out from under the table. It would do. The pegasus poked her head around the cloud she was pushing to look down at me, and with one last shove to slide it up against the others, glided down to where I sat, and landed across the table from me softly. I couldn’t help but watch as she folded away her wings, but for just a moment, when her hooves were at eye level, I noticed that they were surprisingly shiny. I gave a warm smile—the mare had just provided the distraction I wanted.

“Is something the matter?” The pegasus’ voice was cute, a little more feminine than most weatherponies I’d met, but it fit her. She was polite, certainly, but pretty businesslike—straight to the point. That didn’t seem to fit, not with such pampered hooves. I smiled—it was the little contradictions like that that made mares so interesting.

“No, not at all. It just that as you were flying around, even from down here, I could tell that your hooves were really well kept.” My guest blushed, and raised a hoof defensively, but I gestured at the building below us. “I was wondering where you have them done. I run a cabaret, and some of the dancers might like gift certificates.” Smoke was already creeping up the pegasus’ hind legs, wrapping its way around her and snaking toward her head, but she was far too startled by mention of her hooves to look away from me.

Relief flooded the pegasus’ face, and she lowered her hoof to the table, lifting her other front leg up to place her hooves side by side. She was already more animated than she’d been when she landed. “There’s this little place, upstairs on 9th and Bridle! It doesn’t look like much, but theyyyy…” Her voice trailed off—smoke had slipped into her ears. As much as I’d prepared out of sight, there was no shortage, and as it reached her nostrils, the mare’s eyelids began to sink. I guided it consciously, keeping it flowing around her body and into her head as I took my first good look at her face. Cabaret material? No, she certainly wasn’t that. She didn’t have the features for “beauty,” but cute is just as attractive, and she certainly nailed it. I took my time, letting more and more smoke sink in while she just stared ahead. A stroke of her cheek let her mouth fall open, and her tongue slipped out. I stifled a laugh, and just let it hang—either I’d built up more smoke than I thought while waiting for a chance, or this mare was unusually vulnerable. Either way, as she stared blankly, a trickle of drool stretching to the table, I decided to keep her that way for a while. Or I would, after a bit of preparation.

“What a cute weather pony. Why don’t you go get some cloud cover for a little privacy?” With a blank nod, she spread her wings, and I coiled the smoke around myself again while she flew away. Another glance under the table showed a little wet spot under where she’d been standing. I had no doubt she’d come back quickly. My swelling dick bumping the bottom of the table reminded me that I was just as ready.

Sure enough, when I looked up again, she was flying far faster than before, and pushing clouds in twos and threes, much lower over the roof than she had been. I could see her squeezing her hind legs together from time to time, but I had to give her credit, she stayed focused on building us a little dome of nearby clouds, and before long, came gliding back, landing a bit more roughly this time. I could see the poor thing’s sides heaving as she worked to catch her breath. I flashed her another smile, and she returned it nervously, looking away after just a moment. Before it could get awkward, I gestured up at her work. “Thanks! The sun was getting in my eyes like you wouldn’t believe.” My shaft continued to press against the table. I was going to have to smoke her again before I could get up. As she opened her mouth to reply, I let the tendrils leave my legs and coil around hers, climbing their way up and past her flanks.

She was a little flustered, and still very out of breath, panting here and there as she spoke. “Y-you’re welcome. I’m going to have to move them again soon; there’s a scheduled rainfall a little later… but it’s kind of fun, hiding under them with…um.” The pegasus looked away again and trailed off, but the smoke was only to the back of her neck. She was just embarrassed. My smile widened again, and smoke claimed her. Smoke poured into her nostrils at an incredible rate, maybe faster than any other mare, as she breathed deeply to recover from her hard work above. No longer concerned about getting caught, I got up and walked around the table to her, my cock long since erect and waving beneath me. The mare’s gaze stayed fixed on where I’d been, but the corners of her mouth turned up a bit when I stroked her cheek.

“I’m Done Deal. What’s your name?” I didn’t have to ask, of course, but I wanted to know.

It took a moment for her to respond, as much smoke as she was taking in. “Rainy Season.” It was little more than a murmur.

As close as I was, and as wet as she was, I could smell her, breezy day or not. I reached beneath her tail and lightly stroked her wet lips. Rainy shuddered with pleasure at the light touch, her head finally turning to face me. I lay down on the roof, my cock standing up straight, and gestured at it. “I’m horny too, Rainy. Let’s take care of each other.”

Rainy Season nodded slowly, and sat on my legs, facing me and bringing her wings forward to stroke my cock. I propped myself back up a bit and kissed her slowly while she worked my rod, her stiff feather shafts grazing my shaft like a mare raking her teeth along it gently enough to tease. The length of her feathers brushed softly, before and behind, while the fluff of her feathers at the base was a constant, soft tease. Still smoked, she moved at a crawl, her wings slowly sliding up and down my length. Each stroke of her soft feathers made my legs wobble behind me, and I moaned into her mouth. Rainy kissed back, but she was slow, distracted. That she was taking in enough smoke to have even her kisses move slowly was its own kind of pleasure. For a good ten minutes, I made out with her gently while she drove me wild below. Each feather on each wing was its own little heaven, and its own little torture. The slow pace would keep me on edge for ages, and as much smoke as I was using, I could still feel it churning inside, and getting stronger as time passed. Thinking straight was a challenge, but I needed to speed up, or losing control of the smoke was a possibility. I was a little curious what would happen, but I wasn’t about to risk another Bruises. I broke the kiss and leaned back.

“You want to use your mouth, too.” I’d been enjoying making out, and it was a shame to stop, but she’d push me over the edge faster this way. And the way I nearly shook with pleasure each time Rainy moved her wings, I wanted to move on and do something for both of us. First, though, I needed release.

“I… want to use my mouth, too… Please.” Rainy’s eyes were still half-closed and unfocused, and as much trouble as she’d had kissing, the “please” was a genuine surprise, and a pleasant one. Some part of her seemed to be enjoying our little rooftop romp. I smiled and brushed a bit of her blond mane away from her eyes.

“Now how could I refuse such a polite request?” I stroked Rainy’s cheek with a hoof, and she seemed to press against it a bit before I slid it behind her smoke-wrapped head and gently guided her lips to my flare. “There you go.”

Rainy’s tongue gently lapped at my flare as her the feathers of her wings slid up and down my shaft. The sensations were so incredible I had to catch myself with a leg to avoid falling backwards. Once I had a hoof centered behind me, I reached forward with the other, and fondled Rainy’s teats. She gasped, opening her mouth wide, and her head slipped further down onto my cock. I could feel my limit coming on fast, and rewarded Rainy with a gentle squeeze. She whimpered and shuddered as I kneaded her teat, lowering her head on my shaft until her muzzle disappeared between her wings. The wet flesh of my stallionhood dampened her feathers and made them catch and tug, dragging for just a heartbeat before pulling loose and quickly sliding along my dick to fall back into place in Rainy’s wings—hundreds of short, soft strokes with every movement. Rainy wasn’t alone in her whimpering.

One last bob of her head pushed me over the line, and I leaned back again, trembling as my orgasm took me and my seed poured down Rainy’s throat. She swallowed far more easily than I’d have expected, and I sat smiling and panting as I watched her throat work to take it all in. The whirling smoke in me dwindled and ebbed as my own tension did. At last, I forced myself to calmness, and the flow petered out. I gently lifted Rainy’s head from my dick and looked her in her unfocused eyes as she took deep breaths of the smoke wrapped around my hoof.

“You deserve to feel good too, don’t you Rainy?” I really did want to make sure she enjoyed her time on the roof with me, after all.

“Teats… felt nice.” Something about her voice made the soft monotone especially sexy on her, and I kept the smoke flowing.

I smiled and reached down to caress them again, noticing the tightness of Rainy’s belly as my hoof slid over it. She really had swallowed a lot. Her glassy eyes sank closed, and a slight smile slowly curled her lips. “Your hooves…” I wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but it didn’t matter much.

“We can do better than this, Rainy. Come on, on your hooves.” Rainy got to her hooves sluggishly, brushing her teats against my hoof one last time as she did, and wobbled, nearly dropping back to the roof. I couldn’t help but laugh—with the smoke still affecting her, even stumbling didn’t put any real expression on her face. I got hold of her front half and eased her up, sliding out from under and shivering a bit at the sudden chill on my legs. Rainy was dripping wet, and had positively soaked me where she sat.

“Turnabout’s fair play, Rainy.” I could soak her, too. “Front hooves on the table for me.”

Rainy nodded and put her hooves up, standing on her hind legs. The smoke billowing around both of us flickered and waved, but never stopped flowing into her ears and Rainy’s deep breaths pulled even more through her nose. I reached forward and slipped a hoof under Rainy’s tail, stroking the length of her lips, and Rainy shuddered and moaned faintly, her brow furrowing with pleasure. I smiled. I thought touching her teats had gotten a reaction, but this was even better. Being careful not to be too rough, I separated her lips and stroked again, soaking my hoof completely and causing Rainy Season to actually bite her lip! I felt like a foal with a new toy, curious to see what I could make her do. I pressed my hoof against her opening gently, circling the hole, and Rainy’s legs shook. Her moaning was less faint than a moment before, but much more surprising was the fact that she was actually pushing back, grinding her sensitive flesh against my hoof. The erection that had gone down moments before was welling up again quickly, mirrored halfway by Rainy’s wings as they slowly half spread. I’d quit pushing at all; I didn’t want to risk hurting her, but Rainy ground her soaked slit against my hoof in slow motion, and was too turned on for her wings to lie flat. I smiled and carefully flicked her stiff bud. Smoke or not, Rainy cried out and her front half dropped to the table where she lay panting. My smile faded just a touch as I took a look at my hoof—it was positively dripping.

I leaned over Rainy, letting my stiff cock rest against her sex, and and placed my drippy hoof in front of her muzzle. Before I’d even said it, Rainy lifted her head, stretched out her tongue, and began to lick! Long licks around the outside of my hoof, drawn out by Rainy’s smoked daze. Little licks from underneath to the edge. I could feel her breath, hot on my fetlock as she tried to fit some of my hoof into her mouth, and the silly mare was so turned on she was rubbing against my cock as she did. Between the rubbing and the erotic mix of desire and absence on her face, I had had all I could handle.

While Rainy alternated between sucking on the tip of my hoof and nuzzling my fetlock, I braced my other leg on the table and slid myself in, breathing raggedly as the lips of her tight sex stroked my shaft—but it was a short thrust. To my surprise, Rainy was a virgin. I looked forward and found her wincing, but still far more concerned with my hoof than anything else. I shifted the smoke, pulling more of it around the hoof in Rainy’s mouth. Her eyelids sagged further, she slumped a bit at the table, and more importantly, she loosened slightly around my cock.

“Enjoy my hoof, Rainy.” I pushed again, sliding my stallionhood nearly to its base before my flare struck her depths. A moment passed while I let a wrinkle on Rainy’s forehead smooth, and I pulled back slowly, savoring every inch of Rainy’s tunnel on the way. Another pause nearly out of her, and I started in earnest, moaning at the incredible heat—Rainy had gotten so worked up over my hoof her body was on fire, and it was absolute heaven. Smoke had built back up while I held back for Rainy’s sake, and I struggled to keep both it and my orgasm under wraps.

I let the smoke around my hoof go, and Rainy’s licking sped up just a hair as I bucked away at her from behind. Her weaker cries joined my moaning a few thrusts later, and satisfied that she was ready, I reclaimed my hoof, braced myself, and and drove my hips into her plot hard enough that she supported herself on the table as I had, gasping drowsily. Her eyes were still unfocused, but her head finally turned to look back at me over her withers. I leaned forward and ran my tongue along her neck, causing her to slowly angle her head for more and pant.

I could feel it coming and sped up; the pleasure was more than I could handle, but I wanted as much of it as I could get before I came. With the last of my awareness, I looked up and realized I wouldn’t have to hold back—the pegasus underneath me could turn the clouds overhead into a shower. I plunged myself into Rainy’s burning body over and over, shaking the table underneath us, and forcing soft grunts from my smoked mare. Her walls gently tugged at my cock each time I changed direction, and that change was more than I could take as I drove my dick home. Semen poured from my cock deep into Rainy Season’s body while we both collapsed onto the table, helplessly.

I let it go, enjoying new pleasure with each spurt until Rainy lifted just a bit and began to leak around my shaft. Shot after shot poured into her, forcing more out, down her legs, and into her tail. I slipped out with it, spraying Rainy from her wings to her plot, coating her body in my cum while she panted against the table. At last, the flow stopped as seed slid down her body and from her slit. Exhausted, I let the smoke go at last.

Rainy continued to pant and use the table for support until she tried to fold her wings closed and felt the squish. Drowsy Rainy was gone in an instant, and with a scream. Her head snapped up and she looked around in every direction, taking stock of her surroundings. “Oh Celestia! Sex on the job! I’m going to get fired! I’m so going to get fired! Oh, I knew hooves would ruin my life one day! I knew it!” Rainy turned to me, scrunching her muzzle against mine, ears laid back. My own dropped in dismay and I instinctively glanced side to side for an escape route.“Why do you have such amazing hooves? What am I going to do—oh Celestia, it’s all over me!”

Apparently, Rainy had just noticed how messy she was and spun in place, practically chasing her tail trying to see. “How will I explai…” Rainy’s voice trailed off as smoke entered her ears again while she faced away. The poor thing had had fun until she freaked out, and now she just wasn’t thinking.

I walked around in front of her and used the most soothing tone I could. “The best way to solve any problem is to think calmly, Rainy. This can still be a good thing. Just stay calm.” I let the smoke go, but kept talking. “Look at all the clouds you brought. Instant shower.”

Rainy opened her mouth to argue, but paused and looked up. Sure enough, several were darker. Without a word, Rainy flew, scattering cum from her wings, and bucked every one of the clouds with a hint of rain in them, dropping back down to the roof and dousing herself in the instant storm. As the semen washed away, I could see a lot of her anxiety go with it and smiled at her. “Much better.” She was still a mess, but as long as she was dripping rainwater, I could let her into my apartment to get the rest of my cum out of her coat and feathers in a proper shower. I held open the door from my roof to my apartment for her. “You can tell your boss a business owner asked for some impromptu rain for cleaning. The weather department charges us a few bits, but they don’t mind. And a hot shower and warm towel are yours for the asking.”

Rainy finished as the rain slowed to a trickle and walked over to me dripping, ears laid back, eyes on the floor. “I… actually licked…” She looked up at me without finishing.

“My hoof. I wasn’t expecting that.”

Rainy’s legs went out from under her, and she let out a groan. “I ruined everything, didn’t I? You’re just so… I wanted you, and your hooves are… Oh, no.” Her wings pulled forward, hiding her face. I knew a mare about to cry when I saw one. It must’ve been all that smoke, if she cared that much about my opinion of her.

I lay down in front of her, and pushed a hoof between her wings. “It’s fine, Rainy. Honestly. If you knew how much I love wings, you wouldn’t feel bad. I promise.”

Rainy peeked out and lifted a wing, glancing at it suspiciously. “Wings?”

I smiled again. “Well, they’re nicer when they’re dry. But yes. I got to enjoy your wings, you got to enjoy my hoof. Everypony’s happy.”

Rainy’s smile formed slowly, but grew from ear to ear. “Could… I come back sometime?”

I lifted the hoof I’d poked through her wings to her muzzle, and she only hesitated a heartbeat before pressing her rain soaked face to it. “I’ve got a business to run here, but as long as you pay attention to hours, you’re more than welcome.”

Rainy abandoned my hoof to grab my face and plant a kiss on my lips. “Soon? I’m so excited, Done!”

I ignored my suddenly wet face and got to my hooves to gesture to the still-open door. “Soon, but worry about coming back when you’re ready to leave. Let’s get you cleaned up!”

Rainy was on her hooves in a heartbeat and leaned up against me affectionately. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Now I need a shower too! Hey, why don’t you come to a show sometime? The dancers here take great care of their hooves…”

I led a very excited Rainy Season down the stairs, regaling her with tales of costumed dancers with sparkling, painted hooves.