I hate my mom! (A tale for mother's day.)

by Rose_Fire

First published

A pegasus who claims that she hates her drunken mother and learns to move on.

Quick Blaze, a 17 - year - old Pegasus, was giving her mother a gift for Mother's Day. Her drunken mother didn't like it, and Quick Blaze didn't feel appreciated. Her anger got the best of her and she screamed she hated her mother.

Quick Blaze eventually learns why she should move on in her life - without her mother. And vows to be appreciated and better once she becomes one herself.

Happy Mother's Day

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"Happy Mother's Day, mom!" I said, presenting my mother's gift in front of her. She uses her magic to open it. "Thank you, sweetie." I look into her golden eyes with glee, hoping to find her reaction appealing.
"Bring it back, Quick Blaze - I don't want anything to do with it."
She tosses her train tickets to the trash with her magic. "But ... They're tickets to Canterlot, I thought you'd like them!" I say innocently. She turns, headed for the door.
"Wait! Don't you want them?" I say, tears pooling in my eyes. "I thought you liked traveling."
"Not to ... Canterlot!" she spits.
She continues walking, out of the house. I fly after her. The other ponies in Ponyville stare at us. "I just wanted you to be happy." I mumble. My mom stops.
"You could have asked me what I wanted, Quick Blaze!" A glass shatters from inside the house, and Pepper, our dog, comes running out. She must have knocked over one of mom's liquor bottles again.
"You know what, you're punished! I have raised you better than this! Go to your room! And no Mother's Day dinner for you!" she points her hoof to the house, but I just sink to the ground.
"I didn't do anything!"
She remains pointing her hoof.
"17 years I've raised you, and I get this!" she grumbles.
I cradle Pepper, who shakes with fear. Last time I had an argument with my mother, she threw an empty bottle of rum at him.
I shake with rage. "At least I gave you something, mother! I spent my life's savings getting those tickets!" I glare at her, her yellow and blue hair is a mess, her green coat is rough.
"Then why didn't you just give me the money to buy my own gift!" she booms. Even more ponies crowd us.
"I was trying to be generous - unlike you."
"I'm your mother, how dare you disrespect me!" she orders, a beer bottle levitates outside. "Do you want to get hit again?" I flinch, even if I'm off the ground now and she isn't.
I don't answer, but she uses her magic and hits me anyway, and the glass shatters to pieces.
"I HATE YOU MOM!" I shout, flying away.
"Come back here, young lady, you won't survive out there without me!"
"I won't survive with you either!" I cry back.
My father lives in Canterlot, he left us. It just angers me that he didn't take me with him, I'd rather be with him then to live with a monster.
Pepper quivers in my arms. He's all I have now.
It's bad enough that I get bullied at school. All the other kids call me 'braniac' and have been since I was a filly. But they make fun of me because of my mother. I still remember that day when I was little. I wanted to play with the other's. "We'd like to, but your mom scares us."
"Yeah, and my mommy says I shouldn't hang out with you, sorry."
I wish I could be any other mare in Equestria. I have know where to go. I can't visit my father, I don't remember what he looks like.
I fly up to Cloudsdale. I've never been allowed to go.
I do my best to forget my drunken, abusive, old mother. I want to start a new life. And when my children give me a Mother's Day gift, I will appreciate it, know matter what.

10 years later

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"Happy Mother's Day, mommy!" my twins, Cloud Shaker and Sky Drift shout with glee. My husband gives me a kiss. "From all of us."
"Thank you, I love you." I say with tears in my eyes. My toddlers seem confused.
"Don't cry, mommy, you shouldn't be sad!" My daughter, Cloud Shaker whines.
"Yeah, you should be happy. Sorry if you don't like it." my son, Sky Drift says sheepishly.
"No, no. These are mommy's happy tears!" I explain two my toddlers.
My husband looks at me with worry. "You're alright?" he whispers in my ear. I shake my head yes.
"Let's go to the café. They have a Mother's Day special!" I say the twins cheer.
I was about to head inside with my family when I'm stopped by an aged woman. She looks familiar to me.
"Go ahead inside, honey, order me some coffee." I say to my husband, he takes his cue and takes our kids inside with him.
"Happy Mother's Day." the mare greets. My mother. I hadn't seen her all these years. I look at my family through the window, smiling so they don't worry. But to be honest, I don't know how I feel.
"You have a family." My mother takes notice. "I didn't know I had a son-in-law, or two identical grandchildren."
"Fraternal." I correct. I lean in so no ponyelse can here. "How dare you come and scare my children!" I scold, scowling at her.
She heaves a heavy sigh, as if she's disappointed. "I didn't expect you to be enthusiastic to see me." she admits, I continue to scowl at her.
"Look, Quick Blaze. The past is the past. I've changed. I got some help, and tried contacting you for years, but I didn't know where you'd gone, or what you looked like." she lies. For a second I want to believe her. But I smell the alcohol on her breath. She even looks as if she's just recovered from a massive hang over.
"What made you think it was me then?"
"I saw it. Your beautiful, golden and black mane. Orange eyes. Even your voice. I still see my little girl." she attempts to put her hoof on my shoulder, giving a small smile, but I brush her off. Her smiles fades.
"You're making me set a bad example for my children." I say harshly.
"Because I'm talking to a stranger."
"Happy Mother's Day. Now if you love your daughter, stay out of my life. I don't want my children to grow up around an old drunk. Good day, ma'am." I walk away and join my family just in time for the waitress to take my order. I dwell on this day, 10 years ago, I told her that I hate her. I've grown since then, become more responsible without my mother. And now my vow is complete.
"Was that who I thought it was?" My husband asks, looking concerned.
"I took care of her. And I don't think she'll come back."
"I'm sorry, Quick Blaze."
"No need, I'm happy."