Scootaloo's past

by Rose_Fire

First published

We go deep into Scootaloo's past a year back, up to the point where She becomes a Wonderbolt like Rainbow.

Scootaloo has a deep past that she doesn't really discuss.
This story is Anthro, so they have the colors and the wings/horns, etc. Oh! And of course, cutiemarks.

This is of course, my perspective of what happened, or what I'd like to happen..... So .... :rainbowdetermined2: Deal with it.

Chapter 1

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"Scootaloo! You're up!" Spitfire screeches. "We need to talk."
Scootaloo walked toward the demanding leader. She was 18 now, and was so close to joining the Wonderbolts as Rainbow did. She wanted to be just like her.
"I need to know about you, kid. What's your backstory?" Spitfire asked, leaning on her desk.


It was stormy. The day was as gloomy as Scootaloo felt. "Come on, Scoots, let's get this over with." Rainbow said. Scootaloo cried into her wing. "It's not fair!"
"I'm really sorry, kid." Rainbow Dash was crying as well. She led Scootaloo to the podium, where she was going to speak.
Scootaloo gazed at the coffins. "My parents ..." a big breath and more tears. "My parents were heroes. My heroes." She looked at her mother, who seemed to glow, but with no life left in her.
"They were good parents. I didn't get to see them as often as I'd wanted to, but, I still loved them. And probably the best parents I could ask for."
She looked at Rainbow Dash, who cried in Soarin's shoulder. "They got Rainbow Dash to take care of me. And she's like a sister to me, next to Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. They took care of me when my parent's weren't able."

Later on that day, in the pouring rain, they barried Scootaloo's parents. Scootaloo put a single rose on each of their coffins. And they were lowered underground.
Scootaloo flew away after the funeral.
She started to remember the day she learned to fly- it was a harsh lesson.

Rainbow had tied her to a large set of balloons. It made it easy for Scootaloo to flap her orange wings. But each time a balloon was popped, it would get more difficult.
Then when Rainbow popped the final balloon, Scootaloo fell. She remembered all the energy it took her to keep herself from falling. But it only decreased the pull. That's when Scootaloo gave up.
She remembered seeing Rainbow flying toward her, as fast as she could. Tears rolled and flew away form her face. Scootaloo was about to get caught, when she felt a surge of energy shock her, some strength.
Her wings spread and she was inches form the ground. That's when she darted across the sky. Her wings were flapping at amazing speed. And soon enough, she was soaring through Ponyville. She got her cutiemark - a ball of fire with wings.

RoseFire was below, eating muffins with Derpy and Octavia. Her sister, Candy, was laughing with her. Scootaloo smiled as she wizzed past them.

Six months later, Soarin had FINALLY proposed to Dash. And, she had said, "Yes!" The CMC were to old to be flower girls now, so they were bridesmaids.

"So that's my story, ma'am." Scootaloo sighed. Spifire took her sun glasses off. "You're a tough one. Welcome to the team." Spitfire offered her hand to Scootaloo.
At first, she was stunned.
But Sptfire was impatient. "Are you gonna stand there or ..... ?"
Scootaloo shook her hand ferociously. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you .... er, ma'am."
"You start tomorrow."
Scootaloo couldn't wait to tell Sweetie Belle after her talent show. And Apple Bloom after her shift from designing dresses. But she was most of all excited to tell Rainbow Dash.

"Rainbow!" Scootaloo shouted across the sky, she was zooming toward her. And when Rainbow turned around, she received the most gigantic hug that not even Pinkie could give.
Scootaloo blinked back tears of joy. She hasn't been this happy in years.
"What is it kid? What's wrong! Scoots?" Dashie was alarmed. Scoots laughed.
"I'm a Wonderbolt! A Wonderbolt!" Scootaloo screamed, the tears rolling down her face. Before Rainbow could react, two sets of colorful balloons emerged from the clouds.
Every Pegasus was confused, then cheered. The balloons were spelled out:
'Congratulations, Scootaloo!'
Scootaloo gazed down at Ponyville, where she saw Sweetie Belle and Applebloom cheering and chanting Scootaloo's name, the rest of Ponyville joining them.
"This is great, Scoots!" Soarin said, spinning Scootaloo in circles. He ruffled her mane. "Hey!!" she laughed, fixing it.
Later on, after the moon had risen, Scootaloo was roaming the city in the sky. She was walking along the clouds, a little cautious, making sure her two legs don't fall through.
She began thinking of how proud her parents would be. She smiled at the thought, imagining the image of her parents celebrating with her at the party.
Scootaloo gazed at Ponyville, watching Rose Fire and Candy - to sisters - again, the same people she saw on her first flight. She watched as Rose Fire waved goodbye to Candy, who lived in Ponyville, whilst she lived in Clouds Dale.
Scootaloo studied their relationship and compared it to her and Dashie's. They really loved each other. And they can now have a closer bond.

Scootaloo remembered the party. It was amazing! And at home, in Ponyville. She enjoyed every single minute of it. And meeting the new team was one of the best experiences.
But on top of it all, she enjoyed spending time with her friends and family. Sweetie went on about her singing career and ButtonMash. Applebloom and her latest designs.
Rainbow and Soarin danced in each other's arms, they said it was romantic, but it made the rest of the Wonderbolts gag or make kissy faces.
The entire time people would congratulate Scootaloo, including Spitfire - again - who didn't stay long due to her new duties.
Scootaloo smiled remembering what happened next. Rainbowdash was promoted as leader of the Wonderbolts, while Spitfire said she needed a short break for a while.

"Hey." Scootaloo looked up from her feet, smiling at Rose Fire who was flying in front of her. "Congratulations!" she said.
"Thanks! I appreciate it!" Scootaloo waved up at her.
Just as she was about to fly away Scootaloo said, "Wait! You and your sister, you're special." the words burst out her mouth.
"Yeah, I ... I guess we are aren't we?" Rose said.
"You two are so happy all the time. Even when you're not together. How do you do it?"
"Well ... she's all I have, my parent live in Canterlot , so I see her everyday. I love her." Rose said and smiled to herself. Scootaloo dwelled on this.
"Thank you, for telling me." she said.
"No problem! Oh, and tell the Wonderbolts I said hi!" with that, she went home.
"Just like Dashie and me." Scootaloo murmured to herself, beaming. She turned back and went home, still smiling.