The Various Promptings of gamexpert1990

by gamexpert1990

First published

Sometimes, you just get prompted to write a little.

A collection of unrelated short stories, mainly based around prompts from various group threads I've come across.

There are links to the original entry for the relevant prompt in the each chapter's Author's Notes.

Cover art provided by arcanelexicon. Assistance for some of the following descriptions provided by LyraAlluse.

Heat: Scootaloo participates in a race.

Lighthouse (Guide): A poet struggles to come up with the perfect lines and stanzas for his latest work of art.

Ruins: Twilight and Spike lament over the destruction of the Golden Oaks Library.

My Addition to Alex Warlorn's 4th Wall Breaking Variety Theater Special (Untitled #1): Shining Armor, Princess Cadance, and Pinkie Pie enjoy a party.

Round and Round (Spinning): Applejack sees Pinkie Pie trying out a new greeting.

Cliché (Atmoshpere): Twilight Sparkle and Spike are sheltered from a storm.

Getting Warmer: Pinkie Pie bakes cookies.

Wouldn't be caught dead (Technicalities): Twilight Sparkle and Discord have a little chat.

Logan's Run (not a prompt as such) / (The Unbearable Lightness of Ducking): Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy enjoy their day by a lake.

Prompt: Heat

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Scootaloo's mane and tail whipped furiously as she ran against the wind. Her hooves were beating the ground at a steady rhythm, carrying the entirety of her being forward at a steadfast pace. She didn't want to push herself too hard quite yet... These were just the preliminaries, after all.

The path ahead was clear of any other ponies, save for the small audience in the sidelines. Behind her, there were several other runners attempting to pull ahead of the pack. Though they were gaining on the lead racer, Scootaloo wasn't concerned. She still had plenty of energy to burst ahead if anypony were to pass her.

She wasn't near the limits of pushing herself, but she still felt the excitement of competition flow through her. Much like her mentor, the radical Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo lived for the thrill of sports. It was all the training they did together that allowed Scootaloo the chance to gain an early advantage here.

Even though this was only the first heat of the qualifiers, she would show Rainbow Dash just what she was capable of doing. There was absolutely no chance that Scootaloo would place less than first throughout every qualifying heat. There was also no doubt in her mind that she'd even go on to win the entire event.

Before she could let herself think any further about that, she noticed movement in her peripheral vision. One of the other racers had nearly caught up. With some renewed concentration, a fierce grin, and her eyes narrowed, Scootaloo added extra speed to her movements and pulled ahead once more.

Yeah, Scootaloo was going to make her mentor proud today.

Prompt: Lighthouse

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Alternative Title:


A beacon of light,
a turbulent sea.
A guide to make right,
for the dangers that be.

Celestia's gift to the navy,
from when Luna went dark.
The strength to sail bravely,
even without a seamark.

Ocean Roar closed his notebook, magical aura setting aside his quill pen, wondering if he would ever truly come up with a poem he could be proud of. Maybe he would do better next time. This time, he could only hope that it wouldn't inadvertantly offend the Princess of the Night if he were to let this entry become public one day.

Prompt: Ruins

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Twilight Sparkle and Spike were once again looking at the remains of where Ponyville's library once was. It was an almost daily event for them to pass by the recent ruins. Although they gained a new residence, they still grieved over the loss of their old home.

"...Hey Twi'?"

"Yes, Spike?"

"Do you think Owlowiscious will come back?"

"I hope so, Spike. I miss him already. Don't you?"

"Yeah. I wonder where he is now..."


"You know, Owlowiscious."


" Owlowiscious."


"I told you already! Owlow-"

" Owlowiscious! You're back! Spike, look up!"

"...Wise guy."


My Addition to Alex Warlorn's "Pinke Pie 4th Wall Breaking Variety Theater Special (Part 5)"

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(Untitled #1)

Back at the party, Snow Bound stared at Shining for a moment. "No. No we have not met." At least, not in the way you see me as now. The ponified wolf sauntered off to another area of the party, Applejack keeping near him.

"Huh. That seemed a little strange... Oh well, it's far from the strangest thing that's ever happened to me. Still... Something about him. Eh, no point worrying about it, given my luck," Shining mumbled to himself as he once again concentrated some magic into his efforts of devouring a few crackers.

"Dear, you were talking to yourself," Cadance gave Shining a quizzical look. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Huh? Oh! Sorry about that. I've just got this nagging feeling that that stallion with AJ seems familiar somehow, and I don't know why. Eh, either it's just nothing or it's one of those weird things I seem to attract that I would much rather ignore at the moment... Would you like to have a few crackers? They're pretty good!"

"Well... I suppose I could get myself something to snack on. Do you know if there happens to be a cheese platter near here? No matter how good those crackers are, the right type of cheese can always make them better!"

Pinkie overheard Cadance wonder about a cheese plate and facehooved. 'How could I forget about that!? She promptly used her physics-defying powers to pull a table covered with an assortment of cheese and a few other items out of seemingly nowhere. "Here you go, Princess Cadance! If you don't see what you want on this table, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you!"

Cadance looked over at the selection on the table and, with a slight twinkle in her eye, said "Why, thank you, Pinkie. Those look positively scrumptious!"

In another corner of the party, Applejack looked at Snow Bound and raised an eyebrow. "So, ya wanna talk about how ya'll know Twi's brother?"

"Not only do I not feel like talking about it, it is too long a story to relate while you attempt to get me to enjoy this party," Snow Bound said with an air of annoyance.

Prompt: Round and Round

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Alternative Title:


Applejack was heading towards her house to get some supper after a hard day of apple-bucking when she caught sight of Pinkie Pie near the barn. She was curious to find out what her friend was doing. "Howdy, Pinkie! How are- Uh, just what in tarnation are you doing spinning around like that?"

"Can't you tell, silly? I'm practicing!"

"Practicin' for what, exactly?"

"For a new greeting of course! I figure if I can spin fast enough and long enough to really make me dizzy, it will be a great way to make any new friends I meet SMILE!"

"Let me get this straight. You want to practice spinning to make yourself dizzy, and you think that'll put a smile on any new ponies you happen to come across? How long have you been at this, anyway?"

"Yeppers, that's right! I've been spinning around Ponyville since morning. Oh! Why don't you give it a try, Applejack? We can spin around together! It'll be FUN! Spinning round androundandroundandroundandround..."

"...No thanks, Pinkie Pie, supper's callin'."

Prompt: Cliché

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Alternative Title:


It was a dark and stormy night around the town of Ponyville. The wind was howling like a pack of Windigos and the rain was pouring down in a cascade. Frequent bolts of lightning brightened the sky as the sounds of thunder rumbled through the air.

Princess Twilight Sparkle and her Number-One Assisstant, Spike, were enjoying the fury from the safety of their castle. After all, this weather was producing the perfect mood for them to curl up under a blanket and read one of their favorite adventures together. Using her magic as a source of light, Twilight listened with a smile on her face as Spike flipped through the pages while reading the story aloud.

Prompt: Getting Warmer

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Inside Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie worked with her usual abundance of cheer as she placed the tray of chocalate chip cookies in the oven. There they would stay while she worked on other tasty treats to have for the weekly Pony Pet Playdate picnic with Gummy and all of her best friends, plus their own animal companions.

Soon enough, her unique Pinkie sense let her know with a little twich at the tip of her mane and a little itch on her nose that the cookies were at just the right temperature to take out of the oven and still be warm and tasty by the time everypony gathered together.

Prompt: Wouldn't be caught dead

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Alternative Title:


Twilight Sparkle was momentarily stunned by what she saw before her. Discord was helping Spike organize a section of her castle library.

She shook her head. "Uh, Discord? I thought you once said you would never be caught dead doing anything orderly, so why are you sorting my library? That's one of the most orderly things I can imagine."

"Oh, please, Twilight. Of course I said that, and I meant it. I obviously won't be caught dead doing this sort of thing, since as you can see, I'm quite alive and well. Besides, as a spirit of chaos, I'll possibly be undead before dead, so that turn of phrase applies differently to me."

"Undead before dead? Wait, what?!"

"Oh, by the way, I've taken the liberty to rearrange some contents of these books. It's all lovely gibberish now. Happy reading! Toodles!" Discord disappeared with a snap.

"DISCORD!" Twilight's eye twitched.

Prompt: Logan's Run (not a prompt as such)

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Alternative Title:

The Unbearable Lightness of Ducking

Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy decided to hang out at Saddle Lake on a pleasant day. Pinkie and Rainbow were having a stone-skipping contest, while Fluttershy mingled with the wildlife and watched her friends.

After a while, good-natured distractions were added to the stone-skipping. During one of Rainbow's turns, Pinkie created a particularly distracting effect that threw Rainbow's aim completely off. As they both noticed the stone's trajectory towards Fluttershy, they warned her with a resounding "Duck!"

Although she heard her friends' warning and lowered her head in time to avoid any harm, the loud shouts and sudden movement startled an actual duck and ducklings that Fluttershy had met just moments before, and now they were all quacking up a storm of commotion. Once they settled down, Fluttershy just stared at her two friends while they wore sheepish grins.