Spooning with Spoon

by Spider8ite

First published

Diamond Tiara finds out who is Silver Spoon crush. Things go weird, really fast.

What would be of a slumber party without talking about your crushes? Diamond and Silver are having one. Diamond find out who’s that special pony for Silver. And then things go weird really fast.

Cute cover art by the amazing fauxsquared (the Trixie master)
A gift for the only and one, VitalSpark!
Edited by the awesome Exterminate Regenerate!

In which things go weird

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“C’mon Silver, don’t be such a nerd. You just don’t want to talk because you’re giving reading those stupid books. Miss Cheerilee said the test was next week, you don’t need to study that much and be an egghead. Unless you like being called that,” Diamond Tiara tried to persuade her friend, ending with a smile.

Diamond had invited Silver Spoon to spend the night at her incredibly large mansion. Of course, it wasn’t exactly hers, but her father's. But, like everypony else in her family, Diamond loved to show how she had an expensive house. Well she could do that after all, she really did have expensive things everywhere.

Silver Spoon could have the things she wanted, but Diamond just had double if not triple of it. And she didn’t just get everything she wanted because her family could, but also because she insisted on absolutely everything she wanted. From simple chewing gum to one billion gold bars. Filthy Rich would give her almost anything without protest.

When Diamond Tiara decided to insist on something, nopony would stop her until she got what she wanted. And Silver Spoon knew this since she got to know Diamond when she came to Ponyville from Manehattan, but today she was going to have real-life proof of it. And it wasn’t exactly a good thing to have Diamond Tiara insisting on something right beside you.

Especially when she insists to know who your crush is. Silver wouldn’t tell her, but she was getting tired. Of course she listened patiently as she was told who Diamond liked. And she didn’t like anything she heard.

That was her greatest problem. Well, the second greatest one, because her greatest was Diamond Tiara sitting at her side beating her hoof on the ground like she said ‘C’mon, just snap out of it.”

She had to admit, she never tired of hearing Diamond’s voice. In fact she could listen to her all day. Talking about everything: money, how the Cutie Mark Crusaders were lame, how she is beautiful today, how expensive that one dress had cost and anything like that.

For some ponies that would be rather boring to do, but Silver actually loved it. And that was the problem. She just lo-

“Silver!” Diamond shouted with a mad face, interrupting Silver's thoughts. “Are you going to say it or what? I’m going to insist on this all night, even when you’re sleeping. I’m sure that I’ll enter your dream and insist on this because I want it and I will have it. Even Luna can’t stop from getting what I want. Now say it, four eyes.” Diamond smiled and Silver looked at her.
“I can’t, okay? You’re going to laugh at me, I know it,” Silver closed her book.

“I’m not going to laugh at you, I promise,” Silver stared at her, “I… Er… What do those Cutie Mark Crybabies say? Oh yeah, I Pinkie Promise I won’t laugh at you. Better?” Diamond raised an eyebrow.

Silver got quiet for a long time to think about it. “No, Di, I can’t okay. Just… forget it. Can we play mane dresser now?” Silver asked with puppy eyes.

“Let me think about… Nah.”

“But I can… I can… Do the best manestyle of all! Just like the one that my mom did for that mare that came to the dance here in your mansion last week,” Silver said while praying internally for this to work. Her secret was too big, even more so when the one there was Diamond Tiara.

“I want you to do that,” Silver smiled with Diamond’s answer “But I want you to tell first.”

Silver gulped. She wasn’t going to tell, she wasn’t ready for that. “Okay… I’ll tell you, but don’t laugh.”

“I made a… Pinkie promise and I won’t break it, probably…” Diamond smirked and Silver stared at her. “come on, four eyes, just tell me, I promise I won’t laugh.”

“So…” she stopped for a moment creating an excuse in her mind, “His name is Diamond Ladle.”

Diamond smirked at her. “Oh four eyes, I knew you liked a colt. But… I don’t know him. What does he look like?”

“Err… He has a white body and…” she looked at Diamond for a moment “A lilac and pink mane.”

“Well that’s… different.” Diamond looked curiously at her grey friend. “So where is he from? I don’t see him here often, I think.” Diamond knew that she was lying, for some reason. But she had a secret weapon for that kind of liar…

“Hehe, because Ladle doesn't live here. He’s from… Manehattan. I knew him since I was little. And I hope that I can find him again and say how I love him. I hope that he doesn’t get another filly, because I hope I can find him and give him a kiss. I hope likes me too, but he never really noticed me…” Silver sighed and looked away. “Can we just go and play another thing now Diamond?” she lowered her eyes still not looking at her.

“I’m actually… enjoying this. So is he normal or does he have wealthy parents, just like me?” Diamond approached Silver, looking at her wanting to hug her for some weird reason. She just needed to confirm this.

Of course it was a weird idea, but things have been weird for a while now, like since Silver started telling her about her crush.

“Yes, he… is really rich. He has a whole building with a lot of apartments just for him. Maybe that’s why he didn’t really notice my feelings, I think if I could tell him right now he would laugh of me and say that I’m stupid for thinking a four eyes could stay with her…” Silver sighed, but widened her eyes when she noticed what she said. “I mean him, yes him. Diamond Ladler, hehe.” She blushed and smiled nervously.

Diamond also widened her eyes. Was it true? She had to ask.

“So four eyes… I didn’t even notice you said ‘her’ instead of ‘him’, but I have to ask... Actually I won’t ask you, four eyes, I don’t need to.” Diamond smirked.

Silver raised her head and raised an eyebrow. She had no time to ask anything, Diamond just leaned over and gave her a kiss. Silver widened her eyes and felt her cheeks turn red as peppers.

And something like an explosion happened in three parts of her body: her mind,cher belly filling with butterflies, and finally her heart bursting with what sounded like drum beats.

After what seemed like years, but was in reality only three minutes, Diamond distanced herself from Silver and smirked. “C’mon, four eyes, you're going to do my mane now.” Diamond got up and moved away from Silver, but she turned back to look at her and see how she stayed still without moving a muscle. “Four eyes, please don’t be a jerk and make your dear Diamond wait,” she said with a sarcastic tone.

“You… I… How you… That’s weird.” Silver giggled a little after that, “I liked that, Diamond!”

Diamond face hoofed, “You know, four eyes, I never liked any colt in that school. You think I could like that super geeky colt? Nah, the bad singer is on him. I prefer nerds over geeks…” Diamond said with one more smirk, “If you know what I mean.” She finally decided to get things ready for their mane play.

Silver stared at her hooves for a long time. She bit her lips, “That was awkward,” she stopped to adjust her glasses, “I like it. I like her. She likes me. We love this.” Silver smiled.

Finally after that night she would throw away her perfect copy of Diamond Tiara. She wouldn’t need it for anything else. Maybe.