When Universes Collide

by StarPony123

First published

A hope full alliance between two powerful forces with one goal to stop a rising threat.

Two mighty races sent to explore the same place at the same time.
what will happen when they meet?
How will they defeat the rising enemy that threatens the Galaxy?
And will they pick up some help along the way?

It begins

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Big thanks to The Grimm Reaper for pre-reading.

Our story begins in the bustling metropolis of Coruscant; the capital of the Galactic Republic and the home of the Jedi order. The Jedi council was in session over new orders given to them by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to investigate a new found system. Master Yoda, leader and oldest member of the council, was in deep thought over the new orders.

"Disturbance in the force, I feel. To the new system, we must go!" he said. The entire room was silent. Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi was the first to break the silence.

"On that note, who should we send?" he asked. The council looked among each other. Jedi Master Mace Windu stood from his seat and said he and Kenobi would travel to the new system and figure out whatever or whoever was out there. After which, the council disbanded and went on with their daily lives. Master Yoda was on his way to the senate building to speak with Palpatine on the Jedi's plan for the new system.

Yoda entered a large red room where the chancellor sat, reading over some speeches for the next senate meeting. “Ah, master Yoda. So good to see you!” the Chancellor said. “Any progress with your mission?”

“Progress we have made. Sent two Jedi and an escort fleet, we have.” Master Yoda replied. The chancellor asked Master Yoda to keep him updated on the mission. Yoda agreed and with that, he left.

On the bridge of the Redeemer, a venator class star destroyer, Masters Obi Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu were staring out into deep space. Both were wondering to themselves what this new system looked like, what were its inhabitants and could there be peace or conflict. As the two Masters stared off into the distance, admiral Yularen told the Jedi masters that the fleet was ready to make the jump to hyperspace.
Half way across the galaxy; Starfleet Command, located on the planet known as Earth, home of Starfleet headquarters were three captains whom were receiving new orders. Captains Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, and Kathryn Janeway were receiving their new mission; To explore an uncharted part of space. All three captains had been briefed and knew their objectives. All three ships; the U.S.S Enterprise, U.S.S Defiant, and U.S.S Voyager were to travel to this unexplored part of space and find new planets that could sustain life, both inhabited and uninhabited. All three ships were sitting in Earth’s gravity well. On Voyager’s bridge, Janeway was sitting in the command chair with her feet up drinking coffee, trying to get in contact with Picard. She needed to know how much coffee was on the Enterprise. All three ships’ engines were ready for the jump. Picard gave the order and they were gone in a flash. It would take them a few hours to reach their destination at warp 9. This gave them all time to wonder just what they could find out there, in the uncharted void of space.
On the Redeemer, life was going on as usual. Well, as usual as you could get being on a warship; the crew was doing diagnostics on all the major systems, soldiers were polishing their weapons and armor and the Jedi were deep in meditation for most of the trip. For the most part, the only time they came out the room they shared was to eat or communicate with the Chancellor if need be. Master Windu was in the mess hall, getting a late night snack when he spotted Admiral Yularen in his sleepwear. "A little late for a snack, General." Mace just huffed in response. Admiral Yularen informed Master Windu that they would be coming out of hyperspace some time tomorrow to start exploring. But in both Masters’ minds, they could sense something was wrong. They just couldn’t tell what it was, but they would soon find out.
Fast forwarding three days, the U.S.S Enterprise, U.S.S Defiant, and U.S.S Voyager had come out of warp at the outer edge of the new system. The three ships opened a three-way communication and began discussing their next move "start a long range scan of the system and see what is out there.” Picard ordered.
"Janeway here. We’re picking up some planetary signatures in our area. It’d be a good idea to send out probes to these planets to see if there is any sentient life on or around them. We don’t want to provoke a war.” Voyager’s Captain said. All Captains agreed and sent out the short range probes.
As the probes launched, the Republic fleet had come out of hyperspace on the opposite side of the sector, wishing to stay under the radar of anything that may be searching for them. "Admiral what is the status of the system wide scan?" Master Windu asked, looking to Admiral Yularen.
“We have scanned seventy-eight percent of the system, General. Wait, we are picking up something. It looks like a communication relay or sensor beacon of some sort.” he replied.

"Use an electron pulse to shut it down, then bring it aboard for analysis. Whatever it is and wherever it came from, we are not alone in this system." Windu ordered.
Back on Coruscant; Master Yoda, joined by Chancellor Palpatine were receiving their weekly reports of the new system and their findings. "Ah, Master Windu. Good to hear from you, it is." Yoda said.
"Likewise Master, Chancellor. Master Kenobi could not be with us at present; he is studying an unidentified probe we found shortly after we entered this system. We are under the impression that we are not alone out here." Windu’s hologram shimmered in its blue hue as he went over the report to Master Yoda and Chancellor Palpatine.
Meanwhile on the Enterprise...
“Sir one of the probes has stopped responding. Shall we send a scout to investigate?” asked one of the bridge officers.
“Affirmative. Send a scout, we need to know what happened to that probe. Something is wrong, I can feel it." Captain Picard uttered the last part to himself. As the scout left the back hanger of the Enterprise to follow out its mission, it came across a warp trail.
"How strange. I’d better report this." as he began to start his transmission, his jaw dropped as he saw a massive fleet of unknown ships. He had been spotted. One of the main capital ships suddenly opened up and a wing of V-19 Torrent Starfighters burst out at an alarming rate. “Calling Enterprise, Enterprise come in please!" the scout said, showing signs of distress in his voice.
“This is the Enterprise, what’s wrong?" a communications officer responded.
“I need immediate assistance! I am being chased by a minimum of thirty unidentified shuttles. I need HELP!” the scout replied.
Immediately, the communications officer relayed the conversation throughout the bridge before responding on behalf of Picard. "Hold on, the Enterprise is on its way." Captain Picard made an emergency call to the other captains.
"Our scout has run into a hostile force and we are on the move to support him, any suggestions?” he asked.
“I think I have an idea, Sir,” Commander Data spoke up. “if we go to warp three, we would be in combat range to lend support to our scout in under 5 minutes.”
“Agreed. Prepare for warp and go to red alert.” Picard ordered. All three ships jumped at once, and they were gone in a flash of blue.
As princess Celestia looked over the night sky on her private balcony, she gazed through her telescope and gasped. She called to one of her royal guards stationed outside her room.

"Call my sister and tell her we may have a problem."

As the princess of the sun continued to examine the scene above through her telescope, she was unaware of her sister princess Luna walking into her room. “Tia?” the princess asked.

The eldest sister jumped in surprise as her sister placed a hoof on her shoulder causing her to flare her wings and move backwards at a rapid pace.

"Luna, you scared me! Please don't sneak up on me like that, you nearly gave me a heart attack." Celestia said as she calmed down.

"My apologies, we didn't know you were focusing that hard on whatever you were looking at." Luna said. "And what were you looking at exactly?" Luna said with the utmost curiosity.

Truthfully, Celestia couldn't explain what she was looking at, but she tried anyway. "Well I'm not entirely sure." she said motioning her sister to look through the telescope to see for herself.

As Luna leaned her head in for a look she pulled it back as quick as possible. "What in Equestria are those!" she yelled.

Celestia shook her head in silence. "I don't know." she replied they both sat in silence as a thought came up. Celestia’s mood suddenly shifted as she used her magic to bring forth a quill and parchment and began writing a letter.

Meanwhile in Ponyville…

Princess Twilight Sparkle was lecturing spike on organizing their new castle library, when Spike belched up a flaming letter. Twilight ducked as a column of emerald flames came at her. Ever since Spike’s growth spurt, she had to look out for stray flames.

She took the letter with her magic and began to read. Her eyes went wide and she read faster until she threw the paper. Surprisingly, Spike grabbed it mid air and read it as well. "Impossible! I got to see this." he said as he took flight to find a telescope.

Meeting and first encounter

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As Spike and Twilight moved through the castle with minor speed trying to find the observatory and look at whatever the princesses had told them in the letter they read 30 minutes ago. "Twi where did you put the telescope its not where I left it" spike said as he looked in the closet under the table and behind a shelf.
Twilight was running back and forth looking in places that she thought she had left it but to no avail she could not locate what she wanted to find."UHHH where did I put that thing" she said with a little frustration. As the search continued peewee and owlowiscious joined in, they flew to high places twi couldn't reach because she still had not masted flight and Spikes wings had not come in yet they were dew next month.
Spike was starting to get annoyed but then a small shimmer in the corner of the room reveled to but what they were searching for."FOUND IT!" he yelled from across the room. Twilight quickly set up the telescope on the large balcony while spike was starting to read a how to approach aliens for dummies.
" Done setting up the telescope yet" spike said as he put a bookmark where he stooped reading. Twilight was re-adjusting the last mirror on the front of the telescope. " All done" she said as she looked up from the instruction manual with a screw driver in her magic aurora. Spike started to walk over and asked " do you want to do the honors?" twi nodded and proceeded to look through what she saw blew her mind.

At sugar cube corner

Pinkie pie was in a wonderful dream about cotton candy, lollipops, cupcakes and ice cream when she shot up from her bed and ran over to the nearest window and looked to space. " I'm going to through BIGGEST welcome to our planet party ever!!!" and with that she climbed back into bed and drifted off to sleep dreaming about what was to come tomorrow.

Back in space

On the Redeemer just after chasing off an unidentified vessel master Windu was meditating when something punched his senses right in face.
" I feel a disturbance in the force something with a massive amount of power... it is also pink" this sent chills down the masters spine as he began to right about it in his journal he always kept with him. At that moment he didn't realize that master Kenobi had walked in and was now siting beside him laying face first on the other bed in the room, he looked up and asked one question. " You felt that to" with a serious face . Master Windu just nodded for his answer and Kenobi went back to being face first in the pillow.

Admiral Yularen was on the bridge and was recalling all fighters to there respected hangers when a crew member on the radar called out "we have three unidentified objects closing in on us fast sir" he yelled from below the walk way. The admiral called out red alert shields up and prepare turbo cannons if need be then he turned and exited the bridge on the way to the Jedi masters.
when he arrived master Windu was lacing his boots and master Kenobi was knocked out cold." Is everything alright general" he asked with a raised brow.
Master Windu got up and started to move to the door and responded " I'm fine Kenobi was vary tired when he came in and hes a heavy sleeper,so what is our situation?" He asked the admiral while walking down the halls of the warship they past a few armory where clone troopers where gearing up in the case of a boarding party.
"I'm not sure sir its hard to tell exactly what they are but sensors have picked up two large ships and one medium sized ship" he said as they entered the bridge. The admiral took his spot at the holo-projector in the middle of the room the ships came into analysis range of the sensors the images came up. " What are they master Windu asked with a raised eyebrow.
Admiral Yularen look over the ship size and details but before he could say more another officer came up to him and told him they were trying to make contact. " Bring them up on the holo screen" he said as he mad eye contact with the screen.

On the Enterprise

"This is captain Picard of the U.S.S Enterprise to unknown vessels please respond" he said three times as they awaited a response.
"This is Admiral Yularen of the Republic warship Redeemer state your business in this sector" he said trying to stay calm and professional.
Picard was the first to speak on the behalf of star fleet. "We have come in peace and want no quarrel with the republic and you sort of have us out gunned and out numbered" he said in a melodramatic way that didn't faze Yulaen. Yularen started to have a conversation with the captain of what they called the enterprise soon both captains begun to open up little by little in there half an hour chat. " So what are you doing exactly in this part of space?" he asked with a small smile on his face while master Windu was watching from the other side of the control panel.
Picard started to tell Yularen about his mission and the other captains that were with him.When they were through the admiral told him about there mission and the Jedi masters that were with them. An hour had past since the conversation between the two commanding officers stooped and all the other captains and the other Jedi all came to an agreement and they would collectively embark to the planets surface and find out if there is life and if there is make peace. It was decided that the captains of star fleet would travel down on the enterprise and the republic forces would land in the redeemer and an acclimator with 4,000 troops and a hole lot of ground vehicles. This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship between the two and with that they began there landing.

Back in Ponyville

The next morning Twilight and spike sent messages to the other five girls and told them to meet in the castle as soon as possible it is important. They all sat in there respective seats around the celestial map Applejack was the first one to speak while also looking at images from the telescope Twilight had printed."Ok what in the hay is going on here ALIENS this cant be for real" she said sitting the pictures down.

But before any of them could say anything else there was a loud boom they all rushed onto the balcony they stared up to see three gigantic ships that were the strangest thing they had ever seen started to land in a near by filed. "Twilight what do we do" Fluttershy said hiding behind a flower pot.
"I don't know lets go check it out and see what is controlling those ships." Twilight said as she turned and went to go find spike they thought it would be useful to have a dragon with them in case they had to fight whatever it was that was inside of those three ships. Twilight, spike and the other girls were standing on a hill when two of the three ships opened a big door with a ramp slide down and touched the ground. The first thing any of them saw was tow beings wearing robes that made there face look like a empty void, then from the other ship hundreds of the same beings but in white armor holding some kind of stick that reassembled the spears the royal guards use were marching in rows of four. Everyone but pinkie jaw was on the ground Rainbowdash wanted to go and say hi with a sonic rain boom to the face AJ held her by her tail. " Calm down sugar cube ,Twilight what are those things?" she said spitting out rainbows tail. " I don't know what they are maybe the princess know what they are I cant think strait" she said putting her hooves to her face. While Twilight face hoofed spike and the rest of the girls still hidden on the hill watched the aliens communicating with the beings that came out of the third ship, but instead of coming off a ramp they somehow teleported to where the hooded figures were standing. "Wait they look different and there outfits are different as well" Rarity said eyeing the red, yellow and blue of the newcomers uniformed.
While everpony but Twilight was staring at the unknown creatures they had not noticed a two maned scout group of republic troops come up behind them. " ON THE GROUND NOW!!" on of the solders yelled while the other was sending a message to the generals of what they found. There were muffled screams from Fluttershy while Spike took a defensive stance, both solders had the weapons pointed at Spike until both generals came falling from the sky in front of them. " Lower you weapons now that is an order" general Windu said tacking off his hood while Kenobi still having his hood on pointing his now equipped lightsaber at Spike in fear of attack. Twilight steeped forward putting a hoof on Spikes shoulder giving him a sign that it is all right.
Twilight moving past spike with a calm but worried look on her face. " Hello i'm princess Twilight sparkle" she said in a tone that seamed non-hostile. Both generals and clones looked at each other in amazement ans they all thought the same thing. " They can talk!".

Who and what are you?

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In Canterlot

Princess Celestia was sitting in her throne with a cup of morning coffee in the middle of ending day court with the nobility when her younger sister princess Luna burst through the two main doors at high speeds knocking over the leaving nobles. " TIA you need to come with me to the balcony NOW!!" Luna said in a semi-Royal Canterlot voice. When the two sisters reached the balcony some guards and maids were already present watching in horror at what looked to be like a landing of three ships. As Celestia and Luna and a hand full of other ponies that worked in the castle all talked among themselves , as if on cue one of the guards ran in as fast as he could stooped in front of the two royals took a deep breath. " Your majesties news from ponyville three big strange looking crafts have landed on the outskirts of ponyville near the everfree forest princess Twilight, spike and the rest of the elements have set off to investigate the three craft, we haven't header from them sense" The guard finished speaking with his head down not looking the princesses in the eyes.
Tia then proceeded to walk fully onto the balcony with her sister in hoof." I'm going down there will you come with little sister" Luna nodded in agreement. " Also call the generals and mobilize the equestrian army and air force i don't want to resort to war but I will defend my pony's if necessary" Celestia said leaving with her sister to the princesses royal armory to get suited up for the worst.

Back on the hills next to the Republic/ Star Fleet landing site

Masters Windu and Kenobi were having difficulty grasping there situation of where they were and what species they were talking to at the time. "So let me get this strait this world is not only inhabited but inhabited by techno colored ponies that are myths on the planet that i am from and that's a dragon over there am I correct" Windu asked with a raised eyebrow . " Yes" Twilight said in a matter a fact way that seemed to move onto Twilight own questions. " If i may ask how are you, where did you come from and why are you here and are you here in the name of peace" she finished without shifting her eyes. both masters looked at each other then to the star fleet team that were taking tree and dirt samples " My apologies we are Masters Obi Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu of the Jedi order and sent here by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to investigate this world and our friends over there are from Star Fleet and they are Captains Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, and Kathryn Janeway" Kenobi finished as Windu took of his Jedi robes when he realized it was too hot to have it on.

Time laps of one hour

As Kenobi continued his conversation with the princess of friendship and her friends while Windu went to go calm the angry dragon down they had not noticed a unicorn solar guard who was stunned as to how many there are then he spotted the princess her friends and Spike. In his stunned state he didn't noticed he had been spotted by a mobile scout on his AT-RT " HEY DON'T MOVE!!" he said as he moved the walker closer to the guard. The guard panicked and fired a single shot of raw energy from his horn that missed by a few inches the AT-RT driver fired two rounds from is mounted cannon , that struck the guard in the leg making him yell in pain while also making him teleport back to ponyville where the princesses had just arrived. The AT-RT driver was pleased that he didn't have a hole in his head but the side of the walker was scorched black" I need to report this to the generals these pony's might not be as friendly as we thought" he thought to himself as he turned and headed back to the landing site for some explaining and a new paint job.

In ponyville

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna both arrived on there solar/ night guard pulled chariots where the inhabitants of ponyville gathered in anticipation of there princesses arrival as rumor had it. " Greetings my little pony's I know everyone in town probably saw the three objects that landed in the fields outside of town but be assured there is nothing to fear" she said in her best regal toned voice.
But in a flash of light a solar guard scout with an extremely bloody back leg appeared in front of the princesses and the rest of the civilians that went into a state of confusion or panic running back to there respective homes and shops locking windows and doors. As the towns people that had't ran home started asking princess Celestia what happened to the stallion, princess Luna call for a medic and a stretcher but before they could take him to a nearby hospital he stooped and reported what he found. " your highness there were thousands of them and they had these strange machines I was spotted by one of them and it shoot and hit me I teleported away before it could finish me they also have captured the elements and princess Twilight and her dragon, they are being interrogated I think, I couldn't make out what they were saying " he said in a drowsy voice from the amount of blood he lost. Princess Luna nodded in approval a they took the stretcher away to the hospital she walked over to her sister and told her what the scout told her, Celestia with a stern face that many pony's never saw garbed her helmet and looked at her sister" assemble the 1st unicorn battalion and the 25th Pegasus air squadron and wait for my orders" she said in a general like tone that told everyone around she was above serious.