Saucy Story One-Shots

by Steel Quill

First published

Times of fun and pleasure for couples and hearts looking for a fun time with one another.

At the heart of it all, some don't have a need for romance or for sweet talk. Sometimes, ponies just want to have somepony to show their utmost affections in the most direct of ways. There's no harm in a little good-natured fun, now is there? With the way some ponies have fun, though, it makes you wonder just how devious those innocent-looking ponies might be.

Done as a break from my usual romantic works, something for fun and practice for future use. Each chapter explores particular kinks, fetishes, what have you. Each will be labeled at the top of the chapter. Enjoy!

Swimsuit Shenanigans

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“Ah’m sure glad ya’ll talked me inta takin’ a break, Cheerilee.” The southern drawl came from one tall and muscular farmhand, the brick-red stallion known as Big Mac. Clad in a simple white t-shirt and jeans, he took in a breath of air and sighed as the breeze blew by him, ruffling his mane. “Doin’ nothin’ but work day in and day out left me wore out.”

“Of course, Mac. Anypony knows that a good remedy to being tired of work is a break! And with it being summer, how can you pass up getting a good swim in?” The rose-maned mare smiled at her coltfriend, her arm wrapped around his gently. “I don’t have to worry about classes, and you can get a break from all that rough orchard work.”

Mac smiled down at her. “Ah thought ya’ll liked seein’ me work?” he teased.

Cheerilee slapped his chest playfully. “Lose the shirt first, and we’ll talk.” She joked, the pair sharing a small laugh before Cheerilee looked to the third member of their little group. “And Fluttershy, I’m glad you could come along with us too. You do so much, so you need this time off too!”

The pink-maned mare blinked at the attention and smiled bashfully. “W-well, it was…very nice of you to invite me.” She replied. She tugged lightly on the white wide-brim sunhat she wore to try and hide her blush. “You’re sure I’m not intruding?”

Cheerilee shook her head. “Not at all. You’re our friend after all. And what’s the trouble in friends having a good time at their own little swimming hole?” Her question was a nod at the scenery surrounding them: a lush forest on either side of the pre-cut path before them, the tall oaks reaching high above them. Yet they were only high enough to shield away some of the sunlight shining down upon their heads. The route they were walking on was a path to a private pond that Big Mac had uncovered some time ago, a secret the working stallion only shared in confidence to his marefriend.

With the school season out and no worries of grades or essays or little fillies and colts running amok, Cheerilee had suggested to Mac to go for a swim so they can both relax. He had agreed right away, enticed by both the ideas of a refreshing swim and a scantily clad marefriend with him. Yet he had been slightly thrown off when Cheerilee had suggested bringing Fluttershy with them. It wasn’t that Mac was too troubled to bring her; Fluttershy was a dear friend, being a steadfast supporter of the family business as well as helping look after their farm animals and even Applebloom from time to time.

It was more to do with the knowledge that Mac had more than once brought his marefriend here for some…”quality” time. And while she’d given no such hints, it certainly sat in Mac’s mind with the idea of both her and Fluttershy being in relatively nothing before him. Just the idea of both mares in swimsuits, laughing and playing with their assets jiggling about made his heart thump.

Mac was brought back to reality when the path opened into the clearing where the lake lied. The trees also gave way to the clearing, forming a wide ring around the pool of water. He smiled at the serenity of the place; even if he were alone, he could always come here to relax.

“That water looks divine on a summer day like this. Don’t you agree, Mac?” Cheerilee asked.

“Eeeyup.” Came the standard reply from the stallion. He sat down the picnic basket that held the usual expected accompaniments for a day at the pool; towels, sunscreen, even a small cooler to hold some cold drinks if sought. Throwing off his shirt, Mac flexed his arms and stretched, letting out a satisfied sigh as his muscles were eased. Looking beside him, he saw Fluttershy nearly gawking at him while Cheerilee was staring appreciatively, a grin on her muzzle.

“Come on, Fluttershy. Excuse us, Mac, we’ll just go change right over here.” She nodded at a clutch of bushes as she tugged on Fluttershy’s arm, snapping the mare out of her trance and making her face flush darkly as she followed Cheerilee out of sight. Mac watched them go and scratched at his head, but chalked it up to mares being mares. He wasn’t going to turn down the chance to be the first to jump in, however; shrugging off his jeans, it left him clad in simple swim shorts that ended just above his knees, and he leapt out into the water.
The sudden immersion in cold water sent chills all throughout Mac’s body, yet it was a welcome sensation. He closed his eyes and simply let the water hold him for a time before he returned to the surface. He floated there for a moment before deciding to do a small lap about the pool, stroking casually as the water continued it’s cool caress against his bare skin. When he’d done enough to pass the time idly, he returned to the edge and lifted himself out, seeing Cheerilee walking back over.

He had to blink twice at her choice of outfit. Usually, Cheerilee’s swimwear was something that varied between conservative and relaxed, either a two-piece or a single depending on her mood. Variety was one thing he admired in her. Yet she seemed to have found a new level on her last shopping spree it seemed. The bikini – if it could be called that – served to barely cover her alluring figure. Her breasts gave a slight bounce as the strings draped over them served to barely keep her decent, her darkened areolae slightly visible. The G-string that served as her bottom did no service in disguising her beauty neither, rather emphasizing the sway of her hips as she approached.
“Uh.” Mac managed to utter out before closing his dropped jaw and trying again. “You went shopping, huh?”

“I certainly did. What do you think?” Cheerilee asked before giving a small spin, her rose-colored tail shining in the sunlight as she moved. Mac was sure she could make out the blush on his cheeks as he got an eyeful of her tight rear, her micro-kini doing little more than keeping her just short of being naked.

“U-um. I…like it. I do.” Mac replied. Land’s sakes, he did more than like it. If his marefriend weren’t careful, he’d wind up reacting in a way to really show his mindset. Yet despite this, he noticed a lack of another certain mare. “Where’s Fluttershy?”

Cheerilee came to a stop and looked behind her. “Oh, for sun’s sake.” She huffed under her breath and returned to the treeline. “Fluttershy, come on!” she urged as Big Mac blinked at the scene.

“W-what if he doesn’t like it?” He could hear Fluttershy’s question over the quiet of the clearing.

“I’m sure he will, just come out!”

“Oh, I don’t know…”

“Come on!” With that, Cheerilee gave a small tug and out came all of Fluttershy, making Mac’s jaw drop again. Whereas Cheerilee had certainly been an enticing sight to see, the pink-maned pegasus made him feel as if he’d found one of his old Playponies he’d collected as a teen. The white micro-kini was fighting a valiant struggle against the Celestia-blessed E-cup chest that Fluttershy had. While Cheerilee was no slouch in the breast department being a D-cup, Fluttershy was large enough to be near excess. It took him two tries just to turn his stare away from the massive mounds to see the waiting nervous stare the mare had.

“I-I hope I don’t look bad…” she murmured quietly. Beside her, Cheerilee snickered.

“If anything Fluttershy, I think you broke him.” She walked up to Big Mac and kissed his cheek. It snapped him out of his stare at Fluttershy’s sinfully divine body to look to his marefriend. “There he is. And look at you, you already got in without putting on any sunscreen!” She scoffed playfully.

“Ah was…uh…tryin’ ta cool off.” He replied.

Cheerilee giggled and nodded. “I know, silly. But come on; we better put some sunscreen on you, or else AJ will have my hide if you get sunburned on your day off.” She said. Going over to the basket, she dug into the contents to fish out the sunscreen bottle while Fluttershy came up behind him. Chancing a glance beside him, Mac could see the shy mare looking to him as if for approval.

“You really do look great, Fluttershy.” He said finally, offering a small smile.

Those words seemed to give her a sliver of confidence, making the pegasus relax. “T-thank you, Mac. Um…y-you look great yourself.” She added, giving him a onceover that Mac was sure lasted more than a few seconds. “Cheerilee was telling me that I should wear different things to show off more.”

Mac turned back to his marefriend, eyes fixated on her rear as her tail swished behind her before she stood up. “She did, huh?” he muttered to himself before the teacher returned.

“Now, let’s see…the most efficient way to do this is to double-team you, Mac.” Cheerilee remarked with a smile. Her phrasing played tricks with his imagination, putting him in a very steamy scenario with both mares involved. He was snapped from it as Cheerilee turned to Fluttershy. “Fluttershy, be a dear and get his front, will you?”

The shy mare’s cheeks seemed ready to ignite, but she nodded. Holding out her hands, the teacher squirted out a small burst of suntan lotion onto the pegasus’ palms. She gave a small “eep” as the cold liquid touched her skin, but she rubbed it into her palms lightly before delicately laying her hands onto Mac’s broad chest, slowly massaging the lotion in. The farmer was sure his face was blushing hard enough to give away his thoughts, particularly as Cheerilee pressed her chest into his back.

“What’s the matter, Mac?” Her whisper made him give a start, glancing over his shoulder and into the mischievous eyes of the pink-maned mare. “You look a little stiff.”

Stiff doesn’t even begin ta describe it,’ Mac thought to himself. “U-uh…A-ah’m alright.” He spoke finally.

“Hmm…I dunno…” Mac held in his breath as a wandering hand danced over his front as Fluttershy’s hands moved to his shoulders. She was spreading out the last of the lotion now. But more importantly, Mac realized with a start, was Cheerilee gripping him through his shorts. “This seems awfully stiff.”

“C-Cheerilee, Ah-Ah’m sorry. Y-ya’ll just really look great, a-and ah – “ Mac was shushed by a kiss from Cheerilee’s lips to his cheek.

“Remember when I said before about exploring ideas in the bedroom, Mac?” Her breathy whisper made him shiver, moreso as her hand squeezed his growing semi. “One of those ideas was bringing somepony in to have some fun too…and don’t think I haven’t seen those glances at miss Fluttershy here.”

Mac guiltily stole a look at the mentioned pegasus mare, who gave a small shy smile back. She was out of lotion by this point, but her hands hadn’t stopped rubbing along his musculature, as if detailing his form to her fingertips’ content. “A-ah swear, y-ya’ll know ah only love you, Cheer. Right?”

“Oh, I know that, Mac.” Cheerilee said happily before continuing, her hand stroking him now. “But after talking to Fluttershy here, I realized she was perfect for my idea.” Her hand let go of him for the time being, only to nod at Fluttershy. “But I think first, you should give her some lotion too. We can’t have her being sunburned, now can we?”

Before Mac could even construct a reply, Cheerilee had stepped around him and approached Fluttershy. Tail swaying with her steps, the teacher smiled reassuringly at the pegasus before undoing the tie to her bikini, making her gasp as the bare minimal cloth covers fell away and released her mounds. They jiggled slightly from the mere motion, full and dotted with bright pink nipples and a darker areolae. Mac’s jaw dropped as Fluttershy mustered her will to not hide herself, instead lifting her head up to look at Mac.

“W-well, Mac? A-aren’t you going to help me out?” She asked as Cheerilee undid the top to the suntan lotion. Deciding to help them out, Cheerilee squirted out a fair portion of lotion all along the tops of her chest, the lotion cool against her warm skin. The mare then looked up to Mac, whose arousal was pressed against his shorts as he stood there, watching. When he realized it really wasn’t a trick, and that this was really happening, he stepped forward and cupped her bosoms in his hands, drawing a moan from the shy mare.

Their weight was noticeable as Mac squeezed and tested the soft flesh he now held. He pondered if it was merely a dream, but it didn’t stop him from bringing his fingers up to slowly dip into the gathered lotion and sensually begin to massage and grope her bosoms. Cheerilee grinned in triumph and joined her female partner in semi-nudity, tossing aside her top as her own breasts bounced free.
Fluttershy couldn’t stop the moans escaping her lips as Mac’s roughened hands toyed and massaged her tits. They were a sensitive part of her, due to their size and weight. Many a time, she’d heard her friends wish they had been as blessed as her. But in that moment, she felt blessed enough to have such an attractive male as Mac feeling her.

“T-that’s so good, Mac…y-you have such strong hands…” she murmured, her nipples pressing into his palms as he worked her over.

The stallion himself was amazed at the sheer softness her mounds had. He would squeeze and bring his hands up slowly, lifting her breasts only to release and watch them drop, jiggling and shaking as gravity had it’s fun. Her nipples were stiffened like pink-tipped caps that pressed against his palms while he kept squeezing and kneading. He could’ve kept on for ages, but paused when a breeze could be felt across what he didn’t expect so quickly. A glance down showed the culprit; Cheerilee was on her knees in front of him, and had tugged down his shorts to reveal the rigid log he’d been hiding inside them.

“Mmm…so stiff, Mac.” Cheerilee murmured as she held him aloft in her hands. “Let’s get you more comfy.”

Mac paused in his massage of Fluttershy’s mounds to watch as Cheerilee laid out a towel for him to lie on. Once he’d done so, his length standing tall towards the sky, the pair of mares kneeled on either side of him. “Now Fluttershy,” Cheerilee started, drawing the other mare’s attention. “I know it’d be hard to share in a situation like this. But fortunately, you and I are rather properly equipped, hmm?” she nodded at herself and at the Pegasus. “We can work together and help poor Mac with his stiff problem.”

Mac wasn’t quite sure what to make of that, being partially dazed by the situation so far. But all thought was ceased as a groan escaped his lips. Cheerilee had leaned in first, encapsulating Mac’s length between her cleavage and stroking slowly. The mare herself moaned from the heat radiating against her bosom, his arousing musk being inhaled as she leaned close to give it a gentle kiss. Mac rolled his head from side to side to keep himself from looking, fearing he would grow too aroused and release early. Cheerilee’s breasts continued to bounce in her grip as she worked him over before pulling back with a satisfied smirk.

“Now that I’ve got him warmed up, you try, Fluttershy.” She instructed.

The pegasus gulped lightly before coming closer like her partner in passion had, and Mac’s eyes opened to look down and see his length nearly vanish between Fluttershy’s cleavage. The advantage in size she had let her almost cover him entirely, as if his cock were submerged between two marshmallow pillows. What Cheerilee had in perkiness, Fluttershy made up for in weight and softness. It was taking a grand effort for Mac to resist bucking his hips through her softness.

“It looks like he’s enjoying it.” Fluttershy remarked as she held her hands tight against her breasts. Though her chest overflowed past what her hands could hold, it only served to heighten the erotic feeling of having Mac’s length trapped between them. Slowly, she hefted her mounds up and down, further teasing him as she worked him. With cheeks flushed a deep red, she laid a soft peck on Mac’s tip, drawing a groan from the stallion while Cheerilee grinned at her coltfriend’s enjoyment.

“Well, don’t get too fast now. Let me just…there.” Cheerilee said before pressing her breasts against Fluttershy’s. Mac could only watch in erotic fascination as the two pairs of breasts collided and seemed to mold against each other before they settled, his arousal firmly wedged between the pair. Both mares were grinning at his response, able to feel his throbbing against their mounds as they worked him over.
Cheerilee moved next to further please Mac’s pole, leaning closer as Fluttershy continued bouncing her breasts up and down. Grinning to herself, she caught his tip between her lips and slurped, moaning at his taste and the musky scent of arousal coming from his cock. The stallion was panting by now, steeling himself to try and not lose control as she flicked her tongue against the sensitive tip of his cock. Pulling back after a moment, Cheerilee grinned as she could taste his precum on her lips.

“You give a try, Fluttershy. I don’t want to be greedy.” She urged. Fluttershy’s flushed face leaned close, and she gave a tentative flick of her tongue across the swollen end. Hearing his breath hitch, the shy mare took it for encouragement and engulfed him in one gulp, her pink mane tickling at his waist as it fell over her shoulders. His taste was invigorating, and she began to suck in earnest, lust overtaking her passive nature as she desired more of him.

It was one thing for Mac to be treated by Cheerilee whenever they had sex, but taking on two at once was taxing. Even with his restraint, he could feel his seed churning inside his hefty sack, the orbs dangled beneath his smothered cock. He began to pump his hips up and down, effectively bucking his length between them as they dabbed at his cock with kisses and licks.

What had begun as tentative exploration had become lustful debauchery as restraint was loosened. Fluttershy demonstrated the most desire as she hungrily sucked and slurped when she got her muzzle onto him, growing more and more desiring for his climax. Cheerilee was no slouch either, growing bold enough that she met Fluttershy on one pass as his length passed between their lips, the two of them effectively making out over his cock. They kept on unhindered, making Mac groan as his will began to fail him.

“Ah...ah can’t…hold on…” the sweating stallion declared finally. Cheerilee’s eyes widened and she pulled off of him, panting lightly from her efforts.

“Lean your head back, Fluttershy.” She said, making the pink-maned pegasus blink before lifting off of the stallion’s cock. As one, the two of them pressed their bosoms together around him, tightening their hold as he continued thrusting his cock, bringing him closer and closer to climax until it slammed into Mac’s brain like a freight train.

Throwing his head back, Mac groaned as the first thick spurt of seed left his member, splashing across Fluttershy’s chest and making her gasp in surprise. The volume of it was heavy against her skin, but he’d only begun as more and more began to splash out from his tip onto their chests, lines of white smearing across yellow and violet fur. Big Mac was awash in a sea of ecstasy as he rode out his climax, never ceasing in thrusting until he could feel no more strength to do so.

When he opened his eyes, he almost gave a start. The pair of mares was dripping in his essence from their faces, shoulders, arms, and most especially their breasts. Panting, he could only watch as Cheerilee scooped a finger across one drenched breast and brought it to her lips, licking it clean with a satisfied hum. Fluttershy could only gaze in surprise at how much she was covered in. Carefully, she lifted one cum-coated hand to her lips and licked it clean. Her flushed face shone against the pearly white cum on her cheeks as the salty taste met her senses.

“W-wow…so much.” She whispered. “I didn’t know a stallion could do this much.”

“You think that’s something?” Cheerilee asked. Fluttershy looked over and gave a small gasp of surprise as she saw the teacher cleaning the still stiff pole with her tongue. Lifting herself up off of it, her eyes spoke of her enjoyment as much as her tone did.

“Wait till you ride him. You’ll be seeing stars for a week.”

Trixie's Moneymaker

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The pulsing beat that echoed in the wide-spaced room was a vibration that could be felt in every denizen within. It was a driving beat, one that invited all in its range to dance and feel free to relish the movement. Of course, those that danced here were certainly more enticing to watch dance than most. That’s what one gets when you’re a visitor of the Shady Stable, a tucked away club in Canterlot’s darker alleys that could easily be mistaken for a mere back entryway to one of the more proper, distinguished looking office buildings.

The owner of Shady Stable, unknown to most save the staff, had invested a fairly good deal of wealth in insuring the safety and security of his or her business. Soundproofed walls and ceilings, enchanted windows that portrayed only a dimly lit storehouse from outside, and various other devices were all in use to keep the naughty mischief out of sight. The insides were also secure and safe, especially for his staff of dancers and bar attendants. Bodyguards were kept at key positions inside and behind the scenes, many hand selected for diligence versus pure beefiness. It wouldn’t do for business to be compromised because a guard got frisky, after all.

“I’m telling you, you’re going to love this. We’re not pulling the wool over your eyes here.” One stallion could be heard telling another, his arm around his shoulder as the pair wandered down a hidden hall, guided by one such bodyguard clad in black and an earpiece plugged in to his right side. “I couldn’t just let your 21st go by without giving you a little fun.”

“B-but I can’t just…I mean, what if somepony talks? You’re sure nopony knows we’re here?” The other stallion, a spectacled and nervous looking grey pony with a light blonde mane, cast a glance over his shoulder before being tugged on by his cohort.

“Naaaah. Come on! They all think I took you off to Rainbow Falls for your 21st. Ain’t nopony gonna blab about this place anyway. That’s the beauty of it.” He assured. “Brisk, come on. Have I ever done anything to hurt you? Intentionally?”

“Well, no, no you haven’t. But how will you know I even like this girl?” Brisk questioned, adjusting his glasses. The lighting of the hallway wasn’t overly bright, but every room was marked with a pair of lights to highlight the doorway. The guard came to a stop finally, making the pair of them stop as well. Knocking on the door twice, the guard listened for any indicators of the mare within being occupied. Instead, he heard an affirming voice call back.

“I am ready!” Came the sing-song tone reply, and the guard stood at attention.

“Whenever you’re ready, mister Brisk.” The gruff remark made the stallion blink before he gulped and eyed the doorknob. He gave one last look to his friend, but received only a mischievous wink in response. With a sigh of resignation to his fate, Brisk opened the door and stepped inside, closing it behind him. Star Path, realizing his job was done, looked to the guard.

“He’s a lucky man.” No response came from him, and Star sighed. “Right, right. Back to the bar for non-paying clients.” The guard smirked and nodded, the pair leaving back down the way they came.

Inside the room, Brisk Shine was looking about in amazement. It was an entirely different parlor than he expected to enter compared to the hallway outside. Instead of a shoddy small room, the entire space was well-kept and furnished. The plush carpet under his feet gave no sound of his steps, the room carrying a blue hue about it as much of the furniture was similarly colored. If anything, it struck Brisk as a little intriguing: blue chairs, a blue sofa, a darker blue for the carpet. Even the bed in the corner was touched up with the blue motif, though the sheets were an almost silvery shade. He came to a stop, however, as he became preoccupied with just whom was on the bed waiting.

“So this is the next client for The Great and Seductive Trixie?” Posed on her side facing him, her head was propped on one gloved hand, eyes peering at him with a hunger that made him stop in his tracks. She was a beauty, to be sure: Long silvery-white mane that draped over her shoulders and down to her middle, an azure coat that looked immaculately groomed and soft to the touch. Her choice of dress made Brisk’s cheeks burn, consisting of only a one piece outfit that clung to her impressive figure like a glove. Her breasts looked full and perky, swelling behind their cloth confines and giving an arousing jiggle motion as she slowly rose up. Even her walk was sensuality come to life; her wide, thick hips swayed with each step as she approached him. When she came up before him, he was captivated by the violet eyes staring back.

“I-I am, yes.” He finally spoke. His stammer made her smirk, yet she gave no harsh remark.

“Don’t worry, dear boy. I know all about you. The Great Trixie never takes a client without learning about them.” She assured, resting a hand on his chest. Internally, she grinned at the racing heartbeat the boy had. “Your friend tells me you appreciate a mare with a little extra on the side, hmm?”

Brisk’s face burned hotly at the open admission of his private desire. Star always was a sly one, and must’ve caught him eyeing the plumper and larger mares in town when they caught a meal together. “Y-yes ma’am. You look…a-absolutely beautiful, if I may.”

Trixie grinned wider at his response. “A gentlecolt indeed and one who appreciates beauty when he sees it. Trixie is glad she accepted you.” She said before guiding him to a seat nearby. Expecting her to either stand before him or take the seat next to him, he gave a small gasp when she instead placed herself in his lap, leaning up against him as those violet eyes stared up at him. He could smell the fragrance of her mane, and had to resist sniffing again as she remained close, a hand daintily resting on his shoulder. “Now, business before pleasure; just how much did you bring to Trixie tonight?”

Brisk recalled just how much was within the bag of coins sitting in his pocket. He tried to reach for it without brushing against the mare in his lap, but could find no method other than to slip his hand into his pocket and against the butt cheek pressed into his lap. Retrieving it, he held it before her eyes. “1,000 bits. Counted in 100-bit coins.” He answered.

Trixie’s eyes lit up at the amount spoken, color coming to her cheeks. “Yes, Trixie is definitely fortunate to have chosen you tonight. I am sure by tonight’s end; Trixie will have you coming back for more.” She promised, and added a small peck to his cheek for good measure. Brisk gave no comment, setting the bag on the nearby stand out of the way as Trixie slowly rose up and away from him. Her tail gave a casual, but deliberate brush against his chin, drawing his eyes to her form as she watched him over her shoulder, back facing him.

“Tell me, Brisk: Does Trixie not match what your heart desires?” The question prompted the stallion to look her over again, and his eyes became transfixed on her most prominent feature. With the way her rear jiggled and bounced with each step, formed by the sensual mix of her lean legs and wide hips, her plot was assuredly large to meet his wishes. Seeing him nod, Trixie smirked in satisfaction.

Horn glowing alight, there was a small click from the side as music similar to that of the main club showroom began playing, although less resounding and more low-key. Brisk would hardly give it thought; his attention was much more focused on the swaying figure of Trixie as she began dancing before him. Her tail would give a hinting shimmer of her direction as she swayed left and right, spinning to turn her front towards him. The showmare could tell she had his full attention, and spoke as she approached.

“Trixie always hears such kind words about her figure from her patrons. Some say she is divine, even. I wonder what you might have to add?” her question came with a shake of her hips while her hands slowly danced up and down her sides, caressing her body as she moved. Brisk wracked his mind for a proper way to answer, but had trouble communicating. Trixie, taking it as him needing a little push, acted on instinct and moved to straddle his waist, laying her thick thighs on either side of him as his face came up to her bosom.

“Perhaps you should…try it for yourself, to see what you think of Trixie?” She suggested. Her hands came down to hold his, pulling them up until they came to rest just shy of her mounds.

“B-but…a-am I allowed?” Brisk whispered.

Trixie smirked and leaned close to whisper in his ear. “Trixie welcomes you to indulge yourself. Trixie knows you have wanted so long to touch a mare of my beauty. And now here is your chance.” Brisk’s control over his burning lust came loose at that, and he cupped her covered mounds in his hands with a gentle, but firm grip. It drew a moan out of Trixie, making her wiggle her hips in approval as she ground against him.

“By the Sisters, you’re amazing.” Brisk murmured. “I-I’ve never seen anypony like you.”

Trixie’s cheeks went pink at the honesty in his tone. “And there is much more to see, for sure. If Trixie may…” she trailed off as she brought her hands up and unfastened the straps straining to withhold her figure. With them giving way, her one-piece slid off with ease to her middle, allowing Brisk to get an eyeful of her bare, full breasts. His hands continued to squeeze and began to knead them, feeling their hefty weight and savoring the sensation. Likewise, Trixie too enjoyed his motions, his fingers and hands surprisingly soft compared to her usual clientele.

Letting him be awash in the feeling of her breasts was just the beginning of the fun. With a delicate pull, she brought him into her cleavage as she continued to grind in his lap, already feeling a tell-tale bulge pressing back against her. Inspired by that reaction, she let out a soft coo as Brisk sniffed and nearly moaned at the smell of vanilla on her skin. The feeling of her fur brushing his muzzle made him nuzzle closer, an intimate motion that Trixie encouraged as she pet his head slowly.

Eager to move forward, Trixie carefully extracted herself from him and took his hand in hers. “Come…we can both relax more comfortably over here.” She urged, and he followed as if entranced, lying on his back as Trixie slinked up beside him. She shrugged off her one piece and cast it aside, leaving her nude before his vision. Her silvery-white mane hung like a curtain over her shoulder, adding to her allure as she rested a hand on his chest. “Why don’t we get these off of you, hmm?”

If Brisk had any idea to protest – stars above no idea why he would – it was dropped as Trixie’s horn glowed, his clothing vanishing with only a small puff of air. His face burned as literally every piece of clothing was gone, revealing his eagerness from her show thus far. Trixie’s eye looked on his arousal and grinned. While certainly not a muscular stallion, he wasn’t lacking where it mattered to her.

“Trixie sees that you’re enjoying the show. This pleases Trixie.” She remarked before leaning down and kissing him fully on the lips. He welcomed it, and timidly poked his tongue back at her exploring muscle while it danced within his muzzle. When she withdrew, his tongue drew back into his maw, letting him taste her as she licked her lips.

“Before we go any further, Trixie would love to warm you up a little further…but she requires your aid for that.” Confusion crossed Brisk Shine’s face as she lifted herself up before swinging around above his head. With wide eyes, he could feel his arousal give a throb as she hovered her now bare plot above his head. The sheer size of her rear was immense from this view, her puffy nethers glistening lightly as she held there. It was wedged between the powerful cheeks of her ass, her tail lifted up to give him an unobstructed view which he gladly soaked up.

“Worship Trixie’s plot, and Trixie promises to return the favor.” She promised before lowering her rear onto his waiting face. Becoming the makeshift throne for her plot left Brisk to groan in desire. The plush cheeks pressing against him were like two pillows of sensual, sexual fluff that he had envisioned in his most private of moments. His hands came up and caressed and squeezed her from the sides as his open mouth began to lick and kiss at whatever skin he could find. Trixie let out an approving moan as he found her nethers, pink tongue slipping and rubbing against her outer folds before finding the treasure within them. In response, she pushed her hips down harder, grinding herself against his face as her tail brushed over the top of his head.

“Y-yes…Trixie approves of this. More, please!” She called to him, which he was happy to oblige. Brisk had become lost to his desire as he relished every smell, taste, and touch he could experience while buried beneath her immense butt. His own arousal was throbbing painfully, erect and stiff as steel whilst listening to her moans and whines. He could taste her own arousal as it dripped down onto his chin from her nethers, her marehood reflecting her enjoyment as his eager tongue swirled about it. Growing bold, he even braved a flick of his tongue along the curve of her ass towards her puckered star beneath her tail, but didn't approach further out of fear of upsetting her. He instead returned to her marehood, giving the swollen lips an eager tasting as Trixie panted above him.

He remained there for only a short while before Trixie pulled up suddenly with a hitched breath. She looked over her shoulder and down to him with an approving smile. “V-very well done. B-but Trixie must focus on you now.” Her legs were slightly shaky as she moved down along his waist and lifted herself up, before planting her rear square against his member. Brisk watched with half-lidded eyes as the valley of her rear swallowed up his length, leaving him engulfed save for his tip that poked out and into her tail just above.

“Now…watch as the Great and Seductive Trixie shows what she can do!” The showmare declared before slowly beginning to rock her body back and forth, her motions displaying the jiggle and weight of her rear as he was hot-dogged by her buttocks. With every complete motion, Brisk felt as if he was being immersed in a heated, soft pool of flesh that welcomed him with every stroke. Already, droplets of pre-cum escaped him to fall onto the cleft of her butt cheeks, staining them with his scent as she continued to rock against him.

“Trixie’s plot is the greatest of all, is it not? Do you not enjoy having your hot cock between her plot?” she questioned.

“Y-yes, Trixie. Trixie’s r-rear…oh goddess…” Brisk trailed off as she pushed more of her weight into him, the action making him buck his hips in want. She continued onwards, working and playing with his length as she switched to rapid motions to simulate him bucking her valley as she rode. With the way he was twitching against her skin, she knew he wouldn’t last for too much longer.

“T-Trixie, I can’t…I-I’m gonna!” He tried to warn her.

“Let it out. Shower Trixie’s plot with your adoration! Trixie wants you to!” She called to him, grinding herself against him moreso. With a strangled cry, Brisk’s muscles locked up as his climax loosed itself out of him, hot globs of his seed squirting out onto her plot in white streaks that splattered onto her blue fur. Trixie cooed at the feeling of the hot, wet jizz landing onto her skin, slowing her motions to let him ride it out before he went slack. Extracting him from her plot cleavage, her hand slowly stroked his length, still at half-mast as he panted beneath her.

“That was…intense.” Brisk breathed out, idly noting Trixie’s stroking hand over his length. “I-I hope you’re not disappointed.”

Trixie giggled lightly. “Oh, Trixie is hardly displeased. If you had fired that quickly in lovemaking, perhaps. But Trixie knows you will last longer now.”

Brisk’s face shone like a tomato, he turned so red. “L-Lovemaking?! I-I thought…I-I wasn’t sure i-if you’d e-even consider…”

Clicking her tongue, Trixie continued to slowly jack his member, feeling it begin to stir. “Trixie would be sad to let such a courteous gentlecolt like yourself go without a proper finish. And with how much you paid, along with your attentiveness, Trixie is certain she can enjoy it.” Releasing him for the moment, the mare’s horn lit up as she levitated over a bottle from the nearby nightstand. Popping its top once it reached her hand, she began to liberally apply a sweet-smelling lotion to his length.

Brisk was at first confused before he groaned as he felt his member begin to grow back to being stiff once more. “W-what is…”

“Trixie knows that some clients are too nervous around her in the bedroom. Trixie believes it’s due to their inability to cope with her loveliness.” She replied as she continued to slowly stroke him, rubbing in the lotion that left his member slick and shining in the candlelight. “So Trixie invested in an aid to help those needing a little boost. You have pleased Trixie, of that there is no doubt. Trixie simply is ready to go ahead.”

“You’re certainly eager.” The stallion remarked with a sheepish grin.

“It has been some time since Trixie has had a client she could enjoy. Especially one that worships her features as much as you. You have Trixie’s thanks for that.” She replied before grinning up at him. “Now…shall I show you Trixie’s greatest trick?”

Brisk nodded, admittedly excited for more. Smiling, Trixie flipped her mane back over her shoulder and turned her back to him again. Only this time, her tail lifted up high to reveal her most private of depths. “Trixie would normally use her front for this…but knowing your unique tastes, she has a more delightful idea in mind.” A blue glow surrounded his length and Brisk flushed red as his tip was aimed at the puckered star that was Trixie’s asshole.

“A-are you sure? I know that…i-it might hurt if you’re not careful.” Brisk asked.

“Trixie appreciates your concern, but rest assured, Trixie can handle this.” The showmare promised as she ground her butt against him again, the aid of the lubricating lotion allowing him to rub smoothly against her fur. Inhaling softly, Trixie lifted herself up and aligned his tip at her rear entrance. Feeling Brisk’s hands on her rear to aid her, she smiled and began to lower herself, his stiffness pressing against her anus and finding resistance as they met. Only a few moments later did he manage to enter, drawing a gasp from them both.

Brisk’s mind was blasted with pleasure as he was lavished in the tightness of Trixie’s ass. His hands gripped her tightly, squeezing her cheeks enough that the plush thickness overflowed his fingers, yet he could only feel her as bit by bit, he sank further into her depths. Trixie certainly was feeling it as well, letting out a small high-pitched gasp as his medial ring stretched her further. It took several tries to get it in, but once she’d adapted enough to allow him entry, it allowed her smooth movement to take the rest of him.

“T…Ta-da! I-It is gone!” She declared for the stallion, internally trembling at the hot rod of pleasure penetrating her depths. It would be a lie to deny how much she enjoyed this part of her act. Having done so enough with toys for practice or to show off for a client, it had become a fetish of hers to be plundered via her rear entrance. With the way Brisk was filling her, she would need a hot bath by the time their session was done.

Rising up, she slowly extracted herself off of him, panting when she paused with only the tip inside before slamming herself back down again. The shock of pleasure that coursed through her was echoed by Brisk Shine’s moan as her tunnel hugged every wet, lubed inch of him she could cling to. Lifting again, it started a slow and steady rhythm of her riding his cock deep into her ass, her rear causing a light smack to sound as she bounced on his lap. Getting into it, she began letting out a series of moans and whimpers as she basked in the pleasure.

“It’s so good…you’re amazing, Trixie!” Brisk declared. His hands, clenched at the bed sheets, reached up and grabbed for her rear, squishing the cheeks together and kneading them as she rode harder.

“Trixie…is…glad – oh~! – that you…approve!” the showmare declared as she bounced, her breasts making a rhythmic slap against her chest as they heaved with her breaths. The professionalism she usually maintained had been loosened much like her currently filled rear end, Trixie’s hands coming up to grope for her mounds and squeezing them as she relished each stroke.

Brisk’s mind was reeling as he did his best to keep himself from finishing early again. Even though he’d released earlier, he was still an inexperienced stallion. Doing everything from deep breaths to mental images, he stemmed his climax from coming too quickly. Yet his kind nature reminded him that to finish without letting his partner finish would be far too cruel. “T-Trixie? Can we…urg…c-change position?”

“T-Trixie can. D-does this displease you?” She asked as her rear slapped into his waist, her butt jiggling in a pleasant motion that danced before Brisk’s eyes.

“N-not at all. Just…wanting to…not leave you out.” He explained. Trixie smiled and shifted back, leaning back against him, with Brisk winding up with a face full of her scented mane as her hand steadied her on his side. “T-Trixie?!” He called out. The change in position had made her body grip him much more tightly, due to her stretching herself over him.

“P-please go as you wish to! Trixie is close!” She told him. Out of his sight, her other free hand was busy fiddling with her open marehood, fingers diving into her depths rapidly as she closed her eyes. “Oh, Trixie is so close!”

Nodding to himself, Brisk began to buck his hips up to match her bouncing rhythm, letting his balls slap lightly against her skin as they became lost in their pleasures. It was Brisk who hit his climax first, pounding away at her plot with fervor before he came. With a strangled grunt, he buried his muzzle into her mane as his body spasmed, hilted into her ass with his seed splashing against her tunnel walls. Feeling the hot seed coursing into her very depths pushed Trixie over the edge likewise, and she climaxed with a cry. Spurts of her femcum squirted from her depths out onto her thighs and the bed, her legs shaking as stars danced before her eyes.

When the pair of them came down from their collected highs, Brisk was the first to move, keeping an arm around her so he could better balance her. Trixie gladly allowed it, more or less leaning against him as she lied there atop him, his length still wedged inside her.

“This was…the best time ever.” Brisk declared, smiling as he watched Trixie turn to face him, panting likewise.

“Never worry, dear Brisk.” She said softly, giving him a light kiss on his nose. “Was there ever any doubt?”

Spike's Sauna Relief

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Ponyville’s Spa and Sauna run by the twins Aloe and Lotus Blossom was no stranger to aiding its clientele. There were many stresses abound from day to day events to world catastrophes. Many a pony can attest to the abilities of the two skilled mares within its walls that did away with the many woes and stresses that their clients carried over the threshold into their humble abode. Whether it was through a soak in the sauna, working up a nice sweat in the steam room, or even a delicate, personal massage at the hands of a masseuse, there was always a way to relieve some of their burdens.

Exactly the kind of thing Spike needed right now. Standing outside the doors to the spa, clad in a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt, Spike cut out an impressive figure as he mused on the decision of entering the spa. He was taller than most at his age, only ponies such as Big Mac or Fluttershy matching his height, and had filled out well in a life full of physical labor. His spines were kept down and short, behaving much like hair on a pony would, and though he had a lack of wings like most drakes, he made up for it with his stamina and strength.

The tall drake was finding his life – while admittedly unique in being the personal assistant to a royal princess and her fellow group of magical, world saving friends – particularly tasking of late. If he was not cleaning or organizing the vastly larger library now within Twilight’s castle, he was taking care of their living quarters, or cooking up food alongside the newly formed kitchen staff. One might think he would be used to this, and he was, truthfully. It’d given him a well-balanced sense of self-discipline and attention to detail, sharpening his mind to look for details in everyday things that most would overlook.

Then came the second batch of tasks he carried on his shoulders; working for the inspirational beauty in his life, the unicorn who had an eye for external and inner beauty: Rarity. Did he love her? Perhaps. In his younger years, he would fawn and worship the ground she walked on. Several years had passed, and he’d gained a sense of maturity. Now he was more in control of his emotions and had developed a more solid understanding of social expectations. He was considered practically an adult by pony standards, in terms of physical appearance and age; however Rarity still had several years on him. Nonetheless, she held a personal spot in his heart.

It was this motivation that kept Spike silent in complaining when she asked him for help with gem hunting, shopping for textiles for her clothing, being an aide for her labors, and every other task that many a stallion below him would deem “overbearing”. But she was worth it to him, for every sore muscle he felt in exchange for seeing that bright smile on her muzzle. Yet he could not deny that for the past two weeks, his body was taxed and fatigued from aiding both Twilight and Rarity in his role as their aide. He needed a break. He waived their apologies, stating that he was happy to help. The drake just needed a little R&R.

The Spa doors opened, snapping the drake from his thoughts to see Mrs. Cake appear. Her mane looked refreshed and she seemed to radiate with a positive glow that gave her shapely figure a considerable appeal. “Afternoon, Mrs. Cake.” Spike said with a small wave.

“Oh, hello Spike. I guess I’m not the only pony looking to get some relief today, hmm? Oh, well. Back to the bakery!” She called to him as she waltzed away. Spike allowed himself a momentary glance at the shapely hips walking away before entering the spa doors.

The blue-coated mare sitting at the desk looked up, offering a bright smile. “Ahh, mister Spike!” Her accent was an intriguing one, a voice that Spike could only peg as belonging to the Eastern regions of Equestria. “Come to employ our services once more?”

Spike rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “Hey, Lotus. Any way you can squeeze me in without an appointment? I know it’s a lot to ask since you and Aloe have tons of customers.” He replied.

The pink-maned mare only giggled at his words. “But of course, Spike. In fact, it has been rather relaxed of late. We would be delighted to aid you.” She assured. “Come, come. Me and my sister will see to you right away.” Lotus stood from her spot and emerged from behind the counter. Spike had to remind himself again to be polite and not stare at her firm rear, considering how lovely the masseuse was. With a lean figure hidden beneath her matching white shirt and skirt, the drake focused his eyes on her light pink mane to avoid any embarrassment.

“Have things been going alright for you two?” He asked as she led him inside to her destination.

“Yes, they have. We are ever so grateful for your help in restoring the sauna when we had that ruffian before.” Lotus replied, smiling over her shoulder at him. “Especially in dispatching him. We were afraid we would need to call the guard!”

Spike snorted at the memory, a small huff of black smoke leaving his snout. She was referring to a few weeks ago when a bulky colt tried to get frisky with the staff. “He just needed to learn that being grabby here is not a smart thing to do. Being surrounded by pretty mares doesn’t mean you just treat them like objects for the taking.”

Lotus giggled. “So you think we are pretty, hmm?” she teased, making the drake blush lightly at his fumble.

“Uh…I, uh…yes?” He smiled weakly, only to make her giggle all the more and stop before the doorway leading inside to the room he frequented. Taking his hand in hers, she smiled warmly at him, making him blink in confusion.

“Good. Then there is no issue in having pretty mares working on a handsome drake, now is there?” She asked. Spike’s only reply was to smile bashfully and glance to the side before she led him inside.

The room was one of the spare ones further in the back, larger spaced for easier movement when the twins had a customer who fell into the “plus-size” category. The tile floor was cool on Spike’s feet as he stepped inside, his claws clacking lightly against the floor. The air was slightly humid, but that was expected in a business that worked a steam room and sauna in the same facility. Standing inside the room was the other half of the business’ lovely face, Aloe. The blue-maned twin of Lotus had her back turned to the two, reaching up to restock their various bottles of massage oils that they kept for use.

Spike had to admit if even only in private that the twins’ business was due in part to their loveliness. Putting them together was like getting to observe two sides of a mirror at once, reflecting the image of a slender, lovely mare eager to serve. That idea put a small shiver down his spine that made his tail twitch.

Turning around after settling back onto her heels, Aloe gave a smile at seeing her sister and Spike. “Ah, is it that time again, Spike?”

The dragon could only chuckle quietly. “When you work a lot like I do, you have to know when to take a break so you don’t get overburdened. Just don’t tell Twilight or Rarity I said that.”

The twins both giggled and shook their heads. “Oh, I suppose we won’t…for a price.” Aloe teased, fluttering her eyes at him. Spike blinked and rubbed at the back of his head, making her giggle at his response. “You’re such a delight, Spike. Please, undress and lie on the table.”

Spike nodded as Lotus handed him a towel and he moved to the side where a changing curtain stood. Shrugging off the white t-shirt and jeans he’d worn, he laid them over the top of the curtain before tying the towel around his midriff. The cloth cover came up around his thigh, but enough so that nothing would be discovered. He had enough trouble with that already of late, with his body acting up. He didn’t need to let his raging hormones for the past week cause any issues. Dismissing those thoughts, Spike emerged and approached the table, lying on his front with his tail draped over the right side, slacking his muscles as the cozy chair made for an ample resting spot for his toned form.

“So where can we aid you best, Spike?” Lotus asked from his left, leaning her head down to meet his eye.

“My back and shoulders have been killing me…but so have my arms and legs too. Just thinking about having to reshelf the ‘Equestrian History’ section of the library…ugh.” His left leg gave a twitch at the very thought. “Is it considered a crime to be murdered by books?”

The twins only giggled at his words. “Then we shall see to it ourselves. You’re in capable hands, Spike.” Lotus assured before opening a bottle of lotion and applying it to her hands. Aloe mimicked her sister’s motions, and the pair began their work. To Spike’s pleasure, their hands were like delicate brushes that worked to chip away the soreness, his back being the canvas for their fingers’ work. Every stroke was a caress of hands and oil that eased him into a lulled state of comfort.

A sniff made him look lazily over at Aloe, who was nearby his head as she worked on his shoulder. “…is that Jasmine scent?”

Aloe smiled and nodded. “Only the best for you, Spike. It’s the least we can do.” She assured before going on with her work.

Spike only smiled and relaxed once more, giving a small groan or sigh as each muscle was relieved of its strain. The twins above him smiled as he vocalized his approval of their work. For their behalf, it was a delight to be able to help him with his stress and labored body. For some time now, Spike had been of aid to much of the community, and they could testify to his kindness in aiding others. Not only did he look out for the twins’, he’d often encourage good clientele to come their way, such as the Princess herself or various other visiting dignitaries looking for some relaxation.

It also helped a little that Spike was regarded as one of the more eligible bachelors of Ponyville, though that was kept more to themselves in private. After all, when you demonstrate the loyalty, kindness, and care he’s shown, let alone being an aide to royalty, the population takes notice. The twins themselves could admit to having stared at the drake when he was in the middle of his labors working in the town.

Time seemed to slip by out of Spike’s consciousness as the twins continued, treating his back and shoulders with care as they could detect the strain within both. Yet they were not highly regarded for nothing, and by the time they were squeezing Spike’s legs, he could easily admit to being far more relaxed than when he’d walked in.

In that haze of comfort, Spike’s face suddenly scrunched as he felt a stiffness rising against the cushion of the table. Too lost amidst the twins’ massaging, he’d let his guard down, leaving him in a very rigid predicament.

“Now turn over, Spike, we need to get your chest and middle as well.” Came Lotus’ voice from the side.

“U-uh…are you sure that you need to? I-I mean, I feel great already!” He tried to diffuse the situation while alarm bells were ringing in his mind. ‘If I don’t calm down, they’ll both be disgusted and kick me out or worse! They’ll tell Twilight, or Rarity!

“Nonsense, Spike. You know that a good massage covers all of the body, not just one half.” Aloe chimed in. “Unless you feel that we did not do a good job on your back?” Lotus’ frown made Spike’s mind scramble as he tried to think of a way to explain himself.

Debating his options, he sighed in resignation. If there was one thing the drake had learned from his youth, it was to never lie to a friend. “No, you both did wonderful, just…” he trailed off before continuing. “…maybe a little too well?”

Lotus and Aloe shared a glance before Lotus leaned down to his eye level. “Spike? Are you saying that you…”

“Yes, Lotus. I’m sorry. I can leave, if you want to. Please understand, I just got too relaxed, and – “He was cut off as Lotus laid a hand on his neck, pressing down gently to keep him on the seat.

“Spike. We are no strangers to a physical response occurring from our massages on a customer. If anything, a masseuse can and should take it as the highest of compliments. It shows how well we’ve aided you.” Lotus explained.

Her assurance eased some of his concerns, but he hesitated still. “Promise you won’t freak out?”

Aloe lowered herself to his level and smiled when his eye met hers. “You have our sincerest word.”

Spike nodded and quietly rolled over onto his back, allowing himself to face the ceiling as he let his tail drape over the left side now. What was more concerning for him was the rigid tent his towel now made as it covered his length. Though out of sight, he knew it was there for all to see, the towering mass giving a pulse as it stood. He did take a small amount of pleasure in hearing the two gasp lightly in surprise.

“You are…certainly blessed, Spike.” Lotus commented as she eyed the cloth covered shaft. Remembering her place, her cheeks warmed and she turned her focus back to his chest. The very air seemed to be heated as well, moreso than usual. It had been very faint throughout the massage earlier, but in Spike’s presence, the two mares could feel as if their clothes were becoming too tight to their forms, and even small beads of sweat were forming on their brows.

“This did not happen the last time you had a massage, Spike. Did we do something different this time?” Aloe asked.

“At this time of year, dragons like me sometimes tend to be more, uh…open to mates. Twilight explained it to me. It’s similar to heat, but it just means we’re a bit more randy than usual.” Spike replied.

The twins only nodded and resumed their massage, hands caressing his chest and sides slowly as he laid there, eyes closed. Both Lotus and Aloe felt themselves spare a glance more to the south than on their customer’s face as they worked. He only seemed to be growing more aroused, given the twitching beneath the towel. The air too was becoming almost damp to them both, as if they’d moved into the steam room. Lotus’ mind was thinking more and more towards what it’d be like to experience that very tool firsthand.

The atmosphere culminated into another surprise as with a sudden twitch, the towel came undone, exposing Spike’s shaft for the world to see. It was large and stood tall towards the ceiling, and was unlike any cock either mare had witnessed. The tip was shaped like a point, unlike a stallion’s rounded end, and the length of the pinkish-red shaft was lined with ridges. By a quick count, it had three separate sections leaving him with a unique appearance that was just as much intimidating as it was appealing. Beneath his pole, his scrotum – colored a similar purple like his scales – laid at ease on the cushion, two swollen orbs resting beneath the towering length.

Aloe’s eyes widened at the sight of it, a bright flush on her cheeks as did her twin. The pair was always honest and open with each other about their lives, and when it came to their love life, both were more experienced with stallion erections. But none had packed anything to compare with Spike’s own impressive size.

“Sisters, he’s enormous.” Lotus murmured under her breath.

Spike, having felt the towel slip off of his midriff, leaned up on his elbows. “I’m sorry, girls. I can leave. You don’t have to –“ he started to excuse himself but was stopped by a delicate hand from Lotus.

Sparing herself from speaking for the moment, Lotus instead looked to her sister, who met her gaze with a raised eyebrow. It was an unspoken question that she only gave a nod to.

“Spike.” The drake’s attention shifted to the mare in question as Lotus moved to rub the back of his neck slowly. “I trust you recall us saying that we would love to repay you for your help with us of late, yes?”

“Well, yeah, I remember. But what does that have to do-“

Lotus put a finger to his lips, making him stop. “Then consider this part of your repayment for your kindness to us.” She said while Aloe grinned to herself. Of the two, she was the more adventurous type, and had no real qualm in taking hold of his stiffness, making Spike hiss lightly as she brushed her fingertips along the ridges.

“Such an intriguing shape…ah!” Aloe felt it give a powerful throb in her hold. There was a scent in the air now that she hadn’t realized was there, but she was warming to it quickly. It made her body warm, and with a huff, she tugged at her collar of her uniform before tugging the snaps holding it free. Being a singular piece of white cloth with a pink flower emblazoned on her chest, it came off with ease, leaving her naked for Spike to see.

Spike’s eyes widened at the now nude Aloe standing there, holding his arousal in her soft grip. The uniform had left plenty of hints to her figure, but now free of it, he could see just how lovely a mare she was. Her breasts were perky and rested on her chest as she leaned over his crotch slightly, her tail swaying over her round rear slowly.

“This smell…it’s coming from you, Spike.” The statement snapped him out of his staring.

Spike tried to rise up again, resting on his elbows as Lotus rubbed his shoulders from behind him. A glance up at her showed she too had stripped away her garments. “I-I can explain. Dragons have a time of year that we seek out mates…kinda like you girls’ heat. B-but this – “he hissed in pleasure as Aloe slowly stroked him, her muzzle close to his tip, “– affects both sides. We let out a scent to show it.”

Aloe hummed in thought before leaning close enough that her nose brushed the sensitive tip and inhaled through her nose deeply. It was a musky, heady scent that swam through her senses and made her release a soft moan as she pulled back. Her hand absentmindedly stroked him as she urged Lotus over. “Sister, you must see this. It is divine!”

Lotus, sparing a glance down at Spike first, came over to her sister cautiously and mimicked her actions. Any concerns over their actions were lost as she inhaled the smell of his arousal. Like Aloe, a sense of heat came over her, spreading from her head down to her toes, and she huffed lightly. “D-do not worry, Spike. We can take care of this.” She assured as she joined her sister in stroking him, both of their hands dancing across his sensitive flesh. It left Spike panting as they grew into the action. Like her twin, Lotus too was a lovely vision of blue and pink, curvy and slender. Spike thanked whatever deity had allowed this to happen to him.

“I want more…I wonder if…?” Aloe murmured before leaning her head down, keeping her nose pressed to his length as she sniffed all the way down its rigidness before coming to rest at the base, nuzzled into where his scrotum joined his cock. Feeling Spike shiver, she inhaled again, and sighed in delight. Lust overtook her then, and she chanced a kiss against the hefty orbs, the heat within them keeping her close. Her hand left his shaft to come down to his orbs, and began kneading and massaging one whilst her lips remained pressed to the other. Spike’s moans encouraged her as she continued, guessing by their weight that his balls promised a fairly large load.

Spike’s head was reeling at the beautiful mares’ efforts to pleasure him as he laid there. His instincts were calling for him to act, but his will remained ironclad around them. He knew that if he let go, he might potentially hurt them. But that didn’t lessen the degree of pleasure he felt as they massaged his length. Lotus’ hands were stroking at intervals between circular rubs of her thumbs and forefingers against his tip while Aloe busied herself with his balls. Unprepared and having been without release for some time, he could do little to resist the rising urge to climax.

The twins could feel it coming as well as his shaft throbbed in their hands. Aloe lifted her head away from his tightening ballsack to rejoin her sister. “Please, do not hold back on our accounts. Release whenever you’re ready, Spike.” She instructed as she caressed his lower half and base while her sister worked his upper side. “Just let all that stress wash away.”

Spike huffed through his nose as he tried to last, but gave in and bucked his hips upwards as the first shot of his seed launched from the tip, arcing before raining atop their heads. With a gasp, the twins looked on as he continued to fire, holding his shaft at an angle that left it to release off to the side in thick spurts of white seed. Their hands and arms became dotted with white as he dwindled down, specks of dragon cum hot against their skin. Spike sighed as he relaxed on the table, the first climax he’d had in some time.

“There’s so much…” Lotus murmured to herself as she eyed his still rigid length, the pinkish-red flesh standing in defiance of his just passed orgasm. Bringing a hand up to her muzzle, she sniffed and could smell the musk from before there. Letting her instinct guide her, she quickly licked her fingers clean, and found his taste to be highly enjoyable, as sweet as any goods from Sugarcube Corner. A glance to her sister saw she agreed, having already licked her fingers clean.

What surprised them both most was seeing his member remain stiff even post-climax. Spike, still lost amidst the glow of the climax, held a hand at his base, absentmindedly stroking it.

“It would seem our treatment is incomplete, Lotus. Our dearest Spike is still too stiff to go free yet.” The blue-maned mare remarked with a sensual grin.

Lotus returned the expression, knowing what her sister had in mind. “I see. Well, we cannot have this; we have a duty as his caregivers, no? So the real question is what next?”

Aloe hummed in thought as she absentmindedly stroked Spike’s member, looking to the male as he looked down at both with a sheepish smile. He was more or less in their hands, figuratively speaking. “What say you, Spike?

The drake ran a clawed hand over his spines on his head before speaking. “If you’re both ok with it, then I’m up for whatever. Just make sure to tell me what I can do so it’s not one-sided.”

Aloe grinned widely at this and nodded. “Then perhaps, Lotus, you can take care of things down here while I take over the top?” she proposed. She’d seen how wet her sister had become while holding his massiveness in her hands and she was no less guilty of the same. The entire room had become awash with the smell of sex and musk along with the heated feeling of desire, and she intended to embrace it wholly. With that in mind, she and her sister both climbed atop Spike’s body, Aloe straddling his chest while Lotus rested at his hips.

“Perhaps you would care for a drink, to quench your thirst?” Aloe asked while spreading her legs wider apart, the flush of her cheeks spreading to her nethers as they dripped onto his broad chest. Spike’s eyes homed in on her marehood, subconsciously licking his lips as he drew her in closer. With a small squeal, Aloe was pulled closer as he came face to face with her nethers, his serpentine tongue sliding along the edges to tease her as she moaned above him. From Spike’s view, he had an unobstructed sight of her from the tight pucker of her asshole to her nethers, the lips swollen with arousal and quickly turning wet as he teased her. A sniff let him know she was enjoying it as much as he was, making him continue to lick at her flesh.

At his waist, Lotus was busy eyeing his pole as she tried to gauge how deep she could take him. Unknowing of any limits to herself, she decided to test them herself, and lifted herself up to align him at her entry. Here, his unique shape made penetration easy, being angled like a point that let her slip him inside with ease. She cooed as his heated cock entered her, but shifted into a groan as his girth began to stretch her. Lotus’ mind reeled as inch by inch, she was stuffed full of dragon cock, each ridge brushing against her walls to make her legs shake in desire for more.

Spike moaned his pleasure into Aloe’s cunny as Lotus rode him, sending tingling vibrations along her pink walls as Aloe grinded her pussy into him more. Encouraged by her taste and the erotic air, Spike let his tongue extend into her deeply, reaching to her innermost depths and drawing back as he curled it, making the mare gasp as he stimulated her most sensitive of spots. “Oh, Spike! You’re…oh! Keep going!” Aloe’s encouragement brought his fingers into play, one slipping into her folds while the other teased at her clit.

Several minutes passed, and Lotus was left gasping for air as each thrust of his length into her made the air leave her lungs. Any thoughts of comparing previous lovers were left in the dust of this new experience. When he began bucking his hips up, it made him only delve deeper into her, and she let loose a cry of ecstasy when she managed to hilt him into her pussy. Legs quivering, she trembled as she bounced on him, tongue lolled out of her mouth in an expression of ecstasy.

As one, the pair of mares came with a yell. Spike’s world became flushed in marecum as Aloe pressed his face into her nethers, body trembling as his wiggling appendage milked her walls. Lotus slammed a final time down onto him as she rode her climax out, rivulets of cum dripping down her newfound lover’s cock as she tried to milk him into her. Yet when Aloe finally let go of him so he could speak and regain his breath, Lotus could still feel him twitching inside her depths.

“O-oh Goddess…A-Aloe, you’re going to have to…finish him. I-If I do much more, I’ll positively break!” Lotus exclaimed as she slowly extracted herself from Spike’s member. With a gasp, she barely managed to get herself off of him, using the table edge for support as Aloe looked over her shoulder. Seeing her sister so ravaged left her craving for her own portion, while Spike’s member throbbed, glistening from marecum as it was eager for its own release.

“I wonder, Spike. Do you have anything you’d like to try with us?” Aloe asked the drake, who raised an eyebrow at the offer. “I know I’d just love to get to try some more of your delicious cock.” She accentuated her words with a flourished lick of her lips, satisfied to see his cheeks flush.

“A-actually…I did kinda want to try something…” He said before pulling himself up off the table. Standing taller than either mare, Aloe grinned appreciatively at seeing Spike’s bare body, his arousal bobbing as he stepped over to the foot of the table. “Lie down here, on your back.” He gestured at the massage table.

Getting a quick idea of what he wanted, Aloe’s cheeks burned darker yet her smile only grew in anticipation. Shifting about so she could lie comfortably, the blue-maned mare’s world became flipped, her attention fixated on the pointed wet tip aimed at her face. Unable to resist, she brought her hand up to slowly stroke him as she guided the tip, nuzzling it with her muzzle and face. The horny display of affection made Spike’s cock twitch in her hold, and Aloe got the message as he stepped closer.

With her head propped safely on the end, she opened her maw wide as his tip rested on her tongue, slowly slipping in as she closed her lips around him. The pleasant friction of her soft lips against his heated flesh made Spike growl, yet he kept his caution as he pressed on. Aloe, grateful that her gag reflex was easily suppressed, closed her eyes to be awash in the feeling of Spike’s cock being stuffed down her gullet. A bulge formed in her throat to match the thickness reaching into her, but she was unhindered as her idle hands came up to squeeze her breasts gently.

When he finally came to a stop, Aloe had a moment to relish the fact that not only had she taken all of him down her throat, but that those divine smelling orbs of his were right at her nose. She gleefully inhaled, immersing herself in his scent before he drew back slowly. With half of him still down her throat, he pushed in again, slowly fucking her throat and face as sparks of pleasure began coursing down Aloe’s spine. He wasn’t suffocating her, but she knew speech was impossible for her.

A wiggling mass against her nethers made Aloe moan as Spike slowly worked her throat. She couldn’t look to see, but could guess by Spike’s devious chuckle that Lotus was the cause. Being treated from both ends would surely be the end of her, judging from how scattered her thoughts were. Spike’s pace began to grow as she grew more comfortable with it, making small groans and whimpers as he huffed and thrust above her. His balls would smack into her nose or forehead every few strokes when he went deep, refreshing that musky scent she was quickly falling in love with.

Lotus grew in fervor too as Spike picked up his pace, eagerly diving into her sister’s folds as all pretense of caution was lost. Being in the middle of the lewd sandwich of mare and drake left Aloe’s world reeling, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as Spike pounded away, ravishing her throat as if it were her nethers. Briefly, she wondered just how long this period of raised arousal lasted in Spike’s kind, and if she and her sister could get away with kidnapping him for that time for their enjoyment.

Those thoughts were lost, however, as Spike’s breathing became erratic, the rhythm he’d been keeping shifting into a rabid pace of lust. His roughness only increased her pleasure, and with a strangled, muffled moan, released her climax again onto Lotus’ tongue and muzzle as Spike continued. When he withdrew finally, Aloe was left gasping for air as Lotus scrambled over her torso, resting herself chest to chest as Spike stroked himself quickly.

“Shoot it! Shoot it on our face!” Lotus begged.

Spike happily granted her wish, as the twins’ world became awash in white spunk emanating from Spike’s length. The Drake stroked himself hard through his climax, squeezing out every drop he could muster in that moment. Aloe groaned lowly as shocks of pleasure raced into her mind at being ravished so lustfully, while Lotus closed her eyes to bask in the rain of his seed. When it came to a stop, both mares’ faces were streaked with white that dripped in thick globs down their cheeks and chins.

“Man…” Spike panted, holding his still rigid length. “No rest for the wicked, huh?”