A Lesson In Honesty

by PurplePolymath

First published

Twilight decides to grant Trixie a wish after hearing of her hardship. Trixie really has changed, she's an honest mare now, so she demands the princess' death. And out the door she went, without a word. A lack of empathy, leading to an end.

Twilight decides to grant Trixie a wish after hearing of her hardship. Trixie really has changed, she's an honest mare now... so she demands the princess' death. And out the door she went, without a word. A lack of empathy, leading to the end of an immortal.

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Twilight sighed on her canopy, her face housing an expression of one clearly unamused and yet plagued with frustration as she glance down upon the stretch of red carpet. The very spot she had been.

The royal had sat upon her throne the entire moon, luckily her kind didn’t require as much rest as the normal equine. Her legs crossed, properly as Rarity had always lectured, and a single hoof tapping restlessly against her throne’s arm. Repose hadn’t found the alicorn’s mind nor body for nearly a week now.

In truth Twilight hadn’t donned her crown for what even a mortal could consider long, but she handled every task, every ruling, and every responsibility bestowed upon her thus far… not that there were many.

She would have never guessed her compassion would have her condemned, contractually obligated to death on a day or night she never knew, and now would never forget. Since that day of compassion, every moment of free time she acquired that wasn’t spent with companions or subjects was all focused toward the second pony she’d ever known with a form; a body seemingly built to be witnessed and bathed under the majesty of the moon.

The day Trixie formally apologized for her catastrophic episode, she was located only a few days after as she hadn’t left town, she wasn’t able to get too far on hoof alone as it were, and the illusionist had somehow lost all faith in wheels. However, it was a bit odd how quickly Twilight happened to located her.

Upon having been found of course, the librarian brought the showmare to her home. Keeping her for the night without question, not until morning came that is.

The stars fled behind the clouds as the dawn came.

After Spike and Twilight had given into most of Trixie’s bizarre demands and backward bribes of bed-influenced breakfast, perfumed robes, hoof massages, and most other things that made up her “To-die” list as Spike so eloquently put it, the three gathered in the foyer.

There Trixie sat, sky blue, fur-trimmed robe and all, calmly sipping the royal tea she’d been given. She was completely unfazed by the glares of “Sparkle’s pet” or the polymath’s miffed expression at the mare herself. She had held this air of arrogance all morning; even now she wore a mocking smile, only pursing her moist lips to address the tea she’d begun growing fond of.

Twilight had suspected the self-appointed paragon had a very particular reason for being lead into her home, and it was rare that Twilight was ever wrong, even Trixie knew that in their short time together. Indeed, this was not one of those times.

Revenge was indeed why she returned a third time. Even now, Twilight’s wings were mostly the reason she’d demanded such outrageous treatment. The entire time Trixie had done her best to train herself not to stare at what most anypony would consider astonishing, to avoid letting her host know how her own curiosity became almost crippling the moment she laid eyes on those lavender wings.

A familiar light emerged from her pride, her horn’s will embracing the cup and leaving it afloat beside her. She gave a content sigh before speaking, the tea’s flavor still naively cavorting atop her tongue.

“Shall Trixie start her fable from the beginning?” she wore her smirk well.

And so Trixie began without approval from the first night she and Twilight had met, how brightly the showmare shone on stage, how easily Sparkle’s friends were bested beneath the night sky as she basked in the audience’s aspiring admiration.

Though, as the story continued, Trixie’s grin began to fade as she spoke every vile detail without sensor. Her humiliation, her fear of being swallowed that night and how small she felt against such a monstrous creature… even smaller still under the awe-inspiring Twilight Sparkle. Every night, every performance after she had become the worst she’d ever known, the truth that there was another astounding unicorn… that Trixie wasn’t the best. The mysterious mare she’d met had become her rival overnight; not to mention that her rival had outsmarted her during their second encounter and now ascended to a point that any normal creature would believe impossible to seek vengeance against now.

As the fable continued, her tone had grown softer; despondent, and her smirk had taken refuge elsewhere. Her guise was gone.

All this was a lesson in humility of all things. After her shows no longer brought her the wealth they once wielded, she found herself traveling north after selling her transportation for whatever a sinful-washed up wagon was worth. This decision had held her over until she came across a quiet rock farm of all the most useless things she’d discovered in Equestria.

The farm housed unusual ponies, parents in fact, as well as a trio; a party of three sisters whose last names she never learned during her time there. She thought of Twilight night and day as she worked through the season of fire and blisters, even the season of ice and illness. Thoughts of her rival even came whenever she wished to learn something new, whenever she became bitter or spiteful. In dedication to any talent she’d yet to gain or already possessed, Twilight Sparkle was her motivation and blame. The one thing she hadn’t been the fault of was Trixie despising wheels.

“I’d… become obsessed with you. You were everything I’d hope to achieve, even now, and yet you were the reason I’d lost all that my life had become. You have no idea how maddening it was, love and hate should never have balance in the same home, in your head…”

Twilight’s ears fell with Trixie’s expression, she’d didn’t pity her company, she only wished to understand her… as all was a mystery to her aside from the apparent sorrow. Even her number one assistant could no longer hold his resentment toward her as he heard the duo’s tale.

“Listen and listen well Sparkle, I returned that night for the soul purpose of vengeance and nothing more than to see your suffering!” she slammed a hoof against the table, her tea still stable mid-air. “Trixie spent so many days and nights with you haunting her mind, how unfortunate that fate would have me found on this night… an ordinal coincidence ”

The librarian knew an apology wouldn’t solve anything here, at best it would only anger such a prideful creature. Twilight knew pride well enough, as she kept a particular secret of her own since rising to power. She bit her lip as she considered revealing such a truth out of what she considered proper compensation.

“I… I’ll grant you a wish!” she covered her muzzle in her own disbelief. “Only one…” she nearly whispered, still in shock and unsure of what she might have unleashed. Princesses were given the power to grant a single desire of a subject under a certain condition.

The cup feel from Trixie’s grasp and shattered against the floor, as expected she was wide-eyed after being told such an impossible thing.

“Wha- what!? Twilight you’re j-just kidding right, a wish, for her!?” the little dragon gestured as excessively as he could as his claws direct to Trixie.

“I’m not Spike… it’s only-“

“Trixie wishes for you to die on the very day that she does!”

At first the room fell silent, but as the look on the unicorn’s face never faltered, both knew she was sorely serious.

“W-why Trixie!? What do you get out making such an outrageous request?” Twilight pleaded for an answer, one she hopped would at least be logical, sane to some degree.

“Royals are obligated to their word, Trixie owes you no such explanation, just make it so!” she demanded with a stern gaze.

In what seemed an instant the unicorn’s horn flashed once more, in mere seconds her hat and cape were donned once again; a single piece out of place, and her sack of mementos floating beside her. And out Trixie trot through the door in the dead of morning without a word of thanks or threat should the princess refuse her offer.

Both residents of Golden Oaks were left with their mouths ajar. Trixie knew Twilight was a goody-goody through and through despite how much power she’d attained, when she considered the possibly she’d never known the mare to tell a lie.

At best Trixie could without a doubt claim she knew the tiny princess better than even she knew, and if the same could be said of Twilight, she wouldn’t have been as surprised by the desire. Wishing death would be far too simple, a mare like Trixie, would make a show of it.

In the end the spell would be cast and their guest would be gone by then, honestly, she never cared to wander Ponyville for too long.

It’d been many, many months since Trixie’s departure that foolish day, since she’d demanded such an outrageous desire, and every day after she’d given one word to Twilight. The word was simple, single as it was a stand-alone term; No was her weapon of choice. Twilight sent mercenaries in the form of letters, and one by one they all fell to the same stubborn force.

The princess had sent scrolls, bribes to be more precise, to convince the unicorn to change her wish. However, it seemed that no wealth in all Equestria could quell the wrath of that word.

Day or night, there wasn’t much difference, Twilight’s mind focused only on a single creature. At first she was angry, to think the wish she would grant would be one so selfish. And in time she learned her regal duties one by one, she pondered what any scientist would… why!?

Of course she only came across theories, without proof or subject in sight all she could do was speculate at best. She’d sent hundreds of letters, and soon enough she began seeking assistance from friends.

“Well how ‘bout the fanciest wagon ya can think of? Just make sure it’s plenty big, so her head’ll fit through the door.”

On the letter sat a miniature well-drawn Applejack, stretching her hooves apart as wide as she could, complemented by a smile the same length. It was a surprise that Applejack had any artistic talent at all, but now wasn’t the time to be impressed.

“Very funny Applejack,” Twilight sighed and set the letter aside.

“How about you offer her a pet, I have plenty of little critters she could choose from, I can only imagine how it must be lonely on the open road.”

If only I could fit that naivety and smile in a letter, that might work… maybe, Twilight thought to herself with a bit of uncertainty.

“Well dear, how about an auditorium or perhaps even a theater with her name in lights that towers to stars above? She is a showpony after all, I’m sure she’d find that tempting at the very least.”

That’s what I thought at first...

“Oh, oh I know! How about an entire town made of silly string! What pony doesn’t love silly string!?”

Twilight held this letter the longest… just staring at it in silence, wearing the same bothered expression she kept whenever she asked Pinkie’s advice regarding any compromise or negotiation. It was set in the pile with the other three in the end.

“Seriously, you still haven’t had her escorted to you? Fine, just… give her a massive-I mean a huge palace, that’s probably all she wants. Actually, better be safe and make it a whole kingdom to hold her giant-” Rainbow Dash’s letter was set in the pile the fastest. Twilight was sure she was going to mention Trixie’s head the same as Applejack, but she’d be wrong, there was another part of the showmare the cyan mare had in mind. Later that night her cheeks would be colored in blush as the final blunt contents of the letter had been read.

Her friends had shipped all the suggestions they had, and still Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie, nor could Rainbow Dash could cause the unicorn to have a change of heart. Twilight never wished to die by the hoof of another, dying was indeed part of life, or rather it was before she acquired wings.

The days would come and go swiftly at times, it seemed as if dawn disappeared into night without warning, devoured by the dreary skies that complement the stars. The stars themselves were her greatest comfort during such times, as she’d never been much of a night mare before.

The moon was full as night fell, her beloved sun; epitome and instrument both now warm in bed. Twilight had found herself atop a cloud, the sky’s décor, her back against cotton and eyes centered toward the moon that seemed to somehow overshadow her with a calming light. She herself felt so small, the moon had a way of making many things appear that way, and she imagined this must be how Luna felt when she watched over the night by her lonesome.

The little alicorn sighed as she lay stretched out upon the cloud that ever-slowly lead her to nowhere at all, sailing across what felt like forever.

I wonder what the old me would do…? Twilight pondered to herself as she brushed a gentle hoof through the fragile tips of her regal wings.

And as one might have guessed, nothing ever came to mind. She hadn’t really changed since her ascension, her being who she was happened to be the very reason she was chosen at all. She groaned in frustration as her cheeks flushed red, she was recalling images of the countless times she’d sent soldiers to deliver declarations or parcels to the paragon she couldn’t purge from her thoughts.

Her every endeavor was embarrassing to some extent, her every effort to win over a single equine, to regain her eternity once more, “With her.” The words came in a fond whisper.

Twiight’s head raised suddenly, her anxiety taking over as she looked up then down, around and about to see if her secret had been heard. She’d had a habit of such honest outburst ever since that day, queer enough her intellect couldn’t comprehend her present syndrome with her foreign, former rival. She felt the same sensation whenever they crossed paths, since she’d first bested Trixie, and she fled in her defeat.

“Four million, two thousand, seven hundred and fifty eight,” she aimed a limb toward the sky.

Twilight had begun counting the stars weeks ago, and she hadn’t lost count. The curious mare had cast a spell for stargazing, not for the measure of keeping score as that was an easy feat. It was only so her eyes could see past their genetic make-up, she’d been searching for any abnormalities, for the fabled wishing star.

She’d taken to doing this whenever the thought of Trixie became too much. And in the end she always found herself falling to temptation and her horn giving a mental image of the showmare whereabouts.
It was how she was able to send guards at all, still, there was one thing Twilight never noticed as the visions surfaced.


The dawn was approaching, the sun slowly ascending on what was about to be somewhat of a shameful moment for Twilight Sparkle as she sat upon her throne with only a single subject in mind. She’d been repeating the same pattern of tossing and catching the center piece left behind, as she recalled Trixie had slept with it after demanding Twilight’s bed. The gem that supposedly fastened her cape, the crest, was found under Twilight’s pillow and ever since resided in her care. She kept it within the pockets of her posh attire.

It’s true, the princess had gone another night without nest, fortunate for her that alicorns required less, their bodies were built for shouldering burdens, responsibilities that would wither any normal creature. Today would be the ninth month of that day, and soon it would also be the day she would send her thousandth letter.

Everyone had watched Twilight’s obsession over Trixie the same as if she were an unfinished assignment assigned by Celestia herself, at it wasn’t difficult to determine the reason why… for every pony whose name wasn’t Twilight Sparkle.

Most every morn she spoke with Celestia, and every eve Luna; though the two did surprise at times by swapping or syncing together with their warm lectures or pleasant greetings.

A quill and scroll present held at her side by the horn’s will, she began to commit her intentions to ink as she always did, first came the cliché explanation, reasoning. Then after, came the questioning of the offer in question, but no matter how excellent her horn-writing skill was she had to convince the stubborn mare to come willingly.

A familiar sound run through the halls, the sun had already graced the sky, peering through the massive windows that outfit her chamber. But now, new warmth entered with an equally natural sound and companied by the scent of heaven growing closer; becoming more potent as the eldest princess approached the youngest royal, elegance composed of her every step.

“Good morning Twilight,” Celestia spoke with the same smile that gave a certain polymath peace like no other, even with her new status.

“G-Good morning, Princess,” Twilight fought the urge to remove herself from her canopy as Celestia made her way up the trio of stairs. Twilight still hadn’t gotten completely used to being equals or so she was told.

Celestia furrowed a brow, a kind smile still in accent, “Another letter, hmm, I wonder… that letter wouldn’t be for me now would it?” Celestia jest, she knew full well of Twilight’s naïve torture.

“Well, actually princess… it’s… for-“

“Not to worry Twilight, I believe I know whom the letter is meant for,” Celestia chuckled, “I’m only kidding.”

Twilight slowly shift downward into her seat, the blush weighing her down. Celestia wasn’t being cruel, but she couldn’t contain her soft laughter, seeing such a brilliant mind she considered even greater than her own, to be stumped by something as simple as affection. It was… adorable in a sense.

“Have you still not figured it out yet my former student? You’ve sent Trixie a letter every day, more than one for almost a year, a letter for almost half the years I have been alive. I would have thought the answer would have come to you by now. Did you not grant a wish for Trixie, have you forgotten that such a feat is only possible toward those who hold a special place within you?”

Celestia furrowed a brow, her concern was apparent. Not even the completion of Starswirl’s spell took such time for her remdedy. In the end she only sighed, her smile returning along with her faith as she recalled how often her former student faced the impossible.

"Still… I know it will come in time, as hearts are unable hold secrets, mortal and unlike. Perhaps my teachings had begun to wane long before I even knew,” she found her gaze set to the sphere that seemed so much younger than she, despite its unspoken age.

“No, that’s true Princess, you’re an excellent teacher!” Twilight stepped down from her seat and went to comfort her mentor. Even the slightest of doubt was too harsh for the princess, that’s how she always felt when the princess believed herself below anything but perfect.

“You still believe such things in your position?” Celestia nuzzled her former student, “You will always be the best student I have ever produced, and you’ve more talent than even I had at your age, but the answer you seek comes from experiences I could not guide you toward. Truthfully I feel Cadance or Spike could explain your dilemma far better than I ever could,” she smiled at her curious partner.

Celestia turned from the sun and soon she’d left the room without another word, her delicate mane trailing behind her through the door.

Twilight took such words to heart and discarded her scroll, retrieving a fresh one, now with quill newly inked she began explaining the sensations, as well as the notions that filled her head day and night with unrest. She conveyed every description as rationally and scientifically possible as she could without sounding unwell, she knew what she felt when she granted that wish, things were slowly becoming clever as the quill waltzed.

Hours had passed and Twilight had listed almost everything she’d experienced that week alone, the scroll had already found its length beyond the set of stairs. It was impossible not to be nervous writing such intimate truths, portraying embarrassment of such a degree into coherent language wasn’t as easy as she hoped it to be.

It wasn’t long after that she began to feel a bit of a draft during the day, one that came as cold to most creatures who didn’t trust it blindly, but to Twilight it was a calm breeze. She rest her instrument and took a deep breath, breathing in the midnight air as she closed her eyes and exhaled in solace for the first time since those hours of honesty began.

When her eyes opened, there she stood beside a throne that would never suit one her size.

“Good morning to you, Twilight Sparkle,” Luna formerly spoke as she also found herself gazing at the new sun that shone through the tall glass.

“Good morning Luna,” Twilight smiled at her dark company.

Twilight had gotten used to Luna’s arrival, when she step she hardly ever made a sound in her stride, she was the embodiment of grace. In the day she appeared without warning, and at night the darkened earth made it appear as though she were akin to the air.

Luna had made a habit of checking on Twilight’s performance almost daily, truthfully Luna wasn’t entirely certain she was ready at first, but the two had soon become even closer than they were before.

Twilight was the very pony that freed her from Nightmare Moon’s caliber, and accepted her without accusation upon Nightmare Night, a true friend indeed. She was also painfully aware of Twilight’s situation just as well.

Luna sighed, “Twilight Sparkle, we understand better than any other that our dear sister can cause one to misconstrue, trying a pony’s patience with her insinuating most every sage lesson she speaks. However, we do not believe whatever her words, that she wanted thou to speak this much to this Trixie.”

Both looked at the extensive scroll and knew it was just Twilight’s usual inordinate approach to problems she considered to be of utmost importance. Luna furrowed a brow, it was odd seeing her so vexed thus far as she recalled the librarian’s former words.

“Twilight, did thou not say this Trixie was predictable naught a fortnight ago? And yet you know not what she truly desires after nearly ten centuries worth of written refusal? Engage matters in the manner only you know best, even one with dirty hooves can still tread within a heart.”

Twilight looked into the eyes of the princess who before kept her eyes set so intently upon the source of the world’s warmth as she spoke. True her words were blunt, straightforward, but… for some odd reason the lunar noble begun blushing through her blackened coat.

Twilight’s head tilt as her eyes blink to be certain she wasn’t imagining it, a first really. “Luna… is anything the matter?” she asked with earnest concern.

Luna slowly turned her head further from her fellow alicorn’s gaze. “T-Twilight… tell us, thou hast understood our every word, correct?”

“Well yes… well, the hearts and hooves part was a little unexpected but I believe I understood it just fine,” she’d put a pensive hoof to her chin as she wondered if she really did comprehend every verse.

Twilight was indeed curious now, her magic ensnaring the scroll and rolling it up as she set her worries to Luna.

“Understood… Now, if you’ll excuse us.”

The imperial slowly began turning toward the door, her horning emitting a radiant glow as she began mumbling things along the line of, “We’ve finally done it.”

And she vanished in a burst of light, leaving Twilight to wonder all alone.

Unknown to her, the two sisters had made a wager in confidence long ago that Luna would never be slightly misunderstood or even have a single sentence of hers come into question when given advice to their newest princess. Namely, to never speak nor give lectures in a manner the same as Celestia.

To Luna her sister was the queer one of the two, speaking in such a way a mind, simple or not wouldn’t understand right away. She swore they weren’t the same, that wisdom didn’t have to sound like words being carried by bodies or water or an estranged riddle. She declared her sister a trickster, even if she herself never misconstrued Celestia, she was certain her tongue would never tell the same as her elder sister and not even immortality itself could change that… or so the youngest sibling thought.

Luna was a creature of her word the same as all of Canterlot’s alicorns, so off she went to inform her sister, she would require the attire of a maid for the remainder of the day. And unfortunately for her the sun had barely begun to burn.

Twilight spent the rest of the afternoon pondering what both sisters said, in the end she found herself leaning toward Luna’s less than subtle words. She passed her time thinking with her head, in the manner she knew best.

In the end she came to an embarrassing conclusion as she rest the scroll beside her throne and pulled the fourth one she’d unraveled today. By now the sky had donned the cloth of eve now, all that was left was the impossible, the one whose wish was arrogant; perhaps she herself was as arrogant as she claimed and found allure in her own airs?

Could I… really write something so crazy? Twilight held a hoof against her head, checking to see if it weighed the same, and if a working mind still exist within.

Twilight criticized herself with the stroke of every inscription that met with the parcel. This was the shortest letter she’d ever send, the most pretentious offer she could imagine, it was terrifying but it was all she had left to believe. Her cheeks burned as she rolled up the scroll and cautiously summoned one her shy guards.

The looks, dilated eyes exchanged between her and the appointed mail-mare were questionable indeed, Twilight had to resist the urge to decree a punishment to any who dared to lay eyes on the scroll’s contents. The guard left and Twilight did her best to tend to her own duties and the unusually spry, snickering Celestia that she’d met with later that day; she’d never seen her mentor with a skip in her step. This was the same Celestia that hummed as they crossed paths, the one that said, “Luna would be fine.”

But due to anxiety of the letter itself, it kept her from asking anything further of her mentor had night fell before the sun could even give its proper goodnight.

“Princess, Princess… apologies but, you have a subject appearing for their summence,” the guard gently prod the princess to stir her from slumber.

It wasn’t long before Twilight was able to blink the rust from her eyes. She hadn’t expected her rest to be interrupted at all, especially this early The sun was literally just beginning to rise as her head did from her extravagant bed.

The petite princess yawned and stretched as best she could before removing the veils from the throws of her bed and allowing the sun’s light to grace her skin. Her concern now was preparing a presentable self for her sudden guest. The past day hadn’t been recovered yet and the present hadn’t fully come into focus. Once she’d found herself primed, outfit with crown and garments, she ventured down the massive halls, thin refractions of light and shadow from curtains treading across her form as she hurried to meet with whomever had come on a whim.

“Why did I tell them anypony is welcome at anytime? Twilight inquired aloud, as she’d truly hadn’t wished to leave her bed.

She rubbed a pensive hoof against her chin as she reached the final corridor, she couldn’t imagine who would come so early, until she took her first step into her chamber.

“Hmph! Well it’s about time, Trixie doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

With her horn’s light, Twilight shut the massive doors behind her. Her muzzle couldn’t completely shut, she was awe struck. Trixie had come, her offer was enough this time… which reminded her exactly what she’d baited the showmare with.

Trixie stood at the center of the red carpet, dressed in cape, hat, and conceited smirk upon seeing Twilight’s expression. However her smirk vanished as fast as it’d come, “Well, aren’t you going to thank Trixie?”

Twilight had trot past her throne and moved toward the unicorn, stopping once she felt both were at a safe distance. Not to mention she didn’t want the showmare close enough to recognize her cheek’s color.

“T-Thank you? For what exactly?” Twilight furrowed a brow as she did her best to regain her composure quickly, she didn’t want to ruin her opportunity.

Trixie huffed,” Honestly Sparkle, it’s only fair that you thank Trixie for her generous wish,” she smiled as politely as she could as she awaited gratitude.

“Thank-you!? Are you crazy!?” Twilight stomped the ground.

Trixie had said and done some frustrating things before but this was the first of its kind, not only was it infuriating but it made no sense at all, which is precisely the main reason why it was infuriating. Twilight couldn’t stand nonsensical things, even more so when a life was involved.

Trixie merely sighed and shook her head at the royal she used to regard as clairvoyant. She removed her hat, turning it upside down somehow reaching her entire limb inside; soon the same limb swiftly emerged with scroll within its grasp. A brief flip of her hat and it was returned to its proper place, a curious princess being the only witness.

Twilight’s rage fled as she saw her own unfastened seal upon the scroll, a familiar hue inhabiting her face.

In secret Trixie did her best to hide the smile she felt trying its best to surface, this was the first time she’d seen Twilight blush. Both their previous encounters never allowed or honestly even called for any such sentimental embarrassment… aside from Trixie’s own folly.

The scroll leaps from Trixie’s grasp, now encased in the unicorn’s magical essence. Slowly Trixie unraveled the letter, taking her sweet time, savoring every waking moment she watched the princess trace ever disposable curve unfurling before her eyes, it was like an eternity for the pair in question; both with teeth pressed and biting their lips, each with their own conviction.

“You know Sparkle, the Great and Powerful Trixie is proud of you, if our positions were swapped Trixie would have made the same effort from the start. In short, it would have been an easy victory!” Trixie could see her own reflection in Twilight’s eyes as she gave her edict, as if somehow this was her victory being bargained to the palace.

Trixie whipped the scroll toward the red carpet, toward the throne’s keeper, it spun; sliding at her feet.


The letter was laconic, that’s all that had been written. Twilight knew full well now that even pegasi in Cloudsdale could see her timid color. It wasn’t long before Trixie approached the alicorn herself, circling her as if she were prey; a rabbit, and Trixie herself a wolf. The room itself seemed to spin, swiftly forcing the princess to cross paths with the paragon for what seemed an ominous lifetime.

“Tell me Twilight Sparkle, you don’t think you’ve won do you?” she continued circling the rabbit with a smile as equally as sardonic as her tone. “You finally lured Trixie, just as she has planned. Trixie left her favorite trinket, her crest, why do you think you were able to find Trixie with such ease, perhaps those wings have gone to your head?” Trixie couldn’t help but grin at how clever she was, she’d never had the chance to mock an immortal before.

Luna, that scent…

“So what do think Trixie has in store for you, hmm?”

I’ve never seen her like this, she’s so…

Twilight’s head hung, “I… I don’t know,” her eyes had concealed themselves behind her mane, she didn’t think she’d get this far honestly.

Was I wrong about her?

“You’re supposed to be a genius, Celestia’s prized student! Think of the amount of letters you’ve sent Trixie all these lonesome months.”

“Does it really matter…?” she asked, her voice lacking any vigor.

“O-Of course it does!” Trixie had resorted to shouting. “One thousand letters, a thousand days and nights! That’s how long Trixie spent training herself, becoming all-powerful without illusion or aliments all for a single purpose.

The unicorn grit her teeth, she’d never seen a more pathetic rival, and she’d only ever had one. Her horn flared with her temper; its particular light becoming a flame as she shouts to the extent her lungs would allow. “Trixie did not spend all those nights thinking of you, plotting this very moment to see you become so pitiful!”

She stomped the earth, as all her previous stalking had ceased, the impact resounding with her horn and the enormous pulse shattering every window of the royal’s chamber. Trixie tackled the princess, a blue body shielding her from the shards cascading against the air.

Once Twilight opened her eyes she was met with a painfully violent expression staring down at her, one complemented by tears. “Trixie has waited for the day she could gaze down upon you, and see nothing but agony, to know you suffered the same number of days and nights as she did with her as your every thought.”

Twilight soon took notice of what sat above the two, an enormous shadow, rather a mass of shards, hundreds froze in their descent; caught in a shimmering grip, they looked like stars as they lay suspended, surrounding the two in a lethal constellation.

“She has done nothing but despise you, somewhere along her own despair Trixie… began enjoying the thought of you, of hating you so much that she found herself fond of it… of you. It wasn’t fair that you’d have a lifetime and beyond to surpass her, to immortalize her in memory, if our lives were caged to one another you’d always wonder, always worry and want Trixie by your side!”

Trixie chocked back her tears, alias shutting her eyes had no effect as her coat dampened; her own embarrassment spilling upon the princess’ chest. She could only imagine how she looked as she grit even more, she’d been forlorn far longer than she cared to admit.

Her frustration now swelling, it felt as though there were knots in her head, the immense spell itself, the weight of her emotion scaled amongst every word she spoke. She stomped the earth once again inches away from Twilight’s head, her vision was blurred by an ocean and her heart unable to remain still for even a second.

“Everything changed once we met our better. You and I had to be defeated to find love, admit it! You’d never been bested before Trixie came along! Being the best for so long is tiresome, lonely even… We’re the same, the two of us, we were always the best before we knew one another. Tell Trixie you didn’t feel differently toward her when she became your better! Amulet or not it was… exhilarating, curious, inspiring to know a fellow unicorn who forced you to acknowledge you were capable of so much more… wasn’t it?

Stupid, stupid, so stupid! Shouting with tears in your eyes, sounding like a spoiled fool, nothing you’ve said makes any sense… how could it?

Trixie shook her head, the knots in her head tightening, she knew there was a good chance she hadn’t spoken a sane word since she arrived. So many truths, so many intertwining concepts, claiming hate and love where halves of a whole. She couldn’t stop sniffling like a child.

She makes it seems so easy…

Twilight couldn’t smile after hearing such words of such hate and fond confusion. To see Trixie herself screaming secrets to her for all to hear, she was only a mere unicorn under such stress and still containing a winter’s wrath of shards in her influence even now.

Who knew the showmare had such expectations for her, and even as Twilight disliked boasting she had to admit she’d never met a unicorn in all of Equestria who could even come close to being her better in magic during all her years of schooling and assignments. It was baffling, intimidating, and all else that Trixie had mentioned.

In truth some days she’d find herself reminiscing their encounters even after the wish she’d granted, she always wondered what became of the very illusionist she’d ever knew. At rare moments she’d even forget there was a wish at all.

“I… I’m really sorry Trixie, I wasn’t being very brave before,” Twilight cupped a hoof against the paragon’s cheek; soon the same limb wrapped around her neck and pulled her into comfort. “It took me the same number of nights and I still haven’t understood what it was I felt, until now,” she gave a weary smile.

“Why do you think Trixie refused such riches and contest wealth?” She remained in Twilight’s embrace, damp cheeks pressed, as her lightheadedness gradually fades under the princess’ affection. “Besides, there isn’t a cathedral large enough for the crowds Trixie brings anymore, she wouldn’t have come for anything less than this moment.”

Everything began to ease, her tears ceased, and in turn so did the spell suspending the glass; it all came crashing down… in an instant. Twilight’s grip had become more intimate, both lift their heads allowing their lips to greet one another at last. Upon contact the two were enveloped in the immortal’s light, a shield against the hundreds of shards that cast down becoming thousands as they splashed like waves before returning to the floor in a shower. It was raining within Twilight’s chamber, on such a clear and sunny day.

Spite evolved to passion, anger seduced by admiration, and hate itself… becoming something far too predictable; something palatable against the crown of Trixie’s lips. It could only be described as bliss, releasing her frustrations in such a delicate form, their heated flavors melting away at their cores.

The unicorn pulled her savior closer, gathering the last of all she could taste on her tongue from their first show of affection.

“Princess, Princess!” A guardsmare forced open the doors after hearing the commotion. “Is everything- come quickly, the princess is being attacked!”

One guard had managed to signal four more. As Trixie lay atop the princess, displaying such a fierce amount of passion that it wasn’t difficult for anyone passing by not to misconstrue what might be an attack. Not to mention the mountain of shattered glass.

It wasn’t long before the guards lunged at the unicorn, pinning her down and thus, the embarrassing explanation took place in the castle all over again. Every face caught fever, and the two lovers found themselves reconfiguring a certain desire later that evening.