The Blue Balloon

by Ponyess

First published

There is the one blue balloon on my bed, and an envelope on my pillow. The content is a message from Pinkie Pie. I am apparently invited over to Fillydelphia, for some reason.

I found a blue balloon on my bed, and an envelope on my pillow. Within the envelope, I find a message and an invitation; written by Pinkie Pie herself.

Upon accepting the invitation, I have a visit from Princess Luna herself. That’s my escort, right there. How could I refuse now?

If only I had known when she was coming, or where she was taking me, but as it went down, I had no idea. How could I?

I can’t say I knew of either of the Equines by any means. Not that I am the girl who believes, or follow people I don’t know, yet this time, I ended up going with her either way. Mainly, because I wanted to.

The Balloon is Prologue: 1

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As I closed the door to my room, I noticed a blue balloon on my bed and an envelope on my pillow. The mystique had piqued my curiosity, so I walked right over to my bed and picked up the envelope and slipped it open, only to find a message written on a thick, light but bright pink card. Blue and yellow balloons covers the thick and shiny paper.

“Dear Anna, you are hereby invited to visit me in Phillydelphia. Princess Luna will escort you, if you would choose to accept my invitation. Yours truly, the hyper Party Pony; Pinkie Pie!” the message reads.

“Ps: The blue balloon is yours either way. Do with it as you please. I have more than enough Balloons. Yet, if you choose to accept, slip into it. Don’t worry, it will not burst!” the PM on the back of the card reads.

Once I had read the message, I slipped the card back into the envelope and picked up my balloon. Looking at it for a moment. There is no sign of anything irregular or special about the balloon. It is merely a regular metallic electric blue balloon, for all I could see. Smooth, standard rubber, like with any other balloon I had ever seen or touched, for all I knew or care to know.

Who Pinkie Pie and Princess Luna was, I had no idea, so I blatantly ignored the names, they gave me nothing. Had I known the characters, I may have seen this as a silly joke. Maybe my daughter had come up with it.

A nice looking card and a welcoming invitation. Yet, what is so special about the balloon? I like the colour of it, but aside from that!” I thought.

As I hold the balloon, I pull it firmly, but nothing further is reveals. With that, I blow it up. Just the one foot in diameter, then a second and a third. No sign of resistance, it just accepted the air I exhaled. No further reactions from the balloon.

“Curious!” I merely exclaimed in hushed tones, looking at the now huge but still intact balloon.

I walk over to my wardrobe in order to pick up the suit for the next day, while I undress in order to go to bed. I slide the door to the right, revealing the wash-bin, before I pull my top off, over my head, before I place it onto the pile of clothes awaiting the weekend, when I am going to wash the clothes, like every weekend.

Once my top had landed on the pile, I quickly step out of my skirt, kicking it up and placed it on the top. Allowing my panties to fall to the floor, kicking them up in the same fashion, before I allow them to side with the top and skirt. Now I finish the process by pulling my socks of, right and left, finding myself entirely nude as I see the socks on the top of the pile of clothes, waiting for the day I am to wash them.

As I walk back to my bed, I can clearly see the balloon on the quilt where I left it after I blew it up and saw it deflate. It is as if I had never picked it up, at least for all I could see. Aside from the small detail, it doesn’t lie where she had left it for me, but where I left it before I disrobed.

Now I pick up the balloon with my right hand, once more, before I fold the quilt to the side in preparation, before I am about to lie down and go to bed. Only to momentarily stare at the balloon for a moment, deeply in thought. Considering if I dared to accept the promised invitation, in case it was actually genuine. The one thing I had to lose is if the balloon burst and made noises in order to wake someone up. At least it is how I reasoned.

As opposed to the off chance I actually managed to get into the balloon, then was caught of guard, red-handed. How likely was that? I wasn’t expecting anyone in my room. Even without actually locking the door, none in my home entered my room. Simple as that.

Maybe I had seen the balloon inflated to insane proportions, particularly for a silly party balloon.

Sitting quietly on the side of the bed with my balloon in my right hand, quietly slipping my left hand over the skin of my right and left foot, finding them both smooth enough to dare the suggested trick. I lift my right foot, slipping my toes into the opening of the balloon, then feeling my foot slowly sliding in with the toes, as if the balloons eagerly swallowed my foot. There is no real sense of pressure around my foot as I pull the balloon further up, all the way to my knee with any real difference.

Now I tentatively slip the left foot in along with the right, feeling the rubber slide over the skin as I keep pulling it upwards. I expect it to rip at any moment, but it stubbornly refuses to fail. All of a sudden. I realise it was sliding over my hips and onto my waist.

That isn’t possible. I almost gasp, thinking better of it. Maybe I am sleeping, dreaming of the balloon and the strange and highly unexpected message. Accepting it as the only reasonable explanation, then following my action, pulling the balloon further up. As the balloon reached my rib-cage, I slip my hands in, only to realise the balloon still refused to rip, while eagerly swallowing my hands and arms as well. Then it continues to flow upwards, over my shoulders, up my throat, only to stop just before my head.

I lay down, ignoring the quilt as I fall asleep as my head makes contact with the pillow, just where I left it, earlier in the morning.

I wake up, then lie still in my bed for a moment. Clearly, there are no signs of what I did before I went to bed. I am still in the balloon, but I can’t say I feel it around me.

There is a knock on my door and a Regal Princess Luna enters my room. She is still the dark character from the show I never saw. The long, flowing hair along her back, just as it was.

Only now, she is clearly in a Human form. Her Regal garb changed to match her stance and stature. She walks towards me with ease, almost as if she was a Ballerina, for all I could see. I see the crown on her head, but she also have wings on her back and the horn in her forehead.

Looking closer, the space behind her mark, the moon is pitch black, not merely dark. She Does still wear her usual necklace, or what ever one is to call it, with the mark of her moon as well.

She stops merely three feet short of my bed. Yet it feels as if she had been walking for several yards, despite the cramped space in my room.

“Good morning, Anna. I see you accepted her invitation. I am princess Luna, your Escort. Allow me to show you the way!” she presented herself and her errand.

“Good morning, Princess Luna!” I responded, slipping my feet out of bed, only to feel the balloon around my entire body, more in the lacking friction against the bed than any pressure against my skin.

“I am Anna. Yes, I guess I did accept her invitation. I am just too curious to let this go. Lead the way!” I continued, following her to the door, only to realise that the door to my apartment is on the other side of the room.

“Oh, this is Princess Luna I was promised as my personal Escort. I think I am going to enjoy, what ever she had in mind for me!” I thought.

Just as she stepped through the door, something happened, she soon fell down on all fours, regaining her regular stance in her quadruped form as an Equine Pony.

As I follow her through the door, I soon realised that the same happened to me. With that, I found myself on all fours. Eagerly trotting after the still as Regal Princess, known as Princess Luna. Just that I did not know her before this, I just had her words to go by.

What caught me by surprise, is all the squeaks and squeaking noises from my hooves I continued into the room. I certainly had never expected this part of the event. Maybe I could have forgotten all about that blue balloon I had slipped into all that late the other night, if it is a new day.

“Welcome to Ponyville!” Luna exclaimed.

“Thanks, I guess. I just never planned, or expected to be here, with you or any other Pony!” I responded with a silly face.

“Yes, I know. Yet, a certain friend of mine, and my older sister; Princess Celestia felt an urge to have you over here tonight. I can never foresee her, but Pinkie Pie just wanted you over!” she responded.

“This is just so very new to me. Not just to be in the balloon and the strange sounds it made me spread all over the place, but to be a Pony among other Ponies as well. If this is a dream, I guess it does follow dream logic?” I suggested bravely.

“Hiya, Anna. Welcome to the party. Sorry, you are not dreaming, and neither am I” the pink mare exclaimed as she entered the room.

“Hiya. Are you by chance Pinkie Pie?” I responded.

“That would be me. The one and only. The pinkest mare in all of Equestria. On the other rubbery hoof, I just love throwing parties, see you smile and hear you laugh. It’s my job as the element of laughter!” she concluded.

“Okay, then we have that established, at least. Not I just need to figure out where I am and how I ended up here. Unless I am still in my bed, soundly asleep, having an insane dream?” I responded.

“If you had known me, I guess you wouldn’t have been shocked, if you saw me swallow a large cake? Yet, what does it prove? Have a Muffin or Cup-Cake?” she merely offered.

“A Muffin could be delicious. I rarely have any, but that isn’t because I don’t like them!” I responded.

“Here you go, take your pick!” Luna offered as the two treys floated through the air towards me, from their respective spots on the table in the other end of the room.

On one of the trays, I found a full compliment of Muffins, on the other just as many Cup-Cakes. They apparently knew their pastries.

“They are all made for eating, and I personally baked them myself!” Pinkie Pie pointed out firmly, but with an increasing ring of giggles towards the end.

“Then I had better try one. I don’t want to offend you, or anything!” I pointed out.

“Hmm, Blueberry, Blackberry, Apple, Cinnamon and Surprise. They all look very delicious, from what I can say. I think I will go with Blackberry!” I pondered as I looked over all the Muffins presented to me.

“A fine choice. You could eat the entire lot, for all I care. I sure could. On the other hoof, I could swallow an entire cake without batting an eye. So long as you enjoy them, I want to see you eat every last one of them!” she pointed out.

“You know that I can be over and pick you up every night, if you want to. You need only wear the balloon, to let me know!” Luna pointed out.

“That does sound promising to me. I just hope I don’t wear it out, if I wear it too often!” I pondered.

“No way, Anna. That balloon will never wear out, due to wear and tear. To the contrary, it only wears out, from neglect and lack of interest!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

“That is curious, but very useful, Pinkie Pie. Mind if I try another Muffin?” I responded, emphatically chewing on the first of many Muffins.

“I like curious, almost as much as I like silly and ridiculous. Please, I insist. Have as many as you like, and then one more. Just to make sure you had the great time and enjoyed yourself!” Pinkie Pie pointed out with a very silly grin all over her face.

“You just have to get used to her. She is a riot and a stampede, but who doesn’t want to be at the center of her attention, when she gets herself worked up!” Luna interjected.

For a moment, I just stood there, speechless. Looking at the pink mare before me, the curls of her hair slowly tightening up, while the smile spread out further and further. As if a grin could actually envelop her entire head and shroud the space around her? Only that had to be impossible.

Then I take a tentative step forwards, approaching the tray once more. The now familiar squeak came instantly, just as I guess I had been expecting all along. Yet, I feel as if I was nude, not that this would have bothered either of the two Ponies before me. Both Pinkie Pie and Princess Luna are still just as nude as they had always been. At least to the best of my knowledge. I never saw Pinkie Pie at the Gala at the castle.

Looking closer, she has three balloons on each flank, two blue and a yellow one. Luna still had the moon on the dark cloud, or whatever that was.

Had I looked closer at my very own flanks, I would have noticed the thin to translucent outline of a Pony, but with the opening where one is supposed to exhale into said balloon under my belly. Only the mark is faint, but now it would be the same yellow as the single balloon on Pinkie Pie’s flank.

“Since you insist, Pinkie Pie, I guess I will have another Muffin. if you baked them, I guess you are free to give them to any Pony you like, at any time, for any reason, or no reason what-so-ever?” I pondered in a question, looking at Pinkie Pie as I pronounced the words.

“You know, Anna. One should never make a Mare insist, right?” Luna teased in clear amusement.

“Good point, Luna. Even though we technically are all Mares, right?” I suggested, picking up a Cinnamon Muffin.

“That is a good point, Anna. You sure did get her there. Luna, you still are correct in your observation!” Pinkie Pie emphasised.

Luna made a silly looking face, momentarily giggling at the point. Her original point had still been right and correct, nonetheless.

“These Muffins are delicious!” I interjected in absolute honesty.

“I wouldn’t make them any other way. A bad Muffin doesn’t elicit a smile, but a good one just may, you know.!” Pinkie Pie added.

“Since you made them, Pinkie Pie. I think I need one of these Cupcakes!” Luna declared, smiling as she pulled the pastry off of the tray, never bothering pulling the white paper up with her.

“Okeley dokeley. I know I have more than enough for all the three of us. Even knowing my appetite for pastries and cakes!” Pinkie Pie pointed out with a sly grin.

“One only needs to see your appetite once, in order to know what you could swallow, Pinkie Pie. On the other hoof, I can only assume you make good use of all the energy, with your hyper nature!” Luna teased in jest.

“Here, have another Pastry, Luna. Oh, but you too, Anna!” Pinkie Pie reacted, with a giggle and widening her grin as the mane curled up on her head.

“Why, thanks, Pinkie Pie. Now I wouldn’t need a breakfast, when I get back home. Assuming I do get back home. I guess I could get used to these Muffins!” I pointed out.

“Don’t worry, Anna. I will take you home in time for Dawn. Do you suggest you may like to come back, I will love to help you back any day, or rather night. I am after all the Princess of the night, which is how I came over to you in the first place!” Luna pointed out.

“Right now, my biggest worry is to choose where to go, I think. Yet, right now the next Muffin is my greatest concern!” I pondered, looking at the plate of Muffins.

Apparently I had enjoyed more of them, and more than I had dared to expect. It isn’t a measure of time. I don’t even know if or how fast the time is actually moving here. Looking out, the sun is still on the sky, roughly where it was the last few times I was looking out through the window.

“Oh, the sun. That is the responsibility of my older sister Celestia. This gave me a very bad case of jealousy, back when I was young!” Luna confessed.

“One doesn’t ask a Mare about her age, from what I heard. I commonly live by it. Yet, I think I dare say that you still look just as young as the rest of us!” I pointed out.

“You rule the Night, just as wisely as Celestia rules the day, Luna. It is just on a different plane for us to get the wiser of it. We need you just as much as we need Celestia during the day!” Pinkie Pie explained, just as much for my benefit as to acknowledge her Princess.

“I guess you do have a point there, Pinkie Pie. If only I had known and understood this back in the day, when it could have helped me the most. This is how I escorted you over here, Anna. I can visit any Pony in their sleep. The balloon you wear now made it easier to find you, where you lay sleeping in your bed!” Luna pointed out.

“Oh, that is what the message meant?” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, it came from me. That isn’t a regular balloon, made out of the common rubber. We actually do harvest the sap of these trees here in Ponyville too, you know!” Pinkie Pie put forth.

“Does the balloon come from you, Pinkie Pie? How? Could you explain this further? Regular balloons are made out of rubber, harvested from certain trees, where I live too. I guess that makes sense. They are commonly used for parties for little kids, where I live!” I pondered.

“If that isn’t too much to ask of you, Pinkie Pie, could you demonstrate how you pull that off?” I inquired, just as I swallowed the last of the Apple and Cinnamon swirl Muffin.

“Okeley dokeley lokeley. That is actually easy peasy. You have seen the three balloons making up my Cutie Mark?” she responded, pulling a blue balloon right off of her flank, before blowing it up to about two feet in diameter.

“Now as you mentioned, I guess I did see the balloons. I just had no idea what they were for, or that they actually had any significance. So it is a Cutie Mark, Pinkie Pie?” I responded, making a silly, surprised look in insecurity.

“Oh, but wait? You did have a daughter. I bet she will love to have a balloon, just like this one!” Pinkie Pie offered, in a generous gesture.

“Yeah, I guess she would love a balloon like yours, Pinkie Pie. Does that mean she can come over too, if she likes?” I inquired.

“Since you put it like that, Anna. Yes, it would make it possible for her to come over as well. She just needs to wear the balloon, when she goes to bed, and she can come over any time she likes!” Luna explained.

“Thanks, Pinkie Pie and Luna!” I said.

“You are quite welcome, Anna. On the other hoof, maybe you could have a box worth of my Muffins with you too, Anna?” Pinkie Pie responded, giggling at the second meaning of what she just said as it hit her, once she had pointed it out.

“If you have box full of Pasties, Pinkie Pie, you are free to give them away as you please!” Luna put forth.

“Just a moment!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed as she bounced out in her signature gait, coming back with a humongous box with Muffins in it.

“I think it is about time I escort you back to your bed, Anna!” Luna pointed out, picking up the box for me, then leading me to the door back to my room.

“Since you promised me that I can get back. Oh well. I will see you both soon enough!” I responded, following Luna to the door.

Just as I passed the door, I turned back into my old Human form.

“Thanks for everything, Luna!” I stated as I placed the box under my bed, before I climbed into the bed.

“You are quite welcome!” Luna pointed out, walking back to the door she came through, just a moment before.

“I am looking forwards to see you soon, Anna. Buy for now!” she put forth as she closed the door behind herself.

As I closed my eyes, I fell asleep and the door was once again gone. The door was, where it had come from.

The sun came up, several minutes after I had gotten back to bed.

As I woke up, I noticed the sun shining in through the window, teasing my eyes where I lay. I turned around, several times before I finally changed my mind, deciding on going up. What shocked me, is just how full my belly felt. Maybe I had actually had all these Muffins. They were delicious, as I recall.

Now I fold the quilt up to the side, up against the wall. Then I slide my feet off of the bed and onto the floor, before rising to my feet. This is when I realised that I still do wear the balloon. Strange, I had not felt it was there. During the night I had forgotten I was wearing it.

I gasped as I realised the impossible looking feat. How could a balloon actually fit me? Not only had I managed to slip into the balloon, it covered me, rather than encompass me, thus holding me in a tight grip. I could move freely, as if it had been the skin I had been born with.

From what I could recall, I had been promised that the balloon would not wear out or burst. I am free to use it as I please and wear it any time, every night, if it was how I liked it. With that, I could easily take it off, without fear of ruining or losing it. Aside from that, I would have a box of Muffins under my bed.

I bend over and went down on my knees, only to see if the box actually was where I recall I had left it the other day. To my surprise, the box actually had stayed where I left it. Once I had pulled it out, it is still filled to the brim with delicious looking and scented Muffins. I carefully placed it on my bed, after I had folded the quilt back in order.

Sitting down on my bed, I lift my hands to my neck, slowly pulling the balloon down, feeling it slip down, just as easily as it had allowed me to slip into it. Almost as if it did what I told it, just because I wanted it to. As if it had been acting on my will, just the way my hands do.

Naturally, the blue rubber that made up the balloon slide down along my body, thus revealing my skin as it was the day before. Only with a few exceptions. The first change I could see is the slight hint to a blue tint to my nibbles. They also feel more elastic, in a rubbery manner. To my surprise, they had also grown more sensitive and excitable.

The next thing I noticed is my hands, they look the same, until I see the palms of my hands, they apparently have the same effect as my nibbles, at least on the visible range. Then I noticed that my nails had turned into the same blue as the balloon. The appear to be just as resilient as the balloon as well, whatever that would mean.

After that, I could see my orchid, now a solid rubber, stiff, yet insanely elastic. If I had touched it, I would have found it sensitive and excitable, just the way my nibbles had changed. I ignored it, excited enough by merely see the effect, and what the nibbles put me through as I touched them, a mere moment earlier.

The final change I found is my feet. They are looking perfectly adorable, for a pair of girlish feet. Perfectly formed blue nails. The sole of the feet just as sensitive as the palms of my hands, with a perfect grip of the floor, if and when I go barefoot.

I rise to my feet, before I go to the bed-stand and pick up my panties where I left them the other day, stepping into them in the same customary manner I had always done as far back as I could remember. Then I pick up the top and pull it down over my head, giving it a tentative tug to see it in place. Now I pick up the skirt, stepping into it. Feeling it slide into place, covering my hips and all the way down to my knees. I leave my socks where they lay, feeling an unaccustomed pride in the looks and feel of my feet, enjoying the feel of the floor, as I walk around.

I picked up the box, before I walk to the door, pulling it open and walk out into the hall, closing the door behind me. Then I knock the door of my daughter’s bed room.

“Breakfast is served!” I exclaim.

“Already?” she blurted out.

“Yes, but just wait until you have a bite!” I responded as I bounce down the stairs.

“Muffins!” she exclaimed uncharacteristically excited as she saw the plate on the table.

“Exactly!” I responded.

“But you did not bake these, right? Still, I know they weren’t from the local bakery either!” she inquired.

“A friend baked them for us. She also wished you to have this!” I pointed out, offering her the blue balloon from Pinkie Pie.

“Thanks, Mom. If only I could thank the girl for the balloon. Did you paint your nails this morning, or last night?” she responded, as she noticed my now metallic electric blue nails.