Sonata Goes To Gym Class

by TheNewYorkBrony

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Sonata participates in gym class, with interesting results.

After becoming mortal, the Dazzlings give up their evil ways and decide to lead normal lives. Which includes going to school like regular, normal girls. Sonata's first class on her first day is gym, and much to the humane five and Sunset's surprise, she's good at it. Too good at it.

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Don't Question It

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"Where's Sonata?" Dash asked as their gym teacher Spitfire lead them into another stretching pose.

"She probably got lost on her way here," Fluttershy worried. "Oh dear, I hope she's alright!"

Applejack rolled her eyes. "She's fine. Sunset showed her and the other two around the school again this mornin'. I'm sure she knows exactly how to get here."

"Are you really sure? Because that girl is like a blue haired Pinkie." Dash told her, bending down to touch her toes.

"She may not be the brightest, but Sonata isn't completely stupid," Sunset replied, walking over to them. "She's in the locker room changing."

"See? Ah told ya'll everything's gonna be-" Applejack cut herself off with a whistle.

Confused, the others turned to look where she was looking and froze. Sonata was wearing a gym uniform that was clearly a little small for her as it showed off her midriff. The shorts accentuated her long legs and the tight shirt clung around her ample breasts making them hard not to notice.

"Oh my," Fluttershy blushed.

"Is anyone else feeling....slightly inadequate?" Rarity asked, pulling at the collar of her own gym shirt, her face displaying her discomfort.

"Sonata! Over here!" Pinkie called to her, waving her arms wildly, unaware of the awkward atmosphere.

"Hi guys!" Sonata chirped, running over to them. She hopped excitedly from one foot to the other, making her boobs bounce.

Dash, transfixed, licked her lips.

Applejack smacked her in the back of her head.

"Ow! It's not my fault! They're right there in front of me!" She grumbled defensively, rubbing the back of her head.

"What's right in front of you?" Sonata asked, tilting her head in curiousity.

"Tits-" Rainbow quickly shook her head as the others smacked their foreheads. "It's nothing," She corrected herself. "So, uh, how does it feel to be a normal girl?"

Sonata shrugged. "Eh, it's weird. But it's not so bad I suppose. I eat regular food now and I still can't sing. But enough about that, when does the fun start?!"

Spitfire blew her whistle, signaling that stretching exercises was over.

Sunset grinned. "Right about now."

The girls formed their own little group trying their best to explain to Sonata what they do in this particular class after Spitfire announced that they'd be playing basketball and then going out onto the track outside.

"Anything where Fluttershy gets hit in the head either ends with ball or has to do with a ball," Dash told the former Siren. "So if she comes in looking more nervous than she usually is, that's because we're playing one of those sports."

"Dash, AJ, Pinkie and I are the fastest girls around," Sunset bragged. "No one in our class can match our speed records."

"Rarity doesn't play at all," Fluttershy said.

"Yeah that's because she's always whinin' about her feet hurting or something and afraid she's gonna break a dumb nail. That's why she does the required walk around the track and then sits in the bleachers textin' for the rest of the period."

Rarity flipped her hair, offended. "Hmph! Well excuse me for not wanting to smell like sweat for the remainder of the day! Unlike you four, I like smelling like a lady!" She put a hand on her hip. "A lady never sweats."

Dash gave her an incredulous look. "Everyone sweats. I don't see what the big deal is."

"Yeah Rarebear! Sometimes sweating will do you a little good!" Pinkie told her, pulling at the sweat band around her forehead.

Rarity made a disgusted sound. "Uck. I'll pass." She then went to sit on the bleachers, exactly like Applejack said she would.

Sonata jumped up and down as Dash got a hold of a basketball. "Oh! Oh! What are we doing right now?"

"Well we're doing drills, so I pass the ball to you, you pass it back to me. It goes on like that until Teach blows the whistle again." Rainbow explained, tossing the ball to the blue haired girl.

Sonata caught it and passed it back to her. "This is fun!" She giggled, catching it again.

They went back and forth again until Spitfire said it was time for freethrows. This was Dash's favorite activity. No one in the class could make as many shots as her in one go.

"Okay so basically all you need to do is shoot the ball in the hoop." She told Sonata, handing her back the ball. "Now, don't feel bad if you don't get it on the first try. Not many people-"


"Like that?" Sonata asked, going to retrieve the ball after it fell under the net of the hoop.

"Yeah." Rainbow nodded. "But lucky shot. I bet you can't do it aga-"


"I did it again! Did you see that Rainbow Dash?! It went in!" Sonata clapped her hands excitedly.

By now a crowd of other students, (mostly male) gathered around to watch. Dash grit her teeth as Sonata made shot after shot. Her record was twenty shots in a row. Even if Sonata was on a roll, it was only beginners luck. There was no way she could possibly-

"Wow! The new girl just beat Dash's record!" Someone in the crowd shouted out.

Dash stomped over to Sonata and snatched the ball from her. "Give me that!" She dribbled it a few times and tossed it at the hoop. It bounced off the rim and came flying back at her, hitting her in the mouth and busting her lip in the process. "Fuck!" She cursed as her lip started to bleed.

"Oh my goodness! Are you okay?" Sonata asked, bending down to assist her. "Do you need to go to Nurse RedHeart's office?"

Dash shook her head. "No, no it's fine. I'm good," she responded, her ears burning bright red with embarrassment as she walked over to Applejack, Fluttershy, Sunset and Pinkie who, by the looks on their faces, had seen the entire thing.

"You know, they always say that a big ego will get you a big head. But I don't think they said anything about a swollen lip." Sunset said smugly, folding her arms.

"Haha, very funny," Dash replied dryly, sucking on her lip to stop the bleeding. "Seriously though, what the heck is up with her? She barely knew what to do before I told her anything and now she's practically going for the Guinness Book of World Records!" She jabbed a finger in the direction of where she came from where more cheers erupted no doubt because of Sonata.

"Ah wouldn't think about it too hard. Maybe you're just that good of a teacher. Student surpasses the master an' all that." Applejack assured her with a smile.

That seemed to inflate Rainbow's ego again. "Yeah, you're right. I am a awesome teacher after all."

"Do you think this perfection comes from her being a Siren?" Fluttershy asked, pushing a strand of hair out of her face.

Sunset shook her head. "Couldn't be. She's not a Siren anymore, remember?"

"Yeah but that doesn't explain the freakishly cute yet severely unnerving knack for sports. And things that have to do with balls!" Pinkie giggled.

Spitfire blew her whistle amd pointed to the door, indicating that it was time to run the track.

Sunset smirked. "C'mon girls. If there's one thing she can't beat us at, its running."

The spring breeze whipped around them as they all leaned against the fence in front of the bleachers. Spitfire was making everyone run a lap around the track while she timed them with her stop watch.

Since Pinkie, Sunset, AJ, and Dash had the fastest times, they didn't feel the need to prove themselves once again. They all ranged from 4-5 minutes no more, no less. Fluttershy sat with them because she gets a panic attack when she runs and Rarity sat with them because there was no way she was going to get herself drenched in sweat.

"Sonata has good hand eye coordination, but let's see her out run us," Dash said, folding her arms behind her head.

"Don't get too cocky," Applejack said. "'Specially when Pinkie an' Sunset got a faster time than you."

Dash folded her arms. "Yeah, whatever." She responded defiantly.

Sonata stood at the beginning of the track, stretching and attracting the attention of a few male students. She seemed to be oblivious to this fact, and happily awaited the signal to run.

Spitfire blew her whistle and Sonata shot off like a rocket, clearing almost half the track in two minutes. The other girls stared in awe as she ran the rest of the way and and gasped when she completed the lap twenty seconds ahead of Pinkie's record.

Everyone's mouth gaped as Sonata beamed excitedly.

"That's....that's a school record! No one has ever run that fast!" Spitfire said, taking off her glasses.

"My life is ruined!" Dash wailed dramatically.

The other girls ran over to her, all wearing faces of shock. "Okay, how the heck did you do that?!" Sunset asked, shaking her by the shoulders.

"I'm a fast swimmer. Fast swimmer, fast runner." Sonata shurgged.

"But how does that explain the basketball thing?!" Applejack asked.

Sonata shrugged again. "Who knows. Maybe I just have a knack for it." She walked off the track and back into the building as the bell ending the period rang.

Rarity shook her head in disbelief following after her. "I suppose the same rule that applies to Pinkie Pie applies to Sonata."

Dash groaned, walking beside her, ego in shambles. "And that would be?"

"Don't question it."