Please don't forget me

by Solstice87

First published

Sonata and Aria cope with Adagio's receding memory after the battle with the Rainbooms.

Every once in a while, a siren can slowly lose her memory after her source of power is destroyed. This curse only happens once in a million years, and unfortunately it has struck the leader of the Dazzlings, Adagio Dazzle. There is only one way this can be reversed- the one who cares for the siren the most will have to keep their memory alive for one day. Seems easy. But for Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk, it might as well be impossible.

Off day

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"Good Morning!" Sonata shouted cheerfully as Adagio walked in. It was a few months after the defeat of the dazzlings, and the sisters had gotten their life back on track. Mostly.

"Sonataaaaa... will you STOP IT with the good mornings already. It's never a good day on this day. Right, Adagio?", Aria muttered.

"Ah... yes..." Adagio groped for the right words. Something had gone missing from her memory, but she didn't know how to phrase the question without seeming stupid. "Um... I hope you don't mind me asking.. but... what day IS it?"

Sonata's jaw dropped open. You could practically hear the comical thunk sound. She lifted her jaw back into it's normal position, and asked, "Adagio! Did you fall out of bed? You hate this day! It's monday!"

Aria seemed to be considering something else. "Adagio... when have you ever, ever used polite words?"She pondered. To be honest, Adagio didn't exactly know either. She was troubled by this particular fact, but she was determined not to let it show. She laughed, and you could hear the tension rushing out of the room.

"I was kidding! You should have seen the look on your faces!" Adagio bluffed.

Sonata beamed and pounced on her, saying, "Yeah you totally got me! Now come on, eat breakfast! We've got to go to work soon!"
A few minutes later, Adagio was being pushed out the door by an energetic Sonata. Aria still had two hours until her part-time shift at McDiscord's. After that, she would head to hay mart, the pet store. As Sonata waved good-bye, a dark layer descended over Aria's eyes as she pondered what her sister had meant. Adagio was lying when she said she was kidding. Anybody except Sonata could see that. Aria's gaze grew darker as she remembered a bedtime story their mother had told them when they were little.

"Mom, tell us a story!" a jubilant Sonata cried. Little Aria rolled her big beautiful eyes next to her. Sonata demanded a story every night.

"Well.. once upon a time, a young siren lived, travelling across the sea to equestria.." the mother started. "Once the young siren arrived, she carried out her duties of sowing chaos, just as a good siren must do. But the angry ponies realized that the source of the problem was the beautiful siren, who sang enchanting songs to them. The ponies, fueled by their anger, gathered weapons and set out to defeat the siren."

"Oh no!" Sonata gasped in her sweet soprano voice.

"Yes," sighed the mother. " Unfortunately, soon the siren was defeated, along with her source of power. A curse follows all sirens, although it rarely latches onto them. This curse makes them forget everything they have heard or seen, until they are a lifeless, forgotten heap. The curse latched on to this particular siren, and soon she had forgotten all she had learned. However, the one pony that loved her decided to find the cure. He engaged her for one full day, teaching her new lessons of hope, love, and to enjoy the world. Towards the end of the day, the pony asked her if she remembered anything of that day. The siren looked at him, surprised, and said that, yes, she did remember. The pony was ecstatic, and a bright golden light enveloped the siren. After the light had dimmed, the siren remembered everything she had learned, and the lessons she had learned that day. One year later, the siren and pony were married."

Sonata gasped."ooh! ooh! was that you and daddy?" The mother smiled.

"Yes, sweetie, that was. I hope this curse never latches to any of you."

Aria blinked, the memory fading into just that- a memory. She wondered, since their pendants were gone, and since Adagio seemed a little forgetful, that the curse had latched onto Adagio. She only hoped this was not the case. She would have to keep a close eye on her. Aria glanced over the the clock.

"Dang it!" She yelled, "I'll be late for my shift!"


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Isn't it funny..., Aria thought, that one can die inside so quickly?as she looked down at Adagio struggling to remember what had happened the day before.

It was a full week after Adagio had had her first incident with forgetting things. Since then, she had forgotten Sonata and Aria's names(multiple times), had walked into work on the wrong day and took up the wrong position, and even had forgotten the battle with the Rainbooms; she then had proceeded into Canterlot high and was rejected for the evil things she had done. Adagio couldn't remember any of this- therefore, Aria had let Sonata in on her suspicions about what was happening to Adagio.

"So you think the curse had latched onto her!?" Sonata proclaimed.

"Quiet!" Aria hissed as she covered Sonata's mouth with her hand. "We don't want to let Adagio find out."

"Well.... umm... why not?" Sonata quipped, quieter this time. "Wouldn't she just forget it all over again?"

"I guess so.." Aria grudgingly admitted. "But if we tell her, she'll freak out, and might destroy a few things before she forgets."

"hmm... so what are we going to do?" Sonata asked.

Aria growled. Sonata was under the impression that things would get better if they just said a few magic words, and POOF, everything would be better. As she thought this, Aria sighed. There was no getting around the fact that Sonata would help Adagio. They were sisters, after all.

"Okay.. Okay.... we need someone who has dealt with us before, AND who can keep Adagio entertained for a whole day. That's what mom told us."
"Well, why don't we try first?" Sonata said with innocent eyes.

"I suppose we could, but I'll go first. I don't want anything unnecessary happening."

"So did it work?" Sonata asked as soon as Aria walked into the house.
"I hope so. I dropped her off at work after we went to the aquarium, so now it's up to her boss to keep her busy." Aria sighed. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

Almost gone

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A month after the original incident

"Dagi...Dagi.. Dagi! Wake up!....please...."Sonata stuttered to a halt as she watched Adagio lay on the couch, not moving. For the past few weeks, Sonata and Aria had tried to keep Adagio entertained and engaged for 24 hours in a row.

Nothing had worked so far.

Rainboom concert? Nope. Work? Not even close. School? Anything that could be categorized as fun? Zilch.

Adagio turned over on the couch, and stared up at sonata. "Who are you?" she muttered sleepily.

Sonata gasped, tears filling up her eyes. From her position in the doorway to the kitchen, Aria's eyes opened a fraction of an inch wider than normal.

"Dagi... I'm your sister. I- I'm Sonata Dusk..... I- I- " Sonata burst into tears, screaming, "I'M YOUR SISTER! CALL ME STUPID, CALL ME AN IMBECILE, CALL ME ANYTHING THAT WOULD LET ME KNOW YOU ARE STILL YOU!"

"Sorry. Can't help you there. I don't know who your sister is, but I hope you find her. Good luck," Adagio said with a sneer. "Oh, yeah, and what are you doing in my house? Get out before I call the police."

Aria sadly looked at Adagio, then turned to Sonata. "Let's go, Sonata. She obviously wants to be alone."

Sonata looked at her sister with disbelief. "You're giving up on her?" She spit out, "Well. You might be so quick to give up on her, but I won't. I love you, Dagi!" She said, turning to Adagio. "Come on! You can't forget so easily, can you?" Sonata flung herself onto Adagio and held tight." I won't stand for it!

"Get off me!" Adagio sneered, throwing Sonata off her. Sonata stood up slowly and looked at Adagio, who had no pity in her eyes.

Sonata fell to the floor sobbing. Aria walked over to her, helped her stand, and walked her out of the room, throwing one last death glare to Adagio as she walked out of the room with Sonata in tow.

"And good riddance." Adagio hmmphed, then lay back down on the couch to continue sleeping.

The Rainboom's Practice Room

Sonata and Aria burst through the doors of the Rainboom's practice room, panting and dirty from the tomatoes that students had thrown.
The Rainbooms stopped playing and stared at the invaders with expressions of contempt.

"What in the hay are y'all doin' here?" Applejack said with a death glare.

"Yeah!" Rainbow Dash agreed. "We're doing something here! Aren't you all defeated? Crawl back to the little hole you came from." She sneered.

"Please..." Sonata gasped. "Just listen to us for a second. Our sister is dying. We need to keep her occupied for a day, but nothing has worked so far. She.. She even... forgot..."

"That's enough Sonata. I'll take it from here." Aria stepped up. "No matter what you might believe, we actually care about each other. So you better help us, because we don't want to see our sister dead and gone. As the winners of the war, you guys have an obligation to help us."

"She technically is right, darlings," Rarity said, looking around the room. "I am the best at history here-"

"All ya do is memorize outfits fram that era," Applejack grumbled.

"AHEM. Anyway. Most of the winners of wars help rebuild the loser's country, or take it over for themselves. So. We'll help you on one condition, darlings."

"Rarity!" Rainbow yelled.

Aria took a deep breath. "And that is?"

"How is this supposed to help Adagio?" Fluttershy asked.

"With six of you, it should be easy for everyone to pass her off and keep her occupied. So the order is: Sonata, Rarity, Fluttershy, Sunset, Pinkie, Applejack, Rainbow, and then for the finale, me." Aria answered She looked through the window at Adagio eating lunch. "Should be easy. I hope."

Sonata gulped. "Okay... I guess it's my turn...."

Sonata walked into the house with everyone not far behind.