A Great and Powerful Legacy

by JaydexTheShadowKnight

First published

Trixie learns an amazing secret about her ancestry and meets up with an old friend.

Trixie's life has been filled with sorrow and heartache. Her trip to Ponyville was no exception. Now after the attack of the Ursa Minor, Trixie finds her life has hit a new low. After sifting through the remains of her wagon, she wanders off nearly broke and dejected. That is until she receives a helping hoof from an unexpected pony.

A week later, Twilight Sparkle discovers a yearbook from her time at "Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns". She tells Spike the sad tale of a friendship between her and Trixie from when they were both younger. The discussion leads Twilight to Canterlot, where she hopes Princess Celestia can help her find Trixie. But when the two unicorns meet up, can they put the past behind them and revive their friendship or will they remain bitter rivals? And what secret about Trixie's ancestry does Princess Celestia finally intend on revealing to her?

This story was partially inspired by the events from "The Not So Great And Somewhat Powerful" a touching story by xxGamer101xx. I also wrote this story because Trixie is one of my favorite ponies. I can't help feeling for her plight, and have been sad that there have been no additional episodes with this inspiring unicorn in them.

A Great and Powerful Legacy

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“A Great and Powerful Legacy”

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The blue unicorn continued galloping away from Ponyville. Once Trixie felt she was a safe enough distance from town, she came to rest by a small grove of trees. There, the tired mare lay down to rest. Thanks to Snips and Snails her wagon and home had been destroyed. Nevertheless Trixie remained positive that maybe some of her possessions might have survived. Sadly the unicorn knew she would have to wait till the commotion died down before she could go back and examine the ruins of her home.

The pony let out a depressed sigh. Of all the unicorns she had hoped to never run into again, why did it have to be Twilight Sparkle? The events of the night were no different than her past dealings with Twilight. It seemed almost puzzling that they were once friends. Trixie began to feel like her life had hit a whole new low. The last time she felt so down in the dumps, was the time she was a little filly and became separated from her parents during the Summer Sun Celebration in Canterlot. Despite her fondest hopes, Trixie’s performances never did help her find her parents. Even to this day the unicorn missed them terribly. It was all she could do each day to put on her act and wow the crowds of whichever town she happened through.

She felt like crying, but for some reason the tears just wouldn’t come. Perhaps it was due to the anger she still felt in her heart. Her pride and ego had taken a hefty blow following Twilight’s skillful removal of the Ursa Minor. That and Trixie eagerly wanted to go back and search the wreckage of her wagon. She never had many possessions, but what little the mare owned she wanted.

A few hours passed and the unicorn decided it should be safe enough to venture back to Ponyville. Cautiously she made her way back. She darted her eyes about making sure that no pony was around. Once Trixie had determined the coast was clear, she made her way to the wagon debris. The unicorn swallowed hard as she gazed upon the wreckage of her livelihood. She took a deep breath. Then the pony began pawing through the remains of her beloved cart. It may not have seemed like much to someponies, but to her it was everything. The wagon was her home, stage and held all of her belongings. Trixie poked through the broken boards and managed to find a few items. Slowly she drug her hat and cape from the debris. Thankfully they were both still in decent shape. Using her magic she put them on and smiled. Though it was a fleeting joy. The only other item she could find was a coin pouch. Amazingly it had gone un-pilfered. It was fortunate for the unicorn that Ponyville had an extremely low crime rate. Most of the time the ponies just went about their business. The only true crimes were the prices vendors would occasionally charge for their wares in the marketplace.

Trixie opened the coin pouch and counted the contents. It was all there, but sadly it was hardly enough for her to live on. Normally she was quite frugal with the bits she would earn during a performance. However things had been going slowly for her. The bigger cities, like Manehatten, had little interest in her talents. Only the smaller towns like Ponyville or Hoofington would find her show of interest.

She let out another sigh. For now Trixie decided to hold onto what little currency she had. The unicorn secured the pouch around her waist with a string she found in the wreckage of her cart. The pony closed her eyes and hung her head. Her home and the rest of her possessions were gone. She also kept in mind that she wasn’t welcomed in Ponyville. Trixie feared lingering to long, so she just decided to leave.

The unicorn’s path took her far from Ponyville along a solitary dirt road. There were little signs of civilization along it. Trixie looked overhead and noticed the moon was already at its zenith. The hour was growing late. There was a growl in her stomach and a wave of fatigue slowly rolled through her body. She could always find a nearby town. There were enough bits in her pouch for a night’s stay at an inn and a good meal. Though afterward she would be broke and have nothing left to live off of. Again Trixie decided to hold onto her money.

Her course led her by a small creek and a large thicket of trees. She trotted over to the water’s edge. There she looked into the water. She saw her reflection staring back at her. Even with her hat and cape on…Trixie didn’t feel great and powerful anymore. Her horn lit up as she removed her attire. Then she dropped beside the water. The unicorn again stared at her reflection. Reaching out her left hoof she lightly ran it across the water. A ripple trailed out and distorted her reflection. “I’m… I’m Still the “Great and Powerful Trixie” … aren’t I?” She asked herself aloud sighing heavily. This time the tears finally began to mount. Slowly the first tear ran from her eye along her face. She sniffled as more tears began falling from her eyes. Trixie buried her head against her hooves and cried. She felt so powerless.

Then a rush of wind seemed to kick up from out of nowhere. Trixie lifted her head and began looking around. As quickly as it began, it faded away. It was replaced by the light sound of hooves clacking on the dirt. The blue unicorn looked over her shoulder and saw a bluish purple pony approach. At first she had no clue who this pony could be. As she grew closer, Trixie noticed a horn on the approaching mare’s head and more amazingly wings neatly tuck away at her sides. There was an unmistakable crescent moon and three stars cutie mark on the pony’s flank. Trixie quickly realized she was in the presence of a majestic alicorn.

“Hello there,” said the alicorn looking at Trixie with her teal eyes full of concern. “Are you okay?”

“Who are you?” Trixie asked. She felt as though she should know this pony, but alas her identity escaped her.

She smiled at the unicorn and raised a hoof elegantly. “I am Princess Luna, the pony of the night,” she replied brushing a stray lock of her soft blue mane out of her face. “And who might you be?”

Trixie sniffed back a few tears and wiped her eyes. “My name is Trixie,” the blue unicorn replied.

“Well I am glad to meet you Trixie. Oh, but you seem so sad. Please tell me, what is the matter? As one of my subjects, if you are in trouble, I will be more than happy to help you,” replied Luna still smiling. Trixie didn’t know what to say. Instead she ran up to Luna and placed her hooves around her. She buried her head on Luna’s shoulder and cried. The alicorn placed a hoof along Trixie’s back. The princess patted the troubled pony’s back. “There, there Trixie. Now please tell me, what is wrong?”

The unicorn pulled back and cleared the tears form her eyes. Looking at Luna she replied, “My home was destroyed and I have very little money. And I…I don’t know what to do.” Trixie lowered her head in a dejected manner. She also felt quite embarrassed. In the past she nearly always knew what to do.

Luna promptly placed a hoof on the unicorn’s chin. She coaxed Trixie to lift her head allowing her purple eyes to gaze upon the princess. “Then come with me to Canterlot Castle. You can stay in one of our guestrooms for the time being,” said the alicorn.

“Really princess?” Trixie asked perking up and smiling. Luna nodded. “Oh thank you!” The unicorn gave Luna a big hug. The princess then had Trixie climb on her back after recovering her hat and cape. She flew them back to the castle. There the alicorn escorted the unicorn to a guestroom for the night.

For the first time in a long while, Trixie felt happy. She enjoyed a light meal and then lay down on a comfy bed in her temporary room. Princess Luna was the first pony who seemed genuinely concerned about her in quite some time. Before long the troubled unicorn relaxed and drifted off to sleep.


There was quite a bit of noise coming from the main room of the tree library. Spike came out of the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about. There he saw Twilight Sparkle seated on the floor. His pony friend was surrounded by nearly a dozen boxes. The little dragon scratched his head. “Twilight, what are you doing?” He asked.

Twilight looked over at him smiling happily. “Oh hi Spike! These are just some of my belongs,” she replied. The unicorn set down the books she had floating overhead. She stood and lightly trotted over to join Spike.

“So where did all these items come from? You didn’t have this much stuff when we first got here,” the dragon noted scratching his head again.

She smiled at him again. “Oh, well since Princess Celestia extended our stay here indefinitely, I asked that she send some more of my belongings. Naturally I sent her an itemized checklist of what I wanted sent. She had her servants pack my things and they just arrived this morning,” Twilight explained pointing at the boxes.

“And I gather most of these boxes are full of books then?” He questioned knowing his friend all too well.

The lavender unicorn blushed slightly. “Yeah well, there are some items that aren’t books,” she admitted.

Spike crossed his arms and gave her a strong stare. “And let me guess the other items are quills, ink and more parchment for creating more checklists, right?”

She shook her head and replied, “No, there are also some collectibles.” Twilight went over to a particular box marked “Toys”. She used her magic to open it and removed a plush doll. “This isn’t a book. You remember my Smarty Pants doll don’t you?” Twilight asked leering at Spike.

The dragon rolled his eyes. “Remember? How could I forget? You used to always want me to help her do her homework,” he remarked. “Only you would find doing homework with a doll “fun”.”

The mare giggled at Spike’s predictable reply. Then her attention was stolen by a book sticking out of the boxes beside her collection of toys. Her purple eyes studied it carefully. Twilight’s horn lit up with a purple light. The same light surrounded the blue hardcover book. “Oh my gosh Spike do you know what this is?” She asked him.

He shook his head. Though it did look somewhat familiar. Spike didn’t hate reading. He just wasn’t nearly as passionate about books as Twilight was. Though this thin hardback publication seemed like something he’d seen before. “What is it Twilight?”

“This is my yearbook from back when I attended “Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns”,” Twilight replied. Slowly she opened the cover and began flipping through the pages. Spike walked over and joined her in glancing through the school yearbook. The unicorn ceased flipping the pages when she arrived at the end of the class photos.

The dragon’s eyes lit up as he pointed to a familiar pony. “Oh my gosh Twilight! Look, it’s you! Wow!” He looked at Twilight and then at her old school picture. “You were still so young back then,” he marveled.

She smiled thoughtfully at him and chuckled. Then her eyes moved to the picture before hers. Twilight gasped as she recognized the unicorn beside her and the name listed under it. “Spike! Look at this!” She gasped pointing a hoof at the pony pictured to her left.

The dragon took a good look at the unicorn. His eyes widened. It was a blue unicorn with purple eyes and a pale cornflower blue mane. Then he checked the name marked below the picture. It said, “Trixie”. Spike blinked profusely at Twilight. “No way!” He exclaimed. “Is that the same pony that came to town last week and tried showing everypony up?” He inquired incredulously.

Twilight nodded. “Yes Spike, it is. I thought she was the same Trixie, but she changed. I guess Trixie no longer remembers me either,” she explained.

Spike looked at his friend feeling quite puzzled. “Wait, what?”

“Maybe I should tell you the whole story Spike,” Twilight remarked.

The purple dragon brushed back his spikes taking into account the events surrounding the night Trixie came to Ponyville. His face lit up as he stared at Twilight. “Wait a second. There was more than one reason you didn’t want to show off your magic in front of Trixie wasn’t there!” Declared Spike.

Twilight hung her head and sighed. “Yes Spike,” she replied. The lavender unicorn lifted her head up and thought back to her time at the school. Finally she continued, “It goes back to when I first met Trixie. She arrived at the school a few weeks after I got my cutie mark and started there. Princess Celestia introduced me to her personally. In the beginning we were good friends.”

Spike stood there hanging on Twilight’s every word. He had little memory of those events, because he had only recently hatched back then. Twilight paused and appeared to be continuing to recollect. The dragon was eager to hear more of her story. “So what happened that ended your friendship?” He asked.

The unicorn walked over to the opened yearbook. Softly she touched her right hoof to Trixie’s picture. There she saw words scribbled above the blue unicorn’s picture. It read: I’ve enjoyed being friends with you Twilight! Someday I’m going to be Great and Powerful, even better than you! - Trixie

Twilight had to wipe her eyes. There must has been something in the air causing them to tear up. She closed her eyes and said, “It’s my fault our friendship ended. In the beginning we were the best of friends. We did everything together. But as the years went on…my powers kept exceeding her own. Soon she grew jealous of me. I always did my best to stay modest and helpful to her, but it didn’t help. Somehow my kindness only made her grow more bitter,” Twilight explained stopping to wipe her eyes again.

Spike walked over to her. “Twilight? Are you okay?” He froze as he looked at her face. Tears were now streaming down both her cheeks. Softly he placed his hands around her. “Awww Twilight, what’s wrong?”

She sniffed as more tears feel from her eyes. Spike began to grow more concerned. Just what happened back then that had her so upset? “Why Spike? Why didn’t I try harder to help her?” Cried Twilight. “Maybe things wouldn’t have ended the way they did. Instead I let myself get carried away by the praise I received from my teachers, and of course from the princess. Why was I so insensitive?”

Spike patted her back and did his best to console her. “It’s not your fault Twilight. You were still so young back then. It’s only natural to get a swelled head when people shower you with approval,” he noted.

The lavender unicorn wiped her eyes. Spike offered her a tissue. She blew her nose and cleared her throat. “Thank you Spike. I’m sorry. It’s just I forgot how sad it was when my friendship with Trixie ended. Do you know she had already lost her parents back then?”

Spike shook his head as he dried her eyes with another tissue. “No I didn’t.”

“I’ll never forget the one Hearth’s Warming Day,” Twilight remarked with a sniffle. “I had just received my presents from home along with a letter and photo from them. I was laughing at something Shining Armor had done. Trixie asked me what I was laughing at. Then she saw the picture of my family.”

“Ouch, so what happened next?” Spike asked tossing the used tissues in a nearby wastebasket.

“You should have seen the look in her eyes Spike. She was so sad. Trixie then let slip that she didn’t have a family. It was all I could do to share one of my gifts with her. There were no presents for her. And that was only then,” Twilight explained.

“But that was so kind of you. I don’t get it. Just what was the straw that broke the camel’s back?” Spike asked.

Twilight sighed heavily. “It was shortly after this yearbook was released. There was a summer talent competition in Canterlot. Trixie and I were to do a magic show together. But by the time graduation had arrived, my powers were so far beyond hers, she felt there was nothing she could add to our performance. Then came the night of the talent show. Trixie never showed up. I later learned she dropped out of the competition. Though I never found out why. I could only conclude it had to do with my skills being better than hers,” Twilight said. “I never saw Trixie again after that. That was until she arrived in Ponyville last week.”

Spike looked at her curiously. “I’m confused Twilight. Why are you beating yourself up about this? It sounds like Trixie made most of these choices on her own. You can hardly hold yourself responsible,” The dragon remarked.

“Maybe, but that fact doesn’t make me feel any better,” answered Twilight. The unicorn looked at the yearbook then started pacing across the floor. The little dragon watched her wondering what she was thinking now. She came to an abrupt halt and threw a hoof up into the air. “I’ve got it!” She shouted.

“What?!” Gasped Spike.

“Spike I need you to send a letter to the princess. I’m going to Canterlot!” Announced Twilight.

He looked at her peculiarly. “Why would you need to go there?” Spike asked.

“It’s simple Spike. If anyone can help me find out where Trixie is, Princess Celestia would be just the pony!” She answered enthusiastically.

He scratched his head. Spike still couldn’t fathom why this whole matter involving Trixie seemed so important to Twilight. After the events of that night, he wondered why anyone would want to help such a stuck up unicorn. “I don’t know Twilight. This just doesn’t seem to make much sense. Why are you suddenly so interested in finding Trixie? I thought everypony was glad when she left.”

“That’s just it Spike,” replied Twilight. “Don’t you see. This is just the kind of situation Princess Celestia sent me to Ponyville for.”

Spike gave her a dubious stare and said, “You’re kidding? You’re kidding, right?”

The unicorn shook her head several times. “No Spike! It all goes back to why the princess sent me here in the first place. Don’t you remember? She wanted me to make some friends! Friendship is very important. I never realized that before we came to Ponyville. But even someone like Trixie should have friends,” Twilight explained. She walked back to the book and looked at the picture of the blue unicorn. “She and I were friends once. Maybe we could be friends again. Even if it’s a long shot Spike, I have to try!” An expression of strong determination appeared across the unicorn’s face.

“You’re serious then…aren’t you Twilight,” said the dragon reaching for a quill and piece of parchment.

“I am. Now take down this letter,” she replied.

“Okay, shoot,” he uttered.

“Dear Princess Celestia, I need your help in locating a unicorn named Trixie. She recently paid Ponyville a visit, but things didn’t go so well. I’d like your assistance finding her…so I can help share the magic of friendship with her. Please send a chariot as soon as possible. Sincerely, Your Faithful Student, Twilight Sparkle,” dictated Twilight.

“Twi-light, Spar-kle, got it!” Announced Spike cheerfully. He rolled up the letter placed a band around it and used his fire breath to send the letter on its way. “All set Twilight.”

“Thank you Spike, you are such a good friend and assistant,” complimented the unicorn.

He smiled at his pony friend. Then looking at her seriously, he asked, “So you really think you can make-up with Trixie?”

Twilight shook her head lightly. “I’m not sure Spike, but I remembered something Fluttershy told me once. She said, “Sometimes we all just need to be shown a little kindness.” And she’s right.”

“That’s true, but still I…ummph,” choked Spike. He doubled over and let loose a fiery green belch. A floating roll of parchment appeared covered by a royal Canterlot seal.

Twilight grinned with glee. “Oh good a letter from the princess!”

The dragon removed the seal and unrolled it. He cleared his throat and read, “To My Faithful Student Twilight, I am happy to hear you want to share the magic of friendship with another pony. A chariot should be arriving for you shortly. I look forward to seeing you in Canterlot. I’ll do my best to help you locate Trixie! Sincerely, Princess Celestia.”

Moments later they heard the sound of what could only be the arrival of the chariot outside. The two friends heard the royal pegasai pulling the chariot whinny. “Wow that was fast,” remarked Twilight.

“Yeah. Well you’d better get going,” said Spike.

“Aren’t you going with me?” Asked Twilight.

“Nah, this is your mission, not mine. I’ll stay here and keep an eye on the Library,” he answered.

“Okay,” responded Twilight sounding somewhat disappointed. She grabbed her saddlebag and used her magic to secure it. Then the unicorn closed the yearbook and placed it within her bag. “I’ll be back.” Spike waved farewell to her as she left the library. Outside her ride awaited. She climbed aboard the chariot. The two ponies unfurled their wings and took to the air. Twilight was on her way to Canterlot.


The chariot came to rest just outside the royal castle. Twilight thanked the pegasai for the ride. Then she made her way inside bound for the throne room. A royal guard escorted her to the princess. He knew Twilight was a revered guest, so he took his leave of them and reassumed his post at the main door.

Princess Celestia smiled at her faithful student. “Welcome Twilight. I trust your flight was pleasant?”

“It was fine your highness,” said Twilight politely.

The alicorn rose and descended the small staircase before the throne. She stood by Twilight. “Now tell me more about this Trixie you want me to help you find,” said the princess.

Twilight’s horn illuminated. She opened her saddlebag and removed the book she was carrying. The unicorn opened it to the page with Trixie’s picture. “This is the unicorn I need you to help me find. She and I attended your school several years ago,” explained Twilight.

Princess Celestia studied the pony in the picture carefully. Her face perked up. “Oh I remember that unicorn very well. I witnessed an impressive fireworks display she created with her magic. It was the same day she earned her cutie mark. She had such potential,” remarked the princess.

“Yeah. I remember you introduced us,” Twilight added.

“That’s right,” added Celestia. Though the kind ruler hung her head and sighed. “But Trixie was such a sad unicorn. Before I met her, when she was just a little filly…she and her parents were attending the Summer Sun Celebration in Canterlot. She became separated from them. I remember meeting a unicorn couple searching for their daughter. They told me they had spent countless days looking for her. In fact they told me if I ever saw her to let her know they would never stop looking for her.”

“What happened to them then? Trixie mentioned not having a family back when we were at the school, but she seemed to think they were out there somewhere,” Inquired Twilight.

Celestia cast down her head and sighed. “It’s a very sad story Twilight. Her parents never did stop looking for her, but sadly they began to lose hope. One day they were out searching for Trixie and their journey took them past the mountains. The two were caught in a rockslide. Word reached me that they were in Canterlot General Hospital. I went to pay them a visit. Sadly they did not survive their injuries. Even at death’s door, their thoughts still dwelled upon the wellbeing of their daughter. They asked me to watch over her, if I should ever find her. That’s why…” Celestia had to stop herself. The princess felt her composure begin to slip. She couldn’t let her demeanor change.

“Why…you ended up finding her and brought her to the school,” replied a saddened Twilight. The princess didn’t speak but merely nodded. Celestia had turned her head and covered face with her right hoof. Her faithful student looked closely and could see tears rolling down her mentor’s cheeks. This only added to the unicorn’s sorrow. Soon she too had tears trailing down her face. She rushed over and hugged the princess.

Celestia felt the caring hoofs of Twilight rest around her. She turned to look at her student, tears continued running from her eyes. The alicorn hugged her student. “I’m sorry Twilight. I didn’t mean to lose my composure,” she apologized.

Twilight shook her head. “No it’s not your fault. Ever since I realized the Trixie that visited Ponyville the other day was indeed the Trixie I knew…my heart has been heavy ever since. I never wanted her to go away. You have to believe me,” cried Twilight.

Celestia smiled warmly at the lavender unicorn. She wiped the tears from her magenta eyes. “You make me so proud Twilight. Not too long ago you wouldn’t have cared this much about losing a friend. You’ve grown so much in such a short time.”

“Thank you princess. But now you know why I have to find her,” declared Twilight still drying her eyes. The alicorn nodded solemnly. Then something dawned on the lavender unicorn. “Princess, did you ever tell Trixie what happened to her parents?”

Celestia shook her head. “No. I’m embarrassed to admit I never have. There just didn’t seem to be a way to break it to her. Especially not after it happened. She was still so impressionable. That’s why I couldn’t bear to tell her,” explained the princess.

Then a voice called back, “Until now!” Both the princess and Twilight looked back across the room. There standing in the doorway was Trixie. She was standing beside Princess Luna. Tears fell from the blue unicorn’s purple eyes. “I never knew,” whimpered Trixie.

Twilight turned back and hesitantly reached out a hoof toward the crying pony. She wanted to run to her but was afraid. Trixie turned to run, but then Twilight cried out, “Trixie wait! Please don’t run away! Not again…”

The blue unicorn turned back, tears stained her cheeks. As Trixie gazed out at Twilight, she could see the lavender unicorn’s eyes glistening. Her mouth fell open when she saw tears fall from her rival’s eyes. “Twilight,” muttered Trixie feeling somewhat confused. While she still felt envious of Twilight, there was still a part of her that detested ending their friendship. Trixie’s life had been so riddled with pain, she never felt safe opening herself up to other ponies. That’s why she always put on such a strong façade.

Twilight couldn’t restrain herself. Fear or not she galloped over to Trixie. The blue unicorn went to run, but was lightly tackled by a wailing Twilight. The lavender unicorn placed her hooves around her neck and cried, “I’m so sorry Trixie! Please forgive me!”

Trixie felt her lower lip quiver. Tears welled up in her eyes and began trailing once more down her face. She sighed in between sobs and said, “No Twilight. It’s you who must forgive me! I’m sorry I walked out like I did.” The two looked at each other’s tear stained faces and bawled filling the throne room with sorrowful cries. Trixie did her best to regain her composure. Still crying she spoke, “I should have trusted you and known you were sincere.”

“No, I should have been more sensitive and understood the pain you were going through,” cried Twilight.

Princess Celestia had walked over and stood before them. Her sister, Princess Luna, joined the elder alicorn. They let the two unicorns cry and say their peace to each other. Luna looked at her sister and smiled. The two sisters shared a tender hug. Then resumed quietly watching Twilight and Trixie.

“Look at that Luna. They must have been holding back those tears for a long time,” remarked Celestia.

Her younger sister nodded. “Yes. They might not have even been aware they were holding onto such sorrow,” added Luna.

The elder sister leaned over and said, “So how did you two just happen to enter the throne room while I was speaking with Twilight?”

“After you told me about Twilight’s letter and how she was searching for Trixie, I remembered finding her the other day. So I figured I’d bring her here and find out if she was the unicorn you were searching for,” answered Luna.

“You’ve done well little sister! While they may be crying now…I don’t think they could be happier,” declared Celestia.

The two unicorns cried for several minutes more before finally stopping. They dried their eyes and once again looked at each other. “Trixie…can you ever forgive me?” asked Twilight.

The blue unicorn smiled. “Only if you can forgive me,” said Trixie with a sniffle.

She smiled and placed a hoof on Trixie’s shoulder. “Of course I can…I forgive you Trixie.”

Trixie placed a hoof on Twilight’s shoulder. “Thank you Twilight. I forgive you too!”

“Does that mean you want to be friends again?” Twilight asked giving her a sincerely hopeful look.

Trixie smiled and said, “Of course.”

“And don’t worry. You never need to feel inferior to me. For I know you have a truly amazing power within you! Maybe you just need a really good friend to help bring it out?” Suggested Twilight.

Princess Celestia walked over to them. “Well said Twilight,” spoke the princess.

“Princess Celestia!” Gasped Trixie. She bowed before the pearl white alicorn.

The princess placed a hoof on her chin and urged her to rise. The unicorn stood and looked at Celestia in awe. The alicorn smiled at Trixie. “Trixie I’m sorry I never told you about your parents before today. I see now that I should have told you sooner,” confessed Celestia.

Trixie shook her head. “You are the princess. As such you made your decision as you saw fit,” she replied.

“I wouldn’t let me off the hook that easily,” said the princess turning away from them.

“No, you’re wrong. I think I finally understand the old saying about forgiveness. It truly is divine…plus it feels quite redeeming,” remarked Trixie uttering words full of sincerity.

The princess smiled as she turned back to look at them. Twilight smiled as well. “Trixie is right princess! When you learn to forgive someone, even if it’s not always easy and takes a long time…when you do it takes quite a load off the mind,” declared the lavender unicorn.

“And you both feel the same way?” Asked Celestia. The two nodded. “Well then it seems you both have learned a very important lesson about friendship as well.”

Trixie glanced at Twilight and smiled. Then she turned to look at the princess. “You know something. We did learn something special about friendship.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that. Oh and now that you know what happened to your parents. There is something I’ve been holding onto for you. I think it’s time it was given to you now,” said Celestia. She walked over to her throne. They laying on the arm was a single black and white photo. The princess lifted it up with her magic and brought it over to the blue unicorn.

“This is something for me?” Asked Trixie. Celestia gave the photograph to her.

“Yes. After Twilight told me she was looking for you, I remembered I had this in my possession. It’s a picture of your great great great grandfather,” replied the princess.

Trixie took the picture and studied it carefully. Her eyes widened. “I didn’t even know I had a great great great grandfather. But I know of the unicorn in this picture. He couldn’t possibly be my relative,” she explained.

The princess shook her head. “Oh that’s where you’re wrong Trixie. You may not know it, but you are a direct descendent of Starswirl the Bearded! The unicorn in that photo is Starswirl. He was your great great great grandfather!” Revealed Celestia.

Trixie’s mouth hung open full of disbelief. She couldn’t fathom that she was really related to such a famous unicorn. “I’m his direct descendant?” Gasped Trixie. “But how?”

The princess smiled and fluffed her wings. She walked by the confused unicorn. “I’ll tell you something my little pony. Alicorns aren’t the only ponies gifted with long life. Unicorns, especially magically talented ones, also lead long lives. Starswirl was the oldest. He lived to be nearly 1,100 years old!” Trixie’s eyes widened when she heard the age. Celestia giggled softly.

“I can hardly believe it,” said the blue unicorn. “Did you know this when you put me in the school for gifted unicorns?”

“I did. But that’s not why I enrolled you. Being a descendant didn’t necessarily mean you were gifted with such extraordinary powers. No, once I saw your impressive magical fireworks display, I knew then you had the same potential,” explained Celestia.

“But if I’m related to Starswirl, then why haven’t I mastered newer and greater spells?” Inquired a confused Trixie.

The white alicorn sighed. “I suspect it has to do with your rough childhood. You’re parents were unable to be there for you during the major events of your life. And you never really knew true friendship, because you were afraid of letting other ponies get close to you. But I suspect now that you and Twilight have made amends, you just might reach that shining star,” remarked the princess smiling grandly.

Trixie lit up with joy and gasped. “Do you think I might become the Great and Powerful Trixie for real?!” She gasped.

“Who knows,” said Celestia. “But I’ll make you a proposal. Why don’t you stay here in Canterlot as my guest? You can then continue your magic training. Oh and I have one other task for you.”

Trixie gazed at the princess with true eyes and replied, “Name it.”

“Like Twilight, I want you to make some friends and share the joy and magic of friendship!” Declared Celestia.

Twilight walked up to Trixie and hugged her. “You’ve already got one friend right here!”

“Thank you Twilight,” replied Trixie.

“And don’t forget me,” call out Princess Luna. The bluish purple alicorn trotted over to her new friend and lightly nuzzled her cheek.

“You really mean it princess?” Asked Trixie daring to hope.

Luna smiled and winked at her. “Of course,” she replied with a caring giggle.

Trixie used her magic and placed her hat on Luna’s head. The two nuzzled again. Soon a joyous laughter filled the throne room of Canterlot Castle. Tears of joy formed in the blue unicorn’s eyes. It seemed like a dream come true. One she hadn’t even dared to dream. She felt a hoof lightly tap her on the shoulder. It was Twilight Sparkle. She smiled at Trixie and said, “Good luck with your magic studies!”

Trixie smiled. “Thank you Twilight. Make sure you come and visit me!” She exclaimed.

“Of course. We can work on our magic training together. Oh and you must come back to Ponyville sometime. I’ll tell me friends all about what happened here today. I’m sure they’ll give you a second chance,” expressed Twilight grinning with glee.

“I’d like that said,” Trixie.

“Me too,” said Twilight, “Me too!” The two unicorns stood there with the two princess ponies sharing the happiness of the moment. The future indeed looked bright for Trixie.


A few months had passed since Trixie began her new studies in Canterlot. Things were going well for the unicorn. Her friend Twilight Sparkle would send her weekly letters to catch up with her and she even paid her a few visits.

In order to return the favor, Trixie decided it was time she visited Ponyville. However she did so reluctantly. She wasn’t sure how Twilight’s friends would react to her returning.

The friendship express pulled into the station. The blue unicorn disembarked. Unlike her first visit to Ponyville, Trixie wasn’t wearing her hat or cape. She didn’t want to come off too flashy this time. She hoped a simpler look would be more appropriate. That and she had almost forgotten how lovely a color her fur was anyway. It certainly didn’t need to be hidden under that cape.

Twilight Sparkle was standing on the platform waiting for her friend. When she saw Trixie she waved a hoof at her. “Hi Trixie!” She called.

The unicorn smiled and waved back. She trotted over to her friend and smiled. “Hi Twilight.”

“I’m glad you could make it.”

“Well to be honest I almost didn’t. I just hope I can make peace with your friends,” stated Trixie.

“Oh don’t worry. I’m sure you will,” replied a chipper Twilight.

“I wish I had your optimism.”

“Come on. They said they’d meet us by my place,” explained the lavender unicorn. The two left the station and started down the streets of Ponyville. After a short walk they arrived at the tree library.

The unicorns came to a stop. Trixie looked up at the tree and noticed a handmade banner hanging from the top branches. It read: Welcome Trixie! Her mouth hung open for a minute. Was this for real? Was she really welcome in Ponyville?

Twilight tapped her on the shoulder and pointed. There stood her five pony friends and Spike the little dragon. They rushed over to the two unicorns. Twilight smiled happily as she greeted her friends. “Hello everypony! We’re here!”

“Good to see ya there sugar cube!” Replied Applejack. She looked beside Twilight and saw Trixie. At first she hesitated, then she walked over and shook Trixie’s hoof. “Welcome to Ponyville Trixie! It’s sure as sugar good to have ya here. Specially now that Twilight clued us all in.”

Trixie looked at the orange earth pony curiously then she looked over at Twilight. The lavender unicorn smiled. “I told you I would explain everything to them,” remarked her friend with a wink.

Trixie looked at the other ponies and asked, “You’re not still angry with me?”

Applejack shook her head. “Naw. Twilight done told us what happened and where ya all were comin’ from. Shoot I think we all may have jumped the gun a little there,” said the earth pony.

Trixie blinked and said, “Jumped the gun?”

Rainbow Dash butted in and remarked, “What AJ means Trixie, is that we may have jumped to conclusions about you. We were judging you based on your actions – rather than getting to know the real you.”

The blue unicorn’s ears drooped and her lower lip quivered a bit. “Then you all forgive me?” She asked dubiously.

Rarity walked up to her and smiled. “Why of course we do. I think we all just got off on the wrong hoof. Besides Twilight said you really didn’t mean to do or say all of those nasty things. She told us you got caught up in being the best and may have gotten a little carried away,” remarked the lovely white unicorn.

Trixie looked around at all of them. She dropped to the ground and threw her hooves up into the air. “It’s true! I don’t know what I was thinking! I’m sorry! I only hope you can forgive me,” cried Trixie as tears began forming in her eyes.

Fluttershy softly trotted over to the crying unicorn. She helped her back to her hooves and smiled. “We already have forgiven you. Now come on there’s no need to cry. Everything is okay now,” said the yellow pegasus wiping a tear from Trixie’s cheek.

“I hardly know what to say…no wait,” said Trixie wiping the lingering tears from her eyes. “I do know…thank you!”

“Well you are welcome!” Exclaimed Pinkie Pie bouncing over to her. “And hold your thanks! We’ve all got a little surprise for you!”

“Huh, a surprise…for me?” Asked Trixie.

Twilight patted her back softly. “That’s right. I almost forgot. It’s right over here,” said her friend.

The ponies all pointed at a large object covered by a big white cloth tarp. Spike began playing an intro on a small set of drums. “Go ahead Trixie, do the honors of uncovering this here surprise,” said Applejack handing her the rope tied around it.

She smiled and took the rope using her magic. “You didn’t have to get me anything,” she said.

“Nonsense,” replied Rarity. “This is just a little something we wanted to give you to say we’re sorry we misjudged you.”

Trixie’s smile grew. She could hardly believe they were apologizing to her. Especially after everything she had done to them. She slowly yanked on the rope untying it. The tarp fell away from the object revealing it. Trixie’s mouth fell open in awe. It was her wagon – fully repaired! “How?!” she gasped.

Twilight walked up to her and smiled. “There were some photos of it in the paper and Ponyville has some excellent carpenters and wagon builders. We explained what happened and before we knew it everypony decided to chip in a few bits.”

Tears of joy formed in Trixie’s eyes. She was so happy. “Thank you all for this wonderful gift. But “thank you” hardly seems appropriate,” she said sniffing back her tears.

Fluttershy smiled at her and said, “The smile on your face is more than thanks enough. Besides, sometimes we..."

“…All need to be shown a little kindness,” said Trixie smiling at the yellow pegasus.

Fluttershy giggled and laughed with Trixie. “That’s right,” added Fluttershy.

Trixie opened up her wagon and saw it formed a perfect stage just like before. She stood upon it and smiled at her friends. “How about I do a little magic show for you as thanks for all of your kindness!” They all cheered and gave Trixie a big group hug. After which she went on to entertain them with her truly entertaining feats of magic.

Spike walked over to Twilight and smiled. It seemed she had been more than successful in making up with Trixie. “Wow Twilight, you did it! Friendship truly is magic!” Declared Spike.

“Yes Spike, it is indeed!” Expressed Twilight as the group continued watching Trixie's little magic show.