Twilight Sparkle: Sex Magician

by malletmann

First published

Your girlfriend, Twilight Sparkle, decides to spice up your sex life

Princess Twilight Sparkle. The Princess of Magic, owner of a brand new crystal castle, most intelligent, compassionate and beautiful mare in Equestria, and your girlfriend.

Also, she's great in bed.

The two of you have had great times together, but it seems she's been feeling a little... experimental. And her mastery of magic gives the two of you... options most ponies don't have.

Tags: Anthro, 2nd Person. Too many tags to list here, so look at the chapter names.

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Meatpole Dancing (Male Expansion)

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"Wow, that was a good dinner," you say, as you walk down the glittery halls of Harmony Castle. The sound of your hoofsteps echo along with another, slightly lighter pair.

"Oh, there's no question," Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Magic and Harmony and the lady of this castle, says as she walks beside you. "Apple Streusel is one of the best gourmet chefs in central Equestria. Hiring him was a no-brainer, once we got him convinced to come."

"Sure, that must've taken some work," you say, jokingly.

"Surprisingly, it was. Make no mistake, he was flattered by the invitation to work for royalty. But he was very happy with his previous job. It took Applejack to convince him that this was the right career move for him." She turns, and smiles at you, that soft beam that always melts your heart. "Thank you for convincing me to hire staff for this place. It doesn't seem so... empty anymore." She takes your hand, and squeezes it.

"It's not a... you're welcome," you say, tripping over your words. Twilight has a way of doing that to you. "I know you've had... reservations about this whole... 'royalty' business, and that some of these changes have seemed abrupt. Especially after... the tree house."

When the two of you had first moved into the castle, Twilight was more than a little reluctant to hire servants to maintain the place. "I'm just a normal mare!" she had said. "I don't need ponies around me all day, bowing and scraping, and catering to my every whim." You'd pointed out to her that it was physically impossible for the two of you plus Spike to keep up such a large structure. It took one whole, exhausting month for her to relent.

You tug at the collar of your tuxedo. Wearing the thing to every meal was taking some getting used to, but that's the price of dating royalty, and Twilight's worth every sacrifice you've given. The mare herself is looking as stunning as ever in the evening gown Lady Rarity designed for her. The Knights of Harmony, as Twilight's closest friends are now called, have had their own changes to get used to. Rarity's probably taking to it the best, though Rainbow Dash had a custom set of crystal armor and a sword commissioned.

Twilight seems to notice this. "Let's get you out of those clothes then, shall we?" she says in a sultry manner you'd never thought you'd hear from her, and gazes at you with half-lidded eyes. You immediately feel your pants tighten. "Your room, or mine?"

"You've got the nicest bed in the house," you say back, trying to sound sexy. You don't know if you succeed, but judging by the way Twilight's looking at you, she doesn't care. The two of you head for the royal bedchambers and lock the door.

"I'll be just a moment," Twilight says, and steps behind a privacy partition. You're sure she's changing into one of those sets of lingerie that drive you wild. As you remove your own clothes, she says, "You know... I've been thinking..." She sounds a little hesitant. "We've been together for some time, and have... slept together for a while now. And I've found a great deal of enjoyment from it, not saying I haven't, but..."

Based on her nervousness, you deduce her meaning. "You want to experiment?" As you think about that, several ideas run through your head, some more appealing to you at this moment than others. "What were you thinking?"

"Well, we haven't involved magic much in our sex. I mean, aside from the hornjobs you've given me, which by the way, you're very good at." You can hear the blush in her voice. "And well, there have been times that, while studying up on a new spell, I couldn't help but think of some... carnal uses for them."

As an earth pony, the thought of combining magic and sex has not really occurred to you, but knowing your marefriend's proficiency in both, the thought is... very arousing. You strip down to your boxers, and say, "Well, that sounds... interesting. As long as we take it slow, I guess."

"Quite right," Twi says, finishing up. "Tonight, I will keep it very simple. A single spell." She steps out, wearing possibly your favorite piece; a silk camisole and panties with stockings, and a mesh thing around her horn that Rarity designed. The entire set has a purple color scheme that accentuates and highlights her body. Her tail swishes erotically behind her, and her wings flare out in the classic pegasus show of interest, the infamous "wing-boner." You are the only pony whose ever seen her with one; it would be most undignified on a princess.

"Lie down," she orders, and you comply. Perhaps not surprisingly, she tends to be the dominant one in the bedroom, speaking with the charismatic authority that earned her the respect of many. You can't help but be inspired to be eager to please her when she speaks in that voice.

She crawls up over you on the bed, her wingspan shadowing you like a lavender canopy. She runs a finger down your chest, over your abdomen, gently caressing you, and then hooks your waistband and pulls off your boxers. Your cock and balls are now full in view.

"Now, for tonight," she says, gently caressing your shaft, "I am going to use a growth spell on this."

"You're going to... make my dong expand?" you ask, blinking.

She nods. "Indeed, that is, if you want." She looks puzzled, then an expression of dawning realization and concern covers her face. "Oh no, I didn't mean to imply... that is, I just thought- Look, I'm not saying it isn't big enough as it is, I really think you're.... I've gone and killed it, haven't I?"

You shake your head. "Not entirely. I'm not that insecure, I know you didn't mean anything by it. Besides, the other night, I think you made pretty clear that this," you point to your erection, "was more than adequate."

She blushes. "Yeah, you do know how to satisfy when you want to..." she whispers, then regains her confidence. "Well, now that that embarrassment is handled, shall we get on with it?"

"By all means, fire away," you say, reclining. You are a little excited, but not very nervous. You trust Twilight implicitly.

The alicorn dips her head, staring at your shaft, and a lavender aura encases her horn. A beam of swirling purple light descends, and envelopes your shaft. Your breath catches. "Twilight... that feels... good..." You hiss, and your back arches as your cock is subjected to your marefriend's careful magical ministrations.

As you watch, your girth begins to grow, slowly becoming longer and wider. Your face breaks into a grin as you realize that the larger your shaft grows, the more pleasure you can feel from it. Twilight is currently in a deep state of concentration, sweat running down her brow.

Suddenly, her horn fizzles, and you feel a spike of electricity jolt from your cock, up your spine, causing your eyes to snap shut. "Oops," Twilight says, and you slowly open your eyes, now very worried.

You gawk at what lies between your legs. Your shaft is now... at least six feet tall, and a foot wide, poking through the canopy of the bed. "I guess... I got a little distracted," Twilight says sheepishly.

"No kidding..." you say as you look at your new monster schlong. "I can't move with this thing. I'm a freaking tree. Tell me you can reverse this."

"Of course I can," she says, but still stares at your member. "But, I think that I can... yes... do you mind if I play with it?" She licks her lips.

You nod, but aren't entirely sure what her plan is. She levitates you onto the floor, on a rug near a magical fireplace. Then, she walks over to your girth, and begins running her hands over it. "It's like a tree. A big, veiny, throbbing, hot tree..." She begins rubbing her body against it, purring. You find yourself panting as she sashays around it, hugging it close to her. She begins kissing it, sending shivers up your spine.

With a flick of her fingers, she drops her camisole. Her breasts are not quite the largest you've ever seen, but they're certainly big enough, with exactly the right mix of perkiness, bounce, and softness. You could squeeze them, tweak them, suck them, motorboat them, or boob-fuck them all day long. Of course, right now, you're stuck to just looking at them, but they're pretty enough.

She begins sliding her headlights up and down over the side of your shlong, her erect nips pushing into your thin, sensitive skin. "Oh, baby, you're so hot," she says breathily, "this is the best decision I've ever made..." You are in no position to argue.

She drops her panties, and wraps one leg around your shaft. You can feel the wet lips of her snatch rub up against you, finding one particularly large and throbbing vein. You wonder if you'll get her off with just your pulse alone; based on the way she's panting, moaning, and grinding her marehood into your vein it is an entire possibility.

Twilight then looks at you. "Enjoying this as much as I am?" she asks, and you nod emphatically. She then wraps her other leg around you, and starts climbing. You are thankful this room has a large vaulted ceiling. She eventually gets to your head, which by now is oozing with precum. She wraps both legs around the base of your head, finds a good vein to fix her marehood to, and starts licking at the tip.

She looks down at you. "Do you think you would like it if I... kissed your urethral meatus?"

You look up at her, puzzled. "My what?" You hate it when she uses scientific terms in the middle of sex; on more than one occasion, it's derailed the whole thing and put her into lecture mode. And at this stage, she could get hurt if you were to suddenly lose your excitement.

"You know, your, erm, hole."

"Oh. Right, um, go ahead and try. Just don't go too deep."

Twilight begins kissing your shaft's exit. She alternates between moaning and making slurping sounds, while her hands vigorously run over your head, and her crotch grinds into your vein. You feel her tail swishing rapidly over you. You groan repeatedly at this attention, grateful to the heavens for giving you a marefriend like Twilight.

You can hear Twi's moans getting higher in pitch, and her hips are moving faster and more erratically. She's approaching her climax, you realize to your relief. Pressure's been building at the base of your shaft for a while now, and you didn't want to finish before her.

That is no longer a worry.

"Honey, I'm cumming!!!~" Twilight moans, and you feel warm, sticky juices flow out of her. She grips tightly to your monster shaft, and slides down it, letting go with her arms and leaning her torso back. You can feel her round, perky buttcheeks rubbing against the skin of your monster dong.

Something crosses your mind, too late. Far too late.

"Twilight, when I cum I'm gonna uuurrrggh!!!~" And thus you erupt like a volcano.

Water splashes as you wring out the last of the mop. You look around to make sure the last of your jizz has been mopped off the floor. "I'm sorry again about the mess," you say.

Twilight hovers just below the ceiling with a sponge of her own. "It's alright. Like you always say, sex is messy. Besides, I should've realized it would happen myself." She gets that cute, academical look on her face. "Note to self: Magically increasing the size of genitalia leads to proportionally increased size of emission."

You chuckle. "Yeah, before we do this again, let's make sure we don't end up spending our afterglow cleaning up the mess."

She giggles, then lands in front of you, smiling. "It was fun, though," she says, and kisses you.

Milkmare (Breast expansion, lactation)

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You watch from the corner of the throne room as Princess Twilight and the Knights of Harmony conclude the day's business. Nothing too world-shaking, much to your delight (though Rainbow Dash's boredom). You find yourself grateful that you aren't dating her, if only because her need to constantly put herself in harm's way would grey your mane in record time.

This isn't the first time you've thought about the knights in such a manner. You aren't exactly proud of it, and you would never act on it, but the knights are all lovely mares, in their own ways. But none quite do it for you. Applejack is a fellow earth pony, the most dependable and constant soul you've ever known, and with buns that won't quit. But you suspect being with her would involve long days of hard labor, somehow. And you doubt you could get in as much... intimacy, with her family living in the same roof.

Rarity is a generous mare, make no mistake, and has a justified reputation as being the town's looker. But she's... too high maintenance. Fluttershy is pretty, and would probably make a good significant other if she didn't faint the first time you asked her out... but you aren't that much of an animal person. And Pinkie... well, she's Pinkie.

You shove all those thoughts aside, berating yourself. No, there's only one mare for you. Unless she decides to get really experimental...

Twilight calls it a day, and the knights take their leave of her, giving you polite farewells as they do. To be honest, you aren't paying an incredible amount of attention, because something else has caught your eye. Specifically, your marefriend's breasts, and how this particular dress of hers serves to highlight every desirable aspect in them.

Oh Twilight's titties, how I love thee. Shall I count the ways? Soft, large, round, smooth, supple, pert, perky, pillowy... Yeah, you are not a master poet.

"Can I help you?" Twi's voice breaks you out of your daydream, and you realize you've probably been staring at her chest this whole time. She looks more bemused than anything, which you figure is a good sign.

"Well, I was thinking. Last week you got a big piece of me, and seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. Well, seeing you do your princess routine, ordering ponies about, got me horny, and I think it's time I got some super-sized action."

Several of the servants snicker; it isn't for nothing you've earned the honorary title of "the Royal Consort" amongst the castle staff. A rather tame moniker, considering what they could call you. Twilight blushes, and claps her hands. "Alright, everypony out. Except for you," she says, and the servants file out. Violet magic closes and seals the door to the throne room, leaving the two of you alone. She glares at you in mock-crossness. "I have my dignity to uphold," she says in that cute, pouty manner of hers.

"Yeah, yeah," you snark, "so, what I was thinking is...." you whisper your idea into her ear, and she blushes in that cute way of hers.

"Well, that's certainly doable," she says, "and I think... I think I might enjoy it. You certainly know how to make the girls feel good. But on one condition." She plops right down on her throne. "We do it right here."

You sit on her lap, straddling her legs. "Going on a power trip, eh, Most Beneficent One?" She gets so annoyed when you call her that.

"Silence, peasant," she says, in a faux old-Canterlot accent. "You are commanded by your princess to tend to the Great and Ever-expanding Royal Lactose Reservoirs!" Her wings fan out behind her, giving her an aura that could be regal if it weren't so evocative.

With that, she casts her spell on her breasts. It has no immediate effect; just like you wanted it. Smiling, you unlace the front of her bodice, and gently ease it down. Twi's bare breasts are now in full view, a slight glow to them hinting at their current enchanted state, and calling on you to start fondling them.

You reach forth eagerly, and gently grab the purple orbs. Twi sighs as you begin to fondle them, gently passing your fingertips over their smooth, soft surface. You alternate between moving your fingers inward close towards her nipples, then out away from them. Occasionally, you reach down to their underside and scoop them up.

"Uhh...ahh..." Twi moans as the purple glow around her breasts intensifies, "The spell... ohh... it's working!" Sure enough, as you fondle her tits, you can feel them slowly but surely growing in your hands. You increase your rate, as they grow first one cup size, then two larger. Before you know it, Twilight's titillating teats are twin Triple-D's.

At this point, you notice that your marefriend doesn't look too comfortable. "What's wrong?" you ask.

"You need to, that is, I command thee to drain mine royal milk jugs!" You notice a pair of pearly drops forming on her nipples. The enchantment to cause her to lactate as her breasts expand must be working, but the added weight and pressure is causing her discomfort. Well, better do something about that.

You grab her boob and lift it up(this requires both hands at this point), so that you may begin suckling. Her milk is rich and creamy, and you think you detect a hint of caramel. The effect on Twilight is immediately apparent; she sighs and almost seems to melt, as though experiencing a great sensation of relief.

Upon drinking dry one tit, you move to the other. Her jugs won't stay empty for long, but this will remove the discomfort. As you suck, you notice the arousal beginning to build once more in your partner, and the globes begin their inflation again. Soon she goes from Triple-Ds to Es to, well, watermelons.

"I... can't... move..." Twilight says, panting as you snuggle up to one of her melons. "Too... much... weight..." By now, her nipples have an almost steady trickle of milk flowing out of them.

"Well, this is how I felt when you blew up my junk," you reply. "But speaking of which, it is time..."

You stand up, first climbing onto Twilight's throne, then straddling it with one hoof on each armrest. Twi's telekinesis grabs onto you, stabilizing you for what is to come. From past her mammoth mammaries, she reaches up to your pants, which now have a quite sizable bulge in them. It doesn't take much convincing for your meatstick to pop out, primed and ready to go. Twi squishes her boobs together, giving you the perfect target.

You thrust your throbbing cock in between her ginormous jugs, sliding in and out with practiced ease. Normally, Twilight doesn't seem particularly fond of this, but you've managed to convince her on several special occasions. This time, though, she obviously doesn't need any additional convincing, as she pants and moans just as hard as if you were penetrating her marehood.

"Your... boobs... feel so good..." You pant, as you continue to hump the princess's titties. Drops of precum leak out, smearing on her cleavage, producing consistent wet squelching sounds. The thrusting has caused your pants to sag further down, resulting in your butt being left out in the open. Your tail is shaking pretty rapidly now.

"And... your... cock looks... so... delicious..." She's shaking pretty heavily now; her wings twitch erratically, and her moans are getting louder and more frequent. Milk streams consistently from her nipples, although her actual breast size seems to have it it's upper limit, the pleasure she feels from their stimulation only seems to be growing.

This continues to build up to it's inevitable climax. With a exceptionally loud, and somewhat high-pitched and girly moan, you orgasm, ejaculating heavily all over Twilight's face, getting it in her mane, on her horn and crown. In response, she gives a mighty "NNGGGHHH!!!" and high-pressure milk blasts out of her boobies as they deflate back to their normal size.

You sink down into her embrace. The two of you cuddle, wordlessly for who knows how long. Then, you look around, and realize what you just did. This wasn't the first time the two of you have had sex on the princess's throne, but now white liquid of some variant or other covers the place.

"Well, good thing we came prepared this time!" Twilight says, and you aren't sure if she meant to pun or not. But with a flash of her horn, the mare and stallion milk all vanishes. "You wouldn't believe at how hard it was to find 'Mistress Mask's Kinky Clean-up Cantrip' in the spell library. But so worth it."

"Yeah. Beats having to scrub spunk of the ceiling," you say, putting your pants back on.

"Well, if you'll excuse me, I need to go change my panties," Twilight says, and starts to head down the hall. She stops. "That was... well, messy, and the best kind of messy." She smiles lovingly at you.

"Uhh, Twilight? Your boobies," you say, pointing at her still open bodice. She looks down, blinks, and puts her clothes back on entirely.

Through the Mirror part 1 of 3 (Futa Twi in backdoor)

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Work is exhausting.

You know this, of course. It is a fact that nearly everypony knows, and has been true for all of recorded history. Doesn't matter if earth pony, pegasus, or unicorn.

Though as you've discovered, none of the three tribes have anything on alicorns. Living with Princess Twilight had proven that; the poor mare worked herself to the bone most days, trying to make life as full as possible for her new subjects. And that didn't take into account the apocalyptic monsters and ancient evils to be vanquished.

You decide here and now that you will do whatever Twilight wants tonight. She deserves it.

You find Twilight in her study, grumbling to herself as a magic-encased quill scribes furiously in her ledger, while an assortment of official-looking documents hover around her. You recognize that expression as the one where your marefriend is being fed up with political BS. She glances up from her work, briefly, then returns to it. "Oh, hey honey. How was your day?" Her words are distracted and mechanical.

You walk up to her and kiss her. "A little tired," you underplay, "but seeing you always brightens up my day."

She relaxes, her work gently floating back to her desk. "You are a hopeless flirt," she says, her tone softening, "but that's why I keep you around. Tome," she calls to her servant reshelving books, "take the rest of the night off."

The older mare bows politely at her, and looks knowingly at you. You've gained something of a reputation in the castle, but most of the staff don't bother you too much over it. They know you're the reason they got this job, and most of them seem to like you pretty well, if some of the stallions (and a couple of the mares) are a little bit jealous.

"So," you say, wrapping your arms around Twilight's waist, "what's got you so worked up?"

"Oh, just the usual mix of greed, ambition, and sycophancy," Twilight huffs. "Only now am I figuring out how much work Princess Celestia does in order to keep the nation running smoothly, and keep the... less savory elements under control. She makes it look easy."

"Well, she does have a little bit of experience in the field. But I'm sure you'll get your little ponies to see reason soon enough."

She looks at you. "I'm glad I have you. You're always there for me, even when I'm not at my best. Sometimes, you even take punches from me not meant for you."

You squeeze her tighter. "Hey, I know you need to let off steam every now and then, and you really aren't mad at me. I'm here for you, whether you need a shoulder to cry on or a punching bag."

This seems to get her thinking. "Well, there are other, more fun ways of letting off steam. And since you are willing to be my... stress relief..." She whispers her idea into your ear, and now it's your turn to blush.

"Oh, um.... That's different. I mean, I don't really think I'm into that..."

She smiles. "Relax, it will be fine. Studies show that the area is an erogenous zone that stallions find pleasure in the stimulation of. I can almost guarantee you that you'll enjoy it. I've been... taking some notes, and I think that I can emulate the technique. Besides, you've done it to me in the past."

You run your hands through your mane. In spite of your nervousness, you did decide to do whatever Twilight wanted tonight, and Twi has had a rough day. This could help her get a lot off her chest. Besides, a small part of you is... actually sort of curious. And you know Twilight wouldn't hurt you.

"Alright, you talked me into it. I'll go ahead and... clean up. But don't say I never do anything for you."

You return to the study, wearing only a towel. It is a good thing the castle's master suite bathroom comes with a bidet, as it made cleaning yourself out, as it were, a lot more convenient. As it is, you still don't believe ponies were meant to be quite this clean.

As you enter the study, you see Twilight behind her desk, her back to you. She has on a very professional- looking business suit, of all things. Well, half of a suit, actually; she is completely bottomless, and her tail is raised and twitching, showing off her lovely rump to you. She was never exactly lacking in curves department, but you've always thought that earth ponies have the best butts, and becoming an alicorn gave her the best attributes of all three tribes. Her wings hide the rest of her body from your sight, but you can see her hands moving rapidly near her waist, and she is breathing heavily.

"Having fun there, Twi?" You ask, a mischievous grin on your face as you realize what she is doing. "I am guessing that your spell worked?"

The princess slows down, turning her head back towards you. "The spell was highly successful. I am happy to report that the new appendage is fully functional, and thoroughly primed and ready for use."

"Yeah, I saw you... priming it," you snark at her.

She huffs, "I was merely applying lubricant. And then, cataloging the new sensory input the appendage provides." She turns around, and you get a firsthand look at her handiwork. She has conjured for herself a full set of cock and balls, directly over her snatch. Her shaft, or Appendage as she calls it, seems roughly the same size as yours. She must not wish to make you feel insecure; not that that's exactly a problem, since you're an earth pony, and would like to think you've got a pretty decent package. Now, though, you are slightly intimidated, as you know where the lube-coated Appendage is going.

She beckons to you, in that royal, commanding manner of hers. "Come over here, behind my desk." Her shirt beneath her dress coat is unbuttoned, giving a deep view of her cleavage.

Slowly, you do as she commands. "So that's how it is? After a rough day of politics, the overworked Princess of Harmony bends her coltfriend over her desk and sticks her magically conjured 'Appendage' up his bum? What would the tabloids say if they found out?"

She grins evilly. "That gives me an idea..." Turning you around, she bends you over her desk. With a flourish, she grabs your towel and pulls it away. You lift your tail, and Twi gives your backside a good look over. "I think you're right; earth ponies have the best butts. That's why I agreed to your first date, of course. It wasn't your personality or your looks, it was because you have a cute butt."

You chuckle. "Oh dear me, and now you have me as your personal love slave, and my butt's all yours. AHH!" You start as Twi slaps your butt. She starts massaging your rump, feeling the tight cords of muscle ripple and flex as you writhe beneath her masterful touch. Her fingers begin to make their way into your butt crack, and shivers of anticipation run down your spine as they get closer and closer to their ultimate goal.

Your breath catches its her middle finger finds its way into your plothole, curling and massaging the tight ring, trying to relax your entrance so a larger Appendage can make its way inside. "How does that feel? Are you enjoying it?" Twi asks, her voice a little nervous.

You wince. "It feels... Very weird. A little painful... But keep going..."

Her voice firm but not heartless, she keeps going slowly but surely. "We'll take it nice and slow..." She pumps in and out, and your breath shortens with each penetration. You can feel your muscles relax as your tail twitches from the stimulation. "You are enjoying this. Now, I'm going to slide another finger in..." She giggles as you moan, your back door opening wider and her fingers sliding deeper into your rectum. "And you said I make funny faces and noises when I recieve anal." She's right; compared to you right now she's positively stoic when you stick it up her butt.

"Can't help it," you whimper as she ramps up her pace and depth, "you are very, very good at this... I think, nnngh, I think I'm ready for the Appendage!"

Twilight, who has also been fondling your buttcheeks, laughs. "It's about time! Prepare your anus!" With that, you feel the round tip of the Appendage push its way into your plothole. The lubed shaft easily penetrates you, and you realize you now have a cock in your ass. Twilight Sparkle's cock, true, but still a cock nonetheless. You aren't sure how you feel about this.

Twilight obviously is quite sure how she feels about this, laughing as she starts pulling out. You moan as she says, "So this is what it feels like! Let me know when I hit your prostate." In a squeaky voice, you guide her cock to your sensitive organ. A blast of pleasure coarses through you as the Appendage presses up against it, eliciting a girly squeal from you.

"Okay, here we go!" Twi says, and grabs your hips. She starts humping you in earnest, the Appendage producing loud squelching sounds as it slides in and out of you, with excess lube trickling down your buttcrack and onto your balls. Before starting Twilight laid a soft sex towel out onto her desk so you don't get your jizz all over important government documents. Your cock stretches out beneath your stomach and rubs up against the soft towel, and you never thought it could feel this good. Twilight is humping and dominating you, and you are getting off to it.

A purple aura levitates a very official-looking scroll and a quill over your head. As you moan, she begins to write, "Dear the Count de Money... Of Prance, unnfff... Your proposal is the most revolting, unnff, that words alone cannot, unnff, describe how incensed I was at your, unnfff, mere suggestion of such a thing. In fact, unnfff, I would like you to know that, in order to properly maintain, unnfff, my composure, I, unnff, Twilight Sparkle, Crown Princess of Magic, Friendship, and, unnff, Harmony I was, unnff, forced to resort to, unnff, conjuring a phallus onto my body, unnfff, and, upon bending the Royal Consort over my desk, unnfff, and am even now repeatedly penetrating, unnfff, his anus."

"Oh crap, ohcrap ohcrap ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap..." As Twilight's rhetoric increases in anger, so does her pace and strength of thrusting. She plows your plot with prodigious power, the Appendage shooting through your passage like an arrow, pushing hard up against your tight walls. Your eyes rapidly alternate between squeezed shut and bulging out, and in fact the only sign that you are not in pain is the rapid twitching of your tail, which demonstrates to everypony that you are in fact enjoying this a great deal.

"Were he not so busy, unnfff, writhing in ecstasy I am certain, unnfff, he would express his, unnff, disapproval, off your selfish, unnfff, policies. Please reflect, unnfff, about how, unnfff, deplorable your idea was, unnfff, to drive a mare of such character, unnfff, as I to commit, unnfff, magically transsexual, consentual, unnfff, sodomy on, unnfff, my personal consort. Sincerely..."

She pulls the letter down, flattening it out on your back. Then she takes the quill, and signs her name, all while still humping you. "Princess Twilight Glimmer Velvet Sparkle IV, Heiress of the Grand Duchy of Ambleforth, Mistress of Magic, et cetera et cetera." With that, she puts her quill down, rolls up the scoll, seals it with her sigil, and dismisses it off to the maligned Prench count.

"Good," she says, grabbing ahold of your flanks again. "Now that that unfortunate business is concluded, unnfff I can get back to you. I would presume by your twitching, unnfff and your high-pitched and rapid moans that you are about to experience an orgasm. Now, unnfff, whenever you've given me, unnfff, anal sex, you've made sure that I've climaxed first, unnfff. And since I would really like to climax now, unnfff... It. Is. Time. For. You. To. Cum!"

With that, she wraps her hand around your tail and gives it a mighty yank, slamming balls-deep into you at the same time. You grip the edge of the desk white-knuckled, and scream as your shaft goes off like a cannon, squirting jizz all over your chest and almost to the far wall. Twilight then uses her other hand to push your back down flat against the desk, slamming you in the puddle of your own jizz. With a grunt, she thrusts once more in, and you can feel a coating of hot spunk squirt all up in your insides.

The two of you remain there like that for some time. You flat on the table, panting and twitching with each new blast of sperm that flies out of the Appendage lodged in your plothole. Twilight standing behind you, a triumphant grin on her face as she pulls your tail with one hand and pins you to her desk with the other. Eventually she sighs as the last drop of her emission is planted in you.

"Have fun?" She asks in a smarmy voice. You only manage to nod weakly in response.

That night, the two of you sleep together in Twilight's bed. Tonight you are the little spoon, with Twi draping a wing over you. She runs her muzzle through your mane, and says. "Thank you for giving me that today. I needed to blow off a lot of steam, and I got to experience a brand new form of orgasm. Well, new for me at least."

"Glad to help," you whisper back. "You'll have to write a paper on your experience," you joke, but then add, "Are you sure it was a good idea to send that to Count de Money?"

"You don't know the count, and you don't know the Prench noble court," she says bemusedly. "Trust me, he'll find it a great joke." She remains silent, then adds, "I know some stallions would not consider doing what you did... in order to defend their security in their heterosexuality."

"Well, Twi, as far as they care, I'd say I'm totally gay for your cock."

"Aww, how sweet of you," she says, kissing the back of your neck. "Although that gives me more ideas..."

You start to sweat, a bit nervous, then feel a familiar pressure. "Umm, Twi?"

"Yes, honey?"

"You still have the Appendage, don't you?"


"And you're sticking it up my butt, aren't you?"

She wraps an arm around you and pulls you in tight, further impaling you on her. "Mmm-hmmph!"

Through the Mirror part 2 of 3 (Reverse Futanari)

View Online

The steam of the shower washes away the grime from a very exciting day. The Winter Wrap-up was another huge success, as it has been every year since Twilight took over as the manager. You remember how much of a fiasco it used to be, compared to how smoothly it's gone since.

As you finish drying off, you look at yourself in the full-length mirror. Your physique isn't quite as impressive as most earth ponies, though you do have a nice toned look to you. You don't have any facial hair (whenever you try to grow it you just end up with a patchy mess), and your face is a little on the softer side, compared with some of the more rugged stallions in town such as Big Macintosh. Still, Twilight likes it (she calls it bishie) and that's good enough for you.

Fortunately, though, you've got plenty in the lower department. Being an earth pony will do that for you. Twilight herself called them a "fine specimen of male pony genitalia" (of course, on that particular day, you made the mistake of asking what she was comparing it as. You learned quickly not to shoot your mouth off in the bedroom, as it quickly led to boner-killing awkwardness. Of course, it was already starting to get derailed as Twi went into lecture-mode; once she does she loses interest fairly quickly).

You are suddenly startled as the door opens. Twilight walks in, still in her work clothes. Even after her coronation, she still wants to do things the hands-on way. She smiles at you in an almost predatory manner, and one of your hands goes to cover your plothole as you remember the other night in her study. Not that you didn't enjoy it, but it was a bit extreme.

Twilight notices your actions and giggles. "What's wrong, not ready for another round with the Appendages?"

"Yeah, as much fun as that was, I would like to walk and sit down every now and then."

"Well, I think I have another... idea that we could try. But it's a bit different." She keeps staring at your stallionhood.

You look confused. "What, more different than the Appendage in my anus?" She whispers in your ear. "Well, that is different. Umm, it's fully reversible, right?"

She nods empathetically. "Of course it is! I would never do that to you otherwise. I like your current setup too much to risk harming it."

"Oh, yes, the one thing I can count on is your love of my-AAACK!" You recoil as Twilight shoots a magical beam into your junk. The sensation is quite bizarre as your cock and balls are enveloped in an aura of transmutation. As this occurs, Twilight lifts her skirt and takes off her panties. A beam of energy connects your crotch with hers, and an orb of light travels down it. With a flash, you see Twi flush as a full stallionhood appears on her crotch.

You look down to where your own used to be. Both your shaft and balls are gone, and in their place is a pair of smooth lips and a small little nub of flesh.

"Okay, that happened," you mutter. "I have a snatch." You have very mixed feelings about this. On one hand, your marefriend just took your junk. On the other, she did promise to give it back, and your new slit is looking very enticing right now. You notice one of your hands snaking down to it...

"Well, that didn't work quite as well as I'd hoped," Twi says, looking down. "I appear to be... somewhat flaccid." You do notice that she seems to have yet to pop a boner. You think you can fix that.

Leaning back against the bathroom wall, you say, "I think I have a fix for that. I'll give the... Aperture a test drive." You spread your legs a bit, and slide your fingers down between them. With the lightest touch, you trace the outline of your slit, going over first one lip, then the other, and ending with a brush against your clitoris (Because you have a clit now. A part of you's still wierding out about this). That part is quickly silenced as a sigh escapes your lips; the sensations you are experiencing are new and exciting.

Feeling a little bit more adventurous, you reach your other hand down. With one hand, you pinch your clit between your thumb and index finger and begin gently massaging it. This sends shivers up your spine, eliciting a quiet moan. With your other hand, you push a finger in between your lips, and begin gently probing the inside of your pussy. You stroke the inside of the lips, and then move further up into the tunnel, adding a second finger. Your breath shortens and your moans become more frequent, as moisture accumulates on your fingertips.

"Ahem," Twilight clears her throat. You break out of your deep concentration and look her over. Not only are her wings now flaring out in a positively vulgar display, but the Appendage is now popping a major, throbbing boner. "Remind me to give you a show next time. That is, when you've got your proper bits back."

"Take me," you breathe, and spread your legs some more.

Twilight moves up to you, and drapes her arms over your chest and shoulders. "You certainly are taking to this rather well," she whispers, and begins licking your ear. The tip of the Appendage brushes up against your snatch, and you feel light-headed. She moves her lips down your jawline, and french-kisses you for a while. Then she begins to nibble at your throat.

"Oh, Twi, just put it in already..." you moan, feeling exceptionally turned on at this point. Behind you, your tail shakes rapidly in building anticipation.

She looks down, and fumbles with her shaft, trying to line it up. "Come on, how do you work this dang thing?" she mutters, and you giggle. Finally, she lines it up, and slips the tip in. "Ready?" she asks, gently running a hand through your mane. You nod, and she pushes inward, penetrating you. You gasp at the sensation, as the thick, meaty member forces its way through your wet, inviting folds. You can feel the resistance as it stretches and stimulates your new inner passage, and you cannot focus on anything more than the feeling of having it inside you.

Twi begins humping you with a steady rhythm, and you thrust your hips forward in time with her, panting heavily. You run your hands up her back, taking ahold of the corded muscles at the base of her wings where they affix themselves to her spine. Gently, you caress the soft downy feathers, massaging the tender, erogenous flesh and encouraging her to push on harder. Her own breath deepens, and the two of you stare deep into each other's eyes, hers windows of compassion and love.

Her own hands have not been idle. With one hand she moves down the small of your back, down towards your butt. Given recent events, you are starting to seriously give credence to the idea that she only dated you for your ass. Or at least she has a great fondness for it. The other hand moves over your chest, massaging your pectoral muscles and fondling your nipples.

You continue to work her wings with one hand, while the other returns the favor, slipping down the small of her back, running through her tail and then grabbing ahold of her buttcheek. You massage the plump, supple flesh even as she squeezes your own butt, eliciting a moan out of you. Considering, you raise a finger to the hollow just beneath her tail dock, and start massaging there. This provokes an exceptional response from her.

"Keep that, unnfff, up, and I might cum, unff, too soon," she grunts at you.

"Then, nnnggh! finish me! Hump me harder, 'till I can't see straight!" you cry. She envelopes you in a magical aura, and lifts you up. As she pulls out, you notice firsthand just how wet you are.

"I seem to remember how to make you cum," she says, and positions you face down, ass up in front of her. She then grabs you by the flanks and impales your snatch on the Appendage. She begins pumping in and out of you at a rapid pace, and using her magic, pulls your tail to the side. A purple dildo of force appears, and begins lightly probing at your backdoor. She uses her fingers to massage and widen your plothole, until eventually the dildo can slide all the way inside.

Very quickly she establishes a consistent pattern of double-penetration, with one shaft going in at the same time the other shaft pulls out. Your eyes roll back, and your mouth is a sloppy grin with your tongue lolling limply out. You can feel your tender insides forced apart by hard, hot meat and magic with each thrust. It does not take long for you to fly over the edge.

"Oh princess, oh princess ohprincess ohprincessohprincessohprincess...I'm cumming!" You feel a tidal wave of liquid heat flow over and through your body, seeing colors swirl behind your eyes. For a moment, there is nothing more than the blissful state of satisfaction that you baste in.

When you become lucid again, you notice that there is a thick string of semen dripping out of your marehood. "I've been creampied," you say in a somewhat detached voice.

Twilight takes a damp hand towel, and begins to use it to wipe you down. "That was... certainly an experience for me. I trust you felt similarly?"

"Yeah," you say, laying on your back. Your hand gently reaches down to stroke your kitten. "I think I made a new friend..."