Night Moves

by GivingSpider

First published

Discord and Fluttershy sleep together. That's about it.

Discord and Fluttershy take their relationship further by sleeping together in her bed.

Rated for some suggestive bits.

Chapter 1

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Luna’s moon slowly rose over Equestria while its inhabitants went about their evening routines. Discord was too busy extensively flossing a lone fang to put a lot of thought into what was going on outside the cottage walls. With an almost maniacal devotion to hygiene that rivaled Rarity’s own regiments he carefully scraped the piece of bone as if it was the only thing he had to his name. He took a glance at the mirror and stopped in his labor. His reflection had both hands firmly clamped over his mouth and appeared to be nearly in tears on account of something being hysterical. Discord paused and reflected on the stash of floss strands that added up to about three hundred yards in a small wastebasket.

“Fine…I’m a little nervous. Bite me.” He said defiantly to the image in the mirror.

His reflection said nothing. It just reached out with its illusionary claw and gave the physical Draconequus an oddly solid slap across the face.

“Thanks. I needed that.” Discord retorted with a composed tone.

He glanced down at the growing collection of floss and with a snap of his claw it was consumed by a small burst of green flame. He gave his fang one last treatment and let the floss fall to a now vacant wastebasket. Taking a deep breath he turned to leave the bathroom towards uncharted territory. Through the door and down a hallway to another door and just at the threshold he stopped. It wasn’t like he never went into Fluttershy’s bedroom before. It was just that it was never for an extended stay before. He looked out the window at the room and swore that somewhere, somehow Luna was finding something funny.

He let a small smile creep over his own face as he placed his paw on the knob. With his relationship with the gentle mare going the way it was; it was inevitable that he’d be spending an evening with her eventually. He knew that sooner or later she’d want a little more than cuddling on the couch or watching sunsets from an ocean’s edge. He took in a deep breath and reminded himself that Fluttershy now wanted more than picnics and nature walks. He slowly turned the handle and let it sink in that she wanted to sleep with him.

He stepped into the room, throwing his doubts into the abyss. It wasn’t like she was expecting him to put a Pony/Draconequss hybrid in her anytime soon. Fluttershy made it clear that there would be no exchange of reproductive fluids until after wedding bells tolled. The former Master of Chaos was on edge for another reason.

He made his way through the dimly lit room to an occupied bed. He joined his Pegasus lover under the warm sheets, who then turned and slowly inched up to his body. She softly nuzzled his chest and half whispered to him.

“You must really take good care of that tooth.”

Discord gently laid his paw on the back of her head and did some quick calculations. After running the new position of the moon he guessed that he had delayed coming into her room by about two hours or so. He softly kissed her head before answering.

“Well it’s the only one I have; so I suppose I do. Sorry I made you wait.”

She giggled softly and Discord smiled. Clearly she didn’t buy it. She caught him being nervous and in her own way she was eating it up. He lightly ran his paw through her mane and he let his body settle into the mattress. Her breathing slowed and he relaxed even further. He held her against him as she fell asleep. Discord gently brushed her mane with his paw again and glanced at the moon out the window. There was still a nagging question that burned in the back of his mind. A question that he couldn’t bring himself to ask; and was growing more apprehensive at the lack of an answer.

How come Angel didn’t sleep with her?

Discord was well aware of the sleeping arrangements of her friend’s pets. All of them retired with their animal companions nearby. Tank resided in a climate controlled aquarium that cost more than a semester at the Wonderbolt Academy. Winona slept at the foot of Applejack’s bed. Opalescence slept wherever she damn pleased but occasionally napped in Rarity’s lap. Spike had a pet bed near Twilight’s evening retreat and during the day that owl slept perched next to it. Pinkie’s pet, Gummy often slept in her mane.

Why in the name of everything that ever was and ever will be did Fluttershy; the one who wanted and needed the companionship of her pets the most, sleep without her precious rabbit?

He rattled the question around his mind again and found only one possible answer. Angel preferred to sleep alone and Fluttershy respected it. He took in a deep breath that included the scent of her mane and gradually let sleep take over him.

Abruptly the still body in front of him became not so still. Fluttershy suddenly showed a burst of energy and rather firmly shook out of his embrace and practically jumped up the bed. She was now resting her head directly infront of his face. Her limbs were still stretched towards him and he was holding his breath. Was she having an odd dream? Did something misfire in her brain? Was she too hot and desperately wanted to climb to cooler reaches? She had shifted the covers so that only half of her body was still under blankets. Discord also realized that her sudden jolt had left a small sprain in his wrist.

He smiled to himself and watched her for a moment. He wondered where she was storing that adrenaline. He softly kissed her forehead and she smiled warmly in response. Discord slowly inched his paw next to her muzzle and felt her breath. She was still fast asleep. She wasn’t playing with him, she didn’t try to startle him, and she wasn’t feeling anxious.

Suddenly she turned over and took a large share of the blankets with her. His legs and tail were now exposed, and in her new position she was softly snoring. The pieces started to fall together and he chuckled to himself. He inched closer to her and brought his now cooling parts under the covers and closed his eyes.

His eyes shot back open as a blunt pain came into his chest. Fluttershy had just turned over and kicked him in her sleep. He bit his tongue and brought his paw down and she retracted her legs. He wrapped the recent occurrence around his brain again. Fluttershy, the most innocent and gentle soul he ever knew, had just kicked him square in the ribs. Discord tensed up and stared at her. He started to wonder if she was having a bad dream. He cautiously inched closer and wrapped his arms around her. He slowly guided her head to his chest. Her snoring stopped and he slowly relaxed. He let her body heat seep into him. He closed his eyes and let his weariness drag him closer to slumber.

Discord opened his eyes and saw that she hadn’t moved. She lay still against him. Her chest rose and fell as she breathed. He closed his eyes again and let himself drift away.

Suddenly he felt her drag herself over him. The blankets were again shifted and one of them now lay on the floor. She had found herself lying horizontally over his body and her tail had brushed over his chin. She was lying face down on him and Discord stole a glance at her flank before he tilted his head to avert his gaze. He wondered how she could stay sleep after the sudden and violent surges. He wondered if this was something that happened every night. No wonder Angel preferred to sleep downstairs. Fluttershy might accidently shove him off the bed or wind up sleeping over him.

Without warning the yellow mare shifted again. She rolled onto her back while moving up his body. Her thigh now lay just under his jaw and her legs were sprawled out. The blankets were now only covering his lower half and he wasn’t sure when he moved to lie on his back. He stared at the ceiling and wondered if this was going to be his entire night. He took in cautious breaths and dared to rest his paw on her back. Her response was to slide off him and nuzzle his face. He grinned as he amused the idea of taking notes as to what action provoked what reaction. He slowly turned onto his side to face her and brought his paw back to her lower back.

She didn’t move. Discord slowly moved his paw upwards. She didn’t move. He ran his claw through her mane. She didn’t move. He paused then lightly darted his tongue straight at her nose. She didn’t move. He lightly tickled her stomach with his claw. She didn’t move. He gently nuzzled her neck. She didn’t move.

He elected to lie still and wait.

She didn’t move.

He closed his eyes and surrendered to the night.

Suddenly there was more shifting then she jumped. Discord quickly snaked his body to the foot of the bed and Fluttershy landed horizontally face down right where his head used to be. From under the blankets he stared at the now still and tranquil creature. He remained in the pile of covers that made his crude den. He watched her suddenly peaceful figure and waited. He considered spending the night at the foot of the bed under his protective layer of sheets. He closed his eyes and with the faintest disturbance in the mattress he looked up at her.

Fluttershy was hugging herself and shivering.

Discord crawled back up to her and brought the blankets with him. He gently moved her so she was again lying vertically on the bed and covered her. She stopped shivering and cuddled up to him. He looked at the window and the moon outside and imagined that Luna was rolling in a fit of hysterical laughter. He wrapped his arms around her and held her snugly against him. She nuzzled his body and whispered something he couldn’t quite understand. He let his body relax again and closed his eyes.

He opened them again and saw that she hadn’t moved. He closed his eyes again and made another attempt to sleep.

Without warning she had once again crawled on top of him. He kept his eyes closed this time; electing to try to shut it all out. He paused and took not that her breath was on his lower stomach and her tail was casually draped over his shoulder. He briefly considered sleeping under the bed and coming back up at dawn. The sheets were once again gone from their bodies and after some calculations he realized that he had still spent more time in her bathroom than her bed. He lay still with his arms to his sides and tried to evoke slumber.

Suddenly he could feel her breath on his face and hear her softly snoring. He didn’t even feel her move. Did he finally fall asleep and wake up to find her in a new position? He opened his eyes and in the dim moonlight saw the mattress. He had somehow moved or had been moved onto his stomach. Fluttershy was still lying face down on him but now with her legs wrapped tightly around him and her head slightly drooped over the back of his. He paused as she shifted again and gnawed on his antler for a brief moment. He paused as he realized that in a way this was his idea of a much desired mate. She was just so random in her migrations across the bed; she was rivaling his own chaos. He tilted his head and softly kissed her cheek and let his body once again go limp.

Then she kicked him again. This time right it was right in the thigh. He focused his magic and cast a barrier over his body to avoid any further disturbances. He loved her dearly but this was starting to become a bit much. A transparent pale blue shield formed around him and he couldn’t hear her snoring anymore. With a carefree smile and a stretch he made another go at falling asleep.

Discord opened his eyes and concluded that everything he knew about the universe was wrong. He was again on his side and her face was practically on his. Her nose was touching his. Her closed eyes were staring right at his open ones. More importantly she was inside his barrier. He felt a new wave of nervousness as he slowly inched back. The motion was futile as the barrier had taken her back with him. He dismissed the shield and she turned her back to him, once again taking the covers with her. He helped himself to the blankets and inched closer to her. As he tugged the sheets she turned and looked at him.

Her eyes were open.

“Discord…um…could you please not hog the blankets?”

Discord was stunned. He could not process what happened. He managed to say ‘I’m sorry’ and with that she took a share of the covers back and in an instant her heart rate went back into sleep mode. He just lied there in total disbelief. All that squirming around and at least one full jump couldn’t rouse her; but gently tugging the blankets made her awake and aware for a few fleeting moments. And on top of that all the frustration was replaced by guilt.

He gently spooned her and she pressed her body back into him. He gently nuzzled her mane and relaxed. All the fatigue came crashing down on him and his breathing slowed down.

He opened his eyes and she was now lying on his face. His gaze was met by her chest. Her head was now snug against the headboard and she was gnawing on his antler again.

Discord gave up the natural path and cast a sleeping spell on himself.