My Little Orgy: Debauchery Is Magic

by kainofthesand

First published

Follow Twilight as she meets sexy new friends and tries to learn more about the elements of Debauchery to stop the return of Nightmare Moon.

Twilight Sparkle was just a regular old unicorn, until she discovered a prophecy about a coming evil that could threaten the Equestrian way of free sex and friendship. Together with her assistant Spike, she will meet new ponies and undertake a journey to discover the elements of debauchery.

Thanks for the ride.

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Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria.

There were two perverted sisters who ruled over the land; Molestia & Lusty Lunaughty. The older sister would pleasure her subjects bodies through the day, while the younger would pleasure them through their dreams by night, bringing an era of peace and blissful ecstasy to all the land.

However, as time went on, the younger sister slowly became more resentful towards the elder. Her subjects had began to favor Molestia over Lunaughty, and even at night when she brought them pleasure in their dreams, they would simply dream of Molestia instead of her. Soon she became cold and bitter towards her sister for “stealing her subjects affections”, and falling under the belief that the way she was running their Kingdom was unacceptable.

One fateful day, Lunaughty-now simply referring to herself as Luna-confronted her sister in an attempt to usurp the throne, intent on creating a land where open sexual debauchery would be non-existent. Molestia tried to reason with her, but the bitterness in Luna's heart was too great, and transformed herself into a wicked mare of darkness: Nightmare Moon.

She vowed that she would bring an eternal order to Equestria, one that she alone would rule over. In an attempt to make her sister see reason, Molestia harnessed the most powerful magic artifacts in Equestria: the Elements of Debauchery , Six powerful gems that represented the most powerful sexual elements.

She used the Elements of Debauchery in an attempt to remind her of how good the pleasures and thrills of their sexual lives felt. However, Nightmare Moon remained resistant to it, forcing Molestia to banish her younger sister to the moon…

With Luna gone, Molestia took on the responsibility of bringing pleasure to her subjects during both day and night...and to do so for generations since…

1,000 Years Later...

"Hmmm….Elements of Debauchery….I know I've heard of them before… but where?"
Twilight pondered the question as she lay under the shade of a tree that sat next to a peaceful pond. She allowed a soft moan to slip out as she felt her trusty purple vibrator do its job of string up her sensitive vagina with its low rumbling.

Twilight found that having a vibrator inside her while she read helped her concentrate. Something she had learned from her "lessons" with her teacher, idol, and ruler, princess Molestia.

But now was not the time to be idling with vaginal delights. She had to get back to her room and find out more about this element business.

She got up slowly, using her magic to gently begin pulling her toy from between her legs. She winced and raised a back leg as the vibrator slowly withdrew from its resting place with an obscene sounding *shlick*.

Her fluids openly dripped like she was peeing as two inches turned to thee…..then four……..then seven…….then twelve, and finally popped out from between her legs and started vibrating so wildly that it flailed from left to right.

Her raised hind leg twitched from a combination of muscle spasm and an attempt to shake some girl goo from her pussy.
She released a deep breath that she hadn't realized she was holding and flicked the switch at the base, slipping the now floppy toy back into her saddle bag.

"O……K……time to……get back……home."
She wobbled a bit like a baby dear as she regained her composure and started on a slow trot.

Twilights plot was feeling better when she came to a bridge over a small river. Three mares approached her from the other side of the bridge. They were laughing and chatting like they didn't have school tomorrow, and Twilight couldn't help but frown inwardly like she did when she caught Spike eating ice cream after ten.

She wished then that she had a way to avoid them, mainly because she knew the three unicorns.

Colgate, Twinkle Shine, and Banana Fizzy, they weren't mean ponies by any means, but Twilight didn't like them because they were always asking her to "play" with them.

Twinkle Shine spotted Twilight and flashed her a big smile and a side of bedroom eyes. Twilight couldn't deny that she was really pretty, what with her light coat and baby pink mane.

"Hello, Twilight Sparkle," she purred to her classmate, sauntering toward her and raising a hoof with all the poise of a model.

"Moon Dancer is having a little "get together" in the west castle courtyard. Word is she has some royal guards coming by as well."

"Royal guards?" Twilight asked as the image of one of those big, virile stallions drifted through her mind.

"Uh-huh. Just imagine it. A big guard mounting you, rutting you with his big, fat cock till you're absolutely screaming."

Twilight felt a bead of her own arousal drip down her thigh at the thought.

"Uh, sorry girls. I've got aaaaaa-lot of studying to do. Maybe next time."

Twilight took off at a gallop past the three beautiful mares. She didn't want to get caught up in having to explain her schedule to her classmates.

"Ugh! Does that pony do anything besides study and masterbate?" Twinkle Shine asked her companions.

"I think she's more interested in books and toys than fuck buddies."

Twilight galloped past other unicorns as she drew closer to her room on the side of the castle. She darted up the stairs and entered her room, the smell of books filling her with peace and comfort.

She looked around for her scaly assistant.
"Spike? Spiiiike!" She called to the empty room.

The little dragon came waddling out of the bathroom, a look of discomfort on his cute little face.

"There you are, Spike. Are you ok?"

Spike fiddled with his claws as he gave her a faint smile.

"Uh, Twilight? Can I please take this thing out, at least for a little while?"

Spike turned around and raised his tail. Twilight couldn't help but smile at the beloved sight of her friend's cute little ass, his balls and sheath hanging down between his legs. Wedged between his tight little cheeks was a small purple vibrator, the base of which bore a big star that matched her cutie mark.

"Spike, what was it you said last year again?"

"Huuuuuuh…that I wanted to give myself to Princess Molestia." He admitted.

"Exactly, and if you want to give yourself to the Princess, then you need to start training your ass now, there's no other way."

Twilight knew from experience that giving oneself to the princess was no laughing matter. Spike's ass had to be loosened so he could fit her pincesshood, and she knew that when the day came, that the princess would absolutely love his asshole.

"Sigh….Alright, Twilight."

Spike lowered his tail. The one in his ass was Twilight's smallest one, but still, it felt big.

"In the meantime, I need you to find me that old book on Prostitutes and Prophecies."

Spike walked over to the ladder that leaned against the book case and started climbing it. The book she needed was at the very top of the shelf, which he knew from being her assistant for such a long time.

Twilight watched with a sly grin at Spike's ass as he went up the ladder. She licked her lips as a wicked thought came to her. Her horn lit up and switched the vibrator in his ass to the max.

Spike groaned and went stiff when her felt the toy in his bum start thrumming and string up his little hole.

"What’s wrong, Spike? The book is right up there, is something wrong?" Twilight's voice was as sweet and innocent as a filly, but with the undertone of a total bitch.

"N-no, nothings wrong," he stuttered as he continued to climb the ladder with a little difficulty.

Twilight wasn't going to stop her little game there though. She grabbed the bace of the toy and started moving it around in both directions. Spike was letting out little yelps and moans as Twilight twisted and turned the fake phallus inside him.

His shaky claw reached for the book and grasped it. He tried to lift it, but found he was loosing his strength. Eventually, the book slid out of its place and Spike gripped it to his chest just as he let out a cute little groan and released his jizz in two tiny spurts on the cover of the book.

Spike's eyes slid closed and his head filled with mist, causing him to fall backwards off the ladder and to the floor.

Twilight positioned herself under him and caught the dazed dragon on her back before he hit the ground. She levitated the book out of his grip and looked with fondness as the little sploog on the cover. She closed her eyes and let her tongue hang out to lap up the delicate little droplets.

"You're sweet today," she cooed as she set the recovering dragon on his feet and mover to read the book.

"Hmmmmmm…Elements of Debauchery. See mare in the moon?"

Spike weakly raised his head and blinked at Twilight.

"Mare in the moon? But thats just an old pony's tale, isn't it?"

"Lets see…The mare in the moon, an evil pony who wanted to revoke the right of sexual expression and plunge the world in eternal night, and celibacy. Legend has it that on the longest day of the thousandth year, the stars would aid in her escape."

Twilight gasped as she turned to spike, who was pushing his vibrator back into his snug ass.

"Spike, I need you to take a letter to the princess."

Spike dashed and returned with a scroll and a quill in his claws.

"Ah-hem! My dearest teacher. My continuing studies of pony eroticism has led me to uncover a disturbing prophecy."

"Hold on! Eroto….erota…."

Twilight rolled her eyes.

"Sex, Spike," she corrected wryly before continuing. "You see, the mythical mare in the moon, is in fact Nightmare Moon, and her return is at hoof. I await your quick response. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle."

Spike concluded the letter with a period.

"Got it!"

"Good, send it off."


"Yes, Spike. We need to warn the princess as soon as possible."

Spike scratched his head with the quill, a skeptic look on his face.

"I don't know, Twilight. The princess is pretty busy with the Slutty Sun Celebration."

"Exactly! The celebration is the longest day of the thousandth year!"

"Ok-Ok," Spike submitted, letting out a wisp of green flame that ate up the scroll and carried it off to wherever the princess was.
"It's on its way, but I wouldn't hold your breath."

Twilight smiled smugly as she threw out her chest and moved to look out her huge glass window.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that, Spike. In all the years that I've slaked the princess's lust, she has never said no to me. All I have to do is give her the filly voice and a rump shake and she's putty in my hooves."

As soon as Twilight finished her explanation, a loud belch came from her little friend, followed by a scroll with the royal seal around it, a sight that caused a triumphant smile to crest Twilight's lips.

"See? I told you she would trust me."

Spike opened the scroll and breezed over the message before clearing his throat.

"My dearest fuck slave, Twilight. You know that I value your intelligence and that I trust you completely. But you simply must stop spending all your time masterbating and reading."

Twilight gasped.

Twilight and Spike rode together in a golden chariot as two pegasus guards flew them over the land to their destination. Twilight was so blown away by what the princess had said in her letter that she asked Spike to read it back to her.

"My dear Twilight, there is much more to a young ponies' life than studying and abusing a baby dragon's ass."

Spike felt his cheeks flush, but he had to agree with the princess.

"That is why I'm sending you to check on the preparations for this years Slutty Sun Celebration in this years location, Ponyville."

As Spike finished the last part, the small town came into view over the horizon.

"And, I have a more important mission for you to undergo for Equestria…find some new fuck buddies."

Twilight moaned as she looked over the edge of the chariot, causing a twinge of worry to come over Spike.

"Look on the bright side, Twilight. The princess arranged for you to stay in a library, doesn't that make you happy?"

Twilight's ears perked up at the mention of "library". A library meant privacy and books. Where she could read more about Nightmare Moon and the elements of

"You know what? It does! You know why? Because I'm right! I'll check on the preparations, then get to the library and get to the bottom of this," she stated proudly as the chariot came to a graceful landing in the center of town.

Unicorn and dragon stepped down from their ride.

"But Twilight, making some new connections couldn't hurt. You might even like it."

Twilight looked to her dragon friend thoughtfully. Her circle to date only entailed the princess, Spike, and on occasion her older brother. Maybe he had something with this trying new ponies thing.

She then looked to the two guards who had carried the chariot from Canterlot. They both looked a bit tired from the trip, and Twilight thought maybe it would be nice to give them a little…….'tip'?

"Alright, Spike, hang back for a bit."

Spike smiled in triumph that she had actually listened to him.

Twilight fought back the nervousness she felt as she approached the two guards.

"Uh, excuse me, sirs."

The guards looked over at the purple mare as she approached them with a friendly smile.

"Anything else we can help you with, Ms. Sparkle? The taller one asked in a gruff voice.

"Oh, I just wanted to say thank you for bringing me and my friend all the way here."
The shorter, more muscular one smiled at Twilight.

"Think nothing of it, Ms. Its an honor to escort a student of the princess."

Twilight blushed. The shorter one had a very soft and gentle voice, and his smile made her feel like a giddy little girl.

"W-well, to thank you both, I was wondering if either of you would like to……have a magic job….before you go?"

The guards looked at each other before turning back to the young mare.

"Yeah, sure," said the tall one.

"I never turn down a magic job. Specially one from such a lovely mare."

Again she felt her cheeks get warm from the flirtations of the younger stallion.

Twilight switched over to sex mode, her eyes narrowing in a sultry manner as she fluttered her lashes at the big stallions.

"Well, you both know my name, but I don't think I know either of yours," she purred with a pouty inflection.

"Oh, my name is Steel Wing," the big guy answered.

"And I'm Thunder Stomp," the younger one added.

"Tee hee, It's a pleasure to meet you both. Now boys, close your eyes."

The eager stallions slid their eyes closed, both wearing a smile of excitement.

Twilight's horn lit up, and she wrapped her aura around both their sheath's, coaxing their warm cocks to come out and say hello.

"Ohh, Ms. Sparkle," Steel Wing gasped.
"Shhhhhh, just relax and enjoy," Twilight cooed.

"And call me Twilight."

After some gentle stroking, Twilight could feel their hard cocks come to full erection and start leaking little droplets of pre.

"Lets try something fun. Thunder Stomp, I want you to imagine that you're inserting your cock inside my pussy, and Steel Wing, I want you to imagine that your balls deep inside my mouth. Gaging me and fucking my throat."
Both stallions nodded as they started panting and dripping sweat, loosing themselves in their respective fantasies.

Twilight gave Thunder Stomp's magic sleeve the properties of being hot and moist, and squeezing it tighter to make him feel like he was inside a little pussy. She then gave Steel Wing's sleeve a feeling like it was slathering his hard cock with hot saliva, and a tongue lapping at all his sensitive spots.

Twilight giggled to herself as she watched the two big stallions twitch and moan in ecstasy. They both started thrusting their hips in an attempt to get deeper inside their respective sleeves.

"Ah-ah, no thrusting, boys. I want to make you both feel good from just my magic," she teased, feeling empowered that she had so much control over stallions three times bigger and stronger than her.

They both complied, doing their best to stay still while getting stroked off. Twilight shifted and pushed together her hind legs. She had been feeling very antsy since she hadn't had a chance to take care of herself since leaving Canterlot. It didn't help either that she was pleasuring two big, strong stallions right in the middle of a town she had never been to before.

Local ponies walking by would stop and watch for a minute before smiling and continuing on with their business.

Such was the way in Equestria.

Twilight could tell by looking at her new friends that they were getting close, and she knew what to do to push them over the edge.

"It's ok, boys. Just blow as hard as you can until your blue balls turn pink. I wanna hear you both moan like mares when you fill my magic with your hot cum."

Twilight's gentle purring was too much for them to take.

"T-TWILIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!" Thunder Stomp cried out as he grit his teeth and let go with three quick shots of yellow cum.

"COOOOOOOMIIIIIIIIIING!" Steel Wing added as he came a ten second stream of continuous jizz inside Twilight's magic.

Twilight felt a warm glow wash over her, even though she hadn't touched herself in hours. She had always enjoyed making the princess and Spike feel good, but she had never thought that making ponies she didn't know feel good would feel good to her too.

The stallions both slumped as they recover with labored breath from their afternoon delight.

Twilight suddenly felt a wash of regret. Seeing the big stallions looking so tired and fatigued made her think she had gone too far.

"Oh my, I-I'm so sorry. Was that too much?"
The stallions tilted their heads up, both wearing a goofy grin.

"Not at all. That was just what I needed," Steel Wing admitted as he wiped beads of sweat from his brow.

"Ya, I never had one that felt that good. Thank you Ms-I uh, mean…Twilight."

Twilight's worry turned into a little smile.

"We would love to stay, Twilight, but we need to get back to the castle."

"O-of course. Maybe I can meet with you two in the future?" She asked, feeling her nerves boil up again.

"Absolutly, I'll come visit you sometime at the school," Thunder stomp stated enthusiastically.

"Me too," Steel Wing added.

The stallions waved good bye as they flapped their wings and took off into the sky.

Twilight dispersed her magic, letting their combined seed spill onto the ground. Spike, who had been watching from the wings, smiled and walked up to where Twilight stood watching the chariot take off.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No, I guess it wasn't, and they seemed to appreciate the gesture."

"Gee, ya think?" He asked, pointing at the pile of splooge seeping into the grass.

"Heh heh, ya."

"Do ya think that you're ready to try with somepony from this town now?"

Twilight thought about it. At that moment she noticed a pink pony with a big fluffy mane and tail as she trotted in her direction.

Twilight couldn't help but notice that she was really cute and pretty. Her eyes were a vibrant blue, and her smile was so sweet that Twilight could almost taste it.

"Ok, Twilight. You can do this. Just like with the stallions. Smile, be nice, and ask her if she would like to get together sometime."
Twilight quickly got into seductive mode. She donned the bedroom eyes and sauntered toward the mare with a little strut.

"Hi there," she greeted, flipping her mane a little.

The pink mare gasped loudly, to Twilight's shock.

Before she could ask what was up, the pink pony caught Twilight in a strong kiss on the mouth. The earth pony's tongue slipped easily past her lips, and in a flash Twilight was flooded with the taste of candy, cookies, cake, soda, funnel cake, brownies, and everything else sweet and nostalgic under Molestia's sun.

Her eyes started rolling into the back of her head as the new mare's tongue expertly worked and twisted around Twilights oral muscle. But Twilight's eyes didn't stay inside her skull for long.

Like a bolt of lightning, Twilight felt something tickling at her pleasure button. The curly texture of it told her it was the tip of the pink pony's tail, which was doing a great job of stimulating her clit.

Twilight moaned into the pink pony's mouth, only spurring her to deep kiss her more.

Twilight's eyes slid closed as pleasure jolted from her clit to her brain where it mixed with the wonderful kiss she was receiving from the strange mare.

"Wow! This was easier than I thought."
Twilight's right back leg raised a few inches off the ground and started twitching as she felt herself getting closer to a wonderful orgasm.

But suddenly she felt the tickling on her clit vanish.

She opened her eyes, expecting to see a face full of pink, but saw nothing.

Her head darted from left to right, but the pink mare was gone.

"Spike! Did you see where she went?" She asked, feeling a little confused.

"I-I'm not sure what I just saw, but she just vanished in a flash of pink," he explained, sounding just as confused as she was.

Twilight groaned in her throat. She was so close to coming, and now all she had was an aching marehood and a long list of priorities to compleat.

She then had a horrible feeling come over her.

"Did I do something wrong? That must be it! She didn't like me, so she didn't want to waste her time…"

Twilight lowered her head in dread. All the good feelings she had from pleasuring the guards was gone now, leaving her with a feeling of being worthless and pathetic.

"Come on, Spike. Lets get this stuff done so we can get to the library," she said in a tone that broke the baby dragon's heart.

Spike thought to say something to allay her sadness, but decided against it. He could see that Twilight just wanted some quiet for now...

Down, on the farm.

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A little while later and they were out of the town proper and making their way through a big orchard filled with apple trees. Twilight was still a little down, but she had perked up a bit. Twilight was never one to let her personal feelings get in the way of her duties.
"Ok, first thing on the list is food. It says that a pony named Applejack is the one in charge."

"The food is very important. Ponies are going to get hungry after they're served by the princess," Twilight stated smartly.


The sound of an abrupt "yeehaw" drew both pony and dragon's attention to a nearby tree just as a tan pony with a golden blond mane and tail ran up and bucked an apple tree with her back legs.

The tree shook before dropping a bunch of apples into baskets under it.

The tan earth pony was a sight straight out of a country porno magazine, and Twilight couldn't help gawking for a moment.

Her body was shapely, obviously from years of working on a farm. Her ass was tight and looked firm to the touch. Her tan coat glistened with her sweat, and Twilight gulped hard when she whipped her golden mane to the side, revealing her glistening green eyes.
Twilight had gone through a "phase" when she was younger. She had found a magazine in the back of the library in Canterlot entitled "Barnyard Babes", and she had spent the next six months masterbating furiously to pictures of hot mares who worked on farms.
The sexy mare before her wearing the awesome stetson was bringing back her past fetish like a tidal wave.

Carefully, Twilight approached her, meanwhile Spike was rolling his eyes and thinking. 'Oh boy. Here we go again.'

"Uh, excuse me."

The earth pony turned her attention with a smile to the pony walking up to her.
"M-my name is Twilight Sparkle, and I've been sent to check on the food for the celebration."

Before she could react, the farm girl grasped Twilight's hoof and started shaking it furiously like she was beating off a cock.

"Well howdy do, Ms Twilight. My names Applejack. Welcome to Sweet Apple Acres."
Twilight felt her face get hot as she realized that she was technically holding hooves with the beautiful mare.

"Oh, well…thank you," she stammered like a filly with a crush.

"We here at the farm sure like meetin new ponies. Specially ones as cute as y'all," she admitted with a sultry look, one that made Twilight feel like she was melting on the inside.

"T-thank you so much," she stammered once again, hoping that Applejack couldn't see how shy she was.

"We were just about to start eaten, but ah think that to celebrate meetin a new friend, we need to welcome you proper like."
Twilight peered over Applejack's shoulder to see a swarm of farm mares, each one more beautiful than the last crowding around and eyeing Twilight like she was a hot pie cooling on a window sill.

"This is the Apple family. The boys are all off getting the food ready for the hootenanny tomorrow, but the lot of us can give y'all a right welcome."

Twilight felt like her heart was going to burst. She had dared to dream of this scenario only once in her life, the result of which lead to her sheets getting soaked like a slip and slide.
"Uuuuuuum, I'm very grateful, but we have a lot to do, right Spike?…..Spike?"

Twilight looked around for her baby dragon, who was preoccupied with a little yellow filly with a pink bow who was doing a great job of deep throating his cock.

The filly pulled off his dick, continuing to stroke it with her little hoof. She gave Twilight a puppy face that would melt a boulder.

"Cant y'all stay and play for a while?" She asked in a sweet little voice.

Twilight looked with hesitation at the pouting filly. Her gaze traveled to Spike, who looked like he was really enjoying the attention he was getting from his new friend.

She smiled. Lately, Twilight had started thinking that she would like for Spike to make some friends his own age. She didn't want him spending all his time doing chores and aiding Twilight in her perverted research.

He deserved a little fun.

So, why not?

"Fine," Twilight submitted, trying to sound like she wasn't overcome with joy.

"Well all right then! Ladies, dig in!"

Like a pack of hungry wolves, the harem of farm mares swarmed on her. Twilight just went limp as they laid her down on her back on the soft grass. Her mouth was caught by a light blue mare with a sandy brown mane. Her saliva tasted like sweet apple cider, and Twilight was quick to add her tongue to the dance between them.

Gentle hooves spread her hind legs, letting the scent of her arousal float up to the hungry nostrils of the mares all around. Twilight gasped in her kiss when she felt two mouths catch her perky little teats and start tenderly suckling her like foals.

Two more soft, warm tongues found their way to her moist little slit and started working hungrily into her folds.

The stimulation was too much for her, having had her orgasm denied earlier. She bucked her hips upward like she was having a seizure, her pussy exploding with her pent up girl cum.

The two mares between her legs were doused with hot liquid, matting their manes and eliciting a chorus of squeals and giggles from the collected ponies.

Twilight's rump fell to the ground, the mares at her teats moving to lap up the squirt that coated her thighs and belly. The scent of her cum was like blood in the water, sending the rest of the mares into a feeding frenzy.

They all crowded over each other, fighting to find something that they could play with on her body. Mares pinned all four of her legs to the ground and held them in place by placing their hot slits on her limbs to start rubbing their pussies.

Tongues ran rampant all over her body, slathering her from top to bottom with their sweet smelling saliva.

Meanwhile, Spike was busy on his back while the yellow filly rode on his cock reverse cowpony style. His claws dug deep into her pert little rump cheeks, but not to deep. He had already exploded little spurts of his thin seed into her mouth after she discovered his anal toy and started pushing it deeper into his rectum.

"Y'all sure are cute," she giggled as she dropped her little pussy down on his pink cock, driving him deeper into her tight depths.
"Ah bet ya never had somepony as tight as me," she teased.

Spike was beyond words. His anal muscles clienched hard on his toy as he thrust upward hard and let go with a bigger load inside his new friend's pussy. The filly opened her mouth wide as she felt her own orgasm slam her young body, causing her to shake and squeal in adolescent delight.

Twilight's eyes were closed tight.

She could no longer stand the sight of gorgeous farm girls all kissing and licking and rubbing and dripping and panting and loving all over her body.

Two mares were rubbing their rumps on either side of her face as they tried to stimulate their wet pussies with Twilight's soft cheeks. Twilight's tongue rolled from one side of her muzzle to the other in an attempt to taste the sweat dripping off of the two mare's plots.

She was openly moaning, and at times screaming as orgasms hit her hard and then passed away to make room for the next one.
"Sweet Molestia's plot! I-I feel sooooo gooooood! Every inch of me is in heat! My titties! My pussy! Even my asshole!"

The sound of their accents only added to her sexual madness. She was vaguely aware when they would say something to her or give her some complement in their sexy southern drawls.

"You sure look like ya like it, Ms. Twilight," one cooed to her.

"I tell ya, I've never tasted a unicorn for. Who'da guessed that they taste so sweet," another whispered to her before burying her face once again into Twilight's melting pussy.
The really perverted mares went to work on places of her body that even surprised Twilight.

An earth pony on either side of her nuzzled into the pits of her forelegs, causing a hint of curiosity to hit Twilight.

At first all they did was sniff at her under leg, which caused twilight to feel self conscious about the smell that was no doubt emanating from that area. Soon though she found out that her body odor was not a deterrent, but an aphrodisiac to the perverted girls.

They dug into her leg pits and started tickling her tender areas with tongue and hot breath, drawing a sharp squeal from their unicorn lover.

Twilight had never felt anything like it before, and while it was a bit odd, she found it to feel very naughty and pleasant.

"Well now, sugar cube. I take it y'all are gettin on with the family right nice like," Applejack observed as she watched Twilights sex glazed face from above.

"Thats nothing," Spike chimed in, after spending several minutes cuddling and talking with his new filly friend, who's name he had learned was Apple Bloom.

"You should have see back during her "farm pony" phase. She used to masterbate to pictures of mare's asses till she could hardly move."

Applejack let what the little dragon said sink in for a moment before turning back to Twilight with a knowing smile on her beautiful freckled face. "So, y'all got a thing for farm ponies huh?" Twilight only averted her gaze from Applejack, an act that sealed the deal in Applejack's eyes.

"Well aint that nice. Y'all must be a real smart girl. You know how much better a farm girl's rear is to some head in the clouds pegasus or a stuck up unicorn-Uh, no offense."

Twilight took no offense. She knew how some unicorns were, and it made her sick that a few stuff shirts made all unicorns look bad.
"Make way, ladies. I think this one is ready for a pony ride," Applejack stated in a mature and sexy voice.

The mares around her head moved away as Applejack turned away, positioning her tight ass right over Twilight's face.

Twilight only looked up in aww as Applejack's tan ass blocked out the sun, a heavenly aura of light shining around it. Droplets of Applejack's juices dripped onto Twilight's face, one landing right on her tongue.

Interestingly enough, Applejack's juices tasted more like green apple than that of a regular red one. It was both sour and sweet at the same time, and Twilight wanted to suck on her pussy lips like they were a green apple lolly pop.

Without warning, Applejack's plot fell down and trapped Twilight's muzzle between her deep ass crack. Twilight's nose was filled with the aroma of Applejack's musky ass as she gave it a little shake to make sure she was wedged in there.

It was so strong and powerful from her work in the orchard, and Twilight worried that she might not be able to breath, but her lessons with the Princess's giant ass taught her how to handle it.

Twilight simply tilted her head back a bit till her nose slipped past Applejack's pussy and was able to draw breath. This also put her mouth at the right angle to reach the thing she wanted to taste the most.

Twilight's dexterous little tongue found Applejack's sweaty rose bud and started working between massaging her asshole and playing with the folds of her sweet and tangy pussy lips.

Even though her mouth was busy, Twilight's lower half was still being assaulted by the tongues and hooves of the horney mares. Her teats were incredibly sensitive by now, her nipples had been sucked and nibbled to the point that she was sure they were raw.
Her pussy was continuously being licked and played with by the assembly of mares who were driving her to one continuous orgasm after another. The mares who couldn't get in had spread out around Twilight's form and were attending themselves. Some simply stared and masterbated to the show, while others got together with hooves in between each others legs, helping each other build to climax.

"Whoa nelly!" Whoda thought y'all had a silver tongue to go with that cute face."
Applejack gasped when she felt Twilight's tongue wedge its way as deep inside her ass as it would go. The mares watching and playing with themselves bit their lips and wished it was them with a hot unicorn's tongue up their ass.

"Thats it, sugar cube. Get it right-NGH!-in there." Applejack smirked to herself as she gave her rump a wiggle to try and help Twilight plunder her ass deeper.

Twilight's tongue moved to enter Applejack's pussy once again. Her opening was narrow, and it squeezed and flexed around Twilight's tongue as she explored her every nook and cranny.

Her tongue touched her clit, and Applejack saw lightning bolts. She started wildly bucking on Twilight's face as she built up to her orgasm. Twilight held on as best she could, continuing her oral assault on the farm pony's wet pussy and occasionally switching over to her twitching asshole.

"HAAA! Just like that, hun! You're doin great! Keep it up...and I'll give you a real good facial!"

Twilight could only hear the word "facial" through her fog of sex crazed insanity, but she was 'with it' enough to know she wanted it bad. She wanted a big drink of her new farm pony friend's delicious fluids.

"O-open wide, sugar cube. I-it's gonna be a big one!"

With a loud moan from both unicorn and earth pony, Twilight's mouth was flooded and filled up with Applejack's tangy squirt. Her hooves gripped Twilight's head between her legs, forcing her muzzle deeper into her gushing snatch.

The mares between Twilight's legs were also treated to a big shower of hot squirt, letting their tongues hang out to receive her liquid climax. The mares watching and playing with themselves reached climax at almost the same time, releasing their own streams of liquid climax and showering Twilight's twitching body like a shower.

Applejack's ass cheeks clenched around Twilight's muzzle as she slumped foreword, panting as she used a hoof to open her pussy a little and deposit her remaining droplets into Twilight's tired mouth.

The weary earth pony dismounted Twilight's face and stepped back to get a good look at her work. Twilight was a mess. Her mane and face was soaked with squirt, and her gaping mouth dripped saliva as she panted to catch her breath.

The other mares all giggled as they looked on at the mare they had ravaged together.
"Lan sakes, sugar cube. Your dirtier than a hog in mud. Lets get y'all cleaned up for ya start to get sticky."

Before Twilight could return to reality, Applejack scooped her up on her strong back and whisked her off to get cleaned up, Spike waddling as fast as he could behind the two followed by Apple Bloom.

Applejack's "shower" was only a wood bucket with holes in the bottom and a rain catcher above it with a handle.

"All right then, here it comes," the farm mare warned as she pulled the handle and released a flow of ice cold water onto Twilight's body. The unicorn shrieked when the glacier water doused her.

"Sorry bout that, hun."

Twilight only groaned as she let the cold water drip from her mane.

"No-no, its fine."

Apple Bloom and Spike started laughing together at the sight of a mare who resembled a cum-drowned rat.

Just then, a stallion wearing a big hat walked up to the group.

"Cousin Applejack? Golden Delicious lost the bag of cinnamon we needed for the pastries."
Applejack donned an annoyed face.

"Carn sarnit! I'm real sorry Twilight, but I gotta take care of this."

Twilight shook off the water and flashed Applejack a smile.

"It's fine. I had, uh….fun…meeting you and your family."

"Applejack, can Spike come back and play again sometime?" Apple Bloom asked to her big sister.

"Well I recon thats up to Ms. Twilight."

"I think Spike would love a play date sometime."

Apple Bloom smiled at Spike, and Spike couldn't help but smile back.

Twilight and Spike waved goodbye as the two ponies walked off to continue their preparations.

"So, Twilight. You got to live out one of your fantasies, how do you feel?"

Twilight groaned as she walked with spike down the dirt path.

"Uhh, I ate too much pie," she grumbled, but with a satisfied smile.

"You wanna take a break?" Spike asked.

"On to the next one, Spike. On to the next one."

Rainbows and Mud.

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Spike and Twilight reentered Ponyville from the road that connected Sweet Apple Acres to the little town.

"Alright, whats next on the list, Spike?"

Spike pulled the list from Twilight's bag and unfurled it, breezing over its contents.

"Lets see. Weather," he declared.

"Very well then. Who do we see for that?"

"Says that there's supposed to be a pegasus pony named, Rainbow Dash keeping the sky clear."

Twilight craned her neck op to the blue sky. A scowl came onto her face as her eyes moved over puffy cloud and abundant cumulonimbus formations.Damn you cumulonimbus! You will pay for what you did to my father…'

"Well, she isn't doing a very good job, is she?"

Like a flash, Twilight was knocked off her hooves and tussled on her back in the middle of a mud puddle. She tried to groan, but found that something was blocking her mouth.

"Whoo boy, I gotta work on my landing," the crasher proclaimed as she sat up and whipped her head around to shake off the stars flying around her head.

Spike watched the whole crash from the side of the road. He was gonna say something, but decided that he wanted to watch this play out.

The blue pony with the rainbow style shifted her butt around, curiosity brimming on what she could be sitting on.

"Mph! Mmmmmph!"

The pegasus looked over her shoulder and down to see a purple horn and the top half of what looked like a mare.

A cute mare.

"Hay you! Who gave you permission to put your mouth on my pussy?" She demanded, sounding very cross.

The unicorn under her plot did her best to flail about, but found that the gruff sounding mare atop her was really strong, leaving Twilight feeling like a sheep under a bull.

Twilight felt her nose rub against the rainbow pony's puckered rose bud, but found that it didn't smell bad, and that it looked incredibly cute like a filly's.

The rainbow pony's sour face soon turned to a shocked 'O', then to a sassy smile.

"Ooooooh I get it. You must be a fan," she mused.

Twilight tried to shake her head, but the mare's plot was firmly holding her head down in the mud.

"Well then, why didn't you just say so. A fan of the great Rainbow Dash…is a fan of...ME!" She cheered.

'Oh no! What kind of looney, egotistical pegasus have I gotten trapped under!?'

"Gotta say though, never had a fan girl waiting for me to land on her in the mud. Had one run up and burry her face in my plot while I was shopping, but that was only once."

The pegasus started grinding her hips on Twilight's face like she was using a sybian toy, and Twilight couldn't help but detect that she had a wonderful smelling scent radiating off her ass and pussy.

It was musky and sexy, the kind of scent that made Twilight forget that she was on her back in the mud. Her mouth opened slightly, her tongue slipping slightly past her lips to make contact with the mare's tender puffy pussy lips.

"Thats it, you dirty little fan girl."

Twilights tongue gently parted her lips and found its way to her moist, pink center. Her taste was unlike anything Twilight had tasted before (not to say she had tasted many pussies in her life).

She tasted just like fresh rain on a spring morning, and Twilight couldn't stop her mouth from watering with desire for more.

"This must be a treat for you, huh? Are you totally psyched to have the taste of your hero's pussy sweat in your slutty little fan girl mouth?"

Twilight only muffled a moan into the cyan pony's snatch, the vibrations from her muffling driving her to gyrate her hips on Twilight's face harder.

Twilight was no stranger though to how to pleasure a pussy. Molestia had taught her the ancient and sacred art of cunnilingus and all the ins and outs of what makes a mare feel good.

Twilight took a deep breath through her nose and dove her tongue inside the pussy in her mouth.

"AH! Holy shit! You're not just a fan girl….'NGH!' you're a fucking slut!"

Twilight found her G-spot and started working it with all her might. The rainbow pony started grunting as she rode the big wave of pleasure her assumed fan girl was giving her.

She noticed that her unicorn fans hind legs were squeezing together, pushing her thighs in an attempt to stimulate her own growing desire.

"Feeling antsy, aren't ya? Bet you wish I would use my hoof to touch your horny little twat, right?"

Twilight couldn't answer with a mouthful of pussy, but she did. Her crotch was warm and itchy with desire for some contact.

"Well thats too bad! You can just frig yourself later to the memory of my hot slit in your mouth! If I give you permission, that is."

Twilight felt herself become very annoyed. This pony was so irritating. How could somepony be so self important and conceited?

Twilight decided that she was going to show this pony what kind of "fan girl" she really was.

Her tongue worked into overtime, alternating between her G-spot and her clit with furry. Her pussy started spurting juice erratically like a sprinkler, forcing Twilight to make sloppy, nasty sounds as she continued to eat the pegasus's pussy.

"keep eating, you fucking bitch! I love it!"

Twilight could tell by the way her depths were squeezing her tongue that she was close to coming, and she knew how to seal the deal. She used the tip of her teeth to bite down on her clit as hard as the little nub would allow.
The rainbow pony released a loud scream as her pussy gushed and spewed liquid enough to drown poor Twilight in girl cum.

"H-holy fucking sun! You aren't like the other fan girls," her voice became dreamy and loose like she had had one too many ciders.

Finally and at long last, she got up off of Twilight and stepped to the side to have a look at her.

"Hay! You're even cuter without my plot in your face," she complemented as Twilight got up and scraped some of the mud off of herself.

"Gee, thanks," she said wryly with a scowl on her cum and mud stained face.

"So, you got a name? Or should I call you 'Crazy Awesome Pussy Eating Fan Girl'?"
Twilight cleared her throat.

"My name is, Twilight Sparkle, and I'm here to check on the weather."

"Ooooooh…sorry about the whole rape thing." Rainbow Dash said with a sympathetic smile.

"Here, to make up for it, how about I clean ya up?"

Before Twilight could respond, Rainbow Dash zipped off and came back with a rain cloud. She began jumping up and down on it till it turned from grey to white. "There, hows tha-" She stopped in her tracks when she saw a mare who looked like she just got out of a pool. "Uh…Two seconds!"

Twilight gasped as she was surrounded by a rainbow tornado, winds whipping all around her and threatening to pick her up into the air.
"Rainblow dry always does the trick. No need to thank me…"

Both Spike and Rainbow Dash sputtered in unison before collapsing to the ground and laughing till the couldn't breath.

Twilight didn't have to look. She knew that her mane and tail were something out of a disco tech. The curls and poofs tickled her ears and back as she scowled at the two laughing at her.

"Not that I haven't figured this out already, but your Rainbow Dash, right?"

The cyan pegasus stood up abruptly, throwing Spike onto his belly.

"Absolutely I am!"

Twilight sighed.

"So maybe you can tell me why there are all those clouds gumming up the sky."

Rainbow Dash floated up into the sky and plopped down on a cloud, kicking up her hooves and laying out.

"I'll get to it, after I'm done practicing my moves."


"Ya, I'm practicing to join the Wonderbolts."

Twilight rolled her eyes and scoffed.

"As in thee Wonderbolts?"

"Yup yup."

"The greatest arial sexual performers in all of Equestria?"

"You know any others?"

"Pffffffffffft, yeah right!"

Rainbow Dash looked over the edge of her cloud at Twilight with a scowl of her own.
"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"The Wonderbolts need to be in top physical condition to perform their signature sex moves while flying, they would never accept a pegasus who couldn't keep the sky clear for one day!" Twilight mocked with a coy smile.

"Hey! I can clear this sky, masterbate, and cum, in ten seconds flat."

Twilight chuckled in her throat. "Show me."

In a flash of rainbow vapor, Rainbow put a hoof between her legs and zipped off. Her back legs flew wildly as clouds exploded into nothing. Her hoof furiously yet gently worked her sensitive pussy, as if the act of flying fast drove her closer and closer to climax.

Nine seconds later and all the clouds were gone, leaving only her orgasm to finish her boast.

In a spectacular cork screw spin upward, she let out a beautiful moan and her pussy burst like a water balloon, sending her liquid splattering down on Twilight's head like a down pour, wetting her mane one again and causing it to hang down her face.

Rainbow Dash floated back down to the planet, huffing deeply with a cocky look on her face.

"Huuuh…See? What I tell ya? Ten. seconds. flat!"

Twilight only stared at her with a gaping jaw and girl cum all over her face.

"Heh heh, I wish you could see your face." Rainbow Dash chuckled as she floated up and moved so her mouth was right next to Twilight's ear. "I like you, Twilight Sparkle. Cant wait to "hang out" again sometime," she whispered into her ear before giving the tip a small bite.

The cyan mare zipped off into the blue, leaving Twilight with a snickering baby dragon.

"Not…a…word," she snarled.

The two turned and started walking toward the tall building that acted as town hall.

"Ok, decoration is next. Cant wait to see what the motif for this year is gonna be."

"Well I sure hope its better than the nautical theme they put together last year," Twilight commented, gulping hard and praying to Molestia that this didn't end in another sexual escapade.

But you can't hope too much for that, living in Equestria.

You will be fabulous, and like it!

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Twilight opened the double doors, and the two were greeted by a fabulously decorated town hall. There were tall candles spaced around the large, round room. The celling had a big white canopy holding rose petals meant to drop down as the princess entered the room. The glass windows were affixed with lovely purple class covered, casting a gentle and sexy light into the room.

"Holy guacamole! Soooooooo beautiful~," Spike gasped beside Twilight who was equally as stunned by the decorations.

"Ya…It really is something huh?"

Spike tapped her shoulder.

"Not the decorations. I was talking about her."

Twilight spotted what he was talking about. She was ivory white, which only accentuated every jaw dropping curve of her gorgeous body. Her mane and tail looked like swirling silk as they bounced with her movement.

Spike felt his mouth get dry and transfer the moisture to his hands. His eyes popped out of his head, while his head popped out of his body.

Twilight noticed her friend's dazed look and tried shaking him by waving her hoof in his face. To no avail. Twilight rolled her eyes as she picked him up with her magic and walked up to where the gorgeous mare was standing.

"Scuse me, I-"

"Just a moment, dear. The muses are with me, if you will."

The mare used her magic to hang a deep red drape on two pillars.

"Oh yes. Such a romantic color. Oh Rarity, you are a tawdry little tease," she mused to herself as she fluttered her long lashes and turned to Twilight.

"Now. What can I help….you…with…"
Twilight turned on her smile for the sake of first impressions.

"Hello. My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I was sent to check the decor, which are absolutely wonderful by the way. So I guess thats it."

Twilight turned to leave, Spike still in a daze from his new crush.

"Just a moment, darling."

Twilight turned to look back at the beautiful mare.

"An adorable little slut walkes up to me. Soaked in squirt, reeking of sex, and I'm supposed to just let her walk away?"

The beautiful mare, whom Twilight had put together's name was Rarity, sauntered toward Twilight with a strut that caused her rump and tail to swish from side to side. Her eyes glided over Twilight's body like she was eyeing a beautiful diamond.

"Uh, I don't really know what to say to that," Twilight replied with a hint of fear.

In a flash she felt something cold and metallic slip onto her horn and fall snugly onto the bace. Something soft and silky wrapped around her back as well as her fore legs and tighten like chains.

She tried to scream, but her mouth was swiftly stuffed by a round red ball and synched around her head. Twilight flopped to the ground like a calf at a rodeo, a place she had visited in her youth for the purpose of gaining masterbation material.

The alabaster beauty giggled to herself with a lusty glint in her eyes as she imagined all the naughty things she was going to do to this new 'pet'.

With her magic, she picked up her writhing play thing and carried her off to Molestia knows where.

Spike only followed while his tongue dragged on the floor.

Twilight found herself strapped down to some kind of sex couch. Her back legs were kept separated by an inverted 'V' shaped block, while her upper half rested on soft black cushions. Her limbs were held down by lengths of black silk that did a good job of restraining her, but didn't bite into her or cause discomfort. Her tail was pulled back and secured under another piece of silk tied around her belly.

She would have broken out already, if it weren't for the magic canceling ring at the bace of her horn.

In the moments before she was blinded by a blindfold, she took in the sight of her captors home. It was almost as beautifully decorated as the town hall had been. Lovely red drapes and marble sculptures of mares in provocative poses filled empty space while candles held by other statues illuminated the room with intimate light.

Spike found himself in a similar predicament. The only difference was that he was wholly enjoying his confinement.

He was held by a series of metal pipes that had him in an ass up position.

The captor strolled into the room, humming a little melody to herself. Twilight moaned into her gag and lifted her head at the sound of hooves on floor.

"I really must apologies…Twilight, was it? When the muses are with me I sometimes loose control. But fear not. I assure you it will be worth it, darling."

She then turned her attentions to the little purple dragon she had rigged up in the corner. She sauntered over to the adolescent drake, gazing dreamily into his star struck eyes as she strode.

"And what is your name, little one?"

Spike gulped down a ball of fire, hoping his mouth wasn't too dry to speak.

"I-I'm Spike, ma'am," he stuttered.

"Well well well, I see that you are one with manners. That will get you far with me," she cooed, using her hoof to tickle the underside of his jaw.

"Oh! Speaking of manners, I have yet to introduce myself. I do apologize for that. I am Rarity. Ponyville's premier designer and maker of all things kinky, fetishey, and fabulous. But we can get better aquatinted, after I acquaint myself with the two of you."
She licked her lips, gazing down at Spike's face.

"And I think I'll start with you, cutie."

She moved behind Spike and raised his tail, a surprised gasp escaping her lips. She spotted the small dildo wedged in his asshole and looked to Twilight's flank, putting together that the star on the toy matched the one on her flank.

"Oh…I do apologize, darling. I didn't know that he belonged to you. Would you be offended if I played with him?"

Twilight thought about it for a minute. She had the power to have spike cut loose, but remembered that he had outed her to Applejack about her farm girl fetish. And if that weren't bad enough, he just watched as she was raped in broad daylight.

He needed to squirm a little.

A simple nod from Twilight sealed Spike's fate.

"Wonderful! I have just the toy for a little gentleman."

She left the room and returned with a stand. Mounted atop it was what looked like a power tool, but instead of a saw or a drill, there was affixed a floppy rubber horse cock, that was only a little bigger than the toy that currently called his butt home.

She planted the toy behind Spike while using her magic to ease his dildo out and set it next to her. She squirted some clear oil on the rubber phalus and started easing it into his anus.

Spike clenched his fangs as his ring was spread and the thicker toy crept inside him.
A little wince caused Rarity to cease her insertion.

"It isn't too painful for you, is it, darling?" She asked with a caring and concerned voice.
"I-it's just a little big is all. I-I'm ok…really."
Rarity smiled and planted a little kiss on his butt cheek before continuing her insertion.

Once the phallus was in as far as she deemed was enough, she casually flipped a switch and brought the machine to roaring life. Spike screamed at the top of his lungs, a scream that made Twilight worry for her friend's safety.

Rarity clenched her back legs together at the sweet sound of his adorable scream. She moved to look at his face and brought her hoof up to his red, sweaty cheeks.

"I know, darling, it must feel wonderful. The brutal vibrations echoing through your whole body and rattling your bones. Kiss my hoof! Thank me for giving you such pleasure!"

Spike mustered as much of his consciousness as he could and puckered his lips, trying to bring his head down despite the violent shaking the machine was giving him.
Rarity didn't allow him a chance to kiss it though. She jammed the tip of her hoof into his mouth, stuffing it with her perfectly manicured tip.

"Mmmmmm, that feels nice. You are a good boy, aren't you, Spike?"

He nodded as best he could.

Rarity chuckled evilly to herself as the depraved feeling of being in control of somepony so young washed over her and caused her slit to drip. She remembered though that she still had another plaything she had yet to touch.

An extremely cute, and slightly younger plaything, (Rarity surmising that she was a year or two younger than herself).

Before leaving the little one, she levitated a pair of her black lace panties over to herself, holding them up in front of Spike to show him.

She spread her back legs and used the panties to swipe and soak up her liquid arousal before stuffing the soaked garment into his panting mouth.

"So sorry for the delay," she said to the restrained mare in a sing-song voice.

Twilight felt herself tense up as she realized that she was next for whatever this perverted mare had in store for her. She did hear her when she asked spike if he was in pain, and supposed that she wasn't a sick sadistic kind of pervert. But still she knew that she was in for something extreme.

Rarity's eyes glided from one end of Twilight's form to the other, drinking her supple rump and feminine curves in as she gazed.

"Mmm, you are so very lovely, my dear. I bet all the ponies fantasize about you after dark where you're from," she complemented, using a hoof to glide gently over her back and to her exposed plot.

Twilight moaned while shaking her head in a signal of 'no'.

"Well..I find that hard to believe. Especially after you willingly walk up to me soaked in love juices. Were you playing before hoof? Or maybe you soaked yourself to try and lure me into dominating you, hmmmm?"

Twilight's mind was spinning and panicking as she listened to her captors beautiful voice spill honey, but with the undertone of venom.

"Fear not, Rarity has just the thing to fix a little filly who acts unladylike." Rarity levitated a moderately sized vibrator over to where she stood and started licking it from top to bottom till it was wet and ready for action. She grabbed at the bace of Twilight's tail and held it up. In one smooth motion, she inserted the toy all the way into Twilight's ready pussy…and left it there.

Twilight waited patiently for Rarity to start moving the false dick, but she never did. Twilight wiggled her rump as best she could to try and entice Rarity to fuck her, but she was met with a full pussy and no stimulation. "Oh, did you think I was going to give you pleasure, darling? Ah ha ha ha! So sorry, Twilight. But you'll have to satisfy me before you get yours."

Twilight was confused, until she smelt something fragrant and musky in front of her face. Rarity removed the gag from Twilight's mouth and replaced it with her own moistened slit, which she stuck in her face by backing her rump up to the unicorns mouth. "Now, eat my pussy. You can cum, when you give me pleasure."

Feeling on the verge of sexual insanity from sensory deprivation, she stuck her tongue out and touched it to Rarity's moist flower. Rarity tasted somewhat harsh, as if her pussy was as dominating as Rarity herself. The idle penis in her pussy was beyond maddening. Twilight felt full inside, but she had none of the stimulation that came with such a full feeling. "Mmmm, come now, darling. You'll never me to climax if you don't work harder at it." Rarity's horn lit up as she brought a riding crop overt to herself and gently laid the end on Twilight's cutie mark. "Maybe you need a little "encouragement" to motivate you."
Twilight felt the crop bite into her tender rump, causing a loud crack to erupt. She muffled a scream into Rarity's pussy, eliciting an eruption of quivers from the fashonista. "Oooooh yes, darling. Now you seem more willing. Now, lets try that again." Rarity cracked it over her ass on the same spot, stinging Twilight even more than the first. Not wanting to get another strike to her bottom, Twilight started working her tongue inside Rarity for all her worth. She knew that if she didn't do well that she would get more punishment on her flanks. Rarity ran the crop over her cheeks in a threatening manner as she let Twilight work.

Spike was now a puddle of a dragon sperm. He had come all he could, leaving a small pool of his dragon seed under him. He was nearly unconscious as the larger toy in his ass continued to violently shake and vibrate deep inside him.

Twilight's muzzle became sticky as Rarity poured her honey into her occupied mouth. The toy in her pussy continued to do nothing while her tongue picked up speed to try and earn her release. She felt Rarity's vagina flex around her organ as she came.

Rarity was a lady. Even her orgasm was quiet and demure, only spurting a bit of her love juices as she moaned daintily. With a shiver, she shakily pulled away from Twilight's mouth and sighed with satisfaction. "Hah~ That was very good Twilight!" She complemented, giving Twilight a little pat on the head. Twilight panted, moving her tongue inside her mouth to collect the last drops of Rarity's cum. "Now, I will give you yours."

Rarity brought a bottle of a special lotion to Twilight's pussy and spread a good sized glob over where the toy entered her. The lotion felt cold at first, but quickly enough became an inferno of white hot passion through her marehood. She twitched and moaned as the fire spread to her whole body, sending her into fits of sex starved spasms.

"R-Rarity…PLEASE!" She begged in the most sad and pathetic voice. "I know, darling, I know. Just focus on the pleasure, and let go." Rarity wasn't cruel. She turned the switch to the toy, and it sprang to life inside Twilight, igniting an even greater fire inside the neglected unicorn. Twilight's inner muscles began flexing and quivering like they had been electrically charged, and she started thrashing and bucking as best she could through the restraints.

"So tell me, Twilight. Where exactly did you say you were from?" Rarity asked in a sweet voice. Twilight fought through the building pleasure she was having to try and answer her. "I…I was…sent…from…Canterlot…to…" Before she could finish, Twilight's whole body tightened up as she released a scream and unleashed her sex juices all over herself and the toy still raging inside her.

Rarity gasped as Twilight came down from her climax, her body a limp mess of twitching muscles and sweat. "Canterlot!? Oh-Oh! I have always dreamed of living there! The glamor, the class, not to mention the unbelievable variety of roll play and fun to be had! You simply must tell me all about it," she purred. "But first! We must get some candles for wax. And some nipple clamps too!"

Rarity took off down the hall to fetch her next set of toys. Twilight groaned, fearing how long this sex torture would continue. She then noticed that her restraints had become loose from her earlier thrashings. She quickly freed her fore legs, followed swiftly by her back legs. She cast off the ring on her horn and took out the toy in her tired snatch and went to free Spike, who was almost dead by this point.

"Quick! Before she decides to dye both our asses a new color!"

Spike and Twilight walked together, after escaping Rarity's clutches. Both were limping as they traveled to what would hopefully be their last thing on the list, a girl named Fluttershy. "Uhhhhh, Twilight? Do you wanna talk about what just-"

"No Spike…I don't. Lets just get this crap done," she moaned.

Rarity returned to the room, her implements hovering over her head. She beheld the empty restraints and kicked a hoof across the floor.

"Oh shoot! I loose more playthings that way."

All That Flutters

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After ten minutes of running, Spike and Twilight finally slowed down and stopped to take a breather. Spike's legs were still wobbly after the beating his ass had taken, and Twilight's head was a jumble of new thoughts and feelings. Before today her sex life had consisted of doing herself, Spike, and Molestia whenever they were doing lessons.
She smiled, despite all the rampant sexual decadence.

Even though she didn't care much for making new fuck buddies, she couldn't deny that she was having fun. Ponyville seemed to be filled to the rafters with hot, horney mares. And she thought Canterlot was bad.

"I….think…we're safe…now," Spike said between gasps. Twilight broke from her thoughts and looked to her dragon companion.

"Wha? Yeah! Thank goodness we got away," she stated with a blush and a little smile. Twilight looked over to Spike, who was staring off with a dreamy look in his eyes.
"Uh, Spike, are you feeling ok?"

Spike only continued to gaze dreamily into the sky. "Wasn't she so…wonderful?"

Twilight rolled her eyes at spike's romantic gushing. "Focus, John Holmes, we should have only one thing left on the list, right?"

Spike belched and produced the list out of the green flames. He breezed over the list and spotted the last thing at the bottom.

"Uhhhhhhh-music!" He exclaimed.

Suddenly they both heard the sound of many birds all singing a tune in unison. They followed the music to a bunch of bushes. Spike parted the bushes, revealing a butter yellow pegasus with a bubblegum mane. She led the birds in song with her hoof, her eyes closed as she smiled and listened to the chorus.

A sour note hit her ears suddenly and she winced at the sound.

"Oh, um, please stop everyone," she asked in the sweetest and most feminine voice Twilight had ever heard. Despite the hard play she had received at Rarity's hooves, she felt a deep tingling inside her pussy. As if the sound of her voice was calling up her arousal.

Twilight contributed it to the afar affect of Rarity's special lotion.

"That must be the pony who's in charge of the music," Spike stated. "Now we can get the music squared away and head to the library like you wanted."

Spike was about to walk over to the mare, when Twilight stopped him with a foreleg.
"Just a minute, Spike. Lets, uh, just watch for a moment." Twilight continued to watch the pegasus. Spike was about to object, but Twilight seemed to be enthralled with watching the yellow mare conduct her songbirds.

The pegasus fluttered her wings gracefully till she was level with a blue jay who was singing off key.

"Now, Mr. Blue Jay, I know you can sing better than that. Especially after you "sang" so wonderfully for me last night," she purred to the blue bird. Twilight could make out from her distance the red glow coming from the birds cheeks, and she could feel her own face get warm just from the sound of her voice.

"Now, everybirdie, lets take it from the top, and, uh, just don't mind me."

Twilight raised an eyebrow as she watched the cute pony lay on her back and raise one of her back legs. She closed her eyes and moved one of her fore hooves down her chest. The birds broke into their song, which was beautiful and uplifting.

Twilight's eyes widened as she drank in the sight of the pony and her hoof, which was gently gliding down her body to her perky teats. She let out a little whinny when she touched a pink nipple and rolled it in a circle, moaning lightly from the stimulation. Twilight's own hoof traveled down her middle, over her little tummy and finally rested between her thighs, cupping her mound and feeling the moist heat. The pegasus moved to lay on her side with her leg in the air as she gave her little teat a small shake.

"Yes, everybirdie, t-that's good," she gasped as she finally moved her hoof to touch her noticeably small pussy.

Twilight had never seen anything like it. It was almost as if she had the body of a mare, but the pussy of a filly. The slit was only about an inch long, and was tinged with a cute shade of pink that almost matched her bubblegum mane and tail.

Twilight wasn't sure, but she swore that she could make out the image of a bunny on her inner thigh.

She seemed to be greatly aroused by the sound of her birds as they sang their song to her pleasure. Her hoof was glistening with her nectar as she rubbed and touched herself, releasing sweet moans and whimpers as her pleasure got greater.

Twilight herself was greatly enjoying watching the pegasus masterbate. After a few minutes, Twilight seemed to be experiencing a sort of tunnel perception. All she could hear was the birds and the pegasus' moaning, and the sound of her own pulse pounding in her head.

Her own pussy was gushing and burning as she rubbed herself, trying to keep herself from moaning so as not to alert the mare.
The yellow pony then used the hoof that was moving between her legs and grabbed the leg that was still in the air and pulled it back, exposing her puckered anus to the summer sun. Her other hoof went between her legs and picked up where the other had left off. Her cute little tail hole seemed to flex open and closed a little as she worked herself to an orgasm.

"Oh, my! Your singing is so very lovely!" She exclaimed, her hoof moving up and down over her cute pussy, spending a little longer at the top so she could stimulate her clit a little more. Her drooling tongue swiped over her pouty lips, glossing them in a thin layer of her glistening saliva.

Twilight licked her own lips without thinking, wishing that she was licking her lips instead. Maybe it was in her head, but she swore she could almost smell the musky, sweet scent of the pegasus' pussy drippings, which caused her mouth to water.

"H-how is it scientifically possible for a pony to be so cute and sexy!?" Twilight asked herself as she felt her own juices drip down her thighs. Thoughts and fantasies drifted in and out of her mind of all the hot and satisfying things she could do with the pony.

Her mouth and tongue being used to pleasure her marehood till she was screaming in ecstasy. The mental image of the yellow mare's cute face between her legs was causing Twilight to quiver with delight.
"N-now, for the finally, g-give it everything you have. I know you all can do it." Her vaginal massaging got rapid quickly, her breathing turning to labored panting as she pushed for the final stretch.

Oh how Twilight would love to have her over so they could masterbate together. Twilight had a few fun tricks she could teach the young pony.

"Yes-yes-yes, that's it! Just a little higher….and I'll come!" She cried out cutely. The birds all reached a crescendo in unison, almost drowning out the orgasmic cry that flowed from the pegasus as her body was overwhelmed by her release.

Twilight's eyes widened as she watched a golden stream of urine spew from her sealed pussy lips like a geyser, splattering on the dirt just a few hooves away from where Twilight and Spike hid.

Twilight hit a sweet spot on her clit and let go with her own orgasm, letting her mouth open and releasing a girlish squeal that made her body tremble like a leaf.

She felt her pussy flutter from such a satisfying climax, but she didn't realize that she was still squealing when the birds stopped singing. She nearly collapsed when she looked up and saw that the pegasus was looking right at her in the bushes.

The birds had gotten spooked and flew away, while the yellow pony looked with a bright crimson face at her. Twilight climbed out of the bushes and swiftly trotted over to the mare before she got spooked as well.

"Wait! Please don't go, I'm sorry that I scared your birds," she apologized. The pegasus got onto her hooves and did her best to hide behind long pink mane.

"And, uh, I'm sorry for, you know, watching and all." The pegasus said nothing as she turned her eyes to the ground, blushing again when she saw the wet patch of dirt where her pee had landed.

"My name is Twilight Sparkle. What's your name?" She asked, to no reply.

The mare shifted a little. "Fluttershy," She said in a barely audible voice.

Twilight tilted her head to the side, trying to get a better look at her face.

"Didn't quite catch that," Twilight explained to try and encourage her to speak up.

"M-my name is Fluttershy," she whispered again.

"One more time?" Twilight asked.


Twilight realized that she wasn't going to get anything but whispers from this pony, and an awkward silence crept up on them. Twilight looked around for something to break the silence, when she noticed that the birds had returned to the small tree.

"Oh, It looks like your birds are back, the music sounds great by the way."

The pegasus continued to look at the ground, shuffling her hoof in the dirt.

"Soooo I guess that's it," she droned, turning to Spike who had been nodding off in the bushes till now. "Well that was easy enough," she said to the baby dragon.

The pegasus looked through her mane at the odd small, purple creature standing next to the pony named Twilight. Suddenly her shy demeanor transformed to a firework of excitement and joy. Her eyes had stars in them, and her frown was now a beaming smile.

"OH MY GOODNESS!" She exclaimed, flapping her wings and swooping up to Spike.
"A-a baby dragon! This is so amazing! I've never seen a baby dragon before."

Spike folded his arms and looked at Twilight with a smug smile. "Well well, look who's popular!" He goaded.

"Oh, you can talk? That is so wonderful," she cooed.

"Uh, hi. I'm Spike," he greeted to the enraptured mare.

"Hi Spike, I'm Fluttershy. Oh, this is so great! What do dragons talk about?"

Spike contemplated the question for a moment. "Well, what do you want to know?"

Fluttershy beamed another smile. "Absolutly everything!"

Twilight felt a great agitation in her chest. Not just because the cute mare was pinning over Spike when it was Twilight who wanted to get to know her better, but also because Fluttershy and Spike were talking like she wasn't even there.

"Um, I'm sorry, Fluttershy. But we have work to do," Twilight dismissed. Fluttershy's face broke like a vase. She flew and hovered in front of Twilight before she could walk away. She revealed her sad pouty face, taking one of Twilight's hooves in her own.

"Oh, I'm so very sorry, Twilight. I just want to talk with Spike for a little bit longer. Is it ok if you two come back to my cottage with me, please?"

Twilight's irritation melted in her chest at the sight of her face and the feeling of her hoof being held. Those eyes were forcing her to say what she feared she might.

"Ok…only for a little while though."

Spike sat on Twilight's back as the three walked to a cottage at the edge of a forest. Fluttershy listened intently as Spike retailed her with the story of his life from hatching to this day. All while Twilight wore a sarcastic face.

"We're here," Fluttershy said, pointing at her house, which looked very cozy and somewhat fairytailish.

"Um, I have tea. Would you two like a cup?" She asked, opening the door. Spike nodded once, while Twilight sighed.

"I suppose," she admitted.

Fluttershy was about to go inside, when she perked her ears up at the sound of a dog barking.

"Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry, but I almost forgot to feed my dogs."

Twilight stepped up.

"For the sake of time, why don't you let me take care of that?"

Fluttershy tilted her head. "Are you sure? They aren't the most…well behaved dogs," she warned the unicorn.

"Trust me, bad dogs aren't a match for magic," she explained, pointing at her horn.
Fluttershy smiled.

"Well, if you insist. Spike, why don't you come with me and help with the tea?"

Spike nodded once again going inside with the beautiful mare.

"Their bag of food is next to the kennel. Just pour it all into the bowls, and thank you," she stated, closing the door behind her and Spike.

Twilight groaned as she walked around the quaint cottage, where the sound and smell of dogs was coming from. She spotted the kennel, which wasn't full of cute little pups, but big, drooling, snarling dogs with gleaming white teeth and glinting black eyes.

Twilight gulped, feeling her back legs shake. Every one of the beasts had a large pair of balls dangling under their bellies.

"She loves animals. Of course she doesn't neuter her dogs."

Twilight was of corse intimidated by the vicious dogs, but she had a plan. She sparked her horn, manifesting a purple bubble around her person. She lifted the bag of dog chow and unlocked the kennel door. The large dogs instantly started snapping and barking at the slightly smaller female animal that stepped into their home.

Despite the bubble, they could smell the ripe doers of sex and arousal on the little pony. Twilight had a hard time navigating through the throng of big muscle ripped hell hounds, but it got worse when she noticed red, blood swollen sex organs emerging like knives from their sheathes.

Twilight felt her own pussy (despite her over sexual activity today) warm up and start feeling moist. Yet today, she hadn't felt the wonderful feeling of a long, hard cock with all its heat and pulses inside her pussy, and she couldn't help but wonder what dog cum would feel like inside her.

But Twilight would never seriously have sex with a dog, especially ones that were so mean and vicious.

Twilight finally made it to the end of the kennel where the bowls were. She lifted the hefty bag of food over the bowls, trying to concentrate on two things at once. She let her concentration fumble for only an instant. One of the biggest dogs noticed the laps in the bubble, snarling as it smelt her ripe sex. The dog pounced toward the unicorn, slamming into the bubble and popping it.

Twilight screamed in shock as she was toppled to the ground and onto her stomach.
She tried to scramble to her hooves, but one of the dogs pinned her to the ground with it's big paws. Twilight felt tears come to her eyes as the dog pressed it's claws into her skin. In a wave of fear, she tried to call for help.

"S-somepony, please help me…"

Meanwhile, back in Fluttershy's cottage.
Spike sat on Fluttershy's couch in her living room. He moaned sweetly as he looked down into his lap at the pink maned pony as she bobed her head on his little pink dick.
Fluttershy had started making tea for her guests, when she suddenly lost control of her bubbling lust. She gently pushed the baby dragon onto her couch and started peppering his cheeks and lips with kisses.

Fluttershy looked up at the cute little dragon, noticing his sceptic yet aroused face. His penis wasn't very big, but it was cute and warm between her lips. In the years she had lived on the ground, she had sampled the genitalia of many of her animal friends, both male and female. She considered it a labor of love when she helped sooth the arousal pains of the does when they were in season with no stag to balm their frenzy.

The same could be said about the males. The dogs and bears could be so rough, using her like a whore when they needed to release their excitement.

But what she loved the most, was the baby animals. Fluttershy had taken the virginity of many a young bunny, or otter, or squirrel. She loved to hear their joyous cries, their labored panting, their squeals when they gave her their first load.

But Spike wasn't like the other babies she had devoured. While he did look like he was enjoying it, there was a feeling of hesitation coming from him. She slurped as she pulled her mouth off of his penis, giving the pointed tip a small kiss as she looked up at him.

"Is something the matter, Spike?" She asked curiously.

Spike's blushed when he caught sight of her beautiful eyes and her sweet face with his swollen cock just inches from her mouth.

"I-I'm ok….it's just that…uh," he stuttered, not sure what to say in this situation.

"Do you not like me?"

"No! It's not that," he said, trying not to offend the kind mare.

Fluttershy smiled, gazing at spike as if he were her child. "That makes me very happy," she whispered, taking his member back into her cozy muzzle.

Spike was confused. He hadn't even known her for a day and….Ya know what? It wasn't uncommon at all, considering that it was as normal as a greeting in Equestria.

He let his head fall back as the wonderful sensation of her mouth on him, giving his dick a deep kiss. Fluttershy let her hoof gravitate to her pussy, where it was greeted by the moisture of her dripping folds. She began to fondle herself as she took in the new flavor of a baby dragon's sex.

On the subject of animal sex, Fluttershy wondered if she had remembered to settle the lust of her doggies yet.

Twilight tried to scream a couple of times, but every time he voice came above a whisper, one of the dogs would bark and snap his drooling jaws next to her head. The dogs seemed to be in-tuned to her magic. Every time she tried to conjure a spell to help escape, she was met with the same bark and jaw snap.

Not wanting to feel dog teeth dig into her body, she decided to stay still and wait for an opening.

The dog that pinned her from the side moved to mount her from behind, growling as his thick drool dripped from his jowls and onto her back, causing Twilight to cringe from the warm slime seeping into her coat.

She tried to lower her hips, so that he couldn't rape her, but the big dog used his forepaws to force her hips up into an offering position. She tried not to scream when she felt the red hot dog dick slip between her lips and situate itself inside her snug canal. At first, she thought that his dic was no big deal, since she had been using thirteen inch dildoes since she was in her teens, but then she felt the dog thrust forward hard, which caused his balls to slip inside as well, locking his cock deep inside her.

Twilight grit her teeth as white hot pain and humiliation coursed to her brain, where she screamed in fear. The big bruiser whimpered in rapture a the feeling of being locked inside such a good hole. He and the other dogs all enjoyed mating with the yellow one, but not as much as they enjoyed pouncing on a fresh piece of tail.

Twilight's face was pushed into the dirt, until another dog stepped up and looked down at the little unicorn, his black eyes glinting like hell diamonds. Twilight's eyes averted from the black jewels to the red hot stick of dick that was emerging from the dog's sheath and pointing at her face. She thought to turn her head away, but since she didn't want to get bitten, she gulped and shakily opened her mouth.

The large K9 moved forward, letting his smelly cock press against her cheek and mouth before it slipped inside her mouth and to the back of her throat. Twilight gaged, not from the dick in her throat, but from the grotesque smell and taste that was raping her senses. She wanted to vomit, but she choked it down for the sake of not having her head ripped off.

The other dogs that didn't have a hole to fill, started panting and slobbering over her body as they smelt and became heated from the sex smells that the purple one was giving off. Twilight shrieked when she felt a big wet tongue slurp up her cutie mark, leaving a trail of drool to soak into her coat. The other dogs followed the example of their friend, and Twilight's body was soon assaulted by the lapping and drooling tongues of the vicious dogs while she had both ends stuffed with dog dick.

The two inside her started moving in unison, penetrating Twilight like she was a doggie fuck toy. The duet under her was being rubbed against her chest and belly, and Twilight worried that she would get road rash from the rough treatment.

She jostled and whimpered between thrusts into her mouth and pussy. Her coat now had the consistency of slobber from the dogs that kept licking her from head to hoof. She could feel the thick drool running and dripping from her sides, falling in thick ropes to her privates where it served to further lubricate the dog fucking her's pounding.

Twilight hated admitting it, but she was starting to feel good. The dog behind her was pounding without letting up, and the dick in her mouth was so hot that she feared that her tongue would burn. She found herself making sex noises, and even shaking her plot to further entice the big mutt to fuck her more, while her tongue swirled and played with the red cock in her maw.

"Sweet fucking sun! What's happening to me!?"

Back in the cottage, Fluttershy was gently holding Spike's head as she lay on the couch and let him suckle her teats. This was nothing new for Fluttershy, since she acted as a wet nurse for many of the orphaned forest animals. She winced with pleasure when she felt Spike loose track of his fangs and occasionally give her nipple a little chew, but feeling her tense up, Spike would resume using his lips to suck gently.

The baby dragon was in heaven. Not only was her milk delicious, but he was swimming in bliss at the warm closeness the kind piny was giving him so willingly.

Having never known his real mother, Spike had been bottle fed since he was hatched, so suckling for the first time was a new feeling for him. He felt so at peace and so loved as he sucked and swallowed mouthfuls of Fluttershy's love.

She would gently caress his spines while she sang him a lullaby. Fluttershy's ears perked up when she felt Spike's cute little cock touching her thigh. Despite the fact that she had sucked him to climax only moments ago.
Without a word, she repositioned him so that he was laying on his back in her lap. Spike thought to ask her what she was doing, but when he felt her gentle hoof touch his dick, he continued feeding and let her touch him.
Her hoof stroked up and down his little shaft, giving Spike more pleasure as he sucked a bit harder on the teat in his mouth.

"Goodness, you sure are a hungry little one, but that's ok. Drink your fill," she cooed sweetly to the little dragon.

Spike began giving his hips little thrusts into her touch, moaning around the pink nipple he was attached to.

Twilight had turned the biggest dog onto his back and was now riding atop him. Another dog was mounted on her shoulders with his cock in her eagerly sucking mouth. She had given herself to the pleasure of being gang banged by the heard of hounds. She suddenly felt a cold, wet nose sniffing around her tail hole, its tongue occasionally licking at her ass.

She lifted her tail and pushed out her butt to give the dog consent to stick it in her ass. The dog mounted her, his dick emerging from its sheath and prodding awkwardly at her anus. She sighed loudly when she felt the hot stick slip past her ring and embed itself inside her butt. The dog under her could feel his friend pressing against his dick in her ass, spurring him to thrust inside the little pony harder and faster.

Twilight couldn't help but feel like a pin cushion, being fucked in every hole at once. Having been Molestia's student meant that being filled to the brim was nothing new to Twilight. Many sessions her teacher had used her incredible magic to make her fat cock many, and she would fuck Twilight in every sacred hole in her body till she was mad with orgasm.

She moaned and shook her little ass as she bounced and sucked while the others lapped and drooled all over her. Her forehead was soaked in sweat, and her pussy felt warm and tingly, her juices pouring out like she was peeing. Her asshole was making loud embarrassing squelching sounds as the dog behind her moved in and out of her shithole.
Twilight realized that she had taken control of the dogs and their lust for her, and Twilight couldn't help but giggle wickedly inside her head. She loved being in control of all those drooling horney mutts. She was their princess, as long as she let them drain their lust into her holes. With a muffled giggle, she clenched every muscle in her body, causing all the dogs fucking her to whimper. Twilight soon felt a hot wave of orgasmic bliss explode in her brain as all three dogs spewed their thick cream inside her holes, turning the purple unicorn into a cream filled pony.
Her anus and vagina flexed and released, milking the mutts for all they were worth, all while Twilight rode a seemingly endless wave of bliss and satisfaction.

Spike sucked even harder on Fluttershy's teat as his cum rushed up his pink cock, spewing out and coating Fluttershy's hoof in his dragon spunk.

"Oh, yes, Spike! Good boy! Mommy is so very proud of you!" The shy mare cried out as she clenched her thighs together to try and stop her own orgasmic flow from coming out, but it wouldn't stop. The back of Spike's head was soon baptized in the hot stream of Fluttershy's juices.

She quivered and moaned as she came from being suckled by a new baby, a common occurrence to her.

Spike took his mouth off of her nipple, sighing from the wonderful drink he had just sampled. Fluttershy gazed dreamily down at him, stroking his spines and humming to him.
Their peaceful moment was soon put to an end when the door to the cottage was flung open by a rather disheveled looking unicorn. The sight of her caused Spike to wonder if Twilight had been swallowed by a whale. Her mane and tail were ratty and messy, while her coat appeared to be coated in a sticky layer of goo or sap. Her eyes looked crazy as they locked onto the purple dragon still in the lap of the yellow pony.

"Oh, goodness, are you-"

"Never better!" Twilight proclaimed, cutting off the pegasus. "Time to go, Spike," she stated dryly.

Spike knew better than to disobey, so he hopped off Fluttershy's lap and went to join his crazy looking friend.

Fluttershy thought to ask what was the rush, but decided against it from the sight of the unicorn. She did however have just one question.

"Umm, Twilight, did you feed my doggies?"
Twilight stopped and turned her head with a smile.

"Yes, Fluttershy. You could say that they're…satisfied."

Cake on your face

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After a quick stop at a stream to wash herself off, Twilight was happy to finally, and a long last be making her way to the library with Spike in hoof.

"Uhhhhh, Twilight, do you wanna talk about what happened back there at Fluttershy's cottage?"

Twilight didn't stop walking or look back at her little friend.

"No, Spike. I don't care to talk about it at all," she stated with a crimson blush on her cheeks.

It hadn't sunk in fully till she was away, but Twilight realized that those dogs were the first cocks (aside from the princess') to be inside her, and while it was fun and pleasurable, she couldn't help but feel a bit sad. She hadn't even had Spike or her brother in that way.

She had thought, in quiet moments, about really giving herself to someone she really loved. Not just sex, but someone who she could talk and share all the things she loved and enjoyed. Her books, her walks, sipping hot coco while watching the first snow fall from her window.

"Hey, is that it?" Spike asked as he pointed into the distance.

Twilight shook off her thoughts of romance and followed her scaly friend's claw. The sun was setting over the shape of a large oak tree that resembled the princess' description. Twilight could see that the tree was old, yet still looked sturdy and quaint. It had windows set into the sides of its trunk, and a rounded door for the entrance.

It looked like the kind of library that Twilight would dream about when she was a filly, all magical and fairy tale like, and she found that she couldn't help but smile fondly at the sight of it.

A lot of crazy stuff had happened in the course of the day, but she knew in her heart that once she was surrounded by books and the smell of ink that everything would be ok.

"Come on, Spike. Lets get in there and find a way to stop Nightmare Moon!"

Spike nodded excitedly as he followed Twilight to the front door. Twilight unlocked the door and led Spike into the pitch black room.

"Todays been kinda…exciting, huh, Twilight?" Spike asked, thinking on the days events.

"'Sigh', Yes, Spike, it has been interesting, but we have work to do. The future of Equestria may rest on what we learn about Nightmare Moon. Now, wheres the light?"

All of a sudden, the lights illuminated the room, revealing a big room full of mares and stallions, all twisted up with each other in a big orgy.

Twilight's eyes widened as the sights and smells of sex all hit her in a wave. There were mares eating out other mares. There were stallions gang banging a single mare. In the corner she could see a grey mare with a blond mane getting her face fucked by a big red earth pony.

Her jaw hit the floor, just as a familiar pink earth pony popped up in front of her with a big smile framed by her sparkling blue eyes.

"SUUUUR-PRISE!" She exclaimed, to Twilight's shock.

"Are you surprised? Are ya? Are ya? Are ya?"

Twilight backed up, a bit scared and confused at the in your face friendliness of the pink ball of energy and her repeat questions.

"My names Pinkie Pie, and I threw this orgy just for you! So, are you surprised?"

"Uh, yes, very surprised. Libraries are usually quiet, and without orgies," Twilight stated with a dry and somewhat annoyed inflection.

"I know, right? When I saw you in town earlier I thought "Oh no, she must be new, and if she's new then that must mean that she doesn't have any fuck buddies, and if she doesn't have any fuck buddies then she must be so lonely", so I threw you this sex party. Now you have lots and lots of friends to have sex with!"

On cue, Twilight saw Apple Jack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy appear behind Pinkie, causing her anxiety to boil up. She backed up quickly to get away from the girls who had either raped or sexed her up good thorough the day. Her hoof got caught up when she stepped on her tail, sending her falling backwards onto a table of assorted cakes and treats.

Twilight squealed as she crashed onto the table, feeling a soft cake squish on her back. Cupcakes and candy pieces flew in the air, landing on her face and body like she was a giant target.

The sound of crashing table and smooshing cake caused the orgy to grind to a halt. Every pony stopped their respective thrusting and licking and sucking to look at the frosting coated unicorn on her back.

Twilight wiped the frosting from her eyes and looked around, seeing that everypony was staring at her. Instantly she could feel her anxiety build to critical mass.

She wanted to run and hide from their eyes. All she wanted was to get some quiet time so she could read about the elements of debauchery, but now she was covered in cake and candy, on her back, feeling more humiliated then she had in her entire life.

"Wowie zowie, that was a big kerplowie!" Pinkie gasped, having witnessed the whole scene.

Twilight felt her face get hot, and her stomach was turning so much she thought she would throw up. She willed her legs to move, but they were paralyzed to her orders. Her eyes clouded, and she knew that she was about to start crying, sniffing to try and keep it down.

"Woah there, filly billy. This may be your party, but there won't be any crying, even if you want to," she said to the cake smeared pony, but Twilight waved her hoof to shoo the pink annoyance away.

She looked up at Pinkie, to see the pink earth pony lift a giant, three layer pink and white cake over her head, a big toothy grin spread from one cheek to the other as her blue eyes sparkled with excitement.

Twilight winced, closing her eyes, waiting for the wave of cake carnage to assault her. She heard the splatter of cake and frosting collide with what sounded like a body and the floor, yet she felt no new cake on herself. She peeked through her eyelids, seeing that Pinkie had been replaced by a frosting covered pony with the same big grin and dazzling blue eyes.

Twilight's jaw dropped again, and the room got so silent you could almost feel it.

Somepony snorted, followed by a series of laughter that spread to everypony in the room. Soon the library was filled with laughter. Even Twilight was giggling at the sight of Pinkie covered in confection.

"There, now you're not alone," Pinkie said in an up-beat inflection.

Twilight couldn't explain it, but the pink pony had somehow made all her agitation, worry, and embarrassment just disappear.

The sounds of laughter slowly changed back to sounds of pleasure as the orgy attendants returned to their various fuckings. Pinkie Pie's smiling face transitioned to a seductive stare as her eyes glided up and down Twilight's frosting coated form, causing Twilight to feel like an animal about to be eaten.

"Uh, Miss. Pie, why are you looking at me like that?" Twilight asked, trying to back away but finding it difficult because of all the frosting still on the ground.

"Oh, silly, you can just call me Pinkie, and I'm staring because you look so…yummy."

Pinkie started encroaching on Twilight, licking her lips and swishing her curly mane to the side seductively. Twilight knew what was coming next, and she knew that there was no escaping.

In a flash, Pinkie leapt up in the air and down on Twilight, pinning her to the ground and locking her sweet lips to Twilight's. Twilight fought back as best she could, for all of ten seconds, but Pinkie's lips (like Twilight had learned earlier that day) were the absolute best, and her kissing skills left princess Molestia in the dust.

Their tongues met and started trading their sweet flavors. Twilight's tongue technique was soft and gentle, while Pinkie's tongue was all over the place, touching and exploring her mouth like a filly in a candy store.

Her pink, cakey hooves rubbed and caressed up and down Twilight's body, smearing the confections and frosting around like they were massage lotions. Twilight wasn't crazy about being in a pony cake mess, but there was something about all the slippery, stickiness that was turning her on, not to mention how good Pinkie Pie was at this kind of play.

Pinkie broke the kiss, but only so she could drag her big, wet tongue across Twilight's cheek, down her neck, and back up till she was chewing on the tip of the aroused unicorn's pointed ear.

Twilight gasped and shivered from the pleasant and ticklish sensation of Pinkie's attentions. Her cheeks blushed under the layer of cake when she felt Pinkie's gentle hoof touch and cup her frosted pussy. Twilight sighed shyly, Pinkie's hoof felt really nice. She was so gentle, and her touch caused tingles and little zaps of electricity all over Twilight's body.

"Feels good, right?" Pinkie whispered into Twilight's ear.

"Doesn't being covered in sweets feel awesome?"

Twilight whimpered, nodding as she locked eyes with Pinkie. The pink pony gave Twilight a sloppy kiss, pressing her hoof against Twilight's pussy.

"Does it taste good, Twilight?"


Pinkie giggled seductively.

"Well then, I know a way that both of us can get a tasty treat," she teased.

Pinkie maneuvered Twilight onto her back proper, turning herself around, shaking her pink and white smeared rump just over Twilight's face. Twilight felt Pinkie's hungry mouth dive right into her pussy cake, her tongue helping itself to her bountiful and sweet slit. Pinkie's eyes noticed little scratches on Twilight's inner thighs.

"How did you get these? Were you playing too rough with 'somepony'?" She asked sweetly.

Twilight blushed, she was just getting to know Pinkie, the girl who had stolen that amazing kiss earlier today. She couldn't tell her that she had just been gang banged by a pack of sex crazed dogs.

"I-I walked through a bramble bush," she lied nervously.

Twilight squeaked when she felt Pinkie's tongue gently lap over the scratches.

"You don't have to lie to me, Twilight. I've gone for a romp with Fluttershy's dogs too."

Twilight blushed even brighter, turning her own attention to Pinkie's pink nether parts. The pink mare dropped her wet, cake smeared plot down on Twilight's face, where it was greeted by an eager unicorn's mouth. Twilight's tongue found it's way through the cake and frosting to find the sweet center where Pinkie's mound was waiting, wet and sticky with the earth ponies' bountiful arousal. Pinkie moaned into Twilight's snatch, jiggling her big butt and smothering the horny little pony.

Meanwhile, the other four of Twilight's acquaintances watched, dripping with attention at the sight of two mares making love while covered in cake and frosting. Rarity turned to Fluttershy, who she enjoyed teasing and playing with on many an occasion.

"Fluttershy, darling, lady Rarity is feeling a little frustrated," she whispered to the crimson faced pony. Fluttershy turned her head from Rarity, but Rarity used her magic to turn her head back to face her. Fluttershy tried to cry out, but Rarity caught her in a deep kiss, forcing her to the ground and prying her legs open.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack looked at each other with a 'you're on' stare before tackling each other and engaging in a sort of rough house sex.

Twilight was trembling as Pinkie used her big tongue like her pussy was an ice-cream cone, while she enjoyed her own treat.

"Holy fucking sun! I've never tasted a snatch that was so sweet! It feels like I'm dipping my tongue in liquid cotton candy!"

Feeling daring, Twilight moved her tongue to prod and lick Pinkie's tail hole. Pinkie giggled into Twilight when she felt the little hottie use her cute little tongue to play with her second party hole.

Pinkie dawned a sly grin as an idea crossed her mind. She shook some frosting from her tail and brought it down to Twilight's foreleg pit. Using the tip of her curly tail, she set to tickling Twilight good.

Luckily for Pinkie, Twilight was very ticklish.

Twilight's eyes shot open, and she started laughing and giggling, all while Pinkie kept her plot firmly on her face. Pinkie's eyes nearly rolled back into her head from sheer pleasure. Pinkie loved it when she made her partner laugh while they were doing the nasty, but sex isn't really a time when ponies laugh, so Pinkie had to come up with ways to get laughs during coitus.

The feeling of Twilight laughing and giggling while she ate her ass was pure bliss, and soon the pink mare's mind went blank. Her pussy fluttered as a shower of pink girl cum erupted all over Twilight's smiling face. It was hot and sticky, and tasted exactly like strawberry soda. Twilight opened her mouth wide so that she could guzzle all the sweet, pink nectar that Pinkie was generously dousing her with.

Pinkie returned in kind, falling face first into Twilight's snatch. Twilight was taken away from her drink when she felt Pinkie's tongue swirling and writhing inside her like it was a living thing with its own will.

The overstimulated unicorn began her own writhing, thrashing around under the pink minx in a fit fueled by her desperate need to cum her brains out. Pinkie somehow knew and stimulated every sweet spot in Twilight's marehood, and it wasn't long before the stars in her eyes blocked her view of Pinkie's beautiful pink ass.

Pinkie then found the sweetest spot of all, she found Twilight's G-spot and began stimulating it excitedly.

Twilight convulsed, every muscle in her body tightening as she lifted up off the ground, her pussy shooting squirt all over Pinkie's face like a fountain. Twilight was vaguely aware that she was squealing like a filly, though she could hardly hear it through her own mind exploding cum.

Pinkie turned around atop Twilight and started stroking her cheek till she came down from her euphoria. Twilight opened her eyes, panting as she looked into the beautiful blue eyes of the fun pink mare that had turned an embarrassing situation into a fun way to become friends.

Twilight didn't know what to say. Pinkie was unlike any pony she had met in her whole life. She didn't want anything from Twilight other than to make her happy and feel welcome, albeit a little unconventional.

Pinkie slid her eyes closed and gave Twilight a gentle kiss. There was no tongue, just a nice kiss between two future friends.

Twilight was enjoying the kiss, till her ears detected the unmistakable sound of silence. Twilight broke the kiss, her eyes scanning the room and finding that her and Pinkie had become the center of attention. Everypony's eyes were fixed to the two mares and the show they had been giving them.

Applejack had her ass up in the air so that Rainbow Dash could eat her out from behind, but the rainbow pony and the farm girl were both looking at the new girl getting pleasured by the town party girl.

Rarity was about to start paddling Fluttershy's ass while banging her with a thick strap-on, but the paddle stood mid smack as the fashonista watched. Even Fluttershy, with her mouth gaged by a red ball and her ass up for all to see was transfixed by the sight of the two fucking.

Suddenly Twilight's anxiety and embarrassment started welling up to the surface. On her back, covered in cake and pink girl cum, while everypony in town watched her get eaten out.

Her eyes filled with tears, and her face burned red. She got to her hooves and dashed upstairs, finding the bedroom for her to use.

Spike was going to go after her, but he was occupied by his bucket of popcorn he had been munching on while watching the show. Now he spotted a white unicorn filly and her orange pegasus friend who were both eyeing him from across the room.

"Meh, Twilight will be ok for a few minutes."

Twilight washed herself off in the shower and was now flopped out on the bed, groaning from frustration (despite the vigorous sex fun she had been having).

"All I wanted was to learn more about the elements of debauchery, but, silly me, all this ridiculous fuck buddy meeting has kept me from it!" She looked up out the round window at the full moon.

"Hey Twilight!" Spike exclaimed, opening the door, his body covered in filly juices and his own cum.

"Pinkie Pie just started stuff the dildo in the pussy, wanna play?"

Twilight shot her dragon friend a sharp glare.

"NO! All the ponies in this town are nymphos! Do you know what time it is!?"

"It's the eve of the Slutty Sun Celebration! Everypony has to bang till the sun comes up. You really should lighten up, Twilight, it's an orgy," he stated obviously as he left the room.

Twilight mumbled under her breath, looking back out the window at the moon.

"Legends say that on the longest day of the thousandth year, the stars would aid in her escape, and she would put an end to free love and daylight for eternity. Oh, I hope it is just an old pony's tale."

Her fear and worry were broken when Spike opened the door once again.

"It's time, Twilight. We gotta get to town hall."

Twilight swallowed her worry and got up to go with Spike.

"Here goes nothing….or everything."

Every mare and stallion in town was gathered at town hall, all of them having been attending Pinkie Pie's orgy. Cocks were hard and snatches were dripping, all in anticipation of the mind blowing bliss and ecstasy that princess Molestia was to give them.

Twilight and Spike stood among the throng of patient ponies, mentally hoping that the worst wouldn't happen.

"Oooooooh! I'm solo excited!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed, appearing next to Twilight suddenly.


The pink pony's prattling was put to an end when she heard a chorus of birds start singing. An older, gray maned mare stepped up to the podium and cleared her throat.

"Fillies and gentle colts. As mare of Ponyville, I am pleased to announce the beginning of the Slutty Sun Celebration."

Everypony cheered excitedly.

"And now, without further ado, I present the ruler of all of Equestria. The bringer of the sun and the moon everyday. The good, the wise."

"Here we go," Twilight said cautiously.

"Princess Molestia!"

Trumpets and birds sang in unison as Rarity pulled a cord that opened a curtain to reveal…nothing."

Everypony gasped when they didn't see the form of their beautiful ruler, followed by murmurs and panicked whispers.

"Remain calm, everypony," the mayor implored, but her attempts to calm the mass was stopped by a beautiful and sinister laugh.

Dark blue smoke rose up around where the princess was supposed to be standing. Everyone watched in cautious curiosity at the smoke as it swirled and accumulated, forming a solid mass.

"Ha ha ha," came a distant and sinister laugh.

suddenly the mass dispersed, revealing a tall black alicorn wearing a silver helmet and matching war boots. The alicorn smiled from the balcony at the gathered, wide mouthed ponies.

"Well well well, my beloved subjects. Its been so long since I've seen your precious little sun loving faces."

"Whoa! She's sexy!" One stallion called from the back.

"I just love the helmet," another mare commented.

"Is she gonna do a strip tease?"

"Yeah! Shake it for us baby!"

"SILENCE!" The black alicorn bellowed.

The room got silent again, and the alicorn cleared her throat.

"Whats wrong? Don't you all remember me? Perhaps you don't since I've been imprisoned for a thousand years. Did you not read the legend? Did you not see the signs?"

"I did!" Twilight stepped up, unfazed by the imposing mare.

"I know who you are. You're the mare in the moon, Nightmare Moon!"

Everypony gasped.

"Well, somepony who remembers me. Then you must know why I'm here."

"You're here to…to."

"Heh heh, remember your last fuck, little ponies, for it was your last. From this day forth, the sun shall never rise, and your lives of free sex are at an end!"

The mayor turned to two guards.

"Stop her! She's the only one who knows where the princess is!"

The guards flapped their wings, charging at Nightmare. The black mare reared up, her wings flapping.

"Stay back, you foals!"

The force from her wings blew the guards back, where they crashed into a table full of Applejack's freshly baked treats.

In a flash the mare turned into a wisp of smoke and flew out the door, leaving a room full of scared and panicky ponies. Twilight looked around. She knew that if she didn't act fast that all of Equestria would be in a panic or worse.

She turned and made for the door, unseen by all but one rainbow maned pony.

"And where is she going in such a hurry?"

Apple Bottom

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Twilight rushed as fas as she could back to the library with a recently fainted Spike on her back. She kicked herself mentally for being so foolish.

"Stupid-stupid-stupid! You let yourself get distracted by all that ridiculous sex and nonsense, and now Equestria may be doomed!"

She threw the library door open and dashed inside. She first climbed the stairs to her room and gently set Spike in his bed at the hoof os her own bed.

"Poor little guy. Staying up all night banging fillies has worn you out," she cooed to her sleeping little friend. She had no time though to admire Spike's cuteness, she needed to find a way to stop this.

She tore through shelf after shelf, desperately looking for something about the elements of debauchery.

"Elements-elements-elements! There has to be something on the elements of debauchery!"

"And just what are the elements of debauchery!?"

Twilight had no time to react as a familiar Rainbow pony got in her face with an accusing glare.

"And how did you know about Nightmare Moon? Are you a spy?"

Rainbow was quickly pulled out of the way by Apple Jack, who, despite the situation, looked worried yet composed.

"Whoa there nelly, she aint a spy, but she does know somethin, don't cha Twi?"

Twilight's eyes looked around the library, seeing that all the girls had met that day were present, causing her to feel nervous. She swallowed hard, trying to steady her nerves.

"I read the predict-"

"Did somepony say dick?" Pinkie asked, breaking the serious air.

Everyone looked at Pinky like she was a misbehaving filly.


Everypony rolled their eyes in unison.

"The prediction said that the only thing that could stop Nightmare Moon was some magical items called the elements of debauchery, but I have no idea where they are, how to find them. I don't even know what they do!"

"Elements of debauchery, a reference guide," Pinkie said, looking at a book on the shelf.

Twilight quickly darted over to where Pinkie stood with her pert, squishy butt was sticking out and used her own flank to but her out of the way.

"How did you find that!?"

"Uh, duh, it was in the magical erotica section."

Twilight blushed from her lack of know how.


She flipped throughout the pages, till her eyes fell on the chapter she was looking for.

"The elements of debauchery. There are six elements, but only five are known: arousal, bestiality, dominance, food fetish, and S&M. The sixth is a complete mystery. The last known location of the elements was at the castle of the slutty sisters, which is located in what is now…."

~One walk later~

"The everfree forest~!" The six ponies said in unison.

Twilight looked into the thickly wooded path, feeling like a lamb before the jaws of some great beast. She didn't know what awaited inside the forest, but she could guess that it would be big and scary.

"Welp, no use standing around," Rainbow Dash said as she began to fly toward the wood line.

"No," Twilight said sternly, causing the other girls to stop and look at her.

"What is it, darling?"

She turned to the others, internally hoping that this wouldn't be the last time she saw them.

"Listen girls, I appreciate all the help so far, but this is my mission, and I can't ask you all to risk your lives for it."

Twilight let them take that in as she took her first step toward the forest.

"Well that's to bad, sugar cube," came a sexy farm girl's voice that made Twilight stop dead, and made her thighs tingle.

"We know these here parts better than anypony, and we aint leavin ya till this is over."

Twilight couldn't help but feel relieved at Applejack's insistence.

"That's right!" Rainbow Dash chimed in.

"Besides, we'll probable have oodles of fun in there at the same time!" Pinkie cheered, bouncing in place.

"Looks like yer stuck with us, sugar cube."

The five of them walked past her into the woods, leaving Twilight speechless. She didn't understand what they were doing. They didn't owe her anything, and Twilight had even freed them from any feelings of obligation they may have felt they had. So why were they insisting on putting themselves in the line of danger?

Twilight sighed, seeing no need to push the issue further.

In the darkness between the leaves, a black wisp of smoke watched six mares as they cautiously advanced into the forest. The dark entity knew that the medaling mares would no doubt find the instruments of its destruction if it didn't do something to break them up.

It spotted the purple unicorn. She was the one who knew what it was, and it was obvious that she was the one holding this rag tag group of do gooders together. It could see that while they weren't exactly 'close', there was a bond forming, and if it was going to conquer, first it had to divide.

"Um, Applejack?"

"What is it, Twi?"

Twilight approached the sexy earth pony.

"I, uh, just wanted to say thanks."

Applejack looked to the little unicorn like she didn't understand.

"Thanks? For what?"

"Well, for insisting on coming along. I don't know what we're going to find, but I do feel better not being alone."

Applejack smiled at Twilight's shy face. She looked over her shoulder, seeing that the others were out of ear shot. The farm girl gave twilight a sexy smirk, moving in close so that her mouth was an inch away from the unicorn's ear.

"Think nothin of it. Maybe after this is all said and done, you and I can get better quainted. Seein' how ya'll got a thang for farm ponies," she whispered to the now blushing unicorn.

The dark wisp watched and listened to the conversation. It seemed that the unicorn had a preference for the hay seed. A notion that provided a lot of potential.

The six girls continued on, each one scanning the dark woods. Twilight felt the most weary and afraid. She had never even gone camping. She was a city girl for ponies sake! She wasn't cut out for woodsy stuff.

"So, do you like to, uh, hang out in here?" She asked the others.

"Heavens no! Nopony ever comes in here less they need to," Rarity explained, sounding more afraid of the dirt under her hooves.

"That's right. This place just isn't right," Rainbow chimed in.

"W-what do you mean?"

"No pony knows," the pegasus said in a mock scary voice.

A sudden rustling sound came from a cluster of bushes, causing the six mares to jump and scream, except for Fluttershy, who made a goat like sound before falling on her back.

Rainbow readied herself for whatever, as the form of an equine emerged from the low brush.

As the mysterious figure stepped into the moon light, Twilight's eyes widened like a filly's.

She was taller than a regular pony, and every inch of her chocolate tan body was curved and shapely. Her lush red mane was braided into twin pig tails, which matched her braided tail. Her soft round cheeks were peppered in cute little freckles, which went well with her deep purple eyes.

"Who the hay are you!? Tell us, or we'll-"

"Rainbow Dash, please! Don't be rude," Twilight scolded the cyan pegasus.

"A-are y'all robbers? Oh me, oh my. Please don't hurt lil ol me," the country pony pleaded with wide, frightened eyes.

"It's alright, we won't hurt you, I promise," Twilight assured softly, trying not to frighten the stranger.

"I'm Twilight Sparkle. Me and my companions are on our way to the castle of the slutty sisters. May I ask why you're out here?"

Applejack eyeballed the new girl with great skepticism. She knew just about everypony in town, and had no recollection of the girl.

"W-well, ah was just out for a stroll when all a sudden it just got darker and ah got lost. It's so scary, can ya'll help me?" She asked with a pout and an eye flutter.

Twilight swooned and sighed dreamily at her new crush, practically drooling.

"This doesn't look good girls, I think we're loosing her," Rainbow Dash whispered to the others.

"Oh Dashie, we haven't lost her, she's right there in front of us, silly," Pinkie chimed in, causing the others to sigh.

The tan mare sauntered up to Twilight, getting close enough so the the little unicorn could smell her. She ran a hoof along the side of Twilight's face, giving her a half lidded gaze.

"Ah really hate ta be a bother, but you look so smart and reliable. Ya'll will help me…right?"

Applejack narrowed her glare. She could smell a sour apple from five counties over, and this one was one bad apple.

"Now hold it right there, missy! Twilight here is coming with us on an important mission. You can follow if ya like, but there aint no way we're lettin er take off with ya'll."

The other girls seemed to be bolstered by Applejack's words, but Twilight was still in lala land. The mare gave the apple bottomed pony a sly grin as if to challenge her. She extended a hoof, pulling the unicorn to her chest and giving her ear a long lick.

"That so, sugar? Looks to me like this little filly don't wanna go, looks like she wants to stay here with little old me," she replied snarkily.

Applejack flipped off her hat while giving the mare her own devilish smile.

"We'll just see about that."

She pulled out her mane tie, letting her golden hair fall down past her shoulders. AJ positioned herself in front of Twilight, turning on a hoof and exposing her rear with a wiggle.

"Hey there, sugar cube. You up for some more apple pie?"

Like a bee smelling pollen, Twilight was snapped out of her hypnoses. She looked on at the tanned and toned flank of the apple girl. Applejack flicked her tail from side to side, sending out more of her apple scented musk.

"A-Applejack?" Twilight stuttered as she watch the hypnotic movement of her tail.

"M-hm. That's right, sugar cube. Now why don't cha come on over here and have a fast while it's still hot?"

Twilight broke away from the mare and started staggering toward the flank that was calling out to her. The other girls all watched with wide eyes and increasingly wetter pussies as Twilight stuck out her tongue to taste the sweet fruit before her. But before she could get the first lick, her head was quickly turned to the side, where the mare locked her lips to Twilight's and shoved her tongue half way down her throat.

"MM!-MMM!," she squealed, before melting into the deep kiss.

The mare shot Applejack a wicked glare, as if to proclaim her victory. But Applejack wasn't about to be one upped by some usurping tramp. AJ countered by gently blowing into Twilight's ear before she stuck her tongue inside, swirling around and forcing the unicorn to shiver from her horn to her tail.

The horny unicorn broke free from the mare, moaning out loud as AJ tongued her ear. The mare scowled, countering by latching onto Twilight's neck, sucking and biting as her tongue matted the fur on her neck.

To the other four now dripping girls, it looked like Twilight was getting eaten alive by two farm ponies, and it looked like she was loving it.

After another few minutes of kissing, and tonguing, and necking, AJ and the mare faced off, staring the other down like an old west show down. A single tumble rolled past them. Like a shot, the mare made a break for the purple pony, pushing her onto her back as she buried her face into her little purple pussy. Applejack was right there with her, each farm mare taking either side of her marehood.

The little bookworm's hooves dug into the dirt as she felt herself being eaten like an apple crisp. Their tongues mingled as they sloshed around her labia, occasionally coming together to teas and stimulate her clit.

"Why miss Twilight, you're meltin faster than an ice block in a hen house. I'm not sure I can drink all this honey yer feeding me," the mare whispered up at Twilight.

"Twilight hun, ah'm feelin awful thirsty. Ah sure would appreciate it if ya'll would give me a big ol' drink a that sweet liquid," AJ cooed in her big sister voice.

Twilight was suffering sensory overload. She had two farm ponies vying for control over her pussy, quickly driving her to orgasm. Their wet tongues started fighting with each other to try and force their way into her snug hole, their saliva and Twilight's secretions aiding them as they carefully squirmed inside of her. Twilight shakily raised a hoof, pressing down on the place below her tummy to try and push her clit into the mix.

Both mare's lips brushed the erect little nub, driving Twilight to squirm and shriek as her pussy ran over with liquid. AJ peeked up at Twilight, seeing that she was close to finishing, and she knew what to do to give her that little push.

She pulled her tongue from the unicorn's honey pot. With a sly grin, she re-angled and pushed the tip of her tongue against her puckered anus.

Applejack's tongue touched her asshole at the same time that the strange mare's flicked her clit, and Twilight's head went white. She groaned through clenched teeth and thrashed wildly, her pussy squirting three quick shots in the faces of her two partners, who opened their mouths wide to receive the reward for their efforts.

Twilight fell limp, her chest rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath. AJ and the strange mare swished Twilight's nectar in their mouths, gulping it down and glaring once again at one another.

"This one aint just all hat. If I'm gonna win over Twilight, I'm gonna need ta up the antie," Applejack thought to herself as she licked a dab of cum from the corner of her mouth.

"Try as you might, little hay seed. Soon I will win over this sow and see you all lost forever in this forest. Enjoy the pleasure while you can, Twilight Sparkle. It will be your last."

The strange mare shoved Applejack to the side as she mounted Twilight, opening her legs and mashing her own wet slit against the helpless unicorn's. Twilight inhaled sharply at the wet, slick feeling of the red headed mare's sex touching hers.

AJ rolled on the ground before stopping herself and rising to her hooves. The strange mare grinned maniacally, as if gloating that she had already won. The earth pony looked to the other girls, who all (with the exclusion of Pinkie) looked worried that their intrepid leader was going to be lost to them. The earth pony realized that if she didn't think of something to out do the stranger, she was going to loose.

"MMMM, how ya like this, Miss Twilight? You ever play seesaw with a farm girl a-for?"


Before Twilight could answer, her mouth was covered by something round and squishy. The scent of apples and the familiar taste of pussy juice hit her. She opened her eyes, looking up and seeing Applejack's beautiful green eyes looking right back at her.

"Hey there, sugar cube. Sorry for the suddenness, but yer face just looked so comfortable. Ya'll don't mind, do ya?"

Twilight couldn't think anymore, she opened her mouth wide, trying to envelope AJ's wet pussy completely. The firm bootied mare gyrated her hips on the unicorn's face, her cheeks pressing down harder on her drooling mouth. Twilight's fore hooves found their way to AJ's cheeks, sinking into the firm, apple clad meat of her ass.

The strange mare saw that her prey was quickly becoming more interested in the ass on her face than the pussy between her legs, so she doubled her efforts, grinding her slit against Twilight's.

Applejack looked over her shoulder with a sly smile at the strange mare, who scowled back with eyes filled with rage.

"Why you tawdry, hay slinging, filthily little slut!"

Her rage built to the point where she was going to blast the little tramp and be done with the matter, when Twilight suddenly used her hind leg to kick the strange mare out of the way. She spat dirt from her mouth and looked to see Applejack turn around, and with a wink, drop her mouth onto Twilight's pussy.

Her tanned ass sandwiched her face, Twilight's nose stuck against AJ's puckered anus.

"Feel that, Twi? Ma ass is a jigglin and gyration right on yer face. Does it taste good? Can ya smell it? This ass is yers anytime ya want it, understand?"

Twilight desperately pulled the earth ponies' ass onto her face, her tongue freely exploring the inner pink walls of her friend's gash. Applejack sucked and nibbled Twilight's pearl, causing her pussy to drip heavily.

The little unicorn tried to thrust her hips up, while trying to force as much of her tongue into AJ's slit as she could. She was getting short on breath, and the air she did get was thick with the ripe scent of Applejack's asshole. Which she didn't mind at all.

Applejack wiggled her butt from side to side, trying to wedge Twilight's nose deeper into her rectum to give her a better smell of the ass she loved. AJ's tongue lapped and prodded Twilight's lips and dripping hole, her body wiggling like a stripper atop the unicorn, who's brain was quickly turning to pure white.

Suddenly, Applejack came in Twilight's mouth. She clenched her teeth to stifle her moans as her girl cum spewed in a continuous stream. Twilight's eyes shot open as her mouth filled to overflowing with Applejack's apple spiced squirt. She gulped it down only to have her mouth filled once again with more. She kept gulping, but the cum didn't stop.

"Holy shit! I-I'm going to drowned… cum!"

The feeling of being filled up by Applejack and the now rough sensation of having her pussy rubbed by AJ's hoof drove Twilight over the edge.

She exploded with her own stream of squirt.

Applejack got a quick idea.

She angled Twilight's stream right at the strange mare. She dawned a look of surprise just before she was doused with a spray of unicorn girl cum.

"UGH! Y-you disgusting…little….whore…I WILL NOT FORGET THIS!" She hollered, running off into the darkness.

AJ sat up, wiping liquid orgasm from her face.

"Runnins the smart thing to do, sugar cube! Cuz I'll tell you once you son of a gun, I'm the best that's ever been!"

Once the usurper was gone, AJ re-did her mane and put her hat on with a triumphant smile. An exhausted grunt grew her attention to the twitching unicorn on the ground. Twilight's tongue was hanging out of her mouth, and her eyes were nearly in the back of her head as her pussy continued to shoot little spurts of cum.

"Heh heh, well, ladies, looks like Twi's gonna need a minute," she observed.

Looking over to the other girls, she was greeted by the sight of four ponies all twitching after throughly "enjoying" the show they had taken in.

"Hm, looks like everypony needs a minute."

The strange mare took refuge in a clearing, wiping the liquid from her cheeks and cursing under her breath. Lines formed on her face and body, quickly turning to cracks. Pieces of her disguise fell from her, dissolving before they hit the ground. Her teeth became sharp and pointed as she sneered.

"How dare she spray me with that disgu-…….Don't worry, there's more than one way to crack an egg."

She looked over a ridge, seeing a manticore sleeping.

The 'man' to my 'core'.

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Twilight walked at the head of the group, unable to shake the blush from her face. She had made an absolute fool of herself getting so easily ensnared by that sexy farm pony. Now how was she supposed to look those girls in the eye?

Applejack told her that it was ok. That it happens to everypony, but this was different. The fate of free sex and Equestria was at stake. She had to pull her head out of her plot (or other's plots, as the case may be).

"Uh-um, Twilight?"

"Gaaa!" The nerdy unicorn gasped, suddenly broken from her train of thought.

She looked to here right, seeing the timid yellow form of Fluttershy, looking like she was about to pee herself after Twilight's outburst.

"Way to go, Twilight. Now she's even more afraid of you."

"Oh, h-hi, Fluttershy. Is everything alright?"

"Y-yes, every things fine. I just wanted to say that you shouldn't be embarrassed about what happened."

Twilight tried to look confused.

"W-what are you talking about? I'm not-"

"Twilight. We're all behind you. We trust you, so please don't feel bad about a little speed bump."

She couldn't bring herself to look the cute girl in the eye, but her words seemed to erase all her worries. Aside from the fact that she was cute and sexy as could be, Twilight couldn't understand why she liked the little pony at first sight, but now she knew.



The whole group stopped dead in their tracks at the sound of something big and angry. Their eyes looked down the path to the dark, looming form of what seemed to be a very big lion, but with wings and a scorpion tail.

As the moon came out, a ray of light shined on the beast, revealing the creature.

"A manticore!" Twilight called out in warning to the others.

The other four sprang to action, each girl striking an action pose, while Fluttershy hung back and watched. Rainbow Dash swooped down to try and kick the manticore. But the beast raised its tail and swatted the pegasus out of the air with a flick. Rarity charged in, turning around and bucking him in the jaw. The manticore whimpered as it recoiled a bit.

"Take that, you brute!"

The manticore snarled, throwing its head around, hitting Rarity and knocking her to the ground.

"Uh! If only I had my whip…"

Twilight, Applejack and Pinkie clopped at the ground as they prepared to charge together. The manticore dug its claws into the dirt, ready to take on the trio of pastel equines.

They took off at a gallop, before being stopped by a butter yellow pony who had her hoof raised.


The three girls halted in their tracks.

Fluttershy turned toward the manticore, walking up to it with no fear of hesitation. The manticore growled and snarled at the ridiculously smaller creature approaching it. Fluttershy smiled sweetly up at the manticore, who returned the gesture with a cautious yet confused snarl.

The little pegasus giggled before ducking down and crawling under the manticore. It growled loudly as if ready to attack.

"FLUTTERSHY!" The other five shouted in fear of their friend's safety.

But the manticore seemed to be visibly settling.

Twilight heard a sound like slurping coming from under the big beast. She lowered her head, spotting the yellow pegasus under him, her mouth slobbering up and down a large red dick.

Fluttershy's tongue was small by comparison, but she used it well on the fifteen inches of hard manticore cock. Her drool dripped from the throbbing flesh, smearing around her mouth as she took in the taste and smell of such a big piece of meat. Fluttershy was all too familiar with enormous animal cocks, but this one had to be the biggest of them all.

She prided herself on being an expert in the art of pleasing animals and slating their lust, no matter the sex. She had let stags mount and fuck her silly so that they could be ready to impregnate a doe. She had eaten the pussies of pussies during heat season. This manticore was going to be a tough customer, but they couldn't continue unless she did something to calm him down.

The big kitty purred his approval as the little mare opened her mouth and inserted the very tip into her mouth, but that tip filled her dainty little maw completely.
She hummed and cooed as her tongue worked in circles to try and please the hot dick in her mouth. She could feel him shudder above her, his cock threatening to tear the corners of her mouth as it expanded. She swirled the tip of her tongue around the hole in his dick, as if asking him to give her a drink.

A spurt of clear, salty liquid answered her request, the amount flooding her cheeks. She pulled her mouth off of the big red rocket and stepped back out from under him and looked up at his face, her mouth full of his pre.

She opened her lips, showing him the contents of her mouth. She moved her tongue around, opening and closing her lips as she savored the flavor and enticed him further. The manticor's blood began to surge with testosterone, blotting out any hesitation he might have had. Fluttershy swallowed with a loud gulp just in time for her feral partner to force her around and use his big paw to push her head down into the grass, her tiny plot sticking straight up.

Fluttershy meeped as she threw her tail back, offering herself to him.

His paws gripped both of her flanks, each paw big enough to eclipse the squishy yellow orbs. She shuddered as the hot, moos sensation of an animal cock against her puffy slit signaled the coming penetration.

"Haaaaaaaa~!" She moaned as her marehood parted for his entry into her snug, warm depths.

The manticore grunted in his chest as he pushed slowly into his rightful place inside her. His nostrils flared open and shut. He could smell her bitch scent mixed with the heavenly aroma of flowers and fresh mountain water.

He made it to ten inches before she squeaked, telling him that he had reached the limit of insertion. Fluttershy relaxed her muscles and exhaled as her pussy soaked the hot object wedged deep inside of her. She cooed, wiggling her hips as best she could to stimulate herself.

The big lug grunted as he pulled back against the gripping walls of Fluttershy's inner sanctum. He didn't make it out far enough before he pushed in once again, jostling the little piny under him. Fluttershy felt his claws lightly dig into her flanks as he started his pace off. Fluttershy braced her hind legs, preparing for what would probably be the hardest pounding her little pussy ever received.

The others watched with wide eyes and wet thighs as they watched their companion getting violated by a giant monster. Twilight's mind rewinded to when she was younger and getting violated by princess Molestia's giant mottled cock. Her pussy was so wet that it felt like she had dipped her cunt in lube.

Her wings were stiff and erect as the manticore started rutting her faster with more force. Her little pussy stretched and dripped as the big cock slid in and out of her snug depths. She panted and moaned like a wanton little whore, her thighs matted with a mixture of her own drippings and the manticore's pre cum.

"O-Oh, goodness! You're so big!" She screamed, feeling like her insides were being hollowed out.

The big beast roared in primal bliss, his balls dripping as they slapped against Fluttershy's little snatch.

She clenched her pussy down on his cock in an attempt to keep him buried inside her pink depths. The manticore snarled. He wasn't going to be outdone by this little slut. With a firmer grip on his mate, his hips started thrusting faster and harder, his cock making a wet slapping sound as he pounded the inside of her pussy with his body weight. Fluttershy's eyes rolled back into her head, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she gasped desperately for air.

His cock was like a blur as he tossed around Fluttershy like a rag doll. It felt like he was going to bruise her pussy from his relentless beating. Her snatch slicked his hard fucking as best it could, but he was so rough and primal. His breathing was getting harder and faster, signaling to the tired little pony that he was about to blast her full of cum.

"I-I-It's ok! Cum inside me! Mama wants it all!"

The manticore shoved with all his might inside of her, breaking through her cervix and entering her womb completely. Fluttershy lost her breath as she felt him press hard against the inside of her baby room. She would have screamed, but she had no time as she felt his boiling hot cum spew and flood her insides.
Her belly bulged as it filled with seed, unable to escape due to his cock plugging her opening.

The other girls still watched in aww as Fluttershy was getting the mother of cream pies.

A few minutes latter and the manticore was soft enough to finally pull out of her spent passage. His cock popped out of her with a sickeningly wet sound, followed by the sound of thick cum splashing onto the grass below. The manticore dragged his big tongue across her face, drooling as he did so. He shakily turned and walked off into the forest. The girls galloped up to their friend who was a pile of quivering pony with cum leaking from her swollen pussy.

"Fluttershy! Are you ok?" Twilight asked, worried that the pegasus was going to die.

"I-I'm ok…girls."

"What in Equestria were you thinking, darling!?"

"E-everypony….needs a little….kindness," she whimpered in a state of euphoria.

Twilight looked upon the shy little pony with a newfound opinion. She wasn't some mousey little hottie, she was just as brave and capable as any of the other girls.

The five companions helped Fluttershy to recover, all while being watched by a wisp of smoke.

"Curse those little sluts! Well, if seduction and force won't work, then I'll just have to think of something else…"

Pie high.

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The dark wisp of smoke shifted through the trees, sneering at the six ponies as they continued making progress toward the place where they would find the instruments of its destruction. It had to try something else to end their little quest.

It zoomed ahead, spotting a grove of fruit bearing trees. The wisp's eyes moved from tree to tree, taking in the sight of the ripe fruits that hung heavily from its branches. A crude smile formed on the wisp.

"Are you sure that you're ok, Fluttershy?" Twilight asked the limping pegasus.

The girls had had to slow down their pace so that their brutally rutted companion could keep up. Twilight had used her magic to heal the scratches along Fluttershy's tender flanks, but there was nothing she could to for the internal pain. Luckily there wasn't anything broken.

"Oh yes, I'm fine. Just a little sore is all."

Twilight cast a sideways glance at the little pony, feeling a new sense of admiration.

While everypony else was ready to fight, Fluttershy tamed the beast with nothing more than a flank shake….and a lot of pounding.

She wanted to say something nice. Something to let her know how much she admired her, but Twilight wasn't good at telling others her feelings. Looking back down at the trail, Twilight kept her mouth shut and continued walking.

"Well, I don't know about you girls, but I for one am absolutely famished," Rarity said, feeling fatigued.

"Rarity, y'all remember that we're on a mission ta save Equestria, right?"

A sudden and loud grumbling came from the belly of the would be Wonderbolt, her face red with embarrassment.

"Uh, I'm actually feeling a little peckish myself," she admitted.

Twilight couldn't deny that she was feeling hungry too, but they were in the middle of a dark forest. Where were they going to find food? Twilight's face was suddenly pressed into something soft yet firm. She stepped back, realizing that she had run into Applejack's ass while in her thoughts.

"Applejack? What's wro-"

Twilight's eyes widened like the other girls as they all beheld the sight of large red fruits hanging from the trees around them.

"Well, that wasn't too hard," the brainiac observed.

The five girls started trotting around the trees, eyeballing the hanging round treats. However, there was one who wasn't so taken with the sparkling fruits. Pinkie Pie squinted at the trees, feeling that something wasn't right.

"Hmmmmm, I don't know about this girls. That author guy is making these fruits sound kinda suspicious."

Rarity turned to the pink baker.

"Pinkie, darling. We're all famished. There is some old saying about not looking a gift yada yada in something or other."

"What Rarity is trying ta say is don't worry so much. Ah aint never seen a fruit that brought no pony any harm."

Pinkie still wasn't swayed. She pursed her lips at the fruits, trying to figure out what was up. She turned her head to say something to the girls, but flund that they had all already made up their minds. Each girl was absorbed with eating a large round fruit, humming with enjoyment as they dug in. Right off the bat, Pinkie could tell that this wasn't just normal eating.

"Um, Twilight? Could I talk to you for a second about a tinsey winsey little thing?"

Her words didn't reach the unicorn. Twilight was face deep into her own fruit. Eating like she would die if she stopped. Pinkie was hit with panic as she darted to Rainbow Dash, who was equally obsessed with her own fruit.

"Rainbow Dash! We gotta stop the others before they-"

Pinkie stopped, realizing that her words were falling on deaf ears. Each of the girls just kept eating and eating till they finished their fruit. Rainbow Dash spotted an especially big fruit, and so did Applejack. They both reached for it, only to be stopped by the other.

"Hoofs off, AJ!"

"Ah saw it first, RD!"

"Step away, darlings! That one is mine!" Rarity proclaimed, trying to use her magic to snatch it away.

The three mares started quarreling as they all pulled on the fruit. Twilight and Fluttershy were in the middle of a fierce tug of war, each mare with a length of stem in their teeth like two dogs fighting over a bone.

"OH NO! This is terrible! If you all keep eating then we'll never stop Nightmare Moon. And if we never stop Nightmare Moon then we'll never get to the orgy. And if we never get to the orgy then I won't be able to make everypony in town cum like crazy!"

"Think, Pinkie Pie, think! There has to be some way to break them away from those fruity tootie tooties…."

An actual light bulb lit up over head, which fell to the ground and shattered after she moved out from under it.

She ran to one of the branches and started pulling fruits off, throwing them into a pile. Once she had about twenty fruits accumulated, she started squeezing one between her hooves till it broke apart, spilling its red, sticky insides all down her front. She kept smashing fruits and spreading their pulp on her body, paying special attention to her plump rump and her Pinkie pussy.

She laid their skins out on the grass to act as an impromptu mat.

The camera zoomed into her eyes, which she narrowed dramatically.

"Lets food this."

The pink nymph sprawled herself out on the peels, striking a pose that would make Molestia herself think about blushing. Her rump was covered in red pulp, sticky juices dripping from her heavy cheeks as she squatted down, swaying it back and forth. She looked over her shoulder like a porn star at the others, who were still busy eating and fighting like rabid timber wolves.

"Hey girls, why don't you put down those snacks, and come get yourselves a meal?"

The girls stopped their scarfing and bickering long enough to gander over at the delicious looking pink pony who was dappled in sweet pulp and juices. Like animals they started drooling, licking their lips as their eyes drank in the sight before them.

The five mares carefully approached her, sniffing the air. Applejack and Fluttershy were the first ones to move in, their tongues hanging from their drooling mouths as they were only and inch away from Pinkies sticky rump.

Pinkie giggled slightly as she felt two warm, wet tongues drag up her ass to the small of her back. Rarity and Twilight joined in, taking the further sides of her rump closer to her balloons. Pinkie mewled as she gave her ass a little jiggle to entice them. Rainbow Dash stood red faces as she watched her companions feed on the dripping coming off Pinkie's plot. Pinkie noticed Rainbow's fascination.

She took a hoof full of red pulp and held it over her head, which she tipped back with her mouth open. The gooey red substance plopped into her mouth, where she held it while moving her tongue around. Rainbow gulped as her eyes beheld the lewd display. Unable to refrain any longer, she *dashed* in, forcing her open mouth onto the full mouth of the party pony. Pinkie closed her eyes and wrapped her hooves around the dare devil. Their tongues tangled together, trading the sweet pulp back and forth between each other, all while Rainbow lost her mind in the hot kiss.

The four girls were getting more aggressive with their worship of Pinkie's all you can eat butt buffet. They licked harder and harder as more and more juice and pulp slowly dripped from her upper body and down over her curves. They occasionally bit into the plentiful meat hanging in front of their faces, all to the delight of the earth pony who was getting orally assaulted by a cyan pegasus.

They ate up all that her rear had to offer, but they were still hungry for more. Applejack and Fluttershy's tongues ventured deeper into the deep valley of ass till their tongues made contact with something equally as sweet. Her anus flexed from the welcome contact, and the two mares didn't even hesitate to slather her rectum in saliva like two fillies tasting a lollipop.

Pinkie gasped through her nose as she continued to feed fruit pulp to Rainbow Dash via her mouth. Rarity and Twilight went in search of their own place to lick, moving around Pinkie's middle and finally finding her little, pink nipples. They hungrily started suckling like foals, licking around her teats.

Pinkie was starting to feel weak in the knees, and Rainbow Dash was getting more aggressive with the kiss. Before she could do anything, the strong pegasus pushed Pinkie down onto her back. The five all mauled their pink treat, their attentions focused on her pussy and perky little breasts.

"S-slow down, everypony. There's plenty of Pinkie to go aro-Ahhhhhhhhhh~!"

All five of their mouths were furiously licking and slobbering on her tender parts while Pinkie's tongue lolled out of her mouth. Her body twitched as she was assaulted by five gorgeous mares. It was hard for Pinkie to believe that this was only the fifth time in her whole life that this had happened to her.

Rainbow Dash and Twilight were hard at work suckling her nipples to the point that it felt like they were going to come off. Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity all worked in unison as their tongues flicked and burrowed into her snug, wet hole, each girl vying to enter her. Pinkie moaned and giggled, her hooves resting on Rainbow and Twilight's head as they continued on, seeming not to care about juice or fruit pulp anymore.

Being in the middle, Fluttershy was starting to get muscled out. She 'humphed', which was heard by Pinkie. She raised her hips, giving the yellow pony access to her ass. Fluttershy immediately pushed her tongue against Pinkie's button, trying to drill her tongue into her anus.

Pinkie Pie started bucking and writhing as she poured sweat and panted from the bliss of being sexed up by the five girls. She knew she wasn't going to last long, and she was so so so excited for the mind melting orgasm that was about to send her over the cotton candy rainbow. That rainbow came careening toward her faster than she had thought, and before her pussy squirted, it was enveloped by two sets of lips eager to drink her sweet nectar.

She was about to scream, when suddenly her mouth was silenced by a large, shapely purple butt. Pinkie's eyes shot open, and she liked up at the curvy lower back of Twilight. The unicorn dismounted her face to make room for a slightly smaller blue butt. The two sat on either side of her face, shaking their asses as if to ask for a treat.

Pinkie smiled devilishly, turning her head toward Twilight. Her dexterous pink tongue swiped up and down her asshole, which caused the unicorn to shiver and sigh. Once she had finished giving Twilight a big sloppy kiss, she turned to do the same to Rainbow, this time wriggling her tongue against her puckered hole. The pegasus clenched her cheeks together tightly, as if to hold Pinkie's tongue in place. She pried her oral muscle from between the muscular blue cheeks, swiping her tongue up the tight crack of her rear.

Twilight and Rainbow pressed their cheeks together, and Pinkie took the opportunity to eat both their asses simultaneously. Their flavors mixed on her hot tongue as it darted from one anus to the other. Meanwhile, her pussy and ass were getting really sensitive, not having any time to recover from her first orgasm, and the girls didn't seem to care as they continued to eat her to the point of insanity.

Her eyes rolled back into her curly pink head. Her back end contorted upwards till it was pointed skyward. Her screams were muffled by the two butts still smothering her face.

like a marble fountain, she gushed squirt upwards where it showered down on all of them like sex scented rain.

What was unknown by all six ponies was that the fruit they ate was coated in a magic pollen that made the girls focus on whatever the primary desire was at the time. The only pony who was immune to this pollen was the one who's lungs were coated in a lifetime's worth of powdered sugar and flour.

As her cum showered down on all the girls, it washed away the pollen. And like a flash the five ponies felt the veil of lust and hunger wash away.

Applejack shook her head, sending beads of Pinkie's cum flying.

"Uh, does anypony else not remember what we were just doin?"

"Ugh, why does my head feel like I just went nine rounds with Iron Will?" Rainbow Dash asked as she held her head.

"I-I thing that we all were just under some sort of…spell," Twilight speculated.

"Um, uh…girls? I, um think that Pinkie Pie might still be out of it," Fluttershy whispered.

The five girls all looked down in unison at the pink pony with the silly look on her face. She twitched with a big goofy smile as her tongue hung loosely from her lips.

One by one the ponies started placing a hoof on their noses.

"Well I recon that one of us is gonna hafta carry the little filly till we…"

Applejack looked around at the other girls who all had a hoof on their nose, and slowly realize that she was going to be 'it'.


Give me fabulous.

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"Heh heh heh…I couldn't eat another bite…heh heh," Pinkie mumbled as she slept like a filly atop Applejack's back, who was looking less than thrilled. Despite not having any memory of what happened in the time before their pink companion was incapacitated, they all seemed to be in a positive mood.

Aside from AJ.

They stopped and got direction from a very nice homo sexual sea serpent, who pointed them in the direction of the castle of the slutty sisters. Twilight turned to the others, her chest puffed out authoritatively.

"Alright, everypony. We've had some hang ups. One or two…hiccups. But we're almost there! And when the sun shines again, it will shine because *we* made it so."

"Fuckin right!" Rainbow called.

"Darn tooting!" Applejack added.

"So, girls. Are we gonna buckle down?"

"Yeah!" They called together (minus Pinkie).

"Are we together in this?"

"Buck yeah!"

"Alright then. Lets find those elemen-"

As Twilight turned, her hoof slipped inside of a black vine that was laying in a loop. Like a trap it sprang up, hoisting the small unicorn into the air. The others ran to her aid, unaware that more traps were waiting for them as well. Applejack had set Sleepy Pie on a soft patch of grass before getting snagged up by other vines. Rainbow Dash thought she would be safe if she flew, till she discovered that the vines had minds of their own. The coiled around her wings and bound all of her hooves.

Fluttershy trembled in place as the vines crept in on her, so she laid on her back and just let them take her.

"Great, just bucking great," Twilight quipped sarcastically.

"Some magic help would be twenty percent cooler right about now, Twilight," Rainbow added.

Twilight gasped in realization, her horn coming to life. She focused a stunning ray at the vine holding her up. The purple beam shot like a bullet, but ricochet off as if it were immune.

"Uh, we may be in a fix here…again," Twilight sighed, wanting to scream.

"Um, darlings? So sorry to interrupt, but should I help?"

The four bound girls looked to Rarity, who was standing on the ground free of vines.

"What the-Rarity!? Why in tarnation are you not trussed up like the rest of us?"

Twilight gasped in realization, feeling stupid that she hadn't realized it sooner.

"Of course! These are plunder vines!"

"Plunder what?" Rainbow asked.

"They're a type of magic resistant plant that recognize power. They didn't ensnare Rarity because they recognize her as an equal."

"Well, darling, that is very informative, but I don't see how it will help me help you all."

"There is one way that you can help us. You just have to show them that we belong to you."

"Oh no. There is no way that I'm letting Rarity dominate me. I've seen what she does to Fluttershy," Rainbow Dash protested.

"Well it's either that, or we can be pets to a plant," Twilight explained.

"'Sigh'…Go ahead then."

Rarity smirked with sinister delight. She looked around, spotting a vine and using her back hoof to snap it in half. She picked up the vine, which looked just like a bull whip. She swung it in the air where it cracked with a blood freezing fierceness.

"Oh, darlings….This shall be marvelous."

Rarity sauntered about the girls who hung from the trees, wishing that she was wearing her boots and corset. Her mind was filled with fabulous ideas of what she could do to them. She started by cracking the whip to gauge their reactions.

Fluttershy shuddered in fear, as she usually did. Applejack didn't seem to be afraid at all, much the same with Rainbow Dash. Twilight on the other hoof looked terrified. Rarity considered starting with her, but decided not to since she had already played with her not too long ago. Her cool blue eyes zeroed in on the rainbow dare devil who was doing her best to not be noticed.

"Oh Rainbow my dear~!"


"So sorry darling, but your rear end has taunted me for soooo long now, and now I'm going to teach it what happens when you teas a lady."

Before Rainbow could ask or protest, she felt four lashes from the pseudo whip quickly slash across her fight cheek. Rainbow clenched her teeth, trying her best to not scream.

The welts appeared almost instantly. The four whips formed an upper case R on her rump, and Rarity clenched her back legs as a shudder of thrill jolted from her loins to the tip of her horn.

"Ah~! Come now darling…don't hold it in now. Rarity wants to hear you scream," she purred to the bound pegasus.

For years Rarity had wanted to fully explore every inch of Rainbow Dash's body. Her toned muscles and tight flanks just begged to be pushed to the brink of insanity with pain. Rarity had to gulp to get rid of the drool that was building in her mouth. She drew in close to one of her toned legs, smelling her and practically tasting the sweat that was dripping from her rump.

She touched the end of her proxy whip to Rainbow's warm pussy, drawing a little whimper from her. The delicious sound spurred the fashonista to tap the whip against her pussy, a wet smacking emanating from her nethers. A drop of arousal slipped down Rainbow's leg, and Rarity quickly licked it up. She used the end of her vine to smack her pussy harder, but this time Rainbow did her best to not moan.

"Oh ho, what's this? Still playing the tough girl act? Hmmm, maybe a little bastinado will soften you up."

Rainbow raised her brow, not knowing what that meant. As if knowing what Rarity was saying, the vines reached down and lifted Rainbow's hind legs so that they were level to Rarity. The unicorn licked her lips as she raised the whip and snapped it right on the soft pad of her right hoof.

Rainbow opened her mouth to scream, but was stopped by a thick vine being tied around her open mouth and secured behind her head. The muffled scream forced Rarity to bite her lip as her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head.

"Very good, darling. But I'm afraid that you will have to do better than that."

The whip cracked again on Rainbow's other hoof violently. Rainbow clenched and trembled as her eyes watered and she bit down hard on the gag in her mouth. Rarity grinned wildly as she started assaulting Rainbow's hooves with expertly placed lashes one after the other, alternating between hooves. The strong scent of sweat and pussy drippings was only matched by the deafening sound of muffled screams and the cracking sound of the whip.

Rarity had sweat pouring from her whole body. Her muscles tensed and relaxed with every swing. Her eyes were wide and crazy while her grin only made her look more insane as she let loose on her companions hooves.

After several minutes Rainbow was half delirious from endorphins being released as a response to all the pain. Her hooves felt numb and swollen, and through the haze in her mind she couldn't see herself walking for a while after this. The only thing that she was more aware of than the immanent pain in her hooves was the burning arousal between her legs.

Rarity huffed, looking at Rainbow's dripping pussy with a grin.

"See, darling? I knew that that would loosen you up."

Rarity trotted over to Rainbow's front, where the vines in her mouth removed themselves. Rarity pushed her tongue into Rainbow's mouth, which accepted her without resistance. Rainbow tasted sweet like some fruit, which Rarity didn't know why.

She pulled away from the pegasus, spitting into her gaping mouth.

"Does this little girl want something nice now?" Rarity asked, running her hoof under Rainbow's jaw.

The delirious little pony nodded shakily.

"Sorry, dear. Rarity still has some other little piggies to play with."

Rainbow snapped out of her delirium and was about to voice her desperate need for release, but was hushed by the vines wrapping around her mouth once again. Rarity left the struggling pegasus and started eying the other three.

"Hmmmm, Lets see here. I've already had Twilight today, and I've had Fluttershy soooo many times already."

Her eyes fell on Applejack, and a little smile formed. Applejack saw the look on Rarity, and knew what she was thinking.

"Ooooh, no. Not no way, Rarity. You touch me with that whip and I'll-"

"You'll what, darling? The way that I see it, you don't have any 'eh hem' ground to stand on," she quipped pointing at the lack of ground under her hooves.

Applejack pondered her situation for a moment before she started struggling in vain.

"Now see here, Rarity. Ah may be just as horny as a toad, but I aint some pain lovin freak!"

Everypony (aside from Rainbow and Pinkie) gasped from what Applejack said. Even AJ realized that she had spoken without thinking.

"Ah, Rarity….I-I'm sorry, I-"

"I don't want to hear it, darling. Your apologies mean nothing to me. I want to know what you're going to do to show that you're sorry."

Applejack gulped, nervous about what she was going to have to do.

"Well, whatcha have in mind?"

Rarity grinned.

"Deeper darling. I want you to clean me out good and deep," Rarity ordered the earth pony who's face was buried beep between her luscious ass cheeks.

Applejack used her tongue to lick and slurp the sweaty smelling hole that Rarity used to expel her feces. Being a proud leader of the Apple family, this act of eating out a prissy unicorn's asshole was unbelievably degrading. Rarity was on Cloudsdale nine as she stuck her rump out to be cleaned by Applejack's dirty little tongue. For years she had watched as the beautiful girl wasted her time sweating and toiling in a dirty old apple orchard when she could have been dressing and acting like the beautiful bitch she was.

"How dare you be so beautiful and not use it to wrap every pony around your hoof."

Rarity started shaking her rump while using her magic to force Applejack's face deeper into her ass. AJ suddenly couldn't breath, her mouth and nostrils filling with soft, marshmallow ass meat. Rarity shuddered at the feeling of Applejack's tongue being forced past her O ring and slightly into her rectum. She looked around for something new she could use to abuse her new pet.

She spotted a sapling with a long skinny stem. Rarity used her magic to pull it from the ground and strip it of its little branches. It was perfect. Flexible and slim.
Rarity swung it, her heart fluttering at the air slicing swish it made. Without warning, Rarity swatted Applejack's right flank right on the cutie mark. The earth pony groaned into Rarity's anus, which was now winking from her excitement.

"That's it, darling! Suffer for your rudeness!"

Two more strikes landed on her left flank, causing a 'x' shaped welt to form over her apples. Applejack's ass clenched out of reflex. She continued to clean Rarity's ass through the pain, deep down knowing that this was going to get worse before it got better. The switch smacked across her hind legs, which were extremely sensitive despite being so strong. Applejack's mind filled with white hot pain, causing her tongue to become stiff like a cock inside Rarity's ass.

"Mmmmm~! My goodness dearie. I might just have to include you in mine and Fluttershy's weekly get togethers. Would you like that? I'll even let you service Fluttershy's asshole if you like."

"MMMM!-MMMMMM!" Applejack groaned, shaking her head from side to side.

The pain in her flanks and legs was feeling even worse with every passing minute, and her pussy was twitching so hard she could hear it in her ears. As if sensing her eagerness, Rarity touched the switch to AJ's now slick vagina.

"There there, darling. Mistress won't let you only suffer."

She started rubbing it against her crease lightly, alternating with a hard rub. Applejack sighed inside Rarity's ass, her tongue becoming loose from working it so much. Rarity was starting to feel wet herself, but she knew that she was going to have to move on to her next target soon. In an instant she started furiously rubbing Applejack's pussy fast and hard with the switch. The bound earth pony started twitching and tensing up from the sudden stimulation, her mouth releasing a muffled string of moans and yelps as she was quickly being pushed to a hard orgasm.

"How is it, slut? Loosing your mind? I bet that you can't wait to cum like a bitch."

Applejack's mouth was watering profusely, her eyes rolling back into her head. She was struggling, despite wanting to cum badly.

"Do you want it, darling? Do you want to cum your little piggy heart out?"

Applejack nodded as best she could, her tongue now going crazy inside Rarity's flexing asshole.

The switch suddenly left Applejack's throbbing marehood, and Rarity pulled her ass away from Applejack's wet mouth and face.

"H-hey! I-I-"

Her broken sentence was interrupted when Rarity used vines to gag her mouth.

"So sorry, Applejack. But I still have two little piggies to toy with. You'll be fine for a while, won't you?"

AJ started thrashing, muffled pleases and cries of need falling on deaf ears as Rarity moved to her next target.

"Twilight, Twilight, Twilight. You know, darling, if you wanted to get punished again, all you needed was to ask. This ruse about vines and what not was un-necessary."

Twilight blushed brightly from the insinuation that she had set this whole thing up as an excuse to get more abuse from the gorgeous unicorn.

"What!? No, I-"

Twilight's objection was interrupted when Rarity pushed her lips to Twilight's, her tongue darting into the unicorn's maw. Twilight twisted a bit before realizing that she was a fly caught in a web and just gave in. Rarity tasted so amazing, and Twilight could feel herself wanting to give herself over to Rarity. The unicorn dominatrix pulled away, gazing at her huffing captive and running her hoof under her chin.

"There there, my dear, no need to feel shy. Just relax and tell Rarity what it is you want."

Twilight looked away, but Rarity gently guided her head back to look her in the eye.

"I….I want you to…to…to w-whip my butt," she said in a shy tone.

"Oh? And why is that?"

"B-because I've been…a bad girl."

"Mmmm, yes you have, darling. If you really want me to hurt you, then lift your tail and expose your rear."

Twilight felt her face burn with shame as she slowly lifted her tail up, hoping that the scent of her arousal wasn't so strong that Rarity could smell her. Rarity slowly cantered behind Twilight, licking her lips as she took in the sight of the unicorn's swollen and dripping snatch.

"Goodness me, what a foul stench you're letting off, Twilight," Rarity said, waving a hoof in front of her face.

Twilight's ears flattened to her head in shame. Rarity's hoof raised up over her head before coming down, landing against Twilight's little rump with a meaty smack.

"What do you have to say, little filly?"

"I-I'm sorry…mistress"

Rarity grinned, rubbing the spot that she just spanked.

"Thats a good girl, Twilight."

Rarity looked around, her eyes spotting a phallic looking seed pod from one of the vines. She grinned plucking three of the long cock like pods. Levitating one to Rainbow Dash, one to Applejack, and the last to Twilight, she focused her magic to make them vibrate slightly. She split her whip into three parts and positioned one near each girl. Plucking a long, straight stick from a tree she taped it gently on Twilight's rump like a conductor preparing to lead an orchestra.

Raising her baton, she began her grand performance.

The whips cracked one after the other, followed by the muffled moans of the bound mares who acted as her instruments. Following the crack of whips, the strong vibrations brought shudders and whimpers. She cracked the whips three times in quick succession, pressing the vibrating pods against their needy pussies. As soon as the much wanted stimulation touched them, it was taken away, replaced by four whips on their exposed rears.

Applejack came as soon as the pod touched her clit, violently thrashing and twitching as her cum spilled like water upon the ground. Rainbow's eyes rolled into the back of her head from the pain jolting from her pert rump. Twilight's brain flooded with the ecstasy that the mix of pain and pleasure brought her. She could feel her orgasm build in the depths of her nethers, nagging to her that she was about to cum hard.

Rarity sensed Twilight's nearing release and shoved the vibrating pod against her clit, rubbing it back and forth till the unicorn tensed up like a knot. Like an explosion, she burst into a fit of thrashing and screaming as her pussy squirted profusely.

"Yes, darling. Now you understand," she said simply.

Twilight did understand. It wasn't about pain, it was about giving oneself over to another. To have all your joy and ecstasy in the hooves of one who would send you into the clouds, but after you submit to the one.

The unicorn continued to cum along with the others, all of them gushing as they were punished and pleasured. Their asses were streaked with welts and dripping with sweat and mare cum. All three of them went slack, hanging limply from their restraints.

Rarity lowered her baton, wiping a bead of sweat from her forehead. She turned to the last one, the one who aha had left untouched so that she could watch the display.

"Now then Fluttershy darling, it's your turn," she stated sinisterly.

Fluttershy's eyes widened, cold fear filling her whole body. She lost control of her bladder, her pee falling heavily to the ground below.

Pinkie's eyes slowly began to open. The little pink pony moaned slightly, sleepiness still heavy. Her eyes began to adjust, widening as she took in the sight of what was before her. Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Twilight were all laying unconscious upon the ground, their faces telling a story of amazing pleasure and pain. But the other thing is what left Pinkie's jaw on the ground.

Rarity stood behind Fluttershy, who looked like she was half crazed, with her hoof all the way inside Fluttershy's ass.

The yellow mare looked as thought she had given up trying to struggle as she dangled in the air, her eyes rolled nearly all the way into the back of her head.
Rarity's attention was diverted to the pink pony who was looking with shock at her.

"Pinkie Pie, how wonderful for you to re-join us. Give me a moment, darling, my hooves are a bit full at the moment."

"I can see that," Pinkie replied.

The rainbow connection.

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The six mares looked on at the chasm that separated them from the castle of the slutty sisters. The gap had to be the length of five ponies, too far for any one of them to jump. There was evidence of there being a rope bridge in the past, but is seemed that time had seen the bridge fall to ruin.

Twilight looked on at the collapsed bridge with great dread. So close they were now to their goal, and the thing that stopped them now was a lack of a path.
So close that they may as well be a thousand miles away.

With a heavy sigh, she turned to her companions.

"Well girls, we're gonna have to find some way down to the bottom and then find some other way up. Lets split up and try to find some vines so we can make ropes to help lower us down."

"Or, (and I'm just spit balling here) I could fly across, grab that rope, and tie it to our side so we can cross….Thoughts?"

Every pony looked to Rainbow Dash like she was Molestia walking on the water.

"What? Work smarter, not harder," the pegasus said intelligently as she flew across the wide gap. She reached for the rope, but heard a rustling in the woods behind her.

She turned around sharply, spotting a dark creature in the brush.

"Rainbow! What is it?" Twilight asked from the other side.

"Not sure. I'm gonna go check it out," she said before dashing off to where she saw whatever 'it' was.

Twilight was about to call out to her, but she was gone in a blink.

"Ugggg! Can we trust that she'll be ok?" Twilight asked, turning to the others.

Her question was met with knowing giggles from the four girls, as if they knew something that she didn't.

"Sugar cube, Rainbow Dash is the most capable filly you'll ever meet. The only thing that y'all have ta worry about is the safety of whatever she's following."

Rainbow had to trot once she reached the wood line, but she lost no speed as she followed the thing that had been watching her. Leaves and branches flicked and whipped her face as she rushed through the woods in pursuit. A minuet into her chase, she heard it come to a stop just a little ahead.

She released a burst of speed, and suddenly came out into a clearing in the woods. It was circular in shape, with soft grass under her hooves. Moonlight shined brightly into the clearing, illuminating what she had been following with silver light.

There were three of them, all dark gray in color, and dressed in dark blue, skin-tight body suits. They looked up at the rainbow pony with big eyes that sparkled with deer like innocence.

They were pegasus mares, young looking ones at that. Rainbow gulped hard as her eyes glided over their slender, round shapes, their thick pouty lips, and their delicate bodies that were just begging to be tamed by a pony who knew how to do it.

"P-please don't hurt us…We didn't mean to spy," the middle one said in a delicate little voice.

"We saw you and just couldn't pass up a chance to see 'the' Rainbow Dash in person," the one on the left with the pig tails added.

"Uh, w-what are you three doing out her in the middle of the forest?" Rainbow asked.

"W-well, we're three of your biggest fans. When we saw you going into the forest we followed you."

Rainbow felt her heart rate pick up. Her marehood was getting warm and moist. If anything turned her on more than sexy young mares, it was fans of her. These three looked like they would do whatever she wanted, or made them do.

"Uh, ok then, here I am. Is there anything you girls really want from me?" She asked, hoping they would take her hint.

The three girls huddled together, whispering something to one another. After a moment they separated and got up into a line. As if choreographed, they all turned around and raised their rumps up to the night sky.

Rainbow's heart stopped. Their skin-tight suits hugged and tugged at every curve and contour of their tight little asses. Even in the pail light of the moon Raindow could plainly see the creases of their sweet young pussies.

"W-we would be so honored if you would….would make us your personal pleasure givers."

As if her already overly inflated ego wasn't big enough already, now it was three times the moon that glowed overhead.

"What did you three call yourselves again?"

The one on the right looked over with her big eyes at Rainbow.

"We call ourselves 'the shadow bolts'."

Rainbow couldn't have given two bits what the three called themselves. All she cared about at that moment was the three tight little asses just begging to be tamed. She cautiously inched close to the three, lowering her face to the middle one's rump. Her nose was mere inches away from her body suit squeezed crack and took a sample sniff, and found that it smelt sweet and heady with musk.

She pulled her head back, displaying a sadistic grin from pointed ear to pointed ear. She raised her hoof and brought it down hard on her little flank. A smack echoed off the trees, followed by the sweet squeal of the little mare. The other two squeaked, wiggling their equally little butts.

"You girls want more?"

All three of them looked back at Rainbow, nodding their heads and flashing her three sets of big round eyes.

Rainbow gripped the one on the right by the mane and pulled her head back, sealing her lips to the young girl's. Rainbow forced her tongue inside, ravishing the inside of her mouth as she glared lustfully at the doe eyed mare.

Just as the young mare seemed to be getting into it, Rainbow pushed her away, trailing thick strands of saliva in their wake.

"Get behind me and start licking my asshole, bitch," she ordered with authority.

The little mare moved behind Rainbow, who lifted her tail while sticking out her rump. The cyan pegasus hissed as she felt the mare's hot tongue make contact with her exposed anus.

Rainbow gripped the top of the girl in front of her's suit just above her flank and yanked it up hard, causing her suit to wedgie. The mare squealed from the pain, while Rainbow only got wetter from the sight of her suit riding up her crack. Rainbow then turned her head to the last one and gestured for her to come over. The third mare approached cautiously. As soon as she was close enough, Rainbow grabbed her and kissed her hard, her open mouth invading the young mare's. She moaned into Rainbow's aggressive mouth, spurring the pegasus further.

Rainbow's ass clenched tightly on the tongue wedged slightly inside her hole.

Rainbow's eyes were getting wild as her arousal and hunger for control grew. With her mouth, she grabbed the hind ankle of the mare in front of her. With a powerful twist, she flipped the young mare onto her back. Before she could react, Rainbow gripped the crotch of her suit with her teeth and tore it from her body in shreds as she shrieked.

The rainbow mare's rose colored eyes gleamed in the moonlight, making her look like a ravenous predator.

"M-miss Dash, please don't hurt my body…" the little mare pleaded.

"Don't worry, kid, I'm not a monster…but you'll think that I am…soon enough."

With a licking of her soft lips, Rainbow Dash dove in open mouthed. Her tongue's tip snaked up and down her pink slit, while she used the flat of her tongue to rub her clit. The little mare squirmed and mewled as her idol tasted her sweet nethers like they were made of ice cream.

"That's it, you degenerate whore. Your hubris will be the undoing of you and the other sun loving sluts."

Nightmare Moon felt stupid for not seeing the potential in the pegasus earlier. She believed herself to be in control of this situation, similar to how a fly believes that it is in control of the venus.

"And now I've closed my jaws around you, little fly."

"Oh miss Dash! I-it feels so goooood!"

Rainbow stopped her oral sex suddenly, narrowing her eyes as she raised her head.

"What was that?"

The mare looked up at the pegasus looming over her.

"I-I just said that it felt good," she replied sheepishly.

"Uh-huh…Looks like you don't understand what this is."

In the blink of an eye the pegasus was on her in a sixty-nine position.

"You wanted Rainbow Dash, so you gotta earn Rainbow Dash."

Before the little mare could object she found her mouth covered by The cyan pegasus's sweaty ass. The pungent stench assaulted her senses harshly before robbing her ability to breath. Rainbow chuckled as she forced her ass against her face like she was a toy.

"How does it taste, bitch? Pretty bad, huh?" Rainbow asked before grunting like an animal in the throws of matting season.

"I've been running around and rutting all night. So I bet my plot reeks."

The mare pinned under her strong ass was gagging and choking for air while the stench assaulted her. Rainbow grinned up at the other two ponies, causing them to grimace in fear.

"Now I want you two to show me those asses."

The two looked hesitantly at one another. Their shared mind knew that if they refused that the jig would be up. They turned around and flashed their little rumps to the wild eyed pegasus. With her teeth she wasted no time in shredding the crotches of their suites away. Rainbow licked her lips at the sight of their moist slits and puffy lips.

Her wings unfurled, and she brought the feathered tips to their exposed mare hoods. They both gasped as the sensation of a gentle feather touching their most sensitive area jolted their systems like electricity.

"M-miss Dash! Please don't!" One of the mares cried out as her nethers were tease by he feather.

"Please, miss Dash…I can't take it!" The other pleaded.

The mare to the right of Rainbow raised her hoof to touch herself, until Rainbow opened her mouth and gave her rump a firm bite, causing the mare to yelp in pain.

"I didn't say that you could touch yourself, bitch. Try it again and I'll tie you to a tree," the pegasus threatened.

The mare under her ass was working her tongue as hard as she could, if only to make Rainbow cum so she could be free. Rainbow got a mouthful of saliva and spat it onto the left mare's asshole before dragging her tongue up her crack. The cyan pony then started licking and slurping all around her rectum as the mare moaned and cooed sweetly.

Rainbow spanked the right one, and ground her ass harder as she cried out. Her face was dripping with drool and the mare's love juice as her tongue continued to work her mare parts.

"Miss Dash-I'm going to cum!" The one she was working confessed.

"M-me too!" The right one added.

Rainbow smirked.

"All right ladies. I'll let you girls cum, but you have to climax at the same time."

"B-but we-"

"On three now. One…two…THREE!"

Like clockwork, the two mares came. Screaming and showering their Rainbow partner with clear fluids. Rainbow herself orgasmed as well all over the mare under her's face.

Their cries of pleasure filled the night air, echoing off the trees and fading into the darkness.

"Whoo wee! You girls wore me out. I'd love to stay and get some more exercise, but I got some work to get back to."

The three mares were unable to respond. They laid there twitching with open mouths and tongues hanging slack.

Rainbow was about to leave, when she stopped and looked down with a smirk. She raised her hind leg like a dog and let a stream of hot, yellow urine out all over their ahego faces as a finishing touch.

As the pegasus strutted back to the bridge, the middle mare raised her head wearily and growled with a piss and cum covered face at the pony who had made a complete fool out of her.

"This isn't over. The night is still young…"

"Rainbow! Are you alright!?" Twilight called over the gorge.

"No worries girls. Just had some fans to woo. Aint no thang."

The five girls looked to each other with confusion.

"What uh, exactly happened, sugar cube?"

"Heh heh, just let me get this bridge tied off and I'll tell you all about it."

The elements of debauchery.

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The six mares looked up at the crumbling ruins of what used to be the castle of the slutty sisters. The walls were overgrown with ivy and moss and a lifeless breeze blew out from the double doors, as if the old castle was exhaling.

"Yyyyyyyyes!" Rainbow Dash cheered. "Finally finally finally we can finds those magic whatevers and put an end to that evil bitch."

"Indeed, all this gallivanting about is simply dreadful," Rarity added.

"Well what er we waitin fer? Let’s go find us some elem-"

"No," Twilight cut in, ending the rising enthusiasm of the group.

"You've all helped me get this far, but I'm afraid that this is where we part."

The five girls fell silent, not quite sure of what to say.

"Hold on. You expect us to just let you go in there alone to find some magic artifacts that you've never even seen before?" Rainbow asked.

"YEAH! What if you're eaten by some giant cup cake monster who rapes you with penis tentacles?" Pinkie asked, garnering confused looks from everypony.

"What? I'm hungry and horny."

Twilight looked down at her hooves, feeling more than a littlemelancholic.

"I…I can't ask you girls to risk your lives any further for me. This is now my mission and mine alone."

Every one of them wanted to say something to sway her, but Twilight seemed adamant in her resolve.

"Well, sugar cube, we won't get in the way of what y'all feel is yer duty."

"Tee hee, doodie," Pinkie snickered.

The little unicorn smiled as best she could at the five ponies.

"Don't worry girls, I'll square this whole mess away and be back in time for the orgy."

The girls turned and started slowly making their way. Rainbow turned her head to look back at Twilight.

"Give a shout. You know, should you need us."

"I will," Twilight replied.

The inside of the ruins were cold and dark. There were flowers and grass growing on what used to be a stone floor. Twilight's eyes scanned the shadows for any sign of the elements. As if on cue, she spotted what looked like a fountain ornament.

At the top was a large orb,surrounded by five smaller orbs. Twilight's eyes widened as she smiled. Her horn lit up as she levitated the five orbs to the ground.

"All right, just need one spark," she said to herself as she concentrated on her magic.

"Hee hee hee, HA HA HA HA!"

The maniacal laughter caused Twilight to lose concentration. All of a sudden a strong gust swept in. The orbs were then enveloped in a dark wisp that swirled them up into a vortex.

Twilight rushed to try and grab the elements before they were gone, but ended up getting caught up in the vortex. Before Twilight knew it she was in a completely different part of the castle. Every window looked like it was stained glass. They were all broken and jagged, giving them the appearance of of being teeth.

Twilight spotted the elements across the room and was about to make a mad dash for them, until a flash brought a giant alicorn into existence. The dark princess stood over the elements wearing a smug grin as if she had already won.

"My my my, so much hassle and commotion, and for what? So a country of sluts can flaunt their filthy pussy's at anything with a pulse?"

Twilight sneered at the alicorn.

"I couldn't give two hooves about that. You did something to the princess, and for that you're going to pay."

"Oooh, it has been centuries since I've gotten my hooves dirty. You want the elements, little pony?"

Nightmare Moon took on an offensive stance.

"Come and get them."

Twilight aimed her horn and clopped her hoof on the ground, ready to fight. Nightmare Moon did the same, chuckling to herself as she aimed at the small target.

The two took off at the same time, galloping toward one another.

Suddenly, Twilight stopped and pointed to the right.

"Look! There's a mare giving an expert B.J. to two twin stallions!"

Nightmare Moon stopped dead in her tracks, raising her head and looking around.

"Where, where!?"

Twilight used the opening to fire up her horn and teleport to the elements . The Nightmare, having realized that she had been had, growled while looking back at the clever unicorn.

"Ooooh, the old fake double B.J. trick. Pretty sneaky, little girl."

Twilight ignored the evil alicorn, concentrating on her magic to try and make just one sun damned spark! The elements started to glow, and Nightmare Moon was starting to get scared. She teleported herself over and flung the nosey unicorn halfway across the room, but started to regret the choice.

Sparks jolted around in a circle. The familiar sensation filled Nightmare with dread.

"No!" She yelled, knowing what came next.

Twilight lifted herself from the floor, her eyes widening with glee and wonder as she watched the elements begin to activate after being dormant for over a thousand years.

But the glimmer in her eyes vanished just as quickly as the glow given off by the elements.

"What? But, where is the sixth element!?"

Nightmare Moon threw her head back, laughing maniacally as she reared back and slammed her forehooves on the ground, shattering the orbs. Twilight looked hard at the broken pieces, but something about them didn't seem right. Lying on the ground among the shards were five long, horse like dildos, as if they were hidden inside.

Just as Twilight noticed the five phalluses, she heard the sound of hooves coming up the stairs behind her.

"Twilight!? Where are ya, sugar cube!?"

Her five companions arrival caused a drastic realization. She turned back to Nightmare Moon with a confident smile.

"I'd hold off on that victory laugh, bitch."

Nightmare stopped her jocular laughing, glaring at the little pony.

"You think that the elements can be defeated just like that?"

"What are you talking about, you fool?"

"The elements of debauchery can't be destroyed, because we are the elements!"

The other girls all looked to Twilight with confusion.

"Applejack, who used her gorgeous ass to win me over represents the element of…arousal!"

As soon as Twilight explained, the orange dildo floated over to AJ and attached to her nether area. The earth pony floated into the air as the phallus merged with her body. An aura of light surrounded her and faded, revealing that she now had a huge stallion dick and balls attached to her. The other girls all looked on in amazement at the earth pony's new cock.

"Fluttershy, who used her sweet little pussy to tame a manticore, represents the element of…bestiality!"

Fluttershy began to float as the yellow dildo attached itself to her.

"Pinkie Pie, who used fruit…and sex, to break us from a trance, represents the element of…food fetish!"

The pink pony giggled as she too floated to receive her own sizable dick.

"Rarity, who used bondage to free us from the plunder vines and bend them to her will, represents the element of…S&M!"

The fashonista squeaked as she received her member.

"Rainbow Dash, who apparently owned a trio of cute, young mares, represents the element of…domination!"

Rainbow, who was already floating, cheered as she received the thing she had dreamed of having for years.

"And of course, what's the one thing that all these things bring? The one element that ties all these things together, the element of…ORGASM!"
Suddenly Twilight shined brighter than a star. Nightmare recoiled from the blinding light, and began to notice her armor beginning to crack.
"W-what the fuck is happening!?"
Her armor shattered like glass, flying off her body and leaving her exposed to the light. The six mares gently floated to the ground, each one now with a cock that reached up to their chests.

"W-wow! I thought that all that element stuff was a bunch o’ crap," Applejack said.

"Hey, Fluttershy, check mine out," Pinkie said as she waged her cock from left to right.

"I-I really had no idea that this would happen, but now it all makes sense," Twilight said, turning to the others. "I should have known it from the start. All of you have taught me and made me feel like I never have before. I understand now that all of you girls are…my fuck buddies."

The girls all smiled and looked like they were all going to burst into happy tears.

Nightmare Moon struggled to stand, but fell back to the floor, too weak to move.

The six futa ponies looked back at the weakened villain.

"What do you say, girls, shall we use our new "elements" to teach this slut a lesson about the magic of debauchery?"
The five girls all gave an affirmative "ah-huh".

"N-no, stay away from me! D-don't touch me with those disgusting things!"

Twilight moved up first, using her magic to grab Nightmare's head as she forced her swollen cock past her lips and to the back of her throat. The saliva coated fuck hole was hot and slippery, forcing the unicorn to moan as her throat muscles clenched down on her.

"How’s that taste, bitch!?" Twilight asked the now gagging mare.

The other five girls trotted quickly to Nightmare's hind quarters, all of them looking at her shapely rear with hungry eyes. It was like their new appendages had changed them in some way. Even gentle little Fluttershy's mouth was watering at the sight of Nightmare's untouched little asshole.

"Well then," Rainbow declared as she stepped up. "Guess I'll just help myself to this cunt's cunt."

Just as the pegasus stepped up to violate their victim, she was stopped by a hoof attached to a tan mare.

"Now hold yer load, sugar cube. If anypony's gonna blow a load in this skank it's gonna be me!"

The two growled at one another like lions over a piece of meat. Just as they were about to throw down, the heard the sound of muffled moans. When they looked, they saw that Pinkie Pie was furiously pounding her sopping pussy with a psychotic grin across her face while Rarity was doing the same to her rump with an equally twisted expression. Fluttershy contended herself by stroking her new cock with Nightmare's ethereal tail.

"Pinkie Pie, Rarity! What the buck are you two doing!?" Rainbow asked.

Rarity turned her head to the two left out mares.

"What? If you snooze, you lose, darling."
Rarity looked to Fluttershy, who was panting, red faced and staring at Rarity needfully. Rarity closed her eyes and kissed the shy pony deeply, which she accepted eagerly.
Seeing no opening in the back, the two friends moved to the front, where Twilight was doing her best to impregnate Nightmare Moon's throat.

"Uh, hey Twilight. Is it cool if we get in on some of that?"

Twilight snapped out of her furious fucking and looked at the two.

"Sure thing, girls. I'm sure this slut won't mind, will you, Nightmare Poon?"

The big beautiful eyes of Nightmare looked even more sexy with Twilight's thick, purple dick stretching her lips open. Twilight grunted as she slowly pulled her length from throat. The thick tip popped out, followed by a gallon of drool and a chorus of coughing. Rainbow stepped in and rammed her meat down her newly opened throat in one gag filled motion.

Rainbow released a very un-characteristic sigh of pleasure, which she unsuccessfully tried to play off as a cough. Her hooves gripped the sides of the alicorn's head as she started moving in and out of her wet maw. Nightmare grunted and gagged, feeling helpless as she looked up at the rainbow pony with watery eyes. Meanwhile, her ass and pussy were getting pistoned by the earth pony and unicorn respectively. Their fat cocks violated and touched deep inside her, rubbing against each other through the wall inside her.

"Oh…wowey….kerplowey!" Pinkie gasped between thrusts. "This cunt is…is…CUNT-TASTIC!"

Rarity was having a equally good time, raising her hoof and landing it hard on the alicorn's big, round ass.

"R-Rairty? I-I'm sorry to ask while you're busy, but…can I have a turn with her ass?" Fluttershy asked.

Rarity smiled sweetly at her, whipping her white dick from the dark princess's ass.

"But of course, darling. Here, let me help you."

Fluttershy moved nervously behind Nightmare, getting up on her hind hooves.

"I know that you're not used to this sort of thing. Just leave everything to your aunty Rarity."

Rarity got up close behind her and took Fluttershy's dick in her hooves, aiming at the small target as she kissed her favorite pet's tender neck.

"Now don't try to force it all in at once. If you press gently and get the tip in then it should all glide in very easily."

"O-ok," Fluttershy whispered.

Her tip touched the puckered ring. Rarity used her hips to gently push Fluttershy into her cock's new sleeve. The bulbous head opened the hole, beckming engulfed as inch after inch was fed into the hole.

Meanwhile, Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow all stood upright with their hips close together as they took turned with Nightmare's mouth. Twilight took three thrusts into her mouth before pulling out and letting Applejack fuck her throat.

"Ah shit! This filly sure do love cock, don't she?"

"Yeah yeah. Just don't hog the mouth-pussy for too long, AJ. Some of us would like to blow a load sometime tonight," Rainbow quipped, nudging her fuck buddy.

"No need to get impatient, girls. We're not stopping till we replace this whir's insides with cum. So we might as well take our time," Twilight explained.

Nightmare's eyes widened as she realized that this gang rape wasn't going to end any time soon. Ironically it was that the goddess of fear and darkness was now being gripped with those two things.

Fluttershy was now balls deep, and the look on her face was that of a pony who had just had her brains replaced by pure joy and ecstasy. She could feel Pinkie's dick pistoning inside of Nightmare's pussy, and to her it felt like the pink pony was using her dick to stroke Fluttershy's through the layer of moist flesh.

Rarity was huffing heavily as she tongued Fluttershy's ear as she moved her own dick against the bottom of the pegasus ponies scrotum while using her hooves to massage Fluttershy's soft little breasts.

By this point it felt like Nighmare's insides were being drilled out by hot, throbbing cocks. It had been over a thousand years since she had felt so full, so completely stuffed that it seemed as though she would burst.

Pinkie Pie snorted and giggled respectively, her thrusting was nearing the point where her cock was but a pink blur sending rivulets of love juice and pre cum flying.

"A-are you ready, teddy. Cuz I'm gonna give you a cream filling deep inside your cunny bunny!"

Despite herself, Nightmare Moon found herself not dreading the inevitable cream pie, but anticipating it. Somewhere within her memories she could recall the warm sensation of being filled with seed. A blurry image of a beautiful white mare, gently holding her as a big cock sent warm pleasure through her little filly body.

A loud, wet spurting sound echoed from inside her as the pink earth pony emptied her new balls inside, her seed splashing against the inside of Nightmare's womb. Though her mouth was stuffed with the cock of all three races, she moaned so loud it vibrated all three, causing them to blow a gallons worth of splooge inside her mouth.

The thick batter splattered all over her face, blocking her nostrils and clogging her throat with its syrupy thickness. Two cum bubbles inflated from her nose and popped as she whimpered through all the jizz.

Fluttershy sighed pathetically as the tight stimulation on her newly acquired cock combined with Rarity's expert ministrations on her tender breasts caused her to unleash a tsunami of semen so deep inside the dark princess's ass she was sure that it was filling up her large intestine.

Nightmare's hind legs and much of her body was twitching and spasming wildly from the mix of pleasure and torment.

All six of the new elements moaned in deep relief, but they were far from finished with her. Twilight, Rainbow and Applejack switched places with Rarity Fluttershy and Pinkie. Twilight was so eager to plow the evil bitch that she shoved her cock all the way inside inside Nightmare's freshly glazed cunny. The alicorn was beyond strugglingat this point, and even if she weren’t, she was toodesperate for more. More dick, more jizz, anywhere and everywhere.

"Oh, it looks like the little pig has something to say," Rarity observed as she gazed down at the dejected villain. "Whatever is the matter, darling?"

Nightmare struggled to raise her head, cum still leaking from her mouth and nostrils.

"P-please…g-give me more. You can cum inside me, all over my face….j-just please."

Rarity giggled.

"Well then, dearies, it sounds like this regal princess is nothing more than a wanton little whore. Fluttershy, do you have something for her?"

Fluttershy meeped, taking her cock in her hooves. To Rarity's surprise, she watched as the little pegasus pressed the urethra of her cock against Nightmare's nostril. Fluttershy whimpered as she blew a load inside Nightmare's nose, causing her to cough and sputter from the flood of goo inside her nose.

"My my! Very well done, darling. But I believe that I can top it. Miss. Pie, would you be so kind as to-"

"Help you cover her eyes with gooey gooey cum drops? Absolutely!"

Rarity giggled once again as she used her magic to force open her eyelids wide. Nightmare could only watch weakly as the unicorn and earth pony aimed their big guns at her exposed eyes. As if they were in sync, they both came hard right in her eyes. She tried to resist, but Rarity had her firmly in place. Her vision was blurred, and her eyes burned as the thick seed dripped down her cheeks like milky tears.

Twilight felt a nudge to her side and she looked to see a very irked Rainbow and Applejack.

"Uh, you gonna share that pie?" Rainbow asked.

"Oh, sorry girls, just let me change position."

Twilight slid underneath Nightmare and re-inserted herself. Rainbow stepped up and gripped Nightmare's flanks, ramming her cock to the hilt inside of Nightmare's tight anus. It was slick with Fluttershy's cum which only made for easier entry.

"Don't be gettin too carried away there, sugar cube," Applejack reminded her friend who was pumping fast and hard inside of the sweet ass-pussy.

"I know, I know. Just let me….mnf!…give this cow a good taste!"

Rainbow started ramming so hard that Nightmare's whole body jostled wildly, making it difficult for the other girls to continue their work.

"Oh…FUCK!! This cunt's ass is tighter than a colt's!"

"Yeah, and some of us would like to get ah crack at that crack."

Rainbow sighed, giving Nightmare one last pound before withdrawing her length from its tight confines. Applejack grinned as she removed her Stetson and flung it across the room.

"Ah hope y'all are ready for a real buckin’," she warned as she mounted the alicorn.

Her mouth was stuffed with three cocks once again, but she was able to yelp slightly as her hollowed out rectum was once again filled with throbbing earth pony cock. Applejack arched her back, her balls pressing against her pussy, which was being speared by Twilight's second horn. Said unicorn was huffing like she was running a marathon for the first time. The tip of her new cock felt like it was ablaze inside the alicorn's pussy. Never in her time as princess Molestia's fuck student had she ever though that having a cock would feel so wet and hot and amazing!

Applejack continued her anal assault, holding up her word of giving the bitch a 'real bucking'.

"Yeeeeehaaaaa! This filly here's tighter than the rings on a cider barrel!" She exclaimed as she continued to buck the royal cum dumpster's ass-pussy like it was a two bit fuck toy.

The mention of cider caused Rainbow's mouth to water, and the sight of her long dong slamming fast and hard inside the bitch's shithole wasn't making her mouth any dryer.
"Move over, AJ! I'm gonna show you how it's really done!"

Without warning, Rainbow shoved her cock in the ring between Applejack's thrusts. Nightmare's ass strstched to nearly the breaking point as she let out a gargled scream from the feeling of having to huge cocks stretching her to the max.

Even Twilight moaned from the feeling of their dicks pressing against her cock.

"H-holy shit, girls! That's amazing!"

Meanwhile, Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie all found a way to fit the fat heads of their cocks inside Nightmare's cum covered mouth, by stretching the corners of her mouth the same as her ass.

"My goodness, darling. I thought that Pinkie was the only pony who could stuff her cheeks like that."

Nightmare's tongue was working double hard as she tried to lick all three dribbling heads as they violated her mouth. AJ and Rainbow's cocks continued to race one another, each one competing for space inside her ass. Twilight's dick pounded and sloshed inside her pussy, the little unicorn getting ready to add its seed to the already sloppy mix.
All six mares were revving up for one massive explosion of mare cum, and their voices were reaching a crescendo to match their pumping.

"G-girls, lets cum together! Lets cream this bitch with everything we've got!" Twilight said, on the verge of her own orgasm.

Nightmare's eyes rolled into the back of her head, her muffled voice fading into a pathetic whimper.

With a loud groan from all the girls ushered their combined orgasms. Nightmare's anus immediately overflowed and spilled out with the pressure of a fire hose, running down her thighs in thick globs. Her wet cunt made squelching sounds as Twilight pumped her goo all the way in till it bloated her stomach. Her mouth and face was awash with three loads. It flew out of her nose and around the corners of her mouth.

The cum didn't stop though. It continued to flow inside her ass, pussy, and mouth. The girls all pulled their members from the used cum slut and started blasting their wads on her face and body. It fell across her inthick ropes, matting her fur and mingling with her ruffled feathers.

They continued to hose her down with jizz till they began to lose consciousness. Suddenly their cocks began to glow along with the cum on her body. The glowing built to a bright shining, so bright that it illuminated the dark room they occupied.

When they all finally stopped spraying spunk, they fell to the floor from exhaustion, all while the alicorn they had just gang banged continued to glow.

Twilight looked over at the other girls, who were either panting heavily or twitching wildly.

"G-good work girls. I don't know if this will help us find princess Molestia, but-"

"Did somepony call me?" Came a warm and regal voice.

a ray of light shonethrough one of the broken windows. The instant that the girls looked to the morning light, their eyes fell upon the white alicorn that many regarded as a sex goddess. Her wings were outstretched, her feathers flittering. Her etherial mane and tail wafting gently on a nonexistent breeze. Her majestic cock hung heavily, nearly touching the ground.

Despite having ejaculated themselves half to death, the six girls rose and bowed their heads, except for Twilight, who moved as fast as she could to cuddle her mentor.

"Twilight Sparkle, my most faithful little slut. I knew that you could do it, and boy did you 'do it'."

"Princess, I don't understand. You said that I-"

"I told you to make some fuck buddies. Pretty smart huh, huh?"

Twilight gave her a hard look.

"Eeeeeeee-yeah, but…wouldn't it have made things a whole lot easier if you had just told me, "hey Twilight, go to my old castle with five random chicks, and-"

"Well you did a great job anyways, Twilight," Molestia cut in. "Now, there's somepony her that I haven't seen in quite some time."

The sun princess stepped past Twilight and to where Nightmare was laying. Twilight was shocked as she saw that the once tall, statuesque alicorn had changed into a much smaller mare. Laying not far from the young mare slept what could only be described as a filly version of what was Nightmare Moon

"Hello…Luna. I missed you…little sister."

The six all gasped in unison.

"H-have you come to gloat? If you're going to send me back, then please don't waste my time."

Molestia leaned down to Luna's level.

"No, I've come to ask you to come back home, and to apologize."


"We were younger back then, little sister. You were so upset, and I was so…proud, I overreacted. I lost you for a thousand years, and I swear that I will spend the next thousand years making up for lost time."

The younger princess' eyes swelled up with tears. She suddenly rose up and nuzzled her big sister, which was warmly returned.

"I….I want to go hooooooome~! I missed you every day, Tia! I won't be bad anymore, can you please, sniff, forgive me?"

"There isn't anything to forgive, Lulu."

It was a heartwarming scene, but Twilight was wondering what they were supposed to do next.

"Uh, princess?"

Molestia used a wing to wave Twilight and her friends off, telling her that they were going to need a minute.

"Ok, come on girls. Lets head back to town."

"What about them?" Rainbow asked.

"I think they'll be fine."

"Oh, Twilight, would you mind taking that back to Ponyville as well? She hasn't 'learned' her lesson just yet."

Twilight nodded to her mentore, picking up the unconscious filly form of Nightmare Moon. Her and her new fuck buddies then started making their way back to Ponyville, where there was sure to be more 'fun'.

There is no "I" in orgy.

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The walk back to Ponyville felt much shorter than it felt leaving. The towns ponies looked on in glee accompanied by cheers of jubilation as the six heroes entered the town, Twilight holding the unconscious villain in her magic, be it that said villain was much smaller and cuter than they all remembered.

Following shortly after was the beloved princess of the sun and a young blue mare.

Molestia and her sister moved through the crowd. Some ponies murmured about the new alicorn while others cheered out of joy, too happy to see Molestia to care. Molestia and Luna stepped up onto the steps of town hall, the whole town gathered.

"Eh-hem! Citizens of Ponyville, your princess has returned, and with tidings of great joy!"

Every pony gathered waited on bated breath.

"The lovely young mare next to me, is none other than my younger sister, and your ruler of the night; princess Luna!"

The young princess blushed. Now the murmurs turned to loud whispers, some ponies asked what that meant, having never header of "princess Luna", while others gasped in shock.

"I know, this must all be confusing to you, but please believe me, this mare is your true princess of the night, and she has returned to sit with me on the throne."

The ponies gathered still looked confused.

"But more about that later, for now, we still have festivities to get to, before which, we must acknowledge these six mares, whom have saved us all."

Molestia stepped aside, revealing afore mentioned mares. The crowd burst into cheers and applause as hooves stomped the ground. Twilight blushed with a nervous smile, while Fluttershy looked as if she were going to die of embarrassment.

Molestia raised her hoof, bringing silence to the crowd.

"And of course, I would like to give a special thanks to my prized student and fuck toy; Twilight Sparkle!"

The crowd cheered once again as Molestia beckoned for Twilight to step forward and say something. The little unicorn set down the unconscious Nightmare Moon and moved to the edge of the podium.

"Eh-hem, Hello, citizens of Ponyville. Before I came here, I didn't think much of sex friends at all, but with the help of these five ponies, I've learned that it isn't how good you feel or how hard you orgasm, it's about who you cum with."

The town's ponies cheered, causing Twilight to smile bashfully.

Molestia stepped forward once again and the crowned got quiet.

"And with that, we shall now begin this years festivities. Now, normally I would take the honor of selecting my first partners, but this year I shall let princess Luna have first pick."

Luna perked up, her cheeks blushing.

"Me? A-are you sure, sister?"

Molestia nodded.

"Of course, Luna. You deserve it."

Suddenly Luna's eyes scanned the crowd wildly, her heart racing with the wide choice she had.

"C-can I pick more than one?"

Molestia giggled.

"As many as you want, little sister."

"O-ok! Uh….That one there," she said, pointing to a white unicorn filly.

Rarity smiled with pride, giving her little sister a wink.

"And…those two over there!”

This time she pointed to an earth pony filly with a big pink bow standing next to an orange pegasus filly with a boyish mane cut.

Now it was Applejack's turn to smile with sisterly pride.

"And…him!" She cried out, pointing to Spike, who was chilling in the back.

He perked up, more than a little shocked that a princess wanted him.

"I see that your taste in young and exotic youths hasn't changed," Molestia commented.

"And, um, if it's ok, I'd like her as well."

Even the great degenerate Molestia was shocked as she saw her sister point to the still unconscious filly Nightmare Moon.

"Well, she doesn't have her power any more, so I suppose that it's ok."

Luna clapped her fore hooves giddily. The three fillies and Spike approached the stage as Luna took hold of Nightmare Moon and went to meet her young sex partners.

"Um, uh, hello, subjects. I-I am princess Luna," she greeted the fillies and dragon.

"Hello, princess, I'm Sweetie Belle," the little unicorn greeted.

"Ahm Apple Bloom," the earth pony followed.

"Name's Scootaloo, princess," the pegasus added.

"And I'm Spike. I'm Twilight's assistant."

"Twilight Sparkle certainly is an amazing unicorn. Keeping company with dragons."

Spike blushed. Luna was giggling like an old pervert as her pupils turned to hearts. She wiped away a drop of drool from her lips when the sound of an adorable little yawn drew the princess's attention.

"Yaaaaaaawn…W-what happened?," the filly asked, looking round in confusion. "Why is the sun out again!?"

"Because you were defeated," Luna explained to the filly.


"Oh, you remember me? The one that you sold all those lies to?"

The little Nightmare wore a look of shock and confusion.

"You took everything from me, so now, I'm gonna take something from you. Well, maybe more than "something"."

Luna turned away from the now very frightened little filly to face the bright, smiling faces of the three fillies and one dragon. Four delicious little youths that Luna was now dripping at the thought of tasting.

"N-now, why don't you four turn around and show your princess your cute little f-fannies."

The three fillies giggled to one another while Spike blushed.

The young ones turned and bowed their heads while raising their tails, revealing their pink slits and puckered little anuses. The princess's eyes darted left and right over the filly's privates before zeroing in on Spike's asshole and cute little dragon nuts.

"Ooooooooh, amazing! You're all so fresh a-and….young," she panted, trying to keep herself from drooling again.

"And you," she said to the filly she held in her magic. "Let your ruler see your plot!"

She flipped the foal upside down, forcing her hind legs apart and revealing her miniature nethers. The filly struggled desperately as her former counterpart ogled her undeveloped areas with a hungry glint in her eyes.

"This. shall be. a wondrous. day. indeed."

Meanwhile, princess Molestia gave the nod signaling to the rest of the gathering to begin the celebration. Twilight had never felt as excited about the celebration before, and when Applejack winked at her and signaled for the unicorn to follow, it only added to her excitement.

"Well, uh, this sure looks like a…great celebration, huh, AJ?"

"Sure do, sugar cube. But this hootenanny aint nothin compared to what I got for y'all."

Twilight was about to ask what she meant, when she looked around and saw that they were surrounded by the hot, hayseed females of the apple clan. Each one of them staring at twilight with bedroom eyes and smiles. Twilight gulped hard, wiped a bead of sweat from her cheek and slowly laid on her back with her legs spread wide.

"J-just take me," she whispered to the eager farm mares.

Rarity lured Fluttershy over to where Rarity saw Rose, Lilly and Daisy standing together. The flower sisters were well known for being wild sex freaks, and Rarity had always wanted to see them in action. She also considered that they could help Fluttershy come out of her shell and maybe unleash her inner passions for somepony other than her animal friends.

"Come over here, Fluttershy darling."

Fluttershy was going to ask why, but Rarity had her with her magic and was pulling her along.

"R-Rarity? I-I'm not so sure that I'm comfortable with-"

"Yoohooo, ladies!" Rarity called to the sisters.

“Oh, hello, Rarity. Congratulations on saving Equestria," Rose said as she stretched with her sisters in preparation.

“Why thank you, but I didn’t do it alone, you know,” she remarked as she nudged toward Fluttershy.

The three mares all looked to the shy little pony who was doing her best to hide behind her bangs. Rarity could see the glint of curiosity in their eyes, and knew that they just needed a little push.

“I assume that you ladies have met my friend Fluttershy?”

“Sure we have,” Daisy answered as she smiled at the pegasus, “she comes by to buy flowers for the bunnies to eat.”

“Oh, isn’t that lovely. You know, Fluttershy is terribly shy, so I was wondering if you ladies would be willing to help her…come out of her shell?”

The three sisters looked to one another before nodding affirmatively.

“That sounds great, if Fluttershy would be willing to do something for us,” Rose said.

“Um, w-what is it?” Flutter shy asked, nervous that it would be some strange request.

“We want you to get some of your animal friends to come and have sex with us.”

Fluttershy mulled the idea over for all of ten seconds, and was about to reject it when a thought occurred to her. Rarity wanted her to spread her wings (figuratively), and if the first step was to make it with the flower sisters then maybe it was worth a shot.

“W-well, if that’s what you all want then I guess it’s ok.”

Fluttershy turned toward the forest and raised a hoof to her mouth. She blew hard, creating a shrill whistling sound. Silence fell, followed soon by the heavy footsteps and clopping of a bear, a wolf and a stag deer. The trio stopped dead in their tracks in front of the three sisters, who were gazing up at the wild beasts with wide eyed amazement.

The wolf stood before Lilly, who was practically trembling before the considerably large predator. His coat was as grey as the dead of winter, and his eyes were of the most golden yellow as they stared straight through her.

The stag stood so tall before Daisy that the little mare had to crane her neck just to get a good look at him. There must have been sixteen points on his massive antlers, and his gaze spoke of a lifetime of guardianship over his forest kingdom.

Rose literally lost the strength in her legs and fell onto her rump as the imposing form of the grizzly bear cast a shadow over her. His stench was overpowering as it filled the surrounding air, and Rose was already imagining how the beast was going to destroy her.

“These are my friends,” Fluttershy said as she started to point to the wolf. “His name is Carlos. He lives with his harem and twelve pups in the forest. Carlos, this is Lilly”.

She then pointed to the stag.

“Daisy, this is Marcus. He’s sired three generations and loves girls who kiss on the first date.”

Lastly, Fluttershy moved onto the bear.

“Rose, this is Mathias T. Halburn the third. Or Mat for short. He’s crazy about cob salads, raw fish and sloppy sex. So what do you girls think?”

The three mares couldn’t answer. Instead the scent of sex fluids leaking from them answered for them.

“I think that they approve, darling,” Rarity answered in their stead.

In the next instant the flower sisters snatched the pegasus and pulled her into a triforce of tongue kissing. The little pegasus had no room to struggle, and with her mouth full of three tongues she was unable to object. Meanwhile, the three animals lined up behind their ponies, their swollen cocks dripping with pre as they mounted.

Carlos gripped Lilly’s hips with his paws, and the mare flinched slightly when she felt his claws gentle scrape her curvey flanks. Marcus had to lower himself considerably so that he could line his cock up with Daisey’s steamy plot, which was wiggling in anticipation of his seasoned cock.

Rose’s heart was racing in anticipation and slight fear that the big bear would crush her if he used his full weight. He was drooling on her, which wasn’t as much of a turn off as she would have thought. His harry body was hot as it loomed over her, his pointed, throbbing cock poking at her moist, pink folds.

Rarity watched as her cute little gimp was being molested by three horny sluts while three wild animals prepared to fuck them into pulp. The fashionista pulled a fainting couch out of nowhere and laid out daintily to enjoy the show that was about to unfold.

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were both about to go off and indulge their own individual lusts, when they spotted a sight that enticed both of them.

Soarin was balls deep in Mrs. Cake’s big, juicy ass while her husband was banging Spitfire from behind, who looked even sexier than normal in her skin tight flight suit with the crotch torn out. Behind Mr. Cake was Fleetfoot, doing her best to give the stallion a tongue enema.

Pinkie began to hop over when Rainbow used a hoof to grab her so that she could take the lead. Pinkie returned by hopping on the pegasus’s back. It soon divulged into the two mares fighting over one another to get to the action taking place.

The three pegasus ponies and to earth ponies paused in the middle of their fuck festing to look on at the somewhat arousing cat fight. A minute latter and the two friends noticed that they were being watched. They stood back up, looking very embarrassed.

“Uh, hey. Would you guys mind if we joined you,” Rainbow Dash asked the group.

Mr. Cake pulled his long dong from Spitfire’s dripping gash at the sight of the pink slut he had beaten off to while imagining her choking to take him down her throat. At the same time Soarin pulled his shaft from Mrs. Cake’s plump pussy.

Rainbow strode over to the older mare that she had been itching to try out for a while. Said mare smiled sheepishly at the younger mare, having heard what she was like in the hay. Despite her reputation, Cup Cake couldn’t deny that she was excited to see what the beastly pegasus was going to do to her.

Pinkie closed her eyes as she opened her mouth big and wide, ready to swallow a big mouthful of cake cock. Carrot grabbed her orange shaped head and slammed his rod balls deep into her gullet while at the same time she felt two tongues start dining on her dripping cunt and anus.

Luna raised her hoof, ready to order her young sex partners.

“Sweetie Belle? Your princess commands you and Spike to, um, f-fuck one another,” she commanded shyly.

The drake and filly exchanged glances. Spike gave her a very smooth smile, to which the filly giggled like a mare with a crush. She had noticed the cool looking dragon at the beginning of the summer sun celebration and had planned on approaching him once the party started, but this worked out even better.

They turned to face one another, gazing dreamily at each other. Spike grasped her shoulders and pulled her closer. Sweetie closed her eyes and slightly pursed her lips as Spike kissed her sweetly. Luna watched with glee, trying her hardest to not squeal with delight at the sight of younglings kissing. With her magic she picked up the filly named Apple Bloom and flipped her upside down. The filly giggled as Luna brought her rump under her muzzle so that the heavenly scent of her rump and pussy would waft up and entice her senses further. She also levitated Nightmare closer so that she could rub her small snatch with her hoof.

“G-get your filthey hoof off of me you-OOOH!”

Luna ignored the filly’s objections, instead using the tip of her hoof to probe her tiny anal ring. The princess’s tongue dropped out of her mouth. It had been centuries since she had tasted the sweet nectar of a young pony, so her tongue was almost trembling with anticipation.

The filly quivered and sighed as she felt the princess’s tongue make contact with her moist, pink folds, and all of a sudden Luna was nearly overcome with the sweet and muskie flavor.

Sweetie Belle raised her fluffy tail, giving access to her dragon partner. Spike held his pink cock in his claw as the other claw held her hips over where her cutie mark would one day be. Her little sex was gushing when she felt his cock tip touch her.

“Don’t hold back, Spike. I wanna feel you in me good and hard,” Sweetie instructed.

Luna’s pussy clenched from listening to a filly talk dirty. The princess leaned back, opening her legs, forcing Nightmare’s small muzzle into her aching slit. The mini nightmare struggled as her muffled cries only excited Luna more as her tongue greedily devoured Apple Bloom’s gushing cunt.

Spike slammed his hips into Sweetie Belle’s blank flanks. The little pony bit her lower lip and squealed with the wave of pleasure that shot through her like a current. Spike had never felt a pussy as tight as the one he was currently balls deep inside of. He could feel a primal urge growing inside his chest, an instinct that told him to possess the filly with everything he had.

In one sudden thrust of grunting, squealing pleasure Spike was all the way inside of the adorable unicorn’s untamed flower. Luna took a long and savoring lick of the apple filly’s snatch, wriggling her tongue once she had swabbed it.

Scootaloo had started teasing her own moist nethers as she watched her classmates enjoy their first slutey sun celebration. Her nervousness was soon replaced by anticipation of what the princess was going to do with her. The young princess’ gaze drifted to the little pegasus. She ceased her licking of Apple Bloom’s slit and smiled sweetly at her next prey, who was blushing un-characteristically.

The princess stood up, using her aura to lift the little one and bring her face to face with her. Scootaloo poked her tongue out, offering it up to the princess, who gladly took it, slurping her sweet filly saliva like it was nectar. Scootaloo had yet to experience an “adult kiss” but for her first one she was really enjoying it. She could feel the moon goddess’ own organ assaulting her’s with gentle swipes as they exchanged saliva. Luna turned Apple Bloom rightsize up and brought her face in for a three way kiss. The two fillies were now the ones assaulting Luna with hot, wet kisses, cooing and moaning as their breathes started creating steam.

Meanwhile, Nightmare had given up fighting and was now willingly lapping at her captors dripping pussy like a puppy. The princess’ juices were flowing faster than the pint sized villain could drink. Her nostrils were filled with the thick scent of Luna’s musk to the point where it was hard for her to breath, and it didn’t help that Luna’s cunt kept spraying little jets of mare cum in her face.

Luna broke the kiss, her and the two little ponies panting heavily with drool all over their little faces.

“Y-your princess’ rump has become quite s-sweaty….I would have thee clean it with thine cute little mouths,” the princess breathed, nearly fainting from the stimulation.

The little ones responded with a pair of giggles that made the princess blush so deeply that it was visible even with her dark coat.

She then levitated them to her rear, using her magic to spread her luscious cheeks to give them access to her puckered ponut. Their little hooves reached out and touched her moon clad cheeks, causing the goddess to shudder. Their small chubby cheeks squished together as the wiggled their way to their target. Suddenly Luna felt two warm little tongues touch the sensitive pucker.

Luna released a very un-princess like sigh of pleasure. As the fillies tasted her most filthy of holes, her eyes once again fell upon the sight of the baby dragon making hard but sweet love to the adorable unicorn.

Sweetie rolled over onto her back, opening her legs wide to give Spike better access. His claws gripped her thighs as he began to thrust harder, their nethers making sweet, wet sounds as they collided into one another.

“H-HARD! You’re pounding me so hard!” Sweetie cried out, to which Spike replied with a primal growl. Unable to hold himself back anymore, spike released his load inside Sweetie’s sweet little pussy, while she moaned, her tongue hanging from her mouth and her eyes rolling into the back of her head at the feeling of his molten hot seed inside her.

At this time, twilight had around five earth pony mares of the Apple clan treating her pussy and ass like a buffet, lapping up every pleasure induced liquid she produced, and she was nearing her third orgasm. In front of her was a line of earth pony asses in a row for her viewing pleasure, and what a pleasurable view it was. There were big ones, small ones, brown ones and green ones, and they were all hers. Twilight resolved that if she were a princess she would have her own pleasure chamber filled with nothing but sexy hay seed earth ponies that would do nothing but make her cum all day every day.

Despite her orgasm fogged mind, she could vaguely make out the sight of three big stallions making their way through the throng of mares to where she was getting tongue bathed. Surprisingly she remembered them as the stallions who gave her a ride into town.

“T-Thunder Stomp, Steel Wing?” She asked hazily.

“Afternoon, Miss Sparkle,” Steel Wing greeted. “We had to fly back to help with the search for the princess, and since we’re here we were wondering if we could have another go?”

Twilight nodded with her tongue hanging out like she was a crazed dog.

“And while I’m at it, we were wondering if you wouldn’t mind breaking in our new guy?” At that time the two stepped aside, revealing a young pegasus stallion with an electric blue mane.

She looked over the stallion, seeing that he was absolutely gorgeous.

“Sound good, miss?” Thunder Stomp asked.

“J-just get over here and rut the shit out of me!”

Steel Wing gave the rookie a shove.

“You heard the lady, new dick. Show her what cha got.”

The orange pegasus trotted to Twilight’s rear, where two earth mares used their hooves to open her sopping folds, revealing her more than ready hole. His mottled cock emerged from its sheath and he moved forward to mount her. Twilight shook her ass to entice him into fucking her.

He needed no encouragement.

The young stallion mounted Twilight and shoved his stallion hood all the way to her cervix, causing the unicorn to cry out in ecstasy. Her inner walls clenched around him as he throbbed inside her.

“T-that’s not all. You slut!”

He pulled back slightly before ramming his cock further inside. With a bit of force he managed to pass her cervix and enter her womb completely.

Twilight’s eyes nearly rolled completely into the back of her head. She opened her mouth to scream, but before she could she felt a thick mass of pulsating flesh invade her mouth and enter her throat. Steel Wing had mounted her face and was now skull fucking the helpless unicorn, meanwhile his comrade was getting busy with a few of the Apple clan.

By this point Fluttershy’s pussy was on fire from the friction caused by Rose grinding her own gushing sex against the shy mare’s. Lilly had small drops of blood running down her flanks from where the wolf’s claws had broken skin, but from the look of ecstasy across her face said that she didn’t care. All she could hear was his relentless panting, and aside from the pleasure that was screaming inside her cunt the only thing she could feel was his hot breath and his sharp claws.

“Ah! I don’t care if you eat me, just make me cum like crazy before you do!” Lilly moaned, giving into her prey instincts.

Daisy laid on her back, looking up into the piercing, black eyes of the king stag. He huffed almost violently as he used his powerful legs to violate his sudo mate like he had hundreds of times in his life.

“I-I want your cum! Feed it to my filthy pussy!” Lilly pleaded to the imposing stag.

Rarity watched tentatively from her fainting couch as she used her hind hooves to stroke the cock of the bear who was laying under her. Her heart was aflutter as she watched her favorite fuck toy getting rutted by another mare. Meanwhile the bear was groaning pathetically from the hoof job she was gracing him with.

The fashonesta glared back at him.

“You had better hold it in till I say otherwise, darling. I’ve always wanted a skin rug,” she stated in a sensual yet threatening tone.

“Fluttershy, stick your tongue out for me,” Rose said as she gyrated her hips expertly.

Fluttershy hesitantly complied, to which Rose took her tongue into her mouth, sucking on it like it was a cock. This was all relatively new to the shy pegasus, but she really wanted to please Rarity, so she closed her eyes and gave in to the pleasure, shifting her own pelvis against Rose’s.

Mrs. Cake’s cheeks were red from a combination of getting rutted roughly from the senior Wonderbolt doing his best to impregnate her. Rainbow held her head in place with her hoof as she stood upright with her muff stuffed in the older mare’s mouth. Her tongue lapped and swirled around the pegasus’ hot folds as she released mare juices in excess.

“Hows it taste, you fat ass slut?” Rainbow asked.

Mrs. Cake answered with a muffled string of noises, which only served to excite Dash more.

Meanwhile, Pinkie presented her puffy ponut to Mr. Cake, who had fantasized about getting up in her guts since she moved into their attic.

“Go ahead, Carrot. Don’t stop till you hit my cream filling.”

The stallion pondered the meaning of what she just said, but said what the fuck and got into position. His head touched the puckered ring and started pushing in. Her anus seemed to open up and envelop his stallion hood. Once the head was inside, he could feel some kind of force pulling him inside, swallowing his thing like a mouth.

Spitfire latched her mouth onto his asshole, slathering it with her tongue.

Before you could say anal sex, Mr. Cake was up to his nuts inside what seemed to be a bottomless pit of anal bliss.

“Ooh wee! I can feel you in my tum tum!” Pinkie commented, swaying her rump to feel him more.

The earth pony kept pushing until he felt his balls press up against her sopping marehood, and Pinkie sighed out her joy in response.

“Sooooo, Mr. C, how do you like my ponut?” She asked.

Carrot could only answer with a throaty moan, but it was enough for Pinkey. She clenched hard, using her sphincter muscles to push his cock out. Carrot let his dick get forced out half way before pushing back, to which Pinkie relaxed and let him deep inside again. One he was in again, she pushed back. They continued this process, both the pink mare and her partner enjoying the slow intercourse.

“Oooooh, this is sooo much fun! It’s like trying to push out a turd that’s fighting back!”

Rainbow pulled her cunt from Cup Cake’s sucking mouth and presented her ass to Soarin, who was more than eager to get a taste of the bitch’s slobbery slit.

“Don’t leave me hanging, Mr. Wonderbolt. Fuck me till you break me!”

Soarin lined his member up with her gash and slid in slowly, which only served to make Rainbow roll her eyes.

“Hey! I didn’t come here to make love with a pansy, I came to get rutted like a bitch!”

With a grunt of effort, Rainbow pushed herself backwards, slamming her rump against Soarin so hard that she almost knocked him back. Soren cried out like a virgin mare, which only served to delight Rainbow even more. The two soon developed a rhythm. Panting and sweating as Soarin’s cock turned into a blur. Rainbow looked down at Mrs. Cake, who was entranced by the sight of their hard fucking.

“Hey, bitch, open your mouth,” Rainbow instructed the mature mare.

Cup Cake opened her mouth, and Rainbow stuck her tongue inside, intwining her’s with the milf’s. Soarin could feel his cum bubbling up, and he was beyond ready to douse both mares like a firehose. Rainbow could feel his approaching climax and pulled her tongue out of Cup Cake’s sucking muzzle.

“You ready to finish, fly boy? You better have enough to fill both of us.”

Soaring suddenly felt his balls clench as he blew two big wads into the pegasus’ clenching pussy. The force of his ejaculation sent Rainbow into a tailspin of orgasm, nearly causing her to fall over. He then quickly pulled out and shoved it into Mrs. Cake’s quivering cunt and shot another two wads, which caused her to orgasm too. Her pussy was almost vibrating from the feeling of fresh seed coating the inside, and the only thing that she worried about at this point was that this wasn’t a safe day for her.

Mr. cake wasn’t fairing so well either. Looking down his eyes were treated to the delicious sight of Pinkie’s big, pink ass enveloping his stallion hood like it was trained to do so, and her giggling was driving him close to the edge. He focused hard so he could continue pounding her asshole for just a little longer.

“Gee, Mr. Cake, you know what this ponut needs, hmm do ya?” She asked, looking back at him. “Some fresh glaze.”

That was it. With three more slapping thrusts he came buckets inside her squeezing anus. Pinkie released a mix moan and giggle as she milked his cock from bace to tip. Her ponut flexed and relaxed like it was its own entity.

“N-now that’s what I call a yummy ponut,” Pinkie panted as she rested her head on the grass.

Mr. Cake was having a bit of trouble retrieving his member from her anal cavity, and it looked like he wasn’t going to get it back for a while.

Twilight at this point could only feel the mind blowing sensation of having her pussy stuffed with burning hot cock, and the feeling of a hard length pushing down into her throat. The two big stallions kept switching off, sharing her mouth like it was a toy. Their pegasus comrade, while younger than them, was surprisingly good at rutting, almost like his cock was meant for her. He was was going so hard that Twilight was sure that her cutie marks would have bruises. Occasionally an Apple mare would step up, and Twilight would have to use her mouth to lick and suck at her pussy and asshole till they sprayed her face with hot, clear mare cum.

She had already experienced multiple smaller orgasms, but the one that the stud behind was building her to promised to be epic. She could hear him grunting and huffing as he thrusted more wildly, the flair of his member swelling inside her.

Steel Wing, who had been rubbing his cock head against her cheek pulled back, firing a hot wad of cum across her face, while Thunder Stomp unloaded deep down her throat. Twilight gulped, feeling his load slither down into her belly. The stallion behind her bottomed out as he moaned girlishly. His cum was scaling hot as it doused her walls with seed, his testicles expanding and contracting as they pushed out gobs of spunk.

The cock in her mouth pulled out, followed by Twilight coughing weakly, she released a wet and delirious moan as she squirted like a sprinkler all over the young stallion who had pumped her and given an amazing cream pie. She fell to the ground, unable to hold herself up by her own strength. The stallion had a bit of trouble retreating himself from her used cunt, what with her still clenching him and his still bulged cock head.

After sum jimmying, his semi soft dick came slopping out of her gushing depths. Twilight looked around for the three, but found that they were gone. She wasn’t worried, she had a feeling that she would be seeing that hottie in the future. Within moments the apple girls were on her to lick and slurp every drop of cum and sweat from every inch of her body. Applejack appeared over her, wearing a big smile.

“Looks like y’all had a ball, huh sugar cube?”

Twilight nodded, and Applejack turned around and lowered her round ass onto Twilight’s waiting mouth.

Fluttershy now had all three flower girls mouths licking and nibbling her pussy. Rarity still watched, only now she had the wolf’s cock in her ass while the stag’s member was in buried deep in her cunt. The bear had been spent after only ten minutes of a hoof job.

“Mmmmm, I can see why Fluttershy prefers the company of you filthy, degenerate beasts. Not go deeper or I’ll add you both to my new line of real fur couture,” she threatened.

Rose, Lilly and Daisy rose from their pussy eating position. They were going to show the little pegasus their patented “trifecta tribing”. It was a tight fit for all four, but once their genitals made contact, it was like a current had been connected to all four of them. The space between them was a tangle of hind legs, and the moisture from their combined mare hoods created a wet sloppy sound, which delighted Rarity’s ears.

“Oh my, that certainly looks enticing,” she commented. “How are you enjoying it, Fluttershy?”

“I-it feels i-incredible!” She cried in pleasure.

“Wonderful. Girls, I won’t you to take this filly to orgasm, even if you rub her raw.”

The four started moving and gyrating till they developed a rhythm of wet and steamed mashing of mare hoods. They were building speed quickly, and their meanings were building to a great crescendo. The thought of their juices mixing with hers made Fluttershy’s heart pound wildly. The time she spent with Rarity was new and exciting, but this mutual pleasure was something she had never felt before. Soon she was herself putting in effort to rub against them. She clenched her but to try and push out her pussy just a little more.

“T-this is soon amazing!” She screamed inside her head.

“I wanna cum! I want us all to cum together!” She confessed to the flower sisters.

They felt the same way.

All together they started pushing in synch as they built to a final climax. Fluttershy’s face was deeply flushed, and the adorable sounds of impending orgasm was enough to make a station climax standing up. Suddenly they all threw their heads back and cried out as a stream of girl cum shot upwards like a fountain. At the same time, Rarity’s animal partners climaxed together, giving her a hot shot of animal cum in her ass and pussy. Rarity, while enjoying her animal DP, climaxed more from the sight of her fuck pet orgasming while a geyser of squirt erupted from their nethers.

Rarity giggled, turning around to look at the wolf.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Start licking me clean.”

Luna had been having a wonderful time getting her ass and pussy licked by her young partners, but she had yet to orgasm properly. Now she had all five young ones on their backs before her, their legs spread and awaiting their princess. She started with Spike, the only one with a penis, albeit a small and pink penis. She fit the adorable appendage into her mouth and started drooling as the scent and flavor of adolescent genitalia filled her senses. There was a dab of cum still lingering on the tip as she licked and slurped, making sure that he could hear it.

She sucked hard as she drew off of his member, causing a big pop which made the little dragon groan. She then dotted the tip with kisses and little kitten licks, all while keeping eye contact with his cute, green eyes. She could feel his member throbbing and begging for her to make him erupt. She popped her mouth off, replacing it with her hoof.

“What’s wrong, little dragon, ready to cum in my mouth?”

Spike could only reply with a needy look. Luna smiled returning to his dick and applying strong suction as she sucked harder and faster, her tongue swirling and lapping at him with all her might.

Spike sighed girlishly as he pushed his hips up into her mouth and came.

Luna’s horn lit up, she had used this trick back in her youth. She stimulated his testicles with magic to force him into cum long and hard. Spike’s eyes widened as he screamed from unearthly pleasure.

“P-princess, I’m coming!

She felt a hot jet of sweet cum hit the back of her throat before treating her tongue to a delicious serving of juvenile sperm. Luna moaned into his firing member as he nearly filled her mouth with creamy goodness.

Luna allowed the drake a moment to recover before slurping off his well spent member. She tilted her head back. Not wanting to just swallow his load she let it slide down her throat slowly until it reached the back of her throat where she finally gulped it down, relishing in the sensation of it slithering down her throat.

Her eyes shot open, the pupils replaced by heart shapes as she gasped as if refreshed.

As she licked her lips, she glanced down at the next little foal to receive her love.

Sweetie Belle was the next in line, and her little fillyhood was still dripping with pearl white dragon spunk from before.

“Sweetie Belle, shall I clean this mess for you?” She asked the filly splayed out before her.

“Y-yes, princess,” she cooed, a little intimidated after witnessing the intense mouth love her new friend had just received.

Luna opened her mouth wide, sealing her lips completely over the unicorn’s mound. She dipped her tongue into the creamy pile of pussy and spunk, which caused the foal to shudder all over.

Luna herself shuddered as well. If she thought that dragon spunk was good, she had no idea how much better it could be when mixed with a filly’s ambrosia like nectar. Before long, the young princess was lapping and slurping like a child with an ice cream cone. Sweetie used her forelegs to hole up and back her hold ones, allowing the princess further access to her honey pot.

Luna reached back between her legs, touching her long neglected marehood, which was hot and sopping. Within a minute she had cleaned every drop of cum from her pussy, and was now giving the little unicorn’s pink a through tongue bath. Sweetie squirmed and sighed deliciously under the princess’ ministrations.

Luna pulled back a bit, skillfully making her tongue hard for what she wanted to do next.

She flicked the tip against her tiny opening, gentler pushing inward and feeling her tight walls clench around her tongue.

Sweetie’s eyes widened as she realized that she was getting penetrated by an alicorn’s tongue, and it was amazing! Even a filly as inexperienced as Sweetie could tell that her technique was one developed after centuries of loving and pleasuring little ponies.

Luna curled her tongue upward a little, easily finding her G-spot. Sweetie started kicking her hind legs as pleasure filled up her body like warm water. Scootaloo and Apple Bloom looked on as Sweetie was lounged to oblivion, and they both sunk a hoof between their legs to massage their wet pussies.

Luna caught their naughty actions out of the corner of her eye, and realized that she had a buffet of filly pussy waiting for her.

She withdrew her tongue, using her magic to keep playing with Sweetie, shifting her attention to Scootaloo, who was waiting patiently with her legs spread open. Luna quite liked the boyish little girl, her rougher appearance made look all the cuter. Luna stuck her tongue into her puckered anus, swooping around the little wrinkles as Scootaloo bit her lip. The princess dragged her tongue up over her slit to the little clit protruding. The young pegasus tried to stifle her moans, but found that difficult with all the pleasure she was receiving.

Luna dipped her tongue inside, already feeling her inner walls clenching down on the intruder. Luna knew from past experience with a special blind pegasus that they were some of the tightest pussies, but it still surprised her how much resistance she was receiving.

Luna raised her hoof and sent it over to touch the earth pony still waiting. Her cunt was so hot and wet it was like dipping her hoof into a cup of tea. Luna pulled away from Scootaloo and replacing her mouth with magic again. Now it was the apple filly’s turn. Luna dug in like she would into a pie, slurping and sucking on her little genitals while the foal moaned and sighed in her country accent.

The nectar she excreted tasted sweeter that apple cider, and Luna could see herself getting addicted to this. She found slipping her tongue inside this one’s cunt much easier, perhaps meaning that this one had experience getting penetrated. Her love tunnel was so soft and hot it was like she was getting entranced while eating her out. She could feel her little thighs trembling against her cheeks and she swirled her tongue inside.

Finally the princess pulled back, sitting up and using her magic on the earth pony. She now had all three fillies in her magic, tickling and stimulating their young sexes. Her attention turned to the last one. The little nightmare still waiting with a scared glint in her eyes. Luna smirked and conjured up a rather large phallus made from glimmering blue magic. The filly shook her head in fear of what was to come.

“Don’t look so scared, my little friend. Sure it will hurt at first, but you’ll be screaming for more soon enough.”

She placed the tip next to her tiny opening and Nightmare yelped. Luna giggled to herself, as she shoved the thick phallus all the way inside her to the hilt. Luna could easily see the bulge in her little belly. Nightmare’s eyes rolled back into her head as she contorted and gasped, her cunt gushing and pulsating around the intruder.

Luna now had all four fillies in the ties of her magic, playing them like an instrument. she started rubbing and fucking them harder, using her focus to make them squeal in unison. Before her fall she prided herself on making groups of fillies and colts cum all at once.

The little sluts started squelching, and Luna noticed that the air was now thick with the scent of filly musk.

“Ahhh! This is simply wonderful!” The princess squealed in delight. “I hope you’re all ready, because I’m going to make you all scream!”

Nightmare felt as though she were having her insides scraped out as the huge mass of hot magic violated her small insides, but the intense feeling of it moving inside and pounding her cervix was mind blowing. She had the itching feeling of needing to pee, and the embracing thought of her former vessel seeing her urinate was only adding to her pleasure.

Luna was having great fun teasing and pleasuring the four fillies, but she was eager to finish them off. She amped up her stimulations, and quickly the four looked like they were loosing their minds. tiny muscles clenched, mouthes went slack and little pussies started to drool like hungry dogs.

In perfect unison, the fillies all came together, sending their delicate filly squirts flying into the air to fall like rain onto princess Luna, who tiled her head back and opened her mouth. The stream from little Nightmare was in fact pee, but this didn’t bother Luna. To her it was all delicious.

It seemed like forever before they all finally subsided from their orgasms, leaving Luna drenched in their pungent ejaculations. She brought a hoof to her mouth to start cleaning it like a cat.

“It seems like you’re getting back into the swing of things, little sister.”

Luna smiled at the sound of the voice as she turned around to see Molestia standing behind her. Her magnificent cock laying on the ground, throbbing in anticipation of the meal to come.

“Just wetting my appetite in preparation for you…big sister.”

To be concluded.

The princess and the meat puppet.

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It had been over a thousand years since Luna had seen her big sister, and now she stood before her just as beautiful and majestic as she remembered. She could feel her cheeks blushing, unable to hide her embarrassment at being in the form of a teenage mare.

Molestia didn’t mind. In fact, the sight of Luna the way she was so long ago caused Molestia’s cock to throb and secrete clear liquid from the tip.

“P-please don’t stare so much, sister. It embarrasses us,” Luna begged with an adorably shy expression.

“Oh but I must, little sister,” Molestia replied, using a hoof to tilt Luna’s head up, allowing the tall alicorn to see her beautiful eyes.

“You always did know just what to say to make me melt.”

Molestia lowered her head so that her mouth was next to Luna’s ear.

“Now now, Luna. Now is not the time for melting, that comes later.”

Molestia then pushed her lips against her little sister’s for the first time in centuries, and the young princess’ mind turned to sparks while her heart took off at a gallop. At this close range Luna could really smell the nasty erotic scent of her elder sister’s princesshood, so much so that she could almost taste it. A notion that made the little princess very impatient.

Luna broke the kiss and swiftly ducked under Molestia’s body, coming face to face with her massive throbbing cock. Her shaft was white with mottles of a light fleshy color towards the wide tip, which was positively oozing with crystal clear pre ejaculate.

“Oh my, such an impatient little filly we are,” Molestia teased.

“O-only because we haven’t seen it in so long. and by the looks of it, thou art quite eager as well, sister,” Luna retorted her pupils turning to pink hearts as she gazed at the engorged member that would soon fill every tight little hole in her royal body.

“Tee hee, right you are, Luna. Now, open your muzzle and swallow me as deep as you can.”

Luna didn’t argue. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and inched forward as her tongue flopped out of her mouth just in time to catch a drop of her sister’s pre. The flavor spread across her taste buds and sent shivers down her spine to her tail which flicked sharply. The rim of her cock head brushed against the corners of Luna’s mouth as it made entry.

Luna released a muffled ‘ahhm’ as the large member entered her maw and began the slow descent into her throat.

Molestia bit her lip as she felt herself slip inside a very familiar orifice. When Luna was a filly, she would often rush to Molestia’s bed with fears of monsters or the wind. To comfort her little sister, Molestia would let the foal suckle on her cock head while singing softly to her. Over time Luna became a regular blowjob princess, capable of making even the most impotent station as hard as steel.

The sun princess looked down to see a pert little rump swaying under her chest, and suddenly her mouth began to water. She dipped her head down with an open mouth, her tongue snaking out to feel around under her tail, searching for that delectable little ponut anus. Once she felt the bumps on her tongue, she immediately stated prodding at the tiny opening.

Luna felt her sisters tongue as it tried to enter her anus. She pushed out her asshole, trying to help her sister gain entry. But Molestia needed little assistance, as she had a very dexterous tongue. With a wet ‘pop’ she had invaded the moon princess’ anal cavity, and was greeted by the ripe taste of her sister’s insides.

To the ponies gathered around the two alicorns looked similar to two snakes trying to eat one another, and the sight spurred mares and stallions to engage in their own depraved sex acts.

Molestia bucked her hips suddenly, sending her cock knocking against the back of Luna’s throat, causing her to gag and release copious amounts of slobber from the little space that her sister’s cock would allow. The young mare’s eyes drifted upwards as the heavenly feeling of being used by her sister flooded her senses and made her legs wobble.

Molestia circled the tip of her tongue around the inside of Luna’s anus as if she were licking the glaze off the top of a doughnut while Luna tried to match her sister by using her own tongue to circle the flare of her sister’s second horn.

Luna felt a spurt of delicious pre splash against the back of her throat, but before she could swoon from it she felt Molestia’s cock start thrusting. She moaned from the sudden force of her sister’s fleshy battering ram. The little princess tried to straighten her throat to allow her better access, but it was hardly necessary. Molestia was going to fill her throat no matter what.

The sun princess lifted her head from Luna’s blue and black spotted ass, a rush of euphoria clouding her vision. Her curvaceous rump started swaying back and forth as she went further into Luna’s throat inch by inch, all while Luna gagged, her eyes tearing up.

Her mouth was so wet and tight, Molestia’s thoughts were becoming nothing but the desire to flood her younger sister’s belly with a gallon of her thick splooge.

The sun goddess bit her lower lip as her eyes rolled back into her skull.

“Here I cum bitch! Drown in it!”

Luna’s eyes shot open as her cheeks bulged from the torrent of molten cum that overflowed her mouth and rushed down her throat to fill up her stomach. Luna could feel the glue thick cum as it slithered and sloshed down her esophagus to settle heavily inside her stomach. The small princess gulped and sputtered as she tried to contain every drop, but the amount was becoming too much.

The next sputter saw a spray of cum fly out of Luna’s nose. The semen stung her sinuses and Luna couldn’t breath very well. Soon her vision filled with little white spots signaling a coming black out.

But before that could happen Molestia yanked her cock from her sister’s distended throat and began to plaster Luna’s face with cum. Luna coughed and gasped for air as jizz splattered on her face in globs.

Once the last spurt had been fired onto the night princess’ face, Molestia stepped backwards to get a look at Luna’s face. Molestia giggled at the unrecognizable alicorn under her. There wasn’t a square inch of space that wasn’t dripping with white seed. Her jaw was slack and hanging down as she panted and coughed up wads of cum onto the grass.

“What do we say, Luna?”

“Th-thank you cough! cough! big sister,” the young princess replied, sounding meek and tired.

“Good, good. Now turn around stick out your rear and beg me to fuck you like a two bit whore.”

Luna sputtered out a wad of her sister’s milkshake thick cum before turning around, lowering her head and raising her rump, flicking her tail to the side, revealing her sopping cunt and puckered ass.

“Please dear sister, I am but an empty and moist hole for you to use as you wish. Thrust and plow me till I am broken and whimpering, and then fill me with cum to the point that it bursts me at the seams.”

Luna’s words shocked even the most depraved ponies gathered around, but to Molestia it was akin to hearing a familiar greeting.

Molestia could hardly contain herself. The sight of Luna’s teenage plot was irresistible. So small and soft, just begging for a hard throbbing cock deep inside. Her clit was winking erratically at her, causing Molestia’s mouth to water.

“Well I do hope that you’re ready. I have centuries worth of cum for you to take, you little cunt.”

Luna responded by swaying her rump lazily.

The young alicorn yelped slightly as she felt her sister’s gold clad hooves touching her flanks, applying her weight to her hips as she raised herself up. Luna could feel the heat from her sister’s cock, and Molestia could feel the radiant heat from Luna’s snatch.

The crowed held their breath as they watched their ruler’s engorged cock inch closer to their new ruler’s dripping pussy. Molestia’s tip touched her winking marehood, drawing a gasp from Luna. Molestia’s cock pressed against her long closed pussy. She thrusts, but her dick slipped and went up her ass crack releasing a spurt of free that caused a collective gasp from the towns ponies.

Molestia pulled back and re aligned herself pressing with more precession.

Luna exhaled, pushing out with her vaginal muscles. Molestia’s cock head popped inside the slick folds.

“Oh sister yes!” Luna exclaimed as the familiar feeling of having Molestia’s fat cock head inside her. The feelings got stronger as more hard cock slid inside her long closed cavity.

There was more than half of the giant dick inside Luna now, but it wasn’t enough for Molestia. She wouldn’t be satisfied until her balls were firmly pressed against her little sister’s thighs. How Molestia had missed it, the exquisite look of intense pleasure and anguish on the little slut’s face as she pummeled the inside of her womb with her fat cock head.

“I hope you’re ready, Luna. Big sis has a, ngh! big, fat load ready to feed you!”

The sun goddess jammed the rest of her length into the young alicorn’s small frame, causing watchers to wonder how such a small and delicate looking female could hold so much cock inside her.

There was a sizable outline of Molestia’s cock bulging from Luna’s stomach, and the effects of the sizable obtrusion were evident on her face. Her eyes were rolled back to the point that they were almost all white. Her tongue hung loosely from her open, gasping mouth as her sister’s cock battered her baby room with a force similar to a ram.

“T-T-Tia! Thou art amazing!” Luna screamed.

“You too, Lulu. Good to know that your cunt still remembers my shape!” Molestia replied, emphasizing her point by jamming her hips forward so hard it almost knock Luna off her balance.

Among the onlooking throng, Twilight’s eyes widened in amazement. Never had her teacher fucked her little pussy or ass with such power. The young unicorn had started rubbing her cum dripping snatch without even thinking about it. She had never felt so good from touching herself, and from the looks of the other ponies, neither had they.

Just then Molestia raised her hoof and brought it down on Luna’s tight little rump. The small alicorn cried out so adorable that three stallions to ejaculate without stimulation.

With her magic the sun goddess grabbed a wad of Luna’s mane and yanked it back hard as she pushed in and gyrated her hips in a circle, grinding her dick head against little Lulu’s cervix.

The gyrating only lasted a moment. Molestia couldn’t contain herself any longer. She started thrusting hard and fast as liquid love dripped from her small gash, wet sounds echoing from the place they were connected. Molestia brought her fore legs together on either side of Luna’s neck, fencing her in place.

Molestia gritted her teeth as muscles clenched and hips pumped. Molestia easily blasted past Luna’s cervix and into her womb, which was ready and eager for a big drink of her sister’s syrup.


The big alicorn couldn’t hear, her mind was laser focused on the scent, sight and feeling of plowing her own sister. Through her gritted teeth ponies could hear growers and animalistic noises the likes of which had never been heard coming from a princess. Her eyes were filled the the lust and furry one would see from an arctic wolf as it malled a helpless little herbivore.

Luna’s eyes rolled completely back into her head. She stopped breathing and her jaw fell open as her tong lolled out followed by a small stream of cum from earlier.

Silence fell except for the sounds of furry and wet fucking.

The sun princess looked to the ponies watching, who flinched slightly from the frightening sight on the princess’ face.


Without thinking every stallion gathered ushered forward. There were easily twenty males gathered around the small princess. They helped one another up onto their hind legs. They grasped their throbbing cocks and tossed themselves to the sight of the young mare’s ahego face.


The threat spurred the males to stroke faster and faster. All of them were building momentum quickly, and everypony was on the edge of their seat for the big finish.

Luna regained consciousness to the sight of over a dozen stallions all beating their dicks and pointing them at her face and body. But before she could question what was going on, she felt a tsunami of white, hot princess cum flooding her womb, while a rain shower of spunk fell on her face and body. She extended her tongue, catching dozens of thick ropes on her tongue.

The finite room inside her pussy wasn’t enough to contain her sister’s immense load. The force shot out from around her stretched cunt like a firehose, splattering the three fillies Luna had been playing with earlier. The little ponies opened their mouthes and extended their hooves to catch the cum like snow flakes.

The flow didn’t cease, and soon enough a massive puddle of seed extended outward from around the little princess. Ponies watching the princess cum fountain bent over to lap at the giant puddle like deer at a stream.

Fifteen minutes passed before Molestia’s orgasm subsided. Big and little sister slumped down into the pool, curling together into a cuddle. Molestia stroked Luna’s mane as the little one huffed and sighed.

“Tia, I love you…”

Molestia leaned over and kissed her sister’s cheek.

“And I you, Lulu. I can’t wait to show you Canterlot. Once you get settled, I’ll get you a harem of fillies and colts dedicated to pleasuring you.”

The two sisters spooned together, each feeling a peace neither had felt in a long, long time.

Once things started to wind down, Twilight looked to the five girls who were sipping punch at the refreshments table. She smiled, though it did not last long.

A big shadow loomed over her, and she looked back to see her mentor standing with her trade mark motherly smile.

“Why so glum my little fuck toy. You just save Equestria from certain doom, and now you can return with me to Canterlot.”

“Uh, yeah, I-I’m happy.”

Molestia extended a hoof to her student’s shoulder.

“Twilight Sparkle, I was not born yesterday. Is it your desire to stay in Ponyville with your new fuck buddies?”

Twilight’s glum expression quickly turned to one of pure joy.

“Can I really? I mean, I want to get to know them more of course, and I think the country would be good for Spike. I-is it really ok?”

Molestia giggled.

“NO! Now get your little ass on that chariot now!”

Twilight’s smile shattered into an expression of shock and heart break.

“Just kidding!” Molestia blurted.

“Seriously, Twilight get a sense of humor. Of course you and Spike can stay, but I expect you to wright me lots of letters- and don’t leave out a single sorted detail.”

Twilight smiled, almost unable to contain her happiness.

Princess and student came together in a warm embrace.

“Take care of yourself, my student.”

“I will. Thank you, princess.”

Twilight found Spike just as he had finished chatting it up with one of his new “friends”. A blond unicorn filly with a grey coat. Once the filly skipped off she approached her faithful assistant.

“So, Spike, princess Molestia says that we can stay here in Ponyville. Does that sound like something you’d like?”

Spike scratched his belly. He looked over to his right at the three fillies that he had had so much fun with.

“Yeah, I think I’ll be just fine.”

“Somepony sure looks happy clappy,” Pinkie commented as Twilight approached her and the four others.

“Why yes, darling. You look positively ecstatic,” Rarity added.

“Well, I was just told by the princess that me and Spike can stay here in Ponyville!”

“Seriously? That is awesome!” Rainbow Dash cheered.

“Boy howdy, Twi. That’s dandy,” Applejack said, giving the unicorn a tap on the shoulder.

“Welcome to Ponyville, Twilight,” Fluttershy said sheepishly.

“Oh, I mean, welcome home.”

The six mares came together in a big girly hug, none of them caring that they were standing in cum or that they all reeked of sweaty sex.

The end.