Celestia pet

by thenamless

First published

Not much to say... Saved Celestia...Wake up in Canterlot...Oh right...I have to be her pet...a human pet

Hi my name is Soul.
Don't ask about my name.
Anyway, let's get to the point. I saved Celestia and she wanted to thank me in return. Without my permission of course.
This lead to scare her ponies... This led to a lie, that I didn't liked.
They calmed down after hearing it. Because why would Celestia pet hurt them?
I don't know how long I can keep this up.

Damn it!

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My name is Soul.
Don't ask about my name.

Anyway first thing first.
How did I get here? I do not know.
How is it in Equestria? Good. So far I have been living in the Everfree forest. It's a scary place. However most of the things living here are terrified of me. I also haven't made contact with any ponies. I do not know why.

I think that's as much as you need to know right?

So let's start my adventure.

I was walking around in the forest after eating lunch. I had nothing else to do. Man I missed TV.

Walking was one of my ways to past the time. I had walked this path before many times. It lead through the most peaceful part of the forest. This was so I didn't run into anything as I really wasn't bothered to deal with them.

I was about to reach the end of my walk. It ended in a open field of the forest. Where I would stare at the sky for ages until my tummy would call for me.

Speak of the devil, I notice I was here. Looking towards the middle of the field. Sat a single tree. It was calling me to it. As if I was the only one who visits it. I mean animals visits the tree. Not to sit by it of course.

I walked over to the tree and sat by it. That is when I noticed something off. The grass felt different from when I normally sat upon it. I reached with my hand to touch the grass. It felt softer.

What threw me off was that the grass started to move up and down. Of course manly me would just jump up. No I instead jumped up while almost having my heart torn out.

I quickly turn around. Only to have my heart to almost jumped out again.

There laying on the floor was a creature. Where are my manners? From what I learned here. It was an Alicorn. A white Alicorn, almost as tall as me laid there. I notice straight away small brunt marks all over her. Followed by cuts and bruises. She was bleeding slightly from the cuts.

At first I didn't want to help her. But all of a sudden I found my self rushing down to her. Damn my kindness!

Her eyes weren't open. Good, this will make it easier. I rested my hand on her chest. She was breathing slowly but steady.

I looked up after hearing a roaring sound. A storm was coming. It was not going to be any normal storm. I quickly picked up the Alicorn. Boy was she heavy! I still manage to lift her and head towards my home. Funny thing about my home. It's a cave...not much else to say.

The skies started to pour with rain as soon as I entered my home...cave.

I rested her on a pile of my clothes. I had woken up in Equestria with a few items. Clothes, Blanket and Pillow. I rest her head on my pillow then look at the entrance of the cave. It was really starting to downpour.

After a sigh, I quickly ran out and grabbed some huge leaves and vines. After collecting those I returned soaking wet. I went and sat down next to the Alicorn.


OW! What was that?

I jumped up looking around for the source of it. Nothing. I looked back down at the Alicorn. My heart fell.

She was awake and staring at me with one eye. Her pupil have gone small. I heard her breath quicken. She was scared of me.

I slowly took one step towards the Alicorn. She see's this and tries to get up and back away. She instead gets up only to fall back down crying out. The pain was too much for her. Her horned started to glow.

"Don't come closer!" She cried. For some reason I went closer. I couldn't help myself. "Stay back!" She cried again. However the glow around her horn started to fade.

I was now standing next to the Alicorn.

I bent down until our face met. I reached my hand out towards her head. She just laid there in shock.

I gently started to stroke her mane. Her breath started to slow down.

After a while of that. I picked up the leaves and vines. Then pointed towards her injures. She said nothing but nods slowly.

I then proceeded to use the leaves and vines as bandages. I heard her gasp when I had finish the first one. "How?" I heard her mutter under her breath. I looked back at her and smiled. She didn't know about the magic of the Everfree forest.

After I finish she let out a yawn. I pointed to my pillow to where she started at it for a while. She let's out a sigh and rests her head upon it. I then lift up the blanket and cover her. She didn't go to sleep for a while. She just stares at me.

I sighed and walked towards the corner of the cave away from her. She then proceed to fall asleep.

Of course. She was scared of me. I mean it's like trying to go to sleep while the Bogey man is standing near you.

My eyes slowly drift to the spell of sleep.

I was the first to wake out of me and the Alicorn. To the sounds of birds singing. I stretched and headed towards the nearby lake. I would catch my food here, most of the time.

After an hour of trying to get me breakfast. I manage to get one fish while also getting some things for my guest.

I entered the cave to see she is not here. She must of left already?

Wait...something didn't seemed right. I scanned the cave. Nothing looked out of place. However...

Without my body asking my brain, I spun around and grabbed....something? I heard a gasp and in my hand a white Alicorn slowly was relived. "How?" she asked again.

I signed. "Listen...Alicorn...I was kind enough to let you into my home...also I have helped you survive the night. So if you would please stop and calm down."

"You...c-can talk?" She says. I let her go making her fall to the floor.

This was going to be a long day.

Time went slowly by for me. I had manage to calm the Alicorn down and got her to stay in the cave. This was because she was too weak to go anywhere.

She had asked me many questions about me. I would ignore them. I didn't want to be studied by ponies. However some good news was that I found out who she was.

She was Celestia. An Alicorn who... You know her already don't you?

It was late and I had manage to get Celestia to sleep. I walked over to my corner of the cave. My cold, hard cave.

I laid down on the floor. Only to see a golden aurora around me. I panicked at first but calmed down once I saw it was Celestia who was using her magic. For what?

"Celestia what are you doing?" I asked.

"I can't let the host suffer when he has been so nice to me." Celestia replied. She lifted me with her magic and I flew towards her.

"Oh no. Don't you dare!" I tired to get out of her magic.

She smiled at me and lifted the blanket. Before I knew it I was in bed with her. Don't get any idea's! I tired to get out only for her to put me back in. After a couple of tries I gave up. I scooted to the end of the blanket and went to sleep.

"Hm." I mumbled. Something felt off which led me to wake up. I opened my eyes to see a blurry image. It was around midnight. But what had woken me? I felt breathing on my chest. I looked down to see none other than Celestia. She had snuggled up next to me and rested her head on my chest. I tired to move but she held me tight. Damn it! I thought to myself. Why is this happening to me?

I am not having this! I thought. "Celestia I spoke." She moaned "Celestia!" I spoke louder.

"Wh-at?" Her head rose to look at me. "What is the matter?" She asked.

"This...snuggle." I pointed at Celestia.

"What wrong with it?" She asks

"You know the answer." I replied.

She looked down for a moment then back up to me. "Sorry...it's just...your comfortable."

"I'm sorry what?" I was really confused.

"I couldn't get to sleep. So when I rolled over to get a better look at you...you felt...soft." I had no idea how to answer to what Celestia had just said. "Can we just stay like this...for this night...I am going back home tomorrow." She gave me the puppy eye look.

I really wanted to say no but... I took a deep breath then proceed to tell her my answer. "Only this once. Ok?"

A massive smile came across her face. She quickly hugged me. I felt the air leaving my Lungs. She let me go after a while and rested her head on my chest. She nuzzled my chest and then mumbled "Thank you."

I sighed and went to sleep. This better be the only day.


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Man...never have I slept so good in my life. However I should really get up soon.

The sound of a door opening goes into my ears. "Ah he is still asleep." This sounds like Celestia. "I'm sure he will wake up soon." I hear a door open again then to close. Then it was followed by the feint sound of water running.


What is going on? "How will I fix up the Mistress bedroom now with her latest pet?" Ok. I don't know who that was but she sounds female...Brain thinking. WAIT WHAT! CELESTIA PET! My heart starts to beat very fast and I couldn't control it. It soon followed by my breath starting to quicken. "Ah! Is the pet having a nightmare?" I felt a hoof slowly start stroking the back of my head. Ok no more.

I peak an eye open to see a mare. She had an cream coat and a pink mane. I saw she had a smile on her face while she was stroking me...I almost jumped out the bed from what I hear next. "So soft...I wish it could sleep with me." WHAT! Her gaze looked down my body then up to my head. A shock expression over took over her. She screams while jumping back. "AHA IT'S AWAKE!"

I got up and off the bed. I stood at my full height. I was taller then her. Like 2 and a half ponies taller. I was about to speak when a flash came out the bathroom. It rush past me and grab the mare. Who by the way was a unicorn. She yelps until she and the flash was out of the room. I hear talking going on but couldn't hear it properly through the door.

After a while Celestia comes into the room while closing the door behind her. "Good mor-"

"No...you come here and sit. Then tell me what is going on Celestia." She stands there for a while then follows my command. We sat on the edge of the bed.

She took a sigh then told me everything.

She told me how she wanted to reward me for being so kind. So around morning she took me to Canterlot. She was going to let me stay in the castle as a way of thanking me. She couldn't stand the tough of me living in the Everfree forest. However a group of ponies notice me when she arrived. They freaked out when they saw me. Asking all types of questions. Celestia managed to calm them down. Until I let out a yawn which showed my teeth. They panic and went haywire. So she did the first thing that came to her mind. She calmed me as her pet. What was the worst thing was that she told them I couldn't speak but I could understand. This was them to not fear that I was a highly intelligent creature. They calmed down and accepted this. What she didn't expect was for it to spread fast around the castle.

Celestia giggled. "Luna wanted to meet you all day. After hearing about how you look she tried all she can to meet you. I manage to stop her by telling her you needed sleep."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Rage was building up in me. I stood up and walk towards the door. "Wait...where are you going!" I hear Celestia shout.

"Home." I turn the handle on the door. I felt a hoof on me as I was suddenly turn around. I saw Celestia eyes about to water. "No! You can't go! You done so much and I need to repay you!" I try to turn but she kept me still. I could see she was in deep thought.

"Plus..." She began.

I couldn't let him go! He's the first one who treats me normally who is not family!

No! I can't let him suffer. I have to keep him here. My mind rumbled while I stare into his eyes. My heart hurts after only finding one way of keeping him here.

She told me the part she left out. How my home was attacked and how she saved me.

She saved me?

After hearing this. I owe her.

I sign after thinking about it. "Fine...Celestia. I guess this is my home now." She squealed such a high pitch and hugged me tight.

"Great but first we need to set some rules! You must not talk to my little ponies, including Luna. For now... Do not harm my little ponies. Finally you must answer these few questions! What do you eat? Should I be alerted about anything?"

I just sat their mouth open. She been thinking lately. I fix myself quickly. "I understand the rules and to answer your question. I am an omnivore and the second question." Should I tell her? "I..I...Just never make me release my rage. Anger is fine but if I go beyond that then run away...I tell you why...if you prove yourself to me." I saw she was going to ask more questions but her stomach did it for her. She stood and told me to follow. "Wait." She turns to me. "I just want one favour." She nods. "I never want to be a test subject. In anyway. Ok?"

She nods again and walks out. I proceeded to follow her. I could tell that request was going to be a problem. We eventually came across an huge dinning room. Me and Celestia sit down as a unicorn walks towards Celestia. "What will you be having today Princess?"

Celestia places a hoof under her muzzle. "Hmm. I think a salad would do just find." She turns towards me. "Hmm and I think a cooked fish for my pet here." I roll my eyes at her. The unicorn takes a bow and leaves the room.

I hear the door open very slowly. "Tia where is th-" I turn and see a blue Alicorn entering the dining room. She is just starting at me. In a blue flash she is suddenly in front of me. I yelp and fall off the chair. However I don't hit the fall instead I am floating upside down. The blue Alicorn is taking a huge breath. Oh no. "Isthisthenewpet?Isitourpetorisityour?Whatisitineverseenanythinglikeit?Willitbite?Ohhhwillwehavetotameit?Iupforthatch-"

A hoof is press against her muzzle. "Luna." Ah so this is Luna. "Put him down please." Luna nods and puts me back on the chair. "Now take a seat. Please." Luna takes the seat next to me. "Now let me answer your question." Celestia takes a breath. Oh no not again. "Yes he is. He is my pet as....ughh.ah! He is rare and dangerous. What he is I have no idea but he doesn't like to be a test subject in anyway. It can bite but it won't unless you make it and no you don't have to tame it." She smiles at me. Oh don't you dare. "As I have done so." That s-

"How rare is it Tia?" Celestia looks at me.

"Umm...lets ask it."

"It understands us?"

"Yes. Now how rare are you? Are there more of you?" I shake my head. "No? Are...not even a few?" I shake my head again. "Are." She looks terrible now. "You alone?" I nod. I feel a hoof on my side. I turn and see its Luna but she is smiling. What?

"So we have this pet which is the only one on this planet?" I shake my head. She squeaks? Then runs out of the room. I turn again to Celestia. I mean Tia. She is enjoying her food but not giving me one look. Something going to happen because of Luna. I focus back to the real world by the smell of food. I look down and see the food Celestia order for me. However an idea comes to my head. I turn to Celestia and pick up my cooked fish. She was now looking at me curios. I smile and...

I was now sitting behind Celestia throne getting a quick shut eyes as Celestia does her day court. Worth it. What happened you ask? Well I threw my cooked fish at Celestia. She was shocked at first but what happened after was a surprise. She started laughing and a little food fight broke out. I lost. She has magic how it that fare?

We did make an breakthrough! It turns out Celestia though I would have a little bit of magic. However It turns out I am the only creature on this planet to have no magic. None at all. Making me almost immune to magic. Some Dark magic spells and powerful users/object can affect me with magic. For example unicorn can't use magic on me but alicorns can.

But! This morning court is sooooooooooo boring! She has to go through this every day! "Who is next to see me?"

"You were meant to be visited by Blueblood but the Elements have arrived and ask to see you straight away. As Miss Twilight says its a science breakthrough!"

"Bring them in."

Elements who are they? Oh wait they the rainbow power group. Cool. I focus back to the real world after hearing my name. "Yes he is name Soul. I do not know why."

"May...I-I see him please?" The yellow barely spoke.

"You may Fluttershy. Soul can you come out?" I don't move. "Soul?" I go back to sleep. I hear a sigh and a horn glowing. I then hear gasp. I peak an eye open and see I'm upside down, in the middle of the room and in Celestia magic.

"What is it?" The rainbow mane pony ask.

"I have no idea." Celestia replies as she puts me on the floor. I stand at my full height as they stare at me.

"What do you mean. Surely you know." The purple one asks.

"I'm sorry Twilight but I have only a small information on Soul. He is the only one on Equestria."

"WHAT!" Twilight jump in front of me. Her horn glows. "Wait? Why can't I use my magic to scan it?"

"Well my student you won't be able to use magic on it as unicorn magic can't affect one that has no magic."

Twilight is staring at me with wide eyes. "But...But." And...she faints.

"So what was it that Twilight found?" Celestia ask to the awake Elements.

"Oh this." The rainbow one speak as she hands Celestia an pocket watch. Wait...no is that? "Twilight says its the first object to be made without magic but we can't get it open. Also it was Pinkie who found it."

Celestia takes the pocket watch and tries to open it. She fails. She is now just starting at it. I jump out and grab it out of her magic grasp. "Hey give that back!" I hear the rainbow one shout but I ignore. It can't be. I click the secret button and the pocket watch opens. The hands were broken but the tune still worked. Twinkle little star. I just watch the motionless hands as the tune plays. The shouting from behind stops. Once the tune stops I turn towards the group. Faces of confusion was shown. I point towards the pink pony.

"Pinkie Pie at your service!" She gives me an salute. I drop to my knees and hug Pinkie. She giggles and accepts my hug. She starts to hug tighter. "Hmm. He is comfortable." Ponies need to stop saying that. I let go and stand up. To my surprise she didn't let go. I try to shake her off but it only get tighter. I stare at Celestia. She is still speechless. I snap back to Pinkie when I hear snoring. She has fallen asleep. I manage to get her off and walk out of the room. I need a break.

I was now sitting by a tree in the Canterlot gardens. I had made a friend with a different pet of Celestia. I was at peace. Until I felt something poking me. I turn and see Fluttershy by me. "Um...is this...sit taken?" I shake my head to which she then sits by me."Y-you know...my..special...talent is...animals. So...we should get...along...fine." She moves closer. Where is this going? "You...seem safe...and...I haven't been...able to...sleep for...a while.If...Pinkie finds...you...comfortable then." I'm uncomfortable now. She lays her head on my chest. NOPE! I jump up and walk away. "Wait!" I turn and see Fluttershy running up to me. "My animals love me...don't you?" I shake my head and walk away. This is going out of hand quickly. "No!" I turn and see Fluttershy was giving me a death look. She flies up to my eyes level. "Your...going to love me." I take a step back. "Your." I took one more. "Going." I turn. "LOVE ME!"

Never have I ran so much in my life. I manage to get away and was now on Celestia balcony. I was just watching the sunrise. So much has happened this couple of days. Can I live like this?

I suddenly hear something talking in the hall way. I walk back into the room and press my ear on the door.

"Tia I haven't been able to sleep lately."


"I don't know."

"I may know how to help." I could hear hooves in the distance. I turn and jump onto the pillows on the floor. I pretend to sleep. I hear a horn glow and I feel myself being lifted off the floor. I peak an eye open and see an smiling Celestia. "Here you go Lulu." THAT NO GOOD LITTLE S-

"How it your pet going to help?"

"Trust me." She looks at me and gives a wink. Oh no.

After a little walk I'm thrown onto a bed. I open my eyes and see Luna crawling next to me. "Hm. Still not working." She rest her head on my chest and warps her hooves around me. "Hmm. Still do-" I look down and see Luna has fallen asleep. I try to move out of her royal grip only to fail.

What is it with these ponies and me? It's like I'm their pet and teddy bear...teddy bear.

Oh no.

I'm their Plushie.