Fallout Equestria: Saddle Arabia

by Pluto Daze

First published

The land of Saddle Arabia, a land if oil and gold. destroyed by war with it's ex-ally Roam. follow the story of Terra, and her friends as they travel through the wasteland of Saddle Arabia

Saddle Arabia, a land where zebras and ponies lived in harmony... for a time. A war started dragging every nation into the war. Saddle Arabia in the war fought against their past ally Roam. Now it is a wasteland, the story follows a young zebra named Terra. Forced by a faction to leave her stable in the mountains, she travels across Saddle Arabia, making friends along the way, and discovering secrets of the past and her past as well. Will she become a hero of a new Saddle Arabian wasteland or it's next victim?


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"... Is it on? is it playing, or whatever?"

"Should be."

"Okay... hello my name is Terra, and i'm a zebra. My life since I left my stable has been, well a roller coaster. But, i'm not talking about my life yet, because lots of you are probably wondering about Saddle Arabia. Well Saddle Arabia was founded about 2,000 years ago, by the first prophet of the Mulanic religion, Prophet Abd Al-Hamid (servant of the praised). He made the religion and the country. The Mulanic religion has three main branches, which are Sultray, So-Tol, and So-ina. Abd Al-hamid was also the first Caliphate of the country, made many of the cites you see today. Like, Ohelstiver, the city where the Mulanic, Cholva, and the Jenura religions were founded. Saddle Arabia saw allot of wars, i mean allot of them. The Crusades, the Mulanic split war-"

"Terra, lets get back on topic."

"Yeah right... sorry. Anyway, when the war between Equestria and and Roam's puppet state, Savannah. Saddle Arabia started focusing on protecting it's gold and oil. Funding robotic engineering as well, then, it's ally Roam attacked, wanting the large quantity of gold and oil. we were ready but, the war lasted eight years before it ended... with a boom. All the nations in the world was dragged into this war. Ending civilization, and starting the wasteland. Saddle Arabia was destroyed with Roam."

"You're doing good... keep going."

"Alright, I was born in Stable 9. I lived there with my father, then disaster struck, I was forced from my stable and thrown into a land i didn't know anything about. My stable was in the mountains in the northeast, called Pretora. In my journey i met ponies, zebras, and creatures I've never thought of."

"Good, now let's get started."

"Alright, we can do that."

Chapter 1: Forced

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Morning, my favorite time of the day, and today is no exception. Since I went to my first party that had vodka. So, I was laying in my bed, in my room, with a hangover.

"Terra, wake up."

My dad's voice caused my ears to ring, like crazy.

"Terra come on!"

"Go away." I muttered.

I was then pushed off my bed. I landed hard on the metal, stable floor. "You should have known better than to drink five bottles of vodka," he said. "I know now," I replied, as I got up, my head still pounding. "Besides," my father continued "You have work down in the maintenance level today." My father was a zebra, like me, but his family came from Equestria, which was why I had no Arabic accent... at all. "how much time do I have?" I asked.

"You have about thirty minutes" he answered.


I went over to my desk, and grabbed my necklace, and put it on. My necklace was made out of gold, it had two rubies on it, and showed a crescent moon, and above it a cross. My mother gave it to me when she died. My mother was Arabian. She did not know anything about the necklace, so I didn't either. I ate my breakfast, (stable grown apples), put my stable 9 barding on, and left for the maintenance level. I worked in the maintenance level as a maintenance zebra. I enjoyed working down there. I was never into the normal filly stuff. While others learned to cook and stuff, I spent my time down in the reactor, (my father works in the reactor), practicing shooting with a toy gun, and playing with a radroach. I started walking down the hall when a voice got my attention.

"Hey Terra."

It was my lifelong friend Aisha, who also worked in the maintenance level with me. She was more of a mare than I was. She did not like her job, but went to it anyway. Aisha was a zebra too.

"How was the party for you?" she asked me.

"It was good," I responded.

"How can you even drink five bottles of vodka?"

"Well, I've learned to never drink as much as I did, because I have a bad headache!"

We soon got to the maintenance level, where another one of my friends was waiting. An Equestrian earth pony named Ashtree.

"-Sup Terra," he said as Aisha and I came down. "How was the party for you?"


"Nice... well we got a job to do."

"What is it?" Aisha asked.

"Unclogging the recycler."

I heard Aisha mutter "shit," and I started laughing.

We headed toward the recycler, about halfway there we heard scratching. "Radroach," Ashtree told us. It scurried into our path and stopped in front of us. "KILL IT, KILL IT WITH FIRE!" Aisha screamed. "Wait," I said. I walked up to the radroach and immediately recognized it. "Charlie!" I hugged it as it "hugged" me back. Charlie was a radroach that had great affection for me. I met him when I was seven.

"Why are you hugging that?" Aisha asked. "Kill it."

"It's my friend" I replied.

Aisha looked at Ashtree, who simply shrugged.

"Guess what I have?" I cooed at him, pulling out a piece of meat. "Meat!" Charlie started to "beg" and I gave him the meat. While he ate it, I pet him. "Who's a good radroach?" After Charlie ate he skittered off. I turned to see Aisha looking at me with a face of surprise, and Ashtree with a look of indifference. "That was Charlie" I told them. "We've been friends since I was seven."

"You're friends with a radroach... WHAT THE HELL?" Aisha yelled.

"I find that cool," Ashtree said.

Aisha gave both of us a look of confusion then started walking again. We looked at each other and continued.


After about a minute of walking in silence, we got to the recycler, which was just a big box with a pipe at the top dropping random stuff. "It's clogged," Ashtree told us, "Someone has to unclog it." We both stared at Aisha, who gave us a look of confusion before getting it. "No, no, no, I'm not doing that!" In reply I gave her a wrench. She grabbed the wrench, grumbling, and headed down to the maintenance tunnel which was under the recycler. After about a minute of silence we heard a splut sound, then Aisha cursing in Arabic. Ashtree and I started rolling on the ground laughing. Aisha came out a bit later, covered in unidentifiable liquids, and angry. " عندما تم الانتهاء من اثنين لقوا حتفهم حتى" ("When we're done you two are so dead!"). Ashtree and I started laughing again at the sight of Aisha. When we stopped, it took awhile before I had enough breath to speak.

"Do you want me to finish?" I asked. Aisha responded by thrusting the wrench into my hooves, and stomping off. "Wish me luck Ashtree." I then went into the maintenance tunnel. Aisha managed to take the pipe out but now it was spewing liquid onto the floor. I quietly cursed Aisha, then went forward pipe in one hoof, and wrench in the other, heading for the leak. After managing to reinstall and pipe, I climbed back out, covered in stuff. Ashtree was waiting for me. "Wheres Aisha?" I asked, Ashtree simply pointed to Aisha in a corner cleaning her self. We continued with our daily routine.


It was about 9:30 at night when I got home.

"Dad I'm back!" No one answered. I suspected he had to work late for some reason, and headed for my room. I took off my necklace and plopped onto my bed...tired.


I dreamed that night. I was in a desert, on all sides of me was an endless stretch of golden sand. I was walking on a endless road, as I walked grass grew around me. I didn't seem to notice. At the end of the dream I looked back, the grass stretched for miles.


I woke up, someone was shaking me.

"Terra wake up, come on."

I was surprised to see Ashtree.

"Ashtree? What are doing in my room?"

"I can't explain, there's no time."

I got up and put on my necklace. "Why is there no time?" I asked. Ashtree looked at me.

"The stable is being attacked."

"By who?"

"I don't know."

He gave me a sound tape. "Your father wanted me to give you this."

"Where's my dad anyway?"

"The tape will explain."

"Okay." After I said that, I heard gunshots. Ashtree heard them too.

"Come on, Aisha is waiting at the stable exit"


"She knows the code to open the outer door, and is gonna get us out of here!"

We left the room. As we headed down the hallway we saw three ponies. i could tell one was a unicorn because his horn poked out from it's armor, but I was unsure about the other two, because they were covered head to hoof, in modern Arabic robe armor. We managed to sneak by them without them seeing us.

"Lets go!" Ashtree started running, I followed.


At the end of the hallway we headed up a short flight of stairs and opened the door into stable 9. Aisha was waiting at the controls. "You guys made it!" she said as we entered and locked the door behind us. She started typing away on the control panel. "You two can make it outside, but I need to stay and make sure they don't figure out how to unlock it."

"You're gonna lock it permanently?" I asked. Aisha nodded, Ashtree grabbed a saddle bag and gave it to me. "The saddle bags have everything needed to survive out there."

As he was speaking I looked through the saddle bags. Inside were a couple of apples, and a water canteen with a water talisman (which means the canteen won't run out of water). The sound of alarms told me that Aisha managed to open the huge stable doors that lead outside. At that moment there was a knock at the hallway door that Ashtree and I had just locked.
"فتح الباب، ونحن نعلم أنك كنت هناك" ("Open the door, we know your in there.")

Aisha looked at us. "They're here!"

"نحن لن نسأل مرة أخرى ... فتح الباب لعنة" ("We won't ask again... open the damn door.") We heard thumping from the hallway door.

The giant outer stable doors at that point had opened fully. I looked at Ashtree, then started toward the doors. Suddenly the hallway door flew open. The armored ponies entered, they were all carrying guns. The armored ponies had IL-92's (Roman combat assault rifles), and the unicorn had in his magical grip, an M-tax (Saddle Arabian single barreled shotgun). The pony on the left let loose a bullet, which hit Aisha, who fell to the ground, clutching her stomach, but not dead. "Aisha!" I started to run to her, but suddenly I was knocked thru the open stable doors. "Sorry, but you must escape!" Ashtree apologized. Looking back I saw Aisha get up and push a button on the panel. The doors started closing. The three ponies approached Ashtree, and the unicorn raised his m-tax and fired at Ashtree. He fell to the ground his chest split open. "Ashtree!" I screamed. Before I could run back in, the stable door was almost closed. I saw the unicorn look up at me, before the stable door closed forever.

footnote: level up

New perk added

Wanderer: you have been known to travel a lot. You gain 10 more experience when discovering a new location.


strength: 6
perception: 5
endurance: 4
charisma: 7
intelligence: 4
agility: 6
luck: 7

Chapter 2: New Beginnings

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I stood at the stable door, wordless, devastated. I just watched my friends die in front of me. I slowly slumped to the ground. I wanted to cry, which I haven't done in a while, but, didn't. I took out the sound player and put it into my pip-buck. I was shocked to hear my father's voice.

"Terra...I'm sorry that I can't be there, with you. But, at least I could record this for you. Right now I'm gonna go to the wasteland... Terra, if I'm alive I will send you a transmission to your pip-buck in two days. I'm sorry...I love you."

I got up, now with a knowledge that my dad could be alive. Yet I still didn't know anything about where I should go. I turned on my pip-buck light and... saw skeletons, of ponies and zebras alike. That was not what I needed to see, so creepy! In front of me past the skeletons was a small tunnel. I started walking down the tunnel, soon the tunnel opened to a large cave. I saw a mining elevator, and more tunnels. There was also a sign in Arabic. I said out loud to my self "السرج شركة التعدين العربية السعودية" ("Saddle Arabia Mining Co.").

"So, my stable is built in a mine... cool!"

I walked to the mining elevator, hoping that it still worked. I pushed the button to call it, and a small wooden elevator came down. I stepped on to it. 'How do I go up?' I thought to myself. Then I noticed two buttons, one green with an arrow going up. I mentally slapped myself 'Duh!' I pushed the button, and the elevator started going up. After maybe a minute it stopped. Ahead was a small tunnel that ended with a wooden door slightly ajar, light streaming through it, as well as cold air. "If the air doesn't kill, I don't know what will." I pushed open the door, and was met with a blast of frigid air. I went through the door. Around me was snow, and mountains. I checked my pip-buck map. It said I was in the Pretora Mountains, a bunch of mountains in northeastern Saddle Arabia. and known to get snow. Looking down I saw an old road that headed west, and started walking on it.


I lost track of how long I walked. My barding was providing no protection from the cold. I kept going anyway with no clue where the road would take me. Eventually, I spotted a pony, an earth pony with an old rifle. He stared at me and said something in a language I did not know. "Bid end yamar neg zarts kharakh." The pony fired and hit me in the side, I fell over in pain. Another one appeared, this time a zebra. The zebra spoke to the pony in the same language. "Batbayar , saikhan olj bolno. cheif ene gichii butsaaj avchrakh bolomjiig olgodog." I heard the word Batbayer and guessed it was a name. The pony Batbayer spoke, "Ganzorig, tokhiroltsson . butsaaj tüüniig avchrakh bolomjiig olgodog." I guessed the zebra's name was Ganzorig. The two walked to where I was still laying on the ground, a bullet wound in my side. Batbayer forced me up, "Get up bitch!" he demanded. I didn't say anything, they didn't deserve to be talked to. "Oh, the bitch doesn't want to talk Ganzorig!" Batbayer said to Ganzorig. Ganzorig just laughed. "If the mare doesn't want to talk that's just fine." Ganzorig came up to me and put a rope around my muzzle, holding the rope in one of his hooves. "Let's just bring her back to the Yerönkhii, let him decide what to do with her." Batbayer looked annoyed but, agreed. "Fine." Ganzorig tugged the rope, forcing me to follow. Batbayer followed behind. I got a glimpse of Batbayer behind me. He was looking at my flanks. "Can you stop looking at my flanks?" I asked. Batbayer chuckled. "The bitch speaks!" Ganzorig turned and looked at him. "Batbayer, the Yerönkhii doesn't want anything happening to future slaves, you perverted retard." Batbayer said something in his language and walked up to Ganzorig.


We had been traveling for about an hour. I was cold, miserable, scared and angry! Batbayer and Ganzorig had been apparently arguing in their language. While they were distracted with each other I was able to "study" the rope. By the looks of it, it was old and worn out. I had to escape! So, I carefully chewed the rope. I couldn't bite the part around me but, I could bite near the end Ganzorig held. About the time they seemed bored with their argument, I was ready.

"Excuse me."

"What?" Ganzorig asked.

"Next time you have a prisoner, use a stronger rope!" I jerked hard on the rope. It broke and I started running, while I shook the rope off of my muzzle. A bullet whizzed past. I glanced back, Batbayer was shooting at me with his rifle. I continued running, then I felt a pain in my right hind leg and fell. A bullet had embedded into my leg just below my knee! I saw Batbayer and Ganzorig running at me, and in protest of my leg, got up and started running again. Not as fast this time. I went right down an intersection, the two still following me. I then saw a tunnel, it was blocked by rubble but I could see a hole at the bottom just big enough for me to fit. I got down and started crawling through the hole. My body was mostly through when I felt a pain in my tail and heard Batbayer's muffled voice. "Khen ch khaad khortong ni aldagdakh." I kicked out with my left leg, and Batbayer let go. I was able crawl the rest of the way. As I huddled inside the tunnel I heard Batbayer's voice full of anger "WHEN WE FIND YOU, BITCH YOU'RE DEAD, YOU HEAR ME DEAD!?" I hoped their armor and gear would keep them from squeezing in after me. I continued deeper into the tunnel, limping.


It was now night. I was very cold and low on energy, I walked slowly through the snowdrifts in the tunnel. I knew I needed to keep going.

"Screw this!" I fell to the ground, unable to continue. My vision was fading, yet I thought I saw a figure in the distance. The figure started running to me. I was so tired I didn't even care if it was an enemy. The figure was looking down at me.

"Are you alright?" the voice asked. I didn't answer. I felt myself being lifted off the ground. "Hang on." the voice told me. I was hovered in the air on something, then my vision turned black.


I wasn't dead, I opened my eyes slowly. Someone was standing in front of me, my vision adjusted and I saw a zebra stallion.

"Good, you're awake." the stallion said. "Thought you wouldn't wake up."

"What happened?" I asked. "You had hypothermia." the stallion responded. "I'm Ebrahim."


Ebrahim nodded. "Thanks for keeping me alive," I added. "It's not me you should be thanking," he told me. Ebrahim went to a door, "I'm gonna go get your actual savior, you stay here." "Okay," I answered. I was left alone. I slowly raised my head. I was covered in a blanket and a fire crackled near by. I was in a room with stone walls like the typical Arabic home. I could also see a large collection of medical supplies.

I waited for about five minutes. Ebrahim came back with another pony, a Pegasus. The Pegasus was wearing some sort of leather armor. His face was not covered. His fur was white, with a gold mane, and crystal blue eyes. His armor had slits on the sides for the wings. The Pegasus didn't look Saddle Arabian, he looked like an Equestrian. "Terra, this is Israel." Israel walked up. "Hi, I'm Israel." "Terra," I said and extended my hoof, he hesitated but shook it. Ebrahim stepped closer, "Israel is a mercenary, and comes to our town often." "What town, where am I anyway?" I asked. Israel answered, "You're in Petrena." I was able to get up, my stable barding still on. "Where can I get some armor?" I asked. "There's an armor smith in town." Israel responded. I realized Israel had no hint of an Arabic Accent. I looked at Ebrahim. "Can I go out?" He nodded, "Lead the way, Israel." I followed out of the room and out the front door. The town of Petrena was small, maybe ten buildings in all, most the size of a house. The town was on three sides surrounded by mountains. The only way in was a wooden wall with a deck at the top with ponies and zebras on it. Israel led me to a stone building, with no door, inside a unicorn was working on a sword. Israel nodded, I stepped forward.

"Excuse me."

The unicorn grunted.

"I'm looking for some armor that can withstand the cold of the mountains and the heat of the desert." The unicorn pointed a hoof toward a standard issued Saddle Arabian Combat Armor. The armor looked to be in pretty good condition. "How much is it?" "30 Dirham's."

I then realized I didn't have any Dirhams. Dirhams were, and are the currency of Saddle Arabia. Israel went up to the unicorn and payed him. I took the armor and started to put it on. I managed to get it on and it fit.As we left Isarel told me, "I can teach you how to use a gun." "Really?" He nodded. "Yes please,"I said. "Then follow."

Israel took off, I followed as best I could. We went through the gate, and into the mountains. Thankfully the run was short, just a few minutes. We came to a stop at an abandoned cabin. Israel flew over to a bench, clearing some snow off of it, (thick snow was coming down) He set three Arabic Sunset sarsaparilla bottles on the bench, then flew back and handed me a hunting rifle, that was in very good condition He gave me some ammo. "Shoot the bottles." Israel instructed. I stood up, (also not very sure how zebras can stand on their hind legs), aimed and fired. The shot went wild not hitting anything. "Firm grip" Israel told me. "If you don't have a firm grip your guns' recoil will knock you away!" I aimed again this time with a firm grip, and fired and hit a bottle. "Nice, now try to crouch, you'll get a better aim." I crouched down, aimed, and fired again, hitting a bottle. I looked at Israel and smiled, he was smiling back. That was interrupted by an explosion not so far off. I glanced at the mountains, a flying ship was falling down the mountain!

"What are they doing here?" Israel asked.


"Never mind... lets check it out."

We headed towards the ship, it didn't take long to get to it. When we got there we saw that it was a wreck, dented in several places, and sparking. Should we go in?" I asked. Israel nodded "Yes, look for survivors." Israel opened the door, motioning to me to go in. I went in, wires dangled from the ceiling, still sparking. Israel entered after me.

"Check the back, I'll check the front." I nodded in response and headed back. I saw a door and wrenched it open. I was met with a horrifying sight. It looked like a cargo area filled with benches. Seated on each bench was a Pegasus, all were dead. I was hit by the smell of blood, and fought the urge to throw up. "Ugh." I heard a whimpering sound. I headed towards the sound and found a Pegasus colt. It was under some benches, and looked very damaged. The colt looked at me with hurt in his eye's.

"Please... help me," the colt begged. I went over and lifted the benches away.

"Israel!" I yelled.

"What?" came a reply.

"I found a survivor!" Israel ran over to me and saw the colt. "Let's get him to Ebrahim," Israel suggested. "Okay." I lifted the colt onto my back, and we left the ship. Suddenly we heard the sound of engines.

"Shit," Israel muttered.

"What is it?" I asked.

We turned around, and saw about fifteen ponies and zebras riding on motorcycles. They stopped about thirty feet from us. I recognized their armor. It was the same style as Batbayer and Ganzorig's. Their motorcycle's were fitted with light machine guns and they all had shotguns. One, who looked more important then the rest had a sawed-off shotgun. I didn't know what they were called. "Who are they?" I asked Israel. "They're Khans," Israel answered. The leader was a unicorn. They took off their helmet's, the leader's was the color of blood. The leader spoke in his language, "Ongots , bolon unaga khold . Kherev ta ingekh bol khor khokhirol uchruulsan baikh bolno."

"What?" Israel asked. The leader spoke again, "Step away from the plane, and the colt. If you do so you will not be harmed," he demanded. I looked at the colt on my back. "We'll never give you the colt!" I told him. The unicorn just chuckled, "Then you don't realize who you are dealing with. You are dealing with Yerönkhiidöö Blood. The number one general of the Ondör Darga!" Israel pulled something out of his armor's pocket. I couldn't tell what it was. "Find cover," Israel told me, "And start firing." He bit the thing he had, then threw it. The Khans scrambled. I took cover behind a boulder, Israel found cover as well. There was an explosion. I took the colt off my back and pulled out my hunting rifle. Some of the Khan's motorcycles were on fire, and about seven of them were laying on the ground, missing body parts. Blood was still alive and looked very angry. I aimed my rifle over the rock and fired at the Khans. I hit one in the thigh. Blood yelled, "Edgeer khoyor avch amid Bi tedniig khüsej baina!" I couldn't understand a word, but knew it wasn't anything nice. Israel pulled out a combat rifle and fired. One of the Khans fell. I fired at Blood. The bullet hit his armor but he still stood.

Blood fired his sawed-off shotgun, I ducked down just in time as pebbles showered me. Israel continued to fire until a bullet pierced his right shoulder. He fell to the ground clutching his shoulder as it bled. Five remained. As I was about to pop back out, a yellow canister landed nearby. I knew what it was... tear gas! I grabbed the colt and threw him towards the cover of a small boulder just as the tear gas went off. I was washed by yellow gas, my eyes started burning, my skin was burning. I ran away from the boulder and canister as fast as I could, coughing and gasping. I fell to the ground. I heard chuckling behind me. I looked back and saw it was Blood, and his shotgun was pointed at me. His shotgun was chrome. "Well, well, well... couldn't handle tear gas, huh?" "Screw you," I coughed. "Oh, a mare with an attitude!" "You're about to figure out why I call this gun 'Bleeding Glory'." Before he could fire, his face suddenly exploded. Israel stood close by. The remaining Khans got on motorcycles and drove off.

"You alright Terra?" Israel asked.

I started to get up, "Yeah, I'm ok."


I looked at the sawed-off shotgun, and picked it up. The shotgun looked worn, but in decent condition. I went over to the colt and picked him up. "Let's go before they come back with reinforcement's," I suggested. Israel nodded, and we walked back to Petrena.

Footnote: level up

New perk added

Rifle expert: you've trained yourself in the use of any type of rifle, you gain 5% more damage when using any kind of rifle.

Chapter 3: Fire and Ice

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We got back to Petrena around sundown, and now Isarael and I were waiting in Ebrahim's office to see if the colt was ok. Israel did... nothing, while I used a knife to etch something into my new chrome sawed-off shotgun. Israel finally said something, after a long silence.

"What are you etching into the gun?" he asked me. I showed him what I had so far, which was just the word "Black."


"Still working on it, it's going to be 'Black Glory'."

"You might need black paint."

"I'll find some."

Ebrahim at that point entered. "How's the colt?" I asked. "The colt's fine," Ebrahim answered. "Just some bruises but, I'm gonna keep him here so he can heal". "Alright," Israel said. Ebrahim continued, "The colt actually wants to see you." We got up and entered the room, the colt sat on a metal table. "Hey," I said as I entered. The colt smiled, he was small, young, his fur was black, with a grey mane. "Thanks for saving me in the wreck." No problem!" Israel said. "What's your name?" I asked, "Little Bolt," he responded. "I'm small for my age but, I'm ten years old." Ebrahim asked for our attention. "Terra, Israel, the Baron wants to see you." "Why?" Israel wondered. Ebrahim shrugged "Don't know but, you should go."


"Who's the Baron?" I nervously asked Israel as we walked to the Baron's house. "He's basically the mayor," Israel responded. "I've only met him once." We approached a fine two story building. Israel knocked on the huge ornate wooden door. "Come in!" they heard, and opened the door. A stallion stood inside. He had a mud brown fur, his mane was also mud brown. "Israel, it's been a while hasn't it? And I believe this is Terra?" Israel nodded. "I'm Mud Hoof, the Baron, come in, come in," he said. We entered what looked like an office. The room had books on shelves, a table with a chair and a terminal. He sat down on the chair, Israel and I stood. "Now," Mud Hoof said, "Israel, this mission was originally going to be just for you but, now that you have a partner, she will be allowed to be a part of the mission." "What's the mission?" Israel asked. I couldn't be quiet any longer. "Baron sir? How do you know who I am? and what do you mean by 'partner'? I asked?" He laughed and said "My apologies Terra. This a small town, news traveled fast about your arrival, and then a messenger informed me of the shipwreck and the battle you two had with those annoying Khans." "Now, may I continue?" "Yes sir, please," I answered nervously. "There's a town near by... well was near by, called Mine 28."

"Not a very creative name," I commented.

Mud Hoof chuckled. "I know. Now the town has mysteriously gone quiet. There have been no messages and we haven't received a trade caravan from them in over a week. The caravan has always come once a day to sell mining supplies. I'm sending you two to check out what happened."

"Alright, we'll check it out," Israel told him. "Good now," he handed Israel a map. "Mine 28 is about two miles south, it would be easy to get to it, if we were not in the mountains." My pit-buck beeped, I checked it on the map, it showed Mine 28's location, not far but, not easy to get to, like Mud Hoof said.

"For the mission," Mud Hoof pulled out some bottles with a purple liquid in them. "You might need some healing potions." Israel took the bottles and put them in his saddle bags. "We'll check it out right away."



We left as soon as was night fall. The snow continued to fall. I was thankful that my armor kept the chill away. We walked in silence for a while, being guided by my pit-buck light and Israel's flashlight on his rifle. He carried his rifle with a battle saddle. "Does it usually snow a lot here in Pretora?" "Quite a bit in the fall and winter." We soon approached a wooden arch saying in Arabic "Mine 28 Gold Mine".

"We're here," I announced. Israel simply nodded.

"It's time to figure out what happened here" Israel said and walked throught the arch. The town was smaller than Petrena, only about three large, metal buildings all rusting. The largest building lead to the mine itself. "Spread out, we'll cover more ground that way." "Okay, Israel," I answered even though I was really nervous. I went left while Israel went right. I saw a large patch of ground with no snow and a scorch mark in the gravel, which looked like it was made by an explosion. Near the scorched area was a zebra dusted with snow. Actually it was only half a zebra! His lower half lay in a snowdrift near by. I fought the urge to throw up and continued walking. "The khans don't have this much firepower," I heard Israel say. I approached the smallest of the three buildings. Laying next to the building was an earth pony mare, her body riddled with bullet holes, next to the mare was another earth pony, a filly. Her body was burnt, and missing a hind leg. I still wanted to throw up and couldn't stop shaking.

"Who did this?" I whispered to myself. Then I saw a glowing red dot next to me, it moved toward my neck. I quickly jumped to the side, a bullet missing me by a few inches and pinging into the metal exterior of the building. I frantically looked for my attacker, which was tricky in the dark. Eventually I spied the attacker, it was a khan, "Khans!!" I yelled out. Israel flew over "Yes, I've noticed!" Two more khans came out of the largest building. One had a rocket launcher. '...fuck'.

"Ta surakh gej baina , khaad khezee ch zovlontoi uu!" the one with the rocket yelled out and fired. Israel and I dodged the rocket. The rocket hit the metal interior of the building behind us.

"We need to take out the one with the rocket launcher!" Israel yelled. "No shit!" I yelled back. We were nearly blasted by the other khan who had a T-90x assault rifle. (equestrian weapon). Another rocket whizzed by, hitting the building again. Israel ran from his cover firing at the sniper, while running to the second building. About half way there, the sniper fired, Israel fell to the ground, grunting in pain.

"ISRAEL!" I ran out of my cover to save my friend. Before I got there a bullet hit my hunting rifle, sending it out of my hooves. I saw two khans advancing. The sniper had his rifle trained on me.

"Ene ni deer, odoo khüleelgen ögökh yum." I looked around for a weapon, my hunting rifle was out of my reach! I then saw on the ground next to me a scimitar (Arabic sword). I picked it up and pointed it at the two khans, who just looked at each other and laughed. "Kherev ta adal bid buu baikhad ... ter bayan , neg scimitar ni bidniig alj baina!" They were still laughing when I charged and took them by surprise. I slit the throat of the khan with the rocket, and grabbed the other khan. I placed my scimitar on the kahn's throat but paused when I saw the sniper, rifle aimed at me.

"You kill me, I'll kill him,".I said. Not one of us made a move. Suddenly from behind I was hit, then electrocuted. I fell to the ground and lost my grip on the kahn and my scimitar. I looked up. a khan stood above me. I knew who it was, Batbayer. He looked at me with pure hatred. In his hoof was a baton crackling with electricity. He snarled, "Remember me, bitch?" then swung at my head. My vision went black.


I awoke in what seemed to be a makeshift cell. I laid on my side, my entire body hurt. I looked around my cell, it's "bars" were just rusty metal pipes blow torched together. My weapons were gone, even "Black Glory."

"Look who's up," a voice said. I looked toward the voice.

"Batbayer," I grumbled.

"Oh, you remember me... I'm touched," he said.

I got up, anger filling my vein's. "Where's Israel?" I demanded. Batbayer laughed. "He's fine but, his accommodations aren't nearly as nice as yours."

I charged at the "bars" only to slam into them, and fall onto my butt. Batbayer laughed again. "Such an ergüü teneg, those bars are more solid then they look." At that point I wished I had laser eyes, then pushed that thought out of my head. Batbayer started toward some stair's. "I'll figure out a way to escape," I said. Batbayer just chuckled. "Good luck with that," then disappeared up the stairs.


Being imprisoned was not fun at all, I lost track of time. I was being guarded by a khan that didn't speak a word to me. All I could think about was Israel. Was he dead? Was he in pain? Would I see him again? Something caught my eye. I noticed a shimmer move down the stairs, then nothing. Boom! The guard exploded, showering me with blood and gore.

"What the ...?" At the bottom of the stairs a unicorn appeared. The unicorn was wearing Roaman Stealth Armor, and around his mouth was a respirator. In his magical grip was a combat shotgun. He approached my cell and opened it.

"Get up," he demanded. His voice was amplified by his respirator. I slowly stood and walked out. The unicorn, with his hoof shoved a box at me with my stuff in it, all of my weapons. I grabbed my guns.

"Thanks... what's your name?" I asked.

"My name is meaningless." he said, saying it as if he had said it too many times before.

I sighed, "What name do you use?"

"Seeker," he responded, loading his combat shotgun. I checked my hunting rifle, the khans didn't take any ammo. Seeker threw more shotgun ammo to me.

"Take it, your shotgun is a powerful weapon."

I loaded Black Glory, "Alright... let's do this."

"First, are you here alone?" he asked.

"No, we need to find my friend Israel,"

Seeker nodded, "Alright, you ready?"

"Yes," I answered. We climbed up the stairs, Seeker taking the lead. I had Black Glory drawn. We walked into a long branched hallway, Seeker headed left down the hallway, I followed.We took a right down another hallway that had stairs leading down. "Where are we going?" I asked. "We're gonna save your friend," Seeker replied. He stopped suddenly, so sudden I ran into him. "Why did you stop?"


I lowered my voice to a whisper, "Why did we stop?" Seeker motioned me forward, two khans stood guard at what looked like a mining entrance. "How do we get rid of them?" I whispered. Seeker raised his hoof, he had a pip-buck. He pushed a button on it, and disappeared. I glanced around for him, then looked back toward the guards. A few seconds passed. Then, one of the guard's exploded. I charged forward, killing the last one before he realized what was going on. Seeker reappeared, "Nice job," he said. I smiled.

Seeker pushed open the mining door, we entered the tunnel. "Are you sure that Israel's down here?" I asked. "I'm sure," Seeker said. "Hurry, those shots will probably attract more khans!" he said urgently. We continued down the tunnel into the unknown.


After about a minute of wandering in a tunnel, we came to an opening above a larger space. It was the mine, the mine was a round cavern carved out of the ground that gradually sloped down to a smaller pit. Lanterns gave the space a creepy glow. At the bottom I could see about five khans, including Batbayer. What was strange though was I hadn't seen Ganzorig yet, which was making me suspicious. Then I saw Israel was in the deepest area of the pit. He looked to be in bad shape to be honest.

"Now, Israel" Batbayer said. "You'll answer our questions this time, or you'll have to worry more about your marefriend we have, than yourself."

"She's not my... marefriend" Israel mumbled. Israel seemed to hesitate when he said marefriend, like he couldn't believe he was about to say that. Seeker motioned down towards a tunnel that looked like it lead to where Israel was. We snuck down the tunnel. "Batbayer, I'm not sure if this Pegasus is gonna talk about the crash."

"Bukh baas!" Batbayer yelled out, "He knows something about the enclave being here, and he's gonna tell us, even if I have to torture the zebra to get answers."

We got to the bottom. "The Pegasus is your friend?" Seeker asked. "Yeah" I responded, "He saved my life." Seeker nodded, getting up and pulling out his shotgun. I pulled out Black Glory and followed. Seeker fired a shot, a zebra khan went down, getting Batbayer's attention. Taking out his shogun and firing. "Töriin bolson üye shattaigaar gichii," he roared. the shotgun blast cleared my head by just a bit. The other khan pulled out a Chamberlock (Saddle Arabian Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle) and started firing at Seeker. i dove behind a small boulder. Batbayer fired again, the bullet hit the boulder, causing shards of rock to fly. One shard cut my left cheek , while another cut me just above my left eye. I fired back at Batbayer, he dove behind a small wooden building in the pit. The second khan was not smart at all, Seeker was able to get an easy shot at him. The khan's chest split opened and he fell to the ground twitching. I fired at Batbayer, but all my shot did was chip the wooden shack. I was surprised when Batbayer left his cover and charged staraight for me. As he got closer, he leaped over the boulder I was using for cover. I reacted, pulling out my scimitar that was holstered on my armor, and pointed it at him, Batbayer fell right on the blade, impaling him. His momentum pulled me to the ground ground. He tumbled over to the wall, scimitar still in his chest. I got up and walked over, and pulled my scimitar out of his chest.

"Well, gichii," he grunted, "What are going to do now?" I raised my scimitar ready to cut his stupid head off but, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I lowered my scimitar, "You're not gonna take my head?" he chuckled. "Why not? I'm dead anyway," "Because" was all I said. I turned my back, and bucked him in the head, knocking him out. Seeker just sighed, I walked over to Israel, and freed him from his binds.


"No problem."

I walked to the bodies of the two khans, looting the one with the chamberlock. finding ten fulūs on him.


"What's strange, Terra?" Isarael asked?

"When I first met Batbayer there was a zebra with him... where is he?"

The answer for me was a cocking of a shotgun, Israel and I looked at the entrance, Seeker had already spotted the movement. Ganzorig stood at the entrance with about five more khans. "You don't have to look much further, Terra!" he said.


Ganzorig smiled, "Missed me Terra? I've been waiting to see you again."

"What do you mean?"

Ganzorig pulled out a cigarette, lit it and put it in his mouth. "I believe you remember the name Yerönkhiidöö Blood."

"Yeah, why?"

"He was my father."


"General Blood was your father?" Israel asked. Ganzorig nodded, "The two of you killed him!" Ganzorig pulled out a red and black Zovristen (Saddle Arabian magnum). Seeker charged only for Ganzorig to aim at him, and shoot him in the face. I was sure he was dead but, he laid on the ground clutching his head, the wound drawing no blood." 'Tedgeeriig avch, mön tedniig alakh!" Israel flew to a box near by, the khans pulled out weapons of their own. I ran towards cover, followed by bullets, most were blocked by my armor. When I got to cover, I saw that Israel had his rifle, I guessed his weapon was in the box that Seeker had carried. I fired from my cover, getting one of the khans. I tried to fire again but Black Glory just went "click", 'You can't be serious!.' I switched to my hunting rifle and fired again, hitting another but, not killing. I looked over to Israel who was also having some trouble, the khans had cover. Ganzorig fired at me, the bullet hitting my cover sending shards flying again, I covered my face with a hoof. I lowered my hoof and fired at Ganzorig, getting him in the shoulder.

I looked over at the battle. Two khans laid on the ground, three including Ganzorig were standing. Ganzorig fired, the bullet again hitting my cover. This time the shards blinded me. Before I could react, I was punched in the head, then pinned against the wall. When my vision recovered shortly after, Ganzorig stood in front of me. Israel was pinned on the ground by one of the other khans and the last one was standing between them.

"Well... this isn't going in your favor is it?"

"Fuck... you" I spat

"Hmm, mare with an attitude," Ganzorig pulled out his Zovristen, and pointed it at my head. "Hope you had a good run, Terra." Before he could shoot, he was suddenly hit in the face. It was Israel! When I looked over to where Israel had been, the khan lay there unconscious. Ganzorig's Zovristen sprawled next to me, I picked up his gun and aimed at Ganzorig. I couldn't get a shot since Israel and Ganzorig were now rolling on the ground. I decided to use something I hadn't used in a long time, S.A.T.S. I went into S.A.T.S and aimed for Ganzorig. It informed me I only had a fifty percent chance to hit him. 'That's cheep!' I thought. I had to take the chance, Israel wouldn't last much longer. I confirmed, and the gun fired. The bullet hit it's mark, Ganzorig lay dead, a bullet in his head. I was panting, I dropped the Zovristen, that was the first time I intentionally killed someone.

Israel came over to me. I was crying at that point. (embarrassing, I know) Israel sat next to me and put a wing around me. I sniffed and looked at him, he was smiling at me.

"First intentional kill?" I nodded. Israel nuzzled me, I felt myself go red. Israel got up, and went over to Seeker.

I stopped crying and went over to the unconscious body of Batbayer. Israel helped Seeker up and joined me. "What are we gonna do with him?" Israel asked. "I have an idea" I said. I went through my saddle bags, and brought out a healing potion. I took off the top of the healing potion and gave it too him. "You're giving a healing potion to a pony that tried to kill us?" Seeker said. "Yep."

Seeker shook his head but, Israel smiled at me. I then set the rest of the healing potion next to Israel.

footnote: level up

new perk added

Act of Kindness: from now on in battle, when there is only one enemy left, you get the choice to show an act of kindness and spare them, you gain +5 relations to faction, when done on faction members

Chapter 4: Road to Oasis

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We started traveling back to Petrena around three o'clock as my pip-buck told me, Seeker traveling with us. "I think it's time to part ways." Seeker told us. Israel and I looked back at him. "Why?" I asked. Seeker didn't reply, he just turned away.

"May the stars of our ancestors guide you," Seeker's horn glowed blue then he vanished in a ball of light. Israel and I continued back to Petrena wishing he was still with us.

فيفا لا المقاومة

"What do you mean we're banned?" When we got back to Petrena, Mudhoof met us in his house. He told us that we were banned from the town.

"I mean you're banned," Mudhoof said. "The Khans came while you were gone. They said they knew we were keeping you guys here, and we are suppose to get rid of you one way or the other, or the town is destroyed."

"But-" I was about to continue but a look from Israel stopped me. Mudhoof said, "Look, I'm sorry, if there was a way to keep you here then I would be happy to but, the Khans didn't give me a choice, my people come first." At that point I under stood. They did not have the power to stand up to the Khans, and as far as I knew they were everywhere in the Pretora mountains.

"The least I can do though is let you stay the rest of the night...in the morning you have to go...I hope you understand?"

"I understand now."

"I two," Israel agreed.

فيفا لا المقاومة

We went to Israel's apartment in Petrena... well what was Israel's apartment. We were discussing where to go next. Israel had a map of Saddle Arabia, our plan was to head to Juresalem which was across the wasteland. There were only two routes to the city, head west across the wasteland through a bunch of radiated cities, or south then west, to the capital of Saddle Arabia, Riyada, which was the war-time capital in the middle of the desert.

"Terra," I looked up at Israel.

"Did you know Seeker?"

"No," I responded. It was true that I didn't know Seeker yet for some reason I felt like I already knew him. His sudden appearance and equally sudden departure were puzzling and left me with a million questions and no-one to ask.

فيفا لا المقاومة

The next morning, Israel and I were getting ready to leave. As we organized our packs, I was surprised to see Littlebolt walking over.

"Hey Littlebolt, what's up?" I asked. Israel looked up.

"Nothing," he responded. "I was just wondering where you guys will be going?"

"Oasis," Israel answered.

Littlebolt's eyes lit up, "Can I go with you guys?"

"Why?" I asked.

"I came here for a reason," Littlebolt told us, "About three months ago, my brother was sent through here. His ship crashed and he's been sending messages to me, his last reported location was Oasis."

I looked at Israel, "Should we?"

"Why not, he's looking for his brother. Might as well help," Littlebolt cheered. I shook my head smiling.

فيفا لا المقاومة

We'd been traveling for quite a while. It's about a fifty mile trip to Oasis, meaning we might have to stop once or twice. I could tell we were heading out of the mountains, because it was getting warmer as we went south, and the snow was starting to get patchy. Littlebolt walked beside me, while Israel flew above us.

"I'm gonna fly ahead," Israel announced, "I'll see you guys soon," and at that he put on a burst of speed and flew off, leaving me with Littlebolt.

"So, Littlebolt..."


"What's Equestria like, I've only seen it in books?"

"Well... it's worse than this wasteland, so far." I laughed at that. He continued, "I don't really know much about the Equestrian wasteland, because I lived in the clouds."

"The clouds?"



Suddenly Israel was back, "There's some old wreckage of carts and carriages ahead," he told us, "I also saw some ponies in the ruins."

"What did they look like?" I asked.

"They didn't look dangerous, saw only three, they were dressed in Mulanic robes."

"Robes... were they armored robes?"

"No, only the Caliphate wears robe armor, these ponies had regular robes."

We approached the ruins. Carriages lined both parts of the road. They were all rusted and crumbled. We walked between the carriages. As we went further in I could hear voices. We soon spotted two ponies and one zebra all wearing Mulanic Sultray robes. The robes were dyed purple and gold instead of green and white. They had no guns, or melee weapons of any kind, however they carried one book.

"Should we go up to them?" I whispered

"They don't seem like a threat," Israel whispered back.

As we approached they immediately noticed us. Only the zebra stepped forward, sporting a medieval accent.

"Aye, thou God has brought us more wastelandic travelers, brothers."

"God?" Israel said questioningly.

"Aye, our God. We follow the new religion of the vast Saddle Arabian wasteland, Ruínas, and, our great God, Cataclismo"

"Cataclismo?" I asked

"Aye, the old gods have abandoned ponykind and all alike but, Thou God, Cataclismo has not. Cataclismo sees this wasteland as a new start, a new beginning as the "Libro de Ruínas says."

"Libro de Runías?" Littlebolt finally asked.

"Profeta Lino, these wastelanders know nothing!" one of the ponies told the zebra.

"Nay." Lino said, then he looked at me. "Egua," he said to me.

"What" I asked.

"Mare... come forward!" I did as told and came forward. Israel stepped closer. Lino took a long look into my eyes then said, "Aye, a mare pure of heart traveling the wasteland!". He stepped back.

"Cataclismo, fixo unha selección sabia... acólitos, siga debemos volver."

He turned his back on us and started walking away.

"Mare," he continued, "If thou are heading to Ohelstiver, when thou and company get there, head south to Olde S'pratira, and seek the Seguidores das ruínas."

He was gone.

"Okay... that was weird," I muttered.

فيفا لا المقاومة

It was now sunset, we had been walking for most of the day. We came to the edge of the mountains.

"...Wow", ahead of me was what seemed to be an endless expansion of golden desert.

"I know, right?" Israel said. Littlebolt was also captivated by the sight. To the west the sun settled on the horizon, also to the west was the Oasis river. What I remembered from lessons was the Oasis river flowed for a good thirty miles to Oasis. It then flowed into Oasis' biggest lake.

"I say we settle down here for the night," Israel said. "We should get to Oasis by tomorrow or the day after that."

"Sounds good," I responded. we set up camp for the night. By the time we had everything ready the sun was beginning to go below the horizon. I was tired. I had gotten no sleep last night because I was stuck in the khan camp for most of the night. We laid down, Israel sitting next to me. I didn't want to talk so I closed my eyes and fell instantly to sleep.


I dreamed that night, I was standing in the mountains looking over more mountains. As I scanned the distant ranges I saw a storm roaring along the horizon. I thought nothing of it, I just turned my back to it and walked away.


I suddenly awoke, and glanced around. It was still dark. Israel and Littlebolt were asleep, Israel had a wing around me. Looking down I saw my pip-buck blinking. I lifted my hoof, on the screen it said: "one missed transmission: sent 45 minutes ago." I clicked my pip-buck screen and the transmission began. My father's voice came on.

"... Hey Terra, I meant to send a transmission last night but... I got caught up in something. Anyway I hope you're doing ok in the wasteland, I just wanted to say I love you very much... goodnight."

The transmission ended, he sounded distracted, rushed maybe? It was short but, it was nice to hear his voice. Still exhausted I closed my eyes and fell asleep again.

فيفا لا المقاومة

I woke up earlier than Israel and Littlebolt did. The light of the sun was just starting to show itself. I carefully got my self out from under Israel's wing and got up. My stomach grumbled, I pulled out an apple from my saddle bag and chowed down. I also got out out my canteen and took a drink from it. I checked my pip-buck time, it said 6:52. I heard Israel get up.

"Morning Terra," he yawned, "When did you get up?"

"A little bit ago."

"Hmm," he pulled out some canned peaches, opened them and began eating.

"Anyway..." he said through a mouth full of food, "We should get going before the sun reaches it peak."

"Good idea, and don't talk with your mouth full!"

Israel chuckled. Littlebolt was still asleep. I suspected that he wasn't used to getting up so early, so I carefully picked him up and put him on my back. He stirred slightly but still slept.

"Alright... let's go," said Israel. We continued down the road out of the mountains and entered the desert of Saddle Arabia. From the mountains the desert looked small and harmless, from the ground it was endless and almost threatening.

"How long have you lived in Saddle Arabia?" I asked Israel.

"Since I was twelve," he responded, "It took me almost a year to travel from Equestria."


We then heard gunshots.

"Gunshots?, out here?" I said. We continued cautiously. In the road we saw a round, little robot. It had two bullet holes in it.

"A spritebot?" Israel asked. I walked towards it.

"Terra wait-"

"Relax, I'm just checking it out."

I approached the "spritebot." On it's back were two mechanical wings. I knew a bit about robotics, they taught you robotics in Arabic stables, because in the war, Saddle Arabia was at the pinnacle of robotic technology. During the war we helped Equestria with it's robotics. I picked up the spritebot. It didn't look like anything Saddle Arabia would make. The metal looked well maintained though. It also had a turret at the bottom. Israel stood next to me.

"A combat spritebot."

"What's a spritebot?" I asked.

"What you're holding right now, and it's a combat version."

"Cool... can we try to fix it?"


I then looked over to my right and saw three ponies, watching us. They wore full body metallic armor, each with a weapon on the sides.

"Shit, Steel Rangers!" Israel muttered. At that time Littlebolt woke up.

"Whats going on?" he asked. Then seeing the... Steel Rangers. "...Oh."

One of the Steel Rangers walked toward us.

"Look what we have here!" the Steel Ranger said, his voice amplified by the armor. Another Steel Ranger stepped closer.

"We have a zebra, a colt, and a Pegasus, Diamondback." The second Steel Ranger sounded like a mare.

"I know that Redfire!" Diamondback said back. "It is obvious."

The third Steel Ranger still hadn't moved, but he spoke. "We should let them move along... they're not causing trouble."

"Blackstorm, Paladin Whitetail has told us this place has good pre-war technology, and these three have what we need!"

"I know my brother said that!" Blackstorm said, finally walking over to us. "Just let them go on their way."

Diamondback chuckled and turned towards me. Then raising a hoof, he punched me in the face. I fell to the ground.


"Diamondback what are you doing?!" Redfire asked.

Diamondback put a hoof on me, "Get the Pegasus and the colt, I'm the one leading this patrol!" He then raised his hoof again and brought it down onto my face. I blacked out.

فيفا لا المقاومة

I woke in a large rectangular room, on the floor. I got up rubbing my head, looking around. Israel and Littlebolt where nowhere to be found. The room was rusting a bit, there were windows high up on the walls, light streamed through them. In front of me was a large door. I went to it only to find out it was locked from the outside.

'Fantastic,' I thought, 'It's only been two days and you've already been captured again.'

I felt something around my neck. Finding a shard of glass on the floor I went over to it in hopes of using its reflection to see what was on my neck. It was something I had never seen before. A stainless steel thing circled my neck, and had a red button-like shape in the middle.

"What is this?" I looked back at the door, seeing a sign above it. It said "شماعات اثني عشر" ("hanger twelve"). The door then clicked and opened, four Steel Rangers entered.

"Follow us zebra, and do as we say."

I didn't have much of a choice. They put a chain around my right foreleg, and led me outside. We were at an air base. Around me was more desert (no surprise). They led me to a different building that looked like some sort of command center. We entered and walked down the hall. I saw more Steel Rangers as we went toward a door at the end of the hallway. Inside was a unicorn dressed in some robes but, a robe that was much different from Seguidores das ruínas robes. The unicorn had red fur, with a white mane.

"Paladin Whitetail, we've brought you the zebra you wanted to see."

"Good," Whitetail said, seeming bored.

The Steel Rangers left, leaving me in front of Paladin Whitetail.

"What's your name?" he asked me.

"Terra," I responded. "You better have a good reason for one of your ponies knocking me out!"

"Yes, I do. You were trespassing on Steel Ranger territory and holding a piece of pre-war tech."

"Whats with this?" I asked showing him my collar.

"That?" he chuckled, "That's a slave collar, we can't have... prisoners running around without something to keep them in line."

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is, you're a prisoner and so are your friends. However, you can earn back you and your friend's freedom."


"Most of the prisoners we get are nothing special but, for some reason you're different. I have some tasks for you to do, and in exchange you and your friends get your freedom. If you step out of line I will activate the collar to explode."

"These explode?... You are one crazy bitch, you know that?" He just chuckled. I sighed, "what do you want me to do?"

Pointing out a window he said, "On the other side of this hill camping in a small stable called Stable B, there's a zebra. We want him gone, in other words, killed."

"You want me to kill a zebra?"

"You don't really have a choice." He was right, no choice! "For this you will get your weapons back, and an additional one for your quest."

This was going to suck.

فيفا لا المقاومة

Stable B was a quick walk away. The additional gun I was given was a Jezail musket, (a musket used since the Rusha-Arabic war [a war before the second world war]). I found the Stable B entrance which was a metal door in the side of a boulder. I quietly opened the door and walked in, a small stair case led down. When I reached the bottom I saw strewn on the floor the remains of a meal, Arabic sparkle-cola, and what looked like a sleeping bag. I heard a gun cocking next to me. Glancing to my left I saw a barrel of a TK-47 (Rusha assault rifle, rare and the best assault rifle ever made). A zebra was aiming the rifle at me.

"Who are you?" he demanded, "And what do you want?"

"I'm Terra, I'm not here to hurt you."

The zebra lowered the TK-47.

"Sorry, can't be too careful in the wasteland."

I got a good look at the zebra. He was wearing what appeared to be Rushan armor and his accent was Rushan. I also noticed his left hind leg was a cybernetic leg.

"Look," I said, "You need to get out of here, there are Steel Rangers just around this hill, and they've seen you."

"Steel Rangers?" the zebra asked, "That can't be possible, they were wiped off the Arabian map a year ago by the Caliphate...do you have proof?"

"What about this slave collar?" I showed him my collar. He studied it.

"Guess that's proof, I'll take that off."

"Really?" I gasped. He nodded. "Thank you."

He pulled out a blue grenade.

"Wait...what are you doing?" I asked.

"Relax, this won't hurt," and he pulled the pin. I expected to be blown up but, instead the grenade released some blue electricity. I heard my slave collar go "beep" then the red dot in the middle blinked out.

"Now that's done, lets see if I can get it off." He pulled out a bobby pin and a screw driver, and started picking the lock on it, after about fifteen seconds the collar clicked and slid off.

"There we go, nothing too bad," we heard the door open, I looked to see Steel Rangers.

"Find cover," the zebra ordered. I did, finding a place behind a metal box. Three Steel Rangers came from the stairs and started firing at us. I decided to use my musket. I fired at my target, the Steel Ranger's armor was pretty much shredded, he fell to the ground not moving. One of them fired a gattling laser at me, I ducked down as the bolts of energy hit my cover. The zebra fired with his TK-47, hitting a Steel Ranger but, all it did was cause the pony to stumble. The pony with the gattling laser stopped firing to reload, I poked my head up and fired. The Steel Ranger went down. The zebra took down the other one, I slowly stepped away from my cover.

"You weren't lying when you said there were Steel Rangers!" the zebra said.

"No duh but, thanks for the help."

"No problem," the zebra said, "My name is Aleksandr."

"Well, thanks again Aleksandr."

Aleksandr nodded, "If you find yourself anywhere near Jihdaha, ask for Ponies' Will."

"Wheres Jihdaha? and what's Ponie's Will?"

"Near Riyada, Ponies' Will is a faction opposing the Caliphate."

"Ah, okay."

Aleksandr left with a nod, I left a few minutes later (looting bodies). I went outside and saw two Steel Rangers coming toward me, I pulled out my Jezail.

"Put the gun down, were not gonna hurt you." I recognized the voice, it was Redfire.

"Hey Redfire."

"Hey Terra."

I guessed the other Steel Ranger with her was Blackstorm.

"What are you two doing here?" I asked nervously.

Blackstorm answered, "we want to help you and your friends escape."

"Really... why?"

"Me and Blackstorm here don't really agree with the Steel Rangers ways," Redfire said, "About half of the Steel Rangers here agree with us."


"We have a plan too."

فيفا لا المقاومة

Their plan was to sneak me in at night, find my friends, free the other prisoners, and hopefully escape with no casualties. Sounded like a better plan than any I had come up with during this journey. It was now dark, I've been laying low near the base to avoid detection. I approached the gates, which were closed, Blackstorm waited for me at the gate.

"Wheres Redfire?" I whispered.

"She went to get the followers," he told me opening the gates.

"The others?"


Blackstorm handed me some blue grenades, which I've learned are spark grenades.

"Why do we need these?" I asked.

"Our suits won't protect us from spark grenades, if we get caught use them, the Rangers will drop to the ground," I nodded. Blackstorm lead me to the hangers.

"Your two friends are somewhere in these hangers, we just need to find them." We walked over to the first building called hanger one, there was a lock on the door. I used the butt of my Jezail musket to open the lock.

"Hello?"I called out. I saw something small come toward me, it was Littlebolt.

"Terra!" he yelled hugging me, I heard a chuckle from Blackstorm.

"Hey Littlebolt, are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine."

"Steel Rangers coming," Blackstorm said.

I gave Littlebolt the Zavorostien magnum, "Can you shoot?" I asked. He nodded, "Good."

"Here they come." I readied my Jezail, aiming at the door.

"Why's this door open?" a Steel Ranger asked, entering the hanger with another one. Blackstorm shot the Steel Ranger, and I fired at the other one, they dropped to the ground.

"Let's find Israel" I said. Blackstorm and Littlebolt agreed. We left the hanger moving quietly, as we move an explosion sounds near by.

"That would be Redfire," Blackstorm said. The explosion was followed by gunfire. We moved to each hanger one by one, the first few we opened had ponies and zebras inside but, none were Israel. We headed to hanger five, at this time the battle was getting closer to us.

'Please let him be in here,' I begged in my head, then hitting the lock, the door swung open.

"Israel?" I called out.

"Terra?" I see a figure move over to me, as it steps to the moonlight, I see it's Israel! He hugged me and I felt my face go red. He broke the hug quickly though, looking red as well. Suddenly an explosion destroyed the wall in the back. Blackstorm gave Israel his stuff (which was just his rifle and the battle saddle).

"You three need to get out of here!" Blackstorm told us.

"Why now?" I asked.

"This is about to turn into something big... go."

"But-" I was interrupted by Israel.

"This battle is gonna get ugly," he said. "These are ponies with high tech armor and weapons." I really hated it when he was right.

"Thanks for the help," I said to Blackstorm, he nodded.

We began running to the exit, the battle raging all the while. A Steel Ranger noticed us running toward the gate, and started firing at us. Just as we neared the gate, I felt a bullet hit my right hind leg. I fell to the ground. I had been hit in the leg before but this was ten times worst. I saw two Steel Rangers coming toward me, Israel rushed over and helped me up.

"Come on!" he yelled. I was running again but, nowhere near the speed I had earlier. I managed to get to the gate, we continued running to escape the battle raging on behind us.

فيفا لا المقاومة

Light was now starting to appear on the horizon to the east. We reached the area where we had been stopped on the road.

After traveling this far in silence Israel said, "Littlebolt, we need to stop."

"Why?" he asked.

"Terra got hurt, and we've been walking for most of the night just to get back where we were captured."

Littlebolt sat on the ground, Israel helped me to the ground. I then looked at my wounded leg, Israel did as well. On my right hind leg, just above my hoof, a chunk of flesh was missing, and the bone was showing.

"That's not good," I groaned. Israel pulled out our healing potion.

"That's our last one!" I told him.

"I know," he responded, "but, you need it."

I drank the potion, and my leg started feeling better. I checked it again and saw it had healed, but not completely. Israel took some cloth out of his saddle bag, and started wrapping it around my leg, he then tied it.

"You need to rest Terra, okay?"

"Yes doctor Israel," I chuckled, he playfully punched my leg.

footnote: level up

automatic perk chosen.

limp: you now have something on your leg that might not fully heal however, you gain +1 intelligence but, -1 endurance.