A Change in Roles

by Sea_Swirl

First published

Applebloom makes a wish that will lead her to learn more about the sister she loves and wants back.

Applejack had said that she wouldn't baby Applebloom no more but when she runs away to a place of bad memories at the worst possible time, Applejack decides she went to far and grounds her. Applebloom, furious with her sister, make a wish that will help her understand more about her strong, dependable, and honest sister, or at least she think she is.

Chapter 1

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It was about 2:00 in the day and everypony on the farm just got done with getting ready for the big storm that was rolling in. The Pegasus had once again missed a week of rain and had to make up for it. Everypony was happy and heading into their homes so they wouldn’t get caught in the crazy storm. Well almost everypony.


Said pony was running bush to bush hiding from her big sister.

“Applebloom!” The voice called again.

The filly finally found a place she thought Applejack would never find her, but thought wasn’t good enough. There was a rustling above her and the bush split into two and between them revealed an orange green eyed freckled face.

“Applebloom! There ya are!” Applejack said, almost shouting. “Ah’ve been lookin’ all over fer ya!”

“O’ Course ya were” Applebloom muttered. “Applejack Ah thought ya said ya weren’t gonna ta baby me anymore!” Apple Bloom whined.

“Ah know, but that was before ya went close ta the forest!” Applejack said as she pointed to the everfree right behind them.

“Ah don’t get the problem sis! Ah’ve been in the forest twice!”

“The first time Ah came in after ya, and the second ya went off without tellin’ nopony! Only yer friends knew!”

“Ah jus’ don’t get why this is so much of a big deal!” The filly pouted and crossed her hooves.

“Because there are Timberwolves and they r’ mighty dangerous! Now come along we’re goin’ home.” Applejack stated as she started walking away from the forest motioning for her little sister to follow.

“No! Ah’m tired of ya babyin’ me!” She said sticking her hooves on the ground like a tree.

“Applebloom-” The mare warned but she was cut off.

“No! Ah don’ have ta take orders from ya anymore! And Ah’ll prove it again if Ah have to!” And with that she bolted into the forest.

Applejack felt a pang of fear as it started to rain and her little sister ran into the forest of the unpredictable. Dreadful memories came back to her, the forest, the rain, and… her parents. In a single flash of lighting the yellow fleeing filly turned into an orange one with a blond mane, when the flash was over her little sister was back. Not able to stand there anymore Applejack ran after her fleeing sister. After running aimlessly Applejack could not see her sister anymore.

“Applebloom!” The mare panicked. She frantically searched around for any sign of her sister. ‘No, No, No! I should have known I should have known how to avoid this! This is surprisingly the same… I just hope it doesn’t end the sa- No Applejack, it will not end that way.’ Applejack repeated those words to herself ‘It will not end that way, it will not end that way’ as she neared a part of the forest she saw little hoof prints in the mud already filling with water like a bowl.

“APPLEBLOOM!?” Applejack shouted hoping the yellow filly would hear her over the storm. Surely luck was there to help her at this moment when she heard a yelp for help. “HOLD ON APPLEBLOOM AH’M A COMIN’!” and she ran in the direction of the voice, rain pelting her coat so hard it almost felt like being poked with needles all over.

Applejack ignored it and kept running, finally she arrived in a clearing and on the other side she saw Applebloom running towards her, fear written all over her face as she lead five timber wolves to her big sister. “APPLEJACK! HELP!” The filly cried as she saw her sister.

“HANG ON APPLEBLOOM!” Applejack shouted back as she tried to hatch a plan as quickly as she could. She let Applebloom pass her so she was running between her and the wolves. Applejack tried her best to keep far enough from Applebloom to make sure not to trip her, and far enough from the timberwolves to not get caught.

“APPLEBLOOM RUN HOME!” Applejack shouted through the wind, her mane whipping at her face.

“WHAT ‘BOUT YOU?!” She shouted back not daring to look at her sister after what she had caused.

“DON’ WORRY ‘BOUT ME! JUS’ GO!” Applejack didn’t wait for a response as she turned around and jumped towards the timberwolves. She made sure to jump high enough so they wouldn’t catch her in their jaws. Applejack jumped onto the wolf at the front of the pack and landed right on his head, she then ran on his back, using the length of it to get to the next one and do the same. She jumped from wolf to wolf until they all had their hungry eyes on her.

She quickly counted each one to make sure all five were there and none were chasing her sister. They slowly made their way over, waiting for their time to pounce but Applejack wouldn’t allow that as she ran further into the forest and away from the farm and her family. She could hardly see as the storm got harder, she heard barking as the timberwolves gained length. She found a tight patch of trees and prayed to Celestia that she was still in good shape for rodeo tricks.

That prayer was answered, though it was still hard to see she still managed to run through the trees easily, she heard some sticks crack and tumble against the forest floor. She silently cheered in victory but still didn’t dare to look back, even when she exited the tight patch she kept running. She was quite thankful she kept herself from stopping because even after she broke through the trees she still heard some barking tell her they were still right on her tail.

With nothing else to fight with besides trees and no room to stop and kick rocks at them, (not that would do anything but make them angrier) she stopped and raised her hind legs, getting a quick count before their encounter, there were three, just three more and she would be home free. She waited for just the right time, if luck was still on her side this would go just as planned and she was walk out of this fight with just a few scratches.

As the timberwolves neared she closed her eyes and bucked the first one and it broke into pieces. She reared back as soon as she felt to wood on her hooves and kicked again and another broke. Sadly the last one wasn’t as far behind and caught her leg in its jaws before she could pull back. She screamed ib agony as the teeth sunk into her leg staining her orange coat with red. She kicked with her uncaught leg and hit it right in the jaw, once she was released she quickly limped away as fast as she could while the wolf was recovering.

It spotted her before she could hide behind a tree (not that it would help, it would have sniffed her out anyway) and leapt forward. Narrowly dodging it, she kept limping quickly until she found a giant bush of thorn vines. Not finding a way around it, she could only turn around and cower in front of the beast as crawled forward.

It knew there was no way out of this and with an injured leg she would not be able to attack. It walked around her a few times, every once in a while jumping at her making her flinch and then backing off to walk some more, the sound of rain beating on its wood like a drum would have been nice to listen too if it didn’t come from the thing that would be the end of her.

It howled into the sky as if laughing at her, when its head lowered it decided it was done toying with her. The timberwolf was about to attack until a rainbow blur knocked it off its paws. “Get away from her!” A scratchy voice shouted.

“Rarity! Fluttershy! Help Applejack!” Shouted another voice as the timberwolf crashed onto the forest floor, it was about to get up until it was shot with a purplish pink blast causing it to break to pieces. Rarity and Fluttershy were by their friend’s side in the blink of an eye.

“DIE! DIE! DIE!” A high pitched voice repeated stomping on the scattered wood. Pinkie pie kept kicking at pieces making sure they would not rebuild the beast, her mane wasn’t completely straight but wasn’t puffy either.

“Pinkie its dead you don’t have to worry about it anymore.” Twilight said already on her way to the orange pony herself. Pinkie followed close behind still occasionally looking back to make sure the terrible monster was still down.

Once Applejack felt the familiar warm protective hooves of her friends against the cold and wet weather she looked up and gave a small wry smile, with tears that had built up in her eyes, she had never been so glad to see them in her life. She was still to in shock to talk and there was a rather long silence until a certain fashionista broke it.

“Applejack darling! You look awful, I’m sorry I’m saying this after that dreadful fight but really we need to get you bandaged up!” She said, hesitantly reaching up with a fore hoof and brushed a twig out of her golden mane.

Once Applejack found her voice she responded. “Thanks for the concern Rare, but Ah’m fine, just need to get dry.” She shakily stood up and winced when she put pressure on her injured leg, at the same time the two that were behind her gasped at the bloody sight.

“Ooo Applejack Kicks McGee isn’t looking so good.” Pinkie Pie commented.

“Oh my Applejack, are you alright?” Fluttershy asked a look of horror and concern on her face, the poor girl looked like she was going to faint then, and there.

“It’s nothin’ to worry ‘bout ya’ll jus’ a scratch.” Applejack mumbled, getting a little angry.

After close examination Rainbow Dash spoke. “It doesn’t look like a scratch AJ that there is a pretty deep bite.” She confirmed.

“Ah said Ah’m fine.” She snapped, she didn’t want to be mean but Applebloom running away, constant heart aching memories, an almost unbearable pain in her right leg, the pouring rain, and the constant worrying of her friends really set her on the edge. “Let’s jus’ get back home.” She mumbled as she started off in what she thought was the direction home.

“Umm… Applejack? Home is uhh... that a way.” Rarity said from behind her, she turned around to see Rarity pointing the opposite way the orange mare was headed. Applejack mumbled a few things to herself as she changed direction, ignoring the confused and concerned looks her friends were throwing her way.

Most of their walk was in silence, well almost, the only noises that were made was the rustling of the forest, dripping of the easing rain, and occasional grunts from Applejack as she walked on her injured leg. Every once in a while a friend would offer some help but it would only make her more irritated and she would quickly and more harshly than she had hopped, declined each offer. Their trip of silence was put to a stop when the farm pony broke it.

“How did ya’ll get here so fast anyway?” She asked as she limped with her friends, halfway through the forest already.

Dash took the lead on this one. “I was already there!” She started. “After I was done putting together clouds for this storm with the other pegasi, I was wondering what I was going to do since for once in my life I didn’t feel like sleeping.” She chuckled a little before continuing. “I wanted to know if you wanted to wait out the storm by playing horseshoes with me, maybe even making a little bet here and there.” She laughed half-heartedly again.

“When I didn’t find you outside I went inside to ask where you were, but when nopony knew I started to get worried you were caught in the storm, that’s when Applebloom came bursting through the door in a panic explaining as quickly as she could what had happened.” She struck a proud pose before continuing. “And me! The fastest Pegasus in equestria zoomed to get her friends for backup!” She noticed she was lagging behind from the time she took to look awesome, and trotted back up to the group.

“I guess Rarity, and Twilight teleported, Fluttershy used concern to speed up her flying, I know because she was almost as fast as me!” Fluttershy blushed as Rainbow praised her amazing speed. “And Pinkie Pie is… Well Pinkie Pie. I flew while the rest followed and I found you in front of a bunch of thorn bushes, and that’s about it.” Rainbow ended.

Applejack sighed her frown turned into a weak smile. “Well, thank ya’ll fer savin’ me.” Her expression grew sour again. “Though Ah wouldn’t ‘ave need savin’ if Applebloom wouldn’t ‘ave ran in!”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Rainbow flew down so that she was flying backwards in front of AJ. “She told me you got mad at her and ran into the forest while she tried to stop you.” She crossed her arms. “She said when she found you, you were running from timberwolves and she ran to go get help!”

“Why that littl- Ah thought Ah taught that gal not ta lie!” Applejack nearly shouted, she was getting angrier and angrier at that little pony. Then she realized something. “Wait how did she tell ya’ll all that when ya were in a hurry?”

“When she busted into the house she started babbling stuff all fast, none of the family could understand it but I am fast which means I need to understand fast, plus I needed to know about the emergency so I know what I’m doing or what I was up against, I’m not that wreckless.”

The rain was gone by now and the ponies finally reached the end of the forest where Applejack saw her home and her family waiting, except for Applebloom. When they got there the old green mare and the big red stallion all hugged her and said their worries. After all that was taken care of and her friends went home, Applejack set off to find a certain little yellow filly.

“Applebloom!” Applejack shouted through the house. She didn’t have to worry about Granny Smith or Big Macintosh telling her ‘no yelling in the house’ because they were out shopping for some ingredients for a new dessert they wanted to try. Applejack headed up stairs and into Applebloom’s room. “Applebloom! Ah know yer in here!”


Applejack opened the door and walked in. “Applebloom Come out right now, you’re only goin’ ta make thins’ worse.” Applejack sternly stomped her hoof against the wood floor to prove her point.

“...Y-Yes big sis?” Applebloom asked slowly coming out from under her bed. She didn’t look her sister in the eye while she spoke she just kept her eyes on the floor.

Applejack glared at her. “What were ya thinkin’ runnin’ into the forest like that!?” She shouted.

Applebloom flinched at the harsh voice of her angry sister. “Ah’m sorry sis! But ya’ll kept babyin’ me! Again!” She finally looked up and gave the mare an angry pout. “Ya’ll said ya weren’t gonna baby me anymore!”

“That was before ya stopped listenin’ ta mah rules!” Applejack sighed in frustration and rubbed a hoof on her head. “Even though yer old enough to look over fer yerself don’t mean ya don’t have rules ta follow. Heck! Even Ah have rules ta follow!”


“No But’s, I said if ya go inta that forest yer grounded, and that’s what ya are now.” She turned away from the astonished Applebloom. “No playin’ with yer friend’s fer a week, when ya get home from school yer to come here, get homework done, eat, and go to bed. Am Ah understood?”

Applebloom was about to protest but another glare from Applejack gave her second thoughts. “Yes Ma’am.” She mumbled angrily bowing her head and glaring at the floor once more.

“Ah hope ya think over on how ta listen while yer in here.” And with that Applejack shut the door and walked off.

Once Applejacks hoof steps were no longer heard Applebloom was sure she was out of earshot. Her look of disbelief turned melted into anger as she started stomping over to her bed. She felt mad she wanted to throw stuff, to stomp, to cry, she had never felt this angry before and didn’t know what to do. So she did what she wanted.

Applebloom started jumping up and down landing hard on the wood floor each time she came down. She started stomping everywhere and started screaming. She threw her pillows and blankets all around her room.

“Throwin’ a temper tantrum is not provin’ yer older!” Her sisters muffled shout came from the bathroom. The orange mare was busy bandaging up her leg to deal with her sisters anger.

Applebloom kept stomping and screaming until she was worn out. She grabbed a pillow that she had thrown at her wooden closet and jumped onto her blanket less bed. She inhaled a deep breath and threw her head into the pillow, she gave one last mighty scream before breaking down and crying into the soft white sheet of her pillow.

After a long time of crying she looked at her clock, 10:00. She was going to be tired in the morning, she knew Applejack was probably already in bed. She looked over to her nightstand, reached over and pulled the drawer open. There on top of all the random things she had stuffed in there was a bright gem, it was about the size of her hoof. Before being found by timber wolves she had found this lying in the grass.

She had tied it into her bow so it wouldn’t fall out, when she was saved by Applejack she was worried sick. She knew it would be alright and her sister would come back when Rainbow Dash went to get her friends to help out. Applebloom was planning on giving it to her sister to apologize for how she acted… and when she found out she had lied to Dash. Applebloom thought it would be a perfect ‘I’m sorry’ gift, it was beautiful, big, and was green so it matched her sister’s eyes.

Now when she looked at it, she only felt hatred. She couldn't believe she was going to give this to her. “So much fer that.” She mumbled angrily. “Ah’ll give it ta Sweetie Belle or somethin’, her eyes‘re green.” She placed it on her nightstand and gave one last angry huff. “Ah wish Applejack wasn’t mah big sister.” she mumbled again. “She always worried about all the little things! Ah wish Ah was the big sister and Ah can bug her every few seconds, see how she likes it!”

Applebloom turned over and closed her eyes. Almost as soon as she did she fell asleep, she also didn’t notice the glow the gem provided right after she went unconscious.

She didn’t sleep as peacefully as she wanted. She kept twisting and turning her covers, her face scrunching as two unfamiliar ponies were being chased by timber wolves. In her dream she was immobile, her feet seems somehow glued to the ground, and it was also dark so she guessed it was night time.

All she could do was watch as the timberwolves got closer to the two ponies. It was a mare and a stallion. The mare had a creamy yellow coat like hers but a little more orangish, she also had long flowing red locks like hers, her cutie mark looked like and orange pop, an orange beside it, and whipped cream.

The stallion was dark red, darker than Big Macintosh. The stallion also looked just as big as her brother, if not, bigger! He had a short blonde mane like her sisters with, barely noticeable, orange streaks and his cutie mark looked like an apple tree. He ran in between the mare and the wolves like Applejack had when trying to save her. She immediately assumed he was trying to protect her, keep her safe too.

Applebloom wanted so badly to run and help them in any way possible. The stallion shouted to the mare. “Orange Delight! You go I’ll distract them as long as I can to buy you some time!” He ran faster nudging the mare in front.

“Don’t do it Apple Buck! We can both make it!” She shouted back fear dripping from her voice, but the stallion did not back down, he didn’t look scared, he looked determined, he had the same look Applejack did when she saved her from the chimera. “Please!” She shouted her voice cracking.

“I’ll be fine! Go find Applejack and make sure she is okay!” He shouted and started taking off to the left.

‘Applejack?’ Applebloom thought. ‘How do they know her? W-Who are they?!’ If they knew her sister and was trying to protect her, then they must be really important.

Only two of the wolves looked over to see where the big stallion went. “OVER HERE!” He shouted. He kicked two rocks with his hind hooves and smacked them square in the face, catching the attention of two more that were still running after the mare. Unfortunately one of them still chased, getting closer and closer until he had her right there.

A scream pierced the night. The red stallion knew exactly what it was. “ORANGE DELIGHT! He shouted, and took off running towards the scream.

Applebloom could no longer see any of them, she was crying on the spot hoping whoever they were they would be okay. Out of nowhere a timberwolf walked up to her, his vicious smile haunted her. “Applebloom.” Its voice crept into her mind.

She screamed as it got closer repeating her name, getting louder. “Applebloom!” She tried to run but once again remembered she could not make a move from her spot. “WAKE UP!” After that shout everything went white.

The young filly screamed as her vision came back, she was in her room. She started panting already mentally and physically tired from what she had just saw, and heard. She turned around to see two worried faces staring at her like they had just seen a ghost.

“Applebloom? Ya’ll okay?” Granny Smith asked. “That was quite the scare ya gave us when ya started screamin’ like ya were havin’ a heart attack!” She exaggerated.

“Eeyup!” Mac agreed with a single nod of his head. He reached over and played with his sister’s mane messing it up with his giant hoof.

She was relieved to see her family but was not able to keep a pleased face with her brother doing that. She hated it when he did that. Out of nowhere crying was heard, it sounded very, very young, almost like a new born.

“Dagnabbit!” Her granny cursed. “Applejack woke up! It took me 3 hours to get her to sleep! That filly is as restless as a bull before a rodeo!”

“Applejack? W-Wait, that’s Applejack cryin’?!” Applebloom asked as she sat up higher in bed.

“Darn Tootin’!”


Granny sighed. “Well so much fer a day off today.” Big Mac Ah’ll need ya ta run some errands fer me.”

“Eeyup!” Her brother happily stated as he walked off to do his job.

“Now Applebloom, you better get ready for school ya’ll don’ wanna be late do ya?” Applebloom shook her head. “Then quit yer slouchin’ an get ready!” The old mare said playfully. She left her room and into Applejack’s. Applebloom quickly brushed her mane and went to get her bow, only it wasn’t there. After a few minutes of looking for it she gave up.

Before heading out for school she peeked into her sister’s room after hearing voices in it. “Ah’m telling’ ya Orange Delight, she won’t go ta sleep!” Her granny babbled.

The next words came so sweetly, it was like listening to an angel. “Oh ma, she jus’ needs a little song.” Applebloom by now was looking at the sight. The same mare from her dreams, except wearing her bow, was holding a small little filly, just a little older than the cake twins. She had an orange coat and two pigtails held in with Apple beaded hair ties, her mane was a beautiful gold.

Applebloom gasped as she realized who that was. “Applejack!” She whispered, making sure she was not loud enough to be heard. She peeked again to see the small filly now cradled in the arms of the mystery mare, or ‘Orange Delight’. Then she began to sing.

“Little apple of mine,

Close your beautiful eyes,

let dream land take you away,

for peaceful little stay,

Never forget our spark,

it will lead you through the dark,

even when we’re apart,

our love will stay true,

I promise you.”

When the song ended she filly was peacefully sleeping in the loving mares arms. Applebloom then realized that was the same song Applejack sang to her whenever she woke up after a dreaded nightmare! The mare then kissed Applejacks forehead and set her down. The green pony beside her stared at her in amazement. “Ya’ll‘re a wizard er somethin’” She grumbled as she walked off to the closet to retrieve a blanket.

Applebloom turned to walk off but ran into dark red, giant hooves. She stared wide eyes at them before slowly looking up. She big red stallion glared down at her. She backed off slowly trying not to look scared. “What were ya doin’ spyin’ on yer family?” He asked sternly. “Ya’ll hidin’ a secret er somethin’?” That voice… He was the stallion in her dream!

Today was going to be a long day.

Chapter 2

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“I-I U-uh…” Applebloom could only stutter at the large strange stallion in her home. His expression softened as he took note of the confusion and fear on her face.

“Hey Ah was only kiddin’, ya’ll need ta loosen up a bit kiddo.” He chuckled lightly. “Ya’ll should be gettin’ ta school now, ya hear?” As he walked passed her he gave her a little noggie.

Before he could enter Applejacks room though Applebloom asked: “Who are ya’ll anyway?” The stallion stopped in his tracks, obviously caught off guard by the question. He slowly turned his head to her with a confused look.

A small smile came to his lips when he thought of something. “What? Ya tryin’ ta trick yer ol’ pa? Well, let me tell ya ya’ll almost got me.” He chuckled again before making his way into the room.

Applebloom was awestruck she wanted to keep arguing but she decided against it this was already too much to take in. She silently made her way to her room. ‘Ah’ll think ‘bout all this later, right now Ah need ta get ta school and maybe talk to Twi ‘bout this.’

Applebloom gathered her saddlebag and was about the leave when something shiny caught her eye. She turned to see the green gem on her dresser the same way it had been when she had fallen asleep. She grabbed it and put it into her saddlebag and quickly ran off to school.


When Applebloom got to school everypony was already walking into class. ‘Just in time!’ she thought as she too ran through the door. Upon entering the room or education she almost immediately saw her friends in the corner talking, they looked pretty excited which made her wonder what they were talking about. She quickly ran over to join them ‘Maybe they have an idea for some crusading!’ She thought as she approached.

“Hey ya’ll!” She greeted happily, both their smiles grew wider as they saw their third crusader join the conversation.

“Hey Applebloom!” Scootaloo greeted. “What’s up? Usually you’re early for school.” She frowned as she knew something was wrong with her friend. Sweetie belle silently agreed with a single nod and the same frown as her orange friend.

Applebloom reassured them with a warm smile. “Don’ worry gals Ah jus’ got held up, family problems.” She wasn’t sure when to tell them, or how to tell them for that matter, ‘maybe after school.’ She thought. “What were ya’ll talkin’ ‘bout?” She asked.

Sweetie belle finally spoke up. “We wanted to try to get our cutie marks in scuba diving!” She squeaked. Once seeing her friends confused look she explained. “You know the ponies that wear those masks and big tanks on their backs that dive under water?” Applebloom nodded. “That! That’s scuba diving!”

“Oooh! Applebloom said in realization. “That sounds mighty fun! But instead what ‘bout we-” She was then rudely interrupted by the school bell, signaling that school was starting. “We should-”

“Good morning class.” Miss. Cheerilee greeted. “Time to take your seats the bell rang!” She said in a sing song voice.

“Ugh never mind tell ya’ll after school.” Applebloom grumbled as she took her seat with her friends.

“Alright class today we are going to start with math…” Miss. Cheerilee’s voice trailed off as Applebloom stopped listening. How could she focus on school if there was something wrong with her family? Everypony seems to think Applejack has always been a foal. Why was she a foal? Who were those ponies? Why was the stallion claiming he was her pa? Her parents are dead, Applejack said they died in a train crash on their way home from Manehatten.

None of this made sense, Scootaloo and Sweetie belle didn’t look like anything changed, and maybe they think that her sis was a baby like the others, or maybe they don’t know anything happened at all. Applebloom went with ‘they don’t know anything happened at all’ because she hasn’t mentioned her sis being twenty years younger. Maybe Twilight could help, does she know what happened? This wasn’t right Applebloom needed her sister back she wanted her sister back- did she?

She could finally stop being treated like a little foal, she could do whatever she wanted without Applejack looking over her shoulder everywhere- No! Applebloom shook her head rapidly. ‘Ah have ta make this better b’fore Ah start ta change mah mind!” Such a thought drove her crazy! Why would she like her life like this? Sure Applejack wasn’t bossing her around anymore and her parents could be back from the dead but… This wasn’t right this wasn’t her life, she had to change things back to the way the-

“Applebloom!” A voice shook Applebloom from her thoughts, she looked up to find Miss. Cheerilee glaring down at her. She shrunk down under the gaze of her angry teacher. “Could you please tell me what we’re learning right now?” She strictly asked.

Applebloom looked around at all the students watching her. She didn’t mind being the center of attention but when she was in trouble it wasn’t her favorite thing. “I-I U-uhh…” She looked over at the board and saw an equation: 24*45=? “We’re uh… practicin’ multiplication?”

“Yes.” Miss. Cheerilee confirmed. “Now pay attention or you’ll leave me no choice but to give you detention.” She walked down the middle of the class and back to the board where she continued to teach. Applebloom heard a snickering in the corner, she took a quick glance to see Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon quietly, and evilly, giggling at her. Applebloom sighed and turned back to the teacher as she watched her teach the lesson, trying her very best to ignore the situation at home, but it was just so hard.


Scootaloo groaned as she exited the school alongside her friends. “Longest school day EVER!” She Complained. “Why do we need to know about Equestria’s past anyway? Why not focus on stuff that’s happening now? We don’t need to relive the past!” The trio was on their way to their clubhouse in the orchards.

“Ah don’ know Scootaloo, Ah think learnin’ ‘bout the past is pretty fun!” Applebloom easily disagreed with her friend. “Anyway, as Ah was sayin’ earlier. Ah think we should do somethin’ else fer our cutie marks.” The girls gave her a confused look. “Have we tried foal sitting?” Sweetie belle immediately brightened up.

“We haven’t! That sounds like so much fun, and think of all the cute foals we could watch and play with!” She exclaimed happily, more than excited for this idea. Scootaloo just rolled her eyes.

“No way! Foals are gross! They aren’t potty trained and they spread germs everywhere because they can’t wash their hooves! They cry nonstop and are always getting into mischief!” She protested.

Sweetie belle though wasn’t having it. “Two votes against one! Foal sitting wins!” She quickly exclaimed and galloped to Applebloom’s side. Scootaloo groaned as she realized she had lost the battle she didn’t even know she was in. “So who are you thinking of foal sitting Applebloom?”

“Mah sis!” Applebloom quickly said. Not only will this let her know if they know she is a foal now but she could also get AJ to Twilight in case she didn’t know and didn’t believe her.

“You have a new baby sister?” Sweetie questioned. They didn’t know what had happened.

“No, Ah’m talkin’ ‘bout Applejack. Somethin’ happened last night and Ah don’ know what but she’s a foal now an’ Ah need ta get her ta Twilight in case she knows what ta do. Something else happened though, there‘re some strange ponies in the house an’ they keep sayin’ they’re mah parents.

“Ah said let’s get our cutie marks in foal sittin’ ‘cuz Ah wasn’t sure if you’ve always thought she was a foal because that’s what mah family thinks!” The girls just stared at her in shock. “Let’s just get ‘er ta Twilight and see what’s up, maybe it was a spell gone wrong. Again.”

They simply just nodded as Sweet Apple Acres came into sight. They ran quicker as it the barn grew closer, as they neared they heard the powerful sound of working in progress. The three crusaders ignored the greetings from the stallions in the fields and kept their rout to the house. They barged in through the door startling the old mare in the room out of her slumber.

“Wait, Wha? Huh?” Granny Smith shouted as watched the girls run across the room knocking down a table and leaving mud prints on the floor. “Ya’ll better clean that up!” She shouted pointing a hoof at the mess in front of her, but her words fell on deaf ears as the girls continued their journey upstairs.

After their journey up the stairs they were left panting. “Why does your family have so many stairs, Applebloom?” Sweetie belle breathed. Applebloom just tiredly shrugged, she wasn’t that winded because she went up them almost a million times. As they approached the room they heard soft giggling and quiet laughter.

Applebloom quickly threw her saddle bag to the side of the hallway and opened the door slightly and peeked her head in. There in the room was the mare from this morning. She was holding a bear in her hooves and was shaking it slightly in front of a little orange infant on the floor. Her voice went deep as she moved the bear as if it were talking. “Ah’m berry! An’ who might you be?”

The orange filly leaned forward slightly, she giggled and hit her front hooves on the floor in front of her. “Appak!” She shouted raising her hooves high above her head. She lowered them and then waited for the bear to talk more. Applebloom didn’t really find what was amusing about this, it was weird to her, but this is a baby we’re talking about, they find about everything amusing.

“Well howdy Applejack! What er’ ya’ll doin’ in this part of town?” The ‘bear’ asked. Orange Delight then used a hoof to move the bears arm so he was gesturing around the room.

Applejack started giggling again as if he said the funniest joke she had ever heard. She started waving her hooves at her side and started to speak nonsense. “Ababa huney, oye gab- ahh?” She cut off her sentence when she turned and saw Applebloom staring at her. She started giggling harder and crawled slowly over to her. “Ababoom!” She exclaimed excitedly.

For the yellow filly though this was the cutest thing she had ever experienced. This brought the biggest smile she had all day. “Oh. My. Gosh.” She managed to whisper. She opened the door all the way revealing her teary eyed friends. “Hey Applejack.” She said softly. Applejack, once reaching her now older sister, put her front hooves on her leg and started climbing making a few grunts in effort.

When she was done, she was on two hooves and was using her front hooves to lean on Applebloom’s leg. She yelled a few things nopony could make out before hugging the yellow leg, this went on for about a minute before it was interrupted by crying. They all looked over, including Applejack, to see their orange Pegasus friend shedding some tears. Applejack seemed troubled by this. She pushed off Applebloom’s leg and tried to catch herself but failed, she landed on her back with a small ‘oof’. She didn’t seemed bothered by it though as she rolled over onto all four hooves and crawled over to Scootaloo.

Looking up at the Pegasus with big emerald eyes she asked. “O cy?” Scootaloo wiped some more tears and stared down at her. “O eed ug?” Scootaloo nodded and the orange foal gave the Pegasus the same little squeeze she gave Applebloom. Scootaloo leaned down and gently nuzzled the filly back, Applejack still hugging the furry leg started bouncing in excitement when the gesture was returned.

“Hey! Don’t I get a hug?” Sweetie questioned her voice cracking at the end. Applejack turned to her and shouted in agreement. She once again slowly made her way to the white hoof and hugged it. “Oh. My. gosh. THIS IS SO ADORABLE!!!” She squealed.

“Aww…” Everypony turned their attention the forgotten mare in the rocking chair. She giggled. “She really likes you girls.” She said to Sweetie belle and Scootaloo. “Good first impression!” She complimented.

Applejack by now was making her way back to her big sister with a smile that looked almost too big for her little face. The two crusaders wiped their teary eyes and muttered an awkward thanks to the compliment. Applebloom noticed their uncomfortable attitude and decided to speak up. “Hey… Ma?” She hesitated. It felt weird saying that but she had to at least try to act like she was used to it. “Do ya think Ah could take Applejack inta town?” She asked eagerly.

Her mom looked uncertain for a moment. “Ah guess, Ah don’ see why not. Ah mean, Ah could get some stuff done ‘round the house, an’ it’s ‘bout time Ah trusted ya’ll with little Jackie.” She pondered. “Well Ah guess it’s up to the youngin’” She said looking down at Applejack. “Ya’ll want ta go with Applebloom inta town, sweetie?” Orange Delight questioned.

Applejack just replied simply: “Ababoom!” as she started bouncing on her rump.

“Alright then.” Orange Delight giggled. “Here.” She walking over to the closet and brought out a baby carrier. On one side was where you strapped to foal in and the other looked like a regular saddle bag, probably filled with stuff needed to care for the foal. The light orange mare strapped it to Applebloom and gently put Applejack inside. “There, be careful now, and have fun.” With that said they all left to do separate things, the crusaders left with their prize and Orange Delight started on the dishes.


“Ow! Applejack don’ pull on mah hair!”

“Craba! Onoba!”

“What is she saying?” Sweetie belle asked.

“Ah don’ know ask Scootaloo, she seems ta be the baby translator!” Applebloom said in annoyance, but all that went away when she thought of something. “Hey Scootaloo?”


“What was with the water works back at the farm?”

“Shut up.”

“If anything I thought it would be Sweetie belle who broke first.”

“Me too!” Sweetie belle agreed. “If anything I thought that, that would be the last thing I would see in my life!”

“I said be quiet!” She said angrily.

“Sorry Scoots but it was a big surprise fer all of us.” Applebloom concluded. “Hey look were almost there!” Applebloom said pointing to the tree house slowly coming into view. “Ya’ll go ahead an’ run over there. Tell Twilight ‘bout our problem so she is ready to face it when Ah get there.”

“Okay!” They said together as they ran over to the library.

Applebloom walked with Applejack in silence, well, almost silence. The foal was grunting and bouncing in the carrier and screamed a little often too. “Glad yer enjoin’ the walk.” Applebloom commented but didn’t get an answer. Applejack just kept shaking her head and wiggling her arms like a snake until they reached the library and Applebloom opened the door.

“-Don’t believe it. If anything this could be a…” Twilight trailed off as she saw Applebloom and a tiny Applejack enter her tree house. “Trick?” She finished, she looked like she was going to faint. “W-wait. Wha? Apple…? Huh?!” She franticly stuttered.

“Hey Twi!”


“How is this possible…? This is… what?” Twilight started muttering. She looked like she was going insane. “What could have possibly-?”

“Twilight!” Applebloom shouted. When she knew she got the alicorns attention she gestured to Applejack. "We have a problem, and we need help," Applebloom said calmly.

"Eh! Eh! Eh!" Applejack fussed reaching for the ground, Twilight quickly caught on and levitated the foal onto the wood floor. “Yay!" She cheered. She started walking off but Twilight was quick to levitate her back to her original spot on the floor.

"Do you know how this happened Applebloom?" Twilight questioned taking her focus off the orange baby. Taking this chance to make her move, Applejack quickly ran out of Twilights field of vision. Just as she was about to head up the stairs, white hooves quickly grabbed her and she was lifted back off the ground and placed back into her original spot once again.

“Ah, ah, ah, Applejack. Don’t get into any trouble while we’re here.” Sweetie belle scolded. “I’m watching you and if you think you’re going to run off on my watch you’re sadly mistaken.

“Did you find anything weird before or after the Timberwolf attack?” Twilight questioned.

“Ah found a gem an’ Ah was gonin’ ta give it ta Sweetie belle.”

Sweetie belle perked up at this. “You found a gem and was going to give it to me?” Sweetie belle asked, wonder and excitement present in her eyes. Applebloom nodded. “That’s so sweet Applebloom! Thanks!” She squeaked. Realization at that moment, struck her and she realized she wasn’t watching Applejack no more. She turned around and saw the baby was gone.

“Where did AJ go?” Twilight asked as she looked around. “Applejack? Applejack! Come out, come out wherever you are!” She shouted as she looked under stuff and in the bookcase. As if on cue and shout came from upstairs.


“Spike!” Twilight ran upstairs to assist the assistant. When she made it up there Spike was on the floor and Applejack was sleeping in the soft little basket. Twilight started to laugh and Spike gave her a bemused look. “What happened?” Twilight said between laughs.

“Spike sat up and crossed his scaly arms. “Hey! She’s much stronger than she looks! And I was caught off guard!” He protested. Twilight just kept laughing as the crusader made it to the top. They looked around at the scene and caught on easily, as they as well started laughing too. “S-stop! Laughing! It’s not funny… Get her out of my bed!” He shouted.

Applejack stirred from her slumber as she was levitated from dreamland, as well as the wonderful bed she tried to claim. “Applejack.” Twilight spoke. “That wasn’t very nice, say you’re sorry to Spike.”

Applejack pouted as if she was being blamed for something she didn’t do. “Sowy.” She grunted.

“Yea, yea, yea, whatever.” Spike grumbled, waving a claw at her as he jumped back into bed.

“Ah! Tiwed! Sweepy! Ba!” She shouted at the librarian. The crusaders giggled at the little filly’s grumpiness and the look Twilight gave her.

“O-oh… Uh… Sorry Applejack.” She said sheepishly as she laid Applejack down on her bed. Almost instantly she was out like a light. “That was… Interesting.” Twilight whispered unsure what to make of this. She and the crusaders headed back down stairs and Twilight immediately started looking in books. “A gem you say?” The unicorn muttered to herself, levitating books all around.

“Yea! It was green! An’ ‘bout as big as mah hoof!” Applebloom shouted stretching a hoof out to show. Twilight muttered some stuff to herself as she levitated all the books around the room, making the crusaders dodge one every once in a while. “Ow! Hey Twilight! Watch it!” Applebloom scolded when she missed a dodge and got hit with a book.

Twilight ignored her and kept searching “Gah! There isn’t anything about a gem in here, maybe it was something else.” She guessed as she kept levitating books around her. “Robots, Fashion, Sports, Encyclopedia, How to run, Origami, Putting on a play, Baby Applejack, Dictionary, Dinosaurs, Elements of Harmony, Legend of Nightmare moon, The journal of the two- Applejack?!” Twilight dropped all the books except the one with a little orange foal ridding on it.

“Ti-ite!” She shouted as the book was brought back in front of her. “Weeeee!!!” Applejack shouted as the book levitated down to the floor. She giggled as she jumped off the book and started running around Twilight’s legs.

“When did she get out of bed? How did she get out of bed? She couldn’t get off without falling!” Twilight quickly picked up Applejack and checked for any injuries but found none. “Wha-”

“Applejack is a tuff pony and has always been.” Applebloom explained. Twilight let this sink in for a bit, nodded, and put Applejack down. Just then the library door opened causing the bell at the top to ring, everypony looked up to see Rarity. She had a worried expression but when she saw her little sister it turned to an expression of relief.

“Sweetie belle, darling!” She exaggerated. “I’ve been looking all over for you! You never came home from school!” While talking she trotted over to the filly and gave her a nuzzle.

“Sorry Rarity.” She apologized. “I wanted to help Applebloom with a problem she’s having.” Sweetie explained.

“What problem?” They all pointed to Applejack who just sat there staring wide eyed at Rarity. Of course the response was obvious: Nothing. Rarity had no idea what to think she wanted to faint right there, she felt like she was going to, but something kept her from doing so.

A little while passed as the Rarity and Applejack stared each other down, then Applejack spoke. “Pwetty Pony!” She shouted throwing her hooves in the air. “Uppie! Uppie!” She shouted to either Rarity or Twilight, none knew but Twilight took this one. She levitated Applejack around the room while the filly giggled hysterically.

“Applebloom said she woke up with Applejack looking like this-”

“An’ mah whole family thinks she’s always been like this!” Applebloom interrupted Twilight mid-sentence. “An’ that ain’t all! Mah parents and back too!” She flailed her hooves.

Twilight nearly dropped Applejack as she lost focus on her magic, but quickly fixed her mistake and kept the filly at flight. The unknown thing keeping Rarity standing gave away as the unicorn finally lost consciousness, before she could hit her head, Twilight quickly levitated a silk pillow under the unicorn and laid Applejack by her side.

“Your parents?!” Twilight gasped. Applebloom nodded in confirmation. “B-But A-Applejack said Y-your Parents are D-dead!” She franticly stuttered, Twilight looked about on the verge of fainting too. “How is that even possible?” She looked at Applejack who was now poking at Rarity’s nose. “Unless… this has something to do with Applejack’s past… Does it really work that way?”

The crusaders knew Twilight was now in her research mode when she picked up more books and looked through them again. There was no getting her out of it now. “Sweetie belle? Is your sister going to be okay?” Scootaloo asked as she looked over the fashionista, still out cold.

Sweetie belle waved a hoof. “She’ll be fine, she does it all the time. If anything I’m surprised she didn’t faint sooner!”

Applejack had now stopped poking Rarity and was looking upon her in concern. “E wake?” She asked pointing a hoof at Rarity. Before anypony could answer she crawled on the mare side and bent down to her ear. “Wake up!” She shouted. Rarity responded almost immediately, she jerked up knocking Applejack down on her back.

“WH-what?! What’s going on?! Sweetie belle what did you do!?” Rarity exclaimed ignoring everypony in the room while glaring accusingly at her little sister. That is until she heard soft sniffling behind her. The unicorn turned around to see the orange filly sitting up and rubbing her head with a hoof, then everything came flooding back. “O-oh dear! Applejack are you alright?”

“O-owie.” Applejack whined quietly. She kept rubbing a hoof on her head as the tears in her eyes started to grow.

“Applejack dear, I’m so sorry!” Rarity quickly apologized. Then the tears spilled, Applejack then started crying and surprisingly caught the attention of the librarian you looked over in worry. “Sssshhh!! It’s okay Applejack, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Rarity soothed quietly. Applejack stopped crying loudly and just went back to quiet sniffling.

‘Wow! Ah didn’t know mah big tough sister Applejack was such a hugger!” Applebloom thought as Applejack leaned in and hugged Rarity as she spoke soothing words into her ear.

When Applejack finally stopped crying Rarity levitated a cloth from off a table somewhere and whipped the filly’s eyes. “There, there.” She cooed. “Is that better?” Applejack slowly nodded. “Good. Now, would you like it if I apologized with fashion? Maybe a makeover? Or I can do your mane!” The more she talked the more excited she seemed.

“Uh… Rarity? I don’t think that’s a-”

“Well of course it is Twilight! She’ll love it! Plus this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!” Rarity beamed.

“Well alright… I guess it will give me more time to work on figuring out how to fix this mess…” Twilight sighed as she picked up more books. “Just don’t go crazy with her, you know she doesn’t like it anyways.” With that said, she started reading while her friends and the crusaders left on their way to the carousel boutique.

Chapter 3

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“Goodness! Applejack sure is a hoof full!” Rarity complained as Applejack struggled in her magic, furiously attempting to get free from the force holding her. Applejack wasn’t much for crying, only when she got really hurt or when she was cranky after waking up from a nap but even now she was at least trying to be a tough pony and fight through.

“That’s because she’s mad! yer holdin’ her in magic!” Applebloom shouted. “Ah’ve been touched by Sweetie’s magic too and it feels weird… like tingly.” Applebloom shuddered. “And Ah’m pretty sure AJ ain’t enjoin’ it! jus’ hold her like a regular pony!”

Rarity huffed at that. “I refuse to hold her while she is trying to spit at me!” She said looking over to the little blue shield she put up that was separating her from Applejack’s spitting form.

“That’s because she’s mad!” Applebloom sighed. “If ya’ll let her go she’ll stop spitting.” Applebloom stated. Rarity gave a disgusted look at Applejack who was still blowing a raspberry at her, then turned and gave Applebloom an uncertain look. “Ah Pinkie promise.” Applebloom did the motions quick. “Now hurry up before her tongue goes numb!”

Rarity sighed. “Oh all right.” She slowly put down the small blue shield and reached out for the foal. “Please stop spitting Applejack.” Rarity asked as she touched Applejack and released her magic grasp. “I’m sorry if I upset you but it’s still not polite to spit-”

“Rarity she’s a baby.”

“-Now you are to stop and keep your saliva in your own mouth, you got it? It’s very uncouth”. Rarity finished ignoring the comment she got from Sweetie belle. Rarity was now holding Applejack properly and almost motherly. Applejack stopped all she was doing to pay attention to the stern voice of her friend and when she was done, nodded quickly. “Hmmm… for a baby she really does understand doesn’t she?”

“Uhhh… Maybe she didn’t turn completely baby, just mostly?” Scootaloo suggested.

“Or she is old enough to understand.” Applebloom added.

“Or Maybe-”

“Maybe she’s from a different planet and is a really smart alien baby here to grow up amongst us ponies to gather information to take over the whole pony race!”

Everypony turned to the mysterious voice that cut off Sweetie belle’s comment. Pinkie stared at Applejack closely and suspiciously. “Hmmm…” She hummed as she started walking around the startled group. “This foal looks awfully familiar. Is she new here? Do I need to throw a party?” She asked.

“Pinkie Pie, darling.” Rarity said as she got the pink ponies attention. “This is Applejack.” She explained, holding the baby a little higher than she was before as Applejack beamed at the newcomer.

Pinkie pie laughed. “What? This isn’t Applejack, Applejack is a grown mare! Silly.”

“She got into some sort of magic mishap none of us can explain. Twilight is in her library right now trying to figure this out.” Rarity explained further. Pinkie pie still seemed to not believe her but went with it anyway.

“Well... “Pinkie continued. “Where are you taking ‘Applejack’? I could bring her in to play with the twins! They would be so excited to have a new playmate!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“That actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea Pinkie!” Applebloom agreed with slight surprise. “It would keep her busy and Ah’m sure they’ll all have a blast!”

The other crusaders nodded in agreement but Rarity looked rather disappointed. “But I wanted to dress her up.” She sighed sadly, and it did not go unnoticed by both Applejack and Pinkie pie.

Applejack hugged the frowny face in front of her making Rarity give a sad chuckle. Pinkie Pie though wanted to accomplish more.

“Don’t worry Rarity! The twins can wait. How about I come with you and when you’re done I can take her to sugar cube corner!” Pinkie said, a little less enthusiastic but still excited either way.

This got what Pinkie hoped for: A big smile. “You really mean it Pinkie?!” Rarity asked enthusiastically.

“Yeppie doodle!”

“Oh how wonderful!” Rarity exclaimed. “Thank you Pinkie! You don’t know how much this means to me!” Rarity once again grabbed Applejack in magic to make room to hug Pinkie. This earned Rarity a whine from the captured baby. Rarity smile sheepishly as she took Applejack back out of the blue aurora. “Sorry about that darling.” She apologized.

“Let’s get going!” The crusaders shouted as they all ran towards to boutique, leaving Pinkie to bounce after them and Rarity trying to keep up while still trying to keep the posture of a lady, and being careful not to make AJ grumpy.


“CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS BABY DRESSERS!” The cutie mark crusaders shouted in unison. Everypony, including Applejack, lowered their ears and winced at the loud noise right beside them. The crusaders busted through the door of the boutique, almost breaking it down much to Rarity’s frustration. Pinkie Pie and Rarity headed for the giant table in the middle of the room and sat Applejack down.

The baby only watched in amusement as the crusaders darted around the room and Rarity looked through a little closet filled with mini clothes. Pinkie felt a bit out of place and was about to make some faces at Applejack but once she got in front of her Rarity jumped into the way and presented a light blue dress. Applejack smiled excitedly as she reached for the dress.

Rarity giggled “Alright, Alright Applejack.” She quickly put it on Applejack. “Hmm… It’s missing something.” Rarity observed. “AHA!” She shouted and ran off. Pinkie Pie then took this opportunity to jump on it, but was once again interrupted when the crusaders pushed her out of the way.

“Hey!” The party pony shouted.

“Applebloom hand me a hair tie!” Scootaloo said, oblivious the pink ponies complaints.

“I’ll gather some of her mane!” Sweetie Belle piped up.

“No! Style it this way!” Applebloom protested.

“Almost done! Get the mane spray!”

“Got it!” A pink spray filled the air catching Rarity’s attention.

“Girls? What are you doing?” Rarity asked pleasantly, she was pleasant, until now. “Whahahaha?! Girls?! What did you do?!” She quickly darted over to Applejack who was now scratching her head from the tight pony tails

“We did her mane!” Sweetie squeaked.

Rarity examined the mane do in horror. “Sweetie Belle! I thought I showed you how to do a proper mane style!” Rarity complained.

“We helped!” Applebloom spoke up catching Rarity's attention from Applejack.

“That explains it.” She mumbled.

“Well, you’re welcome.” Scootaloo grumbled, obviously not satisfied with the reaction.

“Alright, Alright.” Rarity sighed. “Good work girls, now how about you play with Pinkie in Sweetie Belle’s room.” She said as the four excitedly agreed and ran upstairs. Rarity chuckled as soon as the four were out of earshot. She turned back to Applejack who was attempting to pull the pony tails out, and by the expression on her face it probably hurt. Rarity giggled at the baby’s attempt to free her mane.

“Here let me get that for you darling.” She cooed as she used her magic to stretch the hair ties and painlessly take them out. “But I am going to do your mane.” She concluded. Rarity trotted off to where the crusaders tossed the can of hairspray and put it by Applejack. When she attempted to grab it, Rarity was forced to move it further away from AJ. Applejack pouted but let Rarity do what she wanted, but not without an occasional swat with a hoof or two.

Rarity put the final beehive in and started to spray Applejack’s mane. The baby coughed, sputtered and sneezed, she was quite thankful when it was over. “And Walla!” Rarity blurted as she examined her work, gently slapping AJ’s hand away from her mane whenever she tried to grab at it. She put a hoof to her chin. “Oh almost forgot!” She giggled as she put blue silky gloves on the orange hooves. “What do you think darling?” She asked as she held up a mirror in her magic.

Applejack looked into the mirror and gently reached up, this time Rarity let her. Applejack carefully felt her hair, her hoof barely brushing against it while she looked big eyed in the mirror. “i’ har!” She suddenly shouted.

Rarity looked at her in surprise then smiled warmly. “Yes I guess your mane is hard, that’s the spray I put in it, and it helps your hair stay like that.” She beamed. Applejack still stared at herself in the mirror, Rarity pulled it back some so she could see her whole outfit. She gasped loudly making Rarity force herself not to laugh at the baby at how silly and adorable is sounded.

“i’ boo?” She asked holding some of the silky gown in her hoof. “i’ boo!” She confirmed in excitement. She decided to celebrate while bouncing up and down on her rump as she flailed her arms up and down and laughed like there was not tomorrow. After 3 seconds of doing this a door could be heard being slammed open. Not long after a pink blur shot across the room like a bullet, and by Applejack’s side was: Pinkie Pie.

“My Pinkie sense told me there was a party going on!” She shouted as she looked down at Applejack, who was still jumping and throwing her hooves around, she didn’t even notice Pinkie was there. “Yay!!! Let’s go to sugarcube corner now! We can party with the cake twins! I know they never like to miss out on parties!!” Pinkie was about to pick Applejack up when she was interrupted by a blue aura around her hooves pulling them away from the celebrating baby.

“Not just yet Pinkie.” Rarity pleaded. “I just want to put her makeup on really quickly and then we can go.” Pinkie Pie nodded. Rarity turned to her desk and pulled open a drawer and pulled out some bright pink blush with her magic. “Now hold still Applejack this won’t take long.” Rarity hummed as she turned around and put the pad and brush in front of the baby. Applejack stopped what she was doing and looked up at Rarity, patiently waiting for what she had next.

“Thank you.” Rarity said when Applejack stopped. “Alright now close your eyes.” Applejack complied. Rarity started applying the blush and when she did some stray powder went up the baby’s nose. “Aaahhh!” Rarity screeched, Applejack sneezed, and Pinkie gasped as powder from the blow plus some snot shot into the fashionista’s direction.

“Rarity!” Was heard, along with little hoof steps down the stairs. “Are you alright?! What happened?!” Sweetie Belle shouted as she trotted up to her sister, her friends close behind. Rarity had her eyes and mouth sealed shut as tight as they could go, with her face scrunched up in a disgusted kind of way.

“Girls!” Rarity needs some paper towel and a shower stat!” Pinkie shouted as she grabbed Rarity and rushed her to the bathroom and the crusaders left to get some paper towels.

Applejack was left alone, she watched the whole thing happen in a matter of seconds, though it was so fast she only saw little parts of what was happening. She pouted and wiped her nose. She was all alone. Everypony left her. Was this all her fault? Did she do something bad? She could hear the water running and the hooves the three fillies rushing to the bathroom.

“Ey!” She called. Nopony came. “EY!” She shouted louder. Still nopony. She crossed her hooves and gave another pout, she was going to have to do this herself. Applejack slowly made her way to the edge of the table, she turned around and carefully hung her legs on the edge and inched her way down. She was now hanging on the edge of the table while her mini hooves circled underneath her trying to find the safety of ground. When her hooves never found it she was left helplessly hanging there.

Nopony came.

Not yet at least.

She just had to do this on her own.

Applejack hung there searching out a plan, she looked around the room for something that could break her fall but the only cushions that were around were either far away or far away on top of something. Maybe if she could just- “UUGG!” She grunted as she hit the hard floor. She looked up and then at her silk covered hooves, she had slipped. No matter, she had gotten down and she had to see what the fuss was about and why they left her so suddenly!

“Oof!” She grunted once more at her attempt to run. She shook the dress out of her way and zoomed off, not without tripping over it a couple more times. Applejack was now panting when she had finally made it to the bathroom, but smiled proudly that she had made it. “Abba?” She asked randomly as everyone was cleaning up the mess they had made in their frantic panic.

Everyone looked towards the newcomer. Some frowned realizing they had just left a baby alone and unsupervised, but others smiled when they saw her, she was okay, everypony else was too, nothing bad really happened. Applebloom walked over and picked up her ‘little’ sister. “Awww. Ah’m sorry Applejack Ah didn’t mean ta leave ya’ll alone, it was jus’ some silly reaction.” Rarity huffed and turned away, clearly offended. “Sorry Rarity but… It was kinda silly.” Applebloom confirmed as the other fillies in the room giggled.

“Isshedone?Shelooksdonecanwetakehertosugarcubecornernow?!” Pinkie Pie jumped in.

“Yes, yes, go ahead. No need to try to doll her up further.” Rarity reasoned as she picked up another paper towel in magic.

“Aren’t ya’ll comin’ Rarity?” Applebloom asked.

“Sorry darling, but I must clean up this mess.” She put the paper towels she had collected into the trash. “Even if I did get the mess cleaned up in time, I have an order to fill. I didn’t plan on keeping you guys for long anyway. Sorry though I do so wish I could join.”

“It’s alright Rarity! Maybe next time!”

“Na-a-a!” Rarity grabbed a tail in her magic. “You Sweetie Belle, have homework.”

“Ugh.” Sweetie groaned as she was dragged tail first towards the stairs. “U-uh. Maybe I’ll catch you guys later!” She said as her sister let her go and she climbed the stairs herself. “Save me some cake!” The door slammed shut and the ponies remaining excited the building.

“Oooohhh!” I can’t wait!” Pinkie squealed as she jumped up and down, Applejack being bounced happily on her back. “Pumpkin and Pound cake will be so excited!”

“Yea!” The two crusaders shouted as they ran ahead.

“Baby party here we come!”

Chapter 4

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Applebloom walked carefully by the bouncing form of the pink pony, ready to catch Applejack if she fell off but it was almost a miracle how she hadn't already! Pinkie Pie was carelessly bouncing as if nothing was there and Applejack just kept happily giggling every time she was bounced into the air about and foot off Pinkies back.

Applebloom sighed. Maybe she should have just brought Applejack home after showing her to Twilight, maybe she should have refused Rarity's demands to dress her up. Now she had to watch her sister everywhere making sure she didn't get hurt, and whenever she did it would be such a pain to calm her down! Although she only cried once and Rarity took care of it.

Applebloom had to admit, it was kind of fun taking care if her sister. She felt responsible, independent, grown up. Applebloom indeed loved this feeling. Though, she knew that if she were to change Applejack back that all this would end. She would probably get grounded. Again, and would never be allowed to leave the house without somepony watching over her. She didn't- "Gf- Ouch!" Applebloom shouted as she hit the wall of Sugar Cube Corner.

She rubbed her aching muzzle mumbled some stuff before seeing Pinkie Pie in the corner of her eye. “Oh! Watch out Applebloom, there’s a wall there!” Without waiting for a response she pulled her head back into the gingerbread building.

“Ah noticed.” Applebloom muttered angrily as she joined the rest in the restaurant. She almost immediately noticed the only ponies in the house: Scootaloo and Pinkie Pie had somehow they had struck up a conversation about Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo looked as if she just won the lottery.

“And then she was like Whoosh! And Vroom! And- And-!”

“Ahem!” Applebloom interrupted.

“What’s up Applebloom?” Scootaloo finally noticed her friend.

“Where is Applejack?”

Pinkie Pie and Scootaloo immediately perked up as they realized they could no longer hear the babbling of babies talking nonsense. “Everypony look for the alien baby! She’s alone with the twins!” And with that Pinkie took off to who knows where. Scootaloo and Applebloom frantically looked everywhere: Under the counter, in pots, upstairs, in cupboards. Finally Pinkie Pie came down and as if on cue there was a crash in the kitchen.

The only place they haven’t looked.

“Now how th’ hay did we miss such n’ obvious place?!” Applebloom pointed out. While Scootaloo face hoofed and Pinkie Pie gasped.

“AUNTIE PINKIE PIE IS COMING TO THE RESCUE!” The party pony shouted as she dashed into the kitchen, quickly followed by the two remaining crusaders. Pinkie, Scootaloo, and Applebloom jumped wildly into the room -not without almost breaking the door off the hinges- and saw a bunch of pans in three separate piles. The cupcakes, icing bags, and Flour bags were missing from their place in the kitchen.

After about three seconds of watching nothing happen, Applejack, Pound Cake, and Pumpkin Cake popped out of the three separate pan piles. Applebloom was about to interrupt when a pink hoof grabbed both her and Scootaloo and they were tossed behind the counter. Pinkie quickly joined them and shushed them before any could speak.

“Pinkie what in tar-”

“I said Sssshhhh!!!” Pinkie shouted practically spitting in Applebloom’s face. “They do this every once in a while, they face off in a Sweets war!” Pinkie narrowed her eyes. “There is no stopping them now. Even if you tried the only thing you would succeed in is getting baked into a cupcake.”

Scootaloo and Applebloom watched them play, Scootaloo in amazement and excitement and Applebloom in annoyance and frustration. Pinkie Pie just watched, eyes narrowed and the most serious face any pony has ever seen on her, almost as serious as when somepony makes a Pinkie Promise.

The babies stared at each other with almost the same look Pinkie Pie had. In one slick move Pumpkin Cake gave out ear splitting battle cry and grabbed a batch of cupcakes from somewhere out if the pile and started shooting them at her brother and new found friend. Pound Cake gasped and ducked quickly back into his pile of pots and pans.

Applejack acted quickly too but in a different way. The orange baby quickly pulled out two icing bags, aimed, and shot a string of frosting with a force so hard it pushed the cupcake away and covering it with icing before hitting Pumpkin Cake in the horn. She gasped and much like her brother hid in her pots and pans pile before anymore icing could frost her.

“Wow, AJ’s good.” Pinkie commented. “Yea! Go Pound Cake!” She suddenly shouted as she saw the little colt sneak up behind Applejack. Hearing the pink pony shout Applejack quickly looked around the room, hoping to find the attacker and whom he was attacking. Though she wasn’t quick enough and found out his target was her when she heard a wing flap behind her and was showered by flour.

She coughed and sneezed, then finally retreated into her own pile to prepare for more battle. In her absence Pumpkin Cake and Pound cake went off against each other. Pumpkin Cake started throwing cupcakes not only with her hooves this time, but with her magic.
Pound Cake was quick to dodge the first few but they were coming in all too fast and got struck by all the rest in a frosty covered mess. Though, before Pumpkin Cake could do anymore damage to her brother, she got shot with icing in the back of the head with such force she was pushed back and off her pile.

They both looked over to see baby Applejack smiling proudly, she was still completely covered in flour except for circles of orange around her two eyes and mouth. Pound Cake, still on the floor from the beating he got from his sister and her cupcakes, was now covered in icing himself as Applejack attacked.

Applejack, once seeing both cake twins down, Stood tall and proud on her tower. This didn’t go unnoticed by both victims and observers. Scootaloo cheered for Applejack while Pinkie kept shouting relentlessly for the twins not to give up. The twins heard the cry of their favorite foal sitter and worked the strength to continue on.

This time they were on the same team and they have all but one goal: Defeat Applejack.

They both nodded to each other while the others looked in confusion, all but Pinkie Pie of course who was now cheering louder than ever!

Applejack thought she was victorious, this is her weakness. She was no longer paying attention to the gaining victims. But as quickly as she won, she realized that the war was not over yet. This thought came to her when a cupcake struck her in the side of the head, distracting her from the blue hue taking her yummy icing gun away.

Applejack glared at Pound cake and reached for her ammo… Only to find it not there! She quickly searched her pile giving the twins enough time to grab a bag of flower and fly over her head. Pound cake, once the time was right, poured the bag of flour on his orange enemy while Pumpkin Cake used her magic to frost her and pelt her with cupcakes.

Applejack, caught totally off guard, fell off her pile and onto her back. This time Applebloom decided to interfere, hoping her sister didn’t get hurt during the ambush. Though when she tried to tell the Cakes to stop, and that her sister had enough. But all that did was get her caked too.

“SSSSPPPPTTTT!!!!” Pinkie whispered loudly. Applebloom could hardly hear it over the mess that was still being thrown at her and her sister. “PLAY DEAD!!!!” Pinkie screeched in a whisper. Applebloom caught it just in time, she rolled over AJ in a panic and laid still. After a few more seconds of being pelted it all stopped. Applebloom just barely cracked her eye open and saw the twins high hoofing.

She took no chances. Quickly grabbing Applejack by her now white dress and throwing her onto her back. Wasting no time, she zoomed out of there leaving Scootaloo and Pinkie Pie with a pair of dumbfounded twins.


Applebloom sighed in relief, shaking some frosting off of her hoofs. Applejack too was shaking her head trying to get as much flour and frosting out of her mane. Applebloom chuckled softly at her now little sisters attempt to rid herself of the sticky mess. She turned back and continued down the road back home. It was getting quite dark, the sky right above her was dark with stars. The more you looked down to the horizon the more you can see the purplish, pink mixed with some yellow. The sun was barely peeking over the mountains as if saying its final goodbye before the next morning.

As she approached the farm she could see her ‘mother’ and Big Macintosh talking by the gates, when they saw them Big Mac’s eyes widened and her mother gasped. They ran over to the fillies and Orange Delight took Applejack off Applebloom’s back.

“What in Equestria happened?” Her mother asked, flicking some frosting off Applejack’s hair as the baby hugged her.

“The Cake twins.” Applebloom muttered as she walked passed her mom. She didn’t know if she knew them or not but she really didn’t care, luckily her mother somehow did know them and she didn’t have to explain who they were.

“And the dress?” She pressed on.



“Eeyup.” Applebloom agreed as the four started making their way back to the barn. “Can Ah take a bath?” She asked pushing the door open.

“Sure thin’, but ya better not take long. Applejack here looks like she needs a bath too!” Orange Delight said with a chuckle.

“Eeyup.” Mac agreed.

When they walked into the house they were greeted by a wonderful scent of fresh baked Apple pie.

“Hope y’all‘re hungry!” Said a deep booming voice from the kitchen. Not ten seconds after a big red stallion came through the kitchen door. “Me an’ yer mom made-!” When he saw them he stopped talking and stared at them. After a bit of this Applebloom rolled her eyes as the giant stallion burst out laughing.

“Dada!” Applejack shouted as she reached for him. He picked her up and kissed her on the cheek earning a giggle from her.

“There’s mah little cupcake princess!” He teased as he tickled her belly causing her to laugh louder. “What the hay happened ta ya’ll?” He asked as he turned to Applebloom.

“Stuff.” Was all Applebloom said as she passed him. She only muttered ‘howdy’ to Granny smith who was snoozing in her rocking chair. She was way too tired to deal with family, especially random ponies claiming they were family. She felt the eyes of four ponies staring at the back of her head as she started to climb the stairs but brushed it off and continued on.

“Wha’s up with ‘er?” Applebuck questioned earning a shrug from his wife and son. “Well… Alrighty then. Soups on fer anypony who wants it!” He called rather loudly, much to the annoyance of the three ponies next to him and the now awake grandmother.


Applebloom heard her father call dinner but didn’t care. She turned on the shower and waited for it to get hot. Usually she would be the most excited for dinner but right now was just not the time. She was tired, covered in cake, still clueless on this whole situation, scared by what may happen next, and worried that life for her could stay like the forever. Not to mention all this stress was giving her a headache!

She climbed into the shower and gave a relaxed sigh. This felt nice. Of course it didn’t change anything, it didn’t fix any of her problems. Yet it made her feel relaxed, refreshed, and new. Yep, this felt good.

*Knock, knock, knock!*


“Who is it?”

“It’s ma!” Called a soft voice. “Did ya’ll want us ta save ya some dinner?”

Applebloom sighed. “Naw, Thanks though.”

The voice was hesitant and sounded uncertain. “Alright then...”
Applebloom waited a few more moments for another answer. Silence answered her question as she guessed the voice was gone. She went back to enjoying the feeling of water washing her worries away. She wasn’t going to worry about her problems right now, this was her time, her time of relax… The only time of relax and she was going to enjoy it.

The water stopped as it was turned off and the yellow filly jumped out. She took a towel from the cabinet and started drying off. She hadn’t felt this good since before she ran off into the everfree. She put her ear to the door listening for any sounds. The more of her family she could avoid the faster she can get to bed and to sleep.

After hearing nothing she slowly opened the door. Nopony could be seen anywhere. The door creaked slightly as she opened it more to make more room for her to crawl through. She tipped toed passed a room before stopping in her tracks in front of the next one. She heard voices. Luckily they had not heard her creaky hoof steps so she, even more carefully, continued on.

When she made it to her room she shut the door and immediately hopped into bed not even bothering to completely dry her mane and tail or to put her bow away. Right now she just needed sleep.

And she closed her eyes.

Chapter 5

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Applebloom did not sleep well that night, she had a nightmare about the timberwolves, only, they weren’t chasing those two random ponies. No, they were after her! She ran and ran through the forest as the timberwolves went for the chase. Her ears suddenly perked as she realized this was the scene right before she saw Applejack! Running faster towards the spot she was rescued, she spotted a familiar bush and through the leaves and branches there was a glint of orange and yellow visible.

The only difference this time was the colors weren't as tall as it was the first time. The little distraction was half the time the timberwolf needed as he nearly clamped his jaw around the red tail swaying in front of his face. She gasped as she quickened her already sonic like pace, her legs burning as she kept at it. Finally breaking through the tree line and around the bush.

“Applejack!” She called. An expression of relief turned to one of horror as she caught sight of her hero. “A-Applejack?!” She exclaimed in fright. There in front of her was the little orange foal that had been with her the day before.

“Abba boom!” She exclaimed throwing her hooves up. “Upie Upie!” She once more shouted. She giggled before there was some kind of weird cut that Applebloom seemed to miss as she was now on the floor and her little sister was sitting on her chest. Applejack giggled as she looked down on her sister.

Applebloom stared in confusion as her sister jumped happily up and down. Confusion turned once more into horror as she heard the barking of timberwolves. How they got so far behind all the sudden when they were so close to catching her not even a few minutes ago was beyond her. She tried getting up only to have an invisible weight hold her down, confusion took its place again. Applejack wasn’t that heavy, why couldn’t she get up?

‘This can’t be real, this isn’t real!’ Applebloom shouted in her mind as the timberwolves approached. “No!” Applebloom shouted as the timberwolves came and picked her sister up by the back of her diaper. “L-let her go!” She shouted, once more trying to get up. She turned her head and painfully watched as her sister giggled in the jaws of danger as they carried her off.

“APPLEJACK!” The filly shouted, jerking out of bed and startling the ponies in her room. She frantically looked around to room for the timberwolves and her sister, but only found five other ponies. No timberwolves, no forest, and most importantly: No danger. She sighed in relief almost completely forgetting the ponies that were with her.

“Applebloom dear? Are y’all alright?” Asked a gentle but old wavering voice. Applebloom noticed this voice to be the oldest in the apple family household: Granny Smith. “Sorry if AJ woke ya. She snuck in ‘ere an’ somehow climbed ‘nto yer bed, don’ know how she does these thin’s, almost like Pinkie Pie an’ ‘er shenanigans.

“I-It’s Alright.” She turned to look beside her. “What’re ya’ll doin’ her any who?” She asked curiously noting that every pony in the household, including the two ‘strangers’ were all piled around her bed.

Orange Delight, who apparently in the dream was the timberwolf who took Applebloom’s sister, put the squirming Applejack onto her father’s back, almost immediately she threw her hooves around the giant neck. Applebloom’s attention was then set on Orange Delight when she spoke up. “We were jus’ checkin’ up on ya darlin’. When ya’ll refused supper las’ night, we got a bit worried.” The pale orange pony put a comforting hoof on her shoulder.

“Ah said Ah’m fine.” Applebloom pouted. They all shared an unconvinced look, all except Applejack who was now peaking her little head out from Apple Bucks hat. They all tried to give her an understanding look but being a family of honesty she was able to see right through them, even if she didn’t have a keen eye for that it still would have been easy to tell they were certainly not okay with her odd behavior.

After the silence went on for an extremely long amount of time, it was begging to get awkward. The tension was so thick even Applejack had ducked under the hat she was buried under. The silence was then broken when Apple Buck took his hat off and removed AJ from his head, holding her on his hoof as she clung to the giant thing. “Ah think it’s ‘bout time we started th’ day don’cha think?” He suggested.

“O-oh! Right, Applebloom dearie. Do ya mind watchin’ AJ fer th’ day? Ah need ta run inta town an’ get some thin’s fer th’ farm.” Orange Delight asked, taking Applejack from her husband before he left the room. “She migh’ get a bit cranky, bein’ away from us fer so long.” She finished that sentence while putting Applejack onto Applebloom’s lap.

The yellow filly looked a bit disappointed. “Ah wanted ta go help twi- A-Ah mean… Ah wanted ta go crusadin’ with mah friends.” She sighed.

Orange Delight sighed as well. “Sorry Applebloom we need ya’ll ta help us. While th’ boys ‘er out doin’ chores they can’t watch ‘er an’ she won’t listen ta a thin’ Granny Smith says! Ah jus’ might brin’ her with me. Plus,” She added. “It shouldn’t be that hard. She absolutely adores you.”

As if to prove her point, Applejack gave Applebloom a tight hug saying: “Abba Boom Pway?” Looking up at her with the biggest set of puppy eyes Applebloom ever saw!

Applebloom resisted the urge to squeeze her sister in a crushing hug and managed in patting her on the head before saying: “Ah guess it’ll be alright, crusadin’ could wait a day.” Applebloom gave her little sister a warm smile while the bigger pony beside her chuckled in relief.

“Thank ya kindly Applebloom, Ah don’ know what Ah would do without ya.” She helped Applebloom and Applejack get out of the bed before leading them through the hall. “Do ya know how to take care o’ her? This is yer first time taking care o’ her fer the whole day.” They walking down the stairs while Applebloom nodded, careful not to let Applejack slip off her back. “Do ya know where the stuff is?” Her mother questioned further.

“Uhh… No.”

“Alright follow me.” They walked into the kitchen and Orange Delight opened the cabinet closest to the fridge and took out a container of Applesauce which once in sight, Applejack immediately reached out for. “This is fer when she gets snacky, so around 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, an’ 6:00 o’ clock.” Applebloom nodded. “Th’ diapers ‘er in th’ closet, top shelf. If she gets cranky try ta put ‘er ta sleep.” Applebloom nodded and looked back, Applejack was not paying attention, not even in the slightest. She had somehow managed to grab the applesauce from her mom and was now covered in it.

Applebloom sighed in frustration. Her sister was covered in it! Her mane had applesauce, her belly was covered with it, somehow she managed to get a few spots on her back, and she was sucking her covered hoof, her mouth was no longer the color orange but tan of the sweet gooey treat. Orange Delight giggled at her daughter’s sloppy way of eating and added: “Don’ forget ta bathe ‘er when needed.”

“Ya, alright.” Applebloom agreed grumpily.

Her mom giggled again, heading for the door. “Jus’ make sure ta be careful with ‘er.” She said, grabbing her saddle bag from a hook by the door. “An’ good luck.” She winked before shutting the door.

Applebloom huffed, feeling Applejack chew on her mane. “This is goin’ ta be a long day.”


Applebloom felt the water to make sure it was the right temperature for the orange foal. Satisfied, she put the bath plug into the drain to let it fill up. Grabbing Applejack off her back, she put her on the toilet before giving her a look. “Don’ move AJ Ah need ta get yer bath ready.” She collected the right shampoo and conditioner from off the shelf by the door. She turned back to Applejack who was watching her work, she then turned to the bath, quickly turning it off so it doesn’t overflow.

She then turned back to Applejack and said one simple word: “Stay.” Then headed off to get a towel. Upon returning she found the room terrifyingly empty. She gasped knowing her sister was no longer on the toilet seat. Panicking she called for her sister. “Applejack! Applejack?! Where th’ hay ‘re ya!” Looking down, she caught sight of applesauce hoof prints leading to the cabinet under the sink.

If she didn’t spot the tracks, hearing a high pitched giggle would have led her to the hiding spot anyway. Applebloom sighed in relief that her sister was not lost. Crouching down, she touched the knob of the door and quickly pulled it open yelling: “I FOUND YOU!” She quickly covered her mouth to hold back the laughter. Applejack was sitting inside a hoof tub, cramped with different kinds of bottles and was sitting in an awkward and uncomfortable looking position.

Despite all that she still managed to laugh so loud it hurt Applebloom’s ears. She reached out for Applebloom to grab her, which the filly in question was happy to do. “Abba Boom Pway?” She asked.

“Sorry AJ but ya’ll still need a bath!” Applebloom chuckled as she gently set Applejack into the water. As the foal splashed and played with the newly added bubbles, Applebloom grabbed some shampoo and started washing and scrubbing at AJ’s mane and coat, sometimes reaching some spots that would make her splash and try to pull away while giggling mad.

Once done with that, Applebloom put the shampoo back on the shelf and took hold of the conditioner. Carefully as not to get soap in her eyes, Applebloom used a hoof under her sisters chin and push her head up some. Applejack, now looking up to the ceiling, watched her sisters hoof rest on her forehead while she felt a cool gooey substance cover her mane.

Applebloom rubbed a hoof on the blonde mane as she worked the conditioner in. When her hoof started to ache she let her sister play while the cream soaked. This was kind of fun, being able to play mom. It’s an experience she would enjoy for a while until it got old, will it get old? “No Applejack, that’s not edible.” Applebloom scolded as she pulled Applejack’s head away from a pile of bubbles.

Applejack pouted and crossed her hooves as she closed her mouth. “A bubbes!” She shouted angrily at the little white pile, and almost like a balloon she deflated. Her hooves fell, her head dropped and her scowl turned into a frown. “A ‘ungy.” She whined, patting her tummy as if to soothe what she was craving for.

It took her a bit but Applebloom guess what her sister was trying to tell her. “Oh! Yall’re hungry!” She pointed out, soon realizing the pony in the tub was giving her the ‘duh’ look. She smiled sheepishly while rubbing the back of her head. “Hehe… Sorry AJ Ah jus’ need ta finish washin’ ya.” To her surprise Applejack waited patiently for her to continue.

Applebloom put a hoof on her sisters back and one on the back of her head and slowly dipped the back of her mane in the water, careful not to go too far and get water on her face. Applejack squirmed uncomfortably at being in such an awkward position as the pony above her carefully took her hoof off the back and slowly scrubbed at her mane. Applebloom came to realize her sister was not happy with this at all when her sister started flailing her back hooves to try and get up.

“Applejack! Stop! Ah jus’ nee ta-” She was rather rudely cut off as Applejack started flailing her front hooves at her said and caused a whole lot of water to attack Applebloom. “Ack! AJ!” Now thinking it was a great time her mane was done Applebloom quickly pulled her sister up and back into a sitting position, and only then did she realize how hard Applejack was breathing.

She looked panicked as if somepony almost killed her!

“O-oh, Ah’m sorry sis.” She apologized, used a hoof to scoop some water and pour it on the remaining suds. Applejack, as soon as she realized she was out of danger, splashed towards the edge of the tub to grab ahold. Applebloom felt bad, she knew that feeling like you were about to go underwater without being able to stop it was scary but Applejack totally freaked! She watched as Applejack struggled to climb the wall of white that was about two times her size.

Sighing, Applebloom went to grab her sister and set her on the edge of the tub but recoiled in concern when her sister scrambled to get away from her yellow hoof. “Its okay AJ Ah’m sorry, Ah won’ hurt ya. Ah promise.” The foal still seems uncertain but the warm smile Applebloom held seemed to ease her enough to let her -now big- sister take hold once more. Applebloom then proceeded to place her sister onto the edge of the tub and hold her with one hoof while the other one grabbed the conditioner again.

It seemed that as soon as Applejack noticed she was not completely away from the water, her eyes grew as big as saucers, her lip curled into a helpless frown, and she held her hooves out toward her sister. “Eh! Uppie!” She whined. Applebloom took hold of the bottle and looked towards AJ, almost giving into the face but she quickly shook her head.

“Sorry AJ. No can do. Ah need to get yer tail washed ‘er it’s gonna get tangled somethin’ awful later.” She explained. Hearing this Applejack started whining louder, as if Applebloom wasn’t able to hear her. “Ah’ll make it quick but ya’ll have ta be patient, this has ta get done.” She confirmed as she quickly scrubbed at the tail followed by scooping up water and washing it out.

Once done, Applebloom took the now shivering Applejack and wrapped her in a soft welcoming towel from off the counter. Applebloom sat Applejack on the toilet and started to gently rub the towel on the orange fur, trying to rid it of the water that remained. She found out fairly quickly that this was unwanted by the pony getting the treatment as her tummy gurgled in protest of being slow to get done, following shortly after was a whine as the owner of the belly started to get fussy.
“Alright, Alright, let’s get ya’ll somethin’ ta eat.” Rubbing the little pony down quicker this time, followed by putting AJ on her back. As Applebloom excited, she carelessly tossed the towel into the laundry basket by the door.

Slowly walking down the stairs, Applebloom thought up what she was going to do next. ‘Well Ah guess Ah can go ta Twilight’s an see if she foun’ anythin’.’ She thought. Set on achieving her new goal, Applebloom opened the door to the kitchen and got straight to work. Setting Applejack down on the floor, she walked over the cabinet her mom told her the applesauce was. Seeing there was more than one flavor in there, she pouted. Orange Delight never told her if AJ liked a specific kind!

“Well.” She sighed. “Guess Ah‘ll have ta find out th’ hard way.” Grabbing the regular Applesauce, she put it on the counter before going over to another cabinet to get a bowl. Once that was achieved she started pouring the tan mush from the glass jar to the plastic bowl. “Al’right Applejack eat up!” She exclaimed. Once the food was placed in front of her, Applejack dug in. Applebloom laughed at the sight, Applejack was being so uncouth it would make Rarity faint all over again!

Though Applebloom’s laugh died in her throat as the mush was splattered all over her hooves, instinctively she recoiled and looked down at her hooves is disgust. “Applejack!” Applebloom shouted.

“Abba Boom!” Applejack shouted back before sticking out her tough and wiping her hooves on it as if trying to rid it of any remaining drops.

“What did ya’ll do that fer?!”

“E’ goss! bleh! Ahmana! Ya goma tamama!”

“Ah didn’t know which one you liked!”

“A mama! A mama! o’... o’ ‘ac! o’ Dada!”

“None o’ them ‘re here!”

“Eh ‘it abboe tees!”

“Ah know! But Ah can’t just interrupt them at work!”

“Bah! ney no! no!” She crossed her hooves and pouted, mumbling something Applebloom was just able to catch. “Ey noe goo’ ‘ood.”

Now Applebloom was irritated, it seems Applejack knew or was able to speak more clearly when angry because Applebloom was able to catch almost all of that. “Well why don’ ya jus’-” She stopped herself. “What ahm Ah doin’?” She asked herself, slowly calming down. “Heh… Ah’m arguin’ with mah who knows how old sister tha’ got magically turned inta a foal…” She stared blankly at the roof. “Wha’ happened?” She asked slowly.

The more she thought about it the more she felt she was going crazy! Why was she feeling this way all the sudden? Why now? Why not earlier?! Maybe it was the fight? Why could she hear the pounding of tiny hooves fading from the room? Where did the upset mumbling go? She needed a nap.

Applebloom, still staring blankly into space, laid down on the floor and slowly closed her eyes. Maybe this really was all a bad dream. At least the room stopped spinning. Now she could be at peace.


Applebloom jumped as she was ripped away from her first peaceful dream in three days. Her heart beating wildly, she frantically looked around for what had caused the sound. She didn’t see nopony around… Who would- She didn’t see anypony around! Where did AJ go?! “A-Applejack?!” She squeaked out, looking around more frantic than before.

“Lookin’ fer somepony?” A deep voice growled. Applebloom slowly looked up to see a giant red stallion, luckily it wasn’t the father she was dealing with. There was her big brother holding a clearly irritated AJ. She was slightly relieved that out of the two big red stallions she could get in trouble with, she was glad it was the one she knew the most.

Even though his fury was still bad, she would still rather come face to face with it then see how much worse the fury of a stranger stallion bigger than her brother was. She silently gulped down a lump in her through as Applejack was gently put down onto the floor. “H-hey Applejack! Hehe… Ah though ah told ya not ta go outside when playin’ hide an’ seek, hehe…” Applebloom nervously made up.

Macintosh’s eyes narrowed slightly more in a sign that he could easily see right through the lie. “Applebloom.” His voice was stern and angry yet still carried to gentleness through it. “Ya’ll should know better than ta lie ta try ta get out a’ trouble.” Looking down at AJ briefly before setting his eyes back on Applebloom, he pointed to the orange foal. “Foun’ ‘er crawlin’ ‘round th’ baskets. She looked mighty hungry.” He rested hi hoof back on the wooden floor. “Got a reason?”

What was she supposed to say? Sure the applesauce part could be told but when she fell to sleep that was because everything was going crazy and she was going crazy and.. And… ‘Don’ think ‘bout it Applebloom’ She thought to herself. ‘yer jus’ goin’ ta get yerself worked up again.’ She took a deep breath, oblivious to the beads of sweat starting up on her forehead, Big Mac raised his brow expectantly. “Ah got th’ wrong applesauce an’ AJ here got mad an’ I got tired of ‘er being fussy ‘bout it an’ accidently fell ta sleep.” It was the closest to the truth without telling the truth she could get!

Macintosh’s brows furrowed as he thought. “Fine, but make sure ya keep an eye on ‘er this time.” He huffed as she walked out the door.

Once he was gone, Applebloom let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding and glared at Applejack, who returned it with a scowl. Although, she couldn’t keep her glare as her face softened upon the foal. Sure she used to be a grown mare but not anymore or not now at least. Applejack was only trying to get food because she was hungry and Applebloom didn’t feed her, it was Applebloom’s fault.
She sighed and dropped her head in shame. “Ah’m sorry Applejack.” She apologized. From the corner of her eye she could see her sister physically soften. “Ah didn’t mean ta ditch ya like that. Can y’all forgive me?” She slowly looked up and saw that Applejack no longer looked mad, that brought a small hopeful smile to her face.
After a moment of thinking about it and small smile crept on the little ones face as she held out her hooves. “Abba boom!” She cooed lovingly, at that moment Applebloom realized she was reaching out for a hug! Applebloom was more than happy to pick up her sister and hold her as tight as possible, before loosening the grip a bit as she felt like she was going to crush her.
After a long lasting hug of the two siblings it ended and Applejack was placed gently on the ground. Applebloom was just about to ask Applejack if she wanted the play but was stopped when her sister sniffed. At first Applebloom thought she was going to cry, she reached out to comfort her but Applejack didn’t seem to want that.
Pushing Applebloom’s hooves to the side, Applejack then pointed out of the window. “i’ wa’er!” She shouted almost looking concerned.
Applebloom looked out the window. “Wha…?” She asked, obviously not being able to tell what her sister was trying to say. Applejack didn’t looked pleased at that answer as she ran for the window, Applebloom of course followed her, not wanting another scolding from Macintosh or her ‘dad’. When they reached their destination, Applebloom realized what Applejack was trying to say!
“You smelled water? It’s going to rain!” Applebloom and Applejack always loved the rain! Whenever they got the chance, she and her sister would grab their rain coats, boots, and hats to play together. They would splash in mud puddles, see who would make the biggest splash, and they would get some buckets and see who could catch the most water in five minutes.
Stuck in her thoughts, Applebloom didn’t seem to notice Applejack trying to get her attention. She did notice however, when the door opened. “Huh?” Applebloom wondered as she looked at Applejack. Her sister was looking at her expectantly. “Ya’ll wanna go out an’ play?” She guessed as her sister looked outside.
“Pay!” Applejack shouted in response. She clapped her hooves together twice before running out of the house. The yellow filly was quick to run out after her sister and return her inside.
“Applejack we can’t go outside! Ya’ll could get a cold!”
“Ah- Pay!” Applejack protested.
“But Ah don’ want ya ta get sick!”
Applejack pouted. “Ah ‘et dad.” She muttered.
At hearing this Applebloom groaned. “Not this again.” She face hoofed. “Alright how ‘bout we play a game o’ peek-a-boo!” She suggested. ‘Maybe Ah can get ‘er thoughts off o’ th’ rain.”
Applejack spat as she turned away from Applebloom. ‘Or maybe not.’ Applebloom sighed. “Pay i’ rain!” She heard. Quickly looking up she caught a glimpse of a stubby short golden tail before it disappeared around the corner and out the door.
“Applejack!” She yelped. “Come back here!” She quickly galloped through the door and into the orchards, hot on the trail of her once was big sister.
~♥Five minutes later♥~
Applebloom’s hooves were sore as she galloped still full speed and still hot on the trail of her little sister. “Gah! Applejack! Slow down!” She let out a heavy breath and took another in. “At least.” Again. “Give me a chance.” At that Applejack giggled.
The yellow filly darted after the orange one. “W-why are ya’ll so fast?!” She dodged a tree. “With such stubby legs?!” As Applebloom finally neared the wide eye filly, a giant smile crept onto her face. Almost there…
Next thing she knew it, she was on the ground. A pounding headache was discover before she covered her head in pain. She soon found another pain in her right fore-hoof as it clutched her head, quickly unclutching it, she examined the yellow hoof.
There was a quickly growing bruise making its way across the side. Wondering what had just happened she turned around and spotted the culprit. An apple tree root and grown above the ground and the back into it like a little wave of wood in the grass. She turned her attention back to her hoof and pounding head.
She wanted to cry but she was the big sister now. She had never seen Applejack cry before, even when things got really bad. When she asked why she had never seen her sister cry before Applejack always simply answered: ‘Aww Applebloom, big sister’s don’ cry. They need ta be tuff for the ones who ain’t so tuff.’ If Applejack didn’t cry, neither would she. Quickly, she bit back her tears and shakily stood up. Not long after did she heard the little pitter patter of little hooves ponding into the grass.
Looking around for the sound, she found Applejack standing in front of her. Applejack stood there examining Applebloom’s features in a very similar way she had when still a grown mare. After what seemed like a minuet the concentration on the foals face turned to one of worry.
Slowly taking a step forward she asked: “Abba Boom ‘urt?” Applebloom then realized that she was not better at hiding her emotions than she was lying. “Sowwy.” She apologized, looking down at the grass while her hoof shuffled the green strands around.
The yellow filly sighed. Boy was it hard to stay mad when Applejack looked like that. Ignoring the fiery pain shooting around her hoof, Applebloom placed the hoof on her sister’s blonde mane and patted it gently, while cooing to her. “Hey sis, it’s Alright. It was ‘n accident.” Looking up she saw the sky was even darker than before. “Let’s jus’ get inside.” However, before she could turn, Applejack quickly spun around and pointed further into the orchard.
“’Ainbow!” She squeaked. Confused Applebloom tried to see what she could make of this. Once she came to a conclusion she laughed halfheartedly.
“Yes Applejack, after th’ storm we can go sit on a hill and look at th’ rainbow.” But once again before she could turn and take her sister home, she noticed the foals faces harden. “Wut?”
“No! ‘Ainbow!” Much like she before, the orange baby darted into the orchard. Applebloom muttered to herself, now completely irritated with what was going on. Darting after her sister, the young pony followed until she found Applejack staring up into a tree.
Applebloom was about to scold her sister for running off and disobeying her once more that day but was interrupted mid breath by what could be either thunder or, “Rainbow Dash?!” Applebloom exclaimed. She had seen the Pegasus sleeping in their trees before but didn’t she have weather duty, with it about to rain? Upon having her name called out, a loud snore from the Pegasus in question rang out as if to call out ‘here!’
Applebloom wasn’t the best when it came to bucking some apples out of a tree but she was getting there and was able to get a few out. As she neared the trunk Applejack watched both with interest, her head darting to look at Rainbow Dash then Applebloom then repeating it, at this rate, she wasn’t going to miss a thing!
Applebloom thought back when Applejack had tried teaching her how to apple buck. She pulled her legs up from behind; wincing as she put pressure on her injured hoof, aimed for the middle, and bucked. Not many apples fell, but just enough to get lucky enough to strike the Pegasus in the noggin.
“Ouch!” Rainbow yelped. “What was that for?!” She shouted, obviously annoyed. “I was having a perfectly good dream!” She frowned.
Applebloom giggled, ignoring the temper of her sister’s friend. “Didn’ mah sis tell ya not to sleep in our trees?!” Applebloom questioned. The Pegasus faltered remembering all the times Applejack had told her to stay out of her trees and sleep on a cloud or a bed like a normal pony.
“N-no.” Applebloom raised an eyes brow. “But your trees are so comfy!” She protested in a whine. Only then did she notice the consistent giggling going on, on her right. Turning to face the noise what she saw made her nearly fall off the branch and out of the tree. After a while of staring at the orange foal the blue Pegasus burst out laughing. “Bwahahaha!” This time, she did fall out of the tree.
Applebloom gave a confused look as Rainbow picked herself up and shook some leaves out of her mane and off her coat. “Wha’s so funny?” She asked.
“N-nice try Applebloom!” She managed through laughs. Applebloom was going to speak her confusion again but before she got the chance Rainbow answered the upcoming question. “Hah! It’ll take more than that-“she gestured to Applejack. “- to fool the prank master!” She proudly pounded a hoof on her chest.
“Wha?” Was all Applebloom could get out.
As she stared at Rainbow Dash in disbelief she Pegasus in question flew over to Applejack and started inspecting her. “What did you guys use? Dye?” She shuffled through Applejack’s mane, searching for any evidence of the original color but found none. The constant shuffling caused the owner of the mane to jump back in annoyance.
“This isn’t a prank.” Applebloom stated as she walked over and picked up Applejack who was still trying to swat the cyan hoof away. “Somethin’ weird happened an’ now AJ is a foal we’re tryin’ ta figure out how t’ fix it. Twilight is lookin’ fer a cure now!”
Rainbow stared at her Blankley then back at AJ. “He… He… You actually sound serious. Really its okay if you can’t prank me, better luck next time right? Oh by the way where is Pinkie? I’m sure she put this together. Is she hiding in the bushes?” She stopped. “Who is this pony anyway?”
Before anypony could respond there was a roar of thunder this cause Applebloom to tense up, Rainbow dash to freeze, and Applejack shake in sudden fear. Applebloom notices this and trots over to comfort her sister while Rainbow’s expression turned to one of fear too. “Gah! I forgot, I was supposed to help with the weather!” She quickly zoomed off, only to zoom back and warn Applebloom. “Hey squirt, you might wanna take cover as quickly as possible. This storm is going to be a rough one and it isn’t good to be out right now.” And then she was gone, leaving apples falling from trees from the wind of her speed.
The little crusader watched the rainbow trail leave and disappear beyond the clouds. As if planned, she felt a drop of water on her muzzle and a second later the rain started pouring. Applejack cried in her sisters hooves, there rain wasn’t as fun right now as the foal had hopped, it was not even close to regular rain and it was raining hard. Applebloom held Applejack in one hoof and held her under her chest to try to block the rain from pelting her sister.
Applebloom ran through the orchards towards nowhere in particular. Sure she knew how to get home but she used landmarks. Right now she couldn’t see anything but darkness caused by the rain. Aimlessly running, she saw a flash of red as thunder flashed through the sky. Quickly turning in that direction she quickly but cautiously trotted towards it.
After a quick observation, it seemed there was an unfinished barn. What looked unfinished about it was the paint. As she got a closer look, Applebloom saw than some of the red paint either stopped its trail completely or was torn in bits in random places, clearly this was an old place that hadn’t been visited in ages. Scurrying towards it, Applebloom could see a few holes in the side of the wall as she got closer, and as she reached the barn door she wasn’t sure if she should open it or not.
Sure inside would be dry but would it be safe? The door didn’t seem to be covered in moss or colored in rust, in fact, despite the rest of the all walls the door looked almost brand new! Applebloom carefully opened the door and once she heard the loud creek it made she hide behind it. She heard light fussing under her and looked down, surprised. It seemed that she was so cautious and obsessed with check out the barn that she totally forgot that AJ was right there!
Applebloom smiled gently, rain still pouring into her mane and on her coat. Holding Applejack up to her chest, she hugged the foal and her quiet whimpers stopped. As this happened the now old sibling felt warmth despite the freezing weather. Still keeping Applejack to her chest, Applebloom then realized nothing had happened. Slowly walking to peek inside, she saw the barn empty and that filled her with relief.
Upon entering the barn, she saw piles of hay in random corners and a few barrels, wood boxes, and shelves with tools on them. She listened as the floorboards creaked under her hooves. Once she did another quick scan and listened carefully for other life forms, she put Applejack down, who immediately ran to a pile of hay to play in. It seemed that the hug had put both in a better mood, and getting out of the rain only added to that new found happiness.
The filly sighed as she watched Applejack run from corner to corner, from hay pile to hay pile.
She was bored.
Sure watching Applejack run around and giggle at nothing sure was a bit entertaining but that just wasn’t enough for the energetic crusader. Thinking about it and finding nothing to do, Applebloom decided it was time she done something. She decided maybe she could find something entertaining to do in one of the crates or find something interesting hidden somewhere.
For a minute she wondered what would happen if she left Applejack alone. Almost immediately she pushed the worry away as Applejack was being so loud that Applebloom would only have to check on her when she was quiet. With that in mind she started walking around before exclaiming in her head:
Cutie Mark Crusader: Treasure Hunters!
She immediately regret thinking that as it reminded her that she was not with her friends and if she claimed she was trying to get a cutie mark then she would be exploring without them. Well if she didn’t try to get her cutie mark for treasure hunting and just went looking for interesting stuff that would be better right? Yeah better.
Slowly she got to her hooves and walked along the rusty wood of the barn. Looking through many boxes, most were empty or had nothing interesting in them. Finally Applebloom came upon a box with pictures in it. “Is this…?” She trailed off as she looked at the picture.
The photo looked like it had been taken in the hospital, a soft orange mare with a bright red mane was laying in the hospital bed. She looked tired and her mane looked like a mess. Behind her was the large dark red stallion with the blonde and orange mane, his hooves were laid gently on her shoulders. On her left was Granny Smith. She didn’t have as many wrinkles as she does now, though even though there wasn’t much didn’t mean they weren’t there.
On the right side of the bed was a stall skinny colt, he had an orange mane and a red coat like the stallion except lighter, Applebloom could tell this was her big brother. She could also tell that the stallion and the mare were the random ponies who showed up the morning she was officially grounded. But what really caught her attention was the ponies in the middle.
The two last ponies she seemed to recognize was the ones also in the hospital bed. She seemed to be Applebloom’s age, she was an orange filly with a blonde mane and a face full of freckles. As the filly sat on her mother’s lap Applebloom could recognize her as her idol and beloved sister, Applejack.
In Applejack’s hands was a blanket as blue was the sky, but that was not all. Applejack had the blanket held in an angle for the camera to see who was wrapped inside like a little taco. Inside the hood of the blue was a yellow head, the eyes were closed and Applebloom could almost hear the little snores coming from the slightly open mouth. Coming out from the top of the hood were little strands of red, some were in groups and some were single but it was obvious that was the mane. It didn’t take long for her to realize who she was looking at.
“...Me?” She squeaked.
At that moment everything was so silent, so still. She realized this and was about to check on Applejack but she didn’t need to when she heard another giggle followed by the sound of something crashing into the hay once more.
She forced herself to put down the picture and continue her search in the box. There were many other pictures too. Same ponies, sometimes they were all together, sometimes in groups or in pairs, and sometimes singles. Birthdays, holidays, even just some normal day pictures, they were all there. Applebloom couldn’t help but question their location.
Why would they be in a box in a long forgotten barn? For what she knew, Granny Smith never let a picture escape the photo album. She especially thought it was weird because why would they not want to put their parents in the photo albums to remember them? Deciding to ponder more about this later, Applebloom pushed the pictures aside to see if anything else was there. She didn’t find anything, except for a book.
She picked it out and looked at it closely. She expected to see it covered in dust but was surprised when there was hardly any. On the front of the book was a family mark, three apples in the shape on a mini pyramid. Applebloom gasped as she realized that this was Applejack’s diary.
What was she to do? Put it back and leave it alone? Or read it and see what her sister was like as a filly. Of course being the little sister she was, she opened the cover and started reading.
I’m Applejack, this is my new diary.