Moving On.

by EPP

First published

Nidra has been tormenting herself over her feelings for T, and being loyal to the best friend she ever had, will she find the answer she seeks and move on?

It has been many years sine Annie passed away cause of old age.

Almost everypony managed to more or less move on, everypony but Princess Nidra.

And now she has to face another problem, her feelings for T are emerging once again and she doesn't know how to handle them.

Will she move on and accept T, or will she stay in this frozen state of sorrow.

Will somepony help her in making that decision?

[A/N] Characters belong to kilala97.
Disclaimer: This is first time I'm trying to write something that is supposed to "Hit ya right in the feels." Criticism and opinions are very welcome.

Moving On.

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Turquoise Blitz walked through the royal hallways of Canterlot Castle, he has been searching for Princess Nidra, who for some reason has been avoiding him lately.

Dragonpony already visited kitchen, observatory and even her personal chambers, but she was nowhere to be found.

He was about to give up once again, sighing in defeat he decide to return to his room with his stare firmly glued to the floor.

Of course when somepony is traveling without looking forward, they tend to crush into things.

Like other ponies.

“Hey watch out big guy.” Said one of the guards who was slowly picking himself up from the floor, after a collision with huge dragonpony.

Said guard had the usual armor of the Luna’s Night Guard on him, his fur was a very bright shade of pink, while his mane was green. T couldn’t see his eyes as they were hidden behind a pair of shades.

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t look where I’m going.” T responded with his usual calm manner and offered him his claw.

“Figures.” With a help from T guard quickly raised to his hooves.

“Sorry I walked into you, I’ll be on my way.”

“Hey wait a minute big guy.”

T stopped and turned back towards the guard. “Yes?”

“There’s something bothering you isn’t there? It’s written all over your muzzle.”

T sighed and sat down on his haunches. “Yeah, I’m looking for Nidra, I mean Princess Nidra but I can’t find her anywhere.”

“Oh that’s the problem? Princess Nidra is in royal gardens.”

T’s ears perked up as he raised his head in order to look directly towards the guard. “What did you say?”

“Princess Nidra is in the royal gardens, what you can’t hear me from this height big guy?”

Suddenly a huge smile grew on Turquoise’s muzzle, he stood up and embraced the guard in the tight hug. “Thank you, thank you!”

“Time out! Time out! I can feel my ribs pierce into my lungs!”

T led go off the guard and with a small blush on his muzzle he started to trot towards his new destination, all the while screaming “Thank you.” Towards the guard.

“Pheew, he didn’t change at all.” Soldier said to himself and smiled as he slowly faded away.


Nidra laid down on the soft grass hidden behind the tree she called Anthea’s Oak, this was the place where over sixty years ago she and her best friend Annie planted this tree as the sign of their everlasting friendship.

But not she was gone.

Annie’s death happened many years ago, and if somepony would ask then Nidra would say that she moved on already, which was far from truth.

Throughout her whole life she haven’t met anypony else who would understand her like Annie did.

This sorrow that she hold dear to in her heart was the reason she avoided T in recent days.

She started that when she noticed Turquoise spending more and more time with her, it didn’t take long for her old feelings to burst through making her feel love for him once again.

And she hated herself for it.

Annie and T were in love for as long as she could remember, they were married practically through their whole life, Anthea made Turquoise happy, how could Nidra even consider being with T now.

On the other hoof, she couldn’t stop her feelings from emerging, she knew very well that spending time with T will only make things worse.

So she kept hiding from him, she felt like a coward, but at the same time she didn’t know any other solution.

“Beautiful night we have, am I right?”

Nidra’s ears perked up as her train of thoughts was stopped by somepony’s voice, she raised her head from her hooves and look around until her gaze landed on one of the guards, standing next to Anthea’s Oak.

“That’s a pretty big tree.” Said the guard, his fur was a very bright shade of pink, his short mane had the color of young leaves and his eyes were covered by a pair of sunglasses.

“Yes it is, why did you come here, does my mother need me?”

“What? Oh no, I just saw you laying here lonely, I thought maybe you need some company? You know somepony you could talk to about your problems?”

Nidra frowned “I don’t have any problems, and even if I had a lowly guard like you wouldn’t be able to help me.”

Guard’s muzzle distorted in fake pain “Ouch, that’s harsh, so you can call me Pan, and lie as much as you want, there’s something big bothering you and it’s written all over you!” He said cheerfully.

Nidra was taken aback and didn’t know how to react at first, she lowered her gaze to the ground.

“If you ask me, there’s nopony better to talk about your problems than me! Nopony knows me, I won’t tell anyone about your secrets, even if I did nopony would believe me.”

Princess of Slumber sighed with defeat. “Fine.”

Pan smiled and sat down on his haunches next to Nidra.

“So what’s the problem?”

Nidra frowned still not being fully comfortable about telling everything to some random pony who came out of nowhere. “Long story short, I had two friends, a mare and a stallion.”

“I was in love with that stallion, but he loved said mare, at first I was jealous, I tried many things to take him from her, to the point when I actually stopped the wedding ceremony with magic.”

“Interesting.” Pan commented.

“But then, few things happened and ultimately that mare and I, became best friends. Not just any best friends, she was like a sister to me, but…”

Nidra sighed and felt her eyes tear up. “Time is a cruel tool.”

Pan nodded.

“That mare, died out of old age, but not me, nor the stallion. We were cursed by the longevity.”

“Is that all?”

“No, what am I supposed to do, if my feelings for him were ignited once more? I couldn’t possibly take him from her, now that she’s gone and not hate myself.”

“But I can’t help it, I still love him, and it’s killing me.” Nidra said and as she finally couldn’t hold it in, she let her tears flow from her eyes.

Pan watched Princess cry in front of him with a stoic expression, he scratched his head and finally said. “This mare must have been a real bitch then.”

Nidra’s eyes snapped open and were filled with rage, in a second she jumped onto the guard and tackled him to the ground, using as much strength as possible.

“How dare you speak like that about Annie?! She was the most generous, the most helpful and most beautiful pony I have ever known, she would always think about other ponies and help them in need, if you will dare to say that again I’ll personally rip off your tongue and strangle you with it!”

“Q-Question.” Pan said trying to breath in some air, being under iron hooves of the Princess.

“I-If she really was like that, then wouldn’t she want y-you to take care of that stallion?”

Nidra’s rage started to descend slowly, and so did the pressure she exerted on his chest with her hooves.


Pan who was finally able to take a big breath smiled once again. “I said, if this Anthea really was a sister to you, and she always wanted to help others, do you really think she would like to see you drenched in sorrow like that?”

Nidra stepped off him as her mind started to flash memories of her and Anthea before her eyes.

She saw herself and Annie having fun with Fluttershy’s animals, she saw her birthday when Anthea bought her a necklace in a shape of broken heart, while Nidra gave Annie the same Necklace with the other half of the heart later that day.

But then she finally saw a memory that she has long forgotten, it was one of her first meetings with Annie after they became best friends, and during that meeting Anthea told her something she forgot.

”If for some reason I won’t ever be able to take care of T, can you please promise me that you will?”

Nidra started to tear up again. “P-Pan I…” Princess of Slumber looked around but the guard was gone.

“Nidra! Hey Nidra!” Her ears perked up again but this time she recognized the voice calling her, she wiped her tears and turned towards him.

“Hey T.”

“I finally found you, pheew, I wish you wouldn’t avoid me like that, I don’t like running. And I ran all the way through the castle, cause I was afraid you’ll be gone before I get here.”

Nidra chuckled, a sight that truly brought a warm feeling to T’s chest.

“Hey T, maybe you want to, hang out sometimes?”

Turquoise was a bit surprised by her sudden offer, after this whole hiding from him thing, but soon he smiled and nodded. “With pleasure Princess.”


“With pleasure Princess? Oh T that’s so corny.” Pan commented and smiled as he looked down at his friends.

“You did a good job.”

“Thanks Prism.”

“I’m sure nopony would do that better, ain’t I right?” Starburst asked and as she expected everypony agreed with her.

“Well that was fun.” Candy commented.

“But we better get going.” Del added.

“Yeah, we better do.” Pan said.

Red June smiled and nodded. “Lets go, Annie.”

Pan smiled for the last time and took of his sunglasses, revealing the eyes of a blind pony as he started to fade into nothingness. “Yeah, lets.”