One Mistake Was All It Took

by Seth Typofather

First published

After the accident at her latest and final magic show, Trixie has to now find a new way to spread her talents.

Since deciding to try her hoof at performing for the residents of Saddlearabia at the insistence of her new friend, Twilight Sparkle, after the alicorn amulet incident she figured it would be a walk in the park. To woo the crowd before her, the Great and Powerful Trixie attempted something so magnificent and so dangerous. Something she would regret for the rest of her life, or would she?

Rated teen for language and slight violence.

Credit to fongsaunder for the cover art.


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Sitting at the vanity before her, a levitated mascara bottle waving slowly at her eyelashes until they were perfectly curled. The Great and Powerful Trixie glared at her reflection, which glared back with the same amount of contempt she had for herself at what she had done with a certain amulet. Taking a deep calming breath she lowered the bottle of mascara, sparking her horn a small magenta firework flew up and exploded with a small yet sudden ‘pop’ to keep in practise.

“Still insure about this?” A voice behind her spoke along with a door closing.

Nodding slowly, Trixie placed her magician hat upon her head. “Trixie- Uhm, I just doesn’t know if this is such a good idea, everypony hates me, I bet.” She mused, flicking the cape around her neck and closing it with a sapphire brooch.

Turning towards her guest she was met with her new friend, Twilight Sparkle who placed a reassuring hoof on the azure unicorn's shoulder. “I know it’s hard, but please give it a try, the crowd’s waiting for you. You do know how hard it was to find a stage for you in Saddlearabia of all places.” She chuckled.

Smiling a little more confidently Trixie puffed her chest and opened the door, heading out to the hall. This was it, her moment of truth to see if she still has what it takes to be the travelling magician she left home for. It took a lot of effort to get where she is today, and she’ll be damned if that moment will pass by and she did nothing to grasp the opportunity.

Stepping onto the stage, the red velvet curtains flung upon, a single spotlight shone upon Trixie. Back-pedalling slightly from all the collective stares she felt like this was a huge mistake after all, the crowd of ponies staring at her with high expectations. The exception being five mares waving in the crown mouthing ‘you can do it’. Grinning she took a deep breath. “Welcome one and all to Great and Powerful Trixie!” The azure unicorn called out, standing on her hind legs while her cape dramatically flowed with her horn sparkling multiple times. Six magenta balls flew to the sky which flew over the crowd, bursting into confetti and streamers.

The crowd stared upwards in wonder at how she had managed to do such a thing.

Clearing her throat Trixie thought they needed something bigger, so she hunched forth and shone her horn, waving it until the lights shut off until only her horn’s glow remained in the dark. Two magenta strings shot up and into the ceiling, accompanied by music they began threading themselves together in an intricate dance. Before long they formed a lovely spider’s web, dewdrops and all. Straining herself even further, Trixie focussed her magic into forming the outline of a spider resting on the web. Pleased with the design, the azure unicorn began to move the spider around and used it to 'spin' other designs, getting a few ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ in the crowd.

Narrowing her eyes at her creation something stuck out, an imperfection! The spider had only six legs not eight! The image began to twist and contort. Realising her mistake, Trixie quickly refocussed her magic. In an act of desperation she pretended to shift it into a bird on a branch singing with a few magenta coloured music notes flying out it’s mouth, a flute accompanying it to match a bird’s song. Needless to say the got a smile from Fluttershy who stomped her hooves in an act of individual applause to which her friends followed in support, which was then followed by the crowd. Getting rather excited with the applause, Trixie got a little too giddy and paid no attention to where she was trotting and tripped over her own cape, dissipating the image.

The spotlight turned back on to reveal to Trixie wiping her cheek while muttering under her breath, funny how easily she can get up after falling. Must be a force of habit by now after all the failed smoke escapes. "Do not fear, Trixie is fine!" She reassured her audience. "Do you all wish for a taste of my magical brilliance before the interlude, a taste of what's to come in the finale?"

A collection of cheers answered her question.

“Then you shall have it!” She bellowed, her horn glowing intensely. “You shall have all of the Great and Powerful Trixie’s secrets in one great and powerful burst!”

A ball of magenta energy formed on the tip of her horn, growing bigger with each passing second. “Trixie no!” Called out Twilight. “You can’t handle this much power yet, you still need more training to fully control it!” Her pleas fell of deaf ears as Trixie began laughing trough her gritted grin, the ball growing larger with a collection of colours swirling around in it.

She was not going to disappoint her audience, it was now or never. The sphere uncontrollably twisted and expanded until the outer barrier began to bubble and release streaks of light. A bright light enveloped the entire theatre followed by a large rumble, the sound reminiscent of a volcano spewing its contents emanated throughout the sandy city.

Laying on the floor with her hat covering her head, Trixie groaned in pain as the previously booing crowd stared on in horror. “Are you…excited?!” She stood while panting, her hat falling to the ground with a thump.

“Sweet Celestia! Sompony get her to the hospital NOW!” Shrieked Twilight, galloping towards Trixie.

“What are you talking about? This went off without a hitch!” Gloated the azure unicorn, placing a hoof to her chest in pride. “The Great and Power-“ She felt something sticky and warm streak down her face, it felt like caramel but looser. Rolling her eyes with a snort at the thought of a tomato being thrown at her by an unsatisfied audience member, she wiped it off her forehead, yet it felt incredibly painful to touch.

Flinching slightly she brought her hoof back down to see her hoof covered in blood. Freezing on the spot she frantically looked around with her eyes for a mirror in sight, only to be met with the shocked and cringing faces of her audience. Hesitantly, Trixie waved her hoof over her forehead. She felt nothing meet her hoof, it passed through as if nothing was there to begin with. Turning slowly she caught a glimpse of the remains of what was her horn scattered around her, in fragments.

All faded to black as she slumped to the floor in a heap out of shock, catching a glimpse of Twilight galloping towards her.


Sitting up suddenly in a cold sweat, Trixie felt herself back in her bed inside the traveling stable. Sighing with relief she slumped back onto the soft cushions. “Just a stupid nightmare.” She thought aloud. Yawning she opened the curtains to see the starry night above, it was always nice to see something so simple as glowing dots yet they create such beautiful constellations, especially being so far from home.

Her reflection told an entirely different story.

A bandage was wrapped around her head, covering what was her horn. Speechless, she crawled away from the reflection in utter denial. “No!” She stammered. “This isn’t real, just another one of those stupid nightmares!” Trixie laughed. “Yeah! Another one of those nightmares!” She laughed much more maniacally while in denial.

The door flung open. “Trixie! Thank goodness you’re awake…” A familiar lavender unicorn entered, sitting down near the still laughing Trixie. “Look, this is no dream. Your horn was destroyed in the explosion you nearly succeeded in turning into a magic act, I’m sorry.” She held out a small bag, full of the fragments. “You’re lucky to be alive…you were out cold for two days.”

Glaring at the bag, Trixie gripped it with her teeth and threw it with all her might. “LIER!” She screamed, lunging herself at Twilight and pinning down the terrified mare. “Don’t you lie to me! This is your illusion magic isn’t it?! Give back my horn!” Trixie sniffed slightly, the reality catching up her her. “Give back my horn…” She sobbed.

“There there.” Twilight pulled herself out of the pin to give a reassuring hug. “It’ll be fine.”

“It won’t! Without a horn my talent is useless, I’m useless…”

Chapter 1

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Following closely behind Twilight, Trixie felt shivers up her spine while inside the Everfree. “Are you sure this is a good idea…? Trixie- I mean, I hate forests…”

“For the five hundredth and sixty seventh time, yes.” Groaned Twilight. “She’s your best bet at using your talents for something other than magic, though it does have magical elements.”

Trixie stopped to blink a few times at the response, had she been keeping count all this time? Then again this lavender unicorn always had a tendency to stare at minuscule details for hours on end. In the distance was a hut, exhuming green smoke from the windows. On the various tree branches hung bottles, possibly remedies or to keep the monsters away. Knocking on the door, Twilight turned to wave her friend over who stepped back in response, clearly terrified of the place.

“Come in, pardon my not meeting you at the door, Twilight Sparkle. This remedy I am brewing must have full attention or its effect shall be null.” Called out a voice in the hut.

Waving Trixie over once more the azure unicorn stepped back onto a twig which snapped, causing her to yelp loudly and within seconds clinging to Twilight with a terrified expression. “Scared?”

“N-No! The Great and Powerful Trixie knows no fear!” She gloated, putting on her bravest face.

“In that case, can you get off my back? It’s not exactly easy going into a door when you can hurt your head on the door frame.” Laughed Twilight.

Blushing in embarrassment, Trixie hopped off, circling her hoof in the dirt. “I’m not sure I can even do this, you of all ponies should know I’m horrible and uncoordinated when it comes to learning.”

Twilight smiled, shaking her head. “That’s why I found you the best teacher in the non unicorn arcane arts of potion making and alchemy.” She opened the door. Inside was Zecora in her cloak, tossing in ingredients to a large cauldron which bubbled, grabbing her staff she plunged the end of it it to churn the mixture until it was the perfect colour.

“Good afternoon, is this my new student? Hopefully to her my books are fluent.” She asked, keeping her eyes on the mixture.

“Yup, I hope you won’t mind cutting down on the rhyming though.” The lavender unicorn looked over to see Trixie poking a mask with a hairy mane, sneezing once a hair flicked into her muzzle and began vinously wiping her muzzle as if slime from the mask had splattered onto her. “She’s kinda slow.”

Zecora stopped mixing, the mixture bubbling intensely with a red glow. Trixie and Twilight both attempted hiding behind each other as Zecora slowly turned her head towards them, her eyes glowing a piercing yellow under her hood. The mixture bubbled even more intensely before bursting into a butterfly shaped cloud. “…Very well…if she is as slow as you say I shall make an exception this day.”

Sighing with relief, both mares slid to the ground on their flanks. “Thanks..” Stuttered Twilight. “I’ll leave you to it, send me a letter if it doesn’t work out.”

“What do you mean by slo- No! Don’t leave me alone here!” Panicked the azure unicorn, locking to Twilight’s hind legs in a vice grip with her forelegs. “There might still be that Ursa Minor in the woods!”

“You’ll be fine, this area of the Everfree is..well, free from monsters and mythical creatures.” She clears her throat. “Save for a few Timberwolf packs.” Twilight levitated Trixie until she stood on all fours again, levitating the bag of horn fragments over to her. “Trust me, Zecora’s the best around when it comes to this sort of thing.”

Once the door closed Trixie felt the looming shadow upon her back, turning around she was met face to face with the shaman herself. “So, you wish to find new powers? Secrets within the arcane arts that are secret even to the alicorns?” Zecora circled the unicorn like a lion stalking it’s prey. “As much as I am sorry to hear for your loss, I will not hold back on the brutality my lessons involve.” She sounded even more terrifying without the rhymes, sinister even.

“Y-Yes… Yes! The Great and Powerful Trixie wishes to learn your secrets!”

“Good.” Smiled Zecora, lightening her tone and flicking off her hood to show a mohawk styled striped mane and golden hoop earrings with five neck rings made of gold lining her neck. It was anypony’s guess to how she had not collapsed from exhaustion from the collective weight of her jewellery. “You’re training begins next morning.” She flatly stated.

“Tomorrow?!” Whined Trixie, stomping her hoof. “I did not come all this way just to wait longer!” This earned her a glare from Zecora, who sighed.

“It can’t be helped I suppose,” She trotted over to a bookshelf and threw a few across the room, landing in a perfect pile on the desk parallel. “Read all these, unless you wish to oppose?”

“I thought you weren’t gonna rhyme…”

“…Read all these books….” The shaman deadpanned with a twitch in her eye, it took all her might to not speak in rhyme. “I’ll let you know when dinner is ready.” She kicked a stool with one hind leg that sent it sliding to the table then leaving through the door to gather materials.

Groaning in annoyance the azure unicorn might as well pass the time, the forest terrified her to the core and there was no way to use magic to entertain herself. Placing herself on the creaking hoof made stool, she picked out the top book from the pile while rolling her eyes at her new teacher’s order. “Rules of Alchemy.” She read aloud, skimming through the first page with a bored expression. Already she had gotten bored and was resting her head upon a hoof while using the other to turn the page over once she finished reading.

Six pages later…

“Place six ounces of rockodile scale on the alchemic transmuting table or circle section a. and seven pounds of rose petals, contained or simply placed parallel and you get a stone rose, a basic component in the following creations of page 193.” Trixie read aloud, staring at the diagrams with interest. One in particular marked out what the circle for combining what are considered basic components and how it would be made in a pinch, it required magic from the air around her. Quite refreshing, without a horn it was impossible for her until Zecora would decide to begin the training.

The words turned to sentences, the sentences turned to paragraphs and note taking and soon she had exhausted the supply the shaman gave her permission, or more so demanded her to read. Trixie’s stomach rumbled loudly, and Zecora had still not returned. It must have been hours since she had started reading. Staring up at the clock, only two hours and she had read through every book. She slightly recoiled at herself, she now felt more like Twilight than anything. Disturbing thoughts aside, the azure unicorn felt prideful for the first time since losing her horn. Wiping her brilliant silver mane away from her eyes she hunched over to read through some of the books once more in case she missed anything.

An idea sprung into her head, maybe she could at least practise until Zecora came back. Picking up a piece of paper that contained a drawing of a transmutation circle she idly doodled from the book while reading, she stepped out into the afternoon of the Everfree forest. Observing the patterns in the level one circle she used a stick to draw a slightly larger version in the dirt. Satisfied with her work, she looked around for any materials that isn’t Zecora’s stuff or rooted to the ground.

Seeing a flower, Trixie thought she might as well use that. Heading over to the flower she hit a stone with her hoof, sending her stumbling towards the circle. Holding out her forelegs just in time she stopped herself from performing a pratfall to the nature around her, as soon as her hooves made contact with the circle it dissipated into the dirt with smoke leaving the circle pattern. Must have been a dud.

As if by magic the ground below her shook, causing tree roots to grow rapidly from the ground and link together around her, forming a cage. Petrified by the reaction she received from just a circle with markings in the ground, the cage being the second of her worries. “Oh, I can do it…I can do it!” Trixie shouted in triumph. “…Now how the heck do I get out?” She poked the roots, they stood their ground figuratively and literally. She attempted ripping the roots away, all they did was stiffen in place. “Open for the Great and Powerful Trixie, nature!” Trixie began bashing her full body against the roots like a mad bull. “Open…the…damn…way!” She growled with each ram against the linked roots.

“I see you could not resist trying without training.” Zecora chuckled, passing by with a bag full of groceries. “Though I am impressed, when I first started all I could make were rusty kettles that only would boil nettles.”

“Getting a little desperate with the rhyming…?” Sighed Trixie, resting against the roots.

“I kid not.” Zecora replied, knocking the root cage with a foreleg which caused it to writhe and retract into the ground, Trixie completed her pratfall into the ground. “Shall we?”

Trixie laid there gawking at the amount of power the zebra had for not being a unicorn. “Screw what I said this morning…totally going to be worth it to be better at something than Twilight for once.” The azure unicorn spoke quietly to herself. “Uh, coming!” She called out, entering the hut as the sun fully faded into horizon.

Chapter 2

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Snoring on a hammock Trixie snuggled up in the blanket that was wrapped around her, the blanket protecting her from the itchiness of the hammock.

“Wake up.” Zecora commanded sternly, nudging Trixie.

Rolling over the azure unicorn glared at the perpetrator with sleepy eyes. “It’s not even morning…” She groaned to Zecora who looked as awake as can be despite it still being dark outside.

“The first light me counts as morning, now get up and we shall begin your training.” Zecora commanded again.

“Five more hours…” With that, Trixie turned over and snuggled into the blanket.

Rolling her eyes, the shaman placed a hoof on the side of the hammock and spun it, sending Trixie flying out onto the floor with the blanket unraveling as she tumbled across the room. “I’m up, I’m up!”

“Good.” Smiled Zecora. “Now eat up your breakfast quickly, we have a lot to go through this day.”

Obeying without question, Trixie bit down on the grass sandwich set out for her on the desk she previously read her books. Every time she chewed her head stung, the wound had still not healed, but what hurt more was her pride than anything else. Magic was her life, if there was any glimmer of hope to regain that power once more, she would take it with the best of her ability. Picking up a cup with her hooves she reluctantly sipped it. “Eegh! What is this stuff?!” Spat Trixie.

“Tea.” Replied Zecora. “It helps relax the nerves.”

“More like poison them.”

“You have never rested for one minute in your life have you?” Asked the zebra, setting up a few things.

Now that she had thought about it, with the stress of being a slandered travelling performer, living up to her parent’s expectations as well has having to lose her horn which only added to it all. Not once had she had a good nights sleep since becoming part of the family business. Her family was a long line of travelling performers which descended from unicorn Gypsies and not one of her relatives can she remember being lax about their work or simply having fun. No, it was all business and it was for the sake of tradition. She was the first Lulamoon in centuries to have broken the cycle of travelling performers. Her father must have received a letter regarding her incident and is probably on his way to Ponyville right now. Heck, he might bring the whole family to disown her.

A second cup of tea was held out, Trixie eyed it carefully. “Do not be afraid, just try it.” Zecora reassured.

“Thanks…” Trixie smiled a little, taking the cup and sipping the tea. Tasted rather sweet. Taking a second sip she soon began drinking down the whole cup until she was wide awake from the natural sugars in the honey Zecora added to sweeten the taste. “So what’s first?”

“Potion making relates to alchemy quite a bit.” Zecora answered. “Math being one of them.”

“Math?!” Moaned Trixie, slumping her forelegs against her sides like a foal.

“Yes, math.” The shaman smirked, tossing down a box full of ingredients and a sheet of instructions. “Follow each direction exactly, if not we shall repeat this the next day.”

“How long…?”

“Until you get it right.” Replied Zecora, standing on her staff and eyeing her student carefully. “Now begin, for time is tight.”

It was amazing how she could easily balance herself on such a stick that would most surely snap under an uncoordinated pony’s weight. Unrolling the sheet to get a clear view, Trixie read the ingredients through with numbers depicting their mathematical weight and how much to add. Rummaging through the box she brought out the first ingredient, raw magic ore, a base material for potion making to be infused into items.

Tapping the flask she placed a piece of ore into the empty test tube, earning her a smack on her back with the staff. “Ow! Hey!” She turned to glare daggers at Zecora who was still standing on the staff in a mediative pose. “How did you-? What…how…wha-…”

“Hm? Did you measure their mass and weight on the scales?” Asked Zecora, as if nothing had happened, with an open eye.

Sitting on the other side of the equipment were scales, grumbling at herself for missing such an important detail, Trixie shook the test tube until the piece landed on the scales. Looking at the sheet again then the measurements, the azure unicorn nodded then placed the ore into the test tube once again. The next ingredient on the list was a quarter of a litre of manticorn venom, gently dripped. Now how in the world does gently dripping non volatile venom of all things require drops when it requires a quarter of a litre?

Ignoring the drip instruction, Trixie simply pours the amount in the tube. The test tube, as a result, shook violently before the mixture released a noxious fume that stung her eyes. “It burns!” Shrieked the azure unicorn as she ran circles around the table. “How does this even happen!? It wasn’t even volatile!” She continued scream, tossing herself out the window and into a pond.

Zecora rested against the window frame, staring down with an amused smile. “If you are quite done disturbing my Koi, student, try and repeat but remain prudent.”

Spitting out water with a matted mane against her face, Trixie grumbled as she parted her wet mane to glare at the zebra who was still smiling. If the azure unicorn could make up a word for this felt, she would. The most she can call that smile is pleasantly annoying. The kind of smile that says that you screwed up, but can learn from it.


“Alright, so we gotta send this message to her parents?” Asked a small purple dragon, holding a paper and quill. “You know they’re ‘travelling’ performers? I can’t pinpoint their location and I dunno where they are to magic breath them a letter.” He threw his arms up.

“That won’t be necessary, I’ll have Ditzy Doo deliver it to their next gig. Which so happens to be here in a few days!” Replied Twilight, levitating the letter from her assistant’s grip and into an envelope addressed to the Luluamoon performers. “I hope they’ll at least be supportive as me and my friends were..”

“Why? It’s not like witchcraft is any different from unicorn magic.” Pointed out Spike, hopping onto a stool, swinging his stubby legs.

Tapping her chin with a hoof, Twilight had to admit he had a point. But one thing set unicorn magic from witchcraft. “Well you see, unicorn magic is something that comes from one’s self. Alchemy and potion making is magic taken from nature to implement into one’s power, a barbaric form of magic that has a negative reputation over the ages. Why do you think Zecora has a higher level of magical concentration despite the fact she has no horn?”

“Magical wha?”

The lavender unicorn rolled her eyes. “Nevermind.” She chuckled, holding out the letter to Spike. "Just deliver this to the mail office, please. And here's some bits for some of those sapphire cupcakes you like."

"Score!" Fist pumped Spike, sprinting out the door.


Hours have passed since Trixie had to redo the assignment for the hundredth and sixty fifth time. One concoction briefly muting her after a dash of poison joke into the mix, it at least gave Zecora some quiet time to meditate.

“Ruby dust, a quarter of an iron ingot, three gold nuggets and set the bunsen burner to oxygenated mode.” Yawned the azure unicorn, her head slamming against the table for a quick snooze. “Then let it burn for twenty minutes…” She finished.

“Go rest a while.” Spoke Zecora, resting on the staff with her head.

“Thanks…” Yawned Trixie, setting the timer on the table for twenty minutes. Lugging herself off the desk she dragged her hooves at a snails pace, slumping on her hammock.

Opening one eye to make sure her student was asleep, the shaman slunk down off her staff with the finesse of an olympic gymnast. This was not meant to take this long at all, unless somepony was truly stupid enough. Eyeing the sheet she had given Trixie to work with, she noticed an error. The sheet was double sided, one for higher grade potion making and one for first grade. And to her surprise, Trixie had chosen to do the professional level as apposed to the first grade she was meant to do. There was no way she would have missed the other side, judging by how the paper is curled like a scroll.

“Not so slow after all.” Smiled Zecora, tossing a blanket over the slumbering unicorn who snuggled into it. “You rest, I shall handle it for now until you awaken by the rooster’s call.”

Trixie replied with a deep snore, mumbling things in her sleep. “zzz…Witness the power of…zzz…” She drooled, turning over in the hammock.

A small box on a shelf shook slightly, glowing with a red aura. Zecora glared at the box, grabbing a talisman with her hoof and shaking it at the box, whispering incantations. “With the likes of you, she is now safe and incompatible. Your attempts now are most laughable.” The box stopped shaking, almost growling in defeat.

Chapter 3

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“Like earth ponies, pegasi and unicorns. The elements are balanced and one cannot live without the other, with various exceptions of course.”

Trixie rested her flank on the ground as Zecora was giving a demonstration on how elements work together, visibly bored. “Uhuh…” She idly muttered.

The shaman glared at her student for her lack of attention. “Your first lesson is to master earth into your alchemical knowledge.”

“And how exactly am I supposed to do that? Read about rocks?” Snorted Trixie.

Zecora smirked, pointing to a large boulder that had ropes wrapped around it and connected to reins and a saddle. “If you can pull this stone, you are ready for the next lesson.”

“Uh.” Trixie slowly stared up at the rock, it was large enough for the tip to go past the clearing. She turned back to point at the rock while giving a wide eyed stare at her teacher. “Me? Pull that?” She stammered.


“Without magic?”


“Without help?”

“That is the idea.”

Throwing up her forelegs in frustration, the azure unicorn attempted to find the words to describe how utterly absurd this is. “Why?” Was all she could croak out.

“Like a stone, you must be stoic, resistant and always stand your ground like nature!” Zecora exclaimed, grabbing the saddle with her teeth and pulling the boulder over with minimal effort. If it were not for the muscles keeping her jaw in place, Trixie’s jaw would be gone beyond the ground. “Can you remain stoic and stand your ground?” Sternly asked the shaman.

“Fuck that, how are you so strong?!” Shouted the azure unicorn, trying to not faint at the thought of putting her body under such physical stress.

“Put this on and try.” Reassured Zecora.

“What happens if I can’t?”

“Then we train.”

Reasonable enough at least, strapping the saddle to herself, Trixie broke into a headstrong gallop. Nothing all get in her way this time, nothing. The rope snapped into a straight line, pulling her back against the rock with a loud thump. Groaning in pain she looked up to see Zecora staring down at her.

“Training it is.”

Less than an hour later…

On all fours with her hind hooves stretched out, Trixie was doing pushups while weight in the form of stones were added to her back. Grunting with determination she pushed her forelegs to raise the frame of her body much to the shaman’s surprise. “More weight!” Trixie called out.

Obliging to her demand, another rock was piled on. Beads of sweat streamed down the azure unicorn, dripping on the thirsty ground like rain in a desert. Struggling to keep her balance, she fell flat with the rocks acting as a mountain on her back. “Did you honestly think that strength alone could overcome this task?” Zecora facehoofed, bucking the rocks off of Trixie’s back with ease.

“For the last few tries…yeah?” Weakly replied Trixie.

“Like you, nature has spirit, life. You can’t simply pander to one element by completely copying their characteristics, this is not the art of mystics. Ask nature to lend a hoof, unless your connection to it is aloof.”

Rolling her eyes with a groan, Trixie glared at one of the rocks. “Please be light for me.” She asked sincerely. Zecora burst into laughter, wiping a tear away from her eye. “What’s so funny?!”

“You’re speaking to something that can’t or won’t hear you.” Zecora deadpanned. “Observe.” She rested down with her hind legs outstretched. “Place those rocks upon my back.”

“Alright…” Trixie obeyed with a high level of uncertainty, placing rocks one by one upon her teacher’s back. Stopping a while to catch her breath she noticed not one falter in Zecora’s stance, not one tremble or flinch. Still…like a stone. Lugging another rock upon Zecora, a sick sense of curiosity grew in her mind. How many rocks will it take before she gets crushed?

Stone after stone, there was practically a mountain upon the shaman. Not a single movement since they started. “Get the idea?” She spoke for the first time in a while.

Trixie jumped back at her teacher’s sudden question. But she did get the idea, no movement. Be a stone to join stones, how? By simply remaining as still as possible by ignoring all outside stimuli.

“Well, I think I do.” She attempted to remove the rocks to place back into the pile, but one wrong move caused the entire pile to shudder and let off one stone which landed directly on the azure unicorn’s head, knocking her out.


Well well, weak aren’t you?” A voice spitefully mocked in the darkness.

“Who…are you…?” Trixie weakly asked, trying to stand in the void of her dreams.

I’m you, the real you.” A figure resembling Trixie with her horn stepped forward, red irises from a certain amulet around her neck.

“If you’re me, then who am I?”

You’re me.

“But then what would that make you?”

Look, you’re you. I’m you’re true self.

“But I am my true self.”

Ok you know what? Just shut up and listen. You’re becoming a disgrace to your title, our title. You’re taking pity from not only a zebra, but ‘HER’.

“Twilight?” The hornless of the two tilted her head.

The horned counterpart scoffed in disgust at the name. “Don’t you dare mention that name.

“Why? She’s my friend, she’s the only pony who even gave me the benefit of the doubt and bothered to help me.” Trixie justified, poking the amulet with a baneful glare. “And that pathetic trinket only ruined my life further after those stupid fanboys, Snips and Snails, summoned an Ursa Minor.”

Smirking with a red glow, a red aura gripped Trixie’s throat, bringing her closer to her own grinning face. “The only reason you got her pity was because of me, if you truly believe her to be a friend. And what if she’s only using you to make herself look better by making you practise this lower form of power? Either way, you need me to show your true potential.

“As if I’d need you!” A magenta glow encompassed her body, pushing the entity of spite away. “For once in my life, I feel like I have friends who care to help! And I will not have a failed fashion accessory ruin that for me!”

Her spiteful double grinned even wider. “So be it.” She turned away, glancing over her shoulder with the same chilling red eyed glare. “I will be in the usual place if you change your mind.” It disappeared with a haunting cackle.


A mobile stable, taking refuge among the edge of a large and for boding forest seemingly sat. It was large for its general appearance, but then again it was built for two. Ace Lulamoon of the Lulamoon travelling performers clan and his wife, Bright Flair, were the residents of such a home.

Ace had a modest appearance with a well kept moustache that curled upwards, a slicked back mane and short tail that had a striking colour of blond with a contrasting white for his coat. If he looked any more formal, ponies would mistaken him for an older Blueblood. Ace’s eyes are a deep green, which is shown in his magical aura when levitating notes around him. His cutie mark, as his name implies, is an ace playing card with a hypnotising eye in the centre.

“Nope, nope, nope. Flair? Have you seen our duo performance notes?” He called out to his wife.

Poking her head through the door, she shook her head. “I thought you had them, did we leave them at the last town?” Bright Flair replied, entering fully. Her features are where Trixie definitely gets her looks from, azure coat and silver mane and tail that complimented her violet eyes. Though the differences being her cutie mark and her overall appearance aside from her colour scheme were noticeable, unless one was a complete fool. Mane was definitely shorter in comparison to her long tail, giving her a tomboyish appearance. The cutie mark is a single light showing wooden panels of a stage, reflecting her talent for the stage and love of the spotlight.

“This never happened before, we might find them somewhere…” His ear flicked at has wife giggling at him. “What’s so funny?”

Flair broke into a fit of laughter, landing on her back and pointing with a hoof at his forehead. “Pff, hahaha! Oh sweet Celestia, I can’t take you seriously like this!” She cackled. “The paper’s on your horn, silly!”

Grunting with annoyance he rubbed the paper that was previously impaled on his horn until it came off, writing and late nights never mix too well for him. Or unicorns in general, for that matter. Surely enough they were the notes for their next gig, a secret crowd pleaser called ‘the spotlight carnival’ written in bold letters. “Where was this next performance again?”

“Ponyville, dear. The place where our darling daughter travelled to for her career? She sent us the letter, remember?”

Stroking his moustache, Ace recalled reading the letter and swelling his chest in pride that his daughter was going to follow the family tradition. “Now that you mention it, yep. Also is Ponyville the place where they supply stores with their apples?” His mouth watered at the thought of fresh apples. "Those sweet...juicy...delectable-"

Smacking the back of her husband’s head to free him from another food related trance, Flair sighed. “Yes, dear. The main branch, no pun intended, of the apple farms is located there.”

“Excellent!” He leaped out the stable, strapping himself to the saddle. “To Ponyville!” Ace exclaimed, blinded by the thought once more of apples. The things his wife must deal with in order to keep his high metabolism intact must be astounding, after all, his appetite is rather glutinous for his slender frame.

“Wait dear let me help yo- AAAHH.” She screamed, clinging onto the bed frame inside while the mobile stable sped off through the dirt track.

Chapter 4

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It’s been….hours now? She wasn’t sure, but she had held the same position since sunrise. It felt comforting for some odd reason, maybe it’s the feeling of being relied on to keep a tower up. The feeling of belonging maybe? One flinch and the whole thing would crumble, one wrong breath or a single solitary distraction and she would be crushed. The worst part is that the tower isn’t even completed yet, though the whole thing was practically touching the tip of the forest clearing judging from what she’s dealing with.

Zecora had been gone for a while now, sternly ordering Trixie to keep still. She sounded rather frantic, if Trixie remembers correctly.

Voices? At last, even if I couldn’t speak it would be nice to hear another sentient being.

“…and her body is completely fine?” A voice asked, Twilight’s, surprisingly distinctive now that she thought about it with the distracting gothic manestyle not in her face.

“That’s what I’ve been saying.” Replied another, Zecora. Again, very distinctive.

“She could barely lift something heaver than a door with her magic, so how’s this possible? You know I trust you, but even that I find hard to believe, even if you were the one who told me!” Shot back Twilight.

Gee, thanks.

Once the two mares passed through the bushes to the training area, Twilight’s jaw hung open like a broken gate. Trixie was in a still pushup position with her mane and furrowed brow shadowing her eyes which were closed in an act of intense focus. Not one movement since Zecora last left her there to get Twilight.

“How…?” The lavender unicorn approached, crouching under to get a look at Trixie’s face. “Since when did you become so strong…?”

I dunno, maybe you should ask the zebra.

“Trixie, you may remove the weight.” Commanded Zecora.

Finally! This was getting boring. Oh...ow ow ow this hurts when I move!

Raising her back with some difficulty, the rocks slid down her back and toppled onto a pile behind her. Stretching slightly, Trixie sat back on her haunches. “So,” She clicked her tongue. “Hard to believe?” She smirked at Twilight through pained breaths who shook her head in disbelief.


The moon was glowing radiantly in the night sky, the hut illuminated by a few lamps hung out the door. Zecora was outside tending to her koi pond while the two unicorns inside conversed about today.

“And you held up all those rocks?” Asked Twilight.

“Well, yeah. I dunno how, I just felt like I could do anything and that just happened, I guess.” Shrugged Trixie, taking a sip of herbal tea.

The lavender unicorn rested her forelegs on the table. “Trixie, this is serious. Nopony would suddenly be able to lift a pile of rocks without the years of training Zecora had been through. She was practically out of breath from simply explaining this all to me! What made you do this?”

Trixie sighed, pulling up the stool as if getting ready to tell a bedtime story. “After getting knocked out by a stray rock from Zecora’s pile, I had a dream…”


“I was talking to myself, well, kind of myself but crueler. She was wearing the alicorn amulet and went on about how I need it, I see no reason to wear it.”

Twilight nodded. “You’re right, you have no need to wear it.”

“But…” She looked up into Twilight’s eyes. “I don’t know if it’s right or not. It said the only reason I got your pity was because of it…”

“Pity?” Gasped Twilight, placing a hoof on her chest as if she had been hurt. “You know I’d never pity a friend like that! I saw good in you, and you just needed help getting pushed in the right direction.”

“And it said that you were trying to make yourself look better by making me practise a ‘lower form’ of power.” Added Trixie.

The lavender unicorn cocked her head to the side, arching an eyebrow at the box behind Trixie on the shelf. “It said that?”

Trixie nodded, solemnly staring at her hornless reflection in the tea.

Twilight got up and trotted over to Trixie, placing a reassuring hoof around her with a smile. “Don’t let it get you down, you know you have friends like me and Zecora backing you up. This is no lower form of magic. I had trouble with potion recipes myself.” She chuckled at the memories of her various potion failures, like a shrinking potion that gave her a huge head. “And here you are, being able to push through with trial and error alone, never giving up. I’d say what you’re doing is harder than my private studies, and from what I saw, you will make a great potion maker and alchemist in no time.”

“Thank you…you have no idea how much this means to me.” Replied Trixie with sincerity laced in her every word, sipping her tea again. Though that thankful expression did not last long and she became as crestfallen when she woke up to no horn. “Does Ponyville still hate me…?”

“Well…I won’t sugarcoat it. They still do. In fact, Mayor Mare had you officially banned from Ponyville…” Answered Twilight.

“Isn’t Zecora an official Ponyville resident now, making this place part of Ponyville? Meaning you would go so far to break the law for a friend, for someone like me?”

Twilight blushed, scratching her mane slightly. “Well, I do what I can. Anypony can make mistakes, it matters that you learn from them. I’m actually trying to get you unbanned though, so we don’t have to keep you in hiding.”

"And how did you get me here?" Asked Trixie

"Applejack disguised your mobile stable into an applecart to get you through the town without arousing suspicion." Giggled Twilight.

They both stared at each other for an awkward amount of time before bursting into laughter.

"I do not mean to intrude," Entered Zecora. "But my student has her training tomorrow. I apologise if this was too abrupt."

"It's fine, I understand. See you tomorrow, Trixie. I'll let you know when I manage to change Mayor Mare's mind." Said Twilight, leaving through the door as Trixie waved goodbye with a smile.

Chapter 5

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The town hall was a boring place, full of boring paperwork and boring secretaries. Compared to the rest of Ponyville, this place was on the verge of being Canterlot 2.0 with less events when the mayor was involved. As much as this place would bore anyone, she had no choice. After all, she did promise herself to get Trixie unbanned, and this meeting was not easy to get a hold of.

A pegasus left the room, holding out a piece of paper to Twilight. “From Mayor Mare.” He sternly spoke.

Taking the paper with her levitation spell, Twilight leaned into the letter to read it.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I will not be able to attend the meeting for business reasons. But I will answer your question. No. No I will not revoke my decision to ban her, she will never see the town at all as long as I am in charge. And before you make any assumptions, it’s not because I was placed in a bird cage and paraded across Ponyville while the citizens were forced to throw tomatoes at me.


I am only keeping my decision for the good of the town, we shall have no more discussion on the matter. Further question on the matter will result in harassment charges.

“Harassment?!” Exclaimed Twilight, standing up from the waiting room seats, which were ironically the only visually interesting thing to look at. “Why that…” She fumed.

Just as she was about to blast the office in, an idea struck her. She herself had caused a huge ruckus as well as her assistant, the ever faithful Spike. The Smartypants incident and Spike’s growth spurt, both should have been enough to ban them from Ponyville ten times over not only for property damage but causing a riot that could have ended far worse as a pandemic of the want it need it spell. Heck, Celestia needed to intervene. The other thing is, Ponyville was completely reliant on her to keep the peace with her friends. If she were to ban herself as an act of protest while Ponyville goes to chaos in her absence, Mayor Mare will think twice about her governmental choices.

Question was, where would she live until then? Oh well, more checklists to make!


More training, as usual. She had already mastered rocks from earth, maybe it was time to try something harder. “Hey, uh, Zecora?” Asked Trixie, holding up pile of rocks by her back. “Can we try something…harder?”

“Are you implying the rocks do not make you sweat anymore? That it has become more of a chore?” Replied the shaman, sitting on her staff.

“Well, yeah, I guess.”

“Then it should be best to continue your studies.” Smiled Zecora. “You may remove the weight.”

Stretching her forelegs the pile of rocks toppled over, landing in a small mound of rubble behind her. She did not question how she became this strong, but it did feel nice to have control over something of herself. “So, what’s the next element?”

“Well, water. But before we do, we must go through the states of matter. But I will show you instead and cut the chatter.” Explained Zecora, trotting to her hut. “Wait here.”

“Not like I’m going anywhere.” Joked Trixie in reply.

Minutes later Zecora came back with a block of ice, sliding it off her back onto the ground with a loud thud. It was the size of a small table, letting off freezing vapour as it sat there. “Try turning this into a puddle.”

“Uh, shouldn’t I learn fire for that?”

“That’s the lazy way of doing so. Just control the prime elements, and then in your hooves it shall be like dough.” Explained the shaman, scraping a circle on the top with the tip of her hoof. Using her other she placed it on the circle, the air around the block of ice heated until the ice simply turned into a block of water after a glow. The water splashed into the indent of the ice as a puddle. “Can you explain what water is made of?”

“Er…” Trixie scratched her mane, trying to remember what she read in the science books. Something about liquified air? “Is it melted air?”

“…What…?” Zecora stared at Trixie as if she had three heads. “How did you even-. No, no it is not.”

“Oh…” Well, the first step is always a stumble.

“It is made of atoms, and the process of which you create ice, water and vapour is by rearranging their structure. Oxygen and hydrogen.” She placed a hoof in the puddle, marking a circle in the dirt inside before placing her hoof on it. The water bubbled intensely until it turned to a scalding steam which rose into the air, creating a small cloud that floated between the two mares. “Try turning this back to ice by copying this circle.” She held out a piece of paper to Trixie.

Taking the paper to look at the circle marked into it, a simple circle with symbols drawn around the triangle inside it. No problem, if she could doodle a circle which got her caught in a cage of roots, this was nothing. Poking the cloud with a hoof, it felt more solid than a normal cloud, probably due to the atoms being tightly compacted. Trailing her hoof along the surface Trixie tried to copy the circle, down to the exact shape of the symbol.

The cloud grew slightly and blackened into a storm cloud, releasing lightning into the ground that left a scorch mark while Trixie yelped and leapt back to not get shocked. Trying again though she carefully marked the circle while her fur, tail and mane stood on end from the electric charge. With the circle marked she slammed her hoof into it, thankfully this time it seemed to work.

Ice started streaking across the cloud, enveloping the entire thing. One mistake however, was that the azure unicorn had forgotten to move her hoof from the cloud she recklessly punched into. The end result instead of a successful block of ice, was a cloud shaped sculpture of ice that was on her hoof like a glove. Once gravity realised what its job was, the sculpture fell down, pulling Trixie along with it until it shattered in the intent in the ground. “Ow...“

Zecora trotted up the downed Trixie. “Not bad, needs a little work.” She chuckled. “Keep on trying, I must go for my grocery run.”

“You know, you’re getting more used to not speaking in rhyme.” Pointed out Trixie, shaking her hoof off while sitting on her haunches.

“You learn something new everyday.”


Sitting in her office, Mayor Mare stared angrily at the pile of letters from Twilight. Letters she read in and out but could not believe what they said, excuse Trixie. Like Tartarus she would, after that humiliating ordeal, she would make sure that if she came back she would write an appeal to make the death penalty legal again.

But it did seem odd to why Twilight of all ponies would want to get Trixie back here, maybe she had been hypnotised into obeying Trixie.

“The mail circulation is here, do you wish to inspect the incoming mail to the residents?” A stallion called out, interrupting her thoughts.

“Hm? Oh, no thank you.” Mayor Mare refused as usual, she saw no reason to check their mail ever since those new unicorns were hired to find obscene filly and colt pictures after that incident in Manehattan. Though, it did cross her mind if Twilight had written anything. “Actually, do you have any addressed from Twilight Sparkle?”

“Uh, yes. One letter assigned to a Mr. Lulamoon and Mrs. Flair.” He confirmed, holding out the letter with a hoof from the pile in his saddlebag.

Taking it without a second thought she opened the letter with her trusty letter opener and read through it. “Lost her horn?” She gasped. “No letter in here says she lost her horn…”

Mayor Mare pondered to why, it made more sense when she did think about it. Even though Trixie was a horrible spell caster, her magic would be trouble for the local authorities without a hinderance ring placed on the horn. Without her horn, she was utterly defenceless. That would mean that Trixie is hiding here in Ponyville.

Slamming her hooves on the table she glared at the stallion in the eyes. “Find Sketch Book and tell her to draw an artist’s impression of Trixie for a wanted poster, then get the printing press and the local paper to circulate it all around town.”

Shuddering from her glare he nodded and left as quickly as his hooves could take him.

“That criminal will not be around under my nose…”

“You’ve been doing a lot more under your husband’s…” Whispered the stallion to himself before closing the door.