The Sparkle Academy

by Blue Valentine

First published

There is a school out there in Equestria. Lets just say it has to do with magic... a certain kind of magic.

Twilight Sparkle runs a school called The Sparkle Academy. Ponies are taught certain things there, and sometimes its the exact opposite. If you can't take what Twilight expects, you will regret ever coming.

Chapter 1: There Stood the Princess

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There are schools all over Equestria. Some different than others. But theres one, hidden in the deepest parts of Equestria, which is like no other. It is called The Sparkle Academy.

"So you're Sunset Shimmer, eh?" said Trixie.
"Yeah. I was caught messing with the portals again, so my parents are sending me off to boarding school now."
"Oh, Im here because I want to get better at magic."

They were on a train going to Sparkle Academy. It was full of unicorns expecting to learn a lot about magic. After all, Twilight is the best at magic, and it is her school. When they finally arrived, they were lead into huge doors. When everypony was inside, she doors shut and locked behind them. Everypony looked up at Princess Twilight.

"Hello, everypony!" She said to all the unicorns.
"Welcome to my school of magic. At my school, you will be taught many things- as long as you do as you're told."

Then Twilight disappeared, and groups of unicorns were made. There were four groups, which rotated every quarter of the year.


"So what group are you in, Trix?" asked Sunset Shimmer.
"Actually, its called Dark Magic. I thought that wasn't allowed."
"Oh, cool. Im in a group called Hypnosis." Sunset said.
"I have to go to class, see you later."
"Bye Trix."

Trixie then went to her dark magic class. Twilight was there.

"Hello, everypony." she said.
"You are all here to learn the secrets of dark magic. First we'll go over some rules. You are not to use spells against each other at any time, unless you have been given permission to do so. Also, you may not tell anypony about what is being taught in this school. Understand?"
"Yes ma'am!"
"I need a volunteer. YOU, in the back!"

She was pointing to Trixie, so Trixie quickly walked to the front of the room, where Twilight was.


Twilight used her horn, and you could see her magenta glow, turn into black.

"When using dark magic, you can do things that normal unicorns cannot."

Twilight pointed her horn at Trixie, and Trixie fell to the floor. The class gasped.

"She's fine. She is just unconscious. Just concentrate your magic on some pony, look them in the eye, and they will fall unoncious if you are using dark magic. It goes the opposite way with normal magic."

Twilight used unicorn magic and Trixie woke up. The class applauded.

"You will all receive what is called an alicorn amulet."

Trixie stopped. She remembered how it took over her body last time and she almost ruined Equestria.

"Ma'am?" Trixie said.
"What, Trixie?" Twilight said, annoyed.
"Doesn't the alicorn amulet take over your body?"
"Trixie, Trixie, Trixie. You have to be ready, so you can use it properly."
"Oh, okay."

The classroom became empty except for Twilight.

"Poor, innocent, Trixie. When you're ready, you will help. You especially, will help. Indeed."

Chapter 2: Punishment

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"So what did you learn in class, Trix?"
"How to make somepony faint."
"No, not cool! It all seems so... weird. We're all getting a really dangerous item, and Ive experienced it before. It takes over your body."
"Trix, I know I didn't like Twilight, but she is the best at magic. You should trust her."
"Yeah... well what did you learn Sunset?"
"Its a secret... come close."

Trixie leaned in so that Sunset Shimmer could tell her.

"... We learned how to make a unicorn forget magic."

Trixie's mouth dropped open.

"Cool, right?"

Trixie didnt respond. She ran up to a random unicorn.

"What did you learn?"
"WHAT did you learn!?"
"Uh, we learned how to take away memory! Cool right!"

Trixie was beginning to think something. She ran back to Sunset Shimmer, but she was already in class. She needed to get out of this place. Tell somepony. She ran to the doors, but Twilights voice stopped her.

"Not so fast, Trixie."

Her heart stopped.

"Lets see how far you'll go, you little mule."
"ATTENTION EVERYPONY!" Twilight said, and everypony came and watched Trixie and Twilight. Including Sunset Shimmer.
"I have warned you once! Now, I'll show you what happens when you DONT follow the rules here at The Sparkle Academy!"

Twilight used her magic, and Trixie began to float up into the air. She was hovering above the ground now. Twilight's magenta aura turned black, like before. She made Trixie fall to the ground unconscious.

"She is now unconscious, and not aware what is happening."

Then Twilight pointed her horn at Trixie, and a beam came out of Trixie's horn, leading into Twilight's.

"Wh-where am I?"
"Oh Trixie. You're finally awake." said Twilight.
"You're still in my school. Don't think you can get out that easy."

Trixie was in what looked like a hospital bed.

She tried to use unicorn magic to lift the blanket off, but nothing happened. Trixie's eyes widened.

"Yup. Your magic is gone. Thats what happens when you don't follow the rules here."

Twilight then started to walk out the door.

"I still expect you in class, so hurry up." and she walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Trixie felt so weak. And so helpless. She tried listing things with magic, but just ending up with a head ache.

"AAHHHH!" she moaned and whined.

Her magic was gone.

Chapter 3: Forgotten

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Trixie didn't want any more punishment than she already had, so she hurried to her dark magic class.

"Everypony, this is Trixie. The now magicless unicorn." said Twilight.
"But not all hope is lost for you Trixie."

Trixie turned around.

"What do you mean?"
"When you where the alicorn amulet, you can use dark magic."

Trixie stopped. This was risky. If she put it on, Twilight could take her over, because she wouldn't have control. But, she has wore one before. Maybe if she was careful enough, she could learn to control it, all on her own. Trixie stepped forward and Twilight equipped the amulet around Trixie's neck. Her eyes turned red. Trixie turned to a table and used magic to slide out the chair. Trixie was scared, but so happy to have magic back. Twilight passed out amulets to the whole class, and everyponies eyes turned red. It looked like an army of dark magic... Then it hit her. Thats what Twilight was trying to do. Create a unicorn army. Trixie removed the amulet quickly.

I can do this. Im stronger now.

Trixie put the amulet back on, as her eyes turned red.

"You don't take these off, my students. Act as if they were part of you."

"YES, MA'AM." The class responded. They sounded like robots. Except for Trixie. She was controlling her power. But if she had it o for too long, she might become like the others. She had to stay strong.

Later, she saw Sunset Shimmer.

"Hi Sunset."
"Hello Trixie."
"Uh, Sunset? I just wanted to warn you about Twilight and this school-"
"You must trust Twilight. Twilight knows best. Twilight knows best. Twilight knows best."
"!?! Is that what you learned? Your hypnosis group?"

Then the whole hypnosis group crowded around Sunset Shimmer and repeated the phrase,

"Twilight knows best. Twilight knows best."

They, where hypnotized.

Then all of the dark magic unicorns were in a line behind Trixie, all red-eyed and robotic looking. The memory loss group was the only normal one. Twilight was probably saving them up for something later. Then, when the craziness stopped, Trixie was starting to think. What about the fourth group? She hadn't seen them, or even known what they learned. She wanted to find out. At the end of the mess hall, was a small, silver door. Trixie used magic, and teleported through it, careful not to set off an alarm or something. There was another door that was already cracked open. Slowly, Trixie peeked her head through the door. She couldn't believe what she saw. Each unicorn stood on a small table, while some ponies dressed in black suits and shades covered them in metal armor. But with each piece the pony put on, it would actually be connected to the unicorn's body. They were turning the unicorns into machines. And on each suit of armor, they equipped a hoof-held gun that seemed to never run out of bullets. She turned around, hoping to run away from this night mare, but instead, she ran into Twilight. This time, she was gonna get it.

"UNICORNS!" she shouted, when they got back to the mess hall.

One unicorn from the memory loss group came up to Princess Twilight and Trixie.

"I want you to cast a spell to make Trixie forget everything, including magic."

The unicorns aura started to glow. Then he cast the spell. But before it hit Trixie, Sunset Shimmer moved her out of the way and got hit by the beam.

"YOU IDIOT!" Yelled Twilight. She lifted Trixie and threw her against the wall. Both blood and tears fell from her face. There was pain and sadness, all in one place.

Chapter 4: Spike's Army

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When Trixie woke up, Sunset Shimmer was in front of her.

"Sunset! You're okay!"

Trixie got up to give her a hug, but Sunset Shimmer backed away.

"I purpose is not to give affection, it is to serve Princess Twilight on her mission."
"...You're... gone."
"I am standing in front of you."
"Wait. What mission?"
"I am not to tell you about Princess Twilight's plans until you have become part of her army."

Later, when Trixie was alone, she thought of a plan. She would do something called role playing. Since she can control her amulet's power, she would pretend she couldn't, and act like a 'soldier' or whatever they wanna call it. Trixie got up and accidentally bumped into one of the hypnosis ponies.

"Hey, its you! I need to make you one of us-"
"UMM, Twilight knows best, Twilight knows best, heheh?"
"Oh, you're already one of us. I apologize."

For the next few months, Trixie played along. It was like living in Tarturus. But she had to gain Twilight's trust. She did exactly that. Soon enough, Trixie had been through all four classes, and so did the other unicorns. She had mastered many types of magic, and was Twilights favorite student. Since everypony was supposed to be brainwashed by now, everypony had already been able to see the Unibots. (the machines that the unicorns were turned into).

One day Trixie walked up to Twilight.

"Master Twilight, may I speak?"
"Yes Trixie, of course."
"As a soldier I ask... who exactly are we planning to fight against?"

There was a pause.

"As you being my best student, I will tell you. I will tell you everything."
"I give you my gratitude Master."
"As you know, Spike has passed away many years ago. So has Fluttershy. They were my best friends. Somepony killed Spike while I was away. The same happened with Fluttershy. Everypony was mean to them, and treated them like they were nothing. NOTHING!... But they meant everything to me. Now, I will go after Everypony. They will know what it feels like to be smaller than the world around them. They will pay for everything they did. Every single one of those stupid ponies. The only ones I wish not to kill are those in the Crystal Empire, and my other best friends. Everpony else, will pay the price."

Then Twilight ran into a room, shutting the door behind her. Wow. Thats sad. But this whole army, and everypony dying, all because of two deaths? Twilights head must be pretty banged up.

Trixie noticed that there were four small buttons on Twilight's armor. It probably controlled all four groups. Suddenly Twilight came out of the room.

"I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT." Twilight shouted.
"Our army leaves tomorrow, to start our mission."


"Trixie and I will be leading you all."

Twilight wanted Trixie to lead the army of unicorns to kill all the ones she loved. And what the hay could she do about it.

Chapter 5: Trixie the Leader

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That day, Twilight lead Trixie into the room where she first saw the Unibots. Trixie was told to stand up on a table. She was scared that she was going to be turned into a robot.

"Uhh, Princess? Are you going to turn me into a robot?"
"No, silly. You're much too valuable. This is just special armor."

Trixie was relieved. When the armor was on, she looked in the mirror. It. Looked. Awesome. It had built in guns on the front legs. There was a piece of bullet-proof plastic that went over her face. And the best part- there were built in mechanical wings.

"Woah." said Trixie.
"I expect you to use these weapons well."

Twilight pushed a button Trixie's leg. Then, on each hoof, little machines came out.

"These are jet packs."

Later, everypony had to do training for tomorrows battle. Trixie didn't though, knowing she had the best armor and weapons. While there was a break time from the training, Trixie saw Sunset Shimmer.

"Hi, Sunset, hows your training?"

Sunset didn't respond. She couldn't hear her. Then Trixie noticed something. Sunset Shimmer's cutie mark.

"S-Sunset? What happened to your cutie mark?"
"Oh hello, Great Trixie, hasn't it always been like that?"

The cutie mark was just like Twilights, but on a shield. And it was completely silver. Trixie looked around the room. All the cutie marks looked exactly the same. Everypony was under Twilight's control. Or where they? Trixie had been given the best piece of equipment out of all the unicorns. She pretty much felt like a metal alicorn. Maybe she could take down Twilight, with some help at least. But how would she convince the others to go against their commander? Wait. Trixie was their commander too. She walked up to a random unicorn.

"Hello, unicorn."
"Hello Great Trixie."
"Dude, stop calling me that. Its annoying."
"Appoligies, Grea- Trixie."
"Yeah, yeah, whatever, come here."

The two metal-covered ponies walked over to a corner of the room.

"Hi." Trixie said.
"Say Hi, not hello."
"Appoligies, hi."
"Stop apologizing for everything, geez!"
"... hi"
"Thats more like it. I need you to start acting more... normal."
"I do not understand."
"I didn't think so."

Trixie's eyes turned red as she used the power of her alicorn amulet. After a moment of Trixie's magic, the unicorn said,

"I just gave you memories of your family and friends. That, was normal."
"They-They are ponies I remember."
"Whats your name?"
"...Umm. It was, it was, it was Sweater Vest."
"Okay, Ves, you are not a unibot. You are a unicorn."
"Yes.. I remember."
"Good. Now, I need you to help me."
"With what?"
"With... something."

She transported into her academy bedroom, and started to talk.

"Tomorrow, we are going to be told to kill innocent ponies, all over Equestria."
"!! Thats horrible!"
"Yes I know. We have to make sure that doesn't happen."

Trixie whispered into Ves's ear, and Ves nodded and left. Little by little, Trixie had told about half of the unicorns in the academy about her plan. That wasn't enough. Trixie spent all night telling everypony. At about 2:00 in the morning, Trixie decided to try and get some sleep. For what she was planning, she was gonna need it.

Chapter 6: Her Sacrificial Duty

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"EVERYPONY UP!" Twilight shouted across the school.

Quickly, everypony stomped into the main room, with all the armor on. They walked in sync. *left* *right* *left* *right*.


The crowd of unicorns were quiet.

"Umm, cheer!" Trixie mouthed to them.

Then they all cheered like they agreed.


For the first time in what felt like for ever, huge doors opened. Twilight flew out, and the troop followed. Trixie flew alongside Twilight with her mechanical wings.

"I'll take Ponyville, you can head to Manehattan." Twilight said.
"W-What!? We're going to split up?"

Oh no. This would ruin everything. If Trixie wasn't there to lead the ponies, how would she complete her plan?

"Uh. I think it would be best to do it all together."
"No, Trixie."
"NO! Go and "take Manehattan" just like Rarity, and do it fast! We only have all day!"

Trixie was hesitating to decide what to do. This was one of the most risky things she would ever do, but she had to. Trixie flew to the ground. Just like she had planned, Twilight followed, in confusion.

"Trixie! What are you-"

Suddenly Twilight was being surrounded by the unicorns. Twilight's confused facial expression slowly turned into a smirk.

"Huh. You unicorns think you can beat me? I thought I taught you better than to fight some pony like me with no leader at all, haha-"
"I," Trixie stood up tall and said,
"Am their leader."

Twilight's smirk just turned into a chuckle.

"Oh! It seems like The Great and Powerful Trixie wants to lose at yet another duel."
"You're wrong Twilight."
"Oh am I? You think you can win?"
"I don't know. But this won't be a duel. I have all these unicorns fighting beside me."
"Hmm. Well of course I'll lose to The Great and Cooperative Trixie eh?" She chuckled again.

Suddenly, Sweater Vest used her hoof-held gun and shot at Twilight's front leg, which was covered by a thin cape. Twilight turned and looked at Ves. She completely removed the cape, revealing a full suit of armor. Ves removed her helmet in shock.



Twilight shot Sweater Vest right in the head. The look of shock and fear struck Sweater Vest's face, as she collapsed.

"FOR VES!" Trixie shouted.
"FOR VES!" The unicorns repeated.

Then, Trixie flew high up into the sky, and all the unicorns charged at Twilight. Trixie heard gunshots coming from below. Trixie activated the jetpacks and soared downwards as fast as she could. She aimed herself directly at Twilight, head first. Trixie activated the protective system and slammed into Twilight. There was a huge bang. The remaining unicorns could see Trixie and Twilight lie on the ground. Twilight's hair was burned, and she looked- it wasn't describable. And Trixie? You couldn't even think.

Trixie woke up in a hospital bed. She moved.

"AH!" she yelped in pain. Trixie removed the blanket slowly. She gasped. Her hind legs were replaced with metal legs, exactly matching her armor. Half of her face was all materialized.

"Did.. did we win?" She asked.
"Twilight is in her library upstairs."

Trixie limped upstairs of the school. In the library was Sunset Shimmer and Twilight. Trixie activated her self-destruct system. She walked in.

"Trixie, what are you doing?!"
"Making justice and freeing the survivors of this little tartarus you own." She responded to Twilight.
"Trixie, you would be killing me too! and yourself and your master!" Sunset said.
"I know.. and she's not my master."
"And Sunset, your life isn't worth living anymore."

Didn't let a single tear fall as everypony heard the loud boom. She had finally taken the life of Twilight. But also two people she cared about.

The Great and Powerful Trixie was happy.
The Great and Powerful Trixie was gone.