Princess Erroria Finds A Slowpoke

by pokefreak13

First published

Little Erroria was walking home one day when she hears an unusual cry coming from a well.

As Princess Erroria walked home from school that faithful day, she could hear a strange cry coming from a near by well. As she peered into the well, she saw an unusual pink creature.

"Don't worry, I'll save you." Princess Erroria stated.

Cover art by Jacob Bading

Into The Well

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Erroria was humming a happy tune as she headed home from school. She couldn't wait to get home so she could get the last of the cookie dough ice-cream. Usually her older brother got it, but since he's off to hoofball practice the ice-cream was hers for the taking.

"Hah, and then when he gets home I'll greet him with the empty jar of ice-cream! Then my big brother will finally know what's it like to always be last for everything!" the filly said triumphantly.

As she trotted by an old wishing well, a voice made Erroria stop in her tracks.

"Slllowpoooke." a dull voice called out.

"Hay, I am not a slowpoke!" Erroria called out while stomping her hoof into the cobblestone road, "If anything you're the slowpoke!"


The little alicorn scanned her surroundings for the voice, however all she saw was a couple of ponies shopping and some Pidoves looking for food.

Erroria scratched her head in confusion, but continued to walk off.

"SLOW!" the dull voice barked.

Getting annoyed, Erroria stomped back to where the well was and looked around angrily.

"Will ya just show yourself?!" she pleaded, "I promise I won't yell at you and call you a slowpoke."


She could hear sniffing coming from the old wishing well. As the filly neared it, she could hear the sniffing grow louder and louder. Curious, Erroria peered into the well and gasped at what she saw.

There was a pink creature with derpy eyes, stubby legs, a cream colored snout, and little white teeth sticking out of it's closed mouth. It had a bruise on it's side and a couple of cuts and scrapes, probably due to the fall.

"Slowpoke." the creature sniffed.

"No way, a Slowpoke!" Erroria gasped in excitement, "Don't worry, I'll save you!"

Quickly, the alicorn spread her cream colored wings and glided down into the well. Once her hooves touched the slippery floor, she was instantly greeted by what some would call a hug by Slowpoke.

"Awe, you're so adorable!" the filly squealed.

The pink creature gave a toothy grin and slowly looked up. Erroria followed it's gaze and smiled.

"Right, hang on tight." the alicorn exclaimed while grabbing the Slowpoke with her legs. Then she began to flap her wings. However, because of the weight, she could only make it a couple of inches before falling onto the slippery ground.

"Ugh, this isn't working!" the filly complained as she and Slowpoke hit the damp ground for a third time.

"Slow." the creature agreed.

Erroria scratched her chin and frowned. What to do, what to do? I could ask somepony else to help, but what if they take Slowpoke away? Ugh, if only I knew how to use a teleportation or levitation spell! Why do I have to be so stu-

However, the sound of gushing water brought her back to reality before she could call herself a mean word. When the filly turned her head, the alicorn saw Slowpoke blasting out water from it's mouth to keep it's coat moist.

"That's it!" Erroria shouted, startling the pink creature, "You'll use water gun on the ground to launch us up. Then I'll fly us the rest of the way!" the filly explained.

So Erroria grabbed hold of Slowpoke's waist and flew three inches from the ground. Then Slowpoke unleashed a torrent of water onto the ground, causing the two to climb higher and higher out of the well. When Slowpoke ran out of water, the filly flapped her wings hard.

As the filly flew them higher and higher, the more tired she felt.

"Just...six more in-inches." Erroria gasped.

"Slowpoke?" the pokemon called out in concern.

"I'm fffffine." the filly replied, "Just f-four more inches."

As the two neared the top of the well, a serge of adrenaline flowed through little Erroria's wings. So once they flew out of the well, the filly dropped Slowpoke onto the cobblestone ground and collapsed right next to it in a tired heap.

"We d-did it." the filly whispered before exhaustion washed over her and she blacked out.

"Slow?" the creature asked in fear that his hero was dead. However, when he saw her stir, Slowpoke began to relax. Then, due to the sun's warmth, Slowpoke snuggled up to the filly and fell asleep. Smiling as he heard Erroria talk in her sleep about cookie dough ice-cream.

"Erroria, wake up."

The little alicorn moaned but opened her eyes and looked up at light pink unicorn with a purple mane and tail.

"Hi mom." the filly yawned, "You wouldn't believe what I just saved."

Erroria's mother smiled softly, "I think I have a pretty good idea."

The filly looked to her side and saw a Slowpoke snoring softly by her side.

"So, what are you going to do with it?" the unicorn questioned.

Erroria smiled slyly, "Well, we could always keep him."

The unicorn scratched her chin and frowned, "I don't know, we already have a pet goldfish..."

"Please mom! I promise that I'll take care of him!" the alicorn begged.

Erroria's mother smiled and patted her daughter on the head, "You only have one chance."

The filly squealed in delight and hugged her mother tightly, "Oh thank you!" she shouted happily.

"Now, let's get home. Your brother gets home in twenty minutes and-"

"TWENTY MINUTES!!" Erroria exclaimed, "I gotta go, come on Slowpoke!"

The pink pokemon awoke with a grunt of surprise as he felt himself being dragged.

"Slowpoke." he sighed.