Original(And Cancelled) Silent Protectors

by HonestAJ4President

First published

2 Delta Force Operators find themselves in the Everfree Forest. Instead of showing themselves to the ponies, they hide in the shadows stopping crime and being Ponyville's silent protectors.

New Author; Minibinaz
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2 Delta Force Operators, SFC David Grayson and Sgt Elliot Lee, find themselves in the Everfree Forest after a helicopter crashes. After a day of recon they decide to become Ponyville's silent protectors, only coming out at night, stopping the criminals and saving ponies. During the day they watch over the town with binoculars, hunt, fortify their base, and search the forest.
For weeks ponies have been reporting seeing 2 tall figures looking out over Ponyville from the Everfree, walking the streets at night and stopping criminals before leaving them outside the headquarters of the Ponyville Guard, unconscious and tied up. Tune your radio to a certain frequency and you may be able to hear chatter between 2 creatures.

Day 1

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Day 1
From the Perspective of Sergeant First Class David H. Grayson, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta(more commonly known as Delta Force)

I awoke on the ground in a clearing in a forest. I slowly got up and what just happened came flooding back to me. The Blackhawk, the RPG, being thrown out of the open door. I looked around and saw my equipment and another operator. I grabbed my rifle and checked it. Seeing nothing wrong I began searching my pouches. Ammo, compass, binoculars, grenades, radio, journal, pen, a suppressor and my IPod. I looked at my compass and it was going haywire, so I assumed that either we were above a large iron vein or magnetics didn't work here. I checked the other operator to see if he was ok. He was unconscious and I recognized him nearly immediately. He was Sgt Elliot D. Lee, a country boy from New York, expert marksman, nearly immediately designated our team's sniper. I noticed the sound of water and got an idea of how to wake him up. I took off my helmet and went to look for the source. I found a small pond with a waterfall and filled my helmet with water. I walked back to the clearing and poked him a few times before resorting to Plan B. I poured the water in my helmet on his head and he nearly immediately woke up. "Rise and shine, sleeping beauty."

He coughed a bit and said "Dude, what the fuck was that for?"

"I really didn't want to, you looked so cute when you were sleeping. However, this look like where we were before?" He realized that what I said was true and that we weren't in the Russian countryside. "We aren't in Kansas anymore Todo. You up for some recon?" He nodded and was about to say something but was cut off by a feminine voice. I whisper-shouted "Grab your gear and hide in those bushes." I scrambled towards the bushes I pointed out and hid. The private grabbed his DMR and carbine before scrambling towards the bushes.

The voices grew louder until they reached the clearing. "Stay down, don't engage unless attacked." I said looking at Lee. He nodded and he looked out towards the clearing.

The owner of the voices turned out to be 6, small, multicolored ponies with wings and horns. "-stia said that there was a large magical disturbance in this area, Rainbow. We should look for something out of the ordinary. Well as normal as you can get in the Everfree Forest."

"Well what should we be looking for egghead." said a pony with a rainbow mane, who I assumed was the Rainbow the purple unicorn was referring to.

"Celestia said that it was a large enough disturbance to bring through creatures. We should look for hoof-prints, stuff like that." The purple unicorn and I noticed that the all pink pony was waving in our direction. I motioned for us to move back and the unicorn asked what she was waving at.

"I'm waving at the big green guys in those bushes over there, DUH."

"Um Pinkie, what are you talking about?" asked the pony I had designated 'Rainbow'

"Oh, hold on. They're backing up." I motioned for us to go faster.

Attention was thankfully drawn for us when a white unicorn said "Darlings, look over here would you. It looks like somepony poured water here recently." I now designated her 'Regal'.

"Yeah, sugarcube. And it looks like somepony was pouring it on somepony, look at the outline." I designated her 'Country'. I motioned for us to stop.

"Well it looks like whatever was here left, so why don't we leave. I don't know why but I feel like somepony is watching us." said a yellow pegasus, who I still hadn't come up with a designation yet.

"I guess you're right Fluttershy. Besides, it's almost night. Let's go girls." said the pony I designated 'Purple'

After they left, Elliot asked "What are we gonna do boss?"

"Tomorrow we'll observe where ever they came from. Today we set up a base camp, I found a pond with a waterfall. If we set up nearby we'll never be at a loss of fresh water. We'll need camouflage to hide us from predators or any ponies that try and find us. We can make ghillie suits for extra camo."

"Alright boss, lead the way."

"Hey Elliot, call me Dave." I lead him to the pond and found a small cave behind the waterfall. "We've had worse sleeping areas. For extra safety we should get some wood for supports." I opened my journal and began writing.

Day 1

Location; Unknown

SFC David H. Grayson

Sgt Elliot and I have awoken in a forest. We don't know where, but we assume that it is not on Earth because there are talking ponies, unicorns and pegasi. Set up small base camp in a cave behind a waterfall. Tomorrow will do recon on the ponies.

I turned the page and wrote.

Designation of Locals

Purple; Unicorn, Lavender, Black Mane with Purple Streak Notes; Seems to be leader of the group that investigated the clearing.

Rainbow; Pegasus, Cyan, Rainbow Mane

Pinkie; None, Pink, Pink Mane Notes; Nearly blew our cover, USE EXTREME CAUTION AROUND

Regal; Unicorn, White, Purple Mane

Country; None, Orange, Blonde

Shy; Pegasus, Yellow, Pink Mane

I closed the journal and put it away. I looked out towards the entrance of the cave and saw Elliot trying to fashion beds out of leaves. I exited the cave and began looking for firewood. I picked up a few dry sticks and began walking back to the cave but was stopped by something growling. I put the sticks in my left hand and drew my pistol. I looked around and began slowly backing towards the cave. Deciding that this was a good time to test if radios work, I began radioing Elliot. "Elliot, I'm backing towards the cave. Somethings growling at me and I cannot identify, possible wolf. Get your sniper and cover me."

After several agonizing seconds I got a response. "Solid copy. Don't run, if it's wolves they'll chase you." I kept backing up, slowly sweeping the pistol back and forth. "And stop. If you take another step you're gonna fall in. Hold on I got something. Yeah, tango on your left. You ain't gonna believe it."

I looked left and said "We just watched technicolor ponies with horns and wings come look for us. How much weirder could this day get?" I immediately ate my words when I saw it. There was a wolf but it was made of wood.

"Permission to engage?"

"Granted." Nearly immediately the wolf's head exploded. I saw another and fired at it. I heard a howl and more wolves came into view. "Falling back to the base." I turned and ran towards the cave. Thankfully, when I turned back I discovered the wolves had cut their losses. "We need to make a door, at the very least it'll give us time before wooden wolves slaughter us in our sleep."

Elliot chuckled a bit and said "At least we got extra firewood."

Twilight couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Falling back to base." She was randomly tuning her radio when she came across a frequency that featured 2 stallions talking. However, it wasn't 2 friends talking. Instead they were saying things like 'Permission to engage.' She needed to contact the mayor and princess.

"Spike, start a letter." Spike got a piece of parchment and quill and prepared to write.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Earlier today, you sent me and my friends to the Everfree Forest to investigate a magical disturbance. We found nothing but recently poured water in the dirt. Pinkie said something about 'Two Big Green Guys' in nearby bushes. I thought nothing of it at first, just Pinkie being Pinkie. But now, I'm not sure. A few minutes ago I was randomly changing frequencies on my radio when I came across a normally static frequency that now had voices. I didn't catch their whole conversation but this is what I caught.

Stallion 1; -e just watched technicolor ponies with horns and wings come look for us. How much weirder could this day get?

Stallion 2; Permission to engage?

Stallion 1; Granted. Falling back to base.

What they said makes them sound like they're military. Tomorrow I will talk to the Mayor about this. Respond whenever you can.


Princess Twilight Sparkle

Spike sent the letter and Twilight rested back in her chair. It was going to be a long day tomorrow.

Day 2

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Day 2
SFC David Grayson

I awoke in the cave. I got and stretched. I heard my bones crack and I grunted as I realized that sleeping on a cold stone floor with only an ACU(Army Combat Uniform), a smoldering fire pit and a thin layer of leaves staving off hypothermia wasn't the most comfortable place in the world. I walked over to Elliot and kicked him lightly. "Up and at 'em, man. I want to be overlooking the town before most of its population is awake."

"We really got to stop starting the day like this. Uh, I wish we had some duct tape. At least we would have a semi-decent hammock." Elliot said, also cracking his bones.

"All in due time, man. Fill your canteen and put on your ghillie suit." I put on the ghillie suit that we had fashioned after the incident with the wolves. I took out my canteen and held under the waterfall. I remembered the basics from survival school; don't drink stagnate or sea water. Only drink moving water, or urine if you're desperate. I walked back into the cave and grabbed my M4A1. I screwed on my silencer, didn't want to risk having to fire close to town unsilenced. I looked at Elliot and saw him filling his canteen. He turned around and I asked him "Good to go?"

"The Totally Fucking Lost Duo is Oscar Mike. We should follow the tracks back." I nodded and found the tracks in the clearing. I looked up and saw dark clouds moving overhead.

"Looks like rain, and the darker the cloud the more rain. We should hurry before the tracks are washed away."

After about an hour of following the tracks, we saw the end of the forest. "Where should we set up?" I asked

"Why are you asking me?"

"You're the sniper. You're the expert at setting up a spot to overlook a place for hours at a time."

"Well you're higher up. It's your final decision."

"Well I'm making it your decision."

"Fine, um, up there. Good overlook, lots of cover and an easy escape route. Natural choice."

"Lead the way." We moved to overlook and took out our binoculars. Looking through them, we could see many ponies moving around.

An Hour Later

"Uh, this is why I don't hunt or fish. Too fucking boring." I groaned, bored out of my fucking skull. I may be the highest enlisted rank in the US Army, but that doesn't mean I can't be bored on duty.

"If you're so fucking bored, why don't you just walk down there and say 'Hello, I've been watching you for a few hours. Take me to your fucking leader.' Now shut the fuck up and keep watching or take a fucking nap." snapped back Elliot.

"At this rate, I wonder how long it is before we're at each other's necks." I said after a few seconds

This got a chuckle out of him and he responded "A few hours, at best. At worst, I'm gonna throttle you the next time you open your mouth."

"Alright, I'll keep my finger on the trigger." We shared a chuckle and went back to watching. "How long do you think it'll take them to figure out we're watching them."

"I don't know. Maybe some adventurer will find our skeletons, maybe those ponies that came looking for us yesterday are behind us right now with clubs, waiting for us to turn around before smacking us on the head." he chuckled a bit before saying "I've thought about this."

I chuckled and said "I can tell."

"Hang on. Ponies from yesterday are coming our way."

"Drop the binoculars. Glare, there must be glare of the lens. We should bail." I said with a hint of panic, slowly getting up.

"No, lie as still as you can. Don't want to blow our cover when they don't even know we're here. There couldn't have been a flash, we're in the shade. Maybe they're just going for a walk."

"You better be right." I said settling back into the place I was lying. I saw the ponies walk into the forest and overheard the conversation

"-plejack, Rarity don't worry. I'm sure Applebloom, Sweetie Bell and Scootalo are fine." said the voice I recognized as Purple.

"Ah know Twi, but it doesn't stop me from worrying." said Country.

After they left earshot, both Elliot and I said "Maybe we should lend a hand."

"Guess we're in agreement." I said

"Yep." Elliot answered

"Oscar Mike." I responded. We got up from the position and made out way into the forest.

After around 30 minutes of searching, we heard a loud, high-pitched scream. We looked at each other for a few seconds before bolting in the direction of the scream. Our progress was blocked by a ravine but we saw multiple wood wolves staring down colorful blobs. "Set up firing position. Silencers off, we need to draw the ponies from before's attention." I ordered, steadying my rifle on a tree stump. I judged the distance and compensated for bullet drop. The wolves began moving forward and I began firing.

There was a flash of lightning, a crack of thunder and the thudding of rain. I heard Elliot say "Dramatic timing at its best." The 2 wolves dropped dead and the small ponies looked in our direction.

I took the initiative and shouted "RUN YOU FOOLS!" before firing again. The ponies ran to the left and left view. "We need to move. The only thing they'll find are shell casing." We ran in the other direction and after an hour, by pure luck, we found our base. There were a 5 deer drinking from the pond and we screwed on our silencers. We were able to get a single deer and after gutting it, we were cooking venison. We only hoped that the ponies were able to find them. We went to bed with a full stomach and a (mostly)clear conscience.