Teen Titans Trapped in Equestria

by Blood_rose_doll

First published

When the Teen Titans are thrown into Equestria they must learn to get along with the population, live amoung ponies, and get home before Jump city is overrun by villans.

When one of Raven's spells goes awry she transports herself and the rest of the Titans into Equestria. Landing in the strange world they meet Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Along with the ponies they work to find a way to get back home before anything can happen to Jump city in their absence.

Edited by my dad.

Pre-read by NINJA-PON3 (chapter 1-4) m2pt5 (chapter 5-


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Raven was sitting in her room with one of her magic books open in her lap. The spell it was open to was supposed to be a dimensional spell but she had tried it a few times without anything happening. She had everything set up: the sand was in a circle around her and the lit candles circled that. Each time she said the incantation the sand would glow but nothing else would happen. She sighed in frustration and closed the book. She stepped out of the circle and left her room. She headed to the kitchen and started to rummage around in the fridge.

"Hey, Raven!" Raven turned from the fridge to see Robin. Raven nodded and turned back to the fridge. "Something bugging you? You're usually not up this early unless you stayed up all night." Raven looked over the fridge realizing there was nothing she wanted to eat and closed it. She turned to find Robin a couple feet away from her.

"Just... Having trouble with a spell," Raven responded.

"Oh." Robin looked a little deflated. He knew nothing about spells and knew he couldn't help her like he wanted to.

Just then Starfire floated into the room and flew over to them. "Good morning, friends!" Robin turned to see her and Raven slinked over to the couch.

"Morning, Star," Robin replied.

Starfire floated over to where Raven was and sat next to her on the couch. Starfire said nothing and just waved at Raven. A small smile spread across Raven's face before she went back to her stoic look. Cyborg soon entered the room and yawned. He brightened up a bit and walked over to the kitchen. "Who wants waffles!?"

Raven perked up and quickly made her way to the bar. Cyborg laughed at that and went about making waffles. Starfire flew over to Robin and looked down at him. "Shall I wake Beast Boy so he may also enjoy the waffles?"

"You can try, Star."

Starfire flew off and everyone knew Beast Boy would be hard to wake. He liked to sleep in and hated waking up early. Raven was served the first batch of waffles and as she was pouring syrup on them Beast Boy stumbled into the room. He walked over like a zombie and sat at the bar. Cyborg chuckled at his sleepy friend and went over to the fridge. "One order of tofu waffles, coming right up." Raven took a bite of her waffles and smiled around the fork. Raven zoned out the rest of the world as she enjoyed her waffles. Soon her own waffles were gone and everyone else was enjoying their waffles. She stood and Robin looked over at her.

"Going back to your spellbooks?"

Raven nodded and headed back to her room. There she sat back in the circle and placed the book back on her lap. This time she allowed herself to float just above the ground and she focused all her magic into her spell.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos... Carazon Rakashas Enderez... Vaserix Endrien Azarath... Equestria, EQUESTRIA!"

The circle of sand lit up and finally sprung up and touched the ceiling. Raven's eyes glowed red as more and more of her power flowed into the spell. The candles started to flicker and the ground beneath her started to shake. Soon her whole room was rumbling and some of her books fell to the floor. The candles all blew out and a lot of them fell over. Finally, the shaking stopped and Raven fell to the floor in a heap. She stayed there for a few seconds before getting up and running to the living room. There the rest of the team except for Starfire was on the ground.

Raven started to help Beast Boy to his feet when she saw outside for the first time. She dropped Beast Boy and ran over to the huge window. The sky was brighter than normal and a rainbow even graced the sky. What really sent Raven for a loop was that Jump City no longer stood below the tower. Now a brightly colored town lay before her. The rest of the team got up and walked over to where Raven was. Robin was the first to turn to Raven looking for an answer. Raven backed away from the window holding her head as her mind started racing for an answer herself.

Robin took a step towards Raven. "Raven?"

"This wasn't supposed to happen!" As her emotions started to get out of control the couch started to lift into the air. Robin saw this and took another step towards Raven.

"Raven, calm down." One of the many screens in the room shattered. Robin stepped up to Raven and placed his hands over hers. "Raven, it's alright... we'll figure this out together. Just calm down." Raven took deep breaths and slowly calmed down. The couch touched down on the ground and Raven let out a sigh. She dropped her hands and leaned up against Robin. "Now what happened?"

"I was doing a dimensional spell that was supposed to transport just me into another dimension."

Beast Boy looked out the window and then back to Raven. "So we're in a different dimension?" Raven let go of Robin and nodded to Beast Boy. "Can you get us back?"

Everyone looked at Raven and she shook her head sadly. "The return spell is only good for one person, it can't bring back a whole tower."

Cyborg stepped up to Raven and Robin. "But you brought us here, right?"

"Not on purpose."

The rest of the Titans looked at her with sad expressions. Then Robin patted her on the shoulder. "You'll figure this out. In the meantime we should go down and see if anyone can help us. They might have just the book we need." The Titans nodded and walked towards the elevator. "Will the elevator work?" Cyborg walked up and pushed the button. The elevator doors opened and he smiled.

"The tower has backup power that can last for a couple of years."

They entered the elevator and came out on the bottom floor. As soon as they exited the tower they ran into something they had never seen before: standing in front of them were six brightly colored mini horses. The strangest thing about them was that two had wings and one had a horn, and the one in front had both wings and a horn. The horses looked just as surprised by the Titans as the Titans were of them. At least as surprised as mini horses could be. The one in front nodded to the others and they took off all around the tower. The two with wings flew up high and the two with horns stood there while their horns glowed. The two without horns or wings ran around the tower. The Titans simply watched them move about. After a few minutes each returned and nodded to the one in front. Finally, the one in front stepped forward and opened its mouth. "What are you?"

All the Titans took a step back and finally Robin spoke up. "What are you? How can you talk?"

The mini horse sighed and looked to the others. "I'm a pony and my name is Twilight Sparkle."

Beast Boy cracked up laughing and the little pony glared at him. "No way that's your real name."

The pony's glare deepened and she took a step forward. "And what's your name!?"

Beast Boy stopped laughing and stared seriously at the pony. "Beast Boy."

One of the ponies with wings and rainbow hair started laughing. BB glared at the pony and crossed his arms. Finally Robin stepped forward toward Twilight and cleared his throat. "My name is Robin and I'm a human."

One of the ponies with wings perked up at that but didn't say anything. Twilight took another step forward and then flapped her wings so she got off the ground. She flew around him and Raven stepped up to defend her friend. "It's not his fault we're here." Everyone turned to look at Raven and she took a step back. "I brought us here by mistake."

Twilight landed and walked over to Raven. "You brought all of this here?"

Raven nodded and the pony turned around to the group of ponies. "Spike take a letter." A little dragon popped out from behind one of the ponies with a scroll and quill. The little dragon walked over to Twilight and stood at the ready. "Dear Princess Celestia, a group of unknown creatures and a large building have appeared just outside Ponyville. The creatures are calling themselves 'humans' and claim to have brought themselves here. Go ahead and send it." With that Spike rolled up the scroll and held it front of his face. Spike blew out a green flame and the scroll burned up.

Robin stepped to the side so he was back in front of Twilight. "Who is this princess exactly?"

"She's the ruler of this world."

The Titans looked at each other and then Robin looked back to Twilight. "Are you sure you should be contacting her then?"

Twilight looked up at Robin in confusion. "Of course I should! She'll want to meet you, after all."

Robin looked to his friends who also had no idea what to do.

"Twilight Sparkle." Twilight looked over at Raven as she said her name. "Do you happen to have any spell books here?"

Twilight perked up at this and flew into the air. "You know magic?"

Raven looked to the other Titans for help but they were busy talking amongst themselves. Raven looked back at Twilight and nodded. Twilight flew up to Raven and pushed her hood off with a forehoof. "How can you do magic without a horn?" Before Raven could answer, Spike coughed up a scroll and Twilight landed on the ground. The Titans watched in amazement as she magically lifted the scroll off the ground and read over it. As she was reading Raven walked over to the rest of the Titans. Robin glanced at her as she lifted her hood back over her head.

"Do you think we should trust them?" Robin asked.

Raven glanced over to see the ponies were having their own little conference. "I think they are asking the same question." The rest of the Titans glanced over at the ponies and then turned to Raven. "I think the best plan is to trust them for now."

Robin nodded but Cyborg shook his head. "We don't know anything about them and this dimension doesn't seem to have any internet. I've been trying to connect since we got here."

Beast Boy looked to Robin and Starfire started to float just above the ground. Raven looked to Robin who sighed. "For now we trust them. We have no other choice at this point."

Starfire's face lit up. "Oh joy! I will go and fetch my little bumgorf." With that she flew back to the tower and Raven sighed. She turned back to look at the ponies to see they were still talking amongst themselves.

Finally Twilight nodded to the others and turned back to the Titans. She walked up to Robin and looked up at him. "The Princess will be here tomorrow for now you all can come to the castle."

Robin turned to look at the tower just as Starfire floated out holding Silkie. The pony with rainbow hair gasped and flew up to Star. "How can you fly without any wings!?"

The ponies stared at Starfire in amazement and she gave them a confused look. "I just use unbridled joy."

Twilight flew up to Starfire and started to circle her. "And what exactly do you have in your hands?"

Starfire smiled down at Silkie and held him out from her body. "This is Silkie, he's my bumgorf."

Twilight stopped circling her and stared at her in confusion. "What's a bumgorf?"

Robin smiled and walked up to Starfire. "Bumgorf is a Tamaranean word for a child. Starfire thinks of Silkie as more than just a pet." Twilight seemed to think this over and then sighed.

"I guess we should save the questions for each other until later. We should head to the castle for now. Follow me."

Twilight started to walk toward the town. Robin and Starfire were close behind. The rest of the ponies started to follow and the rest of the Titans looked at each other. Finally Raven shrugged and started to follow everyone else. Beast Boy sighed and turned into a hawk. Cyborg was the last to follow and soon he had caught up. They made it to the town and started to make their way through the streets. The town was full of ponies and all of them were staring at the Titans. Most ponies stopped in their tracks when they saw the Titans and stared in wonder. A few ran and hid in their houses and one poor pony fainted. Finally, after walking through what felt like half the town, they made it to a huge castle. Robin looked up at it and then to Twilight. "This is your castle?"

Twilight nodded and walked up to the door. She opened it and walked inside. The other ponies were quick to follow and Robin turned to the rest of the Titans. "Let's not go into too much detail about crime fighting and your powers for now." The Titans nodded and Beast Boy turned back from his hawk form. With that, Robin and the Titans walked into the castle.

After they entered, Twilight sighed and sat on the floor. "I think first we should start with introductions." She turned to the other ponies who were lined up next to her and pointed to each one as she introduced them. "This is Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity." The ponies waved as their names were called and then Twilight turned to Robin.

"Well, this is Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire."

"Now how did you get here and where did you come from?" Twilight asked.

Raven stepped forward at that and Robin let her have the floor. "I was doing an inter-dimensional spell to transport just myself into another dimension, but I guess I used way too much power, transporting the entire tower here. The return spell is only good for one person. I have no idea how to get us and the tower back."

Twilight thought this over and put a hoof to her chin. "Inter-dimensional magic is still just a theory here but we have books on the subject. Unfortunately they are in Canterlot. I'll have to ask the Princess when she gets here if you all can go to Canterlot to study them, but you would need to bring your books as well."

Raven nodded and looked to Robin. "Sure. They are all back in the tower in my room." Robin nodded to her and Raven looked back to Twilight.

Twilight looked positively giddy and was nearly bouncing up and down. "Great, I can't believe we might actually crack dimensional travel! This would be the biggest breakthrough since teleportation magic."

Robin thought it over and then turned to the Titans. "Ok, so Raven... you go back to the tower and get your books. Cyborg, you go back and see what systems are active. Beast Boy, you can go check out for new animals like I know you want to. Starfire, scope out the town, and I'll see about getting to know the landscape."

The Titans nodded to their leader and Twilight cleared her throat. "That's all fine, but I really think you should take one of my friends with each of you. I'll be busy trying to come up with a plan for when we get to Canterlot but my friends would be more than happy to go with you." Twilight looked to her friends but they were all backing away. "What's wrong guys?"

Robin sighed and kneeled down so he was more at eye level with Twilight. "I don't think your friends are willing to go with any of us. I think they're afraid of us."

Twilight looked at her friends in shock. "Is that why none of you have said a word since they got here!?"

Applejack sighed and took a step forward. "I reckon we all figured you would handle this, Twi. We don't really know how to deal with 'humans'."

Twilight giggled at her friend. "Well, neither do I but you all taught me the importance of being a friend to somepony who needs it and right now these guys need some pony friends if they are gonna fit in."

Applejack nodded and step up next to Twilight.

"Count me in!" Pinkie yelled and bounced up next to Twilight as well.

"I’m not afraid of anything! You can count me in , too," Rainbow Dash said and flew over to join her friends.

"Well darlings, it seems as if everypony is agreed," Rarity said as she walked over to join the group.

Everyone looked to Fluttershy who eeped and hid behind her mane. "Um, if you’re all going I’ll go too… If that's okay." came her meek reply as she darted behind Twilight.

Twilight looked back to the Titans and smiled. "See, you can each have a personal guide to Ponyville."

Robin sighed and stood back up. "I guess it will make it easier. Since we're new, we'll let you guys decide who you each want to go with."

First day

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Twilight nodded to Robin and turned to her friends. "You guys go ahead and decide who you would like to go with." Without needing to be told anything else, Pinkie Pie bounced over to Starfire and gave her a huge grin.

"I know Ponyville and everypony in it like the back of my hoof, I'll give you the tour."

Starfire smiled down at the pony and Silkie crawled up to Star's shoulder. "That would be most joyous! Silkie and I would love to tour this town of ponies." With that Pinkie bounced from the castle with Starfire in tow.

Applejack was the next to step up and she picked Robin. "I don't know how much help I'll be with the getting to know part, but I sure do know the landscape of this here area." Robin simply nodded to her and motioned for her to go first out the door. Applejack tipped her hat to him before trotting past and out the door. Robin was quick to follow with only a single glance back at the rest of his team.

Rarity stepped forward and Raven gave a shocked expression when she walked up to her. "I'm not an expert of magic like Twilight but I can at least help carry your books." Raven looked down at the fashionista and let out a small sigh.

"Sure." With that Raven walked out of the castle not bothering to even check if Rarity was following.

Unable to contain herself any longer, Rainbow Dash took to the air and flew around Cyborg. "You look so cool! I have no idea what you're doing but I'll come with you." Cyborg shrugged and walked from the castle with Rainbow Dash hot on his cyberkinetic heels.

Finally, Twilight looked to Fluttershy and smiled at her. Fluttershy shrank back away from Beast Boy and looked to Twilight. Twilight let out a sigh and walked over to her friend. She nudged Fluttershy closer to Beast Boy until the timid mare finally spoke up. "Um... you can come to my cottage to see my animals... you know, if that's alright with you."

Beast Boy grinned at the shy pony and then bent down to her level. "Let's go then." Fluttershy looked at him for a while before she finally smiled. She walked past Beast Boy and out the door. Beast Boy smiled brightly and followed her. Twilight let out a sigh of relief as they left. She turned to Spike and smiled.

"Spike take a letter."

* * * * *

After leaving the castle Raven continued to walk without checking behind her. Raven could see the tower from the castle so it would be hard to get lost. Raven was wondering why she had been picked by this brightly colored pony. Actually, she wondered why she had to have a pony with her at all. She sighed softly as she walked and then she heard a voice call out behind her.

"Could you slow down a little dear?" Raven glanced back to see the pony, Rarity she believed was her name, was quite far behind her. Raven stopped in her tracks and waited until the pony had caught up with her. "Many thanks darling."

Raven cringed at the word 'darling'. Raven had never liked diva-type people, let alone ponies. Raven was starting to like this pony less and less. Finally after another few minutes of walking they made it to the tower. Raven walked up to the door and placed her hand on the scanner. The door beeped and opened to let them in. Raven went in first and walked straight to the elevator. When she looked back, Rarity was looking around at the inside of the tower. "Could we hurry this along?"

Rarity jumped in surprise and rushed over to Raven's side. "Oh, of course my dear!" Raven wished she would stop using diva-isms but she decided not to say anything about it. As the elevator climbed to the top of the tower Rarity looked around in awe. "Why are we standing here?"

Raven looked at her dumbfounded. "It's an elevator."

Rarity gave Raven an equally confused look. "And what, pray tell, is an elevator?" Raven was about to respond when the elevator dinged and the doors opened. Rarity gasped when she saw the room before her. "We moved!" She walked through the room in wonder and then saw the window. She rushed over and stared out in amazement. "We are so high up, it's just like Cloudsdale."

Raven let out her third sigh of the day and called to the pony. "My room is this way."

Rarity turned around with a slight blush and trotted over to Raven. "Please lead the way." Raven walked down the hallway of doors (doors that all looked the same to Rarity) and stopped in front of her room. As the door slid open for her, Rarity gasped. "Oh my, what a.... unique room, dear."

Raven paid no mind to the pony and walked in. The first thing she did was to start picking up the candles off the ground. She placed them back around her room in their places. This took a couple of minutes and in that time Rarity got up the courage to venture inside the dark room. She looked around at the blackness that covered everything--even the candles were black. Raven briefly glanced at her after she finished with the candles before moving on to the bookshelf.

"Don't touch anything," Raven murmured just loud enough to be heard by Rarity.

Raven started taking books down from the shelf, grabbing not only the dimensional spell books but a couple of simple spell books as well, in case she needed them. As Raven was looking over her books Rarity spotted Raven's vanity. She trotted over to inspect the vanity and saw it was empty except for a single hand mirror. Rarity picked up the mirror with her magic and looked at her reflection. "What a... pretty mirror."

Rarity reached out a forehoof to the mirror. Raven turned at Rarity's words, not really paying attention, until she saw her. Raven gasped and dropped the books she was holding. She held her hand up, palm towards the mirror, and called on her magic. She watched as a black aura surrounded the mirror and she yanked it away from the pony. She walked over, mirror in hand, and placed it back on the vanity.

"I. Said. Don't. Touch. Anything," Raven said, making each word a sentence as she growled it at Rarity, which left her taken aback.

"My my! No need to be rude."

Raven let out another huge sigh and walked back over to the bookshelf. She gathered the books that she dropped and walked back over to Rarity. "You can carry these."

Rarity sighed and picked up each of the ten books in her magic. Raven walked over to where the circle of candles was and picked up the books lying there. "Let's go." With that Raven walked out of the room and then turned back to look at Rarity. She looked around the room once more before following Raven out of the room with the books in tow.

* * * * *

Beast Boy was eagerly following the shy pony in front of him. "Wanna hear a joke?"

Fluttershy looked back at BB and finally nodded.

"Why do ducks quack?"

Fluttershy stopped in her tracks and looked to Beast Boy. "Because that's the sound ducks make." Beast Boy shook his head at the timid pony and smiled.

"They get quacked up when people are around!" Beast Boy cracked up laughing but Fluttershy was silent. She seemed to think this over for a minute before responding.

"I don't get it."

Beast Boy stopped laughing and looked at the pony. "Oh. How about this one? Why did the elephant cross the road?"

"An elephant?"

Beast Boy nodded to her and Fluttershy shrugged. "Because the chicken retired!" Beast Boy again burst out laughing at his own joke. Fluttershy gave him a very confused face.

"A chicken retired?"

Beast Boy looked down at the little pony and frowned. "You never heard any chicken crossing the road jokes?" Fluttershy shook her head and Beast Boy sighed. "This is harder than getting Raven to laugh. Well… Ok not that hard." Fluttershy tilted her head to the side and then turned back to the path towards her cottage.

"We're almost there now."

Beast Boy sighed again and followed Flutter the rest of the way. When the cottage came into view, BB gasped. There was all manner of small creatures running to and fro around the cottage. Tons of bunnies and some cats. Birds flew around singing their songs and even a bear sat in the little grove around the cottage. Beast Boy ran up to the bear preparing to defend his new pony friend from the threat. He briefly remembered what Robin had said about their powers before he turned into a gorilla. The animals scattered and the bear stood up, growling at Beast Boy. BB let out his own ape roar and prepared to fight with the bear. At the last moment Fluttershy flew in between the two and held a hoof out to each of them. Beast Boy turned back and yelled at Fluttershy.

"Get away from that bear, he'll eat you!"

Fluttershy gasped and flew closer to the bear. "He would never do that!" She pet the bear and it slowly sat back down on the ground. "How did you do that?"

Beast Boy gasped and decided to play dumb. "Do what?"

"Turn into an animal like that?"

Beast Boy was about to deny it again when he saw Fluttershy's big, curious eyes. He caved in and let out a big sigh. "I can turn into any animal I want."

Fluttershy's eyes widened and she gasped. "How about a bunny?" Beast Boy turned into a bunny for her and she gasped again. "What about a dog?" BB turned from a bunny straight into a dog. "That's amazing!"

Beast Boy turned back and laughed. "If you think that is amazing you should see my dinosaurs."

"What's a dinosaur?"

Beast Boy gave her an odd look. "It's an extinct animal from our dimension."

"What does extinct mean?"

Beast Boy tried to think of a nice way to explain it, but couldn't come up with anything.

"It's an animal that no longer exists in our dimension." Fluttershy gasped at this and Beast Boy sighed. "They died out a long long time ago."

"And you can turn into them?"

Beast Boy was glad to change the subject and nearly hugged Fluttershy. "Yes."

"Can I see?"

Beast Boy looked around for a big enough space and moved towards the forest. He tried to think of a dinosaur that wouldn't scare Flutter but would still look cool. Eventually he went with a stegosaurus and shifted into that form. Fluttershy gasped when she saw him shift and then flew over to him. "Such a big animal."

Beast Boy nodded as Fluttershy flew around him some more. Finally Flutter landed in front of him and Beast Boy turned back. He smiled down at the little pony.

"Want to see more?"

Fluttershy nodded eagerly.

* * * * *

Pinkie bounced happily down the street with Starfire flying close behind her. Pinkie was talking a mile a minute. "Over there is Sugarcube Corner and that's Ms. Cake. This way is Lyra stepping out of the home she shares with Bon Bon. And way up there is Rainbow Dash's house, it's the one made out of clouds. There's Mayor Mare. Hey Mayor Mare! Up that way is the way to Sweet Apple Acres and the other way is to the school."

Starfire followed in silence trying to absorb all of this when Pinkie stopped suddenly. She let out a huge gasp and turned to Starfire. "You guys just got here!"

Starfire nodded to the pink mare. "That is correct."

"If you just got here that means you're new to Equestria and if you're new to Equestria you need a welcome to Equestria party!" Starfire looked at Silkie and he let out a soft squeak. She looked back to the pony who was dancing in a circle.

"Oh joy of joys! I haven’t been to a party since our last Blorthog celebration!"

Pinkie Pie laughed at Starfire. "You use funny words for a party. I like funny words! Like sanitary! Or pineapple! Ooh ooh! How about ointment!" Starfire gave her a confused look as she started to walk down the road again. "Come on we have to finish the tour so we can get to party planning."

Back in her element Pinkie introduced Starfire to just about everypony she ran across and told her who lived in every house. Finally they made it to the end of the tour and Pinkie made a sudden u-turn. "Now off to Sugarcube Corner to plan the party." Starfire was very interested about this party so she followed Pinkie back to Sugarcube Corner. As soon as they entered Pinkie ran into the kitchen. Starfire followed her and finally decided to question her again.

"What do you do to plan an Equestria party?"

Pinkie laughed and took out a big bowl. "Well first, you make cupcakes of course." Pinkie Pie went about the kitchen gathering the ingredients and singing a song:

"All you have to do is take a cup of flour!
Add it to the mix!
Now just take a little something sweet, not sour!
A bit of salt, just a pinch!

Baking these treats is such a cinch!
Add a teaspoon of vanilla!
Add a little more, and you count to four,
And you never get your fill of...

So sweet and tasty!
Don't be too hasty!
Cupcakes! Cupcakes, cupcakes, CUPCAKES!"

As she sang she added the ingredients to the bowl.

"What are these cakes of cups?"

Pinkie let out a huge gasp and looked to Starfire. "You've never had cupcakes!?" Starfire shook her head and Pinkie seemingly teleported from the kitchen. She returned balancing a cupcake on her head and offered it to Starfire. Star took it and bit into it, not bothering to take the paper off first. Pinkie went to say something but Starfire beat her to it.

"These cakes of cups are most splendid!"

Pinkie shrugged it off as she took another bite. Walking back over to the bowl she pulled out a cupcake pan and placed the paper inside. She picked up the bowl and poured the batter into the pan. She placed the pan in the oven and went to making a cake. Mr. Cake came downstairs and saw Pinkie Pie working in the kitchen.

"Whatcha up to, Pinkie?" He looked to the side and saw Starfire. “Who’s your friend?”

Pinkie looked up from the cake batter she was making and smiled. "These guys just got here so I thought I'd throw them a party to say 'welcome'. Could you make some of your treats?"

Carrot Cake chuckled at the hyper mare and nodded. "Sure Pinkie." Carrot entered the kitchen and got to work making sweets for the party. Pinkie finished her cake batter and set it into the second oven.

"I'm gonna get the decorations!"

Carrot waved to Pinkie as she exited the kitchen. Starfire considered staying but decided to follow Pinkie. Starfire followed Pinkie pie all the way to her house where she ran up stairs in a rush. She pulled out her party cannon and pushed it close to Starfire. "You can push that." As Pinkie was getting the rest of the decorations Starfire shrugged and picked up the cannon with one hand. When Pinkie came back she smiled at Starfire. Pinkie now had on a set of saddlebags that looked like they were going to burst labeled 'Emergency Party Supplies'.

* * * * *

Cyborg was walking to the tower and was being bombarded with questions from one rainbow mare.

"You look awesome! How come you're the only one who's blue? Is it common for humans to be so shiny? How come part of you is so much darker? Why does your eye glow?"

Cyborg finally had enough and turned around. "Look, Robin says I'm not allowed to answer your questions. I'm sure Robin will explain it to you later." Cyborg breathed a sigh of relief when Rainbow went quiet, but that didn't last.

"Why do you listen to Robin? Is he your boss?"

"He's our leader. We look to him for guidance." Cyborg hit himself in the face for answering her but he figured it was harmless enough.

"Oh, so you ask him for advice? Kind of like Twilight?"

Cyborg sighed at the rainbow mare. "I guess. I wouldn't know about Twilight."

"That's true."

Cyborg turned back toward the tower and continued to walk. Rainbow Dash was quiet for the rest of the walk. Cyborg placed his hand on the scanner and watched as the doors opened for him. He walked in and pressed the button for the elevator, not knowing the doors had just closed for Raven and Rarity. Rainbow Dash, like Rarity, was looking around at the inside of the tower. Cyborg watched her with a slight smirk on his face. He always loved it when people admired his tower. Rainbow saw an open panel with the circuits visible and gasped. She flew over closer to get a good look at the wires and flashing lights. Cyborg saw this and decided to speak up.

"Please don't touch that."

Rainbow waved a forehoof at him and flew a little closer. She let out an 'oooh' as all the lights started to flash at once. The elevator behind Cyborg dinged and he glanced back to see the doors opening. "Come on, the elevator is here."

Cyborg stepped into the elevator and Rainbow Dash flew in next to him. The elevator ride was quick and quiet, Dash was too busy looking around to say anything. When the elevator doors opened Cyborg stepped out and walked over to the communication panel. As soon as he typed in "Titans East" the screen popped up and the words "No Connection" were the only things displayed.

"Wow," came Rainbow Dash's response to the giant screen.

Cyborg tried the TV next. He picked up the remote and set the screen to "TV". The screen changed to static and Cyborg scrolled through a few of the channels. They all showed nothing but static and Cyborg sighed. All of the Titans would be missing their shows. Finally, in a last ditch effort, he tried the game system and when it came up he let out a shout: "Booyah!"

The game system was working perfectly and he almost sat down to play. Turning it off he went to the wall of screens and pulled up all the ones on the tower. He scanned the readouts on the screens. All of the food storage spaces were working fine and the tower generators all survived the trip over. Last but not least, he opened his right arm and pulled up his communicator. After some thought he called Robin. He waited while it rang twice and then Robin picked up. His face appeared on the screen and he smiled at Cyborg.

"I guess communications are still up?"

"Only between us. Other than that it's down but it looks like our food stores and generators survived the move."

Robin nodded and then looked to his right. After a second he looked back to Cyborg. "Just finish up there and meet back at the castle." Cyborg nodded and closed his arm to shut off the communication. What he didn't know was that he had a cyan blue head floating just above his shoulder the whole time. When he went to turn he came face to face with the pegasus.

"Woah." Cyborg jumped back and then sighed in relief. It was only the pony from before. He walked over to a panel on the wall and placed his hand on it. A section of wall next to it slid open and he looked at the display. He decided to cut off the things that weren't working for now in order to save power. He also decided to cut off a few of the security measures so that no brightly colored pony would get hurt in the tower. After that was done he turned to Rainbow Dash. "I'm done now let's go."

Rainbow nodded to Cyborg and flew over to the elevator.

* * * * *

Robin followed the odd pony with the cowboy hat out of town and up a hill. He remembered her name was Applejack but he thought it odd that a pony would wear a hat. Finally they made it to what looked like a farm but all Robin could see were apple trees.

"This here is Sweet Apple Acres. You can see the whole town from here."

Robin turned around to find she was correct: he could see the whole town from the entrance to this farm. He looked to Applejack who was smiling brightly.

"Is this your farm?"

Applejack brightened just a little bit more and nodded. "Me and my family, yeah."

"Do you only grow apples?"

Applejack giggled at Robin who frowned. "Well, it ain't an orange farm. We grow all kinds of apples here but yep, only apples."

Robin looked back at the town and tried to memorize the landscape in case he needed to know it for tactics. He could easily see the tower and castle. Even though the castle was on the opposite side of town as the farm it was so brightly colored and big it was hard to miss. Without taking his eyes off the town he posed a question. "What is this Princess like?"

"Well, it depends on who you're talking about. I figure you mean Celestia but there's also Luna. Let's not forget Cadance and Twilight."

Robin's head whipped around to look at Applejack. "Twilight is one of your princesses?"

"See me, I'm a simple earth pony. Then there are pegasi with wings and unicorns with horns. Then there are the alicorns, the ones with wings and horns, they are the princesses."

Applejack reminded Robin of himself no real power around a bunch of powerful people... or, ponies. He could tell though by the huge farm behind him that she was strong despite her cute demeanor.

"I guess in your world I would be an earth pony as well." Applejack smiled at Robin and he smiled back. Then something hit him. What about Jump City? Would it be safe while they were gone? As he was thinking this his communicator rang. He took it off his belt and frowned at it before answering. It was Cyborg with a pony over his shoulder. Robin smiled at that. "I guess communications are still up?"

"Only between us. Other than that it's down but it looks like our food stores and generators survived the move."

Robin nodded and then looked away from his communicator. He wondered if he should tell Cyborg what he just realized. He decided to wait until they were all together to bring it up. "Just finish up there and meet back at the castle."

Cyborg nodded and then the feed was cut. Robin looked to Applejack and smiled. "Looks like we should head back. I got what I needed." That was a lie, he hadn't finished cataloging the whole town, but he had to know the answer to his question and he had to know now.

* * * * *

Twilight was finishing up the preparations for the next day when Cyborg and Rainbow returned from their mission. Raven and Rarity were the next to arrive and then Pinkie came through the door with Starfire in tow. Robin and Applejack were next and Robin had on a very serious face. Finally after a couple of minutes more Beast Boy and Fluttershy arrived. Twilight smiled at her friends and the humans. Spike, who was packing his bag, ignored the arrival of everypony. Before Twilight could tell them about the preparations Robin spoke up.

"Raven, about this dimensional travel... does time move the same in both dimensions?"

The faces of the Titans went very dark and they all turned to Raven.

"It varies, but time doesn't stop in one dimension just because you move into another."

Robin stepped up closer to Raven and she stood there with her books. "What about Jump City?" Raven shrugged and Robin balled up his fists. "We have to get back. SOON."

A brief reprieve

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The rest of the Titans grouped together to discuss this turn of events, but Raven stayed out of it. She glanced at them before walking over to Twilight. Twilight perked up at this and looked at the books Raven was carrying.

"These are your books?" Raven nodded and watched as the top book was enveloped in the alicorn's lavender magic. The book floated down to Twilight's face and flipped open to a random page. "What are these symbols?"

Raven frowned and crouched next to Twilight. Instantly she recognized the problem and mentally kicked herself for not thinking of it. "It's written in the language of Azarath." Raven looked through the books in her arms and then to the ones still floating around Rarity. Raven was vaguely aware of the fact that the ponies were packing things into saddlebags as she walked over to Rarity. She snatched one of the books from the unicorn's magic causing Rarity to gasp. Raven returned to Twilight's side and opened the book for her to see.

"Can you read this one?"

Twilight nodded and placed a forehoof on the book. "This is the same language we use here." Raven let out a sigh of relief, the book they were looking at was in English. The book itself was only basic spells but Raven was trying to remember how many of her books were in English. She closed the book and placed it on top of her stack. She looked at her books and pulled out another book. She opened this one for Twilight and the alicorn frowned. "What language is this? It looks right but it's all jumbled up in weird combinations. I recognize the letters but not the actual words."

"It's Latin."

"What world is this language from?"

Raven was looking down at the more complicated spell book deep in thought and she just barely registered Twilight's words."Earth has thousands of languages, this is just one of them."

Twilight's gasp brought the whole room's attention to her. "Your world has that many languages!?"

Robin had turned to look at Twilight and took a step forward. "How many does yours have?"

Twilight, still in a bit of shock, simply raised her right forehoof. Robin looked to Raven. "Can she read any of your books?" Raven placed her books down on the ground in front of Twilight and stood. She walked over to Robin.

"She can read english."

Robin nodded deep in thought. Just then the doors to the castle opened and in walked pegasi guards in their gleaming gold armor. Just behind them was Celestia and Luna. The Titans gaped at the alicorns as they strolled over to them followed by their guards. They stopped just in front of the Titans.

"A pleasure to meet you. I am Celestia and this is my sister Luna."

The younger alicorn nodded. "A pleasure."

Robin stood in shocked silence a moment more before addressing the princesses. "Hello, my name is Robin."

Celestia nodded to indicate she already knew this. "Twilight has already informed me of your names." Robin glanced at Twilight. The other ponies had finished packing and had fallen to Twilight's sides. Rarity had finally put the books on the ground in front of Twilight.

Robin looked back to Celestia and sighed. "I guess that means you also know some of us have powers as well."

Celestia nodded again and this time so did Luna. "Twilight has told me that one of you has the ability that brought you all here."

Before Robin could respond Raven stepped forward. "It's me."

Luna took a step forward and using her magic, lowered Raven's hood.

"Tis true thou doth not hast a horn."

Raven bowed her head slightly and took a deep breath. "If you want to punish anybody it should be me. This is my fault."

Celestia shook her head and her eyes crinkled with an internal laugh. "We are not here to punish you." Raven looked up shocked. "We are here to welcome you."

Raven looked to Robin who looked as confused as she felt. He took a step towards the gleaming white princess. "You are gonna welcome people who you have no idea about and who have powers you don't understand?"

This time Celestia smiled gently and Luna let out a short airy laugh. "Would you not do the same?"

Robin thought about this and then looked around at his team. He smiled as his eyes landed on each of them. "I already have."

Celestia seemed to be intrigued by this but said nothing. Instead, it was Twilight who spoke. "We are all set and ready to head to Canterlot."

Celestia nodded sagely and Luna looked up at her older sister. "Did thou not wish to say something else, sister?"

Celestia's eyes lit up like she just remembered and smiled. "Thank you, Luna. I wished to ask if staying at the castle was satisfactory for our guests."

The Titans all looked to Robin. Beast Boy was nodding like crazy and Starfire was smiling. Cyborg shrugged and Raven gave a small nod. Robin smiled and looked to the princesses.

"That would be very nice once we leave town but if we are here we can just stay at the tower. We have food and power so we'll be most comfortable there."

Celestia nodded and glanced at the ponies on the other side of the room. "That is fine."

Luna was unable to contain herself any longer spoke up. "I do wish to see this tower of thine up close."

There was another pony in the room who could no longer contain herself and ran between the princesses to the door. Pinkie was like a pink blur as she ran to the door and then turned and shouted. "FIRST…. WE…... PARTY!"

Everyone except Starfire looked at each other in confusion. Starfire's pure joy caused her to start floating in the air. "Oh joy. Friends, you must come and see what we have set up. The party has sweets and cakes of cups. We have even decorated with a cannon!"

The Titans looked at Star like she was crazy but all the ponies in the room laughed. Twilight stepped up to the Titans and smiled at Robin. "Pinkie seems to have decided to throw you a party."

Rainbow Dash flew into the air and hovered just over the Titans. "Pinkie's our resident party pony and her parties are awesome!"

Pinkie was bouncing around in the doorway. "Come on! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!"

Rainbow Dash let out a 'woot' and flew through the door. The ponies were hot on her tail and as they passed a very small 'yay' could be heard from one shy pony. Robin shrugged and followed the princesses out of the castle. They all walked through town before they came across Sugarcube Corner. Starfire flew over the ponies in front of her and dashed through the doorway. The princesses were next and then the ponies. Finally the Titans entered and they each let out a gasp. The whole shop was decorated in streamers and confetti. Sweets seemed to line the very walls and tables were set up with even more. Raven cringed slightly at all the bright colors but even she had to admit it was impressive.

Starfire was flying in the middle of the room with a cupcake in her hand. She flew up to Robin and offered it to him. "You must try these cakes of cups."

Robin chuckled and took the offered cupcake. "I've had cupcakes before, Star." He peeled the paper off and took a bite. Starfire ignored him and flew back to a table full of sweets she swiped another cupcake up off the table. This one she offered to Beast Boy. She repeated this process for Cyborg and finally, for Raven. Raven stared at the cupcake in her hand and then at Starfire. With a small sigh she took the paper off and took a small bite. For just an instant so quick most of the people and ponies missed it, Raven's face lit up. Starfire, who was watching her closely, saw this and smiled even wider. The princesses had each taken a seat behind the main table and chatted among themselves while they nibbled on sweets. The rest of the ponies were milling about in the main area chatting as well. The Titans felt a little out of place except for Starfire who seemed to be in her element. She was helping Pinkie hand out tea to the three princesses and was smiling the whole time.

Rarity glanced at the Titans still in the doorway and walked over. "Come come darlings, you must enjoy the party."

Applejack walked up as well and smiled at the Titans. "If ya'll don't have fun poor Pinkie will be put out."

Robin nodded and walked into the main part of the room. Almost immediately Rainbow Dash swooped over and started a conversation with him. Beast Boy walked straight up to Fluttershy and crouched down to the pegasus's level. Cyborg walked over to the snack table and started chowing down.

Raven was the last one but she didn't budge. "Something the matter, Sugarcube?"

"I'm not exactly a party person." Raven knew even when she took active part of parties she wasn't very good at parties. Having to keep her emotions in check all the time meant she couldn't outwardly show she was having a good time.

"Oh pshaw, it's just a casual party among friends."

Raven looked down at Rarity and let the tiniest smile grace her face. Raven walked over to one of the tables and plucked a piece of cake from it. She gently took a fork and took a bite of the chocolate cake.

Twilight, who had been watching her for a minute, walked from behind the table and over to Raven. "I've been meaning to ask something if I may?" Raven took another bite of the delicious cake and nodded. "You brought that whole tower here with a spell that you were just trying to perform on yourself. What were you intending to do once you arrived here in Equestria?"

Raven looked down at the pony before her. "Most likely I would have gone straight back. I was only looking for a quiet dimension to meditate for a while."

Twilight tilted her head to the side confused. "To meditate?"

"My powers dictate I meditate quite a bit. When it gets too noisy in the tower or I want a break from it, sometimes I go to a different dimension. Your dimension is nice but it's a little too brightly colored for my tastes." Raven took a bite out of her cupcake and Twilight just stared at her. Not only had she just spoken the most Twilight had heard but what she said was strange as well.

"Why do your powers dictate that you meditate all the time?"

"They just do." Raven didn't feel like going into this with anyone she had just met. It was hard enough for her to accept her friends, let alone a complete stranger.

Raven looked up to Robin and he walked over. "How are you doing Raven?" Robin gave her a meaningful look letting her know he had come to save her from Twilight's questions.

"I'm fine." Raven set down her cake and lifted her hood back into place. Twilight seemed to sense she wanted to be alone and trotted off to talk to her friends.

Robin watched her go and then turned back to Raven. "You didn't have to take the blame for sending us here you know."

Raven looked up at Robin then looked to the floor. "But it was my fault."

Robin smiled gently even though Raven couldn't see it. "Doesn't mean you need to take the blame. This dimension isn't all that bad but we have to get home soon."

"You're worried about Jump City?" Raven looked up to see Robin nod. Raven looked over to see Rarity talking with Twilight and pointing at her with a forehoof. Raven looked away quickly before she was spotted and looked back at Robin. "We'll get home soon. I already know dimensional travel so it shouldn't be too hard to learn how to get the tower back."

Raven looked around to see Pinkie and Starfire stuffing their faces with sweets, Cyborg talking with Applejack and Beast Boy chatting it up with the princesses. Fluttershy was delicately eating a cupcake and Twilight was still talking with Rarity. Raven looked back to Robin to find he was walking over to the princesses. Raven followed quickly, not wishing to be left alone again. As they approached they heard what BB was saying to the princesses.

"Why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself?" He paused for a response but got none from the princesses. "It was two-tired!" Beast Boy laughed and Raven rolled her eyes.

Celestia said nothing but Luna's face was confused. "What is a bicycle?"

Beast Boy looked at the princess of the night like she had three heads. Robin walked over and placed a hand on BB's shoulder. "I don't think they have bicycles here, Beast Boy."

Beast Boy sighed and walked off with his head down. Robin watched him head towards Fluttershy and then turned back to the princesses. "How exactly are we getting to Canterlot?"

Celestia took a sip from her floating tea cup before answering. "You all will take the train with Twilight and her friends. Your tickets are already taken care of and if we are lucky, Cadence will be there to greet us."

Robin's eyes lit up at this. "You mean the last of the four princesses will be there?"

Luna looked up from her cake surprised. "Aye, thou seems to be quite informed."

Robin shrugged and glanced at Applejack. "Not really, that's about all I know."

Celestia looked at Raven and set her tea down. "Did you have a question as well?"

Raven shook her head slowly and Celestia smiled at her. Raven hadn't met people so welcoming of her since she had met the rest of the Titans on that fateful day. She didn't know how the ponies would react to her dark magic but she could guess. This dimension was full of bright, loving leaders and bright, nice magic. She was afraid to reveal any more than she already had but it was necessary to getting home. She wanted to ask if they had encountered any sort of dark creature but she was afraid of the answer. Little did she know the expert on dark magic taking over was sitting in front of her. Luna watched Raven carefully. She had been intrigued by Raven since she saw her dark cloak that almost matched her coat color. She wondered if her powers were similar to hers but knew it was too rude to ask such a question.

Robin saw this but decided to say nothing for now. Instead he thought of another question to ask. "So who will be helping Raven with her spells?"

Luna glanced briefly at Robin and let her older sister answer him. "Twilight is very promising with new magic. She will be assisting, mostly. My sister and I will help as well as best we can with our duties. I'm sure Cadence will also be happy to assist you all."

Celestia picked her tea back up, taking a sip. Robin looked to Twilight to find her walking over to them. Raven walked away before she made it to them. As she was walking away she bumped right into Starfire. She turned to face Raven and smiled down at her but when she saw Raven's face she frowned. "Friend Raven, are you not having the fun?"

Raven managed a small smile and looked up at Star. "I'm fine, Starfire. You guys threw a great party."

"So you are indeed having the fun?" Raven nodded and Starfire did a little twirl in the air. "Oh joyous day!"

Raven couldn't help but be cheered up a little by Starfire's excitement. The rest of the party went much better for Raven. She found her cake and finished it and even talked with the ponies. The rest of the Titans had a nice time as well. Of course the weight of what might happen to Jump City in their absence still remained at the back of all of their minds.

Finally, Celestia stood from her seat and everyone turned to look at her. The room went silent before Celestia spoke. "I have quite enjoyed spending this time with you all, but you must now all head to the station."

Twilight nodded and led the Titans back to her castle. There they collected all the saddlebags and books in silence. When they had everything they needed, Twilight led everyone and everypony to the station. There, the train was just pulling into the station.

Robin looked at the train as it stopped at the station. "Here we go."

Advance to Canterlot

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Robin looked around the train at the ponies and Titans. They were on the way to Canterlot and had been on the train only ten minutes. Raven was sitting with Twilight who was actively discussing magic. Beast Boy was sharing with Rainbow Dash, he was trying to make her understand the concept of video games. Cyborg was with Applejack, they were talking about how they stay in shape. Star was with Rarity who was holding her mane up to Starfire's clothes and comparing the colors. Robin glanced over at his own seatmate who was currently hiding behind her pink mane. Pinkie bounced up and down the aisle getting in everyone's conversations.

"Um." Robin looked back to Fluttershy who looked away quickly. "A robin is a bird." Robin didn't say anything and Fluttershy glanced at him again. "Oh sorry. Is it not a bird in your dimension?" Her voice was very soft and grew weaker as she talked.

"It is." Fluttershy looked up at him and smiled. "It's also a name in my dimension, but it isn't really my name."


Robin thought briefly about his real name and that brought up memories of his father. He pushed the memories away... that was his old life. "I don't go by my real name anymore though, so now it's just Robin."

"I see."

"What's your real name!?" Robin jumped the tiniest bit and turned to come face to face with Pinkie. Her shout brought the attention of the rest of the Titans.

"I said I don't go by my real name anymore. It's not important."

Pinkie frowned deeply and then smiled. "Okie dokie lokie!"

Pinkie bounced off and Robin turned back to Flutter. "A raven is a bird as well."

Fluttershy was looking at the ground again but she smiled at Robin's words. The rest of the train ride was relatively quiet. Robin and Fluttershy talked about the kinds of animals that existed in each of their dimensions. Pinkie Pie continued to butt in every now and then. By the time they made it to Canterlot Robin was used to that. When they pulled up to the city all the Titans stared at it in wonder. Beast Boy was practically glued to his window until Pinkie opened her mouth.

"Canterlot is much more pretty than Manehattan."

Beast Boy backed up from the window and gave her a funny look. "You mean Manhattan right?"

Pinkie shook her head. "No, I mean Manehattan. It's right above Fillydelphia."

BB glanced at the other Titans. "You mean Philadelphia."

"Who's Phil? Is that near Baltimare?"

Beast Boy smacked his forehead. "Baltimore."

Pinkie tilted her head to the side. "More what? If you mean more city names then there is also Vanhoover!"

Beast Boy threw his arms into the air in frustration and the Titans laughed. As they laughed the train pulled into the station and stopped. The Titans and ponies disembarked. Each pony had their saddlebags. Raven's books were being carried by Starfire and Raven herself. Standing on the train station platform was Cadance and Shining Armor.

"Shining Armor!" Twilight ran up to her brother and nuzzled his neck. Shining chuckled and ruffled Twilight's mane with a forehoof.

"It's good to see you too little sis." Cadance stepped closer to the Titans and cleared her throat.

"It's lovely to meet you all! I'm Princess Mi Amore Cadenza but you can call me Cadance."

Starfire flew up to Cadance and circled her. "My name is Starfire."

Robin took a single step closer to Cadance to draw her attention before he spoke. "I'm Robin. This is Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy."

Cadance nodded and looked to Shining Armor. "This is my husband and Twilight's older brother, Shining Armor."

Shining bowed his head in greeting. Robin returned the greeting by giving a similar head bow.

"Come along we'll take you to the castle." With that Cadance turned and trotted off. The ponies and Starfire were quick to follow. Robin and the rest of the Titans weren't far behind but far enough that they could have a private talk. Starfire flew just above Cadance with a huge smile directed at the princess of love. Cadance glanced up at her and gave an unsure smile in return.

Starfire flew down so she was in front of Cadance and flying backwards. "I enjoy your hair."

Cadance looked at the alien girl for a moment before responding. "My mane?"

Starfire nodded and flew around Cadance in a circle. "It is so joyous and long!"

Cadance thought about it for a few seconds and decided to take this as a compliment. "Thank you."

"You are most welcome." Starfire gave Cadance another huge smile and Cadance returned it this time with a big smile of her own. Meanwhile the other Titans were talking among themselves. Raven had dropped the charade of not having powers and was floating instead of walking. Beast Boy wanted to shift into a pterodactyl but decided to just use his feet.

"What do you guys make of the fact that all the princesses are helping us?" Robin asked his team

Beast Boy perked up at this. "Are there just the four of them?" Robin nodded to Beast Boy and he smiled. "I guess that makes us special then."

"I find it more odd that they read and write in English." Cyborg said and Robin looked to Raven who shrugged.

"I'm from a different dimension and I can speak English. Perhaps English isn't from either dimension. It could have traveled through multiple dimensions somehow."

Robin thought this information over as Shining Armor slowed his pace so he was walking by the Titans. "Twilight tells me you all have magic." Shining looked to Raven and then down to the ground beneath her. Robin glanced at Shining.

"Only Raven has magic as you know it. The rest of us just have abilities or items that allow us to do special things." Shining Armor looked to Starfire who was still chatting with his wife. Robin noticed this and smiled. "Starfire is from a place where such abilities are common as with Raven as well." Robin pulled one of his birdarangs out of his belt and showed it to Shining. "I get by with special items I make."

Shining looked at the birdarang. "Where did you learn that?"

Robin's face went dark for a moment and he put the birdarang away. "My father." Robin clammed up after that and Beast Boy, who was tired of walking, turned into a bluejay. He flew over and landed on Fluttershy's back. He tweeted a song and she smiled. Shining watched this in amazement and then walked up to Cadance's side. They turned a corner and came face to face with a grand staircase that led up to the castle. There waiting at the top of the steps was Celestia and Luna. The ponies and Titans walked up the steps to meet them.

Celestia gave everyone and everypony a friendly smile. "Welcome." Celestia's horn started to glow and the giant doors behind her swung open. "Please make yourselves at home."

With that Celestia and Luna took a couple of steps back, making enough room between them to pass through. The Titans hesitated for the briefest of seconds before walking into the second castle of the day. The ponies were close behind and so were the princesses. The Titans stopped just inside the castle and waited for the princesses to pass them. The princesses walked through the castle and the Titans followed them. Soon they came to another set of large doors. This time it was Twilight's horn that glowed and the doors opened to a huge library. Raven's eyes grew wide at the sight. She never expected such a big library from ponies. Raven walked into the library and spun around to get a full view of the place. Robin watched his friend with a smile and walked up next to her.

"Bigger than you expected?" Raven nodded and set her books down in the middle of the library. Starfire flew over and placed her books down as well. Robin looked around at the large library and then back to Raven. "How can we help?"

Raven looked to the rest of the Titans and they all nodded to her. She floated over to Twilight and Cadance. "We should get started."

Twilight nodded and walked to the center of the library. Her horn glowed and books flew from around the library to her. "We can start with these."

Raven took one of the floating books in her hands and Twilight let it go. Raven opened it to find it was written by someone named Starswirl The Bearded. "That's a good choice. Starswirl The Bearded had the most respected interdimensional theory."

Raven looked at the index and then flipped through the book to find the right page. As she was flipping she glanced up at the other Titans. "Take a book."

As Raven was flipping Celestia and Luna quietly excused themselves to get back to their duties. Raven finally found the page as the ponies set down their saddlebags. Raven read over the theory and then looked to to her stack of books. She raised her hand and one of the books in the stack started to glow black. The books above it started to glow as well and lifted off the shelf. The first book flew over to Raven and the rest of the books returned to the stack. She flipped open this book in the air and it floated over so she could read it. The page held the return spell and she looked it over. Everyone was watching her as she looked over both books.

Twilight took a step towards Raven and cocked her head to the side. "Is something wrong?"

Raven looked to Twilight and frowned. "There are some serious flaws in this theory but it's a return spell not a dimensional travel spell."

"What!?" Robin shouted and walked over to Raven. She handed him the book and he looked over the theory but it was clear he didn't understand it. Instead he looked back at Raven. "Are you sure?"

"Positive." Twilight walked all the way over to Raven. Robin held the book close to her face so she could read it.

Twilight read it over and then looked to Raven. "Why would Starswirl The Bearded make a return spell without an interdimensional spell?"

Raven shrugged and looked around the room. "Maybe we aren't the first ones to come here." Robin said and Twilight looked to him. She seemed to think this over for a bit and then turned to Cadance.

"Could you see if princess Celestia will let us check the archives?" Cadance nodded and exited the library. Twilight turned back to Raven. "We should go through the rest of these books."

Raven nodded and walked over to the center of the library. She sat down and then let herself float into the air. Some of the books started to float to her and flipped open their pages. The remaining books floated over to Twilight. The rest of the ponies and Titans watched in amazement as they went through the books. Finally a certain pink mare bounced over to Shining Armor.

"They're almost like sisters! Aren't they like sisters!?" Pinkie Pie smiled at Shining who looked at her, stunned. He looked back to the center of the library where all the action was. Unperturbed by Shining's silence Pinkie bounced around the library. Raven looked over the books that she picked and she found a few theories were actually about interdimensional travel. Raven looked over to Twilight who was reading a book intently. With a flick of her wrist Raven sent the book she was reading over to Twilight. Twilight looked at the book and then over to Raven.

"This is the most like my interdimensional spell that I could find."

Twilight looked over the book and nodded. She turned as the doors to the library opened and Cadance walked back in. Cadance paused for only a second when she saw Raven floating off the ground. "Princess Celestia says we may look through the archives for any sign of interdimensional travellers in Starswirl The Bearded's entries."

Twilight nodded and looked to Raven. "I think we should stop for lunch and then check the archives." Raven looked to Robin for guidance and he nodded. "Great! Let's head to the dining room." Twilight walked towards the doors to the library and Raven set her feet on the ground. She followed Twilight to the doors of the library and then glanced behind her to make sure the rest of her friends were following. As all of them were walking through the halls of the castle Cyborg spoke up.

"So what you got to eat around here anyway?"

Twilight looked back at him and smiled. "Well, we have daisy sandwiches and hay burgers to start with."

Cyborg made a disgusted face and looked to Robin. Robin nodded and walked up next to Twilight. "We can't really eat a daisy or hay." Twilight seemed taken aback by this and stopped walking.

"Well what do you eat?"

Robin looked to his team and then back to Twilight. "We can eat fruits and vegetables."

Twilight brightened at this and smiled.

"That's great we have plenty of those as well."

Robin sighed in relief knowing he and his team weren't about to go hungry. They continued their walk to the dining room and when they reached it a meal was already laid out for them. Celestia and Luna sat at the end of a huge table talking between themselves. The ponies walked over and each of them took a seat at the huge table. The Titans walked over and took seats as well. They all waited until Celestia finished with Luna and turned to them.

"Please, enjoy."

With that, everyone and everypony looked down at the table in front of them. The ponies dug in right away grabbing things and passing them around. The Titans hesitated for a few moments and then Beast Boy dug in happily. As a vegetarian, he was in his element. He easily filled his plate and then started to eat. Raven was the next to grab an apple and take a bite. Robin watched her take another bite and then picked up an apple of his own. Starfire picked up a hay burger and before anyone could protest, ate it in one bite. The Titans looked at her, amazed, and she simply ate another one. Cyborg was obviously disappointed with the selection. Being a meat lover Cyborg wasn't much for fruits and veggies. He reluctantly started to eat the offered food but it was clear to anyone who knew him that he was unhappy. After a while Celestia seemed to sense the Titans displeasure and decided to try to cheer them up. Her horn glowed and then ponies appeared from the kitchen carrying a few pies. They set them out on the table and Cyborg's eyes went wide.

"Is that pie!?" Cyborg looked to Celestia who smiled and nodded. Without a second thought more Cyborg grabbed a pie and dug into it. Robin smiled at his friend and then nodded his thanks to Celestia. Raven picked up one of the pies and, using her power cut it into pieces and gave one to each of the other Titans. Starfire dug into her piece right away and so did Beast Boy. Raven picked at her piece when she saw that it was apple pie. With a small sigh Raven ate a bite and then smiled. She was surprised to find that it wasn't overly sweet like she thought it would be. The pie was, in fact, quite good and soon the piece was gone. When she looked up she found that the rest of the pies were gone as well. Cyborg was happily rubbing his stomach with a fork hanging out of his mouth.

Without waiting much longer Celestia and Luna stood from the table. Celestia looked down the table and smiled. "I wish you luck with your search of the archives."

Celestia exited the room and Luna looked at the gathered people and ponies. "We must request thou be careful with the things in the archives."

Twilight nodded to the Princess as she left the room as well. Twilight stood from her place and turned to the Titans. "Shall we go?"

Robin nodded and stood. The rest of the Titans and ponies stood as well. Then, they were off.

The archives await

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The Titans followed their pony guides through the castle until they reached a door that looked like any other in the hallway. Twilight opened it and walked in. Raven, who was really curious about these archives, started to float off the ground. She watched as the other ponies filed into the room and she was a little too quick to follow. Just inside the door Raven saw bookshelves placed in a circle, in the center of the circle was what looked like a giant hourglass on a podium, and above the hourglass was a domed skylight letting in natural light. The bookshelves held not only books but scrolls as well. In fact, it looked like half the items on the shelves were scrolls. Raven floated over to the nearest bookshelf and ran her fingers over the top of the books. She was surprised when she found no dust on them. She looked to the side to see everyone else had made it to the hourglass. Floating over, she joined her friends. Robin watched Raven and waited till she joined everyone to speak up.

"So where would the books be?" Robin looked to Twilight who started to rub the back of her head in embarrassment.

"Actually... I have no idea." Beast Boy and Cyborg groaned. Robin's eyes narrowed as he glared slightly at the princess. Raven, on the other hand, floated up to the top of the nearest bookshelf. This drew the attention of everyone and everypony in the room. She took a book and scroll off the shelf. She tossed the book down to Shining below who easily caught it with his magic.

"I guess we start looking then." Twilight nodded and picked a bookshelf at random to search. The rest of the ponies and Titans split up to tackle the shelves in pairs. Starfire went with Applejack so she could get the high books for her. Cyborg paired with Fluttershy. Beast Boy turned into a squid to get more done at once and paired with Rarity. Robin went with Twilight. Rainbow Dash was like lightning and picked a bookshelf all by herself. Shining paired with Cadance, of course, which left Raven alone with Pinkie Pie. Raven sighed when she saw the huge smile on Pinkie's face. Pinkie did not falter though and gave a military salute. Raven took one last glance around and then closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and focused her magic. When she opened her eyes, they were glowing black.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" None of the Titans flinched but all of the ponies turned to look at Raven. The books and scrolls on the top half of the shelf glowed black. They started to shake slightly before they all flew off the shelf at once. They started to circle Raven and then a beam of what looked like words shot out of each of them. The word beams all melded into Raven and she shut her eyes as she absorbed the knowledge. After watching this display for a few seconds the ponies went back to what they were doing. Pinkie stared for another few seconds before shrugging and getting to work. Everyone and everypony was hard at work with only the sounds of paper being heard. Then the silence was finally broken.

"Oh!" Princess Cadance held a book in front of her face with a strange symbol on the cover. She read over whatever was in the book a couple more times and then started flipping through the pages. She frowned at the random page she had stopped on and then showed it to Shining. He also frowned at the book. Twilight was watching all this happen and became too curious to continue to look through the books around her. She placed them all back on the shelf and flew over to her brother. She took one look at the book and snatched it from her brother. She started flipping through the book until she reached the end then she opened the front cover.

"This is it!" Twilight exclaimed. Robin walked over and Twilight held the book up to him. She flipped the page and looked at Robin. "Is this a language from your dimension?" Robin shook his head sadly and then looked to Raven. Raven had just finished going through the books and scrolls. She looked around and when she saw Robin looking at her she became curious. She floated down to him and Twilight shifted the book to her. Raven looked down at the book and quick as a flash snatched it out of Twilight's magic. Robin and Twilight waited expecting her to clear everything up then she frowned. Raven looked up from the book to Robin still bearing that frown.

"I don't recognize this language. It's definitely not from Earth or Azarath." Twilight sighed and shook her head.

"Then all we know is that this is a diary." Robin and Raven looked to Twilight. Robin's eyebrows scrunched down in confusion.

"How do you know it's a diary?" Robin asked. Twilight gingerly grabbed the front pages of the book with her magic. Raven moved her hand and watched as Twilight flipped the pages to the very beginning of the book. There written in plain english were these words:

This is the diary of my dear friend of his day to day life here in Equestria. Until I devise a way to get him home he will use this to keep track of everything that happens to him. - Starswirl

Raven read over it a couple of times and then looked up to Twilight. Without having to say anything, Twilight nodded.

"It seems you were right. That spell you found was a return spell for another dimensional traveler that Starswirl encountered." By now all the Titans and ponies had come over. They could no longer keep looking as their curiosity had gotten the better of them. Then being able to hold it no longer Twilight squealed and started to bounce on her hooves like a little filly. "This is amazing! You aren't the first dimensional travelers to end up here. Imagine the places we could go if we cracked dimensional travel." The Titans looked at each other with worried expressions. Shining saw this and he recognized that look.

"Do you not think that is a good idea?" Shining asked concern clear in his voice. All the Titans looked to him and then turned to their leader. Robin sighed deeply and turned to the ponies.

"I may not be an expert in other dimensions..." He glanced at Raven, who looked away.

"Though I do know how our dimension is. In truth, we are crime fighters in our dimension. We fight guys who try to kill us or destroy the very Earth." Again there was a quick glance at Raven to see she was plagued by memories of her father. Twilight and Shining saw this one though and the expression on Raven's face confused them. "It can be very dangerous at times... I don't know how well you all would fare there." Twilight and Shining had not taken their eyes off Raven. When Raven glanced over and saw this she quickly turned around and floated away. Shining started to go after her but Robin stopped him with a shake of his head. Raven left the archives and stood outside the door by herself. Starfire was torn for another moment before looking to Robin.

"I will check on friend Raven." Robin nodded to Star and she flew out of the archives after Raven. Shining looked to Robin with a questioning look.

"Something we should know about? Is something the matter with her?" Shining showed only concern but Robin still felt like he threatened Raven's feelings.

"It's fine." Shining looked taken aback by the sneer in Robin's voice. Trying to brush it off, Twilight stepped up next to her brother and nudged his side with hers. When she spoke it was in a softer voice than normal.

"I'm sure she has her reasons. On the topic of you all though, is it really that dangerous in your world all the time?" Robin seemed to relax and sent a quick glance to the door. He crossed his arms as he looked back at Twilight.

"It can be, unfortunately, especially for people like us." Twilight looked to her brother and then back to Robin. She had a determined look on her face now.

"We aren't exactly defenseless you know." Shining looked down at his little sister with shock. Cadance walked up to him and placed a hoof around his neck. The rest of the ponies stood behind Twilight as if to support her. Applejack raised her hoof and pointed at Robin.

"We deal with all kinds of nasty critters." Applejack's hoof now moved to point at Fluttershy. "Fluttershy took on a full grown dragon." Fluttershy shifted on her hooves before looking up at Robin.

"He just needed to be reminded that other ponies were affected by his decisions," Fluttershy said, hiding behind her mane. Rainbow Dash was the next to show her support by speaking up.

"You should have seen how Twilight stood up to Tirek. It was the most awesome battle ever!" Rarity fluffed her hair and made a small 'humph' sound.

"That was impressive darling, but don't forget about how we stopped Discord from spreading his chaos everywhere." Pinkie giggled at that.

"That was actually pretty fun what with the pink cotton candy clouds that rained chocolate. Then there was the manticore or maybe Nightmare Moon. Oh! How about when we saved the crystal kingdom from Sombra? Oh! How about...."

"That's enough, Pinkie. I think they get the point," Twilight interrupted her friend. She looked Robin in the eye with that determined look on her face again. "We can handle ourselves." Robin wasn't so sure but he said nothing. After all they could say whatever they wanted but he had never actually seen any of their skills in battle in person. Twilight went to speak again when the door to the archives opened again and Raven walked in followed closely by Starfire. She walked over to Robin and he placed a hand on her head. She looked up at him and he smiled at her. He watched as she gave a small smile before they both looked to Twilight. Twilight sighed instead of speaking again. She looked to her brother who frowned at her.

"I thought you only wanted to help them get home." Concern for his sister was all over his face. He also knew if she left he could not follow her. He had duties to see to back at the crystal kingdom along with Cadance. Twilight looked up at her big brother and frowned.

"Aren't you interested in what we could learn from other dimensions?" Cadance dropped her hoof from around her husband's neck. She looked at her sister in-law.

"I think your brother is just worried that it might be more dangerous than you think it will be. Besides, you have duties now as a princess." Twilight huffed but nodded slowly.

"I guess it would be wise to think about it a bit more at least." Cadance smiled at her sister in-law. Twilight trotted over and nuzzled under her neck. Shining watched Twilight for a second more before turning to Robin.

"We might want to ask Princess Celestia about this traveller. She may know something." He glanced at the skylight to see that the sun was still up. "Good, she hasn't lowered the sun yet. She will still be up." This caused Beast Boy to perk up and then he laughed.

"Dude, the sun goes down on its own." All the ponies gave him weird looks and Cyborg clapped his buddy on the shoulder.

"I don't think that is so here, BB." Beast Boy looked at the ponies with a confused look of his own.

"Really?" Twilight nodded and pointed to the skylight with a hoof.

"The sun is controlled by Celestia, and her sister Luna controls the moon and stars." All the Titans looked up through the skylight with interest. Then Raven looked down to the ponies. She saw that Shining and Twilight were still watching her. She looked away to try and forget that they were staring at her. They only looked on in concern but Raven knew that would change if they knew the truth about her. Though, as she looked at her friends she wondered briefly if they would be as accepting of her as her friends had been. Then she thought of the way they had been treated and how happy this dimension seemed to be. Surely a demon would be someone they would not consider a friend here. As long as she kept her emotions under control nothing would happen, she told herself. Robin and the rest of the Titans looked back down to the ponies then Robin spoke up.

"Then I guess we should go talk to the princess." Twilight nodded and started for the door. Everybody and everypony were quick to follow. They all followed close behind Twilight and occasionally passed a guard who saluted the princesses. Finally they arrived at a set of double doors that went almost to the very high ceiling with two guards posted out front. Twilight walked up and smiled.

"We request an audience with Princess Celestia." One of the guards saluted and entered the room. A minute later he emerged and opened one of the huge doors then the other. Taking this as her cue Twilight entered the room. The rest of the ponies entered behind her followed by the Titans. Starfire was the last in and then the doors were shut behind her. When Star looked around at the room, she gasped. The inside was not as big as she had expected but it was gorgeous. Everything in the room seemed to represent light and the sun. There was even a fireplace to the right of the door. Sitting in the middle of the room on a large pillow was Celestia herself. She was looking over a scroll but as Twilight walked up to her she set it down. With a gentle smile she watched as Twilight sat down in front of her.

"What may I do for all of you?" Twilight passed her the book she was still holding and Celestia frowned slightly at the cover. She flipped it open and read the first page and then flipped through the book. After a minute she shut the book and gave it back to Twilight. "It seems you have found something quite interesting."

"Do you know what it says then?" Twilight leaned forward in anticipation but Celestia shook her head.

"I'm afraid the only one who will know what that says is the one who wrote it. I dare say not even Starswirl knew what was written in this book." Twilight sighed as she looked at her mentor.

"So I guess we hit another dead end." Celestia gave Twilight another gentle smile and stood from her pillow.

"Not necessarily." Celestia walked over to a small bookcase and pulled one of the books off. "There is a spell that allows the pony to understand a foreign language for a short time, though it only works if the pony it is cast on understands multiple languages already." Celestia flipped through the book and then showed the page she stopped on to Twilight. Twilight looked over the spell and then up to Celestia with a somewhat sad expression.

"But I don't speak multiple languages." Celestia gave a small nod and then looked to Raven. Raven, who knew where this was headed, had started to edge toward the doors. Now as Celestia's gaze landed on her she froze. Twilight followed Celestia's eyes and then smiled. She stood and trotted over to Raven. "I can probably adjust this spell to work on you, if you would be willing to give it a try." Raven looked down at Twilight and then finally with a small sigh she nodded. Twilight beamed up at her and then turned back to Celestia. Celestia chuckled lightly at her student's eagerness to learn a new spell.

"Perhaps this should be saved for tomorrow. Luna and I are just about to lower the sun and raise the moon. You all are more than welcome to come watch." Twilight deflated ever so slightly but nodded. They all followed Celestia as she stepped out on her balcony. From here they could also see the other tower of the castle where Luna stood ready.

"Art thou ready to begin dear sister?" Celestia nodded to her little sister and then looked to the sun. The Titans watched in wonder as her horn was set alight and the sun started to descend into the horizon. Just as it was descending it painted the sky in the most beautiful sunset colors. Then from the other horizon the moon started to rise and they looked to Luna to see her horn lit up. Finally the sun vanished and the moon rose into place in the sky. Finally the stars twinkled in the sky one by one until the sky was covered in them. Then Luna looked back to her older sister. "'Tis done now we may go and feast on dinner before thou retire to thy bed." Beast Boy scratched his head.

"What did she say?" Celestia chuckled lightly but Luna gave Beast Boy a disapproving look.

"She said it's time for dinner and then bed," Twilight helpfully whispered to Beast Boy. He nodded his thanks and she smiled in return.. Then they all went back to the dining room where they ate again before they were each led to a room by a guard pony. Raven looked around her room with a sigh before laying down on top of the covers and quickly falling asleep.

A bit of chaos

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Raven was awakened by the sound of knocking and she rolled over onto her back on the bed. Someone was knocking on the door of the room she was in. With a wave of her hand the door swung open revealing Robin. He smiled at his teammate when he saw her on the bed.

"It's not like you to sleep in," Robin said as he walked over to the bed. Raven sat up and glanced at the window to see the sun in the same place it was all day yesterday.

"What time is it?" Raven asked as she rubbed her eyes. Robin looked down and pushed his glove back to reveal a watch.

"My watch says 10 but I don't know if that is accurate here. I do know it hasn't been long since Celestia raised the sun. About an hour." Robin said as he looked back up to Raven.

"I wonder if they have clocks here?" Raven asked in a somewhat flippant tone. Robin shrugged and looked around the room but didn't see a clock. Raven slid to the end of the bed while he did that to let her feet dangle off the end just above the floor. She looked down at them and let them swing a bit. "Why did you come to wake me up?" Robin walked over and placed a hand on Raven's shoulder.

"It's almost time for breakfast and no one wanted to eat without you," Robin said with a smile. Raven gave her own small smile and nodded. She hopped off the bed and looked down at herself. Her cloak was a little off center. She adjusted it and lifted her hood. As she was doing this Robin walked over to the door and waited for her. When she was happy with her outfit she floated just a foot off the ground. Then she floated over to Robin and nodded. They left the room and traveled down to the dining room. They traveled in silence and Raven was glad for that. She didn't feel much like talking, knowing soon she would be the brunt of a magic experiment. A small smile crept onto her face when she realized that Robin had probably figured that out. When they reached the dining room Robin pushed the door open and motioned for Raven to go first. With a nod Raven floated through the door. The dining room was more full than it had been yesterday. Along with all the ponies Raven knew, there were now a few more as well as a weird creature sitting at the table. Robin walked up next to Raven and pointed at the creature. Before he could speak however the creature disappeared and reappeared in front of Raven.

"The name is Discord, madam. It's a pleasure to meet you." Discord bowed low to Raven and she nodded. Her feet touched the ground as she stared at him. She didn't know what kind of creature he was but he sure was strange. "I see the confusion on your face you are wondering what I am, yes?" A word perched on the tip of Raven's tongue and she tried to spit it out.

"Chimera?" Raven guessed based on his appearance. Discord laughed loudly and started to roll around in the air. Raven wondered how he was able to fly so well and he barely flapped his tiny wings. When DIscord stopped laughing he looked at Raven somewhat seriously but maintained a small smirk.

"I am a draconequus, actually. The last of my kind," Discord said and placed his lion paw on his forehead in a dramatic fashion. Then suddenly he disappeared and reappeared even closer to Raven.

"That's not what I'm curious about though. I wish to know what is under this cloak." Before Raven could say a word Discord snapped his fingers and her cloak disappeared. Raven blushed slightly until her cloak appeared on Discord. That sparked her anger and she clenched her fists.

"Give. That. Back." Raven spoke through clenched teeth but Discord barely acknowledged her, instead looking over the cloak.

"What's the magic word?" Discord asked and disappeared quickly to the other side of the room.

"Now." As soon as Raven spoke that single word things got a bit crazy. Plates on the table shattered and a wind kicked up in the room. One of the ponies that Raven had never met lifted into the air and a pane glass window cracked like a spider web. Discord looked around the room as the wind picked up even more and another window shattered. Robin laid a hand on Raven's shoulder.

"Raven, calm down!" Robin shouted over the now roaring wind. Discord disappeared and reappeared in front of Raven again.

"What beautiful chaos you create," Discord said and with a snap of his fingers the cloak was back on Raven. The feel of the cloak helped to calm Raven until everything had settled back down. Raven looked around at all the shocked faces of the ponies. Her friends looked on in concern and Discord looked at her with interest. Then she turned and ran from the room. As Raven ran, she felt the sadness start to well up inside her, but she pushed it back down. She ran down the hall, and as the end neared, she heard footsteps behind her. As she was running, a black portal opened and she ran through it. As soon as she was through the portal snapped shut behind her. Robin, who had been closest to her at the time, ran to the wall and slammed his fist into it. Then he turned to glare at Discord who had followed them. Raven appeared in the Titans Tower and ran to her room. In the safety of her room she let her sadness loose and watched as her room was slowly destroyed by her emotions running free. She floated slowly over to her bed and curled up on on it. She had gotten so angry over such a simple matter; she didn't understand it. Then her vanity shook and her mirror landed on the ground. She got off the bed and walked over to it, picking it up off the ground. She looked at her reflection and then sighed.

"I have to see," Raven said to the empty room. She reached out and touched the cool glass of the mirror. She disappeared and the mirror fell back to the floor with a soft thud as it hit the plush black carpet face down.

Meanwhile Robin was glaring at Discord when the rest of his team and the ponies caught up to him. Robin knew one of his teammates would have been able to catch Raven but he was the first to react and the closest to the door. He clenched his fists in anger, he knew if he had powers he could have caught Raven too. Discord noticed the look on Robin's face and crossed his arms. Twilight, oblivious to the stare down, looked to the wall where the portal had been.

"What just happened?! Where did Raven go?!" The Titans all looked to Robin but when they saw his face they looked to each other. Cyborg was silently volunteered to explain and he sighed before turning back to look at Twilight.

"Well that was a portal that Raven made. She can use those to travel from place to place instantly. As for what happened in the dining room..." Cyborg was cut off mid-sentence when Robin turned his glare on him. Cyborg backed up a step to fall in line with the other Titans. Starfire watched this and then huffed.

"Robin should we not follow friend Raven?" Starfire asked as she started to float towards the ground. Robin relaxed his glare and sighed. He gestured to the wall where the portal was a minute ago.

"She could be anywhere, Star," Robin said. Starfire touched the ground, she had lost the joy to fly. Discord, however, grumbled something that sounded like 'not anywhere'.

"You're right, Discord," Celestia said as she approached the end of the hall. Luna and Celestia had walked instead of running after Raven. She walked over to where the portal was and bowed her head so her horn pointed at the wall. Her horn glowed and a beam of light shot out hitting the wall. After a second it vanished and Celestia looked to Robin. "Raven has gone back to your tower." Luna's face lit up and she walked forward.

"Shall we follow then, dear sister?" Luna asked and Celestia nodded.

"We should indeed. I assume you have collected all you need from the castle?" Celestia asked, looking to Twilight, who nodded. A book appeared next to Twilight followed by the diary from the day before. She held both in her magic and nodded to Celestia again. Celestia turned back to Luna and smiled. "Will you help me here, Luna?" Luna was practically bouncing where she stood and nodded.

Luna walked up next to her sister and they touched horns. Both of their horns lit up and then there was a flash of light. When the light faded they stood in front of Titans Tower. Robin wasted no time and ran into the tower. The rest of the Titans hesitated and looked around at the ponies. Robin was in the elevator and on the way up by the time the other Titans had figured out what they were doing. When the elevator opened he rushed to Raven's room. He ran in to see it in shambles and Raven gone. Robin paced the room waiting until after a few minutes he heard the group coming down the hallway. Robin exited the room and met them in the hall.

"She isn't there," he stated, and the group stopped short of the door to Raven's room. He was somewhat surprised to see all the ponies and Discord were with the Titans. He wasted no time on that though. "Search the tower." Before any of the Titans could move however a voice sounded.

"Wait!" Twilight said and made her way forward. Her horn lit up and she closed her eyes. After a few seconds she opened her eyes and her horn lost it's glow. "She isn't in the tower."

"How is that possible? She came here didn't she?" Robin asked and looked to Celestia who nodded. Beast Boy though pushed his way past Twilight and Robin. He entered the room and looked around. When he saw the mirror on the floor he rushed over to it.

"Dude, she's in here!" He yelled and picked up the mirror. He showed the mirror to Robin and Twilight frowned.

"That's a mirror." Twilight said her frown deepening as she saw her own reflection in the mirror. Beast Boy ignored her though.

"Should we go after her?" Beast Boy asked Robin who shook his head.

"She probably just needed to be alone. We should respect that." Robin said causing Beast Boy to deflate. He looked at his own reflection in the mirror and sighed. Robin turned back to look at the ponies. "Raven is taking a break so we can wait for her here." Luna's eyes lit up again and she nodded to her sister. Celestia gave Robin a gentle smile.

"We will wait as well, if that is alright." Robin was hesitant but eventually nodded. Everyone and everypony started to leave. Beast Boy was still staring at his own reflection in the mirror when Robin turned back around. He walked back over and placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. Beast Boy looked up at him and Robin gave him a smile.

"She'll be back soon." Beast Boy sighed but returned the mirror to the vanity. He nodded to Robin and they followed the rest of the Titans with the ponies into the main area. Soon Raven was a somewhat second thought as the ponies went around exploring. Cyborg was showing Rainbow Dash the gaming system, which caused Beast Boy to challenge him to a game. Soon all the ponies were gathered around to watch the match. Robin shook his head as his teammates got way too into the video game,. Starfire floated over to Robin and looked down at him.

"Shall I prepare the snacks?" Robin nodded to her and she happily set about making popcorn. Robin looked back away from the commotion towards the door and so he was the only one to see Raven enter. He rushed to her side and smiled down at her. Her hood was down and she looked somewhat sullen. She nodded to him and then glanced about.

"Sorry for earlier," she said and looked down with shame.

"Are you okay?" Robin asked her, to which she nodded. Robin placed a hand on her head and she looked back up at him. He smiled at her. "Come on, all your friends are waiting for you." Raven gave a small smile at that and Robin let go of her to turn back to the rest of the room. When he moved, Starfire gasped and flew over quickly. She grabbed Raven's hands in her own and smiled.

"Friend Raven, you are back!" Starfire yelled which caused Beast Boy's ears to twitch. He turned around quickly and when he saw Raven, he vaulted over the couch. Cyborg was hot on his heels and soon Raven was surrounded by her friends. Beast Boy hugged her and then quickly let her go.

"Sorry," Beast Boy said blushing slightly. Raven shook her head a little and gave him a small smile. "Is everything alright?" he asked, inclining his head.

"It is now," Raven said with a nod. Beast Boy and Cyborg exchanged a look but Raven waved them off with an 'it's OK' gesture. This caused Cyborg to smile and turn to Beast Boy.

"Well then BB, shall we continue our match?" Cyborg asked while inclining his head towards the couch. Beast Boy gave him his own huge smile in response.

"You are going down!" Beast Boy shouted and started towards the couch. Cyborg smiled to Raven before following him.

"I think we both know who won last time, BB!" Cyborg said and Raven gave a small airy laugh at their antics. Starfire looked to Raven then.

"Would you like the corn of popping as well, Raven?" Starfire asked with a smile. Raven nodded and Starfire flew off to finish her task. Robin turned to her and smiled before walking over to the couch as well. Raven gave a small smile to the back of each of her friends before walking further into the room. Just then she noticed she was being watched by all the ponies. Discord in particular was watching her with an interested look. Raven gave a small sigh and tried to ignore the looks. She was used to it by now. They had seen her anger and it was a nasty thing. It was under control now but the fact that it had gotten out again was worrisome to her. She pushed it to the back of her mind for now. After a short discussion among themselves the ponies looked back to Raven. Twilight stepped forward and approached Raven carefully. Raven wanted to tell her she was fine now but didn't dare open her mouth for fear of scaring the pony princess. Twilight stopped a few feet farther than normal from Raven.

"Would you like to try the spell now? I've had some time with it this morning before breakfast and I think it can be done." Raven looked around the room at her friends and then gave a very small sigh. She nodded to Twilight who smiled. "It would be best if you are in a relaxed state when the spell is cast." Raven nodded again and walked to the middle of the room.

Raven sat cross-legged on the ground and placed her hands on her knees in her usual meditating pose. She closed her eyes and focused to tune out everything around her. Soon the noise of the video game and the small whispers of the ponies were forgotten. She started to float just above the ground and let out a small relieved sigh. In her mind she repeated her usual mantra as she breathed deeply in and out. After what felt like a couple of minutes Raven felt a foreign magic envelop her. In her relaxed state she merely accepted the magic instead of fighting it. Then she felt a wave of magic move through the magic that surrounded her. Soon there was wave after wave and then she felt it. It felt like an info dump. All of a sudden things were rushing into her mind. She saw a snippet of it here and there but most was going to fast to see. It felt like her mind was filling like a glass being filled with water. The info was confusing to her and she scrunched her brow. It all seemed to be foreign but at the same time it all felt so familiar. Slowly less and less info was dumped into her mind until it stopped. Her eyes snapped open and she fell to the floor with a thud. She looked around to see she was surrounded by the ponies and her friends. Twilight gave her a curious look and floated the journal over to her. Raven grasped it in her hands and flipped it open to the first page with the language on it. It looked exactly the same as before and Raven frowned. Then she watched as the symbols swirled and morphed into english letters. Raven shot to her feet as she read over the page. She looked up at Twilight with an expression of joy on her face.

"I can read it," Raven said and held the book to her chest. Twilight's face broke into a smile as well.

"It worked," Twilight said and looked to Celestia who nodded with sage understanding. Robin walked over to Raven then and looked at the book held to her chest.

"What does it say?" Robin asked and Raven looked down at the book again. She brought it away from her chest so she could again see the words on the page.

"Let's see...."