Mystquestria Ramifications

by sbloom85

First published

A quick one-shot detailing potential outcomes from the events of Jaxxon Citadel's actions.

Thirty years after the assault in Ponyville, things have become bleak. Humans have taken over and brought pain and suffering to the once happy-go-lucky ponies of Equestria.

This is what I believe would've happened if Mister Citadel had continued "The Mare Who Wants a Human Child." The original version of "Mystquestria".

The Story

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How did it all begin? Nearly forty years ago, a human named Jaxxon Citadel popped out of nowhere, stating that he created this world by using a book portal. He later married a local unicorn named Lyra Heartstrings and the two would conceive six children, five pony foals and a human baby.

A few years after his arrival, Mister Citadel decided it would be a good idea to start a travel agency for others from his world to come to theirs. At first, the decision was sound and many benign humans started arriving. It wasn't long before the true, ugly faces of his species started appearing, issuing death threats toward the princesses and those they were associated with. There was an attempted assassination on a Crystal Empire guard named Flash Sentry. The human responsible had stated “You stole my wife-fu!” What ever that meant, nopony knew.

A later incident defined Jaxxon and his decisions. There was an attack in Ponyville started by a human who was thought to be imprisoned in his world, this same human was the one responsible for the attempt on Flash's life. He returned to Equestria with one of their “fire arms”. Odd thing to call them since they don't set arms on fire. The fugitive was out of “ammunition” by the time Jaxxon returned to Equestria with his own weapon. He caught up to the fugitive and that's when things went south. A number of ponies were injured and some were killed from Jaxxon's wild shooting, however, the fugitive remained uninjured.

Needless to say, after the incident was taken care of, both Jaxxon and the human fugitive were executed. Most of the other humans were sent back to Earth and Jaxxon's books were confiscated and destroyed. Jaxxon and Lyra's human child was given to his parents and the pony foals remained in Lyra's custody.

There was a brief reprieve from the humans. Those who were still in Equestria went into hiding for a while until the unthinkable happened: another book was produced. What followed was known as “The Great War”. Humans began pouring out of a cave in the Everfree forest and began sacking Equestria.

It had been three decades since the war started and one year after it did, the ponies lost. It was described as a violent and bloody massacre with the ponies taking most of the casualties.

A lone pegasus stallion trotted through the ruins of Ponyville. Its streets were littered with a variety of human waste: plastic and glass bottles; aluminum cans; candy wrappers; magazines... the list goes on. When older ponies wander the streets, they cry, but this stallion was used to seeing these conditions.

The stallion passed the town square. A unicorn stallion dressed in robes was holding a book with his magic. “Homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle! Allow the love of Celestia to pour into your soul and cleanse you!”

He huffed at the unicorn's words. Very few ponies ever listened to him and fewer stuck around him long enough to get caught into his blathering nonsense. He picked up the pace until he was out of earshot.

He found himself approaching Princess Twilight Sparkle's castle. Not even the castle was spared from the humans' vandalizing. There were several crude and vulgar messages inscribed onto it. Messages such as “SUK MY DIK LOL”; “Goldn Okes 4evar” and “FUK FLASHLITE”. The stallion swallowed hard and approached the front door.

A unicorn guard blocked his entrance and glared at him. “State your name and purpose.”

The pegasus nervously stepped back a little bit. “My name is Speed Demon. I was summoned by the princess.”

The guard nodded and allowed Speed inside. “My condolences, sir. As you are aware, I need to take your saddlebag.”

Speed nodded, unfastened his bag, gave it to the guard. “Can I keep the watch?” The guard nodded and he entered the castle. He approached the thrones and bowed.

“Rise.” Speed obliged. On the throne was a human female who declared herself Princess of Ponyville, daughter of the man who took the town over. On her lap was Princess Twilight Sparkle, chained up to the throne like a pet and unable to speak or use magic. “So you're Speed Demon, the son of Spitfire and Soarin.”

The pegasus glanced at Twilight, who was quietly sobbing and returned his gaze to the so-called princess. “Spitfire was indeed my mother, but you know very well that Soarin wasn't my father. Why am I here, Claire?”

He and Claire merely shared the same father. Her mother was rumored to be Rainbow Dash, a Wonderbolt trainee and it showed. Streaks of varying colors ran through her hair in a similar fashion he saw in the mare's photographs.

She grinned and ran her fingers through Twilight's mane. “Can't half-siblings hold a conversation?”

He let out a quiet growl and bared his teeth. “If you're looking for a civil discussion, you're not going to find one. I've seen the horrors your species has unleashed and I will not bend to your will.”

She chuckled. “Be glad that we share the same father. Otherwise I wouldn't be so lenient toward your actions.”

He stomped his hoof against the floor and pointed it at her. “How can you condone our father's actions? After the war he raped our mothers! How are you okay with that? How are you okay living like this?”

She raised an eyebrow. “Raped? Is that what Spitfire told you?” She laughed. “I remember my mom saying she enjoyed herself. I assume your mother manipulated you.”

He shook his head. “No. She said nothing, but her body language betrayed her. When I asked, she burst into tears! That is how I found out. If anyone was manipulating anyone, it was father manipulating you!”

She shot up, causing Twilight to fall off of her lap and almost choked on the chain. “How dare you! Our father is a wonderful man!”

He began hovering above the ground. “No, he wasn't. His last words to me were 'Son, I am disappoint.'”

Her eyes widened as Speed quickly approached her. “Your wings were supposed to be clipped!”

He slammed into Claire, causing her to hit the back of the throne with enough force to paralyze her. He fluttered off of her, shook his head, picked her up, tossed her on the floor and stood on her. “Forgive me, sister, but to begin restoring order in Equestria, the humans need to leave... one way or another.” An alarm emanated from a watch he had on him. “That time is now.” He raised a hoof and slammed it on her neck, crushing it in an instant.

He turned to a now frightened Twilight. “Don't be scared, Your Majesty.” He trotted to her and removed the ball gag from her mouth. “Everything will be okay.”

Once he removed the chain, Twilight clung to him and started sobbing. “Thank you, Speed Demon. You are a true hero of Equestria.”

He patted her back and removed the object that nullified her magic. “I'm not the only one. Let's get you out of here.”

The two exit the castle. The guard standing outside was shocked to see Speed help Twilight out of it. He looked to the guard and smiled. “I'll take my bag now.” The guard complied and set the bag in front of him. He opened one of the pouches and pulled something out with his teeth and set it in front of Twilight.

She gasped and levitated the object. “Is this a flare?” Speed nodded. “One that can only be used with unicorn magic.”

The two looked north toward Canterlot and saw three lights, one white, one blue and one pink shooting into the air, two of which came from Canterlot and the third was further away. Speed smiled. “It looks like Princesses Luna, Celestia and Cadance are free.” He looked to her and nodded. “Go ahead, Your Majesty, light up the sky.”

Twilight nodded and closed her eyes. She concentrated on firing the flare and a moment later, a purple light shot up into the sky and exploded, signaling that Princess Twilight Sparkle was free.

Speed and the guard bowed. The former looked up to her and smiled. “It's good to have you back, Your Majesty.”

Several days later...

The four princesses oversaw the transport of the remaining humans. Many had willingly turned themselves in, but the rest were more stubborn. The ponies scoured every acre of Equestria, searching for any who might be hiding. This time, unicorns were taught spells to track them down. This time, none hid from them.

The last human read the book and vanished. Leaving nothing to chance, Celestia cast a spell that engulfed the book in flame, just like last time.

Twilight looked to her mentor and sniffled. “I'm glad that's over with. There's one thing I don't understand though, how did they gain access to the book in the first place?”

Celestia shook her head. “I do not know, Twilight. I can only guess that the notes on the other side were not destroyed and were acquired by those with a grudge about what happened.”

Twilight hung her head. “And if this were to happen again?”

Luna and Cadance now stood in front of the two. “I suggest we conjure a barrier over the cave to prevent any intruders from entering our land.”

Celestia nodded. “That is a good idea, sister. Come, fellow princesses, let's put that idea to use.”

The four alicorns took flight and positioned themselves over the cave entrance and started casting the spell. The joint efforts of the four result in a massive bubble overtaking the cave and deep into the earth, blocking any and all passages coming out of it.

After the barrier was set up, the princesses gathered closer. Twilight looked around, seeing nothing but frowns. “What do we do now?”

Luna glanced toward Ponyville. “It would probably be prudent to erect a barrier over the gazebo.”

Celestia turned to face the town and nodded in agreement. “That was the site of the original portal. It would be best if we did that.”

So the princess flew toward Ponyville, hoping this second barrier would be the last they would create. Knowing how clever the humans were, it would be a matter of time before another portal would open, but where the next one opened, they did not know. They had to stand vigil, should the day come they returned, it would be a bad day for all parties.